Wyth House

By:  anonymous

My girlfriend told me about your web site.  I've been through your site and seen some of the pictures.  My story is a little different and what I saw was a person, not a misting or a cloud.  Anyway, I would like to share my story with you.  I actually have two, but one sticks in my head over the other.
I was visiting Colonial Williamsburg in December of 1995.  I visited the Wyth house.  It's hard to explain the house, but I'll do my best.  The house is a two story house.  Our tour entered through the back of the house.  As we came in we faced the front door.  We toured all 4 rooms downstairs then headed up the stairs that started by the front door and were located in the middle of the house.  At the top of the stairs, there was man standing there, positioned in front of one of the rooms at the top of the stairs.  He just stood there, never giving any directions.  He was just watching and looking around.  We visited two rooms to the right of the stairs and then visited the two left rooms, which were connected.  It was like one big living room.  As I looked down the length of the room, I saw a figure of a woman standing near the corner, furthest from the other doorway (back of house) facing the other entrance.  I could see some of her shape, but what was most amazing, I could see the color of her hair and it was red.  It was long, past her shoulder blades.  She seemed to be conversing with someone.  I looked to see who she might be talking to.  I couldn't see anyone else in the room, so I stuck my head back out of the room and looked down the hall toward the other entrance.  There was the tour guide (who stood at the top of the stairs with his back against the entrance to that room).  There were no words spoken, but I could they were conversing.  I think the ghost realized I saw her and the tour guy looked back at me with a funny expression.  I looked back into the room,
where the woman had been standing, but she was gone.  As I left to go back down the stairs, the tour guide was no where to be found.
That afternoon I bought a book called ghosts of Williamsburg and found there was a woman who had been staying at the Wyth house and killed herself by throwing herself down the stairs.  The woman had red hair!  I never felt strange or uncomfortable.  I still question what I saw, but the more I think about it, the more clear it is in my mind.
The second half of my story goes like this.  After buying The Ghosts of Williamsburg book the strangest things started happening, starting with things dropping around me for no reason.  Coming home on a plane to Seattle, I pulled the book out to read.  Strangely we started to experience turbulence.  I put the book away feeling sick and waited about 10 minutes before reading again.  Again, the turbulence hit, and were stronger than the first.  Feeling sick, I put the book away and the turbulence went away.  Then it hit me that something was amiss.  So I tested the universe.  I opened the book again...turbulence.  Closed it, it stopped.  I said to my sister, "Everytime I open this ghost book, turbulence start."  She said, "For God's sake, put it away, I don't want to crash."
After back to Seattle things would drop all around me for weeks.  I realized something followed me from Williamsburg and it was very disconcerting.  Over a weekend, I went to a shopping area called Gilman Village in Issaquah, WA. with my Mom and step Dad.  This shopping area consists of old houses that were brought in from all over Washington State and made into quaint little stores. Anyway, being things were dropping around me I was careful not to go into stores that displayed glass in them.  However, I did enter a store and as I walked into the front door and walked past a hutch a huge glass plate dropped from behind me.  Thankfully it didn't break, but scared me and the staff person, who had been standing by the hutch at the time.  She glared at me, like I had purposely fallen the object.  I said, "This damn ghost is following me around dropping things all around me, I wish it would just leave me alone."  For some odd reason, I left the ghost in the store that day.  A year later I went back into that store after attending Salmon Days Festival.  As I walked into the back of the store, I felt an overwhelming presence of a ghost and turned around and literally RAN out of the store.  I'll never go back there again.


By: hjay_mercedes@hotmail.com

I've have many ESP's.
One was in college.I fancied this boy,but he did not fancy me.We were
talking one day.I said was going to get a can of coke.He repeated this in a
wondering thought.I thought why is he doing that.I saw a cloud coming from
his head like you see in the cartoon in comics.Inside the cloud a hand was
sprinkling some white powder into an open can of coke.I brushed this thought
off.Brought the can of coke,and drunk it.On the bus on the way home I felt
light headed.It got worse when I got home.Then I knew I was drugged.This
only could of happened in college,and only happened when I had the can of
coke.The image was to warn me.
This ESP was the scariest one.I was talking to a group of people I've just
meet through my ex boyfriend.We were talking about the worst accident which
they had.I thought who is going to have the worst accident here.I transfixed
onto this girl I felt,and saw blackness,and felt shocked.After this feeling
went she looked startled looking at me?
A month later my ex boyfriend phoned me saying one of the girls I meet died
in a car crash.I wasn't sure if it was the same girl I transfixed on,but the
car crash my ex boyfriend told me about was on the news alias it was.
The last ESP story is about my last boyfriend.We had an argument.I got
upset.When he was asleep.It thought of putting something in his dream.I
thought of being him thinking of this thought.Something that I was scared of
too.To make the ESP link stronger.Suddenly he awoke as if he had an
nightmare.I asked him what it was,he wouldn't say.
A few months later we were talking about dreams with his friend.He started
talking about the dream that night.He said he dreamed about a train
crash,and out of nowhere this old lady came,and tapped him on his
shoulder,and said"Hello.".Which woke him up startled.
The old lady is who I thought of my Nan.I used to be scared of her when I
was little.After she had died a few years later when I was a teenager she
haunted me for six months.
I've many more ESP's, but less shocking.


English Ghosts

By: emma@evarney.greatxscape.net

I have had so many ghostly experiences, that I could not possibly fit them all into this e-mail, in fact I think I ought to write a book. One I will relay started when I moved into a new house in Rugby, England.  My friend and I were up late one night when we smelt burnt toast in the kitchen.  We went in and my friend turned to me in the doorway.  As she did, she said, "someone is stood behind me".  I felt her back and it was stone cold, her front was warm.
I said "Hello, we will not hurt you, please feel free to stay". Then all was 'normal' again.
Things happened from that point on, such as bottles disappearing and turning up in places they shouldn't have been.  My friend then got a boyfriend, who visited the house.  One morning he said to me, "Sarah thinks you are fun, did she visit you last night?"I was fascinated but asked him to tell me no more.  All three of us went into my friends room, and I suppose myself and her boyfriend went into some sort of trance.  As I looked at her room, it began to change, a door appeared in the wall between our bedroom, and furniture appeared that was not there before.  Then I saw a little girl with brown shoulder length curly hair.  Suddenly she looked frightened, and I heard a crash and a clock tick, then I saw a dark figure coming through the door, I went extremely hot, and was apparently pushed up against the wall shouting, stop him, no don;t let him in.My friend shook me and I came to.  After that we kept seeing a dark clothed figure in the house, wearing a cape and hat which were black, like waterproofs.  He followed my friend alot.  She is Catholic, and one night she banished him outside
by saying the hail Mary.  There are no trees in the garden, but there was banging and scratching at the window, and we couldsee the dark figure outside.We then got in some spiritualists and told them only that we thought the house was haunted.  They said it took a while, but the had sent a man dressed in black on his way, who was a bit of a [pervert, and also the little girl with the brown curly hair says look after her house and she went too.
They also told me that I was extremely open to spirits and taught me how to close off - briefly - to imagine I am in a dark cloak that goes all over my body, to stop the white light I emit attracting the spirits.  I have had many, many more experiences and have found your site fascinating to read also.  I least I know I am not alone!

Elm Street

By: janicer@Princeton.EDU

When I was a little girl my family grew up in a house on Elm Street
(this was long before the movie).  My brother and I are two years apart
and would often be home alone on Friday and Saturday evenings when my
parents would go out.  We experienced some very strange things in that
house.  Things that my dad would try to explain away with what he
considered a rational explanation.  I can remember willing myself to
believe those explanations rather than believe my own eyes and ears
because those experiences were so frightening.  The frightening activity
was mostly in the basement and the attic.  Typical I know but it's
true.  On several occasions my brother and I were home and we could hear
very loud banging noises on the cellar door.  These noises sounded
exactly like someone trying to get out of the basement.  It was not only
the noise but we could actually see the door being pounded on from the
other side.  It would last about 45 seconds to a minute and then stop as
suddenly as it began.  Our dog Missy would respond in a very frightened
way as well which made us realize that we weren't just imagining
things.  Another thing that would happen was with the attic door.  It
too would sound as if someone was jiggling the latch on the other side
in order to get out and would just pop open at random.  We would awake
to that sound at night or just go upstairs in the afternoon and find the
door wide open.  My father tried to tell us this was due to air pressure
on the other side of the door but we knew better.  Another thing that
would happen was that my parents would come home at night and my brother
and I would be in our rooms sleeping and they would come in and yell at
us for having the heat turned up so high.  All the time this happened
yet my brother and I never touched it.  The thermostat would read 90
degrees when this would happen.  I just wanted to share that with you.

Childhood Experience

By: Cmskobe@cs.com

   I have had experiences off and on my whole life. I am now in my forties.
They have'nt been as dramatic as some of the stories I have read here....but,
here goes......
   When I was @ 8 or 9, I shared a bed w/my little sister, a toddler at the
time. She woke me up one night late, by getting up out of bed. I watched her
in a dream like state, walking down the hallway, from my bed. I glanced
around the room, I was looking at our Santa Claus night light on the dresser.
I had a canopy bed, I also looked at the fabric of the canopy, while I
watched, it wrinkled up on the frame. I could then hear a woman, or women,
laughing. Not a friendly laugh, but , more like a cackleing. Then it felt as
though a giant hand held me firmly into the bed, covering my whole body. I
was being pressed firmly into the mattress. Did'nt hurt, I could still
breath. But, I was VERY scared. Then it felt like something had stepped down
from the canopy, pushing down on the side of the bed, an impression was being
left, like someone stepped onto it, then the floor. Suddenly the pressure
from my body was released. I had been trying to scream all this time, but
,nothing but air seemed to be coming into my mouth, no noise, no air went
out. When I could move I got up and ran, into the hallway, not looking back.
I ran into my parents room and woke up my mom, who told me to go back to
bed..... NO WAY!!!!! I was told that was a dream, I don't think so. I have
had many more experiences, I will share them later, if you accept this

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