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The Closet Man/Black Magic Lesson


I have a story to tell that scared me so bad, it took me 25 years to try and write it down.  You may believe as I tried to convince myself, that it was all a dream.  You may not believe it at all.  I don't want to believe it, but it happened and it wasn't a dream.
In high school, I ran around with a guy named Cliff, my best friend.  We grew up together and had each other to lean on when times were tough. In our junior year, the school offered a class called, "Witchcraft and Folklore", which we thought was the best class the school ever offered and we both signed up immediately.  The folklore part was interesting, but we were both totally engrossed by the witchcraft aspect.  We threw ourselves into that part, reading book after book on occult, black magic, anything like that.  It was just interesting, that's all.  But, it didn't take too long to change.Cliff and one of his friend were talking about spells one day and his friend mentioned that he was having trouble winning the attention of this girl he liked.  I don't know the particulars here, but I think Cliff might have mentioned that he could cast a spell to help the guy out.  The guy, Jim by name, readily agreed and plans were made for that night.Again, I don't remember a whole lot about this part, who was there, who wasn't, but I don't remember being there, even though it's possible I was.  I know that there was an incantation invoked and that it had the desired effect.  Jim got his woman, but we all got more than we bargained for.  One thing here:  This was just for fun.  Cliff and I just did this out of boredom, really.  We weren't trying to kill anyone or fly, or anything like that.  It was just something to do.  I don't think we even thought  about it working....I know we didn't think about the consequences.
Here begins my story:
One night, (it might have been the same night the spell was cast) I was laying in bed listening to music.  It wasn't too late, but my room was my haven away from my four sisters.  I was drifting toward sleep at the time, when I heard some one open the door to my closet.  I look over and I saw the door was open.  It look like whoever it was was standing inside the closet shining a flashlight out into the room.   Annoyed, and thinking it was one of my sister, I told them to get out of the closet and leave my room.  The light went out and to door became closed.  I didn't see it close.  It just became closed.Confused, I sat up and tried to make sense of what just happened.  Before I could form a conclusion, I noticed a misty outline forming just in front of the closet door.  It only took a few seconds to realize it was the form of a huge man and as I looked on in horror, the image became very clear.  It was a robed man.  He was transparent except for his face.  Everything was gray, but where his face was, it was solid black.  One of his arms was thrown over the top of his head.  The other arm was under his chin and his hands were bent in such a way that they form a rectangle frame around his face.  As I watch, the man started drifting toward me.  That's when I screamed.The room  was freezing.  I picked up a chair and threw it at the man, but it went right through and hit the closet door.  I screamed, "GET OUT!!" and pushed myself against the far wall.  The man drifted back against the closet door and slowly faded to nothing.  It was then that my father walked in and he wasn't very happy.  I told him what I had seen and he explained that the mind can really play some dirty tricks on you while your sleeping.  I tried to believe that, but I was finished sleeping for the night.
The next morning, Cliff called.  He had just heard from Jim that the spell he used worked!  Cliff was pretty excited until I told him what had happened to me the previous night.  We agreed to talk about it and Cliff drove into town to talk to me.On the way to my house, he passed right by Jim's and when the car got even with Jim's house, the car just died.  And that'swhere Cliff left it.  He walked (or ran) the rest of the way to my house and we were both totally freaked out by this time.After a few more weird things happened, each one bringing on a higher level of fear, we consulted the minister of Cliff's church, who in turn contacted a priest from the diocese in the state capitol 35 miles away.  We met with him at Cliff's church.  The priest was an old, frail man, but he really did exude a power and we felt safe in his presence, while all three of us related our stories to him.  He was very concerned, but he told us that he thought it might be a warning to stay away from the dark element.  He talked for quite a while and then finished with a prayer.  Upon departing, he gave my a crucifix that he told me to hang on my closet door.  I did and that's where it stayed until we moved out of that house.I never saw the apparition again.  We never messed with black magic again.  There are pieces of this story missing and I have asked Cliff to relate them on this site to fill in the missing areas.  I hope he does.  I know that it still gives us both the creeps and we refer to it as "the demon".  What it was, I don't know and I have never heard of any one having anything similar happen to them.  I can't help but wonder about the significance of the light, or the manner in which he positioned his arms, but maybe I don't really want to know......

Haunted Highschool


variable name: Back when I was a teenager in highschool in the early 90's I went to a private school in Litchfield CT. I have been told that the capmus was haunted, I pretty much found out for my self that it is so very true. Or for that fact the whole town is.
Well any way, My encounter was in the schools art building, which used to be the old dinning hall. One night I decided to get extra credit by going into the main art room to do some of my paintings, mind you this was at night during study hall time. since I was a senior I was allowed to use my study hall time for this. I started to do my work at 7:00pm til 9:oopm. That is when my encounter happend.  Now 9:oopm or I say exactly 9:05 pm I was starting to wrap things up, I also new I was the only one there, because I was the only one given permission to be in there and all the doors were lock including the one I came in, because I lock it.  What had happend at 9:05 was I heard foot step above me walking around in a circle, like someone was slowly walking around something. Now I knew there was a second floor, but I had never been up there. Not to many have, being the fact that we were not allowd up there.  The activity up on the 2 level started to get a bit livelier I figured it maybe a teacher or just someone clean up. so I went  out side to the front to see if any light were on or not, there were none. I was starting to get scared.
I quickly went back in side to clean up my stuff, I decided I was done for the night. On my way out I was a bit eager to get out I heard what seemed to be a model train go around on tracks on the 2 level. At this time I am freaking out and more or less scared.  The next day I told a few of my friends, and it first they did not believe me, so at the same time at night the next day I took them. They heard the exact same thing I heard at the exact same time 9:05pm.we all ran out of there as fast a we could catching people's attention.Later we had found out by the school's historian, that the old headmaster of the school love trains and that he had built a scale railrode track from scratch, and when he died the school named the building after him and  left the track right were he had left them and then locked the door so the tracks would not be tampered with. The school  historian allowed us to see them, and the fact that the door was locked and the lock had lots of dust on it showed me that  there has been nobody through that door for years.  We saw the track but no train. I had told the teacher who was also the historian that I heard a train and some one walking around, and so did my other friends. He said you are not the first.

My Dad's Phillipines Story


well i have had no experiences,but my dad has.

it happened in the phillipines, just as he told me.
he was not even born yet but his grandfather was still living and his great
granpa had just died. one time a maid told him this story when he was quite
young. one time the maid was cleaning on the top floor hallways,usting and
stuff. then she went inside my dad's greatgrandpa's room, which now belongs
to my dad's uncle. their house was full of antiques and nothing but antiques.
in the room stood my dad's great gramps rocking chair. according to the maid
there was an old man sitting in it. she thought it was my dad's grandpa {not
great grandpa!} so she said "hello grandpaa juan" {thats his name} and left
the room. no one else was in the house. then in the drive way she saw grandpa
juan pulling up the drive way. in confusion she thought....if grandpa juan is
there.....who is sitting down upstairs?

case 2-
  my dad was still a college student at the time. he was studying the human
skull and unfortunatley needed one. so his uncle bought one from the cemetery
they are cleaning up just miles away to put a buildind in its place. so he
bought one and gave it to my dad. my dad was checking out the skull and left
the room. a maid asked him if he had a guest. my dad had said no, and then
the maid asked why there was a lady in a gown in his room. my dad had thought
it was a joke because that maid happened to be superstitious. then when he
went to get a snack,he bought the skull with him. there,he saw something.
while he eating, there was a tlevision on the counter which he didn't want to
turn on becuz it might interfere with his studies. he looked up and saw
something on the screen of the t.v. he saw a lady sitting on the couch. he
turned around and no one was there. he soon hid the skull and until
now...they still hear footsteps and moans...from my dad's room.

 my great uncle tony bought a house in the mountains called baguio.
{bagiyo}the house was very lonely...stood on a dirty runway next to the
horrorful teacher's camp {where the japenese hid the bodies of the dead or
killed japenese soldiers.its the place which was rated for the most ghost
appearances.} in the house, there existed a very violent spirit. my granma
was away on a trip so my dad went to sleep at my uncle tony's house with his
brother rey.
they slept on the couch.
during the night, his couch shook violently. he woke up and thought it was an
earthquake, but saw that rey's couch wasn't shaking. so he layed down. then
he heard the faucet go on. and a sound that sounded like a 100 year old's
footsteps chee chee chee ..... he tried waking rey up but he was dead asleep.
so he moved to his nephew,j.p.'s room. he slept and  was awaken by heavy
wieght on his stomach...he ignored...thinking it was j.p., but had seen that
j.p. was turningg the other way... then he looked at his shirt . his stomach
was going down and his shirt was wrinkling. thuis he knew that something was
sitting on his stomach. then he cursed at the ghost...which frequently got up
because his stomach soon lifted up and his shirt became unwrinkled.

*ultra case-
   my dad never seen his grandma becuz she died when he was still in his
mom's stomach.
he went into my cousin's kitchen here in baldwin park, and at the corner of
his eyes,he saw something standing there. he looked but she wasn't there. {it
was a she because  she was wearing a white gown} then he went to talk to my
cousin and came out and something passed him by. cold air. and he saw her
shape in the mirror in the kitchen. he went to my grandma and asked her about
it. my grandma reacted :oh yea! today's mom's anniversary!: it figured.

 when my dad and 3 of his friends were walking by a restaurant in
phillipines, they remebered lady chayet died. later that night one of my
uncles  got drunk and went to the restaurant,which my dad, and the 2 still
normal uncles followed...or spied on.
he went up to a lady in the restaurant {he forgat chayet was dead } he
noticed that this lady was taller than he remebered. he saw that she was
floating.  then the head tuned around and it was lady chayet....he screamed
and fainted and my dad and his cousins had to carry him out.

 the reason ghost always come to my dad is because he has no featr of them.
and believe me, i know. we were at his house in the phillipines, and saw an
antique candle. as soon as i said "there is no such things as ghost dad!'
the candle lit up. all my dad said was "spirits,if  talk to me while my
daughter isn't here"
then the candle flew by fast as if the someone threw it, and it ended up not
being lit at all!!!! maybe it got mad because of what i said. later that
night i heard my dad. he was talking to someone! he looked retartded!!! then
i over heard him say "if it weren't for that car you could have still been
alive "!!!!   then the next day he was talking to my uncl and said "did
cousin luis really die because of a car accident?? a black car on this
certain street?" my uncle responded yes.....and asked how he knew becuase his
cousin died long before he was born .....   maybe my dad has the sixth



By: janicer@Princeton.EDU

In December of 1998 my husband and I lost a very dear friend.  Our sweet
kitty boy Sampson was hit by a car about five days before Christmas.
Needless to say we were devastated as we adored him and he us.  He was
ornery and stubborn but deep down we knew he loved us as much as we
loved him.  One of the things that Sampson would do to indicate that he
wanted to go out or come in was to stand in the window and claw the
screen demanding our attention.  It was quite annoying as well as
destructive to the screen.  When Sampson was gone for a couple of days
my husband removed the screen from the window in order the repair the
damage he had caused by clawing at it.  That evening I was sitting in
the living room wrapping presents and lo and behold I hear Sampson
clawing at the outside of the window demanding to be let in.  Without
giving it a second thought I jumped up from the floor and took about
five steps to the door before I realized that not only was Sampson gone
but the screen was no longer in the window.  However, that was
definitely what I had heard, Sampson clawing to get in.  Later that
evening I said to my husband in a very off-hand way and without using
Sampson's name that, "He's been back."  You can't imagine my reaction
when without even missing a beat my husband replied, "I know, I've heard
him too."  He heard Sampson clawing at the screen as well!  It only
happened once or twice after that but I would always go to the door and
open for Sampson.  Strange, maybe but I wanted to make sure that he knew
that it was still his home and he was still loved very much.

Thank you for listening...

Haunted History


Hi, I have been seeing spirits since 1978. At first I thought I was dreaming,
but now I know I am not dreaming. All the people I have spoke to about this
either think I'm crazy or they think it is my subconcious mind acting.
It all started back in 1978, in my college dorm room. I was sleeping and was
awoken by a cold breeze. I noticed at the side of my bed there was a figure
of a young man with long blonde hair. He was dressed all in white but I only
saw from his shoulders to his waist. His dress was like a thin see through
drape. I was startled and turned on the light. Of course he was gone. At the
foot of my bed was my light. It was just as tall as the young man, so I
thought it was just a dream.
When it happened again about a week later, I called out to my roommate and
said to her I think we have a ghost. All she said was that I was dreaming and
to get up and get some water.
I went to one of my professors and told him about this. He asked me if it was
menacing. I said no. It wasn't at this time. He told me if it happened again
to go to a parapsychologist. I didn't know where to go or whom to see so I
didn't do anything.
It happened again in my parents home. I went to bed and was just about to
fall asleep when this little child came out of the headboard of my bed. It
just looked at me and then vanished, a minute later a woman came through the
headboard, she looked like she was beaten up and very worried. She vanished
through the headboard.
Another time, there was a menacing figure that came through the upstairs
balconey door. He was very scary, with dark black hair which looked like it
was never brushed, dressed in a total black flowing gown, he also had long
hands with long nails and vampire like teeth. He flew or glided quickly
towards me with his nails clenched and ready to strike. All I was able to do
was gasp and cover my head up to my eyes. He went back through the door.
My friend and I heard that there was going to be a parapsychologist coming to
the YMCA, at only a $10.00 charge. So we went to see this  woman.
During her lecture, she asked the audience if anyone had ever seen a ghost or
spirit. I raised my hand after a few other people raised theirs. She looked
straight at me and said I was wondering when you were going to raise you had.
She mentioned to me that if I ever saw those spirits again to call her or get
the book "Ceremonial
Magic" by, Daniel Cohen. I tried to phone her but was unable to locate her. I
also tried to get the book but no one was able to get it for me.
I moved to California in 1981 and lived with my cousin for about 3 months.
During those 3 months I received some spirits and a bright light only in the
The first spirits were a male and female, dressed in long black gowns. I
didn't see the face of the male but the woman was very beautiful with long
dark hair. I looked at them both and said hi, they looked at me in fear and
hurried back into the closet. I never saw them again. The next one was a
black man.  He had the laugh of the old Coke commercial. A deep hardy laugh
kind of hoarse. He was throwing plastic hangers at me. I sat up in bed and
said don't throw hangers at me give them to me now. He gave them to me but I
could not feel them. He began to laugh again and disappeared. The next day my
sister told me that we were going home because my mother was very ill.
Time passed and I still had spirits visit but not as frequently.
I moved to California again to be with my sister. I didn't get any spirits in
her home but my brother-in law said I was walking in my sleep alot.
I moved to my apartment and the spirits visited again. I remember one was a
man with short blonde hair. He had deep blue eyes and was at the side of my
bed. We had a conversation, but I only can remember this. I told him that if
he wanted the gold colored blanket he could take it. As I lifted it to place
it at the foot of my bed it vanished.
I moved into my new husbands house and saw this most beautiful spirit. She
was so lovely and very calming. She was just like an angel floating in the
air. She was dressed in a thin flowing white gown with lace and a vail over
her head. She was breathtaking. I woke my husband up and showed him her but
he couldn't see her. All the the spirits that came to see me my husband can't
see. He must think I am a crazy person. I also see cartoons on the walls,
puzzles on the ceiling and walls, numbers and words that move so fast it is
hard to read them. I asked whatever was doing this to please slow down so I
could read it  but it never did slow down. I also see things in my closest
and a light in my closet. Sometimes I see fingers opening the door and eyes
peeking out from the small opening.
Where ever I go I see these spirits, but only at night.  Sometimes I feel a
presence of someone in the daytime. I look in that direction but nothing is
there. Sometimes I see a shadow pass by in the hallway but I never get a good
look at it because it is so quick.

 Nursing Home Locked Facility


              One such experience occured at an alzhiemers facility where I
worked the evening shift. We started off the shift around 3pm with 5
c.n.a.'s, and then at 10pm, when everyone was tucked into bed, we dropped
down to one cna and myself, the charge nurse. Being an alzhiemers facility,
every door was locked, except those common areas where our patients could
roam safely. The building was an older building that was obviously a large
house that was converted to accomidate @ 30 patients. It was quaint and
homey. Table lamps, large mirrors, sofas, everything one would furnish their
home with. To get to the back bedrooms was sort of a small maze of hallways.
               One evening, after 10pm, the last cna was finishing up the
laundry, down the hall. I was at the tiny nurses station, finishing up my
last charting. When I turned the chair, I saw a womans shoe I recognized.
(Never occured to me to wonder why I did'nt trip over it on my way in the
nurses station) So, I proceeded to return it to it's owner, in the back
bedroom. On my way through the little, dimly lit maze of hallways, the hair
on my neck stood straight up. I could not bring my self to look into the
mirrors as I made way back to her room. I walked increasingly faster and
faster, till I reached her room, then I threw the shoe in some general
direction of the closet, all my hair standing up and terror in my heart. I
could not see who was right on my tail, but I felt like I was being chased,
so I ran! When I got back to the nurses station, there was the last cna,
running down her hall towards the nurses station, asking me if I felt scared.
I said yes, while we hugged each other and cried in the nurses station, I
called for back up, my brother-in-law, who lived down the street. After I
laid the phone on it's cradle, we heard the loudest "click" I ever did hear,
and then the deadbolt locked kitchen door, loudly creaked it's way open,
while we stood there, hugging each other and crying, watching that door
slowly open to it's full potential. I never really shared an experience like
this with anyone, so that made it more frightening still, because now it
could'nt be brushed off to my active imagination. But, after some time has
passed, it still isn't the scariest thing ever to happen to me. I feel as
though I am a magnet for this sort of stuff, which makes me look and feel
like a kook. But, I can't deny what has been tossed my way.

Air Force's Unwanted Recruits



House of Haunts


Back in 1971, my mother and father purchased a house in La Puente, California.  It was a single story, 3 bedroom home. We we told by neighbors that a very violent death occurred in the front bedroom right before we moved in.  We didn't think much of  it until strange things started to happen.  On several occasions I was violently shaken awake to find no one in the room and  heard my name being whispered when no one else was around.  Things like ashtrays were thrown across the room.  Strange scratching sounds came from within the walls.  Several times the door to the front bedroom would not open.  My mother was gardening in the backyard one day and heard knocking, first at kitchen window then the bathroom window, from the inside.  Thinking it was my dad home from work early, she went inside to find the doors locked and no one there.  My father saw a ghostly figure of a woman with a flame in her cupped hands walk down the hallway and vanish.  He started going to this lady who told him to burn incense throughout the house to cleanse it, but the strange things kept happening.  Finally in 1979, my  parents sold the house.  On the day we moved out I was left in the house alone to wait for the movers and I actually heard
a faint weeping  coming from the back of the house.  I ran out the front door and never stepped inside it again. The house is still there.  Sometimes when I'm in the neighborhood I drive by,  wondering if the owners now have experienced anything strange.  I don't have the nerve to go up and ask.

Daddy's Goodbye


On April 11, I spent the day with my father in the hospice. We knew he was
getting worse, but didn't know when he was going to die. My husband, our
infant son, and myself, decided to accompany mom home to get some rest.

Sitting in mom's room at 12:45 a.m. in the early hours of April 12, thinking
about the day, about dad, I was suddenly blinded with bright, pulsating
light. I had never seen anything like it before. It was extremely bright but
did not hurt my eyes. I thought I was going blind. I got up, groped along the
wall to get to the door to go tell my husband to wake up and take me to ER.
By the time I got to the door, the lights shimmered away.

I have never been able to find out what this was. I am a skeptic. I had a CT
scan done. Normal. Had my eyes checked. Normal. A specialist tells me that it
might have been an occipital misfire in the brain.

But I know better.

Next visit to mom's house, she showed me dad's death certificate. Time of
death on dad's death certificate:  12:45 a.m. April 12, 1992.


Double Haunting


Hey my name is Ernest. I am 15 and live in Denver, Colorado. My house is
located in an old part of town first inhabited by the Irish, then the
Italians, now the Mexicans. My house is about 60 years old. There has only
been one family to ever live in this house (besides mine), the DiBonas. They
were an italian family consisting of Fred DiBona, his wife and two
daughters. They never had any pets, and nobody has died in this house. I am
pretty sure all the DiBonas are still alive. I think there are two ghosts
living in my house.
First, in the basement, I think there is a spirit of a phantom dog. Our
basement is set up with the two main rooms forming an "L" shape. In one of
the rooms there is a waterbed. Once I was folding up laundry and saw two red
light reflections "hovering" about a foot and a half on top of the bed. I
thought it was nothing at the time, as i could not think of any rational
explanations of the, and i had never sensed anything paranormal in my house.
Well months later i was playing with my dog on the stairs to the basement,
and I shined a flashlight into it's eyes. I then recognized the two
mysterious red light reflections. Have you ever shined a light into a dog's
eyes? If not, the effect is similar to the "red-eye" effect in photography.
I realized that i had seen the EXACT same reflection in my dog's eyes that i
had seen in the mysterious reflections, except that the mysterious
reflections were RED, while the ones in my dog's eyes were a deep blue. And
im sure it wasn't my dog because he was outside at the time. Awhile later
that month I was folding up more laundry and i felt as if i was being
watched. I was home alone, so i called my dog to the basement. He is just a
little bichon frise dog, so i heard his little nails click down the linoleum
on the stairs. He came running up to me, and suddenly tuned towards the room
with the waterbed. He looked as if he were anticipating something coming,
and then he started growling. He then began wrestling with some invisible
phantom dog and it looked as if he were losing. He got pulled up into the
air by the scruff of his neck and slammed down onto his back. He appeared
pinned and just laid there immobilized staring into the eyes of some phantom
opponent. I was swinging at the air around my dog, connecting with nothing
so I grabbed the little mutt and ran upstairs. Another time i was doing
laundry (If you guessed this was a regular chore of mine, you are right) and
i heard clicking noised in the room with the waterbed. I realized they were
the sound of a dog's nails clicking against tile. Then i heard a soft,
distant howling and whimpering, quite different of my dog's and besides he
was at the grooming salon. I got freaked and ran upstairs. Now everytime i
enter my basement i exclaim "Any mischievous spirits are unwelcome in this
household. Be banished in the name of the LORD!" I never have had an
encounter with the dog since.
I also believe there is a helpful spirit in my house. Sometimes i just come
home and just kick off my shoes and lie down on the couch. Most of the time
i just leave my shoes under the table in the living room. But in the morning
when i am in a rush and looking for my shoes, and i suddenly realize that
they are at the door of my room, with the laces untied (which i NEVER do).My
parents blatantly deny having anything to do with this, and i know they
expect me to be responsible for all my stuff, and would never do this kind
of thing. Also sometimes when i come home my radio is on even though I
turned it off before i left. Sometimes It is turned off in the middle of the
night (I like to fall asleep and awaken to music), even though i leave it on
at night. I also constantly feel like i am being watched in the hallway from
the living room in the middle of the night when i go to the bathroom. Once i
looked into the living room to see if i could see anything watching me, and
there was a sudden blast of white light on the wall in an irregular pattern,
not a circle or sphere like flashlight light, and not as bright as lightning
or a camera's flash. A lot of times things are physically out of place in my
house, and move there instantly. Once i bought a red false jeweled ring for
a haloween costume, and the jewel part broke off. I spent all night looking
for it, and it turned up under my parent's bed, even though i had not gone
into that room with the ring, and certainly not put the ring anywhere near
the bottom of the bed. Im pretty sure this is the work of my Grandmother, as
she has done some paranormal activity in my house before, but thats another
story. Well i'll tell the story some other time. Email me if you want to
know anything else or to comment on anything.

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