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Balls of Light


       In the early part of 74' I and three other people saw
numerous balls of light in a wooded area in the Florida Panhandle. The
area mentioned was off Hwy. 20 between Freeport and Bruce Fla. on the
northern side of Hwy. 20 in a commercial pine forest.
        One of the others had been parking with a date the
night before and had seen several of these lights.   We turned north
off the Hwy. and to my recollection went @ 300 ft up an unimproved road.
The road was not a through road but more of a trail that came to a small
 We stopped the car and turned the motor off and sat approx. 15 to 20
min..  during that time we did not see anything.
Then appearing off in the distance a light just to the northeast through
the trees. The trees in the being pines were pretty tall and fairly
close together. Due to this being the case the lower limbs were not too
heavily branched. The light I guess, was probably @ 200 ft away from us.
I asked  the one who lived in the area and saw the lights the night
before if there was a house over there. He said there weren't any houses
anywhere in that area.
 We watched the light move back and forth through the trees and then
it separated into two distinct lights as a set of car headlights would
appear. These now, two lights were  getting closer to the car. I asked
my buddy if there was a road over there and he stated again that there
wasn't "anything" over in that area, just trees.
The lights started going back and forth in a crisscrossing pattern and
all the time getting closer. I'm not sure of the time frame it took for
the lights to reach the area of the car, but would guess 10 minutes.

       To  my recollection the lights were of cantaloupe
size and the color of these were of a white center and a bluish outer
fuzzy halo type of light.  These were not extremely bright lights,
but more of a glowing foggy ball. They were bright enough that when they
floated up next to tree you could make out the branch and the clumps of
pine needles upon the branches.
      I don't really know where they came from but other balls
of light appeared after the first two came into the area where we were.
But I do know they did not come through the woods as the first two did.
My recollection is kind of dim here but I know there were at least a
total of 6 lights to 12 at the most. The lights moved back and forth and
up and down in various patterns. I do not remember if there was a breeze
or not but the lights did
not move in the same direction as if being blown around by a wind, they
each moved independently of each other. This was really different from
the first two lights as they moved together.
      The lights were just in the area of the car and nowhere
else.  They did come up over the car and in front and behind us. They
came within several feet of us .  At one point I turned on the car
headlights and we did not see anything, I then turned the lights off and
did not see the balls of light, but then noticed they were upon the
ground. They then started rising up off the ground and floating around
      I'm not sure how long we sat and watched these lights
but I estimate that after first sighting the first lights we watched
them a good hour to an hour and a half.
     We finally decided it was time to go and I can't remember
if we turned around or backed out to the highway but the lights were
still present when we left.
     We told some co-workers about our encounter but got the
usual razzing. We talked a little about the lights but never really
discussed exactly what each other saw that night. To me now looking back
this was really odd.  During the last 24 some years I reasoned that
these were swamp gas or something of the sorts.  But logically, we
were not in a wet area as we had no trouble with any kind of standing
water , or trouble getting into the area where we saw these.  The
lights did not change in intensity, did not change colors anytime, did
not  burn out, nor did new ones appear. The fuzzy mass did seem to
move around within it self though.
 I have recently talked  to one of the other guys that was with us
that night and he said he had not thought about the lights in years. He
really did not say much more except that they were strange.. About two
weeks later I called him again and brought up the subject again and
asked him what color they were and he remembered them being a greenish
color and foggy. This being different than mine as I remember a bluish
fuzzy light.  He said he didn't remember how many there were but he
just knew it was more than one.
      At the time this was a chilling event  as we locked
the car doors when the lights approached the car. Another person
suggested that they might have been checking us out. I'm not trying to
tell you this was some kind of intelligence but it does seem that we
were being checked out. We were the only ones there and the lights came
to us, then more appeared and then they stayed right there with us the
whole time...
I've conveyed this to several researchers and have had several
responses. One of which is that the way the lights were acting and the
length of time that they were illuminated, this was not swamp gas.
Another was that these types of lights are usually present where a UFO
has been recently present. The only other explaination is
that they might have been a spirit form.

Everything is Missing


 I moved into a new house seven months ago.  Two months after I
moved in, I started to notice very strange things.  The first couple of
weeks (when it started) the front door would slam shut about twice a
day.  I corrected this problem by always locking the door.  A few days
later, I noticed the front porch swinging , even though there was no
wind.  This went on for a couple of days until I chose to completely
ignore it.  Then the worst started happening.  Every night when I would
get ready for bed in the bathroom, the wall of the bathroom would just
start pounding.  Almost like someone was trying to scratch or knock it
down.  This would last about 15 seconds, every night.  The wall where
these sounds would occur was the wall next to my bedroom, with the attic
stairs in between.  If my boyfriend was spending the night, I would run
into the bedroom while the noise was happening to see if he was playing
a joke on me.  He wasn't.  This stopped after almost two months and then
things would disappear and re-appear where I knew they hadn't been
before.  I lost an earring and for two days I looked for it.  Then it
appeared setting next to the earring I had not lost.  The funny thing
about that is, I was so frustrated with things disappearing, that I had
hid the earring -and the matching  lost earring still appeared next to
it (two days later).  Everything that disappeared were things I needed
and would notice were gone.  They would always appear  later, where they
weren't before.  When the disappearing acts stopped, "my ghost" made an
appearance.  I was blow drying my hair in the morning and I saw my
boyfriend standing in the hall (from the corner of my eye) looking at
me.  I thought he was mad because I hadn't shut the door and the
blowdryer was loud.  I finished and went into the bedroom to apologize
and he was sound asleep and he swears he was never up.  I know I saw a
male figure watching me.  Recently the milk and O.J. disappeared out of
the fridge and we found the milk in the cabinet and the O.J. in the
sunroom.  I also hear twinkling sometimes around the top of the blinds
of the front window.  I usually hear the twinkling after I feel a weird
feeling or chills.  I just really feel that something is wrong.  The
sounds in the bathroom always made me feel like  I wanted to cry and
they really didn't scare me that much.  It was almost like a forced
feeling. I don't know if I should confront theses occurances or continue
to ignore them?

Cemetery Happenings


Grey Cloud Island Cemetary-St. Paul Park......Entrance to the cemetary is marked with a sign warning late night visitors not to enter between sunset & sunrise.  Upon entering the cemetary it is obviously colder inside the cemetary then on the outside, a noticeable calmness is also present, fog is sometimes also present along with the other conditions.  Visiting group sizies vary from 2 to 10, stange phenomina occur less frequently when larger groups are present.  On many occasions 2 people enter the cemetary and experience several differnent types
of phenomina such as orbs, moving shadows, high-pitched moans originating from in front and behind or either side, sudden gusts of wind blow throughout and only inside the cemetary along with the presence of rustling of leaves on the tops of the trees although no leaves where in the trees.  The ghost of Chief Grey Cloud & his horse is also present walking along side in the woods outside of the cemetary while whistling(communicating with other indian sprits) and stopping once you enter the cemetery.  A mysterious grey  truck has also been sighted,
local legend has it that a man was driving past the cemetary when he suddenly lost control of his truck and plunged into the Mississippi river.  The end of the legend warns that if you see a grey truck 3 times, you will not make it out of Grey Cloud Island alive.  Only 2 sightings have occured, 1 sighting outside the cemetary gate, another while driving out of the cemetary.  The occupants quickly turned around to follow the truck, and as soon as they caught up to where the truck was supposed to be, the truck was no where to be found, the roads leading to and from the cemetary are very twisty and curvy, making it impossible for a truck to make 15 to 20 mph turns doing 50+
mph.  I sencerely believe that this place is seriously haunted due to the fact that I have experienced so many of these strange occurences.  My only advice to those who venture out to the cemetery is to come with a fast car, an open mind, good running shoes.

Germany Ghost Experience


In 1980 I was assigned to Spangdahlem Airbase in Germany. There was very
limited family housing available on-base so most military families had to
live off-base. This was called "living on the economy". I was "fortunate" to
find a house not too far away in the village of Picklesheim (pik-lee-sum). I
was eager to rent a house so my wife and children would be able to come over
from the States and stay with me. The house was old enough that the stone
steps in the front of the house were worn about 1/3rd of the way through
from the wear of feet. The first floor had the living room, dining area and
kitchen. The second floor had sort of a split level appearance. There was a
large walkin closet to the right of the stairs, the 1st bedroom on the
right, the 2nd bedroom on the right and the bathroom on the left, up 2 steps
and then the last two bedrooms on the right and left. The last bedroom on
the left had a window that looked into the bathroom. The 3rd floor was the
attic. There was a "smoking chamber" built onto the chimney that  had a door
on it. I assume the chamber was big enough to walk into, but I never went
into it, as you will read about in a little while.

We were only in the house a short time when we knew the house had some other
occupants. There wasn't too much activity on the first floor, just the
feeling of being watched or seeing something out of the corner of your eye.
Since it mainly was in the kitchen area, I had the feeling it was a female
entity. I guess she was just checking to see that we were keeping "her"
house clean. The only thing that would happen would be an occasional
relocation of dishes as if "she" didn't like where we stored them.

The 2nd floor was where it started getting creepy. The closet at the head of
the stairs was never used by us. The closet door had a screen window for
ventilation. Both my wife and I distinctly saw a face pressed against the
screen looking at us when we first unpacked. I, being stupider than braver,
went into the closet to see if there was anything that might appear like a
face. It was an empty closet, but my stomach was tied into knot and I backed
out of the closet. We never put anything in that closet and I tacked a cover
over the screen. We never moved that cover because we both knew we would see
that face. My wife kept the window covered that looked into the bathroom
because she felt someone watching her whenever she was taking a bath. I went
into the bedroom, when will I ever learn, and looked through the window to
reassure her that "nobody" would see her in the bathtub. While she was
sitting in the tub and I was looking through the window I had the distinct
impression that someone was standing behind me. (Waiting their turn, I
guess). Needless to say, the towels stayed over the window looking into the
bathroom. The 1st bedroom was our bedroom. Just about every night around
10pm, my wife would hear the floor squeak and groan like someone in stocking
feet was walking from her side of the bed to mine. I worked until 2am so
never really had a chance to hear it. When she told me about it, I said it
was rats under the floor. (Yeah, thats a real reassuring thing to tell her)
Well, one night I was home early and was in bed reading. 10pm, creak, creak,
creak, someone is walking around the bed! I scoot over next to my wife and
smooth out the blankets on my side. She says "Whats the matter? Scared?" I
tell her, "No, but if somebody sits on my side of the bed, the suction from
my running out of the room will pull you with me!" Nothing else than what I
already described ever happened on the 2nd floor.

The 3rd floor almost killed me. There are 3 doors in the attic. The stairway
door, the door into the "smoking chamber" and a door into thin air over the
garage. That door is about 20 feet up and there is nothing under except some
very hard concrete. The 1st time I went into the attic was to check for
storage space. While looking around I checked out the door over the garage
and found out it what it was. I went over to the "smoking chamber" door and
was about to open it when I heard clear as day a voice behind me say "Don't
open it". (I just had goosebumps raise up on me because I can still hear
that voice.) I then had a vision of what I would have seen if I had opened
that door, I would have seen the legs of the person who hung themself in
that little room. I turned away and headed to the stairway door, just in
time to keep it from swinging shut. Now I later checked that door with a
level and plumbob, that door was hung to swing open, you have to pull it
shut. There was no wind or air circulation to blow it closed. The 2nd time I
went up was to adjust the tv antenna, I put a wedge under the door. I turned
around from adjusting the antenna and could see the upper half of the door
bowing under pressure to push it closed. I kicked the door open, moving the
wedge with my foot and jumped from the top of the stairs to the next
landing. I didn't want to waste time walking, hell, running down them. When
I hit the landing, I turned to look up the stairs, just in time to see (and
hear) the door slam shut. The last time I went up there was the last until
we moved out. It also was almost how "it" got me. I wedged the door open
again and by the light of the stairway light was adjusting the antenna
again. When I was done, I walked to the open door getting ready to do a
repeat of my "getting the hell outta the attic" manuever. Just as I was
starting through the door, "something" stopped me. I had walked to the open
doorway with the light shining through it. Like a curtain had lifted, I
could see another doorway with a light shining through it, THE STAIRWAY
LIGHT!!! Somehow, the doorway over the garage which is never opened and had
been locked was open. Somehow, my view of the stairway door had been
obscured by something black almost long enough for me to have exited through
a doorway that would have landed me on a concrete floor. I scrambled through
the right door, locking the attic door behind me. When I came downstairs, my
wife was shocked at my appearance, I was as white as a sheet, drenched in
sweat and trembling like a leaf. I told her never under ANY circumstance was
she to go to the attic. Later, I took some water and salt to the attic steps
and placed a "barrier" across the doorway. I know it may not have been the
proper things to use but it has always worked for me before. In all of the
house, I never once felt the usual cold spots, foul odors or any of the
other signals. Thats right, not even in the attic. I had asked the neighbors
about the house and it's history and everyone of them assured me "Why, No I
never heard anything like that".

Sorry for such a long story but it was quite a lot of things that happened.

Ghost still Visits


My mother lives in what I beleive to be a haunted
house I no longer live there but while I did I had many encounters.  The
first one would be when I was 10 years old.  I was setting in the living room
reading a book when I looked up and seen a man all white walking towards the
door right behind him was my stepfather.  At that time I was the only one to
see it.  strange things would happen clocks going dead even though we would
just put new batteries in footsteps coming from rooms up stairs when no one
else was in the house.  In my room I always had a weird feeling about my
closet there would be a constint cool air coming from my closet.  the next
actual sighting i witnessed was when i was 14 I was walking down my stairs to
the kitchen from the stairs was a perfect view of the kitchen out of the
darkness came a women all white but you could make out her figure. she walked
towards me then disapeered into the darkness as quick as she appered. other
pepole would here the footsteps and also fill a pressence in my bedroom
coming from the closet.  before i moved my mother in law came over and was
drinking coffe in the living room we told her about our ghost and she laughed
saying she didnt belive in ghost when a candle holder came out of the wall
and hit her in the back of her head I myself no longer live there but my mom
says the ghost still makes regular visits and my bedroom still sets empty and
i swear the cool breze from the closet is stronger than ever

2 Stories


When my mom and I lived in her ex-husbands house I had a hard time, being
blamed for my mom and step-father fighting, upset because my mom was upset.
One night I happend to be sleeping with my mom's cover her Grandmother had
made for her when my mom was little.When I fell asleep at night all I saw an
old lady sitting in a rocking chair rocking back and forth staring at me.I
immediately woke up and I still saw the old woman, right by my bed watching
me.I would have ran to my mother but was to scared and could only lay there
and the old woman disapered and I fell back asleep.I told my mother about
this and her and I concluded that it was her Grandmother watching over me.I
know it was her because I looked at some pictures of her and they looked like
the lady whom was watching me that night.

The Bible
This story isn't scary, it's just weird.
One day like in '98 me and my brother were home alone at our apartment and
our mom was at work.My brother was upstairs in his room and I was downstairs
watching TV, suddenly I heard the fire alarm go off.After checking to see if
the dryer was on I ran upstairs, when I got to the top of the stairs I saw
flames in my brothers room.I ran downstairs and ran outside, my brother
shortly followed.
After the fire was put out my brothers room was completely gone, and the
bathroom was badly burned, and my room and my moms room were a bit burned.
Not badly though.
Outside our apartment were a pile of ashes which came from my brothers room.
All ashes.
My mom went over there one day to look at the damage and saw something
sticking out of the ashes, she picked it up and it was the holy bible that
had been in my brother room.It had a bit of blackness on it from the ashes
and had gotten a little wet but every page was and still is readable.






Angry Grandmother


When I was 9 my grandfather died in the dining room of his house, it was not unexpected; he had been very ill and was bed ridden.  Shortly after his death we moved in with my grandmother due to the fact that she was also ill.  She was a very unhappy and hateful person, she blamed all of life’s injustice on my late grandfather and hated him for dieing.  After we moved in with her we realized how serious he illness was and took her to the doctor, she had Alzheimer’s.  As her illness progressed my parents could no longer take care of her and 4 children so
they placed he in a nursing home.  Big mistake, she transferred all of her anger from my late grandfather onto my father.  During the last stages of her illness she would repeatedly tell us that she did not want to be buried near my grandfather, that she had spent all of her living years with him and she did not want to spend eternity next to him.
Well as fate would have it when my grandmother passed away funds were tight and we not only had to bury with my grandfather but her casket was placed on top of his.  We had no other choice because all of the extra money we had for her funeral was used to care for her in the home.  Anyway, on with the story . . . after my grandmother’s death strange things began to happen.  During dinner the back door would just fly open or at night the sheet would be tucked tight around my body while I slept.  We always made jokes say that grandfather was home or he was
looking in on us.  Then things took a turn for the worse, one night my father awoke to the sensation of his legs being pressed into the waterbed mattress.  Once he was fully awake he realized he could not move and whatever was pressing him into the mattress was continuing up his body.  He glanced over to get my mothers attention but could not speak, this entity was now cutting of this breathing!  Finally he thought mom I am sorry I had nowhere else to put you and then it all stopped, as fast as it started.  The next morning at breakfast was when
dad told us about his experience.  The next night I had a similar experience but chalked it up to dreaming.  I figured that I heard my dad telling us about his experience and that I was just dreaming based on that.
Now lets jump ahead 9 years, I am married and have just given birth to my first son.  It was morning time and my husband had already left for  work, I thought I would take a short nap and rest while that baby was not fussing.  So I doze off to that place between sleep and wakefulness where you are not totally asleep but resting, when I begin to feel my body being pressed down into my waterbed mattress.  I could not open my eyes but I knew I was awake I could hear the television and my son cooing, I could not move and then I began to hear this
 voice, a horrible evil voice that not even word can describe saying “You know I love you, you know I love you” this went on for what seemed  like eternity but was only probably about 2 minutes.  Then in my mind I thought dear God what is my baby seeing and just as quickly as it started it stopped.  I have not had any experiences since then and that was 2 years ago.  My question is, was it my angry grandmother or something else. If anyone has any suggestions please email me at


Another story from me.


I can see and sense "ghosts" all of the time. I have a "gift" to do this.
Everywhere I go, I know their there watching me. I have seen "ghosts my whole
life. I've seen them materialize right in front of me and disappear right in
front of me. Yet it still scares me to my wits end. ANYWAYS.
 A couple days ago I was following my cat around the apartment (he was into
destroying things again). I was walking towards the back when I was
approaching the bathroom I got an overwhelming feeling of dread, then I heard
a sound like someone was struggling to breath. I went back into my mom's
bedroom where I had started to follow my cat around. My mom's dog's head was
up and his ears were standing tall like he was listening to something. Then
just 2 days ago I was sitting at the computer in my mom's room and her dog
was on the bed right in my view. My cat was who knows where. I saw out of the
corner of my eye a cat's head poke around the corner by the door. When I
turned my head to call for my cat, the head just disappeared. My mom's dog
was staring into the hallway and he started shaking. Just then my cat came
flying into the room and underneith the bed. I knew it was the ghost cat that
I have seen so many times before.
 I hope you've enjoyed all the many stories I have submitted to this page.


Ghost Moves With Us

  My first experience happened when I was about 7 years old.I was in the
playroom in the basement when Iwas overcome with terror for no reason.I
would close my eyes and count to 5,on 5 I would run as fast as I could
upstairs,not looking back.I felt cold on my back all the way
upstairs.This happend for about 3 years,only in the basement and only to
me.My mother felt this once in the rec-room which was to later be my
room.When I was 12 I moved in to the basement rec-room and got the
feeling on my first night.Shortly after I began having nightmares and my
room would get very cold even with my waterbed heater turned hottest.Two
of my friends also experienced a terror feeling with me on separate
occasions.The last year we lived in that house I was just dozing off one
night when a model fighter-jet on my dresser began to rock from
wing-to-wing violently.Iflung my lamp on and for 5-10 seconds,rocked to
a halt. I threw the model across my room and slept on the couch
upstairs.The last year we lived in that house I frequently seen shadows
behind the old bar and on the ceiling.I also seen about four tiny sets
of red eyes on top of and beside the bar.I pulled the covers over my
head till mourning.We moved when I was 13,much to my relief and I was
untroubled for the first year.One night while I layed in bed,I heard the
sound of feet slowly dragging on the carpet in the hall outside my
room.It was as though they stayed in one spot rather than going up and
down the hallway.When I got up to look the noise stopped and I seen that
my parents and brother,their rooms on either side of mine,lay fast
asleep.When I went back to bed,the noises came back.This happend on and
off,once again only to me and once to my brother.Myself,my brother,my
mother and friends all felt the terror feeling in the sub-basement where
the washing machine and a small were located.The house was a
bi-level split with four half-floors,most of the abnormal occuring on
the top and bottom floors.The doors in the sub-basement would sometimes
slam shut or swing open with force .The most frightening incident
occured one night when I was home by myself .My dog,a pitbull terrier
started to snarl at the dining room corner,the hair on his back straight
up.I felt safe with the dog and mistakenly joked to the presence
that,"the dog would cut it up like a razor" and I must have angered
whatever it was because the heat vent in the floor started to shake
wildly,almost coming right out of the floor.The dog attacked the vent
savagely and repeatedly lunged at nothing.The dog even shook his head
like he had something in his jaws.This went on for about 2-3 minutes
until I could call the dog off.The room felt like a deepfreeze.The last
incident in that house occured when we were moving from the house to our
present house.I was spending the night at the old house and my family
stayed at the new one as we had belongings in both houses.It was
2:43am.I remember looking at the clock on the VCR when I was startled
awake by the sound of breaking billiard balls on our pool table in the
sub-basement.I ran to the switch at the top of the stairs and flicked it
on to see a few balls rolling on the table,a fresh break as I racked the
balls after I played that afternoon.The room was cold and I was overcome
by an intense feeling of anxiety and nervousness opposed to fear.I told
my parents sometime later and they told me that same night in the new
house,they were woke by the sound of a baby crying,distinctly coming
from inside the house but on investigation of the entire house they
found nothing.Only one thing has happend to me in our new house in our 6
years here.One night I lay in bed reading and I clearly heard music,all
favorite songs of mine coming from nowhere.I got up and searched around
the house for a source such as a T.V. or stereo but the house was dead.I
went back to bed and the music returned word for word,note for note for
about an hour.All were favorite songs of mine except one short song that
I 've never heard before.I was definetely awake and hearing it.It was
clear and quiet and distinct.I said thank-you when the music stopped and
to this day nothing else out of the ordinary has happened except
occasional flickering of lights in the basement.It has been 6 years.My
friend has also had some activity in his house,just a block from the
second house and 5 blocks from the first house.He has the same sound of
feet on carpet and his dad has seen the figure of a woman in white
twice.A few others in the area also report weird activity.    It is
believed that this area of regina was a large burial ground bought from
the Indians around 1940.

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