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A Cat Haunting?


Though animals have been known to "haunt" places I have never experienced it
until I moved into my new apartment. Last month my mom and I moved into our
new apartment. A couple weeks ago she walked past the kitchen and saw a tall
woman with dark brown hair. At first I thought she meant me then she said no
she was taller than you. Then about two weeks ago my mom's friend was over
and asked if we had a cat. Of course we didn't at the time. Then she said she
saw one walk past. Okay we thought she was seeing things, cause she was
drinking. Then I was in the pantry peeling carrots the next day and saw a cat
walk past. Then the day after that I saw it walk past my mom's feet. I told
her and she just said that all I saw was her feet moving. Then a couple days
later I heard her gasp. I asked what was wrong and she said, " I just saw a
cat walk past my feet." I started laughing and told her, "see there is a
ghost cat here."  I just got a cat yesterday and it looks just like the ghost
cat we've been seeing. It's very strange. We haven't seen the ghost cat for a
week now, but four days ago I heard a meow. The tv and radio were both off
and my mom was out walking her dog. So I have both seen and heard it. I am
not losing my mind.

Aunt Elisa


    My name is Claudia and about 10 or 11 years ago I lived in a house where
ghosts still inhabited. Long before my family and I moved there, there was a
story about a man who lived there and he had a wife and his two children. He
murdered them and buried them somewhere in or around the house. When my
mother was home (alone), she lived there with her 6 sisters and my self.
Everyone was at work. Except my Mom. All of a sudden she heard music Blasting
from the basement which was my Aunt Elisa's room. She opened the door and
quickly said "Hey! Turn down the music!" And she heard an "OK!" Then a car
pulled up in front of the house and the first person to come out of the car
was my Aunt Elisa. And no one else was home.

Ghost Visit


i lived in a house that is huated by a young woman. she commited suicide
after her husband died in the frist wourld war. many different times, i
smelled a perfum that i know that my mother never wore. as time went on,
i started to feel as i was being watched or things would turn up, things
that i packed away.and if i forgot to turn the radio off, i would find
the radio station turn to old music or sometimes the radio was off. one
night, i the flu, it hit me i was trying to get up, i saw her
and told me get in bed. so i did. she covered me and got me some water.
that was what i thought that was the last time, until a death of a close
friend. after the funrel, i was very depressed. she came to me, she told
me, not be said and now she is in a better place.and it time to sleep. i
haven't slept for three days by then, i felt her touch my forehead. and
i laid down and went to sleep. when i woke i felt alive.i haven't seen
after that, i left the state. but my mom said she was upset, becuase
things started to happen. objects would fall and brake. when came back,
they stopped, i don't live in the house anymore, but sometimes i still
smell her, my young son sometimes looks down the hall and stares, he is
too young to talk, but i think she is looking after him. i,m became a
single dad not to long ago.before his mother had her heartattack, i took
a picture of her and when it came out, there a smoke cloud in front of
her. i was usind a polroid camera, istill have the photo. but she is
watching over him..



I have been an avid visitor to your page, but have
always been a little wary about sending you my story.
Recently, I have come to my wits end and I think I am
on the verge of insanity.  I can't sleep, I can't eat,
I fear going home and I can't talk to any one about
it.  Now, I would like to share you my story:
I have lived in the same house for 17 years now (I am
19).  I have never really noticed anything unusual.
When I was six, my neighbor's six year old neice,
Jessica, was struck and killed by a semi-truck.  I had
never known her and didn't hear about her until a few
years ago.  When she died, my neighbor gave me all her
old dolls, as she didn't have a daughter of her own.
After a few months, I developed an imaginary (or so I
thought) freind named "Jessica".  This freaked out my
mother, but I had no idea that she had been an actual
living person at one time.  Some nights, we would
return home to find all her dolls lying on the living
room floor.  At night, I would lie awake and talk to
her.  When I was about eight years old, I outgrew
"Jessica", and forgot about her, until I was 12.  I
was helping my neighbor organize her photo albums when
I came accross a picture of my "Jessica".  It was at
this time that I became aware that my childhood
playmate may have been a ghost.  When I showed the
picture to my family, my brother grew extremely pale
and began to stutter.  He finally explained that the
girl in the picture had the same likeness of a girl he
had dreamed about standing at my bedroom dorr when we
were little.
This was just the beginning of such occurences.  When
I was 13, I dated this guy I had met at a high school
football game.  We had been dating a couple of months
when he called me in a panic one day.  He said he had
just come from the grocery store where an old woman
had identified him as my boyfriend.  She gave him an
accurate description of my name; address; physicality,
incuding a brief description of the mole on my inner
thigh, of which no one but my doctor knows about.  He
gave me her name and it was no one I knew.  Later that
night when I was going to bed, I turned out my light
to see dozens of tiny colored lights dancing on my
ceiling.  This lasted for many weeks, and nothing I
did seemed to make them go away.  Finally, I broke up
with my boyfriend and never saw them again.
For years, nothing happened.  I began to live a
carefree, and sleep filled, life.  Untill recently.
There has been much discussion in my house about
moving.  I'm not too keen on the idea, but we don't
live in the best neighborhood anyway.  Well, lately I
have been feeling an extremely angry presence in my
room.  I have been feeling it for a few weeks now.
When I am home alone, whether day or night, the
presence seems to follow me around.  At night, I feel
it perch by my closet door, watching me.  It seems to
not want me to sleep.  I have tried everything from
sleeping pills; sleeping in another room; and even
sleeping with my light on.  I dread going home at
night.  I have been awake for almost three weeks now.
I want to try and do a cleansing, but I'm afraid if I
do it wrong I'll only make the spirit angrier.

They Follow


When I was a child living in Bakersfield California , my family and I (not
even a year old)my grandma and mother where awaken by a noise comming from my room. They
heard dogs fighting under my window. Funny thing was that the flower bed was
not disturbed.  These strange noises only occured when I was alone in the room.
My grandma was fed up and went to look up the houses history. She found out
that about 6 or 7 babies had died in the same room I was in. They had died of
unknown reasons.  As soon as my dad found out we moved. But, since I cheated it once, I believe
it is still after me and my family.For strange shadows and noises follow my
brothe, sister, and I.

My Two Stories


The first story is about a house that used to be owned by mr great aunt. She owned a large two-story house in Indiana. Her husband had passes away several years ago of a heart attack. My grandmother used to take me to visit her when I stayed at her house. On the second story there was a large room with 2 windows. This was supposedly the room in which her husband had passes away. Every morning, my great-aunt would wake
up to find the door and both windows in the room open, even though they had been closed the night before. She even tried to nail the door shut once. She awook to find the door open and the nail ripped out of the door jamb.
The second story is not a haunting, but a strange story which my father told me and that he swears up and down about. He grew up in rural Indiana on a farm in the 40's and 50's. He would help out my grandfather quite a bit after school. He told me that when he was about 13 or so, he got some corns on his feet. When he showed these to my Grandmother, she told him to go and sleep on the back porch. She told him that the moonlight would do him a little good. My father complied and slept on the back porch on a cot. He told me that he later awoke with
 my grandmother sitting at the foot of his bed with her hand on his foot. She was talking, but not in his direction and it seemed to just be babble. He did'nt say anything and pretended like he was asleep. This continued for awhile until she left and he fell back asleep. The next morning he awoke to find that the corns he had had the previous day were now completely gone. No scars or anything. When my father first told me about this story as a child, I was very interested and later asked my Grandmother about it. As she gave me a mischevious smile, she
 did'nt deny it, but completely refused to talk about it. I asked her a few more times, always with the same result.

A Ghost in Kansas.


This is the only experience I have ever had with a ghost. It happened in
1969 on the night of the moon landing.  My parents my brother and three
of my sisters  and I were traveling from Utah to Northern Michigan, We
had stopped to spend a few days at my aunts house in kansas. (She owns a
big house, three stories with a lot of rooms)
During the day we had great fun playing in the large yard, enjoying the
shade of the huge oak trees.  As evening started I had glanced in the
window to the living room and saw everyone sitting around the tv, and
that is where I was when man first stepped on the moon. I was filled
with a sense of wonder as I watched and heard those words "One small
step for man...."   After a while I was distracted by fireflies in the
front yard and went to catch them.  Soon I was called in to eat dinner,
(I was 12 years old at the time.) I don't remember the rest of the
evening until I was in bed.  We were on the third floor, in a huge
bedroom, my parents were sleeping in a big bed near the door to the
room, my brother and I were on cots by the windows, these were big bay
windows, and the cots were actually in a little alcove sort of place.
The streetlight outside shone brightly into the room,  I don't know what
woke me up.  I could hear some thunder rumbling across the plains. (It
sounded like a giant bowling alley) It would rumble quietly then build
in intensity until it boomed against the house.
I have never been afraid of thunder and was enjoying the sound when
suddenly the door to the room quietly opened. It swung on its hinges as
if someone had entered the room. And then an old woman walked around the
corner of the hall and into the room.  She looked scared as she hurried
across the room past my cot and walked into the big walk in closet by my
bed.  On the other end of the closet was a bathroom and I expected to
see her go into it but she just disappeared. I didn't recognize her, she
was wearing a shawl around her shoulders and white shoes with buttons up
the side. Needless to say I became frightened let out a yell and ran all
the way down to the front porch hollaring all the way.  I don't remember
what happened next, but do remember my father saying we are not going to
spend another night in this house.
We left at about 5 in the morning and have never gone back.  I talked to
my cousin years later and she said a Mrs Bobbit had lived there years
before and had died of a heart attack in that closet. (Maybe going to
the bathroom to get her medicine?)
This is my one and only experience with ghosts, I actually am somewhat
of a skeptic otherwise.  In my opinion what I saw was a recording being
replayed in space and time, maybe the storm had something to do with it,
I don't know, I really don't think Mrs Bobbit was aware of anything, The
one thing that puzzles me is how the door opened before she walked
around the corner in the hallway.

A Grandfather's Love


I hope this is useful to you.  I swear that this story is true.

I remember several years ago, my best friend and I went to visit her brother
and his girfriend named Phyllis.  I had known Phyllis and all the extended
members of her family since I was about 8 years old.

When we got to their apartment, Phyllis was very upset and crying.
Apparently,  she and Bret had been watching a video of her twin nephew's
recent christening.  When asked why she was so upset, she said because her
grandfather was there at the christening.  Now I knew that her grandfather
had died about 3 years prior, so I was more than curious as to what she had
seen.  She didn't want to play the video again, but after alot of coaxing we
sat down to watch it.

She fast forwarded the tape to the end of the christening as the family was
preparing to leave the church.  The videographer was behind the priest
filming the ceremony and at the back of the church, you could see an elderly
man standing in a black suit, with hat in hand. The shot of this man was a
little blurry, but certainly you could pick up these distinguising marks.
The next shot of the video was the proud parent's coming out of the church
with the twins.  As the videographer was filming the couple coming down the
stairs, the same man came out of the church all alone, with his hat on.  He
lifted his face towards the camera, then looked up, touched his hat. bent his
head and moved off the screen to the left.

I have to tell you, as soon as I saw him, I too began crying.  I knew this
man to be Phyllis' deceased grandfather.  I'd never seen anything like it
before and I'll never forget it as long as I live.  Apparently "grandpa"
wanted to be there to see these precious children be christened.

 My  Experience


I'm not sure if these qualify as "experiences" or not.

When I was 4, we moved to a new town, into a home of our own.  Shortly after
we moved in, I started experiencing the bed shaking and a sensation of tunnel
vision and auditory noises like buzzing or ringing that would start in the
midrange of my hearing and then would become quieter and quieter until it was
just below human hearing.  I could still "feel" the sound, though.  I had
trouble sleeping one night, having become used to the nightly bedshakes,
tunnel vision and noises and being unable to sleep in their absence, and saw
a column of light appear in the middle of my bedroom. I was completely and
thoroughly terrified.  Whatever it was seemed to know I could deal with the
rocking of the bed and the noises but not with seeing it.  These sensations
continued every night until I moved out of the house 13 years later.  I never
mentioned it to anyone, coming from a very pragmatic, old Yankee type of
family until my brother brought it up a few years ago.  Apparently, he
experienced the same things!

I've also had strange experiences picking up "bad vibes".  I was travelling
by car with my aunt and uncle when I was about 18.  There were two different
routes to take and my uncle called out to my aunt and I to chose which way we
were going.  At the last possible moment, I yelled "Left, take a left NOW!"
He did and just as we took the left, a car crested the rise and crossed the
yellow line and slammed into a tree right where we were before we took the
left.  A few years later, I was driving to work in heavy traffic.  Normally
I'm a very aggressive driver but felt I shouldn't run the yellow, almost red
light.  The car behind me changed lanes and ran the red light.  Just as she
did this, a truck careening out of control off the thruway swerved and hit
her head on, killing her instantly.  Around the same time, I was househunting
with my husband.  We found the "perfect" house .... a pretty cape cod with
beach rights.  When we went to look at the house, I took a few steps into the
house and the hair on my arms and neck stood straight up.  I had to get out
of the house immediately.  I knew there was no way I could live there.  We
found out from some neighbors later that the previous owners had been
engaging in self-mutiliation and were involved in some satanic rituals in the
house.  All I knew was I couldn't stand the house...

Any way..these are some of my experiences...for what their worth.



I used to live in a little attic apartment with my cat. I had a few odd
things happen there that I couldn't explain.
I came home from running some errands and laid down for a short nap. I woke
up and went to blow my nose, only to discover the tissues were covered in
blood! (NOT mine). I also noticed that my cat was cowering under the sofa
and refused to come to me, which is very, very unusual for her. She seemed
to be scared of me and was acting quite out of character. Naturally, I had a
minor panic. I had been by myself and someone had been bleeding in my
apartment. Quite unsettling. I chalked it up to my nosy landlords and
decided to forget about it (I was also a student and couldn't afford to move
because of the ridiculously cheap rent). A few weeks later, I came home from
an evening out. Standing in my hall, I looked into my darkened living room
and saw a strange white thing lying on my floor. When I picked it up, I saw
that it was an ugly, tacky, off-white necktie with different flavours of
coffee beans (columbian, brazilian, etc.) labeled all over it. This was NOT
mine, again. Upon closer inspection, I found what appeared to be old, dried
blood stains on the tie. When I wrapped the tie around my hand, I saw that
it must have been used as a bandage to cover a wound on someone's palm. This
was a little freaky, but at least it wasn't fresh blood this time. Again,
too broke to move, I figured that if the spirit (or my landlords) wanted me
dead, they would have done it a long time ago.
The final unsettling episode was the only time I truly believed something
supernatural was taking place in my little home. I climbed into bed for the
night and was about to drift off, when I suddenly was wide awake with the
overpowering thought that I had to get up and bring my phone close to the
bed because my friend was going to call me at about 2:30am, to tell me he
was coming home and to leave my keys in my mailbox. Now, I had absolutely no
reason to think this. My friend was in Regina (4 hours away), and had told
me earlier that day he was going to spend the night and would see me the
next day. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't go to sleep because
this thought was pounding in my head. Finally, I got up and brought the
phone to my room so my brain would leave me alone. I fell asleep almost
immediately. I woke up at 2:30am, just as the phone started to ring. It was
my friend. He said that he changed his mind, he's coming home and will see
me in a few hours, and to please leave the keys in my mailbox. I was quite
awake and for the first time in my life felt like I just didn't have any
control. I had the most riveting, eerie feeling that I was not alone and
that these thoughts I'd been experiencing were not mine. It was quite
horrible. I jumped out of bed, turned on every light in my apartment and
watched happy movies until my friend arrived at 7:30.
I periodically used my ouija board in my apartment and had positive and
negative experiences. The spiritual communication was usually quite strong
and I never had a supernatural no-show.

I have since moved and have not experienced anything like that since. I
don't know whether this was an actual haunting. It just didn't seem right.
When I have recounted the story, people have had very mixed reactions. I've
been treated like an imaginative twit and a supernatural victim. IS THIS A
COMMON TYPE OF HAUTING???? I've always wondered.

What Do You Think?


A friend of mine, Karen, and I found the perfect little white, grandmotherly home with a glassed in porch for rent.  We jumped at it; the rent was also very cheap.  It was a quaint beautiful home and we loved it.
One day I became extremely ill and ended up in the hospital with ruptured appendices.  I was very ill and the infection was throughout my body.  Approximately on the third day of my stay in the hospital, my roommate came to me and told me there were really odd things going in the house and she was scared.  I assumed that she was overreacting and thought nothing of it.  After my weeklong stay in the hospital I was
 allowed to go home.  I was ordered to stay in bed, as I had a drain tube in me.  My first night home, my roommate was staying at her fiancée's home out of town. It was about five in the morning when I heard commotion.  I got up to talk to my roommate to discover she was nowhere to be found.  I was sure she was playing a joke on me, as the facets throughout the house were running, the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen were all open.  I called for her, even walking around the block, looking for her car.  Nothing.  I went back home, crawled into bed
and again I heard more chaos.  The same scenario repeated itself, over and over.  My roommate finally got home about 7 a.m., so for two hours I had endured this nonsense.  When she arrived home, I was sitting in the enclosed front porch anxiously awaiting her arrival to tell her what had been going on.  She said, "I told you things were odd."  From that point on it started every night.  In the beginning, it was at 5 a.m.  As days and months passed, whatever was going on became more active.  It eventually worked it's way up to 4:30 a.m., 4 a.m., 3 a.m. and by the time it was really going it went from 2 a.m. non stop until about 7.  The strange things we encountered were footsteps, a strange gurgling/choking noise, misplaced things, and breezes in the house although no
windows were open.  We had no air conditioning, only floor board heaters.  Karen's room seemed to be the source for the breezes and cold air.  We had many a fight of her accusing me of having my window open and when, in fact, I didn't.  Our bedrooms hooked together with a walk-in closet between that we could pass through with a door in each room.  This was where the gurgling and choking noise occurred on a very regular basis, like someone was inside our closet.  I was was the chosen one that got to hear shoveling sounds outside my bedroom window
every night and yet whenever we went out there, nothing had been dug up and no one was ever in sight. I probably would have dug around to investigate it, but I had a bush by my window and couldn't dig that area up.  One of the strange occurrences that occurred was I had doilies on tables, and they were always lying on the floor, but the item that had been on top of the doily was always in its exact spot.  Another strange occurrence was I was always getting locked out of my room and having to enter through my roommate's bedroom.  It was an old skeleton
 key lock on my door that no one had keys for nor was it possible to lock it.  As things became progressively worse, Karen and I made a pact that we would not leave each other alone in the house at night.  Things were
escalating, and we were now fearful.  We had the awful odors that would breeze by us while in the living room or kitchen and the feeling that we were being watched.  On more than one occasion, I ran out of the house and sat on the curb beside the road, knowing something was watching me, but too afraid to turn around and look.
One night I went to my father's house, who lived out of town, and we were having a nice visit, when all of the sudden, someone pounded on the window real hard, and I "lost it."  I started crying and telling them what all had been going on.  Due to the fact that I did not have a phone, my dad and stepmother went over to tell Karen that I could not stay there another night.  My dad and his wife told me that house had a very evil presence in it and they thought we should move.  Karen and I each moved back with our parents for approximately two weeks,
just to get rest and decide what we should do. We had eventually gone back to our home.  On our second day there, we had been out shopping and came back, the locks would not allow access in.  We went to our landlord and asked to borrow her key.  Her key wouldn't work either.  Whatever had gone on during our outing, the curtains throughout the house had been closed, and we had not left the house like that.  I went and got my mother, and her key, and we could still not access the house.  Another thing to note is while trying to access through the back
 porch, we realized the electric meter was not running at all.   We just knew we were going to have a mess from the freezer.  We ended up going to the local police department for fear someone was inside our home.  The police came and removed a windowpane, allowing us access to our home and made an inspection.  A roll of paper towels were strewn around and cut into shreds with a knife that was laying on the counter.  My roommate had a shotgun that was missing, we reported it as stolen.  Again the doilies were all on the floor, but items were exactly where they should have been.  My bedroom door was again locked.  Also, once the house was accessed the electric meter started turning again.   My older, "smarter" sister, she had an excuse for everything--- cupboards were opening due to expansion of wood, drawers were open for some other reason, water was turning on for another reason.  On and on she went with her explanations.  I invited her to stay with us for one night.  She accepted the offer.  Due to her being pregnant, she opted to sleep out on the front porch since we did not have air conditioning.  My roommate and I were sleeping in my room, as we were too afraid to be alone.  As expected around 2 a.m. ---all this
 commotion started in my closet, the gurgling, choking, and footsteps as I tried frantically to wake up my roommate but was unable arous her even though she was normally a light sleeper.  My bedroom door slammed shut, locking me in and the only way out of my room was through that closet (where all the noise was coming from) or through a window.  As I laid there, scared beyond moving, my sister bolted up and her eyes were as big as saucers. Something was shaking her!  I could see this through my bedroom window onto the porch.  I jumped up, opened the
 window and climbed out on the porch as she told me what had happened.  The water was running in the sink, the cupboards were open, the drawers were open, and the odor was strong in the living room.
The one thing we eventually learned was when a male was present in our home, nothing ever happened.  We eventually moved out of the home after approximately a year and a half of mayhem and I don't believe anyone has ever lived there since.  Eventually someone bought it, gutted it, remodeled it and now it still sets there empty.
 I will never stop questioning what occurred, and sometimes when Karen and I get together we talk about it, both still curious as to what it was and what it wanted. P.S. One night while we were still living in the home, I was sitting on Karen's bed when I saw that darned shotgun pointing at me standing up on edge under our clawfoot tub as a breeze went by me.



my mom and i moved into an apartment in Arlington,TX that was haunted. if i
were in the living room watching the tv it would sometimes turn off or switch
channels by itself. my mom has never had problems with asthma but at night
she would be laying in her bed an unable to move or lift herself up. it was
as if someone were holding her down. one time the ghost locked my aunt in the
closet and wouldn't let her out. my mothers bedroom was most of the incidents
occurred and the ghosts would never come into my bedroom they mostly stayed
in the living room or my mothers bedroom. when i was about ten years old i
saw my dead grandmother walking across my bedroom or at least i think it was
her.  but whoever it was i wasnt afraid when i saw her.i think ive been in
about five haunted houses because im from the south and a lot of the houses
in the country are haunted.

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