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Oklahoma Haunt


You asked for ghost stories and I recently had an
experience that I could not explain

I am a maintenance person for two small apartment
communities in Oklahoma.  I recently had to clean an
apartment in which a man lost at Russian roulette.
During the first day, I felt uneasy, thinking this was
strictly a psychological effect of knowing about the
violent death of this man, I resolved to finish the
first part of the task and come back the next day with
my dog.  I did so on the following day.  Around noon,
I was painting and my hair, which is long and kept in
a rubberbanded bun at the nape of my neck, came down.
My hair never comes down due to the way I tie it.  I
thought maybe the band was bad, so I tied it up again
and went on with my work.  I went to another room to
begin repairs in there, this time my dog followed.  My
hair came down again and I felt a definite brush
against the back of my head, like fingers running
through hair.  My dog reacted, barking and growling.
By this time I was seriously spooked, but since I was
almost finished and I am the only person on the job, I
finished the day, constantly putting up my hair and
enduring chills.  I told my husband, who manages the
apartment what happened, when I came that evening and
he, the sweetheart, informed me that he had seen the
shape of the man when he went to the bathroom to check
an electrical problem the week before.  I have had to
go back to the apartment since and have noted lights
on when no one occupied the unit and odors emanating
from the wall that was covered with the unfortunate
man's blood.  I also had to re-clean the shelves in
the unit because moldy bread keeps reappearing. Don't
ask me why, I don't know. But, anyway, If you want to
use this in your site, please feel free.

Pre-Natal Haunting


I distinctly remember sitting in a room when I was young (I seem to remember
being really little) talking to my parents about how I wanted to go with them
to their trip to England. They were going on this trip the next day. They
were talking about going to a castle in England where there was a hedge maze
and I remember really really wanting to go with them. We had a conversation
about how it was a "parents only" vacation and how "nice my babysitter would
One night about six months ago, I mentioned this trip to my dad, asking how
old I was when they went to England. He said I wasnt even born then. I was
shocked because I distinctly remember talking to them about it before the
Then, I also thought about the recurring dream that I have been having as
long as I remember. In this dream, I am standing in an English hedge-maze,
and my father is standing there saying over and over, "it is your turn. it is
your turn.".
Turns out that I was concieved on the trip they had to England.

How I got into Ghost Stuff


 Thanks for the info on night vision scopes. I have to tell you my story
 about getting into ghost stuff though. (I may have posted this long
 ago). Ok, bout 3 years ago i started getting into ghost because i got my
 internet. I piddled with the sites just here and there. Later my mom
 opened a shop that sold custom painted used and antique furniture. I
 noticed in some pics from her shop that there was orbs floating over
 various peoples heads, so i went through other photos of mine and found
 maybe 5 or 6 more in the whole family collection. (That spans 20 years).
 The weird thing is, is that there was as many strange photos from the
 shop as there was in our picture history. Six photos came out strange
 from the 24 taken! 5 w/orbs, 1 w/white blur. Heres the main catch of my
 story though. My mom closed the shop soon after that and thats when i
 really GOT INTO ghost stuff. So that left me with a potential
 investgation WASTED! I still get mad over that because ive always wanted
 to hunt and where could there be a better place than there....I can back
 up the photos with 3 things:
 1. Antique furniture = Ghost
 2. Orbs floating over heads = Ghost
 3. Noises heard sometimes by my mom = Ghost.....
 Feel free to post this as a story on your site.....Thanks.

My Grandmother's thoughts!


Wow, I never thought I would tell this story on the Net.  , I am not
even sure of how to type it because it was just so real.
Lets see..
I was maybe 16 or 17 years old.  My grandfather had passed away months
before my grandma.  He died in route to the hospital, and my mom was
with my grandma at the time.  Anyway, my grandmother was having a very
difficult time with his loss, and had become very distant to everyone.
It was all we could do to keep her company and try to keep her mind on
the present and not the past.  My mother was constantly trying to get us
kids over to see her and keep her company (those of us that drove, she
wanted us to visit her on our own). Anyway, one particular afternoon, it
was asked of me to visit her and I didn't.  I was a teenager and had
other things to do.  Anyway, days went by and no one could find my
grandma.  She left her rings on her dining room table and all of her
personal belongings in the house.  Then we heard she was found (drowned
in the river), and that was her ending to life.  You see, my grandma and
grandpa had a beautiful house on the river.  Probably a year had passed
and for some reason my destiny brought me to actually live in their
house, while I was just getting out on my own, while they were in the
process of selling the house.  I lived there for the summer of 1985.
Many strange phanomanas happened that made me a true believer of the
afterlife, but one in particular will stay in my mind the most.
 One day, literally in the middle of the afternoon, I was walking from
the kitchen into the Living room.  I can only recall my last moment of
actually being myself, until I had walked through the threshold of the
kitchen to the livingroom, at such time I only remember walking into a
Dark Cold Freezer (that is what it felt like).  I stayed in the dark
cold place until I began to think for myself again.  It was at that
point, as I was standing in front of these glass doors that face the
River, that I had mixed emotions of not just my own, but also my
grandmothers.  As I was beginning to see the world again, it was my
grandmothers thoughts.  I remember standing there thinking how the River
was my savior and the answer to all my problems and worries were inside
the river.  Then I knew it was what I had to do, and I was not afraid.
The River was going to take me where I wanted to go to be happy again.
Just as I was thinking these thoughts, it scared me, because I knew I
was not that kind of person, and  "WHO'S THOUGHTS WAS I THINKING".  It
was very quick, and my grandmother left my soul.  But from that time on,
I really understood what was going through her mind at the time she
decided to do what she did.  It was almost like she was happy to be
telling someone, what she did was not a bad thing, it was what she
wanted most in the world.  I was happy and scared all at the same time.
She was there, in this house, telling me her life story, because of this
situation, and all the others that she brought to me while I was living
there, I believe that a person does not always leave this earth
completely.  Atleast, until they have been able to explain why they were
here in the first place......and why they left.

Pillsbury Doughboy Ghost

This story starts the day we moved to Canby, Oregon.  My father in law
was gracious enough to let my wife and I stay in the family house until
it was sold.  This house was occupied by my wifes grandfather until he
died which was about 8 months before we moved in.  The family was having
trouble selling the house and thought it would be good to have someone
to occupy it until it was sold to upkeep the grounds and take care of
the property.  The house was big to me coming from an apartment. Two
story and five bedrooms not including the basement we were both in awe
the day we pulled up.  The house sits on an acre of land out in the
country and was also located directly next to an old Pioneer Cemetary.
It was a little to close for my comfort actually.  When you pulled your
car up in the driveway you actually had to get out on someones grave.
My first night there was sleepless to say the least.  This house
reminded me of the house on Night of the living dead.  Eventually I got
use to the house and all its creaking and groanings and was ashamed of
myself for being scared.  My father in law will not talk about his dad,
there were some strange things that occured there and Im not sure what.
In all the closets we found clocks drawn on the walls in crayon with the
hands of the clocks in different positions.  Not just one clock but many
clocks in all of the closets. Trap doors and drawers in rooms that were
set up to only open with a secret spring latch hidden away.  (I followed
a hidden string that led me to it!) I've had the feeling, along with my
wife, that the children were kept in closets here as punishment.  None
of the family wants the house(there are 5 brothers and 1 sister) and
will not set foot on the property.

I had a bad feeling in this house the day we moved in.  My wife did too
she just wouldnt admit it.  It was free so we stayed.  For the first 6
months nothing out of the ordinary happened.  Then everything happened
at once.  I was awake one night when I heard someone coming up from the
basement.  Not just coming up but pounding up the stairs.  Every step
got louder and louder until I thought I would die with fright.  I
thought someone had broke in the basement window and was coming up the
stairs.  I jumped up and threw on the light and they stopped.  My wife
woke up and asked me what the hell that noise was.  I grabbed a bat and
told her to call the police someone is in the basement.  I looked but no
one was there.  A little while later my wifes little sister who at the
time was 20 moved into this house with us.  She needed somewhere to stay
until she could find a place to rent.  She wanted to stay upstairs
(there was 2 bedrooms up there) that way should could have the whole
upper part of the house to herself.  We were both relieved to have
someone else move in.  The next morning we awoke to find my wifes sister
sleeping on our floor in our room.  When asked what happened she
sheepishly replied nothing and left for work.  She tried staying there
another night but soon moved all her stuff downstairs with us.  When
asked why she avoided the question.  When I had her alone she finally
admitted that she heard noises in the cubby holes up there.  She borded
them up with bookshelves shed brought but they wouldnt stay closed.  Her
stuff was thrown out of the way.  She left her stereo up there though.
This was the only thing she left up there.  On more than one occasion I
was woken up by the sounds of that stereo.  The first time I was asleep
during the day (I was working graveyard then).  It was so loud that I
got pissed and figuring her sister was home and turned on the stereo I
ran upstairs to tell her to turn it off.  It was not on.  She was not
there. This happened for 3 days in a row and I finally checked the dam
thing and it wasnt plugged in.  I foolishly told my wifes sister about
this, I say foolishly because she left the next day leaving us alone
again.  It was quiet for about a week.  I was sitting in the living room
eating when I heard a sound coming out of the kitchen.  I was alone and
it was during the day again.  I heard the sound of our cookie jar (the
pillsbury dough boy).  This sound is made when you lift the head of the
doughboy off.  It makes a mechanical laughter noise.  I then heard the
sound of the head being placed back on.  Kind of a porcelin against
pocelin sound.  Figuring my wife had snuck in and done this. (We always
thought the noise it made was funny and pulled the head off once a day
or so) I called into the kitchen for my wife.  When no response came I
went in to investigate.  She was not there.  I looked all over the house
figuring she ran to hide or something but she wasnt there.  When I told
me wife about this that night she said it must be that the sound went
off by itself.  I could accept this except that I heard the sound of the
head being lifted off first then the sound came then I heard the head
being put back down.  While I worked graveyard many was the time when my
wife would call me scared to death because of crashing noises she heard
in the basement. Things came up missing and re appeared after days in
places impossible to miss.

We finally moved soon after buying a house in downtown Portland.  My
wife waited until we had moved to tell me one last story shed been
saving as not to upset me further.  On more than one night she had seen
an old man visit the graveyard next door.  He wore an old leather hat
and had on old clothes similar to those worn in the pioneering days. He
carried an old leather pouch and would just stand there in the graveyard
staring at our house.  When he would leave he would walk down the middle
of the street.  My wife got in the car to follow him but around the
corner he vanished.  He always came but you never saw him coming.  He
was always just there.  After a while she stopped looking.  Afraid of
his blank stare.
 It was almost like whatever lived in that house knew we were getting
ready to leave. Well thats it.  Hard to believe until something like
this happens to yourself.

My Ghost Experiences


When i was 9 years old i had my first paranormal experience,  after about 3
years of living in a brand new house,  and about 6 months after of my sisters
and I messed around with an Ouija board,  i woke up one night at about 2 am
in the air totally levitated off my bed,  i felt 2 hands grab me, then slam
me down on the bed,  i really thought nothing of it, i thought it could be a
dream,  but i did sleep in my parents room after it happened. After that  i
would ask my mom if our house was haunted,  she would always say,  a new
house can't be haunted.
A few months after that my 2nd oldest sister would complain of hearing her
name being called.
About 4 years later, my parents divorced, and i went to live in an apartment
complex with my dad. About after 4 months of living there,  i woke up one
night, saw my closet door open, and a image of a man walking out,  then the
image faded away, i was so scared, then more came,  voices,  i would hear gun
shots late at night,  but my dad would not hear them.
1year after that,    we moved to a 60 year old cottage house, the house i am
currently living in as i speak.  My first experiences where shadows of people
going along the walls,  and yes i was very scared.  About a couple weeks
later, my dad and i where fighting in the family room,  then the ceiling fan
just cut on,  at the point of anger i was in,  i was not scared.    After
about 4 months of those experiences,  more came,   knocks on the walls, more
voices. Around that time i developed an anxiety disorder from all the fear i
was going through, and went to a christian councilor. Then after it got
worst,  glasses falling of tables,  loud noises at night, she came by to
command the sprits out of the house,  for the next 2 weeks  nothing happened,
 but now on this day Mar. 16, 2000, we are hearing the noises again at night,
but lucky enough,  i have been taught how to ignore and not be in fear of
these things that are going on.   Around the end of April,  we will be moving
into a brand new house again, i guess we will have to see what happens.

Old Lady in Kitchen


My husband was sitting at the dining room table one morning about 6
months ago.  Now my husband does not believe aat all in the paranormal.
He noticed the cat staring up at something at the stairway going down to
the basement.  He looked down to pick up his coffee cup, looked up , and
saw an older woman dressed in old fashioned clothing standing at the the
entrance of the stairs.  She was motioning with her hand as if
indicating him to go down stairs.  Needless to say it scared the life
out of him, the non-believer.  I got up shortly after this and found him
white as a ghost.  It's the first time he's ever admited to seeing  a
ghost.  Our house has many strange happenings.  A couple was living in
our basement for about 4 months and every night something strange would
occur: from the t.v. going on by itself to animal growls and sounds of
animal claws on the floor.  I myself am a confirmed believer in the
paranormal, having witnessed many strange sightings.
Would like to share some of these with other interested individuals in
the near future.  Thanks for creating a site for people like me who love
ghost stuff.

Our ghost HENRY


My husband has been cleaning this church for three years and he as well as
the rest of our family has expierienced some very strange things, so has at
least one other member of the church. First it was just a feeling of a
presence that you just couldn't shake, a glimpse of a shadow from the corner
of your eye, and the occasional sound that could not be explained. My
husband worked  his regular job from 4:00pm to 1:30 am and would go to the
church after leaving his job and that was when he would experience most of
the things. Then it didn't seem to matter what time of day it was and it
even started happening when the kid's would be there helping, our two boy's
are now 9 and 12 and we never said anyhting to them for fear of scaring
them and then they were in an upstairs room were my husband was cleaning and
suddenly the piano started playing one note over and over for a minute or so
and then it stopped. The boy's were very frightened but also very intriuged
by the whole thing. I have been a victim of HENRY as we affectionatly call
him now, I have heard many things,  little bumps and unexplainable noises.
Our 19 year old son took over the cleaning job for about six months this
past summer and he has also heard many things like foorsteps in front of
him, doors on other floors slamming when there is no one else in the church,
he also went to clean in the middle of the night, mainly because it it
easier to do when no one is there to get in the way, or so we thought! When
my husband took the job back over it wasn't very long before he would start
experiencing HENRY again, oh did I mention that he would always seem to find
dimes laying in the oddest places sometime as many as two dollars worth in a
few hours of cleaning, never finding them in places where people would
frequent in the building.
    We never felt we needed to fear HENRY since his presence never seemed to
be a threatening experience, but there was a woman who has been a long time
member of the church and she was there one day by herself doing the books
when she had heard moaning to the point of causing her to call the police
because she really felt that someone was there, my husband had arrived while
the police were in the building, they had asked the woman to wait outside in
case they found someone but needless to say there was no one to be found
they kind of humored the woman but my husabnd told her of his experiences
and she said that this wasn't the first time that things have happened to
her there either. The most disturbing thing was when he was in the boiler
room cleaning some mops before he left and me and my 2 son's were out side
warming the car and suddenly he came running to the car with a horrified
look on his face and shaking tremendously, I could tell something was
terribly wrong but he didn't want to frighten the boy's so he waited to tell
me, after we were able to be alone he had revealed to me that he actually
saw to men walking down some stairs in the back of the boiler room talking
to each other as if he wasn't there at all, they were dressed in the style
of the 20's and seemed to be almost floating down the steps, there is no way
to enter the room from that door since it is locked very securely. We have
had many of the people we have told these things to try to explain them away
but there is no human explaination for these things. There have been times
when we have went there and left only after a few minutes because there is a
sense of something just not being right. I come from a family that my mother
and sister have always had experiences similar to this in thier lives  I
have also had times were I know the other side is present in my life.  My
four year old nephew had come with us one day and the children were all
playing in the preschool room for about an hour the neaxt time we took my
nephew, which was only the second time he had ever been there with us
cleaning, they were in the gym playing and he came out in the hall and asked
me where the big fella was at, I was shocked that he would say that since
the only people there on both trips he had made with us was US. I didn't
want to frighten him so I just said what big fella would that be he responed
you know the big fella that was here the last time we were here playing.
Well I feel that this is really all that needs to be said to explain just
who or what is there in this church, a child that doesn't know what  we have
all experienced can hardly imagine the same thing if it isn't so.

Our new home


This is my second time writing this site.  I come here offen to read the articles and stories they interest me alot even.  I am a very religious person but have an interest in the paranormal, im 18 and attend highschoo.  Well anyway down to my story.  I have lived in our house for only 2 years now and it is a brand new manufactured home so we are the first owners.  We live in a new section of a trailer park in Michigan.  This section is in the rear of the park and is surrounded by thick woods and not far down the streets is were an old Indian tribe used to live before their not to sure on what tribe they were.  Well anyway I really dont have to much of reason to feel
 uncomfortible in this new house seeing how were the first owners, well once and awhile I have theses strange feelings, sometimes a dread of having to close my eyes in certain spots of the house.  My room is in the front of the house and my brothers room is right acrossed form mine, well sometimes late at night when im asleep I will hear a loud bang that sounds like its coming form inside my wall and the trailer stands on some blocks which makes it kinda high and the pounding was more at the top of my wall so it would make it diffacult for someone
outside even a tall man to hit it with the force it does and it does not sound like anything hitting it like a rock or something because it sounds more like a open hand striking the wall with a palm.  Well it will happen every couple months and then sometimes 2 aweek..always lound enough to wake me up and sometimes happens when im wide awake, I know im not crazy because others have heard it to. And the pounding is allways in the same spot on the same wall except for once it happen right above my headboard of my bed, I ususally just ignore the sound
 and go back to sleep not really wanting to know what it was at the exact time.  My girlfriend is also terrified of having to stay in my room alone while I take a shower or something always having me leave the door open or something.  Another time around may of last year I was laying in the den that faces our living room, I had just got home from school and decied to lay on the couch in the den to read and listen to my head phones while waiting for my girlfriend to arrive.  Well im pretty sure most of the people reading this can see things
 out of the corner of thier eyes well i was reading my book when out of the corner of my eye I seen a shadow moving pretty fast and jump acouple feet and then continue to run past the door, I jumped up and threw my headphones off and ran to investigate looking around and seeing nothing, I told my girlfiend when she got thier which made her even more frightend to be there alone.  Well there hasent been much
 activity for awhile but I always have a bad feeling about a certain corner of my room which is right next to my closet..I always feel if as im being watched while i sleep.  Well I just wanted to share this story with some of you who will beleave me and not call me crazy and maybe reveal some light on whats going on in my house.

Georgesville, Ohio


Outside, of Southern, Columbus, Ohio, There is a small, town called, Georgesville, Ohio, We bought a home,there, that hadbeen remodled, the orignal,home,was added on to, and orignal was a log cabin, of Civil War, days, and owned by a major,from Civil War days, also,from day one, that we moved in this home, we started hearing, and seeing things,We always had a bad smell, that lingered, no matter, how much we cleaned. In the basement, of new part, we had a pool table,at night, you could hear,the pool balls, being struck, and knocked, into the pockets, of the pool table, We had Three, small, children, who, would not sleep in their rooms, saying, their beds, rocked, and moved, and they were lifted up, and turned around, by someone, they could not see, in midair, above, their beds, We had a big, old, pinao, it would wake you up, playing, by itself, also, around, midnight, a couple, times a week, you could be in bed, asleep, in the Winter, even, with storm windows in, and windows closed, a loud sound, of breathing, like a huge, animal, that had ran a long way, would run by these bedroom windows, and it was so loud, it sounded as if it were in the bedroom, with you, exhaling and inhaling, deep, and raspey, sounds, and a hard, running, sound, There was deep snow, and drifts, piled under, the outside windows, but, when we went outside, to look, right, after hearing, this pass our windows, there was never nothing there, And, " No Prints," of any kind,
in the snow, at all. We sold this house, and moved, to Northern, Ohio.  I do not want my email address, gave out, and I will sign this simply, "A Person, who believes, in things, that cannot be explained, from Ohio".

The Black Dog


Since I was 10 or 11, I have had experiences with ghosts, with one friend in
particular. It all started at the mall, when me and a few friends snuck up to
an unopened museum part above a store. We were sneaking around when we
noticed a set of unfinished stairs. For some reason I wanted to climb down
the frame of the stairs. Thats when I saw him for the first time. He was a
shadowy figure who was wearing a hat. He started to walk up the stairway, but
he wasn't walking on anything.  My friends and I ran, screaming, and we
pushed frantically at the elevator buttons. It wasn't coming. The ghost
disappeared, and the elevator button lit up.  My friends and I, all except my
one friend (in a very long deal with some money disappearing, who later this
will play a crucial role in these experiences) gathered in an empty area of
the playground to talk.  I saw things, and was almost positive my friends
were faking it.  I was the one to see something, and they just agreed about
it. About 3 years passed, with nothing said about our experiences. One day, I
got the phone number of the friend that supposedly "stole my money." I didn't
believe it.  When we first talked, we immediately clicked. We became the best
of friends.  About a month passed, and we occupied our time talking about
boys and trying on new make-up.  It all started one day, when we were sitting
outside on my picnic table, looking up at the sky and the moon in the
daylight.  I had a picture in my head all of a sudden, we had to go to a park
with two dogs. My friend broke the top of her foot at the time, and was
trying her hardest to keep up with my frantic speed.  When we finally reached
the park, the dogs, I noticed, were gone. I looked at the unusual sunset, and
in a rush, it came to us. There was "fire in the sky" as we call it. Then, we
thought of the elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Air. I'm a Pisces, obsessed with
water. I must represent Water, I thought.  But what about Megan (my friend)?
This was her first time at the park. The sunset! It had never happened
before. She must be fire. She is on the Cusp of Cancer and Leo, on the last
possible day of being a cancer. Leo is a fire sign, and with her fiery
personality, she fits the description perfectly. People are drawn to her
light, it seems. Crows began to circle around us. It wasn't till the next
time when we saw the dog, a black lab-type dog. It stared at us, with glowing
eyes, and then disappeared. A similar experience happen with a cat. there are
many other feelings we've had, these are just a few. It seems me and my
friend had become closer, since now we have a sort of Karmic bond.  This is
the summary of my earlier experiences, but there is much more detail that I
can't take the time right now to write. I would appreciate any help or
support, and if you would like to know more, Email at  or I would appreciate any
information regarding this type of spirit. Thank you for your time, and Have
a nice day.

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