Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

By: KrKingston@aol.com

The house I grew up in was next door to an old farmhouse.  (The original farmhouse that belonged to the tract of land that our neighborhood was built on)  A nice old man with the last name of Henri lived there.  We kids called him Papa Henri.  Papa Henri loved his garden which took up every square inch of his yard, front and back.
My bedroom overlooked his yard and I often watched him from my window.  The back door on the old house would squeek when it opened and slam loudly when it shut.  (Very distinctive sounds!)  Papa Henri eventually took ill and died in a nursing home.  His house was vacant for maybe 4 or 5 months.  After he died, occassionally I would hear the door of his house squeek open and slam shut.  Sometimes I was by the window when I heard it and when I looked nothing was there.  I secretly wondered if it might be him but I figured it was the wind or something.  When he was alive he would whistle while he worked in the garden.  On a few occassion after his death I thought I heard him whisetling in the garden which was now overgrown.  I wrote that off as my imagination.
A family with two girls bought Papa Henri's old house.  Both parents worked so the girls were alone at the house until 6pm or so each night.  One summer afternoon some of the neighborhood boys were playing in their yard (which was now all grass and no garden) and they all started screaming and yelling.  They said they saw a round thing float past one of the upstairs windows and then they heard what was described as "a ball bouncing down the stairs".  Both of the girls (and thier dog) who lived there were outside with the boys and thier parents were not home yet.  The house was definatly supposed to be empty.  I did not belive them nor did I belive one of the girls when she came running over to our house one afternoon insisting that she heard someone moving around in the house.  My dad went to check it out and found nothing.
Eventually I became good friends with one of the girls (Heather) and spent much time at thier house.  We were in fifth of sixth grade.  The winter olympics were on tv and we were watching the figure skating competition.  The announcers were annoying so we were watching with the sound completely off.  Me, her, and her dog were the only ones in the house and we were all in the same room.  While watching tv in silence I heard distinct footsteps coming down the stairs.  They were real!  I counted each step as I heard it!  I was not scared because I thought it was her Dad.  I looked at Heather and she
just sat there like she didn't hear it.  I said to her "I just heard your Dad come downstairs".  She looked confused and I insisted "I just heard someone come down the stairs!"  She got scared and said "We are alone in the house!!"  We fled in terror and again my Father checked the house and found nothing.
Heather did not hear the heavy footsteps that I heard but she believed me because she had heard them on other occassions when no-one else did.  She also went on to tell me that many nights she would see a black dog come into her bedroom, walk around the room, approach her, lay down etc etc.  The family pet was a big black dog named Babe so she assumed it was Babe and was not scared by it.  One night the black dog approached her in bed and she called her dogs name (Babe) and she heard Babe stir in his sleep from across the room.  She got very scared because if Babe was accross the room then what was this black thing in the shadows moving around right next to her??  She said she saw alot of black shadows moving around her room and she would just try to ignore them.
After they moved out of that house a new family moved in with a little girl that I would babysit for.  Their TV room was right at the bottom of the stairs (where all the ghostly footsteps were heard) and sometimes at night I could feel something standing in the dark at the top of the stairs.  I prayed to God and begged the spirit not to terrorize me.  If I had heard those footsteps while I was alone in that house I think I would have lost my mind!


By: littlewillow73@hotmail.com

When I was 4 years old, we (mother, father, and myself) moved to a small
house in what I considered "the country".  Moving from the city to the
country at such a young age (and being an only child to boot), I became a
little lonely.  With no other children my age around to play with, I spent a
lot of time playing outside.  That's when I met Tommy.  He was a year older
than me, but he was lonely too, so we quickly became the best of friends.
Our house was located in a hollow about 1/4 mile off of the main road...the
only other people living in the same hollow was our landlord, his wife, and
their 13 year old daughter.  Because there was no fear of me running out and
playing in the road, my father pretty much let me play for as long as I
wanted outside by myself while my mother was at work (my father worked 3rd
shift at the time).  Tommy and I became inseparable.  He normally went home
around 5...the time my mother got off of work.  One night, after about a
month of playing with Tommy every day, I convinced him to stay for dinner.
When Mom came home, I took him inside and asked if he could stay for a while
longer.  I'll never forget the look on her face.  It was a look of complete
surprise, but being Mom, she never missed a beat and said sure.  That night
after Tommy went home, I overheard my father ask Mom why she encouraged me
with my "imaginary friend".  Mom calmly told him that she didn't believe
that it would scar me for life to have an imaginary friend for a while until
I went to school and made new friends to play with.  I waited until the next
morning to talk to Mom about it.  I emphatically told her that Tommy was not
imaginary, he was real.  Tommy continued to come inside the house...but only
when Mom was there.  He told me that he didn't care too much for my father,
because he felt that he didn't like Tommy.  We would go into my playroom and
play for hours and hours.  When Mom would bring me a snack, she would always
bring one for Tommy too.  Then (and I didn't know this until years later,
when I mentioned Tommy to Mom...I guess I was about 14) one day Mom was
outside working in the garden while Tommy and I were playing together at the
edge of the woods.  Our landlord came over and started up a conversation
with Mom.  While they were talking, Tommy and I started up a game of tag.
There was a creek that ran behind our house and I got a little too close to
the edge of the bank where there was about a 6-foot drop to the creek.  I
didn't know how, but Tommy was able to reach me in time and keep me from
falling into the creek.  Mom and Rusty (the landlord) saw how close I had
come to falling into the creek and they ran over.  After making sure I was
okay, Mom sent me inside to get something to drink...Tommy went with me.
After I was inside, Rusty told her to make sure she kept an eye on me when I
was around the creek.  The family who lived in our house before us had a 5
year old boy who fell off the bank and into the creek.  When he had fallen,
he had hit his head on a rock and drowned.  Rusty's final words on the
conversation with my mother??  Tommy was such a good little boy, it
devastated all of us when he died 4 years ago...I just don't want anything
to happen to Meghan, so make sure you keep an eye on her.  Even though that
was 22 years ago, I still remember Tommy.  There are times when I even go to
the same house (still owned by Rusty), sit on the creek bank behind the
house, and talk to Tommy.  I don't see him that often anymore...in fact, I
haven't actually seen him in about 5 or 6 years...but I always feel him
sitting beside of me while I'm there and I feel him follow me to my car when
I get ready to leave.  I always feel a sense of sadness as I get into the
car to leave.  It feels as though he's sorry that I'm leaving so soon.
Everytime before I leave, I pull the car over beside of the oak tree that
stands beside the driveway, roll the window down, and softly say...don't
worry Tommy, I'll be back soon, I promise.  Sometimes it takes a few seconds
(and once or twice even minutes), but I never leave until I feel him smile
and smell the scent of mulberries (we used to climb the mulberry tree
together in the back yard).  In fact, it's getting time that I go back to
see him again.  I just wanted to share this ongoing experience with you.

Old Purdy Cemetery

By:  atlantis584@yahoo.com

Purdy, TN. Old Purdy Cemetery
       Purdy is a small community in McNairy County, in the southern part of
West Tn. It's is located between Selmer and Adamsville. I have been to, and
taken pictures of the cemetery. The oldest grave there is around the 1840s.
I have also been there at night, several nights, with my grandmother. Once
we talked to one of her good friends that grew up in Purdy. People say you
can go there at night and hear sounds of old Confederate soliders. Also,
many people have witnessed the ghosts of slaves that were forced to bury the
dead. Many locals don't go there, because they are affraid of the cemetery.
However, everytime I go back to visit, I make sure I go to the cemetery. The
original iron fences are still there, and the grave markers are still
standing. Most of them anyway. To get to the cemetery you have to go down an
old dirt road, which is about a mile long. I have heard things there. Sounds
like little children playing. Once my grandfather's friend saw a man, woman,
and child riding in a horse pulled wagon. They had on old cloths that looked to be
from the 1800s. He was clearing some trees from the road when he saw them.
All of his machines went dead, and they didn't start working again till the
wagon was out of sight. There is also a house across from the cemetery that
is believed to be haunted. It's said that a Union general living there when
the Union army came into Tn. He was also said to be a evil man. One night
after the battle of Shiolh, he was shot by Confederate supporter at the top
of the stairs on the second floor. People say that his blood has stained the
floor in the spot he died in, and everytime someone cleans it up, it comes
back a few days later. If your every in McNairy County, ask someone where
Purdy is. I don't know what the name of all the roads to get there is, but
it's not that hard of a place to find.

The Colony Addition, in Cherokee,Iowa

By: mtallman@ncn.net

A house that was formerly located in the flood plain in Cherokee, Ia., originally was located on East Maple St. In that location the owners reported strange things happening. The mother reported that her pieces of her jewelry would come up missing. She said she always kept these pieces in her jewelry box. She would ask her family if they knew where the individual piece was that was missing. But none of them would know. Days, weeks, and sometimes months would pass, and despite looking all over the house they could never find the jewelry. Then out of the blue the jewelry would be found back in the jewelry box, and know one knew how it got there.  At other times their back light would turn on all by itself, and once the VCR turned off and ejected the video they were watching even though the movie wasn't done playing and no one had ahold of the remote control.After the flood of 1993, they decided to move the house to higher ground. When they tore out some stud walls in the basement to prepare to move the house; they found a pair of children's glasses and the eye glass case inside the covered up stud wall.  They also found numerous old razor blades, as well as some small children's toy cars. Do you think the ghost haunting that house had been hiding belongings and forgot to give these back to some of the previous home owners?
When the house was finnally moved to it's present location in The New Colony Addition it was built on part of, or very near the site of the Old Pioneer Settlement and it's Fort The owners report hearing footsteps down stairs when they know the house is all locked up and they know no one is down their. The question is, did the same ghost move with their house when it was moved from the flood plain, or have they got a new set of ghosts that are from Fort?       They said they noticed an elderly neighbor lady outside her house one day locking her door, and then trying to open it. And  then repeating this behavior, it was felt that she too must be hearing intruders in her house when she knows it is locked and secure. Previous residents to that area of town have reported seeing ghost Indians on horse back riding around their house and banging on there windows.Cherokee has a long history of ghostly activity, but getting people to admit to it is another story!

Spirits Watching

By: durla1@earthlink.net

When I was 10 my parents bought their first home. I think the thing was haunted, and I think it was one of those non-human spirits mentioned in this website. The house had a general cold feel about it, not the temperature, just a cold feeling about the house. What ever lived there, resided on the second floor. It consisted of three bedrooms, a bath, a hall, and the attic. Anyone who went upstairs alone will tell you the same thing. You could feel someone just behind you, stairing a hole through your body. The only thing I ever remember happening, where the thing kinda showed itself, was late at night. We were all sleeping and were awoke to a repeated loud noise from upstairs.(slam, slam,slam). It was the window at the top of the steps, opening and slamming, over and over. My dad told me it was the wind, but his face said different. I have never since seen the wind open and close a double hung window. That window over looked the driveway. Years later my mom told me when we moved out, she went back to get her plants, alone. She gathered her things in the house, got into the car, and could feel someone watching her from that window. I have not had any experiences since. I came across this site and thought the story might interest someone.

 Spirits Guides and a Gift

By: Plunky@email.msn.com

Hi my name is Angy and hopefully you will read this beforehand because i had almost finished telling you my story when i accidently hit some button and everything either got erased or got sent to you before i could finish. so if you get this one this should be the complete story. Sorry!     My visit w/ a "ghost" happened 11 years ago when i was 15. I had moved in w/ a foster family and after i had got settled in, she decided to visit me. One night while i was sleeping i heard someone call my name. I woke up and looked towards the bottom of my bed and there she was. She stood about 3 feet above the ground and was transparent. While i freaked and covered my head.(the i can't see you so you can't see me logic!)  Well over the next 6 months she continued to visit me.
I never told anybody because i didn't want anyone thinking that i was off my rocker! Well one night I had to go the bathroom. I didn't like using the bathroom closest to my room for some unknown reason. So i headed to the other bathroom on the other side of the house. I didn't bother to turn on any lights because there was a nite lite in there.  As i was heading back to my room i saw her! She was coming towards me! I kept  walking towards her. next thing i knew she passed through me. I lost my breath for a second because of how cold she was. I wasn't really frightend or uncomfortable in any way. I headed straight for my room though! The next day i finally decided to tell someone about my visits. I decided on telling my foster-mom. And instead of geting "oh my god you are nuts!" i got a "oh so you've met her too?" HUH? Apparently she like to visit only the women of the house. So for the next year i learned to just live w/her. I know longer live there but i'm sure she still does.
    I have another story that happened recently. i wouldn't call it a ghost story, just a loved one on the other side  trying to comfort a loved one on this side.  I guess you can say that it all began when i was 9 or 10. Some lady came up to me.( I have no clue who she was.) she told me that i had a great gift and that if i don't practice i will lose it. I thought she was nuts and dismissed it. But throughout the years it stayed in my mind. Well over the past couple of years i have had a more open mind about "unexplained" things and i have been at more peace w/ my life ever since. Well i decided to share these thoughts w/ my husband's cousin. He thought i was a wee bit nuttty. Well in Nov.of 99 he passed away quite suddenly. He was only 31 and one minute he was standing in his kitchen and the next he was dead on the floor. Well he left behind his mother and his 12 year old son for her to raise. His mother had been unconsolable and just plain devasted (he was her only child). Well one night in Jan. of this year my spirit guide ,Scott, kept yapping something about opening up my eyes. ( i know this probably sounds crazy)  I didn't quite understand. Well i went out into the garage out back when i was coming back in i saw him , my husband's  cousin, Mike. He told me I knew you'd finally see me you little s---! I had
 to blink my eyes a couple of times. I thought i was out of my mind!!!  He goes "tell my mom 'hi'". I walked into the laundry room w/out saying a word. I  heard Scott tell me to please listen to him. So i walked back out and stared at the place where mike was sitting. He just smiled at me and i went back into the house. Well a couple of hours had passed and i was washing dishes when he started begging me to please say hi for him. My spirit guide scott said that it was very important for her , Mike's mother, to hear it. See Scott talks to me in my right ear and mike's voice was coming from my left. I was starting to panic because i have never had anything like this happen  to me before.  See i was worried that if i said anything to his mom everyone including my husband would insist on having my head examined! Well after a few minutes of this comotion going on i felt a peace come over me. Mike asked me to ask his mom if he liked to sit outside in the chair
 and listen to what was going on inside the house. So, i asked. She ,mike's mom, goes "yea, why?" so i told her that he want's to say hi. She was so excited!! She told me that she wasn't surprised that he came to me and not her. Well by now Mike had more to say then hi. I could hear him just rammbling on about how happy he was but she neads to think more about herself and his son. See i had no idea that she was thinking of taking her life and that at times she would go to his grave and come home feeling more lonely then before. He had one final message for me to give to her. So i go " if you want to
feel closer to him don't go to his grave he's not there. just go and get a brown blanket and wrap up in and go sit out back on the patio" All of a sudden a HUGE smile came across her face. She goes" why did you just say that?" i told her because Mike told me to. Why i asked her . She goes "well Mike loved to wrap up in that blanket and sit outside." And from then on she sits outside w/him and she is finally at peace.


Satan Caves

By: DGall79@webtv.net

New York-Brewster-Satan Caves
The satan caves are old mines on the land of an old abandoned summer camp.  To get there you need to walk through the woods, preferably in early spring when the grass hasn't begun to grow much, for about two miles.  Hopping over fallen trees and stopping every few feet to pick ticks off yourself.  The ground is littered with empty beer cans and cigarette packs from partying teenagers who think its a cool place to get together.  Once you arrive at the caves, it is hard to get near them because of the muddy ground that will swallow you whole, not literally but you will sink pretty deep.  The caves are on the backside of a mountain and the openings to them are about four and a half feet high.  You can't see a thing inside, even with a flashlight.      One time during my high school days, two friends of mine decided that they wanted to see the place for themselves and they invited me along for the trip.  After school we packed our back packs full of snacks and gatorade and rode our bikes five miles to see the infamous place.  It was also rumored, this comes from the mouths of my parents, that a kid they went to school with was beaten buy a couple of jocks and left to die in one of the caves during the 1970's.
    When my friends and I got there, we didn't know what to do.  We just stood there looking at the caves from a distance of about fifty feet.  That was when I heard a girls voice say the words "help me".  I passed it off the first time I heard it because the two guys didn't seem to notice it, but when I heard it again, the young girls voice saying"help me" this time a little louder than the previous time, my two friends did here it and they immediately looked at me.  I knew it was real once they heard it too, and we bolted out of there as fast as we could without looking back. On our way home a series of strange occurences happened that spooked us even more.  When we made it to the main road, one of my friends was covered from head to toe with ticks, but neither I nor the other kid had even one tick on us.  Then we began to ride our bikes again and the same kid who was covered with the ticks fell for no apparent reason and cut the palms of his hands, very close to the wrists.  I fell off my bike almost immediately after him and scraped my bare knees.  When I looked up at the other kid who had not fallen, I immediately noticed the crucifix dangling around his neck.  He was the one who made it home without a scratch or even a single tick stuck to himself.

Psychic Help

By: MelsieP@Yahoo.com

My name is Melissa, and my husband and I have recently purchased our first new home.  First of all, let me say that neither of us have ever given much thought to the paranormal or spirits, etc, and before our experience, we're both pretty doubtful.  Shortly after moving into our new home, still in the unpacking stage, I was putting up some antique china into our china cabinet.  Shortly after beginning unwrapping the dishes, I felt a cold chill around me and the hair on my arms and neck stood up and I had chill bumps all over.  Thinking that it was just me, I kept on.  The feeling of someone being right beside of me was overwhelming, and I was uncomfortable to the point that I had to stop and move away from the cabinet.  Going back later to finish unpacking the dishes, it happened again, only stronger.  For the next few days, I felt the same coldness and chills at different parts of our home.  Finally being so uncomfortable with it, I told my skeptical husband; who didn't criticize but hadn't experience anything like that himself.Within a couple of weeks after this started happening, I began to feel the feeling of something walking on our bed at night.  Thinking that maybe our cat was on our bed, I would move my feet or swat at the covers where I felt the weight on the bed to make her get off the bed, only to find that nothing was there.  Time and again, several times per week this would happen.  Many times, I would get out of bed, turn on the light and search the room for the cat, only to find nothing was there.  About a month after this feeling of weight walking on our bed, my mother in law was visiting at our home. My husband was talking to her and said, "Mom, I swear that there is something walking around on our bed."  Hearing this for the first time from him caused me to shutter, realizing that what he was describing was the same thing.  I then told him that I had been experiencing the very same thing, and we shared our experiences with one another.  We had a meeting together and left our home closed and locked, but came home to find the ash window on the fireplace open with sunlight pouring in.  No one had been there in the house except the two of us earlier that morning.  Two nights after this conversation, my husband was
awakened out of sleep by the feeling of someone having sat down on my bed beside of him.  Thinking that it was me, he reached for me and nothing was there.  Two more days after this, I was awakened at 12:36am by the mattress at the foot of the bed poking my feet.  When I realized that I was awake and not dreaming, I sat bolt upright in bed, pulling my feet toward me, and I could still feel the end of the bed moving.  Afraid to get out of bed to turn on a light, I finally fell back to sleep.  (My husband and I work different hours with him often leaving for work around 2am, so I was reluctant to awaken him) At 4:15am, the same thing happened again.  I moved to the other side of the bed, and eventually fell back to sleep.  The next day, I told  my husband what had happened.  I called his mother and told her about it, and she told me that she had a friend that was a psychic and she was going to talk to her about what was happening.  The psychic came and 'excorcised' (not sure of the right word) our home.  She said that there was a woman named Yvonne and that she was grieving  and afraid, and that her fear had kept her from passing through this world to another.  She said that she was very small (which explained the light weight of that of a person, but heavier than a cat or animal).  She also told us that Yvonne was  trying to communicate with us that she was there and was ready to leave, that she had opened the ash window on the fireplace.  After the psychic left, I could no longer feel the presence or cold spots in the places that I had before. That evening, because of my husband's work schedule, he went to bed fairly early, I went to bed hours later.  After going to bed, I began to hear clicking sounds and snapping sounds.  I heard something that sounded like a screen door slam, then could hear what sounded like the movement of people walking, and I had the feeling of being stared at.  I finally retreated
 to the living room.  The next day at work, I called my mother in law to have her call this psychic back.  After talking to her, she called me back and said that she psychic believes that there is a portal or opening in our house.  This is where we stand now.  We are going to arrange for her to come back and attempt to close it. All of this has really been exhausting, I'm petrified to sleep and very uncomfortable going into our bedroom, where most of  the things have happened.  Hopefully, all of this will be ended soon.  I find that it is interesting, and that I have questions that I wish I could ask the or 'these' entities; I'm having a hard time understanding why this has happened to us,  and if life will go back to normal.If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at MelsieP@Yahoo.com.  I've enjoyed the website and have gathered some interesting reading information from here.

Ohio Haunts

By: barnacleboy@mindspring.com
    My name is Paul Kepp, and the summer when I was 13, my mother and I bought a
house in North Lima, Ohio and I was more than excited to see it.  When we pulled
up I ran inside the house to find a deserted house with no furniter; no nothing.
 Naturally I wanted to get a feeling for the house and I began exploring the
house.  The layout was like this, you had a screen door that was in the back of
the house (the main entrance we used) and led into the kitchen, to your right
and in front of you was a door that led to the basement (a place I never
ventured in my entire time (three months) in the house.) and to the far right
was a door that led to my room and to the right of that was the bathroom.  Going
the other way through the kitchen takes you to the dining room and the living
room was next to that in an open area and then that led back to my room on the
other side. (a complete circle)  Between the living and dining room was the main
door (That ended up being blocked by furniture, go figure) and opposite of that
were the steps that led upstairs.  a good amount of steps would come to a small
square that would turn 180 and the stops would go up the other way.  At the top
there was a room that was on the left (my moms), a room to my right (my Aunt's),
and a center room (storage).  I first went inside the middle room and I looked
out the window and I immediately got hte feeling like somoene was behind me and
it gave me a very threatening feeling, the hair on the back of my neck stood up
and I bolted outside.  This experience was 5 years ago and I can't tell what
happened first, last, et cetera, but among the things I encountered were
footsteps at night that would last for quite awhile almost everynight.  I once
found a coke can crushed and sitting at the first step leading upstairs, I had
one of those push-button TV's that went haywire (the button's pushed themselves)
while playing Nintendo. I had a cat that would sit at the base of the steps and
peer upstairs for the longest time.  I'm pretty sure it was almost every night I
spent in my mom's room and one night I seen a spectre of a farmer mumbling (I
was surprised that no photo's on your site showed a complete person but this is
what I saw and it scared me shitless.) I may be forgetting an experience or two
but those were the big ones; my aunt experienced her bed moving and layed down
her keys and turned around to grab them and they were gone.  My mother seen
everything in the storage room in disarray with paper everywhere, she also had a
skeleton key pushed into her hand while sleeping. This was my only experience
with a haunting but it made a believer out of me.

New Jersey

By: EShea14750@aol.com

While visiting a friend that had recently inherited an old house near Fort
Dix New Jersey, and everyone present was sitting on a back porch, I noticed a
shadow of some sort break the beam of light emanating from a night light in
thier kitchen.
 When I inquired as to whether or not anyone else was in the house, my host
said that we where all on the porch. Just as he finished his statement, a rather large mirror fell from the wall and crashed to the floor in the hallway between the porch and the kitchen. My host said that it must be old uncle harold, and laughed it off as a joke.
the next day, while looking through some old photos of the house, I
imediately reckognized "uncle harold" in a picture, even though he had died a
year before my visit, and I had never met the man before!!!!!!
The hair  on the back of my neck still stands up at the thought of this

My Story of my Apartment

By: tea_rose_@go.com

I have always been able to "feel" spirits. I can go into a house or even pass one and know that it is being occupied by those other than the living. I have lived in a few places that have been haunted. One of them was when I was 14 years old.
The house was converted into apartments, but in the 1800's it was a whole house and the people who lived there were killed execution style. Bound and blind-folded and shot in the back of the head.
We lived in the upstairs apartment and one day I was lying on the couch reading the paper and all of a sudden I got this intense pain in the back of my head, like I was shot. I started screaming and  nobody could figure out what was wrong, and I couldnt tell them. I "saw" my cousin,with whom I am very close, running down the road and it was only then that I stopped screaming and the pain started to go and I could tell someone what had happened.
There were two men and one woman that occupied the house. The men I only had seen once but the woman I had many contacts with. I had seen her many times around my cousins daughter's crib, watching the baby, touching her. The woman wanted to take the baby with her, she had fell in love with her and we had to watch the baby closely, not knowing what the woman might do.
One night, my cousin, her fiance, a friend of ours and myself went upstairs to the bedroom, which was probably their attic in their time and sat in the dark until the woman came. I felt her skirt brush my leg. I asked her to please leave the baby alone and to leave us alone and to go back where she had came from and find peace. She didnt leave for about 15 mins, we could feel her walking around, like pacing the floor, trying to make a decision. After she left and  we had turned on the lights, we saw that things had been disturbed. My handlotion had been opened and spilt onto the dresser, my undergarments and clothes had been pulled out of the drawers and dropped on the floor. Obviously she was upset, but she wasnt violent.
The men or at least one of them wasnt so nice. My cousins fiance was possessed by one of them and I watched a mild mannered man turn into a nasty, vulgar, angry person, who truly scared everyone, myself included. He did however seem to listen to me more than anyone else so I tried to get him to go out of my friends body and leave us alone. He said he was going to kill everyone and that he would never leave. He hated everyone and the anger was intense. I kept telling him that I loved him and that he needed to go and find the peace he was searching for and that I understood his anger and his pain but what he was doing was not going to do him any good.
He did eventually leave, but the possession changed my friend. He became someone who did not shower,though before he was meticulous. He didnt care about the things he had previously and it ended the relationship with my cousin.
They never did leave while I was living there, though they didnt cause anymore problems. I left there and have not been back.
Thanks for letting me share this with you, I will be back often and if you allow I will tell you another event.

Night Nurse

By: sabrams7@hotmail.com

This was the fall of 1983 and it was hotter than hades in Washington, D.C. My best friend at the time decided to get out of the city and invited me to join him at his fathers house in Valley Forge, PA. We drove up in the afternoon and got there
around 5. His father lived in a house that was built in the early 1700's. He added a new addition for the family in the 70's so it was half old, half new. When my friends parents got divorced his father rented out the new part to a couple that worked in Philadelphia and he lived in the old part.
As we were pulling our things out of the car I looked up and saw a woman in the upstairs window of the old part. She was light skinned with light brown hair pulled up in a bun and a blue high necked top. We made eye contact and she smiled sweetly. I turned and asked my friend who the woman was and he said it was probably the woman to whom his father rented the new part of the house. When we looked back she was gone.
That night we spent the evening with his father. We had dinner and a few beers and talked. His father said that the house had a great history, that it had been used as a hospital during the winter that Washington wintered in Valley Forge during
 the Revolutionary War. About 11 the front door opened and the coupel who rented the other side came in. The woman was tanned with blonde bobbed hair and a not very sweet smile. My friend and I got pretty freaked out. I told his Dad what had happened and he laughed pretty hard. He said that he had been told that the house was haunted by the ghost of a nurse who was killed by an errant bullet when the British came
through chasing after the Colonial Army. He said that he had heard creaking floors and doors and that knick-knacks and furniture had moved from time-to-time but that he didn't think much of it. I went to bed that night around 1. Now remember it was Indian Summer so when I went to bed it was probably 75 degrees or more. I woke up with a start around 4. Outside my open window I could hear the crickets chirping. It was still hot, but my
room was now so cold I could see my breath. I had the overwhelming feeling that someone was watching me. Through chattering teeth I began to call out "Show yourself, please." I was scared out of my mind but I was determined to see this spirit or
something. Looking back I don't know where I got the bravery because it was scary!
After about five minutes (it felt like and hour!) I felt something move through me. I got this chill down to my bones and then it was over. The room warmed up immediately and I was left wondering what had just happened. I knew if I went back to
sleep I would never believe what had happened so I stayed awake. When my friends Dad got up at 7 needless to say I was on a huge adrenaline rush. Staying awake is the only reason I believe that this really happened and wasn't a dream.

My Mother's Living Ghost

By: dgl@brinet.com

Thank you, for this wonderful sight,  until now I thought I was the only one who has heard a person who is alive speak to me from a distance.
First of all, my mother is no longer alive she died of cancer on Dec 15,1994.   But only a couple of months before she died and before we even knew that she had cancer......my step-father and I were coming home from a tent revival meeting one night in his truck, I was startled by my mother's voice speaking out very loudly.  And right then I said "what?" outloud,  I didn't understand why I heard her she was at home in the next county.  How could I have heard her.  I don't remember now what the single word was that she spoke out or maybe I never did know what it was, but I do know that it was her voice.
And she had been complaining of pain for a few months before, but we only found out she had cancer one short month before she died.
After being in this sight I think now that maybe I heard her because she was in pain and needed me.

My Many Ghost Stories

By: njeffrey@carmike.com

When I was a child many things happen or occured around me.
   Well first off starts at my mothers best friends house when I was around
five years old. A couple of weeks earlier, prior to this event, my mothers
friends sister-in-law had passed away of cancer in which she lost her hair
due to treatment. Joan, the sister-in-law, lived in the house with her
brother and his wife and child. One day while we were visiting my mother's
friend we were outside swimming and ,for a reason I do not remember, I had
went inside the house. I came into the livung room and looked down the hall
and there was Joan holding her hand bag and wearing her wig walking as if
it were nothing not even acknowledging that I was there. Well she had
walked into the bath room that was in the hall and never came out. I never
said anything to my mother about this until years later because at the time
it really didn't phase me. I mean I knew she was dead but it didn't bother
me, and come to find out the niece of my mother's friend saw Joan also
walking down the hall carrying her hand bag walking into the bath room
never to return.
    My next story is about the house that we lived in at this time. I was
around five or six years old when this happed and still to this day I am
still not afraid of what happened.
    One night around Christmas time I had woken up in the middle of the
night for no reason. At the time my bed was right in front of my bedrrom
door and if you looked out of my door you could see the kitchen. Well I sat
up and looked into the kitchen and saw a young boy ride up in front of my
door on a green and white scooter. He did not say nothing, he just looked
at me for a couple of seconds and drove off into the living room. Well as
he started to  ride away I said to him "Wait, that's mine", hoping he would
stop but he did not. I got out of bed a nd went into the living room only
to see the Christmas tree shining and noone there. I never saw him again,
but small things happened in the house before and after I saw him. Small
things like small noises, things being moved into diffrent places, my
battery opperated keyboard would play music while it was turned off, and my
mother said that she always felt like someone was hovering over her while
she was in the bed.
    This is my final story. I just think that it is so great to share this
stuff with people who would really believe and know about this stuff.
    For reasons I will not discuss, we moved out of the house ( nothing to
do with those events in the house.) We moved into this nice home in the
city. My room was always very cold and my closet was even colder. I'm not
sure if things were moved around in my room because it always stayed so
messy but I know that things from the kitchen would end up in the bathroom
and vise versa. Nothing really ever happened to me after I saaw the little
boy, but things were happening to my mother. One day me and my friends came
to my house after school and saw a yellow Voltzwagon Beetle parked right in
front of my house. A Fat man in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots stepped out
of the car and asked if one of us lived ther and I asked him who he was and
he said that my mother had called him to come over because of weird things
happenung in the house, and he said this right in front of all of my
friends which their mothers would hardly let them come over because my moms
boyfriend listened to heavy metal music and they thought he worshipped the
devil, which he doesn't, but it embarrassed me very much because I really
had no idea that anything was going on. Of course when my mother got home
she was very mad at that man for telling all of us her buisness that she
sent him away. She told me about weird things going on in the house. Not
only things being put in diffrent places but like things being thrown
around and things falling off the walls, furniture being flipped over for
no reason just waking up in the middle of the night and the chair would be
turned over into the kitchen. My mother said that she still felt as if
someone was hovering over her in bed and she said that one night she felt
as if she just rose up off of the bed. Many things had happened in this
house that I was not aware of until later on but my mother said that she
had just taken so much of this that one day after an occurence that she
stared crying a said to this thing, "In God's Name what do you want?", and
nothing ever happened again. I have not had any more experiences like these
anymore but for some reason  can tell if there is a ghost around I don't
know what it is .

My Haunted Home

By: Tinkleweed2@aol.com

    I have luckily never had an unpleasant experience with a spirit, though I
have met a few.  Here's my story about my first one.
    Back in '74 and '75, my parents owned a house in Little Falls, NJ (I was
born in '73).  It's a one-and-a-half story building, so the upstairs was just
one big room; my playroom, to be exact.  I don't remember this, but there was
the ghost of a little blond boy, approximately 4 years old, that lived there
with us.  Mom would go upstairs to check on me, and would find us playing
together time and time again.  She said that Dad couldn't see him (he would
also dissipate if Dad came into sight), but if she was quiet, he would stay
and continue our game.
     The only memory involving him that I have is one night just before my
sister was born in '76.  I was in my "grown-up" bed, which had a headboard
and a footboard.  As I was dozing off, I looked up and saw him standing at
the foot of my bed.  I sat up, and it looked to me like he ducked down to the
floor.  I crawled to the end and looked over, but there was nothing there.
     When my sister was born, we moved into a bigger house in a different
town.  Mom said that she researched the house's history, but it was
relatively new (we were the 2nd or 3rd owners), and before that it was
farmland, so we never learned anything about him.  I truly hope that by now
he's found his way home.

My ghost stories...

By: SilvryWolf@aol.com

    I don't know if some of these have other explanations or reasons for
occuring, but I've had innumerable encounters with things that I believe to
be ghosts, spirits, guardians, etc. and after reading the stories others
have contributed I felt that I should follow their example.  I've got several
major stories to relate, but this is one that touched me the most deeply,
and also the first in my recollection.  If you like this one, please let me
know, and I'll send some more along.
    The first (possibly) paranormal experience that I can remember happened
when I was around 7 or 8 years old.  My family and I went to see Cherie
Lewis in a big, open-air auditorium in Milwaukee.  At that time I absolutely loved
cotton candy, and after seeing a vendor selling it near the entrance to the
park, I asked my parents to please let me go get some.  They agreed, gave me
money, and made sure I knew exactly where they were sitting so I could get
back to them.  I happily ran off, got my candy, and walked back to where I
thought they'd been sitting, but couldn't find them anywhere.  The show was
still going on at this time, so I didn't want to shout for them and disturb
other people, so after looking around for a while I went back to the
entrance and told a few of the employees what had happened.  They told me to sit down
in an empty seat they pointed out to me and watch the show, and they'd make
an announcement during the intermission.  I did what I was told and tried to
watch, but knew that my parents would be getting very worried by this time
and wished there was something I could do.  The next thing I knew, a woman
was next to me and said "Come with me.  I know where your family is."  I
wish I could remember more of how she looked, but all that stuck with me is that
she was probably in her early 30's, about 5'6" or 7", had fair skin, and
medium brown hair that was loosely curled and hung a little past her
shoulders.  Now I was pretty cautious for that age and paid attention to all
those "don't go ANYWHERE with a stranger" warnings they gave us.  However, I
remember her looking and feeling so pretty, nice, and trustworthy that I
barely gave it a second thought when she took my hand and started leading me
through the rows of seats.  I think I just assumed she was a member of the
community choir my mom belonged to, since most of those people seemed to
know me when I had no idea who they were.  She led me straight to my family, who
were so worried by that time that they had called park security and were
waiting to hear back from them.  My parents saw me when I got pretty close
to them, my mom started crying, and they both gave me a big hug, which blocked
my vision for a while.  After everyone had calmed down a bit, I turned to
thank the nice lady for bringing me back to my family, to find that she had
dissapeared.  I asked my mom and dad about her, but all they remembered
seeing was me coming up the aisle towards them, and strangely, neither had
any idea who she could have been when I gave them a description.  I even
looked out for her during the next few choir concerts and business parties
my parents took me too, but never saw anyone who looked remotely like her.
It's a mystery to this day who this lady could have been, and how she knew
Exactly where both my family and I were when no announcement had been made yet, and my family and I had no idea where each other were.  I've heard it said that
guardian spirits often assume very normal-looking forms to help us - I
believe now that explains who, and what, my friendly lady was.

   Unnatural Death

By: MALIBU8989@aol.com

Three weeks ago my young step-son-in-law met an untimely death, leaving
several young children fatherless. His death has brought back memories of 27
years ago when a close friend's common-in-law husband took his own life after
several hours of a stand-off with a friend and cop pleading for him not to
take his own life or that of my friend's and their new baby, just 4 months
I will never forget the experience I had in my friend's apartment, after his
violent death. We lived in a small town in New Jersey where all this ocurred.
My daughter was just 2 months old when "F." died.
Several months after "F". killed himself, me and several other friends
finally convinced my friend, who I'll refer to as "K.", to go out on the
town. After all, she was young and still grieving hard for her lover and
father of her child.
"K." found a babysitter for our babies and we advised her that we would be
home from the club at around 12:30 AM.  We were about 20 minutes late in
arriving home and the babsitter was very agitated. Not so much that we were
late, but from the experience she'd had in the apartment. She'd gone to the
kitchen to check the wall clock and noticed it was 12:30 AM....and she was
not alone with the babies! A man's ethereal figure was sitting at the kitchen
table staring at the clock. Though I was a bit nervous and unnerved by her
story, "K". took it calmly. It was proof-positive that "F." hadn't really
abandoned her and their baby. "F." was awaiting our arrival at the time we
said we'd be back.
Several months went by and she arranged for me and some other mutual friends
to come over for a get-together. I got a ride there and was assured getting a
ride home would not be a problem. Well, sort of.......
The night wore on and slowly, everyone started falling asleep from exhaustion
(and beer).....except me. I was stone-cold sober!  I finally gave up on
trying to get anyone to take me and my daughter home. No one wanted to brave
the cold, blustery winter weather. It seemed fruitless to keep trying, so I
headed for the master bedroom, where the babies were sound asleep. My
friend's son lay sound asleep in his crib and my child, on the large master
bed. Just moments after lying down next to my sleeping baby the room got
severely cold....as if the window had been opened wide (it was January or
February). I thought, this can't be. No one is in this room to open a window,
except me and the babies. I snuggled further under the covers and tried to
get warm. Moments later, as I lay there pondering how this could be
happening, the end of the bed sank down, as if someone sat on it. NO ONE had
entered that room in the normal physical sense! Somehow, despite being
"frozen" with unnatural cold air and fear, I managed at some point, to fall
Daybreak came and I didn't have any trouble convincing the others who'd been
there the previous night, that what I'd experienced was for real. I never did
spend another night there, or experience anymore "supernatural" occurences in
that apartment house.
There have been several other very spooky occurences at other residences over
the years ( like a poltergeist that would not leave me alone for 2 weeks),
but none that had the impact that this experience did. I found it rather
peculiar that just a few years ago I was relating my poltergeist experiences
to my brother and he started laughing. His explanation was that he'd been
having "out of body" experiences and was visiting me during that time period.
But he could not explain the distinct presence of a large dog walking from
room-to-room. To this day that experience leaves me with my hair
standing-on-end whenever I think about it. It certainly wasn't my
imagination.......my husband would blare the radio in the bedroom and yell,
"Ghost, c'mon! You need a wood shampoo"! He kept a 2'x4' plank alongside the
bed in case the visitor ventured into our bedroom (it didn't), and its
presence and very audible walking/closing doors never seemed to disturb my
toddler's sleep.

Moving Items

By: Tr1ck4you@aol.com

hi, my name is katie.   i live in brooklyn ohio.   i had an experience with
items being moved around in my room when no one was home, including me.
everytime i came back, the same items were moved.   the other weird part
about that was they were always upside down.  the last time this happened
was before i went to sleep at a friends house.   before i left i thought to
myself "what would really freak me out was if my red candle flipped upside
down.   when i came back from my friends, it was upside down.
i also have had many experiences at gore orphanage with sights, sounds, and
feelings if you would like me to tell you about them

Mark's Story

By: icp_jumpsteady@hotmail.com

I am a teenager living in Connecticut where ghosts are not that usual. This
story I have I am not aware ever happened, since I was such a small baby
when it did. My parents and other relatives told me the events at seperate
times, and all the stories matched up.
When I was a little baby in my crib, my parents went to the grocery store.
They had my aunt come and watch me while they were gone. My crib was located
in the far room on the second floor right below the attic. As a matter of
fact, the attic door was in my room. My aunt was in the kitchen cooking. She
had a baby monitor so she could hear my every noise. All of a sudden she
heard me laughing like crazy. She ran upstairs to see what was going on.
When she got there, I was lying down and alseep. She went back downstairs
confused. A little while later she heard me laughing again. Once again she
came upstairs wondering what was going on. When she got there, I was
standing up in my crib pointing towards the attic door. When she looked over
towards it, it slammed shut with a bright white glow.
A few days later, my mother was in my room picking up my toys. I owned a
very large mickey mouse doll. So large, you could not hold it in front of
you without having to look down to see where you are going. My mother had to
take it into the attic. She picked it up and started her way up the steps.
The attic steps were very thin and the stairs were steep, so she had to look
down to make sure she wasnt going to fall. When she got about halfway up the
stairs, she saw a pair of feet rather than her own. All of a sudden she was
pushed down the stairs and broke both her wrists as a result.
Another time my brother who was about 4 at the time, was in the bathroom
doing his business. He left the door open since most kids his age didnt
worry about people looking in and seeing anything. All of a sudden a old
woman - not a figure or mist - walked out of the closet door and down the
hallway towards my brother. When she saw him begin to run she pointed at him
and yelled, "get out of my house!" loud enough for the whole family to hear
it. She then disappeared.
I looked back into the history of my house and found out the tale. As it
turns out, a very old woman used to live in this house with her two grown up
sons. As she was dying, she told her sons never to sell the house. Not long
after she died, the boys sold the house to another family. From that family
on, she wandered the house making her appearance known. We have since moved
out of that house, and have experienced no more problems with the particular

Mad House

By: keff@videotron.ca

Hi! My name is Karine, I'm 23 years old. I've read a lot of ghost stories of this web site and many of them start by " I've always been interest by ghost stuff". You see, I dont! I cannot remember when it started for me I was too young. Young enough to think that it was my imagination because I've never heard story that would sounds like mine. When I was just a little girl my parents have said to me that teachers and some peoples near the familly were asking if I was autistic. I think I'm just a receptive person, I can feel it when I enter a house or a room or even when I meet people in the street. I can feel the pain and sometimes it's hard to deal with it. I dont remember a lot from my chilhood but I guess my brain don't want to remember. Anyway... Half of my life I've lived in a house that was looking at me. Even when I was outside in the middle of the day, sunny day,
I was affraid of this house by looking at its window. It was nothing very old, my grand father built it, died in it and than give it to my parents before they got me and my 2 little brothers. We stayed there until I turned 15. Its in a little town called Victoriaville in Quebec, Canada. There's too much things to tell but here's those that were the worst to me.One of these story was in summer of my 13 years old. A friend of mine was visiting me, I haven't seen her since a long time so we had a lot to tell each other.
We had a very cool day, talking, laughing! We went to sleep but we couldn't stop talking and discussing about everything. Then, as she was telling me funny stories, I heard a sound downstairs. My bedroom and the bedroom of my brothers were upstairs but not my parent's. My mother use to get up often at night for some reason so I didn't really take care of it, plus I was listening to my friend. but suddenly I felt it bad. I've never told her what use to happen to me in this house because I was affraid that people would laugh at me and I was a bit affraid that if I had mention this, the ghost or whatever it was, would hear me and comes the night after. So, I didn't say anything and continued listening to her without showing my fear. But suddenly we felt something cold at our feet, a wind, coming very slowly to us, than she stoped talking and looked at me with a pale face and she said "what is this?" She came close to me shivering and crying in silence. It
came all over the bed and then it disapeard in one second. It was the first time it happened when I was not alone to feel it. So since that day I've never thought again that I was crazy. If you want to understand what it was, just imagine that you are in your bed and someone very big is flotting over you, yelling at you full of hatred but you cannot see or hear it. You just feel it by a cold air! Even when I'm telling this I'm still scared because I will never forget the feeling, my friend either.

But stories cannot explain you all the small, but scary things that I used to live with. Like sounds... someone calling my name near my ear, someone following me in the stairs or big sound coming at my bedroom door like if someone had thrown something very hard on it. Or visions... nights over nights of women in a white dress passing through my brothers bedroom doors, looking at me and fading when I tried to look directly at it. I've seen a women but the voice I heard was usually one of a male. But it's been a long time since I've quit trying to find out what it was. At this time I was so constantly on the look out that I just had to say "shushh!" and my brothers stoped any noise until I'd
 say "ok". My brothers were the only two people who knew what happened in the house. I've never talk my parents about this, even today.One of theses story involve the oldest one of my two brothers. I was home alone watching t.v. It was winter, near 10:00pm.
And my brother was still gone to the skating ring in a park in the neighborhood playing hockey. But he add already passed his curfew and I was waiting for him as the big sister that I am. Then I heard the outside door upstair so I thought "that's him" and I yelled his name "Danny?" many times but he didn't answer. So I went upstair ,a little bit mad at him. But when I finally got to him, he was staring at me with a baseball bat in his hand, trembeling and his eyes filled with tears. Then I asked "what are you doing?" and he said "I saw..." and he stopped, his face changed completely like if he had pull off a
mask and fell on the floor, crying. He was 10 years old at the time. Now he is 20 and since that day I've tried to know what it was but he keep saying that something had stolen his memory the minute he saw me that night. We are very close and I
believe that he trully dont remember because of this change in his face when I asked him what he had seen that night. I was really frustrated at that moment because I felt like the ghost was laughing at me.That's it! I think you've got enough. Just mention that in this period of my life, it could take me 2 hours before I could finally fall asleep, sweating and earing every little noise. But the day we moved to a new house, it took me 10 minutes! I
never went back into that house even if it's not so far but the people who lives there are friends of my parents and they told them strange things happened but I don't know the details. And I'm not sure I want to know either!

House in New York

By: Barndogit@aol.com

Binghamton NY-My old house that I grew up in.It was a 2 family home.The
couple that built it died in the other side of the house.Many people
including&excluding immediate family and friends have heard footsteps that
would come up the third floor stairs and stop at the top by a bedroom
door.when opened no one would be there,sometimes to could hear the "ghost"
shift its weight from one foot to the other outside the door.also it would
sometimes continue down the hall to the other bedroom making a rack of coat
hangers go back and forth.Cat&dogs were also spooked about the second&third
floor and would not want to go up.one sighting of an old man walking up the
stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd.jars broke in the basement and when
investigated they only found the trail marks in the dust of the moved jar
and no other disterbances in the dust around it.voices of a man and woman
could be heard at night from the 3rd floor but couldn't make out what was
said(at the time no one was sleeping on the 3rd floor)also voices of a man
and woman could be heard on the
1st floor at night and the sounds of dishes being set also.the sounds would
stop when my brother reached the top of the stair,one time he was half way
down the stair in the dark when it stopped.it seems to be attracted to
children beacuse as we grew up and started to leave to the haunting slowed
down and stopped.this happened only on our side only thing we ever heard
that happened on the other side of the house was a latch on a hook lock that
never would stay latched and footsteps walking around the attic(sounded like
high heels walking about,but no one was there and if someone was the
couldn't walk around because of all the boxes.since we've moved out 2 other
families both with young children have lived there.the 1st family never knew
about the haunting but before they moevd out my father and I talked to the
husband to see if he heard or saw anything and he told us about strange
noises.the 2nd family
also had their share of being spooked by numerous things that happened to
them including christmas lights being turned on.their young daughters saying
there was an old woman on the 3rd floor and cats that would get upset for no
reason and hide.they also had the feeling of being watched from the top of
the stair that led to the second floor and footsteps that would go down the
hall and up to the 3rd floor.we haven't heard anything from the new family
and have since then sold the house.. thank you

Great Grandpa

By: aselli@gte.net

well I was in Snohomish at the time at an old antique shop called Black
Cat  Antiques and I was down in the basement of the building looking at some
old antiques the radio was on and I wondered why they had it on with no one
down there only I was. I felt this cold breeze walk by me. I turned around and
I saw this shadow glide across the wall then it disappeared I ran up the
stairs to where my wife was and I told what I saw and she asked the store
owner if he knew about it he said the his dad saw the same thing back in
the 1930's he said that the store was built by his great great grandpa and he
died  shortly after it was built in the 1830's and he said that it was of
the dead grandpa

The Ghost from Omaha Beach

By: CrappyPSX@aol.com

Hi, my grandma went to France with me in 1999. We went to Normandy to see all
the villages there, and the place where D-day occured. Well, we drove to
Omaha beach sector-dog-green. we walked into the cemetery, and I was shocked.
I didn't believed that so many people died on one single beach. Later that
night, my grandma was awakened by a voice. The deep male voice kept on
saying"Help me, help me, my leg....." then would vanish. After watching
Saving private ryan, I got an idea of how the person died. But i don't
understand why was the spirit in my hotel room????!!!!! The secong night my
grandma was awakened agian, this time she saw the person clearly, my grandma
told me he was a captain, he was in the 116th divsion and was the first wave
to hit the beach. He lost his leg when he was going up the beach, he was hit
by a motar, then was shot in the head. I asked her how did she know all that
stuff, she said she spoke to him. From that day on, i was scared stiff.

The Gettysburg Hand

By: dbeeatch@peoplepc.com

When I was 13 me and my 8th grade class went to Gettysburg, PA for a class trip. I had heard many ghost stories and even went on a ghost tour the night of the occurrences.  We stayed in a hotel.  Me and my four friends stayed in a room together.  The first night came and  me and my friends were lying awake talking.  At about 11:30 the whole room got extremely cold and we all felt it.  I told one of my friend to get up and turn down the AC.  He got up and told me the it was on a very low setting.  He then turned it off.  The chill in the room remained for about ten minutes.  We all fell silent and we all started to slip into sleep.  All of the sudden I tasted sweat on my face and then a force that
felt as if someone had there hand over my mouth.  I gasped and shot straight up out of bed and shouted to my friends to leave me alone and get off.  They then awoke and had no idea what I was talking about.  I then got up and went to the bathroom.  As I walked into the bathroom, I felt a chill run up my back and looked into the mirror and saw a
indistinguishable figure right behind me.  I opened the door and ran and got into bed.  I never told my friends.


By: ZzJLBasszZ@aol.com

        Hi...I dont know where to start but here it goes....ever since I was
a little child,my cousin (veronica) and i've been visited numerous of times.
I'm not sure why but I have a feeling that it has something to do with the
death of my other cousin and great grandma. Like for instance,a few days
before cousin Terry died 2 weeks after her Birthday...my family took some
pictures of her. But the unusual thing is one of them has an angel huvering
above her . They had the picture developed more then once to c if it  was
over exposed, But it wasnt.. Ill get it scanned so I can show it to you...I
guess as a sign of her safety. And thats not all...... the night after she
died,something happened. Even though we were very young.. what happened is
unexplainable.  Ok...it happened in the room she died in..we were visited by
an angel that night.It entered the room through the window from the
window....it looked like a lightning bug or as a fairy. Only flowing in the
moon light..My cousin was crying the whole night mourning her sis's death,
and for some reason..when it entered ...and once she layed her eyes on the
thing....she stopped crying. The "angel" told us to not worry about her and
that shes safe in heaven.That shes having fun with the angels and etc.. And
as it was talking ....the ball of light was growing brighter and bigger. For
some reason..we werent scared,more like assured and loved. Then all of a
sudden..it left towards the light.But thats not all..the next night,we were
visited by some thing way more different. I think that they were demons...My
cousins used to collect trolls. All kinds of trolls ..like the kinds that
eyes glowed when you rubb the tummy and a priest troll.Also the huge kinds
that you can get carnivals,a widow troll,all kind of every troll that there
could be.Any wayz,it started as a cold feeling ,a scared feeling ,a smell ,
then fire appeared in every corner of the room.It spreaded to every troll's
hair. and every second that passed,the glowing trolls came closer and closer
to the bed that we were lying on.On the night stand by my cousin ..the was
the smallest troll.It was MOVING! We screamed as loud as we can ....Her
mother opened the door and everything stopped in a split second.We asked her
to get rid of them.. My cousin Joe Burned them Instead cuz he said that it
must have been a sign from the Devil or something..I know it seems unreal
this ACTUALY happened. And how can we immagined it if we both saw the same
thing and sill remember it so vividly. I guess thats one of the reasons why
we've never got over her death.And we show our friends the angel
picture...then they believe us. And every time I see the picture the events
haunt my memories...And anther thing,that same room is still haunted.You know
how I know?Cuz right after she moved ..a teenager was shot in that same
room.and an old man died after from a heart attack.But back to my great
grandma, sometimes I feel her spirit in my house.The signs that i feel this
way is that every memorie I have of her,happens in the hall way and
kitchen..late at night.Like the smell of  massa she 'd make every night.And
the smell of her cookie batch,the sounds of her tortilla roller hitting
against the wooden carver,and every night,,,the kitchen sink is always on
when no ones in there.One time my sister said that she saw the sink nob
lifted on it's own and the sink was on...My sister is the innocent type that
never lies and she still dosent fully believe in ghosts.But...she still runs
to me when shes scared of something.I guess you can say that I have that 6th
sense(like the movie).Cuz ever since the insadent with the angel...i've seen
things that others dont.My mom tells me that its a gift from god and I should
use it.And I've notticed that as I get older....what I see seems to fade more
and more.I dont want to lose it but I know that when I'm an adult it will
leave me.so now I go by the signs.Finally,all I have to say is that IM NOt
LIEInG so those who believe us thanx for reading.

Granny Watches Me

By: ponigirl@carolina.rr.com

I'm going to take this opportunity to relate some personal experiences that are not necessarily all that frightening, but are interesting nonetheless. Most people really don't beleive me when I tell them about these things, but I know they're true. That's all that matters, right? :)Anyway, I am currently 17 years of age. I've never seen a ghost persay, but I feel that I have had some experiences that are out of the ordinary. I feel I must relate a bit of family history for these stories to make sense. All the female people on my mother's side of the family are very, very close. We are not only good friends, we are very sensitive to others. All of us have the uncanny knack for knowing when someone is feeling bad or especially upset.  When I was very young, I spend hours and hours with my Grandmother, affectionately known as Granny.  I spent countless hours eating marshmallows and watching Nickelodeon at her house during the summer or on weekends. They were wonderful times in my life. Unfortunately, my dear Granny was a lifelong smoker, not to mention worker in South Carolina's asbestos mills. When I was about 11, she began a long and painful battle with Emphysema.
One evening, I went to bed around 9:00 as was customary for me at that age. However, I couldn't sleep. It was as if someone was squeezing my rib cage, preventing me from breathing. I began to cry and toss and turn in my bed. Finally, the discomfort became too great and I ran into the hall crying for my mother. As suddenly as it had all begun, it ended, leaving me feeling winded and foolish. My mother was irritated with my interruption on her favorite TV show, and sent me back to bed. However, the second I re-entered my bedroom, the tight feelings in my chest resumed. I cried and fought for all I was worth. The moment that I walked out the door, the feelings would all vanish as quickly as they began. I refused to sleep in my room that night and my mother finally relented and moved me to a spare bedroom. About 7am the next morning, the hospital
 called to say that 911 had been called to transport my grandmother to the hospital at approximately 11 pm the night before. Just about the same time I had become upset.
I beleive I was nearing the age of 13 when my Granny lost contact with the outside world and we knew it was only a matter of time until she left us. I was prepared, but I still dreaded the event, as I loved her very much. I was her only grandchild and she had showered me with love for much of my young life. Now, my Granny was a no-nonsense southern mother with more than her share of eccentricities. One of these was the fact that I never ever saw her without shoes. When she was not laced into a pair of walking shoes, she was wearing bedroom scuffs. Well, my grandmother died on January 9th, which was the day after my mother's birthday, precisely between two of the worst snow storms my southern state has ever seen. We swear she waited so she could hang around for mom's birthday :) But anyway, the night before she died, I was sleeping well and I had a dream.
I was sitting in the room which she occupied at the nursing home. However, the bed was made and my Granny was standing beside it, wearing a beautiful gold angel costume. Her hair was meticulously curled as always and she was smiling at me. She spoke to me, telling me that she was alright and that she didn't hurt anymore. Then she began to float upward toward the ceiling in a glowing light. The ironic thing was the sturdy walking shoes poking out from the hem of her angel robes :) I woke hours later feeling very peaceful, rested and resigned. Both my parents left early that morning to visit the Nursing home, as they had been told it was a matter of days. It was around 10 am and I stood there curling my hair in the bathroom when I just took a deep breath and sighed. I felt a great release and I knew what it was. Granny was finally gone. She was  finally away from her pain. My parents returned home a few hours later and advised me to sit down because they had something to tell me. I looked my mother in the eye and said "I know, she died." It was just as simple as that. Mom was dumbfounded as there was no way I could have known. But I knew before she had the chance to get the words out. All through the funeral, I was the one who never cried. I never felt the need to. I knew all was peaceful and all was good. Granny still comes to me. When I lie awake and cry, I feel her hand in my hair and my fear and pain goes away. Thank you Granny, for
taking care of me all these years. I hope you never leave me :)

Strange Occurrence

By: Snoopy@iopener.net

This one is short and sweet...and true. Years ago,while we were in the seventh grade, my best friend invited me over to spend the night. Plenty time was spent beforehand, scheming plans to sneak out, roam the streets, and wreak havoc on the neighborhood. Our tools: toilet paper, white shoe polish, and pure mean-spirited zeal. We half-heartedly papered a few trees here and there as we made our way to our real target: a small shopping center owned by the family of a girl we didn't particularly like. Once there, we were meticulous in our effort; our shoe-polish graffiti spoiled every storefront there. Proudly we admired our handiwork until a car's bright headlights sent us scampering. We took a "short cut" through an outdoor breezeway of a nearby church, laughing wildly as we ran. Then...BAM!...just like that ...we simultaneously hit the pavement, skidding to a stop on our hands and knees. There, on all fours, we immediately looked at each other, then behind  us, then quickly back to each other. I know we both had the same distinct conclusion-we didn't trip on anything, 'cuz the pavement was smooth and
level-and we HADN'T tripped each other, either! I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and Lori did too. We scrambled to our feet and ran FAST, 'cuz we were FREAKIN! When we made it home, and could finally spare the air to speak,  we both had the same eerie feeling that SOMETHING or SOMEONE  in that church breezeway THREW US to the ground, to teach us  a lesson!

Phantom Sweater

By: BahTaint@aol.com

{There is no real proof that this incident i am about to describe is a
ghostly one, but my aunt and i believe that it is.}

i moved in with my aunt in january of this year.  i am renting the basement,
where it is generally very cold, as basements can be.  one week in february,
when it was particularly cold downstairs i wished aloud that i had something
really warm to put on, just talking to myself.  the next morning i woke up
and happened to notice a grey sweater hanging on my coatrack that had not
been there the night before.  my aunt had come home and needed my boyfriend
to help her push her car up the driveway late the night before so i thought
maybe she absentmindedly hung it there, and thought nothing more of it.  when
i got home from school that afternoon it was still there.  i noticed that
inside it had a pink floral pattern and that it was made out of sweatshirt
material but was a cardigan style.  i also noticed that it could not possibly
be my aunt's, because it was way too small, like my size.  i contemplated
putting it on, but then i decided not to.  i sat down on the couch to watch
tv.  a few hours later my boyfriend arrived, hung his coat up and came to
join me on the couch.  after about a half hour we got up to go somewhere and
i noticed when i went to get my coat that the sweater was not there anymore!
i asked him if he'd seen it and he said no!  in fact, his coat was hanging on
the hook that the sweater had been on!  i checked all around underneath the
rack, behind chairs, even in my bedroom and the kitchen, and there was no
sign of the sweater.  later that night i asked my aunt if she owned a sweater
like that and she said no.  she also told me that she had noticed it too, and
wondered where i got it because it was pretty.  she said she didn't know what
made her notice it, either, she had just come downstairs to do laundry!  i
looked all around upstairs to make sure that she wasn't playing a trick on
me, and i found nothing.  besides, she was not home when the sweater
disappeared, and there is no way that anyone could have gotten into the house
to take it off the coat rack while i was sitting on the couch not 10 feet
away from it!  i think it might have been the spirit of my grandmother, as my
aunt has seen her and dreamt of her (as i have) several times.  but who knows.

A Medium Trance?

By: bdclark@cswnet.com

My name is Jennifer, and some things happened to me as a young girl, and I was wondering if I might be a medium? Here it goes! I don't tell anyone this because it scares me too.  When I was little I was told that When I was taken outside to play there was a particular place that I was taken It was a yard swing hung between two trees. I would swing on that swing and after a while I was told it was as if I would just drop
into a sleep of sorts and sit up and be able to talk as plainly as an adult I was all of two or three. I told these family members my name was Elizabeth Bell ( possibly Belle) and it was 1818 or 1819 my sister couldn't remember when asked but she knew for sure it was one of the two and that I lived in a large white house with large pillars on the
front.  I also went on to explain the interior of the home.  The first floor then the second.  Especially a small table in the foirer.  I think that is how you spell it.  The entrance of the home.  It would seem that there was a small body of water near by like a river or something.  Anyway my sister would tell me NO my name was Jennifer and it was such and such date and I would get very mad and the swing would start rocking all by itself and my mother come out and told her to quit because she didn't know what she was messing with.  Apparently I did this until I was four years old.  Please Help me If I
am a type of medium than maybe I can help people and ghost alike in thier endeavor to go to a higher plane and people to live a normal life.  I seem to have blocked out that particular ability but I tell you I can sense when a spirit is close by.  I can also tell you a mile down the road before you ever get to one that there is a cemetary and sometimes people burried where there is no grave.  Please tell me I am not a Fruit cake as I am so commonly referred as.  Alot of Paranormal stuff has happened to both me and my husband, Now I think my son can see and comunicate to these ghosts.  He is seven
months old and will walk into a room throw up his hand, wave and say hi.  He smiles at then air.  I can hear things on his Baby monitor at night.  Please tell me I am not crazy.

 Girl Lost

By: exactchange@hotmail.comt

This is a true account of something that happened to me and I would like to
share it with someone who has an open mind.
The house diagonally behind ours had police tape on the upstairs
bedroom window. The next day an article in the paper said a teenage girl was
murdered there by another family member but no charges were being pressed.
About a week later I was laying on the couch watching tv. It was in the
afternoon and it was a beautiful day. I felt the cushion of the couch under
my feet being pushed down. I looked and at the end of the couch there was
this girl standing there looking at me with a very disturbed stare. I felt
for my life. I looked away in disbelief and as I looked again, she was gone.
I jumped up and checked all the doors but they were all shut and locked. She
looked just like a real person. I could see the white of her eye and the
courseness of her brown hair. Other incidents have happened in our home. I
believe she has something to do with it. There wasn't a picture in the paper
at that time and I always wonder still if that was the girl that had died.
My theory on ghosts is that they look like you and me and they're not some
transparent thing floating. Thanks for listening.

My Ghost Story

By:  Christina

My Ghost Story as it happened. 26.06.00
In 1976 i married, and we moved into an old married quarters in norfolk which was dated around about 2nd world war. I felt as soon as i walked into the house i was being watched, i could never look up to the landing, because of the fear there would be someone standing there, the door bell would ring, and i would
go to the door. But there was never anybody there, it would always happen when my husband was on guard duity, and i was left alone in the house.One beautiful hot summer's day, the butcher knocked on the back door, i answered as always payed him for
my meat. As he left the shed at the end of the garden, started to shake the glass blew out across the path of the butcher there was not a breath of wind that day, and the glass blew from within out. It frightn'd us both the house was always cold, until this day i believe it was haunted!!. A year after i moved i phoned a neighbour who told me, the new neighbours had moved out after only a couple of months because of noises and bumps in the night.So i decided to find out, about the history of the house, and i found out before i moved in, the lady before me had lost a child in a trumatic circumstances the
house has been boarded up, and hasnt been lived in for the last 20years+. Also while i lived there i never told anybody, what was happening because i felt they would think me crazy to this day, im still haunted by the memories of 76.

My Son's Experience

By: Anonymous

When my son was born in 1984 we were renting a house while we saved money
to purchase a home of our own.  We lived there until 1987.  Our landlady
was older and quite nice.  When our son was born, she brought us a baby
gift.We lived happily in the home, until one day, my toddler son was out in the
yard playing on his swings.  He came to the kitchen door and said, "Mrs.
McDermott is in the yard."  Mrs. McDermott was out landlady.  I figured she
might be over looking at the fence (which needed some repairs).  I went
outside to look for her, but couldn't find her.  I thought maybe she and I
just missed each other and that she had left.  I stayed outside with Mac,
pushing him on his swing.  Suddenly, Mac exclaimed, "There she is, Mommy,
Mrs. McDermott!"  He was pointing to the corner of the yard where the fence
met the house.  No one was there.  Well.  I was shocked.  Acting as
naturally as I could, I brought Mac into the house and proceeded normally
through the rest of the morning, although I kept thinking of him seeing
something I could not.Later, I put him down for a nap and went to the living room to read.  I was
sitting on the sofa when I caught something out of the corner of my eye.
A balloon which had floated, unmoving, in the corner of my son's room (one
of those mylar ones that stay inflated forever) - had floated out of his
room, down the hallway, turned a corner, and was floating now in front of
me.  My mouth dropped open.  That balloon had been in my son's room for
probably 2 weeks without moving a centimeter and here it was, in front of
me, eye level.
The phone rang and I almost had heart failure.  I ran to the kitchen to
answer the phone, thinking it was my husband and boy did I have a weird
morning to relate to him.  It wasn't my husband, it was Mrs. McDermott's
daughter.  She called to tell me that her mother had died earlier in the
week and that they would be taking over as our landlords.
I guess you know the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I spent the
rest of the day looking over my shoulder.  Living in L.A., I actually knew
a woman who had brought "ghostbusters" into her home because her daughter
was being bothered by something unseen.  She checked with these folks, and
they related what I already thought.  Mrs. McDermott came to see her house
for a last time; and maybe wanted to say "bye" to Mac - I don't recall her
having any grandchildren of her own.
My son's almost 16 now, and intrigued by all the paranormal stories
surrounding our family.  Although many people are skeptical (I am about
many things) - I've learned to never, ever, say something's impossible
(except for maybe honesty in a politician).

My Neck Itched

By: Daddyostevens@aol.com

    Two months ago I resided in an old Pennsylvania farmhouse . It was very
old but the previous owner fixed it up . She had a crew of home repairmen
brighten it up and give it a new shine . Three weeks afterward she sold the
house to me . I soon found out why .
    Nothing happened the first two days I was there except for the coldness .
The third night I awoke to the eerie sound of something rolling around
downstairs . I got up to investigate but saw nothing . The next day I
searched the house for a reasonfor the noise but still found nothing . I tried to ignore it the next two nights but found myself awake waiting for morning to come and for the rolling to stop . The sixth night I managed to fall asleep until my neck started to
itch . I felt my neck to see what was on it . All I found was a powdery
sensation on my neck , like someone put Goldbond on me there .
    One night in the second week I was reading a book when in the corner of
my eye     I thought I saw a severed head roll down the hall . I dismissed it as being
my imagination , but when it repeated I started getting scared . I didn't
know what was going on . I felt like I didn't belong in that house .
    A Saturday afternoon left me cleaning my house . Occurences were rare
during the day so I wasn't afraid of going down the basement . Cleaning up in
the basement I stumbled upon something old . In the corner of the cellar a
wall had a hole in it . Curious I bent down and examined it . I put my hand
on a patch of weak wall next to it , but put a little too much pressure on it
and it collapsed . When the dust settled I looked down to find a family of
skulls . Two adults , one child and an infant . I popped up scared out of my
wits when suddenly I felt the powdery sensation on my neck again . As fast as
I could I ran out of the corner and up the steps , locking the door behind me
. Two days later I was packed and ready to go , except for the things in the
basement .    I gave the previous owner a visit and talked to her about the house . She
said she had similiar experiences and she returned me my money which seemed odd as
most people wouldn't . Now I believe in ghosts .

My Many Ghost Experiences

By: anitaj@iopener.net

Hello Dave....and thank you for a very informative site on the paranormal! It's the best I've seen! *S*I'd like to share with you and your readers about the experiences I've had with Ghosts.I will soon be 38 years old, here in Jacksonville,Florida where most of my encounters have occurred. I have always been ableto sense if a place had ghost activity...I'm not a psychic in any way..but I get feeling or vibrations if you will if a place doesnt seem right. I hope that makes sense! I can tell the good from the bad in most cases...I guess growing up in a haunted house for 17 years helped! *L*I grew up on the south side of Jaxville...in a nice area called Glynlea...quiet for the most part in the 60's and 70's...except the house we lived in...which my father always called it " 454 The freaky House"..I won't give the street name as my father sold the house 21 years ago. I guess I can say its not far from Holiday Hill Elementary School.I can remember as far back as two years old, but the ghosts I encountered I'd say I was about 4 or 5 yrs old. I should first explain that though, myself, my Mother and Father and two older sisters all heard the ghost voices from the Florida room..in all the years there.. none of us told the other what we had heard and I never told my family til later in life about the three ghosts I had seen!!  We don't know WHY we never did, but we all say we were NEVER scared in any way other than being spooked by hearing three distinct voices in the night! AND it was only at night!!
I recall one night waking up and from my bedroom I walked to the Florida room to my left down the hall to my left and seeing my Mother by the space heater in the corner, and two men standing by the wall in front of the TV. Though they seemed to be a bit transparent, I wondered by she never acted like they were there as she didnt acknowledge them, but i figured she knew they were there... One man was dressed in Spanish dress...:one was an indian  with dark hair past his shoulders and the other was another small spanish man..with a white ruffled shirt, whereas the first one had on a red shirt..black pantaloon type pants.NOTE:...as you may or may not know, Jacksonville,FL has Ft.Caroline Fort, built by the french, and St.Augustine,FL is 30 minutes south of Jacksonville and has quite a long history with Castillo De SanMarcos and the area of St.Augustine itsself has ghost stories galore! Along with confirmed  haunted places to visit!! A great city.. I think if you live close you should visit the city and go on the Ghosts Tour thru the visitor bureau!Well, WHY I was the only family member to SEE the three ghosts I'll never know, nor will I know WHO they were. The really weird thing is that...late at night, if no one was in the family room, and say if we were in the kitchen, you'd hear men talking..like they were carrying on a conversation and you could never make out just what they were saying..I now know WHY, as they HAD to be speaking Spanish...none of us knew how to speak spanish and if we did... we couldnt understand them as their words sounded muffled. Very strange!What's really weird, is that if I was the only one home ( my parents divorced and Dad raised me and my one older sister being the eldest moved out being married and in New Jersey with hubby, daughter and one son...my Mother had moved to Ohio)...I would be in bed for school the next day, and around 10:30pm..I was usually awakend and I thought maybe my father was home from his girlfriends or my sister Jeanne was back from seeing her boyfriend and they had turned on the TV as I heard what sounded like a newcasts.I got up many a nights to investigate...I'd get to the Florida room door.. no one was there!! AND..the voices had stopped !!  We ALWAYS left a light on all night in that room on a table by the couch being there was no light switch inside the door then you step down to the room. At night, as an adult I'd run to turn the light on if it was off.. and if the light was burned out in the table lamp.. I wouldnt change it til morning.. I was afraid to see the ghosts as I did before.. And, I used to  "talk" to the ghosts, getting mad at having to walk to the other end of the house to see.. and got so fed up.. I got out of bed 3 times and I walked to the Florida rom door and yet again...voices stopped... I looked into the room, I never saw my three ghostly friends...but I said..cursing the room.." Listen guys..I have to get up and go to school in the  morning... I can't sleep.. your talking is keeping me awake... I dont want to see you guys...I dont mind your talking..but  please be a little more quiet so I can SLEEP..Please..thank you..good night"..And I stormed off back to my room. Here I was a 16 year old in high school... talking to Ghosts in the night! *L*It worked for a while.. a few days later..they started again..talking at night..soon.. all it took for me was to stand in the hall outside my door..look south towards the Florida room and they would stop from there.Here is what's funny I think... my Dad sells the house to my older sister and her hubby who move back from New Jersey.. I had moved to Cincinnati,Ohio to be with my Mother and my sister got my best friend LeeAnne to baby sit at times for them. I came down for a visit and out of the blue..I asked LeeAnne if she ever heard any voices in the Florida room when Diane and Keith were away... she said...What do you mean, Nita? I said....well.. do you ever hear voices..like the Tv is on when you are back in the other part of the house with the kids?...She said.. Funny you should say that...I have.... I was putting the kids to bed and know I turned the tv down to mute..it was on the screen as muted, I thought your brother in law got home cuz I heard a mans voice.. I walked to the front and no one was there and the tv was still muted. ANd I've turned the TV OFF and heard voices!It was then I told my friend at the time..of knowing her then 19 years, that the house was haunted..but only the family room. She knew some thing was weird and the BEST thing of all is they ..THE 3 GHOSTS were NEVER mean Nor did we ever feel threatend.They never moved things around or anything.. always stayed in that part of the house!  I just wished I could find out who they were and what year was it for them.
I have many more experiences I will share from other placed I've lived since.... and I DO have photos from a recent apartment I lived in from St.Louis, Missouri that has a few orbs in a few pics., I left them with a neighbour and will get copies to you as soon as I can to share.. as I had seen photos on your site with orbs, I never thought I'd ever get any but I did!

Thank you for letting me share my stories...and again.. thanks for a great site!!! ....Nita...


Seeing and Feeling Disturbing Things


Hi, i have a few odd experiences to share with you
one of them was when i was small,maybe 7 or 8, and at that time i lived in an
apartment in culver city. Once at night when i was sick, i had a dream that
some scary looking guy was chasing me. he chased me until i reached a door
and i opened it. suddenly everything turned white and i woke up. i thought
everything was just a dream and it was over.I noticed that everything became
very still and there was no sound but a started hearing music and when i
looked around i still saw the person chasing me in the dream. he was really
small and did not look real because where ever he appeared,it looked like he
was printed on it. i told my mom but she didnt see anything and she told me
to close my eyes and i did but i could still see him. it was really
disturbing and after a long time it ended somehow.
Another strange thing happened to me about 5 years ago. One afternoon was
lying down on my bed reading a book and my sister was on the computer. For
some reason i looked back and nothing was there,just a pillow and the wall.
after a while i felt a hand or claw grab my foot. it hurt a little and i
screamed and my sister thought i was crazy. Also sometimes i see something
move from the corner of my eye but when i turn around, ofcourse,nothing was
there. My neighbor came to my house once and she said she saw something like
a white hand under a table. i looked under and nothing was there.
these are a few experiences i've had and some might not be that big but i
decided to share them. right now, my room is the room where i felt something
grab my foot. i hope nothing like that happens to me again because it is
really scary and it will bother you everytime you think of it

 My true Ghost Story

By: Nathan Paquin


I have never written about this experience or told many people about it, but it did scare me so bad that I did have it blocked out of my mind until recently.  This incident occurred when I was about 6 yrs old. I was living with my Mother at the time, she was divorced, and in the Air Force at the time.  She had met this guy named Michael who I was never fond of, he seemed very creepy to me.  Well anyhow, somehow we both wound up in Michigan with this man.  We went to go meet his parents and such, when you walked into the house you always had this strange feeling that you were not alone, and that something was watching you.  I got this uneasy feeling and I hated this guys parentís there was something wrong about the mother anyhow, he could just sense it.  Well a week after that met her, and her husband they killed themselves in that very house, they were both cops, so they both had weapon.  My mother believes that the women shot them both.  Afterwards we were  forced to live in the house for about a month, it was the month from hell.  My mother was scared to death of being alone that house and she was scared to leave me alone in that house.  I heard many things and seen many things in the house.  There was one incident that scared the crap out of me, and to this day I get chills thinking about. Well there was this one  night where I could have sworn I heard my mother and her boyfriend come out of their bedroom.  My door was always closed at night so was my mothers door; her door was across from mine.  Well when I looked at the clock it read 4:00am, I was
wondering what they were doing up so early, so I slowly crept toward the door and opened it, I did hear noises coming from the kitchen, so I thought they were in the kitchen talking. That is what it sounded like to me, so I slowly walked down the  hall, and the light in the kitchen was flickering on and off.  As I grew nearer the kitchen the voices sounded like they were lowering because they heard me, I got to the kitchen door when the voices sopped and started walking towards the door.    Like that I ran down the hall, and went into the bedroom, and peered down the hall from my door.   What I saw shocked the hades out of me, I saw a lady in white, hovering so many feet above the ground, slowly moving toward he living room.  I didnít call out or anything, I was frozen with fear.  The lady was pure white, and had long hair, and a gown on, and she was floating above the ground.  To this day it upsets me to think about it, and sometimes I get upset and cry, it was the most horrible experience of my life and I thank god I have never seen a ghost like that again!   My mother has also told me that during those times I had talked with Michaels dead mother, but thank god I donít even remember talking to her, I think  it scared me so bad that I had blocked that incident in my head, and canít remember it.  Yes this is a true story, mother has also seen this lady, but we never talked to it. Thank you for your time!

The Witch and My Grandfather

By: GeminiJs16@aol.com

well i never really belived in ghosts until i was 5 or 6 years old. our
house wasnt very big and my little brother just came home from the hospital so
me and my little sister had to share a room. she is only 2 years younger then
i am. well we each had our own bed side by side but with a night-stand in
the middle. one night at like 2 in the morning i woke up for some strange
reason and i couldnt fall back asleep so i just layed there with my eyes closed
thinking that sooner or later i would fall asleep. well just has i was
driffting off i heard this witch's voice(like in all the scary movies)
yell my name into my ear. my eyes were wide open now but i was too scared to
turn around and look. being that i was very little. after laying there for
about 15 minutes i jumped out of my bed and turned around. nothing was
there....in fact everything was like it was before. because the voice was so loud i
thought that my sister would have woken up(she is a very litel sleeper)
but she was sound asleep. then there was another time when my mom was drying
my hair and i saw my grandfathers face in the corner( he had died a few weeks
before) and i asked my mom what my grandfather was doing in the corner. my
mom turned around and there was no one there. then there was one more time
with my grandfather a few days after he died i woke up and i went into the
kitchen to get a drink. to get to the kitchen you have to pass the front
windows where you can see the deck. well i heard footprints like someone
was walking up the deck. i went out there and the boards were moving like
somone was walking on them! (they were very old boards) well whoever it was
walked up to the front door and then walked back off the deck...i told my mom and
she says it was my grandfather saying goodbye.

The Indian

By: TWeingartn@aol.com

In October of 1970, my family moved from Queens to Long Island in a house
that was built brand new for us.  When I was about 7 years old my parents
went out for the evening and my older brother was left baby-sitting myself
and my younger sister.  At around 10:00 PM I woke up because my pillow had
fallen behind the bed.  When I turned around I saw a figure standing there
beside the bed.  The only way I can describe him was that he looked like a
shadow only not distorted and he looked as if he were wearing a headdress.
At first I thought it was my brother trying to scare me, so I started
asking it questions.  There was no reply.  I started screaming for my parents
when my brother called up from downstairs that they hadn't returned home yet.
I told him to come up, there was someone in my room.  When he got to my room
he turned the hall light on and the figure just disappeared.  I guess I just
fell back to sleep.  The next morning I began to tell my mother the story
about the Indian in my room.  As any parent would think, my mother said I
was dreaming and told me to go out and play.  An hour or so later my sister
woke up and began to tell my mother the same story.  I guess you can say she
was a little shocked.  My sister and I never saw that Indian again.  I am now 32
years old and my brother has two small children that spend a lot of time
at my parents house.  My niece who is only 5 spent the night there a few
months ago.  When she woke up the next morning she told my mother that there was
a man in my room that looked like an Indian.  A few weeks later my 2 year
old nephew asked my mother who the man is with the funny hat.  My mother asked
him if the hat had feathers on it and he said yes.  Through the years
growing up, when strange things would happen we would always joke and say the
"Indian did it."  It took us all by surprise many years later that my niece and
nephew would experience the same thing.  Being that we live in an area
known for Indians and only children have seen it, my theory is that this is an
Indian ghost that protects or watches over children.  I have tried several
times to research this, but to date have not come up with anything.  If
anyone has any ideas please email me at TWeingartn@aol.com.


By: dballz77@prodigy.net

During the summer of i say 1977 or 78  my father told me he was going to bed and said for me not to go out side, well being  a stubborn teenager i disobeyed my fathers orders and went outsides anyways,while outside i happen to be looking up at the night sky and the stars when i heaed the sound of someone whos walking with out picking up their feet,when i turned around i saw a soild figure of a man who stood about 6 feet tall wearing a hat simullar to the kind worn by president Lincon.As i turned back around to go back inside i glanced back to where the figure was standing and there it was no move or sound. When i came back inside i told my father what i had seen and he simply replied "see what happends when you dont mind your

   My History With Ghosts

By: ImATripp2U@aol.com

Until 1979, I lived in a home that dated back to at least the 1820's, and
perhaps even earlier.  The home had a full basement, first floor, second floor, and an
attic that was divided into rooms with 8-10' ceilings. To get into the attic
you had to lower a door (which was located in my room) by pulling two levers. The
door would lower at one end to the floor, and there were steps built in to
the back side of the door. The home was used as a duplex, one "apartment" upstairs
on the second floor, where we lived, and the one on first floor where an
elderly landlady lived.  My brother, who is 13 months younger than I am, and I had a number of weird experiences in that house. We used to jokingly refer to the ghost as "Harry." Items used to disappear, only to reappear in an obvious place at a later time.
Once, a friend who lived behind us refused to come to our house for nearly a
year after swearing that someone "grabbed" her shoulder, but when she
looked, no one was there. I remember often feeling "watched," and having the feeling that someone was in the room with me. Although I realize this sounds like "kid stuff," I
remember having an irrational fear of my closet. The only incident I ever remember happening when my parents were around was one Sunday morning.  You entered the apartment in the kitchen, which was  the center of the apartment, and the other rooms opened up off of it. My bedroom was to the left, then my parents' room, bathroom, living room, and my brother's room. My father was sitting at the kitchen table, and I was laying
on the living room floor coloring. We had an old console stereo, and suddenly
the stations started to "flip," like someone was turning the dial. My father
started to yell, "Leave the doggone radio alooo...." and as he looked up, saw
that I hadn't moved from the floor. He looked perplexed for a moment, then
got up and went over to the stereo, where he looked at the dial. It looked
like someone was spinning the dial back and forth. He put his hand on the
dial to stop it, then turned it back to the station he had it on. He stood
there for a moment, then went back to his newspaper in the
kitchen. He never said anything about it. The scariest thing by far that happened though was in July 1979. My brother and I were 12 and 13 at the time, old enough to be by ourselves Ė especially with the landlady right downstairs. My mom had gone to California with her mother and 2 other relatives, and my dad was at work (second shift). My brother and I spent all day cleaning out the attic, packing up stuff we were taking,
getting rid of, etc. We had boxes taped up and clearly marked of things we
were taking with us, and garbage bags full of stuff to throw away.
About 10 p.m. that night, my brother and I were both in bed when all sorts of
noises started coming from the attic. It sounded like someone was up there
"stomping around", throwing things, and basically just throwing a fit.  After
a few minutes my brother came into my room and asked, "Were you just upstairs?"
I told him "no," and asked if he had heard the noises as well. At that point,
the noise escalated to the point I chased my brother back to his room and
slept on the floor in his room. When my dad got home we told him what had happened,
and he told us it was just our imaginations because we were home alone.
My mother returned from California the next day, and we told her what
happened.She just laughed and told us we were telling stories. When we got home from
the airport, we went up in the attic, and it looked just like it had sounded the
night before: like someone had pulled everything out of bags and boxes and
thrown it everywhere tantrum! My mom got mad at us, and told us she expected us to have attic finished and ready to move when she returned from California. We tried to tell her that we had cleaned the attic, but she didn't believe us. I remember my brother and I
saying goodbye to "Harry" when we left about 2 weeks later. It was really scary, but
it was almost like he was upset we were leaving.The "new" house we moved to was actually the house my mother grew up in.My great-grandfather had built the house for he and my great-grandmother,and had died not too long afterwards. My maternal grandmother and my grand-father lived in the house with my great-grandmother until her death, around1950. My mother has told me stories about she and her brothers and sisters
peeking down the stairs as they carried her body out of the house. Finally, in
1979, my maternal grandparents decided to move to Florida, and offered to
sell the house to my parents.Shortly after the move, my mother and I had gotten into a major fight one day, and I was upstairs in my bedroom. My desk was located between two windows, and when I sat at it my back was to the door. I was sitting at my desk with
my head on folded arms crying when I felt someone patting and rubbing my
back. It was comforting, but after a moment I realized that I'd never heard
anyone come upstairs -- which were very noisy! I stiffened and began to turn,
and the touch stopped.  It was kind of creepy, but like I said, comforting,
so I wasn't afraid. The second incident happened in November of 1979. I awoke at 4:05 in the morning. You know how you're suddenly wide awake, and you lay there for a
minute trying to figure out what woke you up? I became aware of someone
"sitting" on the edge of my bed near my knees, and when I looked, there was
a depression as if someone were sitting there. I rubbed my eyes and looked
again, and after a moment the sensation went away. I looked at the clock and
made note of the time, and went back to sleep.
I proceeded to dream about my Uncle Joe. He had advanced cancer, and had
lost a leg years earlier in a vehicle accident. I'd never seen him with two
legs. In the dream, he had both legs, and was walking away from me across a very
green field. He approached and climbed a hill, and as he reached the top, he
turned around and waved at me, smiled, and went over the top.
When I got up for school that morning I told my mom what had happened, and
she kind of laughed and thought it was funny. About 7 a.m. my aunt called, and
told my mother that my uncle had died at 4 a.m. that morning! My mother just
kind of looked at me and said, "Well, I guess your uncle came to tell you
goodbye." I've asked my parents (who still live in the house) if they've had any
experiences, but neither claim to have. I've stayed at the house a number of times since
moving out, but nother further has happened.


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