True Story


This story was experienced within a two hour period by four un-trained
pre-teen girls visiting the Ft. Davis Historic Site. From the
easternmost authorized mountain, you could see the entire Fort,
including the hospital. I immediately creeped out at the small, red
brick building known as the hospital, which was about .5 miles westward
of that point. Two boys, a chaperone and another of the "experiencees"
was in a group with me. Of course, our next stop was the hospital. Once
we got to it, I immediately thought up any reason I could not to go in.
Eventually, since we were supposed to do a word problem involving the
buildings, and since I was the best _at_ word problems, I was forced to
go in (the other girl in my group was accustomed to seeing ghosts. It's
a natural talent of hers), and I felt the presence of many more people
than were in my group there, and I felt a tingling in the back of my
knees like I always do when I sense the supernatural, and upon telling
the other girl, she told me of her experience. She had actually _seen_
them (the ghosts). When I told the rest, the other two girls told of
the  walls that changed color in the main hallway. For one it was
brown-turned-red, and for another, brown-turned-purple.

The Witches of  Robie Street


Yes there is a haunted house on one of Halifax's business streets.
according to legend, one evening, a man was caught spying on the witches
while they were doing a ritual dance on the verandah. The witches became
very angry, and put a curse on the old man. And the window he was spying
through, was turned black (the black window,there is another story to
it, too) to this day no matter how many time the window is replaced, it
still turns black.
The Black Window (two versions, believe which ever one you want,)
a man, that was deeply disturb decided to end his life, he climbed a
tree out side his house and hung him self while he was falling he kicked
the window, shattering it.
now when the replace the window it turns black.
(but there is another story to that, this one is true)
the black window II
a man was being robbed. after refusing to  give up his money the robber
through him out the window grabbed the money and jumped back out the
window, he tied the man into a tree making it look like he had commited
suicide. he turned to look a the window. there was a swirling red and
yellow light, when the light dissapeared the man the robber had killed
stood looking at him. But the robber thought "that cant be he's in the
tree" he looked back into the tree and sure enought the man was there
the robber ran and ran the next day the cops found the man in the tree.
the looked at the window and the swirling light apeared again, and there
the man stood. but he was still in the tree. the put a new window in,
but again it turned black, the new attendent was pyschic, and she said
that she picked it up as  a portal to an alternate universe. (others
just say its a bathroom)



When I was fifteen I went on a hunting trip with my father and cousin in
Durango, Mexico.  We arrived on a Friday around one or two in the morning.
After unloading my cousin and I couldn't sleep because we had slept most of
the way so we decided to jump in the truck and go hunting for a while.  The
town we were in is very small.  I estimate the population in being less than
100 people.  We hit the road that let us to the mountains.  We drove up the
steep hill lighting the sides with lanterns looking for the shiny eyes as a
hunter does when hunting at night.  On top of the hill there is an old cave
called "LA CUEVA PINTA" which means "THE PAINTED CAVE."  This cave contains
some old indian paintings on its wall.  We passed the cave and drove about
another mile or so then we headed back.  Once we got to the cave on our way
back, my cousin stopped and pointed me toward a light shining on the road.
Since we were on top of the hill, the road lead down in an "L" pattern.  We
stared at the light for a couple of minutes and then it started to move.  It
looked like a truck making its way down the road.  We thought to ourselves
that the only truck out this late at night has to be the police and since we
were hunting with no permit, we decided to hide the rifles on the side of the
road.  We quickly gathered all the bullets and our rifles and hid them by an
old bob-wired fence.  I paused and took a quick glance at the light and it
was still moving but very slowly.  We got back in the truck and we were both
breathing hard because of the nervousness.  We came down the road.  The light
was still visible and it seemed to have gotten brighter as we got closer.  We
came upon the curve of the road and the reflection of the light was
noticeable on the trees.  We turned and my cousin quickly slammed the brakes.
 There was nothing there.  No truck, no lights no nothing.  My cousin then
flashed the high beams to see if we can catch a reflection of a brake light
or something but there was nothing.  We sat there in the truck amazed.  We
then came to think that maybe the truck pulled over and is hiding behind some
bushes so we continued down the road.  Branches from the mesquite trees were
scraping the sides of the truck as we made our way through the rough area.
It was about a half a mile drive to town and we made it all the way without
seeing any truck.  We arrived at my grandfather's house and told my father
about our experiance.  He gave us his video camera and told us to record the
light.  Up again the road we came and again we saw the light.  My cousin
parked the truck so we can collect the rifles we had hidden by the fence.
This time the light stood in one place and it seemed to get brighter at times
and then it would go dim.  We got the camera and started recording.  The
light continued to change sizes getting very bright to very dim.  At its
brightest moment, I would say the light appeared to be the size of a
basketball.  We recorded for a good while and we sat there and exchanged
thoughts of what it was we were seeing.  We arrived at my grandfather's house
and hooked up the VCR.  My father was already asleep so we prepared the tape
to see it in the morning.  In the morning we viewed the tape, my father was
amazed.  He said when he was a kid he used to see a light similar to this one
we had recorded but the one he saw was more like a fireball moving about the
mountains!  We haved showed to the tape to many people in this town and
everybody says the have seen lights similar to the one we captured, but not
this large.

Generation of Haunts


I ran across your web site a couple of weeks ago and right away I knew that
I had to try to contact you.
  All my life I have had experiences (along with my entire family)
concerning apperitions and hauntings. This has gone on in my family for
  For example, my grandmother had a child on new years, in those days they
did not have pennicillin to cure pnemonia so my uncle became very ill.
  For two weeks my grandmother kept seeing a white misty cloud but said that
she could not look into it. Two weeks prior to my uncles death, she had
heard and seen a white dog howl under the window where Lyle (my uncle)
slept. She also heard an owl hooting, which is rare where she lived.
Well, the night that Lyle died (right before he died) she looked into the
mist, and what she saw was Lyles face, immediately after   looking into the
mist and seeing his face, he died.
  Also right after he died, my older uncle awoke my grandmother and said
everything down stairs in the basement cellar was flying all over the place,
it soulnded as if glass was breaking and the whole basement was in havoc.
Upon going downstairs my grandmother said nothing was out of place.
  These incidences are not abnormnal and have happened to every member of my
  In the home in which I now reside, approxamitely two weeks ago I went to
lay down to sleep. My eyes were wide open when I saw the apperance of a
white mist above my face. I kept looking til the mist opened up (mind you,
my eyes were open and I was totally alert) and I saw a man smiling at me. He
was a handsome man and looked as if he were either native american or
african american, or a mixture of both.
All I did was become somewhat startled, but I was not frightened as these
types of things have happened to me and members of my family all of our
  Anyway, all I did was ask,  "who are you?" and as soon as I said this, he
  In the home I now reside in with my husband and three children, we have
all seen and heard a person walking, slamming doors, and sometimes a white
mist appears in the hallway.
  We heard that a man had died in this home, but I have no proof of this.
  On New Years eve, at exactly 12:00am, our firealarm went off (there are no
batteries in it!) and the hot water faucet went on full blast. There was no
one in the kitchen at the time.
  My Mother passed on two years ago and we often talked about these kinds of
things. Whoever these people are, they follow our family.
  When my mother passed on, I saw her spirit leave her body. I know that
people will probably think I am off the wall or what ever, but I have seen
things as well as my extended family all our lives.
  To go on with this story, after my mother's death, I kept sending my
children into the bathroom to turn off my hairblower that kept turning on by
  I would also feel someone poke me on the shoulder, what my mother ALWAYS
did to get my attention or to give me a love tap.
  I know that if anyone were to investigate my home they would get plenty of
readings. I am not sure what you do to research everything (I have not yet
gotten to that part in your web site) but I do know that these so called
ghosts or "apperitions" have followed my entire family and extended family
all our lives.
  There is SO much more and so many more stories that I could tell you but
that could take all night. So for now I will submit these couple of things
to you and ask you just what is this mist with this man's face that I saw
hovering over me??? It wasn't frightening, just kind of startled me as I was
not expecting this.
   Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would like to tell you
that so far I have enjoyed your site immensley.
  I have many stories to tell you, but I will wait to see if I recieve a
response back.
Thank you for your time.

The Watcher


  This is just one of several stories I have to contribute.  I have a
"watcher" ghost that I've been seeing as far back as I can remember.  As far
as I know it's male, and he watches me either as a protector, or just for
fun, I'm not sure.
  My first experience I don't even remember, but my mom told me about when I
was little (like 3-4) she'd hear me talking after I went to bed, she came in
the room thinking I was awake, she found me lying in bed, talking in my
sleep, saying "I only see the shadows when they're creeping around me."
  The first time I remember seeing him was a few years later when I was
about 6 or 7, I was in the woods with some friends, and I saw this pitch
black man run across the trail about a hundred yards away from me, now this
was in the middle of the day, on a well lit trail with no trees around.
  The next sighting I had was when I was about 10, after we had moved
sleeping over a friends house.  We were in the den watching T.V. and I got
up to get a book from his room,  I went through the house not bothering to
turn on lights as I went, cuz I knew the way.  When I get to the living
room, I saw the black man again.  He was standing half in a shadow, about 3
feet away from me, and looking out watching me,  the really freaky part was
that when I looked into his face, it looked like he was made of shadow,
completely 2 dimensional, and his eyes were cut outs (I saw the rest of the
room behind him).
   From then on I saw him all the time.  Wherever I was my house, a friends
house, driving, at night, or during the day, I'd see him watching me, as
soon as he saw that I saw him, he'd hide disappear, or hide behind
   There are 2 occasions when someone else saw him, the first was my
girlfriend.  She was staying over one night, this was in my parents house,
before we were married, so we slept in separate rooms, she had my bed, and I
got the couch.  Well the next morning she told me that she woke up in the
middle of the night, and felt as if she was being watched, she opened her
eyes and saw him standing over her, she felt very threatened, like he was
extremely angry at her.
   The other time someone else him was a few days after that, I was lying on
my bed, home alone, with my pet rat.  I had her out of the cage, and ket her
run around while I was relaxing.  Suddenly the rat got very scared, and ran
over to me and hid, all the time squeaking, and clicking her teeth
nervously, this was very odd behavior for her.  At that point I decided to
get some answers, I had been studying the supernatural for some time, and
decided to try and communicate with him.  I put myself into a trance and
asked him to identify himself.  He said he couldn't, but told me he meant no
harm, and that he is here to watch me.  He couldn't explain any more.  He
apologized for scaring the rat and my girlfriend, he then explained why he
was so angry at her, according to him, that was my bed, and I should've been
there.  It doesn't matter if I'm alone or not, but no one should use it
without me.  I told him it was ok with me for her to be there, and that he
was free to watch me as long as he wanted, but not interfere with my life,
or the lives of those around me, at the point he said that was ok with him.
  I still see him all the time, and whenever i do I feel safe in that
whatever happens to me, it won't go unnoticed, and if necessary, I'm sure
he'd do what he could to help.

The Gettysburg Ghost


I am a civil war reenactor and my unit and I were down to Gettysburg for the
Rememberance Day parade. It was the Friday that sarted the weekend,and we
decided to walk through devils den and the Traingular Feild. We all sat down
and started telling ghost stories. I got up to tell my one expreience, and
then my grandfather got up to tell his, and so on. As I finished I silnlently
refelceted on the beautiful place I was in. As my pap pap started telling his
story I heard drums in the woods to my left. Then I smelled a strong odor of
sulfer {gunpowder}. I looked to my right at my grandmother and said" Do you
smell that?" I was very familiar with the smell, and I have heared of
smelling it before on the ghost tours I have been on. I figured I am just
going to let it go. Then these people {tourists} came up to us said " Their
isn't any reenactments going on tonight right, because we heard drums." I
told them that we had heard it too, and all of my freinds said that they
heard the drums and smelled the sulfer. The also mentioned that all the cars
by the woods would go on the road, pause for a mintue, and continue. I am
very sensitive to paranormalactivity and I think this was just more ghosts
trying to tell us of their horrible experince.


I was spending the night at a friend's house.  He had
bunkneds and I was on the top.  My friend had fallen
asleep about an hour ago but I couldn't sleep.  Around
11PM I heard a sound that sounded like the pop of a
champange bottle.  Al of a sudden a small,bright spot
of light started circling the room.  It stopped in the
center of the room and grew into a big circle.  Not 5
seconds later everything went dark, even the street
light it seemed.  I could feel I wasn't alone.  My
friend has a chessboard in the corner of his room and
I heard the pieces moving.  I peeked over the edge of
the bed and I saw two almost misty figures on each
side of the chessboard and the pieeces were moving.
About half an hour later the circle came back and then
left.  Everything went back to normal.  I never told
my friend but I am sure I wasn't dreaming.

The Bedroom Set


i have had a few run-ins with the supernatural throughout my life, but the
most recent occurance was in the fall of 1996. i decided that i wanted to
buy a bedroom set with a vanity. i picked up a newspaper that i had never
read before (nor have i read since) but i had a "feeling" that i would find
my set advertised in there. i called about the set and talked to an older
woman (mrs. t.) who was selling off the estate of her sister and
brother-in-law who had passed on in the last few years. mrs.t. said i could
come over to see it. as weird as it sounds, she "interviewed" me before i
was allowed upstairs to look at it. mrs t. told me she had turned away
others because she did not think they would take good care of the bedroom
set or just plain because she did not like them. fortunately she took a
liking to me and i had "permission" to buy the set. i fell in love with it
and got all seven antique pieces for a steal! immediately upon taking it
home and polishing it up, strange things started to happen. i would wake up
every morning with my quilt folded very neatly at the end of the bed. for
some reason i assumed it was my mother's doings so i never mentioned it.
this happened every night for about a month. then one night i woke up and
bending over me, looking directly into my face, was a woman with long white
curly hair. i yelped and shot up out of bed. i looked back towards the
headboard but there was no one there. i convinced myself i had been dreaming
and went back to bed. a few nights later i mentioned the occurances to my
mother. she said she was not folding my quilt but she was going to call mrs.
t. to ask her about it. as it turns out, the original owner of the set mrs.
t.'s younger sister, whom we shall call victoria. victoria came from a
prominant italian family in the boston area. all of the children had dark
hair and eyes, except victoria, who had platinum WHITE hair her entire life.
her brothers and sisters used to tease her as a child saying she was the
milkman's daughter! she married and had always dreamed of having a duaghter,
but the couple never had any children. she was very proud of her beautiful
bedroom set, but even more proud of the handmade quilt she kept FOLDED AT
THE END OF HER BED!  mrs. t. discussed what had happened with her family and
they all decided that i was the "daughter" victoria had never had and fate
had directed mrs. t. to let me buy the set. they felt that victoria was
folding my quilt just like she had folded her own for so many years. they
also felt that she had been bending over me to give me a kiss when i woke up
and I scared HER! the night i found this out i went home and sat down on my
bed. i spoke to victoria and told her i would take very good care of her
beloved bedroom set, but i did not want her "hanging out" in my room anymore
because she had scared me. all was quiet for about a week until one night
when i noticed my cat looking at the spot where victoria had appeared and he
was purring. then he stretched out his paw to that spot as if reaching out
to her. i yelled at him, telling him he was not allowed to "be nice" to her
because she wasn't supposed to be there! he blinked slowly a few times at
the spot, then jumped off the bed and left the room. that was the last i
heard from victoria.

Strange Happenings

I really don't know where to begin but I'm certainly glad that i found your
website and know now i'm not crazy or alone.My first experience with what i
think are ghosts is the house we are currently living in in Tempe,Arizona. I
have two other roommates and my boyfriend living in this house. Two days
after we moved in, the garage door that leads into the living room flew
opened and stopped at a specific point before the wall.I thought maybe it
was our roommate playing a joke on us  because he is the only one with
access of opening that door.Nope not him, he's still at work. Then we went
to investigate and nothing in garage. I still can't explained that door but
if my boyfriend hadn't of seen the same thing people would not believe us.
The next experience in the same house happened a couple of months ago, I was
making dinner and heard my roommates bedroom door open and shut and keys
rattle like he was leaving, so i called to him that dinners ready if your
hungry.No answer so i thought maybe he didn't hear me, Twenty minutes later
my roommate came out of his room and i asked how did you get back so soon
and in your room so fast. He told me that he was sleeping for about a few
hours. I asked him did he hear me call his name and he said "No, I was
sleeping." I know that him & I were the only two people in that house or so
I thought.
My last instance is the broken fan in the bathroom. We never use it because
of the clanking sound it makes when turned on.My roommate asked one day if i
left the fan on in the bathroom and i said "no, i thought you said not to
use it." Four other times that day the fan would be on and not one of us did
it. I can't explain that one, except for it has to be a ghost in the house.

Grandma's Bedroom Set


Hi my name is heather and I thought that you would like to here my story. I am 14 years old ans at the time I was 13. But here I go and I was wondering if you could put this in your web page. Well this is how it started out.
 This all started happening when I moved my grandma's bedroom set down we went up there and she gave me this beautiful bedroom set. well anyways she gave us alot of other stuff like really old pictures and stuff like that. Well let me get to the pointe. before this all happened I had a dream that I was walking down a hall way but it looked like I was in a mine or an undergroung mine (where they try and find gold) and I was walking and there were these guys and they were digging and one turned around and smiled and me and i thought that I have seen him before but then I kept walking down the hallway and one guy stood up and he told me not to go down there because it was haunted. But of course I did not listen and I kept on going but when i was walking i could see this figure of white smoke and then it started to get fuller and then it was a women in a white victorian dress but she had not feet and her hair was pulled back and she had a pale face and she came towords me and she grabbed my arm but i was scared and I tryed to get away. Then after that I woke up. never had the dream agian but it scared me and anyways time passed and my mom told me to go get the pictures that my grandma gave me and i went and got them and when we were going through them picked up one and looked at it and was freaked out and my mom ask me what was wrong and I told her that this was the same woman that was in my dream. And it was this picture she was happy and it was
an old picture and she had white frizzy hair and was pulled back. And i was really scared. that is only the begining and then i was going through the rest and I picked up a picture of these guys and i looked at it and the same guy that i saw in my dream that smiled at me was in there and all the other guys that were in my dream was in there two. I was soooo freaked out. But them time passed and I got my bedroom set done and I got it set up and that i when things started to happen. I was sick one time i mean really sick and i was sleeping and it was about 3:00 a.m. and i woke up and I saw the same women in my dream standing there in my bathroom and she was just looking at me and I was just laying there and she would never leave untill i fell asleep. well anyways the other time was when i was laying there in my bed and i was tired that night am i have been crying and i woke up and i saw her agian and this time she was right by my bedside and she smiled and i could feel something cold rubbing my arm and it was her hand and she did the same thing she did go away untill i fell asleep. Anways I was getting use! to her and when ever i saw her she did not scare me but when i was talking to my mom one day she was saying to me that she has had some things happen to here she would have things dissapear and she would have things move when her back was turned. And she also told me that when i am downstairs she can hear footsteps in my bedroom. and after i had this talk with her the women was never there anymore but then i started seeing black figures in my bedroom. oh yeah and i also found out that the guy that was smiling at me was her brother. that is my story and I was wondrering if
 you could please write me back as soon as you read this letter and know i am starting to see the black figure more and more. the other thing that i wanted to tell u was that i can always tell when there is a ghost in the room. i get this high pitch nose in my ears and i think that there are three ghost living in my house and i think there is a guy a women and a little girl.

Littleton Colorado


I dont know if this exactally counts but in littleton there have always been strange happenings.  In my house things dissapear all the time and we can never find them, lights never works and we have problems with our heat.  Certain rooms are always cold and at the top of the staircase there are scents of food cooking when there is no food cooking in the kitchen downstairs, theres never the scent anywhere else in the house.  There is a spot above the fireplace where the paint has chipped off in the shape of a strange animal we jokingly call the rat squirell, but you get an uneasy feeling if you look at it long enough.  I have a friend who refuses to sleep in the same room with it.  Many of my friends report simaler feelings of cold or being uneasy in various parts of their houses.  In a nieghbor hood known as The Valley many people have reported gohst sightings and strange happenings such as objects going missing or being rearanged in the night, strange noises, and things being destroyed.  A friend of mine has many stories about strange happenings in his basement, such as a time a large neon sign hanging on his wall began shaking violently for no apparent reason.  Another friend of mine who lives in the vally showed me to a spot in her house where she belived was some sort of negative energy or gateway to another world.  When i sat in it i became overwhelmed with feelings of depression and anger, and that night i had bizzar dreams, some of which ended up being clairvoiant.  It is kind of an urban legand around here that the valley is nothing more than a huge idian barrial ground, some people also say that it was a spot the donner party traveled trough before they got stuck.  Many people i know who moved here from relitively far away (my self included) say they have devleoped clairvoiant dreams and feelings of precognition.  And clemit park had been the site of many strange occurances even before the tragedy at Columbine.  I was told by a friends older brother when i first moved here that the library in clemit park was haunted, and if you stayed ther late at night you could see mists by the booksheves and the computers wont work right.  I later heard simaler stories from a girlwhos mother worked at the library, and she told me of seeing flashing lights over the lake outside the library.  Many of my friends have said they have been visited by spirits of some type or strange occurances since columbine, either in dreams or when wide awake, and i myself woke up one night to see a friend of mine who died recently sitting on my couch.  I blinked my eyes a couple times and he was gone, but there was a strange feeling about the room, strangly, not a negative one.  I only know for sure what i have experianced for my self, but many of the stories i've heard have simalarities to each other and my own experiances, although a loth of them come from around the highschool and other adaults i know who are considered eccentric  hippies.  Therefor this my not be the most reliable of stories, but i thought i'd offer the information because most everyone around here agrees that there are certain places you go around here and it feels like youve walked right into a steven king novel.   I would suggest checking out The Valley, Clemit Park, Chatfield resevoir, and the areas around Chatfield Ave.

Bennett Hall,  3rd floor


While working one evening to Finnish the remodel before school
would resume the September of 1998. My partner was down towards the North end
of the corridor. He told me he felt uneasy, and wanted to call it a night.
Naturally I was curious, and wanted to know why. He said he felt someone
following him from room to room, and at times actually felt surrounded. I
laughed, told him he was just over worked. As we walked down the hall closing
all of the windows and doors, I heckled him the whole way about ghosts, and
just made fun. We were just finishing up and waiting for the elevator, when
we heard a tool box fall over. We ran down the corridor expecting to catch a
kid up there fooling around. When we opened the door there was know one
there, but the window was open. It was on my side of the corridor, and I know
I shut it. But my partner pocking fun at me insisted we check the room next
it, since I can't be trusted. Of course it was his turn give me grief. So we
looked into the room, and that window was also open. We laughed, and shut it.
As we proceeded down the hall every window on my side was open. We checked
his side, and of course found the same. I accused him of fooling with me, but
when he answered he almost cried. Uncomfortable we shut every window, and
didn't bother to double check. We left. Not much of a story but weird.

Two Stories

  Hello!  I noticed that several people wanted to know how to do the sage smudging to cleanse their houses but were unsure how to do it.  I have two stories to submit and will give directions for the cleansing at the end.  First Story:  My father had a being that was attached to him that was not very nice.  My sisters and I called it "The Aztec ___hole."  I don't know why we called it that, but that was the feeling we got from it. Although my father was devoutly religious he was not sensitive in any sense of the word.  This being thrived on grief and fear and would try to terrorize us when ever he could.  (the Aztec, not my Dad.) and never entered the church when my Dad would go. I never actually saw this thing but I knew it was there and it was male and it was a jerk.  One night after my sisters had gone on to college, I was sleeping in the living room because we had other family over.  In the middle of the night I heard footsteps and assumed that it was someone in the family up and getting water or going to the bathroom or whatever.  I didn't think much about it until the footsteps came closer and circled where I was.  I looked up and there was no one there. I turned on the lamp near the couch and I could see foot prints in the carpet... being made.  I knew immediately that it was the Aztec ___hole!  It proceeded to walk to the piano and kick it so it made a noise.  I was really scared and knew it was standing there smiling that I was so afraid. I tried to calm myself and started to pray and when I did that it left.  Years later my Dad died and I knew when he died that he had gone to that great clearing house in the sky to figure out what he had done this lifetime and what to do the next.  I had no sense of him hanging around which was really good and comforting.  However, a few nights after his death I was sitting at the table late at night and lo and behold the atmosphere changed and a very humble Aztec ___hole entered the room.  Since my Dad had moved on he had no one to attach to.  He actually had the nerve to ask if he could attach to me!  I prayed and basically said out loud."In the name of Christ you are not welcome here. You may not attach to me, this house, my family, our animals nothing that has anything to do with us.  In the name of Christ, be gone!" Then I said  "Lord, bless this house and remove any disincarnated being that is not suppose to be here.  Thank You!  Amen."  I have never felt it since.  Thank God!  Since then mom has remodeled the house and it is much lighter and happier!  O.K. Second story:  This one is a nice one not scary.  I had a Great Uncle Wayne and he was a great uncle in more ways than one! I and my whole family just adored him!  When I was sixteen my Mom and I decided to go see the U.K.  While we were there we both saw a man at our first stop in Ireland that looked just like Uncle Wayne, I guess that's called a doppelganger.  Anyway we both commented to each other how much he looked like Uncle Wayne.  The man was smoking a cigar (Just like Uncle Wayne.  Uncle Wayne loved cigars!) and drinking and laughing and having a great time.  We didn't speak to him, but he could have passed for his twin.  We were gone for a month on our trip.(Had a fabulous time!)  When we returned we learned that Uncle Wayne had died, around the week we were in Ireland!  We had missed his funeral and I hadn't gotten the chance to say goodbye.  A few days after we got back.  I was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper, my grandmother was sitting five feet away and my mom was maybe 15 feet away sitting at the table.  All of a sudden I smelled, very strongly, his cigar smoke! I asked mom and Grandma if they smelled it and they both said no. I said "I love you Uncle Wayne, goodbye!"  Mom thought I was being silly, but I'm glad I said it!

Personal Experiences 2


Further to my last letter, on that same vacation in the summer of 1972,
we travelled across Canada to Ontario, then returned through the
northern states, ending up on the west coast of Canada before returning
to our home in the British Columbia Southern Interior.  The next strange
event that happened after the Ontario incident was at a historic site in
the western U.S.  It was either Wall, South Dakota or Little Bighorn,
Montana, the site of Custer's Last Stand.  The location sticks in my
mind as being the latter.  The interpretive centre had a display of a
telegraph office, complete with a figure seated at the telegraph key.
Being kids (14and 12) my sister and I just had to play with the exhibit
and began tapping out a message on the telegraph key, pretending we knew
morse code.  When we stopped and started to go on to other amusements,
the telegraph key tapped out a message in return.  We thought that was
pretty cool, so we went to find the caretaker and asked him what the
telegraph was hooked up to.  He told us it wasn't hooked up to anything;
it was just an exhibit.  When we told him it tapped out a message, he
said that was impossible and showed us telegraph display as it looked on
the side we couldn't reach.  There was nowhere a person could have
hidden and not been seen.  The telegraph wasn't hooked up to anything at
all.  There were no wires connected to key and there was certainly no
way a message could have been received let alone sent.  To this day I
wonder what the message was and who was trying to contact us.
A much better incident was waiting for us further on when we reached the

Paranormal Experiences


This story isn't exactly a ghost story. I can't identify what happened
or what they were as typical ghost experiences. Both of the experiences
below are true to the best of my perception. And BTW I had other similar
experiences that I just can't remember right now.  Anyway here they are.

About two years ago during the summertime I came awake in the early a.m.
hours. I woke up in a slow way that is like being drawn out of sleep. As
I was waking and realizing that I was waking up I sensed something
approaching my house. It was a feeling like you just know it is there.
It was approaching my house from due west in a perfect line at a pretty
good rate of speed. I have no idea what it was, I just could feel its
movement and trajectory. In about a second or two it reached my house
and slammed into the siding like a 50 pound sack of potatoes. It was
loud. The house shook. Now my bedroom is on the third floor in a room
converted from an attic. My windows are a good thirty feet above the
ground. Nothing heavy  could possibly reach the section of outside wall
that this thing hit without the aid of heavy equipment. I got up and
checked the siding to see if something did hit it. Nothing. The vinyl
siding looked unaltered in anyway. I questioned my roommates at the time
to see if they heard or felt anything. They were both asleep and
experienced nothing.
As soon as it hit the house the sense of it being there disappeared.
Like it just traveled a great distance in a perfect line, hit my house
and then just vaporized. I don't have any impression of what it was. I
only felt something moving through the ether.

The second instance was a little more up close and was visual. This
happened last fall if I remember correctly. This time it was in the
middle of the night. I don't remember checking the time. About 1 or 2
am.  Again like last time I awoke from sleep in a slow drawing kind of
way. Like your mind making you wake up due to some outside stimulus
needing  your attention. This time as I was first coming to waking
awareness I sensed something on the ceiling. Just as I realized this I
looked up with sleep ladened eyes and say a small dark shape about the
size of a mouse drop from the ceiling. I have a textured sprayed
ceiling. The kind that crumbles to dust if you touch it with anything.
Anything larger than a insect has no hope of maintaining a grip on it.
And besides why would a mouse want to travel on my ceiling? This thing
fell from the ceiling in a straight line just like the law of gravity
imposes on everything. It hit my bed and bounced off it onto the floor
and then scrambled behind my two panel, folding door that goes to my
bathroom. The proof that I wasn't imagining it comes from one of my cats
who sleeps on my bed every night. He tore off after whatever it was. But
as soon as it went behind the door it dissappeared. There is a large
bookcase right next to where that door folds up. The only exit from
behind that door is to continue into the bathroom throught the crack
created by the door when it is folded or back out the way it went in. I
watched it go behind the door but I didn't see it go into the bathroom.
>From my bed I have a perfect view of that part of the door. If it went
in there I would have saw it. My cat was right behind it when it went
behind the door.  But as soon as he reached the door he suddenly
stopped. And he stared for a second at where the thing went and then he
started looking around. Like he followed it and he suddenly lost it and
couldn't find it. This thing just dissappeared.
I have no clue as to what either of these things were. Nor any sort of
proof other than witnessing them.
If anyone has any info. as to what these things could possibly be,
please e-mail me. Thanks.

Perceptive To the Paranormal

By: Amanda D.

My story is actually a few experiences I've had I don't know if I'm
perceptive to paranormal activity or not however I do believe some people
attract strange phenomenon. The earliest incident that I can remember
happened to me when I was about 6 or 7 we moved to a new state and strange
things began to happen. One of which happened every night at about 8:30 a
strange puff of white would pop up at the end of my bed then slowly make its
way down the right edge of my bed about half way down it would stop then wait
about a few seconds then go back down to the edge of my bed and disappear. I
must admit that at this time my family had a little and puffy haired poodle,
however I ruled him out because of three things. One our dog was VERY short
and wouldn't be able to reach the edge of my bed, two he was very old and his
fur had taken on a yellowish tint and the puff I saw reflected the light from
the hallway and was pure white, thirdly I watched my doorway until 8:30 when
it would appear and nothing would go in or come out. The next thing to happen
to me scared me beyond belief. I had I tree in my backyard that I would spend
A LOT of my free time in even at night. One night I was in the tree when I
felt something watching me when I looked around at first I saw nothing then I
saw near my fence two little red glowing dots. I totally freaked and ran into
my house. Fortunately for me we were only renting that house until we found a
permanent home (where I reside now). The next experience I can remember
happened years later after we moved. I was at my friend's house when my
parents and her parents went out to dinner. I was about 13 now and we decided
to go up on the roof and watch the stars. We (me, my friend and her little
brother) started up I climbed up first. I climbed up the tree and sat on the
roof. Then I said something (I don't remember what) that made my friend
really mad so she went inside. Her little brother stayed out with me. As he
headed up I heard something behind me I turned to see three people headed
towards me. At first I thought they were intruders coming to attack me. I
jumped up to prepare to run when I noticed that I could see the stars though
their bodies. I froze and they stopped. I shouted down to my friends brother
what was going on and I told him to get his sister. She told him she didn't
believe me but I was stuck I couldn't get down and needed help. Apparently
she heard voices inside the house which clinched it and she came for me.
However in the mean time Ii decided to make a jump for the closest branch. I
made it down and we all ran into the house. She has told me that other
strange things have happened there too. The last incident I'll share happened
about a year or two ago. Earlier I had a friend who had the exact same
birthday (and time) as me. We were good friends but her dad kinda creeped me
out he wasn't mean as a matter of fact I hardly ever saw him. He just gave me
chills when I did see him. Her family eventually moved to a different state.
A while after she moved I had a dream with her in it she didn't do anything
just stood there. I didn't give it any further thought. Until I saw on t.v. a
few years later that a man had murdered his wife and hidden the body. The man
was my friends father and the murder took place around the same week that I
saw her in my dream. I have had a few other strange things happen but not
many fortunately those are the biggest. I haven't had many sightings for
quite some time and I'm enjoying the silence. Sorry for this being so
long. Thanx for listining

Invisible Eyes


I've only had something like this happen to me once, but in this case, once
was more than enough. I was probably about 17 or 18 (this was about 12 years ago)and was asked by my dad to come with him to where he worked to go through some old magazines that they were going to be throwing out to make room. He knew I had an
interest in these, and said that any I found interesting I could pull out
and take home. They were old National Geographics, Lifes, Times, etc. mostly
from the 60s & 70s. My dad worked (works) as a maintenance manager at a large church in Oak Park, Illinois, a southern suburb of Chicago. It's old for suburban
standards, originally built right after the Civil War, in 1866. That first
one burnt to the foundation after being hit by lightning in 1916 and was
rebuilt that year in stone, in an imposing Romanesque style.
The room that the box of magazines I was looking at was under the front
entry hall of the church, down twin sets of stairs. Originally, it was a
lounge/restroom area, separated by a hall with mirrors, benches set against
the walls, and a door leading into the basement, framed by a pair of wooden
pillars salvaged from the old church. I was in what had been the men's
lounge, and they hadn't been used since new restrooms were built upstairs in
the mid 60s. They had been used for storage since, but were being cleaned
out in preparation for rebuilding the whole area as Sunday school
classrooms. My dad & I had gotten to the church early on a Saturday morning, about 7 AM,  and at that point were the only two people in the whole building. He went
about his work, and said he'd come back down in a couple hours when we were
leaving. The room was lit by a single bulb overhead, and there was also a dingy
leaded glass window near the ceiling which didn't let in much light. However
gloomy and ramshackle the room was, I was really into the old magazines, and
had pulled out a few already when I realized that someone was in the
doorframe behind me watching me. (There was no door)
I was sitting with my back towards the doorway, on a folding chair with the
big box on the floor next to me. I figured my dad had come down early, since
only about half an hour or 45 minutes had gone by since he left. I turned to
speak to him, but no one was there. I got up and walked out into the hall,
and called for him, but no reply. I went into the old women's lounge-empty.
I dashed upstairs and walked around the church and called for him, but only
got my voice echoing back in the stillness.
I just shrugged it off to my imagination, and went back down to the room. As
I walked in, I realized that although 2 minutes ago, it was sort of warm and
stale in there, now it was chilly, like air conditioning blasting cold
chilly, although there was no air conditioning in this part of the building.
I also noticed two things that disturbed me even more than the sudden
coldness-first, I felt that I was being watched, from a couple directions,
behind me and somehow, from behind a stack of boxes piled up in front of a
door which once led to the actual washroom, which had been long since locked
up and unused.  Also, I didn't notice it right away, but as soon as I did,
that was what caused me to get out of that room immediately, but the
lightbulb above my head was growing slowly dimmer and dimmer, as I watched
it. I turned and ran, and kept running til I got out of the church itself and
into the offices which were attached to the church, where I almost literally
ran into my dad coming in from outside. I asked if he'd been down to check
on me, and he told me that almost the whole time since he left me, he'd been
doing some work in the parking lot out in back of the office portion of the
building. He asked if I was okay, and I lied and said sure, but I was done
down there, and didn't really find anything and would just hang out with him
til we left. I've been back down there once since, a few years back, with my dad, and the
area is totally transformed-cheerily painted, modernized, and well-lit,
almost unrecognizable from what it once looked like before the remodeling
project. However, just to be safe, I still don't think I'd feel comfortable
ever going down there alone again to this day.

Nursing Home Resident


First off I am a 17 teen year old and am a nursing assistant. I work at a
nursing home in Minnesota. Here is my story. This happened about 3 weeks ago
so here it goes.
A man died he was in his later 70's and they found him sitting up in bed when
he was dead. So that night I went to work (I work eves) and people had told
me that weird things happened I am was like what? The nurse and TMA told me
that the call light in this guys room would go on and off when no one was in
the room! i was like oh yeah right! i stayed til about 10 to do rounds and
nothing had happened 2 days later: I had to work and they told me more things
had happened so i stayed again until 9:45 but then they asked me to stay
later so i said OK. i was next door to the guys room and me at two other aids
came out and saw that the call light was on. we all were like oh no! so we
all went in there and we saw the bed rise up and the head of the bed go up
all by it self! i was so scared you should have seen me run! now there is a
lady in his room and she requested to be moved because the lights kept going
on and off. now the room is empty but there is a big temperature difference.
It is cold in his room and warm everywhere else.

Ghost Voice


This is my ghost story.
I almost feel the need to apologize because it is not as ghostly as others' submissions.
Here it is. My family moved into an old Victorian-type house in a small town in southwestern Pennsylvania years ago.
Although it is quite beautiful, it obviously has not been kept up as it should.
My bedroom was the largest, because my parents wanted the one bedroom that had a bath attached. Despite living in what is to some a dream home, I always felt "small" in that house. I don't know how to describe the feeling, but I wasn't very comfortable there.
Anyway, one day, as I was in my room reading or working, I heard a male voice say "what." When this happened, I was alone in the upstairs part of the house.
My bedroom door was open and at the sound, I whipped my head around.
It had came from down the hall. My bedroom is located to the right at the top of the stairs. There is a bathroom directly across from the stairs, a bedroom next to that and a hallway across from my door that leads to  closets, a third bedroom, and a small room.
There is also a second stairway down that hall. Now, I didn't see anything, but I am convinced that the voice did not come from anyone who lived in the house.
My father was the only male in the household and the voice was not his.
It's been years since this happening, but I still think on it and wonder about the history of that house. I believe that the builders and former owners of the house were wealthy and connected to the coal industry that thrives in that part of the state.
In fact, a coal mine is in clear view from the back porch.
Well, that's it.
If someone knows about ghostly voices and sounds, please contact me.
As years pass, sometimes I wonder if it was just a dream.

Roosevelt Island & something else


I'm 15, when I was in 3rd grade I think, I went with one or two friends to
Roosevelt Island (Its nearby since I live in NYC), and everyone knows that
there is a house there nobody is allowed into. It even has alarms on the
doors. There's  a black cat who wonders around the house (who can't possibily
be a ghost, it doesn't even look like one, its too, well, Live), and if you
go onto the porch there's a smell of corpses coming from under the porch.
So we took some pictures of us by the house and of the house alone, and when
looking back on the pictures sometime later, in the pic of the back part of
the house I think, there was a weird looking figure staring through the
door's window. The figure, I thought this was pretty messed up, looked like.... a robot ? I
don't know for sure, but it was grey and had a square head, and that's all I
saw was the figure's head and face features. I still have the picture and its
still there in the pic. It's barely visibile but you can quite make out that
something is looking through that window. Here's something else.... I don't
know if this was just my imagination or actually real... During 5th grade (in NYC
at a school called P.S. 59), I knew an african american kid (won't say his name,
just call him "K") whose mother worked at the school by helping out with boxes,
etc. Anyway my class and I were going back to our room and we passed by the the yard's enterance (this
was on the 2nd floor) to the right of the hall, and I saw K's mom organizing
some boxes and as she got up from putting a box down I was looking at her and
she looked up at me and she had a mean face and had fangs in her mouth. I was
freaked out. She wasn't a ghost or anything, but I don't know what the hell
happened there. She may have yelled at me a few times for causing some trouble but other times she was nice.

Spandau Prison

By: stuart.o'


My brother told me this story a couple of years ago about an incident that
took place in 1985 in West Berlin, as it was then, when he served there in
the British Army.
Picture the scene; Spandau Prison a cold eerie place with only prisoner
(Rudolph Hess) but with many brutal stories in its' Nazi past. My brother,
Peter, was officer commanding the guard on that particular extremely cold
winters night. He had a platoon of men scattered around the building where
he himself admitted you didn't feel comfortable on your own unless you were
The guard was rotated monthly......British, American, French and so on.
There were a series of guard towers which were semi enclosed and he had one
man in each of these. Suddenly several shots were fired in one of these
towers. Peter and the platoon sergeant went to investigate and found one of
the men, a big guy not normally afraid of anything with his rifle in hand
and tears running down his face. This could be a serious incident. If you
fire your weapon with live rounds negligently, you are in serious
The soldier didn't speak for a while but eventually started to talk. He'd
been keeping watch when he felt a presence behind him. He turned to see a
soldier staring at him. He challenged the man twice and then fired 3 shots
at him, as laid down in standing orders. The soldier disappeared into thin
Our man wasn't believed until a few days later it emerged that a French
soldier had committed suicide in that same guard post a month or two
earlier. The incident was scrubbed from the records and our man returned to
duty but never again at Spandau Prison.


The Guy in the Basement (addendum)


Had visitors staying in the servant's quarters over the 4th of July.  They were kept awake all night by knocking on the wall  coming from the area of the ironing board.  They also described an orb that remained stationary on the bedroom door all night.  Both are sensitive.  They spent quite a while looking for anything that could have caused a reflection, to account for the orb and came up blank.  They described it as "greenish black" and remaining absolutely still, all night.  The woman said she would look at it and think "I'll close my eyes and see if it's still there when I open them".  Said she'd go to sleep and wake up to knocking on the wall, and the orb was still there.  All night, no sleep.  They complained of a myriad of other noises as well, thumps, bumps, etc.  Another curious thing, my housekeeper said that it looked like the amoeba shaped thing she saw was "sort of coming out" of
the ironing board cabinet" and my houseguest describes the orb as looking like it was "almost inside" the door. A note about that room.  It is the cat's favorite room.  It has a large window which overlooks one of the rose gardens.  It's very light and the energy is fresh and cheerful.And about me: If I don't keep the doors closed, I am continually shooing birds, bees, dragonflies, lizards, skunks, possums, coyote's and anything else out of my house, no matter where I live.  Wild things will walk right up and stand and look at me as if they expect something.  One night I woke up with a huge boar skunk curled up on the bed with me.  Another time one walked into the living room, jumped up on the sofa and washed her face, then sat there looking at me like she was waiting for conversation, so I talked to her.  Hummingbirds follow me around (inside) the house while I go about my business.  If I sit down, they sit down.  Very companionable.  If anyone else comes in they fly at them, bellowing.  One day I had a man calibrating my oven.  He came in the living room and said "Theres a hummingbird in the kitchen giving me H___."  I told him he was just making sure he did his job right. Dragonflies light on me and won't get off.  Lizards climb on me and take a nap, opening their eyes every once in a while then going back to their snooze.  Strange dogs never take offense at my presence, even the ones who have been trained to keep people away, and totally strange dogs will protect me.  Animals are always extremely posessive about me and devoted to a degree that can be really disturbing (I've had them hurt themselves badly trying to go with me or get to me, or starve themselves because I was not there, even though another family member was).  I wonder if it's the same energy that the spirit's recognize.  That's too discomforting, I think I'll just leave that one alone.This place is known for things that go CRASH!!!!, but there's never anything overturned or broken.  This happens during both day and night time hours.  My housekeeper and I are forever hurrying toward a loud crashing noise, meeting in the middle of the house, looking blankly at each other and saying "they're at it again!".  The issue with the orb is that this is the second ever sighting, both on the same wall, in exactly the same area (within a meter), both by women, and both within 10 days.  My guest says that the orb is not the same entity as the guy with the icky energy. Also, we have info that leads us to think that there's a very old well or cistern at/near the location of the bad energy.  Someone has has caused a concrete box to be built over it.  Fifteen feet from it, in the garage is (also cemented up)  what appears to be an oven, or smithy's forge.  That would follow, this is a California Spanish house and there's lots of  wrought iron.  The place was built by mexican artisans who lived in a tent city on the property during construction.  We'll see.  I've made inquiries about renting ultrasound equiptment in an attempt to see what's inside and under these things before (if) we do anything physical.  Will also check with the Historical society before proceeding as something in their files may save me the effort.  This house was built before folks used blueprints.

Future Happenings


I am the daughter of pyschic sharon gresham of evansville,In.In 1983 before
my mother became known locally.I didnt even know mind you,that before going
to a beer drinking party,my mother told me not to go to the party.She did not
know where the party was nor did she care,she begged me not to go and bieng a
know it all teenager I refused to listen.While sitting on the railing of a
second story river camp drinking my beer I leaned to far back and fell,I did
a complete back flip and landed on my feet.I received two broken ankles,both
lower bones in my right leg snapped out of my skin.While trying to stand up I
ripped the bones further out of my leg.when I leaned back too far and
realized it I grabbed my future daughters father and he fell with me,landed
right next to me but did not get hurt.So he ran back upstairs to the party
and told them,nobodybelieved him because he was always joking around.Then I
remember two men put me in the back seat while on the way to the hosipital I
remember the driver saying he did not think he had enough gas when I heard
that I blacked out again because we were so far out in the boondocks.The next
thing I rememberes was waking up in the emergency room with my mother
standing over me telling me she told me not to go to that party and why did I
not listen.Well I went through the first surgery I awoke that morning I did
not even know what hosipital I was at.In the meantime I knew something was
wrong with my mouth but they would not listen,My mother griped at those nurse
she knew something else was wrong.When they xrayed my face my jaw was
broke.To make a long story short I survived in a wheel chair,and produced a
beautiful baby girl nine months later,By the way this was my mothers first
grandchild.She stood by me all the way and yes she did psychihly warn me
before it happened.

Dover Castle, Kent, England. August 1995.


In August of 1995, my family were visiting Dover Castle, a vast sprawling
structure on the White Cliffs.  The underground tunnels date to Napoleonic
times and D-Day was planned down there.
During the tour of Hellfire Corner the group visited the Repeater Station, a
telecommunications room.  The room is very spooky, and is not somewhere I
would like to spend a lot of time.
The tour guide was describing the main functions of the Repeater Station.  I
happened to glance at the ceiling of the tunnel, when a strange breeze blew
down the middle of the room.  It caused the hairs on my left arm to rise,
but the hairs on my right arm remained normal.
Later in a small pub near the castle, I related the experience to my family.
My auntie said that she too had felt a strange breeze in the room, but she
also claimed to have heard footsteps retreating very quickly out of the
I discovered later that Dover Castle is very haunted, and that people have
had similar experiences in the Repeater Station.

Haunted House on Magazine Street in New Orleans


When I was between eleven and thirteen years old my family moved into a
house on Magazine Street, in an old part of New Orleans, Louisiana. It
was a house that had been converted into a 4-plex, we occupied the entire
upstairs, even the long narrow stairs leading upstairs to the apartment
were scary to me when I use to come home from school and noone else had
made it home yet. (I just remembered this.) When we first moved in, I
didn't have a bed yet and use to sleep on the hardwood floor in my room,
which was in the very back of the house( the house was set up like a
shutgun, if you are familiar with that term, alot of old houses in New
Orleans are set up this way, with the servants/slave quarters in the back
of the house.) After a week, my mom purchased a second hand wooden bed for me. (This is revelant you will see, because even though the place was eerie before
this, the happening didn't take place until the bed.)  It started with me
getting woken up in the middle of the night, always, about 3:15am, there
would be noone visible in the room. It then progressed to me being woken
up by gentle shaking of the bed, and it would stop after I sat up. This
would go on for about two months, never every night but always at around
3:00am in the morning. The moving, shaking was visible in the bed posts,
just like someone was shaking it, when I touched the bed footboard it
felt like something moving through it and I would be afraid but almost to
scared to move.( I would leave my room, wake my mom up, she did not
believe me and thought I was having nightmares.) The very last time it
happened was more violent, I was woken up by the bed shaking hard and
this time I touched the bedposts,  the shaking would not stop, I jumped
out of the bed and it appeared to manifest itself into the TV antenna
ears on top of my television, looking like a neon blue liquid flowing
between the ears, ( the color of blue lightning with no sound.) and the
antenna ears were moving up and down, floating in the air off the TV to
the floor and back. (All this with no sound, totally silent.) You might
think I would have ran screaming down the hall to my mom's bedroom but I
couldn't move, it was so unbelievable!!!, I just stood there until it
stopped.) Whatever it was tried to shake me awake one more time a few weeks later,
I was very scared and I read somewhere that a spirit would have to reveal
itself to you or go away when confronted with the question,"In the name
of Jesus, you must tell me who you are or go away?". It worked because it
stopped and never came back again. I don't know if it was evil or
harmless but I really didn't want to find out.

I didn't believe in Ghosts until


    My ghost experiences started when I was about 12 years old. My Father and
Mother purchased an old house in a small town in Kentucky. The house was over
one hundred years old, built from old yellow popular boards and was heated
with a coal stove. The house had one electric wire that ran on the outside of
the boards, from the only outlet in the kitchen, then through the rest of the
house were each room had one light switch and fixture.
    After we moved into the house I began to have dreams about a beautiful
young woman that I had never seen before. In each dream I was at a small
church funeral. When I first began to have the dreams, we had just moved into
town, and I knew nothing about it. After several months of the reoccurring
dream I knew were the old church was located just a few streets over from
were we lived. The church was no longer there, but when I began to ask
around, I was told that it had been turned into a house many years ago.
    In each dream I am walking down the isle, towards the casket that is
surrounded by flowers. There are people that I don't know sitting on each
side of me.  Once I get to the casket I am looking down at a very young
attractive lady, that is dressed in white and who has black hair, then I wake
   The first couple of times, I just shook the dream off as a nightmare.
However after having the same dream for several weeks I became afraid to
sleep in my room. I tried to express my feelings to my parents about the
dream and My Father laughed and made me feel foolish and my Mother keep
saying it is just a dream. I was very embarrassed, after all I was 12 years
old and someone my age shouldn't be afraid to sleep in their bed. So I
stopped telling them about the dreams even though I was having them night
after night.
   Then something freaky happened. My Father began to remodel the house and
the dream changed. It wasn't about her funeral any more it was about my
father tearing out some old closets that ran all along one wall of my room.
The closets consisted of tall doors that were about two foot wide each having
a smaller one above it for storing blankets, I suppose. One of the closets
was used to store wood and coal for burning in the stove that set in front of
it. In my dream my mother is standing with her arm around my shoulder and
we're watching my Father tear out the closets, when suddenly the body of the
woman (that I had been dreaming about) comes falling out into the floor in
front of us. The dream scared me so badly that I began to panic when I found
out that my Father actually was going to tear the old closets out. My Father
had never mentioned it to me prior to having the dream.
   I couldn't stand it any longer so I told my Mother everything. She
reassured me that there was nothing to be scared of and walked into the room
with me. As we are standing there she slips her arm around my shoulder and we
are standing there watching my father tear out the closets just like in my
dream. My Mother had never put her arm around my shoulder before and I never
told her that she had done this in my dream. At that thought I was so scared
I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I just knew that this woman's
body was in the closet and was going to fall out into the floor in front of
   I remember being so very glad the next morning when I awoke knowing that
there was no body in the closet and that the dreams were over. However, that
was the beginning of things, not the end.  My bed began to rock at night as I
would try to go to sleep. Doors would open and close, lights would go on and
off, objects occasionally moved through the air, we heard an organ playing
and singing, and people walking around at night, ect.
   After that night I felt like my Mother was open to my fears and I began to
tell her everything. She moved my bedroom into another room and the bed
actually stopped rocking and I was able to sleep peacefully from there
onward. She still didn't quite believe the things that I was saying, she just
keep saying that it was my imagination.
   Then one day my Mother suddenly became interested in my dreams, she began
to ask questions such as; What did the woman look like? I knew by the way
that she was acting that something had happened, then she told me that she
was walking down the hallway towards the kitchen and she saw a woman standing
in the hallway. She described her as being young and beautiful, dressed in
white and having black hair. What she saw looked like a real person and she
thought that someone had walked into the house through the kitchen door, and
she asked her, "What do you want and what are you doing in my house?" The
woman moved her mouth as if she was answering her, but no words were heard.
Then she simply vanished.
   The woman was seen in the house on several occasions. I saw her myself one
time walking down the hallway, and it was just like Mother said, she looked
real. She wasn't transparent, an orb or mist but looked as real as you and I.
   We later found out that the woman that the house was built for, had died
one winter giving birth. It was said that her husband had gone away and that
she may have went into labor getting wood for the fire. Her and the baby were
found in the closet. It was also speculated that she was trying to keep the
baby warm. She was described as being 23 years old, having black hair and
green eyes.
    Also I thought that you might be interest in knowing, that before her
ghost was seen in the house, my father had rewired the house himself. The
electric bills were very high, one month it was about $350. He knew then that
he had done something wrong and called an electrician to check it out. It was
found that he was running electricity into the soil beneath the house.  As
far as I know she has never been seen again since the electrical problem was
corrected. This may have nothing to do with the sightings at all. However,
then again who knows? Maybe it should be investigated further.



Hi my name is Hannah I live in Glen Rock Pennsylvania.  I live in an old
house in the center of town Know One else in my family has seen or even heard
what I have.  The Weird thing is The room I sleep in now Is where my great
great grandmother died.   Every once and awhile I'll get a cold chill and my
room gets pitch black at night and my curtens are pulled down so it gets
really dark and I cant see anything in my room.  I get a feeling someone or
something is walking around in my room.  And every once and awhile when i'm
up stairs I'll hear something down stairs for example one time I heard a loud
smash of something falling   Know one was home at the time except for me and
my animal was out side so I couldnt of been him.  I dont no if it was my
imagineation or if it was real or not.  BUt I never found out what it was.
And just the other day when I was up on the computer The phone rang and It
rang 2 times and I picked it up during the third and all there was was a dial
tone. No one was on teh phone the weird part was when i still had the cord
phone in my hand the portable phone rang.  They are connected to the same
phone line.  I might have all just been my imagination but I dont no.

Pschic Foretold


Even up to a month ago,I would have said people who tell ghost stories were nuts.Not any more.My wife and I kept having odd experiences and so we brought a psychic to our house and she told us a person had died here and that he died of drugs.  She held her throat and said it was something to do with drugs and that this person made the drugs in this house.She said something was on our property that meant something to this person.When we had moved in we noticed that there were 2 holes that had been dug in our back yard but had been covered and I passed them over as septic tank holes.After I thought about what she had said I had my wife dig up the holes and low and behold we found things that were used to make methamphetamine.Very scary wouldn't you say.But not near as scary as watching one of my dogs sit in my kitchen and follow what you would think as someone walking from behind her and her following it as it walked all the way around her.This is just a few examples but I have to go as it is late and I just happened to come across your web site.If you would like I will write back with some more of the experiences we have had.

Haunted Furniture


When I was about 14, my sister (who is 6 years older) was still living
at home, and bought a beautiful 5 piece bedroom suite from an estate
sale. I used to sneak into her room in the morning after she'd leave for
work, to wear something of hers to school, but with this new furniture
in the room, I felt an eerieness, and the temperature of the room felt
distinctly cooler than usual. After a couple of months, this eerie
feeling and room temperature seemed to return to normal. It wasn't until
a couple of years later, my Mom & sister spoke about the furniture, and
how after my sister bought it , she would wake up suddenly in the middle
of the night, feeling as though someone was sitting on the edge of the
bed, leaning over her and staring at her. She actually felt the weight
of this being making an indentation beside her, and felt they were
supporting themselves over her with one arm on the other side of her
body. My sister usually slept very soundly. One night, after a number of
these mid-night wakenings, she saw, hovering over the night table, the
face of an elderly woman, staring at her. Needless to say she was VERY
freaked out and pulled the covers over her head and eventually fell
asleep. After that time, the night wakenings ceased and she felt
everything was back to normal. They never told me because I scared
easily, even though I loved ghost stories, but I think my Mom didn't
want me waking her up in the middle of the night because I was scared!
When my sister moved out of the house, we found an old slip for
reclaiming jewelry, with the name Phoebe Zieffert.
I believe the elderly woman that had the furniture had some special
attachment to it and hung around after she died to assess the new owner
in hopes it would be loved and cared for as she had. My sister still has
this set today.

Haunted Apartment in L.A.


Hello!  From 92 until 94 my husband and I and our roommate Eric lived in a haunted apartment in L.A. It was built in the 50's or 60's our apartment was on the third floor there was only one other apartment on that floor (very large apartments) and our neighbor was an elderly woman named Ruth.  There was a swimming pool in the front courtyard.  For some reason everytime anyone looked at the swimming pool that person's eyes were always drawn to the deep end of the pool and on more than one occassion we had people ask if anyone ever drowned in the pool. We had no idea but I suspect so.  Anyway our apartment was a hotbed of activity. Our bathroom and our bedroom seemed to have the most activity.  Everytime I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I would always say out loud "I'm not going to see anything" and then I would open our bedroom door to go down the hall to the bathroom.  Every single time I opened that door I wouldn't see anything but I would feel something standing there looking at me (Very unnerving!)  Then I would go to the bathroom but was always afraid to look into the mirror at night.  Our bathroom window had a screen that was filthy except for a perfect clean handprint right in the middle of the screen.  I know this next one sounds weird, but our toilet sang like a bird.  I realize this could have been air in the lines except that when I was cleaning one day and the toilet was singing away I jokingly grabbed the plunger and the toilet brush made a cross and said "The power of Christ compels you to leave!"  John, my husband was laughing until the second I finished saying that the toilet went dead (no pun intended) silent! Not long after my husband and I were lounging on a Sunday morning when all of a sudden there was a very loud belch, like it was right in bed with us, I looked and John, John looked at me kind of with a "Did you do that?"  look and we both high tailed it into the living room.  A few months later I had to get up and get a drink of water so I did my ritual of saying "I'm not going to see anything." and opened the door.  This night was different.  It was a weird feeling of electricity in the air, sort of a hot humid restlessness so I headed down the hall towards the kitchen and passed through what felt like a cold wet blanket.  Two seconds later I hear my husband yelling in the bedroom I ran back to the bedroom and he was sitting up in bed pointing at the mirror on my vanity and shouting "Face,face!"  He saw an old man's face appear in the mirror.  Well that was it I had had it. We got John's crucifix and placed it over the area of the mirror where the face appeared and prayed (I didn't know how to do sage cleansings at that time)  The next day I thoroughly cleaned the apartment and prayed in each room except for our roommates, because he is an atheist and respected his request not to do his room and when I got to the screen in the bathroom I scrubbed and scrubbed but the handprint stayed....Until I prayed over it, then the whole screen came clean.  Needless to say we didn't have any problems after that.  My attitude towards scary ghosts is kick astral booty and take names, there is no reason to allow them to dictate your life, after all we are the ones with the carnate bodies, they are not and since we occupy our time and space appropriately and they occupy our time and space inappropriately (and I'm talking about the bad scary ones) It is karmatically ok to evict them.  Peace be with you.

Oregons Many Ghosts

By: Libby Jones

    I lived in a house in Marion, Oregon when I was fifteen that was haunted by many ghosts.  There was at least one in every room and not all of them were friendly.  I was pushed down the stairs at least once a day but was never once injured.
  I once saw a little girl standing on the railroad tracks in front of the house.  She was illumintated by the headlights of a train that was not there.  There was no sound of the train, only the light.  Another time, I saw a severed head at the top of the stairs and it vanished while I was looking at it.  There was always a man in my room who kept me from "sleep walking", something I never did anywhere else.  He would always lead me back into the room and put me to bed.  I know it was not a dream because sometimes he woke me up doing it.  And my bedroom light was never turned off no matter how many
times I tried to turn it off.  I got used to sleeping with it on.  There were many incidents in that house that could not be explained.  None of my friends would ever spend the night with me because they thought it was too creepy.

Ghost Siting

By: Richard Beighton

Last October , two weeks before Halloween , I saw a ghost which glided accross in front of the car I was travelling in with a friend on the B2028 which runs from Ardingly to Haywards Heath. It was 10-30pm approximately in the evening and we were travelling back from a night out . I saw on the verge side about 2000 yards in front of the car something gliding slowly accross the road. I thought this was an owl at first , but as the car got nearer I could see it was in fact  a transparentfigure which was barely visible. As we approached to about 1000 yards the figure stopped in the middle of the road and faced us directly . The car headlights shone through it to the other side. It then continued to move to the right hand side of the road.Then to my horror a dematerialised . It was of a man who was in his 50's in Railway workers overalls and Boots.He had a large belt and buckle . His face was round and he had a horrible grin over his face. He seem to be enjoying the fact that he had scared the hell out of us.In his right ear was an earing. I closed my eyes disbelieving what I was seeing , but to my amazement the Ghost was still there. Before we could hit it the Ghost suddenly dematerialised and was gone . I askled my friend whether he saw it too , but he claims he did not . I have since discovered that a Ghost does haunt that stretch of road and it is of a railway worker who built the old Steam railway from Horsted Keynes to Haywards Heath . It likes to appear to young car drivers and to startle them  and derives pleasure from startling people by its sudden appearance

Ghost Experience


This relates to a house built around the turn of the century in Kirkland, WA. near Seattle.
Every night heavy footsteps were heard beginning in the kitchen area of the house proceeding to the living room and then to the bedroom where we slept. During the day the footsteps were also heard at times in all places in the house including the recent kitchen addition.Localized cold spots in the house were favorites during the summer because the house had no air conditioning. At another time during that single summer we lived in the house three crabs fell out of an apple tree on the property as my wife and I were working the in the yard.These episodes were all non-threatening with the exception of one when my wife screamed in the middle of the night claiming
that the wall was "moving" and trying to engulf her. She insisted that I move the bed to the center of the room where we slept for the next several weeks. When the bed was moved back I traded spots with her and experienced no such phenomenon.  In the two years since we moved out of the house three other occupants have come and gone. The house is currently empty.

My New House

By:  Anonymous

My husband and myself recently bought our first house.  I had always lived in apartments and our last apartment was very small.  The house was great!  it was built almost 100 years ago, all the original woodwork, five bedrooms, hardwood floors, really pretty.  Needless to say having lived in apartments all my life this new found space was scary. We moved in Labor Day weekend 1999.  All was well, until one night late in Sept.  (Please keep in mind I am a first year law student and very stressed out).  The Master bedroom (to be our room) on the third floor was not decorated yet so we made one of the smaller bedrooms on the second floor a temporary bedroom.  I felt very uncomfortable in this room.  I have no idea why.  Our house is very warm and inviting.  Well, this one night in late Sept.  I was awoken by this loud crash.  I can't tell you where the crash came from but it was inside the house.  I immediately woke my husband.  The rational attorney that he is, told me it was my imagination go back to sleep.  before he could finish the sentence, the crash sounded again.  He said and I quote "holy sh- -!  What the ---- was that?  He insisted someone was trying to break in.  The sound was so loud and in the house.  I have two dogs that bark if the wind blows, they didn't even acknowledge the noise, which was very strange to me.  Anyway, we walked around the house, my husband with a hammer and me with a golf club, like two idiots.  We even went as far as to call the cops.  Nothing was out of order , nothing had fallen and to this day I have no explanation for the sound.Many times I thought I saw a shadowy figure walk down my stairs but always wrote it off as nothing.  As the Fall came and the weather started to turn, I came home from school one day (late Oct. early Nov).  I got myself organized for a six hour homeworkfest.  I decided to build a fire.  I was home alone.  I want out back to get wood and headed into the living room (where the fireplace is located), I glanced to my left and sitting on my staircase was a relatively young man, light brown hair, brown pants, basic shirt.  He was there for seconds and then he wasn't but I got a good look at him.  I almost passed out.  I called my husband ASAP, again he told me it was my imagination.  I was so frustrated.  When I first saw the man I thought my husband came home from work early, he was clearly sitting on the stairs looking out the front door.  This wasn't a shadow or a situation where I thought I saw something.  I saw him he was just sitting there! I haven't seen anything else but I have heard knocking on my front door when no one is there.  The dogs do react to the knocking, they bark like crazy.  I have had my back turned and had the feeling someone walked up behind me.  Sometimes I
swear that my husband is behind me and I'll start talking to him only to turn expecting him to be there and he's not. I am an educated, rational person who was a major skeptic.  Believe me I'm not a skeptic anymore.  I live in a great house with a welcoming and warm feeling inside.  I am only the third owner even though the house is almost 100 years old.  The last owner lived in the house for about 12 years and the family before were the builders of the house.  I am guessing this thing I am experiencing is not a bad thing, it doesn't feel bad or scary.  My husband says it is my imagination because of
all the stress of law school.  I just don't know.

Questionable Ghost?


A family member owns a construction business and they are working in a
historical mansion in our town.  I find old buildings to be very
interesting so I stopped in to take a look around with my mother and 2
children.  It was a very interesting place and I felt no vibes from it.
In the meantime my husband went on the job there about a month later.  I
went to bed that evening and had horrible nightmares all night.  In my
dream I was in the house and something was trying to take over my mind.
I kept getting flashes of a murder of a young woman by the name of Mary
in the kitchen.  Her throat was slit and a knife was in her chest.
Another woman with long black hair stood there looking.  I woke from the
dream very shook up. I layed awake in my bed for about 45 min.  When I
fell back asleep I went right back into the dream. It kept on
repeating.  The next day when I woke up it stayed with me all day.  I
went to my local library to get some history on the place.  The only
thing that I knew prior to my dream was an old man lived there and I
believe died there, there was a fire at one time and it was also a boys
  The history I got from the library told me there was in fact a young
woman by the name of Mary who lived there and died at 15.  It did not
say from what.  Another interesting factor was the first woman the house
was built for died June 1834 and the last woman who carried the family
name died June 1934, 100 years later to the day.  Maybe just a
coincident.  What has me bothered is I do have alot of dreams come true
and visits from dead relatives, some that I wasn't even close with.  I
tried to get more information from the historical society but, they just
think I am crazy and quote"say there is no such things as ghosts and
they don't believe in that bullshit." Maybe I just have an overactive
imagination but, I feel there is something there. It has gathered my
interest.  Thank-you for reading my story.  If you have any feedback I
would appreciate it.

Pimper's Ghost
I would like to give you a little background on
myself before I get into the story.  I am retired from the
US Army, a former Intelligence Agent, and a Criminal
Investigator.  I served three years in Vietnam.  I
am a recovering alcoholic, and at the time of the
incident, I had been clean and sober for four years.
I have never used drugs.  I am also an active Police
Officer.  I was born in November 1945.
In October 1986, my wife brought home a puppy that
we named Prince.  He was a Shitzu, and a very pampered
and loving member of our family.  Our son called him
Pimper, and the name stuck.
One of the bedrooms in our home was converted into
an office, and Pimper would often curl up at my feet
while I worked on the computer.  My wife placed a
small rug there for him to have something to lay on.
We have hardwood floors.  Frequently, Pimper would
lick my feet to let me know he was there, and I
would pick him up, and pat him, then put him back on "his"
rug and continue my work.  Pimper was a member of
the family, in that he was not treated as a dog, but
rather as one of the kids.  He almost acted like a
kid.  One day while I was trying to sleep he jumped
up on the bed and awakened me to open a small bag of
candy our son had received for "Trick or Treat"  Bue
enough of that.  Pimper was always with one of the
family, never off by himself.
On December 28, 1997, Pimper passed away, but before
he did, he went to every member of the family, as if
to say good bye.  It was a tragic thing, and I felt
worse about Pimper passing away than I did about my
own father, but then that is another story.
A few days later, I was in my office trying to lose
myself in a computer game, when I felt Pimper
licking my feet as he had always done.  This continued on
until his ashes were returned and he was burried in
the back yard he had called his home for those many
years.  That same night, my wife, a normal skeptic,
related to me that she had had a dream that she saw
Pimper with Jesus.  I truely believe that Pimper is
in Heaven, because if he isn't, then there isn't a
heaven that I would want to go to.
I swear on my badge and gun that this is the turth.


Busy Place


I recently submitted an account to the Shadowlands which I titled "Farmhand".  It was a brief narrative of the haunting which is going on in my central Indiana farmhouse.  I will not recap that narrative but would like to share an account of increased activity in the house. Over Memorial day weekend of this year my wife's sister and her 3 year old son were visiting us from Michigan.  My sister in law has a much higher sensitivity level to spirits than most people and she does not particularly welcome the ability.  She once made the mistake of openly welcoming any spirits who wanted to visit her into her home and had a very hard time ridding herself of one particular entity.  Since that episode she is reluctant to even discuss spirits. On the first night of her visit she and her son were sleeping in the living room of our farm house.  She woke up at approximately 0300 feeling as if she were being watched.  She looked into the hall way leading to the kitchen and saw a man standing in the hall watching her and her son.  She indicated that she felt no fear but was uncomfortable with his presence. She eventually closed her eyes and refused to look any longer and eventually fell back to sleep.  This is the same hall
way that makes people scoot through a little fast...not just feel an urge to hurry down it. The next day she was filling us in on the encounter of the previous night and I was noting the similarities to the apparition that I had seen in the house a couple of years earlier.  One difference is that my encounter had been with a younger version of the apparition....and she had seen a full lone experience had been of the apparition from the waist up only.  The physical description was very version had red hair...hers had white hair.  One thing that was identical was the bright blue eyes we both described seeing. While discussing this encounter I took note that the only activity seemed to take place in the original part of the house built in the 1840's.  I jokingly mentioned that perhaps the spirit does not venture into the additions to the house.  Big mistake!  The second night of her visit around 0100 I awoke to the sensation one can experience when a cat walks on you while you are laying in bed...I felt the sensation go down the right side of my leg then a heavy force was felt on my feet.  Not unusual
except that there are no cats in the house  This bothered me very much.  I was extremely uncomfortable with physical contact with this entity. I left the bedroom and went out to the porch to spend the rest of the night.  I had no sooner settled into a chair when I heard the sound of someone coming out to the porch.  I was greatly relieved that it was my sister in law.  She asked if anything was wrong and I told her only that I'd had a bad experience.  She asked if I had felt anything touch my feet!  When I responded affirmative she said that something had come into the living room and stood beside her for awhile then began touching her leg then proceeded to sit on her feet. She was worried about her young son so we returned to the living room where I sat in a recliner to try to get some sleep.  While sitting in the chair I was struck sharply in the foot once...then something began to scurry around the ceiling of the living room...a noticeable sound of movement...very rapid in pace. My sister in law felt as if this was a second presence...she did not receive the same feeling from the night before.  She indicated that it did not give any feelings of malevolence...only wanting to be noticed.  In the past week the touching has reduced in frequency...but have changed.  I will occasionally feel a small charge of static electricity on my arm or hand
and have been visited once more at night with the "cat" sensation.  I can only hope that my sister in law is correct in her assessment that this is simply the spirits way of saying "Hello...I'm here"  Still I am very uncomfortable with this and do  not welcome it at all.  Thanks for listening...

Brownies and dead dog's visits


I wrote before about my mom's transparent double on the picture, but here
is the story I only told my husband and mother-in-law the other day, as we
talked about weird stuff happening in the houses. There were two moments
in my life when I saw a brownie, thought the first one was rather darker...
well here is the story. Both of these events have happened in the busy
city center, in a tenement-house, so no wild animals were around
My grand mother lived separately from us, and always complained that at
night a small hairy man with long nails was grabbing and pulling her legs
and arms. Mom thought that this was a senile dementia and told her not to
pay any attention, until one day Granny visited us and showed bruises on
her wrist, which looked like small fingers but with claw marks on skin.
There were 4 of them. The only time my granny had animal was when my mom
was a teen and there was no cats or dogs in the whole building. After that
event I was moved to her place to keep her a company, and to be honest the
thing didn't bother her, apart from walking about in the corridor with
awful noise, to which we were all used to. I was 13 when granny died, and
for a few weeks we stayed in that place with mom. The first night I was
waken up by mom's scream. When I turned the light on, I saw her sitting on
the bed, and holding her throat. She said, that small hairy hands tried to
throttle her. there were again, small marks on her throat, resembling
Granny's bruises. The next day in the dawn I was waken up to see
something, that looked like hairy fir cone about 1,5 feet tall, black with huge
yellow eyes, sitting on my belly. As soon as I woke up it ran away within a
second. Being scared by that we decided to go to the church. The morning
of that day started with washing up the kitchen, as the thing has scattered
the flour all over and left his paw printouts. They looked like little
puppy foot prints with lots of hair around, the trace that could live a
cocker-spaniel if he had a very small feet. At the time this happened, we
couldn't find anybody knowing how to deal with paranormal, it was 1988, in
Soviet Union, and even now not that many people are here, that can help in
this situation. We were so scared and had to give away that place. By the
way, as far as I know,  within three years this apartment has changed 5
owners, no-one could live there more than 5 months.
The second event happened when I rented a studio, two years ago. The same
thing, I was waken up in the day-break, not being able to breathe, but
this time I saw a red creature, of the same shape as before, sitting on my
chest. It was about 3-4 kilos weight, and was staring at me without
blinking with it's round owl-like eyes. For a second, still half awake I
thought it was Danny, my Irish setter put his head, but then realized,
that this thing was sitting like squirrel on hind legs, with small monkey-like
hands shining through the thick  long hair on the belly, and heard my dog
growling. I was so scared that I threw the blanked upwards,  and the thing
has hit the wall first, and then fell behind the bed. The noise it made
falling, showed it was quite material and that it received quite a hit. I
got up the bed to find my dog resting in his chair looking at my bed, with
all hair up, shivering from nose to tail, and looking scared, which never
happened to him, as he was always fighting with bull-terriers without a
fear. I looked behind the bed, but nothing was there, apart from my
missing silk scarf. Whatever it was, after that day, I've had my things missing
and re-appearing in places not designed for it, like perfumes from the
drawer  in the dog food bags, or puppy collar, which was not in use for
two years, on a leash in the pocket of  my "dog-walk" jacket I was just taking
off. Also after the death of my dog a year ago, I still get the sense of his
presence with me, like quick lick, nose push or ever rarely quick bark in
the morning. These things are accompanying with cold shivers, and when
these moments are happening, my cat darts off me.
Last time I felt it was two weeks ago, when I lost my unborn child, I felt
Danny's tongue licking off my tears as he always did when I cried. This
drives me crazy, thought my husband says, sometimes he feels Danny nose
pushing him too.

The Old Stanton House.


Elizabeth Stanton was a person who worked along side Susan .B .Anthony
for womans rights. My grandfather bought the house from her father .I asume
she was raised there also. This old house is located on route 9n. in up state
N.Y. on Bay R.D in Port Henry Ny. My family consisted of my parents ,my
two sisters and my brother and myself.2 boys ,2 girls Well this house always
scared me to be alone in so if it was'nt dark i would wait out side for
someone to come home. This was a big house so a part of it was closed off
. These 2 rooms were my grand fathers. When i was 6 or 7 yrs old iwas
sleeping with my parents and i know what i had seen was orbs. I remember thinking
they were pretty. We used to have a fold out couch in the living room . I
rember being horrified watching a silhouette of a woman walking in front of a big
window at night. I could see very clearly by her clothes that she was not
from this era. She would walk back and forth like a sentry.I seen a
picture of Elizabeth Stanton and it looked a lot like her.One time all us kids
were in the room in the back and we had all the lights off trying to scare each
other and were on the the bed, when suddenly the bed shook very violently
. i know it was nobody on the bed. Both my parents were in the kitchen to.One
time my older sister and me were the only ones home and we heard a very
loud bang. Like a 400 lb person had jumped very high in the attic.This house
burned in84 or 85 Friends from up the street bought the property and tore
it down ,and put a trailer on it .He could'nt remove a part of the foundation
though .This is no bogus story its the truth. if you have any quesstions
write me at Roadragebill@gateway .net                   Thank you

Keene State College


Fiske Hall -- Much of Keene State College is said to be haunted, but I had my own experience, unlikes the rumor of Huntress, where I lived for three semesters.  Harriet is more of a rumor than actual experience.  Anyhow, Fiske is said to be haunted by several ghosts, or as I know.  One time while hanging out with friends, one of them pointed out that there was something at the end of the hall.  Of course we all looked and saw nothing there.  The lights then started to blink in a frantic state in the hall.  The one person I was with who noticed this "thing" at the end of the hall asked whatever it was to stop it.  Once he said that, the lights stopped flickering.  Second happened in the basement of Fiske.  The basement you can see from one end to the other (stairwells to the basement are at each end of the building).  Along the hall are doors that, I assumed  after checking a few, are locked.  Anyhow, while journeying down there one night with a friend, as a part of a Halloween adventure, my friend and I began to look around.  We began to journey to the other end of the basement when we hear loud banging behind one of the doors.  When we heard that, we took off running, but the noise followed as if the door was right behind us.  It followed us right up to the stairs and then disappeared as we ascended up them.

Fairfield's Haunted Church


This is the story behind the Fairfield Ohio - Fairfield Church of Christ
listing in the haunted places index.
Some weird things happen here. I myself, have felt a strange
un-easieness in the small hall behind the old youth center. Don't asume
that just because it's old that it's dusty, dark and not used. It's very
nice, BRIGHTLY lit. and used almost every single day for one event or
another, particularly for our groups music practice (About 30 of us). In
the back hall though, it's kind of like you're being watched. Another
weird thing in there is the small lawn/tools garage in the huge parking
lot. I never went behind it, but my friend Trey did. This was about 6pm
that day, still full, complete daylight outside and I was inside talking
to someone and we agreed to meet back there to skip a small 1/2 hour
sermon they call "Power-Up" that takes place just before we all meet
Anyway, he got back there with another friend of mine, Derek, and they
waited for me with their instruments from our band practice earlier that
day (bass and guitar). Next thing I know, they come running into the
church, pale as a ghost. I asked what was wrong, and they told me as I
quote "Dude! (panting) We were behind the garage thingy out there
waitin' for you, and all of a sudden there were footsteps behind us. We
turned around but nobody was there! Then we heard them again behind us
as a shadow of someone streched over us like someone was there, but
nobody was again!! I'm never goin' back there again!!!!" I, being a
beleiver in ghosts for a long time, thought this was pretty cool, but I
didn't want it to happen to me other weird things took place in the old youth center just last week. It was after our group's practice (the 30 of us) and I left. Just as I got
home, I remembered leaving my backpack with my Sega Saturn in it down in
the youth center. So my dad drove back to the church (took maybe 5 min.
like usual) while everyone was leaving. I was relevived to find the
doors unlocked, with about roughly  20~30 people in the parking lot
talking. I kind of un-easily waked downstairs into the dark hall. I
turned on the light. It was so quiet thsat I could hear the hum of the
flourescent bulbs. Mind you, I was one of about 2 people ion the church,
and I was the only one down on the bottom floor. Anyway, I made my way
into the youth center and grabbed my bookbag, which thankfully was right
inside the doors :). At this point, the suspence was builing so much
that I felt as if I was in a horror movie. Then I heard a door slam
upstairs, which I thought was maybe Brian, one of our directors, coming
back in to make sure everything was locked and all lights out. No big
deal, right? I yelled out "Brian? Is that you? Brian?!" Nobody answered
me! At this point in time, you could've said my name and I would've
pissed my pants (Not being far from it already then)! I dashed back
upstairs, not bothering to hit the lights, and ran out the door. I was
back there just last wednesday for our weekly practice, but I vowed
never to be in that church alone ever again!

My Sons Room


Well it all started about 6 years ago when we moved into our first house.
It is about 30 to 40 years old(the house).    And one night my son started to
wake up around 2:00 a.m. in the morning he would scream in be fighting
something after about a week of this i was beginning to wonder.   Anyway one
night it happen again and i went to go get him to bring him into my room,
when i went in there it was real chilly but not cold outside. He was
screamming and fighting someting i picked him up and then the door stopper
flew across the floor and the door slam shut it scared me but i open the
door back up and got him out just as i stepped out the door into the hall the
door slamed shut again so hard I could feel the air just pushing me away........
           He is now 9 years old and to this day he will not sleep in tha
room he will sleep in the living room or my room...I asked him why and he
says that he can't breath because its to hot in there....And every now and
then i see a shadow in the hall going from my daughters room to my sons room
it hasn't happen again but there will be things moved around not big thing
but small things like brushes and movie videos sometimes i can feel them
close to me as if they were looking over my shouders and sometimes it feels
like i can see through there eyes as they warn me when something is going to
happen. It's all very weird to me cause i've always been able to dream about
events that come true even in the daytime like a trance............Thankyou
for any  advice that you can give me or  if the ghost or room is after my
son and why? What connection can he have with that room.....
the only thing that i can think of is when he died when he was 5 months old
i brought him back to life could he have brought someone back with
him..........thanks again Belinda

Indian Burial Grounds


hey, i like the page. in st. albans west virginia, theres an old handicapped
kids school that was built on an indian burial ground. my friends and i
always go up there and look around, and weve had numourus experiences with
what we believe is old handicapped kids not put to rest, and indian ghosts.
we go there every night were at my friends house, and somtimes well be
chased almost all the way back. the ghosts have red eyes and are dark black.its
real, im really sure it is. we once ran all the way back to my friends house
and we couldnt get in, so we went inside his trampoline( it has a protective
siding on it thats 6 ft tall), and then soeone started screaming and they
pointed, and at the hill, there was 1 of the ghosts runnin up the hill, we
jumped over the net, and ran to one of the others houses. theres an old
house where if u wait long enough, some orange lights will turn on, and a
dark ghost will run down the hill.the nschools name is shocky, and im tellin
the truth about all this. one night we stayed all night there, and in the
morning, we looked at an old chalkboard, and it had blood smeared on it,and
next to it was a figure in white clothing, with white clothes on its head.
it had blood stains where the mouth and eyes should be. it was really scary

Ghostly activity in Yukon, Oklahoma


  On June 26,2000,  I had gone to
work,  to clean my doctor's home, while I was there,  I saw this black robed
enitity, upstairs, running back and forth, so that it could watch me , while
I was cleaning downstairs.   It would come halfway downstairs, and then It
would go back up stairs.
   Their daughter's bedroom's are up there....   This black enitity as I
call it, has no facial feature's except for it's eye's.....   So I alerted a
friend of mine that was therealso, about what I'd seen...   She was terrified,
I did my best as not to show my fear, due to the fact that evil spirit's feed off
 of a person's fear's..   So I asked her if she knew where the Bible's were, she found one,
and gave to me, I opened it to psalms 23, and put on an old antique dresser  upstairs, in
the hallway.    So then after that the activity slowed down somewhat, I then asked
my friend where was the entrance to the attic??   She stold me uptairs in micheal's bedroom.
(their son) . I then went to get the vaccuum cleaner, so I could vaccuum the
living room,  I saw this black enitity in the stairway,  leading to micheal's room, (note***   there wasn't a Bible
opened in his bedroom)   then, I told my friend that it is in the stariway,
watching me I got b***s  and my friend and I went up the stairway to micheals
bedroom,It was very cold in there ( the air conditioning is broken, it doesn't work
upstairs)  and I continued up the stairs, and found the attic door, and felt
of it, at first it was very cold, and then like maybe asecond or two later,
it got really hot....   So then I knocked on it and basically told it to go
away, and leave us alone...  Then Fanci(my friend ) and I went back down
stairs, and I continued on with my cleaning.....    I began to move this
plastic dinosaur toybox, (it only had 1 blanket and some real small toys in
it) so it really wasn't that heavy ( or hard to move). The lid to it, was on
very tight, when i barely even touched it, the  lid went flying up and hit
and cut right me below my right eyebrow.....     I just stood there, and I
knew that this black enitity
was there in the same room as I was.  It would get really cold and then it
would get real hot ( I mean as hot as a fire would be.....    My friend
fanci asked me what happened and I told her, she was so spooked and I was to that
we both, stayed side
to side, watching out for this black enitity...   She made a comment to me
that I (meaning me) haven't seen Stan around..  Stan is Cathy's dad ( cathy
is the homeowner).  Stan died of cancer about 8 to 10 years ago...   I have
seen him there before,  Then first time that I saw him, I had never before
seen this man  alive,  they're no pictures out of him, anywhere....    I
gave the exact description of  what this man looked like, then Laura ( Cathy's
daughter) brought Fanci a photo album, and  Fanci showed me a picture of
him, she (Fanci  turned as white as a ghost)
I guess my ghostly encounter with Stan really scared her... the first time.
I told not her to be afraid of him...   When Stan is there,  and I see him,
he is watching me, with a smile on his face....    I have  talked to Cathy
and her husband about seeing Stan, and Javi (Cathy's  husband ) had told me
that he has sensed someone else there, besides their family.....   I have
not told them about the black enitity....   After seeing the black enitity in
the house on that day, as I was getting ready to leave (about 5:00) Fanci and I
was standing at the front door talking, and Stan appeared
outside, sitting in a chair on the front pourch...  I told Fanci that Stan
is here now, do not be afraid,  he then had disappeared  and ended up in the
house, going upstairs.
 When I got home, I called Fanci at the house  to check on her and the kids,
she thought that the activity ceased.....   she said that she had been
outside watching the kids, and that she was to afraid to go in the house,  I
tried to comfort her the best I could, and told her with Stan being there,
that he would protect them and keep the black enitity at bay.....  I have
seen ghosts before, but I have never had an experience before with a black
enitity like that...   I have seen my deceased mother, and Sequoyah, ( the
indian that wrote the cherokee alphabet)  I have also seen my deceased
mother-in-law....   I have not told my husband about that, she passed away
in October of 1997.
My mother died in October 1986,  I was only 14 at the time, so I can
comprehend reason's being why he still get's upset.....
 I Sincerely appreciate you taking the time to listen and read my true
account's of Ghostly activity right here in Yukon, Oklahoma.
I thank you for your time and  consideration,  please feel free to contact
me on any of these matter's................

My House iN Minnesota


     We lived in the house on Roller for little better than a year. The
hauntings began with my daughter (in her teens) in the middle of the night
to see (it was pitch black in her room ) a figure of a heavy set woman
coming towards her (being so black in her room makes me wonder if this thing
had an aura) Thinking it was me playing some joke on her, so she called out,
when there was no answer she through the blankets over her head and wormed
towards the end of the bed and raced up the stairs to my room. I slept like
a baby, but my husband went to the bedroom door.
I just wish I would have woken up,because I found out the uneasy way. One
morning she complained about her back, I asked what was wrong with her back?
she said for about a week she slept in the bathroom,because these haunting
happened every night.That was it, when she left for school I rearanged the
bedrooms.That was the end of that type of haunting, but there was more to
deal with. My husband is a Firefighter and he had 24 hour shifts. On the
night he was at work the kids and I slept on one floor. I took the couch and
pulled the baby's basinette close to me.The two older kids slept in my
double bed. I would wake many times during the night to the feeling of being
watched (almost like eyes hovering over me) this feeling wasn't so much
during the day.Once a couple months latter,when my husband was at work the
children and I was eating supper when the basement-workshopdoor slammed
shut.No one was down stairs and there where no windows open. My husband and
I decided to get a cat inspite of no mouse dropings. I had the two cats
 sleep downstairs at night,
but things upstairs(1stfloor) began to happen, The Christmas tree was being
messed with and scratchings on the attic walls were getting more pronounced
(I never heard anything ,felt anything or saw anything but the eyes staring
at me, and the slamming of the work shop door. A couple mounths passed and I
found myself a Den leader for the scouts.Once I was in the work shop cutting
boards and designs for the scout project and  Once again I felt I was being
closely watched.One day my husband and I decided we could get away for a few
hours. just call the baby sitter up the block. When we got back home all the
kids where in tears standing on the furniture and screaming thats when we
decided to move. The house is still standing  but hud(housing
development)now has it THE HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. The hauntings took place in

Encounters Everywhere


      when I was 15, I lived in the berkshires in a house across the street
from my boarding school.It was called desisto, in Stockbridge, Ma.For those
of you who know the area, it has a LOT of history!
       The first encounter I had was in this house, which I lived in with a
bunch of people, all students, so I had others to back me up... It was late
on a hot summer night, probably about 3:00 am. and I had a roommate named
meredith.She was asleep snoring, and I was restless...and then suddenly my
door opened up and a small bright orb of light  flew into my room, began to
spin rather quickly and then flew out of my window...  which was open!!!
had been told of such a thing by my friend mark who had seen the same thing
only nights before...I was so scared that i could not needless to
say, i spent the whole night under my covers, and was very thankfull to see
the light of day....
          The next encounter was in the same house, but in a different room,
and this time, I had 2 roommates, both named amy... It was late again and
this time I saw the same orb of light, but this time I was not as scared, so
I watched it, and it went over to my friend amy, and circled her, then did
the same thing to the other amy, began spinning fast again and then flew out
the window, which was shut! Then about 5 minutes later, I saw a milky white
figure appear in the center of the room...i got really spooked when it
appeared, and again i hid under the covers.but my encounter was not over
Being students in this house, we were not allowed any pets, that included
cats.well about a half hour after all this happened, I was still under the
covers trying not to suffocate myself...(it gets hot under there!)My foot
attacked by what i can only say was a cat!It clawed my toes, and when I
looked in the mirror in the daylight, I had a scratch across my left
cheek!and it was obviously was a cat scratch... I truely believe in

No Joke!

By: Anonymous

I have had experiences in the past with what I believe to have been spirits
but nothing frightened me quite so much as an episode that occured with a
friend. This actually took place about 7 years ago in Northern California.
My friend Alyssa was really excited because her husband and her had just
bought their first house a little ways into the country.  At the time, their
daughters were ages 1, 5, and 7. When they bought the house, it came fully
furnished since they were told by the grandchildren of the previous owners
that their grandparents had passed away and none of them really had need of
the furntiure so they included it in the price of the house. I was kind of
leary about my friend moving into a home where people had passed away and
also because they now owned their furniture but Alyssa was never the type to
believe in any of that and was just ecstatic to be moving into a house
finally. Everything was perfect for the first few months that they lived
there. The girls finally had their own rooms and Alyssa seemed to be happy
about fixing up her new home. In the kitchen was a china cabinet that had
belong to the previous owner along with all of the china plates and
knick-knacks inside. Alyssa decided to to clean the cabinet, rearrange the
plates, and put in some of her own stuff.  When she got done, she walked
away to  check on the baby sleeping in the other room.  When she came back
into the kitchen, everything in the china cabinet was back to it's original
place.  She got kind of freaked out but decided to ask the girls if they
were playing a trick on her. Both of them vehemently denied having even set
foot in the kitchen. She pretty much let it go and decided to leave things
as they were since she didn't have time to do it again. That night when her
husband got home she told him about what had happend but he too just figured
that it was the girls playing a joke on her. The next night though as Alyssa
and her husband were getting into bed, they could here what sounded like a
man gargling in their bathroom. Tim got up to check but there wasn't anybody
in there and the gargling had stopped. From that point on it was a nightly
occurence. Other strange things became commonplace as well such as the
furniture rearranging by itself and the baby talking to the wall. One day
while barbacueing outside, their "guests" even went so far as to lock all
the doors and windows from the inside so they couldn't get back in. Alyssa
and Tim seemed to be okay living with these other "inhabitants". They had
never really done anything to scare them and they never harmed the girls.
However, one day Samantha, the 5 year old was out playing by the garage but
suddenly ran into the house crying hysterically that somebody had tried to
pull her into the garage. Tim went out there but didn't see anyone in or
near the garage.  Their nearest neighbors were 5 miles down the road so he
doubted that it was one of them. That night at dinner they sat around the
table laughing and having a good time when Alyssa looked up towards the
kitchen window and saw something peering in at them.  She described it to me
as a face in the last stages of decaying.  The next morning Alyssa contacted
a local psychic to come and help her cleanse the house and find out what was
going on.  The man came out to the house and spent about an hour walking
around.  He told her that the spirits in the home were in fact those of the
old couple that had lived there previously.  He said that they were a kind
couple and would never do anything to harm any of them. They just liked to
play jokes and wanted them to know of their presence.  Then he proceeded
outside to the garage where Samantha had her incident.  When he came back
into the house Alyssa said he was white as a sheet.  He told Alyssa and Tim
that something had basically sucked him into the garage as soon as he opened
the door. He proceeded to go inside but the feeling of terror and dread was
overwhelming.  He asked that Tim board up the garage and not allow the girls
to play near there. Whatever it was, was not friendly and would do
everything in it's power to harm or rid them of the house.  Needless to say,
two weeks later Tim and Alyssa put their "dream home" up for sale.  It took
them about 6 months to finally sell off the house since they had to report
to the new owners that they had a seance and cleansing of the house.  During
that whole time they lived in fear that this "thing" would come in from the
garage. Luckily it never did.

A Night with Auntie


You may not believe this, but it is true. Anyway, my aunt and uncle and
their kids came down to our house for the weekend. We went out to a large
piece of property we own. When we were there, I saw a white light about the
size of a large man across the field. suddenly, it streaked across the
field, and dissappeared in the woods. Even stranger was when we were heading
home, my aunt wanted to see one of the above ground graves(i dont know why,
probably to scare us). So we pulled up to the graveyard, and the headlights
were shining on one, and my aunt said she saw a black figure behind the
grave. We went back the next morning, and as we were looking at some of the
graves, I noticed that the ground was matted down near the grave. I dont
know what it was, it may have just been someone mourning the loss of a past
loved one, or maybe it wasnt. I probably will never know.

Visits from the Family


Hi I'm Tasha and I'm tewlve years old. This is a story that my Aunt Judy
told me,she said this is true.There was a house in Randolph County,that
was left to a girl named Anne. It was left to her from her grandma. She
lived there with her parents and grandma, The girls parents died when
she was very young, so she was raised by her grandma and then the
grandma passed away,so the girl was left alone. She was 18 at the time.
One day a handyman had to go do work on the house, he had the keys to
get in with, when he got inside he saw a girl, her parents, and her
grandma standing there and the man took off running he was so frightened
because you see they all were dead, for you see the girl had got killed
two weeks earlier in a wreck. The man said he never got over seeing the
ghost. My aunt said this was told  to her back in the late 1950's and
that no one ever lived in the house again.

The girl.


I'm a 13 year old girl and I have heard so many ghost stories that scared me half out off my mind. But never I thought that I would see one.
I was asleep, and I woke up and there in front of my mirror was a girl. A girl I never saw before. She was so beautiful. But I saw something. Something weird. As I looked in the mirror behind her there was no reflection. she wore rags. Also she had the reddest hair. Her hair was so curly. Her face was so pale. It was like she froze to death.
 I didn't know what to do so I just stared. Then she turned to me and looked. She looked scared.  Then she pointed her finger my way. She was telling me something but I didn't know what she wanted. She looked like she wanted me to come to her, to follow her.
I was to scared to move. Then I blinked my eyes. She was gone. I never saw her again but I saw figures of people. Also my dog died before. I saw figures of him. The weird thing was he was with a person.It was fuzzy so I couldn't see it good. But I think he found the girl and she would take care off him. I have heard allot of sounds lately. Things on the roof at my window in the hall. I feel I'm not alone in my room, that there are ghosts watching me. My friends say it's my imagination. But I saw a girl that night. Nobody has to believe me. If they think I'm dumb let them think that. But I saw her.
Maybe she is still in my house? Maybe?

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