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Ghostly sightings


I read your personal story.  It was spooky, but I enjoyed it; thanks for
having the courage to share it.  I have also had some paranormal
experiences, but considerably mild in comparison to yours.  Please allow me to share
them with you.
 The first possible experience occurred when I was very young - under the
age of 8 years old.  I had an imaginary playmate, but my mother thought I was
in touch with an entity.  The "playmate" was adult, male, and went by the
name "Shadow".  I don't remember Shadow, buy I do remember the last time I
talked about Shadow because my mom asked me why I didn't mention Shadow any more
(apparently I would talk about him at great length).  I said that Shadow
had gone away; my mom asked when he would be back, but I said I didn't know.
When my mom asked where Shadow had gone, again I said I didn't know.  My
mom told me she used to hear me "talking" to Shadow, and that it sounded like
one half of a telephone conversation: it wasn't like I was making up the other
half of the conversation, but merely responding to something that was
being said to me.  Perhaps I was in contact with an entity, however Shadow never
frightened me - he was a comforting presence.  Perhaps it was an entity,
although I have wondered if I was in contact with my guardian angel.  Then
again, I've always had a strong imagination - perhaps it was just an
imaginary playmate.
 The next paranormal experienced happened in my brother's home in Moss
Beach, California, approximately 1/4 of a mile from the Moss Beach Distillery - a
restaurant that has a reputation for being haunted.  When this experience
happened, I did not know about the hauntings of the restaurant, or of the
history of the area.  My brother's house has a downstairs bedroom that has
long been considered "my" bedroom, because I always slept there - and
always with the door locked, since everyone else slept upstairs.  One night I was
awakened out of deep sleep by a man's voice, a voice much deeper than that
of my brother's.  The voice sounded angry, full of accusation, and said, "You
don't belong here!"  I had a brief glimpse of a man in my room.  His back
was to the window, so he was in silhouette, but very solid looking.  What I
could see was a very craggy and rough-hewn looking face, and he was wearing a
heavy canvas jacket (like the type firemen or fishermen wear), and he was
pointing down at me in the bed.  However, it was just that brief glimpse, and then
it was gone.  I've wondered if I dreamt it, because I was able to go right
back to sleep.  However I doubt I would have dreamt that I didn't belong there
because I had spent so much time in my brother's house that I felt that I
had as much right to be there as my brother.
When I told my brother of the incident, he said he had something spooky
happen also.  One night, about 2am, he was still up reading, when he heard
someone coming up the stairs.  My brother built his house from scratch,
and was very familiar with the entire house.  It wasn't one creak that he
heard - he heard every stair being trod upon.  Thinking he had a prowler, he got
out a gun and went to find out who was in his house.  He found nothing, and
all the windows and doors were locked tight.  He said it was really eerie.
Later we found out that the Moss Beach coastline (not too far from Half
Moon Bay) was the site of a lot of illegal bootleg activity during Prohibition.
There were accidents, gunfights, and other tragedies that follow illegal
activity.  Since finding out about the history of the area, we have since
wondered what it was that my brother and I encountered.
 The last paranormal experience that happened occurred within a 3-month
period after my mother's death.  Perhaps I should say "experiences", because on
three separate occasions I heard knocking.  I was living with my maternal
grandmother in the house my mother grew up.  Each time I heard the
knocking it was just three, evenly spaced knocks - but they were loud.  The third
time it happened, I went to answer the front door, convinced that someone was
there.  My bedroom was in the back of the house, which was some distance
from the front door, so the knocks had to be loud for me to have heard them.
I'm not positive, but I think it was mom coming back to say "Hi."
There is another possible experience.  Both my husband and I have felt
something pressing down on the bed while we slept.  The first time it
happened to me, it woke me up.  I thought the cat had just jumped up on
the bed near my feet, when I realized the cat was next to my pillow.  It got
my attention, but, again,  I was not afraid.  The cat often moves his head
and eyes like he is watching something - something I can't see - and only in
the bedroom.  And when I'm in the apartment alone, taking a shower, I hear a
man's footsteps coming into the bathroom.  They always sound the same, and
I'm guessing they are a man's footsteps because the stride is wider than a
woman's and heavier.
Like I said, my experiences are very mild in comparison to what you
experienced.  I never felt fear during the experiences, but later,
contemplating the possibilities, I tended to spook myself.   Pretty tame
stuff, but every now and then it grabs my attention.  I haven't tried to
talk to any entity - if indeed there IS an entity - because I would rather the
experiences remain merely an amusing conversation piece and not the source
of a major investigation!  Your recommendation to not contact entities was
unnecessary with me; I'm a coward!
There are a couple of books you might be interested in.  I like reading
about true paranormal experiences, and the history behind them, but without all
the added drama (Hans Holzer's books tend to get a little too "Steven
King-ish" for me.  One is called "Gazetteer of British, Scottish and Irish Ghosts"
by> Peter Underwood.  I has pictures of some of the haunted buildings, and a
lot of history.  The other is "Haunted Heartland" by Michael Norman and Beth
Scott.  They have since written "Historic Haunted America", but somehow it
doesn't have the same authentic "feel" of their first book.  I didn't like
it as much, but it was still entertaining.
Thanks for letting me share my story.  You have a terrific site!  I hope
to visit again.

Grandfathers Time


My name is Jennifer.  I am 25 years old and live in Fort Myers, Florida.
I just finshed visiting your website and I must say, it is very interesting
and informative.
My story takes place in the house that I live in now.   About 2 1/2 years
ago my grandfather, whom resided in the house with me, passed away.  He
was supposed to go into the hospital that morning for surgery to remove his
bladder due to cancer. Before he made it to the hospital, he had a heart
attack and died.  It was about 7:30 am the morning of his surgery when I
found him.  I tried everything I could to save him but it was too late.
Afterwards, it bothered me to think of the fact that if I had set my alarm
instead of having my grandfather wake me (he was my alarm clock)I could
have got to him sooner.  I wanted to know when he actually passed on.
In our front room I have a grandfather clock that my grandfather bought to
pass through the generations of our family.  Two days after his death, the
clock stopped working.  It had stopped at 6:35am.  The clock has not
worked since.  It was a farely new clock.  At first I thought it was just the
clock acting up as my grandfather had problems with it before but a few days
after this incident, another clock in the other room stopped at 6:35am.  Neither
clock has worked since.
I know this isn't a story that sends chills down your spine but I thought
you might want to know.
I have had several experiences with ghosts and strange happenings since I
was a little girl.  I want to know more about my experiences.  My mother
says it runs in the family.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and if at all
possible I would like some information on how to get involved in paranormal

My Friend and I


Okay, so at the beginning of this school year I met someone.  Her name was
Sarah.  Now  we are best friends.  I intend to keep it that way too.

    You see my sister was born in a haunted house.  It would get cold then
you would smell something.  Now, every once and a while I get cold and
uncontrollable shivers up my spine.  I told Sarah about this and she told me
of something that happened to her.

    She stayed up late last year watching TV in her bedroom.  She said the
room was cold and a young girl appeared.  The girl had a look in her eyes as
if she was looking for someone or something.

    Well, a week ago I spent the night at her house.  Everyone was in the
living room watching TV.  It was about 8:30pm.  I was petting her  dog Boe
and all of a sudden I heard a whistling.  The odd thing is, it was from the
other side of the house.  No, it was not the wind.  You could purely tell it
was a whistle.

    The next day we went to her cousins house which was next door.  I talked
to her cousin who had ghost experiences too.  Just the night before her ghost
pushed a chair down.  One time she was wearing an open button up shirt, she
bent over and all of a sudden ALL of the buttons were buttoned.

    That day after Ieft the cousins little sister had a friend over.  Her
friend saw the ghost of the little girl at the side of the house.


Hide & Seek and others too


It's 3am and I would like to share my stories.
    When I was  9 or 10 years old, my parents and I visited my aunt &
uncle in a small town in northern Saskatchewan called Smeaton. Their
youngest daughter, my cousin, Jody and I are just a few apart in ages.
Anyhow, one night, during our visit, Jody and I, with a few of her
friends, decide to play hide & seek. Since the town was so small, we
could hide anywhere. I remember the countdown beginning. Jody said "I've
got the perfect place." We ran about 2 blocks one way, then another
block to the right. There, in an empty lot, was what appeared to be a
concrete slab, square, about 4 feet high and 30 feet long and wide.
Along one side, bushes grew close to the foundation. Jody said " You go
inbetween the bushes and the slab, I'll be in the bushes across the
street."  I figured that if one of us got caught, the other wouldn't.
So, I curled up between the bush and slab when I noticed there was a
basment window that had been long broken out just by my head. I looked
inside while I was waiting to be found. The floor had been littered with
leaves that had been blown in and broken pop andbeer bottles. Then I
realized that I shouldn't be able to see in (being so dark). I look to
see where the sorce of light was coming from, and I saw a Lady. She was
so white, in a long victorian gown, with what appeared to be a veil. She
was young, about 18-20. She floated from the farthest corner, cross the
opposite wall, then turned in the corner, and what looked like, going
upstairs. Then she dissappeared. As she floated across, I remember
thinking, "Thoses bottles should be making noise if she's shuffling
through them".  It was very quiet. No crickets, no wind, nothing. Then,
"Got you!" was yelled out right near me. I nearly wet my pants. Later
that night, I asked Jody if she knew if that house was haunted, she
replied "Yup, you saw the lady?". I said "Yup."
    About five years later, I was again visiting Jody, and I asked her
about the house. She replyed that it had caved in long ago, and the
concrete slab remains were hauled away.
    A few years later, I was out with a group of friends, traveling the
out skirts of my hometown, Regina. A friend suggested that he new of
some haunted places and wanted to take us there. Since my encounter with
the white lady was not terrifying, I agreed to go along. We stopped at
an abanded house. My friend said that it was his aunt's. Windows were
broken out and the floor inside was not too solid. He said that there
was a root cellar under neath the kitchen, but the stairs had rotted out
years ago. We walked into the living room with flash lights in hand. The
furniture remained, now weather wore, with springs popping out. In one
corner, there was marks up the wall, as if fire had streaked up it. He
said that this is where his aunt had died, fallen asleep with a lit
cigarette. We walked back into the kitchen, past the open cellar door. I
could smell the damp, decaying earth coming up, but what frieghtened me,
was the sound a faint whisper that seem to travel up the cellar stairs.
I seemed to say "Was", although, very drawn out. "Wwwwaaaassss." Then
right in my ear, very loudly "OUT". I quickly left the house, believing
whatever spoke, did not want me in there. Not until I got outside, that
I saw all my friends were waiting by the car. I was in there by myself.
We got back in the car, and headed out for desination #3 of that night.
        We were driving along a dirt road, when we saw a small road turn
off of the main one we were on. About twenty feet from the main road was
chain, roping off the road. Hanging from it was a sign "Tresspassers wil
be prosicuted". We got out of the car, and could see a silouette of a
house, against the glow of the city lights. One friend remarked "Lets
make this the last one. We'll just look in the windows."  They stepped
over the chain and walked about 15 - 20 feet. I sat on the bumper of the
car, still shaken by the last house, when I noticed a red light off to
the right. It was far off in the distance, and I watched it. My friends
at this time were still walking towards the house. I saw the red light
quickly circle around the back of the house. Then it appeared in the
doorway. I then saw the angry man. He had two glowing red eyes. He had
stepped out onto the porch and looked like he was heading towards my
friends. I  yelled "STOP, the porch, run". They stopped, turned around
and began walking back to the car. As they got closer and closer, they
got faster and faster. Behind them, I could see the silouette of the
man; very thin, tall, with red eyes still coming toward us. We climbed
back into the car, and drove away. I turned around to see if I could see
the angry man. All I could see is his eyes in the doorway of the house.
We never spoke of it again.
    The next incident happened at my parents house. I was sitting in the
dining room, watching t.v. My parents were down in the family room,
watching the other t.v. All of the sudden, I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I didn't think too much of it, thinking my arm had fallen asleep or
something. But when the pressure increased and actually slowly pushed me
off the chair, did I become frieghtened. Then it stopped. I sat back up
in the chair, and really didn't give it much thought, until the pressure
began again. "Stop it", I whispered in a angry tone. And it did, and
never happened again.
    My parents had a lovely old cat named Rueben. Ruby (as we called
him) was a stray that wandered into our yard one year, and never left.
Ruby had a hurniated muscle on his side, from what our vet told us, was
from some abuse he had suffered many years before he wandered into our
lives. Anyhow, Ruby always needed to leaned against us when he washed
his back feet. He rocked back and forth as he licked. A few years later,
Ruby died of kidney failure. Now and then, my mother can feel him, on
the foot of the bed, leaning against her, rocking back and forth.
    When my husband and I first lived together, we lived in the basement
of a old wartime house, in the cathedral district of Regina. My sister &
her husband lived on the main, and we shared a kitchen and bathroom with
them. Many times, going down the stairs to the basement, I felt someone
push me, just in my lower back, as if to push me down the stairs. The
first time startled me, as I barely caught myself  before hitting the
concrete floor below. It happened a few more times, but I learned to
steady my hands against the walls before heading down.  I then started
watching out for the ghost, and many times, only out of the courner of
my eye, was a small, fat boy, dressed in short pants. When the fat boy
really gave me a goood shove one day, I spun around, and yelled "Do that
again, and I'll tell your Papa!" It only happened once since then, and
when it did, I turned and said "You don't live here anymore."
My sister and her husband lived there for anither year after we left,
and they have not had any troubles from the fat boy.
    My Aunt died just last summer. It came as a shock to us. I found out
that she was sick a week before she died. Two days before she died. I
could hear her laugh. It was a quiet, twittery laugh, like it would
sound like if you were spitting out sunflower seeds. She would laugh
over and over, in this quiet twitter. When she died two days later, my
mother came home, and told me that she was in good spirits (no pun
intened) the night in question. Oh, did I mention, that she  was 450
miles north, in a hospital, when I heard the laugh?


The Ghost at my House


    Ever since my family and I have moved into this 2 story builing it's been
pretty scary for my family and I. The first tale I will tell is the story
about the ghost that I have learned to call "Henry". I'm not sure if it is a
male or female but it hasn't complained yet. So I was trying to sleep and I
kept on hearing footsteps coming from the stairs. Then once my mother was
outside and the windcime was swinging back and forth like someone was messing
with it. But there was one blow of wind. Then once my mom was getting ready
for work one morning and she heard a cry, and a slight taping sound on the
other side of the wall. She came in and found that I was asleep and she could
hear the taping coming from the other side of the wall. The other thing is my
big sisters boyfriend found out the t.v. in the middle of the night was
turning on and off....the remote wasn't anywhere in sight. That was the most
scariest thing he has ever seen! And that was the most scariest thing I've
ever experienced in my life!
Henry hasn't been around for more then 6 months and I believe he/she has gone
to a better place.

My Families Gift


Hi, my name is Jessica and I am from a small
southwestern town in Illinois. I come from a big
family and we all got into a discussion last night
about what happens to us sometimes. My oldest aunt is
the most "in touch" with the other side. She had twins
about 16 and a half years ago and one died. She is my
namesake. Ever since then she has been this way.
Recently her and my grandmother went to a cemetery in
Ruma, Illinois, where many of our relatives are
buried. Our root name is Mudd. My aunt saw a man
standing against a tree with a hat on, and he talked
to her. He was a relative of ours and he told her that
he was going to put his hand on top of my grandma's
head, and to take a picture. My aunt took the picture
and we have used a machine to zoom in, and indeed
there is a white image above her hair. The man also
told my aunt to walk over to a particular relative's
grave, one of a child who died nearly 100 years before
her own baby died. She walked over and the tombstone
fell right in her hands. When my mother and her
siblings grew in this house, they all claim its
haunted. Faucets would turn on by themselves, chairs
would rock by themselves, etc. I also have weak
psychic encounters, and I am trying to get more in
touch with it. Every single member of our family has
some sort of "gift" and some can just drive by street
light after street light and they will turn off. We
all seem to look at the clock at 11:11 also. When I
was in the midst of being born the same aunt saw her
daughter and she told her that I would be fine, and
told her the exact time I would be born, weight, etc.
She was right on target. At that same aunt's house
things will fly off walls, fireplaces, dressers, etc.
whenever they talk about dead relatives. In
conclusion, our family has a very keen 6th sense and
if you are interested in more please email me back. I
might scan that picture if you want.
Thanks, Jessica

Our Encounter


In l994 and 95, we moved from Olympia Washington to Tacoma Washington and we
moved into an older home. It seemed very homey and we felt comfortable there.
 As time went on things began to occur never to myself but to my daughter
Alisha.  When the kids would try to open my bedroom door the door would start
shaking and the handle would rattle tremendously hard.... At first I didn't
believe what they were saying because they have wonderful imaginations,
however on this one occasion I witnessed the event I just spoke about.
Alisha would become uncomfortable and swear there was something that would
watch her or fallow her and I didn't believe her.  One instance was when we
were getting ready to go somewhere and we were walking out of the house she
felt something behind her and when she turned around after running to the
bottom of the stairs she saw a short figure darker in color with very red
eyes standing at the top looking down at her.  It scared her so bad she
cried.  It was in the middle of the day.  Also on another occasion her
sisters friend Sandra was over and she was knocking on our front door no one
was there but she saw the same figure and red eyes looking out at her from
our window she was also very scared and ran all the way home.  Later that
evening she called to tell me what happened.  Things would be misplaced and I
would find items in different places.  I learned to trust my children's
intuitions as much as my own of which I have a natural ability to see things
of the paranormal and I always have.  This time the spirit seemed very
different and made them very uneasy.  We moved out and I remember trying to
get in my room one evening before we moved and being locked out of a room
with no locks on the door.  That same shaking and rattling went on and I felt
uncomfortable so I had everyone remove themselves from the upstairs to give
the spirit its space.  Soon after we went down stairs the door opened and I
was able to go inside the room.  Nothing more occurred that evening and I was
not able to see anything but surely felt a presence in my storage area of my
room.  No one liked to go into there you just felt like it wasn't your space.
 We left and have not returned and to this day we have no idea if the other
people who live in the house have had any disturbances or paranormal
Thank you for letting me share our story with you all.

Another Ghost Story


 It was a couple of months ago that I decided I needed to get out of
retail. I was tired of the customers and my boss so I took the first job that fell
into my lap:  Mall Security.  Only problem with that was that I would
still have to put up with the customers unless I decided to do the Night shift,
from 10:30 PM to 6:30 AM.  And things were great the first month.  The
crew I was working with were pretty laied back and we all had fun, except when it
came time to do a corridor sweep.  Now, if you've never worked in a mall,
the corridors are the long hallways that run behind the stores.  They're
pretty much dry wall and cement with pipes and wires running overhead.  But there
was one corridor that nobody liked going down.  Now, being the kind of
tough-girl I like to be when I think everyone around me is being a wuss, I
always took on this particuliar corridor.  I thought nobody liked it
because it was really long, kind of narrow, a little darker and the pipes hang
down a little lower than the other corridors.  So I was more than welcome to it.
Sure it was creepy, but I never let myself get too creeped out, until a
couple of nights ago.  I was checking the doors in that corridor to make
sure that they were all locked (which is all that we really do anyways)  I was
just getting ready to go around the corner by one of the freight elevators
when I heard a kind of crash, like someone had dropped a heavy cooking
pan. The mall is very new and there is still a lot of construction going on so
I reasoned that it was some peice of equipment that had just now fallen over
after being put away improperly.  But I still took great caution when I
came around the corner, kind of peeked around it before I actuially continued
checking the doors.  All seemed well until I came to one of the doors that
led to an unoccupied suite that was under construction.  I usuially don't
bother checking these doors because the construction workers get tired of
us locking them out and take the locking mecanism out of the door knob.  But
as I passed, I saw a sudden burst of movement by the door, although there was
nothing there to move.  I kind of froze in my tracks.  At this point, I
was supposed to call the office on the radio and told them that I'd heard a
noise and that I might have seen some strange movement so they could call the
police to investigate, but I didn't.  I reached out for the door knob and
slowly turned it.  Then, the door opened quickly, about an inch and
slammed shut again, by itself.  It had ripped itself out of my hand to open an
inch. Then it started to just open and slam shut over and over again, very
rapidly.  Well, I didn't stick around too long when it started and could still hear
it when I got out of the corridor and out into the mall.  I called the office
on the radio and told them what had just happened.  We all knew the
construction workers were gone for the night.  There was nobody in the mall but us and
the guys cleaning the floors.  My boss just said to stay out of the corridor
for the rest of the night/  There was a slight "I told you so," tone to her
voice.  I went back in the morning with one of the guys and we checked the
suite out.  There was nobody in there, not even a peice of construction
equipment and there was no evidence that anyone had been there.

 He's mad now!


I wanted to pass along this story. My grandfather passed away in October of
96. He was sort of like an anchor for our family and everything revolved
around him. After he died my granny's health slowly deteriorated. She was
rushed to the hospital one night in march of 97. She died but the doctors
brought her back. Anyway the house that my grandparents used to live in was
always a warm and loving place and always had a welcoming feel to it. About
3 months after my granny was brought back, some of my aunts went up to clean
the old house and get what was left of my granny's clothes out. They found
that none of them could enter the house. it felt cold and evil. One of my
aunt said that she felt hate and depression coming from inside of the house.
not one of them ever made it pass the door. We hired a commercial custodian
to clean it.....nope...he had the same experience and barely made it to the
porch before he gave in and ran. I have always been one to doubt things I
believed as impossible. After Christmas in 99 my wife and I decided to stop
in and check on the old house on our way back home. We got out and walked
around, checked the windows and the shed. Then I decided to go inside. I
used the key we kept hid in the shed and opened the door. I flung the door
open and almost instantly I felt pure hate and anger pouring out. My wife
felt it too and got a bad headache immediately.  I slammed the door and
couldn't get over the sick feeling and nausea swept over me. I left and
never have gone back. I personally think that my grandfather is mad because
of us bringing my granny back. thanks for listening.

Ohio Haunting


Cincinnati,Ohio Buffalo Ridge near Cleaves. Satanic Worshiping, Ghosts seen. A cremetorium that exploded their at one time. The wife of the cremetorium owner died in the explossion.I myself, and a few friends wittnessed a haunting there at one time. Back in 1985, My two friends and I got bold. We heard things about buffalo Ridge, and wanted to check it out for our selves. It was 12:00A.M and we had a 12pack of Budwiser, We drove to Cleaves, and headed up to Buffalo Ridge. By now it was 2:00A.M We stoped at the place I think were the Cremetorium was located. There was nothing there but a field. The car was running and the headlights were shining twards the field.There was nothing there.  I turned off the engine,and headlights. All of a sudden in the field, We saw what looked like 3 kids, picking up flower or something,one was doing summersalts. I turned on my lights and nothing was there. I turned the lights back off and there they were again. It lasted for 5 min. Then we heard a scrapeing along side of my car, but nothing was there! This warned me that it was time to get the Hell Out Of There

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