Bad Luck House


This is about the house my family lived in for about 3 1/2 years.  We left that house in the summer of 1977, and good  riddance.  The house had a feeling about it that made you not want to stay there if you were alone, and from the start, our family had constant bad luck.  Job loss, constant arguments and fights between family members, accidents, neighbors seeing people looking out of windows at a time when we were all somewhere else.    My brothers and sister had two dogs at the time; a doberman and a cockerspaniel.  Those dogs would go crazy over nothing we could see. When my boyfriend, who was abusive,
and I, started having violent fights, I was given permission to come back home, as I had two small children ( I was twenty years old at the time and had my own apartment).  All I know is that the atmosphere in that house was oppressive and it affected everyone there in a very negative way.  Things began to escalate when my brother started hanging out with new friends of his in the neighborhood who took anything from their father's black bag (he was a doctor) they could find to get high.  My brother was always a practical joker, but he was never cruel.  That changed.  This is the same brother, by the way,
from my previous story (now we know why my aunt looked at him with sadness).  Anyway, he began to blaspheme God during his arguments with my mother and stepfather, and to this day I believe this is when things began to get worse.  My brother's
hobby is drawing, and he had made a lot of posters to hang on his bedroom walls on the third floor.  After a while, he became afraid to stay in his room unless someone stayed up there with him, because he said his pictures were talking to him. Naturally, we wanted to know what he was smoking, and we laughed at him.  One night, he was ranting in his room as usual,  when we heard someone else up there with him.  Many someones.  We believed him after that.  So many things happened in that house that if I were an outsider looking in I would have thought that we were just having extremely bad luck, but now, after having read some of the experiences of Ed and Lorraine Warren, and the encounters of the people who submitted stories on this site, (including your own story) I am sure it was something much worse than that.  We finally left that house after my
family was almost torn apart.  I felt like we were leaving a war zone.  It has been 24 years since then and although I live close to that house I have never been there to ask any of the people who have lived there if perhaps they experienced the same thing.  I really would like to know, so maybe I will one day.  I would like to add that although I have been to many sites such as this I have never seen a lot of stories from the Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania, where this house is located. I have had many strange experiences, not only from places where I lived while growing up, but a few I've lived in since then.
Again, thanks for listening.



I was staying overnight at my uncles house one night, I was getting something out of the fridge and I close the door and I saw a figure of woman walking away from me, my uncle was in the bathroom at the time. (His wife died a long time ago.)
I never met her, but I sure did that night. My uncle's dog, Sheba was walking next to the "GHOST": Theresa and it looked like Theresa was petting her on the back.
Here's my other story: My sister died when she was only 8 mos. old, she died in our old apartment and I was visiting a friend that lives there now and she has a shog rug in the middle of the floor and her glass coffee table is on it, well I going to sit down and I tripped on the rug and heading for the glass table and all of a sudden I was thrown in a nearby chair by an invisible force. my friends were shocked cause they the whole thing. I would have been killed if I hit the table, I guess my sister thought I should live because my parents would have been grief stricken if I died because they already lost a daughter and they couldn't afford to lose another daughter.

Legends and Stories


The House

A bunch of friends decide to get a small, inexpensive house to hang out in.
They find a two story, good sized house for an unbelievably low price. The
salesperson gives them a map of the house. They go in and take a look around
and find a door that isn't on the map. They open it and
They think it just has no windows. They go down to tell the salesperson
the mysterious room. They go back up to find the door no longer there. The
salesperson tells them what he didn't tell them before. A lady had commited
suicide in the room. Her life had gone completely out of control. She had
hung herself. The people trying to sell the house had the room removed to
sell it, but it still appeared on it's own.

Death Angel?

A friend of my mom's was in the hospital for a tumor in her head. She had it
removed and had to stay to recovered. When she was in the bed at night,
trying to sleep, a figure in black, or rather, a black figure, came to her.
It was tall, shaped like a man, and had a thing in it's hand. The thing was
glinting, and it looked like metal. The figure came every night. It also got
closer every night. She was scared of it.When it was right at the end of her
bed, she told it to leave her alone. It did. After wards, she recovered
fully and thought it was the death angel coming for her.

Aunt at Peace

By: ghost encounter

I have been reading the stories on your sight for a while, and I have finally decided to share one of my own.  The very  first ghost I can remember seeing happened when I was a toddler. ( I am the one in my family everyone uses for verification
of when something happened, as my memory goes back far)  Anyway, I am the oldest of seven children, but at this time there was just myself and the brother after me ,and we are very close in age.  This particular night I was lying in my crib looking around , when I saw a woman come into the bedroom.  She was tall with long, wavy black hair and she was very pretty.  She came and stood by the crib for a moment and smiled at me, then left.  I don't remember anything after that so I must have fallen asleep.  It wasn't until years later (in my twenties) when my family and I were talking about the various
experiences we had in some of the houses we lived in while growing up.  My sister had heard this story several times, but I had never told my mother.  As I told the story my mother gave me the strangest look and when I was done, she shook her head.  "You couldn't possibly know that, you were just a baby!"  I asked her what she meant and this is what she told me:  My father and his sister were the only surviving children of my grandparents, as three of their children died in infancy.  They were very close and when my aunt died, at twenty-five, in a fatal car accident my father was devastated.  Every night, before he went to bed, he would write a letter to his sister telling her how much he missed her and how terrible it was for him that she was no longer alive.  He would put this letter in an envelope and place it on top of the television and then go to bed.  One night, my mother says, she was lying in bed with my father and my then baby brother (who was very sick for most of his childhood and had to have a colostomy at the age of two), trying to go back to sleep as she had been up with my brother.  She says she was turned toward the door and was settling down when she saw a woman, dressed in white come into the bedroom.  The woman walked over to the crib where I was, bent down and smiled at me.  She then proceeded to the side of the bed where my father slept.  My mother says the woman didn't pay any attention to her, but she looked at my brother with the saddest expression she had ever seen, which made her afraid.  All this time she was trying to wake my father, but he just would not wake up.  The woman looked at
my father for a moment, and then she slapped him in the face.  It was then that my mother realized that the woman she was staring at was her deceased sister-in-law.  My father frowned in his sleep as my aunt talked to him, but he still did not wake up.  My mother says that my aunt told him how sad it made her that he could not get over her leaving.  She did not want him to write any more letters to her and she was fine, so he was not to grieve, as his sadness kept her from being at peace.  Then, she walked around the bed and went out the door.  It took my mother a while to get to sleep, but she finally did.  She waited all day for a way to tell my father what she had seen, but she was afraid he would laugh at her, so she said nothing.  At bedtime, though, she noticed that the usual letter was not on the television and when she asked him why, he told her that he dreamed he talked to his sister and she asked him not to, and that she had slapped him.  He said the dream was so real, it was as if she was really there.  It was then that she told him what she saw.When I asked my mother why she never told me she said that whenever we would see things the grandmothers thought it best that they just shrug it off so as not to scare us.  They had already experienced many of the things that we had.I am sorry for the length of this story, but I just had to tell it to someone besides family.  Thanks for listening.

Hallways (Bleh) heh

I just read your story of when you saw the "figures" in your house and it got me thinking of when i was young i think around 6-10 and like you i had a bed that made made me sleep looking down the hallway. But first let me give you a description of my
house (acctually a trailor). Ok its a normal trailor kitchen to the left and the living room about in the middleof the trailor then on the far right was the hallway youd walk about 4-5 feet and to the left was my moms room then about 7-8 ft was the back door (Right) and bathroom (left) and my bedrrom was straight ahead. well me and mt sister had bunk beds and i always slept where i would peer down the hallway. Well when i went to bed i always stared at the hall and saw these red little men if you will and theyd jump around and jump in my mom and dads room and then just peer out and stare at me but
they wouldnt come in my room except one. But it was different then the others it was bigger kind of built and blue and it would come in my room stare at me for a few minutes then pick up my things and throw them and laugh like it was playing with
them and i was skared at that time and would hide under the covers or yell for mom or dad and theyd dissapear. But there was this night when my dad was sleeping with me becouse i was scared and i looked down the hall and saw this huge black
thing it was like a cloke or something with a hood and had a big Skythe (something u cut wheat with long wooden handle and a large slanted blade) and it kind of resembled the Grim Reaper. But now weve moved then my aunt lived there for awhile but
didnt see or suspect anything supernatural. My parents said it was my eyes but i had recordings of when i got a talk boy (Home Alone 3 lost in new york). and its of then like laughing and throwing things but i played it alone and it was perfect
you could hear it plainly and everything but when i showed it to anyone else all you heard was static then the tape dissapeared never could find it. And now im 13 but no one has beleived me. Oh and one other thing i have tons others if you want to hear them like when i slept with my parents there T.V. came on by itsself.

I Lived With One For Awhile


When i wus young maybe for id say 6 to 9 we were renting a house that my mom and me know wus i haunted but for some reason we were the only ones that saw it. I was the first to see ne thing i was laying in bed unable to sleep due
to a strange feeling. I always kept my closet door locked well it was locked that night, but when i looked at it, it was open and i could see eyes staring at me i figured it wus my sister trying to scare me so i went and open the door. I saw nothing.    After many of these experiences I became curious so i forced my mom to tell me the history of the house. I finally got her to tell me that long before we moved to the house a family that
didnt beleive in doctors or medicine lived there. There son developed a real bad ear infection and died in the same room i stayed in.    I lived with the ghost and soon got used to him. the only things that happened would be floating objects and so forth.    My mom couldnt stand it and made the whole family move out. I miss that house soooo much i wish i could have had more expieriences with the ghost......

The Dark Lady


This is a story that my friends and I found to be almost unbelievable.  We live in Florida and we often  have cook outs with our friends and neighbors.  During one of these cook outs my wife, older daughter, friends and I were sitting around our kitchen table and the subject of ghosts came up.  I don't know how the conversation switched to this subject, but the question was asked if anyone had ever seen a ghost.  My older daughter said that she had seen a lady walk across the floor at my parents' house. As the lady walked across the carpet she would turn her head towards my daughter.  She explained that
the lady's facial features could not be seen, but she could see that she had shoulder length hair.  She added that she had seen the lady three times and everytime she would turn her head towards her as if the lady was looking at her.  The part that really freaked us out was that several minutes later one of our friends was telling us about an experience that he and some other guys had in a house that he used to live in.  The conversation continued on about ghosts and several minutes passed when my younger daughter came into the kitchen from her room in the back of the house.  She heard the subject of
ghosts being discussed and asked if we were talking about the lady at Granny's house.  We asked her what she said and she asked again, " Are ya'll talking about the lady at Granny's house?"  We couldn't believe what we were hearing because we
were not talking about the lady at the time.  My younger daughter went on to say that she had seen the lady once.  The area of my parents' house that they have seen the lady is in the older, original part of the house.  The house has been remodeled and built on to like many others.  The girls say that the lady appears in the same area everytime and walks
towards the back of the house where the downstairs bedrooms are and disappears. The house was built in 1957 and my parents, my brother and I are only the second family to live in the house.  A younger couple lived in it before us.  We moved into the house in 1966.  My grandmother died in the house about 18 years ago, but her hair was not shoulder length like the lady my kids see.  My grandmother was short ( 5' tall ) and the lady the girls have seen is short.



 Hello, my name is Jenny and I have seen the LIGHT! The Summerville light in
South Carolina that is. My sister was always talking about this thing she and
her friends would do for kicks. She said that they would go driving down this
road late at night in Summerville and a ghost light would chase them. I
thought they were crazy and probably drunk and just saw something that could
easily be explained. So, I told her that the next time they went that I
wanted to go too. Well, one night when I got off of work she and some friends
came and got me. We live in Charleston so it took us about 30 minutes to get
to Summerville. We then turned down this long dark road and drove nearly to
the end of it. It was pitch black outside the car and I kinda started to get
a little nervous. They then told me that the ghost was a man searching for
his lost son and that someone had to get out the car and knock three times on
the door of this nearby church. Well, no one did and I can't blame them it
was spooky even without a ghost. We then started driving very slowly and
flashing our headlights on and off. This was supposed to be the signal for
the ghost to appear.
IT DID! What I saw was a flash of red light in the shape of a headless man
running toward us. It looked sort of flat,kind of one dimensional and seemed
to spin once and then disappear. We saw this twice. Then after a few seconds
we saw this bright spinning light in the distance. It looked like a really
big fourth of July sparkler spinning in a counter clockwise motion. It was
quickly joined by second light of the same nature. One came from the right
and the other from the left. They joined and went off to the left. After that
we left. Everyone agreed we'd seen enough for the night. I was really
supprised. I thought we'd have to have some sort of ritual or seance before
seeing the ghost. Also, it all happened so quickly. I didn't have enough time
to get really good and scared. My thoughts on it were that we were seeing an
event being replayed over and over again. The strange thing is that the ghost
also interacts with people. I've heard stories were it chases people. One
story is that it actually went straight through a car and shorted out the
electrical system and these kids were left stranded on the road. Many of the
locals know about it and the police sometimes potrol the road to keep kids
from distrubing the nearby residents. Maybe they don't like us to harass
their ghost. The truth is that I really felt sorry for the ghost. Obviously,
it is some sort of tramatic event being replayed. The next time I go I'm
planning on taking pictures and video. Thanks for allowing me to share my

Canada's Heritage Park

By: Sully/Jones []

I don't know if you have already heard of this but her goes anyways. In Calgary, Alberta, Canada their is a historical park called Heritage Park and it holds many of the first buildings of Calgary. Such as Sam Livingston's house, Guy Wedick's  and
so on. There has been many real sightings in these old buildings, the first owners being seen in mirrors, moving around the house, and moving furniture and such. In one of the buildings, I'm not quite sure which, there has been a sighting of a
woman standing in a lit attic window holding a baby. But there is no way to get to the attic and no light in the attic. This was spotted by a night janitor/watchman.
As this is the city I live in, it would be great to actually know if these are tricks or are real. There is actually a book that includes many of these stories, it's called something like "Hauntings of Alberta".

What Happened at my friend's place?


  Hi.  I wrote about my experiences at the house I grew up in about a year
ago.  I've got another story about another place in the area where I grew
up, the California gold country.
  My friend J. lived in a double-wide mobile home on top of a hill just
outside of our small town.  It was fairly new at the time (I think her
parents bought it around 1970).  Anyways, one afternoon I was talking to her
on the phone (we were around 13 yrs old at the time), and I  heard her older
sister, M., scream bloody murder in the background.  J. excused herself to
go see what was the matter.  When she came back to the phone, I asked her
what the problem was.  She told me M. was in her room, turned and looked at
her door and saw a shadowy figure of a man and that he didn't seem to have
any feet and was sort of hovering there.  I thought it was a little odd,
because their place was so new, and M. always seemed to be the
"Got-it-together" older sister.  We resumed our conversation and that was
  About a year later J. invited me and another friend, S., to spend the
night.  M. was also there.  Their parents were not.  Late that night we were
all in M.'s room, telling scary stories.  We were talking about a mine shaft
that was a couple hundred yards away from their place across the street and
in the woods.  It was a hole that went straight down into the ground.  It
had long been abandoned, but wasn't covered up or fenced in.  We were
talking about how creepy it was (it always seemed to me that it would be
pretty easy to fall into or get pushed into by someone who wasn't very
nice).  Just then there was a very loud thud that came from J.'s room.  We
all heard it.  It sounded like something very heavy was dropped (or fell) on
the floor.  We went in to check it out.  Nothing was out of place.  J.
checked inside her closet.  Nothing out of the ordinary there.  We decided
that we wouldn't talk anymore, and just go to sleep.  M. was very scared and
didn't want to be alone in her room, so I stayed with her, and S. stayed in
J.'s room with her.  We all fell asleep, and the rest of the night was
  I wondered what happened there - was there a spirit hanging around there
who might have fallen down, or was pushed down, that mine shaft?

What Was That


Here I am again, it's time to recount another experience I had when I was
young.  My parents were very good friends with a couple that lived on the
outskirts of Lincoln in a big old house built in the 1890's.  Well, that
house was haunted and let me tell you how I know this.  Gordie & Lois (my
parents' friends) had  a granddaughter named Sonny. I was good friends with
Sonny while I was growing up as she was just a few years older than I.
Now I need to tell you the background of the house (as was told to me by
both Gordie & Sonny) back in the 1880's the lot was an old brickyard that
supplied the growing city of Lincoln with bricks.  Across the street there
was a farm ( the pond was still there in the early 1980's, but the house was
long gone)   Anyway, a little girl lived on this farm and she is the ghost I
have seen in this house.  She used to play in the brickyard then one day in
the late fall the little girl disappeared, she was not found until the
spring after all the snow melted.  She had been playing in the brickyard,
had fallen and hit her head on a brick.  She died and the snow had covered
her body.
Now, here is what happened to me.  I had heard the stories about the ghost
of the little girl but I never really believed them, although I hated going
up the stairs because it always seemed to be someone following me up them.
One afternoon we were visiting and I was in Sonny's room listening to Rod
Stewart Records.  Sonny had a door sized posted of Humphrey Bogart on the
back of her door so that when it's closed you can see his whole face.  It
was a normal fall afternoon, it was warm and sunny but we just felt like
chillin in Sonny's room.  We had gone into the bathroom for some reason and
Sonny had stayed there while I went back into her room and closed the door.
When I walked in I noticed something very strange, well, several things
really...first, the record player was still going, but there was no sound,
second, the curtains which were long and white were blowing out into the
room but the windows were shut and the house did not have Central Air,
third, Sonny had a doll that sat beside her bed in a little rocking chair,
yeah, it was rocking by itself,  I freaked, I turned around to open the
door, and I saw her.  She was barely 3 feet tall, and just a blur really,
like the heat coming off the concrete in the dead of summer, but I could see
her because she made Humphrey all distorted, then she walked through the
door and everything stopped, the record playing started making music, the
doll stopped rocking, the curtains went back to normal and the room was
suddenly warm again.  Not really sure about what had just happened I opened
the door and looked down the hall towards the window at the end of the hall
and she walked right through it!  I went to the bathroom to tell Sonny and
she met me in the hall.  She said I looked really pale, I was scared to
death!  I never ever, went upstairs in that house again.  In fact, I think I
only went to visit with my parents a couple of times after that and I
usually went up the street to the park or stayed in the living room with my
folks.  Occasionally, when I would go to the park as I was coming back down
the dirt road I would look up to the sewing room window and catch a glimpse
of something, the curtains moving or a small face peering out the window.
Now that I am older I feel kind of sorry for the little girl, she was
probably just as scared as I was!  I don't know what happened to her, Gordie
and Lois had the old house torn down and built a new ranch style house on
the property.  They have both since passed away and I don't know if the
little girl still roams the lot or not.  I think about her sometimes, just
wondering if she ever found peace.  Again, I have other experiences,
although I haven't actually seen an apparition like this one.

Whispering Room


This is my first submission to the Shadowlands ghost tales collection, but I have been reading and enjoying the hundreds of others!  Since this is the first, I'll keep it short.
It would not be inaccurate to say that I have had numerous uncanny experiences with the "other side" since my earliest childhood.  But this particular incident happened when I was a sophomore in high school -- so, I was about 15 years old.  At that time my mother (who is now deceased) had a consuming interest in reincarnation, meditation, communicating with the spirit world, etc. and in pursuit of this interest she would often seek out psychics for readings.  What she was ultimately searching for I can't really say I knew, though it occurs to me that there were a number of dead relatives with whom she had"issues" during their life. At any rate, one such pursuit led us to the home of a spirit medium.  Picture, if you will, a fifteen year old in her Catholic school uniform and her neat Italian mom met at the door by a serene, dark-haired lady bearing a candle ... in 70's
suburbia.  The medium welcomed us into her home, a beautiful brick home furnished throughout with stunning antiques.  The living room was full of old paintings of nameless people, old books here and there, old lamps, settees so old the fabric was
threadbare -- you get the picture.  And the entire room dominated by an enormous, oblong dining table, bare of decoration, where, the medium said, her seances were held.
It is a fact that I have always been sensitive to atmospheres, and I did not like the atmosphere inside that house one bit. It felt as if upon entering we were immediately surrounded by a mass of intensely curious and suffocating air, filled with
spirit vibration.  Imagine my alarm, then, when the medium placed me in a stuffy wing chair near the front door and told me that she performed solitary readings -- meaning that I would have to remain in that room, alone, for the duration.The medium and my mother retired to a room in the rear of the house.  The door was shut and this was followed by a moment of intense silence -- heavy and brooding.  A sudden BANG sounded from somewhere in the rear of the house; it shook and rattled and then was silent.  But not for long.  Instantly, the air around me began to sizzle with an almost whirlwind of whisperingand voices.  There were sighings and snatches of words just beyond the edge of my hearing and looking all around I suddenly had the horrifying realization that the voices were emanating from every object in the room.  From the books to the bric a
brac there was a cacophony of sound; in retrospect I imagine the spirits were pondering who or what I was.  Who knows?  All I knew then was that a pleated, Catholic school skirt does not cover your legs and knees well when you're cowering in fear in a haunted room!  The whispering went on and on, it seemed an eternity, until I was literally shaking with fear. Just as I was about to become really brave and sprint for the room where I thought my mother was, I was jolted by a sudden banging near my head.  I let out a scream and jumped to my feet, turning round just in time to see a pile of mail drop through the front door mail slot and a puzzled looking, but smiling, mailman on the other side.  I had to laugh out loud then, although a little nervously, because the intrusion of the mailman performing his simple duty had stopped the ghostly noises in an instant!  I was alone once again in a wing chair in what had become simply a quiet room on a deep yellow Autumn afternoon with the sound of traffic and even a school bell nearby.  When the medium and my mother emerged at last I said nothing of my experience, but it was obvious to both I was anxious to get out of there.  After some polite conversation we left and once in the car my mother asked me if I had heard a banging sound while she was with the medium.  I said, yes, I had, and she told me that as she and the medium had sat down together the lighted candle, placed between them on a coffee table, was knocked over and blown out and a colossal BANG had struck the window in that room.  Looking out, they saw nothing that could have caused the sound.  I didn't tell her about my own experience. As a footnote, to my knowledge my mom never went back to see the medium, but I can tell you that all through my high school "cruising" years my friends and I tried many times to locate that house.  Funny, it was on a main street near a huge local landmark, with a distinctly landscaped lawn, and I never again could locate it.  What a relief. Thanks for listening.  There'll be more later!

White House ghost


Hi there! I was surprised reading your story on the White House that you didn't include the "ghost cat" I took a tour of the  White House with my aunt about 2 years ago. She at the time was working in the building so we got to go to places not usually seen by tourists. Anyway, we were in the basement area and she showed me the room that they keep the coffin stand in.  Apparently, everytime a president dies and is laid in state the same stand is used. In this room  (which is all cement, walls,floors ceiling) are 3 or 4 huge cat paw prints. My aunt said that back in the day there were stables under and around  the white house and cats were kept handy to kill all the rodents. Legend around there says that each time a president dies a large black cat appears and cries loudly in that room until the stand is taken out and used. Look closely at the back of a  old $20. On top of the White House in the upper right corner is a picture of a cat walking across the building. My aunt  says that the cat story was so well known.

Helena Haunts

By: Anonymous

Carroll College, St. Charles Hall
I lived in Helena and went to Carroll College
Carroll is rumored to have many ghosts, from the Bathroom on 4th main in St. Charles
to St. Alberts. I lived in St. Charles and since I lived far from home I had to stay
over breaks. When your alone in a dorm it's freaky, I would hear
furniture move in the next room when I knew my neighbor was gone. The weirdest
things happened when I was a freshman. It was over the Thanksgiving break, my friend worked at the YMCA and decided to stay for the holiday. We decided to do something the evening before Thanksgiving. People had already left, and I was alone. Actually I was the only one on the floor. This happened on 2nd Main in St. Charles. It was about 7 in the evening and I was waiting for my friend. All of the sudden there there was a knock on the door when someone whispered my name "Dave" it said.  It wasn't loud enough to be a regular voice, but not a whisper. I went to the door and no one was there. I was startled,
I thought my friend was playing a joke so I went to his room. He was not back yet, but I thought he was playing one on me. A couple of hours later, he knocked at my door. "You Bastard." I remember saying that his joke was not funny. He was just out of the snow,
and looked at me strange, he explained to me that he just got off work. There was still fresh snow on him, so I could tell that he was telling the truth. I got chills when I realized what happened. I'm getting chills now just writing about it. I don't know what happened or what that was.

Lady That Walks The River Road


I am 26 years old and I am from Benton Tennessee, this story I am
wanting to tell you about is not really that scary...but it is
pretty creepy to me.  I have always heard this, and have even heard
of people that have seen it, but as of right now I have not seen
her myself.  I live in a rather large county in south east
Tennessee, we are mostly Cherokee National Forest.  There
are 2 sides of the county that are divided up, and the way to
get from one side to the other is to go around the mountain,
which also takes you around the Ocoee River.  It is said that
if you drive around this river road late at night or really
early in the morning that you can look in your back seat
and there will be a woman just setting there looking at you.
The best time I have heard is when it is misting the rain.
I have never known her to hurt anybody, but she will ride along
with you until she just decides to "get out" and she dissapears.
I have heard 2 different things for the reason she may be there,
(1) back in the late 1800's early 1900's this young girl got married
and her and her husband were going from one end of the county
to the other for their honeymoon and their wagon went into the
river and they both died on their wedding night and she forever stays
there around the river.
(2) there was a young girl that was took up there by a bunch of guys and
they had their way with her and then killed her and is said to
only get in the cars of young boys just so she can scare them
(maybe and hopefully this is why she hasn't visited me on any of
my late night drives down that river) But anyways this has
always fascinated me and I thought somebody might want to read
it too.  Thanks!

House Guest


Hi.  I have a lot of respect for your website and have decided to add my true
When I was around 5 years old, I lived in a small duplex.  I slept on the top
bunk of a bunk bed and my sister slept on the bottom.  I was always scared of
our room--- it was constantly cold, and while falling asleep, both my sister
and I heard someone calling our names several times.  It wasn't a familiar
voice and once when I ventured out of my bed to my parents' room to see what
they wanted, I was surprised to see that they were both soundly asleep.
Anyways, one night it unexplainably got very warm in our usually cold room,
so I pulled all of the covers off of myself except for my well-tucked-in
sheet.  I awoke in the middle of the night to find the sheet tied tightly
around my neck-- I was CHOKING!  I couldn't hear myself scream, because I was
too frightened, I suppose, but my parents came running down the hall and
eventually told me that I had been screaming :"GET HIM OFF ME!"
Now I live in a three-level house where I have lived for around 13 years.
Ever since I moved here, I have had strange experiences.  I can't go under
the stairs because I get this terrible feeling I'm being watched and I am not
welcome.  When I come up the stairs late at night I usually run like the
dickens.  I still hear my name at night-- RIGHT INTO MY EAR.  I can feel the
little hairs in my ear move with the breath.  I have also had an incident
where I have had a scream right into my ear.  I constantly see a very tall
shadow of a man out of the corner of my eye, sometimes he will walk down the
stairs and you can hear the stairs creak.  Mostly this happens at night, but
occasionally it will happen during the day.  There are knocks on my bedroom
walls that will respond if you knock back.  Though my sister who still shares
my room, has heard it also, it seems centered around me.  It always happens
near me and only when I am home.  It also follows me-- while sleeping at a
friend's house (no one else was home)  we heard horrible sobbing and screams
from her little brother's room.  Of course we ran into the room to see what
was wrong with him, but he wasn't there!  Anyways, enough of my stories, but
there are many more which I do not currently have time to share with you.

Footsteps in the Night


Well at the age of 12 I went to visit my dad at his new house and ever thing is going find I mean like nothing was going wrong till that night i fell asleep
not thinking of nothing.  But later on in the nite I heard sounds like foot steps i didnt think anything cause my dad was up when i went to sleep.  but when i
got up it was 1 in the morning i didt realize that I sleep that long every body was sleep.  I went back to sleep bout a little bit later round 9am.  Nothing was
strange till i step on the rug it was wet but not like water it was warm.  but there was nothing there.  Later on that day i fell asleep on a the couch i slept
till 12am i woke up and saw a man in the corner looking at me wit a evil grin.  Then took out a knife i was so scared i close my eyes and didnt up them up
again then felt a cold breezes on  me i woke up and there was the guy standing beside me and started to cry he went away but wasnt the last of him every time
i close my eyes i felt a chill then it started to stop.  2 years later it happen again but this time a did research for the 2 years.  Then i got my presist to come in a bless the place since then i saw him once and he was smileing a wit a happy grin this time.

Ghost in Mississippi


I live in Mississippi. Well me and some of my friends decided to go campin back in some woods at the new cabin we had just bought. The camp is in Jones County (just in case ypu were wondering). Well we got there at about 8:00 that night.Well we were all just having a good time. Well it started gettin late and 11 o'clock finally rolled around. Well most of us were still wide awake. We were all sttin there and all of the sudden a cold draft just came over us. Well I thought this was really weird because it was in the middle of July and this is Mississippi we are talking about. Well we kinnda blew it off. Then,at about 12 o'clock we heard this sound that was the strangest sound I had ever heard. Well by then we all ran and got in my car. Well my car sometimes don't wanna start. Well this was one of those times. The sound was still echoing through the woods. The sound sounded like someone that was screaming and moaning at the same time. It was so loud that it made my ears hurt. Well on of the braver guys jumped out of the car and lifted to hood to take a look. Then he turned his head to look down a 4-wheeler trail. He said that he saw somethin so he was goin to check it out. we all begged him not to go but he did anyway. When he came back about 5 minutes later, he looked as pale as a ghost. I asked him what was wrong with him. He said that he had seen people that looked like Indiansand dressed at Indians. He said that there were about 20 of them and
that one of them yelled at him in a language that he didn't understand. He said by then he was ruming. But he said that they had a certain glow about them.Well right about then I started crying tears of fear and tears of frustration. I kept trying to crank up the car. Finally after about 5 more trys it crank. I hauled out of that place at least at 80 mph. We finally made it out of the camp ground and on to a main road. When we all got back home I told my dad. He of course did not believe us. Their parents didn't either. My dad agreeded to go to the camp by his self) and take a look. When he came back, he came back with arrowheads. I looked at  him and said see! I told you! He just looked at me and smiled.He said these are over 50 years old. There's no tellin how long they've been out there. He said there is no way that there was anyone out there last night. He still didn't believe me. But I now know that I will never go back out there. I also know why the camp was so cheap.

Shave and A Haircut


When I was about 12 or 13, I was involved with a youth group, and we happened to be having a "lock in" one weekend night in a church which I happened to go to at the time. This was in suburban Chicago. The church has since closed.  The church was old, well, at least for the suburbs, I would say it was from the 20s, but had been remodeled in a tacky 1950s style. We were in the basement, in a big open room ringed by Sunday school rooms, offices and bathrooms. That's were the ten of us boys were in our sleeping bags, with our youth leader, a guy who
was probably in his early 30s. Someone decided it'd be fun to play "ghost in the graveyard" late that night, and use the whole church building. The leader, I think his name was Brad, joined us in the game.  The church upstairs was very dark, and only lit by a couple exit lights and a sliver of light from under an emergency exit near the front right hand side of the church.  A buddy and me found a great place to hide, down a staircase through a door off the altar, which led down to the area we were sleeping downstairs after going through a dimly lit hallway. There was a small door under the staircase, which had a small knob on it. We knew this was our hiding place. It was basically a
small storage area, very dusty and musty inside, but  empty except for some cans of paint, some old rags in a corner, and what I think was a toolbox. It was very tight, for the both of us, and we basically had to crawl in a stay in a crouched position, with our heads brushing the top of the room, which was the staircase.
We shut the door and in the distance, could hear the muffled sounds of the rest of the group, from someplace in the building. We were quiet, and sure of the fact no one would find us, when suddenly there was a knocking on the wooden door, to the tune of "Shave and a Haircut", da-da-da-da-da...da-da. Except the last two knocks didn't happen, and we figured that it was one of the other guys joking around, and I completed the last two knocks, whereupon the door flew open to reveal no one there.  At first, me and the other guy thought it was funny,
that a couple of the others were trying to freak us out, and hiding on the stairs above us, but no one was there. It was just then that we felt as if someone else was in that hallway with us, and it was very creepy. Needless to say, we booked it out of there, up the stairs, and ran until we found some of the guys, and told them what happened. They thought we were just trying to play a trick on them, and laughed our story off, but Brad saw that we were both visibly shaken, and I for one didn't want to be anywhere near that area.  Brad went and checked it out, on his own, I think just to calm us down, and when he came back, probably 5 or so minutes later, he told us very calmly and quietly that we would be moving upstairs into the church, and we could each pick a pew and lie on them. The other
guys were sort of freaking out now, as we were, because of Brad's grimness and silence as to what happened.
We moved our stuff up to the church and after some nervous chatter for another half an hour or so, fell asleep. I was very glad to be leaving the next morning, and dreaded having to return the next Sunday, for fear I may have to go through that hallway.  I remember asking Brad later what happened when he checked out the door, and he said that the minute he got near that door, which was shut tight when he got there, after we tore out of there with it wide open, he felt like someone was watching him, though he saw no one around. He pulled the door open, and got on his
knees and waved his flashlight inside, peering in, all the time, feeling not alone in that hall. He said he closed the door, and the minute he shut it, it flung open, and he swore that he heard a deep, sinister sounding chuckle. That was enough for him, and he ran out and returned to us.  I actually never returned to that area of the church
during the next couple of years we went there, and Brad never mentioned the event again, nor did any of us guys.
That was so many years ago, I am 29 now, but writing it down, the details are returning clear as it happened today, and I am getting goose bumps remembering that night.

The Girl Without A Face


This story may be a bit long, it contains many events. My now ex-husband and my three small boys moved into a house in Tampa,  Florida about 4 years ago. It needed work and we agreed to do it if the owner took it off the rent. ( times where a little hard ) Well, the house was very dirty and needed a lot of cleaning so that was my job before we could even move in. The repairs could be done while we were there. The first time I went into the house I did like it. The lay out was cool and there  was a small apt on the side.  Anyway for the first two weeks all was well, but late one night I can not recall what time it  was, I was up sewing. ( my hobby ) When out of the corner of my eye I saw a young girl walking past my livingroom window. I looked out the door as she was rounding the corner to my house. I followed her around the corner and she was gone. No place she could have gone, that part of the house is where the apt. entrance is and it is blocked off from the rest of the yard.  She was of normal hieght and she was wearing light blue shorts with a light colored shirt and shoulder length brown hair.  Well, I went back to my sewing and forgot about it until later. Soon after this my brother moved from Ct. and needed a place  to stay, so he moved into the apt. At first I didn't want to tell him about the girl. But after he looked at the apt. he said that maybe we should have a talk. My brother is very sensitive to the other realm. So am I, but he seems to pick right up on things. I told him he did not have to stay in the apt. but he said that he wasn't worried, it didn't seem to be
harmfull. Again about a week later I was sewing and she appeared on the arm of my couch watching me sew. When I looked up at  her she had no face. Something told me to feel very sorry for her. Instantly I felt the worst kind of sorrow. I cried for her as she just sat there with no face. She soon vanished slowly, like she was fading in and out and then gone. I saw her many times in the few months I lived there, My ex husband didn't see her he saw her shadow along with my brother he never saw her he only felt her. My niece saw her several time along with my cousin. She would only show herself to women not men. She loved to play tricks on the men. She would turn my brothers AC on and off the tv would go on and off and change channels  she would also turn his fan around to where it was facing the wall. One night when we were going to bed we had just layed down when she turned the shower on in our master bath room, My ex got up and turned it off, as soon as he layed down, it turned on again, he got back up and turned it off again, He no sooner layed back down, it turned on again. Well that was it for him. He yelled"thats it, it's going to stay on, I don't give a shit" As he rolled over to go to sleep it turned off. I laughed at him because he was pretty mad. She never bothered my little boys and I was thankful to her for that. She did scare me one time. I was in the master bath room one night and the light went out. When I turmed aroun to hit the light switch she was standing right there, inches from my face. I thought I was going to scream. She never scared me like that. Well, needless to say I was hot footen it out of that room. She always had my niece and cousin squeling out of a room. But she never hurt any one. One day about a week before we moved out a woman came to my house looking for her daughter. She said that about 6 months prior she had recieved a letter from her daughter with that  address as her home. She said that her daughter was 22 years old and hadn't came home in two years. They had a falling out and she wouldn't talk to her mother, but then she recieved a letter from her daughter saying she missed her mom and she needed to tell her something important. I was very sorry but I did not know who she was speaking of so I couldn't help her. But then she showed me a picture of a very cute young woman with brown hair. I thought to myself that maybe this could be the same girl. But I didn't say that to her mom. I just shook my head no and she left. Afterwards I got to thinking about all the cleaning I had to do when we first moved in. Under the bathroom sink were many used bandaids with cotton and spots of blood, Also in the kitchen cabinet there were many empty medicaine bottels with the labels tore off. My brother seems to think that the girl was very ill, and that
she probley died with out anyone knowing who she was, her family never found out, thats why she doesn't have a face. And also the reason why men can't see her is because it was a man who possibley made her ill. I don't know, what do you think. After I moved from there I divorced my husband and moved on with my life. But I have driven past that house and hoped that she has found peace somehow. I did ask the owner who the prior tenant was and he told me that it was a man that subleased the house to different people and he doesn't know where the man is today.

Animal ghost


When I was 8 years old I got my first horse for Christmas, she was 10 years
old snow white (must have been Arabian) , she was a trick horse, she could
shake hands, kneel and bow and she would stretch as far as she could to make
her back low for me to get on.  She would do this on her own, after about
threes tries and misses by me hitting her belly with mine.  We bonded daily
she was my life, now I no longer had to walk the fields for adventure on my
own.  Her one funny quirk was that she didn't really care for men or boys and
my brothers were told not to ride  "Snowball' ,  One day my mother sister and
I had gone to town and "Bob" rode snowball.  She ran off with him and while
running down a hill she jumped a ditch at the bottom and dislocated her knee.
 We had to leave her tied to a tree next to the road (actually a lane) and
doctor her and feed and water her as no one in our area had a trailer, right
there for about a month before she could hobble home.  She improved enough
that she could be ridden by a kid , at a walk with a slight limp. I rode her
all over and always walked.  and again my sister rode her and again she ran
off at a run and fell. Snowball was all right but Judy had a pretty good
fall, so my parents decided she was a danger and could not afford to feed a
horse for what they considered a decoration not a companion ands very good
friend.  we sold her to the killers, that in those days was local and I would
like to believe humane,  My heart was broken,  since she never ran around we
would turn her loose to eat the grain in the near fields, our house was on a
plateau and then a shallow revine and another plateau, she would graze the
revine and other plateau, two nights after her leaving the ranch whinnying
all the while, for the other horses I'm sure, 49 years ago my heart told me
it was for me,  I woke up the moon was very bright, I looked out the window
facing that plateau, and there she ran as full graceful stride as I had ever
seen her do, and I knew she came back to tell me she was free and to ease my
broken heart.  I never saw her again but, I knew she was there and that
animals do have spirits and that they love.

Don't Move the Dresser


I am 36 years old and have had several strange encounters with ghosts and
haunted places.  When I was in high school I went with some friends to an
outdoor party at a large farm in Maryland.  I needed to use the restrooms
which were port o johns, a girl whom I did not know but lived in the old
farmhouse offered to take me up to the house to use a civilized bathroom, I
was very grateful.  We entered the old house and she led me up a flight of
stairs, the bathroom was directly in front of us.  She told me to wait for
her when I was finished so she could walk me back outside.  When I exited the
bathroom she was in a room to my left, it was her bedroom.  She was putting
on a sweater and I happened to notice a large chest in her closest that was
sitting on big cement blocks so that the top of the chest of drawers was
jammed up to the ceiling.  I asked her why it was set up like that and she
informed me that the previous owners (35years prior) had told her parents to
never remove it, so they hadnt.  About two years later I was out with some
friends driving around on a Saturday night with little to do and one of the
boys that were with us asked if we wanted to go to a haunted house, we all
agreed and before I knew it we were driving down the road to the farm where I
had been at the party several years before.  The house was abanoned and parts
of it had been torn down,  we enterd through the front door and went up the
stairs.  I had already said that I had been here before.  When we got to the
top of the stairs the temperature had dropped to about 20 degrees, kind of
strange weather for the middle of July.  I looked in the bedroom and where
the closet should have been there was a huge gaping hole in the ceiling,  I
grabbed my girlfriend and ran down the stairs and out of the house.  We
waited in the car while a few of the boys finished their exploring.  Needless
to say I never went back to that house, but I did try to find the family who
had once lived there, there was no trace of them to be found.

Mr. Wagner


My father told me a very interesting story recently.  His longtime friend,
Mr. Wagner, died at the age of 80.  Mr. Wagner's wish for when he passed is
that his ashes be spread at Lake George.  Mr. Wagner had vacationed at Lake
George at the same campground site for 62 years.  My father went to Lake
George (an eight hour drive for him) for the ceremony, which was scheduled
for a Saturday.  Because of rain the ceremony was rescheduled for the
following day.  When everyone showed up at the campground site on Sunday, it
looked as though a typhoon had hit only his site.  The entire campground had
not been adversely effected by the previous night's light rain at all, but
Mr. Wagner's was so damaged that it took an entire week for the maintenance
crew at the campground to remove the several trees and branches that had
My father doesn't believe in ghosts or anything, but he called this "very
eerie".  He doesn't even call the apartment building he owns "eerie", and
this is a location where various tenants over the years have seen the same

Haunted Since 5


First let me say thank you for creating a site where those of us who share supernatural/paranormal activities can share our stories. A little background to let you know who I am and why I am writing. I am a 35 yr old female, back in college, and living alone since my husband passed away 4yrs ago. I have a very active social life and many friends, so it's not as if I have nothing to do but sit around and dream up stories. I will try to keep the experiences I have had over the past 30yrs brief so as not to be boring.  My first experience with something unreal happened when I was approximately 5yrs old. The house I grew up in was built by a great uncle that I never met, tho I do know the great aunt he was married to prior to his death(which was before I was born).
I knew my parents would come into the bedroom at night to make sure that my brother and I were covered, so when I felt someone sit on my feet, I woke up to tell them to get off my feet, but no one was there. I could see an indention in the bed and feel the pressure on my feet but there was nothing there to see! Needless to say, I screamed for my father. When he reached the bedroom door the pressure lifted and I never experienced it again. I can only guess that maybe it was my great uncle checking on me. The only other experience in that particular home was the opening of the door from the carport on Christmas morning. At the time it happened I still believed in Santa Claus so I guess I thought it was him entering the house since we didn't have a fireplace to provide a chimney for him (haha). My next experience was 13yrs later when I moved into my own apartment. It was an old house which had been turned into 3 apartments. I would often find things in the strangest places, i.e. my hammer turned up in the oven in my kitchen. But nothing ever scary. Whoever it was that haunted the place had a habit of walking very heavily through the house in the wee hours of the morning. I named him George (I noticed a number of ppl have also named their ghost George as well). It was amusing really, I would call out for him to be quiet and the footsteps would quieten considerably, to like someone tip-toeing thru the house. The footsteps often came to the bedroom door but would never come inside the room. Except once, when my then b/f stayed the night. When we awoke the next morning, his clothes were laid across the sofa in the living room instead of the end of the bed where he had left them. He never stayed in that apartment with me again. Two years later I was married and pregnant. My then husband was in the Navy and out to sea for 30 days. I was staying at my parents townhouse until he returned. I woke up one night to see the Grim Reaper(?) outside my bedroom window. Now mind you, I was sleeping on the second floor so it wasnt anyone playing a trick on me. I didn't think too much of it, putting it off
to dreaming. Then it happened again within about half an hour. I woke up from dreaming of my husband and I holding the baby in the kitchen of a house and looking up to see the Grim Reaper again. When I woke up the next morning and went to work I thought about what I thought were dreams and realized they were warnings instead. Later that day I miscarried.Many things have happened over the years. Feelings of pure evil causing me to be unable to scream or move, the paralysis you speak of on the site. Sometimes these episodes would be joined by the sensation of floating/flying through the house (not always the same house).
I did live in Gettysburg, PA for a short time with a roommate and her boyfriend. But I had to move because of the noises. The apartment building had been an old sewing factory at one time that had been gutted and had apartments built under the main roof. I often heard gunfire, hoofbeats and screams of injured and dying men, along with cannon fire. It was never frightening, just annoying as hell.  Until after my husband passed away I had never seen an aparition or ghost. The first time I saw him after his death was about a month later. I was having one of the evil episodes and he appeared, bringing a wonderful calm feeling with him. He told me that I have to tell them that I believe in God. This was in response to my question of how was the crossing. It took me a while to figure out he was referring to the evil presence and not my question. The next time I saw him I had just found out that my oldest step-son had a son. I was still in the habit of talking to him most nights before bed as it had only been a few months since his death. This time he was sitting beside the bed in a chair (which was not there) and told me the angels were taking care of him. That gave me a wonderful sense of relief, because I knew then that he was indeed okay.I must say, when we bought the house I currently live in, we both knew there were spirits here. We could hear bedsprings
squeaking upstairs where no bed was set up.  There is a small child (my late husband named her Madeline) that likes to sit on my lap at times. I have come home late at night, I used to work second shift (3-11) and come up through the basement/garage to hear voices.  Of course by the time I reached the top of the stairs, they would disappear. Other than mischievious pranks such as moving things around, nothing scary so far. She did lock a friend in the house once though. I have no fear of the spirit world, but I do have a healthy respect for them. I can often tell when one is nearby and with the exception of the evil episodes, I haven't run across any truly evil spirits.Thanks for the opportunity to present my story. I apologize for it being so long. And thanks again for the forum in which toshare with others the activities of our ghost stories.

Strange Apartment Happening


This is a true story that happend to me , my son and also my brother and his
girl friend. I lived in Granbury, Texas  , which I would like to add...This
Town in very haunted! I am surprised that no one has any documentation on
this town...It has a long history in the Civil War times..where Col. Granbury
lived, and some I believe died in this area from the War. Plus, there are
alot of Witch craft stuff going on in this town also. I dont live in this
town anymore, it took 5 years to get out of it...And I am glad to be free
from this town!  It all started when I moved there to be close to my Family.
I moved from Fort Worth , Tx, to Granbury, Tx in 1990.  I stayed with my
Parents for a couple of weeks , then I found a nice Apartment complex called
the Shores Apartments located on Hwy 377 across from What-A- Burger. The
Apartments sat close to Lake Granbury...the back of the Apartments where just
50 yards from the Lake. It was a very nice view, the price was right, and had
fast food places just walking distance from there. But, some very strange
things were obvious though. First, I was the third person to live there,
Second , on my side of the Complex, I was the only one...Third, The building
went through 3 owners prior to me moving in....The previous owner told me
that....He acted funny too! What I mean by funny is that when I told him what
apartment I wanted, he tried to sway me to another one that was on the other
side of the complex. I couldnt understand why because this apartment I wanted
was the nicest. It had new carpet, new furnishing and was more modern looking
than the other ones. He even told me that a Man died in the one I wanted, but
I didnt think it bothered me that much.  Well, that would soon change....My
life would soon changed!  I wanted that one, and told him that and that was
that! He never told me the place was haunted...I wonder if he knew anyway? At
this time..I wasnt even worried about Ghost because I didnt even believe in
them at all....I was thinking about getting my life together....I just got
divorced , had a 4 year old son to take care of, and was looking for a job
close to me. I didnt have a car at the time, so my brother drove me around
when I needed a ride. I got a manager position job at the What-a Burger
across the street  so I could just walk to work..It was great!  I worked the
Grave Yard shift is a 24 hr. fast food place. I let my brother
move in to take care of my son for me while I worked...He also had help from
his girlfriend while I was working . It all seemed like things were going
good for me until my brother started trying to tell me that things were not
fine at the apartments when I was working.  I just ignored him most of the
time. I didnt believe in that kind of stuff, and I thought he was just joking
most of the time...Even, his girlfriend Renee started saying things but I
thought she was just going along with Frank, my brother. Then when my four
year old  son Daniel ,started telling me about dolls that talked to him and
moved their heads...That was IT!!  I got very angry with the whole thing! My
brother claimed to of had a pillow pushed on his face while sleeping , and
Renee his girlfriend tells me that something pulled out her hair, she even
showed me her pulled out hair, but I thought she had cut it out or something.
 As this was going on ...I still didnt believe these stories until I started
having others that live on the other side of the complex  tell me that when
all of us were out, they would see a figure of a man walking in our living
room ....they see lights come on ...etc. I have even noticed things missing
and later find them behind my hot water heater , like my favorite coffee cup
that always comes up missing right after I put it down in my certain spot I
always put it, and find it later behind the water heater of in the bathtub.
Ok, I would natrually blame it on my son....but he always told me that he
didnt do it. But, what made me a believer was what made me Leave this Devil
infested place!!  It all happend when I came home from work...about 3 A.M. I
got off work...Went by the convient store first, to get bread, milk, and a
few things ....walked on home...It was about 3:30 A.M. and everyone was still
sleeping. Daniel was in my bed, Frank and Renee was sleeping in the Living
Room on pallets. I was to high strung to just go to sleep, so I decided to go
ahead and take out the trash to the trash ben . As I bent over to get the
trash that I kept under the sink, the cabinet above my head opened. I looked
to see if the latch was broken because sometimes latches dont latch good and
cabinets open due to faulty latches. But, I checked and the latch was good,
so I shut it and gave a tug to make sure the cabinet door was firmly
attached. So, I proceeded to bend down again and the stupid door swang open
again. Well, this made me very angry and I got so mad that I started yelling
at the Ghost and cussed it out!  This was the biggest mistake I ever made!
The Ghost got made too!!!  It took my sack of Groceries that I just bought
and they went flying threw the living room about 10 feet from the kitchen
table to the wall. Everyone ofcourse woke up seeing what was happening. They
opened the back sliding glass door and took off out side. I was attacked by
this thing. It started pulling my hair at the same time I went to get my son
Daniel out of my Bed room. I finally made it and got Daniel and myself out of
the apartment. Other strange things happend prior to this scene that I forgot
to mention, and Is very important to this story. Me and my brother decided to
go Bowling one day , we made sure the apartment was locked up ....our back
sliding glass door was locked , and also we have a board that is placed at
the bottom of the door was an extra safety lock so no one can break in...The
front door has three bolted locks ...made of steel ...I am the only one with
the keys and the door is locked on the outside while leaving. I only use
these locks when I go somewhere. Well, we locked up, and began to leave , and
as soon as we got down the street , I noticed that I didnt have my wallet in
my purse, so we made a U turn back to the apartments. We were gone about a
couple of minutes at most...But on returning, we discovered that the front
door was wide open, but the locks were still locked. How can a door open with
the locks in locking position? Even the back door was opened and the block of
wood was found in the bathtub. At that time..I called the Police because that
is when I didnt believe about the ghost...My brother told me it was the
ghost, but I just told him to shut up and not say nothing to the police
because they would think we were crazy and maybe lock us up in a mental ward
. When the Police got there, we told them what happend and they didnt believe
us...they said a burgler couldnt open a door this fast, plus there was no
fingerprints but mine, and no evidence of forced entry....Even the wood was
tested for prints and nothing but our own prints were found on it. The Police
were just as puzzled as we were , especially how the locks were still locked
. It takes the key to unlock these locks, without the key, you cant even push
the locks in with you hand . That was a weird day for me and my brother, and
It all followed up to that day when I made the ghost made and he made himself
known to me. This experience made me a believer in ghost..I had moved from
this Apartment into a mobile home in Acton , Tx...on the outskirt of
Granbury, but the ghost followed me there . I was re-married at the time....I
was pregnant with my second child Jessica. It was in 1991, one year after all
this happened. I was sleeping and something grabed both of my ankles and
pulled me off the foot of the the same time, I was trying to grab a
hold of my husband, but couldnt get a hold of him, when all of a sudden , I
felt a warm, strong hand grab my arm and pull me up, as soon as I felt the
hand pull me up, what ever had my ankles let go. I also was awaken with a
Loud deep voice that seemed the echo in my inner ear..." Get Up Now" . It was
so loud and so real that it woke me up from a deep sleep..which made me
literaly jump out of the bed. I had enough of these ghost and things in
Granbury, Texas...I even had the mobil home cleanesed with Holy Water....We
moved back to Fort Worth and I havent had anymore ghost problems since.

The White Man Looked Like My Uncle Bobby


I have had an experience with a spirit and it scared the living crap out of me. I was camping with a couple of my friends down by the river just out behind my friend Adam's house and everything was great until it got to the point when we were
just sitting by the camp fire and talking. Well, I heard footsteps in the bushes,and it sounded like tiny branches cracking from being stepped on. I looked over to my left and i saw a man standing beside a tree, he was wearing baggy white pants,a tight white shirt and white shoes. This man had no facial structures, his face was flat like a rag doll. I screamed "OH MY GOD!" then the three people I was with asked me what I was screaming about and I told them to look at the man standing up against the tree. they asked me where so I pointed and they couldn't see anything. I started balling because I was the only one who could see this man and I was so serious about this that I scared everyone else so bad that we didn't even stay down there to camp.We walked the opposite way out of the bush from where we had gone down there. My friend turtle wouldn't leave the bush without the shovel, so he carried it with him until we got back up to the street where all the houses were. I was still hysterical and they thought that I was just putting on a big show until we got to the baseball diamonds where they
thought we could all sit and calm down. That didn't work, it just made the whole thing worse.  You know how a cat hunches it's back when it's being pet? well everyone saw the cat hunch it's back and they were like "Anne,look at the cat it looks like there is someone petting it" I looked over and screamed at the top of my lungs cause I saw the "white man" sitting beside my friend Cindy and he was petting the cat.  I took off running and I heard someone say "Anne wait for me don't###### leave me here with this thing!" I turned around to see who was calling me and my friend Turtle was standing right
behind me, but behind him was the "white man" I just froze, I couldn't move so Turtle hugged me and told me to close my eyes and calm down, I did and when I opened my eyes back up the "white man" was gone. Well I was petrified to go home that
night and be by myself so I stayed the night at my friend Jess' she wasn't there but she lived across the road from the baseball diamonds and heard me screaming. so we told her all about it and she said I could stay with her. I didn't see it for the rest of the night until I went to sleep. I saw the"white man" in my dream, except this time I wasn't afraid of him.
  He told me that he was someone I lnew well and that he was here to help me because I was in trouble. I asked him what was going to happen to me and he promised that nothing would happen as long as I did what he said. He then told me to make sure that I walk home in the morning instead of riding jess' bike. Then I woke up and was breathing really heavy Jess asked me what was wrong so I told her what I dreamed about and she said that I could still use her bike if I wanted but if I didn't feel safe I could walk. I thought this dream I had was just a dream because I was scared when I went to sleep that night I
 soon found out that it wasn't just a dream when I got around the block from my house I was on Jess' bike and I turned the corner and I was hit by a car. It knocked me ou tfor a couple of minutes and when I woke up there was that"white man" he was the one that helped me up. He picked me up under the arms like you would pick up a little kid that you were going to hug. He didn't say a word just smiled and left he walked away and faded into the front door of my neighbors house. I haven't seen him since but my 14 year old sister claims that she has seen him. In my opinion I think that this spirit was my uncle Bobby he was stabbed to death about eight years ago now but it was only two years after his death that I saw him. I think he was just looking out for me and I beleive he always will be.

2 Different Kinds


I was 10 years old.  My grandmother had just recently passed away about 2
months prior to my experience.  It was  in the afternoon just after my
arrival home after walking home from school.  I always went to the small
grocery store across the street from where I lived and bought a comic book,
Coca Cola, candy bar, and a bag of chips.  This was always a prerequisite to
my favorite TV shows Sky King and Mighty Mouse.  After I turned the TV on and
settled in on the couch my mother said she was going to the store to get a
few things for our dinner.  I was okay with that.  After her immediate
departure I heard the most wonderful heavenly voice humming a tune I could
never define.  It was coming from everywhere all over the room.  Looking
straight from the couch into the bedroom where my grandmother died I saw
something white flowing from the door facing.  There was nothing to cause
anything to flow from that room like an open window that would blow a sheet
or a vent that would create a draft causing movement in that room.  I jumped
up and ran outside to the front porch and awaited my mother's return.

    Another time an incident occurred to my husband while I was with him.  We
were traveling down Bessemer Super Highway In Midfield, Alabama.  We were on
our way to buy groceries.  My husband was driving his pickup truck.  All of a
sudden when we got to a marker in the center of the highway my husband began
to panic and shake saying "Oh, my God! Did you see him?"  I said, "No, what?"
 He said, "That black man.  I just hit him with my side mirror on my truck
and knocked him away.  Didn't you hear the bump?"  I said, "No, Dennis there
was nothing there."  He was stopping the truck the whole time our
conversation was going on.  He got out and investigated the scene.  Sure
enough there was nothing there.  We have never forgotten this to this day.

Four Ghosts?


In June of 1992 I moved to my home in NJ. At the time I was 21 and my
daughter was 15 months. My ex-husband and I were separates, but he would come
ny to pick our daughter up for visitation. In July, he came by to get the
baby for a visit. I waved good-bye and went back into the house. Since moving
in I noticed that the left side of the house, it's a perfect rectangle, had
an odd, uneasy feeling to it. The left side includes my daughter's bedroom,
the dining room and my office with is open into the living room (It's
actually all one big L shaped room x-cept for the bedroom) Anyway, I walked
from the kitchen in the front of the house into the dining room. Both sets of
windows were so thick with frost, you could have scratched your name into it
with your fingernail. This scared me to death and I ran back out of the
house. My ex was gone, and as I didn't know my neighbors at the time and
didn't want them to think I was crazy, I went back inside. The frost was gone.
    Throughout the course of the years I did a lot of construction on the
house, turning it from a one bedroom, one bath log cabin to a sided,
sheetrocked, two bedroom, with an apartment downstairs to help with the
mortgage. The odd feeling continues through all of this, and sometimes was so
oppressive, I had to go sit outside until it went away. Things would move on
their own, lights would turn on & off, the TV would turn on when I walked
past it. The area that is my office was always the creepiest. As I worked at
night then (was a bartender while in school) I had many baby-sitters. Some of
them would never come back because of the feeling in the house. One even said
she felt someone blow on the back of her neck while my daughter was sleeping.
Finally, I found a great sitter who then became a great friend. She is also a
clairvoyant and can feel & see things when she allows herself into a
trancelike state. She felt two presences, one male, one female.  I am the
second owner of the home, and the house was empty for three years before I
purchased it. The woman "Anne" who owned it was a cranky old woman who would
yell at you even if you walked past the front of the house. Apparently she
died about a month after being removed to a nursing home. (This is a new
update, I had thought she died here)  While the house was empty it was a
hangout for the kids to drink beer, etc. There were preparations for a party
to be at the house. (the house had no electric turned on & no running water
while it was empty) Some boys came in, about 15 or 16 to do whatever they had
to do before the party. One of them reached up to do something with the smoke
alarm, and the 220 volt threw him across the room, hitting his head on the
wall where my desk is, and was killed. No electricity? I guess the odd
feeling was the boy, and from time to time he would get real jumpy. My
brother & I were both students of Wicca, and were rather amused at having a
    In 1996 my brother passed away from cancer. He was an illegitimate child
of my fathers, and I had met him  by chance in 1993. We were super close as
before this I was an only child. After he passed away, I had a new tenant
move in who had lost his daughter in a car accident a few years earlier. He
had some ghostly experiences in other apartments he had lived in and truly
believed they were his daughter. Soon after my brother death, things began to
happen that made me think he was here. When he was alive, he would take my
shoes and put them on the dining room table, which drove me crazy as I always
thought it was bad luck. After his death, I would get home from work & take
my shoes off by the kitchen door. In the morning, I would find them on the
dining room table. Items would be rearranged, like my daughter's boardgames.
I would have then stacked from largest on bottom to smallest on top, but in
the morning I would find them just the opposite.  Time passed with this
happening & I met my husband. He moved in very quickly after we met & I
informed him about our "friends". he was very skeptical. My brothers antics
quieted down a little ater John's (my husband) arrival, but when John wasn't
home he would come out in full force. As I don't like to sleep downstairs
alone, I'd fall asleep on the couch until he got home from pool-league. I
have been woken up with my name being called in a very urgent manner. this
would be accompanied by feeling very hot and goose-bumps. The light would
turn on behind me. The channels would change on the TV.  The shoe game has
continued, and a few months ago, he started something new. I I buy new
clothes and do not wear the right away, they will disappear or about two
weeks, then reappear in a  different place than I had put them. He has done
this to me while my husband & I are getting ready to go out, the outfit I
laid out to wear will be gone. I have actually run around the house yelling
"give me back my clothes." O course I wind up wearing something else, but the
outfit will be laid out on the bed when we get home.
    My tenant, who has now been living here 4 years has interesting
experiences all the time. He will smell that "old-lady" smell in his
apartment, and has been woken up by high heels walking briskly towards his
bedroom door @ 3:00 am. The sounds always stop right outside the door. He has
seen shadows gliding across his walls several times, all the while his cats
are going crazy. The picture of his daughter constantly falls down, although
it's in a secure location. Things disappear the reappear later in a different
spot. We think the smells and the footsteps are "Anne" and the other is his
    Most recently, I was standing in front of the stereo, my girlfriend & I
were listening to some traditional Irish tunes when suddenly I got really hot
& covered with goosebumps. I watched the volume dial (it had one of those lit
up red lines on it) go from our to ten! I started yelling & my girlfriend
started yelling because she got all goosebumpy too. It felt like something
passes through me to get to the stereo dial.
    Later that week I was lying in bed with my husband at 11:00pm. he was
sleeping, I was watching TV. The stairs leading to our room are wood, and
very noisy when you walk down them. The door at the top o the stairs was
closed. I heard someone walk down the stairs, then stop just before you turn
the corner into out room. Again I was goosebumpy and hot (and scared) and the
dog was growling with his hackles up, looking towards the doorway. Later that
night at about 5:30am, I was woken up hearing a child calling me. I thought
it was my stepdaughter (bonus child, I prefer) as she has recently been
having a string of nightmares. I went upstairs to check, but both girls were
sound asleep, my bonus child was snoring, and my daughter never calls me by
my  first name. When I got upstairs to check, the dog and the three cats ran
to me i I was their savior or something.
    So it seems we have Anne, the boy, my brother and my tenants daughter all
here from time to time. In a way I feel that my brother is watching over me
when my husband isn't home. So far, all harmless stuff, and after eight years
of it you get accustomed, and generally smile when something happens.  That's
it for now  -
Thanks for listening!!  :)

My Cousins Passing


 I have a cousin who was murdered in the very late 30's or early 40's.  He was killed in the local swimming hole.  The killers were never found. I never really realized what a horrible impact it has had on my family until lately.  In my late teens, I stopped at the bridge to look down at the creek where he was killed.  I really didn't know much about his death then or even cared for that much.  Suddenly and unexpetently I was overcome with a horrible feeling of dread mixed with evil.
  I ran back to my car. Since that day I have had dreams about the water, that it is evil. My cousins death slowly entered into my dreams. In one dream there is a scrapbook that is fastly deteriorating, and a little man comes to me and says hurry  time is running out. I don't really know what all this means.  I have never had any kind of encounter with my dead cousin...until today.  I wrote an email to my dad trying to get family info on the events of the day he died. There are two versions of the story.  My father wrote me back and told me to drop it, stay out of it, I am heading in a direction I should not go  in.  He said it all happened so long ago and all involved in it would be nearly dead by now. I left my office and got into my car, I felt he was probably right since I have so much to think about with my job, family etc. As I sat down in the drivers seat of the car something touched me. It was ice cold and wet.  I jumped I thought I had turned over a coke in the car. I looked around-there were no softdrinks or anything wet in the car.  I touched my skirt and it was not wet, just cold. My skin stayed cold for a long time. My husband was home when I arrived home from the office and he touched my skin and it was still cold! It was not like a spilled drink it was like a touch a cold wet finger tip - I live in Louisiana and it is so hot right now, anything cold stands out! There are more details about his death. But I just wanted to run this by you.  I think my dad is right, that I should drop it. I am also an artist and I have had some psychic experience. I have never
tried to attract anything like that. I believe in God and don't look for the dead. Both me an my sister experience odd happenings since we were children. We grew up in a house that I believe was haunted. It was built in 1879.

Refuses to Leave


Hello my name is Lacy and I am 15 years old. You can call me a teenager with
an overactive imagination if you want but my mother is a 38 year old nurse
and she believes in ghost.  I have heard ghost stories all my life and I
never really believed them until a few months ago when I was staying at my
aunt's house.  Before I tell my story I would like to explain a little bit
about my aunt's house.  My aunt Dulcie lives in a house that she is renting
from my aunt Doris.  Before Dulcie moved in a very dear friend of the family
lived in it until his death a few years ago.  I believe his ghost still stays
in the house because of the circumstances surrounding his death.  Although he
was dying of cancer we feel that his death was not completely natural.
During his last few days at home he was accompanied by his daughters who
failed to care for him properly in my opinion and the opinion of many nurses
in my family. A few days before he pasted away my aunt went to visit him and
found his lips to be very parched and believed he was suffering from
dehydration, when she suggested that he should be given some water his
daughter said "Dad do you want some water?" being in a comatose state he was
unable to respond so my family believes he died from starvation or
dehydration.  Now I will tell you my experience with the what I believe to be
his ghost.  I was spending the night in this house for the first time since
my aunt had moved in and I had heard stories from several family members
about hearing footsteps, running water, and the bedroom in which he died in
remaining very cold even in the middle of the day during the summer when it's
hard to cool the rest of the house.  I didn't really believe in ghost and
thought they were just joking around.  The night that my experience took
place my aunt that is living in the house was at work but my aunt Hillary,
her baby, my cousin Adam and my sister Tarra was there.  I was asleep on the
couch and woke up around midnight to find everyone else in my cousin's room
playing on the computer and the baby asleep in the my aunt's bedroom (the one
that our friend, JB died in). After a few minutes my aunt went to check on
the baby and came back to ask me if I had covered the baby up, I told her no
I hadn't and my sister brought up "the ghost."  Well, Tarra and Hillary went
back to the other bedroom to talk and get the baby to go back to sleep.
About ten minutes later Hillary and Tarra came back in Adam's room looking
very scared and said they were talking about ghost and they felt the bed
shake.  Now I thought this was very funny because a 20yr old with a kid was
scared and I didn't believe in ghost at the time anyway so I asked them what
had happened.  Hillary said that she was sitting on the bed talking to Tarra,
who was sitting in the floor against the bed, and they were just talking and
then she felt the bed shake and thought my sister was doing it until Tarra
asked her if she felt it and they both got scared and left the room.  I
started acting like I was a bad a** and started screaming obscenities at "the
ghost" and telling it if it was really there to show itself.  This really
upset my sister and she was telling me not to make it mad and to stop talking
to it like I was so I told her I would prove that there was no ghost. So I
went in the "haunted bedroom," everyone else was standing at the door because
they would no longer step foot in the room, I sat down on the bed and said
"If there really is a ghost I want you to show yourself right now." Nothing
happened so I laid down on the bed and told them "See there is no ghost!" and
I started laughing and then I felt the bed shake, not the whole bed just the
middle of the mattress where I was laying. I was so scared I started
screaming and jumped up, when I did this everyone ran into the living room
but I didn't stop there I ran out the front door so everyone followed me out.
 Just imagine how we must have looked, a twenty year old, three teenagers and
a baby standing outside in the middle of the night.  I was hysterical, my
sister was saying "Did you feel it too? Did you feel it too?", my cousin was
asking, " What happened?" and my aunt was telling us we had to calm down and
go back inside before someone called the police.  It took about twenty
minutes to convince me, a former nonbeliever who had just been scared half to
death to go back in that house.  After we went back in the house, because the
baby was hungry, Hillary set the baby down in a recliner to go fix some
formula, the baby was probably around 16 months at the time and could sit
alone, but for no apparent reason the baby stood up and fell over the side of
the chair and busted her head on a coffee table.  My sister was standing
right infront of the chair and the baby was tired and not very active at the
time so there was no real reason for her to be jumping around or anything
like that, which might I add she was not doing, she just kind of fell over
the side of the chair. I believe the ghost caused the baby to fall and get
hurt even though he was one of the sweetest men in the whole world when he
was alive I believe he left behind an angry ghost because of his death and
the way his family neglected him.

A Strange THing


   I have wanted to tell this story to someone for a long time now,bud never
did fore i did not wanted to be laughed at.Bud now by seeing the website you
have i feel like i can trust you people.So here it goes my one true story.
   Some years ago my oldest sister had to be opperated (removing a growth
fromthe stumach),and there was a possibility that there was cancer
involved.A year ore something my grandmother died at cancer,she was in her
80's and allways was a loving women to her children and her grandchildren.So
my sis went into the O.R. and the opperation went well with no problems.But
it would be a few days before the could tell if it was cancer ore just a non
violent growth,and in the night after the surgery my grandmother came in her
dreams and told her that there was no cancer and all was well.
   So was it the narcotics talking ore did my grandmother really visited my
sis?Can you explain this ore not?
   I did had some strange thing happening to me too.I was at scool and i was
with my friends,as the teacher came to get us after reses,whe where
speculating what whe would do in class that day.
And i said just out of the blue,(i think)that whe would see the movie "la
guerre du fue" by Jean-Jaques Annaud.And whe came in the class room and the
teacher whent in his bag and toke out the movie "la guerre du fue".At the
time whe laughed about it,bud after a while i started thinking about it.Was
it out of the blue ore did i really had a vision?


by Dubricus

In the spring of 1996 I was working on a nationally syndicated talk show,
which was made in Hollywood. At the time, in a last ditch effort to save the
show, we frequently shot on location. We taped one show along Hollywood Blvd.
Our headquarters was in several of the poolside rooms at the Hollywood
Roosevelt Hotel, where the first Academy Awards were held and the Munchkins
were billeted during the making of the Wizard of Oz. Supposedly Marilyn
Monroe's image can occasionally be seen in a mirror and Montgomery Clift
plays his trumpet in the room and hallway where he stayed during the filming
of Giant.
Naturally, our call was very early, we loaded in, got settled, had our
breakfasts, and were joking around, as all crews do in the morning. Recently,
I had been having some "spiritual" experiences involving my mother, who had
passed away in 1994. With tongue in cheek, I said, "Well... if anyone runs
into Marilyn, it will probably be me." Things got busy and that was the last
thought given to it.
Late in the afternoon we were taping a swimsuit fashion show along the north
side of the pool. I was standing in the shade of the tropical bar located in
the northeast corner of the courtyard. The bar was closed... it opened only
for special occasions. Directly to my left was Jane (not her real name), the
make-up person, and to her left, but about two feet back was Carol (also not
her name), the hair dresser.
We were watching the models strut their stuff, when suddenly a cold, musty
breeze moved by us right to left (south to north). I won't say blew... it did
not have that feeling. It lasted no more than a second or two, but had a
definite beginning and end. Also, Jane and I felt it only on the fronts of
our bodies. Carol felt nothing.
I was curious. I walked to the pool and held my hand over the water... it was
not cold enough and had a chlorine odor. I looked through the bushes, walked
around the entire courtyard and its balcony searching for a ventilation duct.
I thought perhaps the air conditioning might have come on, but I found
nothing, nor did I ever hear the sound of a motor, such as you might have
from a fan or an engine. I gave up.
Upon leaving, I happened to overhear a hotel guest, a tourist, ask the
concierge where the famous mirror was that sometimes showed Marilyn Monroe's
image. If I recall, he replied that it was on the mezzanine. "However," he
said, "she also seems to like to hang out next to the poolside bar, where she
spent a lot of time when she was alive."
You could have bowled me over with a feather.

 Butter Knife


When I was about 15, I was living in Visalia, CA. We had a nice home. I knew
from the moment i walked into the house on moving day that something was
wrong though. I remember feeling watched, followed and even glared at.
Something was telling me that whatever was there, was not happy.
Anyway. I was fixing the Television, because it had gone on the blitz again
(it had been doing that more often than not lately) and spun it around on
it's cart, so I was facing the back of the TV. I didn't have any tools on me,
i was only adjusting a cable. So i'm bending over, to see what the heck is
wrong with this cable, and i feel something nick my elbow. Thinking its
probably my mom tossing a pillow at me, I spin around and look around. She
wasn't there. No one was there. I look down, it was a butter knife. One of
those oddly shaped ones, with a curve at the top. I look at it, then look
back up, like "great, my mom is trying to kill me".
I walk into her rom, and she is lying on her bed watching her TV. I hold up
the knife, and ask her what in gods name she thought she was doing. she looks
at me, and then the knife, and says "what?" i told her what happened, and she
said that she had put that knife away just a couple of minutes ago. I knew
she was telling the truth, because when my mom is playing around, you can
tell. She wasn't smiling. She had a look of shock and horror on her face.
Well, Nothing ever happened other than that. I always had the feeling of
being stared at when i was alone. Which was enough to make me get up and
leave the house. But it or whatever threw the knife at me, never bugged me
again. I guess it just wanted to let me know that it was there. And this was
its territory. But isn't that weird?

Pop Ins


Years ago, when I was really young, my Grandma woke in the middle of the
night to get a glass of water.  She saw the image of her dead husband
leaning against the wall smiling at her. She screamed, and my uncle ran
out to see what was wrong.  The image was gone.  My uncle searched
around but found nothing unusual.  Grandma believed it was a death omen.
I don`t know if that`s true. My uncle died a year or so later.  I think
her late husband just wanted to pop in and tell her he was okay and not
to grieve anymore.

Rather Pleasant


I have been reading your website for years now, and I think it's great work. I can sympathize with your personal story, as I have lived through some similiar experiences myself. I, too, have had hauntings, only to have them return later on. Except
in my case, it was via one of those damned Ouija boards. (I HATE those things!) It was heinous, but that's another story for another day. Like so many others who send in their stories, I was born sensitive. My Grandmother was known to have "the
sight", and I've had experiences with that sort of stuff my whole life. Some were good, some were bad. Some were just brutal.But today, if I may, I would like to tell you a story that was not scary at all. Here goes:I was young at the time, about 4 or 5. I am from Boston, and have lived here my whole life. This particular one happened in
Everett, a suburb just outside of Boston. At any rate, I had this little pal that I used to hang out with. Her name wasPatty. One day, me and Patty were making "mud pies" in her backyard. Her mother came out and told us to get inside to get cleaned up for lunch, so we went inside. Patty was taken in to get cleaned up first, and I distinctly remember us both being COVERED in mud. Head to toe! My mother was a cleaning nut when we were kids, so I remember being real careful not to touch anything, so I'm standing outside of the bathroom like some pint sized statue. :)I'll never know what made me look, but the bathroom was located around the corner from the kitchen, and you had to crane your neck to see into the kitchen, so I did. And I seen a kindly elderly lady sitting at the kitchen table. The first thing I noticed about her was that she seemed to be sitting directly in the sunshine, because she just radiated this "light", and she looked incredibly peaceful. "Serene" is probably the best word to use. She was heavy set, with white hair and very blue eyes. She was wearing a yellow sweater. I don't know why this sticks out so
much, but I've never forgotten that. Anyway, she smiled and waved me over. I walked over and although I can't remember, specifically, what was said, the "nice old lady" myself had a nice chat. But she did keep on patting my shoulders and telling me to "be a good girl" and so forth. The entire time, I was aware of a strong scent coming off of her. I mean no disrespect at all, but she smelled of a mixture of "moth balls and denture cream" or something! I remember that so well because it was a real task to keep my nose from crinkling, which I could never have done. She was so sweet, you wouldn't dare hurt her  feelings.  I don't think we talked long, before she patted my shoulder ag ain and told me to run along and be a good girl, or something to that effect. So I was called in to get cleaned up and when we were finished, it was time to have lunch. Patty, Patty's mother and myself went into the kitchen to eat and I noticed the old lady was gone. It was a warm summer day, so I just assumed she went for a walk or something and didn't think anything of it.  I don't remember how long it was till I was there next, it might have been a day or two, but the next I was there, I asked my friend's mother where the nice old lady was? My friend's mother had no idea what I was talking about and dismissed it as saying it was in my imagination. I remember this because I was getting very frustrated that she was dismissing me like thatwhen I knew DARNED well I met and spoke to this woman. So I kept asking her, and Patty's mother became aggravated with me and told me (again) that there was nobody in the house that day but us. There couldn't have been an old lady at the table, she would have known it. She did say that the old lady I seen sounded alot like her mother (Patty's Grandmother), but that was impossible as she lived very far away. I did shut up then because I could see how upset she was getting, and well, I was
4! I backed off.Think it was a day or two after that when I asked my mother if I could go over Patty's house to visit when my mother knelt down in front of me and told me how Patty and her family had to fly very far away because Patty's Grandmother went to Heaven!We found out after the fact that her mother always wore a yellow sweater and she had very blue eyes. There were no pictures of her on the walls, so I had no way or knowing that. (By the way, alot of this was put together by my parents and Patty's mother after the fact.) I just remember the peaceful, kindly old lady. :) Patty's mother got so wigged out because her motherlived in Toronto and having a little girl saying they seen and spoke to your mother when she's "supposed" to be in Canada could unnerve anybody! Her mother's spirit apparently came to say goodbye to her family and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see her. I can't express how peaceful she looked when I first seen her, though. I was a very shy child, so approaching her so freely was in itself, remarkable. I did not make a habit of approaching strangers! But there was "something" about this woman that drew me. It was the sense of peace and serenity that clung to her, I guess. So there you go. Believe it or not, sports fans. :) I personally have no doubt that death really is just another state of  being and we absolutely go on, so coming into contact with a person who has, isn't always so foul and scary.

Pre-Natal Haunting


I want to tell the story about me and my friend, which happened this year.
In the end of February I received a call from my best friend, and she said
that she's pregnant.. Thought she didn't want the child, she tried all the
methods to miscarry... When she had an ultra-sonic scan, to find out that
she was on 11th week and the baby was developing properly. A week later she
had a room booked in the hospital. Two day before the event she had a
dream, that a 6 year old boy standing in the rain under a street light,
crying and asking her not to do so.. She decided if in the morning of that
day will be raining, she won't do it, but for some reason she was forced do
it a day earlier.  After the abortion, the doctor said it was a boy. And
then, the day after the abortion was a heavy rain... Also, she started
painting really good between 6th and 12th weeks, but stopped after .. She
was never good with it, and I was always doing her drawings in the college.
At the same time I've discovered that I am pregnant, and was placed for
three weeks in bed to avoid miscarriage... I kept hearing strange music,
had dreams about druids and ancient celts, even started learning Irish..
During a day I was amazed to find words I heard in my dreams  in a Irish
dictionary.. To be correct, I was born and lived in Azerbaijan, far far
away from Ireland and celts.. Suddenly this whole thing of voices and
learning Irish stopped on 8th week, and a month later I had a miscarriage,
as my baby died exactly on 8th week..
And as I was writing this email, out translator told me that hew grand
daughter who is 3 years old now told her a week ago:
"When I was in my mom's belly, why did you keep her hungry.. I wanted to
eat, but you didn't feed my mom.."
She said her daughter was eating so much on the first trimester, that she
was afraid for her health, and halved her food after a medical advise..

Jakes Experience


This Haunting is at a Furniture Store at Cleburne, Tx.right behind the Wright Place. My daughter Amber rents this old building. When she moved in she started hearing things,she thought it might be a homeless person so she called the local police and they could not find anything on the 2nd floor.But she keep hearing the back door shut and someone walking up the stairs.So on this day we went to the store my other daughter Fawn and her husband Jake went up on the 2nd floor to look around. They were looking when Jake saw a man standing by this staircase. Jake ask him what he was doing up there and the man just look at him,then the man turned and started down the staircase. Jake stared after him and the man was gone. Now this staircase goes nowhere. Jake couldn't believe what he had seen since Jake doesn't believe in ghost. As we where all leaveing we look up at one of the windows and there stood a man looking back at us. There were 5 people who saw this. Jake went to sit on a bench and a old man came and sit beside him. The old man told Jake he saw people walking in these building all the time. Jake didn't thank much about this old man, when Jake look off and turned around the old man was gone. We all could not believe what had just went on and still can't. But it seems like in this area of these old building people have seen and heard Ghost around there.

My dog Cora


I had a Doberman, a few years back, her was Cora,he was a great friend,she used to sleep in bed with me all the time, well she still does, even though, she died, she died in my house, a few days after she died, I buried her in my back yard, about 2 days later, a friend and I were watching t.v.and we heard her crying at the back door, as if when she was alive, we looked at each other, with bright eyes, then we walked to the back door, and it stopped!, I then opened the backdoor, and saw nothing, we thought it was a fluke. But now I know it wasn't some sort of fluke, because,when I go to bed,I shut my door,and lay down, I can feel her step onto the bed,and lay down between my legs, that's where she slept, when she was alive, and where she sleeps now. She does nothing to me, or to other people who go to sleep on that bed, you can feel it, when she gets on the bed, my girlfriend, said to me, as long as she is here, I don't care. she was always a great friend, and always will be.

My Haunted Apartment


Just to let you know from the start I am a firm believer in the paranormal.
Anytime anyone tells me their "stories" I listen intently with out
judgement, each individuals experiences vary from person to person and time
to time.  I also believe that I am very sensitive to "our friends" on the
other side, however I don't open up enough to receive the full experience.
My husband and I (newlyweds then) moved to the Jacksonville FL area around 3
1/2 years ago.  We lived about 2 miles from the Mayport Naval Station (my
husband was a USN sailor).  We rented a small 1 bedroom apartment.  My
husband was always gone on short, 3 day to a 1 week, periodic deployments.
So when I was alone in the apartment I thought it was my mind playing tricks
on me.  I would feel like someone was in the shower (like showering with
me), I would not look at the bathroom mirror any longer than I had to (it
was way creepy, like someone was looking back at me).  This was just the
beginning.  At first I did not tell my husband about these "feelings", but
when I would ask where misplaced items were or who ate missing candy, he
would say "oh the ghost did it or ate it".  This was our little (or so I
thought) joke and I did not think anything of it.
My husband was getting ready for a 2 week deployment when he finally told me
that he thought there was more than the 2 of us "living" there...He went on
to tell me that things would be moved from the place he last sat them; like
his day runner, TV remote, or keys...things that were personal items.  He
said at first he thought it was me and then realized that I would either be
asleep or not at home when these "occurrences" were happening.  I was
relived to hear I wasn't the only one.  I then confessed about my "feelings"
he said he didn't think I was crazy or a wacko!  However that's when things
started getting extremely spooky.
I started noticing the same things, personal items missing or
misplaced..especially my car keys.  It got to the point that each time I
would have an appointment or deadline my keys would come up missing.  I
would find them in the oddest places...under my bed, under my couch, in the
refrigerator, or in a drawer.  It felt like whoever it was did not want me
to leave.  At first I thought it might be my great-grandfather I always felt
like he was my guardian angel, but then it was too annoying and constant to
be a protective measure.
We got a puppy, she would not go into the bathroom, if her toys bounced into
the bathroom she would lay at the bathroom door and cry.  Our pictures on
the walls started looking like other people (with that comment I mean they
did not look like familiar faces, they were distorted), and like they were
watching me.  There was also an almost perfect round spot on the carpet in
front of the fireplace, it was there when we moved in, I thought it might be
a burn from the fireplace.  The spot seamed to get darker, at first I
thought it was just wear and dirt but even after vacuuming an steam cleaning
it would not get any lighter or go away.  The dog did not like that spot
either she would avoid it at all costs. Up until this point it was just weird feeling and missing items however it soon started to be much moore.  One day my husband was going to take the dog for a walk and I was asleep under a comforter (on the bed), he came into the room and gave me a kiss and told me he would be back later.  I was half
asleep and barely acknowledged him.  For what seemed a very long time I felt
(what I thought was my husbands hands) a strong warmth on my back, like
someone was holding their hands on my back on top of the comforter.  I woke
suddenly saying "your making me hot!" and noticed there was no one in the
room or in the apartment for that matter.  This shook me pretty bad, but
when I was finally fed up with this was a week later.  My husband had left
for 2 weeks and I was working the graveyard shift, so I slept in the middle
of the day.  I was had just gotten into a light sleep when I started feeling
like I was levitating about 2 feet off the bed.  I woke with a start, the
apartment was silent (a deafening silence) for this to be 3pm in the summer,
it was way too quiet, I could not even hear the refrigerators hum.  The air
conditioner wasn't even on and remember this is Florida in summer.  I was
drenched in sweat.  To this day I can't tell you for sure if this was a
dream or real, but either way it scared the hell out of me.
My husband was gone so much that I felt alone and these strange things were
so personal.  I finally told a trusted friend.  She asked had I spoke to
this intity, I said "hell no it might talk back".  I got to thinking about
what she said "talk to it".  The next day I had a doctors appointment with a
specialist (with military insurance this is a rare occurrence) My keys and
my purse were missing, as usual, I was searching for 20 minuets, when I was
fed up I started yelling and cursing about my keys and how important that
this appointment was and I stood in the center of the room looked around one
last time and on the arm of the couch were my keys and purse (where I had
left them).  It was then that I realized the power of speech.
The next day that I decided to come out and tell the spirit that I did not
want it there and wanted it banished from my home.  I was standing in my
kitchen (the bathroom was where it was strongest but I was too freaked out
by it), on the counter was one of the wine glasses from our wedding day
(this was one of the only things I had from our wedding day..we did not have
a "wedding" we were married at the court house).  I told the spirit "I want
you to leave this is my home now and you need to go" I felt a lot of
pressure and stress like I was in a crowded elevator.  Then I got a little
more bold and angry saying curses and shouting, (I wanted "it" to see how
angry I was).  Well I must have made "it" angry because my precious wine
glass slid across the counter and was slammed onto the floor.  I say slammed
because I had dropped many glass items and they would sometimes not break or
if they did it was only into 2 maybe 3 pieces, however this wine glass was
shattered beyond recognition.  This scared me.  It seamed the spirit was
capable of violence.  I left with my dog and went to my friends house for
the next 2 nights.
My friend and I talked about the occurrences, she suggest some old Italian
wives tale, I figured I had nothing to loose.  So I went and bought two
boxes of salt, a broom, white candles and a loaf of bread.  We went into the
apartment and said a poem that we had made up...something about we want you
to leave and go to the otherside...I don't remember exactly its been almost
3 years ago. We said our poem over and over while throwing salt on every
last inch of the apartment (according to the wives tale the salt would
banish the spirit, that the spirit could not stay where the salt
was..because the salt was pure).  Then we took the old broom out and brought
in the new one along with the bread (the broom and the bread symbolizing the
new living tenants of the dwelling) and candles.  We lit the candles and
said our poem and prayed to God and the Virgin to bless my home and protect
me from evil spirits.  Then I asked my priest to come and bless my
apartment. After this my pictures looked like the regular old pictures that I always
new, I no longer had freaky dreams, we even caught the dog sleeping in the
bathroom occasionally, I felt comfortably alone in the bathroom and in the
shower, but the weirdest thing was that the circle spot in the carpet
completely disappeared.If you would like to e-mail me with comments or questions I would love to hear from you

Our Experience's.


We live in Australia and have a three year old son. Soon after he was born I went into the nursery to find the blankets hanging neatly over the high cot side with my son asleep in his cot. He was too tiny to have acheived this himself and my husband had not done this.On another occasion, one of our dogs was furiously barking and wouldn't be quiet! I went outside to investigate to find that she was in her side of the garden with the gate locked behind her neither myself or my husband had done this. One evening the dog sat staring at a picture painted by my great Uncle for quite some time.  Today we were looking through some old home video's and noticed something odd on one of them. Jack(my son) then around 10 months old was crawling through the sliding doors onto the patio. Just after this a small object can be seen speeding through the air at a low level in a completely straight line hitting the wall of the house. It didn't appear to be aiming at anything in particular but the dog was nearby although she didn't notice it. When we played the video frame by frame we saw that the object was a thin stick as long as a house brick. We can hear a slight noise before it comes into the picture and then as it hit's the wall.

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