The Ghost of Newburyport, Mass.


In the the Winter of 1995 I worked in a Youth home that was over a hundred

years old. Since it was during Christmas vacation most of

the kids had gone to their families, or stayed with friends and only 8 were

at this large home.

Late at night I walked down a dark hallway making sure all the kids were in

bed. At the end of the hall was a large mirror. Looking down

this hall I could see myself and the hall behind me. I also saw an old women

dressed in white. She had no expression on her face but we

made eye contact through the mirror.

Without turning my head I called out asking why she was upstairs. I had

thought see might be a staff member, though there were only

two other staff members and neither of them looked anything like her. The

woman slowly turned away and started walking. I wiped my

head around and saw no one.

I then jogged down the hall and rounded the corner and still saw no one. At

that moment I felt very uncomfortable, as though I was in

someone else's house without their permission. I left the area shaking and

went to speak with the other staff members. Keep in mind that

their were no kids at that side of the house.

After speaking with several staff members in confidence over the next couple

of months I uncovered that most of them had seen this

same women in white. One staff member stated that she felt a hand grab her

shoulder but she didn't see anyone nor was anyone home at

the time.

Another staff member, (my supervisor), heard his name called loudly. He ran

down the stairs and saw a smoky apparition of a women in

white just before he ran through her. He said he felt a bone chilling cold

and he experienced a sense of terror, but thought the feeling was

from the ghost not from him. At noon, while the kids were at school, three

staff members witnessed a women in white walk by the door

of the main office. Since the doors were locked, and no one was home, they

had thought someone broke in. When the staff members

went out to talk to the women, no one was there.

Several of the kids that are housed there reported seeing a woman as well as

a few other people. One girl, who was very stable and

never cried, was screaming. When I had gone in to see what was wrong she

said a woman walked into her room and smiled at her. This

same story was told by several of the girls. Since this place houses young

girls the staff felt it best to vehemently deny any stories about

ghosts. In at least one case a staff member was fired due to his inability

to keep this fact a secret. After researching this house I found

that it had once been privately owned by a family who had been murdered in

the house.

This is a true story from Newburyport, Mass. I welcome your comments or

similar experiences.

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Multiple Visits in Indiana


There's more than corn in Indiana or at least from my experiences there's a

few ghostly hauntings to visit you along the way. My first experience with

ghostly guests was when I was about 7 years old or so. We lived in a small

house in Mishawaka near the old Grand Trunk railroad that crosses through

our two Citys (South Bend being the other one). One summer night I was

laying awake in bed looking out my window into the darkness dreaming

boyhood things that typical 7 year olds dream about when all the sudden

this dark faceless shadow figure looks in on me from the window holding

what looked to be a latern that eminated a eary glowing light that did not

caste about the house or figure but stayed within it's latern shape.

Terrified of this visitor thats watching me from my window I darted out of

my room screaming for my mom and dad which slept in the room next door. My

father went outside to investigate and found no footprints at the window

and the dog outside was calm. (It rained earlier and my mother had a garden

around the foot of the house in the back and side with fresh dirt, so there

should of been something!). Of course my parents dis-missed me and let me

sleep on the couch that night, for I was to terrified to go back to that

bedroom. The next morning I went about my daily ritual of bothering the

next door nieghbor lady which was one of the older senior citizens who us

block kids liked hanging around with and I told her about my visitor. As I

described what I saw her face became pale and she told me that 20 years ago

her husband worked for the rail road as a switchman and it was just down

the path a little ways from the house at the tracks that very night he met

his death from a train while walking home along the tracks from work late

at night.

My parents were a transient type of family so we ended up in various places

during the 12 years I lived with them. We moved to Plymouth Indiana for

awhile when I was about 10 years old. One day while walking down the street

with the nieghborhood kids on my way to my first day at school we passed a

boarded up house which a group of the kids with me told was haunted. They

told me a few years prior a young single woman was brutally raped and

murdered in that house and ever since everyone was scared of going in it.

Being the inquisitive type that I was I took it upon myself to prove those

scardy cats wrong and go explore the house myself. I took my trusted dog

with me one day over to the house and I entered the doorway. My dog's hair

raised on his back and ran, thinking nothing about his odd behavior I

continued in the house. I explored the house from room to room for awhile

and nothing happened. Then while standing in the dining room looking around

a very cold chill overcame me and I felt something ice cold grab my arm and

hold it tight for a few seconds. I was scared out of my wits and ran home

as fast as I can. I felt a burning sensation on my arm where it was held by

that chilling hand and discovered a bright red mark on my arm the shape of

slender fingers. To this day I still have a scar on my arm in place of that

mark that outlines a finger, and since that day I have became oddly

sensitive of apperations and in most cases they tell me who they are and

why they are here.

Then at around eleven years old I was living in a foster home and while our

foster parents were away one night my foster sister and brother and I got

bored and broke out the wee-gee (dont ask me to spell it) board. We were

playing with it for awhile when all the sudden this horrible pig like demon

thing start scratching at our living room window and the pointer on the

board was going nuts! Of course, we swore off wee-gee (dont ask me to spell

it) boards ever since. Maybe this has something to do with the previous

encounter, I'm not sure, but this next story is.

All my other encounters with spiritual sights from that day untill I was 25

was more of a sensing than of a actual visit. But one night I was visiting

a girlfriend and her friends house up in the woody nieghborhood area of the

Notre Dame campus. I told the girls I had to use a tree and would be right

back and procceded to the woody section next to her house. I entered the

section and saw this ghostly woman about 19 - 22 years old standing there

crying and I asked her why. She told me her name was Mary Milner and she

was raped and murdered in 1971 at that spot while on her way to class. She

wanted to see her Mother in Philedelphia but did not know how to get home.

We must of been in a ghostly conversation for a spell because the gals were

calling for me and throwing their usual shake it more than once insults. I

walked out of the cluster and they said I was white as a ghost (I usually

am after an encounter, they seem to take alot out of me) and I was chilled

to the bone. I told Suzy (my girlfriend's friend) about what I saw and what

the woman told me and Suzy said without a doubt that situation occured.

If you think these incidents are interesting, you should read my great

grandfather's book on Poltergiests; fact or fiction circa 1910. One fo the

first scientific studys ever conducted in the Midwest by Daniel Lehman. One

of the storys I recall my grandfather telling me was when he was boy he

used to go to the field trips with his father and there was this farm house

that was haunted they were investigating. Everytime someone tried to live

there hot iron nails would fly at them from nowhere and suddenly disappear

as fast as they came.

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Friend's Story


Hi.My name is Mary.  I live in Aberdeen Maryland.I am sorry that I

do not have a ghost story that happened to me,but but I would like to

share on that happened to a friend of mine.I am 12 years old and I am

fasinated with ghosts,but have never experienced a haunting or anything

first hand.I read about ghosts all the time.I have a list of about 15 or

20 hauntes places in Maryland.Me and my parents might take a self guided

ghosts tour in northern Maryland,but we don't know when.I wrote you tell

you about someone that I met at my cousin's birthday party last year.She

was 12 or 13 years old and she lives in Haver De Grace Maryland.Behind

her house is well over 3 aceres of land.Her family owns half and an old

man owns the other half.About 2 years ago the man got to weak to take

care of his half of the property so he said that my friend could have

it.My friend has a little sister also.One day my friend her sisiter and

thier parents were in the land behind their house just looking

around.Then they came to a colonial graveyard.They decided to fix it upo

and put flowers around the graves.My friend Was cleaning up a grave and

she noticed the name willum on it.My friend has bunk beds in her room

and she sleeps on the bottom and her sister sleeps on the top.That

night,My friend(I can't remember her name)Was awoken by the sound of

breathing.She knew it wasn't hers or her sisters.She looked on the floor

and she saw a palw white outline of a figure slleping on her floor!!She

was scared but went back to sleep.The next day after school she was home

alone.While she was in the kitchen she noticed the cabinents opened an

shut on their own.And the next morning the door to her bedroom would open

abd shut while she was getting dressed!!She went to the library and

looked up the name Willum and found that willum's family was hung for

believing in a different religion than the others at the time he was

living.She also found that one night Willum went out and didn't

return,his family went searching,but never found him.At night my friend

looks in the woods behind her house and sees the light of the lanterns of

Willums family who are his mother fateher and sister.The lights move

through the woods as the family looks for Willum.If it's quiet you can

her their voices saying willum come hom willum whare are you

willum???Now when ever the cabinents open and shut oon their own my

friend just say willum stop it!!!And when ts bedroom door opens when shes

getting dressed she yells at willum,then the door shuts until shes

dressed!!!I hope you enjoyed this story.

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The Hat Man


Fortunately, I have not seen anything ghostly for

awhile..unfortunately, I've had a lot of bad premonitions. I will

tell you a story that happened several years ago. The details are kind

of fuzzy. But, what I can remember is that I was walking down the

upstairs hall of my house and in the last room I caught a glimpse of a

man in a suit and a hat like they used to the 20's or 30's.

THat room used to be my room when I was a kid, and I thought it was

creepy (more stories) anyway, he disappeared...then one day I was at

work ( I worked at a donut shop and it was at least

afternoon..daylight) I was there all alone..when I heard the bells on

the door jingle as if someone were coming in. I looked up and caught a

glance of the same figure standing against the wall. It was really

weird. My friends and I call him "the hat man". Haven't seen him


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Guardian Spirit


When I was in high school in 1976 I was in a terrible car accident. The

funny thing is right before the car I was riding in struck the telephone

poll, I jumped into the back seat and went immediately to sleep. I would

have been decapitated as the force of the hit caused the hood of the Buick

to come to a point and pierced the seat where I was sitting. I remember

waking up and although I was in shock I can remember seeing the other two

people that were in the car as well. I remember looking out the window and

there was a figure leaning in towards me. I know it was a man, however, he

was luminating and looking at me. I can recall a sense of friendlinesss and

knew everything would be alright. After four years of pain that followed

that tragic night, I was sleeping in my room in my parents house when I

rolled over to my right side and there was the same figure. He was sitting

beside my bed watching me. For an instant I froze then wiped off the covers

and ran to my parents room. As I was waking my mother up I remembered the

night of the accident and this warm presence that was with me that night and

realized it was the same spirit. My mother, being the good Catholic mother

that she is, told me it was my guardian angel coming to tell me everything

would be alright. I often wished that I did not run from the room that

night as I missed an opportunity to try to communicate with him. Years

passed and I was travelling home from work one Saturday afternoon. The exit

for my home was a two lane exit to the left and I was in the right hand

lane. There was little traffic if any that day. As I was about a mile from

my exit, I felt the presence of the spirit again and he told me that the big

brown van barreling up in the left hand lane was going to cut me off. As

the two lane exit approached and I would normally just go with the road, I

let up on the gas, slowed down gently and sure enough the van cut me off. I

would have been killed. I was totally calm anticipatingg this to happen.

And then he was again. I often think about this spirit or angel that I have

and maybe one day I will have the opportunity to thank him.

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Small Creatures


My name is Mike and I saw something in your story that caught my

eye. When I was around 8 years old I woke up one night and had to go to

the bathroom. When I came back, I got in bed and pulled the covers up

to my chin. We had a hallway light that was left on all night so we

could find our way to the bathroom at the end of the hall. As I lay

there for about 1 minute, I saw a shadow coming down the hall and I

thought, oh I must have woke mom up and she's coming to see what I'm

doing. I was shocked to see a little man?? about 2-3 ft. tall turn in

my doorway! He just stood there and I couldn't see his face because

once you step in my doorway the hallway light doesn't shine on you

anymore. I could tell that it had a hat on that looked like the kind

that the pilgrims wore. I could also tell that it had a long bushy

beard, but I could not see his face clearly. I sat there and I was so

scared I couldn't move, then he started to walk to the end of my bed. I

just about s**t my pants! The only thing I could think of to do was to

lay down and pull the covers over my head because he blocked the only

exit out of my room. I layed there under the covers waiting for him to

get on the bed and grab me. I must have layed there about 5 minutes but

it seemed like eternity. I finally got the courage to slowly pull the

cover down and I couldn't see him anywhere. I jumped off the end of the

bed in one leap and flew into mom and dads room. I woke mom up and told

her what I saw but she just said I was dreaming and to go back to bed.

I'll tell you that I went and turned on every light in the house and

looked around all over the place. I didn't go to sleep until the sun

came up and I am positive that I did not dream it. I am 40 years old now

and I still am a little afraid of the dark. The only people I have told

this story to is my mom (who passed away in 1978) and my present wife.

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw your story about a small

person! I couldn't quite tell if the one I saw had an oversized head

though and I wonder how many other people have seen the same thing but

was afraid to say something about it! I have only seen this thing once

and that is all I care to see too!

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Story from West Malaysia


I live in West Malaysia and the paranormal has been a mix of curiousity

and fear for me...

In my whole life, I have experienced 3 ghostly activities; more than

the rest of my family. My first sister heard noises but had not no

concrete proof of it being a paranormal activity. However, my second

sister had had a full perspective of an apparition which was connected

to the story I'm about to tell below.

My last sister, at 2 years of age had, one night, freaked out

hysterically for only 20 seconds whilst staring in mid air. This was

explained later when she was 3, very vividly but with no hard evidence.

However, the incident had an unusual side-effect. After the apparition,

which seemed to be a Victorian Englishman dressed in black with a top

hat and red glaring eyes, my sister constantly complained about pain in

her right leg. So, she went to the doctor's. It revealed a twisted joint

but with very odd chracteristics. As usual, it was dismissed as a mere


Questioning my sister, she claimed that the figure had appeared quite

earlier and bit her with great force on the very same location she had

problems with. But she was only 2 at the time. So, even I would dismiss

it as hallucination. But, I could never dismiss a first-hand experience:

Unexplained #1

I was 10 when I discovered that something odd and out-of-place was

going on in the house I lived all my life. I sleep by myself in one

room, upstairs whilst my 2 sisters slept in another next to mine. One

night, the bed began to shake violently in a full burst lasting 3

seconds. I jumped at this and ran to my sisters' room and tried to

rationalize the whole thing.

Firstly, I took it as a ground tremor. In Malaysia!? No way! If it was

a ground tremor, my sisters, who were wide awake at that time, must've

felt it as well but they did not. Then I began to check out my room,

especially areas near my bed. I didn't sleep in my room that night but

crept to my parent's room and slept there.

In the morning, after a full explanation, my parents assumed that I had

made it up. But this was to be proven untrue in my next story.

Unexplained #2

Following the poltergeist incident, my second sister experienced

something I would never ever in my life dreamed of experiencing. The

following was told by my sister when she was 8 years of age.

One afternoon, in broad daylight, she went upstairs to her room. Before

she reached there, she claimed to see a black hazy figure of a cat-sized

creature which looked something like a rat (she drew this apparition

just after the incident) with fangs and glaring eyes. It came from under

my bed and chased her into her room, vanishing under her bed. My dad and

I raced upstairs in reaction to her hysterical screams and saw her

standing on a chair mumbling, appeared to be shocked and pale. We

searched her room for this "creature" but with no luck. After that

apparition, my room was free from the poltergeist. Phew...

Explained Unexplained #3

This first-hand experience happened to me about a year ago and is still

vivid in my mind. At that time, I had just moved to Eastern Malaysia and

was staying in my grandmother's second house. This house was actually

rented by people and aged back to World War 2 when the Japanese came to

Malaysia and created havoc.

At around 1 am one night, I came back late from my part-time job at a

restaurant as usual. We had just moved to the "second" house and my room

was near the back. I was tired and slept easily.

Before the apparition came into view, I was half awakened by dogs

barking and the sound of muffled voices in my ears; much like the sound

of 2 tape recorders played backwards. Then I opened my eyes to be

greeted by a floating head of a person; vivid yet transparent. Only the

head, no body, nothing else. Just a head in mid-air. It stared at me for

about 4 seconds with cold sweat running down my neck. I took in the

details of the sad, almost unanimated face at that time before it

suddenly vanished. Almost instantly, the dogs stopped barking and all

was silent again. I turned on my room lights and tried to rationalize

the whole thing but failed. I woke up the next morning in my

grandmother's room.

I was 16 at the time and I didn't want to let the apparition become

another unsolved experience in my life. So, I asked around. My

grandmother said that the previous people who rented the house had also

seen such apparitions but with different intensities. One tennant

claimed that he/she saw a ghostly body of a man but without a head

walking around the rooms. My new-found friends claimed that they have

been seeing weird things floating near the back of the house whilst they

were playing outside.

After telling all this to my parents, they had the house checked out by

a spiritualist who was actually my very own second uncle. He said that

the man I had just seen was chinese and was a sad ghost. The man was

beheaded by the Japanese communists during the war. The man's death was

upon his own request. This was because his 6 month pregnant wife was cut

open by the communists and was then executed without reason. He

apparently took with him his sorrow and grief. And he was not properly


Near my room, under a small tree lie the skull of a chinese man and

about 20 kilometers away lie his body in a cemetery. So, these facts

explained the apparitions. The head was searching for a matching body

and vice versa.

Recently, we left the house and moved to another due to some other

paranormal activity which I will not discuss now. Maybe at a later time,

I will. It's up to you to believe.

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While I was asleep...


I can only tell you this story from second hand experience

because I was sleeping throughout the whole incident. Nonetheless,

according to both of my parents, it involves me.

Back when I was about four years old, my parents were sitting in

the family room watching T.V. when they heard the sound of someone

running up the stairs. Now the staircase is adjacent to the family room.

At the time, the only thing separating the staircase and the family room

was a railing. So when they both looked over the railing to see who was

coming up the stairs they saw me, in my pajamas, run up the stairs and

around the corner into the kitchen.

Both my parents thought this to be a bit odd because not only was

it past my bed time, but my action and expression seemed aimless. They

called out my name and asked me what I was doing in the kitchen, and I

gave no answer. Still puzzled, they both got up from their chairs and

went into the kitchen to get me and put me back to bed. When they got

into the kitchen and turned on the light they expected to see me standing

there, but I was nowhere in sight. They looked under the table to see if

I was hiding from them but still I was nowhere to be found. When they

went back down stairs, into my bedroom, they found me lying in my bed

fast asleep.

If this seems a bit sketchy to you, let me present some

interesting facts. Number one, I was terrified of the dark. As a child

I always slept with a light on. I would never have run into a dark room.

Number two there is only one staircase in our entire home. I would have

had no way to get back down stairs unless I passed the family room, where

my parents were. Thirdly there was no reason to go into the kitchen.

When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to get my own food from the kitchen,

and I was the most sickeningly obedient kid you could have ever met. I

would never have tried to sneak food from the kitchen, and I would never

have played a game like this with my parents, regardless of the odd hour

of the night. Finally, you can only accuse one of my parents of tripping

out and seeing something wierd like this. What is the likelihood that

both my parents could see the exact same thing, even though neither one

was on anything.

Anyway, my theory is that either myself or one of my parents may

have created an image of me running up the stairs and into the kitchen.

While this may sound rediculous, there have been many stories like mine

told before. To tell you the truth; if this hadn't happened to my

family, I doubt that I would believe that stuff like this could

actually happen. Now I know that it does.

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Mr. Brown


In 1983 after i got married,my wife and i bought a house. It wasn't an

old house it was only 7years old at the time. We bought the

house,located in west Ky from an aging couple,she had terminal lung

cancer and wanted to spend her last years up north with her children and

friends. The old man loved the house and area,i only meet him a couple

of times,but he told me he hated to leave.

Now both of these people where heavy smokers and we had alot of work

ahead of us for such a recently built home,paint,carpet,wallpaper,ect.

And spent the first year pouring our hearts out into this home. my wife

is always spooky,and doesn't like being alone and wont answer the door

if shes home alone,so i keep a handgun stored away,and always check out

rooms and noises for her,it became commonplace.

Well after three years of not ever having anything occur,other than

maybe some nieborhood cats making noises at night. I came home from work

day to an empty house,as i walked into the den i definatly saw a man

dressed in overalls walk into our bedroom. I got my revolver from its

hiding spot and checked it to make shure it was loaded and proceeded

into the bedroom. When i arrived know one was there,with no way out of

the back of the house except passing me,i searched everywhere under beds


(locked with screens atached) closests,nothing. I quickly chalked this

up to imagination,though i have never had it happen to me before,and the

last thing i was going to do was tell my skitish wife.

So about a week or so later, i awake in the middle of the night and see

the same figure standing in the corner of the room, i didn't feel scared

or thretened. I rubbed my eyes and he was still there,the corner was

empty but it was if he were in front of a desk or dresser doing

somthing. I finnally desided to wake my wife and when she finnally arose

groggy from her sleep he was gone. Of course i didn't tell her what i

had seen,we would have been moving the next day.

Ten days or so passed and i was working out in the yard and a neibor

that walks the subdivision stoped to chat and said. Well mister Brown

finally passed away, i said whos mister brown? She replied he's the

sweet old man you bought your house from,you know the one that always

wore overalls every day of his life, you know i talked to him just a few

months ago after his wife passed away and told him how nice you and your

wife had fixed up the house and where taking great care of it!

She said that he missed it so bad and now that his wife was gone he

wished more than anything that he was back here,he loved it here.

Well i didn't tell her of seeing him come to make his last rounds and i

never saw Mr Brown again. I was a sceptic before and i sometimes still

find stories hard to believe,but this i saw with my own eyes and am glad

that i was able to explane what once was unexplanable.

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The shy girl at my friends house


My name is Tessy and I am 17 years old I moved to this state three years

ago I had to live with some of my moms friends untill we found our own

house about three days before we had to move I had been sleeping in the

youngest kids room on the floor by the door and I kept it open just a

little bit I was 14 at the time well at around 630 in the mourning I had

woken up I looked up at the door and there was a girl standing in the

hall looking at me I was not scared or nervouse she didnt look mean she

had on a kind of ratty looking dress and old dirty sneakers her hair was

in a ponytail and her bangs hung down her fore head. she stood there

for a couple minuts looking at me with hands down by her side well the

guy that was living in the house had to be to work at 700 am so his

alarm clock went off and the girl turned around towords the sound of the

clock turned back around to me and disapeared I cant remember if she ran

or just left it was a neat thing and I wasnt scared I told my mom she

got siked up because she is into that type of thing but my dad thought I

was dreaming.

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The Church


I live in Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. There's a church in

Potomoc, Maryland, which is about a half hour drive away. It's just

down the street from my ex-girlfriend's house.

One night, a friend of mine and I were driving around, just doing

talking and stuff, and we ended up in Maryland, and there was a

restaurant I wanted to go eat at. On our way to the restaurant, we

drove by the aformentioned church. It was around 2 in the morning.

Right as soon as we passed the church, I pulled my car over to the side

of the road, and both my friend and I looked at each other and asked

each other if we felt a cold feeling as we passed the church.

It was winter time, but I had the heat on in my car, and if anything,

both my friend and I were very hot inside my car, but for some reason,

we both got incredibly cold the moment we passed that church.

To test it out, we went back a week later, and we experienced the same

feeling. We went back at different times of day, and no matter what

time, if it was 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, it was always

the same feeling.

My ex-girlfriend told me about something that happened right near the

church. When you're driving on the road that the church is on, there's

a bunch of trees, kind of a mini-forest, that go back a little ways.

Supposedly, about 6 or 7 years ago, sometime around the beginning of

this decade, two girls were found murdered in those woods. I've never

had a chance to check this out for certain, but it's something I've been

meaning to do for awhile.

Something else that's somewhat odd, is that every single person I've

been to that area with, I don't keep in contact with. My ex-girlfriend

and I had a pretty bad breakup, and we didn't quite work out as friends.

The friend I mentioned and I started to get in a lot of fights over

things, and we no longer have any contact with each other.

Another person who went to the church with me was the aformentioned

friend's ex-girlfriend. We spent a lot of time together, and she's a

photographer, and was interested in taking pictures of the church. One

night we braved the chilling feeling and parked in the church and used

two rolls of film on pictures of the church and the surrounding area.

She developed her own film, and has never had any of her film go bad,

but not a single one of the 48 pictures we took turned out. As for my

relationship with her, she went back to her ex-boyfriend when she found

out I had feeling for her, and basically left me with a broken heart.

I've never been to the church by myself, and it's something I'm planning

on doing very soon.

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My Father, Pete


My father was a tough minded no frills man, wgo led a spartan life

in his small house on the New Jersey coast, never spending an unnecessary

penny. A coal miner's son from eastern Pennsylvania, and one of eight

children, he was a product of the great depression of the thirties. He

was kind and generous to everyone but himself. I might have known that

he could make it back from anywhere. Even death.

In early October of 1992 my sister called at my home in Indiana with

the news that Dad had had a massive heart attack. She found him in his

home in great pain. After much pleading from her he went to the hospital

in Bricktown. I flew in that evening and was able to see him in the

intensive care ward in the morning.

I told him that when he came out of the hospital he would come to

Indiana with me to recover. He looked at me and said, "Mike, I'm not

going to make it out of here alive. I can feel it coming." He laughed

and said, "We'll be together soon enough. Life is short. I'll be

waiting for you when you pass over, and I'll be watching you in the

meantime." Two days later he died.

My sister wanted me to stay with her, but I needed to be alone with

my grief, so I stayed in Dad's home the night that he died. It was a

small home in a subdivision where only retirees live. The house was full

of Dad's unique personality. A little desk nameplate from his office

jokingly given by his friends which said "CHEAP PETE." A weding portrait

of my grandparents in a guilded oval frame. The food still in the

refrigerator. Underwear that he had washed out hanging from the shower

head. Pictures of all of us that he loved. The TV guide open to the

listings of the night of his heart attack. And I couldn't shake the

feeling that I had always unconciously associated with his presence. I

told myself that it was only my immagination. That I missed him.

Sick with grief I sat up and watched a movie, then tried to read.

Around three AM I was overcome with exhaustion and shut all of the lights

off. I laid down on Dad's bed and began to pray in the dark for his

soul. Suddenly I heard a click and light flooded into the room from the

hall. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck. I jumped out of bed to

confront the intruder that I knew must be in the house with me. I

grabbed a cordless phone as a weapon and stepped into the hall and felt

my fathers presence powerfully. And I felt sadness. I could feel very

tangibly that he was sorry for me. I knew that there was no one in the

house but us, but I checked the door locks anyway which were secure. The

light in the bathroom had come on. The switch was the older type which

had a positive click. I had just shut it off minutes before. I said

aloud, "I love you Dad, thanks for the message."

I still feel him sometimes when I least expect to. He was there

recently when I took a picture of my son Michael. About a year ago I

dreamed of him, and later learned that my brother Pete had and almost

identical dream on the same night. I believe that he's keeping his word

as he always did. I feel him most strongly occasionally as I'm dozing

off to sleep. At those times it's as though he's sitting right beside

me. I learned many things from my father. The last thing that he taught

me was that there is a bond, the glue of which is love, and that it

transcends death. And that death is nothing to fear at all.

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The Ring


My name is Amanda, i'm 13 and live in Maryland. When I was

about 11 yrs. i saw a ghost. It all started one night when I got a strange

sickness. I was lying on the top bed on my bunk bed sleeping. Then I heard

something and I woke up(so origanal). Then all the sudden I saw a black

ghostly figuree standing at the bottom of my bunk bed. At first I thoght I

was halucinatiing, but I have very good eye sight in the dark. I told it to

go away and it left.

The next day at school I told my best friend Tonya about

what happened and she didn't believe me. That weekened I had her stay with

me to prove I wasn't lying. That night she woke me up crying. I got up and

asked her what was wrong. She said she saw a female ghost with long red

hair standing at the end of my bed.

I connected these sightings to a ring(it was the freakest

thing you ever saw) my mom gave me the night i saw the ghost. It wasn't a

present she just gave it to me. I showed her the ring the next day and we

went in the woods to the creek and threw it in. Tonya and I haven't seen

anything paranormal since. The only time they appered was 2 times. One w/

her and the first w/ me.

I don't know what Isaw and I'm not sure what i saw but i

believe they were something out of the ordinary.

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During my life I've experienced several times, in different houses yet,

something I shall call a copycat. I don't think ghost is an accurate

term, since those whose forms are copied are alive and well, nor do I

think of it as some form of astral or mental projection, as they are

usually awake and active in the next room.

But on to the experiences.. my first as such was when I was about 6

years old.. this house was exceedingly haunted anyway, though I don't

remember much about what went on there. I lived there from around 3 to

about 8 and though we now live not very far from it, I'm 22 and most of

the paranormal stuff there only survives in the tales of my mom.

But I do remember this.. we had a garage accessible from our living

room, and that had a spare room inside it for some odd reason, that was

frequently used as a playroom by my brother and I. Well, one day I went

out to that room by myself. I got to about the middle of the room and

suddenly before me appeared a transparent humanoid figure. I couldn't

make out any details below the neck but atop it sat the grinning heads

of both my brother and myself, faces clearly detailed but equally

transparent. The heads flopped right to left, phasing straight through

eachother without contact and continuing to grin at me. It seems amusing

as I think about it now, though I still shiver at the strangeness of it.

At the time it was the most terrifying experience I could have imagined.

I backed up slowly as it floated about half an inch off the ground

toward me until I hit a small window A/C unit behind me and sat down

hard on the floor, when it just as suddenly vanished. Needless to say I

ran back inside immediately, and never felt comfortable going in the

garage alone anymore.

I've got lots more such experiences to share, and would be interested to

know if anyone else has dealt with a copycat.

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