Building A House of Fire


When I was about 7 or 8, my family moved to North Carolina, an area famous

for ghosts. We moved into a modest 2-story house that appeared normal from

all aspects. Everything was great for the first couple of months, until I

started to realize that something about this place frightened me.

At the head of the stairs, my father's bedroom door was to the right and

mine to the left. Even in the hottest weather, my father's bedroom was

deathly cold. The first few events ocurred in my bedroom. My grandfather

worked at Duke University and would bring home tennis balls hit out of the

court for our dog to play with. Our dog would, most annoyingly, play with

these balls in my room late at night. As a means of stopping this, I would

lock the balls (3 of them) in my closet, which opened outward. The next

morning, I would awake to find my dog playing with her 3 tennis balls with

the closet STILL CLOSED.

These events continued for a while, but came to a rather startling climax.

One night I once again locked the 3 tennis balls away. The next morning I

awoke to find our dog laying in a pile of what must have been 50 tennis

balls. To this day, I still do not know where they came from.

That was the most sane event in the house. I have already said my father's

bedroom remained ungodly cold. In this bedroom, I could swear I heard

voices, doors opening, and music - but I was too afraid to check.

I asked some of our neighbors if they knew anything strange about our

house. I was told that the lot we lived on had seen many different houses.

Each one had burned to the ground a few years after it had been built. I

came to find out that the first house built on the lot was burned down by

the owner after his wife had died in childbirth.

The final event I ever saw in the house ocurred while my parents were at

work. I was watching TV when my dog started to go crazy. I then heard

what sounded like an agonizing scream and a loud thud coming from upstairs.

I gathered up enough nerve and walked upstairs. A faint odor of smoke was

coming from my dad's bedroom and I looked in. My father's bed was resting

on its headboard up against the wall. Once again, I smelled smoke. I

grabbed my dog and went outside. About 10 minutes later, our house was

burning to the ground. During the time it took for our house to burn down,

I continually heard a scream of "NO!"

To this day, my parents think I burned down the house - but I know


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The Brother


This occurred to me quite some time ago, it was 1976, at a small college in Alabama. THe school was a catholic campus, and a seminary. The story was that one of the brothers walked the halls of one of the older dorms. Yeah right, I thought. I was 18 at the time, and somewhat skeptical.

I only attended one semester at this particular school. I gradually became afraid of certain areas of the grounds. There were places my dog, who was a happy go lucky (yes, stupid too) Irish setter, would tuck her tail and back away from, with the hair on her back standing on end.

The eve of my departure, I was sleeping in my dorm. I was not alone, I had a friend come to help my move back to atlanta, and at 0340 I woke feeling like someone was in the room! What I saw was the door of my dorm room (which incidentally was in the older part of the school) close and the deadbolt turn.I sensed the being had left, and oddly enough my friend was as awake as I, and just as wide eyed. We both said at the same time, did you see that? I bolted to the door and was in the hall in an instant. There was nobody there. I searched allup and down the hall, still no body was there.

I feel to this day, it was the old brother saying goodbye, and making a believer of me.

I have since had other experiences, but will save them for another day.

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The Rapping Sound


I would happen to say that for as long as I had lived in a small double

house in a quiet town of Pennsylvania, things always seemed odd to me.

There were times when my sister, my younger brother and I would

"experience" things. There was no time that I could remember best then

when I had returned home from my first night of work. I was excited by

my new experience, and had retired up to my bedroom. Now, because of

the house size, my sister and brother shared the same bedroom. To the

left of the bedroom, was a small room that my dad had converted into an

office for his business. Anyway, as I went upstairs to bed, my father

came out of the little room and asked me how my first day went, and then

wished me goodnight. He went downstairs, and while I laid in bed

pondering the "riches" that I would make, I started to hear a light

tapping that started on the baseboard under the window. The knocking

got louder as it went up the wall, on the window, I remember because it

sounded like someone rapping on the glass, up the wall, across the

ceiling, this sounded like someone rolling a bowling ball across the

attic stairs. This stopped for a second, then started to roll across

the ceiling, down the wall, down the window, down the baseboard and then

started up again. At this time my sister awoke, asked me what was going

on and then she got real scared. I was terried too, because I didnt

know what to make of it. This process happened three times of up and

down. By the second time, my sister jumped into my bed and together we

huddled under my blanket.

The next morning, I asked my dad what that was after telling him

the story and he had said that it was the cable outside the house.

Funny thing was there was no cable there! There were other times when

we would hear footsteps up and down the stairways and my dad would say

it was the neighbors next door. Who would walk up and down their stairs

all night long?

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A Haunting on the Main Line


Hi there, This is my story and yes it is true.For the First 17 years of my life my house had a resident of the supernatural. WE used to live outside the Philadelphia area, in an area known as The Main Line. It got its name for the Train line that went thought the area on a regular basis(and it still does).

Our house was an older house. I would have to say it was at least 150 years of age. Meaning that the house had some history to it. When i was really young I really and truely did not know the difference until my teen years. It started as strange noises from the third floor area when I knew that i was alone in the house. It was unsettling at first then the spirit for me became a part as the family. As the years went on more and more things started to happen that told me that for sure there was a spirit in the house.

There were a number of times when i would see a figure walk past a doorway. When i knew there was no one home. I would go to where I saw the Ghostly figure walk to but there was nothing there exceot a chill in the air.

When i was 17 we moved out of the house so our grandmother could live with us, to do this we needed a bigger house. So we left. We also left the Spirit or whatever behind as well. Is the spirit still there? I can not say. I hope that whoever lives in the house now. Has found the spirit and thought it a kind one.

There are times when I miss the spirit. It was like having a older brother looking out for you.

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The Firing Range


hi, i have read about your encounters with the ghostly kind and i would

like to share one of my experience with you.

i was inside an army truck one morning at about 5am in the morning. I was

bringing my soldiers to a range. as the range was near the live firing

area, we had to go into the area.

as we were approaching the area, my driver noticed a hump and thus he

switched on the high beam, it was at this time that both my driver and me

saw a white figure of a school boy carrying a school bag trying to flag a

taxi into the live firing area.

my driver turned his head and asked me whether i saw what he saw, i knew

that we had saw something that we should not see and thus i console my

driver that it was an illusion. then i looked at the side mirror to confirm

whether i was seeing a human or a ghost, but there was no image from the

side mirror.

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The Pine Grove


My ghost storie comes from not in my house but in an area around my

house. My house is on a hill and at the very top of the hill which I

live on is an area of nothing but pine trees. A long time ago before we

ever lived here as the legend is told a family lived here that owned a

dog. The dog got distemper or some terminal desease and instead of

having it put to sleep the owners of the dog shot it with a rifle. They

then buried it amongst the pine trees and put a large stone over the

grave and carved in it "Comet", which is still there to this very day.

About two years ago some friends and I were playing with an ouija board

and we were asking it if there were any spirits in the room with us and

it replied "yes". We then asked what the name of the spirit was and it

said "A Dog". I immediately thought of the grave bearing the name

"Comet" near our house. I told my friends this and we thought it would

be a good idea if we went up to the hill and saw if anything happened.

Something happened alright. We stood up there in the pines for about

ten minutes yelling "Comet, come out and play". Then we started to hear

faint growling noises and they got louder and then right beside the

grave appeared a bristling black dog with bright yellow eyes and a blue

glow around it. We were very frightened. We ran back down to my house

and went to bed crying. We all remember it to this day.

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The Long Flame


I'm not sure if this would be considered a real ghost story, but it

happened and I can't explain why.

In 1989, the woman who would have been my mother-in-law, Virginia Morris

died after being very sick for a long time. She was a very religious

woman, and her favorite Bible verse was John 3:16. In fact she had 316 J

on her licsense plate on her car. She died just a few weeks before the

wedding of her youngest son, John. My boy friend, and later my husband,

was an usher at the wedding. They had lit two candle in the ceremony,

one for Virginia, and one for the niece of the bride who had died a year

before. All through the ceremony, I noticed that the candle for Virginia

had a very long flame on it, which went back to normal after the

ceremony was over. The minister had also mentioned John 3:16 in the

ceremony, which I thought was odd, because it has nothing to do with

marriage. After the ceremony was over and they were doing the photos, I

called my boy friend over and said,"You'll probably think I'm wierd,

but, there is an old wives tale that says if a candle flame is long, a

spirit is present" My boyfriend agreed that I am wierd, but he had

noticed that the minister used John 3:16, so he went over and ask him

about it. Had the minister ever met his mother? No, he had not. Was he

aware that John 3:16 was her favorite verse? No, he didn't know that.

Does he normally use that at a wedding? The minister glanced at his

notes, and said no he usually didn't, and he didn't have it written down


Virginia was there.

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Several Occasions


I have had several encounters, though I feel none of them are

connected. The house I live in now has always had spirits, and I've only

seen a few. My mother remebers one night when she heard a noise downstairs,

and she went to investigate.

There was no wind, or anything, but the shade in the livingroom

suddenly rolled up and started flapping as it kept on rolling. She doesn't

think it was a spirit, and I wasn't born, so I don't know.

My earliest sighting happened when I was about six. (I am 19 now.)I

had opened the basement door and looked down the steps for no reason, when I

saw something moving in the shadows. An eerie light started up the steps,

and I closed the door. I am not afraid of the basement, but every now and

again I get a weird 'being wathced' feeling.

The next sitting happened when I was twelve. I was going to the

bathroom late one night, and I looked in the mirror and saw the reflection

of a young girl my age with long, thick brown braids hanging over her

shoulders. I had a blond bob at the time, and was startled.

I haven seen any more, but I do feel the pressence of Daisy Duke

Hilburn, a hymalasian cat who loved me to death, no matter was childish

things my sibs and I did to her. She died of old age then I was about

eleven. Every now and then I can feel her walking from my feet to my head,

over thick blankets, but never in summer over sheats or when I'm not

covered, just over quilts and conforters and afghans.

I have three other cats, but it can't be them, because they all smell

and walk differently. Any cat lover like myself can tell the difference

between their paw-prints on your blankets. With winter coming I think I'll

start to feel her more.

The other spirits I can't see, but my cats and my sister's dog Bear

can. They sit and stare and make clucking sounds like Misty does when she's

hunting, but they're not pretending; I can tell. The strangest episode took

place (once more) in the bathroom.

Mom was in there late at night, and left the door open and didn't turn

on the light. (Everyone does that, I think, so they don't get blinded and

stumble back into bed!) In walks Misty, who instantly starts in her spirit-

seeing act. Her neck fur rose and she spread her claws, while making a sound

in the back of her throught. Mom was confused, but in walked Inky, the

mildest, laziest, I-just-don't-care sort of cat around, and Mom didn't think

he would get wild, too!

They were staring at the light, but then they moved their attention

over the toilet, then the bath tub, and finally, back to the light. When Mom

turned the light on, they stopped, blinked, and went on with their nightly

rounds. Aside from small pinhgs in the night which could be spirits or cats,

the house is pretty quiet.

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My Childhood Ghost


My family and I moved into a house in Hamilton Ontario Canada in

the early seventies. The house was built in the late eighteen hundreds

and was quite nice inside, complete with cherry wood banisters and mantle


My mother had most of the experiences in this house but all of

us, except my dad, had at least one experience. One night when mom and

dad were sleeping a pillow was placed over my mothers face and was held

in place while my father slept soundly beside her. Another night my

mother was walking up the stairs when she suddenly became dizzy and could

not go on. She got down on her knees because she was afraid of falling

but within a minute she was rolling down the stairs. I watched this

happen and to this day I swear she was pushed however, no one was there.

On another ocassion she had fallen asleep on the couch in the living

room. She had a dream that there was a coffin in the room with her, laid

out in front of the living room window. In this coffin was an old lady

dressed in black. My mother later saw this same old lady on many

ocassions standing on the second floor landing where I watched my mother

fall from.

One day we had a BBQ and the neighbours attended. My mother

recounted her dream to the elderly neighbour, Margaret. Margaret asked my

mother to describe the lady in the dream. When she did, Margaret became

pale and said that the ghost was her Aunt who died in the house many

years earlier and was laid out in front of the living room window as was

customary for that time period.

One day my brother and sister came tumbling down the stairs

screaming that they were afraid of the old man who was staring at them

from the hallway. No one was there. They were very young at the time,

perhaps 8 and 4.

My experiences were not visual but on many ocassions I heard

footsteps and I would often feel my sheets being straighted out while I

was sleeping.

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The Visitors


I have three stories of real life experiences. Here's the first one. I had

what I thought was a dream. But I felt that I was in a dream state (Half

asleep and half awake). I was lying in my bed when I heard the dead bolt

unlock on my

door. Then I heard the chain fall down from my chain lock. I heard someone come

into my apartment and I heard a panting sound from some dogs. I heard this

person walk into my kitchen and he ran the water in the sink. I heard the dogs

give little yelps as if playing with one another. I heard the man speak

softly to them. I heard the tapping of their toenails on the lineolium floor

in my kitchen. I was trying to get out of my bed so I could hide in my

closet, or something, but guess what! I couldn't move my arms or my legs. I

couldn't cry out or scream. I told myself this usually just happens when you

are dreaming, so

don't be afraid. This will pass, you WILL wake up.........but I couldn't get

myself awake. I then heard the dogs coming down the hallway and head towards my

bedroom. I shut my eyes as tight as I could. I pretended to be asleep.

(Asleep in a dream, how ironic!) I felt a very heavy paw or two come onto

the bedspread.

I felt the hot breath of one of the dogs on my face as he sniffed me. Then, the

way my English Pointer used to do, the dog breathed out hard with its

nostrils and I felt the bangs on my forehead blow up into the air. I was

scarred to death and I could only hear my heart pounding so very fast and

feel the blood pumping inside my ears. I was about to realize that this man

was about to come into my room and maybe rape me or kill me, when I heard

him from my front door call out to these animals. I never looked at them. I

assumed they were dogs because I had owned many a puppy in my time, and they

made the same noises. The

dogs left my bedroom. The door opened and then closed. They were gone. I

went to the bathroom and got a glass of water. I was too scarred to go

investigate the living room or the kitchen until it got light out. I tried

to go back to sleep

but it was a tossing and turning evening. Finally I got up around 5:30 as the

sun was coming up. I made sure the door was locked. I looked to see if there


a bowl of water on the floor in the kitchen but there was nothing. "See, you

idiot! It was a stupid dream." I went and slept for a few more hours. Later

that day, I was setting up my ironing board in the living room when I saw

something on the rug. I didn't know what it was. I looked closer and

discovered it was a piece of .... poop! (Go ahead, you can laugh! But I can

tell you, I was

frightened to death.) I went and got a paper towel to clean it up. When I

leaned over to pick this up, I put the towel around it.....It turned to

dust. Almost

as if it was old and if it had come out of the body of a

dead dog. This is a true story. It hasn't happened since then and I pray it

never will.

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The Cemetary


I was in England on a town and country tour in 1985. I was out shopping

with three friends one free afternoon in Stratford upon Avon. We had all

picked up quit a few nice souveniers in this beautiful, quaint little town

where Shakespear was born, raised, educated, and died. We were on our way

back to our hotel when we decided to stop at the cemetary where Shakespear

was buried to look at his tombstone. We found it on the map and headed that

way. The sky was getting dark and we realized some rain was kicking up (not

unusual in England in October) We all had umbrellas with us, so we didn't

mind. At the graveyard, we were looking and reading the inscriptions on some

of the tombstones. I was always fascinated by these old stones. Some of them

were as old at the 1300's.

The other three kids I was with went up to the church and were looking to

see if there was an open door for us to go in. "It's locked" I heard them

say, as the rain started to come down a little heavier and the sky got

blacker. They went around the side of the church, I followed after them. I

was reading more tombstones, still trying to find "Willie's" when I looked

up and saw them go around side three of the church. "Wait up!" I exclaimed,

but they didn't hear me for all the rain, and I also had a bad head cold and

could not breathe properly through my nose, so I had to breathe through my

mouth. "I know, they are going to hide in some doorway and jump out at me so

they can scare me. I'll show them.

I'll just take my sweet time exploring and make them wait on me." Right

then, right in front of me was tombstone unlike any of the others there. It

was a beige-y-brown color while the others were white/grey. It had fancy

scroll work along the top and sides. It had some green moss growing on it,

which only added to it's creepiness. "Look at this cool stone" I thought.

"I've got to get a

photo of this." At this time, I only heard the tap, tap, tap, of the

raindrops on my umbrella. I tried to balance my packages and focus my camera

under the umbrella and not drop my purse into a puddle. I charged up the

flash and I snapped one off. I was proud of the photo I captured. I then

leaned over to read the inscription on it. It was at this moment I felt

somthing large and cold, like a giant hand made out of ice, push me back as

if to say "STAY AWAY!" I

immediately felt the need to run after my three friends and did so. Well

after I

got back to Chicago I had the film developed. When I looked at the picture,

I went and had it blown up to an 8 x 10. There in front of the tombstone was

a figure swooshing up from the grave with an arm raised above his/her head.

You can make out an ornamental necklace of some type on its chest. The grass

in front of the tombstone is crystal clear and so is everything else in the


The tombstone that I loved so much cannot be read at all except for the word

"Thomas" because this figure is blocking it. Does anyone know who's

tombstone this is? And maybe the story behind this person? I'd love to know.

By the way, we never found William Shakespears grave.

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The Haunted Dress


My dauther was going to a prom. She got this really good dress. When

she came home she looked sick. She went to her bedroom. When I went up

to ask if she was O.K she was a sickly green; she died.

As we took the dress of her I thought it reminded me of


When I looked in my picture album I found a picture of my sister

who died when she was fifteen. When I looked at her prom picture I saw

she was wearing the same dress that my daughter was wearing. I then went

through the old newspapers that I had; I found that another lady, at age

sixteen had woren that same dress, she also died.

I then went to the store that my daughter bought the dress at.

They said thet the dress was given to them by an old man that told them

that the dress was haunted. THey didn't belive it so they sold it.

Than before the funaral my son told me that he saw a really young

girl, about sixteen in my daughter's bedroom. He discribed her to me and

it matched the picture of the girl that died at sixteen.

After that I burned the dress so no more girls would die. I hope

that the sixteen year old girl is in peace now.

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My Brother


My brother Eugene and I were very close growing up.In 1964 I went off

to college and Eugene was accepted into the Air Force Academy.Eugene

graduated and was posted to an air wing in the south china sea.At that

time the news and letters that we(my family and I) recieved from my

brother were generally 2 to 3 weeks behind and very censored.

On Thanksgiving day 1967,at about 3:00 in the afternoon while we were

getting ready to sit down to dinner,the front doorbell rang and my

father went to answer it.I was just coming up from the cellar with two

bottles of wine and I heard myt mother sob and say out loud "oh no,oh

dear god no"My father,the Jepsons(our neighbors) and I all rushed into

the dining room and sitting at the table was my brother Eugene.We all

saw him and although none of us saw him speak,we all distinctly heard

him say that he had come to say "goodbye". My mother still swears that

Eugene had somehow told her that he had been shot down overt Laos,and

had been killed with his navigator.Twelve days later we were notified

by the Air Force that Eugene had been lost in action on Thanksgiving

Day at appx 3:00 pm our time

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My Experiences


Well were to begin?? The first recollection I have of an encounter was when I was very small. My sister and I were waiting in a bed together for Christmas morning to come around. Like all small children we were excited and couldn't sleep. When we say a figure open our door as if to check on us and after a while of it standing there, we thought it was our father, we started saying dad, dad, after no response we started getting scared and my mom heard us and told us to be quiet and go to sleep. This continued until. We fell asleep. Not to mention we got in trouble about the third time this happened.

The next time I vividly remember something like this happening I was still very little. We had just returned home from vacation and my sister and I were laying in bed talking and we were looking out the front window of our house when we noticed what looked to be a man sitting in our front tree watching us. We finally convinced our dad to go check but by that time it was gone.

As far back as I can remember I have had strange things happen to me when I was about 8 or 9 I remember doing my homework in my room. I would hear my name called by what I thought was my mother and when I would go to see what she wanted she would reply she wasn't calling me. Also my sister had the same experiences. And since I have Talked to my mother and she says when she was little she has had the same thing happen to her. Even now I tear up at the thought that someone or something is following my family.

Other things that have happened is I have been sitting in a room alone or with my mother and I would smell a mans cologne. When with my mom it's like we look at each other and just know that the other one is experiencing the same thing. After a liitle time has passed and it feels safe to discuss it one of us will broach the subject.

It doesn't matter where I live IT follows me. I have been married twice and my first husband didn't believe in ghosts. That is untill he lived with me for a while. During the time that we were together, he experience things crashing to the ground that weren't there, sounds like the TV was on yet you enter the room were the TV was it it wasn't on. We had a clock hta my grandma gave me after she died it kept flying off the wall. It got so bad with the clock I just threw it away. I have a music box my grandma left me that I keep the lid closed on now because I used to listen to it tillit wound down and leave the top open then for no reason it would start playing.

Most of the thins I remember were in the house I lived in growing up. Like the time I was already married. We lived in an apartment, so we decided to go out to my dad's to have a small get together myself and my husband a friend and her husband. They also had a small child. We were out there for quiet a while when we got to talking about ghosts and all the experiences in the house. and in other places. Cassie was getting upset because her husband was saying things like, come on ghost lets see you etc. Cassie was very supersitious or religious, I don't know which played a bigger part, anyway she was tell David to stop egging on the ghost. Allthe while her son was playing all over the place behind me. I'm listing to allthis when I get tapped on the lowerback. I was sitting in a bar stole, thinking it was Tyler tapping me, there son. I turned around to say something to him, to this day I don't know what it was because, when Iturned around he was some 25 ft. from me and there was no way he could have toddled that far in the instance it took me to turn around.

We also have picture of christmas morning in my house where the TV is not aloud on and in this picture in the back ground in the TV there is a picture of a little girl an the TV wasn't on in any of the other pictures on the roll of film.

My stories could go on and on. Like the time in my second marriage my husband and I had decided to have frozen pizzas for supper. I had just taken them out and set them on an electric stove that wasn't on. We began to talk about what had happened during our days at work. As the conversation went on all of the sudden a flame of at least a foot high came off the top of the pizzas. We checked for heat. There was none. don't ask me that that's still the most confusing of allthe things I've seen. If you would like more stories I've got pleanty from beyond the grave etc. Just reply and I will send more.

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The Ghost in My Room


I have been a believer of the paranormal since I was very young but it

was only when I got older that I actually began to experience the

paranormal in a full blown way. When I was 17, my family and I were

living in Calgary, AB, Canada. We lived in a relatively new house in a

nice neighbourhood so the suspicion of ghosts did not necessarily cross

my mind. We hadn't been living there for long though when strange things

began to happen. One day, when my brother was alone in the house he

heard someone calling my name. It was coming from upstairs and it was a

female voice so my brother automatically thought it was my mother.

After about 5 minutes of this calling he remembered that he was the only

one home! I was just coming up the street when the door to my house

flew open and out came my brother, running full speed. I caught up to

him and convinced him to go back into the house and together we searched

the top floor but there was nothing. The windows were closed, ruling out

the possibility of someone's voice carrying through the neighborhood.

This made me nervous mainly because the voice was calling for me and no

one else, but I put it out of my mind and continued with life. Then life

took another scary twist. I was sound asleep one night (and I sleep

like the dead, no pun intended!) when I suddenly woke up. The door to

my room was slowly opening and someone was walking into my room.The

person stopped at the foot of my bed. Not accustomed to the dark yet, I

merely assumed it was a family member but when I said "What's wrong?"

the person turned, left the room, and did not close the door. I was

scared stiff! I finally gathered up enough courage to go get my mom. I

told her what happened and she assured me that neither she nor my father

had been in my room. My brother said the same. I told my mom that I

would not go back to my room without her so she came in to my room and

as we were sitting there in the dark, we heard someone run down the

stairs!! We both went and got my dad but when he checked the house, he

found nothing and all of the doors and windows were locked. This is the

scariest thing that has happened to me so far with regards to the other

side and I never did encounter anything else in that particular house

but I could never again stay there alone. I always felt a presence that

did not seem to like me very much, whenever I was alone in the house. I

live in my own apartment now and have not experienced anything that

intense, but I did feel someone breathe in my ear last week while in the


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Alma, Colorado


I have always been very careful about telling people this story, but this seems like a good forum for the telling. It happened about 20 years ago in a town known as Alma, Colorado. At that time, hardly anyone lived in the area. It had been a boom town during the gold rush, but a diptheria plague killed almost everyone. A sallon girl known as "Silver Heels" stayed and took care of the dying until finally, she died, too.

The surviving people were so grateful, they named the mountain after her. Many people were buried with only a stone to mark the grave.

When people, such as me, went back into the area to homestead, a lot of strange things began happening. Most of us had a lot of sleepless nights and couldn't explain the sounds that were making our animals crazy. Finally, my friends and I decided we would camp in an old abandonded bordello known as the "Schwartz House" in the heart of Alma. There was a pot bellied stove in the "parlor" area and a wood cook stove in the kitchen. the house was very large and had 7 rooms upstairs. There still remained a portait of Mrs. Schwartz on the parlor wall near the entrance of the house.

One of the old timers there had said that the old woman would never allow women in the house unless they worked for her. We laughed about it and all of us went to our respective rooms. My buddy, Kenny and I were staying in one room, sleeping in our sleeping bags, across the room from one another. Suddenly, Kenny started yelling, "What the hell are you doing? Get away from me! Stop that!" I woke up and saw him struggling in his sleeping back. I thought some animal had got in the back with him. I turn on my flashlight and it startled him. He said, "How did you get over there?" We both looked at the sleeping back and something was moving and then it stopped. He said,"There was a woman in this bag with me...I swear!" I didn't know what to say. Kenny was scared out of his mind.

It was almost dawn, so I went downstairs to heat some water for coffee. I had a small machete for cutting the kindling wood. I cut some for the small stove and some for the cook stove. As I loaded up the cook stove and started the fire, I heard what sounded like an argument between two women. I actually heard what sounded like scuffling. As I turned the corner to see what was going on, the machete flew into the wall near my head!! I stood there, motionless, realizing that there was no one there but least no one I could see! The machete was in the wall, still moving back and forth from the force of the impact...I packed my gear and left the house and never returned. So did my friends. the house is still standing and still abandonded to this day.

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Our House in Texas


Hi, this is a long story. I will try to condense it. When we first moved to San Angelo, TX, we were leasing a home. I found myself unemployed as I had left my job in Houston to go with my husband who was transferred. At the time we had 2 teenaged sons still at home. My mother was in a nursing home, so that left me alone all day. Everyday around noon , if I was standing at the kitchen sink, I would see a man in a dark suit walk up the walk to the front door. Being alone, I was hesitant to go see who it was. I would go to the door, but there was no one there. And the same thing would happen between 4:30 and 5 PM. I said nothing to anyone about this, as I didn't want my husband to think I was losing it. Then one day I heard my 17 year old son talking to his friend. He told him that there was this man in a dark suit whom he would see walk to the front door but when he went to the door, there was no one there. I was quite relieved to know that I wasn't crazy. Then we would hear someone put a key in the front door lock, but the door never opened. And neither did the storm door. The door bell would ring, no one was there. My youngest son insisted on moving his bed to the other side of the room, something about shadows. things would disappear, and reappear in strange places. One evening as I sat alone, the dog's fur stood on end and he began to growl at the entrance hall. I looked and there was this smokey looking stuff that came together and formed an elongated oval shape and then just disappeared. We bought a home on the other side of the city. It felt warm, and quite homey. Nothing strange was happening here until we repainted the guest room. I went in there to vacuum the following day, and I noticed 2 long rows of wet spots on one wall. I panicked thinking we must have a water pipe that was leaking. I touched one and it felt cold, but not wet. So I pressed a tissue to the wall and it absorbed no moisture. We finally got the spots covered, but it took two coats of bleed check and a lot more paint to do it. I would get this cold feeling. Felt like I was being watched. The cats would bat at things in the air that were not visible. The guest room wall remained a mystery. There was one spot on it that felt electrically charged. But it really wasn't. Things would disappear and reappear in strange places. For instance, once when my husband was packing to go to a seminar, he was taking new toiletries out of their wrappers and packing them. He left the wrappings on the bed. I was there with him. He took some cash out of his pocket and handed it to me. I told him to put it in my purse, which was on my dresser. I watched him do it. I then gathered up the wrappers to take to our bathroom and throw in the wastebasket. When I went to drop the paper in the basket, the money was in the trash, all crumpled up. the door bell would ring, and no one would be there. One day a blue car came up our drive way and the doorbell rang. The dog barked and ran to the door and I followed. Through the door glass, I could see a plaid shirt on a man. I opened the door and there was no one there, and there was no car either. My daughter in law told me that (and I had not mentioned any of this to her) as she was about to put her arm around me in the kitchen, something pushed her away, something that felt cold. And my other daughter in law said flatly that she would not be staying in that guest room ever again. Didn't want to discuss it. the stove would be turned on mysteriously almost causing fires. the list goes on and on. I was almost glad to move to Oklahoma just to get out of that house. And all was fine here for the first couple of months. Now its starting here. Things are disappearing and haven't even started to reappear yet. The cats see something that isn't there, and I feel like I'm being watched again. Even getting the feeling that I am blanketed in something cold as ice.

In Texas, at one point, we set the tape recorder up and for the most part, there was nothing. Except in the middle of one tape, there was this moan. Really eerie.

We originally came from Pa, where we lived in an old Victorian home that was built in 1832. There were things in that house, especially at night, when you could hear voices, but could never quite make out what they were saying. And footsteps in the hall. We all heard these things, but figured a house that old has a lot of history, some of it is bound to have stayed there. But these homes I'm referring to are relatively new homes. Our present home is 15 years old. Any input would be appreciated.

Oh, I forgot to mention that one time I was running the vacuum sweeper (at the Texas home) and it was not plugged in. I know that sounds crazy but it happened. And something else, in Texas, my husband and I would think we heard the other one calling but actually neither of us had spoken. And a man's form would appear outside the shower when I was showering. There were times when I know I saw my husband walk into the room or come down the hallway, but he wasn't there. You know there are times when I feel like all of this must be a dream, but its not. It really happens. Would just like to know if it could have followed me here.

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