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Haunted House Of Ohio

By: anonymous

In the early seventies, we purchased a home, in Southern, Ohio, annexing
the Capital, City, Columbus, in a small, town, called Georgesville. It
was remodled, and build around, a Two room log cabin, That locals, said,
was owned and lived in, by a major, of the Civil War, and that he issued
his troops, from here, to the war, going on. The part, of the home, that
was this orginal, log cabin home, was a bedroom, and Dining room, and a
portion, of a huge, living room, also, part of our basement, was
orginal, fruit cellar, and storage area, of log cabin, From the time, we
moved in, with our three, small, children, things, started, (or, I
think, continued, to happen,) Our children, were first, to be bothered,
in the bedroom, that was part, of the cabin, in which was theirs, we had
bunk beds, in here, They started to get up, during the night, running,
and crying, to our bedroom, and my husband would try and make them, go
back to their room, but they would scream, and cry, saying something was
in there, They would end up, sleeping with us, All, three, of them, They
said, something would pick them up, and turn them, in mid air, and lay
them, back, on their beds, and that there was scratching on their
windows, and shadows, they could see, There was a big, Antique Doll, I
had, that belonged to my grandmother, she dressed it in clothes she
made, And I had it in a corner of our home, our children, said, its eyes
followed them, and it would move, I put it in the basement, far back, in
a corner, and the next day, in the early morning, it was standing, up,
on its feet, at foot of basement steps, on the basement floor, facing
Forward, toward, bottom step, looking up the basement stairs, And at
night, we all began to hear sounds, of someone, playing pool, hitting,
the pool balls, and making pockets, on our pool table, that was down  in
the basement, also. (my husband could always find a reason, for all
this, in his reasoning,) In other words, he thought the children, and I
were crazy. There was always a bad smell, in this house, no matter, how
much I cleaned, and tried to get rid of it, it would still be there.
Every Three nights, at around, midnight, I heard, (and this was winter,
and a lot, of snow on, outside, and with huge, drifts, outside, our
bedroom window, )A sound of Loud, Heavy, Labored, Raspey, breathing,
running , past our window, It sounded loud enough, to be in the same
room,even, and to always wake me up, I'd awake, my husband, and tell
him, he'd tell me, to go back to sleep, that it was only my imagenation,
nothing out there, One night after, a couple, months, of this, alone, he
was awake, and heard it also, he said, "What was that? " I told him, "
That was my imagenation, is what you always tell me", He went, and
looked all around, out side, in the new, fresh, snowfall, and the
drifts, there was no tracks, of any kind, at all. Then, a friend, of
ours, gave me a big, Pinao, which we put in the dining room, After
around four nights, of it being, in our house, woke me up, one night,
playing, from a deep, sleep, I awoke, to a Ping, ping, ping, sound of
it, I laid there, in bed, and argued with myself, in my mind, you did
not hear that, you were dreaming, And then, I heard, a Pong, pong, pong,
sound from it, the hairs, on my arms stood, on end, honest, I was scared
really, really, bad,I thought my heart would thud, out of my chest, it
was beating so hard, and fast, I again, woke my husband, he did not
believe me, Next day, we had a back porch, that over looked a small,
hill, and creek, and that pinao, had wheels, and I pushed it out on the
porch, and told my husband, if he didn't help me get rid of it, I'd roll
it off the porch, down the hill, he got rid of it, and we put the house
up for sell, and sold it, and moved out. I hope you all, reading this,
believes me, and my children, for this is all, true, and if you don't
believe me, you could try, to buy this same, house yourself, and see if
this is true, for yourselves, because its up for sale, again now.
Signed,  Lady ,glad to get out of there.


Haunted Town


 it is my old house. in my times there i had experienced many different
supernatural experiences. the upstairs wouldnot let you go if you look up at the opening in the hall it would freeze you still, the basement had an oil heater. over by the tank for the oil by the electrical box, you can feel this horrible cold no matter what you do you cant get rid of this freezing cold feeling. you feel someone touching you and looking at you when you stand there. the house when we first moved in mad these horrible noises, stomping around the house, voices, knocking on doors and walls. the stomping would walk right up to my bed and
stop i wouldnt move, this lasted at least three years. the most and foremost supernatural experience was when i went home one day after school and i was going to watch charatoons, i was laying down with my dog. it was about three thirty i can remember what time it was vividly cause of what was on  tv at that time. when i was watching tv there was a knock at my door. i was like what whos that? my parents werent to be home till five
oclock. so i stayed in my bed room. the knock on bed room door got worse. it was harder and louder and more forceful. so i went over to the door and opened it up and nothing was there the hall light was on which shouldnt have been cause it was no later than four oclock. when i opened the door this strong gust of cold wind camp running past me into my room. my dog started barking. the wind almost pushed me down. i grabed my dog and walked to my grandmothers. this house is very haunted, the whole town is. malvern is a town that is famous for the civil
war massacure that is called the "malvern massacure" the whole town was wiped out by southern forces. there were american indians as well living these parts. all the inhabitants were slaughtered. i think that is part is the reason for my houses haunted reputation. the feeling in the house was evil and of an emense anger. my parents and i know treat each other much better now that we're not there.


The Picture


 My grandfather died when I was about 7 years old. My grandmother now
lives all by herself in an apartment where they lived together. My
grandfather cared for me a lot. I loved him and was very close to him. One
night, when my grandmother was asleep, I was in the living room by myself
watching television. Off the reflection of the t.v, I could see something
moving in the background. I looked behind me real slow, and saw my picture on
the wall. this is the same picture my grandfather loved of me, but what the
odd thing was was that the chandelier was right in front of the picture. The
reflection off the picture of the chandelier was moving very rapidly and
swinging wildly as if it were in the middle of a hurricane. The chandelier
and the picture itself were both very still. This is a tricky story and it is
very confusing if you have not experienced something like it before. Nobody
else that I know of has ever heard or seen something like this before, and
since you know more about ghosts than I do, I would like for you to tell me
what you think is going on in my grandmother's house and e-mail me back at later on when you understand or have an idea what's going
on. Thank you.

Hawaiian Haunts


i live in hawaii and i used to live in a haunted house in one of the most
haunted places in hawaii.  when i was about 4 years old they found a
skeleton of an ancient hawaiian warrior about 15 feet under ground in my
back yard.  we were convinced that there was another skeleton under our
house because there was a man that haunted the bathroom in the library.  he
was a dark-skinned man and he was somewhat old.  i only ever saw him by
himself but other family members have seen him with his family too.  he
never made any gestures or anything...he just stood there.
let me give you some history on my house.  it was a mansion that was built
in 1912.  it started out as a 1 room pre-school house, but every owner of
the house after that added a room.  it had a lot of history.
there were these two boys that died at the house when it was a pre-school.
their names were micheal and john.  only my brother saw them but i heard
them a lot of times.  they used to play tricks on me and switch off the
lights when i wasn't looking and closing doors suddenly and stuff like that.
one day my brother came up to me and he said "their names are micheal and
john."  i believed him.  my brother was in pre-school then so i guessed that
the two ghost boys wanted someone their own age to play with.  it made
sense.  they also used to play tag on the second floor.  when my mom and i
were home all alone we would here footsteps coming from the upstairs
hallway.  they would also play hide and go seek.
i just grew up with the ghosts right beside me so i was never really afraid
of them accept for the one in the bathroom.  i never ran by that bathroom at
night...never.  i always ran.  i was always overwhelmed with fear and i was
so scared.  something inside me just said to run away.

now i live in kailua.  its on the other side of the mountain range.  we had
to move because we couldn't afford it anymore.
but now i live right down the street from a heiau (an ancient hawaiian
village which is now a huge pile of rocks).  it was a sacred place for the
hawaiians.  now i've been having some strange experiences here.  when we
leave we lock my brothers door with a key...we make sure its closed.  when
we come back or just leave the room for a second and come back its wide
open.  i've seen it open once when it was locked.
just during this spring break i was walking out from a hallway where my room
is (it was around noon) and then all of a sudden the shandelear turns on.
all my itself.  i wait for it to turn off becuase i think its an electricity
thing but it doesn't go off.  then i look over at the light switch and it
was flicked on.  so i walked over and turned it off.  i was kinda freeked
out but growing up the way i did, it didn't effect me much.  then just this
morning i was walking from the same hallway and i was in the exact spot that
i was in when the light turned off and then i heard someone whisper "we have
nine".  it was very clear but still softly.  i thought nothing of it and
went back to my room when i came back out and i got to that spot all i heard
was more whispering but it was fading away and i couldn't understand it.
then i got freeked out and i told my mom and she nearly fainted.  every once
in a while i see someone walking across my living room out of the corner of
my eye...but i'm home alone.


I think we may have a couple of ghosts!!


It all started in February, on the 18th to be exact. I was in the kitchen
alone, cooking dinner and happened to look up to see one of our pans
swinging rapidly back and forth while the other five hung motionless. It
wasn't just jiggling either. It was swinging a full 3-4 inches each way.
There is no way that the pan could have been bumped since it is hung from
the ceiling. There is also no way that it was moved by some kind of breeze
either. The windows were all closed and if a breeze was present, the
smaller, lighter pans next to it would have been moving as well.  (This has
happened again this past week and was witnessed by my significant other.
The same pan was involved, and the pans on either side of it remained

The knobs on the stove have also shut themselves off while we are in the
kitchen.  They made a loud 'click' when they turned off. They would have had
to turn nearly one-half the way around by themselves.  They do not turn

About a week after the first incident, my boyfriend and I were sitting
outside on the back steps talking, and all of a sudden I noticed a thick
white smoke hovering to his left by his shoulder.  When I looked directly at
it, it dissipated.  A few days later, my boyfriend also saw the smoke in our
dining room hovering to the right of our light fixture near the ceiling.

This past Sunday night, we were out on the back steps again.  Our back room
is all glass and the windows cast shadows on the neighbors house when the
ceiling light fixture is on.  My boyfriend was sitting three steps down from
me.  One right after another, we felt a chill pass through us and then he
saw what looked like a shadow of smoke cast on the neighbors house passing
by the windows.

On two occasions, the TV has spontaneously shut off when someone was asked
to turn it off.  No one was near the remote either time and we do not have a
sleep timer on this TV.

We do not feel threatened by whatever caused these things to happen
upstairs.  However, we all feel that a different, less friendly entity
resides in our basement.  We have never seen it manifest itself, but, we
feel extremely uncomfortable and frightened every time we venture downstairs
to do the laundry.  We are certain that we are being watched from the other
side of the basement while we are there.  My boyfriend has felt its presence
on the basement stairs, but believes that it is confined to those areas.  He
doesn't know why. For some reason, the basement has two different
foundations and there are sections of old walls that have been broken


I thought I saw my dad's ghost once....


    My fathers name was Hunter Brashier.  We moved to Ankeny, Iowa around mid
to late June in 94.  He had bad asthma.  I was interested in horses and began
to take lessons at a stable.  Sometime around mid January of 95, proably
around the 18 or 19 my instructor invited us to a horse show on the 22.
    My friend Shae had slept over and we were going to the horse show.   My
mom didn't want to come, but for some reason she changed her mind at the last
    On the way there we stopped at a returaunt and ate.
    Soon my dad started to cough and wheeze and we found out that Shae's cat
always slept on the suitcase she had broguht.
    We reached the horseshow, but only stayed for a few minutes, my dad's
asthma was getting worse.
    It was a long drive ack to Ankeny, probably about 45 min. to1 hr.  We
were bac in Ankeny and just a beside the street which led to Mercy clinic
wehn my dad started to cuss.  All teh time m mom had offered to drive, but he
had refused.
    He was having difficulty breathing.  He scooted over and mom ra around
and hopped into the drivers seat.
    The car was a suburban.  It had the driver and passenger seat and an
extra up in the front, all connected.  Next there was another row of seets.
Then there was a huge area in the back to put stuff.  Shae, becca(my sister)
and myself were huddeled backt there under a blanket.  As you children, we
were terrified seeing my dad dying.
    She started the car and jammed her foot on the accelerater.  She took the
road that led to the clinic.  She was going so fast that whe seh reached the
clinic, she went over a curb.
    We were still hiding under the blanket, but I looked up to see her get
out of the car and run to see if it was open on a Sunday.  My dad was
feverishly trying to get his seatbelt off.
    She came back with help adn a wheelchair.  They wheeled him in the clinic
and left us in the car with the motor still running.
    A lady came out, parked the car and took us inside.
    they wouldn't let us go see or father.  After maybe 20-30 min. of
waiting, oe of Shae's moms friends picked us up.
    Out of teh back window I wathced as the helicopter they had been waiting
for finally arrived, it only takes like, 20 min. to get to des MOines, it
would have been faster to go in a car I think.
    We drew pictures for  my dad, and even argued over who got to color them,
we were sure he was going to be fine.
    about 3 hrs. later, around 6 we drove to the Des Moines hospital.
    when we got there mom took us over to the side and explained that daddy
had died.  She took us to the room where he was.  It looked more like a cell
than a room.  the walls around it were steel.  He was lying in the bed, in a
hspital dress.  tubes hooked to his nose, needes in his arms.
    I was horrified.  He was so grey, he didn't even looked human.  He looked
like a perfectly scupted model of grey clay, that was the color he was.
    Mom said I could kiss him and touch him, but I just couldn't.  I was only
7 at the time.  She kissed him, but I couldn't move.
    That is the thing I regret most even to this day, I never said goodbye to
    Later we moved out of the old house because mom had no job and couldn't
afford it.  We moved to a small one story house, further in Ankeny and sold
the suburban.
    One night, I was in my room and trying to get to sleep.  My room was
cubic in shape, but had a small, maybe 2 ft wide and 2 ft long passage that
led to the door.  two of its walls were outside walls.  One touched my moms
room, and the other made up the wall of the livng room.  I had a window on
the wall which ran parellel to the street.  My closet was on the wal which
made up hte living room, and at that time I had my be, the long side, resting
agianst the wall in between my moms room and my own.
    It was diagonal from my closet.  My closet had thouse sliding doors.  On
the left side, it had several wire shelved that ran up to the top to put
clothes in.  A long wire shelf that ran the length of the sloset was at the
top.  Another shelf ran from one of the shelves that I put my slothes in, to
the right side to seperate the sloset in half, upper, and lower.
    I glanced at my closet and starred in terror.  A luminous, but not quite
transparent form was sitting indian style, almost on top of the middle long
shelf that ran across the right side of my closet.  It appeared to be
floating in mid air, it kind've moved up and down a few inches and starring
directly at me.  It reminded me of my father, the same face, body, everything.
    I closed my eyes and tried to pretend I was seeing things.  I opened them
and it was still there.  The same thing happened a coupled more times until I
opened my eyes agian and the figure just kind've drifted up into the top of
the closet and didn't reappear.
    Seconds later, I looked again.  The figure was back, this time he
unfolded his legs and emerged from the closet, he was as real as anything,
but he had that wierd lminous quality, and anyway, daddy was dead, I had
gotten over the fact that he was deadlong before.
    He walked towards me, which amazes me to this day.  I didn't like to
clean my room, even my mom didn't dare come in because she always ended up
stepping or tripping on something.  I loved leggos and was building
something.  They were strewn everywhere, along with clothes, books, exc.
That scared the crap outta me, cause up until then I was hoping it was just
my sister or something.  He made no noise, even though he was stepping acrss
and over leggos and who knows what else.
    I pulled the covers over my head and repeated to myself several times
"This is a dream, you're are not nuts, this isn't real, wake up, please wake
    When I removed the covers, he was standing above me.  He reached down a
hand and seemed to place it on my cheek.  His lips seemed to move and I
thought he might've said "Goodnight Alex."
    Then he turned and walked back to my closet, he resumed his indian style
postion and hovered for awhile before he floated up into the top of the
closet and vanished.
    I never did see him agian.
    After that, and smetimes, even before that incidense, I thought I felt
    For example, in the basement, we kept his old huge leather rocking chair
type thingy.  Several times wen my sister, and even with friends we would go
downstairs to find it rocking, though no wind could have moved it.
    Wierd things would happen.  Like tings would disappear, and I'd find them
in some spot where I knew I hadn't put them.  Or our dog Kiki, would act
    I don't know if I really did see my dads ghost, many have just told me
that I was asleep, or imagining it, but I know I couldn't have been asleep, I
remember being able to feel my own skin, sweat as a watched, terrified.  I
have never encountered these other feelings in dreams, adn I've never been
able to remember a dream so vividly.  It is possible that maybe it was just a
shadow, or the mind of an 7 or 8 year old playing tricks.
    But I do feel comforted believing that my dad is still with me.

Kentucky Haunted House

By: Anonymous

This is a few, short, stories, But, True, That happened to my husband
,growing up, in Ky.  My husband, says, The house he grew up in, was
haunted, One night, he was laying, in his bed,( when he was around, 10,
year old,) facing the wall, on his side, and something, awakened him, he
heard something come in his room, and sit down, on the side, of the bed,
over from him, (they were raised very poor, so, their matress'es were
made of corn shucks, from corn, out of their garden, and feed sacks,
sewed together, by their mom, for a cover,for these, and these were
stuffed, in the matress cover, she made, to make the matresses, for
their beds And when someone turned over, or sit, on bed, the matress
would make a rustling, sound, you also, sank down, in these matresses,
when laying, in bed .)  and when he heard this, he thought it was his
older, brother, coming home, from a date, of his, so, he turned over,
but noone was there, but, he could see the matress, was indented, on
side, as though ,someone was sitting there, he said, he covered his
head, and peeped out a small rip in his quilt, and heard, the rustling,
of the matress, as something, he could not see, laid down, and could see
matress moving, as well as hear the rustling, of it, as something also,
turned over, and seen indention, of a form, unseen, of something, sunk
down, in matress, laying there, he  lay there awake, till his brother,
came home, and turned the light on, and told him, what he seen, and
there was nothing there ,then , at all.Of coarse, he wasn't believed,
but as a grown, married, father, of still today, he remembers it.
Also, he said, all his family would hear,at least, a couple, times a
month, from, upon, a real, tall, mountain, beside thier house, a, train,
running, blowing its whistle, and then,a terrible loud, sound, that
sounded like, a trian crash, and rolling down this mountain, and the
train cars, tearing big, trees, down, as the train cars, rolled down the
mountain side, a roaring, loud, crashing sound, and to investigate this,
they walked to the very top, of this mountain, and searched, there was
no old, train tracks, any where at all, or any sign of any damage, at
all, to the mountain, or trees, nothing, to account, for train and
crash, they all heard.
Also, There was this old, man, that lived up a hollow, above them, and
rumors was he had money, hid, in his old, log home, he lived in, ( and
this was rumored to everyone, that lived around, in this area, my
husband said, when he was a small, boy growing up, he heard different,
grownups, talking about this, happening, before he was born,) Someone,
(never found out who,) Broke in the cabin, trying to find the old, man's
money, and the old, man, arrived back, unexpected, and he was killed, by
this robber,or, robbers, the old saying goes, and his head was also, cut
off, and placed on a big, rock, laying in a creek, beside of the cabin,
and to this day, at least, Sixty years later, the old man's blood from
his head, is on this big, rock, even though creek, is now running, and
has been for years, over this rock, his head, was placed on, when he was
killed, When visting, his family years later, after he grew into a man,
and we married, he took me up to the creek, and showed me, the rock, the
top, and spots, running down, the side, of this rock, is deep, red. Also
after, this happened, tales were told, of the old man, being seen, on a
horse, riding, up and down, this hollow, with his head, tucked up under
one, arm, and him being headless, riding, back and forth, and it was
being said, he was looking for who murdered him, for his revenge.

Man In A Mac


If you will permit me I would like to tell you two more stories.  the first from a period when I was still on the railway.
I rode a motor-cycle in those day and was in the process of giving a friend a ride home.  It was a nasty night of heavy rain,  we were on a back road out in the countryside around Carlisle England,  I admit I was travelling far to fast along a good straight stretch of road Riding with one hand I was speaking over my shoulder to my passenger when he shouted to me to look out.  I looked forward and in my head and spotlight a figure,  a man in a mac. stood in the centre of the road.   When the bike came to a stand we were still upright,  but well past were the figure had been,  I turned the bike and allowed the lights to illuminate the road,  there was nothing,  we walked the grass verges,  there was not a mark.  Getting back on the bike I set of slowly,  almost at once we were on
a sharp right hand corner,  at the original speed we would not have made it round.  The next day in the light I went back to look at the road,  I could not get it out of my head that I had hit some-one. There was nothing there,  in fact it was doudtfull if a person could have got onto the road,  the hedge was high and thick.
My other story comes from some time later,  involing my wife and three friends.  One of these friends had spent some time in a nortorious Scottish prison and considered her self beyond frightening Our target was a church yard on the English/Scottish border called Kirk-Andrews-on-Esk.  The church was on the banks of the border Esk river,
about a half of a mile from the A7 Carlisle to Edinburgh road.  It fitted well into any ghost story,  dark, lonely and apart from the river very, silent with its tale of a Grey Lady.
A chain brige spanned the river from the back hedge,  beginning in a stand of trees.  We all walked through the church yard along a sunken path,  on one side graves,  on the other trees and a drop into the river.
It was in the early hours,  some of us were tired and decided enough was enough and it was time time go home. At the car we realised one was missing,  the hard girl.  My wife and I stood at the wall looking into the grave yard,  in the quiet a sound was coming from the direction of the swing bridge,  a chink-chink as if it were being walked on.
I remarked to my wife that Fiona was on the bridge.   My wife spoiled everything by pointing out tha Fiona was only a few feet to the right approaching from the direction of the church itself.  A short pause for silence revealed the same steady chink from the bridge.If you are ever in England I would recommend a look at that church,  it never has a cheerfull look.  There are many ghost stories from this district,  the locals can make the nape hairs raise quite readily.


Made Me Think


My first experience was on October 7, 1995. My uncle had just died that day,
and I was in bed crying myself to sleep and thinking about him and how I
never really got to say goodbye properly. All of a sudden, I felt something
warm grab my hand and squeeze it to comfort. I immediately felt very calm and
actually stopped crying. Then, just as quickly as it came, it was gone. I
really do believe that was my uncle saying goodbye to me.

My other experience happened last year around this time. I came home from
night classes. It was about 10:00. I was gathering my stuff up to go inside
when I looked into my rearview mirror. I saw a woman walking by. I turned
around to look, but there was nothing there. I thought it was my imagination,
but I saw her reflection again in my neighbors windows. So I turned around
again, and there was still nothing there. Needless to say, I ran to door
because I was freaked out. After that, my car has been acting really wacky. I
would swear that that woman haunts it sometimes.


My Personal Experience


My mother was diagnosed with Altzimers disease which she endured for
four years before her death. Whilst she was ill and living in a nursing home I
somehow came to terms with her death before she actually died due to the
nature of the illness, so when she did die although it was still a shock
to me I had already grieved for her.
Her apartment had been rented out to pay towards the cost of the home. I
moved in with my two children. After living there for about three months
one evening while my children were in bed asleep, I was in my bedroom
getting ready for bed. I left the room to go to the bathroom and I had
to walk across the hallway diagonally towards the bathroom (the light
from my bedroom was more than adequate so I did not need to put the hall
light on as well). Before I reached the bathroom I saw out of the corner
of my eye what appeared to be something to my left, I look towards the
left of me and saw the apparition of my mother. She was not exactly a
whole being more of an impression, I could not see her face but her hair
was done like it had just been set at the hairdressers (many years
before her illness), she had the same slight build of my mother and the
same height and she was wearing a dark blue housecoat which I had
completely forgotten about as I had thrown it away as it was in almost
in rags. I was petrified and in shock, I ran into the bathroom and when
I ventured out she was no longer there. Although I was extremely scared
at first, afterwards with hindsight I realised it was more like a
religious experience.
Many months later I happened to go along with a friend to a spiritualist
church to have a one to one reading. I would like to add at this
juncture that it was not a commercial venture. My mother came through to
the medium. I did not say anything to the medium apart from greeting her
when I entered the room. Afterwards, however, I did ask what else my
mother had to say, the medium then informed me after a few seconds, that
my mother says to me through her 'why are you asking me, I have already
shown myself to you'.

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