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My Story My parent's house


  I wanted to tell you stories from when I was younger.
  Now I know my parent's house is haunted, we just don't know by whom or
  When I was smaller I remember hearing chairs being moved around while
everybody was in bed. I was never scared, but I would go look to see if
anyone was there, but there never was.
  We were all use to it by then and it never bothered anyone. Later my
Aunt's told me when they were younger they had stayed the night with my
parent's, and were woken up by someone in the middle of the night. They
said it was a man in white, who had come out of my parent's room and
went into the backroom. They were so scared that they ran to my parent's
to tell them. My Dad got up to check and noone was there. The weird
thing is, in the backroom there is the attic.
  Well as we got older the more we heard.
  I had a baby when I was 14. My older brother by then had made his room
in that backroom.  One night while he was out I heard a baby crying.
Assuming it was my little boy I went into my room and he was asleep. So
I went back in and continued to watch T.V. Again I heard a baby crying,
but this time it was coming from that backroom. I was so scared I went
to bed and left the T.V. on.   My parent's never believed me and neither
did my brother's or my sister.
  Now we are all grown up and to this day when I visit I can feel
something there but it don't scare me, I think I am more comfortable
with it knowing it is there!
  It is real protective and we can tell.
  My little brother just got involved with a girl he really likes, but
whatever is in that house don't like her. She says one night when she
was doing dishes she felt someone walk up behind her and look over her
shoulder. Assuming it was my brother she turned around and found noone
there so she screamed.
  A couple of weeks later they were walking by the refrigerator. (Well
my parent's keep games and stuff up there and they're pretty steady)  As
she walked past it all the games jumped off of there and almost hit her.

  And to this day all of my cousin's and Aunt's won't stay in that
house. Even when they visit they will not go into the house alone.
  The reason my cousin's won't is because they saw him. They said he was
a young kid that dressed all scraggly.  He had long blonde hair.  I
believe them because they never knew anything about the house til then.
My Aunt's never told them because they thought it would scare them.
  My parent's live by a canal, and that's where my cousins were when
they saw him walk into the house.  They said the kid just walked right
in like he had a key. But after he went in he never came out!   They
went to the house to check, but found noone. The back door is close to
the front door so they would have spotted him coming out. And back then
our windows didn't even open in the bedrooms.
               I just wonder who he is and what he wants. We have tried
to get the history on the house, but all we know is that an older couple
use to live there.
       Thanks for listening to my story

 Haunted Trailer


This happened when I was about 6.  We lived in New Jersey.  My father had
gotten a job in Deleware working for a Power-inlight Co.  He had bought a
small trailer in a trailer park.  An elderly woman had died in the house of
old age, sitting in a rocking chair stroking her cat.  She died on July 27,
1985.  That was two years before my father moved in.  Of course, my mother
and me would visit him whenever we had the chance.  One night, my mother had
to go take care of her grandmother, who had suffered of a stroke the week
before.  She got my godfather Steve to bring me to my father.  We arrived on
June 12.  My goddfather talked to my father explaining the situation and left
soon after.  He put the T.V. in the master bedroom for me to watch (which was
the only bedroom.)  I accepted the offer and lay on the bed, watching
Nickelodeon.  Soon at around 5:00 Are you Afraid of The Dark came on.
Natrually, me being 6, I felt scared and went under the covers.  I discovered
a children's book and looked through it using the little sunlight that went
through a hole in the blanket.  When I neared the end, I began smelling
something foul.  It smelled like a mix of rotten eggs and little puppies.  I
covered my mouth and coughed.  Then I noticed I heard a scratching sound on
the blankets.  I called out "Daddy?".  When he didn't answer I became scared.
 After several minutes I found the courage to peep through the hole.  What I
saw gives me nightmares to this day.  It was an elderly woman with stringy
white hair, with bits of dirt in her hair.  She was transparent.  Without
thinking I emerged from my hiding place.  She seemed to see me.  She looked
like she was trying to speak, but only hissing sounds came.  I, being a good
lip-reader, knew what she has saying.  It looked like "Here, Margeret!"  I
wasn't sure who "Margeret" was.  Then she took her hand and pointed a finger
at me.  Her nail was logn and twisted.  She seemed to be angry, and vanished
from sight after.  She didn't fade away, just one second she was there, and
the enxt, gone.  I ran from my room to my father.  He told me it was my
imagination but when I asked who "Margeret" was and that the woman was
calling that name, he looked terrified.  He told me Margeret was the name of
the cat!  He said a young man found the cat and took her to keep.  That
night, when I was just about to sleep, I smelled the foul smell again.  I
quickly turned.  I couldn't speak for a while, but she was mouthing the same
thing.  After a while, I said something.  "A guy took your cat!" I yelled.
She looked at me.  Then she slowly glided towards me, angry.  "He lives in
the old trailer over there!" I pointed out the window.  She stopped and
disappeared.  I ran to my father and we slept in the car the rest of the
night.  The next day we noticed police officials by the old trailer where the
young man lived.  We asked what happened and a police officer said, "A man
who lived here disappeared last night.  All we found were some cat's old
bones."  I knew what truly happened, but didn't say anything.  After a while
my dad quit his job and sold the trailer to people from Pennslyvania.  He
moved with us and now works with DuPont.  I will never forget what happened
in the Haunted Trailer.  I am 19 now, and I still have nightmares about it.
Thanks for your time.


Strange Happenings


Well, I don't know if you would really call it haunting or imagination, or is
it just my mind playing tricks on me.

I want to start with one sunny afternoon, I decided that I should go down
into the basement or den, which ever you like to call it, to water my plants.
(Now you must know that the house that I live in was once my grandparents
house.) Anyway, as I walked downstairs to the windowsill, I smelled something
that I only remember my grandmother always having on. Vicks!! Yes, Vicks. I'm
sure you that you all heard of that medication. I know, I know, it sounds
funny to smell Vicks, I have heard people say that they smell roses or
grandpa's old pipe, but yes it was most fimiliar smell that I can remember
her having on. If I would of smelled anything else, I wouldn't of thought
that it would be her. When she was alive, everyday I can remember her using
that cream a lot. Back to the story: It was a very strong smell, I mean, it
was as if she was right in front of me. I yelled out to my mother in
excitement "Grandma's here!" As I walked again to the same area where I had
smelled it before, it was gone. Now of course I must tell you, we don't have
any Vicks in the house.

Now you tell me, I think that it might have been her. Maybe she was visiting,
or checking up on he house, seeing what was doing, who knows.

Uncle in Chicago


    hi! i have been reading your page of true stories and i think i have
    a story that may interest you. last year in november my family went
    to chicago to hang out and visit my uncle who was dying from
    leukemia. it was the first time i had met him since he saw me when i
    was a baby. he was very warm and his grandson-( my cousin) was the
    sweetest little boy i had ever met. he obviously loved his 'opa'
    immensly and my heart went out to him knowing he would loose my
    uncle. we left and flew back home...
    a few mos. later i was asleep and suddenly jolted awake- i opened my
    eyes to a full moon right outside my window and was startled for a
    moment. i did not know why i woke up- however i did a very strange
    thing. i sat up in bed and stared out the window and smiled. i was
    elated and not the slightest bit tired. i didn't know WHY i was so
    happy- i just smiled and said thank you. then fell asleep. i couldn't
    explain why i spoke or why i was awakened, the next morning, and i
    went to school as usual. that afternoon i came home and my mother
    informed me that her father had called and told her that my uncle had
    died in his sleep. i asked when and she said that it had been that
    night/ into early morning. i think that when he died was when i woke
    up- and maybe that is why i said 'thank you'. i still don't know.




Hi! My story is about my grandfather, who died in 1996, and my husband, who
Poppy didn't get the chance to get to know while he was alive.  My husband,
who was my boyfriend at the time, was working as a driver in 1998, driving a
truck a little bigger than the kind UPS uses. He and his partner were driving
down the highway, admittedly faster than they should've been, going about 85
mph. Suddenly, a car cut them off short, and he braked and swerved to avoid
hitting this car. He lost control of the truck and careened off the road,
hitting a railing. the cop who came to the scene told them they should have
been dead in an accident like that. Both my husband and his friend came out
of it without so much as a scratch! I always believed Poppy was watching over
the family, so one day as I was sitting in the living room with my mother (
his daughter), just in case he was there with them that day, I said a silent
thank you to him for protecting my husband. As soon as the thought was
finished, my mom looked up from what she was reading and said "You're
welcome. Anyone you love, I love." Poppy spoke through my mom to let us know
that he's still watching & protecting us.


San Diego Haunts...


Visiting San Diego during a time of personal distress in my life may have made me a perfect target for ghosts, and there are a couple of places not mentioned above where I had strange experiences.
In Oceanside is a restaurant called Hunter's Steak House which is built over a cemetery but bodies weren't disinterred and reburied (no respect for the dead buried there).  Apparently some of them are a little angry and haunt the restaurant and environs either in search of peace or retribution.  The only experience I had was a feeling of being watched by invisible eyes, and a hand brushing across my shoulders as if someone were passing behind my chair.  No one was there, at least no one visible.  Not a threatenting feeling at all.  (Side note, great food, great service, and great ghost stories when explaining experience to server.  Seems many employees have had lots of different experiences and are very willing to share them.
Another place is in San Diego's Old Town State Historical Park, a beautiful and peaceful place.  Several of these buildings are a bit odd (and a stone's throw from El Fandango Restaurant - never saw "her", and about 2 blocks from the Thomas Whaley House).  Let's start with Whaley House - the Dept of Commerce named it America's Most Haunted Site with good reason.  Fascinated with the story of Mr. Whaley and Yankee Jim Robinson, I visited this house quite a few times.  The only scary feeling was on the 9th through 11 stairs with a feeling of
overpowering nausea but I couldn't swallow to force the feeling down.  Not knowing of Mrs. Whaley's incident on the stairs, I thought nothing of it until later when the docent filled me in.  Also, the garden is really "spooked" too, and while I've seen a small dog just vanish into thin air it's not a threatening feeling, and the garden is (to me at least) a place that feels safe, secure, protected and peaceful.  I didn't know about the dog g!!
host either until I'd seen it and went back in and asked more questions.  Took lots of photos there and some have very out of place looking light.  Don't know if it's caused by the plexiglass barriers at the entrance to each room or by something much more interesting.  Please adivse if you'd like photos, I'd be interested in your opinion.

Also not mentioned is the Robinson Rose House, also in Old Town.  May have been a docent, maybe not.  Just saw a man in "period" dress in an upstairs window who disappeared.
We're still in Old Town, Casa de Estudillo is very spritually charged.  Well documented by many others, my only experience was a cold spot outside of one of the rooms.  Maybe I was coming down with the crud (or not) but no illness materialized, but neither did a ghost.  Just a freezing cold spot that put goose flesh all over me - definitely a strange sensation on an 80 degree day standing in full sunlight.  Note of useless trivia about this place: it was used for filming the outdoor portions of the Disney series Zorro in the 1950's.So while you're probably well aware of these hauntings, I was pretty much ignorant of them until after having the experiences and digging
into the "less publicized" history of these places.  Again, probably because I was in a state of personal turmoil.


Sightings of Ghost

Hi, I stumbled upon your web page about apparitions.
I myself do not spend that much time thinking about
ghosts, but I do remember as a child seeing what I
still, to this day, consider a ghost.  He reminded me
at the time of a soldier, maybe a confederate, I'm not
sure (keep in mind, I was probably about 8 years old
or so) by his white horse and uniform. His hair was
white and tied back like pictures we've seen of George
Washington.  It was in Waco, Texas, in my back yard.
Do you have any history which might explain it?  This
was just one incident; I really believe that house was
haunted.  I was constantly seeing things at night;
people walking around the halls.  I used to crawl in
bed with my big sister because I was always so
frightened at that house.  After we moved I never had
another incident like that.  I am now 42 years old and
just find it very curious; I haven't really thought
much about it until now.  Email me if  you want:  Thanks!


Grandmother's Grandma


When I was visting my grandmother about 10 years ago I thaght I heard a
sound up stairs so I went to cheak it out and when I went up stairs I
felt a cold chil go down my spine.  My grandma's and pa's is a 150 year
old house and creeks alot aspecily in the night but any way so I walking
up the stairs and Then I heard something down stairs I ran as fast I
could go down the stairs and when I got down there all of the picturs
were BLEADING from the throught and the harte and then I turned around
and saw the faint bleary out line of a old women and I think I fanted
but when I woke up I was in my bed and the pictures were clean I told
grandma she said "ow you just drempt it sonny" but then afew years later
I was looking in my grandma's old photo elblem and saw the old women in
a picture with my grandmother when she was four years old she said it
was her grandmother


Haunted Rental


this is a story that happened a couple of years ago, we had just moved into a
house that we were renting from some of my parents friends. This house was
really weird , we would here people talking , and here things be moved and
One night i was pretty sick, my mom was at the store, and my two sisters were
at the store. I decided to lay down and my room was at the end of the hall
way. When i layed down i heard the front door open, and then it slammed it
shut. I thought it was my mom or dad so i layed back down.
Then i heard someone walking down the hall way, so i started calling "mom is
that you" noone said anything. Then i saw a man walking down the hall way,
i thought someone had walked in and
they heard me yelling so i just sat there
because i was sick and scared out of my mind so i couldnt scream. Then he
turned to face the back through the back door. That was the first time i saw
or heard anything.
        A couple of weeks later we were watching my cousin
and he fell asleep so we layed him down in his play pin
in my moms room. A couple of hours later we heard someone in the room saying
how cute my cousin was and how sweet he looked. It wasnt any of my family
because my two sisters were asleep and we would have saw them if
they had walked in. We stayed there for about a year after
that and strange things happened almost eveyday.

The Ghost that haunts my friend's townhouse


I'd like to share a ghostly experience I had. About 9 years ago, I moved
into the townhouse of my friend, Elaine. She lives in Tucker, Georgia, a
suburb of Atlanta. On the second night I was there, I awoke suddenly
from a sound sleep about 3:00 in the morning, aware that someone had
laid down on the bed beside me. I laid there for several moments before
I opened my eyes, fearing to look. I felt no malice, in fact the overall
sensation was quite pleasureable and sensual. I could feel this presence
leaning toward me, feeling the center of the bed move down a bit as the
entity moved closer to me. Then, I felt a hand gently caress my
collarbone and then move down my chest towards my breast. I opened my
eyes in surprise at this, and suddenly the sensation was completely
gone. The next morning, I was sitting downstairs with Elaine, drinking
coffee, when I said, "I had the strangest dream last night." Elaine
began to laugh and she said, "Let me felt someone lie down
beside you on the bed and start caressing you."  I gasped, "Yes! How did
you know?" Elaine replied, "It's a ghost. He shows up every couple of
weeks, he's been doing it since I moved in here." She said the ghost
never appeared to her former roommate, but often woke Elaine up at night
with gentle caresses.  I felt him on a couple other occasions during the
2 years I roomed with Elaine, and she mentioned his presence at least 2
or 3 times herself during that time.   Please note that Elaine bought
her townhouse new in the late 80's. I have no idea what was there prior
to its construction.


The smell of a cigar


    My name is Katie and I have had a recurring "visit".  Visit is the
best way I can describe it.  When I was born, I only had one
grandparent, my father's father.  He lived until I was 7 so therefore I
do not have many memories of him.    For as long as I can remember at
any given time I can smell the smoke of the cigar that he used to smoke
when he was alive.  It can happen for as little time as a few minutes to
a few hours.  Sometimes a few days in a row but then not for a while.  I
am now 30 yrs old, married, living on my own with my husband and I smoke
cigerattes.  Every so often, I'll smell the smoke and start talking
because I believe that my grandfather is visiting me or just having a
smoke break with me.  When I was about 16/17, my father and I went to
visit my aunt who still lives in the same apartment that my grandfather
lived in.  As I am sitting in the living room, I suddenly ask what
happened to certain pieces of furniture that furnished the room when my
grandfather was alive.  Mind you, I was 7 when he died.  The last time I
smelled the smoke was a few months ago.  I was cleaning another part of
my house when I decided to take a break.  I went into my living room
where my husband was watching TV when I smelt the smoke.  Hubby didn't
smell anything different but he believes me since I saw his dead
grandfather about 6 years ago.  That's another story for later.  Am I
crazy or is my grandfather visiting me?  I believe he is because at
times he seems to visit when I need strength for whatever is happening
in my life at the time.  Alot of tough times have happened over the past
few years.  Please reply.  Thank you for your time.

Vacation In Kentucky

By: anonymous

My husband, and I, and our three, children, were coming back home, from
vacation, in Kentucky, and was on the winding, narrow, roads, of Ky.,
and it was late, night, and it was black, dark, no moon, shining at all,
and we had not seen a house for miles, and All at once, there was this
grown, woman, in a long, pastel, colored, dress, running toward our car,
that our head lights, shined on, she was bloodey, and was holding her
stump of right arm, at elbow, her arm, was gone, and her black, long
hair, was tangled, and blowing back, from her face, as she ran, she
disappeared , down over a mountain side, we searched, and called, never
found, or seen, or heard, a thing, and finally gave up, and traveled, a
little ways, on down, the road, and seen an arm, from elbow, down,
laying in the road, we never stopped, till next town, and reported it to
police, they said, they could show us in their books, where this had
been reported before, over a 100 year, span, of time, exactly as we had
seen it, but they would check on it, they called it the ghost, of this
stretch of highway.On many other trips, back there, and coming back,
from Ky., we have never been able, to really say, where we were ,on
that night, nor have we been able to find, the town, we reported this to
the police at. We began to think, the lady, and this town, on this
stretch of road, was all supernatural, and don't exsist, all ghostly.

Grandmothers House


I thank you for the opportunity to relay my experiences growing up, and even daily at times.
I think I have always been aware of presences.  At the age of two I was pushed down the back servants stairs in my grandmother's home.
My grandmother's home has always been a very uncomfortable place for me to be.  I have decided that there are only two "safe" rooms in her very large six-bedroom home.  The house is over 100 years old, and there have always been awful attempts on the family there.  Why my grandmother continues to live there alone I will never know.  It seems....unclean.  Always something watching, things sneakily moving about at night, lights turning themselves on and off, and always an undertone of violence and hatred.  As well as this presence(s) trying to off
me as a child, it has tried to choke my mother as a girl in her bed one night.  She refuses to talk about it.  When I had no alternative I lived with her for a couple of months.  It was horrible.  I slept with the light on every night and listened to and felt the house.I always remember if one of my cousins was put upstairs to take a nap as an infant, he would always cry and cry, with hardly a breath between wails.For me, I seem to be very sensitive to presences.  My father would always take me on "house inspection".  If I felt uncomfortable, even a bit in a certain room, we would not rent, or buy the home.  One home we looked at was very beautiful, until I hit the basement.  I reeled
 backward, and I got cold, and there was a flash of manacles and blood on the wall- I NEVER want to experience something like that again- someone passed there horribly.I have been in quite a few homes and buildings that make me want to backpedal off to the nearest church; or is that the liquor store?The home I reside in now is over 100 years old as well.  When we first moved in, I felt the house trying to decide whether I was acceptable.
  As I sung to my baby I felt the house sigh around me, as if in relief.  Strange, no?There is something here though.  Somthing that makes you want to goosestep right on out of one of the upstairs bedrooms.  I call it a
"watcher".  An observer, if you will.  The type that makes your knees go weak, your back gets cold, and you feel like you ought to get the hell out-fast.  But it does not seem evil, just very interested, and very opinionated.
Well, I know I'm not mentally "off", just that I've had some odd occurences in my life, and I'm sure there will be plenty more.  Thank you for your time.


My Friends Attic


As some of you may know, i have already posted here but this experience  i
had just the other day is very strange, in my opinion.  On the night of April
21 I slept over at a friends house, who we shall call mike.  He had told me
about some weird experiences and the cold spots he felt in his
upstairs/attic.  I knew he was right when got in that house.....I could just
feel it like it was a sixth sense.  Since we were sleeping in the attic and
we both felt as if something big was going to happen, we had our concerns.
Nothing weird happened until around 10:00 when I felt a large cold spot drift
in front of me, this cold spot seemed to have mosing air within it.  I know
it wasn't a draft because i felt all around it without any other cold areas.
With this we became a bit scared.  The cold spot moved around our general
area for about an hour when the room temperature dropped about 15-20 degrees
in roughly 30 seconds.  The temperature had been that way for about 20
minutes when suddenly the air became thinner and harder to breathe.  5
minutes later the room bgan to get warmer and the air was easier to breathe
until it seemed to be back to normal.  But about 10 minutes later the
temperature rose about 15-20 degrees in 30 seconds.  It stayed so for 2
minutes when the temperature began go up and down at an alarming rate.  By
now we just left and went to his living room to sleep.  It seemed well until
2:30 when I saw several orbs drifting through the room.  As soon as they left
i woke Mike to tell him what I saw, but he seemed to be useless.  Just then
the temperature dropped the same as before.  Then I just layed in bed with my
eyes closed and didn't sleep a single wink.  I anyone has any ideas or advice
e- amil me at Mr

Ambulance Crew


During the late 1980s I worked for a hospital-based paramedic ambulance in
Grants Pass, OR.  Our crew quarters was a small house across the street from
the hospital.  As we worked 24 hour shifts, each crew had a bed room
assigned to them.  We had two crews on duty at a time.  On a few occasions,
the other crew got a call during the night.  My partner and I were in our
room, and no one else was in the house.  We would hear footsteps walking
down the hall, and water running in the bathroom.  I would get up to look,
but never saw anything.  I always felt a strange, cold presence in the house
during the night.  Trying to find an explanation, I contacted the people who
rented the house before the ambulance crews moved in.  The lady, without
hesitation, told me that she had similar experiences and was sure the house
was haunted.

Ghostly Happenings?


First of all ,let me start by telling you, I've had a lot of experiences and so has my father. Something about "The Other Side" has always grabbed my attention. Maybe because of this my father and I are easy targets for this sort of stuff. Since I was little I've always had either people I've known show themselves to me or even had some visions. No I'm far from being a nut, just getting brave enough to share a few of my tales with someone. Any questions or comments please send them to .

OK, I was in Junior High and my parents were getting ready to go on vacation. My sister and I had decided we were old enough to stay home. So my parents agreed to let us stay with friends my sister went to one place and I went to another place. My friends dad , as soon as I got there, started telling me about the strange things that happen around their house. I'm thinking Oh great, I should have went with mom and dad. He said he knew that I had visitors and seen things and just wanted to let me know about this stuff before I became frightened. I didn't
 except this too easily.  I'll tell you I was never so glad in all my life to go back home. one experience in that house has frightened me and I remember and as I tell you about I'm getting chills. One night, my friend and I were sitting on here double sized bed and being teen girls we had a lot to catch up on. Boys and things... It was very hot out that night, they didn't have A.C. so we had the windows open. In her room she had her double sized bed, that she used, and a twin size she used for clothes or just junk. Well there was a huge pile of junk on the twin , so we decided to share the double size bed. Shut the lights off, ( pitch black), she got into bed and I was already snuggled
 in. We laid there chit chatting and slowly fell asleep. I was woke up by "someone" rubbing my leg, I thought ok I'm still sleeping. I kicked and moved around and realized I was awake then, and it stopped. A few minutes later this happened again. I then said "Becky, please stop messing around, I'm tired", she said nothing in return. After this happening several times, she got upset with me because I was accusing her of doing this. She got out of bed and turned on the light, then we talked and she said she was going to sleep on the "Junk Twin" bed. So
she cleared off all the junk onto the floor, turned the light off, got into the bed , I knew this because the twin made an awful spring noise as she moved on it. I laid there awake waiting for her to try this again. But no nothing, no sound , no movement. So I laid there thinking and then the bed , right in front of me at the edge, started being pressed down , someone bouncing it , as if trying to wake me up. Well I thought ok , I've had enough. So I started yelling and hitting. Hitting nothing but air. Then I hear the srings on the other bed and the
light went on. I was still swinging, the bed was still being bounced and there at the light switch was my friend, staring at me like I was nuts. Her parents came running into the room and calmed me down and her father looked at me and said ..."Kim, I wanred you." and smiled. They all started laughing, saying  " The Old Man" paid you a visit... they then explained to me , he was a frisky old man and like playing jokes like that. Well I didn't find it funny and Thank God, that a few days later my parents came home, I was very exhausted from NO SLEEP.
This is just one thing that happened to me there. It stays in my mind all the time, especially with me now having kids. When they say to me " Mom, I'm scared I hear noises or something under my bed" I check everywhere and believe in them. I also think they might have the same vulneribility as I do with this stuff. Especially my 9 yr old son. Thats all for now.

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