Strange Dream

By: janicer@Princeton.EDU

I've posted to this web site before and have something else I would like
to share.  It was 1986 and I was 18 years old when this occurred.  My sister and I were on our way home from a Bruce Springsteen concert and I had fallen asleep in the car.  I had a very vivid dream that my boyfriend at the time was involved in a car accident.  So vivid as a matter of the fact that I dreamt that there were four people in the car.  Him and his friend Sean and two girls that I did not know.  I woke up and said out loud, "Bobby's been in an accident!"  I didn't get the impression that it was fatal but that they were hurt.  My sister said that it was just a dream and not to be upset but I knew in my heart that it wasn't.  When I got home it was pretty late, probably about 1:30 a.m. I went into my bedroom to get changed all the while resisting the urge to call Bobby and confirm what I already knew.  I felt that if it was indeed just a dream it was too late to call though.  As I was wrestling with this my phone rang and it was Bobby telling me that he and Sean had been in a car accident.  That in and of itself was strange but he had also been cheating on me and there were two girls in the car with them! No one was hurt too badly, just as I had thought, but there were injuries.  Just thought I'd share.  Thanks for listening.

The Ghost of my Grand-dad


Hi,my story is very personal as it was not a haunted house I lived in as
a child, but a visit from my deceased grandad.Just to outline why I
believe he came to me was that I was raised by both him and my
grandmother in England from 9 days old till 10 years old.For all intents
and purposes they were "parents.I was 14 in 1976 and my grandad had been
slowly going down hill from his battle with scherosis of the liver.He
had been in hospital for a couple of months and we knew he wouldn't be
spending that xmas with us.He died at 3.58 am on october 7th 1976 with
my grand mother by his bed.She had had all the monitors,IVs,tubes,pumps
and everything else that was keeping him"alive"removed so that he may
die with dignity in a side room,privatly without the impersonal ambiance
of intensive care.I was devastated about this loss and automatically
went into an hysterical crying fit,this went on for 2 weeks,I didn't
eat,sleep much,stayed out of school and in general became very ill &
depressed.I vaguely recall the funeral but was very over come.I was a 14
year old girl who had lost the most important man in my life and it was
killing me.One day I recall getting up to go to the bathroom and hearing
my mum telling my  dad that they should take me to a psychiatrist due to
my emotional state.I went back to bed and cried,telling my grand  dad
that I wish he was here,eventually crying myself to sleep.Now most
nights before going to bed my dad would check up on me and in that half
asleep/half awake state I was aware of his visits.This particular night
I was turning over but found that I was stuck to my bed,on my right side
and totally unable to move.It was that dead weight type of feeling one
gets with the tingling sensation  like when your leg falls asleep but,
this had no sensation,just weight.I was scared and this caused me to
look across directly at my bedroom door.In the doorway, dimly lit by my
night light,I saw the dark grey,not black figure of a heavy set man
outlined but yet I could see through it kind of.The left arm was out
stretched toward me but I dare not move.After what now seems roughly 30
seconds to a minute the shape dissapeared and I felt a sense of calm.I
was hungry and fixed a cheese and pickle sandwich for myself.I went back
to bed but oddly enough this incident didn't bother me really.I woke up
the next day,showered,dressed,put a little make up on to hide the bug
eyes I had and went down stairs.My mum was washing dishes and my dad was
reading the paper and they both commented on my presence and more so
state of apparant well being.I knew I guess deep down that it was my
grand dad who visited but although I had no proof or words to back it
up(from grand dad) I still wanted to test my feeling.I asked my dad if
he had come in my room and he said no.He said "we didn't hear any
noises, crying etc, so we thought we would let you sleep in peace".I
said "well in that case it was grand dad who came to see me".With that
remark my mum through the dish towell into the sink and said"thats
it,we're taking her to a doctor".Fortunatly my dad stepped in and
suggested they hear me out.He believed me or at least looking
back,pacified me as it obviously made me feel better so he went along
with my "visit from grand dad " story.My mum didn't believe me but it
didn't matter,I believed it.This isn't the end, although I only had one
visit,grand dad did appear to my grand mother.Ironically when I called
her up to tell her,she went very quiet and said that the very same night
he came to her too.She said she couldn't sleep and went to his study to
sort papers,approx. 4 am,roughly the same hour he died,(I don't know
what time my visit occured,she said she felt like someone was behind
her.She was sitting at his desk,crying,when she felt a gentle touch on
her shoulder.She said she brushed it off sharply as it scared her and
she turned around.Nothing was ther but she felt something.She said she
stopped crying and felt better.These were the only 2 incidents,no one
else had a  visit from grand dad but we both know (gran and I) that he
came to us to comfort.We loved him more than anything and he us.(my mum
fell out with my grand parents so the closeness was not between them).We
both were hit the hardest and he knew it,he came to let us know to go
on,I feel,without the suffering that we were both enduring since his
death.My grand mother lived till 1995,ironically dying on her 83 rd
birthday.My grand mother promised me that if she could she would visit
me after she died,she didn't.I lit 2 white candles in her appt. after I
had packed it all up and sat there in silence awaiting her visit,nothing
happened but I know she's ok.She was burried as per her wish with grand
dad and finally they were together.That made me happy,they had been
married and in love since 1932,school sweetheats,survived wars and hard
times and now eternally peaceful.Love is very powerful and although its
hit and miss amongst those whom I tell this to in regards to belief,I
know it happened and why.

Green Orbs


I've seen two of these things. I've known people who have seen them. And
I have seen videos of them on TV that people have filmed, and say that
they are ghosts.
First time I was at my grandparents house, which they seem to think is
haunted. They joke about it because they are very religious, and have
trouble incorporating their beliefs with their senses.
I was going to bed and was having to share a bed with my grandfather who
was already long since asleep. I crawled into bed and lay there for a
while, my eyes adjusting to the darkness. Eventually my eyes focused on
the brightest object in the room. What appeared to be a reflection. I
stared at it for maybe fifteen minutes before a realization hit me. It
WAS the brightest thing in the room. I considered, maybe there's
something outside brighter that its shining off of. But my grandparents
live in the sticks, and have only one light outside, and its quite some
ways from the house. I had originally thought that it was a reflection
from the brass hinges on a door. After deducing that this light was of
its own source, I investigated.
I got out of bed and walked up to it. The closer I got, the more apparent
it became that this was not a mere reflection. It didn't move much. It
hovered there, like a green rip in space/time, waiting. I expiramented a
little by turning on the light. It stayed there for a split second after
the light came on then disappeared. I wasn't able to go back to sleep for
a while.
Second time I actually saw one, I was at my in-laws, lying in bed with my
wife. It was near the ceiling above our heads. I woke my wife up and
asked her if she saw it. She said she did, then went back to sleep. I
watched it until it disappeared. After it was gone, I woke her back up
and asked her if she could still see it. She said that she could not, and
went back to sleep.
Inbetween those times, I was at a known haunted house. (Unknown to us,
but known to the occupants.) We were staying the night, and while some of
us were in the kitchen, two of my friends burst out of their rooms asking
for flashlights or candles. They refused to go to sleep without them.
They told us of an object they originally thought was a glow in the dark
mini frisbee. Only it didn't move like a frisbee.
I don't know what these things are, but I would very much like to study

Pounding in the Night


I was around 10 or 11 years old, growing up in Georgia, when this started to take place.  I lived with my parents, 2 brothers , and 2 sisters in a rather nice ranch style brick home.  My father had built this home when I was around 4-5 years old, and no one had ever passed away in it. My 2 brothers were 5 & 6 years older than I,  1 sister was 7 years older, and the other sister was around 1 or 2 years old when this happened.  This all started very suddenly.  I and my 2 brothers slept in one room, in custom made bunkbeds that my father had built into the room.  They were built in an upside down "L" shape, with the main bunks on the right and a single bed coming off the main bunks from the head of the beds going towards the left.  My oldest brother slept in the single bed, my other brother slept in the bottom bunk, and I slept on the top bunk.  There were 2 windows over the single bed that my oldest brother slept in, and during the summer these were kept open so that the attic fan would pull cool air in.  Sorry for so
much detail, but it helps one to understand the rest of the story. One night we had gone to bed and around 2-3 in the morning my oldest brother was jarred awake by a tremendous pounding on the other side of the  brick wall  where he slept, outside.  He woke both of us up very quietly, and we listened as the pounding went across the wall as if someone was walking the length of half of the house and back, pounding on the brick wall  as they went.  Now this wasn't like someone was pounding with their fists or even kicking the house.  We probably couldn't have even heard someone who was hitting the wall with their fists or feet.  No, this sounded as if someone had a 15 or 20
lb. rock or something very heavy and solid and was pounding the wall with it as they walked back and forth, with the impacts coming approximately 1-2 seconds apart.  After some very frightening few minutes had passed,  my oldest brother slipped into our father and mother's room and awakened our father, telling him about what was going on.  My father, not pleased with being awakened at this hour, didn't really believe him at first but quietly made his way to our room where the pounding was still going on.  As this was summer, he looked out the open window through the screen, but couldn't see anyone.  He then proceeded to collect his 20 guage pump shotgun, and slipped out the door on the opposite side of the house from the pounding to try to sneak up on whoever was doing it.  As Daddy turned the corner of the house with the shotgun at the ready, the pounding suddenly stopped. Daddy had a flashlight of course, and there was nothing to hide behind for at least 30 to 40 feet, where our corn field started.  He searched around for a bit but couldn't find anything and came back in.  As soon as he came in the house the pounding started again.  He went out immediately.  When he turned the corner it stopped again.  This was repeated several times, always with the same results.  These happenings then continued for the next 2-3 months, almost every night.  My father never did find anyone or anything that could account for it.  There were also no marks or any kind of evidence to show where the pounding was being done on the bricks.  One night my brother that slept underneath me was having a dream about playing basketball in a tournament at school, when the pounding started.  As the pounding was going up and down the wall, he was dreaming that he had missed a shot and the coach had called him to the sideline.  He dreamed that the coach was mad at him and while asleep he was moaning and making some kinds of noise.  My oldest brother who slept under the windows was trying to listen to the pounding to figure out where it was at during that time and when my other brother started moaning he reached over and grabbed him by the  hair of the head and started pulling his hair to try to shut him up.  At this time in the dream, my other brother was dreaming that the coach had grabbed his hair and was pulling it for him missing the shot.  We have always laughed about this  happening.    Anyway, my father never did catch anyone or anything pounding on the wall, and we still wonder to this day what it could have been.  If anyone else out there has had something similar with pounding on the walls and moving back and forth, I would  appreciate hearing from them.

"Phone Call?"


This is really weird because it happen about 2 days ago. My house doesn't
have any history of weird stuff or haunting, that's what made it strange.
I've lived in this house for about 6 years now, I'm 17 and I had not yet experienced anything like this. It's not really a haunting, but I thought it was really weird. It was about 1:00am and I was in my room on the Internet, I was looking at the Shadowlands web site. Both my parents were asleep and nobody else was in the house other than me. My parents were in their room which is all the way across the house, the living room, the kitchen, the
family room and a small hallway separate my room from theirs. The only lights that were on were the ones in my room because I was on the computer. As I was looking trough the web site I heard my name whispered in my ear, so I stopped and looked around to see who had whispered, but saw nobody. So then I started to get chills and decided to go to bed. So I turned off the computer, and this was now about 1:20am. As I was getting ready to go to bed the phone started to ring, so I turned on the lights of the hallway to go to
the living room. As I went to go see who it was on my caller ID, it read "Unavailable" so then I picked up the phone. When I picked up the phone I said "hello", but nobody answered, again I said "hello", but again nobody answered. I started to get pissed but I tried to listen to see if I could hear anything,  what I heard gave me chills. As I started to listen I heard whispering that sounded like mumbling, I couldn't make out what was being said. It was like if someone or something wanted to tell me something but
couldn't. I was really freaky, so I hung up the phone and I just sat on the
couch looking around for anything unusual. When I finally got up to go back
to my room I got the worst feeling that somebody or something was watching
me. As I got to my room, I went straight to sleep. The next morning felt
like if nothing had happen.

The House Of Many Tenants

By: SanguinePrincess

The House is well over 200 years old, and has many tennants over the years.  I was eightteen when we first moved in. It was a four bedroom house with high celings, an attic and basement.  My parents and nephew had the two down stairs bedrooms.
Which left me the two upstairs rooms.  The first night we moved in my firend and I where setting up one of the upstairs rooms as my bedroom as we where standing in the hall by the bathroom a little boy ran out of the other bedroom, ran down the hall towards up, peaked around the corner and ran into the bathroom.  We went into the bathroom and no one was there. Let me explain this couldn't have been my nephew because he wasn't even there at that time, and there was no other small boys in the house.Also Sometimes I have seen a man who dressed in what I can only call colonial walk up the stairs and walk into the attic.  The weird thing is I never heard him walk up the old wooden stairs.  Sometimes you culd hear someone moving boxes and stuff around in the attic as if they where looking for something.  All the people who had stayed in the house in the span of six years that I had lived there would never sleep upstairs by themselves, and many reported the feeling as if someone was going to push them down the staircase as they stood at the top of the staircase.  On more than one occasion you could hear a woman crying, the toliet flushing and doors slamming.  My older sister stayed with us for a short while during her stay she had the shower doors cave in on her pinning her to the wall and a fan cord lightly wrapped around her neck during her sleep in which she had found the following morning.  foul smells and shadows where a constant reminder of the ghost's presances.  I was  glad when we moved from the house because I found it very unnerving, and some what frightening, I don't think I ever really had a sound night's sleep.


New Zealand Ghost


In 1996 my boyfriend Daniel was living in a old New Zealand city called
Dunedin, this city has alot of old houses and alot of history.  He lived
with his previous girlfriend, in one of a pair of old terraced flats
which were cold and didnt get much sun during the day but it was cheap,
an important consideration when you're a poor student.
It was the couples flatmate that first noticed something strange, she
proffessed to be something of an amateur mystic, reading auras and
suchlike and she claimed to sense some presence in the house, but the
really scary stuff didnt  start until Daniel went away for a couple of
weeks and the two girls were in the house by themselves.
They noticed the cats were frequently taking fright and chasing
something which the girls could not see, it got worse and once the
presence pushed one of the girls down the stairs from behind.  Finally,
as Daniels girlfriend lay in bed one night, she felt something get into
bed beside her, a cold presence which touched her thigh.
While Daniel was still away, the two girls had the place exorcised and
the incidents stopped...but not for long.
Shortly after Daniel's return the strange occurances started again, the
cats freaking out and other wierdnesses.  The flatmate moved out leaving
Daniel and his girlfriend to deal with it alone.
In an attempt to exorcise the ghost a second time, the couple burned
incense around the house, especially near a certain doorway which seemed
to be central to the occurances.
But as the two watched the circling smoke they noticed it cut off, just
disappeared into nowhere a few inches away from the wall, as if the
smoke were travelling through some kind of invisible doorway.
In the end they moved out, unable to handle the atmosphere of the house
any longer.I dont know who moved in afterwards, nor what became of the ghost.

Binghamton NY

My old house that I grew up in.It was a 2 family home.The
couple that built it died in the other side of the house.Many people
including& excluding immediate family and friends have heard footsteps that would come up the third floor stairs and stop at the top by a bedroom door.when opened no one would be there,sometimes to could hear the "ghost" shift its weight from one foot to the other outside the door.also it would sometimes continue down the hall to the other bedroom making a rack of coat hangers go back and forth.Cat&dogs were also spooked about the second&third floor and would not want to go sighting of an old man walking up the stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd.jars broke in the basement and when investigated they only found the trail marks in the dust of the moved jar and no other disterbances in the dust around it.voices of a man and woman could be heard at night from the 3rd floor but couldn't make out what was said(at the time no one was sleeping on the 3rd floor)also voices of a man and woman could be heard on the 1st floor at night and the sounds of dishes being set also.the sounds would stop when my brother reached the top of the stair,one time he was half way down the stair in the dark when it seems to be attracted to children beacuse as we grew up and started to leave to the haunting slowed down and stopped.this happened only on our side only thing we ever heard that happened on the other side of the house was a latch on a hook lock that never would stay latched and footsteps walking around the attic(sounded like high heels walking about,but no one was there and if someone was the couldn't walk around because of all the boxes.since we've moved out 2 other families both with young children have lived there.the 1st family never knew about the haunting but before they moevd out my father and I talked to the husband to see if he heard or saw anything and he told us about strange noises.the 2nd family also had their share of being spooked by numerous things that happened to them including christmas lights being turned on.their young daughters saying there was an old woman on the 3rd floor and cats that would get upset for no reason and hide.they also had the feeling of being watched from the top of the stair that led to the second floor and footsteps that would go down the hall and up to the 3rd floor.we haven't heard anything from the new family.

Under the Bed- My First Ghost Story


 I love your site.I have many stories to share but i'll start from the begining.when I was between three and four years old  i shared a home with my mom and dad.there were many nights were i would wake up screaming until my mom or dad would come into my room to calm me down.they were sure that it was my spider-man poster on the wall across from my bed that scared me. maybe they were right.however one night i will never forget.i was put to bed on the bottom bunk of my was a hot night so i leaned up against the wall for comfort because it was cool to the i was going to sleep i slid my right hand and arm down between the wall and bed in order to get even closer to the sooner was my arm and hand dangling beneath the bed than something grabbed it and pulled very hard.i leapt up freeing my hand screaming bloody dad came into the room and eventually calmed me convincing me i'd imagined it all.nothing else occured that night and the next day my when i persisted my dad said it must have just been the cat or a bug hitting my hand.i assure you i knew the difference even then.nothing else occured in this house to me that i can recall.years later i was asking my mom about it to see if she recalled the incident.she did and told me something she never had.she said one night late she had gotten up to go to the bathroom.she was pregnant with my sister and having to go several times each night.she walks through the dining room in the darkness toward the bathroom.she said she saw something whitish and misty hovering over the dining room table.she immediatly turned and hurried back to bed scared to death with the hair on her neck standing straight up.years later my friend kevin was visiting here where i live now and he'd brought this new guy along that he'd recently met.we hung out and later that evening we went to take him my surprise he lived in the same house that i used to where the strange things had happened.when we pulled into the drive i asked him if anything weird ever happened there not telling him that i once lived there and what had happened.he asked me why i wanted to know that and i told him that i used to live there andthought something strange had happened once.he then bluntly tells me that the house has a ghost and how it always opens their back door at night after they've shut and locked it.i then shared my tale and was very happy because then i did'nt feel so crazy.this was my first encounter with the paranormal but not the last and certainly not the most frightening.
i'll try to send those later if you'd like.thanks for reading.

The Ghost of McDonalds


        Ok this is a rather light hearted story .  Its about  a certain
entity in the local McDonalds I was working at.  When I first started , other
employees had told me that we had a resident ghost named George. I laughed it
off, thinking they were just ribbing the new guy.  I had never noticed
anything strange, untill very recently.  First, there is a payphone in the
back crewroom.  It would ring once in a while(usually late at night.  I cloed
the store with a dew other people)  I would pick it up to have noone on the
other end.  Thats kinda easy to ignore, anyone can prank a phone right?  Well
not if the phone has no incoming calls, which this particular phone had.
        Next, we also have a stereo in the crewroom.  It had remained
unplugged for a while as far as I could tell.  I took the liberty of plugging
it back in. No sooner had I walked out the room, George had decided to play
with it.  He turned it on, turned the volume all the way up, then back down.
When I asked another employee about it, she had replied that not only does he
change the volume, but had also learned to change the staion if he is unhappy
with what is currently on.
    Thats not so bad.  Its actually kinda nice. It was not much longer that I
had realized that all these incidents happened in the crewroom and back sink
area(they are situated next to eachother along with thr stockroom)  When i
asked about that they told me that before this McDonalds had been built,
there was on old diner that was there.  Apparantly the cook, George, hung
himself in the same area that would turn out to be freezer when McDonalds was
built.  He seems to hang out more often int eh backsink area rather than the
freezer. But if you ever walk into that particular freezer, close the door
all the way,a nd have someone turn the light off, it will take about 5
seconds before you want to LEAVE.
    We had a Playland installed ino the McDonalds about a year ago.  From
what some people tell me, George did NOT like it when it was first finished.
They say he shook the whole store upon completion of the new playland.  Also
the playland is ALWAYS colder than the rest of the store.
    Ive also been told that the later the hour you have to work there the
more paranormal activity you will see or feel. Well thats the truth.  One
time we had 2 people call out sick, and it was a busy night. We were there
till about 3:45 when we were finally ready to go, I saw out of the corner of
my eye, there must have been 4 or 5 little black men about the siz of my hand
fully extended, running out of the crewroom, jumped up onto the sink and
disappeared into the wall into the freezer.
    I have since then got a better job.  But Im sure george is up to
something right now, as it is about 3:45AM as I write this.

My Jog to Arbury Hall


Hi again here is my other weird incounter that happened to me a few years ago. I live in a
place called nuneaton in England that has a lot of old history going back hundreds of years and it is also where George Eliot the writer was brought up. Well because it is old, people around here say there are quite a few haunted places to go too including Arbury hall where she was brought up and another place nearby called Astly castle that is supposed to be haunted by the young lady jane grey, you know the one that was queen for only eleven days and then got beheaded by the king of England. Well anyway here is my story. It must of been about two and half years ago now when me and my friend couldn't get to sleep late at night, so we thought about having a late night jog into the country towards the ruins of Astly castle. As we started jogging towards Astly castle at about half past one in the morning i started to feel somewhat scared at the thought of going towards the macabre ruins, even in daylight hours it looks eery and oppressive and with the 600 year old church next to it,  can you blame me for feeling nervous at the time. So as we were jogging down these short narrow country roads i was starting to think back to the other times when i've been to the castle in the day time and the overpowering sadness of the place and the cold spots too, should i go back i thought. But no me and my buddy carried on towards the lake nearby and then towards the old run down empty village  and then we started to hear a faint hard tapping sound like metal hitting metal coming from somewhere in the village or the church near the castle. Now due to the situation we started to feel somewhat scared and apprehensive about approaching anywhere near the village let alone the castle. So we walked towards a phone box nearby and played around on the phone for a while until we felt more confidant. Now you must remember that this place is in the middle of the country and there is nobody that lives nearby, it was just me and my friend and the greenery of the fields, the darkness of the woods and the closeness of the ruined castle, church and village. Anyway there we were having a bit of fun on the phone when all of a sudden we felt as if somebody was watching us, at the same time it got very cold in the phone booth, it felt as if somebody had just walked over are graves. Me and my friend simon looked out of the plain glass booth all around us
but could see nothing at all, but the feeling was still there. But me and my friend just laughed it off and said it was all in are minds. So we started to play around on the phone again until all off a sudden we heard foot steps walking towards us getting louder as if somebody was wearing heavy leather boots, but nobody was there. The footsteps got louder and louder until they went past the phone booth and on until they stopped. Now we were absolutely petrified and scared beyond belief, there was still nobody there. Now the footsteps were coming back again and doing the same thing all over again, plus the sound of the footsteps was getting louder no doubt about it. By the time we had the courage to run out of the booth and sprint all the way back home it must have gone past us at least four times and it was getting much louder too.
This story is all true and i can still remember every detail of that night like it was only
yesterday. But this is just one of many weird situations that i have encountered over the years and i will be posting some more very soon. PS love the site

My Grandfather


    Throughout my entire life, the healthiest person that I ever knew was my
grandfather.  I had heard stories constantly about how he had barely ever had
so much as a head cold.  Then, in a flash it all changed.  In October of
1998, he got sick.  As it turned out, he had cancer.  On Friday April 9 1909,
he died.
    The time was around, 6:30 p.m. on the night of April 9, I was sitting on
my computer just surfin' the net.  Then suddenly, this giant chill ran up my
spine and I felt nauseaus.  The feeling passed within about five minutes.
Around 7:00, the phone rang.  It was my grandmother.  She had just returned
home from visiting my grandfather in the hospital and there was a message on
the answer machine.  I thought I was going to vomit all over the keyboard.
    Two days later was his funeral.  All weekend I kept seeing him in my
head, lying in the hospital bed, trying to pull the respirator away from his
face.  The sight was horrific.  After the funeral we went back to my
grandmothers apartment.  Me and my brother, Eric were sitting in the family
room in silence.  My parents and grandmother were sitting at the dinning room
table, trying to eat.  Suddenly, me and Eric both jumped from our seats and
ran into grandpa's bedroom.  We both were shaking.  I asked him why he ran in
and he said that he thought he heard his voice.  I heard the same thing.
    As we walked out, we heard a whistle from inside the room.  The familiar
whistle that our grandfather used every day of his life to call for us.  We
turned back into his room and saw his wheelchair rolling into the wall.  All
the windows were shut and the room was freezing.  I put my hand on the
wheelchair to move it away from the wall.  As I pushed it back, I felt a warm
hand touch my shouder from behind.  At first, I thought that it was Eric, but
he was standing in front of me.  I turned, but nobody was there.  I sat down
at the foot of the bed and put my hand down onto the seat of the wheelchair.
It was warm, as if somebody had been sitting there for a while.
    I got out of the room as fast as I could.  Eric and I walked into the
dinning room in tears.  We sat down and tryed to eat, but it was useless.  We
had no apitite.  Several more times that day, me and Eric heard his voice,
calling us into the bedroom.  At one point, the wheelchair rolled itself into
the family room where we were watching television.
    Every once in a while, we hear grandpa's voice, asking us to get him some
water, or telling us how much he cared about us.  In the little over a year
that he has been gone, I've seen him about ten times.  I've woken up in the
middle of the night to see him sitting on the chair next to my bed, I've seen
him standing online to buy tickets at the movie theater where I work, and
I've heard his voice, telling me how talented I am while I sit at my computer
writing.  I think about my grandfather every single day.  I think about his
kindness, his love, and his devotion to his family.  And I know that he will
always be with me, standing next to me with a hand on my shoulder, watching
as I work hard on my homework, or as I write a poem.  He's just always there.


My Kitty Stays With Me


    On three separate occasions I believe my late friend Marvin (the cat not
the Martian) has visited me.
    The first time was about one year after he had to be put down due to his
extremely old age and lack of ability to keep on. My cousin was sleeping on a
couch in my bedroom and I was on the bed, it was maybe 20 minutes after I had
turned out the light I was still awake when I felt my cat walking on my bed
next to me.
     I thought to myself "oh Marvin I'm tired"when I remembered...Marvin's
dead!..... my breath caught in my throat and I sat up very suddenly. Brooke,
my cousin, notice my unnatural movement and asked what was the matter. I
turned on the light and we both search the whole room for the other cat whom
lived in my home only to find it empty of felines.
    On the second occasion, I had just taken a shower, when I entered my
bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and against the bare skin on my back I
felt a cat brush against me. Turned around and once again saw nothing not
even a shadow.
    Third I was watching television when I felt my bed move four times, like
Marvin jumped up onto the bed and took three kitty steps.
    I still have not seen any evidence of him, but I often just feel another
presence in the room, like he still is a lonely cat who just wants a little

My First Encounter.


Hello this is my first time on  here and i would like to share some of my experiences with you. When i was young kid round about eight years of age me and my family decided to go  on holiday to a place called matlock  for two weeks. We arrived at this old farmhouse that was built in about the 17th century and looking the worse for wear. Anyway on about the second night we were there we started to hear scratching sounds and furniture moving downstairs but we just ignored it at first and tried to go to sleep. But on the third night we couldn't ignore it because the floorboards upstairs started to vibrate and the whole farmhouse was literally shacking.It was more worse for me and my brother because we had to sleep on the floor and we could here strange mumbling sounds coming from downstairs and the horse in the field next to the farmhouse was making really weird sounds too. The next morning my dad put it down to bad plumbing even though my brother and me were getting nervous. Half way through the day i was starting to get bored so i decided to read a few books from the bookcase in the living room. So i sat down at the table next to the bookcase that faced a window and started reading for a while, i remember at the time reading a book called the IRON MAN. All of a sudden i can remember seeing something standing in front of the window so i looked up suddenly and right in front of me was a young pale looking lady smiling at me. She was wearing white victorian clothes and a straw looking hat with flowers in it. I remember sitting there just looking at this lady  for what seemed ages even though it must of only been a few seconds. So thinking it was somebody for my mum or dad i shouted for them to come downstairs, as i turned to confront my dad to tell him this lady wanted him she had vanished. So my dad went outside and looked all round the field and at the end of the
field towards the bog area, but there was no sign of her even though we were in the middle of nowhere. Now i think my dad was starting to get quite spooked as well now because he kept asking me over and over again that i wasn't lying about the women i had seen. I remember on the fourth and last night hearing all sorts of weird and distorted sounds coming from everywhere around the room where we were sleeping next to my mother and fathers bed. I can also remember my dad kept telling me it was a nearby highway that was causing the vibrations to the house and there nothing to be scared about, funny considering the nearest highway was about  10 miles way. When we woke up the next morning my dad was starting to pack all are stuff away ready for going back home. When i asked him why we were going back home so early for he just said that it was because he thought the place was haunted and he wasn't going to spend another night there. When i talk to my dad these days about that holiday and about him leaving early because it was haunted he just laughs and says don't be so stupid. But me and my brother know the truth.  This is just one of many weird experiences that have happend to me over the years and i will be posting some more very soon to this great web site.

Mason, Michigan

From: anonymous

I grew up in a very old house in Mason, MI.  From the time I could remember on, wierd things would happen there.  I used to hear footsteps all the time.  If I was downstairs, I would hear footsteps upstairs.  I always slept upstairs in one of two rooms.  When I slept in the small bedroom, I would hear what sounded like phonograph music, laughter and
glasses breaking.  My wind-up music boxes would play by themselves and I often heard a low-male voice say my name. Mine and my parents pillows would sometimes "breathe".  Downstairs we had a sliding glass door leading into a back room and my parents, visiters and myself would see a silhouette of a tall man bent over working or walking around.  It got so aggravating that we put a curtain up so we wouldn't see it every time we walked by.  Sometimes when we'd open the curtain we would see his face pressed up against the glass.  We found out through research that a family had lived there and the man, John P. had his blacksmith shop at the house, we are assuming in that room and was found dead there by a troop of boy-scouts.  His wife, Ida was a socialite and died a very long
death upstairs.  There was also a woman named Tessa Ann that lived there during that time and we do not know what happened to her but we know she had a son named Donell.  When my son was a baby, I would often hear a womans voice in his room talking to him softly and he would be staring up like there was someone there.  One time I had come out of the bathroom(upstairs)and saw a woman in a long black dress with sandy brown hair standing in the doorway to the big bedroom(Ida?).  I saw her and tried to go the other way, but instead I walked towards her and put my hand out and she dissapeared.  It was like I was in a trance or something.  Our friends(and myself) were always nervous about going upstairs for anything and one time when my son was very small I was at the top of the stairs and felt a push.  I don't remember the fall, but when I opened my eyes, I was on my back, head first down the stairs and had the baby in my arms still.  I have to wonder if something didn't push me and something else flipped me around to save my baby.  May have been a reflex, I don't really know.  I would have an ashtray in my bedroom and would often go in there to find cigarette butts lined up in a neat row on the bed when no-one was even there to do it.  My friends would leave there keys on the table and they wouldn't be there when they'd go to leave..we'd search the house and later find them where they had been left, even though we'd already looked there.  I had several occurances of someone knocking on my door and as I didn't have a knob or anything on it, it would swing open.  I'd hear a couple soft knocks, it would open a little and I'd close it then as soon as I'd lay back down I'd hear louder knocks and it would swing open farther and this would progress until the door would slam open and hit the wall.  We had a lot more than that happen there, but I don't want to go into everything because that would take too long.  We did notice that things would get really bad when there was tension between my  mother and myself and calm down when everything was okay.  Wierd things happen to us everywhere we go(even though we live apart now) and I have to wonder if we don't just attract that sort of thing, give it energy or something.  But I've never had wierder stuff happen than what happened in the Mason house.



Lastnight, which was, Monday July 24th.  My fiance and I were sitting up in
the living room of my apartment watching a movie we had just rented.  It was
about 11:45p.m.  Well the previews were on and I decided to go into the
bedroom and get us a blanket and some pilliow's so we would be more
comfortable on the sofa while we watched the movie.  As I was coming back
into the living room my fiance said "hey honey cut off all of those lights
before you come back in here" so I cut off all the light's and went on into
the living room and layed down on the sofa and began to watch the movie.
Well while I was watching the movie I noticed a light come on in the kitchen
out of the corner of my eye.  At first I thought I was just seeing things but
after I sat there for a second I knew I wasn't.  Well I turned to my fiance
and asked him if he had gotten back up since I had came back into the living
room after I had cut all the lights off.  I knew he hadn't though but I was
just double checking.  He said no why and I said because I had just cut that
light off in the kitchen and now it is back on again.  Well he didn't believe
me and got up and went into the kitchen and turned it back off and said honey
you are just seeing things.  Well no sooner that he sat back down the light
cut on again and this time he seen it.  We both were like "did you just see
that"?  Well he got back up and went into the kitchen and didn't see anything
and he checked the back door to make sure it was locked and it was and he
closed the door to the wash room, cut the light back off and came back into
the living room.  Not even a minute later the light came back on again.
This time we both got up and went into the kitchen and found the light on and
the wash room door  wide open.  By this time we were really freaked out.  My
fiance had mention to me when he went in the kitchen the second time to check
the back door and shut the wash room door his vision got kinda hazy and
things in that area were blurry.  We then went back into the living room and
decided to call his dad and tell him what had happened.  His dad didn't
believe us, of course.  I guess it is just one of those things you have to
see for you own eyes.  We have lived in the apartment for about 5 years.
Nothing had ever happend to us there like this.  Although we all have
experienced an uneasy feeling, like someone was in our presence.  When my
sister lived there she was awoken one morning by something that had walked
into her room, sat down on her water bed, grabbed her by her legs and started
shaking her.  She got up and looked around but never seen anything.  And here
recently my mom has gotten up and found all the lights on and the front door
wide open after the fact we know we had shut and locked it and shut
everything off the night before.  It is really weird.  Do you think it is a
ghost??  please e-mail me and give me your comments and opinions about my

The Ghost in the Furniture Store


This Place is in Cleburne Tx. But let me tell you a little bet about
myself......... My name is Star and I have what you call a 6 sense about
things. I didn't know I had this gift until I was about 12 yrs. old. When I
was young My mother like to look for old bottles and things this was before
people was interested in these things, so there where a lot of old houses
around and at that time people didn't care if you went throw them. So we
would go all the time and I loved it. There were times when we would go into
an old house that no one had been in for 50 or 60 yrs.and I would fill
something or someone looking at us. There were times when I would see
something white behind me. But at that time I didn't know. But has I got
older I realize what this was all about. And so I got very interested in it
and tryed to improve what I had. So every time people thought they had
something in there house they would call me, sometimes they would and
sometime they didn't. I have seen over 6 ghost and talk to 3....... So I
don't know how much experience you need to count as a Ghost Hunter.... Now I
am in my middle 40's and I still love to go and experience what I can.... Well, enough about me............
To go on with the story........ My daughter rents an old building in
Cleburne for her Furniture Store. She called me oneday and she was hearing something
up stairs and I thought it might have been a cat or a rat, it got so bad
that she called the local police to check things out because she thought it might
be a homeless person but the police couldn't fined a thing. So I thought I
would take time and check it out. We went up stairs to look around when I
got that feeling and cold air went by and I told the others we have a ghost now
lets find out who it is. When in the next room my son-in law said everyone
get out. Well, we went to look before we could get to him he was walking
back and said you are not going to believe what I saw. Well, he told us about an
old man looking right at him and he ask him what was he doing there and the
man said nothing, when all of a sudden the man turned and walk down some
stairs that go no where. Jake followed him and he was gone. We all talk
about this and then as we where leaving the store we look up and there he was
looking back at us, as we where looking at him my son-in-law went to sit
down on some benches and an old man came and sit by him. The old man ask Jake
what was going on and Jake said nothing then the old man told Jake about seeing
people walking around in these building all the time. When Jake turn to his
wife (the other sister Fawn) and turn back around the old man was gone Jake
didn't thank much about it until later. See when Jake told Fawn about the
old man Fawn look at him and said Jake no one was sitting by you. But what's so
funny is Jake don't believe in Ghost

Floating Lady


Well here is my story.I have been raised with the super natural belief,and my family has a long line of being able to see  and hear ghosts.I never really believed I had the ability until I was 10 years old.Me and my mother had went down to kentucky  to visit some family that lives there ( my mother is from there).We had spent most of the night talking ,and finally went to bed.Well nothing happened thrue the night,but when i woke up in the morning I saw a site that i could not believe.I woke up and rolled over on my back with my eyes still closed.When I opened my eyes i saw a elderly woman floating above me.She was wearing a white dress ,and had long flowing hair.I remember she was smiling at me .Well being 10 years old I was terrifyed so I screamed for my mother.Has soon has the words came out I watched the woman float thrue the wall and disappear.My mother came in the room and felt the cold,but missed the woman.From this point on in my life i have felt and seen ghosts .I am guessing that this woman was my greatgrandmother .The only reason I believe that it is her is because I am named
after her,and my mother said that when I was a toddler I would talk to her.Now i know this sounds hard to believe ,but my mother said that I would say things that only her and my greatgrandmother knew.So I have no choice but to believe this.

The Valley


Here's a story I had forgotten(on purpose) until someone asked me about it
three days ago. My parents own a piece of a large antique store and sometimes
one will offer us  all the furniture in an unused house. We will check out
the merchandise and make them an offer. It was on such an occasion that my
father and I drove to a house in an artists community not far from the shop
and not too far from a notoriously haunted patch of woods called 'The
Valley'. I was extra interested because I wanted to by the house itself from
what my parents had told me of it's emence size and beauty not to mention
that it was below dirt cheap. We drove up and I was estatic it was surrounded
by big trees the nieghbors were  not too close for comfort and the garage off
the house was so big I could have lived in it by itself. We went inside and I
was immediately blasted by wave after wave of overwelming feelings of evil.
It was so thick you had to practically swim through it as for my dad he
wouldn't believe in ghosts if he saw one swipe his wallet. As we worked I
searched the place, behind one door I found some ritualistic symbols drawn, I
had already expected as much. We cleared the place in one afternoon.
Something had kept attracting my attention. It was in the living room an
ultra-modern type fireplace which sat in the middle of the room painted
orange and a long metal tube going up out of the cieling. As we were leaving
for the last time until I would have purchased the place that same fireplace
started shaking and jumping off the floor and clanging as my dad and I looked
on. To me it looked like it was being kicked in by invisible boots my dad's
explianation was this, "Tis some sorta animal caught up in there nothig
more." We left and I didn't return the last owner's calls after that day
because I wasn't about to buy that place.

Remodeled Home


I was doing a clean up job at a home that was remodeled.  Not knowing the history of the house I said ok.  So my brother and I left to go do the job.  As I was cleaning on the inside, he did the work out side.  I started to clean the back bathroom.  When I was done, I went to the kitchen to start in there.  I left some rags in the bathroom and when I went back it was dirty again.  I thought that I had cleaned it.  So I went back to the kitchen to
finish up in there.  Later I started to walk down the hallway, when I heard the toilet flush.  I called for my brother, and he walked in behind me.  He asked what I wanted, and I asked him if he went to the bathroom?  He had been outside, and as we walked to wards the bathroom you could here the toilet still running.  Again, I didn't think anything about it.  So I went into the den where the new furniture was at.  It was nice and so I took a few minutes to rest.  I went back into the kitchen to get somemore rags to clean, and as I walked back to the den, this man was walking towards me.  You could see right through him, and he was about 12 inches of the ground.  I stopped and froze and hi tailed it out of there.  My brother looked at me and said what's wrong.  I told him what I seen, and he went to look and didn't find anyone.  I stayed outside in the truck the rest of the day.  I wouldn't go back in.      I found out later, the reason the rebuilt the house because the owner committed suicide in it.  Earlier that week my brother took his dog with him to work, he said that she walked down the hallway, stopped barked, peed and left running out with her tail between her legs. They caught up with her a few blocks away.  She was shaking and shivering.  They had to fight her to put her in the truck.  I don't even like going down the street where this house is.



I have been living with a spirit for just over two years.  I am an assistant superintendent on a part time basis and an executive assistant for a recycling company, also a mother and wife.  I guess I am telling you this so that you know I am not some one who has nothing better to do with my time.  it all started when a 7th floor resident who I will call bobby, jumped of his balcony and killed himself  just over 2 year ago.  My sister and I (who also worked here) had to clean up the mess (later finding out that this is supposed to be done by the fire department).  His family left alot of furniture in his apartment.  usually we give the left over stuff to the salvation army or to a needy tenant.  in this case my sister had just gotten separated from her husband and was in need of a bed ( you might think this is kind of morbid, I know I do).  she took the bed from the former tenants apartment for herself to use.  in the months that followed alot of strange thing happened at her place and mine ( she lived just down the hall from me).  doors would open and close for no apparent reason, lights would go on  and off, the toilet would flush, I would wake in the morning to find the kitchen cabinet doors open and on 2 occasions the shower turned on.  so it sound like you basic haunting.  Last November my sister move back to our home country 3000 miles over the ocean.  a few weeks before she moved things got worse.  not in the sense that it was dangerous just that it happened more often.  One night I was down at her apartment with my 2 yr. old son.  my son was standing in the hallway that lead to the living room.  he was looking down the hall as if watching someone walk toward him. it was like he turned around when the person walked past him looking up, suggesting it was an adult.  we made a joke of it.  I told to my son to stay hi to the nice man, he turned around and looked in the corner right by the front door and say in his little voice "Hi".  this really freaked me out so I left.  later that night I went back without my son.  my 8 yr. old niece was just leaving to go to her friends apartment down the hall.  as she left I called out to her to close the door.  she did not hear me and the door stayed open a couple of inches.  I was sitting on the couch doing a cross word puzzle and decided to finish my puzzle before going to close the door.  10 mins later my sister was in her room getting dressed (she was in the shower)  she called to me to go and talk to her while she did her hair.  I walked to the front door to close it, but it was already closed, this is not unusual sometimes this happens,  but what I can not explain is that the door was also locked.  there is no explanation for this.  my sister was in the shower, my niece did  not hear me call to her nor does she have a key or the knowledge to lock the door. it really spooked me.  I told my sister  and she also got spooked.  she told me she had been hearing noises that did not seem to be coming from anywhere.  my sister and I chatted for a couple of hours until my niece came home.  I asked her if she locked the door and she looked at me and said "yeah sure, with my finger"  ( being 8 with a smart mouth).  I left about an hour later to go home, at this time it was approx.. 10pm.  my niece was sleeping on the couch and my sister was going to finish some painting in the dining area then go to bed.  I had been home for about 20 mins when my sister call me crying.  she said that there was someone in her bedroom jumping on the bed.  I told her to go and look.  she took the phone with her and approached her bedroom.  the noise stopped just as she got to the bathroom.  when she turned to walk away the noise started again, she put the phone on speaker so I too could hear it.  it really sounded like someone jumping on
the bed.  my sister (trying to make  a joke of it) yelled go away bobby, go and spook someone else.  2 mins later I heard a noise in my hallway I was sitting at my computer and looked down the hallway toward the kitchen and there was bobby  standing just inside my front door.  he had on a brown leather jacket and blue jeans.  the clothes he was wearing when he died.  I was really shocked.  I told my sister what I saw and tried to pretend that I was not scared. I said to him "it's o.k. bobby you can go now"  and then he was gone.  my sister was laughing hysterically on the other end of the phone.  I tried to calm her down by talking to her, but it did not work.  I was kind of glad that she was freaking out because it did not give me time to freak out myself.  I went to my sister and sat with her until the sun came up.  neither of us sleep that night.  later that day we took the bed out to the dumpster at the back of the building and since my sister only had a  few days left in Canada she slept on an air mattress.  that seemed to solve the problem for her, but bobby has never left my apartment.  I do not feel threatened by his presence, but uncomfortable.  and my cat is constantly having freak attacks and my son talks of the man.




Ghost(?) Story


This really isn't a ghost story, but it deffinately was a spirit.  About 5 years
ago, when I first started practicing Wicca, I had quite the experience.  I have
never belonged to a coven, so I was experimenting with the Craft to find my own
path.  I was raising a circle of power and got quite caught up in the ritual,
and being pleased with the amount of energy I raised and released that night I
forgot to close the watchtowers properly and ground myself completely.
Reflecting upon it now, I belive that I attacted something from another plane
and didn't protect myself completely.  A few hours after I went to bed, early
morning, about 0300 hrs according to my clock, I awoke suddenly due to some sort
of movement in my bed room, like something lept up on my bed (no pets in my
apartment at the time).  I opened my eyes and was paralized with fear as I saw a
small grining humanoid thing sitting on my chest.  Its was blacker than black
and I could see its outline easliy even tough there was no light in the room.
It had long arms, with thin long fingers, and sat hunched up like a crouched
monkey.  Its face was kind of doglike, with a mouth too large for its face.  Its
eyes were glowing a bright blue as it shook its finger at me and told me not to
shout out because I would wake my wife that was sleeping next to me.  It then
disappeared, laughing, and I screamed my head off!  I was in a cold sweat and my
wife asked me what was wrong;  I lied and told her that it was just a nightmare
and I desperately tried to convince myself that it was just that.  The next day
I was researching every book I could find to try to explain what it was and I
researched some simple banishments incase it returned again.  That night I woke
up in the early morning again, and something had me by the ankles and was
pulling me off the bed.  My legs kind of burned like when you grab onto dry
ice... a cold burn.  It had me half way off before I managed to pull myself
away, which took some doing,  and I got out of bed, told my wife wha had
happened.  She rolled over and said, "Well, you brought it into the house, get
rid of it."  quite calmly, like you would tell someone to take out the trash or
throw out an old couch.  I had something to do, and spent the rest of the night
in cleansing the apartment and banishing any evil thing that would come to that
place and do harm.  Finally I laid out a couple of blessings for a little extra
touch and I MADE SURE I CLOSED MY CIRCLE and GROUNDED!!  I haven't seen or heard from that thing again, and I am rather glad for that, even though I still
practice the craft.  I learned that no matter how caught up you are in
Craftwork, remember that you are still dealing with something very powerful, and
you got to protect yourself.

Ghosts on Campus


The stories I'm about to tell you actually happened to
a cousin of mine at his college campus.

One night this one guy was lounging around in his dorm
while his room mates were out.  He was relaxing and
reading on his bottom bunk bed when he heared scratchy
noises in his room.  Wondering what it was he looked
around didnt see anything unusual and went on reading
again.  Few minutes later the sound started coming
around again just a bit louder he looked out his
window saw tree branches hitting on the window sill
thinking this was it he went back on reading.  The
noises stopped just for a few seconds then all of a
sudden the noise came back this time it sound very
close by.  He checked out the top bunk and saw a
ghostly image of a lady, ran out of his dorm and never
came back to live there since.
One night some student decided to have a party on
campus.  A group of student was on the way to the
party when they ran into this girl.  She looked like a
regular student there but nobody has seen her before.
Anyways, the group tried to get her attention to ask
her to the party but she didnt seem to hear them.
They called to her again but she just kept right on
walking.  So one of the guys, decided to walk up to
her.  The rest of the group had gone into the
building.  As he approached the girl he noticed she
was smiling at him he looked down and saw her face was
facing him but her rest of the body faced the other
direction.  He sereamed and ran back to his friends.
The group ran back out and tried to look for the girl
but she was nowhere to be found

West Blvd. Haunting


I was browsing through the internet looking up websites about ghosts, when I
stumbled across yours  -  I read that you would help or
atleast talk and answer some questions concerning hauntings...  well you
might want to listen to this story... I am sorry it is so long, but I must
explain it all, just to set it all up so it makes sense to you.
I moved in with my girlfriend last January of 2000, in a house (duplex) she
had been renting since the previous September.  The house was built around
1910-11 (discovered while talking to neighbor history-buffs) and is still in
a rather nice area of the western outskirts of the City of Cleveland, Ohio.
The house is actually located only a few streets from the infamous haunted
mansion in Cleveland -- Franklin's Castle.  Back when this house was built,
the street was home to very wealthy people -- the street actually was one of
the first streets of the area with electricity throughout the homes.  The
street also boasted a street-car line that once ran down the middle of the
street, which provided the electricity to the homes and quick transportation
to downtown.  Through some conversation with our landlord, who has lived and
owned this place for the past 35 years, we discovered that our side of the
house has been turned over by renters many times (maybe that is why the rent
at this place is about $150-200 lower than any other place on the same
street?).  He also stated that it has been really hard to keep people living
in this side for more than a month or two.  (He must be right, because we
get tons of mail to our address with different names.)  Our landlord also told
us, suprisingly, that about 15-20 years ago he was renting our side out to
two retired priests when they were both arrested for molestation of many,
many young boys inside our house.  The priests were then a part of a large
court case in which many grown-men came to report that they too-- were
molested by these priests very violently when they were younger.  These 2
priests lived here for a number of years, and the landlord told us he
"always thought something weird was happening on our side".
Before I moved in with my girlfriend, she told me that as soon as she moved
in she began getting strange feelings from the house -- like someone was
always watching her.  One of the main reasons I moved in with her was
because this was very frightening, atleast for a 22 year-old!  A few months before I
moved in, she had 2 self-proclaimed psychics / witches over to the house for
an inspection.  They both claimed to "feel" 4 entities-- 2 male spirits and
2 female spirits.  They concluded (with a walk through the house) that one of
the male spirits was very evil, possibly a poltergeist, and that the 2
female spirits were good and were here to watch over and protect my girlfriend
while she lived here.
During my first visit to the house, I was very eager for a look around.  The
house is a rather large duplex with a concrete wall separating the two
sides.  It has 2 stories, 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath,  a basement and a large
unfinished storage attic.  During my investigation of the house I didn't
feel anything at all (i.e., a spirit watching me, etc.) and I even told my
girlfriend that I didn't think the house was haunted and that she had
nothing to worry about.  Obviously, the basement did look pretty scary and
mysterious -- but only because there is a large patch of newer concrete just big enough
to dump a few bodies under!!
When I first moved in, my girlfriend had a temporary roommate - an exchange
student -- living with her here until February, when she found her own
apartment.  She was around quite a bit, and since I worked nights, she
provided my girlfriend with a sense of security of someone being here
through the night.  Since I felt no presences in the house when I first moved in, I
was not scared of being alone and didn't even think about the haunting...
until I started to finish the basement!
The basement was really wrecked when I moved in -- pain was all peeling off
the walls, lots of mold everywhere, mouse traps, poor lighting... there was
even alot of old furniture that previous tenants had left down there that no
one had the energy to remove.  Since the basement was so large, we decided
to fix it up a little and turn it into a rec-room and maybe put a pool table
down there.  So in January, I started sanding and scraping all the paint
from the walls, repainted the walls, started putting some electrical outlets in,
framed up some partition walls, etc.  It was during this construction that I
became aware of the ghosts that dwelled in the house...
One morning, while I was alone working in the basement, I heard footsteps
upstairs -- right above my head.  I thought that it was my girlfriend or her
roommate home for lunch, so I went upstairs to say "hi".  When I got
upstairs I found nothing!  I was so sure someone was home I walked around the house,
even checking closets, but found no one.  When I returned down in the
basement.. the footsteps got harder.. as loud and stamping on the floor...
but again I found no one upstairs or throughout the house.  ( It is
important for me to include here that the basements of the duplex are separated with a
large brick and concrete wall that extends up to the attic for fire
protection. Both sides are constructed as individual homes, they don't share
anything but the concrete wall and the joints at the peak of the roof in the
attic. Because of this wall, we can never hear much of what is going on next
door... even if they are having a party.)
 A day or two after the first incident, although "ghosts" were still not on
my mind until sometime afterwards, I woke up late, about 10 or 11 am after my
girlfriend had left for work.  While I laid in bed, I heard our roommate in
the bathroom (right next to our bedroom) brushing her teeth and getting
ready for work or something, so I continued to lay there until she left the
bathroom.  When I heard her leave the bathroom, I got up to brush my teeth.
While I was in the bathroom, I heard her in her bedroom.. changing or
whatever.  When I was done using the bathroom, I went over to her bedroom to
say goodmorning, but when I opened the door no one was there!  I quickly ran
downstairs to look for her, but no one was home.  The first thing I thought
to do, was to call my girlfriend at work to ask her were are roommate was...
and she told me that they had both left for work at the same time that
morning, around 9am!  While I was on the phone with my girlfriend, I became
visibly shaken, because I was hearing someone again walking around upstairs.
When I hung up with my girlfriend, I first checked to see if the neighbors
were home -- maybe making alot of noise next door.. however both of their
cars were gone also.  When I went upstairs the second time, the noises
stopped.. however I felt a presence upstairs.  Since I have had a few other
experiences with ghosts before, I am not easily frightened, so I thought
this would be a good time to go downstairs and grab the Polaroid camera.  When I
was loading the camera back downstairs, the footsteps were getting louder
and they seemed to lead from the bathroom, down the upstairs hallway and down
the stairs.  My girlfriend's cat even became afraid... as the cat listened to
the steps and seemed to sit patiently and watch for whatever was about to appear
at the bottom of the steps.  Just before I went upstairs I heard a loud
blast and bang come from the upstairs bathroom. When I got to the top of the steps
with the Polaroid, I heard a woman's voice say something, eventhough it was
clearly a woman's voice.. it sounded distorted and unable to understand.  As
I walked down the hallway, I started taking pictures of just about
everything, and when I reached the bathroom, I found that the cast-iron
register for the furnace had blown off the bottom of the wall and landed
about 4 feet from the wall.  (that was the loud blast I heard downstairs)  I
quickly took a picture of the bathroom and headed quickly back downstairs.
 When I returned downstairs and began looking at the Polaroid pictures that
were developing before my eyes... I didn't notice anything out of the
ordinary.  After a few times looking over the pictures, I noticed that the
bathroom curtains looked funny.  When I went back upstairs to compare the
picture with the bathroom -- I was right!  The curtains we had in the
bathroom was the type that wrap around the very top of the window.  In the
picture.. the curtains came down on either side of the window... a
white-transparent old-fashioned looking curtains.  It was at this time I was
pretty sure we has a ghost on our hands, maybe a residual haunting, or some
type of portal that I captured on film of how the house was decorated at an
earlier time when something traumatic might have happened?
Since then, many strange things have occurred ... my girlfriend has seen a
man with a top-hat on standing behind her in the reflection of the window
while washing dishes.  I have seen the same man also while watching TV in
the living room, and seeing him move quickly in the kitchen out of the corner of
my eye.  One night, after a party, we brought back a smoke mating and was
playing with it in the house.  After the downstairs was filled up, us and a
few friends turned off the lights and were playing around.  I got out my
laser pointer, and discovered that it turned into a cool beam of red light,
instead of a point.   While I was doing this.. the 3 others became terrified
when they saw an outline of half-a-man standing in front of me.  They saw it
in the smoke when I shined the laser pointer around (although I never saw
it). My girlfriend became so shaken, she left the house for 2 days. The
doorbell will often ring, but no one will be at the door.  Sometimes lights
will go on and off at will.  We even had to get rid of the cat we had,
because she was acting crazy.. looking at walls for a long time.. nothing
was there, following things in the house that are invisible to us.. etc.
Many other things have happened, which include the dreams that my girlfriend
and I sometimes have... it is a similar dream.. of the house.. and it trying
to tell us something.. but we cannot figure it out.  It usually leads us to
the stairs to the attic or the bathroom (which are right across from each
other) and then we abruptly wake up.  Doors in the house will open and slam
shut (mostly upstairs).  And once, when I called home to talk to my
girlfriend, at 3am.. from work.  Right before she picked up the phone.. I
heard the phone pick up, and I heard a ghostly old woman's voice say that
"Stefanie (my  girlfriend) isn't home"..  then my girlfriend picked up the
phone and the ghostly voice disappeared.
One of the stranger occurrences was when we were awaken from our sleep at
about 4am by a loud crash...  enough to wake me up.. which sometimes alarms
do not wake me.  When we heard the crash, I first thought it was our
55-gallon fish tank falling over... because it literally shook the bed.  So
we ran downstairs.. and checked the whole house but found nothing... not
until the next morning when we went to take a shower.  Everything that was
laying around the shower... shampoo, soap.. etc etc.  was laying in the tub.
This might not sound weird. until I saw the glass soap holder -- which fills
with water from showers -- laying on the floor of the tub.  Although
everything was knocked over.. from a good fall... the soap holder was filled
with water to the very brim?  This crash was so load the neighbors called
the landlord, cause they though something on our side had fallen and hurt us or
the house, etc?  Since this occurrence. my girlfriend has awaken in the
morning to loud crashes, that I never hear... and when she checks out the
house... she finds nothing.
 A few weeks ago, I got really sick.. and couldn't even get out of bed..
thought I had caught pneumonia from my girlfriend's brother.  One day, as I
laid in bed... I "summoned" the good spirits in the house to help me feel
better.... kinda just as a joke.. I was desperate to feel better.  The very
next day.. I started feeling better, and on my way walking down the stairs,
I heard the same female voice say "Its done"...   I didn't really realize what
this meant until the next day, when I felt back to normal.  The voice must
have been the spirit telling me that I wouldn't be sick anymore, and that is
was over (done).??
Just yesterday, I heard a crash upstairs, when I came upstairs.. I felt cold
brushes or air something from the bathroom, when I got there.... everything
in the bathroom was moved and placed in a different way.  Shampoo was in the
middle of the floor of the room, hairspray knocked off the sink.. etc.
Another common occurrence is seeing things move out the corner of our
eyes...this happens a few times a week.. sometimes we even get a glimpse of a
person when we enter a room.. but not a long enough glance to describe what the
person looks like.
There are many, many other occurrences in the house.  But mostly, I just get
a feeling of being watched.. not all the time.. sometimes I will not feel
anything for weeks or months.. but when it comes back.. it stays for a few
days.. usually with some type of violent occurrence.  Since the house has
been lived in by so many people since 1910-11... it has been rented by many
people ever since it was built.  We think that maybe during that time,
someone has died, or maybe become very attached to the residence.  I think
personally that something bad happened in the upstairs hallway or steps
leading to the attic. My girlfriend thinks someone died or something in the
bathroom, she also gets a great sense of someone hiding behind the door in
the attic.. perhaps from the priests that were molesting him?  I don't get
many "bad" feelings from anywhere else in the house, eventhough the attic
andthe basement it really scary looking.. I get the most from upstairs hallway
and bathroom for some reason, eventhough the female voice seems to originate
in the back bedroom. We don't know.. but it would sure be worth further
You can feel free to publish this story on your website (atleast it makes
forinteresting reading material). If you do, entitle it  West Blvd. Haunting".
I  will send some pictures of our house even the Polaroid of the curtains or
ecto- in the bathroom if you want -- just e-mail me.  As far as the help I
need --  I am just wondering if you know anyone in the Cleveland, Ohio area
that may be able to help me? (maybe forward this to someone you know that
could help in the area) I would really like to get a reputable "ghosthunter"
here to see if my experiences are valid or just my imagination.  I would
alsolike to know if there is any way I could get more on film or talk to the
ghost, or find out more of why they are here, and who they are?

After Grandpa Died


I'll try to keep this short.  When I was 10 years old, I saw the ghost of my
late uncle in my parent's dining room.  He was not transparent, and appeared
to be just like a live person standing there motionless, but clearly focused
on me.  I ran upstairs totally freaked out, but that's the only ghost I've
ever seen.  But the real action started much later.  About 9 years ago, my
grandfather and my dog died within a few weeks of one another.  They were
very close and my grandfather was truly the dog's favorite person.  Shortly
after their deaths, my brother and I both started to hear noises in the
house.  We would hear human and dog footsteps when no one else was around.
One time while I was home alone late at night, I heard intermittent clapping
coming from the backyard.  After awhile I got up the guts to go out there and
have a smoke.  A few minutes later, I heard the sound of a dog growling and
someone clapping twice quickly which ended the growling.  I saw no one, and
the sources of both noises were definitely within 15 feet of me!  My parents
have neighbors on only one side and there was no one else that could have
made that noise so close to me.  I ran right back inside.  On two occassions
my brother heard a dog growling in one of our bedrooms and was scared stiff.
Our oldest brother said he would come home from school and find books taken
down from his bookshelf as if someone were reading them.
One time I heard the distinct sound of someone walking up and down our stairs
while grabbing onto the squeaky railing.  I woke up my brother and he heard
it as well.  We called the police, who found no signs of entry at all.  They
thought we were out of our minds!
Another time I was home alone and I swear I saw pages moving in my mother's
cookbook out of the corner of my eye.  I looked at the cover of the book,
which was about desserts and called "Heavenly Delights".  I left the house
until someone else came home.
My brother was in the laundry room and while a load was running in the dryer,
the door to the dryer opened and closed right before his eyes.  The door to a
dryer doesn't just pop open easily, and opening it usually causes the dryer
to stop.  Not this time.
I've since moved out of their house, and things have been fairly uneventful
for several years.  During the time a lot of these things occurred, my dad
was really skeptical.  Then one night he told us that at the end of a two
week vacation he felt like he was not alone in the house during the day.  He
heard doors opening and closing and footsteps as well.  Since then, he
brushed off the topic when we brought it up.  This weekend, he made a
confession.  He recently was waiting for my brother to stop by on his way
home from vacation.  Dad was in the bathroom, and heard the distinct sound of
someone right there opening our front door and taking off their shoes.  That
was all he heard, and could not believe it when he found no one in the house
or in the driveway!  He's not as skeptical as he used to be.
A few months ago, my brother was alone in my parent's house while visiting
them.  He swears he smelt my grandfather's pipe (no one was home and no one
there smokes, anyway).  He asked my grandfather to show himself but it didn't
happen, and never has.  A few minutes later, the mailman came.  In the mail
was a letter addressed to my grandfather (who never lived at our house).  It
was from the church asking for a donation, and included a prayer for the
dead.  Sorry this is so long, but reading these stories has made me feel like
we are not completely crazy with these experiences.

An Entity in Woodstock N.Y.

Now, before you jump to conclusions, I was visiting
Woodstock back in 1995 on a sunday drive with my
husband. No partys, no drugs, no "Woodstock Fest".
Just my husband and myself, enjoying the historical
area on a sunday drive in July. (Woodstock is about
1&1/2 hours from where I lived)
We were walking down the main street through town, and
I saw a shop that the sign read "Herbs/Health Food",
and asked my husband if we could stop and go inside. I
wanted to find a vegetarian cookbook, since I was a
moderately new vegetarian. It was around 90 degrees
outside and the store's door was propped open, with no
air conditioning. When I walked in the store, the last
thing I saw was a small tower of homemade fudge for
sale, and then I couldn't see. Not the funny greenish
black from being in a bright area and then trying to
see in the dark, but fully blind. I was hit by a wall
of frigid cold, and I was attacked by a raging evil
thing that tried to crush my heart to kill me. It was
so angry- just pure evil. My heart stopped completely
and I grabbed at the doorway in terror, running out to
the sidewalk (my husband later said that I lurched and
allmost fell). I couldn't speak, I was freezing, and
shaking violently. My husband had to help me walk and
hold me up, and he noticed that I was like an ice cube
to the touch. It made no sense, freezing in 90 degree
weather in July. My lips were blue with the cold. When
I could speak, I had him help me leave the store front
as quickly as possible. It took me half an hour for my
body to get back to normal temperatures.
I hadn't known that there was a psychic/seance
woorkshop room above the store until we were leaving
town to go home, when my husband told me. My guess is
that something went wrong there, and it didn't like
I don't know- I never went back. Since then, the
health food store and psychic studio were closed, and
other businesses have moved in. As for the location,
it was on the left side of the town if you arrived
from the highway, about 2/3 way through the main road.

Can't Move

 I read about
sleep paralysis on your webpage, and that is what I
can come up with as far as discerning what happened to
me. I was lying in bed around 1pm in the afternoon,
which to me is a very strange time to experience
apparitions.  I was laying in the bed for a few
minutes, getting ready to get up, but I just didn't
feel like I wanted to get up just yet. I heard the
door to my living room open and shut so I thought it
was my dad coming home in the afternoon just to visit
my dog. I didn't hear his voice so I knew it wasn't
him. I was still laying there when I opened my eyes
and saw a small boy...maybe 5 or 6 years old with dark
black hair walking towards me. I couldn't clearly see
his face...just an image. I couldn't move nor could I
say anything. At first I thought it was my niece, but
then I realized it couldn't possibly be. I didn't know
what to do. It kept walking towards me and climbed
over me. (I was laying sideways facing left towards my
door.) All of a sudden I felt it playing with my rubbing my hairline like someone would who
is comforting you. I realized that this isn't
conceivably possible and I turned quickly. It was no
longer there. Every hair was standing up on my body. I
knew something was in there because I could feel it. I
jumped up and ran. I then left the house. I prayed
that night and asked it never to return again. I
haven't seen it so maybe it's gone. For some reason my
sister says it could have been my guardian angel. I
was going through a rough time at that point in my
life, but I really don't know what it was. I made a
mistake a few days earlier talking with my friends
saying that it wouldn't be so bad to actually see a
ghost. Let's just say I made a big mistake. It scared
me so badly. The weird thing is, I believe in A god,
but I'm not a Christian. Agnostic, maybe. That better
describes me. Anything you can suggest to let me know
what you think would ease my mind a little. I've
always been scared to sleep in that room since. It's
in my parent's house, the room that I grew up in, but
now I'm away at college and have been for 2 years.

Old Bloomington Junior High School


Myself and a friend were wanting to go to the old JHS. I heard it
was haunted by a boy who had died there. I can't remember the cause of death.
Anyway, I thought that I would say out loud, "If there is someone here, make yourself known.A minute later, we heard tennis shoes squeaking on the floor. We ran
screaming, out of there. Several years later I went back, and I had
another encounter. This was in the gym as well. I went to ask if I could journey the
4 levels of the school, since it was being made over. I had felt a numerous amount cold spots, and had heard children laughing and playing when there was none around.
They had turned the classrooms into different offices for different businesses.
I had a talk with one guy that was working there at the time, and asked him about
any strange happenings. He said there has been some sightings and noises, but that is all
he would tell me. He also said that other people had witnesses figures walking around in the hallway.It is an old JHS. My mom and her brothers and sisters went there. I am 26 now, and this was brought to my attention when I was 16. I also attended the school for my 7th Grade year. It is reported that the cafeteria and the swimming pool area is haunted as well. You  should check in to this. I think that I may be the first person to write about the school, that has stood formany decades. Thank you very much for listening, I feel better now that I know others know about the school. Not many people believe it, but it is true. I have witnesses.

1990 Haunting


In 1986 my mother and father moved us to an old house in Ohio which sat
alongside Lake Erie.  The house was about 120 years old and my parents
quickly restored it.  It was a huge old house with old plumbing and squeaky
wood floors.  My younger brother and sister who were 8 and 12 years of age at
the time claimed to see ghosts all of the time.  Once in 1989 a family friend
slept over, she had been sleeping in an upstairs bedroom when we all heard
her screaming to the top of her lungs.  We found her downstairs on the couch
crying and screaming uncontrollably.  She swears that a women woke her up and
chased her down the stairs.  I still was not a believer  until June of 1990
when I was sleeping, I awoke to find a middle aged man, about 35 years old
standing front of my window and it appeared that he was writing.  I quickly
tried to wake up, because I thought I was dreaming, needless to say he only
became more clear.  I shoved my head under the covers and remained there
until morning.  The next morning my little sister was complaining to my
mother.  i went to see what the fuss was about and found out that my little
brother and seen something in his room,.  When I asked the young boy what it
was he saw, he said there was a man sitting at his desk, which was located
next to his window, and was staring out the window writing.  I never slept in
the house again.  I moved out immediately.

A Little Story


hi i'm Kim Pettella from cumberland Rhode Island and i have a story for you.
When i was a freshman in high school, i took Drama 1 and had a great teacher.
she told us a story about how when she herself was a teenager she went to
Foster, Rhode Island to this supposedly haunted road. She had an incredible
experience that i'll share with you to the best of my memory.
they drove up the street which is very narrow and totally dirt( i've taken
many trips up there myself after hearing the story) and stopped on top of a
hill that was in front of the house that was supposed to be haunted. as they
turned the car off they waited. they began to see sparks in back of the car
so they attempted to turn the car back on to drive away, but the car wouldn't
start. this is kind of hrad to believe, but they saw a glowing head( this
part is a little out there) float by the car and suddenly the car turned on
and they drove off.  they had a tape recorder in the back of the car so they
could tape any noises that they heard. the tape player first had their
voices, but a different conversation on it, they rewond it, and it was not
them taking anymore but someone else, every time they rewond it, it was a
different conversaton, with different voices. once mrs Frap became a teacher,
she started to tell this story to her students. a group of them decided to
go. so a small group of guys took a van, and a lot of film with them and
slept the night on the road. they saw nothing and heard nothing unusual. but
when they got the pictures back, they saw one picture with a man sticking his
head out from the van, another of a tornado, and another into the woods of
hundreds of red eyes.
i went down there myself a few times. ive seen a face appear on the side of
the house, a man in my rearview mirror who was never actually there and hear
moaning coming from all angles. it is a very creepy place. definatly haunted.

My Ghost Story


well i live in by akron and twinsburg ohio. we live right by a cemetary, and
well, my two friends and I don't find it creepy or anything so we like to
walk around back there. One day in in November we were walking in the
graveyard with some kids who were at an early christmas party. Out of no
where one of the girls screamed, when we asked her what had happened, she
said that she heard a voice and out of the corner of her eye she saw this
tall, black shrouded, man. When she had looked right at the creature it was
gone. We went back to the house then. Maybe a week later Lily, Alexa and I
went back into the cemetary and were looking at the headstones when Lily
stopped walking and asked us if we had seen a man standing over on the hill
in all black. We said no and dismmissed it as nothing odd. She propably just
saw a shadow. Well this continued only that it seemed to be moving closer.
Then I stopped, I had this errie feeling that someone was watching me,
staring right through me, I turned slowly and breathing hard to see this same
dark, tall creature. I screamed and ran back to the house.Lily and Alexa were
close on my trail when I heard a rushing noise, then i was in Alexa's yard
and the noise stopped abrubtly. This has happend many times and each
different if anyone knows how to keep this spirit away,

Chilling True Story


     I never believed in ghosts, I always thought that they were
mindless and foolish.  That is until I encountered one myself.  Here is
the story...
    When I was a boy, around the age of 14, our family took a trip to an
old house in Virginia that used to be my great-great-great
grandfathers.  In fact it was a station on the "Underground Railroad".
Well, anyways, my mother and father were very interested in all the
"historic" factors of the house, I loved to explore all the little nooks
and crannies that were used to hide run-away slaves.
    While I was looking around in one of these little hide-outs (the
one  behind the pantry) I came across a small bone, about the size of a
worn pencil, I had no idea what significance this sovenier meant until
later that night.  For now I just put it in my pocket and hurried off to
find my mother and father.
    Well, that night I awoke when a sharp pain in my arm suddenly jarred
my sleep.  I instantly sat up and next to me was a tall black woman, who
frightened me very much...( I guess it was because she was slightly
transparent) She pulled me by the arm back to the hide-out behind the
pantry.  She then explained that she had died here many years before
when she had been found by the "slave-catchers" and had been stabbed to
death, they left her body there to rot while my great-great-great
grandfather was hanged for being a conducter on the "Underground
Railroad".  She then pointed to a dark corner of the tiny room, I
followed her "command" and looked to see what she needed, to my
astonishment, there was a full skeleton sitting among a pile of thin
rags, I noticed that one of the finger boness was missing, but I
instantly knew where to find it.  I reached into my pocket and there it
was, I placed it by the pile of bones and silently listened as the woman
gave me her final command and plea.
    She said that she promised her family that she would never rest
until the day she was free, so, her question was if I would take her
skeleton to the"north" (we now know this as New England) and give her a
proper burial. Of course, I would not turn down this plea, I mean who
would say no to a ghost? So the next morning I told my parents the story
and of course they didn't believe me but they agreed to have the police
take the body with us to our home in New York. The woman was buried, and
her promise to her family had been accomplished.
    I only saw this woman once more in all my years, the night she was
buried, I had a dream, and in the dream I only saw her for an instant,
she just smiled and nodded and I knew right then that she could finally

Indian Friend


  HI I am 11years and have had many ecounters but I only have time for one.Once I was staying the night with a friend when  all of a sudden this object appeared it got closer and closer and I couldn't tell what it was until it came to my right side.It was an Indian girl about13years old she was mumbling something but I couldn't understand what she was saying so I  said to my friend what is she saying?So my friend Katie which isn't a chicken like me said speak up to the girl and she spoke up! She said they have my parents and she started to cry so we calmed her down and she told us that they killed her parents.So we became frightened but we found out it was along time ago and they would'nt come after us.The next day we did  some research on her house and found out her house was built on an old Indian camp and a small family was killed by white men.When the girl came back we told her what happened and needless to say I guess she found her unfinished business.

Jolly Roger Hotel Ghost


Hi, I was recently in Wildwood NJ and stayed in a hotel called the Jolly
Roger.  I was sleeping on the sofa bed in the earlier morning hours when I
felt someone sit next to me on the bed. (ya know that feeling when like only
a part of the bed moves).  Well I knew that I didn't hear anyone walk in the
room but I figured I'd turn over anyway to see if someone came in so quietly
that I didn't hear them.  When I turned over there was nothing there.  The
first thing I did was wave my hand in the area I felt the movement from.
When I felt nothing I looked down on the sheets.  Sure enough there was a
small print in the sheets that looks like when you sit on a bed.  I wasn't
scared, just kinda weirded out.  I dont know what it was but I think later in
the vacation it was messing with me turning the lights on after I'd turn them
off and taking my room key out of my purse and putting it on the floor right
in front of me.  Not enough to drive me nuts but a little on the strange
    well I love your site and can read it for hours.  This story isn't half
as good as the ones you ahve but I figured I'd put in my info.  Thanks for


A Few Things I've Experienced

My mother has seen ghosts (her dead aunt visiting and comforting her), and
has always had "feelings". Two times stick out in my memory. The first one
happened when my older sister was about 16, her boyfriend wanted her to come
along cruising the lakes in South Minneapolis, but my mom wouldn't let her,
and couldn't give a "logical" reason why not. There was a huge screaming
fight, but Mom prevailed (as usual). Later, we learned that the boyfriend
had crashed the car and the person in the front passenger seat was in a coma
and later died. My sister would have been sitting there if she had been
allowed to go.
Another time, when I was about 12 or 13, I had been invited by some
girlfriends to go and see "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and spend the night at
my friend's house. The friend's mom had agreed to chaperone the party, so
all seemed kosher. Mom adamantly refused to let me go. After much crying and
pointing out that we would be in the company of a responsible adult, blah
blah blah, Mom agreed that I could go to the movie, but could not sleep
over. I pouted, but took what I could get. I went home at about 2:30 am
after the movie. Well, I called my friend's house the next day to find out
what I had missed and found out that my friends had been molested early in
the morning by a young man who had let himself in the unlocked front door!
(We later learned that it was the mentally handicapped paperboy. Since that
incident, I always obey my mother's "feelings" -- If she suggests something
is not a good idea, and has no logical explanation, I just don't do it!
On to the present, I recently (9 months ago) moved into a house with 3 other
people. I haven't seen or heard anything really scary, but some unusual
things have come to my attention. We have two dogs and two cats, and we have
all seen all four animals concentrate on one particular corner of the living
room, up near the ceiling in the entryway. This has happened several times.
No vocalization, cold spot, or anything, just four critters staring at the
same corner of the ceiling. Upon investigation, there are never any shadows,
insects, cobwebs, or anything in that corner. Before we moved in, we
"cleansed" the house with a smudge stick, and we still have some left, so
one of my housemates burned it in that corner for a few minutes with the
front door open, and the animals stopped concentrating on it for a while. A
couple of months later it happened again, we cleansed it, and it went away.
(an aside, as I was writing this, I heard the screen door open and close. A
very distinct sound, a latch-squeak-latch sound. Could have been my
imagination - so many ghost stories!)
Lastly, I have smelled a "phantom odor" in our upstairs bathroom. It smells
like a cold wood fire, you know, after the fire goes out and there's
half-burned logs laying there still smelling of smoke. We don't have a
fireplace, nor do any of our neighbors on the block as far as I know. It's a
really stale-smelling smokey odor. It comes and goes. For about a week maybe
in April or May, it was really strong, like someone had left a pile of
smokey clothes from a bonfire or camping in the bathroom, but there were no
clothes or even dirty towels left in there. I was curious about the smell,
so I sniffed around the room and it seemed to be centered in the room,
slightly closer to the East side, but definitely not coming from the window
over the bathtub or the closet just to the south of the tub. (I sniffed
those areas first). I asked my housemates to come in and sniff, but they
were unable to smell anything, even when the smell was very strong to me.
Since then it's come back intermittently, but not as strong. I am unable to
determine any cause for the smell, I just wrote it off until I started
reading other people's stories about phantom smells. As far as I know, our
house has never burned or anything. I still have no explanation for it.
Any questions, please feel free to email me, although I haven't had any
direct contact with "the spirit world" I do believe that they are all around us.

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