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The Sleeping Hag

Hello, my name is Guy and I am only 14 years old but I know a good deal
about ghosts and I have even encountered many, some of them even scary
experiences. I am not sure where to begin because I have had tons of experiences with
ghosts and as did my family. I'll begin with my father, who had the first
ghostly experience in the house located in New Jersey, where we still
live. It was about 15 years ago, and he was sleeping in a room on the second
floor of our two story home. It was around 6:00 AM when he felt something crawl
into his bed, he thought it was his dog, but, to his shock it wasn't. His
dog was nowhere to be found and suddenly he couldn't move. It felt like
something was holding him down. After a few minutes the thing disappeared. The next
morning, around the same time, my father was awakened by the same feeling
of something crawling into his bed. Again, he couldn't move and it felt like
something was holding him down. He somehow found it in him to raise his
arms and feel around and was shocked when he felt what was like the old,
clammy, arms of an elderly woman, he believes it was the ghost of an old woman. I
later read stories about something called a "Sleeping Hag" which visits
people and paralyzes them so to speak in their sleep. When I was born a
year or so later my father put me in that room and he moved into another room
on the second floor, 3 years later my sister was born and we were both put in
the room and shared it. When I was around 5 years old, my sister was fast
asleep across from me in the room and I was staring at the ceiling, when,
out of the corner of my eye I saw something walking into the room, stop and
stare at me, and then continue walking until it disappeared. It looked like a
tall being, about 7 feet tall, in a bluish black robe. I called my Mom in fear
and I slept with her the rest of the week. Nothing seemed to happen to us
again, until we moved downstairs when I was about 7 years old. When my family was
talking about ghosts during dinner, the phone cord started shaking
violently and stopped only when we stopped talking. That was the last thing that
happened until a few years later, I was 13 years old and everyone was
asleep, we had just brought a mirror from upstairs to our downstairs, that night,
it began to scream. A blood curdling scream came from my parents room where
the mirror was placed, and my father and mother both woke up in shock, my
father claims the mirror was glowing. Now, a few weeks ago, the screaming had
returned. In the middle of the night a screaming came from my parents room
and only my mother awoke, so scared she ran into my sisters room to sleep
with her for the rest of the night. That same night, around 3:00 AM, I
woke up and looked to my doorway, and I saw what looked to be a white
translucent figure, about 5 feet tall, just staring towards me, well I can't tell if
it was looking at me, but I had that strange feeling. Thinking nothing of it,
and not knowing of what happened in my parents room that night, I fell
fast asleep and tried not to think about it. The next morning, my parents told
me about the screams they heard last night, and I suddenly remembered what I
had saw, and I had a sickening feeling in my chest, knowing, I had seen
another ghost. Nothing has happened since then, but I believe something will very
soon. If ANYONE has any experiences similar to the ones I have talked
about, please, e-mail me at it is interesting to see who else
goes through these ghostly experiences.

The Lady in Gray


 One night I was over a friend's house sitting alone in his basement
bedroom while he took a shower.  No one else was in the house besides the
dog who happened to be asleep on the bed.  I had the TV on so that there would
be some noise in the creepy, dim basement.  His house was very old, about 150
years old to be exact and had an aura of otherwordliness.  His parents had
restored the house and decorated it in the Victorian style.  Anything
modern was carefully disguised.  The only rooms that were modern were the kitchen
and my friend's bedroom.
   He had been in the shower for about 10 mins when I heard his front
door open.  I thought this odd because no one should have been coming over.
His parents were out of the country and his sister was over her boyfriends.
Assuming that it must have been his sister, I walked upstairs.  The front
door was standing wide open, but there was no sign of anyone in the house.
    I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I closed the door
and turned around to walk back downstairs.  Suddenly I caught a glimpse of
something gray out of the corner of my eye and turned around so fast I
almost fell.  Standing beside the stairs was a barely visible woman dressed in
dark gray, wearing a bonnet and carrying something in her hands.  I blinked my
eyes and shook my head, praying to God that I was seeing things, but she
was still there.  I was speechless.  I had seen things I couldn't explain
 before... even a few that could have been ghosts, but she looked like a
 projection.  I could see right through her, but she was mostly visible.
     My friend opened the bathroom door to see me staring at his staircase
like an idiot.  He asked me if I was ok and I looked at him and started to
laugh.  I'm sure he thought I was losing my mind.
     I told him what I had seen and he paled visibly.  He then told me that
his mother and sister had seen her at the bottom of the steps, usually
after hearing the front door open.  I finally got him to admit that he saw her
once on the upstairs landing.
    I have been over his house many times since, but besides the
occasional feeling that someone is there or walking through a cold spot I haven't
seen the Lady in Gray since.


The Devil (a dream turning to reality)


 My grandmother is in the old folks home as some people call it.  Sometimes
I go and pick her up to stay the weekend with me.  She can't walk on her
own. Well, I picked her up about two weeks ago.  She was very surprised about
my new house but she didn't want to stay here for some strange reason.  So I
promised to take her back the very next day.  That night I put her in the
bed and she fell asleep almost instantly.  I stayed up for a while and watched
TV.  As I was watching Mad TV, I saw something move out of the corner of
my eye and go into the restroom which you can see from the living room.  It
looked like a white cloud or something.  I was dumb and followed trying to
be nosy.  It disappeared into thin air and I felt my hair on my arms rise as
a cold chill or wind pass me.  I just stood there for a while in shock like
I can't believe what I just saw.  I saw a real looking cloud in my house and
it disappeared, when I thought about it I stood there and screamed (don't ask
me why it took so long for me to scream).  I had to hurry up and shut-up
before would wake up my grandmother.  I went to sleep, but first I called my best
friend for some comfort.  I had a weird dream that a fine man came out of
my closet, I mean the best looking man I have ever seen.  He sat on the end
of my bed.  He asked me how was I doing.  I told him fine.  He came a little
closer and I got a little scared.  He told me not to be scared that he was
my dream man.  He came a little closer.  And I started to run but I didn't
(because you know this part is a dream right) then he asked me if I
believed in God, and he came closer and I saw his eyes they were just black holes
and a worm started crawling out his nose.  I told him I wanted him to leave
and he went back into the closet.  I woke up in a sweat and opened my door to
find my grandmother sitting in a chair at my door with a Bible in her
hand. I asked her what was she doing there and how did she walk all the way to
my room alone.  She said she saw the devil walk in my room and had to pray
for me.  She never answered the question about how she walked to my room and
has not walked without help in about three years.


Blue Orb

By: The Howe Family

Presently I am 19 years old. And as a child I knew there were spirits but I did not think that they could visit us or that they could be seen.  On several occasions I have seen a circular like blue ball. It would hover in one section of the livingroom and them suddenly shoot off into to no where. I was told "oh your just seeing things"etc. I believed that until my 13 year old brother,and 4 of my good friends have seen the same thing. I do not know if they were ghosts or not. Another time I was washing dishes in our kitchen and I was home alone. I was listening to the radio on a rather low volume. Then all of a sudden the volume was cranked up. I looked at the volume knob and It was turned. At this point I was starting to believe. I have on several occasions heard my name called whaen nobody else in my home was calling me, I have seen things out of the corner of my eye, I have had horrible dreams about ghosts and evil spirits. And so much has happened in between. It is at the point where I will do anything not to be left alone. On some nights I have went to bed terrified and I don't even know why. I was so scared of something that I was shaking. Some nights i do not even want to go to bed. I have stayed up until 4:00am until it started to get day light out. I often have dreams of my deceased grandfather an grandmother, whom I was really close to. I hope I do not sound crazy to you but there are very few people I can tell.And Iknow for a fact that they might even exsist. my best friend who has no religion has reported to me that she thinks that there is something in her home. Sometimes her dog acts weird as does mine. She hears pepole taling in her basement when no one is home and no TV's or radios are on. Too may events have happened to me and others for me not to beleive in ghosts. I

Odd Experience



I was at my part-time job at a local Kansas City
wholesale club. I work in the cafe, and had already
closed up for the night. I was cleaning up in
preparation to go home, and had cleaned everything
except for the frozen beverage machine, which I had
forgotten all about.
     Suddenly, a number of lids for the frozen
beverages, which were on top of the machine, fell off
onto the floor, drawing my attention to the machine.
There was no movement of air in the club, and no one
else was in the kitchen. The lids were pretty securely
placed on top of the unit, within reach, but not in
any place where they would teeter and fall on their
own. I felt that "someone" had knocked the lids off.
When I went over to pick them up, I saw that I had not
cleaned the frozen beverage machine. I would have been
in a lot of trouble the next day, because the machine
would have been very sticky and nigh impossible to
clean. I can only conclude that some spirit was
reminding me to clean that machine.
     I believe that it was one of the ghosts from my
house, who sometimes follow me around. However, one
girl who worked there before I did told me she feels
that the club itself may have a ghost.
     The date and time this happened was May 6, 2000,
about 8:30 pm. There was a very rare planetary
alignment going on, BTW. Only happens once every 400
years or so.


Witty Spirits


 hello, my name is sara and I live in winter haven florida, about three
years ago I was visiting my aunt just a few miles away and she had claimed to
hear her dead friend in her house all the time I was not sure weather to
believe her or not. but one night my cousin and I were watching tv in the  family
room and we heard a party in the living room I mean people and music and
it was really kinda loud when we got up to see what was going on the music
stopped and there was nothing there. from then on I noticed other things
like hearing bells, the radio comming on by its self ,electricity going on and
off in the kitchen,cold spots, and other things that were out of the ordinary.
those things soon became normal to us. I also  saw a ghost when I was a
small child, but I thought later looking back that maybe I imagined it all now I
know that i didnt. I also am no longer afraid of spirits and they come to
me often and generally they are pretty nice.  thank you for  reading my
story, and remember that nothing is impossible and most spirits are whitty and

My Worst Fear

By: Cheryl Fletcher

    Four years ago my husband, Danny, and I moved into my deceased great great great grandfather's house.  My family had always considered it haunted, but we needed some place to stay, and my husband and I were interested in the challenge of "fixing it up".  We spent about three months wallpapering, painting, and carpeting.  During those three months we found many things missing, or as Danny called it, misplaced.
    When everything was ready, we moved in.  One night I was alone in the house.  Danny was on a business trip.  I am a very heavy sleeper, but one night suddenly awoke.   My room was so cold I could hardly breathe.  I looked towards the window, expecting to find it open, but instead I found a thin, young women with long black hair.  At first I was alarmed, but then I had a odd feeling of comfort by the women.  She seemed very familiar.  I knew that I had never met her in my life, but it was almost as if I had met her in a dream. At first she just stood there, watching me.  Then she slowly got up and motioned me to follow her.  I was still very cold, but I got up out of bed and followed her.  She would drift in and out of my sight.  As I was following her, I noticed a familiar scent.  Like roses and lavander.  I couldn't make myself remember where I had smelled that before.  She continued to walk and motion me to follow her.  She was soon opening the door to the atic, my worst fear.  For some reason, I wasn't afraid that night.  In the atic I found all of the items that came up missing, and a journal of my great great great grandmother.  Tucked away in the journal was a map to a spot on our land.  There we found pure gold underground.  My ancestors had buried it during the rush, because they were already wealthy enough.   If it wasn't for that night I don't know how things would be that day.

Haunting in Malta


My name is Rosanne and I live in Malta, a small island in the
Mediterranean.  I never thought I would be here telling people about my
experiences but after reading all the true stories, they somewhat
convinced me to write.

A few years ago my friend of mine and myself went out to have some fun.
It was Saturday evening and we went to the playingfield to have some
"childish" fun.  There were 3 swings, I was on the first one, my friend was in the
middle and the last one was empty.  As we were swinging to and fro the
last swing began to swing by itself.  Simple solution you would say...the top
rod holding the swings was being moved in a way that moved the swing too.  But
it wasn't like that at all.  The swing was kinda following my friend's
swing, exactly the same movements.  And the best thing is that when we
shifted places and did the same thing again the swing did not move at all.
We got really scared and we ran home.  To this day we cannot find a
rational explanation to it.  We were the same age and approximately the same
Anyway another thing happened to me a few years after this incident.  It
was a hot summer night.  I could not sleep with the heat and I decided to
fetch a blanket a sleep on the floor, right opposite my bed, just beneath the
window opposite the bed for some fresh air.  I was fast asleep when I was
awaken by a strange feeling of being watched and looked up and saw a very
handsome man sitting on the foot of my bed, with a slightly smiling face.
He was all in black, his hair long and black.  He was sort of beckoning me
to him by his staring, black eyes.  I spoke of this incident to a friend
of mine -this guy was once part of a satanic sect, he practised black magic
and so forth, but at that time he had already quitted, so I asked him.  He
asked me if this "guy's" hand were like that of a goat, but I don't remember
this guy as having these kind of hands, although I am not sure.  All I can say
is that he was extremely enchanting.
Another incident I cannot possible find a rational explanation to is that
one evening me and my sister were getting ready to go to bed.  We lived
and still do in the same house.  My sister's room is exactly opposite mine so
our doors are exaclty opposite each other.  My sister is afraid of the
dark and she never sleeps in complete darkness.  She was switching on the night
light that night but something went wrong and she felt a small shock
tingling in her fingers.  She got scared and shouted.  At that same
moment, in a split of a second she saw a white shadow moving swiftly from her and
out of her room and at that same precise moment I saw it too in my room.
As we were preparing to go to bed neither me nor my sis had closed the door
for the night and so this kind of energy passed from her room to mine.  It
vanished immediately, only visible for a split of a second.  But anyway
neither me nor her, to this day are able to explain this.
And one last thing.  At my boyfriend's home I always get the feeling of a
 presence, not malice at all but I feel it is a powerful presence.  I feel
it most in the first room of the house, just after you enter the house.
There's a chair and I feel it always sits on it.  But even in my
boyfriend's room I feel it. Once I was chatting with someone on the computer and I was
alone in my boyfriend's room when all of a sudden I got startled by some
kind of presence in the room and I turned around but obviously there was
no one.  And also my boyfriend's dog always stares in the direction of this
chair and when she does so I look keenly at her and she seems to be
looking eagerly at something or someone in the direction of this chair. My
boyfriend's grandmother moved in this house to live with them when her
husband (grandad) died and I feel that this presence is his spirit looking
over her.  In his life he used to love her a lot but died suddenly over a
week with a stroke.
I hope you find my experiences interesting.  And I thank you.

My Cousin


 When I was about 10, my cousin Eddie died very suddenly in a car crash.
 He died a month before his brother Jack's wedding, where he was supposed
 to be the best-man.  After his death, Jack and Peggy ( his fiance)
 decided to have Jack's other younger brother, Bart, to be the best-man.
 Nothing weird happened until a couple years after the wedding.  In 1995,
 Jack and Peggy had their first child.  That summer we went to see Jack,
 Peg, and the new baby.   My whole family was there and we decided that
 since everyone was there, we should call Bart and tell him to come over.
 He lives far away, so while we were waiting, we put the baby to bed.  We
 were all sitting in the living room and I was sitting in a chair, closest
 to the front door.  About an hour later, we heard a knocking at the door.
  I looked at the door and saw the screen door open.  A second later, my
 dad went to the door. While he opened it, he said, " How's it going Bart
 . . ."  There was no one there! My dad went out on the lawn and looked
 down the street in both directions to see if anyone was running( you know
 how kids are!)  No one was there. We thought that maybe Bart was playing
 a trick and went to the back door.  So we ran to it, and nobody was
 there.  Bart's truck wasn't there either.   That's when I started getting
 chills.  I felt cold all of a sudden.  I was really freaked out.  And
 just as the cold chill had come so suddenly, it felt like it moved away.
 I did not want to move, but I  had to go to the bathroom really bad (
 don't worry, this is going somewhere).  In order to get to the bathroom,
 you have to walk past the baby's room.  So I checked on him.  When I
 looked into the room, it felt very peaceful in there, as if I really
 didn't need to check on the baby.  Later that night, Bart showed up.  We
 told him what had happened and he didn't know what to think of it. My dad
 was the one who figured that it must have been Eddie; he said he must
 have come to join the party too.  I mean, it must have been him because
 that was the only time all of us had been together since the wedding.
 As their baby got older, they noticed some very weird things that he
 would do.  He would stare into space and look as if he was talking to
 someone!  He did that for a long time, and I'm sure it was Eddie.  I
 think he wanted to see everyone again and make sure that everyone was
 doing well.


Little Black Dog


 Hi, my name is Patricia Chastain, I live in Lucerne ,Cal. I moved into
 my house two years ago and i have a little black ghost dog that lives
 here with us. He only comes out at night and  the most we can see him is
 at inter time. At first i didnt believe my son when he told me that a
 little black dog is here with us, But one night as i was standing
 leaning on my couch looking at the t.v. I notice a shadow come running
 around the sofa and run in front of it and disappear . I thought one of
 the other dogs were in the house and i looked and didnt see no dog. My
 hair raised a little ,i had experienced like this before in Santa Rosa,
 Cal. We name the little dog magik,so far he hasnt been back ,but my son
 says he sees him once in awhile. This  true and i also had a spirit
 living with us in Santa Rosa,Cal. At our other house we had a man spirit
 living with us. He looked like he was in the 18 hundreds, lean, with a
 top hat and full beard.At one time hen my son was sleeping in the back
 room(which is a build on) i heard him crying and i got up to see what
 was wrong. I had to pass the fron room and the kictchen and then a small
 hall way and i saw this man sitting on his bed patting the bed. When he
 saw me he got up and and walked two,three steps and disappeaed. I froze
 and couldnt move i couldnt even walk in the back room. After awhile i
 walk in but my son was a sleep again. This spirit stayed with us every
 since we lived there.. I am a piece and do little spells here and there
 and was told that i can be wicca if i wanted, but i just read up on
 them, i have for 8 years now. I have perdicted my fathers death in 1975.
 My mom can tell you that one because she was warned of his death and
 told family members early . He died three months after i dreamed his
 death                I will tell you more about that in the next page.
 I think i filled this one up .

I feel it is Haunted


 Hi, my name is Carissa, im using my friend's screenname. I just wanted to
let you know that i really like your site. And i have a story for you ghost
section. It really hasn't been proven to be haunted, but i can feel it is.
And my friend, Anna, who has seen some things, can tell you too. O.K., the
first encounter was two years ago, halloween. I had a blow up frankenstein
for the front of our house as a decoration. The next morning after blowing
it up, it deflated. No holes, nothing. and the plug was still in. And i also
have a bride of frankenstein cardboard thing (which i really hate, because
its eyes follow you) and one day i found its head on the floor. It looked
like someone cut it with some type of strange scissor. Plus, i found what
looked like blood on her neck. But it cardboard, cardboard doesn't bleed.
And when my friend, Anna slept over with a few other friends my light whent on
by itself, then it whent off. I think it was trying to scare Anna because i
told her about it and she freaked. And on my mirror, which is still there today
(im to afraid to touch it) are hand prints. like they scratched  it with
there fingers and hit their palm down.  and my friend and I are always
scared of the basement, like being there alone, we feel like its right behind us,
we feel its presents. Mainly in the basement, and sometimes in my room. And
the least is My guest room, and attic. Now the house was built around 25 years
ago. My grandpa designed it and had it built by his company. its not built
over a burial ground and no ones died in it.

Man in Black


 My kids and there friends encountered a man dressed in black with a
solid white face,he was standing down the street moving about in a
strange matter,moving his hands,bowing down and moving through the trees
and bushes and even running toward them,but not coming to near.He kind
of appear and then disappeared.This was around midnight,on that same
night 2 other kids in the neighborhood seen this same figuare but around
10pm.They told me that the man in black just appeared out of no where
behind them,they seen him close up and said that the mans face was white
and kind of crackled looking,dressed in black with red eyes.Also,when my
kids and I seen this man he was way down the street and he would make a
bumping noise that didn't eco.The sound just traveled right to us,he
looked like he was moving and running in a fast floating matter.I don't
think this was a human.Also,2 weeks before this my neighbor told me that
her little girl can see 2 ghost that live in their house that are
teenagers,her roomate moved out of this room because he said he couldn't
sleep there and he hears odd noises in the night.I wonder if the man in
black is one of the dead teen-agers? Sarah

Haunted Houses

I bought my house 13 years ago in Center City Wilmington, Delaware. My
neighborhood was built in the 1850's so it is concievable what I have
experienced is for real.

I live in 2-two story row houses that are inter connected. Historically
I can only go back to the 1930's. My house was a candy store then non
denominational church then privately owned until 1987 when I bought this

I live primarily on the first floor and sometimes when I am alone or
when my former girlfriend would stay here with me we would hear foot
steps walking down the hallway of the second floor. The last experience
happened about 2 months ago when I thought my house mate was here and
said " hey Steve, bring me down,,," No reply. Dawned on me ...happened

On 1 ocassion a former housemate and girlfriend witnessed papers blown
of his desk in his room in the dead of a cold winter when all the
windows are shut.

I am grateful for the fact the prescence walks down the hallway and
stops at the top of the stairs but doesnt come down. I don't get a
feeling of it being male or female; in fact I try to ignore it as much
as possible...don't want to give it un-neccessary energy/attention.

I don't want ghost busters contacting me or stirring things up in my
house. Nothing i can do about it, it is a peaceful co-existence. I just
wanted to share my story.




 Hi, my name is Christy.  I am from TN.  I just wanted to share my story
with everyone.  Actually, I have experienced quite a bit of hauntings in my
home but I will tell you the one that frightened me the most.  O.K. here it
goes. I had just gone to bed one night.  I have a day bed and I always lay on my
back and put my arms through the bars and let them hang off of the bed.
Well, when I laid down it was almost as soon as I had hung my arms off,
something grabbed my hands.  I could feel the fingers and had to jerk my
hands away because whatever it was, was holding my hands really tight.  I
turned on my lamp, looked around the room and under my bed, nothing was
there.  I COULD FEEL FINGERS!!!  I woke my mom and dad up because I was
walking out of the room backwards wimpering.  My mom was scared because of
the look I had.  Then I just started crying so hard because I was so
scared. I slept with my sisters that night.  And needless to say, I have never
ever slept with a body part hanging off the bed after that.

Ghosts of Peachtree-Battle Park

By: thomas weeks

probably twenty years ago, i worked at a nightclub in the buckhead area of atlanta.  after hours, many of us would get together after the clubs had closed and eat breakfast or just hang out.  one night while wandering around , my roommate and i happened to find ourselves going down collier road and soon came upon  The Peachtree Battle Park.  this is an area where some particularly ferocious and bloody fighting took place during the battle for atlanta during the civil war.  it was an eery looking place to behold at night and my roommate and i thought that we could have a little fun by bringing our girlfriends down here and scaring them.  we decided to explore the park first by ourselves.  as it was in the middle of the night, we found ourselves groping about in the dark.  we distinctly noticed strange mists floating about ( not banks of fog-but separate wisps of mist).  you could also feel abrupt temperture changes (you could feel a cold chill in the air that would disappear just as quickly as it appeared).  while we had initially entered this place just to check it out, we soon found ourselves feeling like we were being checked out.  well enough of this, and we left.     several nights later we brought our girlfriends and went  back to the park to see what they felt.  while we did let them know that this location had been the scene of a bloody battle, we did not relate our own personal  feelings from a few nights back.  it was readily apparent, however, when we went back into the field that the girls were feeling things too.  this time,however, it felt different.  the cold spots and feelings that we were being watched were almost overwhelming as if whatever was there had decided it was not pleased with us being there.  you could just feel it as if they were trying to take hold of you.  the further we proceeded the more uncomfortable we all were beginning to feel.  we decided that it was time to leave.  we had parked the car in the entrance to the park which was blocked off by a large chain stretched between two concrete posts.  the
 closer we got to the car the more pursued and frightened we felt.  when we finally reached the gate, we wasted no time getting into the car  .  as i started the car one of the girls said--look at the chain.  this large and heavy chain was bouncing around as if it  was being angrily shaken by some unseen hands that were either glad that we were leaving or mad that we had gotten away.  this would have been the end of this story except for that later that night after i had dropped my girlfriend off, i went home and went to bed.  i had probably been asleep for perhaps an hour when suddenly i awoke and felt something pushing down on my chest and holding me down in bed.  my first thought was an intruder was in my home..  with a surge of adrenalin i struggled free and flipped around to face my attacker------there was no one there.   i  will forever believe that whatever it was that was holding me down was something that had followed me home from the park.......i have never been back.

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