Babysitting Ghosts


When I was younger I was baby-sitting for a friend. I had the weirdest
experience. I was in a haunted house. We lived with my grandparence and
I was baby-sitting for my friend bobby.She lived in a two story
victorian house in california, on this street there are alot of houses
that are over a 100 years old. The house was made into an apartment. The
downstairs was one and the upstairs is the outher. Both families in the
house knew each other and had gone out together and I was watching the
kids. We were upstairs and It was getting late. We were all in the front
room when I herd a noise. All the lights were out except the one in the
living room. I left the kids there and I went to see what wa going on.
The noise was coming from the kitchen. I went in slowly and turned the
light on. All the coubards and drawers were open and the sink faucet was
on. It was cold in the room and it gave me the creeps. I closed
everything and shut off the faucet. I shut off the light as I went back
to the living room. Ten minutes later it happen again. By that time I
was getting nervous because I was going to be there all night. There
parence were not going to be home till morning. The kids were ok but
getting scared. Then I herd water running. I got up an followed the
noise. Some one had turned on the tub faucet. all the kids were with me
so I knew it wasn't them. It kept happening, every time I would turn it
off and leave the room it would come on again. so I shut it off and
yelled out " leave it off!" . I left the light on and went back into the
living room with the kids. They were all scared and didn't want to go to
bed in there own rooms they wanted to stay with me. So we stayed in the
living room, I had gotten there blankets and pillows and they went to
sleep on the floor. At about 2a.m. I had just started to dose off, when
I heard kids playing on the stairs. I sat up and turned the light on and
did a head count. all the kids were still there. bobby had woken up I
told her to be quiet. I could tell that it was a little boy and girl by
there voices. So I went and opened the door and looked towards the
stairs I could faintly make out two figures but not that well. They were
laughing and giggling and playing tag. Bobby was terrified and started
to cry so I turned on the hall lights and they were gone. it was quiet.
Sojust to make sure that I wasn't hearing things I turned off the lights
again and waited and watched. Within a few minutes they were back. By
now all the other kids were awake so I turned on all the lights that
were upstairs and we slept that way. No one in m family has believed me
but my sister. It has been years sense that happened and I always think
about it. Why were they there. I have always been interested in things
that can't be explained, its nice to tell my story to someone who
believes in it to.

Devils Music


    My mother has long accused me of listening to what she callls the
devil's music. It is really the music genre heavy metal. i started listening
to it when i was about 13, the same year i got an electric guitar, then when
i turned 14 i began playing the loud harsh music on my guitar, thus my mom
made me play it in the basement, now our house is brand new and we are the
first owners, but whenever i play this music something happens. it has only
occured when i was alone down there but it has been creepy. ive seen
everything from falling pens and game peices to my amplifier shutting off
automaticly. the most recent occurence, also the freakyest has been 3
strings popping simotaneously (excuse my spelling). also my cd tower has
tipped over and cds have broken. i have no idea why this happens but when i
leave i sometimes get the feeling something is chasing me up the steps. i
sprint up them as fast as possibe everytime, and i scares me s***less. if
anything furthur happens i'll be sure to post it but i want to say i am
determind to solve this by myself, i mean, there could be a rash explanation
for all this but truely i dont think so.

A Ghost in Arkansas


This happened many years ago, in 1982.  My ex-husband was stationed at Little
Rock AFB in Jacksonville, AR.  We lived in a nice, three bedroom ranch style
house in a nice subdivision.  We had two children; our 2 1/2 year old son,
Jerimiah, and our newborn son, Joshua.
The sightings began shortly after we moved in.  I should say at this point,
that the "sightings" were peripheral only in nature.  Whenever I was seated
in the living room, on the couch, I could see down the hall out of the corner
of my eye.  Occasionally, I would see a tallish, dark shadow moving from one
bedroom to the other.  I never felt threatened, just curious.  As soon as I
turned my head to actually look at it, it would be gone.  I never mentioned
this to anyone.  I thought my ex-husband would think I had lost my mind.  I
kept this to myself until we moved out after about a year.
Shortly after we moved out, we were talking about how much we liked the house
and wished we could buy something like it in the future.  I mentioned that I
would mind it coming with the same ghost.  My ex looked at me with a very
peculiar look on his face.  "You saw it, too?" he asked me.  I was floored to
say the least!  He had been seeing a shadow for as long as I had, and kept
the information to himself.  The only difference?  He saw a child-size shadow
only.  I only saw an adult-sized shadow.
This is one of the most strange experiences of my life.  I truly believe we
were haunted.  I would be interested in your comments.

England Castles


OK, this is true. It happened to me last night (25th April, 2000) at

Yesterday, me and my best friend were sitting around completely bored. We'd
been sitting around drinking beer and then the conversation turned to this
little village about 5 miles from where we live called Berry Pomeroy. This
place is home to one of the most (in)famous castles in SW England. It is
reputed to be the most haunted area and castle in Europe.
We decided that seeing as he had the night off work (he works in
sainsburys), and I had free time, we should go down to the castle at
midnight and look for the spooks, especially the white lady, a woman who was
apparently boarded up in a tower of the castle, and her spirit is said to
roam the grounds, luring people to dangerous places where they often have
fatal accidents.
Anyway, we got some people together and some torches and some food. We set
out at 10:45pm. 4 of the 6 people going decided not to go, opting to go
around the neighbouring fishing village stealing milk bottles. We thought
"f*** em, they're just scared", and me and my friend got in his car and set
off without them.
We had no apprehensions about the place, no fear at all. We filled the car
with petrol, and took his mobile phone in case of emergencies, because the
castle grounds are remote from civilisation. We were joking around in the
car, thinking how cool it would be if we saw a ghost, I said that I had
heard the white lady was pretty sexy, and if we found her I'd "like to give
her a good shafting". I have to repeat myself, there was no fear.
This was all until we got to the lane leading towards the castle at the end
of which the first signpost pointing it out rests. As soon as we entered the
lane, the air seemed to change. The road is a very narrow, very creepy
country lane with trees on either side, as you drive down either side of the
car is dragging in the brambles. I cast a look back through the rear
windscreen, and although we had turned off a busy main road, all I could see
was blackness (I should still have seen the road). The road ahead was narrow
and starting to flood very rapidly (it had only started to drizzle). We both
suddenly felt uncomfortable. My friend who was driving said he couldn't
breathe, and seemed to be choking. I felt sick and headachy and strangely
unafraid. Even though I was breathing, it felt as if there was no air. First
I thought I was panicking, but I felt absolutely no fear, and my pulse was
still going calmly. The only way I can describe how I felt was dead. I felt
like I had two people in my head suddenly. One, which felt rational, was
saying that if we kept going, we would never get back. The other was telling
me, almost like a whisper in my ear, that I NEEDED to be down at the castle.
Through this whole thing, I felt like a waking corpse, still feeling no
emotion about it. Suddenly, I got a very vivid image in my head, but I was
jolted from this by my friend saying "I can't do this, I'm going back". He
turned into a sideroad and turned around, heading back the way we came. As
soon as we were going back, all those feelings faded, apart from the need to
get down there, which became stronger as we moved away. As soon as we got
back to civilisation and off that road, everything felt relatively normal
I asked him what made him decide to go back, he said he felt sure he was
going to have an accident on the next bend. He said he had gotten this
strong image in his mind that they would be a figure stood just around the
next corner, and that he would swerve to avoid it, resulting in a crash. I
asked him to describe the person and he said it was a middle-aged woman in a
black cloak/ shaul, staring at us. This had me spooked, because that was the
exact image I had in my mind before he turned the car around. He also
described the "dead feeling" I had experienced. I admit at this time it
could have been suggestion, me unconsciously adding his account into my own
memories of the event, but the next thing he described was that he was sure
the last thing he would see was a penknife. He described it in great detail.
This had me spooked, because I had found a penknife at the petrol station,
and pocketed it, not telling him about it. He could not have seen it.
Also, when I got home, I found a book of local folklore. At that road we
were on, there have been many fatal road accidents at the bend we stopped
at. Also, the road is reputed to be inhabited by the ghost of a cavalier,
and a demon black dog who rips its victims apart. The presence of the latter
is often preceeded by a feeling of emptiness and foreboding.
Another thing that scares me the most about the experience is that he too
described the feeling of there being an intruder in his head, but his said
"get out now", not "I gotta get down there".
We have both vowed we are never going back there again, there is definitely
something about that place, and it is definitely bad.

That is the first part of my story.  Despite the fact that we both agreed
never to return, boredom set in soon, and on the night of Monday 7th August,
we were out driving around town and decided to go check that place out
again.  At about 10:30pm in town, we managed to attract the attention of two
attractive females outside the cinema (we are fairly well known in the
Torbay area because we are "boy racers" with a very distinctive car- A red
mk1 Honda CRX with a LOUD stereo and exhaust...).  We asked them if they
wanted to come along to the castle, one had to get home but the other- we'll
call her Jo- had just run away from home so had time to kill and no place to
go so she agreed to come along.  After dropping off her friend, we set out
to the castle.  I had this time taken my mobile phone with me, because I was
supposed to be phoning my "kinda" girlfriend that night.  I was sitting in
the back, my friend was driving and Jo was in the front passenger seat (left
    Anyway, this time we got all the way down to the castle without
incident, and on the road approaching the castle (about 11pm), I decided to
give the girl a call on the phone saying where I was and what I was doing.
The phone rang and she answered, but then my phone cut out completely, as
did the car stereo we had been playing at a low volume.  I could not switch
my phone back on, then i remembered reading that electrical equipment such
as cellphones, radios, cameras, etc, have a habit of malfunctioning at the
castle.  We thought that it was pretty cool that this was happening but
didn't find it particularly scary.  We were stopped in the car, the only
light available was starlight (no clouds in the sky and the moon had
buggered off for the night), and to the left of the car where we were parked
on the left of the road (english road system, drive on the left) was a wire
fence guarding a grassy slope.  Beyond this, totally in silouette and
looking very menacing was the castle towering into the night sky.  At this
point Jo got very uneasy and wanted to lock her door for some reason- this
was understandable considering our proximity to the castle which was about
50 metres away and bearing in mind the place's macabre reputation.  She got
a bit panicked because she could not find the lock in the dark because in
the CRX it is positioned further down as a flick- lever by the door handle,
instead of by the window like in most cars.  I leaned forward to help her
with the lock, so my head was below the bottom of the window.
    She said thankyou and I was getting up saying "you're welcome" but I was
cut off halfway through saying it as something caught my eye.  I can't
describe what it was apart from to say, you know when you're brain registers
something unusual or you catch a glimpse of something not quite right, but
the detail is so minute that the only impression you are left with is a
feeling that something is wrong.  All I saw was a glimmer of movement on the
grassy bank about 10 metres from the car- not that unusual seeing as this
was the countryside, so after a moments consideration I dismissed it as a
badger or a fox or some other form of wildlife.  We sat watching the castle
fora couple more minutes til we decided to got, my friend turned the car in
a 3 point turn and drove off.
    As we were leaving, I looked back casually at where we were parked and
saw something totally strange.  I saw a pale figure, leap over the fence
where we were parked like a hurdler in the olympics and land in the road.
The figure immediately broke into a sprint along the road after us- AND IT
WAS GAINING ON US!  This is amazing considering we were travelling at about
50mph by then (boy racer habits, not because my friend had seen anything).
I couldn't see any features apart from the fact it seemed to be a male
figure, quite lanky, totally white and solid.  I yelled obcenities
and Jo shouted "what?!", almost screamed she was probably spooked.  I looked
at her and told her to look out the back window, and when we both looked
again, there was nothing but empty country road again, even though less a
second had elapsed when I turned away from the figure- it could not have
left the road in that time.
    This experience was very confusing because in the months following my
last experience at that place, I had become quite well versed in the
folklore and ghosts of the place, and there is no mention of anything even
closely resembling what i saw that night.
Thanks for listening, I got some other stories to share with you sometime,
maybe I'll get around to typing them for you soon.

Haunt in Michigan


A house on oak street in flint Michigan that I lived in when I was a young
boy was haunted.  My mother woke up one night to see the shadow of a small
person outside her door. She called out the name of my older brother, and
upon receiving no response, called my name. Naturally, I didn't answer. the
door was then pushed completely open. There was nothing in the hallway,
except for the shadow. my mother gasped, and the shadow ran behind the door
where she kept her shoes.  The next day, Mom made arrangements to move.

A Night of Battle


 This is an awesome website.  Reading these stories, I believe, could
turn even the most devoted skeptics into believers.  I for one have never
doubted.  I have always believed in God and I've alway believed that He
would protect me and see me through any and everything.  So far He has never
let me down.  However, one horrifying confrontation with evil taught me a
lesson that I will never forget.
 I was about to be a senior in college and rather than spend the
summer with parents, my two best friends and I decided to sub lease an
apartment for the summer.  Before I go any further let me reassure you that
the apartment was a pleasant and comfortable place.  No ghostly instances to
speak of.  However, one of my roommates was involved in a religion that
involved chanting (which seemed to put her in some type of trance), deep
meditation, and placing offerings before an alter. These practices concerned
me but I tried to keep an open mind as I'm the first to admit that
everything that we don't understand is not always bad.
 Halfway through the summer, I began to really draw close to the
Lord.  As my spiritual walk grew stronger, I suddenly became aware of how
tormented emotionally, mentally and spiritually my friend had seemed through
all of our friendship. (We have been friends since grade eighth grade.)  She
was always subject to severe mood swings and depression and people were
always claiming to dislike her and wanted to avoid her. I suddenly wanted
nothing more than to see my roommate experience the joy that I was
experiencing walking with God as a Christian.  I had begun reading several
books about spiritual warfare and standing in the gap (or praying and
interceeding) for others and soon felt battle ready to stand against any
demons that might prevent my friend from seeing the light.
 Right away I began praying daily for my friend and rebuking any
demons that may be within her.  I had anointed the apartment upon moving in
and felt that would be enough covering.  One night of terror would prove me
wrong, wrong, wrong. One night I was up fairly late.  All of my roommates
were asleep and my boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) who decided to stay the
night because of the time was asleep also.  I sat up watching television
until I got tired of flipping the channels.  I did'nt know why at the time
but I had felt a strange uneasiness all that evening.  The bedroom I was
staying in had two beds and since my boyfriend had gone to sleep in my bed,
I decided to sleep in the other.  Right away as I attempted to go to sleep,
I felt an evil presense in the room.  I said a prayer and tried to brush it
off but suddenly the room felt thick and uncomfortable as if some great
weight or heavy cloud was descending in the room.  I turned over on my back
to see a thick white mist in the corner of my room over the doorway.  The
mist soon became defined as I was able to make out what appeared to be the
lines of a thick white blob with features that seemed to shift in and out of
 I was so fearful that I ran to the bed my boyfriend was in.  As I
dived in the bed next to him, he barely flinched at all the commotion.  He
was in a deep sleep. As I settled under the covers, I was still aware that
the evil presence was hovering in the corner.  Opening my eyes, I prayed I
would see nothing. To my dissappointment, the shifting mist still hovered
there and was joined by what appeared to be two other misty forms.  This is
where things get foggy because suddenly I was overwhelmed with a sleepiness
I cannot explain.  I was still afraid and I WANTED to stay awake but
could'nt. As I drifted off to sleep,  I heard the mist tell me in the most
vehemently evil voice I had ever heard that I was going to die and who did I
think I was praying for anyone.  The last notion I remember as I drifted to
sleep was "Oh my God! The demons in my room were my roommate's."
 The next few hours were the most horrific of my life.  Soon after I
went to sleep, I was awakened ever few moments by something shaking me
violently and it grew worse as the shaking went to punching and sometimes
choking me.  I promise you ever word of this is true.  I thought I was going
to die.  What's worse is that I could'nt open my eyes and I could'nt scream.
I could only try to punch groggily at whatever assaulted me.  When daylight
finally came, I was more than thankful as I did not know if I would ever see
another day.  My room felt completely different from the night before.  The
air even smelled different.  I didn't discuss what happened to me the night
before with my boyfriend. He was the king of skeptics and I knew without a
doubt the validity of what happened to me the night before could not be
challenged.  Strangely enough, he did ask me what I watched on television
that gave me such bad dreams.  He said that I shook so violently and punched
so fiercely during the night that several times he awoke but was too sleeply
to try calming me down.
 For days I questioned how God could allow this to happen to me.  I
had only been praying for my friend and being attacked so violently had
shaken my faith.  My answer came swiftly from Ephesians 6:10-12 which says
"Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.  Put on the whole armour
of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we
wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against
powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual
wickedness in high places." I quickly realized the mistake I had made.  I
took on the forces of evil without thinking of the repercussions and without
ensuring that I was protected and shielded by the armor of God. I had
overlooked a very natural law of spiritual warfare that states that whatever
is coming against the person you're standing in the gap for probably isn't
happy about it and will come after you.  Since then, I have learned to
diligently seek the Lord's will and protection before I step out into
spiritual warfare.  It's mandatory that you do the same.  As I read many of
these stories, I always like to hear about those who called out to God or
used the Word of God to get rid of pesky or evil spirits.  The paranormal is
real and it's exciting but what you must do is recognize that you can't
afford to play with anything that you can't handle.  Checking out haunted
houses and being interested in the paranormal is one thing but the practice
of witchcraft, the use of Quija boards, tarot cards, other occult and etc
are all things that can land you in a heap of trouble and grief if you're
not more than careful.  You have to ask yourself is it worth it? What am I
inviting into my bedroom, my home, my life?  I'm still praying for my
friend.  She's not a Christian yet but she has begun seeking the Lord for
herself.  Atleast when she's ready to talk about it, I'll be around for her
to talk about it with.  Thanks for reading my story.

Freaky Experience


Hiya to u guys i'm a guy that lives up north,so to say, I live in Finland
and i'm 19 years old and i would like to share my experinces with u.I
finally took up to writing this to u cause i've seen and felt many odd
things inc 3 ufo experinces,and many ghastly encouters...My story begins
when me and my cousine, Chris, were bout 11-13 years old.He was sent to our
Granma and Granpa when his mother was out partying (his dad died when he was
little so she was hubbysearching).Cause i live close to them I spent the
summers there.AS u can imagine to young boys having a blast we stayed up
late sometimes till specific nigth we were up and we heard
footsteps in the isle walking up the stairs heading for our room(the house
is a 2-story house and is over a 100 years old).We opened the door to the
room thinking it was our Granma who was going to come tell us to shut up(we
made quite a noise hehehe :)),well there was no1 there so we shut the door
again and we heard the footsteps continue towards our room, so we opened the
door again.This time we put the ligths  on...Yep no1! At this point we were
really freaked so we slammed the door shut without switching the ligths off
and hid under our blanketts(scared as we were)the footsteps were heard again
closing into our rooms door. Suddenly we heard a shriek and then tumbling
noises and then the footsteps ran down the stairs..needless to say we didn't
check after that. We grew accoustomed to those steps in the nigths and
didn't give em any attention. That was until we heard the steps inside our
room and we saw orbs flying on the ceiling.We stormed out of bed ran
downstairs we heard the footsteps follow us all the way, we ran out of the
house, heading for my house suddenly didn't hear any steps or anything...We
turned around the house was dark,which was odd cause we had outdoor ligths
on when we ran out but not anymore!! I never ever slept over there again...I
still live close to our grandparents house but I won't stay there alone more
than 10 minutes. Sometimes I feel some1 or something watching me from the
second floor stairs...It's drag cause i really like my grandparents but i'm
scared shitless from that ghost or whatever it was...I've also witnessed a
ghost cat with my girlfriend I know it is a ghost cat cause i accidentally
ran it over:(! It just stands by the road watching us drive by...and at my
GF's house i feel some1 watching me from the top of her stairs but it
disappears when i reach the top...i've also been ghosthunting with my
friends but that is a whole other story.

Grandmother Etta


When I was 5 Etta came to me. I was sitting on Mom`s lap and Etta walked by.I was the only one to see her and hear her. She told me to call her Etta. She`s about 30-35 wears a tan dress, gold glasses and her hair in a bun. I can feel her the most but I can hear her too. Mom asked me what she looked like when I was 16 and I told her. She showed me a picture of a lady and it was my Etta!!!!!! Turns out she is/was my GreatGrandma. That`s why Mom can`t see her. Dad has seen her and my niece Mallory.   We also have Harvey. He`s 40-50 wears clothes from the 30`s-40`s and loves to play pranks. There is a small boy who plays with my dogs and cats. He runs around and laughs.

My Ghost


Hi my name is Rachel, I'm 16 and I live in Memphis. I have a Ghost expierence that I would like to share.This happened in June of 2000. I was home alone and was on the computer. I didn't realize it at first but I kept hearing carnival music and people talking in the living room but I thought I left the TV on. so I went around the house and there were no TV's on. Well when I passed through the living room again I heard it and it was very cold. I got kinda scared but not to scared to leave. Well it stopped for about 2 hours and when I went to go to bed I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye when I looked over there was nothing there. It was still very chilly. I went upstairs thats where I heard the knocking noise. I thought it was the fan in the kitchen so I didn't think anything of it. But it kept on and on. So finally I went downstairs and turned off the fan. When I went back upstairs it was still knocking I went around my room looking for something that it could be but couldn't find anything. Then it got cold. (Note: this is the beginning of summer and at night here it only dropped to 85 degrees and it is very hot upstairs.) I usually don't sleep with covers but I had to. I fell asleep but around 3:00 am I awoke with something hovering over me and rubbing my back. I sleep on my stomach so I was to afraid to turn around.  So I went back to sleep. That night was the last night I would stay by myself. But when I thought about it alot I realized it could have been my Grandfather who died 3 yrs ago. Watching over me. He always told my Grandmother that he would do anything for me. And I still think from that day on he will watch over me.

Ghost in North Hollywood


I have an interesting ghost story that completes a cycle of my life.  It
begins in 1972 and ends in the summer of 1991.
In 1972, my parents moved us back to California from Kentucky.  We
stayed in a house with my uncle and his wife in North Hollywood.  I was
very young and remember few things about the house.  I do however
remember the nice old lady that lived next door.  She wore big straw
hats and colorful dresses.  She tended beautiful flowers in the front
In 1989, my husband, son and I moved into the house “next door”.  The
lady with the big straw hat was Hazel.  My uncle had purchased the house
from her shortly after she became incapacitated.  She had to move in
with a niece in Massachusetts.
The day my husband and I went to look at the house, the current resident
gave us the grand tour of the 1000 square foot, two-bedroom cottage.  In
a matter-of-fact way, she noted that one of the rooms (the one that
would be my son’s) was “the haunted room”.  We dismissed her as being a
drug addict and proceeded to look at all the damage that was done to the
After we moved in, we immediately began repairs.  After a few days of
painting and spackling, I was ready to hang photos of my toddler.  There
was a beautiful archway that led to the bedrooms.  I hung the framed
photos around the arch.  I sat in the chair across the room to admire my
handiwork.  At that moment, one of the photos fell to the floor.  The
nail came shooting out of the wall and landed on the floor about three
feet from the wall.  At the time I thought it unusual, but not scary or
As the months progressed, more things began to happen.  One night, about
2:00 AM, my husband and I were awakened to a knocking on the wall behind
the bed.  The first knock woke us up.  We both distinctly heard the last
two.  It sounded like hammering, although we could not see what was
making the noises.
One evening we watched our cat, Scooter, play with what appeared to be a
string or something hanging from the ceiling.  We watched for a few
minutes, but could not focus on what she saw.  She clawed and meowed at
an invisible plaything.  I put my hand above her to try to find a
spider’s web or something equally translucent.  There was nothing there.
Another time, Scooter sat in the corner near the front door.  She stared
at the wall; her eyes fixed on something several feet above her.  She
meowed loudly.  She did not move an inch.  Again, I went to investigate,
but found nothing there.
Soon Halloween was approaching.  My 2-year-old son was preparing to go
trick or treating.  We were all excited about the events soon
approaching.    A few nights before Halloween, I was tucking him in.  He
said to me, “Mommy, our house is haunted”.  I felt a chill run up my
spine.  I laughed and said that there was no such thing as ghosts.  He
said as serious as could be, “There’s one right there.”  He pointed
behind me.  Although I was scared to look around, I obliged.  “Baby,
there’s nothing there.”  I did not want to scare him, but I did believe.
My husband had two things he kept near his chair, the Sporting News and
the New York Times Crossword Puzzle book.  One day, both items were
missing.  We searched the whole house.  I looked through all the books
in the bookshelf next to his chair.  I pulled all the books out and
cleaned behind the bookshelf.  His books were no where to be found.
There were no spaces in the bookshelf where they once were placed.
Three months later, the books reappeared.  Whatever filled the spaces
before were now gone.
During this year, my husband, a New Yorker and definitely a skeptic, was
defiant to any paranormal explanation to the events.  His mind would
soon change.
Approaching our first year in the house, we decided to repaint my son’s
room.  One day my husband was painting and the fumes were just
terrible.  He opened one of the windows in the room and continued to
paint.  The window that usually did not easily move closed suddenly.
Startled, he went back to the window and opened it again.  He went back
to the other side of the room to paint.  Again, the window closed.
Aggravated, he went back and opened the window.  He also closed the
roller blind.  He said something to the air about keeping it closed.  He
then went back to the other side to paint.  This time the window did not
close, the roller blind went up.  At the same time he distinctly heard
his name being said and the words, “Thank you”.
That same week, my husband heard loud banging in our bedroom.  When he
went to investigate he saw our kitten standing on the dresser next to
the hammer.
For awhile things were quiet.  I had a discussion with a friend
regarding the paranormal activities.  He suggested that he bring his
girlfriend over.  She was proficient in paranormal activity.  Later they
came over to take a look around.  She was not told why she was at our
home.  She began to ask me about the house.  I explained that it was
built in 1929.  I told her that from what I knew, this at one time was
studio land.  She asked if she could walk around.  She explained that
she had feelings and impressions of an entity still residing in the
house.  She told me that he built the second bedroom (my son’s room) for
his unborn child.  She also said that the backyard used to have
beautiful trees, a gazebo and a storage building.  She had an impression
that he was looking to the West and weeping over the loss of the baby.
She said that there was a woman in a big straw hat and a colorful dress
standing behind him.  She too was crying.
After she left, I ran to my neighbors home (the house I lived in when I
was 6).  I asked them what the backyard looked like before my uncle
owned the house.  My neighbor said that the backyard had tall trees,
gazebo and a storage shed filled with old furniture.  Needless to say, I
could not doubt the other things the psychic had to say.
Still the haunting activities continued.  Items disappeared all the
time.  A mirror, jewelry, my husband’s wallet and a pocketknife were all
lost and returned in unusual places.  The mirror was taken from the
bathroom over night and placed in the linen closet on the top shelf all
the way to the back.
Before we moved from the house, my neighbor and I heard the ghost.  As
we sat in the living room, we could hear a voice coming from the middle
of the room.  We searched the house for a radio.  The voice was
definitely coming from the middle of the room, just under the floor.  We
both got down on our knees and put our ears to the floor.  There was a
distinct, but unintelligible voice speaking from under the floorboards!
That same evening I noticed my old Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurines
were turned with their backs to us.  The dust was displaced as if the
figurines were picked up and turned around by someone.  Oddly enough,
the figures were placed so far back in the china cabinet, that if
someone had done this, they would have knocked down other figurines,
displacing the dust.  Another friend came by.  We asked her if she
noticed something strange in the china cabinet.  She immediately flung
open the cabinet and squeezed her hand to the back.  She spun around
Mickey and Minnie.  She replaced the other figures.  As she closed the
china cabinet doors, she lost all color in her face.  She said she felt
a chill up her spine.  She noted, “I wasn’t supposed to do that, was I?”
We moved from the house in July 1991.  My uncle still owns the house.
One day I’ll ask the current tenants if they have noticed anything.

Messenger Ghost in Canoga Park, CA


One hot summer evening in the San Fernando Valley, my boyfriend, our
roommate and myself spent the evening shooting the breeze trying to keep
cool.  After we had all retired, I was startled awake.  There was
someone entering the room!  I looked towards the doorway and saw a young
woman standing there.  She wore a trench coat and a beehive hairstyle.
She looked like she was from the mid 1960s.  She proceeded to model the
coat for me.  She opened it to show the lining, she turned so I could
see the back, etc.  The dog in the room moaned and moved away from the
doorway.  I woke up my boyfriend.  I did not expect him to react too
much as he is blind, but I was scared and needed comfort.  When I looked
back to the doorway, she was gone.
The next morning, I totally forgot about the aberration.  My boyfriend
had a meeting with a music producer and we were all psyched up for
that.  He teased me about the ghost.  I felt chilled to the bone.  We
briefly discussed whether or not it was ghost from days gone by.  Canoga
Park had a great deal of nice apartments built a while ago.  Maybe she
was a previous resident?
We went to the meeting at a local bar.  I received a call at the bar.
It was my boyfriend’s mother.  She said she had a call from one of my
close friend’s mothers.  It seems, one of my best friends had been
killed tragically.  As the words transmitted through the phone, the
woman in the trench coat came back to my mind.

Summer Camp Ghost


I've enjoyed the stories on your site.  They are fun to read. Im writing to
share one of my experiences with a possible ghost.  This occurred about
twenty years ago around 1980.  I was 15 or 16 years old and at a summer camp
near Idyllwild, CA. at the time.  One of the girls in my cabin had a pretty
bad asthma attack earlier in the evening.  She was sleeping on the bottom
bunk against the wall furthest from the window.  If my memory serves me right
the cabin was about 18 ft by 10ft or 12ft.  I awoke in the middle of the
night all the other girls were asleep.  I turned over and saw a white hazy
figure standing by her bed.  My first thought was not that it was a ghost but
maybe light shining in from the window.  I studied the window in relation to
the figure and came to the conclusion that that was not the source of the
light.  I thought it was strange but didn't become frightened because I
thought it was probably something explainable.  So I closed my eyes to go
back to sleep.  I thought I'd look one more time and opened my eyes to find
the figure right in front of me looking back at me.  That's when I became
terrified.  I squeezed my eyes shut and started praying for help.  That's
when I knew what I saw had to be a ghost.  She was still hazy white and very
vague in outline.  She looked to me mostly like a white cloud. She was
possibly wearing a dress.  Her face also was very vague. But it frightened me
real good.  I've had a few more unexplainable experiences that maybe I'll
share at a future date.

The House On Athol St.


We moved into this huge Victorian style house which was a little in need
of a paint job,it had 5brms(4 on the second and 1 on the main) and a
bsmt suite that the landlord didn't rent out,but it need work in order
for it to be suitable for rent.It made for a great play house but I
never liked going in there,actually I hated the bsmt period!The house
even had a laundry shoot from the top floor to the bsmt lol.
This house was one of the more quieter ones for mysterious noises but
more in sightings!The first one that I remember happened actually to my
two cousins,they were spending the week-end.They were sent to bed as was
I,and I feel asleep but my cousins remainded awake and were fooling
around.They had been wrestling on the bed and had the door shut so their
mom and dad couldn't hear them.The door slowly creaked open and there
before them was a little girl probably not more than 4 in a white
nightgown,she had drk wavy hair.They thought it was one of my sisters
but they didn't own a nighty like that and didn't have wavy hair.She
stood there looking at them as if curious as to what they were doing.My
cousins stopped horsing around at this point and by then they too had
wondered who this girl was,the girl turned around and went into my mom's
room.They went to check in my mom's room and they couldn't find her and
my cousins freaked out and went racing down the stairs to tell what they
had just seen,well the grownups just told them your were seeing things
and sent them back upstairs to bed,well they barricaded them selves in
and slept with the light on for the night.I myself had never seen this
little girl but i do remember my cousins couldn't stop talking about it.
What I did see was a little boy who looked like he was my age at the
time (10 or 12?)Only me and my aunt saw this and it was when we were all
coming home.My aunt and I were the first ones through the side door,and
I looked in the direction of the fridge and saw a little boy jump up
from behind the fridge at first I thought I was the only one to see it
then my aunty said "did you see that?!!!!!".I immediatly knew what she
was talking about and told her that I had seen it too.My mom asked us
what we were talking about and my aunt told her....I wasn't quite sure
if my mom believed us or not but we knew what we had saw that day.We
both describe this boy to one another to a T....even though all we saw
was his head.We tried everything to re-enact what we seen but couldn't
do it.

I Wanted To Run


I was a single mother and just moved into the main floor of a house,the
occupants who lived downstairs had only rented the place to collected
welfare and he didn't live there,just came by to pick up his checks.Sounds carry through
my house very easily and I knew when some one was heading down the stairs.
That night I knew I was entirely alone in the house ,my
neighbours weren't home so I locked the back door,and I knew they would have wake me to get downstairs.I was putting my baby to sleep on my bed(I hated sleeping alone)well
I was laying down with him until he fell asleep and I had just closed my eyes,then I
heard something in my closet(it was one of those portable wooden ones)and the
clothes hangers were moving in there all by themselves but we had mice and just told myself that's what it was and a few moments later I heard this very loud BANG!!.Like someone had slamed a door very hard,in the basement and I didn't hear anyone go down the stairs and besides I would have to let them in.This happened at 11pm,I went and investigated and came up with nothing,no doors were shut and nobody was I tried to put it out of my mind and went to bed.The next night,I did the same thing locked everything,and was laying with my baby again at 11 and I remember thinking to myself,I sure hope it doesn't happen again and had just closed my eyes and..BANG!My eyes shot open and my heart was in my throat and had aweful butterflies,I was so scared,I didn't move if my son wasn't asleep I would've walked those 14 blocks to my mothers and spent the night ,but I forced myself to stay and I managed to fall asleep about 3 hrs later,after just lying there trying to calm myself down.That was the hardest thing to do is not run out of there especially when every fiber of your being is saying RUN.

A Nighttime Visitor in Duluth, MN

My dad bought an old Victorian house over is Lakeside area of Duluth.  The
house is just over 100 years old.  The first Summer they moved there I went
to spend the night with my daughter.  I stayed in the guest room.  It was
about 3 am and I was sleeping sound when I felt someone over me.  They had
cupped their hand over my mouth & nose & I could not breath.  I tried to
scream but obviously couldn't.  I tried to get up but I was pinned so hard by
this 'force' on top of me.  I had my daughter next to me, who was only 3
years old, so I kept fighting to break free.  When I did I awoke so very
cold.  I cuddled my daughter, who was also freezing.  I looked over at the
door and it was cracked open.
This continued to happen to me 2 more times that Summer.  I talked with my
grandmother who told me that I must say aloud to this spirit that I am a
visitor and I'm just here visiting.  I mean no harm, and to Leave me alone.
I did and it suddenly stopped.
After these 'attacks' things were pretty calm.  My dad did not believe what
had happened.  2 years later we stayed at my dad's for 1 month awaiting to
get into our new home.  My husband (who laughed at me when he heard my story)
was sleeping in the same guest room with me.  He woke up and saw someone
standing outside the door.  Next thing he knew he was being pinned down and
he mouth & nose were covered.  All I knew is that he all of the sudden jumped
in the bed and grabbed me.  He was trembling cold & scared.  Needless to say,
he believed everything that had happen to me previously.  He still will not
stay at their house!
About a year and a half later my dad did admit that he had felt like he was
pinned down before in that house.  He doesn't like to admit he believes in
ghosts so he just laughs it off.  I'd still like to know what had happened in
that house!


     I give my permission for you to use my name, Shaul Talmeed Ben Abraham
V' Sara, should you accept my submission. You may use as much of this article
as you see fit, for any purpose you deem acceptable, free of charge, but if
you write a book, please put my name in it!
     I work in the construction industry and once I was transferred to a job
in Cuthbert,  Georgia. A friend of mine had been at this site for a few weeks
longer than me and so I felt quite at home there.
     One day at lunch we  were discussing the old building and,  (the fellow
I'll call Chip), told me that he'd gone to school there as a teen and had
heard strange noises in the night.
      Here's the tale he told me:  During Shermans march to the sea  in the
latter half of the American Ciil War a Southern soldier who was wounded was
brought to what was at that time an all girls Christian college converted in
to a make-shift hospital.
     There he met as young nurse who he took a liking to. Sad as it was, his
leg was amputated and fitted with the best prostesis medical science could
devise at the time, a wooden leg, and this nurse had helped him ot walk on
it. During his phisical therapy , the two fell in love.
     As fate would have it, the amputation became infected, and in short
order took his life.
     One day as we were all working late I was alone on the fourth floor and
felt a cold pass through me that seemed so empty. I chalked it up to fatigue
and thought no more of it, until I heard the strangest sound; thud -
clack!...thud - clak!...thud - clak!
     The next day, when I told Chip about my experience he informed me that
what had happened was that I had heard the sound of  "Peg Leg Pete", the
spirit of the love sick Confederate Soldier who had died and occasionally
stomped around in the halls of the old building. It would seem that the old
soldier is still trying to find out why the student/turned nurse is no longer
helping him to recover.
      He told me that he had heard the sounds often at night when "Old Main"
was used as a dormatory.
      To Chip and my knowledge, this spirit has never hurt anyone, but I made
it a point to not give him a chance.
      The remains of this Mr. Pete are interned at the old white section of
the local cemetary. I saw his grave.

"Tortured Soul"......


   I was about 7 years old and living in Galveston, Tx. I was down the
street at a friends house with my sister, who was like 12 at the time. My
freinds mother wasnt home, and we were just sitting downstairs, talking,
when we heard a knock. It was mid day, and we figured it was one of the
neighborhood kids. But no one was at the door. We continued to hear
knowcking, and to make a long story short, we searched the house, trying to
figure out where it was coming from. In her parents room was the door to the
attic. It wasnt a normal attic though, it was more like a seperate room,
slightly lower than the rest of the house, and had a bulkhead type of
entrance. That was where the knocking was coming from, like someone was
trapped in there, trying to get out. We ran out of the house, frightened. We
paused in the front yard and looked at the house. The front window had
curtains on it, and they slowly parted to the side, as if someone was
looking out to see if we were gone. But there was nothing visible there. At
this point, we ran, screaming to my house. My thoery at that age was that a
previous owner of the house kept someone locked in that attic-room, and they
died in there. ANd the owner died in the house. The ghost, knowing we were
there wanted us let it out, and the owner looked to make sure we were

Chapel Hill, TN - ghost light sighting


My name is Russ.  About three years ago, my friends Bobby, Melissa, Kerrie
and I took the 90 minute trek from our hometown of Murfreesboro, TN to Chapel
Hill on yet another journey to witness the legendary ghost light over the
railroad tracks.  This was our eighth trip out there, and previously we had
no luck with any sighting experiences.  The first few times we brought ten or
twelve people with us in two or more cars.  Most of the people that came with
us initially got bored with the road trip to the country, and eventually we
four were the only hardcore spookhunters that were willing to go.  By the
eighth trip, we had become rather apathetic about actively looking for the
ghost, and just considered the weekly venture as an opportunity to get out of
our hometown and be together as friends.  Well, on the last night any of us
ever drove out to Chapel Hill to wait for the "ghost that hunted for his head
nightly with a swinging lamp," we decided to go to a part of the tracks where
the road itself went UNDER the tracks.  The girls did not want to climb up
the hill onto the tracks so they waited in the car while Bobby and I went up
onto the tracks and started walking.  It was about 2 a.m.  Now railroad ties
are not conducive to normal walking and if one is not careful, one could
easily trip in the darkness and get a face full of gravel to boot.  Needless
to say, in the pitch of night, Bobby and I were basically walking and looking
straight down at the tracks to keep from tripping.  Suddenly, Bobby says, "Is
that what we're supposed to be looking for?"  We stop walking and observe a
glowing ball of light in the middle of the pasture on the right side of the
tracks (the light was not ON the track itself, as the legend would have it).
"Well, I guess... do you think that is someone over there holding a light?" I
asked Bobby.  "I don't know.  I don't see anyone there," he replied.  The
light illuminated the ground around it well enough that you could make out
separate tufts of grass in the pasture and would have surely illuminated
anyone that was near the light itself.  We strained our eyes more and more to
determine the light's source.  "It's too big to be a flashlight," I said.
"And a flashlight shoots light in ONE direction... usually," Bobby offered.
In an instant the light started swaying to and fro and began directly
approaching us in a decidedly stalwart fashion.  The hair on my neck and arms
stood up. "What should we do?" I asked Bob.  "Do you think we are in some
kind of trouble?" Bobby said.  "Bobby, can't you see there is no one
there?!?" I hastily added.  When the (beautiful) orange orb was close enough
that we could actually see THROUGH it, Bobby said, "Wh-what are we going to
do when it g-gets here, Russ?"  Without hesitation I yelled "RUN!"  And we
did without looking back.  I remember the sound of Kerrie's little Nova
kicking gravel out of the ditch as we raced back home as fast as the car
would go; and I tried the whole way to keep my very heart from leaping out of
my chest.  To this day, none of us have returned to Chapel Hill, but I know
what we saw was extraordinary, and the event I will cherish as one of my
fondest memories... forever.

An Austin, TX ghost

Nice site.  I've been having fun creeping myself out be reading
all the stories. :)  I've got one of my own, as it happens.
First of all: despite the fact that ghost stories do creep me out
and make me very uncomfortable, I don't generally believe in
things that I can't see.  I like to have proof.  Nor am I the
sort of person who walks into a building, slaps her hand to her
forehead, and says, "I feel a disturbance here..." or anything
like that.
That being the case.  I'm the head of a swing dance group in
Austin, and every week, we rent out the ballroom in this large
old mansion that was built, I believe, sometime in the 1920s.
There's a teaching group as well, which uses the building for its
lessons.  The teachers from the group, myself, and some of the
other volunteers for the swing dance group have all had some
strange and inexplicable things happen to us there.
Once, during a class, one of the teachers had put a CD down on a
table.  It fell off -- not simply in a gravity-wins way.  It was
almost as if someone had flicked the disc off of the table.
Another time, one of our volunteers heard running water coming
from the upstairs bathroom.  He found the shower running full
blast, with no one around, and no sign of anyone using it.  He
tried to shut it off -- and couldn't.
Finally, my own story.  One night, I was closing up after a
dance, turning off lights and locking doors.  There's a hallway
that goes from the ballroom to the rest of the mansion; as you're
standing in the ballroom door, the other end of the hall has a
short fight of stairs going up, and a pair of doors at the top of
the stairs.  The light switch for the hall is on that end.
This evening, one of the doors was fully shut, the other standing
ajar.  I headed down the hall to turn off the lights; halfway
there, the open door literally slammed shut.  There was no one
else back there.  There was no draft, no error of ventilation
that could have pushed it other words, no reasonable
explanation.  I shut off the lights and ran back into the
ballroom as fast as my feet could take me.
There are other stories, but those are the best-known ones around
here.  We'd like to research this building a bit more and find
out about it; so far, nothing.  I'm still a skeptic, although I
can't deny the slamming door.




     The experiences I will be relating involve the restoration of a 19th
century two-story home in suburban Pennsylvania and the odd occurrences I
witnessed therein.
     A little over a year and a half ago, right before I turned 15, my friend
Brian's  parents purchased a run-down 19th century home which they planned to
restore and subsequently move into. I had been having trouble at home and
these wonderful people, who I'll refer to as "the Jones'" , understood my
situation and allowed me to stay with them on many occasions. The Jones' have
two sons one of whom is my best friend Brian, the other is his five year old
brother Franky.
     Most evenings Mr. Jones would return from work and head over to the old
home to complete restoration on it. The plan was to move in by the following
Many times the whole family would go along with him to help out and when I
was  there I'd go along to do my part as well. It was the middle of summer
and hot as hell outside, inside Mr. Jones had already gutted the place out.
Now he was concentrating on re-wiring the old place and other such things. My
friend Brian and I would go the house alot with Mr. Jones, especially on
weekends where we usually would spend the whole day working with no air
conditioning. The heat was stifling inside the house on those hot summer
days,especially on the second floor where it was our job to lay the flooring
down and nail it into place.
     The first strange incident I recall occurred while my friend and I were
upstairs staining the floors. He was staining the master bedroom and I was in
the smaller room across the hall. I had an old radio in the room I was
working in which we'd blast everyday, the music helped us cope with the heat
and get our work done faster. I had the radio tuned to our usual station and
walked out to the hallway to get a Coke. When i returned the radio was
playing a different station from where it had just been just a few seconds
before. Not thinking too much about it, I re-adjusted the dial and got back
to work. I had to leave the room again , this time to go outside and help
Brian and his dad carry in some wood. When I got back upstairs the station
again had been changed, the needle had moved all the way over opposite the
side. Still wanting to believe it was nothing , I returned it once more to my
station. Again I left and again it had been changed when I got back, I looked
around the room, it was just a small square room but I had the sensation I
wasn't alone in there.  This happened again and again while I was the only
person upstairs in the house. It got to the point where I'd turn my back only
to hear the station change right when I was in the room. I told Brian and his
dad about it and we all sort of laughed it off attributing it  to some odd
atmospheric condition.
This occurrence continued for many days then slowly subsided.
     Some time later, I had the job of preparing the basement floor for
painting. It's more like a cellar really with creek stone walls and half the
floor had been dirt before Mr. Jones had cemented over top. I was to sweep it
clean and then use the shop vac. on it. By this time two little neighbor boys
,4 and 6, had become friendly with Brians little brother Franky and they were
over here quite alot. They would keep franky busy playing outside while we
all worked inside. On this day, I was sweeping the basement floor, everyone
else had left for various reasons and having no plans of my own, I had
volunteered to stay and get the floor ready for painting the next day. As I
worked, every once in a while I'd hear this banging sound, sort of like
someone hitting cement with a hammer and it was coming from a corner in the
basement by the floor which was directly under the house and no where near
the outside door . It startled me at first, and everytime it would bang id
stop working and nervously look around. I'd wait for it to bang again but it
would only bang once I continued my work. It sounds crazy but it was as if
whatever was making that sound purposely waited to do it until I started
sweeping the floor again. The banging started to wear on my nerves, to the
point where I became quite agitated and said outloud "Would you STOP that
I thought about every possible thing that could be causing the noise but none
came to mind, the plumbing wasn't even installed yet nor was the furnace,
everything had been ripped out. There is a door in the basement which when
opened leads up a flight of stairs to some swinging doors that lead outside.
The little 6 yr. old boy from next door walked down the steps and into the
basement to see what I was up to. He wanted to help me sweep the floor and as
I was showing him how to use the broom we heard "bang!" , he and I both
jumped and he asked what that sound was. I told him I thought the house was
haunted and he got this scared sorta "deer looking into headlights"
expression so I laughed and told him I was only kidding. I didn't want to
scare the poor kid. As he helped me sweep it banged a few more times, then we
left. When i got back to the Jones' and told them about the sound they also
had no explanation for it .
     The next day as we started to paint the basement floor,Brian and I
continued to hear the occasional banging. After we finished, it stopped and
to this day we've never heard it again.
     The next odd occurrance happened again when I was in the house alone,I
had noticed the strange happenings in the house seemed to center around me.
It was a Saturday night , early fall, almost midnite and I was sanding some
french glass doors in the kitchen. All the electric had been done in the
house and I had the sander plugged in and also the radio, which was blasting
so that I could hear the music above the loud hum of the machine. All at
once, the sander and radio died, but the lights remained on. I jumped as the
phone rang shattering the silence. It was Mrs. Jones telling me that she had
become worried about me working so late in the house all alone and had been
trying to call me for an hour. This was her last attempt to reach me before
she was going to hop in the car and drive the 1/2 hr. to get me.
I explained how I had happened to hear the phone ring , Mr. Jones came to the
phone and asked if a breaker had popped but I told him the lights were on in
the kitchen and he said that would impossible because it's all on the same
breaker. After hanging up with him the radio BLASTED back to life as did the
sander, almost scaring me to death. After that I called Mr. Jones and asked
him to please come pick me up because I was scared out of my mind. How the
radio and sander turned off and managed to turn back on again is beyond my
     The scariest thing that i've ever witnessed in this house happened one
night when Brian, his little brother, and I were here alone. The Jones' had
dropped us off some take- out and we had planned to do some spackeling and
possibly sleep on the floor on an old air mattress they owned. Brian and I
did some work on the first floor while Franky played with his toy cars,
building bridges and roads with some old wood scraps that were lying about.
We took a break and ate our food sitting on the livingroom floor since there
was no furniture as of yet in the house. As we sat at our makeshift table
Brian turned on the radio and Franky started to dance and jump all around the
room. In the living room is the doorway to the cellar where there's a long
flight of steps that descend down into the darkness. The doors weren't in
place yet and so as a safety precaution we had placed a big board to cover
the door way down into the cellar so that Franky couldn't fall down the
steps. The only phone/answering machine in the house was down in the cellar,
and without the lanterns we use for working down there it was very dark with
only one bulb to light the place. Brian had decided to go down and check the
messages so  he slid the board over and then back  into place once he was on
the other side. Franky had continued to dance around and wanted to play ring
around a rosey , which, while feeling rather foolish, I did with him. We fell
down and laughed, as were on the floor I heard Brian coming back up the
stairs and saw the board slide open but Brian never walked through the
opening. Franky said "why didn't Brian come up?"  As the seconds passed I
became concerned and called out to him going ,myself ,over to the opening and
looking down. As I walked down the stairs I could hear him over on the other
side of the room listening to messages and as I got to the bottom step saw
him writing them down for his parents. I asked if everything was ok and why
he had come up but never come thru the doorway to which he replied he hadn't.
In fact he said he had heard someone on the stairway and had thought it was
me coming down. I thought it certain he was joking and after I told him what
had happened he swore up and down that it hadn't been him. That's when we
started to get scared, because we realized that SOMEONE other than ourselves
had walked up the stairway and pushed the board aside so he/she/it could
enter the room, or maybe it was just trying to scare us. We called his
parents and told them, they were pretty concerned and came right away to pick
us up. I have to admit that before they arrived we were pretty much FREAKING
OUT !  the whole time. The Jones' took it all very seriously even to the
point of blessing the house and annointing it with oil.
     After that night I always got the creeps whenever I'd come into the
house and especially down here in the basement. Coincedentially, the basement
is where i live now and from where i'm writing this story. It's not as dark
and dismal as it once was, the creek stone walls are now a cheerful snow
white and the floor is a soothing blue/gray,and im no longer afraid of this
     As a footnote, there was one frightening occurrence just in the past few
months that happened to me late one nite while I was in the kitchen getting a
drink. It must've been around 3am and I was standing near the sink with my
back to the livingroom doorway when I heard a soft whisper like voice call my
name once. I turned looking at the doorway to the living room from which the
sound seemed to eminate and seeing no one assumed it was just my imagination.
Then as I turned around to the sink I heard it a second time "zeke" i heard
it whisper, and then a third time. Now I was sure I had heard someone calling
me. Who or what it was I have no idea, but I DO know that every hair on my
body stood straight up and I got the creepiest feeling. Be assured I RAN up
the stairs to the second floor where I spent that night in Brian's room.
     Also more recently lightbulbs in the bathroom have literally exploded
all over the room at least three times.

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