Footsteps on the Stairs


My parents bought and old brick home built in the 1800's the house was devided into wings. While visting , I was in an upstairs guest room in one of the wings, no one else except my mom was in the house. I decided to make up the bed before going downstairs to have a cup of coffee, I was facing away from the doorway tucking in the sheets, when I heard footsteps comming up the  two sets of wooden stairs and walking down the hardwood floors, the steps paused at my doorway, still facing away from the door, thinking it was my mother, I said" that I would be finished in just a second". I then heard the footsteps continue down the hall, and another bedroom door open and shut. Thinking it odd that my mother didn't reply when I spoke to her, I then went across the hall and opened the only other bedroom door on the wing, the one I heard the door open and shut. The room was empty. Wondering how on earth my mom had passed me to go back down the hall, I leaned over the  stairs and called her. When I got no answer I went down the stairs to the other end of the house to find my mother sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper, she was puzzled when I ask her why she had come upstairs and had left  without speaking to me.......she said she had not been upstairs all morning. Months later  the children would never play upstairs
 in a playroom in another wing of the house, when we asked why they would not play in this lovely playroom, they said that  the footsteps scared them, and that the lady they had seen on the stairs would't speak to them and it scared them. We had never mentioned what had happened to me that morning. My parents soon sold the house, Never have I been so sure of what I heard that morning, The footsets I heard were crisp and clear on those hardwood floors.


Ghost in my Favorite Room


My house has always had extra "company".    It's been 13 years since we moved
in here and for a while there were some really odd things happening.  I was
ten years old when we moved in and fell in love with the huge, empty attic
upstairs.  I would bring my toys and my little sister up there to play with.
She was eight at the time, so we had a lot of fun together.  We brought our
dollhouse up there and would spend hours making up stories and having fun.  I
would go up there and read by myself a lot because it was quieter than the
rest of the house.  Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened while my sister
and I played up there and I felt very comfortable.  In the far end of the
room there wee racks where clothing must have hung before.  One day I was up
there alone playing when I discovered this old fashioned looking gold purse
with a painting of a dear in a meadow on it, and being a lover of old things,
I was psyched--  I brought it to my mother and she said it looked like a
pocketbook from the 1920s that her grandmother used to have-- sort of a
flapper type style.  We hung the pocket book in the back of the closet to
keep it out harms way.  About a year later, my father and a friend of his
transformed my attic-playroom into a bedroom for both me and my sister.    My
father left a quarter of the room where the pocketbook had been found alone
and put up a wall and a door seperating the rest of the bedroom from that
area.  My sister did not like her bed being up against the wall of the "back
room".  Then, what I felt next was unexpected and unbelievable.  I was lying
there with my eyes open, frozen with fear.  I felt as if someone was watching
me, but I was afraid to move.  I had never felt like this before, and was
never afraid of the dark as a child.  My sister said, "Can I please come over
and sleep with you?"  Now, I susally said no to this and stop being a baby-
but I wanted her to come over-- pretending to be reluctant I said, alright
but don't hug me-even though I realy wanted to be--  She ran over and
squeezed me and I sqeueezed back and she said I'm scared and I said, "me too"
and then  BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!! 4 loud knocks right on the wall which our
heads were practically up against.  I could actually feel the virbations from
the wall. Then my sister crying said, "WHAT was That??"  "Me" I said "don't
worry"-- I was trying to tell myself that it was me when it happened again
BOOM, BOOM BOOM BOOM!! We both jumped up and ran downstairs at this point--
into my parents' bedroom and my father went up to see if there was anyone
hiding up there-- no one was, however and my sister refused to go back up
there and slept with my parents.  I, however, went back up there scared,but
mad that my favorite place was trying to kick me out-- I felt almost betrayed
and hurt, so I stayed up there for the whole night, refusing to leave, but
hoping it would not try to scare me-- it didn't--My sister would make make
attempts to sleep up thre later, but would always run downstairs at some
point.  I couldn't blame her since most of the time, I really wanted to join
her, but-- never would.  Over the next several years I often heard whispering
and an the door knob being wiggled as if someone was trying to get in,at
first-- then it became a game.  The dooor knob would wiggle really fast and I
would say-- I'm trying to sleep-- and it would stop- and then I got used to
the weird noises-- It's 13 years later and in that time I've had many friends
tell  me that they heard whispering or tapping on the wall or someone
breathing in their ear-  to which I say, I told you there was a ghost in my
house--  but it sparked my interest in the paranormal in which I am an avid
believer because of my ghost-buddy-- I don't know if the purse actually
belonged to the ghost, but the house was built in 1940, after the flapper
times- but my mother did tell me that the old man who used to occupy the
house had two wives who both passed on-- whether or not either of them died
in this house, i don't know.  The purse may have belonged to one of them---

Ghost Relative


Hey I will not tell you my real name but u can call me troy. I live in
Florida and I was walking through my house at night during a thunder storm I
was alone. I started to watch a movie called Psycho (spelling could be wrong)
and then the power went out. Then this bright light appeared out the top of
the ceiling and I don't know if it was an angel or a ghost when I first saw
it then I remember at my grandparents house remembering a picture of my
grandpas father. The ghost in front of me was wearing an old war costume with
what looked like gun holes in it. I remember my grandpa said he died in WW1.
The ghost said you are the one. I thought that was sort funny then i said why
are you here he smiled and then disappeared right as the lights went on. and
that's all I've never told my parents about it I'm not lying this is true.
tell me of any stories if You want to talk abut ghost i believe in them

My Parents Old Haunted House


I just wanted to ask if you knew why or what could cause such paranormal
experiences.  My parents old house was very haunted, but it seemed more like
someone was protecting us if anything.  Well after my brother and I moved
out, my parents experienced more scarier phenomenons.  Whomever was in the
house, started doing things that were really freaky.  My poor father claims
that he had a voice in his ear tell him he "had no soul".   That really
scared him and he does not like to talk about it.  My dad is a wonderful
person and he is not crazy, so to speak.  So I believe him, but felt for him.
 Gave me the chills when he told me.  They used to hear the phone ring, but
it wasn't their normal ring.  It was a quiet ring, really distinct.  When
they answered it, they could hear a womans voice through a dial tone.   But
it sounded far away and they couldn't understand what she was saying.  My
poor mother seen a man standing in the doorway and then he dissapeared.
Scared her because she thought it was someone in her house, then she realized
what it was.  Somone, or something used to tie their shoe laces in knots
while they were sleeping.  They always speek of whispers in there ear at
night.  Someone would say their name in their in hear.  My parents are now in
their mid 40's so I am sure they are not suffering from illusions that come
with being elderly or anything of the sort.  They are wonderful parents and
would not exagerate ever.   Once someone slamed their bedroom door and they
couldn't get it open for hours.  Just weird and scary things that happen
their.  As I teenager, I remember hearing someone run up and down my steps,
very loud in the middle of the night.  Never anyone there.  So my parents
went through hell in that home.   Now they moved and live close to me and
have a wonderful, quiet home.   Thank you for listening to my story, if you
can explain any of this to me, like why this happen, please do.  I have a
great story of a restaurant, about 3 blocks from my parents old house which I
managed that would blow your mind.  If your interested, i will tell ya the
story sometime.  I live in a suburb outside of Detroit MI.  Hope you can help
me answer my questions.  Thanks for your time and your website is great!!  I
love it, but I get a little spooked, have to admit.

Lab Visitor?


This is a continuing and ongoing experience taking
place in the lab I work in at CSU Fullerton in
southern California. It began in the Fall when I'd
stay late perhaps 4 nights a week to work on projects
- I often got the feeling that I wasn't alone - that
"hair on end, I'm being watched" sort of thing. I
sometimes felt something touch the hair on the back of
my head, which is VERY CREEPY when you know you're the
only one in the room (perhaps even the entire floor) @
1:00 a.m.! This even happened/happens when others are
in the room. The presence went away in the Spring (or
at least I didn't notice it) with the hustle and
bustle of classes and students moving in and out of
the room (not to mention that I didn't stay late more
than once the entire semester) - but now it's summer
and nobody is around, and it's happening again. I
often see flashes of light and notice sudden movements
in my peripheral vision - but when I look up, nothing
is there.
The latest is the motion-sensitive lights turning on
when nobody is there. This never used to happen - and
began only a few weeks ago. This lab and an adjacent
room have such lights. I'll be working at a computer
in the lab (with lights on), and the lights in the
other room will be off (the motion sensor times out
after 15 minutes). For no apparent reason, the'll
suddenly come on - as they do when someone enters the
room. The problem is that nobody is entering the room
- the only ways in are through the room I work in, and
a locked door. Keeps me on my toes to say the least.

My New Haunted House
I built my new house house on top of a spooky sand dune near Lake
Michigan in Indiana. I payed only 1500 dollars for the lot, and figured
that there must have been something wrong with it.  There was.  The plot
needed about 3000 dollars worth of bulldozing to stablize it; otherwise
the house would have collapsed down the hillside.  May be that would have
been for the best.  I found out later that the house was built on an old
Indian trail and I bet you all can guess what happened.
I moved in on a dark and stormy night (no
kidding).  When I opened the drapes on the sliding glass doors and turned
on the outside lights, I was jolted.  My beautiful view of the forest
looked like the set from the film, Bride of Frankenstein.  The stunted
oak trees had all lost their leaves and moaned in the wind.
 The house had no telephone and was very isolated and I was feeling
very spooked, so I had a large glass of wine for my nerves and went to
bed.  I had nearly gotten to sleep, when the front door blew open with a
loud crash. I jumped out of bed with my heart pounding and crept towards
the door, switching on the hall light.  I saw the eerie figure of a man
in the large window and nearly had a stroke.  I soon realized that this
was my own reflection and tried to calm down.
 I managed to get to sleep, but was awakened by a noise.  This time I
heard foot steps walking around the house --  disembodied foot steps.
Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that cold October night, but
finally dozed off just before dawn.  I was later awakened by more foot
steps.  Thank God it was only the phone man!
 I lived in the house for nearly seventeen
years with only the occasional visit from the other world.  The house
that I live in now is fairly quiet.  Perhaps, like many Viet Nam Era
veterans, it is I that is haunted and not my houses.

I am a Strong Believer Now!


Hey, you guys can call me Kat, I guess.
Anyway, since as long as I can remember I have believed in ghosts.  When I
was little I'd play with dolls and sometimes I'd pretend that one of them
died then came back to life or something.  It's been the same with aliens and
all that supernatural stuff.  I;ve been a believer but never a strong believer
.  Well, I believed that they existed but I didn't believe that they could
actually come down and contact with people, actually with me.  Well, here is
one part of my story.
    I don't know when this was, maybe Novemeber or something, but I was 12
and I was at this very computer that I'm at now and I was on AOL like I am
now looking at one of my favorite sites.  My computer was on a surge
protector and if it was moved the comptuer would shut down.  That happened
before because I kciked it and I had no problem with it.  It happened because
the surge protector wasn't pluged in enough.  So I was sitting at my comptuer
with one of my legs tucked under adn the other wrapped around the base of the
chair.  CLICK.  The comptuer tuns off.  Sometimes it turns of by itslef but
not this time. I get down on the floor and the surge protector was plugged in
all the way and I had to turn it on again.  When I switched it on I was in
tears and I heard that same click I heard when the computer went off.  I
didn't tunr on my computer for about 4 days after that.  I was to afraid.
    Once I was in bed and I felt my bed shanking.  I'm like "oh my God this
isn't happening."  Everytime I would sit up it would stop but when I would
lay back down it would start again, especially on my back.  I ended sleeping
on my side that night.
Thursday  October 7 (I'll never forget this date)
    It was one day before we got out for Thanksgiving break and I brought my
rats home.  My science class was doing a project in groups on different
animals and my group chose rats.  Don't ask.  Ok, so I brought the rats up to
my room and I set them down near my CD player in my bedroom.  I decided to
turn on a little Backstreet Boys Millennium for them.  So it was playing and
then my mom called my down to take my dog Ali (Oli).  So I was outside and it
wa about 5pm or 5:30pm but no later.  My dog has these slippers that he loves
and he was running around with it and I was trying to catch him.  Then I hear
tap tap on a window, and upstaris window, my window.  I look up and I see
this woman standing there.  "Oh it's my mom".  I kept my eyes on the window
thinking "When is my mom gonna open it and call me in" because she has
before.  I kept moving back and forth and then sometime I realized that this
woman was very tall.  So then I was walking back and forth back and forth and
then I glance down in the kitchen and I see my mother making dinner.  I look
up, the woman is gonae and I run into the house crying.  I asked my mom if
she was in my room and she said "no" and I started crying even harder.  I was
so freaked.  I decided to go up and check on the rats.  Now I have a CD
player and the it's hooked up to a tuner and the tuner has to be turned on to
CD in order to hear the CD music.  Now I can hear music coming out so I'm
thinking "everything is ok" until I open the door.  Not only was the tuner NOT
 on CD but on radio, the radio was going on and off and the CD player was
still on.  I ran downstaris screaming and then my mom called the police.
They came and they checked everywhere.  I would have perferred they found a
man crouched in a corner with a knife ready to kill my family then NOTHING.
For months at least 3, maybe more, I didn't go to sleep with out the light
on.  Till this day when I get into bed I try and not to look in front of my
to my window but rather at the celing or burry my hea in the covers.  I'm 12
and I was 12 then.  It was Thanksgiving vaction.  I didn't get a lot of
thanks that was pleasureable.
This is a ture stoy and I'm not kidding.  All of this scared the heck outta
me.  I'm not afarid as much any more.  The funny thing is that this all
happened in less then 5 months when my mother and I were fighting a lot.  I
rather see these "happenings" as signs that my gaurdian is watching over me
and will protect me.  After thinking about it a while, that woman, that tall
woman, had my grandmother's tall broad body (Nano is what I called her).  She
died of lung cancer.  She quit smoking when I was apoted cold turkey.  I
don't remember much about her but what her outlin was and one Christmas when
she came.  That's all and her funeral when I was 6.

London Ghost Stories


Hi my name is Ben (i am 11) and resently my dad took me on a couple of ghosts walks in the haunted city of London. There
were many exciting stories and at one time when we were in a cellar of an old prison i though i heard strange noises of the poltergiest 'Fred' which, my i add none of the adults heard.
One story that i found really exciting was the one about 50 Barkley Square.
First story:
Everyone knew that this house was haunted and one night a man and his friends were in a pub where they made a bet. The bet was for one the the men to stay in the top room of this house while the others were in the celler. If the man did this he would have won £200 which was alot of money in the 1800s. if by any chance he was in danger all he had to do was ring the bell which was attached to the celler.
Later that night the bell rang violently sending the friends up to the top floor. then they saw it. Their friend lying on
 the bed with his lip curled over his teeth and his eyes popping out. Most people say he died from fright but then again who knows?

Second story:
One night, 70 yrs later a couple of sailors needed a place to stay for the night so they broke into the haunted house. they stayed on the top floor. later the men heard something. one men got away but there was something in the way of the door so the other man had no way out other than the window with many metal spikes in the way...

 The Nurse Loved the Kids


It seems I might have a ghost story to tell.
I live in Pennsylvania and have been in the medical field for over 20 years.
At one facility that I worked, we had our own resident ghost.
Her name was Mrs. McClain and she use to be one of the nurses that took care
of the low functioning mentally retarted kids that lived there. You could
always tell she was around by her smells. She either smelled like breakfast
foods(cinnamon toast and  bacon) or this god awful fruity perfume that
sheuse to wear.
It seems that she was coming home from work one night and got into a car
accident. but it seem that her spirit was so dedicated to these kids, that
she helps take care of them still.
I was privy to her one day when I was giving the kids their daily bath. We
had bathe tubs in their rooms and
would pick them up and bathe then. Then we would carry them back to their
beds and finish dressing them.
One child was VERY wet and I knew that I would be bathing that child next.
While I was bathing another child, I felt as if someone was snapping at my
ear lobe. I turned a round, but no one was there. This happened several
times over several minuets and I finally yelled for her to just stop and I
would get to the child when I was done with the one I was working on.
When I was done with the first child, I turned around and the second one
that I knew was drenched and in his night clothes, was clean and dresses. No
One else was in the room with me and No One could have come in without my
knowledge since there was only one entrance and they would have had to get
past me to get to the child.
I think I thanked her, but I didn't want her doing my job.
She helped myself and others on occasion.
She's one of the most friendliest ghosts that I have seen.
If you would like more stories on her or others the I've met, please let me

Haunted Carson in Southern California


I have submitted a haunting in the California section of
"Add a Haunted Place " on your website but you have not add it to your
collection of stories. It was the story about Carson or the Dominguez Hills
in Southern California. This story is very true and if you live
in the area you know that this story is past down from generation to
generation, in the city of Carson there is a very old adobe home which is now
a museum, it's called the Dominguez Ranch Home Museum and has a very violent
past. One story is of the "hopping" man and the sighting of the hopping man
is sometimes reported on seen on Del Amo and Wilmington Ave. and also on
Victoria Blvd. near the University. If you have a chapter of investigators in
So. Cal it would be of some interest to see this old museum. it is also
located several blocks from an also very haunted spot the Banning Residence
Museum in Wilmington. But check out the Dominguez Ranch Museum because I know
from friends and relatives in the area that the place is haunted.

Haunted Windchimes


I have enjoyed your stories so much!  It's a wonderful feeling to know that
you're not the only one experiencing these things.  I do have a couple of
stories, but will only share one at this time.
My first husband and I married on September 5, 1992.  We had our honeymoon on
Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  While shopping at a Tradewinds Gift Shop there, we
purchased windchimes, made of brass and wood.  When we got home we hung them
outside our front door on the light fixture.  It was a beautiful sound, but
at night, it seemed creepy to me, and I would often bring them in and lay
them on the floor on a towel by the front door to be hung up again the next
morning.  At first nothing happened, then a few days later I was home alone
in the late afternoon, around 5pm.  And the windchimes were doing there
thing, chiming.  Anyway, for some reason, although it was still sunny out, I
was getting creeped out by the sound, and decided to bring them in.  I laid
them on a towel by the front door and proceeded back the the kitchen to do
some dishes.  Suddenly, I stopped and froze.  I could still hear them
chiming.  I thought that maybe the sound had stuck in my head.  And that
maybe it was my overactive imagination.  But this went on for about a half
and hour, until my husband returned home.  I told him what happened, and he
confessed to me that at night when we were lying in bed, he often heard the
windchimes too, after we had brought them in and laid them on the towel.  I
asked him if it was possible that the sound was just in our heads cause we
were hearing them chime all day.  He said it was possible, and we just
ignored it.  Also, at that time we investigated the neighborhood around us to
see if someone else had windchimes, and maybe we were hearing them.  But no
one did.
One night, on a Saturday, we couldn't sleep, because we both heard the
windchimes.  I decided to test it, and we started humming the same tune at
the same time.  We started getting real creeped out, and decided to get rid
of the chimes.  We both went down stairs, the front door being at the bottom
and picked up the chimes, drove to a gas station and dumped them in the trash
there.  This was around 1am.  We got home and listened intently, but there
was no more sound.  The next day we were at church, and the Pastor began
preaching about spirits.  He related a story about windchimes, and that in
some countries when they make them they pray a prayer over them to send a
spirit along with them.  All I know is that we never hear the sounds again
after that night.  thanks for listening!

Many Spirits Visiting


one night my mom and I were sitting in her upstairs room watching T.V when we
heard footssteps coming up the stairs. I got totally freaked. In the mornig
we found four ice cubes on the floor in our kitchen.for the following weeks
it kept happening. my dad even saw someone walking towards him in the middle
of the night. He said it looked like my mom but you couldnt see her
night I was in my room and i saw and heard footsteps outside of my
bedroom.Since my parents were downstairs watching a movie and my sister was
at her friends house I knew it wasnt them. As I went to investigate I saw a
tall man walking towrds my sisters room.He turned towrds me looked at me.
Then he kept walking into my sisters room. I followed him into my sisters
room and turned on the lights and no one was time my dad did the
same thing but saw a little boy going into my room.But he saw my dad and
dissapeared. We have moved out of that house but we still remember
everything. We think their might be ghosts haughting that place.

Family Haunts

     Hello, my name is Russell and I am 10 years old.I have
had two encounters with the paranormal.Once when I was about 5 years old
my Mother Jill ,Father Randy , and My two sisters Barbara And
Rachel also known as Babs and Rock head and I saw the same ghost in the
main bathroom.
                   The second experience happened while my sisters
Barbara , Rachel, and I were all home alone.My sister Barbara was doing
her homework as my sister Rachel and I were siting watching t.v.Then the
door which was locked by the keyhole and the deadlock swung open.My
sister Barbara asked if my father had just walked in the door?My sister
Rachel and I both said no.All three of us then walked to the door to
find that no one was there.Later when my father did come home we told
them about the incident.After that we all discussed what had
happened and we thought it was my mother's ghost who had just been
killed the month before. Thank You and that is my encounters with the

Giggeling Boy


about 3 2 months ago me and some of my friends went to rahobeth we were
following the book New England ghost files we went to a cemetary supposenly
haunted by a little boy that giggles as he runs around the grave yard well we
did not hear giggling we heard aloud voice saying help me several times it
was alittle boys voice he was screaming we also seen his image behind a tree
we have the pictures email me back and let me know if you have heard anything
about that

Night in Gettysburg


    This is my friend, Travis' account of a night in Gettysburg.
    Me and a party of friends and family members went to Sachs Covered Bridge
near Gettysburg, PA, for a ghost hunt and picnic. When we got there, we went
in and ate our food from McDonalds. After we were done, we decided to show
the disappearing act that happens on the bridge. Some people stand on one
side of the bridge, and one or two walk down through the bridge. As they got
further down the bridge, heavy fog sets in and they disappear. Then, some
people came with flash photography digital cameras. As they entered the
bridge they took a picture, and as the picture showed up in the monitor on
the digital camera, it showed that the bridge was covered in ectoplasm. So,
they took some more pics, and later on, when they took more, they found orbs
in their pictures- energy orbs. We found a cold spot in the bridge, Me and my
friend stood there as it seemed the cold spot moved back and forth. First we
thought, it was the wind. But as we extended our arms, the center of our arms
were cold and the tips of our hands and upper arms were warm. There in fact,
were no breezes, and it was roughly 80 degrees. When the people left with the
flash photography didgital cameras, me, dad and my friend Joe heard what
sounded like marching- and a rebel yell. Gettysburg, in 1863, had been the
sight of a terrible battle that took the lives of 51,000 men. Sachs Bridge
had been a bridge Union and Confederate soldiers used. Then, we heard what
sounded like chains clanking, which was what would have been artillery being
moved. Also, we heard horses walking across the bridge. The hoof beats were
hard to miss on a wood floor. Strange things had happened before too. Steve,
another firend, had had experiences here too. His dad had sais , "All we need
now is a cat jumping up on my shoulder," and as If on cue, a cat flew up
through the wooden boarded floor, and landed on his shoulder and disappeared.
But then, back at present at the bridge, we heard something that vaguely
sounded like a meow. As we looked into the shadows we saw a cat run off into
the night, My friend's dad turned his lights on, and the cat had disappeared
into the woods. We figured that we should leave with all this creepy stuff
that happened. We hopped in the van except for some of my friends. Then we
smelled wet, sweaty horses. And then, one of the adults said "They're not
using the bridge- they're using the water!!!!" Then, in the grass, we seen
what looked lika beat out Porsche trail. As we hopped into the van, we
remembered what the lady had said to us when she was taking pictures at
Spangler's Spring (Also in Gettysburg, which is now a national park) She'd
taken a picture of one colleagues standng on a rock. When the picture came
up, there was two hundred orbs floating around her in a box of red ectoplasm.
Before we left, my dad and I were standing near some bushes, and we heard
cracking. The gravel which lines the bridge path down into the woods was
being kicked up.My friend's dad said if you are there pick up a rock and
throw it. After that a rock came rollng up to his foot. Then he said You can
do better than that. All sorts of rocks were being thrown up in the air. Then
we left- Quickly.

I Thought I saw My Grandfather


    My grandfather used to live in Los Angelos, but now he lives with me and
my parents in New York.  Anyways, one day, about 2 or 3 years ago, I was
getting ready to go to school.   It was the winter, so it was very dark,
although it was 7 in the morning.  You have to pass the kitchen in order to
get to my bathroom.   So, I was all dressed and ready to go to school, but I
had to brush my hair. I was running a little late, so i ran to the bathroom,
whizzing by my kitchen and glancing at the kitchen table.  I stopped abruptly
because I had just seen my grandfather, even when he was miles away!  I was
so scared, but I slowly went back to the kitchen, and the apparition was gone.

River Road Haunting


Hi my name is Brandi.I am 15 years old. I live in West Fairview Pa, My
grandmother owns about 25 acres of land by the River, they call it the
River Road..Every summer we camp down there, since my dad owns a
RV..Anyways my cousins Rachel and Harely and Myself spent last weekend
up there with my grandmother, We (Just the three us) were sitting next
too the fire when we heard someone walking from, the woods toward us, my
dog was barking and growling. which totally scared us too death, we ran
over to the camper in which my grandmother was sleeping and told her
that there was someone in the woods..Grandmother already mad at us for
waking her up told us to settle down and stop playing games or were
going to be going in and going to sleep, So Rachel and Harley and Myself
decided that we would go back to the fire and just ignore it, Anyways
once we were sitting and talking about who was cuter the BackStreet Boys
or the guys from 98 degrees, when I noticed that my dog, was staring
into the woods growling and showing her teeth, if you knew my dog she
never acts this way, So I yelled at Coca and told her to stop it, she
whimpered and continued too stare into the woods..All of a sudden the
sound of a tree falling and someone screaming made all of ran into the
camper and slam the door shut..The next day when my dad and my uncles
showed up, we told them about a tree falling and someone was hurt..My
uncles looked at us like we were crazy and went too look into the woods,
They came back a few minutes later and said that they could see no trees
down..Than my grandmother got this sad look in her eyes and told us
about my Great Grandfather her father had died when a tree he was
cutting came down on him about 50 years ago, she has never told us about
what happened too my grandfather, until that day..Was that my
Grandfather saying hi or what, Please email me..Thanks for your time..



In order to understand fully I must let you in on some info. I lived in a small city outside of San Antonio, Texas. My neighborhood consisted of eleven houses, it was a wooded neighborhood. I met my best friend when I was nine years old  she lived up the street from me. About three years later my parents built a house next door to her. She had one older sister and two older brothers. Being the only kids that lived in the neighborhood we were always together. I have one brother he is two years older than me and he wuld always hang around with her brothers.
I've always felt safe there. Her older brother John was very suicidal. He use to get really scared and tell people that the devil was after him. One night when I was about thirteen she was spending the night at my house, when John tried to commit suicide by hanging himself  of there roof. We heard the dogs barking so we all went outside to see if my dad and uncle had gotten home from the store,but it was him.He jumped and we just saw him hanging. Thank god that he was unsuccessful the rope snapped and he just fell. He ended up running to the neighbors yard and hiding in their chicken coop.He said that the devil was chasing him.Years went by and things were normal John seemed like things were so much better for him. He got a job with my dad after finishing high school. My dad took him to work everyday . When I was 15  John ended up hanging himself to death. We were all devastated. We thought he was okay, but I guess his problems ran deeper than we thought.
Now here comes the weird part. Saturday night's at my house were poker nights my uncle's and aunts would come over and sometimes john's parents. Well  this time it was just family. I went to my room around 11:30 p.m. and without turning on the light; turned on the radio, and laid down on my bed.  I looked by my feet and there was John standing there. I frieked,I couldn't even blink I just stared at him, then he went away. I jumped up and ran to the kitchen where everyone was at.  I didn't tell anyone cause his father was sitting there playing cards.
That night I had a dream  he told me that he was okay and not to worry about him.  He wanted me to take care of his family and to tell them that he loved them.  When I woke up in the morning I told my mother what had happened, and she told me "Last night  a year ago was when John died".

Many Experiences, Many Ghosts?


    At first glance my house looks like your average middle class single
family home.  It's a two story with a basement, a front porch, a deck, a
decent sized front yard, a pool in the backyard, and kids always running in
and out the front door.  During the day my house is warm and inviting, full
of windows that let in the light, and even the basement is non threatening
during the day.
    But sometimes at night I am scared, lying in my bed with my door closed
and locked, the covers pulled over my head and the TV on with the volume
turned down.  Now mind you, I am now 20 years old, still living here with my
parents, and I am still scared sometimes.  I know that it isn't my
imagination because it has been going on for so long.
    Here's a little background to make it easier to understand where the
activity is taking place:
        My house was built after World War II as housing for Bethlehem Steel,
and some say Fort Holabird (Baltimore, MD).  It was constructed quickly along
with many others in the neighborhood.  My neighborhood is known as Gray
Manor/Northpoint and is in Dundalk, a suburb of Baltimore County, Maryland.
Here there was a famous local battle in the war of 1812, called the battle of
Northpoint.  The British landed in a cove (now where Fort Howard Park is) and
marched up Northpoint Road towards Baltimore City, clashing along the way
with American troops.
    When you first walk in the front door you are in the living room.  In the
far right corner of the living room is a door that leads to the kitchen, the
far left leads to a hallway in which there are doors to the bathroom, my
parents room, and the steps to the basement.  When you close the front door,
behind it is the hallway where the door to my room and the steps upstairs
are.  The basement consists of one large room and a smaller storage room.
The large basement room can be divided into the old side and the new side.
The old side is where the furnace is and is the original crawl space under
the house.  The new side was added about 25 years ago by my parents and was
originally intended as a club basement/party room.  The new side has the
computer desk, the washer and dryer, a large freezer, a mini tv room for the
kids, and storage space behind the walls (running behind all the walls, about
2 feet thick and running the length of the walls).  The old side is prone to
flooding and is used for storage and also includes the smaller room.  The old
side isn't as well lit as the new side and can look really creepy.  Upstairs
has two bedrooms and a large room at the top of the stairs that acts as a
guest bedroom and storage.  Running behind the length of the entire back wall
is an attic space that reaches back about 6 or 7 feet and is gabled.
    Now on with my stories.   First for the common occurances:
    There is a bay window in my living room facing the street, the small
window closest to the door will often open on it's own.  I have witnessed it
flying open myself.
    Late at night I'll hear the sound of someone opening and closing the
cabinets or refrigerator, sitting glasses on the table, or moving chairs
around in the kitchen.  A few times I have gone to investigate, only to find
that no one else is awake.
    I have heard someone walking around in the living room when I am home
alone, even when my bedroom door is open (which looks right out into the
living room) and I can see no one in there.
    I have heard the sound of boxes moving around in the attic.
    I have heard knocking coming from the storage space behind the walls in
the basement.  It's as if someone is knocking with their fist on the paneling
that encloses the storage space.
    Window air conditioners have turned on even when they are not plugged in
or have turned off when the switch is in the on position (they are constant
run, not energy saver).
    Now for a few specific occurances:
    One night when I was about 14 or 15 I had two friends spending the night.
 We decided to sleep in the large upstairs bedroom because it has a double
bed and a twin bed (in my room I only have a twin).
    We had the TV on and were watching music videos when suddenly the TV
picture turned to snow and then the TV just shut off.  I freaked out because
there is no way that could have happened with the whole room being on one
circuit.  Just as suddenly as it had shut off, it came back on, but on a
different channel.  I unplugged the TV and turned on the radio because I was
beyond unerved.  My two friends found it really neat that this had happened.
    That night we all went to sleep in the big double bed and kept on a night
light.  We also kept the radio playing really loud.  Suddenly during the
night the radio started playing really loud.  I jumped out of the bed and
turned off the radio, thinking that the alarm had been set, but then it
occured to me that it had been on all night.  I glanced at the clock and
noticed that it was about 3am.  I thought this funny, because many times I
had awakened to wierd noises around 3am.  Only recently have I discovered
that most paranormal activity carries a pattern of 3.
    Another night, more recently, I was home alone and sleeping in my parents
room.  I had the door closed and the AC on.  I had just fallen asleep when I
heard the door open.  I looked up and saw it swing open very slowly.  I
didn't think anything of it at first, until I realized that there was light
in the other room.  I had turned out all the lights before going to bed.  I
sat up very quickly and looked through the door into the living room.  The TV
was on and so was the large overhead light.  Normally we only turned on the
two wall lights, not the large overhead one.  Also, the ceiling fan was on
and the bathroom light was on.  I got up and turned everything off.  On my
way back to bed I noticed it was just after 3am.
    The next day I woke up around 9am and made myself breakfast and then went
over a friend's house.  The events of the night before had me a little
unerved and so I decided to go out for the day.  My friend came back to my
house with me a little before 2pm and we put in a movie.  About an hour later
we heard a loud bang from the kitchen.  We both looked at eachother and then
got up and walked into the kitchen.  Two of the kitchen chairs were laying on
their sides in the middle of the floor and the oven door was open.  I grabbed
my car keys and we left the house.  I spent the night over my friends house
and didn't go back home until my parent's came back.  They didn't mention
anything about disorder in the kitchen.
    My parents haven't really mentioned any strange experiences, but one day
in conversation they mentioned the fact that when they were redoing the front
porch they found a cross facing towards the house under the front steps.  A
cross should be facing away from the house to ward of evil.  By facing
towards the house it was a sign of evil.  They dug out the cement cross and
had a minister friend bless the house.  I thought this interesting, since
this happened when I was about 7 and stuff is still happening in the house.

Mount Pleasant Murder Mystery!


On Aug. 16,1893 Martin & Helena Schultz were murdered for their money!
The story of their demise has been told a thousand fold, since their deaths more than 100 yrs.ago.
It's a story, similar to our modern "Urban Legends", except it took place on a farmstead in the middle of nowhere.
The Schultzs were a strange pair, having been rumored to belong to a sect of some odd ball religion that believed that all work must be done at night. All the house work, and all the farm work was carried on in the darkness of night.People reported, that when they rode in their buggies past the Shultzs' farm at night, they would see Martin working in the fields. Illuminated only by his lantern light, as he tended his crops.
It was commonly known by his neighbors that Martin didn't trust the banks, and that he hid his money on the farm. In places that only he and Helena knew about.  The years passed, and their farm prospered, but Martin & Helena had not been blessed with any children. In 1893 Martin was 60 yrs. old, and felt that he needed to hire a farmhand to help with the chores.
A young man, a ( transient ) in the area was hired by Martin, and came to live on the farmstead with them. Likely the farmhand lived in the Schultzs' original farmhome, which was a small one room log cabin. While the Schultzs lived in a well constructed 2 story home.  The farmhand had worked for the Schultzs for a few months. And he had come to learn of Martin's distrust of the banks.  Having heard from the neighbors that Martin hid all their money on the farmstead the hired man decided he was going to look for it. But he never was able to find any of the money.
 Growing ill-tempered at the lack of his ability to find the money! The hired man decided to murder the Schultzs as the only place he hadn't looked for the money, was in their home. And he was not allowed in there.
As per their religious beliefs, Helena would arise in the dark of the night to start her chores such as churning the
butter. Which she was doing that fatal night.  The hired man quietly walked up behind Helena and with a quick blow to her head, with a sledge hammer, he killed her instantly. She didn't even have time to gasp!
He then strode quietly to where Martin still laid asleep in bed, having not yet risen for the night's work. The farmhand took a few quick swings with the sledge hammer, and crushed Martin's skull, leaving him dead where he lay.  Then the farmhand feverishedly plundered the farmhome in his attempts to find their money. The hours passed quickly, and as day approached he fled the farmstead, and leaving behind him the majority of their fortune, and the grissly murders of the Schultzs!
Neighbors discovered the murders the next day, and as the farmhand was no where to be found he became the main suspect in the murder case.He was shortly there after arrested in a neighboring town, and brought back and held in jail while the investigation continued.After a couple of weeks, the Sheriff still had no hard evidence to tie the farmhand to the murders, so he had to release the man. The farmhand quickly fled the area, never to be seen again.  The Sheriff noted in his investigation, that they too were unsuccessful in finding all of what had to be the Schultzs' amassed fortune. But had the murderer looked inside their bible, he would have found 800,  one dollar bills. Each tucked in between the seperate pages of the bible!  A year had passed since the Schultzs' murder. When neighbors noticed that on the north side of the Schultzs' tombstone the image of a face could be seen in the grain of the stone. It was the face of the farmhand, that was suspected in their murders. And the face looked north to the site of the Schultzs' farmstead as it bordered the cemetery on the north.  Neighbors and townfolk alike felt this was a reminder from the Schultzs as to who had killed them. The Sheriff attempted to track down the farmhand, but his trail was cold, and he never was found again.  To this day the face can still be seen on the side of the tombstone, but it has begun to fade!  As has the farmstead, last year it was bulldozed under and is now just a bean field.
I intend on returning to the Mt. Pleasant cemetery on Aug. 16,2000; to see if the Schultzs will return one more time, to gaze upon their farmplace and to lament it's demise, aswell as their own!  Should you choose to go to the city of Mt. Pleasant and stroll through the city's cemetery looking for the Schultzs tombstone, you will never find it! For you are at the wrong end of Iowa! The Mt. Pleasant cemetery is one of hunderds of such rural cemeteries that dot the landscape of north west Iowa.

My Brother


     My name is Annie. I am 16 yrs old. Already in my life I have had
experience with spirits. This is one of my encounters.
     Shortly after we had moved into the house that had belonged to my
grandmother I was sleepin in the living room. We had just mopped the
floor before turnin in for the night, so the chairs were lined up in the
livivg room. I woke up to the sound of my dog growling, i had a feeling
someone was watching me so i looked over by the chairs. I seen a face
peering at me. It  looked like the face of my brother so i said "devin
is that you?" no answer. I kept saying "Devin go back to bed" but the he
never answerd me he just kept crawling toward my bed. by that time my
dog was growling and moving around. i was scared and my dog wasnt making
things any better so i threw a blanket over her head. the thing was
crawling closer and closer so close it could have reached out and and
touched me. I was so scared i closed my eyes and said a quick prayer.
When i opened my eyes the thing was gone. needless to say i didnt sleep
another wink that night.
     thank u for letting me tell my story.

My Cousin Joni


She had just turned 17 when she died in that terrible car accident. I was only 7. She was my favorite cousin and always spent time with me or took me with her when she went anywhere. After her death, I wrote her letters to her and prayed to God that she would answer me.  She never did until about a year ago. I was in my sister's room reading a magazine on her bed. I looked up  and at the top of the stairs. There she was standing in her favorite sweater and a pair of jeans.
I blinked in disbelief and she was gone. About a week later I was in my mother's bathroom premping and I looked across her room into the hallway. There she was again in the same outfit looking at me. It never scared me. I told my mom about this and she said she was there telling me that everything would be okay. At this time I was going through some problems with my father and it was causing me a lot of stress and pain. Now I'm 15 and sometimes I'll see other people in my house I don't even know, but I do know there are there for some particular reason and that I don't need to be scared.

My Experience


When I was like, 4 or 5, maybe even 6, I saw a ghost. I was at my uncle's house and we went fishing. When we came back, I looked inside the window, and there was an old lady sitting there sewing. She was wearing a bonnet, and a dress. She looked like somebody from the 1800's or early 1900's. Anyway, I ran inside to see her from a closer view, and she was gone.  The cross-stitch was still there, but I can't remember what it was or what it said. The ghost was in black and white. My cousins say they've saw ghosts and heard voices there too. But then they moved to another old house closer to us, and it'snot haunted, so that's the end of that.

Visiting Grandmother


The experience that I had, I'm not ever sure about.  I
had it, but my eyes could also have been playing
tricks on me.
My grandmother died in June of 1989 when I was 12 in
Portugal.  I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
One night, when I was about 13 or 14, I had gotten out
of the shower and it's about 5 steps away from
bedroom.  I went into my bedroom and turned on the
lamp on my night table.  When I turned around, there
was my grandmother.  I had closed the door and she was
standing in the corner where my door and wall meet.
She was only there for a second, and then was gone.
I'm not sure if I was just tired, or if in fact, she
was really there?  What could've been the purpose for
her visit?
Thanks for letting me tell you my story.  This is a
great website!

Disappearing Dark Visitor


I married young, at the tender age of 17. 10 months later, I had a baby girl.
3 months later, she died of crib death. I was lost and heartbroken. After the
funeral, I started having a visitor that I could see out of the corner of my
eye, It was dark and when I would look, it would disappear. This scared me
and I didn't know what it was.
3 years later, I had a son. This dark figure stayed with me until Chris, My
son was almost 6 months old. then it disappeared and I've never seen it
since. I'm not sure if it was my daughter who was watching over me or not,
but I thought I'd share my experience with you.

Grandfathers Walking

Hi i thought i would send u my experiences with ghosts.
My Grandfather lived with us when i was around the age of 3 or 4.  He was
paralyzed from the neck down and could not move.he got worse and was put
into the hospital where he died in 1991. Just days after he died my mother
woke me up one night crying. I could smell the cherry tabacco he always
chewed.Then i heard his voice coming from the living room. I looked in there
and HE said *look amanda i can walk again*. He sounded so happy and he just
smiled at me. he told me he loved me and goodbye. But this wasn't the last
time i saw him. For many nights after his death i would see him in my room
watching me sleep. Then about a month after he died my aunt got a weird call
on her answering machine. We went to listen to it. Well first let me tell u
this...My aunt and Grandfather had made a deal years before when she was
still a little girl that whoever died first would let the other know if
there was life after death. My aunt said there was and my Grandfather said
there wasn't. Well anyways we listened to the message it said this
exactly(we still have the tape) *Marteen(my aunt) u was right* then u here a
low chuckle just as my grandaddy had then click where the phone
was hung up or anything just a peaceful sound. Also many nights when i would
stay with my aunt her tv would just shut off or come on by itself. LIghts
would do the same thing but most of the time u could smeel cherry tobacco.
Til this day i still see my grandfather from time to time. I will wake up
with him looking at me smiling and shaking his head. Or i will see him walk
by outside but by the time i get to the door he's gone. He came to me once
in a dream and told that he loved me dearly and that i was growing up to be
a fine young woman. then i woke up in time to see my bedroom door close. I
think he wants to see me grow up finally and be on my own. He always told me
he would be there if i ever needed him. And i think he always will be.

The White Mist


My expierence started in 1992. My parents bought a ranch style 3 bedroom
home, and there was 5 of us. I was 18 at the time we moved there. My step dad
built me a bedroom in the basement, because we needed it. About a week or 2
after my 19th birthday in 93 I woke up during the night to use the bathroom,
and when I did I saw this white mist type stuff in my room. I literally just
froze there. The mist did have a shape that looked like a head because it was
rounded at the top, and for 5 mins we both were staring at each other not
moving, then it was gone. Where it was I could feel a cold spot because it
was hovering over a chair I had by my stereo there. I think it had to see if
I was friendly or harmful since I was a new person in the home. I told my
family, but they didn't believe me. It always came to my room a few nights a
month, and I just let it be there, and it didn't harm me or did I harm it.
Then in 97, I moved away, but it didn't follow me to my new residence, but
when I would go over to visit and do laundry, I sensed it being there. Then
last year after my sister came home from college there was an incident of
great proportions. My parents were having well problems, so my step dad had
to dig a new well. Then my mom told me, that when they all came home from an
outing, all my sister's things were thrown all over what used to be my
bedroom, but all the other rooms in the house were untouched. They always
lock the doors when they go somewhere My step dad must have harmed my ghost
friend, and when it realised my stuff from the room, and I were gone it must
have gotten upset and did that. So, I said I better come over, and when I did
I felt the spirit's presence, and it was angry, so I told my step dad he
better close the hole, and he did. After that I felt a touch on my shoulder
in the laundry room and when I turned around no one was there. I still feel
the presence everytime I go there. I don't know what it wants or what.
Thanks for reading, and maybe you can explain how I can only sense it, and
what it wants. These events are real, and not a fabricated story.

My Friend George


hi there my name is will bud edmund whatever u want to call me but for the
last 20 yrs my real name is edmund my stroy starts out when i was a baby i
would say about a year old i would be talking in my crib my mom would come up
and ask me who i am talking to and i would either point or say my friend for
over the year as my vocabulary got bigger and more understanding i finally
one day came out and told my mom when she asked me again i finally say
george. george lived in my house before he passed away my bedroom now was his
room but he would haunt or i should say the baby's room (mine) or living room
or kitchen and basement. one time when my mom put me to bed i had just fallen
asleep when all of a sudden are banister to the stairs would start rattling
cuz of coarse my grandfather built the house and that was one of a few many
things that wasn't done right but anywasy george would shake the banister
louder and louder each time my mom told him he was going to wake the baby so
finally he got my mom so maD  he finally stop. other times george would hide
things and throw coffee cups around pull the blinds up and other little
stuff. but for the past five years he hasn't been very active cuz i guess
he's getting tired or the fact we got a dog and befor that we had cats but i
don't think he likes dogs so all we get now and again is a missing objected
or some little noises  to shake the dogs up. there was a time though which i
thought i was going crazy i was done in my basement with the quija board and
i had candles and then i did whatever i did then i went up stairs blowing out
the few candles i lit and it was all gone so i went upstairs and did
something and then i came back down and there was a candle burning so i blew
it out and then thaT  was it and so that is everything till i can remember



My greatgrandparents had recently died (I'm 12 by the way) and they had built an old colonial house back in the 10's or 20's and it was writtren in their will that someone was to look out for it. So, me and my dad went up to the house (it was in Cape Cod and at the time we were living in Boston) and did some minor repairs. By the time we were done it was very late and we were really tired, so we rolled out our sleeping mats on the floor in one of the rooms and soon were fast asleep. Around 1:00 I woke up and I was really thirsty so i got up and got a glass of water. When I got back to my mat I could not for the life of me get to sleep. I felt suddenly full of this weird energy and it wasn't the kind you get after you wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, and watch TV. It was somehow different... intangible. Then, I noticed something odd about the room; it was a little brighter than it was before and the brightness got even brighter. I was suddenly really scared, terrified. I went to wake up my dad but I barely got out of the covers when suddenly, before my eyes was the unmistakable image of my great-grandmother... only it was different. She was transparent and kinda foggy but it was her alright. I wasn't scared anymore. I felt a certain peace... sereness. She seemed to smile and then she disappeared. The brightness vanished and once more it grew dark, and the weird energetic feeling vanished. But I still couldn't sleep. Not that I was scared; the peaceful feeling lingered, but it just felt so inappropriate to go to sleep after I saw a
ghost. The next day I told my dad about it but naturally he didn't believe it. He told me as any parent would that I was just dreaming. Maybe he was right.......but I doubt it...

Country Scare

My name is Melanie, and I live in the very north of Scotland.  My parents,
when I was 14,(5 years ago) moved into a very large old farmhouse, way out
in the country.  To give you an idea of the scale, when you entered the
door, if you turned to the left there was a kitchen area which used to have
a staircase leading to the room above (the servants quarters).  In the years
prior to us moving in, these stairs were removed, and the only access to the
servants quarteres (my room!) was via the bedroom next to it.  I thought the
history was kindof cool, so this is why I wanted the room.  Because the
staircase was removed, to get from the kitchen to anywhere else in the
house, you had to turn right at the front door, and walk along a corridor.
Anyway, I often felt an uneasy presence in the house, and I did not like the
corridor.  Especially when I was standing in it, and the living room door
slammed shut, with a very loud bang.  It had already been shut, and I was
the only one in the house!
The main thing about this house, though, was the footsteps in the kitchen.
I often heard them very late at night, along with the sounds of bolts being
shut, and doors, very quietly, being shut.  I always felt it was the spirit
of some servant who used to work in the house.  After all, who else would
have been tidying up the kitchen at 2am?
No-one in my family believed me, but I heard these sounds night after night.
They never scared me, this ghost (unlike the one in the corridor) was a good
Finally one morning, I met my brother-in-law, who was staying with us, and
he looked white as if he hadn't slept.  he told me he had heard someone in
the kitchen late at night, and had been watching tv, so he listened for
hours waiting for them to walk past his bedroom (the entrance to which was
in the corridor, and was the first room outside the kitchen) but no-one
came.  Needless to say, at least one person believed me after that!
I hope you find this interesting.  I have lots more stories to tell, if
anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.

Family Guardians


I have thought about sending you these stories a long time ago but haven't
been able to put into words everything that has happened in this house since
I lived here.  We moved here 6 years ago and everything was nice and calm
untill 3 years later when things started to happen .  My first experiance was
when I was sitting alone in the kitchen having coffee and reading the mail I
just brought in when I looked to my back door felling as if some one was
stareing at me when I looked to the bottom of the stairs to my back door
there was a child dressed in baggy clothes not unlike the clothes the kids
are wearing these days and I could not see through the bottom pain of glass
in the back door there was actually a solid form of this child I could not
see the faace but the sun was in the backjground so this did not scare me I
thought it was my daughter coming home from school but when I spoke to the
child she ran to the basement with me in hot pursuit when I entered the
basement I was completely alone.  This child looked so much like my daughter
I started to ask Questions and was told to go to the court house and look up
the deed to my house I done this only to find out that the property once
belonged to someone named Bowen in 1799  We moved here from some 450 miles
away and this was very odd.  When I checked old newspaperes I found many
other coincidences.  The family names were all around us in the 17-1800s my
husbands mothers madin name my mothers madin name and the madin name of my
grandmother were in this very area in the early 1800s  I have since been in
touch so to speak with several enitys that seem to be small children who
enjoy running up and down my steps at all hours of the day and night.  I have
seen 3 children inthe house and I have several pictures with vortexes and
orbs that were taken in my home my daughter sees these spirits and so has my
son and several friends they do no harm and are part of my family now they
eve call me mom from time to time..I beleive they warn us of the baad things
that are to happ4en and even may be responsible for saving my son when our
house caught fire in the middle of the night .  I have a picture that I will
send inlater cuse I don't know how to use my scaner to send this it will be
through snail mail.  It clearly has two dogs and an old man there is
ectoplasm surrounding my daughter by the xmas tree..  I will get back later
with the other stories of my house.


My Personal Ghost


Ever since I can remember, I have felt a distinct presence in my house.
When I was little, fear of the unknown caused me to spend many an hour on my
front porch, because I wanted to escape that feeling.  Since then, I have
come to think of my ghost as friendly, almost brotherly.  My sister and I
have discussed our guest, and while she has never seen anything out of the
ordinary, she agrees with me that there is a very masculine presence in the
house, and we both sense that his name is Michael.
I have only clearly seen him once, about 6 years ago.  I was on my front
porch, on a beautiful spring morning, waiting for my ride to school.  I
remember that it was warm, the sun was shining brightly, and the lilacs were
blooming.  I saw a bright light from the corner of my eye.  I turned to face
it.  The light materialized into a man of about 25.  He was wearing a
mid-19th century styled fawn-colored riding suit.  He had very fair skin,
and clear blue eyes.  The apparition smiled at me, and them faded.
A few weeks later, I was in the kitchen eating breakfast, when I heard paper
rattling behind me.  I figured my cat was curling up in the newspaper on top
of the dishwasher, as he often does.  When I turned around to see if it were
him (I was planning on holding him) I saw the newspaper floating in the air,
and the pages were turning as if someone were trying to find a particular
article very quickly.
Over the next five years or so, only little things happened.  My hair brush
would disappear and then reappear a week later in a place I had already
looked for it.  I would occasionally see a ball of light out of the corner
of my eye, or I would just feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck
and know that my friend was close by.
Then, last summer, for some reason that I don't remember, I was lying on my
couch, crying, and I felt a cold hand brush the hair off my forehead.  It
startled me, but I know that the gesture was out of kindness and perhaps
brotherly affection.  Nothing has happened since then, and everything has
slowed down.  I rarely even feel his presence.  I think that it might be due
to my boyfriend.  I think that perhaps Michael feels that I don't have room
for both of them in my life.
I've tried to figure out exactly where he came from.  The best I can figure
is that he must have been attached to the property our house is on.  Our
house was built in 1917, and as I have made a study of costume history, I
know that his clothing dated to about 50 or 60 years before then.  I am sure
that I am not mistaken about his clothing.  I have many antiques in my
house, all of them family heirlooms, but I know he could not be connected
with them, because there was never a Michael in my family, and no one fits
his description.


Different Things


I am from Kansas. My house is an old farm house.My grandparents and their
parents and a family that worked the farm lived there at one time. My house
was tied to the underground railroad. Anyway I felt safe with the ghost in my
home altho I was very scared when it first made noises. I would be paralized
with fear. I never really felt cold spots but the clock in my living room
would change volume from nothing to very loud ticking. My table and chairs
have banged and I have seen things appear running down the hallway. I have
had things spin from the trees in my front yard. (bird feeder, wind chime)
but there is no breeze rustling the tree itself. My daughter has talked to
whoever it is. I think it maybe my Grandmother. The static in the baby
monitor has changed volumes for no reason. My mother thought I was nuts.
Until she was tapped by the person or spirit in my home. I gutted this house
and rebuilt. I am very curious about this matter. The strange thing is that
it only happens when there are just women in the house. I feel safe with it.
I hear footsteps I have talked to the spirit explaining its startling to hear
them but would like to know who they are. I am guessing like I said I believe
it is a family member. Maybe you could shed some light for me. I thank you
for your time.

Haunted Steelshop


The first thing I would like to say, is that
the story I'm about to tell you is true. It is
very hard for me to tell it. My name is Matt.
I'm a 30 year old Ironworker from Delaware
County, P.A. This experience happend to me in
the fall of 1989. I was working at a steel
fabrication shop in Chester P.A. One of my
duties was to cut steel plate on a large shear.
On this morning I was cutting quite a bit of
it. The building is set up in two sections, the
shop area and the warehouse area. The shear is
in the warehouse area. I took a break around
10;00 a.m. I was standing by the shear when, I
had a strange feeling, sort of a mixture of
nervousness and being watched. I started to
hear a clicking sound, slow at first,then was coming from a corner of the
ceiling but I could not see anything! The sound
traveled toward me very fast. I felt something
grab my arm and it started pulling me toward
the oppisite side of the shear. I grabbed the
shear to stop it from pulling me. I struggled
for what seemed to be about 20 seconds.It took
all my strength to break loose, and when I did
I ran for the shop area with the clicking noise
chasing after me. As soon as I crossed into the
shop area, the noise stopped. I ran over to the
only other coworker in the building and tried
to explain what had happened,but he looked at
me like I was nuts!! I left work and went home.
The owner of the company fired me the next day.
I know this story might sound crazy, but it
really happened to me.I have only told about 3
people this story. It was the most terrifying
experience I have ever had. It bothers me to
think about it. I hope for someone to someday
give me some insight on what it was. Thank You,

The Doctors Office


Several years ago I worked in a doctor's office in Porterville, Calif.
This office was on Putnam street across from the Sierra View Dist.
hospital. This office was in a group of Dr. offices all within separate
I had occasion to work there some nights alone.
One night as I was filing and the office had been closed for a few
hours, I heard the sound of a person sliding off the examining table and
the sound of feet hitting the floor.  Of course I was surprised as I
knew I was there alone. I went to that room and no one was there..I then
checked all the rooms and they were of course empty.  I was perplexed
but soon went back
to work and a little while later I heard the sounds of instruments being
taken from a stainless steel pan in that same room..I was very familiar
with this sound so I knew what it was. I went to investigate but nothing
was there. By this time I was beginning to get frightened and decided to
The next day I told everyone but they thought I had imagined it and no
one would take me seriously.  About a week later I was alone again
working at night by myself when I heard the refridgerator door open and
shut....this was in the very last room by the back door, I went to
investigate but found nothing there.  I went back to work up front when
I heard the bathroom door open and close...well by this time I was
thoroughly frightened and ran outside to find some one who would go
inside with me to lock up.  I never went there again at night to work.
Everyone would kid me about my "ghost" untill one night when the
receptionist had to work late by herself and as she was working she
heard the back door open and steps coming up to her desk, she looked up
expecting to see her husband but no one was there!  It got to the point
where none of us would stay alone in that office even at lunch
time..each of us heard things pertaining to our type of work...I would
hear medical things being as I was the the nurse there and the other
girls would hear filing doors being opened or the click of light
switches, things like that.  Later when the office closed I talked to a
girl who had worked there before us and she said she had similar
experiences also.  I recently went back to that area but the buildings
were gone and a street put through that area. We never knew what it was
but let me tell you it made us all aware of strange things that go bump
in the night.

My story and My Parents Stories


I was born and grew up in levittown PA and alot of that area was indian burial ground.When my mother was little she lived in a small house with her brothers and sisters.There was this one spot in her living room when she always slept there she would have dreams about the devil coming and rising her off of the couch.My dad lived in a very strange house when he was growing up.I have been in this house before and I know for sure this is true.There would be knockings on the door at nite.The water would turn on and off at nite.And when ever you went down in that basement you always felt you were being watched.It makes your hair stand on end.Now the house I was born in was haunted too.I would try and get some sleep at nite but there was this really anoying taping on the wall.I couldn't stand it.My parents would come in and the sound would go away.
My dad was just about to go to bed untill he saw a man in a white robe in the family room.My sister would get laughed at totally when she walked around the house.Some of thing was we couldn't get our eyes off of them it was like we were in a trance of some sort.Well thats all.Feel free to ask me anything about what happened.

My Supernatural Experiences


           I enjoy your page very much. I would love to tell you about my
haunting experiences however, I'm not  a very good writer. It probably won't
be very entertaining or be in the words that would describe it best.. But
I'll try...
      My ghost experiences started when I was about 12 years old. My Father
(who has passed away) and my mother purchased an old house in a small town in
Kentucky. The house was over a hundred years old built from old yellow
popular boards and was heated with a coal stove. It had one electric wire
that ran from the kitchen were there was one outlet for four appliances to
the other rooms were each room had one light switch and light fixture. The
house faces away from the road that runs by it for it was built facing the
old stage coach road that no longer excists.
   After we moved into the house I began to have these dreams. They were of
this beautiful young black haired woman that I had never seen before. I was
always at her funeral in a small church. When I first began to have the dream
I had just moved into the town, knew nothing about it at all. After several
months of the re-occuring dream I could even tell you were the church was
located just a few streets over from were we lived. The church was no longer
there but when I began to inquire about a church being on that street I was
told that, that was so and so's house it used to be a church years ago. My
dreams were always in color, the casket was in front of the church with
flowers all around and I am walking down the isle towards the casket between
two rolls of pews of people. The dream was always like real, like I was
actually there and always about her funeral never a dream of her being alive
so that I could learn what type of person that she was.
  The first couple of times that I had the dream I just considered it to be a
nightmare, however after several weeks of the re-occuring dream I didn't want
to sleep in my room anymore and I was affraid to go to sleep at night.
Everytime that I told my Mother and Father about the dream the felling that I
got was one of embarrassment, After all I was 12 years old and someone my age
shouldn't be afraid to go to sleep at night. So I stopped telling them about
the dreams even though I was having them night after night.
     Then something freaky happened. My Father began to remodel the house and
the dream changed it wasn't of her funeral any more it was about my father
tearing out some old closets that ran all along one wall of the house. The
closests consisted of tall doors about two foot wide with smaller ones above
them for storing quilts and things I suppose. In front of these closets was
the coal burning stove, and one of the closets was used to store wood and
buckets of coal for burning. In my dream my mother is standing with her arm
around my shoulder and we're watching my Father tear out the closets and the
black haired womans body falls out into the floor in front of us. It also
became a re-occuring dream.
   Then finally it happened my father began to tear out the old closets, I
was so scared. My Father had never mentioned to me that he was going to do
this yet I had that dream. I went to my mother and told her how scared that I
was and about the dream and everything. She was like there's nothing to be
scared of let's go and watch, and she is standing there with her arm around
my shoulder while we are watching the closets be torn out just like in the
dream which scared me even more because I couldn't think of one time when she
had ever stood beside me with her arm around my shoulder before.
    After dad had finished tearing the closets out, there was no body and the
dreams ended that very night. I was so very glad the next morning when I
awoke. However, that was the beginning of events instead of the end. The
frightening experiences were now in the physical realm instead of my dreams.
My bed began to rock every night as I would try to go to sleep. Doors would
open and close, lights would go on and off, objects occationally moved
around, there was organ music and singing, people walking around at night.
    After that night of my Mother putting her arm around me I felt like she
was open to my fears and I began to tell her everything. She moved my bedroom
into another room and the bed actually stopped rocking and I was able to
sleep peacefully from there onward. She still didn't quite believe the things
that I was saying, she just keep saying that it was my imagination and
things. Until she began to experence some things for herself.
   One day she began to ask me about my dreams and stuff and was suddenly
very interested in what I had to say. I knew by the way that she was acting
that something had happened and then she told me that she had actually seen
her. My Mother was walking down the hallway towards the kitchen and she saw a
woman standing in the hallway that she described as being young, beautiful
and having black hair. She said that she looked real and she thought that
someone had walked into the house through the kitchen door. She said that she
asked her, "What do you want and what are you doing in my house?" and the
woman moved her mouth like she was answering her, but no words came out. Then
she simply vanished.
   The woman was seen in the house on several occations. I've seen her myself
one time walking down the hallway, and it was just like my mother said she
looked real, she wasn't transparent, a orb or myst but looked as real as you
and me.
    We later found out that the woman that the house was built for had died
in the house one winter during child birth. They found her body in the
closet. They thought that she might have been trying to keep the baby warm.
She was described as being very young and beautiful and having black hair..
     Also I think that it is interesting to point out that before she was
seen my father had rewired the house. He wasn't an electrictian and hadn't
done anything like this before. He got his wires crossed somehow and ran a
powerline into the ground, not the ground wire, but the earth ground that
protects the house if lightening were to strike a line. His electricity bills
were very high and he couldn't figure out why. It was at this same time that
we were seeing this young woman. As far as I know she has never been seen
again since the electrical problem was fixed. This may have nothing to do
with the sightings at all. However, this might be worth investigation


Now I'm a Believer!


   I've had a few strange encounters but allways
chalked them up to imagination or being half asleep.
   I assure you this was no dream. The reason i
decided to share this story is that the being in my
encounter resembles one from another story on your
site. I'll tell my story first.
   I lived in a southeast kansas town at the
time(about 5 miles from the misourri line) and drove
about 20 miles to some friends of mine who have a farm
in the misourri countryside. We visited and watched
some movie till around 1am. When i left that night i
took dirt roads home instead of the highway i usually
took. I knew if i zig zagged south and west i would
eventually get to where i was going. After several
different roads i made a right turn onto another road.
After i made the corner i saw what appeared to be a
large dog in the middle of the road up just a bit. I
thought i'll just go around it. As i got closer i
realized it was no dog and it wasn't any animal i've
ever seen before. By now i'm stopped in the road and
am looking at this beast that i can only describe as
half bear half werewolf. The instant feeling i felt
was that it was waiting there for me. It had the most
evil face i've ever seen and it's eyes were as red as
fire, not glowing, just red. It was just pure hate.
This creture must have been at least six feet tall and
it was hunched backed with large fangs(very rabid
looking)and its hands hung to its knees. After the
momentary shock wore off, i sped backwards to the
intersection and made a prompt exit from the area.
when i arrived at my grandmothers house where i lived
at the time, my grandmother knew somthing was wrong( i
guess i had a look of terror still on my face) and i
told her the story and she did believe me.
  This creature reminds me of the thing the kids saw
in the cemetary in one of your stories. I dont think i
could ever bring myself to go camping out in the woods again.

One Last Time Before You Go


On an old dirt road there are 2 houses. One belonged to my parents and the
other to my Grampa.  I grew up in both.  When I was 19 my Grampa and I had a
misunderstanding  and we never spoke to eachother again. I will regret that
for the rest of my life! He died 2 years later and a man bought the house, my
parents moved and as fate would have it, I married the man that bought
Grampa's house. One evening I was talking to a friend in the livingroom about
the misunderstanding, I got so upset about it I started to scream at my
deceased Grandfather. I said "DO YOU HEAR ME!" and just then some noise came
out of the end of the room as if someone was stomping their feet to let me
know they were there-louder and louder!! My friend got real scared and begged
me to leave the room but I kept pushing the issue with Grampa screaming how
sorry I was. Finally I demanded he come to see me. The room got cold and loud
with stomping footsteps but I could not see him. My friend grabbed me and ran
up the stairs screaming-everything stopped.  Months later I had my cards read
and was told of that night by the reader. He said "he won't show himself
because you'd have a heart attack if he did and he knows this". The reader
saw my home, my Grampa and some events without a word from me. Sometimes I
see things move about the house, I hear the stomping and often I can feel a
hand on my head and my shoulder.  It is comforting so I talk to him as if
he's next to me. I only wish I could have changed the last day I saw him and
every once in a while I ask "Grampa for the chance, one last time before you

Sleep Tight

I have had two experiences with what I think was a ghost. the story
 starts about six years ago when I was seven, my friend and I where in the big field a short walk away from my house. we were marking out a couple of dens among the blackberry bushes. we use blue tape as markers. we had marked out about four or five dens when I had to go home to ask for more time. my friend said she would find some more places while she was waiting. so we set out in opposite directions, I was almost clear of the field when I herd a voice calling my name.   the voice was faint, but I stopped thinking it was my friend. I was just about to continue home when the voice called my  name again, and again I stop. a few minutes later my friend ran up to me asking if I had shouted her name. I hadn't and told her so, then I asked if she had called mine, she replied no. that's when we both felt really scared and ran out of the field and back to our homes. to this day I have no idea who had called my name. for the next six years there was nothing, then about a month ago I was ill, lying in my bed I felt a soft kiss on my cheek I turned round to see who it was. no one was there. a week after that I had burred my self under my blanket after reading a extremely frightening story. I was paralysed with fear and wide awake. after about twenty minutes I turned over to look at my alarm clock the time was nine minutes past eleven, that's when I felt this pressure on my shoulder blades, pinning me down. there was this mild feeling of suffocation, and what felt like strong arms around my waist. at first I was worried by this, but a few minutes later I was drifting of to sleep. the next night I felt the same felling of suffocation and arms around my waist but not the pressure on my shoulder blades. it weird at first it friend me to think that I could fell invisible arms around my waist. but now that I think about it who ever it was, was trying to help me sleep peacefully. I know my story may sound hard to believe but its true. my only wish is that you believe me, because I wouldn't lie to you.

Psychicness Maybe?


hi again, as I was looking through the web site I remembered one or two other strange things that have happened to me. I remember once have this one three minutes happening to me on four separate occasions. I don't remember what happen I just remember that it did. there was this other thing a few weeks ago I was drawing these faces on a peace of paper. only one of them was good. a few weeks later someone drove past me in a car and I could have sworn his was that face I had drawn though I had never met him before in my life. I not sure what that means but I though you might like to know.


Paranormal Phenomena

By: .

 Came upon your  website quite by accident. My ancestral home is in a town called Allahabad in India. About 15 years back an unusual occurance started taking place there. As evening began, it started raining stones. These were not too big at first and came from one direction only. No onew was hurt but everyone was understandably a worried. A thorough personal investigation by my employees, and other friends revealed no positive clues. The stones continued falling. They would stop just as it got dark. Then, the press got the story and since my family is a well known one, the police landed up in full force. My house was literally taken over by the cops and they were all set to put a bullet into anyone they caught in the act. This resulted in the stones getting bigger and bigger till they became huge. About the size of a human fist or sometimes larger. They would come with such force that they'd shatter after hitting a wall. Yet no one was hurt. This naturally sent the cops diving for cover. Then they came up with the novel solution of just grabbing a couple of guys from my locality and breaking their hands and legs just so that the culprit would get the message. I naturally did not allow this.  Then someone told me about a Muslim gentleman who could help me. I approached him. He told me outright that I should not suspect any human hand in this. He made out an amulet on a piece of paper and told me to paste it in the direction facing
 the fall or these stones. I did so and thereafter the phenomena ceased to take place.  India is a landf where such
occurances are not uncommon. As this is a personal one I thought I'd send it to you,




I lived with my mom,and her fiance` Arthur
in his parents old house. Arthur had a sister
younger than him,who had died about 5 years
before his parents left the house.And we moved in pretty much after they
moved out ,and we had just been there about a year. My room
was the one beside the one that was hers.
As you know her name was Patricia. One night
at around 12:00 irronically,I was saying goodnight to my boyfiend on the
phone in my
room,I saw what was glowing green eyes  on the right of  my bedroom
door.I was already
under the covers with the light off. I looked again and told my
boyfriend what I saw.
Then I leaned forward to see what it was,and
whatever it was backed away quickly. I was
so scared and I was on the phone this whole
time.Then I saw another translucent figure of a girl with long curly
hair,and what looked like a sheet wrappedaround her.She was coming
towards my room and past me and thru the wall.  Thats when I hung up and
yelled for my
mom,and then the green eyes were gone.She told me how Arthur's younger
dead sister had long curly hair and that she had come to
chase off the green-eyed demon or whatever it was. And I know now that
it was definetely Patricia.


Playful Ghost in Dallas


I have enjoyed reading the stories here and would like to submit one of my
experiences. This happened to me when I was playing drums in a band in the
Dallas area around 1990 or so.
The band had arrived at the club early to set up. We were the only people
there except for the woman who owned the bar. She was behind the bar
cleaning glasses and we were on the other side of the large dance floor
setting up our equipment.
I finished setting up my drums and walked across the dancefloor to ask the
bar owner for a glass of water. As I stood waiting for her to finish drying
a glass, I felt something poke me in my ribs on both sides. It was very
distinct, but not painful and it made me jump. I began to laugh and turned
around quickly, sure that I would find one of my band mates behind me. No
one was there. I immediately began to look under the bar stools, etc. to see
if one of them had tickled me and then was hiding. Still....I saw no one. I
then looked back up to the stage and saw that all of them were still there
setting up their gear. There is no way they would have had the time to do
that to me and run back across the dance floor.
I must have looked a bit taken aback, because the bar owner asked me what
was wrong. I jokingly replied, "I don't know. You don't have ghosts, do
She stopped what she was doing and studied my face carefully, then asked me
why. I explained to her exactly what had happened to me.
She asked me to follow her back to her office. She took a picture out of her
desk and handed it to me.
There was the exact corner of the horseshoe shaped bar where I had been
standing. The picture had been taken during a party at the bar. There were
two girls sitting on barstools smiling and holding drinks...having a great
time. But, behind them, there was a cloud-like figure standing there. You
could clearly see a young man with a moustache standing behind them.
The bar owner told me that very often while people were standing at that
spot in the bar, they would be pinched, tickled, or gently pushed. I guess
this ghost still liked to frequent his favorite bar and tease the girls!!
I know this is long already, but I must add on to this. A few days later I
was sitting at the at home with the bass player and we were watching TV. We
were talking about my ghostly incident and I excalimed, "oh, this gives me
the creeps! I hope he didn't follow me home!" The instant I said that, all
of the electricity went off. Needless to say, we were both scared out of our
wits. When we were able to move, we hit the light switch and everything came
back on.
I oftern think of that incident. I know that the bar no longer exsists. But,
I often wonder what is there now and if they have any visits!

Several Ghosts in One House


I never could decide if I believed in ghosts or not, and quite honestly, I
didn't ever want to know for sure.  Now I have no choice but to believe in
them.  I had two experiences in one house that convinced me.
This house belonged to my then-fiance's parents.  They had two dogs who often
stared at a roll-top desk, fully alert, as if someone were talking to them.
I didn't think much of it.  I probably should have paid closer attention.

My first experience happened while the owners were out of town.  I was
staying in the house to take care of the dogs while they were gone.  I was
sleeping on a futon on the living room, and was just waking up in the
morning.  It was already light out -- probably around 7:00 am.  I was just
about to open my eyes when I heard a man's voice.  I listened for a moment,
and realized I was hearing a conversation between two men.  I knew I was
alone in the house, and there were no near neighbors because the house was
one almost two acres of land.  The voices seemed to be coming from the
hallway near my head.  I opened my eyes, and the voices disappeared.  I
figured I was just dreaming, I closed my eyes again to get just a few more
minutes of rest.  The voices returned.  I realized they weren't talking to
me.  It sounded as if they conversation had been continuing while my eyes
were open, but I just hadn't heard it.  I tried this opening and closing my
eyes thing a few more times, then got pretty scared.  I got up, forced myself
to stay long enough to take a shower and dress, then left the house.
Interestingly, the dogs did not seem to respond to these voices at all.  I
mentioned it to my fiance's mother when they returned.  I just told her that
I had heard some voices having a conversation.  She asked me if they were
men's voices coming from the hallway, and said that she has heard them a few
times, too.
The second incident happened in the middle of the night a few months later.
I was walking from one of the bedrooms to the bathroom across the hall, and
saw a light-colored female figure sitting on the couch facing me.  I saw this
out of the corner of my eye, so I didn't get a very close look.  I chose not
to look.  I was scared enough that I didn't really want to know for sure if I
was seeing a ghost.  It was gone when I left the bathroom.  I found out later
that 3 other people staying in the house had seen her.  One was my
then-fiance, who had also seen her on the couch a few weeks later.  The other
was his mother, who had seen her reflection.  She had been at the kitchen
sink and saw a reflection of her walking through the living room when she was
looking in the kitchen window.  The third was a family friend who was a
devout non-believer.  He got up in the middle of the night for a glass of
water and saw her walking across the front yard.  She appeared to be a
full-grown woman with blond hair, wearing a light-colored dress.
I hope you find these experiences interesting.  This happened about two years
ago, but I have included as much detail as I can remember.  It's one of those
things that you don't easily forget.  Thanks for your interest!



A few years ago, my husband Managed a pet store in Southern California.  At this particular pet store, there was a store "pet", which was a cat, named Squeakers.  After a couple of months, my husband arrived at work one day to find that Squeakers was very ill, and he called the owners of the pet store, who asked him to take Squeakers to the veterinarian next door.  He did, and sadly was told that Squeakers had some type of incurable disease (I forget the name of the disease).  He was told it was a painful disease and that it could be spread to other animals, and that Squeakers would need to be put down.  He was pretty saddened by it all, he'd really liked Squeakers, who was a very sweet cat that many customers would come into the store just to say hello to.  Before this happened, Squeakers had a habit of running down the center rack of dog food (you've seen the large racks of dog food in pet stores, metal, very tall, which allows bags of dry dog food to be stored one on top of another, nearly to the ceiling)?  The center rack was about 4' high, and as people would walk down the dog food aisle, Squeakers would follow, running along the bags of dog food, the little bell on her collar softly jingling.  It was an unmistakeable sound.   Shortly after she was put to sleep, my husband called me from work and said "I just heard squeakers."  I'm like "What"?  He said, I was walking down the dog food aisle and I heard her!  There's nobody in the store but me".  I thought "Yeah, right", although I've always like "spooky tales" (no pun intended!), so I thought the story was entertaining enough.  That is until soon after, extra help was needed at the store, and I began going in 2 days a week, on my husband's days off, to help out.  As it was a small store, and didn't get too busy too often, I was the only one there all day.  I hadn't given another thought to Squeakers, aside from explaining (dishonestly) to small children who came in with their parents to say "Hi" to Squeakers, that she'd gone to stay at one of the other store locations.  I'd been told to say this, as apparently, the store owners did not want customers becoming nervous, since the disease Squeakers had gotten, apparently could have left behind some type of contagious germs (or something like that!).  Anyway, one day, I was walking back to the restroom for the hundredth time that day (I was 6 weeks pregnant, you know how it is!), when I HEARD SQUEAKERS!!!!  I at first thought nothing of it,
forgetting Squeakers was gone, when it dawned on me what I was hearing and where Squeakers REALLY was!  It wasn't frightening at all, just strange.  Later, my husband told me that his boss had confided in him that she, too, had heard Squeakers following her down the aisle.  He also told me of arriving at work in the morning to find merchandise off it's hooks or shelves, in the center of aisles, when he'd been the last one to close at night, and the first one back in the morning. Sounds silly, but it's entirely true!

Can't Breathe


My mom told me this story one night.  It happened a few years ago,
when my little brother used to get up in the middle of the night and
come into my parents' room.  One night, my mom awoke to see someone
standing at the side of her bed.  Thinking it was my brother, she
asked, "What do you want?"  At that, whatever it was jumped onto her
chest, and she couldn't breathe.  She started screaming "I'll never
do it again!" over and over until it released her.  She doesn't know
why she said that, or what it was that jumped on her chest.
She also told me that my dad was sleeping on the couch one night and
woke up to see a woman standing across the room looking at him, and
then she vanished.  I haven't seen anything, and it has been awhile
since these things happened.  We still live in the same house, and
now I sleep in the same room where my mom saw the unknown being.

Paranormal Experience?

By: Karen Caruso []

This happened more than ten years ago but I can still remember it.  I
was around 7 years old when we had to stop traveling for the night.  My
family and I, with our cat, had been driving all day and were very
tired.  We got the last room at a motel in Seven Springs, Pa.
We brought our bags from the car and when everyone was in, we unpacked.
Once inside, my mom was afraid of something, she got a bad, uneasy
feeling and she took a chair and leaned it up against the front door.
My dad talked to her, but she didn't look any better.  My dad was in the
military and, like most dads, didn't show any fear.  So it seems strange
to me that his military training didn't give her any comfort.
Our cat was in the travel kennel and would not come out.  He crouched in
the corner of his kennel and made howling noises and cried all night.
When my mom went into the bathroom, she had seen a man in the mirror,
who wasn't my father.  After that, she revised the sleeping
arrangements.  My mom slept in my bed, and my younger brother slept in
my dad's bed.
I did get a bit of sleep but something kept jumping from my bed to my
brother's bed.  My dad yelled at the cat to stop the jumping but the cat
had never come out of the kennel.  Earlier in the night, before lights
out, my parents had shut the door to the kennel.
We checked out very early the next morning and nobody had gotten any
real sleep.

Unusual Experience


I had a very unusual experience when I was 16. An experience I´ve often been
wondering about since then, but still I have no idea of what happened. But I clearly remember every second and feeling of it. Well, in 1986, I went to Barcelona with my family as my uncle was about to  get married there. We stayed in the flat of his wife´s family.
One night, as I was lying in bed I had trouble falling asleep. I had my eyes closed but there was no way I could fall
asleep. Then, all of a sudden I was gribbed by a very intense angst! In seconds it got so severe that I couldn´t
move, couldn´t open my eyes -or anything. I was totally "frozen". It was as if I was _sure_ somebody stood behind me, but I was locked! I just could not move my head around to see if it was true. Then, what followed was as if somebody/-or something was breathing slowly but accelerating into my right ear. -And then, the anxiety slowly vanished, -and I could open my eyes. Nothing was there behind me. Except for the wall.  I´ve never experienced anything close to it since. But it was strange. And a scarry experience.
I am still curious about what happened.


The Devil Guy


I'm going to tell you this story that you probably won't believe because no
one else does. But me and my friend were there. I saw it i believe it.  I
live in a small country town called Clearbrook located in the Shenendoah
Valley of Virginia. There is a dirt road back in the country beside my house
that leads about 5 miles out into the fields and comes to a creek. For all
the years i and all my local friends can remember there has been a strange
man that has 2 very strange dogs i have 2 saint bernards and they are small
in comparison. The dogs were white always dirty and mean they both had
different colored eyes and a red colored substance around their mouth. Blood
who knows? As for the man he had a very old truck no license plates no
stickers he would set there all afternoon by himself and all night. This is
all true i have been down there as late as 3 in the morning and as soon as i
round the turn there he is staring right at me he always just stares never
says or does anything just him and the dogs. We spent alot of my childhood
years ther swimming and playing. Alot of people would go there just to drive
their 4x4's through. When i was 18 i bought a bronco and one of my favorite
things to do was 4x4.  After i got my bronco his sightings increased he was
there every night 7 days a week i would round the corner and if he was there
i would quickly turn around and leave he would stare angrily until i was
gone. One night not long ago me and my friend were heading home at about 2am
we decided to see if he was there. We rounded the corner in the bronco ready
to turn around as usual and he was gone it was very quiet no crickets no
nothing. I was starting to turn around because i felt something i just didn't
like. But my friend kept insisting so we drove through like so many times
before. We got to the side turned and was heading home as soon as my front
tires touched the road it shut off the key was on and the lights and
everything died i was pretty scared because that just dont happen so were
there in the dark all silent miles from anyone and all the sudden from the
other side headlights appear but no vehicle sound they pulled to the edge of
the water and went out my friend shined the flashlight across the creek and
there he was staring. I was terrified as soon as we turned off the light the
whole bronco caught fire underneath and on all sides the gas tank and all was
burning. My friend got out into the water and ran out into the road i stayed
in trying to start it but it was dead fire was all around me. Then it started
trying to start it was shooting fire from the exhaust i remember looking in
the mirror and seeing his face every time the fire would light up. Then the
headlights came back on and the truck backed up again no sound and drove
away. As soon as he went over the hill the fire just sucked into the bronco
it started and drove off really fast. When we came out the next morning there
was no sign of burn marks on the car at all. Lately i have seen strange red
lights there and when i get brave enough to go down there they are gone he
isnt there any more but my friends say he is. I havent seen him since and i
hope i never I don't have an explination for this but it is all true.

The Doll in the Corner


I was at my friends house  and we were sorta playing with her barbies. We
were  playing in here game room which has always scared us a little. We would
here voices, see strange people (that we didn't know and often looked like
they were from a different time),we would see faces in the wall, and
much,much more. once the attic door was opened (the door was located in her
attic.) andI barely saw someone going up the steps.we went up and nobody was
there. we always stayed in there because we liked being scared and it was
sorta like our own hangout.Anyways, we decided to clean up and go to sleep
,so i followed her to her room and she asked her to go get the dolls. I went
in alone and gathered the barbies together. I looked in the corner andsaw her
creepy doll(which neither one of us liked).
When i got to  her room I asked her if she wanted me to get the doll. She
didn't remember bringing it into the room so she followed me to the room.
When we got to the room the doll was gone, so we went back to her room. When
we got there the doll was on the bed where we were sure it was not befor. the
dolls eyes were also glowing red.

The House On West Bel Air Avenue


    In 1992 I moved into my own apartment in Aberdeen, Maryland.The brick,
colonial style house was built in 1920, and was eventually divided up into 4
apartments.On the 1st floor was the manager's apartment.The second floor had
2 apartments<1 being mine>, and the 3rd floor had 1.My apartment contained a
very large living/dining room in the front part of the house with a fireplace
and windows all along the west wall.This was the original master bedroom, a
large bathroom with the old fashioned claw foot tub, a bedroom <the master
sitting room> in the back of the house, and a small galley kitchen that
must've been a walk in closet at one time.There were the original hardwood
floors, and the ceilings were 15 feet tall.The trim around the ceilings in
all the rooms were made of plaster.The entry to the 2nd and 3rd floors was in
the back of the house off the driveway.There was a large covered wooden deck
that led down into the back yard, and to the side were the steps to the
outside door of the basement which was never locked, because that's where the
laundry room was located.
    The first time I went into the laundry room to wash clothes, I got the
feeling that there was someone else down there with me, but no one was
there.The basement was completely open to the laundry area, and everyone kept
extra stuff stored there.All 4 walls had 3 windows in them, and it was a
nicely sun-lit area.The next few times I went there to wash clothes, I would
get a feeling that if I didn't leave soon, something bad was about to
happen.After that I started driving to the laundry down the street and paid
to have my laundry done.I never went back into the basement again.Any time of
the day or night when I walked past the steps to the basement to
go into the house, I felt like someone was watching me.
     My upstairs neighbor, John, was in college at the time, and was working
in the evenings after classes.I could hear footsteps going back and forth
over my head for hours at a time when he wasn't home.On weekends, he would
stay with his girlfriend and the footsteps would start anytime day or night.I
could hear them in any room I was in, like I was being followed.I would just
turn up my stereo or tv to drown it out.
    In my apartment, at times, I would feel very uncomfortable like someone
was there with me.I would get the feeling I was being watched from the
doorway to whatever room I was in.The bathroom was the most uncomfortable
place for me.Every time I went in there, I couldn't wait to get out.
    I decided to paint my apartment some bright, cheery colors to give the
place <me?> a different mood.I started in the living/dining room.The windows
had tarnished brass latches on them, so I took them off and started cleaning
them before I painted.After cleaning them, I put them in a box on the top
shelf of the closet.After I had painted, I went to get the latches, but I
couldn't find them anywhere.I asked the apartment manager if he or anyone
else was in the apartment, but he just said not that he was aware of.I went
to the hardware store and bought replacements and put them up.After about a
week, I came home from work and found the box of latches sitting on the
dining room table.
    I decided to move after about 1 1/2 years.I wasn't getting any sleep, and
I just dreaded going home.The last week I was there, I spent most of the time
packing.I finally got finished and I went to bed after 1 am.I woke up to the
feeling of something in the room with me.The room was pitch black as usual,
but I could see an outline of something tall standing near the foot of my
bed.I felt only hatred coming from it, and I knew if I turned on the light I
would see what it was.I pinched myself silly to see if I was dreaming.I
started praying to God to protect me.At that moment, about 8 feet away a very
warm-feeling glow appeared in the shape of a woman.The glow came to the side
of my bed and sat down.I felt very safe.The form took my hand and I watched
the dark shadow sink into the floor.The feeling of hatred was replaced with a
feeling of peacefulness.I went to sleep with the glowing form still holding
my hand.That day was my last day there, and I didn't feel like I was being
watched anymore.
    While living there, I didn't ask questions about the house, because I was
just afraid to find out what the history was like.After moving out, I spoke
to the owner about my experiences, and he told me what happened to the
original owner of the house.The man had hung himself in the master bathroom
<my bathroom> after his wife and children left him.Apparently the man was as
mean in death as he was in life.The owner I spoke to didn't bat a lash as I
related my experiences to him.After he bought the house and had it converted
into apartments, he and his family moved out due to footsteps, mood swings,
etc.He told me he had owned the place for 10 years, and I was the only tenant
that stayed in that apartment for more than 6 months.
    The last I heard of the house was that it was sold and returned to it's
orirginal use as a private residence.


The Myrtles, St. Francisville, Louisiana

During one of our frequent trips to New Orleans, my husband and I decided to
stay in one of plantations in St. Francisville.  I love that little town with
its beautiful old homes and incredible antique shops.  We chose "the Myrtles"
because I remembered it from my childhood -- I had grown up in a plantation
down the road called "Avondale" in Clinton, Louisiana.  We were actually
lucky to get a room, not having made prior reservations.  The Myrtles had
just had a cancellation, and in one of their premier rooms, the Master
Bedroom on the ground floor by the staircase.
We met the other guests during dinner.  They were giddy and giggling.  All 5
of the ladies were schoolteachers out for a fun weekend, and had chosen the
Myrtles because of its haunted reputation.  They could not wait until 2:00
am, the witching hour, according to our host, so they could experience the
famous ghosts of the house.  They were staying the a bedroom that habitually
moved furniture about.  It was across the hall upstairs from the room where
two children died from poisoning after eating their birthday cake laced with
oleander leaves and prepared by the ousted house servant who had had her ear
cut off by the master of the plantation for eavesdropping and then who hanged
herself.  The ghosts stories in this house are amazing, well-documented and
The week before our stay, the owner of the house had put it on the market for
sale.  He had then endured several attacks, one where the top of his
Victorian bed headboard lifted off and dropped on the pillows where his head
had been.  The spirits at the Myrtles are particular about the house's
The maintenance crew there turn off running faucets every day in unoccupied
rooms.  They will not work alone on the grounds, and most of them will not
remain after dark, ever.
My husband and I went to bed around 10:00 pm.  The house has no central air,
and the room was stifling hot.  We lay flat on our backs with no sheets or
covers over us and just tried to breath.  I sleep in long, very full cotton
gowns.  I dreamed I was trying to move forward, but was being held back by my
gown.  I remember struggling and pushing forward until  I was almost sitting
upright -- and then I was pushed back hard on the bed when I awoke.  The bed,
an old-fashioned spring-mattress affair, was still vibrating from the
contact, and I had the feeling on my shoulders that someone had just pushed
me hard.  And I was thirsty.  My husband was still asleep, and I woke him to
get me a glass of water because I was scared of getting up.  He stood up and
walked around the bed to go to the bathroom sink and said, "Why is it so cold
in here."  And he was right.  Until then I didn't realize that the
temperature in the room had dropped so severely.  We actually had to pull
quilts over us in the middle of June when we went to bed in a dead sweat from
the heat.  And one more thing.  When my husband was getting water, I tried to
sit up again, and again had to work myself into an upright position.  My long
nightgown was completely and tightly tucked up under the mattress in a manner
that would have been impossible for me to have done.  My husband actually had
to help pull and pull some more to get my gown untucked.
The next morning our host asked if anything had happened.  The contingency of
teachers were disappointed in the lack of activity in their room -- they
thought they had been gypped.  I was hesitant to tell my story, but after
recounting the events, our host casually said that this was a common
occurrence, though not often in the Master Bedroom.  "Usually," she said,
"the Nurse will tuck in children in the nursery."  That was the first time I
had heard of that story.
My husband and I ate breakfast, took a short tour of the plantation and heard
all about the unusual and frequent occurrences of the Mytles.  Then we packed
our bags and left, having been required to pay the night before prior.
Evidently, this bed and breakfast too often has guests fleeing the premises
in the middle of the night.

Lily-My Friend


When I was about two years old I had a friend called Lily who no-one could
see or hear except me.  My mum and dad just thought I had an over-active
imagination, but my mother has told me that she used to have to set the
dinner table for Lily, and if ever anything got broken I always used to tell
my mum it was Lily's fault......
......She stayed my friend for a further 2 years and as I got older my mum
would be able to hear me chatting for hours and hours and if she asked me
who I was chatting to I'd say "Lily of course."
When I was four, my sister was babysitting for me and it was close to
midnight when I came rushing down the stairs in my nightgown.  My sister
jumped from shock especially when she saw the state I was in.  I was crying
hysterically and could not be consoled.  Eventually she got it out of me
that Lily had told me she had to leave and I wouldn't be seeing her for a
Naturally my sister was petrified, she couldn't understand what was going
on.  From that day onwards I never brought Lily's name up again.
Throughout the years my parents often asked me about Lily, but I had no
recollection of her, all I knew, was I had been friendly with this imaginary
person and then one day she had gone away.
When I was nineteen I went to see a clairvoyant for the first time.  I had
actually gone because my grandma had recently died and I wanted to make some
contact.  This clairvoyant was chatting away when all of a sudden she said
"I have someone with me who is extremely keen to talk to you - she's a
friend of yours and says you know her well - her name is Lily."
All the hairs stood up on the back of my neck!  I could not believe my ears.
  I asked her who Lily was and after having her own conversation with the
spirit world the clairvoyant told me Lily had died in a freak accident at 13
and had been my guardian angel when I was a little girl, but she wanted me
to know she was always watching me to make sure I am okay.  She explained
that when I was four - I was old enough to understand that it was time for
Lily to move on and that's what she had been explaining the night my sister
babysat for me.
I was in tears and couldn't wait to tell my parents.  Lily was REAL!
I hope this is of interest to you.

Young Girl

One night when I was 12, I had a bunk bed and I leaned over the end of it
to switch off the light. As I was leaning over I got this wierd feeling. I
looked down and there was a little girl there. She had dark hair and eyes,
and was dressed in a white dress, which was old fashioned. Her hair was
past her shoulders and hung loosely. After a second or two, she kind of
flattened, and got sucked under the bed. When I say sucked I mean kind of
like in Jumanji when that guy gets sucked into the jungle. She dissolved
and I've never seen her since. But my family has a history of ghost-seeing.
My grandpa saw his mum in the garden in her favourite spot, when she was
dead. She smiled at him. Also, I woke up in the night and saw this black
sillouhette of a man. He was right next to my head. I got a cold feeling.


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