Spirits of Scotland

By: aliciam@isense.com

My experience with the paranormal happened in March of this year.  My friend and I had traveled to Scotland for vacation, and were staying in various places throughout the country as we journeyed along. One night we stayed in Stirling, at a youth  hostel that was adjacent to Stirling Castle. The hostel had been converted from a church, which was large and quite lovely (although churches usually give me the creeps).Upon entering the hostel, I noticed that there were graves in the yard right  next to the hostel building. A few of them actually propped up against the wall. This was a bit unsettling to me, but remembering that the hostel had once been a church, I accepted it and moved on. We had arrived late that night and we were starving, so we started to get ready to go out for dinner. My friend went downstairs to settle our bill, and I went to the sink and began to wash my face.  We were staying in a dorm style room with bunk beds, and the sink was located in the main room where we slept. The shower and the toilet were each separate, and on opposite sides of the entry hallway into the room.  As I was washing my face, I heard a woman's voice moaning. I looked up into the mirror and saw in the reflection the head of a woman hanging upside from the ceiling where the toilet was. I could not see her face, but she was swinging her head from side to side, moaning and swishing her long brown hair around like a horse would his tail. Simultaneously, the ceiling tiles were shaking. I was so frightened, I flew out the door and down the hallway, screaming for my friend, who was already skipping flights of stairs frantically to get to me. His first thought was that someone was attacking me but as soon as he saw me he knew something was terribly wrong. We stood outside the door, and in between hysterical sobs and suds sliding down my face, I tried to explain to him what I saw and that there was no way in hell I was going back in there. At this point, people started becoming curious and began to  poke their heads out of their rooms. We went back into the room and I began to explain to my friend again what I had seen and what had happened. As soon as I started to tell him what went on, we heard this low wail, the same one i had heard earlier, and the ceiling tiles started to shake again. My friend (quite the skeptic I might add) turned pale and screamed "Let's get the !@#$ out of here!" I was already out the door, soap still on my face. We ended up going to a resteraunt, but we drank more than we ate. My friend, who hates alcohol, drank 3 beers. We went back to the room, and slept in shifts. I really didnt sleep much at all, quite frankly, and in retrospect I would have gotten a better nights sleep in the car!

Scary Stuff

By: caligurl89@yahoo.com

This is my ghost experience. I'm 11 year old girl and
I do believe in ghosts. One night I was going to find
something to drink. And then I saw a black creature
that looked like a cat and a chihuaua combined. Now I
have a dark grey cat. But he NEVER comes to me. Well
the catdog thing snuggled against me and the minute I
turned the thing dissapeared. But my parents can't see
this thing. The next day at the same time I saw the
thing I heard a low pitched howl in my room. I was
half asleep when I heard that and I thought it was my
neighbors dog. I looked out my window and I saw no
dogs but I saw a circular shape. I thought it was and
orb. And it was. So I freaked out and slept in the
living room near my dad. The day after that I took a
picture of my mom with an I-Zone camera. I saw smoke
and a flashing string on the photo. Half of me said
that was an error on the film and the other half said
it was paranormal. I threw that photo away because it
freaks me out. I don't want to get rid of the
ghost/demon or move because I think my parents will
send me to the funny farm.

Bumps in the Night at Fremantle Prison


In May 2000 myself and my wife visited WA for a 2 week holiday and in the second week as we headed south to the wine region  we stopped in Fremantle for two nights. After travelling around the town for while we made an enquiry at a bed and breakfast and were told there wer no rooms available but we could rent a cottage. We agreed to take a look and after seeing the pleasant cottages up on the hill near the prison entrance, decided to stay there and paid in advance.After unpacking our kit we headed into town to do some shopping and during our visit to a clothes store we got chatting to an assistant and during our conversation we discussed where we were staying and commented it might be a bit spooky. The girl replied that she had heard the cottages were haunted by ex convicts but not to worry because all they do is stare at you. Rather disconcerted we asked who had told her and she replied that her brother-in-law ? (I'm not sure) stayed there during renovations at the prison. We laughed nervously and left with the shopping.By 10-o-clock and after a few beers we nervously returned to our gloomy cottage and were quite relieved to find nothing waiting for us. We setttled down in the big cast iron bed for sleep (but left a small light on). Suddenly at about 5-o-clock the next moring we both awoke at the same time - it was quiet initially. Suddenly a loud resounding bell sounded somewhere outside and was followed by the sounds of metal on stone. Convicts breaking rocks ? - we didnt look outside to find out. The sounds continued for a few minutes and ended as suddenly as they began. We drifted off to sleep after while. The nexy day we discussed what had occurred and between us rationalised the experience. Wed been spooked by the girl in the shop, the booze had disturbed our sleep and the noises had been caused by someone nearby. We went to Rottnest for the day and returned determined to spend a happy evening in the cottage. After eating in the kitchen we settled on the sofa to watch
 TV and did nt drink any alcohol. About half way through The Bill there was a resounding crash which sounded like someone had violently kicked the back yard door. We looked at each other but neither of us wanted to investigate as the back door only led to a high walled yard abutting the prison wall. Unhappy but determined we went to bed and this time I put my ear plugs in to avoid the sounds of the chain gang. Suddenly again it was 5am and we were both awake. I was rather annoyed and determined to sleep and my wife tried also. Suddenly I felt the bed shaking as if someone were holding the frame and pushing it. This stopped after a short while and then, according to my wife, the bell and chain gang started again. Eventually we slept again and awoke mid morning relieved to move out.
Both of us liked Fremantle but we would nt stay in those cottages again even if we were paid to. Plenty of people have tried to tell us it was our imagination fired by the shop girls story, due to drinking or earth tremors - but to us it was plain spooky. If someone else knows the reasons for our experiences, knows that the girl was bullshitting us or can confirm the hauntings, please write back to me at pjthk@netvigator.com or pjthk@mailcity.com

I Became A Believer

By: barnacleboy@mindspring.com

    My name is Paul Kepp, and the summer when I was 13, my mother and I bought a house in North Lima, Ohio and I was more than excited to see it.  When we pulled up I ran inside the house to find a deserted house with no furniter; no nothing.  Naturally I wanted to get a feeling for the house and I began exploring the house.  The layout was like this, you had a screen door that was in the back of the house (the main entrance we used) and led into the kitchen, to your right and in front of you was a door that led to the basement (a place I never ventured in my entire time (three months) in the house.) and to the far right was a door that led to my room and to the right of that was the bathroom.  Going the other way through the kitchen takes you to the dining room and the living room was next to that in an open area and then that led back to my room on the other side. (a complete circle)  Between the living and dining room was the main door (That ended up being blocked by furniture, go figure) and opposite of that were the steps that led upstairs.  a good amount of steps would come to a small square that would turn 180 and the stops would go up the other way.  At the top there was a room that was on the left (my moms), a room to my right (my Aunt's), and a center room (storage).  I first went inside the middle room and I looked out the window and I immediately got hte feeling like somoene was behind me and it gave me a very threatening feeling, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I bolted outside.  This experience was 5 years ago and I can't tell what
happened first, last, et cetera, but among the things I encountered were footsteps at night that would last for quite awhile almost everynight.  I once found a coke can crushed and sitting at the first step leading upstairs, I had one of those push-button TV's that went haywire (the button's pushed themselves) while playing Nintendo. I had a cat that would sit at the base of the steps and peer upstairs for the longest time.  I'm pretty sure it was almost every night I spent in my mom's room and one night I seen a spectre of a farmer mumbling (I was surprised that no photo's on your site showed a complete person but this is what I saw and it scared me .) I may be forgetting an experience or two but those were the big ones; my aunt experienced her bed moving and layed down her keys and turned around to grab them and they were gone.  My mother seen everything in the storage room in disarray with paper everywhere, she also had a skeleton key pushed into her hand while sleeping. This was my only experience with a haunting but it made a believer out of me.

A Haunted Staircase and Old Doll

By: Elizabeth@verrill.net

My first story takes place when I was about five (I am 14 now) and living in
an old, eighteenth century house in Preston, Connecticut. My older sister
and I were watching Saturday Night Live in her room while my parents were
out to eat. There was the front staircase which we hardly ever used, and it
went down to three doors. The door in front of you went ouside, the door to
your left went to the dining room, and the one on the right went into my
dad's study. There was a shelf that went along side the stairs that had a
few encylopedias on it. Well, my sister and I were watching the show when
all of a sudden we heard loud thumping that went down the stairs. We looked
at each other, and we were scared, but we decided it must have been that one
of the books had fallen (though how we had no idea). We ran over to the door
that led to the stairs and opened it, but there was nothing there. There
were no books misplaced, but we had the erie feeling we were being watched.
The scariest part was when our big Akita, Koko, went halfway down the stairs
and was growling, very menacingly, and she was in a dog's threat posture.
Then, without warning, she made a kind of choked off whimper and ran
upstairs. Now, this dog was huge, and not afraid to growl at anything or
anyone, but something really scared her. My sister and I reflected later,
and we both agreed that the thumps sounded more like footsteps than books
falling. We thought it might have been a burgler, but nothing was missing
when our parents got home, and no one was found in the house. Plus, my
sister and I would have heard it if someone moved in either of the two rooms
or we would have seen someone outside, but nothing was out of the ordinary.
We told my parents about it, but they laughed it off. A few days later, my
sister, her best friend Melanie, and I were outside playing softball in our
backyard when somehow, we all looked up at the attic window at the same
time. We all saw the face of a girl, but in was only there for about
two-three seconds. There were some other weird occurences, but those were
the most vivid and strangest.
 My next story is actually my friend Jordanna's. This girl is the
most honest person you could ever hope to meet, and she is sooo sweet and
caring that a lot of people take advantage of her. She has no reason to make
this up and she even has proof.
 Her mother always buys her old dolls from antique shops and they are
displayed in her room. She picked up one doll and told us about it. It's
ugly, and possessed, it seems. She had a few friends sleep over one night,
and they were mucking around with walkie-talkies one of them brought over.
One of the girls left one upstairs turned on because she had to go to the
bathroom, and while she was gone, a weird, childish voice was heard talking
over into the 'talkie. Jordanna and her friend thought it was the other
girl, but when they went upstairs to look, the girl was in the bathroom and
the 'talkie was in Jordanna's bedroom. The ugly doll was standing right next
to the 'talkie, and that doll was not there when the girl put it down.
Another thing happened when the girls were leaving: they were going to
another girls' house and Jordanna was with them. They were waving to
Jordanna's mom when they all saw the doll standing in the window with it's
hand up, like it was waving. All of the girls said they had not done it, and
Jordanna's mom wouldn't have, because she's not into that sort of thing.
 One day when Jordanna was cleaning her room, she knocked the doll
over and the back of its head busted open. A third eye was in the head,
staring out the back just as normally as any regular doll's eye. She showed
us the eye that was still in the head, as proof for her story. Her mom won't
let her throw the doll away because it is an antique. This may sound really
strange (though not as strange as the rest of this story), but Jordanna made
up rules for the doll. It can only come to life when a thousand people are
in the house all at once, so needless to say, it shouldn't be waking up
anytime soon. But when we (two of my friends and I) were in Jordanna's room
at one point, BEFORE she told us this story, we were looking at the doll and
fooling around with its hat. We put it on sideways so the feather was on the
right, and we are positive to this day that it was on the right. Jordanna
walked in and asked us what we were doing, and when we turned around to show
her what we were messing with, the feather was on the left side of the hat.
Jordanna told us the doll doesn't like to be played with, and then she told
us the story.

Eloise Hospital

By: erixmail@mediaone.net

    In the town of Wayne, MI (suburb of Detroit) there is a building
presently called The Kay Beard Center, operated by Wayne County Social
Services. This building had served as a mental asylum for women since
the 1930's, known as "Eloise Hospital" up until the 1990's. They
currently use only the bottom floor as a day care center and various
administrative offices.
    Employees have reported strange occurrances here - unknown people
walking about on the upper floors, talking, screaming. These reported
incidents had recently aroused the curiousity of a local TV station here
in Detroit, WXYZ Channel 7. They sent a camera crew along with
investigators in the paranormal to see if they had a story. They were
not disappointed.
    In addition to many eyewitness accounts, the paranormal
investigators shot dozens of polaroid photographs as the tour was being
conducted. Most photos revealed these little "orbs" floating around all
over the place. They then interviewed a photography expert to attempt to
explain these orbs. After examination, his conclusion was that the orbs
appearing in the photos were not of external origin but rather objects
present at the time of the photo. But perhaps the most compelling part
of this expose was the actual news footage shot out of one of the
windows towards an adjascent wing of the building (closed). One can
clearly see the face of a woman staring back from one of the upper floor
    Personally, I am often skeptical of local news content because they
tend to sensationalize, but with the evidence presented, I feel that
there was clearly something that could bear further investigation. The
area surrounding this building has a lot of unfortunate history, this
area also had served as a poor farm during the depression. There is also
a pauper's cemetary nearby of unmarked graves for its previous
    If you are interested, I could see about getting file footage on
this news article. I would also appreciate it if you could tell me if
you have ever received anything about "Eloise" from other visitors to
your web site.

A Tunnel of Trees

By:  Cleverbaggage@cs.com

there is a berry field in northwest washington state just north of bellingham.
in the middle of these feilds is a long stretch of gravel road .
a section of this road has very tall trees growing on both sides.
you can see through these trees into adjoining feilds.
ive walked this stretch of road my entire life, alone and with friends.
one  evening a friend and i were walking  home to my place when we noticed
something keeping stride with us on the other side of the trees. when we
stopped , it stopped.
we thought it might be one of the nieghbors out on a walk or one of the
neighbor kids messing around with us. as we continued we noticed it had no up
and down movement, and just glided across the ground. we got really freaked
out and bolted.
it was out of season so we ruled out a disgruntled berry worker.
this was the first of many more incidents that have occured  on this stretch
of road.
several others have claimed even more bizarre happenings.
i have a friend that to this day wont go back there alone, and  just plain
wont go at night.
if youre interested in stories from these people let me know and ill have
them put it down in there own words.

3 Life Experiences

By: Luvmychicas@aol.com

 There haven't been many weird things in my life, but these are weird. I'v
had three life experiences. 1 was when I was 11. I was over at a friend's
house to sleep over. I woke up that morning to a very cold sensation and a
hard time breathing. All of a sudden, an attractive woman appeared in old
maid's clothing. With her cold breath and English way of talking, she simply
stated to me, "Miss, you're going to need to get up. I need to do the
Your breakfast is on the table downstairs."Well, I went downstairs and said
puzzled in the state of sleepiness, " I didn't know you had a maid." Her
parents replied, "We don't. I soon found out I had the rare experience of
meeting the lady in black. My second experience was when I was 12. My father
and I knew a lady who owned an old civil war hospital. My dad and I wanted
to "ghost hunt". We got there late and were exhasted, so we went to bed. That
night, I woke up in the middle of the night to a large breasted woman asking
me if I was ok. ( We were in the old very extremely haunted emergency wing)
I said, "Yea. Thanks for asking." Soon after that she disappeared in a mist.
The next day, I told my dad and he totaly beleived me. We tried helping the
lady wash off some of the old bloodstaines and went downstairs to eat lunch.
When we came back up, they were back and there was fresh blood too. We all
screamed and ran downstaires. I still continue to go there to do "research".
My 3 experience was a Oijia board. Let's just say it was out of the

Two Diffrent Experiences with Ghosts

By: hudine@btinternet.com

Hi I'm 18, female and I live in Northern Ireland.

Living in Northern Ireland you grow up hearing ghost stories, and stories about lepracorns and fairies and stuff. I used to laugh at my granny when she talked about this stuff. As well as my freinds, heck there is an old ghost story about a headless drummer boy that wonders the grounds of mourne park (The local camping ground for school tips). It's said you can hear the drummer boy walking along still beating his drum. Well to show you how much I believed in this stuff I brought a tin bucket to the camp one day and drumed on it, and scared some 40 school kids and there teachers half to death.Well then I was with my dad at a friends house, in Nerwy, County Down. My friend was talking about leaving the house he was in. When I asked why he said that there was strange things happening in the house.Him and the wife would sit in the living room and hear footsteps upstairs, and someone walk down the stairs and out the front door. One time there was a music box in one of the daughters wardrobs and it started playing by it's self and scared the life out of her. Well they all thought she was playing tricks, so they boxed it up and put it in their wardrob. Well it was all boxed up and one night about a month later it played by it's self again. Of corse by this time me and my dad was laughing at them. I was sitting in a arm chair in the livving room, looking out at the stairs and the hallway leading to the front door (there is about 3 ft from one to the other). Well the next thing I know we can hear walking upstarirs, then going down the stairs, and the front door (witch I can remember locking) opend up by it's self. I would have saw someone oping the door and walking down the stairs from where I was sitting. I even looked upstairs no one there, looked at the door no wires, no sighns of trickary. Nothing. I've not been back in there since.The second time something happend to me. I was on vacation with my mum and brother. We were in Tunisa, at an old Roman amputhater. We were looking arond in the pit downstairs, and there was nothing unusal, untill we whent into one area. My, brother, mum (who by the way dosn't beleive this stuff either, still dosn't) and I all felt this bad feeling. We stop dead in our tracks in a suddent feelling of toatal
and utter terror, like we where about to die. My mum whanted to go further into the place and go up the steps there, but me and my bro was to scared, and ran like heck in the other direction. I was stupid I should have taken a photo with my digetal camra to see if anything turned up, but I was too scared.Well that's all that's happend to me personaly. Though my unchles naibours swore they saw him walking around the  backgaurden in the rain, 2 hours after he died.

My Haunted House

My: momagail@flash.net


Grandfathers Voice

By: Astrchld73@aol.com

Hello again... I am writing to tell you of another experience I had.. On the
fourth of July Our family always gets together. My Grandfather was always
into this holiday big time he always enjoyed his family being together.Last
year my grandfather passed away and since that has happened we have been
experiencing some happenings in my Grandmothers house.  It was about 8:00 pm
and it was getting dark out . In my Grandmothers house we didn't have any
lights on because it wasn't quite dark yet . I walked in the house by myself
and I need to go into the kitchen to clean up now, my Grandfather had a
bedroom where he would keep his clothes and personal items I walked passed
his room and I heard him say Hi Ang.. Like he always said my name,,, So i
really didn't get scared but I was sorta freaked out. I went outside and got
my Aunt Mary and she had her digital Camera, she took quite a few pics and in
a couple of the pictures there is fog... But in one picture inpaticularly the
is a form of a person and alot of faces in this photo I will send it to you
if you would like,,I believe it is my Grandfather aswell there is another
picture I have that you can clearly see him ..

Dark  Figure

By: TODDandCo5@aol.com

   Hi I am From California and would like to share my experiences with some
people. I have experienced some terrifying ghostlike figures in my small
house of C.A. I remember the quit night I was with my mother watching "Gone
With The Wind." My father left for a baseball game about 2 hours earlyer. He
took both of my brothers with him. My mother and I  had gone to bed. about 5
minutes later I saw the kitchen light go on. I thought, "Oh there my dad is!"
I was soooo excited that he had come home for we had started to get worried
about him. approximently 3 minutes later my father still hadn't come up the
hallway. It was a nice one story house. I called his name ancously waiting
for him to tuck me in. Then the light went out.

McCormick county SC

By: Cybella19@aol.com

Two of my friends and I went to this abondoned church in McCormick county Sc.
They started acting alittle crazy as we neared an abondoned church, you know
the type abondon with a graveyard right next to it? Well I pulled into the
parking lot and refused to get out of the car...we where miles away from
anyone if we needed help and it was the middle of the night. Well this was a
windless and cloudness night but, I felt like we where being watched. And had
a strange feeling about being there. I wanted to leave and told my friends
that, but they decided they wanted to have some "fun " first one of them
light a couple of candles. And after a few minutes of being let the went out
on their own. Liek I said this was a windless night. Well after a few minutes
of me watchinmgg them act crazy I started my car up and was about to leave
them there, I looked out the window and saw an outline of a figure in the
sky. My friends saw it to and started running back to the car one of them was
pushed down but made it to the car without any injures. After we started back
home the other one felt something ice cold gripping her neck. I have never
been back to the cemetery more or less want to. After all this had happened I
found out from a old friend of mine (which was not there that night) that the
church and graveyard where infact haunted. After what happened to me and my
two friends I believe it

Haunted Places in PA

By: Tkestral@hotmail.com

i was recently checking out your Haunted Places PA page. I saw an entry on
the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, that reminded me of my own
personal experiences with ghosts at the campus.
About 3 years ago, myself, my twin sister, our friends Ashley, Jackie, and
Michelle were staying at the college during a summer music camp. We met
Michelle at the camp, she was my sister's roommate, and we grew to be good
One night, we were hanging out in barb and michelles dorm room, and since we
were coincidentally all practicing Wiccans, we decided to excercise our
psychic abilities. That night, Michelle, Jackie, and Ashley all succesfully
astral-projected. For those of you unfamiliar with the practice, it's where
you're astral body, (your mind, your spirit, your soul, whatever you wish to
call it.) leaves the body, andyou (in astral form) are free to project
around, see things some people can't (as we found out) and more or less
exist on a different plane of consciousness.
During one of Michelle's foray into the astral plane, she travelled into the
Pasquerella Preforming Arts Center's (PPAC) basement. She describes feeling
a horrible, terrible, terrorizing 'blackness' oozing from the walls. In real
life, she sat up from the bed, got up, and started walking. She had a pained
expression on her face, but other than that her face showed no sign of being
awake. She walked towards the dorm door, and, basically, scared the living
crap out of all of us. We screamed her name, clapped, yelled at her to wake
up, and finally, touched her. The rule of Astral projecting is to never
touch the person, it can jerk the astral body back into the physical and can
'shock' the person. The second we touched Michelle she fell limp and
immediately, wihtout a second of pause or hesitation, started crying harder
than i've ever seen anyone cry. We packed up our tools and went to sleep. No
one wanted to, but we had to be awake early for class.
A year later, we were back on the campus for the same music camp. Michelle
was not at the camp that year, and Jackie wasn't staying over night, so we
really didn't delve into astral projecting or anything.. but that didn't
stop anything. After dinner, local talents held recitals in the PPAC.
Typically, we fell asleep. Just before dozing off, i remember the theatre
turning ice cold. Now, it's an air conditioned building and it was quite
chilly in the first place, but the temperature  dropped significantly. i
noted the occurance but didn't feel the need to discuss it.
Later, in barb and ashly's dorm room, she told us she'd seen a ghost sitting
in the PPAC, not near anyone, sitting quietly. She was
sitting still, older than the students but younger than the teachers, with
curly, red-blondish hair. And she was slightly transparent. At first none of
us believed ashley, she really didn't beleive herself, she'd been nodding
off to sleep like the rest of us. The next day, she saw her again.
Throughout the week, Ashley saw her about twice a day. In a backstage room
in the PPAC, Ashley had a camera, filming tge ckass experimenting with
makeup-bruises. No one was around the table, and the camera was sitting in
her backpack in the middle of the table. The camera and backpack was pushed
onto the floor. It was fine, and the next week, ashley reviewed the tape to
find a shadow in the corner of the mirror where she is assured nothing could
have reflected or walked past the mirror. Unfortunately, this spooky
videotape was recorded over with footage from her kid brothers baseball
game. I've never seen the tape, but ashley is not the kind of person to joke
about these matters.
Throughout the week, ashley took note of the ghost. Her name was Jenny. She
had curly, reddish-blond hair, freckles, was tall, and appeared to be in her
20's. She was not limited to the PPAC, she was also seen walking the
sidewalks and pathways through the woods, near the Living and Leaning
Center. Ashley also recalls seeing dark spots on Jenny's wrists, could
possibly be slit marks.
Not much else has happened since then, but the camp continues this year,
next week, actually. If anything supernatural should occur, i'll be sure to
tell you. I hope my account could contribute to your webpages, i assure you
everything i've said is, to the best of my knowledge, completely true and
told to the best of my abilities. If my story sounds hokey or fake, that's
just my way of writing and i apologize. Well, happy hunting,

Want to Touch the Baby

By: kdcbmc@hotmail.com

I don't really know where to begin.  I guess it all started before I was
born.  I was going through a really rough time in my life, getting into
trouble, and my parents sat me down and had a talk with me that was probably
long overdue.  My father had his own experience for several years, and so
there has been a history of experiences in my family.  My mother told me
that when she was approximately 7 months pregnant with me, she and my father
were staying at my grandparent's house for the weekend, and she awoke out of
a dead sleep one night to discover an apparition standing beside her bed,
and saw hands reaching for her stomach.  She swears up and down that she was
not dreaming, because she felt the cold that people always talk about.  It
scared the living daylights out of her.  She didn't know if it was something
to be concerned about, or if it was maybe one of our deceased family members
that just wanted to "touch the baby".  Everyone always talks about guardian
angels, and I believe in it.  I think everyone has a guardian angel.  Both
of my parents had an experience when I was born.  But it is hard to
determine whether or not it was a good one.  From my father's account, he
said it was like there was someone standing right beside him, whispering
into his ear, that I was different somehow, and that if I was not taken care
of and watched every minute, that I would never live to be an adult.  I
don't know what this means.  I am now almost 24 years old, and have had
several experiences in my life that probably shouldn't have turned out as
good as they did.  Is it luck?  I believe that someone was watching over me.
  When I was a baby, my parents built a house.  Being newly built, obviously
no one had lived there before, so there was no history of any death in the
house, or anything.  But, there was something in that house.  My father
thinks that it was the same spirit that had been in his life for years.  My
mother is very sensitive to things like that, so she always knows if there
is something not quite right.  There was a spirit of some kind in the house,
but I was so young that I don't remember anything about it, I can only go by
what my parents tell me.  My father was the main one that this spirit seemed
to connect to, or whatever it is that spirits do.  He states that he can
remember this spirit being there from his earlies memories, so apparently,
it had been hanging around for quite some time.  I don't really know how
long it was in the house, I just remember my mother telling me that one day,
after my father was gone to work, and my sister and I were gone to school,
she was home alone, and felt that there was something in the room with her.
She said it felt like there were pins and needles down her neck, and had
this chill just run through her body.  She just got scared enough that she
stood up and started yelling at whoever, or whatever it was to leave her
house, and leave her and her family alone, and she said since then, she
hasn't had any experiences with it.  There was a time when they were renting
a house until the house that they were buying became vacant, and my mother
would not go downstairs by herself.  She wouldn't even open the door to the
basement, unless there was someone there with her.  They even had our priest
come over to bless the house.  Mom said that the first time they ever looked
at the house, she knew there was something there.  Is there some reason why
my entire family would have these experiences?  Why my parents were always
scared to death that something was going to take me from them before "my
time"?  I, myself, have never had any true experiences, or sightings, only
that every once in a while, I think I hear someone whistling.  It's a
familiar tune, and always the same, but I couldn't whistle it myself.  It's
like as soon as it stops, I forget the tune.  I wish I would have a true
experience.  I would love to be able to tell my family the answer to all of
the questions that they have had over the years.  My father wrote a story
about his experiences that I have not read.  I think it's time I dig it out.
  If I read it, and find that it may be something that you are interested
in, I'll send you a snippit or two.  Thanks for listening.

Confirmed Sighting

By: WaNtEd4eV@aol.com

hey this one time i was at a the boltons mansion which is in levittown pa me
and my friend justine saw a little girl looking out of the window and she had
a bright light coming from either side of her. we got scared because nobody
lives there and we ran home. we went on line and was looking up ghosts and we
saw a web site about how a little girl and her father once lived there and
they were both bruatlly murdered. that was a fright fest for me and her.

 What's Waking Me

By: butlerange@hotmail.com

For a year or so I've been woken up by something or someone in my room. It
doesn't matter where I live or how long I've lived there, I'm always woken
up by the same presence. The most recent started a couple of months ago. The
apartment that I'm currently living in is in Maryland. We've only been here
since January, 2000, we've moved down from Mass and are moving back next
month. But when I'm woken up by what ever it is that wakes me I see pieces
of the room are blurred but not distorted. Like seeing through glass that
has water on it. Usually there is only one or at least that's what I've only
seen, however last week I woke up to four figures all dressed in black
wearing black hats standing on my boyfriends side of the bed. When I saw
them, they seemed to be about 10ft away from the side of the bed. (There
isn't even five feet to the wall from that side of the bed) I sat straight
up and said "Chris! Wake up, don't you see them?!" I then made him switch
sides of the bed with me as if to protect him. I knew though that they would
hurt either of us. Chris didn't remember anything in the morning, didn't
even remember switching sides of the bed.
A couple of weeks before, particularly the night(3am) before my grandmother
died. (In Maine) I saw two different sized forms (first time in multiples).
The smaller one stayed closer to the side of the room that I was on and the
larger one on the side of the room that my sister was sleeping on. Again not
scared. I looked at them and whispered to watch over us and to go to my
grandmother who needed all the support she could get. The next day I learned
that my grandmother at three a.m. took another turn for the worst and later
died at 11:30 am.
I've talked to my mother and she believes these are forms of Angels and to
find away to talk to them. I've tried twice successfully, the second time
with my grandmother. The first time back here in Maryland, at night, again
woken up, I told them that I was "okay and happy. There are children right
now that really need you and you should go to them." I assume that they did
since I hadn't seen them since.
Now it is almost a weekly (no less than twice a week) occurrence. The last
time I really panicked and had to turn on lights to make sure what ever it
was wasn't there. It was just unexpected.
Now for the past couple of days I've been getting a "feeling" in certain
areas of the apartment. The bedroom's interior wall and the wall with the
central air conditioner is the strongest areas. I keep lights on in rooms
that I'm not in or that are near by so I don't have to go in to a dark room.
I also did this at my mother's house in Maine for several years until I
moved out. I used to turn on the living room lights which would light the
bottom of the stairs. Turn on the hallway lights to the stairs, go up and
turn on my bedroom light. Then I would go down and turn them off  in the
order that I turned them on just not to be in the dark. The same routine
would happen when I'd go to the bathroom not more than 5 feet way from my
room, but would have to go in to the hallway.
I hope I'm not creating these experiences or just dreaming them up. I know
I'm awake when all of this happens and it's making me really "jumpy". I get
startled easily and have problems sleeping.
My sister saw found your website looking for answers for since I have no
where to start. I don't know what books to look and want answers.
I hope you'll be able to point me in the right direction.
Your input is appreciated and hope to hear from you soon.

 Moving Spirits

By: Ibclever2@aol.com

At the risk of sounding certifiable I would like to share the following
personal story.  Let me introduce myself, my name is Shirley , I live
in Pico Riveria, California, its a suburb of Los Angeles. I teach religion
and honors algebra; as well as coordinate the Confirmation program at my
The experience I am about to share I have only shared with two other people.
I have never heard or read anything like what I am about to share.  Then
again I haven't searched a lot for similar experiences.  When I was 22 I got
a job teaching at the old abandoned Lincoln Heights Jail.  While I was still
in college.  My classroom was where the lawyers would visit with their
clients.  The building was eerie to say the least but we managed to make it
I am going to give you the conditions of the night.  This happened around
September or October 1972.  The night was crisp, windy, and there were white
clouds in the sky.  Three must have been a full moon because I could see the
clouds in the sky.
I had been studying and I decided to take a break I walked over to the front
room bay window and looked out just taking a mental break turned on the
stereo and looked out to see if I could see my cousin coming home.  I looked
up at the sky and was watching the clouds move into each other.  Then, I
began to see spirits, move across the sky.  Many of them.  No, I was not
drinking and I did not do drugs.  The reason I am sharing this with you is
because there is a picture of a Texas Chile contest with orbs.  This is
similar to the way the apparition were moving.  I recognized the what I saw
only I saw shapes: I could distinguish features.  Thinking it must be my
imagination I went back to studying, got ready for bed and then some time
later went back to the window.  Again I saw the same apparition.  I went
outside to see if I could see anyone projecting anything from the hills
around me.  I looked to see if I could see any film truck from Hollywood.
The next morning I bought the paper to see if anyone had written about what I
had seen.  Because the screen actors guild owned and operated out of the
second floor of the building I asked if they had shot a movie last night.
Nothing.  So up until now I have kept this experience pretty much to myself.
It is difficult for me to believe what I experienced.  It is even more
difficult for me to expect someone else to believe what I have just shared.
To this day when I look up at the sky at night I wonder if I will ever see
what I saw that evening.
Today is the first time I have every read the name of the types of
apparitions.  I did not see anything like what I saw in the photographs.  I
saw features, I could identify characteristics, like people from all eras in
life.  There form was more of a cloud.  The movement much like the picture
with the chilie contest.
I have one other personal experience.  But, I would like impute from you.
Have you ever heard of something like this.  Is this possible? Or do you
agree, it could have been Hollywood doing some type of trick photography?

 I Feel Him

By: kpsmiley@swbell.net

Here's my experience with a ghost, I think.. Could somebody please let
me know what they think?
Last fall, I woke up in the middle of the night, something quite strange
for me to do.  I could have sworn that I heard someone flipping through
the pages of one of my books across the room.  I had a gut feeling that
someone was in the room with me.  I didn't see anything, and upon
turning my lamp on didn't see anything either.  Nothing was out of
place.  I went back to sleep and that was it.
A few weeks later, I again woke up in the middle of the night and knew
someone was in bed with me.  It wasn't a big deal, I just thought "Oh,
he's laying behind me." and fell asleep again.  For some reason, it
didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary.  Again, I didn't see
anything or hear anything.
Nothing happened for a long time and then about a month ago, maybe 6
weeks ago, I was sitting at my computer and went to get in a more
comfortable position in my chair, which involved leaning forward for a
moment.  As soon as my back left the back of the chair, I felt a hand on
my shoulder.  Just for a split second, but I knew what it was.  Of
course I was terrified, nobody was there.  I could feel someone in the
room, but I didn't know who or what it was.  The next day, I went
outside to read because it was nice outside and I was very cold inside.
I was reading my book on western philosophy, sitting on the ground about
5 feet from a retaining wall.  For some reason or another, I looked over
to the ledge and knew he was sitting there, watching me read.  I've
never seen him, but I know he's a he, and he was smiling.  I just...know
these things.
I was getting kindof freaked out about the whole thing so I talked to a
friend of mine about it, she's interested in these types of things.
While we were talking, she suddenly asked me if my parents had ever
miscarried any children before me.  I said yes, and just as I was
answering it, I felt him walk into the room.  He didn't do anything,
just walked in.  He seems to be a little older than me, which supports
that theory.  My dad built our house when I was born because the other
one was too small for us.  Since then, I haven't felt his presence.  I
sortof miss him actually.  I was starting to feel comfortable around
If anyone has any opinions, please let me know..

 Ghostly Protector

By: RSkyerider@aol.com
I've written about my previous ghost and spririt experiences before, but i've
got new ones.  I moved into an old house that was the station master's a long
time ago when the railway was really active here in southeast oklahoma.  at
night i would here noises like someone was walking around the house so i
started keeping my bedroom door closed.  after about a month of this, i saw
the ghost in my bedroom.  i was lying in bed reading about 11pm when i saw a
long white light out of the corner of my eye.  i looked straight ahead for a
few seconds and then looked directly at it and it had disapeared.  i was a
little spooked since this was actually my first sighting of a ghost(i have
been able to feel them for a long time), so i stayed still and went back to
reading.  it happened again on the other side of the bed and it was a smaller
ball of light that disapeared when i looked right at it.  i was a little
confused because i couldn't feel it the way i had with other ghosts( i assume
that's because it wasn't very strong).  after that, i had no more sightings
but still occasionally heard things at night, especially on the front porch
it sounded like someone pacing late at night.  a few months later i was
moving things into the storage room that had been converted from a side
porch, when there was a large red wasp flying around and i decided to wait a
while before moving anything else in because i'm allergic to their stings and
didn't want to take any chances.  about an hour later i went back in to see
if it had gotten out the way it had gotten in.  i didn't see it anywhere at
first.  then i looked up on the ceiling and it was smashed.  there was no one
else in the house with me at the time and the ceiling is very high.  i was
startled of course and said thank you.  the last time anything has happened
was when my husband spent the night.  he and i have been seperated for a
while and we were thinking about getting back together.  he had never spent
the night before here and said he was thrown in the floor from the bed about
5am.  i didn't even wake up.  i asked the woman who lived here before me if
she noticed anything strange going on.  she said she had, but she's very
religious and doesn't believe in ghosts and would pray when anything strange
would happen.  she wouldn't elaborate on any of her experiences.  i don't
feel uncomfortable here like i have in the past with other haunted places
i've lived.  it's nice knowing i have a protector.

 Chilly Trip To the Cemetery

By: LAURENZPAUL@prodigy.net

It was half hour past midnight, my friends(2), a cousin of mine, and I were all
bored, we all just got off from work, Dawn, a friend of ours told us about an
eerie experience she and her boyfriend had while passing by this cemetery
in our town(Williston,FL)---I'm just wondering if it could be the same one on your
list, yet, i'm not pretty sure since you had made no mention of which cemetery.
Ok, going back to my story... so, all four of us went to the nearest store for
our midnight snacks, we happened to joke about going to the cemetery just for
thrills but instead we were spooked!!! My cousin Wenz was driving, I was seated at
the back with our friend Anne and Dawn was seated in the front passenger's seat...
Our car was driving perfectly fine until we got inside the cemetery, all of a sudden the car felt sooooo COLD, it was  pretty humid all day and night-THAT NIGHT, so
we started to freak out, the car was somewhat experiencing some problems and
the car stereo was having some static reception... I was soooo scared! We all tried
to calm down and while Wenz was carefully driving around the cemetery, we
had goosebumps all over and we somewhat saw some mist in the area which was
matter of fact, strange, we all had this creepy feeling that there were some presence watching us... we drove off as fast as  we can, we never went back there
too, we were all spooked , it sure was a spooky and scary experience!!!

 Cat's Meow

By: JasperSimms@aol.com

My story isn't as elaborate or shocking as some I have read so far.  I have to say, some of these stories have chilled me to the bone. In April of '93, my husband and I were asleep in our room with my cat at the foot of our bed.  I was pregnant at the time  with our daughter.  The cat had awaken me.  I sat up and saw the cat was being taunted, teased, and chased by a transparent orb.  The cat's meow was chilling and it scared me.  I tried to wake my husband but for some odd reason he wouldn't wake up.  I found it kind of funny him being a light sleeper and all.  After the orb disappeared, my husband finally awoke and told me he was dreaming that I was trying to wake him up but he couldn't open his eyes or move.  I explained to him that I was trying to wake him up but he wouldn't.  2 months later, my husband passed away.  I was 7 months pregnant.  2 months later, I gave birth to our daughter on my husbands birthday.  When I had arrived home, I was playing a cassette tape that we both enjoyed and I had skipped one of the songs that he played for me all the time because I wasn't ready to listen to it.  I pressed fast forward to the next song and went into the bathroom to curl my hair.  As I put the curling iron into my hair, some how, the tape had rewound itself and our song was playing.  I didn't know wether to laugh or cry so I let the song play, twice.  It rewound itself again and played a second time.

A STory For your Chills

By: brandeec@nslp.org

I think I posted this one on the message board by mistake.  I wanted it
added to the stories about hauntings.  Of course this really happened to me
but after reading on your website for the last couple of days I decided I
would share one of my experiences too.  thanks.

I have had several "unexplained experiences" during my 26 years, but none
have been so frightening as the night I spent in a house on Washington
Street.  I live in Lincoln NE and have all my life.  If you'd like a good
book about my area read The Ghosts of Lincoln (I can't remember the authors
name)  Anyway, my best friend had been asked to babysit for one of her
sister's co-workers.  She lived in the ground floor apartment of an old
colonial style house on 23rd & Washington Street.  There were 2 kids, an
older girl and a younger boy.  I want to say at the time they were maybe 6
and 3...Anyway, the house was kind of creepy to begin with, it was dark blue
and surrounded by bushes and trees that made it very ominous from the street
when we pulled up.  The Mom was working the late shift for a friend and we
arrived there right about dusk.  (it was late summer because I remember it
was very hot in the evening but it didn't get dark until about 10)  I think
we must have arrived at around 7 o'clock.  We went in the side door, which
was the main entrance to the apartment, there was a small entry then a
living area with a large stone fireplace and wooden mantel with lots of
family pictures and a pair of really pretty hurricane lamps.  I first sensed
something strange when the Mom left.  I saw her out the door while my friend
Heather talked with the children.  While I watched the Mom get in her car I
felt the back of my neck get all tingly and the hair stood up on my arm and
my neck.  It was chilly, I chalked it up to just coming into an
air-conditioned place from the heat and dismissed it.  We decided to play
Candyland with the kids in their bedroom which was directly off the main
living area.  In their bedroom was a mirror that went from the floor to the
ceiling, I remember thinking it was kind of cool at first, at first, until I
saw something in it that I will never forget.  Heather was in the kitchen
fixing popcorn and I was sitting on the floor with the kids playing the
game.  I turned to yell at Heather that it was her turn when out of the
corner of my eye I saw something in the mirror that made me gasp!  There was
something black standing behind me!  It freaked me out so bad I immediately
stood up and jerked around only to see nothing but the wall with a crucifix
hanging on it.  The kids looked at me kind of funny and I just dismissed it.
Later on that evening I decided I needed to take a shower.  Now the bathroom
was at the front of the house and the window was actually the old front
window of the house.  It looked out to the front porch which was one of
those old covered types.  Anyway I locked the door, shut the blind on the
window and got in the shower.  I was washing my hair when suddenly the light
went off.  I screamed, Heather came to the door and tried to open it but it
was locked from the inside.  I was terrified to open the shower curtain
because I just knew that black thing was there!  I finally got up the
courage to reach my hand out to open the blinds and let some light in..when
I did, there was nothing there, but the old push button switch was in the
"off" position and Heather was still knocking on the door.  When I opened
the door she was standing behind a card table that had been leaned up
against the door.  I remember her standing there with her hands on her hips
wanting to know why I had moved the table out of the kitchen and into the
hall like that?  I think she must have realized what was going on because
she got really pale and started backing up out of the hallway.  I couldn't
believe this was happening...I quickly got dressed and went into the living
room.  It was getting dark out and time for the kids to go to bed so I let
Heather put them down (I wasn't going back into that room) The kids had been
asleep for awhile and we were watching TV in the living room.  I was sitting
in a recliner that backed to the small front entry way.  I started getting
that feeling again.  This time I mentioned it to Heather.  We sat there for
a moment, then we both thought we could hear people talking...it was coming
from seemingly the entryway.  "Maybe she's home early" But we weren't
expecting her home until almost 3 in the morning.  No it was the damn ghost
again because as we sat there, one of those beautiful hurricane lamps came
crashing to the floor, right off the mantel, and I know it had to have been
at least a foot away from the edge of the wood.  That did it, I told Heather
I was outta there! She wouldn't let me though.  "theres no way you're
leaving me here alone and we can't leave those kids"  So we ended up turning
every light in the place on until the Mom came back at 3.  We left
immediately, we almost forgot to get paid we were in such a hurry to get out
of there.  We told her about the lamp that had fallen trying not to let on
that it was mysterious in nature but I think she knew because she said that
it had happened to other things she had up there before.  Anyway, that was
about 10 years ago.  I never mention that night to Heather, although we are
still very good friends.  Sometime I will drive by the house just for kicks
and it still give me the heeby geebys just the same.  There are some other
stories that I have but we'll save those for another time!  ciao!

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