A Recent Haunting

By: simpspa@reynellaehs.sa.edu.au

Ever had that feeling that your being watched and you turn to find no one there?  Ever felt someone next to you and yet found out that you're alone?  Well i have and it was starting to get very annoying!  You see i have a ghost that follows me around, she moves things, manifests in the hallway of my house, hovers aroundthe bathroom looking in the mirror, scares the cat and makes life miserable for the neighbours dog.  Her name is Rose, well thats what i call her becasue she's a victorian era woman in a grey dress, black, broad brimmed hat, black stockings and gloves.  She carries a single red rose.
   When i ask her what she wants she just fades away.  The other day I was watching T'V' in the living room when she decided to manifest right in front of me, potatoe chips every where!  She had surrounded herself with a brilliant pink, red and blue aura, just for a moment she smiled, it made for a disconcerting few minutes.  It will be interesting to see if she follows me as i move house tomorrow, not because of her, the lease ran out.  She's been around for a few months now but is becoming more active.  Recently she appeared in a photo hagning on the wall, a friend commented on iy and the next day she was gone.  If something goes bump in the night I know its just her, rattling around the kitchen, literally.  She's not scarey, just inconvenient, and a little over protective, it feels like I've been adopted.  My last girlfriend, refused to come into the house when rose started locking her in the toilet.  The adventure continues.  Not all ghost are evil or scarey, some are just bored.


By: Anonymous
My story isn't so much about ghosts as it is about what i believe to be god
given gifts.  I have noticed it in myself, my husband, and my grandfather.
Grandpa also said that his grandfather had it as well.  I believe it skips
a generation because none of my aunts or uncles have the abilites.
The ability that has taken the most learning-to-deal-with is my ability to
see "scenes" as they happen.  This ability seems to be mine alone.  I don't
know of another family member who can do the same thing.  For one instance
out of many.  I "watched" my father drive off of the side of a very steap
cliff.  It was only because I recognized the location that we were able to
find him before he died.  My father was in Kentucky and I was in Texas.  He
spent almost 6 months in ICU.  The doctors told me that had i not called
and reported the location as it was happing, he would have died.  Many
times i have done what my husband calls "zoned" and started screaming or
picking up the phone and dialing, or crying  before I even know what I am
doing. It only happens when it is someone that I love.
The other ability is the one with animals.  My grandfather and myself can
walk into the woods at any point in time, and the animals come to us.  It
is as if they see us as one of them.  I have alway walked up to things that
would kill other people such as wolfs and mountain lions and never thought
anything of doing so.  Even in a zoo I was able to help with a very
dangerous situation.  A child had fallen into a cougar's cage, They we just
going to shoot the poor animal because he was considered extremely
dangerous.  I managed to break into the cage while everyone was huddled
trying to figure out what to do.  I just walked up the the cat told him
what was going on and carried the girl out.

Advance Notice

By: jnorman@kscable.com

This is a short story. My mother-in-law was in the hospital in the last
stages of terminal cancer. My wife and I were holding vigil, caring for her
as best we could. She entered a coma early in the evening and we were told
by the doctors and nurses that she would not regain consciousness. I told my
wife to stretch out on the foldout chair and try to nap. Exhausted as she
was, she quickly fell asleep. I stayed awake as best I could but around 2AM
it was evident I needed to get some sleep myself. I had to go home to nap
and then get ready for work. I stood looking down at my mother-in-law and
quietly said outloud " I wonder when IT will happen?". A calm masculine
voice behind me said "Six". My sleeping wife, my comatose mother-in-law and
I were the only ones there. I quietly woke my wife and told her that I was
sorry to have to leave but I had to go home. She asked if anything happened
she should know about. I hesitated and then told her about the voice and the
word six. I told her I didn't know if it meant 6 seconds, 6 minutes, 6AM, 6
days or what. She just sort of smiled and said "That stuff again" then gave
me a quick kiss. I said "See you later" and before I left gave my
mother-in-law a quick peck on the forehead and said "See you later". Later
that morning, I received a call from the hospital. My wife said "Mom just
passed away about 5 minutes ago and could you come right away". I got out of
the bed and glanced at the clock while I got dressed, it read 6:05AM.

Haunting in Vermont

By: bratkid@sover.net
 My name is Katy. I live in Bennington Vermont. My mother used to work at
SVC not long ago. I would go there ALL the time, even if she wasn't there.
Here's some things about that place.  The newest sighting was a few months
ago. A man my mom worked with was in the basement getting a coke for his
lunch. He got it and then when he turned around he saw a ghost. It was a
lady and she was wearing a long victorian gown. She watched him for a
minute or two and then vanished. We think she was the ghost of MRS.
Everette. Often times the security gaurds would go up to the third floor,
which is the most haunted, and see ghosts particularly in the abbey. The
legend to that is that a maid of the everette family hung herself, and she
also still haunts the place.
 I heard a story of a security gaurd who saw one. He was locking the
windows and heard a sound like marbles falling, he turned and he said he
saw a ghost. I think he said it was a monk. You see, after the everettes
died, the mansion became like a church or something. The ghost that the
security gaurd saw was a monk. The place is not only haunted by
Mr.everette. and Once a securoty gaurd was sure he checked the basement
thoroughly, but when he got back upstairs, he heard footsteps. Weird huh?
Being the ghost fanatic I am, I know a lot more about Bennington hauntings,
and vermont stuff.

Twin Visiting

By: Zaclover49@aol.com

I had a twin sister who died when I was 5 of some sort of disease. When I was
8 years old, I came home from school to find that all of my good barbie dolls
were played with on the floor. Since I am now only 14, it wasn't that long
ago. I went to ask my mother is anyone had come over and had played with my
barbies; she said that no one had came over. So, I didn't think anything of
it until it happened again the next day, and again the day after that. By
then, I was terrified. I didn't know who was playing with my barbie's.....or
what. That night I had a dream. I dreamt that I was playing barbies with my
sister before she died. She loved those barbies.
    When I woke up, I had a crazy idea that my sister didn't have any barbies
in heaven so she played with mine. So I bought 3 cheap barbies, before
school, at the store, came home, went up into my room and yelled, "I don't
want you playing with my good barbies any more! Play with these!" Then I
placed the newly bought barbies on my desk.
    After I went to school, I was excited to come home and see if anything
had happened to the cheap barbies. Sure enough, when I came home from school,
the cheap barbies had been played with on the floor and my good ones had been

Miller School Ghosts

By- Julie

I am only 18 but I have seen or felt Ghosts for as long as I can
remember. My mom sed to think that I juat had an over-active imagination
untill this year. I will be posting more of my encounters soon but so
far this encounter has been the one that stands out over all of them. I
live in Santa Maria, California , and for those who live here now of
Miller School, but not the ghosts who haunt it. I my self have heard
many rumors of the school being haunted but I hadnt the courage to check
it out by my self. I got 3 of my closest friends (Cheryl Diana and
Carrie) and 2 of there boyfriends (Troy Diana's boyfriend, and Jeff
Cheryl's boyfriend) to come with me and check it out. We got there aroud
8:00pm and sat on the playground equipment till around 8:30 when we all
started to get rest-less and thought about going back to Troy's house,
thats when we noticed that a white sweater that a kid left behind from
earlyer that day was gone. It was at the edge of the sand and the
begining of the grass just a couple of minutes earlyer and no one could
have came in because the gates we locked and we had to climb over them
just to get in. Troy and Jeff started loking around for it and started
walking out into the school field, Cheryl and Diana  folloed them,
Carrie and  I didnt feel like it was neccesary for all of us to go so we
sat on the swings. We started talking at the same time we were watching
them look for the sweater when I heard a faint cry I stopped talking and
looked around. I saw nothing and heard nothing. So i continued talking
to Carrie when she asked me "Did you hear that?"
I looked at her and said
" You heard it too? "
"Yea, Wanna go with Diana and them, im gettin' kinda freaked out"
I replied
"Okay let's go"
Right as we were getting up from the swings the crying sounds got
louder.Carrie tuned around and grabed my arm, I turned around. Comming
down the hallway twords us was a little boy he looked like he was 5 or
6,  he was looked blue from head to toe, he had a stripped shirt on and
a bowl kinda hair cut (when it looks like they put a bowl on there head
and cut there hair) his right hand was over his right eye and he was
crying, very loud. He came all the way to the end of the hall where you
would turn and get a drink or use the bathroom, he turned around and
started walking from where he had come from. Carrie started freaking out
and I managed to calm her down. Troy, Jeff, Cheryl and Diana came
running back twords us. They were practically screaming at what happened
to them. They said that when they were looking for the sweater they saw
a woman who was carrying the white sweater, as she came closer they said
they saw that she was kinda like gliding twords them, Troy said when she
was comming closer twords them he looked down and she had no feet!
Carrie and I told them what had happened to us. Troy wanted to see where
the boy was and where he had went to. No one else wanted to go so I
showed Troy and Jeff, as soon as Diana Cheryl and Carrie saw us waking
towards the place I saw the boy they came running behind us. I showed
the the place where the little boy went, there was nothing there. By
this time it was 9:00pm. We all decided that we had enough of Miller
school and we started walking towards Troy's house. So we had to walk
through the kindergarten rooms as soon as we turned the corner and
started walking to the gate we had to jump a white dog that looked like
a poodle came out from the place we had to go to get out. I grabbed
Cheryl's arm and she grabbed mine. We looked at this dog who was just
staring at us, he turn around and started running away from us as he
neared the end of the hall way, to all of our suprise he stoped turned
around looking at us again and just dissapeard. We were all in amazment
we all asked each other if we saw the same thing. Jeff and Troy started
to think that it had to be a prank and they ran to where the dog had
dissapeard, we were all screaming for them to come back, they just kept
on running, nither of us want to walk with out the guys to his house so
we ran after them. We rounded the corner where the guys had gone and no
one was there! We all started crying, the hall way was long and there
was no way the guys could have ran that fast down the hall and none of
us see them, besides that hall way goes straight out to the field, we
started calling them while we were all hugging each other, we started
walking down the hall still crying our eyes out calling out for the
guy's when we reached a trailor right befor you go onto the field. We
all stoped there, I told them that we should wait here for them since we
could see most of the school from that place, they agreed so we all
stayed there, 10 minutes passed and no sign of the guys, we all started
getting worried. it must have been around 9:15 or so. we got tired of
standing and decided to go sit on the swings so we walked over to the
swings and sat down, except for Cheryl, she had this vacant look  and
her face became pale white, we stood up and started yelling whats the
matter she just started screaming, we all looked the way she was and saw
a man with no eye's in his socket looking at us from the trailor we were
just standing by! We all started screaming and began to run, we ran all
the way to Troy's house and never looked back! When we got there Troy
and Jeff were waiting in the front of the house! They calmed us down and
we told them what happened. They told us that when they went to look for
the dog they couldnt find it and when they went looking for us they
couldnt find us so they thought that we came to his house. He said they
had just got there and were getting ready to go back and look for us. We
all didnt sleep that nite and not for a couple of day's after that
happened. Im sorry that this is so long.
It is 100% true and in NO way is it false or copied from another web
site. This happened to me and Cheryl, Carrie, Diana, Troy, and Jeff.
Since this has happend we have not or ever plan on going back.I wasnt
going to send this in but I feel a sence of release now that I have. I
will be writing in my other experiances very soon. Thank you for your

My Daughter

By: anonymous

When my daughter was approx 18 months old she would wake up in the middle of
the night giggling. I would go to check on her (did not happen often) and
ask her why she was awake (rhetorically speaking) and she would point to the
end of her crib saying "Papa, Papa". Well I just thought she was having
vivid dreams and the only person she called "Papa" is a family friend. Well,
when she was about three I decided to share the family album with her. Her
grandfathers both died before she was born and only one of their pictures
was up in the house we were living in (my mom-in law was ill and we lived
with her). When she saw her Grandpa Corda's picture in the album she said,
"That's MY Papa." And I just figured she had seen the picture of him up on
the wall. Then, to my shock, when my dad's picture came up in the album she
said, "That's my other Papa." THERE WERE NO PHOTOGRAPHS IN THE HOUSE THAT SHE COULD HAVE SEEN. I asked her how she knew these were her "Papa's" and her reply gave me chills. She said, "They come sometimes at night when I
can't sleep and tickle me." Well, I have to tell you she just turned twelve
and several other family members and close friends have "crossed-over" and
she says they come to visit. I have no reason to disbelieve her. (end of
story and please do not publish my email address - Thx)
Dave - We have visited several local cemetaries with a camera and almost
everytime she points and tells me to take a picture we get SOMETHING on it
from an orb to ectoplasm to, in one case a fantastic light show.

Young and Haunted

By: md.hammer@home.com

i remember my experience with ghosts.when i was quite young, 6 or 7, i
too saw things every night. i would be lying in bed and i would get the
feeling as if something was watching me.So, i would roll over,and there
right at the side of my bed,was this creature i called coo coo's. i dont
know why i called them that,its just what came to my mind when i saw
them.i would say it over and over and hide my head under my blankets.i
would then peak out to see if they were still there (there was always
three of them) and they always were still  hovering there.so i would try
to tell them in the name of jesus leave me alone! but i was so scared
that my tongue would stick to the top of my mouth and i couldnt get any
words out.so i would just hide my head till i eventually fell asleep.
they would come every night.i hated going to bed.even though my 2
sisters slept in the same room as me they never saw them. when they
should up i would call to my sisters to wake them up but they seemed to
be in a really deep sleep.i would also see these small creatures that
would walk around my room i dont know what they were doing they just
wandered around my room.they seemed to come from under my bed.they
looked to me like tiny people or something.with heads larger than
normal.a couple of times i would wake up and feel something tugging at
my feet if i let my feet out from under my covers.sometimes it even felt
like something was tickling my feet.and  a couple of times when i had
gotten out of my bed to go to the bathroom something tackled me and
threw me to the floor. it was black with not really any shape.my younger
brother said he had seen a tall black creature standing beside his
bedroom door once when he woke up in the middle of the night. i dont
remember seeing that. after we moved out of that house i didnt see
anything like that anymore but i am still very scarred by the
experience.i still need a night light sometimes at night and i am 19
now.and i never let my feet slip out from under the covers.when i saw
that show the six sense i cried because it reminded me about the terror
i went through.but anyways i only tell my family and close friends about
this experience...maybe u could tell me what u think about it.

The Haunted House


     A few years back, My family and I were staying in my grandparents house in Ouray Colorado, Ouray is a very small tourist town nestled between the mountains. Ouray was filled with old buildings and houses, nothing modren in anyway.
Old shops lined the streets which consisted of rock shops, dinners, and tourist gallore, very old creepy hotels and attractions. In the past it had been a mining town, there must be many ghosts around that area because of mining accidents.
      That house was a very old house, I think 101 years now, and lots of horrible
things have happened in it or on the property.  At first there was some other house or something there, it burned down, and it is said a little kid was in the house at the time. Also many people have lived and died in the old house itself  and it
has a very interesting history, much of which I don't know.
    We have had many experiences in that house(and in the cabin beside,which I don't remember.) One experience,which may or may not have anything to do with ghosts, happend when I was very little. I don't remember much exept that my sister and I
were in an upstairs room at night, and we saw what my sister says was a bigfoot out the window (which may or may not be true). I just remember seeing a lot of brown fur go past the window, so much that it covered the entire window. We went running
down the stairs to tell someone, now everyone says it was probably a bear, but how could a bear get up there? We were on the 2nd flour, there is no place for one to climb,and no reason.
   Anyway, back to the current story, from the moment my brothers and sisters and I, arrived there we had an errie feeling (everything about that town makes you feel that way), but no one else then or now seemed to feel it. My family always
arrived late, so they left the back door unlocked for us. When we got out of our van, someone found a pet dish which was  owned by my sister for her pet duck, which died there 3 years back for no reason at all. Every animal we every took in
that house died or pretty much went crazy. In the living room there was this dog statue which really freaked us out, strangely it doesn't anymore, so we didn't sleep there. We didn't sleep in the rooms because other company was staying in
all but one,which our parents took, so we were going to sleep in the basement. While we were down there, we began to notice  many things which in some way represented the number three. My sister said that according to which craft,and all that three
 was a bad number. She said she had a bad feeling about it so we went upstairs and into the kitchen.  We all had a midnight snack,and watched some TV.  We all tried not to think about ghosts or anything like that so we wouldn't get really freaked out even more,
than we already were.All of the sudden a LOUD noise came from the back room.
Without anyone saying anything we all just got up and started running up stairs.
Why we picked this destionation, no one knows, but we did.The noise seemed to follow us along with a cold gush of wind.Everyone rushed out of their rooms to see what the matter was.But when we told them, no one would belive us and just said it
 was a bear. But a bear that loud? And what about the gush of wind? Later my grandma came down stars and said she knew what we were talking about.
We asked if she would move the dog statue into the game room, so she did.
Oh ya, the dog ststue was given to my grandparents by my uncle who died a while before.No one could ever explain this. But we all think it just might have been our uncle, just giving us a scare.Though strangly  after that night, everything seemed fine.

Spiritly Hitchhiker

By: ssanf@tampabay.rr.com

Hi the experience i had wasn't to scary but I'll tell you it anyway.On the Skyway bridge in tampa FL I saw a hitchhicker being picked up by the man in front of me,but as we reached the top the hitchhicker faded away.I looked up the suject and
that there have been reports of a mysteries hitchhicker over the years.So now there's a good enough reason to not pick up hitchhikers.

True Experience..

By: a.mckean@cvr-uk.com

Weird stuff has happened to me for years now, but have never been quite comfortable with it no matter how used to it I get. The strangest thing is happening at the moment. I live in a fairly new house in a small village in the north west of England.
 A few weeks ago, my boyfriend came round to my house and as he was leaving up the path I heard footsteps on the wooden kitchen floor going across the room to the back door. Thinking it was one of my parents, I turned & saw no - one at all in the room with me. In fact, on checking I discovered that everyone else was in bed. Neither of my cats would go into the kitchen, and both followed me to my bedroom & jumped onto my bed. A little spooked by this, I got into bed, turned off the light (I should add that my bedroom is downstairs) and heard the footsteps going back through the kitchen, through the living room and up the stairs. Have done a little research into the history of the house and the land it's built on and can't see anything out of the ordinary at all, I still hear it sometimes, and when my boyfriend has stayed the night, he's heard someone wandering around as well.... If anyone has any ideas on how to go about finding out what's going on, I'd be pleased to know. Thanks

Three Knocks

By: akasha41@netzero.net

    My house was built in 1889 and was owned through the years by members of the same family except for the owner before me who only owned it a couple of years.  Old man Westergard lived in it from the time he was born until he was a very old man.  I've always believed the happenings in this house are attributable to him.  He seems to be a friendly ghost but he likes to play pranks once in a while especially around Halloween.  It was in 1989 on Halloween that a memorable thing happened.  I was sitting at the dining room table talking with my tenant, Peter, when we heard three distinct knocks at the back door. The back door is only about 4 feet from the dining room table so Peter got up quickly and opened the door.  No one was there.  This house is set back of the lot so the alley is only a few feet front he back door.  We ran outside to see if any kids had done it but the alley was deserted.  Again we sat down to talk and in a few seconds there came another 3 loud knocks at the back door.  This time I jumped up quickly and opened the door within seconds to try and catch whoever was knocking and again, no one was there. I also learned from the old timers in the neighborhood that Mr. Westergard liked to wear jewelry.  Many times my jewelry has vanished off the dressing table within seconds after I put it there or appeared in places where I did not put it.  Also the front  porch light has been on several mornings when I know I turned it off the night before.  In many ways I believe this is still Mr. Westergard's house although I think he approves of me living here.  Here is another strange coincidence.  My name is Judy and a few years back I learned from the long-time residents of the neighborhood that his grand daughter who lived across the alley from him and he visited quite a bit was named Judy.

The Whaley House in San Diego

By: JediMistressDrgn@aol.com

This happened to me long ago, when I was in 9th Grade at El Cajon Valley High
School-1968, in fact. Our Geography class went on a field trip to Old Town,
San Diego and a friend, Debbie Neunann and I couldn't afford to go inside the
Whaley House but instead tried to peak through the windows to see the place.
As I looked through the window that looked upon what had been the courtroom
of the town back in the old West days I saw a small woman in an old-fashioned
dress and her dark hair in a tight bun walking across the room to leave
through the doorway that went into the hallway. I thought it was strangw at
the time that she seem to "float" as she walked but dismissed that thought. I
quickly went over to the window that you could look through and see into the
hallway but she never came out. It freaked me out and I told my friend what
had happened. We went inside the place and we found two of the ladies who
worked there. I had asked what had happened to the volunteer in the costume.
The ladies looked at us and said that the volunteers didn't wear costumes.
They asked me what the lady looked like. I described her and one of the
ladies said then, " There's no doubt, you saw Mrs. Whaley!" After that we
found out that many had seen her and that the place was haunted. This was not
the only time I've seen a spirit or had an experience but it was one of many.

The sensitive sides of spirits

By: simpspa@reynellaehs.sa.edu.au

For as long as i can remeber i have been surrounded by spririts of one sort or another.  They've always been a part of my up bringing.  I just never knew that this was unusual until i was older.  I've always been the person who could finish what the  teacher was going to say before they did, tell you what the next ad' on tv would be before it appeared. I can tell people about themselves having only just met them.  I can see peoples energy levels as a faint grey/white halo around them.  Occasionally see colour. Out the corner of my eye, if i completely relaxe and let myself open up I can generally tell if something is in a room, like looking at faint stars at night, you know its there but you cannot see it by looking directly at it. Often I can describe the physical features of a place where someone has lost someone od something, but what i find isthat if i try and concetrate on it then it doesent work.  So when I speak of living with ghosts the ability to shut them out is a positive one.  I guess that makes me sensitive!!! There is one place i am constantly drawn to.  It is an old Josephite Reformetory.  It is set about 60 miles north of Adelaide, on a quiet country road just outside of the old copper mining town of Tanunda, set high on a hill, it overlooks a well used but rather old catholic cemetery. The place itself has a sad history.  It was set up in the 1860's to deal with deliquent and homeless girls.  Discipline was harsh, and more than one inmate took her own life, or died a premature death.
The main building is a fallen ruin, an imposing affair, made of local sand stone a typical, edwardian era, 160 ft long, large entrance, two huge chimneys, no floors or ceilings, the wind fairly whistles through the large, vacant windows.  There are many neglected, or unmarked graves about the place, and on a clear day you can see for miles.  I have not yet
discovered why i keep being drawn to this place.  It dwells from time to time in my thoughts, I feel as if i have to do something for someone.!
There are ghosts there and lots of them but I can find no connection to the place in my own background, or that of my families.  Any suggestions?

The Rental House

By:  duart@mindspring.com

Most people seem partial to repeating scary ghost stories.  My story is not scary; it's odd.
Several years ago two of my friends were moving from an apartment into a three bedroom house and needed another roommate to split the rent.  Neither the house nor the neighborhood was old, and we heard no stories about the area.  Most of the things I experienced could potentially be chalked up to my imagination:  the feeling of being watched when no one else was home; the cat staring at a space behind me when there was nothing there but a wall.  When I first walked in to my new bedroom, I looked at one of the corners and knew that my friend's rocking chair belonged there (At the time, it was
in the living room).  The cat (same cat) would curl up under the rocking chair, never in the chair.  Like I said, all of this could be chalked up to any number of things.  Then there was the bathtub.The drain in the bathtub was frequently clogged, due to long hair.  Two of us went out and bought industrial strength drain opener (you know, the kind they tell you tell wear gloves with and not to spill on your clothes because of the acid content)
.  The label said to put a pot over the drain to keep the liquid from spewing out.  One time we forgot the pot and went out to lunch.  When we came back, the liquid had obviously sprayed.  The tub was stained an orange color.  We tried to scrub the stains out.  No luck.  Even worse, the enamel was chipped in several places!  We ran our hands over the surface and felt the chips in tub.  How were we going to explain this to the landlord?  How expensive was a new tub?  The two of us didn't talk about it, and we didn't tell our other roomie about it that evening.  I don't remember the exact time frame anymore, but it wasn't more than a couple of days later when I pulled the curtain back on the tub and looked in.  The stains were gone, which I thought was great.  I assumed the stains had worn off.  Then I ran my hand over the tub... and couldn't feel any chips.  I assumed my cohrt in crime had found a way to repair the chips (I knew it wasn't the other roomie), so I asked my friend.  He was confused, so I showed him the tub.  He hadn't done anything
 either.  Neither of us had told the landlord, and the landlord never came over unannounced.I wouldn't believe the story myself if my friend, who is a very skeptical and level-headed person, hadn't been there with me and seen the before and after evidence.

The Little Girl in the Window

By: scryer75@ipa.net

it all started one night  mommy was taking a walk. when she passed by grandpa's house she saw in the 2nd floor window a little girl who looked like me, (I was only five then) so mom went in grandpa's house when she got in she said has sara been upstairs lately???
no she sure has not. grandpa replied.well I saw a little girl upstairs, she said. no one new who the little girl was, I had no sisters or cousins there.
I was playing on the second floor and I went into the room where mom had thought she had saw a little girl in the window. I was trying to find my barbie dolls, while I was in there I looked out the same window and mommy was coming up the stairs I
leaned against the window and then the window poped open and I was half way in and half way out. I finally managed to climbback in. then I ran into the hallway and told mommy she thought I was kidding.
I asked grandpa a question grandpa, who used to live here before you?
well he began, there was a lady who died of cancer and a man and two little girls he said. well when did the man and the two little girls move from here? I asked.
well only the man and one of girls got to move the other little girl died from chicken pox .he said.that was real weird, what I think is the little girl who was in the window was the one who died from chicken pox, and the screws coming undone when I leaned toward that window and fell out. had to all do with that little girl who was in the window. if you thought that was weird  then you should hear the story of EYE LESS which has to do with the lady who died with cancer, and it's in the same house, and it's a true story. which I will be putting on this sight real soon.

St Augustine Experience

By: pythia@aye.net

St Augustine, Florida is the US' oldest city, and has a presence all
it's own; a peculiar aura of timelessness surrounds the place, no matter
what the time of day. I love the town, consider it my second home, and
know it at least as well as I know my own hometown. It has it's stories,
and it's famous hauntings; and now I have a story of my own.
Back in the spring my husband and I spent a week in one of the city's
many bed-and-breakfast inns. I'd heard stories about that particular
place and some insanity inspired me to rent for us the allegedly haunted
guestroom. Now, I'm kind of a wuss; I don't mind spirits being around,
but I so don't want to see them! Upon settling in to our room, we
conducted a brief rite to alert the resident spirit of our arrival, to
assure it that we meant it no harm and had only respect for it, and to
request that it please be nice while we were there.
Just after this rite, I went into the bathroom and settled in for a soak
in the big clawfoot bathtub. I thought I heard my husband say something
to me, so I got up and opened the door and asked him; he was watching TV
and hadn't said a word.
I didn't sleep well any of the nights we were there--I kept waking up,
though I heard/saw/felt nothing at all. I never felt uncomfortable or
frightened in our room; indeed, it was a very cozy and charming little
room, tucked up in a top corner of the old building with little dormer
windows giving lovely views of the courtyard and street. My husband
claimed he didn't sleep well either; on one night he claims to have
awakened to the feel of a kiss on his cheek, only to find me dead
(pardon the pun) asleep next to him.
The only time anything really noticeable happened was on our final night
there, and it happened not in our room but in the main dining room. We
were settled at one of the big tables for the evening social hour,
sitting directly beneath one of several large electrified chandeliers.
At one point one of the bulbs in the chandelier flickered and went out,
and--I don't know why I did this--I said, "Hey, turn that back on!"
The light bulb flicked back on.
When it went off again a moment later, I again said, "Turn that back
on," and the bulb came back. This happened two or three more times,
during which I gained quite an audience! It was rather fun, really; I
got the sense that whatever was there was very playful, and liked to be
acknowledged. There were no further incidents, and we left the next
morning planning to stay there again someday.
Ghost hunters and afficionados can do no better than St Augustine. There
are even after dark ghost tours through the city that are wonderfully
entertaining and educational.

Spending the Night at My Friends House

By: LMF050870@aol.com

Well, I would like to share the only experience that I had that has made me
become a firm believer in spirits and ghosts.  This is the 1st time I had
ever put this down to share with others and I am delighted to do so.  About
15 years ago, I spent the night at my friends house which was in the same
neighborhood as mine.  I was 15 years old at the time.  My friend had  a 3
bedroom house.  Once you entered the hallway that lead to the rooms, there
was her room which was the 1st on the right, then there was her little
sister's room at the end of the hallway to the right, then her dad's room at
the end to the left.  I was to sleep in her room while she slept in her
little sister's room.  I remember her Dad stayed in his room the whole time I
was there.  I don't recall where her sister was.  Anyhow, as I was going to
sleep, I laid on her bed with my back towards the open bedroom door.  All the
lights were out and the house was very quite.  Then I remember having this
feeling that there was someone in the room but I didn't think nothing of it.
But then, I heard footsteps going across the carpet and towards my bed.  I
felt the chill you feel when you get scared.  Then I heard the steps stopping
right next to the bed.  I didn't want to turn around and look but I did real
fast to get it over with.  I saw nothing.  I got scared.  I turned over again
and when I did I heard the footsteps again leaving the room.  I remember
hearing the steps so clearly.  I turned around and sat up and listened as
they went down the hallway towards the bedroom where my friend was sleeping
(I will just name my friend Julie).  I was terrified!!  I listened harder and
heard the footsteps stop and then all of a sudden I heard my friend talking.
I couldn't make out what she was saying at 1st so I got up to check on her.
Julie was sitting up on her bed looking toward her door.  I stood at her door
while she was talking toward me.  "What do you want?" she said. "I not doing
anything to you", she said. "What are you doing here?", she went on.  Julie
looked like she was talking in her sleep and was looking right through me.  I
got spooked and I finally asked her who she was talking to.  After a few
moments, she snapped out of whatever trance she was in and she said, "What?
I'm not talking to anybody."  I was like, "Yes you were!"  She just told me
to go to bed and then she turned around and went back to sleep.  I was so
scared I went back to her bedroom, closed the door this time, and put all the
stuffed animals I could find and placed them against the door.  I forced
myself to go to sleep.  The next day I told her I will never spend the night
at her house again and I never did.  Ever since then, I always wondered who
that could have been that was there that night.
Just recently (15 years later) I retold this story to a friend of mine who is
a fan of this website.  I never thought about this  and now it makes sense to
me.  He told me that Julie was probably not talking to the spirit but that
the spirit was talking to me,,, through her!!!  Maybe the spirit knew that I
felt it  there and was a little upset that I heard it.  Maybe the spirit was
wondering why I was in Julie's bed.  I can only think of one person that
could have been the spirit.  I will get some advice from someone on this but
I now believe that the spirit was Julie's mother.  Her mother died of cancer
years before.  I believe that she came to check on Julie.  When she found me
there in Julie's bed, she went to go look for her in her sister's room.  She
probably didn't like how I was following her footsteps and so she had to
speak, but through my friend.

Sights and Sounds

By: Sidnee24@aol.com

I have been coming to your web site for quite sometime out of curiousity of
the unknown. I have had many small but obvious experiences throughout my
life. I will make it as shortly compiled as possible.
The first most obvious occurence happened the day before my mother's funeral.
She died when I was sixteen years old. I was going to sleep in the mobile
home of family.
The back end of the mobile was propped up a good nine feet or more off the
ground which is where I was and also it is set up some what in the woods. I
had turned off all the lights and some sheer curtains were over the window
right by my head. I turned casually to look out the window just before I laid
down and saw a figure of a person...waist up walk very clearly in front of
the window to the back. The person would have had to be floating to do
this...therefore I am sure it was mom. Also I must add that I had a daughter
around this time and after this I flew back to California to live with my
husband on a military base. (we are still together nine years later) One
night my husband was woken during the night and was scratching himself..I
know funny...and a voice out of no where..said itch itch. He was rather
scared and woke me. We moved back to Washington...our home state...in 93. But
oddly nothing really occured till we moved here...Henderson,Nevada...just
outside Vegas. Our first residence brought some odd things only I
experienced. One night I was laying in bed next to my hubby. He had already
fallen asleep...I had not. Suddenly I heard a voice..female and high-pitched
in nature..say hi! I laid there in awe. It came from right beside me. I was
not scared..just a bit shocked. On another nite..same bedroom...I woke up in
the middle of the nite...with the instant urge to sit up and look towards the
hallway. Just as I was doing just that I watched the door go from fully open
to shutting quickly right before my eyes. The hall light was on but I saw no
one there. I checked and the kids were asleep and no open windows..I left the
door shut that nite...LOL.  Then we moved to a different apartment about five
miles away. Here it started with my daughter playing hide and seek with her
brother. Our dining room table was "base". They were hooting it up as I was
cooking dinner and their father was watching tv. Then all went quiet and my
daughter came in and said she just saw a little girl with brown hair and old
style clothing...like from little house on the prairie hop up from behind the
table ...and disappear..she said she was smiling. I figured she was playing
with them...I guess. She was rather spooked as you can imagine.
Also in that apartment...I woke up in the middle of the nite with what I
thought was one of my children standing by my bed. This is not too uncommon
of course..so I simply scooted over...still half asleep and said come on in
by me. I was so tired that I don't remember feeling anyone coming into the
bed or not. Well...in the morning  niether one of my kids were there so I
asked them which one came into my room last nite. Niether one of them
had...that was rather wierd. Other than these happenings..which are really
small..I realise..my husband has seen a white/gray dog in our current
apartment bathroom. We have owned no such dog and it shocked the heck out of
him..he blinked and it was there still and then was gone. Our dog which we
got a home for just a bit ago..use to start growling and barking at corners
and our closet in our room. I don't know why we have these small silly
occurences but none are scary when they happen...only when I am fearing when
something will happen. Anyways..thanks for listening...got any ideas...let me


By: famob@bellatlantic.net

Hello, I writing this story for a friend because it scares her to think about it.  My friend will call her         " Rose" had a cat she loved dearly named Shadow.  Now Shadow was very protective of Rose and her brother Paul.  Shadow got old and eventually died and was buried in their backyard.  When you walk in the house you can see shadowy figures of a cat and you see a cat sitting on the windowsill in the living room.  One day Paul got in a fight with his ex- girlfriends new boyfriend. The new boyfriend had his hands around Paul's throat.  Rose was crying out for help when a figure of a cat jumped at Paul's
attacker.  There was a loud hiss and the boyfriend covered his face in pain.  He looked up and he had cat claw marks down his face.  Paul believes Shadow saved him that day.  Can ghosts came back to life protect others? Paul believes so and so do

The Cuba Rode incident
By: Middlmaster@aol.com

 This is a story that my parents told me a few years back.  When my parents
and some friends went to the cuba road, they experienced something they'd
never forget. They passed a large, old house and it started to dissappear and
reappear! Then, a black car started to follow them and it's windows were
tinted,  my dad looked back and the car was gone. the thing that was wierd is
the car was never heard turning around and it's a one way road! I hope you
enjoy it!

The Capital Library

By: e.m.ritter@worldnet.att.net

Most people have by now heard of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  On April 19th
1995 the worst case scenario of a terrorist attack occurred here.  One
hundred sixty-eight innocent men, women and children died in a split second
at 9:02am inside the Murrah Federal Building.  The citizens of the United
States and from other countries pulled together to assist those of us who
live in Oklahoma and went away amazed at the strong bodies and hearts of
Oklahomans as a whole.  We proved ourselves to be survivors in every sense
of the word.
What has not been noted are the many occurrences of Paranormal activity that
occurred immediately after the bombing and continue today.  On the  day of
the bombing and for several days afterward, Oklahoma City was pounded with
numerous spring thunderstorms, normal for an Oklahoma spring time.  Three
days after the incident drivers heading South along the Broadway Extension
were witness to a lightning strike that occurred directly over the Murrah
Building site.  What was not normal was the fact that the strike formed a
perfect cross and lasted for several seconds before fading away.
Most of the building rubble was carted away and has been used as fill for
other building sites or as part of erosion control along Oklahoma's numerous
creeks and rivers.  A small slab from the front entrance to the Social
Security office was placed at the entrance to the new SS office across town.
Where this rubble has been placed reports have surfaced that lights and in a
few cases the sounds of voices can be heard.  To date none of these cases
has been substantiated, however in the case of the slab from the Social
Security Office the last moments of the dying are strongly felt.
This last April I had to go to the new SS office to replace my Social
Security card.  With me were two of my daughters Judy and Ruth, ages 29 and
26.  Judy, or J.R., as family members call her is our eldest and extremely
sensitive to all things Paranormal.  On this day as soon as Judy entered the
building, she became agitated, and frightened.  The SS office is now in  an
old mall which has converted the former shops into professional offices.
The SS office is in the extreme  back part of the mall about 100 yards from
the entrance.  Throughout our stay in the building Judy refused to enter the
SS office and paced continuously while I finished my business, a period of
about 45 minutes.
As soon as I was done, Judy made a frightened dash to the entrance, causing
Ruth and me to run to try and catch up with her.  Once outside I immediately
noted that Judy was ashen white in the face, sweating, and totally out of
breath.  Ruth then told us that there was a piece of the Murrah Building
outside the new SS office, something we did not know at the time.  Once back
in our car Judy told us that as soon as she had entered the mall she felt as
if she had been placed in a vacuum, she felt a sudden hot rush of air then
felt as though someone had thrown a rock against her body immediately
followed by the sensation of all the air being sucked out of her body,
suffocated she said.
I have no doubt that she felt all of this, as I myself had the feeling or
rather sensation of the walls coming in towards me  while in the office,
this along with the fact that although the office was packed to standing
room only that morning, I never heard any sound come from others as they
spoke in the waiting room, it was as though all sound ceased once in the
room.  Indeed as one might expect inside a vacuum.
The memory is still alive, and unfortunately so is the last seconds of the


Tennessee Mountains


when i was about 6 years old we lived in the mountains of tennessee on my
grandpa's farm.  Weird things happened everyother night, a car would pull up
to the door and you could see the headlights but when you opened the door
their was no car or headlights and the door knob would start moving.  After i
grew up we went back to the old farm house and you could hear screaming in
broad daylight and a blond hair lady looking out the window but their was
padlocks  on both doors . But the scariest thing that happened was when my
sister and i was looking through the window remembering where our grandmother
spent her last days their was a knock under the porch we looked at each other
then ran like the dickens.  We figured it was our imangination so we went
back bad idea this time the knocking kept going then something said get away.
 We did but the caretaker who lives up the holler hears a lady screaming
about midnight every other night.  We found out it's true i got brave and
went their with a friend about five years ago at midnight and she's screaming
her head off.  I left and have never returned.

Telegraph Sending Key

By: Hossssg0000@aol.com

My Uncle Roy Harold passed away this year in Jan. When his second daughter
Carolyn came over to her father house to clean up and pack up the family
belonging. She heard the clicking of the telegraph key sending out the dot and
dashes. There was no battery hook up to the Key. My uncle was a telegraph
operator working for the Gulf Oil Company back in his younger days. It happened
again another time, I guess it was his signal to let her know everything was
all right.

Grandparents Story

By: sjmeyens@home.com

I'm not sure if this is good enough, but it's the truth, and you want real stories, right? Well if so, I have got a good one. This story has been told to all 11 grandkids in my family. My mom and her two sisters tell it to all the kids, my grandparents tell it too.  Here it goes.
 A long time ago my grandpa's mom and dad, my great grandparents went on a vacation.  On there way home the were in a tragic car crash. My great grandpa died instantly and my great grandma died wating for the emergancy workers to get her out. They
always said they would die together.  But that night, at my grandparents home, where my grandparents and my uncle and my mom and two aunts were living, there dog howled all night and there grandfather clock stopped on the time of the accident. They had no idea of the accident yet. Late into the night my great uncle woke up and saw my great grandma standing at the bottem of his bed, touching his foot, and he knew she was saying goodbye.  The next day, my mom and two aunts were playing in there front yard when they saw a car go by that was the same kind of car that my great grandparents drove and two people in it that looked exactly like my great grandparents.. they had to say goodbye to them too.

Standing By Me

By:Remolin Rodriguez [Remolin-X@webtv.net]

               Not until recently did my mom tell me about a friend of
hers who told her about how someone, a relative, who had passed on; who
was by my side(I was 9). My parents didn't know actually who she could
possibly be talking about. But, a few days later, my dad found out his
mother had died.
               My mother's friend also told her that she only came to
give me protection. BUT from WHAT to this day there is no answer to this
question, (and I'm now 23), and my mother still has no idea why. Back to
the story about me being 9 and my parents never told me anything about
it and yes strange things did happen.                        Once When I
was a bit older, while me and my brother was watching tv, totally
forgetting that our mom and dad left to do grocery shopping, ( we where
the only ones in the apartment mind you) someone or something called my
brother's name out IN MY MOTHER'S VOICE!!  We where into the television
show, so we both got up a ran to the kitchen, ( when we were little when
ever my mom or dad called one of us usually we both came), soon to find
out nobody was there. We Freaked! That would not be the last of this
                 While living in the same apt one night, my brother got
waken up by our parakeets, who were flapping there wings as if they was
trying desperately to get out of their cage.  My brother ( who was
sleeping by my mother at the time) got up and went to check on the
birds. He saw a shadow of what he thought was ME! or what looked like me
anyway he ran and wakeup my mother she got up and saw the same thing he
saw.the shadow ran into MY room and disappeared! During that whole time
I was asleep.In the morning my brother in told all about it.
                   Around the time i first got to high school every once
in a while I would hear my mom or my dad's voice clearly calling out my
name across a very busy and very nosily hallway all thou out the four
years there.
                   A certain thing would happen in the apartment we
moved in to, by this time it's been five years since we got there
several additions three dogs,fish etc..The most scariest of my events
was the time( me being 19 or so)watching television late at night a
fight was brewing next door so i went to check it out thou the peep hole
mind you all doors in the apt were closed my mom's room,my room,the
bathroom which my brother was taking a shower,and he usually slept in
the living room
i heard my door open i looked slowly around the dogs all looked in the
direction of the hall,i came slowly looking towards the hall and saw my
door open like  4 to 5 inches my dog was in front of me AND he knew and
came on his hunches and went in the room and he looked back at me like
nothings here...(my door didn't have a lock or anything but it made a
very loud rubbing noise and Hard to Open)turned on the light then saw a
half circle made of liquid of some sort on the edge of MY bed i looked
at it carefully to see what it could be.....(It was a perfect circle it
was wet and i was truly Freaking at this point)
Running to my mom waking her up
and telling what i see.She just told me that probably the dog urinated
on my bed being that the bed was on the floor.....I eventually got her
up when SHE saw it she just looked at me in amazement.I didnt sleep that
night in my room.

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