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Interesting Tidbit


My tale is to be honest not much of a "story" more of an interesting tidbit.

One evening, my boyfriend and future ex-husband, were visiting my best friend
and cousin Robin at her mother's home.  It was late and most of us being fans
of the supernatural in fiction or non fiction form started relating stories.
My aunt and her husband talked about some experiences they had while living
upstairs over a very old bar they were leasing for a year.  It seems during
the time they lived there many strange things happened.  The usual plethora
of events, covers being ripped away while in bed, unusual raps and noises,
and a chair that would mysteriously always move to one particular window that
overlooked a river.

One of the more unusual events was several mornings in a row my aunt would
awake in bed alone.  She would find her husband sound asleep under the bed!
He would have no memory of when or how he came to be in such a position.

As the year drug on the events increased.  Now in addition to all the other
aforementioned happenings my aunt started having feelings of dread overcome
her.  She refused to stay alone in the place.  If it occurred she would be
alone she would go outside and sit in the warm sunshine until her husband or
an early customer would arrive.

It seems they were at first loathe to discuss these events amongst themselves
let alone with anyone else.  Finally after many months they felt they could
take it no longer and when the lease for the year was up they moved without
renewing.  They never until this night told anyone about their "experiences"
for fear of being laughed at or thought "crazy".

Now for my one and only experience with the supernatural.  In the process of
their move, my aunt's husband had to return for two boxes they had left up
stairs.  My cousin and I were with him.  When we arrived he asked if we would
mind going up and grabbing the boxes with some contrived excuse it would be
quicker if we went.

I must stress at this point my cousin and I had no idea of the events causing
them to move.  The moment we started up the stairs I began to feel at first
uneasy.  I tried to shake off the feeling I mean it was a bright sunny day
with loads of sunshine pouring in the windows.  No scary dark hallways at
night to feed the imagination.  By the time we reached the top of the stairs
the feeling was so intense I could feel the hairs on the back of neck
standing up and I was absolutely terrified.  Taking one look at my cousin I
saw my own fear mirrored in her face as well.

We grabbed the two boxes and raced down the steps.  Once we were outside the
feelings of dread were gone completely.  I began to feel silly and more than
a little embarrassed.  I suppose my cousin felt the same way because she
laughed nervously and mumbled something.  We never mentioned it again till
the night my aunt and her husband felt comfortable in finally relating their

So there is my tale, not an eloquent or particularly exciting one, but a true

Betty from KY

PS Anyone care to comment or tell me of a similar story I would love to hear.
 Thanks again.

My True Story of the Dark Shadow


i was in search of answers and still am when telling my story. i don't know where to begin but
i will tell you about the dark shadow that has followed me throughout my life. i remember
seeing the shadow when i was probably 12 years old i didn't say anything to anyone. the
shadow would chase the walls. now i thought i was seeing things until my family was sitting
down watching tv one evening and the shadow came.  everyone just stopped and stared at
each other the shadow was there on the wall and it ran.  we were all freaked out.  then the
creepy thing happened my mother began to tell us what she had experienced with my father 8
years earlier.  she said it was the middle of the night and she was laying on our couch and my
father was laying on the floor when she semi woke for some reason she looked at the floor
where my father was and this shadow was dragging him across the floor. well years and
several residences later the shadow was still there. but it got worse for me i suppose though i
haven't told many instances to my family. i remember one night while in high school reading a
library book with my sister the lights were on she was awake and then flash the lights were
out she was cold asleep i couldn't move i was frozen in place my lips were pierced closed
and i knew i was screaming through my shut mouth. my thought was on fire yet i couldn't
move. there were several dark shadows around me pounding on my chest. i could see the
silhouette and the mass of their being but i could see through them. flash i was awake i could
move. ah! i was so relieved the lights were on i could open my mouth there were no more
shadows . then after that only one shadow would visit me again . always the same thing i
would be frozen and it would turn dark it could happen anywhere but especially when it was
a peaceful moment with me. but the worst and most frightening was the most recent
occurrence. i was just laying down to bed nothing special or disturbing had happened in my
life when i was frozen i couldn't even budge my husband who was inches from me. i don't
even think he was even asleep yet. when the shadow came as close as it has ever come
before i felt it in the room staring at me then praying for it to end i knew it was touching me i
looked right above me and it was standing over me about at my hips it was tall and slim i
wouldn't, i mean refusing to look into its eyes trying to budge and scream to get my husbands
attention. i saw it reaching for me the outer part of its being was wow! it was like a dark grey
pair of shear pantyhose. poof! the shadow jumped into the wall. now i know it might sound
crazy but my sister and i were taking a drive a few days later and she let me in on an ongoing
occurrence of hers. when she told me i almost drove off the road the cold chilling feeling
came over my body not only did she have an occurrence it was the same night at the same
time of night. she said she was laying in bed watching tv when she thought her husband had
gotten up to change the station. she had told him to move and it turned and looked at her then
she looked over and there was her husband realizing there was someone else there who
wasn't supposed to be. she said she was frozen and couldn't move an inch until it had
disappeared.  ever since then we have shared it with each other and other sisters and they
recall similar occurrences of their own. so you see why i am still searching for answers. what
is this shadow thing? are we cursed? haunted ? why won't it go away?

My Wife's Uncle


Thank you for your site.

Two days ago, I attended my wife's funeral.  I don't think he knows that
he's dead.  He died in his sleep in his living room chair, and they found
him in the morning.

At the reception in his home after the funeral, I was sitting on a picnic
table bench.  Suddenly, the bench was knocked backward.  I was leaning
forward, and I didn't fall or get hurt, but I couldn't stop the bench from
falling.  I think he was just letting me know that he was there.

Her Uncle had a beautifully restored 1964 pickup truck which had been at the
gravesite during the burial and returned to the house for the reception.  As
my wife and I were leaving, we walked by the truck and I felt chills on my
neck and scalp.  "He's right here by the truck."  I said.  When I said that
out loud, the chills grew more intense.

I have only recently started noticing this sort of phenomena.  Thanks for
allowing an outlet where I know people won't think I'm crazy.

I Visit Famous Haunts


I just wanted to say I love this web page I always come to this site and I
also have my mom read some of this stuff you guys have. Cause me and her have
contacted a lot of ghosts that are at historical sites like Hotel Del
Coronado in San Diego Ca and the ever so popular Whaley House in Old Town San
Diego ca.  I'm sensitive to spirits but when you put us two together if you
come near us in some of these places you can get an over whelming
feeling...Last weekend i took my mom to Hotel Del Coronado and i took her to
this hall way that people hardly come near because of its hauntings but i
knew she didn't know about it so i copied the room numbers down on a piece of
paper and walked with her in that hall way as soon as we got in there she
knew at once that a bad spirit is there and i wanted to take her down the
stairs that were next to these rooms I think they were rooms 3305 3302 and
then 3315 she said she didn't like the feeling. she said she feels like there
is a magnetic force pushing against her and also felt someone standing behind
her not knowing that this hall way is where the workers have heard and seen a
lady (i forgot her name its the one where you can put a rose on the window
seal and she'll take it) i could feel it strongly when it was us two instead
of when i was with my friends.  It seems like where ever we go if its at my
grandmothers house or something historical like these places down here in San
Diego. CA we can feel that something or someone is with us.  Thanks for
listening to my stories i just wanted to let you guys know.

The Old House


i guess u don't usually hear from this part of the world but then again
thats not the point......(at this juliano u may have heard my
story before cos i e-mailed you yesterday......i just would like you to
acknowledge that there is more from where my story came from.)
 i am australian born but lived in malaysia practically the most of my
life. when i was a kid say three to four years old... i could feel presence
around me...but i was just told to put that under my imagination. As so i
did...however the cause of my feelings were later explained when i heard
this saying. my granddad was a rich man and he will do anything for family
harmony....therefore he built a street of houses so that my entire family
could live in...the street had seven houses.... it was said that the first
house and the fifth house had a presense....i cannot remember what the
first house was haunted by but the fifth house (occupied by my forth uncle) was
haunted by what the chinese called the butterfly spirit...
 the row of houses could be entered by two streets...the back street and
the front street....rumour has it that the back street is not 'clean' (a
chinese way of saying it has a presence) the end of the row of houses was a
community hall of which my grand dad builf for the family...where we had
our > celebration dinners or barbecues.that was also considered unclean.
one occasion of which i cannot explain nor forgot is when i was about 4
years old... when i was young...i shared a room with my sister and our room faced the
back street. i was having another nightmare again because ever since i was
young... i was crazy over the paranormal and supernatural....reading and
watching alot of ghost stories and was nothing new.... it was
around 3:15 in the morning and i was wide awake...i could hear
laughter....not one person but 4-5 people laughing...and this laghter came
from the back street. unaware of my situation...i calmy got up and walked to my parents room and
told my mom that there laughter comming from the back road and i couldn't
sleep.... my mom just told me to ignore it and go back to sleep....being a
rather obdient child as opposed to the present me...i did as i was
told....however when i got back into my room the laughter was
louder.....and it was really scaring me cos it seemed that i was the only one hearing sister being a light sleeper in nature would have heard it and be
as wide awake as my.... but instead she was alseep.....dead as a log.
i just jumped in bed, shut my eyes and tried to sleep but no avail i was
too scared....i was up till the break of dawn.
that isn't the end....the next evening ....when my mom was preparing
dinner i was playing in the kitchen where she could keep an eye on me.
still a lil shaken from the experience from the night before i was just
weary of the back street....keeping an eye at it every so often....then it
happened....i saw an old man....his face was peaceful....however he was
gesturing me to go with my mind he was telling me to join him to
better place....i was scared....i closed my eyes turned away and looked
back..... the old man with the peaceful face was gone! just in broad
daylight he just disapeared without a trace. when i asked my mom whether
she saw an old man....she told me not to be silly...there was no old man.
my encounter isn't the only encounter in the sister... she
claims she can see 'things' from time to time....she told me that one
morning during the 7th lunar month ( chinese ghost festival...where souls
from the underearth would be freed to roam for one lunar month) when we
had to go to school....she saw a face thru the gate....a very pale face
....with long grey hair away staring at her....she too during that time was unaware
of what she was encountering......and being her aggressive self she just
snapped at the spirit saying..."stare what stare haven't see before ahh?"
her favevourite malaysian phrase) then just before the face the appiration just dissolved into a mist.
a few months cousin had a rather bad car addident but luckily
enough he had his seatbelt on and he wasn't hurt. the car was a total
wreck. the night before this...he sister-in-law claimed she heard him talking and
joking really loudly with a myterious person in the back street at 1 am in
the morning.....being an early sleeper as he is he was already in bed
snoring at 11:pm.before my parents and my 4th uncle had a conflict in ideas and stopped
interacting..... i used to frequent his house play with my
cousins......just one occasion when i was left in my cousin's room when
she was getting a drink. i heard really loud breathing....i got really scared
 and ran out of the room and practically flew downstairs in fright. i never
told her about that occasion cos that was her room and i didn't want to
alarm her.
 now that i have moved away from my old house i am still wondering....what
 lurks in the back street? is it good or evil i'll never ever know.
however when we have our family reunions i try my best to steer clear from
the back street at night.




I have had very strange experiences myself. I was sitting on a beach(as I
did very often at the time), and I had an image of police cars, and lights
at our house.I didn't think much of it at the time, as I thought I was
just imagining things. I was visiting my grandmother's house for the
weekend(where I am now living), and several times, my mother would call
and not give even a hint that anything was wrong. The last day of my visit, my
mother called me, and told me, that our house was broken into by the man,
that we had to house-sit for us, and several things were taken, including
my nintendo, which was my prized possession at the time. I then found out,
from then on that at my grandmother's house, my subconscious mind is more
prone to signals, or messages. Why?, I still do not have that answer. I
also had another experience, also at my grandmother's house. My
grandmother asked me, to look for Erica(my little cousin). I hopped on my bike, and
was ready to ride down the long stretch of road, along my grandma's house,
when I had a gut feeling to check by the water at the beach. I was going to
ignore it, but I wanted to see, if my senses were right. I checked by the
group of small private beaches, and there she was. I got there soon as she
dipped her foot in the lake. I still don't know exactly what would of
happened if I wouldn't have been there, but I try not to think to much of

The Window


My friend Shane and his mother live in an old house in deep East Texas. The house is an old wood frame house that was probably built in the 1940's, or so I guess. It is a small house with 2 bedrooms and one bath. The house sits on a hill off of a short dirt driveway and the closest neighbor is about 2 miles away. I have witnessed many strange events at this house,and one comes to my mind when I hear of ghost stories.
I decided to spend the night at Shane's on the first night they moved into the old house. When I arrived, Shane and his mother were trying to find a way to get inside because his mom locked the keys in the house. We went to the back of the houseand pried a window open with a claw hammer. Unfortunately, some pieces of the wooden window frame was broken off and we put the pieces in a pile and said we would fix it later the next day.
That night when everyone was asleep in their rooms, I was tossing and turning on the couch in the living room. The house waspretty quiet except for the faint sound of a fan in Shane’s room. I finally drifted off to sleep but would soon be woken up by something to this day I cannot explain.  At around 2:30 am, I heard a noise coming from the direction of the window I had crawled in to unlock the house, it sounded like someone was hammering. My eyes stayed closed for a moment and half asleep I thought Shane’s mom must be fixing that window. Suddenly my eyes popped open, wait a minute I thought, it is the middle of the night and no one would be outside fixing that window. I sat up on the couch and looked into the darkness as the loud hammering sound continued. I stood up
and started to walk toward the sound and as I got closer the sound stopped, I didn’t hear it anymore after that. I waited for a moment thinking Shane or his mom would come investigate with me, but they were sound asleep and didn’t hear a thing. The next morning I told them about the sound I heard and they were puzzled the same as I was. Shane’s mother then told me of the time she saw her grandpa's ghost on the day of his funeral. She saw him in the barn next to the house. Chills went down my back when I thought that maybe it was her grandpa fixing the window in the middle of the night. We went to look at the window and it was still broken as we had left it. Maybe I interrupted the ghost when he was doing his repair work? I will never know.(About a year later I was spending the night at Shane’s house when I witnessed a car accident right in front of his house. Around midnight, a car coming around a curve ran off the road and hit a group of trees, four people were killed instantly. I wonder if there are more spirits wandering around that place?)


Haunted House??


I am a believer in ghosts having heard of many peoples experiences with them.
 Well, I never had oone of my own until I moved into my present house.  I
have lived here now for a little over two years.  A lot of strange things
happen here but nothing that makes me feel threatened.  The first thing that
happened was right after we, my best friend and I , moved in.  We were
watching the television when he looked at the hallway real fast as if he had
seen something.  I noticed but didn't say anything yet.  About 5 minutes
later he looked at the hallway again.  That was when I said something to him.
 All he said was that he had seen something, or someone, real short, about 3
feet tall or so, run from his room into the kitchen.  The second time he said
it ran back into his bedroom.  When we got up to investigate and to see if it
were possibly my dog, the dog was sound asleep in the kitchen, which is shut
off to the rest of the house by a half-door so the dog cant get out.  Well,
about a month or two later, I was home alone and I had seen the same thing
run from his room to the kitchen.  I blew it off like my eyes were possibly
playing tricks on me...when I looked away I felt a cold, hard breeze blow by
my hair.  It felt as if someone swung their hand at my hair.  That kinda gave
me the creeps.  My sister has seen this short "thing" run from room to room
as well but I do not know the story to that.
  Another thing that has happened at the house involved my new room mate.
Well, I was sleeping on the couch and she was in the bathroom getting ready
to go to work.  She works at a bar so it was in the evening when this
happened.  Being that it was dark and there was lights on in the house in the
living room where I was napping, the window in the front on the opposite wall
acts like a mirror.  Well, she could see the top of the couch where I was
sleeping and she looked in and saw me, or what she thought was me, standing
in front of the couch and looking down at it and scratching its own head.  A
minute or so later she came out to talk to me, but saw I was still sound
asleep.  She woke me up and asked if I was just up standing in front of the
couch.  I told her that I haven't even so much as sat up yet.  So it seems
something was standing by me and looking down at me.  I am just glad this
"ghost" is a friendly one.
  I am friends with a girl whose brother used to own this house and before I
could tell her of any of my ghost stories involved in the house she blurted
out that the house is haunted.  It seems her brother complained of doors
slamming and cupboards opening and closing all the time.  She said that one
time the sliding glass door in the kitchen even flung open by itself.
  Other then those few specific stories not too much has happened other then
the occasional "noises" and footsteps.  One could say it might be my dog, but
most pet owners would agree that you become accustomed to your pet's noises
after a bit of time.  And some of the instances when I have heard the noises,
my dog was sleeping right next to m, and I was home alone.

Possible Demon at the Hospital


I believe in God and accept Jesus Christ as my saviour.  But up until
this time I didn't believe, I didn't WANT to believe that there
was a hell and there was satan and demons.  To tell this story literally
scares me to death.  This is only the third or fourth time I have ever
told this story.  I was taking call on midnight shift at this little
rural hospital in Missouri.  It only had 40 beds at the time, and from
the time I started work there, I always thought the place was kinda
creepy, especially at night.  So I get this call that there was a
housefire and that they needed xrays on a guy who jumped out of a
window.  I get my clothes on and go in to do my job, but for some
strange reason, I knew this wasn't gonna be no ordinary night.  So I get
there, and I find the guy sitting on a stretcher in the emergency room.
He was full of soot from the fire, but that's not what caught my
attention so much.  It was his eyes....those eyes that looked at me
seemed to be analyzing my soul!  And the smell, he actually smelled like
something dead and rotting!  I shook off the feeling and got down to
business.  I told him we needed to do xrays on him, and proceeded to
take him over to the xray department.  I had previously turned on all
the processors and warmed them up to develop the films, and turned on
the indirect lights in the xray room, but didn't bother to turn any
lights on in the workstation.  So I brought this guy over and start to
do the exam.  I asked him if his family was ok after the fire, and he
calmly said "I don't know".  I asked him what he meant and he said "what
does it matter?"  So I dropped the subject, feeling VERY peculiar about
the whole situation.  I found it VERY strange that he didn't give a hoot
about his family at all, or at least didn't indicate it to me.  So I got
done with the exam and went to develop the films.  In the darkroom I
started to get a little queasy of the stomach and lightheaded, and just
blamed it on the chemicals.  But the worst was yet to come.  I started
to type the information on his paperwork, and this time I got severely
sick, with a horrible sound ringing in my ears.  My vision got blurry
and my fingers each felt like they weighed about 500 pounds a piece.  I
was paralyzed like, sick, and very confused.  I happened to look in the
room at my patient, and noticed him starting at me with the same
peculiar look he gave me in the emergency room!  He had a wicked looking
smile on his face and looked like he was about ready to come off the
table at me.  I yelled out "please help me God, PLEASE!" and the feeling
subsided.  Needless to say, I was very frightened, and was afraid to
look in the room again.  When I finally did, he was gone!!!!  I gathered
up my films and ran back over to the Emergency Room and told them that
the guy left.  They said that he was back over there, that he must have
came in the back way or something.  A little while later, the guy got
antsy and wanted to leave right then!  He got downright hostile with the
nurses, and I was in the front waiting room and happened to hear the
commotion and went to look.  The guy ran right by me out the Emergency
room doors and out into the night.  As the guy ran out the door, every
fire alarm in the hospital started going off, I sware as God as my
witness.  The fire department was called, and no explanation was to be
found for the alarms tripping.  Everyone knew, especially me, we had had
a strange visitor that night.  After that incident, I had read about
people feeling dizzy and nauseated in the presence of demons.  I was
dumbfounded!  Now I DO realize that what visited me that night was a
demon of the devil himself!


The Overnight


hello im 13 years old and this story happened when I was 12...I stayed all night with my 2 friends there were 17(girl)and 14(boy)there were home alone because there parents we out of town for three days!My friend(who was 17 and is now 18)ask me to stay all night and i said yes .Well i have always thought that her house was haunted because You can just feel something there when you are in the house(it was a huge house)Well my mom decided to come and check on us and as she walked by the bathroom she heard someone say her name in a low whisper..well she dident mention this untill i said "man its cold in here"and my mom said "did on of u all say my name just now"and we all we confused because we had been watching a movie.My mom saw a figure through the window behind her and i was shaking so much i was about to go in shock...anyway she left and it was
just me and my 2 friends there alone!Well we went upstairs awhile and locked the doors(there were like 4down stairs)and we heard a door shut from down stairs(we was up stairs at the time)we went to check it out but we dident see anything!We also got a phone call and when we said"hello"whoever it was just took a deep breathe and hung up.well that next morning we were woken up by what seems like music was her brothers cd player it had came on by itself!I was so scared i wanted to go home...well she went to take a shower and i was down stairs ALONE watching tv and the channel changed from 25(mtv)to 3(news)i was so stuned!she told me that the t.v has been goin off by itself all day!Well i went home and stayed the rest of the day!ok that was my storie here is others i have heard from my friendat 3:00am in the morning the cd player(which she had speakers in every room)came on full blast and woke everyone up!then her brother was asleep on the couch when he opened his eyes to find a man with white hair walking down the hallway he thought somone broke in so he said"who is there"they disapered!they dont live there anymore it has been a yr since ive been in there house but even my friends mom has had stuff happen to her like someone saying her name while she was there alone and the tv changing on her and also one time she was in the kitchen and she was making cookies when the over turned on by itself!i know im 13 and u may think im lying but im not!

The Face


I have experienced feeling spirits and entities many, many times, but
i've only actually seen one once. And I think that the main reason I
*DON'T* see them now is because that one experience scared me so
completely that I guess I thought it was enough just to know they're
there, I don't have to see them.

When I was 15 (you ever notice that a LOT of stories occur when people
are 14 or 15? i wonder why that is?) I lived on a farm with the second
oldest house in the area. At the time it was about 100 years old, and
just across the lane there was a smaller house, that apparently my great
grandmother lived in for the last years of her life, in the 50's. She
died long before I was ever born, and I don't think I even saw a picture
of her. Since then the house had been used as storage, but it was pretty
much taken for granted that wierd things happened there.

It was a hot summer day, and it was my job to mow the 4 or so acres of
grass around both houses. We had a ride on lawnmower, and i was working
towards the back of the smaller house. There were lilac bushes about 10
feet from the house, and no one bothered to mow in between the bushes
and the house before, so I figured I would do this, up to the trees just
south of the house. I had always gotten a bad feeling about the trees,
and never ventured into them in the 7 years I lived there.

I'm riding on the lawnmower close to the trees and the small house and
suddenly the lawnmower just stops. The engine is still running, but it
sounds as if it's laboring, and the blade isn't working at all. The
first thing I think of naturally is all the long grass clogging up the
blade, so I check, but it's clear. Then I shut off the mower, turn it
back on again, but it's still acting the same way. I checked the oil,
the gas, everything is topped up and working fine.

You know how you could be doing something, completely preoccupied and
suddenly you feel as if you're being watched and just naturally turn to
the person who's looking at you? That's exactly what happened to me. I
turn to look at the house, the side that's parallel to the trees, the
side of the house that I hadn't seen before, and I see a small porch. In
the porch is a window, and blocking the lower half of the window is
something white. Above this is a face. It has asbolutely no features,
and I remember thinking, my god, it has no hair. It has no eyes, nose or
mouth either, but that's the first thing that jumped into my head. I was
absolutely frozen with fear. The malevolence emanating from this thing
was like an electric shock, that just held me in place.

I have no idea how long I was frozen like that. Could have been minutes,
could have been seconds. But finally I broke free and ran to the house.
I told my mother what I had seen the ghost and that there was NO WAY I
was going back out there. She said you just want to get out of mowing
the grass, get back out there, so I had an ice tea and calmed my nerves
a bit, then went back out.

The lawnmower was still there, of course, only now it was idling fine,
like nothing had happened. I refused to look at the window, and to be
quite honest i refused to look at that part of the little house for
several years. When I finally did, there was nothing blocking the little
window at all...of course someone may have rearranged things, so who

Our barn was also haunted. This was a very old barn, built the same time
as the old farmhouse, and it had huge sliding doors into the horse
stables and the cow stables. I could barely push these doors, and my
younger sister definately couldn't. We also had some old horses that
were well into their 30's, enjoying retirement. One day the stallion
disappeared. We couldn't find him anywhere. We assumed he was in some
trees north of the farm yard just hanging out there. He would do that
every once in a while, but would always come out, so we weren't that
concerned. A week or so after this my step father noticed the barn
lights were on. They would do this often, we thought perhaps mice
chewing through the wires or something, so he went to shut the lights
off. As he neared the barn he smelled something bad, and went into the
barn. There was our old horse. Someone had opened the barn door, opened
the oat bin, then CLOSED the door and left him to die a horrible death
of bloat. There is no way one could access the barn from the road
without us seeing from the yard, and I know it wasn't one of us. Finally
one night after I moved away, the barn just burnt to the ground. They
never did figure out what started it. Probably a mouse.

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