Boarded Asylum


I am just writing because I have some information that I thought you guys might find interesting.  i have written in some of my own stories to you guys, and absolutely love your website! It is so amazing and is put together wonderfully.  I am currently writing from another address, but you can reply to this one or to k_mattson@hotmail.comI recently made a trip to Buffalo, NY with my fiance.  His family is from there, and he took me to meet them for the very first time.  Anyway, prior to the trip, my fiance, Eric, kept telling me how he wanted me to go see this abandoned asylum that was in the city.  He said it was really creepy, and freaky, and he said that he and his brother had snuck out there on numerous nights to see it. I was not aware what I was in for. The building was something I had never imagined. It was like a huge, gothic castle! Well, the first night we were there,  he took me out to the asylum. All I can say is, WOW!!!  I have some pictures that I could send you, but they in no way could show the architecture and structure of this massive building. It was the length of about 7 blocks, and was just huge. The architecture was definitely gothic, shown especially by the two twin towers in the front.  Most of the windows were barred, I guessed it was for the patients who they didn't want committing suicide.  It was built by the free masons in 1872, and was one of the state psychiatric hospitals, definitely a place where deaths occured.  I got the weirdest creepiest feeling out there. We went out there almost every night to take pictures, and well, just snoop.
Most of it was fenced so people couldn't get in, but we found ways to get closer to the building, but all the doors or entryways were sealed.  Most of the windows were boarded up, but there were some you could see right through. Anyway, alongside the asylum, were buildings such as a house where the director probably lived, and a music hall, and another building just known as the "angel house." All abandoned.  My fiance and I were looking at the director's house, taking pictures and stuff, when all of a sudden I heard a woman's singing voice echoing from the building. I screamed and made a run for the car. (I know, I am a baby) :-) Anyway, it was then that my fiance informed me that we were standing right next to the music hall. He didn't hear anything, though.Also, there was one night when we were walking around the creepy castle, (that's what it really looked like) and I noticed a tiny window with a light on. Eric seemed very interested. He hadn't noticed that earlier when he had been there with his brother in the past. We were very curious.  Anyway, after that, we were determined to find out  what that light was. We
tried to get in (I know this is trespassing) but were only brave enough to make it partway through the unmowed grass (which was as tall as us) before getting spooked out of our minds. We just got the eeriest someone or somebodys were watching us.  We were also startled by a black cat who was creeping around the building. (Perfect additon, huh?) :-)  Anyway, we found a maintence man who worked in the adjoining asylum.  The new hospital is connected to the old one, but is blocked off from it. So no one can go in the old one anymore. I believe the historical society owns it now, but not sure.  The maintence man was very helpful. We told him about the light we saw, and asked if anyone goes in there to check on things.  He said there hasn't been any working electricity in that building for years.  There shouldn't be any, he said, and recommended that we report it to security. Unfortunately, we didn't, just because we thought it was cool! :-) We drove by there every night afterwards, and the light still remained on. Except for the last night we were there. It was off. Weird huh?
Anyway, I just thought you would find it interesting. And I know you have a list of famous places that are haunted...this is one I would definitely say was, even though nothing really really scary happened. And unfortunately, some of our pics didn't turn out.  We were hoping to get some orbs or something. But nope.  But we definitely felt a presence. It was there. I have had experiences with something in my old house I used to live in, nothing too scary, but enough to know when something is there. If you ever get a chance to go to Buffalo, NY I would recommend this place! It is a forgotten building.  No one really notices it anymore. Eric has lived there his whole life before moving out to Minnesota, and just noticed it a couple years ago.  It's like it's a taboo place to look at or talk about. But that's just what makes it so much more interesting.   I wish we could find out more about it, but we didn't get a chance to go to the historical society.  And I wonder if that light ever came back on?? :-)

Ozark Glowing Ball


    My mom and her best friend Tom like to go fly fishing when my sister and
I are with our dad on the weekends.  Tom had read about a creek deep in the
heart of the Ozarks that is supposed to be great for trout fishing, so they
decided they should make that there destination the next weekend instead of
there usual spot at they Current.
    Well as fate would have it, my mom got them lost on the way back.  She
pulled off on to a dirt road to look at the map.  Tom was asleep at the time.
 As she was trying to find the name of the closest town on the map, she
notice a glowing ball heading toward her.  Thinking it was a farmer that
heard about a tresspasser on his property, she stepped out of the car to
explain the situation and possible get some help from him.  That's when the
ball came to a stop and after her eyes adjusted to the light she noticed that
the light wasn't coming from any vehicle at all.  It was just glowing ball
hovering about three feet above the ground.   She instantly got back in the
car and shook Tom awake just in time to see the ball dart up over the car.
Tom said he didn't see anything and when she got out to look, my mom couldn't
find any trace of the ball.  She sat in the car for a while and retold the
events take just took place to Tom.  Tom said that she was probably just
tired and to let him take over the driving.  She thought that could be it and
put it out of her mind.
    A couple of months later, I was visiting my grandparents and couldn't
help but notice an article in the Missouri Conservation they keep around
about the Ozark Glowing Ball.  I didn't know anything about my mom's
encounter at the time, but when i showed her the article she went pale.  The
stories told by the people in the magazine  were almost identical to hers.
We're all convinced that she saw the infamous Ozark Glowing Ball.

The Ring


Hello, my name is Angela S. . I have had many,many encounters with the paranormal. I live in Oregon and have most of my life. My family is from Oklahoma. In my family there are many psychics including myself.  I have had visions, seen ghosts, seen strange happenings in the sky. Nothing seems to get passed me. Here's a true story but
the names have been changed...I went to a friend's house all excited about a class ring I got...I was showing it off to everybody. When  I got to my friend Dave's house he liked my ring and wheeled himself to the bedroom to get his.  Dave's a bit older than me and he'd had his ring for many years.
As soon as I touched the ring my mind blanked and I pictured a dark place. this place seemed very cold as well. When I opened my eyes I looked at Dave and said,"You lost this ring for a very long time didn't you?"
Dave said yes. He told me that the ring had been lost. Come to find out the ring had been at the bottom of a river for a couple of years. A friend that happened to find it and returned the ring to his mother. The reason this story is strange to me because that is the only time I have touched an object and had that kind of reaction.  I found the experience strange. It has never happened to me again and it can be frightening.I hope others enjoy my story.....I have many more.

Deon the Love Ghost.


We Meet Deon in the sixties . A lad in his seveteenth year of his short life. At
this time we took in kids who were in trouble with the law. Not  bad trouble but
enough to be watched by the law. We were a christian family who wanted
to help. We would take in teenagers and try to show them the right way
to live. This was the sixties,a  time of flower children and w wild time
in our country. A time when anything was  dome without thought .
Some boys that we knew well brought Deon to meet us. We talked that
evening and  were told that he had cancer. We suspected ,because we that
his hair was very thin. Another thing was told to us in private. He had
never known the love of a famly and didnt know how to take us.   We were
a happy groop. Something he was not experienced before. The true love of
a christian  family. After a few visits we ask him to stay with us. We
knew that ,atleast there would be shelter and food in his stomach. After
this we became a very close family.                                 He
stayed with us a little over a year. We were   planning a driving
vacation . He had his drivers  license and we would share  the driving.
We sat down together and planned our vacation together . About a week
prior to the trip his head  began to hurt him so badly he would scream
in pain. We knew his fathers telephone  number. He had divorced Deons
mother long before we met Deon. He begged us knot to call  his dad but
we thought he was just in to much    pain. His father came and took him
to the hospital. This was his final time. He died about a week later.
We felt his presence from then on   Mom knew he was around because h
would come behind her and tap her on her shoulder .We would hear him at
night ,shuffling and dealing pichnocle  cards he wore a heavey class
ring that would klack on the table when he dealed the cards  He has been
seen twice by     some of our friends.  We wouldnt be frightened  for we
knew he was a love ghost.

Doorknob and Window Phantoms


 My house is only 2 stories, and as far as I know there have only been at
least 3 residents here, and we are the 3 family to live here.  I've been
here for all my life, my room used to be upstairs, and it's always  given
me uneasy feelings, but i never belived in anything supernatural before.
 One night when i was 15 (i'm 18 now) my cousin had come up from southern
utah to spend the night.  My bed was on the ground right next to my radio
which was playing nothing at the time.  My cousin and I lay on the ground
talking about old times when he got realy quiet and started out the
window, i was right below it so I couldn't see.   Next thing I knew he
stood up and yelled "What the hell was that" as he pointed out the
window.  I said "what was wat?" and he hid back under his blankets "I saw
something floating around your tree outside and just go straight up out
of site" he said all scared this point I to was scared and not
only that but totaly paralized.  He kept asking "what do we do?  i'm
scared." THe only think i knew to do was to reach over and turn the radio
station to one of those Gospel stations that play church music.  we both
fell asleep scared.  After that nothing happened for a week or so, and I
didn't really care anymore thinking he made it up.  Until one morning
when I woke up, i just layed in bed staring at the bathroom door wich
connects to my room, I noticed something moving in the reflection of the
doorknob which was made of some shiny metal, all I Could make out was a
face starting at me, I closed my eyes and said "in the name of god be
gone" and it left, i have never seen anything else in my house since

Edna & Goerge


i've heard almost all of you ghost stories and i got a really good story
that happened to me and a couple of friends
We were living in Las Vegas and moved out to West Covina. We moved into
a house that used to be occupied by Edna and Goergewhich is what the
people that lived near said. { and still is.They died her husband had a
went crazy after a big fight and chopped her up and then slit his on
throat} by a elderly that were at least in the 80's. there were alot of
bushes in the front and we turned it into a club house we were in the
clubhouse and we heard people in the house  my parents were at work and
my eldest sister was down the street { Tamia age 19 } {i was 14 and my
other sister was 16 } and my baby sister { 3 }
was with us so nobody was in the house we heard a scream followed by a
constant chopping noise and all was quiet
I'm a natral beliver of the paranormal because my little sister claims
that there is a old lady in the house that always waves to her and my
little sister always waves back.
Well we went inside and found no one and no blood well we went back out
to our club house and talked about it and we waited for my mom to get
home and we told my mom and she said it was probably the television but
no t.v was on in the entire house.
1 week later we were in the living room and it happened right in front
of our faces it was all 3 of my sisters and 6 of our friends it showed
the woman being chopped up and then  the man killing him self.
we ran out screaming and moved out to Duarte but we'll never forget the
scene that we saw it will forever haunt us in reality and our dreams {
well nightmare's }

Children of The House.....


back in January of this year, my sister and I began to rent out a house on
Cape Cod, Ma. I have had many spiritual encounters throughout my life, so it
is a pretty normal thing to me, and I can usually tell when "some one else"
is inhabiting the house. Many of the houses on Cape Cod are over 200 years
old, or more, and are usually more like duplex apartmant buildings,
basically two houses, joined. Almost as soon as we moved in, I could feel
their presence. But I knew they werent in our part of the house. Probably
next door or in the basement. The first few nites I heard faint laughing
sounds, I didnt really think anything of it. After  a few days, my sister
asked me if I had heard children laughing. She had heard them as well. My
sister is a little more petrified of this kind of thing, so I didnt tell her
from the start that I beleived the house to be haunted. That was when I
mentioned it to her, and she felt the same. The laughing ceased after
awhile, and I think they became more comfortable with us. We didnt hear from
them as much, except when we fought. Based on their behavior, i believe they
were young, and there were two of them. When there was commotion in the
house is when they were most active, the dining room chairs would slide
accross the floor, and the dishes would rattle in the sink and the basement
door knob would turn. Very frequently, i'd hear them coming up the basement
stairs and playing down there. Before long, they spent most of their time
down there or in our half of the house. Id never paid much attention to my
basement, but once noticed painted kids handprints on the floors, and
drawings, etc. I recently moved out of state, but my sister still lives in
that house. I told her they would probably be more active, knowing that she
is alone, and they'd want to give her company. The same week I moved, my
sister was bringing laundry up from the basement, and she tried shutting the
door. But she couldnt. it was like someone was pushing it open at her. This
went on for several moments, and finally she had to "scold" them, saying the
door had to be shut, and reminding them that they dont have to open a door
to get through it. The house I live in now is not haunted, and it almost
feels empty. I kinda miss them, and many times, I felt like they protected
us, and know they still protect my sister.

 2 Different Encounters


Im 14,and I have had an experience.It was about five months ago...and no one
took me seriuosly.I had just finishing doing my homework in my room.I turned
out the light and just lay down in my bed.My dog was with me,but she was
already asleep.Well...I felt cold in the first place,(no windows were
open),when my dog suddenly woke up and stared at something.She started to
bark and growl at something as she followed it from one corner of my room to
the other,it wasn't ne thing on the floor because she was staring at the same
height as my window.I was very frightened at the time.It lasted about two
minutes,and then my dog fell into a deep sleep.I felt very relaxed after,and
I myself drifted to sleep immediately.Well...I was never sure what it may
have been,but I have always believed in ghosts and I have heard the
animals,can sense,see and hear ghosts/spirits.
This happened exactly after the night before's happening.I was in bed,same scene,11:30,but my dog wasn't in the room.Well...I was laying still when I felt something 'sit'on my shoulder,and then a tap on the top of my head.I couldn't move the left side
of my body,(thats the side the thing 'sat' and me),and I didn;t want to move
my right.Well...if that were not enough,i felt something 'tickling' or
'poking' my foot.I wasn't as scared as the night before,but I didn;t feel as
comfy in my room.My dog was in the hall when this happened scratching at the
door and wimpering.As soon as the ordeal was over,I let her in and she slept
with me the entire night.If you can help me with this story,It would be
greatly appreciated.

New London NH
Colby-Sawyer College.

There is a lot of activity in this small town.  The most apparent hauntings are with the original Colby Academy.
Colby academy was established back in the 1800's and was an all girls private Liberal Arts college.  The Academy can be found just down the street from the ever growing Colby Sawyer College, on the right, next to the town Gazebo.
Colby Academy is rumored to be haunted by the original founder of the College.  Many esteemed Professor's from Dartmouth, and Harvard have in the past been invited to stay at the Academy, which is now used to house CSC Professors in bad weather or for conferences.  After spending one night, they refuse to return.
There are many legends about CSC.  The most well known amoung the students, including myself while I attended CSC was that of a young woman named Sarah.  In the early 1900's, Sarah was a freshman.  Back then, the Colgate Building, now used only for offices and classrooms, was also used as a dormitory.  (third floor)
The third floor contains two windows, facing each other at a 90 degree angle that are bricked off from the rest of the building, both outside and inside.
Sarah, went out for a night with a few boys from Darmouth College, located about 30 miles North in Lebanon NH.  She did not return.  Instead, her body was found floating in Page Pond which can be found behind the Hogan center parking lot.  She was brutally raped and murdered.
It is rumored that Sarah's ghost could be seen through out the campus, wondering lost, between the pond and Colgate building.  It is also myth that in the time of her death, her best friend committed suicide, after having gone crazy from sightings of Sarah, and did so by throwing herself out the 3rd floor window.  Thus, reasoning for an already uptight town, to barracade the two rooms, and the entire third floor of Colgate Hall.
I atteneded CSC in 94-96, and even then, access to the third floor was forbidden, and the windows to this day are bricked off as well as entrance to the bell tower.
But that isn't even the beginning of the phenomina on this richly historic campus.  There is so much paranormal activity, that in 95, Ken and Dianne Warren came to our campus.  The Warren's are world famous demonologists.
Chronicle, did a special about the lore of Colby-Sawyer College, and the College itself published an article in the 1995 alumni book about suspicions of a ghost in Colby Academy, with fantastic pictures of an 18th century man in the window watching.
Gilbert Ross.  Burned at the stake for witchery in the 1700's.  Now on that land stands Mckeon Hall.  My freshman year at Colby, it was all girls, and where I resided at the time.  The dormitory housed about 30 girls.
I think Gilbert was a playful spirit, although there were times when I felt very uneasy in the dormitory. Whether it was his presence or someone with him, there were two very difinitive entities living with us.
During the latest hours of the night, my friends and I were often awakened by the sounds of slamming doors in the bathrooms, only to find no one there, footsteps on the stairs, and things blaintently out of place.
I remember specifically the day my roommate left CSC.  Her glass mug, the kind you win in a contest or something, flew off the top of her desk and across the room, a good distance of about 15 feet, hit the wall, and landed on the floor, without breaking, and without either of us touching it.  She moved out that weekend and returned to Massachusetts.
One thing that we all came to grow very used to was the elevators in Mckeon Hall.
They were 100+ years old, pull system elevators, that were only used at 6am by the cleaning lady, to bring up her supplies.  They were not nearly strong enough to carry a person, and were kept locked up very tight while not in use.  We used to hear that thing running all night long, dinging and stopping, then going again, then dinging....
Enough to make you crazy.
Every single building on the campus of Colby Sawyer College has a story to tell, everyone of them viable enough to have brought demonologists to check them out.
It's a wonderful place, something about the college draws you back time and time again, maybe it's just the beauty of the area, or is it the history and enigma....who knows, but it is sooooo worth the trip.


I Think I am Being Visited


    My name is Heather and I believe I have been visited by unseen sprits on
a number of occasions for many years.  I believe these sprits are deceased
relatives of mine and he and she are not ready to leave the family.
    As a child, my parents were into collecting and caring for historical
artifacts that carry my family's name. These artifacts have been in my family
for centuries and I believe they are the key to my family's friendly
    The clock in the living room dates back to 1780s.  It was hand carved out
of wood and has brass trim around the face to hold the glass window into
place.  The keys are made from iron and purpose of these keys is to wind the
clock everyday to keep the wheels turning inside. The clock sits on the
Mattel and has not been in working condition for decades.  But sometimes,
someone needs to know the time and the broken clock begins to wind up and the
iron coil inside starts to chime at the top of the hour without any living
person helping it.
    The other strange thing is a cold spot in the basement of my house behind
the pool table and the store room.  At times I have walked into the store
room to find things for my mother and father.
I would always feel a cold shiver on my back but never saw anything.  My
bedroom was right above this cold spot and sometimes I would feel the sprit
visit me and watch me sleep at night...(well I pretended to sleep) or turn on
my TV and catch up on the local news and some Letterman.
    On different occasions I would be working on my homework quietly at the
table with my sister. As we studied we would here pool table sticks fall to
the floor. We had cement floors in the basement and we thought we should pick
them up or to see if they were broken. When we got down the stairs we noticed
that the pool sticks are up right in their stand and nothing was out of
place.  We would also hear the billiard balls hit eachother on the table and
we would see the same thing...the balls were put away inside the crate. My
sister and I know the sounds of these objects very well, so we know that
nothing else would make the same sounds. When my parents would get home we
would tell them what had happened. They shrugged it off and told us it was
nothing.  RIGHT!!  After a while we got used to the sounds and like it became
apart of our daily routine.
    We were away on vacation my best friend from across the ally watched our
house for us and take care of the cat.  She did and got a big suppress while
she was watching TV in the living room.  She heard someone coming up the
stairs and looked to see if my cat found a new way in the house...but no one
was there...the cat was outside on the mat waiting to be let in.  She let the
cat in and left in a big hurry. She later told me what had happened. I told
her yeah our sprit likes to make sure no one is going to hurt our home. She
wished I had told her about the sprit before...but I didn't want her family
to think my family was nuts.
    The next year my parents and my sister, my friend and myself were out
camping together at our favorite site. As we sat by the fire we told our
stories and some of us finally confessed to some strange noises and cold
spots as well.  The funny thing about all this is, my house is on Elm Street
I am sorry this is so long.  Thank you for listening and if you have anything
like this in your house......



This is a story that has been shared through my family for quite a while.
My great grandmother lived in the mountains of Lexington,Kentucky up untill her death a couple years ago,but this encounter happened sometime in the 40s.....
Her house as well as all of her neighbors houses all had railroad tracks less than 100 feet away from there front yards.
She had a neighbor named Edna that was a little on the mentally challenged side,but she had a child none the less.
One day Edna's child (2yrs oldat the time) ran out onto the rail road tracks and was killed when a train came through and ran over him.
A few weeks later ,my great grandmother was out side doing her laundry when her oldest child came out to tell her that her baby (my great uncle) was gone.
She immediately started a search and found him soon after in Edna's home.
Edna's reasoning was that she thought since my great grandmother  already had six children she shouldn't mind giving her one since her only baby had died.  Of course my great grandmother refused.
A few days later it was storming terribly and that is when edna had gone down to the rail road tracks and killed herself...
To this day every night that its storming really late ,you can sit on my great grandmothers porch and see Edna walking the railroads searching for her baby.....
Sometimes you can even hear her crying out his name ,"Joseph".
I've never seen her ,but my mother has and so has my aunt ,and of course my great grandmother who used to love to tell this story on stormy nights....
           .....and then prove what she was saying was true.

Story from the Philippines

Baguio City-Marcos Hwy
Stories have been told and a relative of mine has witnessed this highway on the way to
the vacation resort, Baguio, is haunted.  This was due to massive earthquake that had happened not too long ago.  The earthquake killed many along the way because the roads were mainly on mountainsides.  Also one School was buried underground
killing many and other s buried alive that weren't able to be rescued.  There are lots of spirits that wander this peaceful place.  People that visit there hear cries or wailing noises.  People say it's the cries of the children that were buried alive underneath the ground, unable to be helped because they were buried so deep it was impossible to get them out.  You just had to pray for their souls, I guess.  Taxi drivers have been main victims of hauntings on the highway, I guess due to the fact that they drive alone.  One situation when one taxi driver was driving on the highway when he was stopped by a lady
who said she was lost and cant find her way back home.  The taxi driver let her in at no charge and as he drove he noticed after awhile the lady was gone.  There also have been situations when one would drive on the highway and get lost.  People say the spirits played tricks on you to make it seem you've been driving around in circles in a dense fog until this one bus passes by (lets call it a bus from heaven) and thats when you see clearly your on the right path to the vacation resort because you see the city lights and everything.



     If it were only one spirit, it would be different. It was like Grand
Central Station around here for a while. My son has seen spirits other
places also. It seems to center around him. We've gotten use to them. The other
nite he woke up and saw two Revolutionary War soldiers lying in his bedroom
floor. One was in the closet, and the other one was beside his bed. He said he
thought they looked like they might have been lying in a hospital of some
sorts. I asked him how he knew what kind of soldiers they were. And his
answer was their red uniforms. I always questioned him in detail, so I could
tell if he was actually seeing something, or was making it up.Since I have
seen a few of them too, I know he's not making them up. It's quiet here now.
But you always feel a presence. My son has even seen my Mother (who died 17
days before he was born). He saw her standing at our back door motioning for
him to hurry and come into the house. He came inside and asked me what I had
wanted, but it wasn't me at the back door. The only other person who looks
like me was my mother. He said she looked like me but was wearing a dark
blue dress..I've often wondered if he was in some sort of danger, and she wanted
to save him. Before she died ,she promised me she would be there when he was
born. She died that nite......I've always thought that the "Spirits" here
were just passing thru.

The Unseen Spirit


The ghostly experience I will be discussing took place approximately five or six years ago. Keep in mind that I have always been intrigued by the supernatural and the unknown, but have never been frightened by such things.  In fact, I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to things that go bump in the night.  However, that all changed after what happened to me on that dark and scary night.
It all began when my current wife ( we were just dating back then), her friend, and I went to see a band play at a local bar and concert hall in Greenville, SC where we live.  Each of us were about 22 or 23 back then, so we all still lived at home with our parents. I  was the driver for the evening and that meant that I had to go and pick everyone up for the concert. Well, all of us arrived to the place in one piece and we all had a wonderful time listening to the band play.  The concert finally ended around midnight though and everyone had to go home.  This is where my story begins. The first stop was to take our mutual friend home.  She did not live far from where the concert hall was, so it did not take long to get to her house.  To understand the situation, one needs to know the details of the house we were going to.  It was a large foreboding turn of the century home at the edge of an old mill village.  At one time, the house served as the residence for  upper management in the mill's heyday.  The house itself was massive with seven bedrooms ( six of them upstairs), a library, living room, kitchen, den, and three bathrooms.  I had been here many times before, so I knew the place quite well.  The house had something new in store for me tonight though. Once we arrived at the house, all of us had to use the bathroom, so we all darted inside.  My wife claimed the bathroom adjacent to the foyer, our friend ran to the one at the back of the house off the kitchen, and I ventured up the dark staircase to the bathroom upstairs.  As mentioned earlier,  I had been up here a million times, but something was different that night.  The minute I arrived to the second floor hall, an uneasy feeling came over me.  I could not put my finger on it. All I knew was that it made me extremely frightened.  The hallway was long with three bedrooms on one side, three bedrooms on the other side, and the bathroom at the end.  I could see my destination straight ahead through the darkness, but could not bring myself to move. I was frozen with fear as the hall became icy cold.  This was most unusual because it was the middle of summer and the house had no central cooling system.  I finally brought myself to walk forward and it became colder with each step  I took. All the doors in the hall were open and I could feel something watching me.  I knew no one was up there
because my friend's parents slept downstairs in the master bedroom ,and they were long since retired for the night. My adventure seemed to come to an end when I finally reached the bathroom door.  I darted in and slammed it shut.  I had forgotten about the light switch being on the outside of the door, so I started freaking out.  I had to open the door again and reach my hand out to turn it on.  I felt something cold touch my hand. At that same moment something disappeared into one of the rooms, like a flash of light.  I was absolutely paralyzed with terror!  I did not know why I had continued to the bathroom. I could have easily ran back down the stairs, but something seemed to  pull me up there. I did not know what. After I was finished in the bathroom I ran like the wind to the bottom of the stairs and told the others of my experience. Our friend did not seem to be shocked at all by my story.  In fact, she went into detail of how a child died in the house many years ago and strange things have occurred there.  One such event was the sound of a baby  crying in the wee hours of the night, even though there are no children in the house.  Two of her closest friends would not even spend the night there again after just doing it once. They would not say why either. Had I seen or felt the spirit of that supposed child that had died so many years ago?  I don't know because I too have never been back there since. This experience forever changed my attitude towards the supernatural.  I never actually saw the spirit except for that strange flash of light, but I know something lurked in the  long dark hall of that mysterious house.

My experiances with "Old Hag"


I have had some disturbing experiances with the "Old
Hag" back in 1993-1995 in my old apartment. What I
find strange, is that this has not re-ocurred after my
husband and I moved out of that apartment. I didn't
even know until much later that there was such a thing
on record, or that anyone else had seen it. The story
that follows is my worst experiance involving the "Old
When I went to bed that night, there was nothing
strange or out of place. No creepy feelings, no
nightmares. When morning arrived, I had an experiance
I will never forget. I was laying down in bed, and a
tall dark man-shaped malevolent thing came into my
bedroom. It had a long black cloak with a hood that
covered up his face mostly from veiw. I say it was a
male, because that was the impression that I got.
Anyway, he put his hands over my mouth and nose and
proceded to try to kill me. I had a feeling like I was
either under water with ice blocking my exit, or a
glass like barrier. I tried to remove his hands, but
that barrier blocked my efforts. That face- it looked
hateful, and it enjoyed seeing me struggle and suffer.
I was so cold. My husband called to me from the
kitchen, and then went to check on me, and when my
husband was just outside the doorway, it turned around
to look over it's shoulder, then left through the wall
(the other side of that wall was the stairway outside
our apartment). I then felt like I broke through the
surface of the barrier, and gagged and gasped for air.
My husband didn't see anything, because he hadn't
entered the room when it left.

Possible Haunting

I work 3rd shift ,Security for a local mall here in Seminole County. I really
didnt think to much about the building being haunted, as its  brand new . Ok
on with the events we locked down the building at 10pm and it was buiness as usual. checking  doors arming alarms & chasing the straglers out. 1am another officer was
walking down a back service halway and called out over the radio ,that we
wherent funny.. and I called back and asked what he meant? he stated he
smelled a rotting smell and thought we put a stink bomb in the hallway, we
responded to him and couldnt smell any thing & nor could he. that was in July
99. from there we would find locked doors unlocked,in the service areas after
1am. June of 00, I was working and walking down another hallway and turned a
corner and out of the corner of my eye saw a black shadow streaking down the
hallway at roof level away from me . i brushed this off as i was seeing
things, later in the month we hired a new guy that had to work alone do to
the other 2 guys where out on vacation, and he worked 2 nites and quit. he
said the place felt alive after mid-nite., So  each month from then on, other
things started happening like shuffling noises and we check the area ,nothing found,creaking& scratching comming from a block walls, sickening smells,cold spots in hot & humid weather,unlocked doors that where locked.when we reported the occerance
to maint. they look and laugh, but the other nite-officers know some things
not right. and they refuse to walk the back service halls after 12am.alone,
silly huh? the sounds I have heard make the hair on the back of my neck
crawl...and the smells will turn your stomac..
now we look at it as amuseing,and are waiting to see what happens next.



Hello, on your page you wrote to contact you if anyone has any questions.
well, i have one based on an ecpiriance i had a long time ago. I am German
and English is my secaund language so please excuse all my spelling
there is a storie to it ofcause. All my live i was raised by my mom to
believe and open myself up to the other side. i never saw anything untill i
was 18 years old.With my mom's help we were able to get the "message" i was
given at that time.
after i came to the US it really started happening. Spirits would come
arround me all the time. At first i was scared to Death. I thought i was
looseing my mind.And again with the help of my mom and friends i was able to
somewhat get over that. To this day i am still a little affraid of it. They
only "come" to me when there is something i am sepossed to know. Anyway,
here is the one storie i have a question about. Even though i have many very
true stories to tell but now is not the time.
I came over here to georgia in 1990. My husband, our 3 year old son and i
lived with my husbands perants for about 1 year. We moved right next door
into a Trailor. We started getting so many "visitors" that we were ready to
put a sighn out front that said "GHOST MOTEL" one spirit only came to me
when i was upset about something. He was a nice looking young man that wore
a matching suit that was light brown and the stile suggested to me that it
must have been from the late 60's early 70's. he always gave me a warm
feeling and i knew somehow that everything would be ok. And it alwais was.
At that same time doctores found lumps in both of my breast. That had me
scarred as i'm sure you can imagine. The night before i was scatuled to go
to the hospital for an oltrasound i was very worried about what they would
find the next day, so i fell asleep on the couch in the liveing room( my
husband worked nights at that time). In the middle of the night i woke up
feeling a Hand touching and then going into my Chest. At first i was
starteled but then i felt my "Friend" so i just turned over and went back to
sleep. The next day i went to the Hospital for the test and nothing was
found! All the Lumps were gone over night! THIS IS THE GODS HONEST TRUTH!!!!
My friend continued to come to me and conford me. His name was Bill. one
Night he came to me in a dream. I will never forget it! He took me to "His
Room" he showed me pictures that he had hanging all over the place. Beutiful
pictures of all sorts of things. we talked and he said that he felt alone
and ugly. Noone wanted to have anything to do with him. I could not
understand why he would feel that way he was handsom, tall. dark hair that
came over his ears a little. He wore that same suit that i always saw on him
before. I told him that there was no reason to feel that way, that i thought
alot of him and he was anything but ugly. Then he showed me one more picture
that was hanging from a desk close to the floor. I had to scuat down to look
at it, he did the same right behind me and put both of his arms arround me.
I laid back into his arms and we sat there "conecting" It was a wonderfull
feeling. Then i woke up. I have never seen or felt him since. I don't
understand why. This might sound crazy, but i miss Bill! This is now about 9
years ago, and i still think about him from time to time and wish i could
spemd more time with him.
Here my question: In your opinian, Why did he stop comeing to me? I wished i

Strange Ocurrences in Stilwell, Oklahoma


I have been to your website numorous times and think it's great. The story I have to tell you is about my cousin Mike who lives in Stilwell, Ok. He is currently 20 years old.  The story begins in 1993 when my cousin was only 13 and just moved to Oklahoma with my 2 grandparents. Mike decided to live in Ok with his grandparents because he did not live well with his alcoholic mother or her boyfriend in Chicago. He made friends easily and they always came over in the summer. One night they were all on the front porch when they noticed something in the woods which are right next door to my cousin's house.  There was something atop one of the trees that was hard to distinguish since it was dark.  It was a tall human like figure that was'nt humanlike in any way.  One, because how could someone get to the top a huge tree and be able to stand steady and two, because it had glowing red eyes. Everyone was very freaked out and that's when it jumped off the tree and landed creating a huge thud!!! At that point it took off into the woods disappearing into the darkness. My cousin was curious so he did some
research with some of my family members and found out that there are evil spirits that dwell in woods called Skillees.  That is a Native American word for the beast.  That's not the only experience my cousin had, yet no strange things happened inside his house only outside.  Another story involves my couisn again along with a wolf-like animal.  Several months after my cousin and grandparents moved in they got a dog called Millie which is a Samoyed. Any dog expert knows that a Samoyed had features similar to a Siberian Husky or wolf.  They used to keep it in the house as a pup but after a while it started
to stay outside.  One day my cousin decided to go to his friend's house who lived across the field from him. Mike took the shortcut which was a small path alon the woods next door to his house.  His friends came over right after he took off and saw him. They wanted to go after him but when they got to that path, they saw what looked like a white wolf following him until they could no longer see him.  They waited for him and when he got back he was alone.  They asked him "Hey where's your dog at ?" Mike said that Millie didn't go with him and that she stayed at the house.  They checked and found her at one of her spots so the thing following mike wasn't his dog but the strange thing is that he didn't hear any footsteps or see anything behind him.  I have been to Stilwell many times and it is a great place and one night around 11pm I was outside with Mike when I caught a glimpse of a black shape moving through the trees and that was spooky for me.  On another note the dog Millie will be 7(49 in dog years) in September.  She never gets sick or hurt like the other animals my cousin has and is perfectly healthy.  I think that there is some strnage force that keeps her alive and well for so many years. Although she does miss my grandmother who passed away in 1997.  I will find out more supernatural experiences that have occured in my family and keep you informed in the near future.

My House


This really can't account as a ghost story, but more along the lines of
a series of events. The earliest event told to me was that of my mom
being awake in bed reading a Stephen King book in my old room. When she
finished, she turned off the lights and suddenly, the closet door flew
open. Needless to say, she slept with the lights on and covers up... The
next events have to deal with my grandfather. It occured after a snowing
and he, my mother and I were all in the kitchen. He was looking out the
window in the back of the kitchen (Which looks out into our backyard and
driveway) and he swore that a car had dropped of a "lady and a fella" in
our driveway. My mom and I looked and tried to give him possible
explanations.. (i.e. the garden hose hanging on the back fence or the
over-grown vines on the fence post) as we could see no man or woman but
he would accept none of this..
He was cursing us and saying he could see them and wanted to know why we
were lying to him.. Finally, with my grandfather watching from the
window, I walked thru the yard, stopping at all possible objects that could be
mistaken for human forms... I even walked around in the driveway seeing
nothing. When I got back inside, however; He wanted to know why I hadn't
tried to talk to them... He went outside himself along with me, but
according to him, by the time we got there... They were gone.. For the
next couple days he kept asking "You all wouldn't lie to me about them
people would ya?!" and we hadn't. My grandfather had also been the first
to hear the voices. My dad was at work and my grandfather came
downstairs asking if "George" (my dad) was home, because he had heard
him saying he needed into the bathroom to shave.. The next voice event
occured with me. My dad was once again at work and I was at my sick
bedside.. My mother was in the room beside us when I swore I had heard
my dad yell either "Pappy!" or "Kathy!" (My mom's name.) I even went to
ask her if he was home yet.. and he wasn't. (Sorry this is so long...)
Over the past couple of months every once in awhile I would hear someone
call my name. Late at nite while I was still up I would hear it while
everyone else slept.. and I even heard it one morning before leaving for
school. I could never place the voice until recently. My mom was asleep
in her upstairs bedroom and my boyfriend and I were in the kitchen
talking when we both stopped at the same time. We both heard someone
call my name and it sounded like my mom yet when I went to her room, she
was sound asleep. I woke her up and asked if she had called for me and
she said that she didn't know, she might have.. SO that explains that
one.. But not the times after that when I heard the voice of my mom
calling my name.. and she was NOT in the house.. I've heard it while I
was here with just my grandfather.. and my boyfriend and I have both
heard it.. when my mother is miles away at my dads house. The fact that
"She's" calling my name, scares me to the point that when Im here alone
at nite, I turn on every light and find myself constantly glancing over
my shoulder. Another event dealing with me was when I walked into our
front room that has a tight-fitting door out into a hallway. I don't
know why, but out loud I commented that I wished something "twisted
would happen" and just then that door popped ajar, sending me running to
my mom.. LoL.. Once, during the winter my mom and I were out going to
the store in her Kia, when the car filled with the sweet smell of
perfume.. We could both smell it, yet the windows were up and neither of
us wear perfume.. The "Male" ghost of the house that sounds like my dad
has been dubbed "Larry," by me and the "Female" is just plain called
"Larry's wife." Late at night, you can also find my cat running up and
down the stairs seemingly terrified and he won't come off the attic. The
fact that the female voice sounds like my mom, keeps me out of her room
late at night when she isn't there..
We also have 2 dogs that bark at unheard noises and unseen things.. I've
even caught them directing all their attention to something that seemed
to be floating on the ceiling.. and the last event I have to add is that
after missing my mother, i climbed into her bed at 2 in the morning 2
nites ago and had ONE blanket on top of me because it was only chilly.
This bed was beside the closet and in the bottom of the closet was a
furry blanket that during the night when I got colder, thought of
pulling up onto the bed.. Yet I never did. When I awoke in the morning,
however; the blanket was drapped across me and my mother denies ever
doing it. It's 7:26pm now and Im sure that as soon as it gets dark, just
because I forced myself to recall all these events, our electric bill is
gonna be a bit higher.. LoL Thanks for letting me share..



Well, this was actually a comical ghost experience.  I was competing at a
National level horse show and I was training with an equitation
(horsemanship) instructor whose barn was in southern Indiana.  My trainer
from Michigan and I were staying at a Bed & Breakfast which was known for
its paranormal resident named Lucy.  (I wish I could remember the name of
the B&B but it was almost 8 years ago).
We were at breakfast and I was sitting against a window with wood shutters.
I ordered my breakfast and started a conversation with my trainer while we
waited for our food.  As we talked the shutter closest to my shoulder
started to slowly open.  Not even paying attention and continuing my
conversation, I pushed the shutter back into its folded position.  It
continued to slowly unfold several times, each time I would continue talking
and push it back to its proper place.  Since the window was closed and there
was no draft, I just thought the shutter hinges were loose.
Our food finally came and again I found myself closing the shutter so I
could place my plate on the table.  As a joke, my trainer said, "Hey, its
Lucy.  And she's really trying to irritate you!"  We laughed and I pushed
the shutter back into its place, same as I had just done the last five or
six times and jokingly said, "Alright Lucy...I'm hungry.  Knock it off!"
The shutter stayed in its place and never bothered me again that morning!
The waitress later told us that Lucy loved to do stuff like that and the
staff had gotten used to indulging her a few times in her mischievous acts
before they told her enough was enough.  That's the kind of ghost I can
handle.  I hope I never have a confrontation as scary as some of the posts
at this site!!  Although, I do believe that most of the stories about "not
being able to move while something held down in bed" is a classic case of
sleep paralysis.  It happens to TONS of people and they often report seeing
moving objects while it is happening because the brain has not snapped out
of REM sleep but you are awake...hence you can't move.  Those suffering
should read about is an actual, clinically documented occurrence.


Mitzi -- A True Story


 I have a true story
that I'd like to share with you and other believers in life after death. My
entire family experienced this activity.
When I was growing up, we had a dog named Mitzi. She was a black miniature
poodle and she was very attached to the family, especially my mother.
I believe the year was 1984. In May of that year, when Mitzi was 12 years
old, her life time of health problems finally took their toll. My mom took
her to the vet and sadly put her to rest. She brought Mitzi's body home and
we buried her in the back yard.
For three months after her death, Mitzi's presence was seen and felt in the
house by my myself, my brother, sister and parents. Occasionally, we would
see her sitting in some of her favorite places, such as at the end of the
hallway looking over the landing, or sitting on her usual chair in the
kitchen, resting her chin on the dining table. The sightings were only for
an instant, but we all knew we saw her.
In life, Mitzi would get upset whenever my mother dressed for work. She
would curl up on a lounge chair in my parent's bedroom and sigh as my mom
dressed. My mom stated that she heard Mitzi sighing several times but only
as she dressed for work, weeks after she had died. My sister stated she
heard Mitzi's heavy breathing in the bathroom one day in July. Mitzi liked
to lay on the cool tile floor when the weather was hot. The final incident
occurred one evening in August, 3 months after Mitzi's "departure". While my
whole family was having dinner at the kitchen table, all of a sudden, we
heard Mitzi's distinct bark come from my parents bedroom. We all looked at
each other because we all knew we had just heard Mitzi bark. No other dog
had a bark like hers. After that, we never saw her or heard her again. It
was as if  that bark was her way of saying goodbye for the last time.
I have another personal story of experiences that happened only to me in the
same house, but I don't have time to write it now. I will try to send that
story another time.
Just a quick note that may interest you:
My mom passed away in 1993. Shortly after her death, I had a dream that I
was walking Mitzi. She was in a real hurry to get to her destination. She
was really pulling me along. I don't know where I was or where we were going
-- my surroundings were foggy. Then all of a sudden, Mitzi led me into a
clearing, like a big field. I sensed people -- a lot of people -- talking
amongst themselves, all around the perimeter of this "field". I knew in my
dream they must be waiting to go somewhere, but I didn't know where. Then I
heard my mother call out my name several times, just as if she were next to
me. Suddenly, I was standing next to my mom and she was talking to some
people. I didn't see the other people and I really didn't even see my mom,
although I knew she was standing right in front of me. She didn't speak to
me -- she never broke her conversation with whomever she was conversing
with. I remember her extending out her hand and then I handed her the loop
to Mitzi's leash. I immediately woke up. I felt that I had been chosen to
unite Mitzi and my mom on the other side. But I wonder, why me? (I also had
other dreams about my Mom before this dream -- that was the last one I
remember having about her.)

Maine Haunting


I moved to Maine with my family when I was 14 because my mom was
transferred.  My father is disabled and stayed home with us.  I have always
been "sensitive" to things in general.  Knowing when I was about 7 that we
would move to Maine someday and knowing very specific things about my great
grandmother (my "Omah"), even though she passed shortly before I was born.
I only had one previous experience w/ ghosts though and that happened when I
was young.  When I was approximately 5, I woke up late at night and wandered
out to the living room.  There on the couch was my father (he usually fell
asleep on the couch while watching TV).; the TV was on but there was no
picture, just snow so it must have been pretty late.  When I looked back at
my father, there were two small girls, about my age, sitting on the couch.
I know I was awake, I turned off the TV and they were still there!  I told
the girls to get away from my father.  They didn't budge but something told
me that they needed a father too so I went back to bed.
Since that time, I hadn't had another experience until we moved to Maine.
My parents bought a 6-bedroom farm house in Sebago, a small town in the
Lakes Region.  It had a connected barn, and about 20 or so acres.  I chose
the room upstairs in the farthest corner of the house.  It was small but had
a great view of our yard.  The house was surrounded by woods and the closest
neighbors were ½ a mile away.
After a couple of weeks I noticed a black shadow walk past me in the morning
while I was getting ready for school.  I saw it out of the corner of my eye,
but I was sure that I saw something.  No one else was awake and no one
answered when I called out.  Every morning for the 7 years we lived there,
that shadow passed me in the morning.
That wasn't the only thing that was strange about this house, although it
was the first indication.  Talking could be heard throughout the house.  If
you were downstairs, it was upstairs and vice-versa.  Strange knocking and
rapping, lights going on and off, footsteps coming down the stairs (these
were witnessed by several visitors to our house as well), doors opening and
closing on their own (even my door which you would have to forcefully pull
over the carpeting would open wide).
It wasn't all harmless parlor tricks.  People were afraid to be home alone,
including myself.  I never saw much but I had been spoken to frequently.  I
came home one afternoon after basketball practice and I heard, plain as day,
my father calling for me.  He sounded pretty angry.  I didn't think anyone
was home and the voice was coming from the end of the house furthest away
from where I was.  Something didn't feel right so I stayed in the kitchen.
I stayed there for awhile until my dad got home.  He was just as surprised
as I when he heard my story.  He then told me a story of his own.
When we first moved in, the last family (the only other family to own this
property) had left some belongings behind.  They only used it as a hunting
camp (even though it was a huge house) and neglected to clear out some lamps
and other small items here and there.  My father was downstairs and an
elderly woman appeared to him.  She told him to put the shudders on the
house because "they were coming".  It so happened that my father was
standing by 20 or so sets of shudders when he saw her.  She didn't stick
around to answer the question of who was coming though.  My dad was
dumbfounded.  He never did put up those shudders; maybe he should have.
So, the weekend ritual of staying up all night and talking was born.  My
father and I, being night owls, stayed up and played board games or just
talked while we drank tea.  We went to bed around 5 a.m., when my mother
would get up to go to work.  During those nights we heard some of the
strangest things!  Horses galloping in our driveway when ours were securely
locked in the stable, what sounded like a woman screaming, coming from
A couple years after we moved in I was visited by something bearing a
warning.  It was around 4 a.m. (I can't be exact because the power was out)
and I heard a man say "wake up and hear the storm".  I was awake by then
because there was a terrible electrical storm outside and the horses
whinnying caught my attention.  As I groped around in the dark, I was keenly
aware that someone had just spoken to me.  I thought my dad was there but no
one answered when I called out.  The house was quiet as I made my way
downstairs.  I went outside and the horses were scared and running around
the yard.  It took me 2 hours but I gathered them up and put them safely in
the stable.  Had that presence tried to wake me to help my horses?
Through the years we were plagued by disembodied voices, smudgy hand prints,
sooty crosses marked on our skin, putrid smells, threatening voices and
pranks.  My brother was born when I was 16 and when he was old enough to
talk he would say monster or would talk to some one we couldn't see.  We had
never uttered the work monster or mentioned the ghosts for fear that he
might be frightened.
The last thing to happen to me in that house was when my boyfriend and I
spent the summer at my house when college let out.  We were sleeping
upstairs in what used to be my father's room (he and my mother had separated
and he moved out).  My mother had already gone to work and my younger sister
was at a friend's house.  The wind was blowing furiously through the house
but when we looked outside, everything was calm.  We also heard a banging
downstairs, like someone was trying to break in.  We crept downstairs w/ the
phone in my hand (you learn not to call 911 too fast when you live in a
house like ours).  When we reached the door to the kitchen it was being hit
so hard it looked like it was about to come off the hinges if it didn't open
soon.  I reached out and opened the door (I was scared to death) and there
was no one there!  The noise had stopped and we didn't hear anything for the
rest of the day.
There are more occurrences but I'll save them for another day.
So, to the events that occurred while I lived on campus (sorry this is so
long).  I moved into the oldest dorm on campus when I was 18, nothing
eventful happened the first year (except when I went home).  The second year
I moved into my own room in a different part of the building and that's when
things became interesting.  The eerie feeling that I wasn't alone was always
present.  Footstep that would stop at my bed while I was laying there w/ my
eyes scrunched closed and the ever-present footsteps outside of my door (my
room was in a corner all by itself and no one ever walked past it).  I know
that it could have been a fellow student but I could see the shadow of a
person standing outside my room when I looked under the door but when I
looked out of the peep-hole, no one was there.  I began sleeping in a
friend's room.
Fast forward to my 1st apartment.  When I was a senior, I got my first
apartment w/ my fiancé.  It was a cute 2 bedroom on the west end of
Portland.  We noticed things weren't quite right there.  Things would
disappear only to show up exactly where we had left them (a book that was
placed on my trunk in the bedroom, disappeared for 3 days and then showed up
on the trunk on the 4th day).  The stereo would turn on by itself (the CD
player would come on and you needed to turn a switch to do that).  The doors
would open by themselves and you could hear distinct footsteps at all hours
of the day and night.
When my boyfriend and I broke up, I stayed at this apartment w/ my dog.  We
still heard footsteps and she seemed to follow something around w/ her eyes.
By then I was used to it and didn't feel quite so bad.  It felt more
comfortable than my old house (which had been sold by then) and my dorm
I got married last year and my husband and I bought an adorable little house
together.  The same stuff is happening there too.  Things shaking pretty
hard w/out any discernable vibrations.  The sound of things falling w/out
anything out of place, shadows that seem to move.  My husband has nightmares
every night.  I haven't seen anything, nor do I feel afraid but is it
possible that something has attached itself to me?  Or am I just picking up
various entities?  I have many more stories but I'll save them for another
time.  Although some of this might seem fantastic, I swear all of this is
true.  I'm a fairly conservative, 25 year old woman who isn't taken w/
flights of fancy.  I did not embellish any of this.  And while I used to
actively hunt for ghosts, I am currently too busy w/ my job, husband and 2
Australian cattle dogs to be bothered w/ it.  If you have any insight, it
would be greatly appreciated.  You may also post this if you wish.

New Apartment Ghost


After graduating high school, I decided that I needed to be independent from
my parents care.  I had saved up enough money to move in with my two really good friends.  We decided to rent an old beach apartment for the summer before we
would head off to college.  For weeks everything went fine.  My friend Kate
and I would share one room with two twin beds, while my friend Justin would sleep in the much smaller room alone.  One Wednesday morning, I was left alone in the house.
I didn't have to work for the day, so I was still asleep at 9 am.  I woke up to see to my surprise that a strange man was sitting on the bottom corner of my tiny bed.  I thought he was a strange intruder.  He was a tanned caucasian with dark hair and in his thirties.  I'm not much of a screamer, but more of a delayed reactor.  I just looked up at him, unsure if this was a dream or not,  I was still half asleep after all.  Before I could jump out
of my bed and run out of the room, he started to move his lips, yet no sound came out.  Luckily, the phone was on the other side of the bed, so I decided to reach out and grab it, but when I turned back to look at him, he was gone.  After that, I left the apartment and went to my parents' house for the rest of the day.  I went back to the apartment when Justin and Kate got back from work.  I told them everything.  They suggested everything from a robber to a ghost.   At first I was positive that it was just some weird incedent with an intruder and he left before I could turn back.  But then I started to wonder how he could move his lips as if to say something, but be unable to talk.  He looked completely harmless and really appeared as if he had something important to tell me.  On the
following week, my work routine was the same.  I slept-in again while my roomates were out and work.  And I saw the same exact occurances unfold before me.  This time he moved his lips for even  longer, and was about to reach out and touch my leg, but then vanished.  I was positive this was a ghost, but I wasn't ready
to do anything about it. I left again after hanging around my house for an hour because I knew he couldn't do anything.  When my roommates came home they were positive that I was making things up.  I am known for telling a good story that isn't  true.  But this time I was honest.  For the next two weeks I worked in the mornings, so I didn't encounter the ghost.  But on  the second Wedensday, Kate had the day off and decided to sleep in.  When I left at 7 am, she moved to my bed to get  away from the cold ocean air, but I didn't expect what would happen later would occur at all.  I got home at around 2 pm, to  see that she had been on thew phone, calling every one she knew, whether they had any information about ghosts.  She hung  up the phone and reiterated everything that had happened to her, just as it had happened to me.  When Justin came home,  we all decided that it was time to move out.  We had a month to month lease, so we could move out by the end of the week without paying for the next month.  We packed the next day.  As Justin was cleaning the top shelves of our bedroom  closet, he found a picture frame with a man's photo.  He called me in to ask if I knew who it was.  At that moment I screamed and Katelyn ran in and did the same.  It was out ghost.  Clearly it was a photo of him in the 1950's all dressed up, but  with no name anywhere on it.  After that, we never bothered to look and see who he was, but KAte still has the photo.

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