Charlie the Airforce Ghost


Hello I'm a thirteen year old boy whom my father is in the Air Force.

Now don't let my age discourage your belief of the truth of my story or

should I say experince.

My dad was stationed at Hickam Air force Base and worked at a rather

large building that had been there even before the attack on Pearl

Harbor. Now it is the Pacific Air Forces Headquartes building.

Although during the war it was a 3000 man dormitory. The shape of the

building from the air is like a Number sign, #.

Now in the military when an object or enemy is not known they are given

the alias "charlie". During the war the dorm was bombed and the bomb

went right through the roof of the mess hall. This wing or area is

called the " L wing" It looks like an L from the air or the top right

corner of the number sign.

It was said to be that at the time that the bomb fell through the roof

and exploded a man unknown man infact was mopping the floor of the mess

hall. Of course he was killed. For some unknown reason the ghost of

this man is said to haunt the L wing on the third floor which is the top


My friend and I got a hold of this information through our fathers who

work there. So we figured that it would be fun to spend halloween night

in the building.

We had heard a couple of stories of other people encountering the

ghost. The best story invovled the security police who reside in the L

wing on the floor. They were running a training drill where there was a

criminal loose in the building so they had all the lights on and all the

exits sealed off. A young airman was running down a fully lit hall when

he ran into what felt like a person. He looked up to see nothing but he

did hear heavy footsteps running in the opposite direction.

This young airman who had his little experience told me this first hand

as well as my dad. He said that the security police are so scared from

that incident that they no longer patrol the third floor of the L wing.

He said what really scares him are the moans that he hears when he is

patroling the second floor coming from the third floor. He can also

hear footsteps through the paper thin ceilings.

the night that my father, me, my friend, and his father decided to stay

in the building we really wanted to come in contact with Charlie in some

order. As freaked out as we were we went up to the third floor and

walked around. Our dads weren't quite as afraid as us so they teased us

by tapping us and yelling out the ghost's name. Shortly after we heard

moaning and we stopped dead in our tracks. the moans semmed to be

getting closer then the moans were soon accompanied by footsteps,

runnings footseps. So as a natural reaction we sprinted to the stairs

and ran all the way to the first floor where we were bunking.

We were quite shaken up and tried to forget it. We then wnet up to

the second floor stair landing ot listen for moans and footsteps. Sure

enough we did and ran back to the first floor. We went to sleep and

tried to forget about it all but how can you forget somthing this nerve


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A Dream ?


dear friend,

a true story:

a few years ago i was sitting in my room and listening to music

when all of a sudden a strange dark figure apperred in the shadows of my

room. I didn't have any idea what it was at first, but it seemed that it

was moving closer... my body was frozen stiff... I was so scared I

couldn't even breath...then as the figure approached to me it

disappeard...then my body felt very seemed as the figure had

possessed me...then I started screaming and then my body felt so weak

that once I stood up I calapsed to the floor...I was so faint that I

started to drift asleep...then I saw the same figure creep back into the

shadows of my room...after waking I felt confused..."was the figure a

dream, or reality?" a few years later...I was in my room listening to the

same song, I felt faint...then I saw the same was the same as

last time exept as it aproached me, it stopped...then dissappeard with

no trace...and to this day I still wounder if it was a dream, or was it

a reallity???

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Is it a ghost?


Anyway, I am a 19 year old music education major at Eastern Kentuck

University. I consider myself a "normal" person. Well since 1992

things have been happening to me. For example, when I would walk into

my room at home or at my dorm I get this sensation of being hugged and

that whoever it is that is there is happy to see me. Or, I was really

tired and I said to myself, " I really have to get up at 9:00am."

I forgot to set my alarm. Well at nine that next morning my phone

rings. I answer it and a male voice says, "Time to get up." Well I

freaked. I thought I was going insane until I moved into my dorm and my

roomate saw and still sees a small, white, three-dimensional ball of

light float around our room. It happens when one of us gets real

depressed. Another occurance was when my roomate and I were sitting in

the room and our phone cord just shot straight out of the phone jack as

if someone had ripped it out. We were not anywhere near it. And

finally we were watching T.V. and the T.V. shuts off by itself and

ejects the video tape out of the V.C.R. It does this only when we are

watching The Crow and only when one certain scene comes up. We tried

putting other tapes in and they play all of the way. The Crow tape will

play in every other V.C.R. but not ours. We know that it is not broken

because I had it checked last week.

I saw this page on the web and thought I have to tell someone who has

had things like this happen to them before. I just want some answers.

It is not scaring me or my roomate. It is like it won't let us be

scared. It follows me. It would bither me at home before I moved and

now it is in my dorm room. I know you won't believe me but I just want

to know who it is and what it wants. Can you help me?

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The Ghost in the Apartment


I was seven years old the year was 1985. We had jut moved to these

run down apartments in a very small suburbanized town, two years before.

Before my encounter with the spirit, or soul my older sister use to

admit to hearing and feeling stange things in the apartment, but no one

would believe her not even I. I remember I use to play a lot around the

apartment complixes and I use to see a lot of police cars and ambulances

I had no idea why. I thought it was because someone prank called or got

in trouble, I use to hear stories that the apartment was haunted and that

people were murdered. No one else in my family would here these stories

not even my sister, so I knew the things that she was saying could or might

be true. And then it happened, I was lying in my bed with my mother and

my sister was sleeping in another bed right next to ours. I remember

sitting up in the bed just looking towards the closet, my mother and my sister

were fast asleep. And there it was a figure of a small woman, I was so

scared I literally couln't speak, so I began to hit my mom hoping she would

awake I was hitting her as hard as I could and she still would not awake.

I remember looking again at the figure and she put her finger up to her face

like when you want someone to be quiet, and then she left. And right when

she left my mother and my sister had awaken. I told them the experience

and maybe they believed me, I'm pretty sure my sister did since before it

happened she felt and heard strange noises. A year later we moved into

the city. So far nothing stange has occured but I know if it does I won't

be as scared as I was when I was seven.

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My husband and I had recently moved to New Mexico. My daughter was in

college in Minnesota. My husband was away on a business trip. One

Friday night I had a terrible, very realistic dream where my daughter

had been riding her bicycle and had had an accident with an

automobile. The dream was so realistic and so disturbing that I

called her in the morning to assure myself that she was, indeed,

unharmed. I got her answering machine, which only increased my

feeling of concern, but left her a message to call me as soon as she

got the message.

I decided to go for a short run, thinking that this would help relieve

the stress, but was concerned that my daughter would call while I was

out. I very deliberately decided to leave the phone off the hook for

the 20 minutes or so I was planning on being gone, so that if she

called she would get a busy signal and think that I was on the phone

rather than have the phone go unanswered and have her assume I had

left the house.

So I left the house and indeed wasn't gone more than 20 minutes. I

hurried into the house planning on calling her and hoping that she was

now home. I walked to the phone and was very surprised and more than

a little spooked that the phone was on the cradle. I was standing

there looking at it, puzzled at why the phone was that way when it

rang. It startled me, but I answered immediately only to have a dead

connection. Now I was really spooked. I put the receiver back in the

cradle and it immediately rang again. I answered. It was my

daughter! I was so relieved to hear from her and before she could say

much I rushed to tell her that I had been very worried because of this

dream I had had. I asked her if she got my message on her answering

machine. She said, "No, but Mom, let me tell you why I'm calling. I'm

in the hospital and I had an accident on my bicycle with a car last


I swear this is a true story! It still makes the hair rise.

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Family Haunting


As someone who grew up in Hawaii,a land steeped in superstion and dark

religion,I have seen many "ghosts".On Kauai it is not unusual for

children to make a day valley climbing , which is what my sister and I

decided to do . There was a part of the valley that had a small

waterfall and we wanted to go swimming. BLAH BLAH.After a few hours of

swimming we got hungry, so we found some stones to knock the jabong

from the tree.The stones we had chosen came from a neat pile about

three feet tall. We kept throwing the stones into the fruit tree and

they would not come back down. Having thrown about ten stones into the

tree,neither fruit or stones would come down ,we gave up and headed

home. As we were leaving we heard the tree shake and turned to look.

Out of the tree, at the exact time ,all ten stones came down broken in

half before they hit the ground.This didn't bother us because we

thought the menehunes had done it.Trying to make long story short.

The next day as my father got up to go to work he heard the typewriter

in my sisters room typing.My father says that when he looked in her

room the typewriter was typing by itself,unplugged. It takes alot to

frighten my father so he waited until it stopped.The paper in the

typwriter was covered with Hawaiian text non of which any of my family

can read. My father decided the best thing to do was to wake up the

family and head over to our kahuna. As he woke up each of us three

children we all began to throw up violently. My mother also woke up and

began to throw up.Any way we finally got out of the house and the

sickness left us all at the same time . We brought the typing to our

kahuna and she said that the message said that the two children had to

pay for violating a sacred grave,and that my parents should leave us

alone in the house.Well the kahuna come over to our house and talked to

the spirits and they told her what my sister and I had done .The stones

we had used to retrieve friut came from a kahunas grave. She made peace

with the spirits and we had to go the grave site and replace the

stones.After that she blessed the grave and us and the sickness

immediatly left us.This is one of many encounters that I have

experienced.I am only writing because unlike you spirits follow me no

matter where I live. I dont live in Hawwaii any more but well any way I

wish I knew why

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Caressed by a Demon


Ancient Chinese fable believes that dreaming is a person's soul

wandering into another space, and nighmare is a person is haunted by

ghost. When a person see a bruise mark on the limb or body but doesn't

feel any pain, the bruise is probably caused by ghost's pinch during

sleep. When a person dies in sleep, he just simply can't come back to

real life from dream. When a person dreams about the deceased relatives

or friends, they have something to tell him or want him to do some favors

for them.

The reason I state this theory is because I have no idea what I

have experienced was just a bad dream or really haunted by a ghost, yet

the feeling was so real...

During the summer of my college junior year (about seven years

ago), I had this nightmare. I was awaken that morning by feeling a hand

was combing my hair for about three or four times. Therefore, I tried to

turn around to avoid it but I realized my body was frozen and couldn't

open up my eyes nor speak. I started to gain a little more conciousness

in about two or three seconds while the combing was continued, and I

learned where I was: I was lying on my left side with my left arm under

my body, and my right hand rested on my right thigh. I felt the hand was

touching my scalp in a tilting left position which my right hand couldn't

do, and I felt the hand was quite big and warm when it touched my head. I

almost felt like it was petting my head, and the fingers ran through my

long hair to the end. This feeling was becoming more vivid, as that hand

kept combing through my hair. The more it touched me, the more I was sure

that hand didn't belong to me, and I knew it couldn't be anybody else as I

was sleeping alone. I started to have this feeling that a big monster

demon was lying on my right side behind my back caressing my hair, yet I

knew he meant no harm to me because he wasn't choking me or hurting me.

Nonetheless, I was scared because I couldn't move to tell "him" to stop,

yet my mind was so clear that I could feel every stroke of his fingers.

This lasted for about five minutes, and I felt it was an eternity.

Finally, I concentrated to open my eyes, and at the same time I could move

and I screamed hysterically and got out of the bed. I didn't dare to look

back, because a little voice inside my head told me that the demon wasn't

a pretty sight to look at.

When I think back, I wondered if the demon was attracted by my

long and smooth hair (it was almost three inches away to my waist back

then), and I never left my hair that long again but only kept to the

shoulder length.

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Lady in the Blue Dress


Hi, my name is Sam. I am 30 years of age married with a child and another on

the way. Let me tell you about a true ghost story that happened to me.

When I was 19 years of age, I was sitting on my bed about 4 o'clock in the morning

because I just had a bad dream and couldn't sleep any more. I was thinking about things

and was staring straight ahead of me in deep thought. Suddenly, I noticed a faint dim

shadow. To assure myself, I decided to bend forward and stretched out my hands to

prove it was just the moonlight coming outside the window. To my surprise, that shadow

started to look like a blue dim light. As soon as I got real close to it, say four

centimetres, I got the shock of my life. I saw a lady dressed in a blue dress with a

blue matching band around her hair, bright blue. I was in shock. I didn't know whether

to be scared or how to react. All I did was stare in disbelief. Telling myself that

this is impossible and that it only happens in the movies. I tried blinking my eyes but

she wouldn't disappear. I almost felt we were related. She gave that motherly look.

And at the same time I thought she felt sorry for me. I guess because I've had a rotten

child hood. Then suddenly she started to move close to me. I think I knew how to react

now. My first reaction was to push her away with my hands, but my hands kept moving

through her hitting the curtains on the window. I started screaming, calling for help.

I got to the point that I was cornered against the bed head. It was amazing the way she

moved. In ghost movies, they float like as if they're on the moon or walk like a living

human being. Instead she glided swiftly in a straight line towards me and then kissed

me on the left cheek. Afterwards she disappeared like when water splatters in a million

drops. That's what it reminded me of. Then after that, everyone was screaming at me in

the house telling me to be quiet and go back to sleep. Trying to convince me that I just

having a bad dream. All I now is that you know when you are awake and you know when you

were dreaming after you wake up. I know I was awake, because I was very alert and


About four years ago I was told by a guy who worked with my wife that he experienced the

same thing. He has actually seen the same ghost as me. I call her the `Lady In The

Blue'. He told me about his story first. I told him my afterwards. His description of

her was exactly the same as mine. I was amazed. I never used to believe in ghosts

before, but know I do. I have never seen any since then. But I tell you what. Since

then I am still petrified to sleep in the dark by myself. Thank god I have a partner

that sleeps beside me.

Please give me some feedback. Also, I would like to know if anyone has seen her as


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My Great Grandmother and my Grandfather


I have two stories. The first stroy was told to me one day by my mother when I was asking about how I'd gotten my name Lisa Darlene. She said that Darlene was her best friend in high school and Lisa had been given to me by my Great Grandma Turner. I thought about it for a little while and could not remember her. My mom showed me a picture and said she died before I got to meet her in person. She had been very excited about my birth because I was to be her first great grandchild, but for reasons unknown to me (I didn't think them important) was not able to come see me in the hospital after my birth and died before I was able to come home. She had expressed to my my parents that she would like my name to be Lisa (they never found out why). My first night home from the hospital and the day after Grandma Turner died, my mom had gotten up in the middle of the night to check on me because babies usually cry in the middle of the night and this night I hadn't. When she'd gotten to my bedroom door, which was open, she was shocked by what she saw. Standing over my crib was my Grandma Turner just looking at me and smiling. After a few seconds she noticed my mother, smiled at her and faded away. My dad never believed this story untill my Grandfather (Daddy Bo) died when I was about 8. My dad worked for Carolina Power and Light and went up to check the furnaces that were located on several levels of the smoke stacks. It was summer but once he'd reached the top it had turned terribly cold. He checked the furnace and when he closed it he began to smell the flowers from my Daddy Bo's funeral but much more intense than they had actually been. It had scared my father because he was so high up and didn't know if Daddy Bo was coming to get him too or just saying Goodbye. I'm happy to say my dad made it back down to the office and the man that worked with him that night inquired as to why he looked as if he'd just seen a ghost. When my dad told him what happened the man took over my dads rounds. Needless to say my dad believes my mothers story of Grandma Turner. It seems as if the people that die on my dads side of the family always come back to say goodbye to the people they most loved at the time. These are only two experieces that I know for sure of but I somehow feel there will be a third in my life. Perhaps when my dad dies he'll come to say goodbye to me since I'm the person he most loves.

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Stories Told in Maine


Just off the coast of Freeport Maine is a small island who's name I will keep anonomus (due to the fact that the island is a simple, peaceful summer-getaway and I DO NOT want folks going there just because of the story I am telling). The island is small with only about 120 houses, many dating back over 100 years (to the time of some old war...Revolutionary i think.....) There is NO electricity, everything is run on gass, and it is VERY dark and quiet at night save for few animal sounds and noises of parties happening at neighboring houses. There are many forest arieas and beautiful pathways...awesome ocean-front properties and scruffy, dirt roads.

There are several ghost stories that are told about the is my favorite: I believe it is true..but it was told to me by a couple of drunk kids who were sitting on a dock one night. If it IS true, it makes me into a true ghost believer.

Many decades ago..there was a little girl who had pnemonia because she fell in the ocean during cold weather. Her pearents took care of her in a shack across from the main mantionuntill she finaly gave up and passed away.

Currently, there are people living in the mantion of the family who took care of the girl. There is a small shack just across from the mantion that was used by the family as a guest house. It wasn't kept very well, and the furnature was all dusty & messy. One night, somebody went in to store something there..and the furnature was in its usual dismal state---boxes on top of couches, chairs stacked on top of each other, ect. The next day, when the person whent back to the shack to get what she stored the furnature was completly cleaned and rearagned. The people who told me this story said they tried messing up the place again to see if they weren't going insane..and the next day it would be clean again. Make a note that that was the VERY same place in which the little girl died of pnemonia.

Also, people have seen a white figure of a little girl walking across the dirt road that the house is on.

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Weekend at a Wisconsin Resort


In April 1994, my wife and I spent what we thought would be a romantic weekend at a Wisconsin resort. All was as we planned until the 2nd night (Saturday) that we stayed there. At approximately 3:00 AM, we were awakened by the sound of what we thought were shouts coming from the breezeway outside our room.

It was a moonless night yet there was a flickering light that seemed to reflect under the outer door. I looked out the window to see what the commotion was about and saw nothing to account for the light that now reflected off of the walls.

As I turned to look back at my wife, I saw that she was sitting bolt-upright in bed with what appeared to be war paint crossing her face. Assuming that it was the play of the light, I looked harder to reassure my eyes. Her face took on the hard features of an angry male figure and she glared at me with piercing eyes.

Needless to say, I panicked and threw the light switch, thinking maybe it was a dream.

It wasn't.

As soon as it started, it was over. My wife returned to her lovely self, and we spent the next hour telling each other that what we thought happened-- didn't happen.

We later learned that the area that the resort was built on was rumored to be a sacred American Indian healing spot.

My wife, now, has occasional nightmares that wake her up in cold sweats with no recollection of what the bad dreams were about.

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Am I Crazy ?


I have been dying to share my experience with others who have had some sort of "encounter" of their own, finally I can. I have read through some of the other stories and mine doesn't even come close to being nearly as awesome as theirs do.But I really want to know if what I saw was really a ghost. Well here goes...

About four summers ago I went back up to New York to visit my family and friends. I do that every year and I love my grandparents big old house, even though it tends to creak a lot. One night my cousin, my friend, and myself were all up late watching television. We weren't supposed to be up that late, so when we heard my grandfather walking around upstairs we quickly shut off the lights and tried to be quiet so he would think we were already asleep. I was sitting in a chair to the left of my friend and cousin and was the only one who could see into the front entryway from where we were seated. I looked over toward the front door and then looked away before realizing that there was something standing near the door. Well I looked again and sure enough there was a young boy who was very pale, had blonde hair, was wearing white sneakers, black pants and a shirt that contained black and some other color, I believe it was white. The boy just stood there and looked at me. He didn't move at all. Not even when I said to my friend "Oh my God there's a ghost!" I ran and sat in between my companions who were giggling and acting like they were scared. I couldn't see the ghost from where I was sitting then. I checked to see if it was still there and sure enough it was. My cousin turned on the light then and when I looked again it was gone. The next day my friend brought up a mutual friend of ours named Andy who had died of Leukemia on New Years Eve when we were in 5th grade. I was shocked to realize that the boy I had seen the night before was indeed Andy. He had been buried in his comfortable clothes: white sneakers, black vision skate pants and we are unsure of what shirt. Andy also had blonde hair and was always very pale. That same day I asked God to give me a sign if I did in fact see Andy. That night I was awake reading and I looked at my clock (which was digital so it plugged in the wall) it read 11:36 and I thought "OK God times running out." And just after that the light in the hall and in my bedroom flashed twice. I figured it was a power surge but my clock wasn't flashing 12:00 like it would have had it been some type of surge. Ever since then when I have asked God for some type of sign lights will flash or music will turn itself off. I believe that I did see Andy and I also believe that he is my guardian angel. I hope you do not think that I am lying, because I am not. I also hope that you do not think that I am crazy because I am not that either. Thank you for listening.

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I had been reading the other stories and never realized I had a similar

experience to many of the other people until recently when I was

thinking back on the weird things that happened at the house I lived in


I lived in a small two bedroom house in Smyrna, GA with my parents for

about eight years beginning in 1987. At first nothing really noticeable

happened but then after we got settled in good I started seeing things

out of the corner of my eyes like little black shadows that would peep

around the door but would disappear when I looked directly at the spot.

I never thought this was anything abnormal. Then later on my mom told

me she would have weird dreams when she was alone in the house. She

said she would fall asleep in the chair and would dream about things

like being chased or playing with a dog and the dog would bite her and

it hurt so bad it woke her up. I never thought this was weird either

because I did things like that and I always thought that your

subconscious didn't know the difference between what is real or what is

a dream but since we moved neither one of us has had these sort of

dreams anymore. She also admitted to seeing things out of the corner of

her eye like I did but she never mentioned anything other than that and

her dreams.

One time me and her were the only ones in the house and I was sitting

in a chair that was backed up against the front door and directly on the

other side of the door was a small sidewalk and then some bushes. I

heard some breathing like a dog panting fast like it was running but it

stayed in one place long enough for me to notice then it sounded like it

ran behind me and disappeared. I only heard the breathing and not the

actual sound of the feet hitting the ground. I asked my mom if she

heard it and she didn't since she was in the kitchen right next to the

living room but it could have been an actual dog running by the door. I

thought that couldn't have been possible because it was so loud and I

didn't hear any feet hitting the ground.

Then one time I remember I was laying in my bed facing the wall and

just about drifted off to sleep when I distinctly heard someone behind

me whisper my name real loud. I jumped and turned over but no one was

there. Needless to say I didn't sleep very well that night. My bedroom

was also where I would notice the shadows out of the corner of my eyes

the most.

Sometimes I would also jerk awake for no reason. I told my dad once

that I hit the bed so hard when I jerked awake that it was almost like I

was floating above my bed while I was asleep and when I woke up I would

fall back to the bed.

One other time, and this was the part of the story I forgot until

recently, I was in the house alone. My parents had went to church or

somewhere and I had a lot of studying to do so I stayed home. It was

during the summer so the kitchen window was open and the chairs had been

moved and replaced by a couch in front of the front door. I was sitting

on the couch and it was nearly dusk. I was sleepy so I put the two

pillows from the couch on my lap and bent forward to rest my eyes for a

minute. I heard what I thought was my parents coming home. Since the

house is so small you can just about see in all the rooms from the

living room and the door from the driveway is not that far away.

Anyway, I heard "them" coming through the door and when I tried to get

up to look I couldn't. It was like I was held down in that position and

all I could do was listen. I started to panic and I was very awake at

this time. I heard footsteps going back and forth across the kitchen

and I thought it was my mom so I tried to call to her because I thought

something was wrong with me but I couldn't even talk. All I could do

was moan and still it didn't come out very loud. I heard blinds bang

across the kitchen window like the wind was blowing and the footsteps

continued. It sounded like they would walk up to the edge of the

kitchen where the carpet for the living room starts then turn around and

go back. All these sounds were going on at the same time and all I

could think of was I was drugged and someone was robbing the house with

me laying right there. After a while I drifted off again but it was

like a forced sleep, believe me I did not want to sleep but when I woke

up a few minutes later I could move and talk just fine. I looked in the

kitchen and everything was in place and the curtains weren't moving.

What made it even weirder was there was no wind that day and our kitchen

window doesn't even have blinds.

I never really thought about all this stuff being attributed to ghosts

or anything like that. I never gave it much thought although I knew it

was possible but if I had realized what was going on when it was

happening I probably would have been scared senseless. Also, during the

time most of this was going on I couldn't stop thinking about my

grandfather who has been dead since I was about 4 or 5. One night he

came to me in a dream and ever since the thoughts have left me. And

very soon after we moved in my uncle, who was close to my dad, was

killed in a terrible way. Then I found out that an older woman had died

in the house and before that it was rented out and the people had a lot

of drug parties but I don't know if they were into anything occult. To

me it sounds like most of this stuff can be explained by something being

wrong with me like my continuous thoughts could have caused the dream to

happen or the other things could have been because I was extremely tired

or overimaginitive but it just seems like too much stuff to be

coincidence. However I was the only one who said anything about

anything weird going on. My dad never said he saw or felt anything and

my mom never said anything other than seeing shadows and her dreams. I

forgot all about being paralyzed on the couch until I read another story

just like it and I knew something had to be out of the ordinary. If

anyone can help me make sense of this please do. I don't want to deal

with anymore ghosts or conjure up new ones. I a big enough chicken as

it is.

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The Ghost You Can't See


i was home alone with my sister and she was babysitting me. she is three and a half years older than me. i never did believe in that kind of stuff. but then one night for no reason at all the toilets started flushing by themselves. i know what you are thinking, that was just the plumbing. But it wasn't. This only happened when i was being babysat. then one night for no reason our garage door opened then closed and this happened a numeber of times. of course me and my sister were alone and i was to scared to look outside and so was she so we called our neighbor, and told her to check to see if anyone was outside or near our house. we figured that this was the most logicall thing because it was late at night and there was recently a few burgalries in my neighborhod. my nighbor said there was nothing or noone their. we didn't tell our parent because we believed that they wouldn't believe us.

a little while later my sister and her friend were sitting in the living room watching tv and driinking a lot of water because hey were on some health kick. my sister expained to me that they were sitting there and all of he sudden a galss of water spilled on my sister. i had to believe this because this experiance had just happened when we got home and my sister wasn't laghing about it. i got really scared, but put it all in the back of my mind for about a year.

thn one beautiful summers day my mom decided to take a picture of the deck from the inside of the house through the sliding glass door. well when then picture developed you could hardley see the flower arangement on the deck and their was this man about seven feet tall with white clothes on. i thought it was god because it had every feature of god that the bible told of, but then i decided that it wasn't.

i lost the picture eventually but will always remember what it looked like. sometimes i hear strange noises that only my sister can hear. and i get the chills for no aparent reason. also another thing that has me convinced is my dog sometimes stares into space and starts barknig. scientifc studies show that most dogs have a sixth sense and can see paranormal activites. although i have not seen aany real ghosts in my house besides the picture i still believe. all of this is true.

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Ghost Sailor


Back when I was about 9 or 10 years old, my parents took my brother and

I to the Baltimore Harbor to tour the 18th century warship

"Constellation". We walked throughout the ship (topside & below decks)

seeing everything there. It was near closing time for tours through the

ship, when my brother and I heard my parents calling us to come back

up-stairs. We were below decks checking out all the Cannons. We then

went up-stairs to our parents, I asked them if my brother and I could go

back down-stairs, one more time before we would leave? they said we

could. while down-stairs, my brother was walking over by the left side

of the ship and I was looking at a cannon over on the right side of the

ship. I looked at the cannon farthest away from me (about 20 ft) when I

noticed a young sailor,dressed in black pants, a white stripped

shirt,round black hat with a tassle at the back,standing beside the

cannon holding a long,tall wooden pole. I called to my brother,to come

over and see the sailor, which he did so. I remembered saying to the

sailor, that "he sure had a nice ship here". As we stood there, looking

at the sailor, he (the sailor) turned his gaze from the direction that

the cannon was pointed, and looked right at us! I will never forget the

look in his eyes as he stared at us, he did not speak at all, then

turned his gaze back to looking out through the gun port-hole.

We then went back up-stairs to tell our parents about the sailor we

had seen below decks. While I was telling my parents about this, one of

the people taking care of the ship came up to us and said, we would have

to leave, the ship is closing now. I told that person that the sailor

down-stairs really made the whole tour seem so real! He was surprised!

and then told us that there was no-one else below decks and that they

have nobody dressed in a sailor suit working on the ship!

I recently went back to see this ship again, although I did not see

the sailor on this visit, standing in the same spot and looking at the

same cannon, I began to feel cold chills and the hair on the back of my

neck tingling! You decide?

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