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Investigations Do Help!


I have recently been in contact with the Utah Ghost
Hunters who did an investigation in my home in January
and February '00(this year). The results were quite
alarming(to myself only!) which is one reason why it
took me so long to get help. 1. The actual reality
that i wasnt losing my mind. 2. actually having proof
of their existence.(which i have 1 evp sample of a
little boy i will attach to this..the rest can now be
seen under the Ughs home page under EVP's and then
*what do you hear?*
anyhow let me tell you the story which brought me to
seek help.

In December of '97 i purchased a brand new mobile
home, picked out everything down to the colors. It was
then moved onto a mobile home lot in Sandy, Utah. At
the time it was my son Austin, my boyfriend
Brandon(also my sons father), and myself. I never
thought anything of the occurances. Just bypassed them
as stupidity on my part or what have you. My son until
we moved in..used to sleep through the
even today..2 years later..he still wakes up at least
once a night. About two months after moving
son let out a blood hurdling scream, not uncommon at
this point since moving into this home..but i of
course got up and went down to his room(which is on
the opposite end of the home from my own bedroom)to
see what i could do to calm him down. When i walked in
Austin(who was still in his crib at 20 months old) was
upside down like somebody was holding him by the
feet..and when i came in..he like dropped down to the
mattress making a banging sound with his feet on the
side rail..I took it as sleeplessness on my part and
asked him what was wrong....he stood up and pointed to
the corner of the room..and said..*that man scared me
mom*..i said..*you see a man austin*..and he shook his
head yes..i said..*what man austin?*..he pointed a
little sterner to the corner..and said..*there momma*.
I looked around for anything such as a shadow from the
nighty light or anything of that which would portray a
man to an almost 2 year old..but couldnt see
anything...and so i said..*is it a nice man?* and he
said.*yes*..and so i jokingly said...(not convinced he
might actually be seeing something..but maybe had woke
from a strange dream)but i said..*well tell the nice
man to leave you alone so you can go back to
sleep*..and all was well...any events up to this next
one..i must have just bypassed and cant remember...but
the next one is what got me to thinking i may need
help! was about a year later...Brandon and i had
seperated..i stayed in the home that was in my name
with our son in my custody..who was going on 3 at this
time. One night i had the tv on, but was sitting with
austin reading him a book when out of the blue he
points to the other couch and says..*mom..whats that
man doing?*..and i said..*what man austin?*..he
said..*that man on the couch mom*..i said..*i dont
know austin..what does it look like he's doing?*
austin got a big smile on his face(possibly because he
saw the terrified look on mine!!) and said..*its okay
mom, he's a nice man...he's just watching tv with
us!* this..i rose from the couch and ran into my
bedroom to use the only other phone besides the one
next to the man on the couch...and called Brandon..and
told him the story of the man on the couch..and just
then i smelled a burning smell of that like a pan on
the stove without anything in it..a metallic smell of
some sort...i yelled into the phone..*oh
god..somethings on fire..i gotta let you go*..and hung
up. With this..Austin started bauling thinking there
was a fire..i was frantically searching the home for a
vacinity of the fire..but couldnt smell anything until
i went back into my bedroom next to the phone where
infact the smell was as strong there as if i myself
had burnt something right in my room. At that point
Brandon was knocking at the door, scared something was
wrong cause i had just hung up on him!..and nothing
else occured that night. I had forgotten this episode
as well...(most likely the skeptic in me not wanting
to believe)until last september..when one day i was at
home..austin was outside playing when i smelled a gas
smell. This not unusual in my gas appliance furnished
home..but in checking everything..all pilots were lit.
i even went as far as calling my father to be sure i
hadnt missed anything..he couldnt think of anything
but told me to go out and get some fresh air. so i
did..and sure enough when i came back was gone.
i started noticing things after this. Austins vcr
playing a tape when i know i had shut it off that
night when i checked on him. someone walking up the
steps of my front porch..but after a moment no one
knocks..ill go look..and there is no one there. My
curling iron plugged in when i hadnt even used it that
day. lights on when i get home..knowing when i left i
was in fear of burglars because i hadnt left a light
on to show someone might be home. Cupboard banging in
the night..which i had blamed my cats up until the
night i went to kick some kitty butt, climbed out of
bed and noticed both cats sleeping at my feet, (i of
course being the coward crawled right back into bed
and held my eyes shut!)My cats watch something all the
time now that we cant see..and in fact climbing at the
top of places to chase something. My son came running
out of his room just a couple weeks ago stating a
monster had knocked his puzzle off his dresser and
noting at the end of his frantic statement..*that it
wasnt the cats*.  Just after the first investigation
with UGH...i had not yet heard from them of the
results. And one night i awoke to austin in my
bed(which at this point is not uncommon!)..but when i
looked past my bedroom door i saw the silhouette of
young boy...i would guess around the age of 9 or 10.
just standing by my washer and dryer. i looked closer
and he was gone. i emailed the UGH at this
sighting..and they responded with something
like...*this makes perfect sense to us now.. seeing as
we caught the voice of a little boy on evp the night
of the investigation asking about his daddy*..(mind
you...after this took alot for me to even
step foot in my home...but it finally was adding up to
why my son thought this spirit was a monster... maybe
because all i saw was a black figure the size of a
small boy..this could be all Austin is seeing too and
can only recognize him as a monster!) anyhow..not long
after this..austin was tucked nicely in bed and came
walking calmly to my side of the bed and said..*mom
can i sleep with you* i said *sure, why?*..he said..*i
just saw that monster that knocked my puzzle off
walking in the living room*. i have since tried to
place rules in my in which i am happy
they(i can say they since the investigation has
brought up at least 2..that of a man, and a boy)are
responding to which is having the tv off when i return
home. I got sooo sick of coming home and finding my
sons tv on knowing i had turned it off..that one day
while i was turning it off..(yes..this has gotten to
be strange even for me to be speaking to empty air in
my home!)i firmly said...*If your going to watch tv
while im away i would appreciate it if it was off by
the time i got home* It hasn't been on a single time
since then! Other than that there are small occurance
that i just bypass now. My only complaint is they will
not let my son sleep through the night and i am at a
loss as to how to get this one accomplished. Anyhow,
thanks for listening to my *life* as i know it today.
if you have any suggestions that might allow my
son..(who might i add has not heard me talk of any of i know he isnt making anything he sees
up..*he knows not to lie to mom!*..and he is also an
avid disney channel as i know for a fact
his screams in the night are not of nightmares from
some horror flick!)some relief during the night..i
would really appreciate it! again..thanks for



  My name is Brianna Boord.  I live in a small town in southwestern PA,
right along the Monongahela River.  The town is called Greensboro.  My
experience with the paranormal occurred last fall.  Actually, it occurred
over the past year or two but my real proof came in the fall.
   My grandparents own a grocery store here in town.  The building is a
piece of history in itself, an old movie theater built the early 1900s.
There is an inscription in front of the building that reads "Davis Theater
1924". IT is so fascinating inside! The ceilings are tin, and there are
moldings along every crease.  My grandfather, quite tight in the purse
strings, never renovated the building and was never one for repairs or
upkeep.  Everything in the building is pretty much original.
   In the late eighties, a fire occurred in one of the two apartments above
the store.  It had to be remodeled, and it was the only part of the building
ever to be so.  No one died or was harmed.
   The first incident occurred in the summer of 1997.  It was around 11:30
at night, and my friend came to my house saying that all the lights were on
in the store.  Sure enough, when I walked up with her to look around, every
light in the bottom  of the building had been switched on.  Now, the lights
aren't turned on by a switch; they are turned on and off right from a
breaker box behind the store's counter.  Not only were the ceiling lights
on, all the porch lights and lights in the back part of the building that
aren't normally used were on.  It was almost as if someone had gone and
switched every breaker in the box on. As you probably know, it lakes a light
force of the finger to flip one of those switches!
   About a year later, my friends and I began to work in the store for my
grandparents while my pap was ill.  On several occasions, with several
different people, things randomly fell off of shelves before the people
would walk past.  One time a fan turned on by itself.  Bread would slide off
of perfectly level shelves when no one was even beside it.
   The most recent incident occurred in the fall.  Some not-so-clean people
were living in the renovated apartment upstairs and had just moved out.
They had totally destroyed the place, leaving behind a filthy mess.  My
boyfriend and I decided to go up and photograph the damage and mess, taking
pictures of every room.  Now, the apartment's windows are in the front of
the building which faces the east.  The pictures were taken at around seven
at night, so there was no sunlight coming in.  The apartment has no
electricity, hence no lights.  My boyfriend and I were not smoking.  When
the pictures developed, we noticed white swirls in the pictures taken in the
kitchen.  I have the pictures and would very much like to mail them to you
but am having trouble doing so.  I have four pictures with the white mist in
them.  Actually, it was around Halloween that they were taken.  My mother
was browsing ghost stories on the internet and came onto your website.  We
looked at the pictures you have posted, and later that week I got my
pictures of the store back.  I nearly fainted when I recognized the white
shadows  in the pictures!
  The old building is quite eerie.  It is old and full of history.  This
whole town is actually.  A small historic location, there arent more than
200 people living here.  I think my pictures are worth looking at.  I have
scanned the photos into the computer and are in my PaperPort program now.  I
don't know how to attach them to an email.  If you would like, email me back
with info on how to send them to you, and ask anything you would like to



My aunt Maudeen was a second mother to me. I was with her when she met her
future daughter-inlaw for the first time. She extended her hand and said
"pleased to meet you Brenda". Brenda was my cousins ex-girlfriend. That was
in 1971.

Aunt Maudeen did not recieve women marrying into the family with open arms
including my mother and my wife but she was consumed with hatred for her
daughter -inlaw. I don't believe that anyone knew the magnitude of this
hatred better than I.

She was found dead in her home in Jan. of "87". Several of us family members
were gathered in the living room of her home prior to the funeral when my
cousin's wife pointed to a large and expensive painting above the sofa. She
said "I've always liked that painting. I think I'll take it home." At that
precise moment, a hook supporting the painting popped out causing the
painting to hang to one side. She promptly changed her mind.


Ghost of Sadness


Well you may or May not believe me but here goes....

I was 15 at the time i lived in a shed by myself my mother was building a
house and she lived in a caravan with my younger brother.
We lived there for about five years.
I just jumped into bed i layed there having my last smoke for the night i
put it out in the ashtray that was next tp my bed(i had a chair with
crystals my stereo etc....). I laid there for about five minutes when some
thing lifted me up with unseen hands about three foot in the air and dropped
me  on to the chair next to my bed i was scared at first because i had never
experienced any thing like this before i felt the pain i seen then blood and
seenj the bruises i wasen't bleeding bad they were mainly scratches and
bruises my boyfriend seen it my freinds seen it.
my mother didn't believe me ,my dad asked me what i was smoking i "said
nothing"then he believed me.

My other experience was when i went to my nans( she only live 2 horse
paddocks away) so we used the bush track to walk to her house and back the
same way.
i was walking home i got to the fence post that devided her property from
ours i felt that eerie feeling you get when some ones watching that you cant
see then i seen it it was a white misty figure that looked like the grim
reaper( except without that sort of hookie thing it holds )it was beautiful
but i thought it was my mum trying to scare me so i called out mum ya dont
scare me after getting sick of saying this i thought maybe if i swear she
will give herself away but after cursing to my hearts to content still no
answer then i noticed it had no feet it just stood there without feet i
watched leave it crossed my path it walked through a fence and disapearred
into the next fence it was dark but the moon was full i was when i toldsome
one what i had seen the told meit was the ghost of sadness you guessed it
ever since my life has been hell in every way but since i moved away from
that area things have been looking up..what do you think

Bible Verses


hello my story is completely true and i am so glad to see other peaple
had simular experence well here it is about 10 years ago i lived in a
house in millbury mass.every so often i woud hear a knock on my bedroom
wall i had checked a crawl space behind where       i heard the noise no
pipes or anything so one day i heard it again but this time it had got
louder i decided to read the Bible as i read the verse out loud it got
louder and started pounding extremely  loud up the wall to the cieling
and then there was a loud crash so loud on the ceiling my lights went out
 but after that i never heard it again this story is absolutely true  and
to this day i am  puzzeled and wondering if i will hear it again  even
though i moved years later i will never forget it thank you all for
reading this and all please write me back with youre stories or any
explainationsto my expierience


By:   Sandy


Ghost experence in garage


 I searched on the interent and found your site and I
have to tell you about what happened to my friends and I this pase
weekend. On Friday, myself, my friend Dave (15yrs), my rother Kyle
(12yrs), his friend Joe (10yrs), and my friend Andy(15yrs) went into the
garage attic to tell ghosts stories like we did all summer. Everything
started out fine and my friend Dave started to tell the story. Rate
after his opening of the story, the thing we used to stick in the window
to block the light to make it pitch black inside fell. The thing we used
is named drop ceilng panels and it feel really weird out of the window.
It came out of the window, fell straight down and then feel to it's
side. Now this may seem to be nothing but there is much more to tell. We
fixed the window and Dave continued with the story. Dave was rate in the
middle of the story when I interrupted him and said "What is that?", so
we turned on one of the flashlights and Andy goes, "What the red
light."and I go "No the Blue One." than everyone started talking and
Andy and Dave said the both saw a little red dot suspened in the air and
on me. My brother, Joe and I saw the blue light, which looked to hard to
explaine but it was long and slender and it had a white and green tint
to. We were all scared so we decided to leave and Dave went first. He
yells up and asked if we were knocking on the floor and we said No.
After what Dave said we ran out of there even quicker than before.
     The next night, everyone wanted to go back inside the garage attic
to see what was going on. This time Andy wasn't there but this time my
brothers friend Bill(12yrs) came with us. We were all looking around
with our flashlights than we took our seats to do tests to see if we
heared any noises or saw thing like the night before. At first nothing
happen but one time when we turned all the lights out we could hear
knocking rate under our feet. Everytime we turned the lights ON the
knocking would stop but when the lights went back off again the knocking
continued. We were all really scared so we ran back out of the garage.
My friend Dave was mad about what was happened so he called the ghosts
or thing alot of "names". Me, Dave, and Joe decided to go into the
bottom of the garage inwhich the knocking came from. It was pitch black
in the just like the attic and we were looking for anything, all we say
was light coming through a door that was part of the otherside of the
garage. Athough the light seemed to get brigher as we stood there
longer. All of a sudden Joe says" What was that?". We turned on the
flashlight to see what is was. Joe said that something pulled on his leg
so we decided to run out of the garage. Then Dave deciced he was going
back in to see what it was so Kyle and Bill followed him inside. While
inside it was also pitch black as before but this time Dave was saying
things to the ghosts again. All of a sudden a cold breze came aloung out
of now where. Than it sounded like footsteps on a rocky ground. That's
when my friend Dave got slammed into the garage door to where he almost
went through. They ran out of the garage and Dave fell to the ground and
past out for a minute. The rest of the night he felt sick to his stomach
and felt like throwing up all night.

     The next day which was Sunday, we decided to go up in the daytime
to see if anything would happen then. We went up to see if anything
happened to be moved and Dave's cookies which was left up there the
night before. At first we couldn't fine then and was about to leave and
than Bill spots them. He went to eat one of the cookies and found that
they we soggy, crumpled, and moved half way across the room on top of a
       These things happen to seam more than couincidental to me anf my
friends so I search on the net and found your sight. You seem to know
alot about this field and is located in Southern Jersery just like me. I
live at the coast in Cape May County. I want to know on what should I
do, what kind of ghost and if we should go back up there again because
my firends want to go back up there. What do you think is going on and
what do u think I should do. Please
reply.....                                        THANK-YOU

My Accounts in the supernatural


Hi Dave,
I am very glad to find a site such as yours. I am very interested in
spirits and I would like to share my account of hauntings in New Jersey
and two in Florida where I now reside.
First of all the house I lived in for 16 years in Howell, New Jersey was
built from scratch by my father.
There was a fountain in the front yard where a former resident, a 12
year-old boy, fell head first an drowned.
 I did not learn this until this year!
Well, I have had experiences in my bedroom such as my mascara
rolling back and forth all night.  When I would turn the light off to go
to sleep it would begin as I hopped into bed. I would get up, turn on the
lights and it would roll to a stop.
I was, strangely, not frightened at this, but annoyed, because it was not
letting me sleep.
It was vmischievous it was. This happened for about 3 months.
Nothing else ever bothered me in that home.

When I was 16, I lived in a house built across from a slave cemetery in
Crisfield, Maryland in the summers of  1984 through 1989.
This home was built in the late 1800's and had an upstairs and a
downstairs, There were steps  directly outside of my bedroom door leading
to the living room.
I was sleeping late one Saturday  when my parents yelled to me that they
were going "Yard Saling".
About 15 minutes after they drove off I heard a loud stomping up and down
the stairs in front of my door. It was about 10 times of the same, loud
running and stomping. I was needless to say terrified that someone had
broken in. As I got my courage up, I quickly opened the door to find no
one there and the running stopped.
I spent the rest of this day sitting outside, waiting for my parents.
My father, Les, had an experience in this Maryland home, while my mom and
I were in New Jersey  and he was alone.
He is a firm nonbeliever and would often make fun of my fears.
As he slept, he dreamed that his sister Maxine had come back to see him.
She had just passed away from Lung cancer. When Maxine knocked at the
back door, he answered it. He attempted to touch her, but she pulled away
and smiled. When he awoke he told said he was so cold and cold not warm
himself up to stop the shivering.

The final experience was when I was 24 years -old and living with my
husband in a gorgeous old home named Windsong.
Windsong was built in the late 1800's  on 18 acres. It looked just like
Tara from Gone With the Wind.
It had a "slave house", a "hot house" where the cooks used to live. These
were both on the same property as Windsong. Long story short we "babysat"
this home for a doctor who was trying to sell it. His wife would no
longer live in it because she was frightened.
Well, the first night I  was there with my husband  I was scared to even
As I layed in bed looking around in the dark bedroom I experienced
several experiences at once.
I heard the sound of high heels walking on the linoleum downstairs. Then
as I looked around I saw a black and white face (just a face) speaking as
if to someone, but there was no voice eminating from it. The face was
that of an old man.
I could not budge I was so terrified.
Small things happened in the months to come. Example, perfume bottles
moving across the sink and falling in the sink, as I just sat and
I got very used to this stuff happening.
The last experience I had was the most "hands on" I have exer had.
I was lying in bed, ready to join my husband for the night. As I lay
down, the bed started moving violently up and down as if someone was
moving it with a a hand or behind (sitting and jumping). This happened
right by my left hip, on the left edge of the bed.
I woke my husband and we just observed this happening until it stopped.
It ended only after about 2 minutes.
I was spooked, but I was so used to the weirdness.

I thank you for the chance to air my stories that I have been harboring
for so long.

England Experiences


When I was in England I had numerous incidents of paranormal activities. The first was at the Tower of London.  I did not know I was entering the "Bloody Tower" until it was too late   --I like a little notice or I become very nauseous (don't ask me why)--there were many bad feelings there...from crying women to screaming children. My husband, and no one else, seemed phased at all.  My husband quickly moved me out of there because I started to weep.  When we went into another part of Castle I noticed a room that had a throne.  Standing behind it was a man who was extremely unhappy.  He had on a fur cape and crown.  He vanished within seconds.  I have no clue ifit was a ghost or perhaps an energy impression. The second time we went back absolutely nothing happened.When my husband and I made it to York, England--well, that's another story. What activity that goes on there.  I felt extremely uncomfortable in the cathedral.  In fact we left quite quickly.  Behind the cathedral is the Minister House.This is where video is forever set up in the cellar to catch a glimpse of Centurion Soldiers seen walking at their knee level.  When they excavated the area a path was found where the Romans had marched.  Well, we saw nothing there.  But as we were going onto the first level I felt drawn up the stairs.  I did not follow the
tour that was in progress but abruptly went into a different room.  From what I found out later,it's called the Tapestry room.  I looked at a woman who was in the room then immediately looked over to a window seat.  There was a tall, slight built, black form sitting there.  I couldn't move. The woman immediately came over to me.  It then disappeared.  The woman turned out to be a parapsychologist. She took me back down to the first level where another parapsychologist interviewed me.  My husband was extremely annoyed (Big time non-believer). She then chastised my husband and told him that she believed me and that from time to time a phantom appeared in the room whenever there was a lot of energy. It felt great finally meeting someone who didn't treat me like a freak. She lectured my husband about how Americans are such a young nation and that if they stayed in England for even a month their opinions would change. She was extremely intelligent and delightful.  In fact, she asked my opinion about my experience.  She stated that they didn't know if it was a man or woman but that a murder had taken place there due to a lover triangle. I told her I thought it was a man who was extremely feminine in nature.  She
took down my name and where I was from.    I then asked her about a house that was across the street at  the corner.  I told her that it was very disturbing.  I couldn't even look at the windows.  She  told me that during the plague a small girl was boarded up in the place and no one opened it up to get her out.   She starved to death there and ever now and again a child's wailing is heard.  Needless to say that was enough excitement for the day.  We headed off to a Greek restaurant where I packed down a few shots of Ouzo!
Thank you


My Twin


I have had many experiences over the years with the supernatural, but
the one that still baffles me is the experience with my twin.  I grew up
believing in angels and ghosts.  All my life I was told about the boys
that my mother had lost during pregnancy, but it was only when I asked
her about a strange experience that she told me I was a twin.  A close
friend of mine had died from leukemia.  I was hurting, in pain, and not
thinking straight.  I was contemplating suicide, but as I cried, I felt
someone beside me.  A boy that looked very similar to my younger brother
told me to sit up.  He held me and stroked my hair as I cried.  My
sister Lisa was in the room at the time and she remembers hearing voices
and seeing me at an odd slant.  My twin was holding me up.  He told me
that he loved me.  We would always be a part of each other and that I
should tell mom that everything would be okay.  At the time, my parents
thought that they were going to lose the house but an unexpected check
arrived. I have never felt the kind of connection that I felt with him.
I told mom what he said and asked her if I was a twin.  That was the
only expanation for the closeness I felt to him.  She cried and told me
that the first boy she lost was five months into her pregnancy. When
tests were done after a D&C, they revealed that she was still pregnant.
Four months later, I was born.  The story of my twin is ongoing.  I have
fallen to the ground and rolled between the wheels of a semi with his
help.  I have been pushed out of the way of a moving car.  I have safely
taken a plane both ways that a week later had engine trouble and
crashed.  My legs froze into place to keep me from getting in a car that
was broadsided.  My twin looks out for me.  I am not sure if you would
call him a ghost or an angel, but I am glad that he is in my life.


Choosing our Parents


Okay, hi, this may sound weird, but it freaked me out when I read your page
on "Chosing our parents", it made remember what I almost forgot
One year befor my younger sister was born, my mom has a miss carage. I
beeing 5 at the time was devistated.
a few of years later (about 4) my sister had to go to the hospital 'cause
she broke her arm. I had to go to my mom's friend's house. I was really
worried about her, and then I saw what I thought was my sister's ghost it
was standing by the piano, just looking at me, so I was really really
worried about her. She was fine after all.
Now I am 12, my sister is 6, I had a dream, that the same ghost thing came
to me and told me that she was my sister but died befor she was born, and
that she would be my first daughter when I grow up.
You probably get tons like this, but I just wanted to share it with some one
'cause my friend would get mad.
Think about it,

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