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Priest on the Stairs


This incident occurred about 20 years ago in Mishawaka, In. when I was
only 9.

Our house was built in 1904 so it had the huge solid oak doors and
trim.  The living room was very long with ceilings which are 12ft.
high.  I hope you got the idea of the architecture of this house.  The
basement was a full one divided into two rooms and this is where most of
the "presence" seemed to be.  I will get to that later.  Back to the
house though,  the master bedroom was downstairs with its entrance being
oak sliding doors.  All of the fixtures were of the early 1900's also,
so the living lights were hanging chandeliers one at each end of the
living room.  The upstairs had 3 bedrooms with a landing at the top with
a bannister guarding the stairs.  The stairs were enclosed and curved
and this will be important in a minute.

The house upstairs wasn't insulated well so in the winter it was cold
and in the summer hot.  As a consequence my two brothers and I slept on
the pullout couch downstairs.  One night my younger brother and I went
upstairs to get ready for bed and as we were going down the stairs I
looked back up due to the feeling something was there, and I saw an
apparition  coming towards us.  I screamed and told my brother to look
up, he did and saw the same so we flew down the rest of the stairs and
yelled at our parents to go look for the man.  They did and of course
nothing was there.

Now let me describe the ghost, he was not opaque he was complete in his
form, and he was dressed in a Catholic priests clothes.  I noticed this
because we were not catholic, but my friend next door was and I visited
her church just down the road.  I thought this very peculiar, but what I
thought even more peculiar was the fact he was holding a gun pointed,
what I thought was at us.

Of course my parents told us we were young and had very vivid
imaginations and it was nothing.  Years later however, my mother
confessed she new the house was haunted also because when she was the
only one home she would hear something walking upstairs and on the
stairs.  We always had German Shepherds and our dog would growl at the
ceiling and would never go in the basement.

Now on to the basement.  I knew there was a presence here in the back
room where the water heater was because it was much colder and felt
"wrong."  It felt evil and bad and didn't want anyone there because you
felt you just had to leave immediately.  I want to say that the upstairs
didn't have this feeling to it even though this is where we saw the man.

I am not sure the history of this house and soon after this incident we
moved to Florida.  on my dads company transfer.  I just want  to give my
opinion on this after researching different types of haunting.  I feel
this was a replay of some kind and I was a witness to it.  I do feel
there might of been more than one presence, because the evil in the
basement was different that the other and the one in the basement didn't
want anyone there.  He did other things too to give us  this feeling.
Mostly the noises were harmless and no bother to us, but it was the
basement that we avoided for whatever reason.

I would love to hear what you all think of this and the type of haunting
you feel it is.

Old Rag Mountain,Virginia

By: Unknown

Corbin Hollow Trail near Hood VA -  Shenandoah Natl Park
In the spring and winter in 1995 I repeatedly hiked the Corbin Hollow and Weakley Hollow Trails with my dog. I chose to do so alone though to this day I do not know why.I am not particularly brave and this area is very remote on weekdays. At first it was a feeling of dread in certain places. I wandered off the trail occasionally to search old homesites  prior to the park. Most of these were 1880 - 1920's. The most recent ruins being 1930 when the Shenandoah park was created by condemnation of private lands held for generations by owners from out of state and mountain squatters. There are many ferocious tales of fighting and death among the mountaineers in the area.
One day as I decided to ascend a remote trail off of the Nicholson Hollow Trail towards Skyline Drive I was overcome completely by the dread feeling. It was in the Spring just as everything is greening up and not a dreary time in the woods. As I stepped over a log in the trail I was instantly overcome with an intense thought of SNAKES. And as I went a few more feet I realized that I had had an impression of snakes since I had left my car. In fact being alone with my dog and hiking 20 miles at a time I usually just relaxed and enjoyed being away from it all. I immedicately turned around and ran back down the trail with dog following behind. I was terrified. As I got to the log in the trail and proceeded to step at a run over the log there I saw a huge green snake. I never looked back or returned. I ran stumbling like a fool for about 1 1/2 miles. There are dozens of homesites and cemetaried in the area. I feel that I had a psychic impression that confirmed the dread I had felt on earlier occasions.

Emory University Ballroom


Georgia, Atlanta, Emory University Ballroom, Cox Hall.
When I was a student one of my good friends was the guy who ran the catering service for the university, i rented a room from him.  He told me about a spirit that many empolyes have seen.  This is what he told me:  BAsicly he was working late one night cleaning up and had sent everyone home and was finishing up when he saw a large, about 6'5" and over 275 pnds black man in his early thirties, bald, wearing dirty overalls and a simple cotton shirt.  He nodded at my freind and then walked down the halway.  My freind thought this was odd and went to go ask him if he could help him as the location also has the cmputer lab which has been vandalized or attempted theft befor.  He walked around the corner (in a hallway with only locked doors) and hit a dead end were there were no possible exits.  The man could not have gone in any door beacuse they were all locked and my freind had not heard any doors open and the man had only been out of site for a minute.  Plus all thedoors lead into offices which only lead back to the hallway.  Anyway he mentioned it the next day to one of the workers and she said to the effect : oh thats just george the ghost.  Geroge wasn't the name she used, i can't remember, but the gist of
 it swas many people had seen him, always dressed the same way and always freindly but not talking.  No one knows why, the buidling is realtivly new (no more than 10 years old), but the university is sitting on very old land beloning to the very afluant family that used to own Coke-Cola

Frustrated Frights


Hi Dave.My name is maryann and Im from jersey too. Since I was a child I have
always been bothered by ghosts. But my parents never belived me. It was not
until I was an adult that my parents agreed that somethin was not right about
the house I grew up in. They say they didnt want to scare me. People should
not tell children that "its only their imagination" they should teach their
children not to be afraid otherwise children feel either they are now totally
vulnerable to the ghost because n o one believes them, thus intensifying the
fear, or they think if this is my imagination then I am a nut case.To this
day I still hear sounds and see thing from the corner of my eye. When this
happens to my children (very, very rarely) I just tell them maybe its
granmdas dog visiting  or something that wouldnt scare them. If I can get
away with blaming on the wind, I do,but I will not let them think they are
   Anyway, here is one of my stories. When I was a teenager I had my own
phone number in my room. One day I was having an argument with my boyfriend
(this boyfriend was not good for me). The phone in my parents rang so I told
him to hold on while I answer it. When I did, no one would answer so i hung
up. Back to my argument. A few minutes later the phone rang again , no one
would speak so I took my anger out on the dead air and hung up. As soon as I
got back in my room the phone rang again so I didn't answer it. After about
thirty rings I couldn't take it anymore. When I got to the door of my parents
room ,with my own eyes I saw the receiver jump off of the phone and swing
back and forth by itself. Needless to say I ran out of the house until my
nonbelieving parents came home and told me a truck must have passed by (on
our quiet street) and the vibration must have knocked it off the hook.But
what caused the cord to swing back and forth as if someone was holding it
from the middle and swinging it???
Whats your opinion?

Meyersdale PA-Private Residence


My grandmother's house is pretty old, when you walk in the stairs are to the left, the living room is to the right further down the hall is the dining room, the dining room is open, to the left of the dining room across the hall
is the basement door, if you walk past the two theres the kitchen and the bathroom. The dining room is haunted by a woman, the previous owner that died there, you can feel it when you walk by. When I was little I wouldnt leave
the living room alone I'd stay until someone came looking. When my dad first married my mom they had to stay there for a while, my dad went down to the kitchen for a drink during the night on his way back upstairs he felt like he was being followed and ran the rest of the way. My mom said when she was a kid and they first moved in an elderly man came to the house asking for a woman that my mom never knew, she said no you have the wrong house and he left, she went to the living room and looked out the window a few minutes after he left and he was gone, the way the house is you can see all the way to the end of the street. My mom believes it was a ghost.

Believe it or Not

 I am a happily married, family man, with a good sense of humour. My friends, and perhaps
 even people who know me,who are indifferent to me, would say, that at least,  I have integrity and am honest.
The incident in question happened in Winter 1983. I was 26, a craftsman gardener working in the north of
England.  Mid-week in mid winter was just awful. Frozen snow all around, coupled up to a chill factor that made the Algarve top of my fantasy list...
Having to trim a Godforsaken hawthorn hedge in the middle of no-where was the order from my boss's office, ( his cosy,warm, inviting office.)  It literally was in the middle of no-where, out on the moors.  No logic at all applied to this fool's errand, but, keen for further promotion, I took one of my men, and out into the frozen north we went.     After an hour, we were dead on our feet, ( not that we could feel them of course...)   I turned to my equally frozen colleague, smashing lad, Garry , His father was as tough as they came, a bare knuckle fighter ( highly illegal ) who owned his own gym locally. Garry was totally different, so much so, I often thought he must have been switched at birth, polite, well spoken, never said a bad word about anyone.
I asked Garry the time, "2pm" came the reply. To this, I remember distinctly saying what the hell were we doing there, that it was madness, that I wished to God that I was at home, in the warm... Having vented my spleen, I got on with the job, and was delighted to finish by 3pm, just as hypothermia was setting in.   By 4.30pm I had parked up my motorcycle and walked into my home, to be greeted by my wife, Beverley.  ( just incidentally, Bev was the double of the lovely Carolyn Jones who starred as Morticia in the original Adams Family.)  Bev, level headed, very intelligent, who did not suffer fools gladly, looked at me quizzically... Did I come home at all today ?   If Bev said she had spent the night with  Leonardo Di Caprio and just played cards, I would tend to doubt her. On the other hand, normally, Bev is honesty personified.  She was making the beds, when she heard the front door open and close. She called down, and saw me walk up the stairs towards her. Bev said that two things struck her as strange, one, she didn't hear my motorcycle arrive, as she normally would, and two, it was an odd time for me to be home.  I apparently walked into the bedroom, disturbing the bamboo curtain, faced her briefly,
 smiled, turned and walked into the bathroom...  and never came out... Not easily frightened my Bev, more astonished, then curious. My appearance was at 2pm, exactly the time I wished I was home !       I have no recollection of going home, in body, I certainly didn't. Bev said I was solid, real, I moved the curtains and didn't alarm her in any way.  Some clever psychologist out there will have a neat, pre-packaged answer for it,  fine.
Believe or disbelieve as you wish,

House by the Graveyard


I first would like to say that I love you site! I have almost all your
stories and even I the confirmed horror adict got the chills. I have had some
ghostly experiences in a house I use to live in. It wasn't untill the other
day that my mom and I  were shoting tha breeze and the subject of ghosts came
up. We both admitted to each other that that we thought pur old house in
emporia ks was haunted. It was the first time since we moved from there that
we talked about it; I was seventeen when we moved i'm twenty now. Anyway we
lived in the little old boring town of emporia Kansas for about three years
and during that we had some pretty hinkie things happen in our house.
Nothing of course far from the average hauntings. My mother and I both hear
footsteps in different parts of the house countless times. Many times my mom
and i can remeber hearing the voices of several people in house while one of
us were home alone. It was never distinquisable what the voices were saying
but they were definatly there. Every day when I came home from school i
became accustom to heavy footsteps in the unfinished side of the basement and
then usually loud crashing sounds as if a box fell. When I would go to
investgate everything would be in it's rightful place untouched by human
hands at least. There were many cold spots in the house ands many rooms that
i could never go in. The guest room for example was so stifflingly cold and
still that it made ones hair stand on end. It's hard it explain but the
overwhelming since of evil in the guest room made one fles in fear on seconds
after entering. infact there were many rooms my cat would not go in including
the guest room. This is very unsual because my dear old cat is very nosey and
always in to everything every where. I also experinced many sicking damp
musty oders thoughout the house: i mean the kind that literaly blew over and
sent your stomach churing. My mom told me that one morning when she was home
by here self painting the living room  that some pretty werid things happen.
She had all the doors locked since she was by herself but when she went to
the kitchen for a drink she noticed the silding glass doors that opened to
the court yard were hanging open. She closed and locked them and went back to
work only to find later when she returned to the kicthen to find that they
were hanging wide open again. The same day she opened a window in the guest
bedroom to let some cool air in. When she went back later to close it while
she was still home alone she found it already closed and locked! It wasn't
long after that that i had the day of for conferences or something. I was
watching tv in the family room and decded to close the inside shutters on the
two big windows reduce the sun glare on the tv screen. After i finished
shuting and latching them i head to the powder room. When i got back all the
shutters had been pulled back open. Anyway those are the highlights of waht
happened in that house. Mind you things would also disapear and then reapear
on the oddest of places as to be expected. My mother and i are very
disapointed from never actually seeing a ghost only fleeting shadows now and
then. There one more thing I would like to mention that happened. One weekend
morning my family woke up to find long scratchs across and covering the
kitchen table. They looked as though they had been made with a penicil
I don't know much about the history of the house. It was about thirty years
old the poeple we bought it fromk built it and rasied there children there
and lived there ever since. A neighborhood elder did tell me that anoter
house stood on the lot. Also i think it's noteworthy to add that we lived
just arounf tehh corner form the town cemtery and crypt. In the fall with the
leaves off the trees we could see the head stones from out front windows.
What a lovely view eh!
Note: I left my father out of this because he is the scpetic if scpectics and
won't believe for a moment that there's such things as ghosts or that out old
house was ever haunted. In short he's a pain in the you know what.



Hi there, I have been reading your stories and decided
to add my own to the mix. My friend Adrian had just
moved into her new house. It was the first time she
had lived away from her parents and we were all going
to have a huge party at her new house. As we got ready
for the party, we realized that the house was
freezing. This was immpossible because the power had
gone out two hours before, and the AC was not working.
This is Florida in mid summer, it was over 90 degrees
outside and 100% humidity. Yet the thermostat in the
house said it was 65 degrees. We tried to ignore it
and decided to make it a black out party, the kind
with candles and lanterns. Well the party went fine
and me and three of my friends decided to stay the
night. About two hours after the party ended, about
2:30 or so, I woke up with a feeling of dread. At that
instant, Adrian started screaming, this woke up my
other friends and we rushed over to her. Now Adrian
was prone to night terrors so this is the first thing
we thought. But then she woke up and started telling
us that she had seen a man kill an entire family in
her dream. Now Adrian doesn't remember her night
terrors, so this was unusual. Sara, Adrians friend was
versed in hypnotism and we decided to put her in a
suggestive trance and see if we can help figure out
the dream. It wasn't long before we all got goosebumbs
and noticed that we could see our breath. At that
point Adrian started dscribing the killings in the
voice of a small child, we figured out that she was
the youngest daughter in a family of five, and that
the killer was her moms ex husband and her father.
Suddenly Adrian started screaming that he was coming
after her. We were afraid that if she was killed in
the dream, that she would die in real life. So we
started altering her vision by inserting her Dungeons
and Dragons character to give her strength. She slowly
woke up and needless to say she moved in with Sara
until her lease was up.  I also want to point out that
Dungeons and Dragons is only evil if the player is
evil. The game itself is just a game, no more.

Ghosts Crossing


About five years ago I was out with 2 girlfriends of mine.  We were on
our way to a party and had gotten very lost.  The three of us were in the
front seat of a pickup truck on a dark road that seemed to go on and on
with no turns.  We were all pretty worried as we didn't even know what
town we were in at this point.  Suddenly we all saw what looked like a
shadow in the road.  It looked like a woman in an old fashioned hoop-type
skirt with a small boy right behind her.  The image was flat on the
ground and at an angle like a shadow, but was  much darker and more
clearly outlined.  The image became visible just before we drove right
through it.  My friend slammed on the brakes and we all screamed, but we
had already driven right over the image.  We stopped there in the middle
of the road and Ally, the girl who had been driving, looked over with
tears in her eyes and asked, "Did I just hit someone?".  We hadn't felt
any impact, but we all thought we had hit a woman and child.  When we got
out of the truck to look around we saw nothing.  We talk about that night
still, and wonder what, exactly, we saw.

Why Me?


My name is colleen, I'm twenty four years old and for as long as i can
remember i have seen things. My family thinks i'm strange, after all they
won't admit to the things i've seen.
I always find it hard to begin talking of the strange occurrences within
my life. My parents find it easiest to joke about it. A few of my friends
take me seriously, and my husband feels helpless.  I find it hard because I
truly don't know where to begin. Things have been happening to me since my first
memories, and then some.  I have always commented that I live in a haunter
house, however to be more close to the truth, I am the one who is haunted.
While I cannot vouch for the first encounter my mother can. I was adopted
at birth, I have known this all my life however I have never known anything
of my birth family. Shortly after my parents adopted me I fell ill. From the
time I was three months old till I was nine months old I had sever
bronchitis. My mother being a nurse was told that the best thing that
could be done for me was to have a vaporizer running constantly in my room. It
was good sound advice but it eventually led to having the ceiling fall in on
me. There was no place in my room that there weren't large chunks of plaster,
except for my crib. The plaster had fallen in large chunks and it was easy
for them to find the pieces that would have been right above me. They were
across the room from me.
My parents being shook up moved to another house.
The next story my parents are fond of telling comes from when I was three.
This one I remember. I was on my way upstairs to my bedroom. This had been
my room for as long as I could remember. I got to the top of the stairs
and walked into my room and there standing in the doorway of my room was a
man. He was wearing a black outfit and had blue eyes. No white to the eye just
blue. That's when he started moving towards me. I screamed and flew down
the stairs. My parents recall hearing me scream and then seeing me not touch a
single stair on my way down I continued ranting that there was a ghost in
my room. My parents assured me that there was no such thing. They escorted me
upstairs and put me to bed. From that point in time I saw the man
frequently. Not ever time was as scary as that time, at least not until I
hit ten. When I turned ten my father got a job in another town. On the moving day I
saw him standing in the window to my room. He was very upset. That was all
I could tell. Then three months into living in our new home things started
happening. My room would continually be 20 degrees lower in temperature
than the rest of the house.  Things would disappear out of my room and appear
in the backyard, my grandmother's house, even at my school. Then the door
started opening and closing on it's own.  As if this wasn't bad enough I
began hearing voices. I would hear my mother calling my name.  I would go
through my house asking my mother, father and brother if they had called
me. They never would. By now we had lived in the house for about two years. We
had gotten a cat and dog. They would only go into my room when I was there
too. My dog would stand and bark at my room. But the man from the old
house did not show up again till I was 15.
I woke one night out of a sound sleep with a start. I did not know why I
had awoken and then my dog started barking.  That's when he appeared. He was
standing in my closet just staring at me. From that point on till I moved
out on my own I never had a peaceful nights sleep again. My parents would
complain of me kicking the walls of my room, or slamming my door
repeatedly, they even came in one summer day to find the window open. The room was
freezing though. It had been 90 some odd degrees out and the air was on
but my room was 50 degrees.
When I moved out at the age of eighteen things followed me, but the did
not affect me. Others were the ones who saw things.  This continued till I
moved back home. By then my cat had died mysteriously and my dog was going
blind. Things started up again but this time my younger brother was having
similar problems. Things got so bad that I could not spend a night alone in the
house. If I did I would wake with large bruises and scratches on my body.
The few times I did I found it easier to blame them on the dog, or the
next door neighbors. Sometimes even on my own imagination as there were times
things got so bad I found I had to turn to sleeping pills or alcohol so
that I could sleep and ignore the things I saw.
It was at that time I turned to my neighbor across the street. She was my
age and she had some of the same sorta things happening in her house. That
was when I went to volunteer at the historical society for the county. The
entire area that was our subdivision had been Indian grounds up until the
mid 1800's.
After finding this out I quickly moved. But things followed me. I moved
out of the town but still they followed me. Eventually I got married; my
husband being a firm skeptic just laughed at me. That is until he spent his first
night at my parent's home.
With me gone whatever was in their house began attacking my brother. He
got to the same point that I did that he could not stay home alone. For that
atter neither could my mother. So they put the house up for sale and
moved quickly. The house took forever to sell no one wanted it would look like
it was going to sell and then it would fall through. This continued for nine
months and then someone finally bought it for significantly less than what
it was worth.
They bought a brand new house, right next to the old soldiers and sailors
home and orphanage. This place had bothered me since I was going to summer
camp and an after school program there when we first moved.  The orphanage
had not been used since WWII. But I could hear the sound of children
crying from different buildings and the playground.  Our fist night there we both
hear the sounds of children crying coming from the closet. And then the
faces started to appear.
My husband and I have a new home where the lights dim occasionally and the
cable goes out in our apartment only. The man still appears in the hallway
of our home, and now two little girls can be seen.
My friends all say that it is just me, after all no one can have luck bad
enough to live in five different haunted homes. Or can they? You tell me
is it just me?

Unexpected Visitor

By: Tien Pham

    It happened four years ago and it also my first year in college. I was living with my sister and brother in-law at that time. I remembered...I went to bed early that day, but keep in mind I wasn't tired. The minutes I closed my eyes I realized that I have fallen into a deep sleep, but wide awake somewhere else. I saw this man who's in his early 40's, I never seen him before. He just look at me w/o blinking his eyes, I noticed that his face were green.
I can't move, I don't know why and I don't know if this is real or it's a dream and I also don't know when does it last. I got up the next morning and went to my sister's bedroom and told her the dream that I had. This is weird....the moment I step inside her bedroom.. on my right hand side she hang a picture of a man in his early 40s. I was scared and surprised whyshe has his picture on the wall. It was pretty spooky....I sweared... I saw the same man last night. I described the man tomy sister and she said it was her father in-law. The story when back to the 70S.. when her father in-law were killed by the Vietcong which is the North Vietnamese. She said
that the Vietcong cut off her father in-law's head and throw it somewhere. When the family found out; the only thing they recognized are the other half of the body which is from the neck down. After that I packed my stuff..........OUT!

A Night to Remember



A few years back when I was first starting to become interested in the supernatural and the
occult I was involved in a group that for fun purposefully went out to find things that were
strange,unexplainable and just down right weird. Well we had recieved word that we might be able to
find one such place several mile outside of the city limits back off in the woods. It was rumored
that an old satantic cult had used to have ceremonies at a clearing far back off of one of
the farm roads. Well after checking some sources one of the guys (and all names are changed from
here)Sam knew where this place was so four of Sam,Jake, Mike and myself all pile into Sam's car
and go off on our adventure. Well after we found the road the only way to really get back down into
the place was to drive backwards so that you could be assured that if you needed to get out of
there you would not have to back out all the way in a hurry and the distance is more than a quarter
of a mile down a very narrow dead end road with no turn arounds. Anyway,after the backward trip into
a completely pitch black backwoods dead end we were getting pumped up to get rolling when all of
a sudden I get hit with this wave of complete and absolute dread and fear. Jake and Sam had already
exited the car and gone to the edge of the woods and Mike and myself were getting the last of the
flashlights and stuff together. I looked at Mike and told him I cannot go. He starts to protest
that we were all in this together and that staying would just be chickening out. I told him I did not
feel well about this and he too admitted to be a little shaken but it was not going to stop him. A
second later Jake and Sam ran back to the car and jumped in looking at me and say hey you can't stay
by your self in the car. What was strange is that there was no way they could have heard mine and
Mike's conversation since the windows were rolled up and they were already some distance from the
car. They both told me that they had got this overwhelming sense that if we were to seperate
then something terrible would happen. I thought to myself for a moment that would I rather be left
alone in the middle of nowhere or take a risk and do what I had came for and stick it out. So as we
make our way out of the car and start walking back up the trail into the woods we all stopped at the
same time and listened. We started hearing the growling and howls of several dogs. At first they
were in the distance but they quickly started closing in. We all looked at each other and
without a word we all started running back to the car. As soon as we jumped in and closed the door
we started to hear crashing all around us coming from the woods as if many different someones or
somethings were about to crash down on us at any moment and the sound of dogs barking were right
behind us. Sam hard trouble getting the car started at first because he kept fumbling the
clutch but he finally got it and we tore up the road about 200 yards and stopped to see if
anything was following. We could not see anything with the flashlights but we deffinately heard the
dogs closing in right behind us. Sam gunned and right before we made it to the end he stopped and
we yelled what the h#*! are you doing?!!? In front of us the road was covered in a huge swath of some
dark red liquid. The dogs were catching up right behind us and we could still not see them but as Mike and
myself were looking out behind this figure in a dark brown or black robe passed right
behind the car and that was that Sam gunned it The next day we came back with several people only to
find a couple of dog tracks and all else peaceful. Thanks for reading and sorry about the lenght. I
have had other experiences since then and will relate them from time to time here. SL from Texas

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