Sleep Paralysis


Hello.  I have been reading stories from this site for
days and I have decided to contribute one of my own.
I was a junior in college and living by myself in a
tiny two room apartment located above a storefront on
Philadelphia Street in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  I was
feeling particularly exhausted after classes and
decided to take a quick nap on my couch.  It was late
afternoon and the apartment had a dusky quality to it
because of the light outside.  The kitchen and
livingroom are one in the same, kitchen on one wall,
living room on the other.  The door to the apartment
was directly across the room from the couch.  I
remember "waking up" on my back and unable to move
like I was frozen.   I looked over to the door and
heard footsteps coming up the stairs from the street
below (not unusual because a lot of students lived in
the building).  Except, that these were exceptionally
LOUD footsteps.  I sensed...dread.  I did not see the
door open, just realized that it was.  I felt
something enter the room.  I was extrememly scared
because I could see my apartment but I could not move
(I did not try to speak because I knew I was alone).
I felt myself pinching my leg to see if I was dreaming
- but it was only a dull pressure, no pain.  So I
assumed that I was dreaming - but it was so real. I
did not see "it" come in though.
I had a dry-erase message board tacked to the wall
above my phone stand right next to my bedroom door.
The board was full of messages that I hadn't erased
yet.  I stared at the board and the letters began
rearranging themselves - kind of like scrambling all
together to form a new message - but in a blur.  I did
not want to read that message.  I continued to
struggle to "wake myself up" and rationalize what was
happening when I felt a presence beside me.  "It" was
sitting in a stuffed chair that was next to the couch
(by my head).  I forcefully turned my head to look at
the thing. It was oddly covered in a flowered sheet
(which I did not own).  I saw my right arm slowly
reach over towards the sheet because I had an
overwhelming desire to pull the sheet off of whatever
was sitting there.  It felt like pushing through
almost solidified concrete. At this point, I was
really angry at being "frozen" and I wanted to tell
the thing off! I felt that my head was turned toward
it and saw my arm reach for it, but at the same time,
I saw the same arm still pinned to my side (I had two
right arms)!  I can't even begin to explain that one
(someone told me that I began to leave my body).
Anyway, I was suddenly aware that I had been fiercly
praying to God - saying The Lord's Prayer over and
over again.  My arm was still reaching for the sheet
when all of a sudden, I "woke up."  My heart was
pounding and my mouth was bone dry.  Everything in my
apartment was as it should be - including my door,
closed and locked.
I never did read the "message" on my message board.
When I took a shower later that night, I noticed red
welts that had begun to bruise (from pinching myself
awake)on my thighs.
Nothing else ever happened there.
I went to a psychic a few months after it happened and
he told me that I have a gift of communication.  I
told him that I did not want this gift at the moment
and he said that I could use it when I was ready to.
The reason that I never saw the message is because I
chose not to communicate with "it."  He also told me
that if I wanted to see "it" just say, "In the name of
Jesus, what do you want with me?"  I don't think that
I'm ready for that step just yet.

Any comments are certainly welcome.

Seeking Answers

By: anonymous

Hi, I am eager to get some answers to a few questions that have truly been
annoying me.  Allow me to begin with the earliest incident.  My earliest (and
I am not certain that this would be considered a haunting, but then I know
NOTHING about this kind of stuff) experience was when I was five years old.
I was in bed and something awoke me.  I turned over in bed, there was my
mother standing in my bedroom, and my baby brother was crawling over to the
window.  What is bizarre about this is that both had done this very same
thing earlier that day.  I sat up in bed and started to talk to my mother
(asking her what she was doing) and she responded or at least I think she
responded, her mouth moved but I could not hear any words.  That was when I
became scared and recognized something was not right.  I turned back over
toward the wall and thought they would go away, that I was just dreaming.
I'm not sure how long I waited before looking over my shoulder to see if they
were still there but when I did, my mother was still standing in the same
location and my brother was on his knees looking out my bedroom window (the
windows were large and close to the ground).  I started yelling for my dad,
he, and mom had the room next to mine.  When he came in my room, I was still
watching these figures, I tried to tell my dad what was going on but he just
walked past my mother (the figure) and told me to go get in bed with my mom
that he would sleep in my bed.  As I got out of bed and walked to the door, I
was still watching my mother and brother.  My mother turned her head and
watched me go out the door.  I ran into my parent's room, my mom was in the
bed, and my baby brother was in his baby bed in the same room.  I am 40 years
old now and this experience has always left me with questions, why did I see
my mother and brother, I know it wasn't them so who was it, and why couldn't
my dad see these figures?
Now for the present, I have lived in this house (not the same house as above)
with my husband and sons for 10 years now.  Since moving here I have felt
fine, nothing out of the ordinary has happened, except I see shadows out of
the corner of my eye all the time.  When I turn and look nothing is there.  I
even went so far as to have my eyes checked.  At first I would see little
darting shadows on or around the floor, I would thinků..did I just see a
mouse?  Of course, we did not have a mouse problem so I let it pass and did
not think too much about it.  Here lately I sit at my computer, which is
right next to my living room window and I see a shadow going by, just like
someone was going toward the front door.  I would look out the window
thinking its one of neighborhood children coming to play with one of my kids,
but no one is there.  This has happened four or five times now.  My family
knows nothing of this and I would like to keep it that way, as I do not want
to scare the children.


By: famob

Ok, this is not a really scary ghost story but a ghost none the less.  I live in a little house on a busy road and we have a huge oak tree in our back yard.  Well, when I was little I used to climb this tree and I used to talk to the tree like it was a person and I called it Sam because Sam is carved in its trunk.  Now, this was when I was at least 5 or 6.  One day
I fell out of the tree and landed on my head but I wasn't hurt the ground felt soft to me.  I remember as I fell I heard a male voice say " It will be ok, I've got you."  I blew it off thinking it was my dad.  But, as I got older I learned my dad was not outside at the time I fell and he did not even know I feel.  So, I went on the internet and learn that the house
 was very old built in 1902 and that the people that lived here when the house was first built had a son named Samual and that he died when he fell out if the tree in the backyard.  Well, I believe that Sam saved me that day and he is still watching over me.  I also believe that his name is the one in the tree and after my family is gone I hope he watches over who ever will live in tis house too.  Sam is a good man dead or alive.



hi this is my story, it happened in Castro Valley, California.  My brother
asked me if I wanted to help him clean a house up that had been remodeled, so
I said ok.  I started to clean the master bathroom first.  After I cleaned
that bathrom, I went in the kitchen to start in there.  I left some cleaning
products in the bathroom and when I went back, the bathroom was dirty again.
So, i recleaned it.  I went back to the kitchen to finish in there, and took
a break in the den.  As I headed back into the kitchen to finish in there.
As I headed down the hallway, I heard the back toilet flush, and called for
my brother, he didn't answer.  I called for him again, and he walked in
behind me and asked me what I wanted.  I asked him if he just used the
bathroom and he said no, that he has been in the yard.  I said some one used
it, because it flushed and it is still running.  He went back there and there
wasn't anyone back there.  So I went into another part of the house to clean.
 I was half way done with the work, when I turned around to go back to the
den, and this man was walking toward me.  The strange thing was you could see
right through him.  He wasn't walking on the ground he was about 6 inches of
the floor.  I stopped in my tracks, scared stiff.  He disappeared, and I
turned around and headed for the door as fast as I could run.  I told my
brother he went in there and looked for him but he didn't see anyone.  I made
him take me home.  On the way home, he told me what had happened to Cleo, his
dog.  Apparently, Cleo was in the hallway, barking, she yelped, pee'd and
took of running with her tail between her legs.  They caught up with her and
braught her back, cleo fighting all the way, and put her in the truck, where
she stayed on the floor hiding.  Then he told me that the owner of the house
committed suicide there, and tried to burn the house down.  So I guess he
must have been the owner of the house.

Paulsboro Library


Since books and reading have always played a large part in my life the first thing I did when I moved to Paulsboro in Gloucester County, NJ was get a library card.  The Paulsboro Library is at the corner of Broad and North Commece and housed  in an old sandstone house (that actually served as a general store way back in the 1870's).  Most of the books are downstairs, but one room upstairs has, among other subjects, the cook books.  And since I like to cook I'd want to review what cook books were on the shelf.  Every time I went up the stairs, I felt as though someone was right behind me, actually breathing down my neck.  It was almost as though someone was trying to somehow intimidate me.  I don't scare so easily, and every trip to the library found me climbing the stairs to check out the new cook books ... and wondering who in world was following me so closely I could almost feel them touch my back and neck.  Recently I've spoken to several other people and found out that at one time a woman who used to work in the library felt a "hot spot" halfway up the stairs and smelled candles burning.  I've heard of a "cold spot" involved in a haunting but never a "hot spot".  It was just like a blast of hot air she told me.  Then there is the voice.  When busy in the library more than one person has heard their name called.  It's impossible to tell whether it is a man's or a woman's voice, just a voice calling.  Needless to say, no one is there.  That is, no one who can be seen.  Another happening is having someone tap you on the shoulder ... and when you turn around, the room is empty.  Those closely involved in all that has gone on say they believe one entity is male, the other female.  And whoever it is who keeps following me up those stairs I believe to be a male entity.  Stop in the Paulsboro Library someday and walk around.  It is a beautiful building, with plenty to read.  And plenty to keep you occupied.

My Stories


I have alway been a believer in the Supernatural.I have always been very in
tune with Ghosts and the like. I'll take you through a few of the things
that have happened to me throughout my lifetime.
The first ever experience I can remember was when I had just moved into my
own apartment in a rough area of Sydney, Australia. I was always very afraid
of what might happen to me so I slept with a knife under my pillow and my
cat on my bed. One night, I had been forced awake by something to find my
cat on the end of my bed, her back arched and her hair standing on end. She
was staring hard out into my living room. Not wanting to disturb whoever or
whatever was out there, I eased myself down into my bed and grabbed my
knife. I was up for about 3 hours with my cat not stopping the hissing and
stuff, then all of a sudden, she stopped. The cat just went back to sleep...
but I didnt. I did not once hear anyone leave.
Just after my first child was born, we moved into a house in a suburb called
Seven Hills. It was  a nice enough house. One night when my mum was staying
with us, (she was staying im my daughters bed room where my daughter hated
sleeping) she told me that she had seen a little girl with long red hair.
The little girl looked disturbed, or possessed.I thought nothing of it until
one night when I had just put my little girl to sleep. She was crying non
stop and so I shut the door as your supposed to do. A couple of minutes
later, I heard this thud like something had been thorwn on the ground in my
daughters bedroom. I raced in to find out that she had thrown herself out of
her cot and her body was about 6 metres from her cot. I picked her up and in
her hand were some strnds of red hair . I never let her sleep in there
again. I believe that the little girl my mother had seen was trying to kill
my baby.
Another time one night, I was waiting for my husband to come home and I was
watching TV. I heard someone call out 'Maxine!' It sounded just like my
Husband. I had often heard this when I was home alone. I always thought I
was the only one who could hear it but then my daughter(the one mentioned in
the above story) who was about 2 at the time came in and said, 'Mummy,
wheres Daddy?' she had heard it too! After this incident, my daughter had
always been very in tune with ghosts as well as I have. At one point, she
even had her own poltergist in her room!
The last thing that I can remember happening to me was when I was doing some
spring cleaning. We had bought 2 pictures from an auction. One of them
showed an old lady and the other had 5 kids. They were believed to be from
the same family. The 2 pictures were always in the same room of the house
but I wanted to move the old lady into the living room. Once I placed the
picture down on top of the fire place, I heard a voice say; "No! No here!'.
So i moved it and there hasnt been any disturbances since.


By: Anonymous
Every bit of this story is true.  I live in a house wich is probably a
hundred years old I am not sure about the history surrounding my house so I
can not give you an explanation for why this happened to me.  I was ten years
old and it was arond six o'clock at night and I went down the stairs into the
kitchen to tell my house keeper what I wanted for dinner.  When I left the
kitchen I walked into the hall way I started getting this feeling that
something was watching me.  I ignored it until I was up three stairs.  Now if
your on the third step of my stairs and turn around you will be able to see
the corner of the library and see a little inside the room.  I turned around
and saw somthing in the corner that appeared to be human but I realy couldn't
make out what it was all I knew that it was watching me and I was watching
it.  I must of stood there for at least two minutes staring at it.  It
started to move towards me but it wasn't walking it was floating.  I realised
finaly that it was a ghost it took me a while process it.  I then looked at
it's body it had a hed,neck,shoulders.  The entity must have only been five
to three feet away from me when i noticed it didn't any eyes only sockets.
For some strange reason that didn't frighten me I never got scared easily as
a child and was always able to look at things at both or more angles.  I
decided not to run from it because I always had respect for things of the
super natural and things that I didn't understand before I made a desicion to
be scared of it.  I didn't want to scare or hurt the spirit by running away
because it was different and wanted to see what it would do.  When it was
about two feet away I got a realy bad feeling like inside my stomach that
somthing was wrongh it felt like I was falling.  I always have trusted my
instincts and I decided to run.  I ran up the stairs I looked behind once to
see the entity right behind me.  I ran in to my parents room and slammed the
door. Nothing happened for atleast two seconds but somthing started banging
on the door it was shaking and the spirit was moaning and screaming.  I
screamed over its vioce and my sisters all the way down in the basement heard
me scream and came running up.  I was sweating and shaking and felt realy
sick.  Finaly my sister Gillian mangaged to get me out of the room it was
very cold outside of the room where the spirit was.  I wish I could say they
saw or expierenced the ghost but they didn't.  You probably think I am crazy
and am imagining this but before this my family lived in another house and
everybody in my family will admit that it was haunted.  I think I can see or
feel things that normal people can not.  Like when i was three right after my
grandpa died I was playing on the see saw that he gave me and my sistrers in
my grandma's play room.  I saw his face looking down on me and smiling there
was a white light around him and he said, "Hello Suzanne. My mom asked me who
I was staring at and I told her it was a man who loved us all very much and
was stopping by to see if we were ok.  Now lets get back to what I was saying
earlier Im scared that this entity has taken resident in my room.  At night I
always feel like somone is watching me.  I hear foot steps and doors slam
shut around the house.  One time the door to my room opened and none of my
pets or anbody had opned it.  Once it felt like someone was sitting on my bed
at the end and there was a huge dent in the bootom of it.

The Man in Grey


The house that I live in now is full of activity, so it is not unusual to see something out of the ordinary. One experience I had stands out among the rest. I was 7 months pregnant at the time. It was about 5 am and my husband had left for work and  I was in bed asleep. I was having a horrible nightmare. I woke up with a start, eyes popping right open. Standing at the foot of my bed was a man dressed in a grey suit, he had red hair and he had a bread. He was standing there watching me. At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but sure enough, he was there. He stayed about 30 seconds and disappeared. I was very moved by the experience. I have been told that there are 4 spirits in my home and there has been eye witness accounts of 3 of them and numerous accounts of activity. Living in my home  is a ghost hunters dream!

Nursing Home Hauntings


I work in a nursing home in Texas.  There have been several strange things happening lately.  We have had more deaths in the past couple of months than they have had in succession before, not a good record to break.  I will relay one experience from another nurse who works the night shift.  He was sitting at the desk and was monitoring the video camera.  On one of the cameras he saw a lady walking down the hall and turning into a room.  He went to the room to check to see if everything was alright, and he foung the two residents in this room fast asleep,  and they were not the same lady that he saw.  He described this lady to me and it sounded just like a lady who passed a couple of weeks before this nurse began working with us.  I showed him a picture of her, and he said that was the lady he saw, when I told him she had passed recently he got chill up his spine, he said it had to be the same lady they looked identical, also, one more note, the room she turned into when he saw her is the same room she passed away in.  It had been her room for sometime, she had no other family so we were her family.  Another story is from one of my aides who told me she kept hearing a voice calling her name when there was no one in the room, she said it sounded just the way this lady called her.      Now here is my first hand one.  The other day, I was sitting at my desk doing some charting, when a call light went off.  I was thinking who could be in the room, we had everyone out doing activities.  I figured maybe someone had stayed behind to rest or maybe didn't feel up to going.  I went down the hall to answer the light.  There were no resident's on the hall at all, and no other employees.   Our call light system has a good switch on it, it takes more than just a little tug to make it go off, so, maybe she was just playing with me.  There hasn't been anything bad happen, just voices, and misplaced items, and the occasional call lights.  It can definitely make the work day interesting, keep up the good work with this site, I love it!

Second Hand Bed

About 17 years ago I packed up and moved to another town.  I spent my first night at a friend's house and slept in her spare bedroom.  I was tired and went to bed unusually early, 9:00 p.m. sharp.  When I fell asleep [ or did I ? ] I had a visitor who was not happy about me being in that bed.  A naked, very old man had me by the ankles and was trying desperately to pull me out of bed.  I woke myself up by trying to call for help.  When I looked at the clock, it was two minutes past nine.  The intensity of the ' dream ' and the very brief amount of time it took to occur floored me.  The old man was there, it was just too vivid.  I asked my friend if she knew whether anyone had died in that room.  She said no.  Three days later she called from work to tell me something she forgot about.  The bed I had been sleeping in was one she bought from a neighbour across the street, the bed had belonged to the Grandfather, and yep, you guessed it, he had died in it.  Interestingly, when my friend had married and had children, her young daughter would mention the old man she saw now and then in the basement.  She had taken the bed to her new home and had put it in the spare room downstairs.  Her daughter saw the old man many times and told her Mom about it and my friend realized after some time that it was no joke and that the old man had come with the bed.  Needless to say, I'll think twice before buying a second hand bed.

My Headless Visitor

Are "ghosts" always dead?
To this day I don't know if the visitation  I am about to relate was a
In late 1970 my husband and I were living in a   20 some year old home
in NE Sacramento.   Our son Justin was born while we lived here. Like
most babies, he had me up in the middle of the night for a while.  This
occurrence happened after he had learned to sleep through the night
(meaning not waking up till 5 am or so).  Up to this time, we had
experienced nothing out of the ordinary.  And while I had experienced a
few strange things as a young child, never anything close to this.
I had been asleep for some time when I was startled awake by I knew not
what, but felt it must have been a sudden sound.  Thinking it might have
been my son, I looked at the clock and it was just past 1 am.  I could
not hear anything but I got up to check on him, in his room down the
hall.  He was sound asleep.  Feeling strangely uneasy,  I walked through
the house and checked all the doors and windows, making sure they were
all locked.  The house was  secure and everything seemed quiet so I went
back to bed.  My husband did not awake, being accustomed to my midnight
I had just gotten back into bed when I started hearing a faint noise,
which gradually grew louder.  I would describe it as a
"gurgling/splashing" sound, and at first I thought it was coming from
outside.  But as it grew louder it seemed to emanate from inside our
bedroom.  I turned onto my back and since our neighbor's yard light
shone in our window, it was easy to see the figure standing at the foot
of our bed, from whom the sound seemed to come.  The adrenaline kicked
in and I noticed several things in quick succession.  First was that it
seemed to be a man wearing a cape but nothing else.  He was not looking
at me but seemed to be oblivious of me, "looking "at the mirror on an
adjacent  wall.  Then with a shock I realized the gurgling noise was
coming from his neck, he had no head!  I could not even scream, although
I sure wanted to.  All I could do was bang on my husband next to me in
bed, with my fist.  After a couple seconds I was able to get out a weak
sort of yelp and at that time the figure went "pouf" and was gone.
My husband thought I had a bad dream and promptly went back to sleep but
I got no more sleep that night.  The rest of the night was uneventful
but  I vowed to either move out the next day or find someone to exorcise
the house or whatever people did in cases like this.  I was pretty
frightened. I was sure I had seen a ghost, and maybe I did, but something happened
later that day to make me wonder.  We got a call about a very close
friend who had been out late that night.  He had lost control of his car
on a curve and hit a telephone pole.  He went through the windshield,
doing extensive damage to his face and head.  He was rushed to the
hospital and during the time I saw my apparition, he was in surgery,
fighting for his life.  He was very close to dying but pulled through.
Could our friend have visited us the night before? Could the cape I saw
have been a hospital gown?  Could  his "looking" at the mirror and his
being headless have anything to do with the massive head and face
injuries he had sustained?Our friend went on to a full recovery.  I told him of my experience and he thought it interesting but had no memories from the time he crashed
until he woke up from surgery. The house felt normal after that time and I never saw the figure again. To this day I wonder if I saw a ghost or was the recipient of an
"out-of-body" experience. Even if I had dreamed the entire episode (and I know I didn't) it is very strange indeed.

My Grandfather is in the House

My name is adam, and when i was about 2 years old my grandfather died. he was
a very musical man and played the organ as well as guitar. about 2 weeks
after he passed away we had a party at my house. My grandfather played to
notes when he played the organ. well some of my family were in the kitchen
and they heard the organ play those two notes over and over. At first they
thought it was me or my cousin. But we were outside and when they went into
the room where the organ was at it was unplugged and still to this very day
those two keys that were played that day  are stuck down to the board.

Washington Haunts


 About a year and a half ago me and my family moved into a home in Tacoma
washington. Soon after we moved in I started hearing things....I mean I would
be brushing my teeth and hear my daughter say...MOM...when I would answer
back she would tell me that she didn't say anything...But it was very loud
and clear as if she was right there in the room with me, but no one else
heard it..only me. Then one night we were all watching tv and my husband
heard his mother say his name....but she was asleep in the back
one else heard it....Needless to say it shook him up. Then one day all my
kids were outside playing and I heard a noise in the hall way...I rounded the
corner to catch a glimps of a little boy running through the house...he had
longish, black, straight hair....and a blue shirt, and he appeared to be
about 3 years old. I didn't recognize him so I immediately followed him
around the corner and he was gone....the door wasn't opened and he was
NOWHERE....Then about a month ago I was giving my mother a perm and she got
in the shower to rince out her hair and while I was waiting for her to finish
I was watching the television...I glanced away from the tv for a split second
and saw a woman standing there, when I turned my head back to look
again...she was gone. Again, she also was wearing blue....I thought at first
it was my mother...but she was still in the shower....honestly, she was there
as clear a real person...there one split second and gone the next. That gave
me the creeps. There have been other things my computer typing all
by itself and the mouse clicking...but when someone looks at stops. So
far nothing "bad" has bappened to anyone and I hope nothing bad does
happen....Is it possible that who ever is here could have come from my old
house? Weird things happened there too. Anyway, thanks for listening.

Mom's Revelations

      These are some things that happened to my mom. She just told me
          Anyway, when she was a little girl she moved a lot, and one house
she lived in was very strange. Most of these thing happened when only one
person was home, two at the most. The most frequent thing happened WHENEVER
her parents left the house. When they  left she and her brother would hear
things moving around in the basement. She had a small cat that lived in the
basement, but it probably couldn't move some of the larger things in the
basement, and couldn't tell whenever her parents were gone.  Another thing
happened when only she was there. One day a man drove his car into a lake and
drowned. My mom didn't know this the next day when the sighting happened. She
was home alone when a man showed up at the door asking where a bus stop was.
All his clothes from his waist down were soaking wet. She didn't know anyone
had drowned until the next day. One last thing happened to my grandma when
she was by herself. She was in the bathroom when she heard something outside
the door. She called out but noone replied. Then the knob started turning
back and forth. That was enough, so she jumped out the window(it was a one
story house). She didn't see anyone leave  the house.
    Another couple things happened to my brother. When he was five or so he
came down the stairs crying. He said he saw a man made out of "blanky"
laughing at him.
       Another thing that happened to him recurred. Once in a while he would
come down from his room upset and claiming a guy was trying to break through
his window. Make of it what you will.

My Mother and I


My mother & I both have a gift as I call it.
We could both sense the dead and when they came to visit.
My mother would have the dead go to her in dreams and have them tell her that
they were OK.
I started dreaming of air planes when i was 21 years old.  These planes would
appear out of nowhere and even if it was sunny and nice out, the skys would
become ominus and very dark.
The plane would fly over me and I would watch it crash & burn.
I began telling my mother of these dreams because it was very reacurring and
it seemed the crashes were getting closer to my home.
Only later did we put it together that My uncle was dying of cancer, he lived
six months from diagnosis to death.  The plane started out near his house and
the night before he died the plane crashed and burned in my neighbors
bakyard.  I remember the total feeling of helplessnes.
Soon the dreams would come and whoever was with me, I knew it had something
to do with them.
My girlfriend was pregnant, My dream was that we were in California having a
great time on vacation and i pulled over my car to get out to use a telephone
booth.  All of a sudden, the skys grew black and over the bushes a plane came
and spiraled and crashed and burned.
I woke up in a sweat, i told my mother that my girlfriend was going to lose
someone close to her, probably her baby.  My mother was very upset, but I
always made sure i told someone of my dream so that they knew I was not crazy.
The next morning my phone rang and it was my girlfriend was on the other
line, she was screaming that her stepfather was killed.  Till this day she
never lets me forget my dream.
My mother would dream of my sick uncle one night.  HE was dying of cancer and
he was at home.  He came to her in a dream and told her that it was time to
go. He was sitting on the edge of his bed with the covers turned down.  He
was wearing a grey pin stripe suit.  He told her that its okay, but that they
wanted him to come with them and that other relatives were waiting for him.
The next morning my mother got the call that my uncle died  early that
morning. When we got to the funeral parlor my uncle was laid out in a
Grey-pin stripe suit.
Maybe these are all coincidenses but i really know in my heart and so does my
mother that they are not.  We have a special gift and are very sensitive and
open minded about the dead and the supernatural.
My mother would be sitting at the table and all of a sudden she would look at
me and say " your sister is going to come over soon for a visit".  Sure
enought about 10 minutes later the doorbell would ring, and in she woul walk.
I always asked her about it and she just said that she had very strong
When i was younger I would neve sleep upstairs alone.  I was very scared of
the upstairs. abnormally scared.  I never saw anything as far as I know, but
my senses would go wild when i was alone up there.  I still do not like to be
alone at night, anywhere.  I cant explain it, but i just get these feelings,
and  I know that i cant be alone.
I would get very strong feelings walking into my grandparents house after
they died.  They lived above my parents in their own apartment (which I live
in now with my husband).  I would just get a strange sensation that i needed
to leave, so i would go up and come right back down.  My mother said she felt
the same way.  Only sometimes though. Not all the time.  Since we moved in
though, this is one of the safest places I have ever felt.  But I dont like
to be alone at night here either.
There are so many more experiences that i have encountered as well as my
mother, but if i were to write them all down, we would be here for months.  I
just grazed the surface.

My Grandfather


I will begin by saying that I am a firm disbeliever when it comes to ghosts.
I have never seen, nor heard, a ghost.  I want very much to, but I will never
say that out loud.  If one does ever appear, I would like to be in the
company of at least one other living person.  I would forever question my
sanity if I were to witness a haunting alone.  Anyway... This story is about
my grandfather, who passed away when I was 16 years old.  He was 81 when he
passed away, and I had known him all my life - even visited him quite a few
times at the hospital where he died.  Whenever my grandmother would have a
problem at the house, or if she was feeling ill, my mother would send either
my sister or myself to spend the night with her.  We would sleep in my
grandfather's room.  For the most part, this was always fun.  My father
pitched for the Yankees, the Royals, and coached the Phillies - thus, he had
a lot of old Baseball items around his room.  I used to look through his
stuff as a kid.
     I'll get to the point, now.  One day, while my grandmother took her
annual trip to Florida, I went over to check up on the house.  To make sure
the light timers were set, to see if anything was on that shouldn't be.
While there, I called my friend to make plans for that evening.  After
talking to him for a while, he said, "Hey!  Why is Matt there with you?".   I
laughed.  I was completely alone at the house.  Matt, our other friend, was
at work and I knew this.    "Matt isn't here!"  I said.   "I can hear him in
the background, you idiot!" my friend said.   "He isn't here!"  I shouted,
trying to make it clear to my friend that I was alone.
"I can hear him calling your name!!!" my friend shouted back.   I stopped and
paused. "Hear anything now?  What do you hear?" I asked.    "I hear your name!  It's
Matt's voice!"      I looked around.  I looked at all of the stereotypical
places that a ghost might be at.  The stairs... The mirror (shiver)... The
chair... nothing.  "Hey.  I'm coming over to your house.  Do you SWEAR you heard my name?""Clear as DAY!" my friend said.   I hung up the phone and ran to my car -
goosebumps covering my body.
The thing was, my friend Matt has a fairly deep voice - much like my
Grandfather.  In fact, the two are very similar.  And although I didn't hear
anything but my friend on that phone line, I do believe my friend.  And I
refuse to be in that house by myself.

My Grandfather or Not


hello ,here is my story ok this happenend about 3 yrs ago we live in a small town in wv and i havent really heard any true ghost stories befor and i am not sure if that is what happened to us or not my mother who i havent ever really lived with contacted me and we wrote to each other and talked on the phone alot after some time she asked me to bring my 3yr old daughter and come to fl to visit with her my family members had told me in the past not to go around her by myself in fear that she would kidnap me so i was somewhat afraid to go even though i was married and had a child the fear of not ever coming home again was scary but i wanted so much to go i was afraid of betraying my family who had raised me for so long by going but i had to know what she was like so i agreed to go i worried so much about going though i could hardly sleep at night and i kept asking for a sign to let me know it was ok to go .... my grandfather(her dad) was close to me although i didnt see him often he died when i was around 17 i forgot to add in that i did see him some throghout my life but my family wouldnt let me have anything else to do with any other of my mothers family so anyway after worrying for weeks about going and asking for a sign and getting no response one night i found my self drifting off into a deep sleep and here comes the wierd part the next morning i woke up and i wasnt worried anymore about going and was thinking about what a good night sleep i had had when my husband told me of a dream or what he thought to be a dream he said that he awoke in his dream to see a white misty figure coming out of our living room into our bedroom it came over to my side of the bed and stared at
me sleeping and then it when over and leaned over my daughters crib bed my husband was trying to move but he couldnt and he tried to speak but he couldnt then the figure came to the foot of the bed stared at him it didnt have eyes or a face it was just white and nothing . then is vanished he said he was afraid at first then at the end was in peace and then he drifted back to sleep i believe in my heart this was a angel or spirit watching over my daughter and i and it was meant for my husband to see it so he cold tell me about i do honestly think it may have been my grandfather what do you think?

"Little Tanya"  - Holiday Inn; Grand Island, NY


My name is Julie, and I live on Grand Island, NY.   If you're familiar with famous haunted sites
in the US, then you might have heard of Tanya, the little girl who "lives" in
the Holiday Inn on Grand Island.
     Tanya is about five, with long, wild locks of hair and a red velvet
dress with high black button shoes.  She rarely shows herself, though, as
she's very shy.  She's also quite sensitive - if you yell at her (out of fear
or anger at the pranks she's pulled on you) she'll disappear for days, afraid
that she'll be in trouble again.
     No one really knows how Tanya died, but most people believe it was when
her house burned down (and the house was on the site the hotel is on now.)
There was a large house there during Tanya's time that burned down at least
once, but no one has  been able to find evidence of a little girl's death.
Others say she drowned in the well on her family's property (which is
possible, though it's strange that she'd be out playing in such a pretty
dress.)  The last "explaination" is pretty romantic and is the one my elderly
next-door neighbors believe - that she drowned in the Niagara River (which
the hotel is situated on) on her birthday - the heavy velvet of the dress
soaked up water and prevented her from swimming to shore.
     At any rate, Tanya is a sweet little thing whose worst prank was
probably when she messed up newly-made beds in a vacant room and partially
displaced a headboard (well, little kids like jumping on beds, after all...)
What I'm trying to say is, the things she does are never harmful or mean, nor
intended to make anyone too upset.  She drops things sometimes, pushes little
things over, and there's been times when I've been sitting in the back office
(I'm a front desk clerk) and I've heard her little feet shuffle in front of
me on the carpet, like she's dragging them to make a sound.  When I first
began at the Inn as a maid, Tanya suprised me on my first day with two pranks
that occurred in her "favorite room", 412.  First, she moved the station dial
on the clock radio I had on (I watched the orange marker go back and forth,
from station 89 to 107 and back) which scared the heck out of me.  Later,
after being reassured by some exasperated older maids that she's not doing
anything to hurt me and to just leave her be, I went back to the room and
began cleaning the bathroom.  She dropped the ice bucket lid on the floor
three trimes from where it lay on the counter.  I took the maids' advice and
said very nicely, "Tanya, please stop."  And she did.
     Another time, I walked through the fire doors in the hall (you know, the
heavy doors that close in case of a fire to prevent it from spreading to the
other side of the building) and as soon as I did, they closed behind me.
Now, these doors are held fast to the wall by magnets the size of small
dinner plates.  I had to get the linen boys to open them back up, because
they were too heavy and far up for me to reach.
     Guests staying overnight are welcome to quietly walk the halls (without
disturbing other guests, of course :)) in search of Tanya.  I'm not supposed
to say this, but if you're just ghost hunting and not on vacation but just
stopping by, walk around; look in the halls and the bar; knock yourself out.
We're pretty easy-going front desk clerks. :)  I can't gurantee you'll see
anything (the things Tanya does are spontaneous; like I said, she's shy) but
your best chances are probably midnight to early morning hours.  You can sit
in the lobby if you want, or ask the clerks about Tanya (there's nothing
better to do, it's not like any guests check in at those'll be
doingt them a favor!) but as I said, she's a secretive little girl.
     Please don't be that person who comes, armed with ouija board and black
candles, attempting to exorcise her or make her "give signs", etc.  She's
just  alittle kid, she can't spell works out on the board, and she'll
probably be too afraid of you to "visit", anyway.  But do say hi to her!  And
consider yourself one lucky guy (or gal) if you see a little girl of Tanya's
description walking down the halls!

My Family Men


i have quite a few stories actually..none seem to be hauntings more like
spirit visitings...mostly from my father. my name is aileen by the way and i
am 17 years old.     Well my first story starts on a hot night a few weeks after my father
died of cancer. I never woke up so fast in my life. Something just told me to
wake up and when i flapped my eyes open there was the brightest light i have
ever seen...but at that same second it dissapeared but i kept seeing its was big. For some reason i wasnt scared and i felt peaceful so i
knew it must have been my father looking over me.
    Another story is one of my brother when he was a small boy...i was a
baby. He was getting yelled at by my mother for something he did wrong and
when he looked past her at the closet there he saw our grandfather who was
dead shaking his finger in dissapointment.
    My third story is another of my fathers presence that my mother told me
over dinner one night. Our faucet was leaking and every day it got worse and
worse with the dripping....until it was almost running out. My mother said
alound i wish Ed(my father) was here and he would have this fixed in 5
minutes. She turned around to grab the phone book to call somebody but the
dripping suddenly stopped and when she turned around it had completely
stopped. Thinking it would start up again in a few days she was
doubtful...but it never dripped again after that.
    Thank you for letting me share my stories.

My Families Experiences


Hi, i'm writing to tell about a experiences with ghosts. One is about a
relative who had seen a ghost that seemed to fortell the future It happened
before I was born. She was sitting in her kitchen early in the morning when
she saw a ghost that looked exactly like one of her sons. Obviously, she was
frightened and told the son who the ghost resembed not to go to work and
that she had seen a ghost.
He didn't go to work, but his brother did. Later, she heard news that the
brother who went to work was killed in some accident.
When I was real little, about two or three, my parents moved into this
house. It used to be a small cabin and they added a lot of rooms until it
was big. The kitchen, a quaint, cute little place was about forty and the
basement, one of the creepiest places in the world, was also about forty or
fifty. The guy who had lived there had killed himself before we moved in and
I was somewhat freaked out, though I gave it hardly any thought. My dad told
me that doors slammed downstairs.
But, when I was about six or seven years of age, I stood in front of my
dresser mirror when I looked out into the hallway to see a shadowed figure,
that looked like a Mafia guy's shadow, sneak across the hallway, towards the
staircase. It had a fedora and trenchcoat and I remember being spooked and
running down to my dad.
My dad was laying in bed one time when he saw the stereo cabinet in his room
shaking for about three seconds and then stop. When I was nine, his
girlfriend's daughter claimed to have seen a face glowing on the wall and
snarling at her. That's all I really heart about the place and, when I was
nine we moved out.
Another experience happened to someone I vaguelly know. They went to a
morgue and two spirits followed them home. Their spouse yelled at them for
bringing spirits home. They left and, besides the ghost cat that inhabits
the house, there isn't anything more of those two or any other human ghosts
for that matter.

Life After Death


I have always believed in life after death.  But it wasn't until I moved into my grandparents house that I began experiencing  strange activity.  My grandfather retired about 13 years ago and was moving down to Florida.  They wanted to keep the house, built in 1929, in the family so my parents agreed to move in.  When I was about 14, I woke up one early morning before my parents.  I was in the den watching t.v. when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and into the kitchen.  But, when I went out to the kitchen to say good morning, no on was there.  My parents were still sound asleep upstairs in their bedroom.  I really thought nothing of it until yesterday.  I asked my mother if she had ever experienced anything strange in the house.  She told me she hears footsteps every once in awhile!  There was another time when my parents had gone to bed and I was up reading.  My one and only cat was sleeping right beside  me when all of a sudden I heard this bang as if 5 pots and pans had fallen to the floor.  I know that it was not the pans settling, and there was nothing on the counters to cause such a loud noise.  I know I wasn't dreaming because my cat jumped a mile!  When I am out with my boyfriend, I always wait until after 4 AM to return home.  Even at that time, I sometimes feel like someone is watching me.  Nothing bad has ever happened, but I get very scared none the less.

Loud Footsteps


First I'd like to say none of the following experiences have occurred before
or after living in the house I am about to talk about.  The house we lived in
was very small, only about 700 sq ft.  It began the first night we moved in.
I was awoken by the sound similar to a car running through the wall.  I got
up, went outside and looked all around the house, nothing.   Then we started
hearing footsteps at night.  This got to be such a regular thing that we
began to get used to it.  Once we did, the footsteps got louder, similar to
someone stomping across the floor on their heels.  Things began to disappear
all the time.  This got to be such a regular event that my wife would say out
loud "OK I have had enough, please return the item".   A few minutes later it
would appear right where we thought it was in the beginning.   Another thing
that was really weird was while watching TV, out of the blue our dog would
jump down off the chair, run to the doorway of the bedroom, and stand there
and bark like someone just walked into the room.  Well that's my story, and
like I said before, nothing like this has happened before or after living at
that house.

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