I was trying to sleep and I could feel something watching me.  I kept on
getting out of bed and looking around my room, trying to find what was
watching me.  What ever was in my room terrifying me to death.  After a while
I felt silly and decided that I should just go to bed, even though I was
scared.  As soon as I shut my eyes I felt paralyzed, I good not move nor
scream.  Then a white figure came from my closet and stood next to my bed.  I
kept on trying to yell and run away but I was stuck in my bed silently.  I
could tell the ghost was trying to tell me something but I was too scared to
listen.  It stayed at my bedside for a couple of minutes and then left.  I
later had similar experiences.

Several Spirit Experiences


Greetings Dave, I am so glad that a family member introduced me to your website.  I have been intrigued by ghosts and hauntings since I was 7 years old.  I was always the child who loved horror movies, ordered "scary books" and who loved the mysticism of Halloween.  It is so nice to know that there is someone out there who believes.  I have had a sixth sense and several experiences with spirits for quite some time now.  In fact, I can share a couple of accounts with you now.  Although the stories may not make one's hair stand on end, they were enough to convince me that something weird was going on at the time.It was 1995, and as a grad student and resident assistant, I decided it was more convenient to spend my spring break in the dorms.  While I was getting ready to go out with a friend of mine, someone called to tell me that the electricity would be turned off completely in the dorms at 2 am.  I thought nothing of it, and when I returned at 1:30 am, I followed the normal routine- I got undressed and watched TV.  I was tired, and I must have fallen asleep, because I felt something literally jar me out of my peaceful slumber.  I immediately opened my eyes, and saw nothing but darkness.  I got out of bed, opened my door and walked out into the main hallway.  There was nothing there.  I could see the dim light that the emergency lights emitted.  At this point, I was so terrified, that I ran back into my room and locked my door.  Whatever had jarred me awake was not friendly, because I felt this terribly evil presence surrounding me.  I was completely terrified.  So much so, that I could not go back to sleep.  All I could do was curl up in a ball and lean on the wall behind me.  I have no idea what the heck had come to visit me that night, but when I called my mom and aunt the next day and told them what had happened, they mentioned to me that they had had similar experiences.  All they could say was that there was some evil entity that felt it needed to make its presence known to me.  I know that this does not sound scary, but I cannot even find the words to describe the eerieness of this account.  Rumor has it that two girls had died in the dorm 20 years ago, and that they had lived in a vacant 3rd floor room.  No matter how many times residents were placed in that room, no one could ever stay there for a long period of time.  Perhaps it had something to do with them- who knows.  To this day, I have no idea.  All I know is that I hope to never experience that type of visit again.  I have more stories to share, but have to sign off for now.  The next stories I share will be about people I know and some who I don't know who have come to tell me things in my dreams after they have died.  Stay tuned!!!!!

A Gift


I read your article on ESP and(although not totally agreeing with it)decided to send you a story of mine. Keep in mind that this story is true and the events I describe in it did happen to me. It was a Friday night and I was alone in my room around 1 AM.I was watching tv when all of a sudden I saw my friend.(He was on a trip over hundreds of miles away.) He was at a concert jumping up and down yelling and screaming.Then I saw a young girl with long brown hair with a hood covering most of it look over and smile athim.Then immediatly after seeing that I saw them in a hotel room together with alot of other people drinking and smoking and dancing.Then just as quickly as it had come the image faded.Two days later my friend reterned. I was on the phone with his sister when he was telling her what he had done.(By this time I had nearly forgotten my stange experiance)She then jokingly asked (in a much ruder manner than what I am about to put)who he had made out with.He laughed and said some girl in a black hood with brown hair.Then he stated how she had smiled at him first getting his attention.I nearly dropped the phone.These types of things happen to me very often...well actually they happen several times a day.Each little preminition or vision coming true within a short amount of time.In my opinion it is a gift.And I for one welcome it.I don't call myself a phsycic though.I just use them to my advantage.And I am very happy to be chosen to have
this gift from God.Well thank you so much for you time.If you would like to contact me you can reach me at

Black Foreboding Figure


I believe my house is haunted. When I am home alone doors open and close,
and I hear conversations going on sometimes when I am home alone. Sometimes
we hear a loud bang at my house and when we go to the room that the loud
bang was at a few things had been thrown on the floor. I have seen three
apparitions at my house also. One of them is just white mist, one is a
hooded black figure, the other looks like my late grandmoher. The one who
look like my late grandmother sounds like my late grandmother when she was
alive and the white mist sounds like a man I have heard before. I've seen
the apparition of my late grandma just yesterday out of the corner of my eye
when I was going to sleep. Sometimes I've heard her say goodnight to me. The
black figure always appears before something bad happens but he hasn't
appeared for at least one year though. I think the white mist is my mom's
dad even though he died a few months before I was born. Also at my house
sometimes the lights turn on  and off. Anyway your sight is the best sight
about the paranormal on the net.

George the man of the house


My name is Kerene and I live in a small town on Vancouver Island ,
British Columbia , Canada. It is about 3 hours drive from Victoria B.C.
You may have heard that Victoria is the ghost capital of B.C. This story
is recent. My mother-in-law, Jan and my brother-in-law , Brett were the
main people affected by this haunting. In 1992 Jan , Brett , My husband
Shaun , And a friend of the family Ian moved in to a house in Victoria.
The realtor who found the house for them said a man named George built
the house in the early 30's. They said he owned the house until 1989.
The family sold the house when he passed away. They said he had built it
himself. It was a lovely house. It had two bedrooms up and one down. A
beautiful garden in the back with a fish pond and tons of roses. Jan
loved it imediately. Ian and jan shared the room upstairs near the front
of the house. Brett and Shaun shared the room down stairs near the back
of the house on the opposite side from Jan and Ian. Jan and Ian used the
room upatairs at the back of the house as a work space because of the
beautiful garden view.
One day jan and Ian were discussing something and started to argue while
sitting in the room overlooking the garden. they were both sitting on
the couch looking towards each other. After ian saying something rather
mean to Jan , Jan saw a ball of light like static on a TV fly across the
room and behind Ian, pushing Ian's head forward. Ian then acused Jan of
hitting him. Jan said she didn't touch him. She told him what she saw
but he didn't believe her.
Another time jan was alone in the house doing laundry. She went
downstairs to check if it was time to put in the fabric softener. She
noticed the  washer lid was open and the washer was stoped at the rinse
cycle. She tought she must have forgoted to close the lid. She went
upstairs to the living room and found the VCR time flashing. She reset
the time and went to check the bedroom clock. It was fine. She went
downstairs again in a while to see if the wash was finished. The machine
was open and this time unplugged. Jan went upstairs again to check the
clock on the vcr to see if Brett could be home from work yet and playing
a prank. The Vcr was blinking again. She went into the bedroom to check
that clock, it was blinking. She went downstairs fixed the washer, went
upstairs to find the clock in the bedroom unplugged and the VCr
unplugged. When brett got home she accused Brett of pulling a prank. He
claims he did not. Jan told Brett about the incident with Ian in the
room overlooking the garden, and Brett told Jan about how at night he
hears a man's voice while in this room. He thought it had to be Ian's
voice but now he doesn't think it was.
Soon after that everyone noticed the men in the house becoming
increasingly hostile towards  each other. Jan was only affected
residualy as she loved all three men in the house and wanted them to get
along. All three started to become violent. They had never been violent
people before. Ian finally left the home. ian did not believe in ghosts
or such stuff. He believed it was caused by the stress of trying to find
Soon after everyone that entered the house noticed that the room
overlooking the garden was always cold and no one liked going in there
except jan. Jan sarted to leave the door closed when guests came over
because no one liked the room and if you had to use the washroom you had
to walk passed it.
Jan and brett also started experiencing car problems. The radio would
change stations on its own , headlights would go off and on, and wipers
shut off when Brett would get in the car with Jan.
Jan felt someone get in bed with her on a number of occations to find
there was no one there. One night she woke up again with the definate
feeling someone was curled up against her. He stood up  , pointed to the
door and said " Get out George , go to your room!" She immediatly felt
the absence of the pressence. She did not have any inclination that this
was caused by a "person" let alone George. She said it just came to her.
as long as they kept the door closed to the room overlooking the garden
as was fine. Sometimes George would get curious and open the door a
little. We would just say " get in your room george!" and the door would
close again.
Jan soon asked the realtor for extra information.( until now Jan wasn't
willing to believe in ghosts) With a little digging they found that
George built the house for his wife Janet ( Jan's real name is Janet).
Janet and George cared for the garden. Janet had her sewing room
overlooking the garden. She spent alot of time there. When Janet got
terminally ill ,Janet stayed in the bedroom upstairs while George slept
in the sewing room on a cot. George and Janet had a daughter who helped
care for her and she slept on a cot in Janet's bedroom. When the
daughter couldn't be there George would curl up next to Janet. He wanted
her to never be alone. She passed in 1988. He visited her grave every
day until his death in 1989. Our family believes that george was drawn
to Jan and she to him. He was jelous of the love she received form the
men in the house and made them act strangly. He played pranks on Jan to
let her know he was there. He was angered by anyone miss treating Jan
and Ian was "smacked" by him. He curled up in bed with her so she
wouldn't be alone.Jan felt comfortable in the sewing room when no one
else did because George wanted it to be her room. after they moved out
The men went back to normal except for my husband. He is easily
frightrned of scary movies and now suffers form a form of depression.
Jan also suffers from a form of depression since leaving that house.
Brett feels more aware of the paranormal now and believes that house
screwed up his brother ( who won't discuss anything about it) and his

Increased Activity in Experiences


For years I have had experiences with the supernatural.  And just recently
(ever since I took a job at a local cemetary) I have been feeling very oddly
and seeing things now with increased frequency.  I wish now to tell you of
the first experience i had with the supernatural because it confuses me.
I was about 3-4 years old and sleeping in my parents room while my father
was away working in another state.  I awoke to the sounds of loud speaking
in the room and i didn't recognize any of the voices.  I tried to wake my
mother but she seemed to be in a deep sleep and i was unable to bring her
around.  So I had no choice but to sit and listen alone.  There were three
seperate voices.  Two of them belonged to men and one was a woman.  The two
men seemed to be hiding from the woman for some reason in what i could
gather from the sounds surrounding them was a junk yard of some kind.  At
first it was only the voices of the men and they were talking about the
woman for a few moments but then i heard the sound of steps on gravel
getting closer and closer and the male voices quieted each other.  Then
there was silence for a few moments but it was broken by the sound of a foot
kicking the side of a car.
This woman was VERY angry and yelling at the men.  They explained that they
were only hiding and trying to explain themselves.  This continued for a few
moments and then just as quickly as it had come it was gone.  I heard this
same conversation and series of events several times during my childhood.
But never in any room but my parents bedroom.  Only recently have i
confessed to my mother that i heard the voices and i asked if anything had
ever happened in that room or the property and she said that there had never
been anything even resembling a junk yard on the property and my father
built the house so we were the only people to ever live there.  I was
wondering if perhaps you could tell me what you believe these voices were
and why they seemed to be centralized in that room.
Also I believe that any spirit in the house may have been localized around
me as none of my other siblings ever experienced (that they have spoke of
anyways) anything unusual but i remember very clearly another instance when
i opened the door to my room one of my toys (a stuffed bear) was upright and
walking on two legs towards the door but after a few seconds of opening the
door it again dropped to the floor.
I grew up around hauntings so i was never really uncomfortable around the
events i have experienced as my grandfather's house is also haunted with a
spirit that is very active in non threating ways.  I was just curious as to
why the voices i heard were only in that room and i only i heard them and
perhaps why a spirit would centralized itself on me.  Thank you for taking
the time to read this email and i hope to hear from you soon with any
answers you might be able to provide.  Thank you also for building such a
wonderful sight so that those of us who do believe and have experienced the
supernatural have a place to tell our stories.



First of all, I have something that I think is very important regarding children. When I was a child, I had some "bizarre" experiences when I would try to fall asleep at night. My parents told me these things were just my imagination. I was at the point where I believed them, and begged them to take me to a psychiatrist. In other words, sometimes we must believe what children say. It can be more comforting to tell them they are seeing ghosts than tell them they are crazy.I use to have my dad sing me to sleep (bless his heart) even when I was in my teens because I was so frightened of my room and the things there that would take place. In fact, the things I can remember are not so bad, but I have a feeling there were some things that happened that were so devastating, that I blanked them out. Whenever I think of going to bed during a part of my childhood, I get sweaty and my heart races.Thanks for letting me get the things I can remember off my chest!!
Once, when I was about 9 ( I am 35 now), I was listening to a 45 record of Donny and Marie in my bedroom. I had the hair brush out (microphone) and was singing my heart out. The music stopped and I heard a sniffing sound. I looked down at my bed, which was a canopy with ruffles at the bottom, and saw the ruffles bellow out with the sniffing sounds. At the time we had a poodle, Mitzi, who hated me, and I knew she couldn't possibly be in MY room. But just to make sure, I left my room and went into the living room where my dad was, with Mitzi right beside him. My dad panicked because he said I was pale and out of breath from what I had seen. He checked my room out, but nothing was found. I heard my dad tell my mom later (when they thought I was out of hearing range) that he believed there was something to my "stories". About a month later, I was asleep and woke up to a woman sitting next to my bed with a blanket in her lap. She was very old. I said to her, "Mom?". Because I was very confused. I yelled "mom" until my mom entered my bedroom and the lady disappeared. 1) I have the most bizarre dreams, but I can tell the difference between dreaming and when you think you are awake. I was
definitely awake. 2) My Aunt had passed away about a week before this, and I believe it was my aunt.I didn't know her too well, but she didn't have any children herself, and actually tried to kidnap my sister once.The last thing I remember was when I was about 14. (This is actually quite funny!). We moved to a new house. It was just my parents and I. My dad had just finished painting my new bedroom. We closed the bedroom door for a couple of days to keep the paint fumes minimal.I was told that under no circumstances was I to go in there. And above all else, when I was allowed to go back in I was NOT to put my dirty bare feet on the wall. In the past I had ran around bare-foot alot and sometimes I would lay on my bed with my feet on the wall, only to leave brown foot prints there. At this point (un-like other times) of my life , I listened to what my parents told me. Two days later, after having my bedroom totally off limits, we opened the door.
There, at the head of my bed, on the wall, were black foot prints!!! The black stuff was smeared all over the wall! Keep in mind, it was black, not brown like dirt. I didn't even get in trouble. My parents knew me too well to think I would go that far! In case you are curious, the stuff came off easily. My parents didn't yell at me, but I stuck up for myself anyway. "I didn't do it! I didn't do it!" They never said anything except " We believe you."And I REALLY didn't do it!

Can't Explain It!


    Hi my name is Ed, I have always been able to feel presences when i go to
peoples homes...or places feelings like i need to get out of certain areas something telling me to leave . When my mother bought her home i
didn't like staying there and always had trouble sleeping in that night i came home where everyone was watching T.V. in the
living room i said hi and told them i was going to lay down for an hour to
get ready for work .....cause i worked the graveyard shift . I hadn't even
closed my eyes yet and was laying on my side the door open but the room
fairly dark when i saw a figure dressed in a black robewalk through the wall
across the room  and through the wall this was my first experience with
something i can't explain i couldn't move and was frozen with fear all i
could do was scream .....i did so so loud that my sister and my mom both ran
to the room to see what was wrong i was fifteen years old. Later my Mom found
out from a neighbor that the previous owner a lady had fight with her husband
and ended up shooting her self in the head with a rifle in the room where i
was sleeping ......Well i consider myself very mentally sound never been on
Meds and have always done well in school....About four years later i had a
son early aged got married my mothers neighbor offered me to rent his home
out very cheap to help me night i my wife put my son to bed in
his crib and she went to lay down i stayed up watching t.v. about one hour
later i heard a noise someone calling my name from the backroom my nickname
"Butch" which only my mom and family called me by my wife didn't even call me
by this name...i checked the back room which was empty we only had boxes in
there for storage....looked out the window to see if my mom was calling me
but nothing i checked the baby turned off the t.v. and went to
wife was sound asleep i called her name when i went in to the roon and no
answer..we only had 2 mattresses on the floor cause we where just starting
out ....i layed down back to back of my wife not even 30 seconds had passed
when the bed felt as though someone heavy was in between us and got up moving
me from side to side i turned over and awoke my wife which was still asleep
asked her where she went she said nowhere she was sound asleep she
said......i got her and my son out of the house went to my moms stayed there
till we had the house prayed for by a pasture of a church we where going to.
He said as he and my uncle which was very spiratul walked from room to room
they both had a vision of the on a hill shining bright and spirits circling
the house above they wanted in that night i let them in some how.......Some
time later almost 8 years we where living with my grandparents....when one
night my grandfather had a massive heartt attack in his bed we tried to save
him i even gave C.P.R. but i didn't work  the Firedepartment showed and moved
us to another room i was to late i heard my grandfather talk hi Death breath
the life he lived was gone forever.......i was crushed i loved him so
much....after the funeral several family members came to ask me about the
night before he was a father to me and treated me like his son and not his uncles and aunts knew this well they al wished they could
have been there they where almost jealous that was the feeling that i got
from them talking to me........Well my grandmother switched rooms with us as
she could no longer sleep in that night again almost asleep my
grandfather came to the door of the room which was open called my name
"Butch" He spoke to me saying that it was OK told me goodbye.....i got up
from bed where he walked to his den and sat in his desk where he did his time
cards everynight he was a foreman for the railroad......he sat in his desk
where he looked releived turned to me and disappearred.....i felt great joy
and could not stop from crying that was the first time i had cried since the
funeral i always felt that i had to be brave for the family ...hard to
believe the next day i was talking to my neighbor which are back yards
connected my grandfather was well like in the hood and had many
friends...well i was going to open up and tell him being a good friend we
grew up together i didn't get a word in when he said that the night prior he
saw a bright lite over my housewhen he went out back to see he said i won't
believe it but he said through the sliding glass window he saw my grandfather
sitting at his desk  i told him i know i saw i wasn't going crazy
.......after all.....i still get these strong feeling which i have come to
except as good feelings and have always been fascinated by paranormal stories
and experiences i have now put this site on my favorites list ......PLEASE
RESPOND to my mail address which is "" any explanations
would be greatly appreciated THank you,

Old Court House Inn


This is the name of a restaurant.  It's a 2 story cream city brick building with the restaurant on the first floor and living quarters upstairs.  While knowing a woman who lived next door to this place, she would always come to work telling us of the
"ghost" that lives next door.  At the time the building was vacant and up for sale.  Her driveway and bedroom window were on the side of this restaurant where you could see suspicious movement in one of the upstair windows.  There were curtains on
the window and she would tell us how sometimes one curtain would be open, while other times they would both be open or both be closed.  There were times that one side of the curtain would be "drawn" to the side from the middle like someone, or something, was holding it open.  One other time there was a candle burning in that window.  I was always one to not believe unless I could see it for myself.  I went out there one night and parked my car facing the "window" for about a half an hour.  I saw nothing.  I parked in a different spot to get a view of the upstairs because none of the other windows
had coverings and you could see through the building with the street lights shining through the other side.  While out there I thought maybe teenagers or vagrants had entered using the vacancy as shelter.  Being that it was winter and the last snowfall we had was approximately 2 weeks prior, I looked for footprints to and from all the entrances to the building.  There were none.  I later moved my car to my original location and watched just as the curtain on the upper level was drawn open as if someone was looking out.  I finally believed that there was someone or somthing up there and the stories were true.  After talking to certain area people I was informed that the place had a history of being haunted.  It was for sale because the woman, previous owner, lost her son to suicide in that apartment upstairs.  But according to people who are familiar with this story, it was allegedly haunted before the suicide.  True or not True?  I believe what I saw and have no logical explanation for it except that a curios ghost lives there.

Safety Town

A few years back, I worked with young children to teach them safety. It was
a program called Safety Town, and trips to the fire house and municipal
building were always scheduled. So we went to the municipal building and
were in a small courtroom with other workers and the children. The lights
were turned off so that the chilren could watch a movie. I was sitting on
the floor in the front row with a few of my friends when we all saw whiteish
ghosts sitting in the chairs around the table. There were four of us that
noticed them but I don't think anyone else did because they were busy
watching the movie. This was the only time I ever saw ghosts but two of the
others had seen quite a few of them.

Saved by a Crashing Flouresent Light


The house that I grew up in, I believe strongly was shared with spirits of some kind. I heard a lot of differnt noises such as, doors creeking and foot steps. My parents always told me it's an old house with drafts. Which could explain the creeking
doors, but what about the foot steps I heard? I always saw some kind of floating almost transparent fog. It didn't hold a particular shape and never stayed for long. I became very confortable with these spirits. Sometimes I sensed that they were there watching me, but I didn't always see them. I didn't fear them, I actually felt very secure and safe. There was only one room that I couldn't bare to be in. Ofcourse that was my bedroom. Even my dog wouldn't go in that room. I spent many nights in my parents room untill they gave me a differnt room to sleep in. Anyhow, the main thing I wanted to share, I can not
explain "logically" but I am glad that it happened. I was about eight or nine years old and I was sitting in the kitchen watching my Mom cook. I sat at the bar underneath a flouresent light. I was resting my chin on my hand. I didn't hear a noise, nor did I sense anything, but for some reason I looked up at the light and then brought my head back down. The next thing I knew I was lifted and flying backwards across the room. I landed on my feet on the other side of the kitchen table. It was about six feet from where I was to where I landed. As I went backwards I watched the light come crashing down. I didn't feel anything grab me. I do know that there is no way I jumped. I didn't know that the light was going to fall. I've wondered for years if something saved me from the fallen light or did I sense it was going to happen before it did. Either way doesn't sound logical to me at all. If I would have atleast heard a noise from the light I could use the adrinline reasonI'm not sure why I looked at the light. Maybe a spirit was looking through my eyes. (Just a thought) Anyhow thats my story of the house I grew up in. My Dad still owns the house, but he rents it out. I know this sounds strange but when it's empty with no tenants I go and visit the house hopeing that something will answer my questions, but I am just a little too scared to ask, because I don't want to contact the wrong spirit.

Tapped Shoulder


i live in ontario, canada.  in december of 1998 my husband and i purchased a bungalow.  one night we had an argument and i went to the basement to do some laundry, and to be by myself for a while.  i put the laundry in the machine and was reading a book-not a scary one either- when i heard my husband come walking down the stairs.  the wood of the stairs makes a particular squeak, so i was sure he was coming down as he was the only other person home.  i guess i wasn't entirely startled when i felt him tap my left shoulder, but i sure was when i turned and no one was there.  i had been angry with him
 and that is why i paid no attention when i heard him come down the stairs.  so i calmly (really) went upstairs and told my actual husband what had just happened.  nothing else notable has happened before or since.  whoever it was that tapped my shoulder that night, i believe is gone now.  i say that because i am no longer uneasy at home alone at night.  maybe i have just gotten used to it, though i doubt it because i never ever want to see a spirit.

Arthur's  Haunting


I would like to relate some of the experiences my family and myself have had
with regards to the spirit world.
I was born in Albany, NY. I grew-up in a house at 56 Elm Street which (in
fact the whole neighborhood) was built in 1858. My great-grandmother bought
the house in 1918. She was an Italian immigrant who had mystical
experiences. Previous to moving to Elm Street, she had lived on Western
Avenue. At the Western Avenue house, she had a visitation of the Blessed
Mother (Maria díJersulemme) as an answer to a prayer to cure her daughter
(my grandmother) who was congenitally crippled. Mary gave my great
grandmother instructions to follow, which resulted in my grandmother being
able to walk. For four generations we have lit candles to Mary as thanks for
this gift. (I can tell you details about this if you are interested.)
My family has had a lot of paranormal experiences, especially my sister Sue
who can read palms and minds; as well as myself.
My first experience was after college. I had just graduated and was
separated from my partner who had moved to Philadelphia. The mail I was
sending to the address he had given me was being returned and I had no phone
number. I was frantic to find out what was happening to him. I agreed to
spend the night with a friend this July. While I was there, ( it was in
Albany, but I no longer remember the street) I awoke at about 3:00am to a
bright light emanating from the foot of the bed. It was brilliant, but did
not hurt the eyes. It was female, but without any overtly female
characteristics. I knew at once that I was facing Mary, the mother of Jesus.
I tried to speak and found that I could not. I wanted to ask, What do you
want? Immediately as I thought of the question, I received the answer very
calmly, Everything will be all right. I struggled vainly to ask another
question, What do you mean? because I was confused with this message.
Again I was answered, Everything will be all right. At that point my
friend came to me and asked if I was all right, because I seemed to be
mumbling. I turned my head to him and clearly and effortlessly, said, Iím
OK. And then turned back to the foot of the bed to find the bright woman
My father died a few years after I graduated college. He had  a heart attack
while bowling. A month after his death, my sister Sue was walking down the
stairs of the Elm Street house. Halfway down, she froze and watched our
father come through the front door, up the stairs, pass through my sister
and on through the door on the second landing. As he passed through my
sister, he said, Iím home.
I moved to Philadelphia and was living at 5922 Master Street in a house
which was built in 1900. It was about six years after my Visitation. My
partner had been murdered in November the day before Thanksgiving , I was in
a state of deep depression and my life was disintegrating around me. My
partner was dead, I had lost my job, I couldnít keep up the house I was at
the lowest point of my life, everything was going wrong. It was now the end
of February or the beginning of March. I was lying in bed as the day was
breaking. It was turning out to be a grey day and I was thinking about what
I was going to do. I began to notice a breeze coming from the window, and I
thought how drafty the window was. Then I realized that the window was shut,
and the breeze was getting stronger. Suddenly, I felt my partnerís presence
come through the closed window, pass over me and into the room. As he passed
over me, he kissed me on the cheek. The kiss had a burning sensation, which
lasted the whole day. After his arrival, I would see him sitting in the
bedroom chair as I passed the room. I would hear footsteps in the hall while
I was downstairs or I would hear the steps creak as if someone were walking
up them. One night, I was lying in bed in the dark, by myself. I felt the
bed sag under the weight of someone sitting on it. My back was to the
sitter, who then leaned his back against the back of my legs. I froze in
fear, because I knew I was alone in the house. On another night, I saw a
dark figure crawl across the floor of my bedroom and under the bed. And
another time, I watched my partnerís ghost climb up the stairs, as I looked
over the banister from the top floor. I had been drawn to look by the
creaking stairs. Eventually, I began to think that I was going insane. I
finally broke down one day after seeing my partner in the bedroom chair and
screamed out, What do you want from me! I did not see him after that, but
I did feel him around. It made me sad that I drove him away.
During this low point in my life, I began to question a lot of things
including the message of my visitation, Everything will be all right.
Everything was far from all right. I went to Elm Street in Albany to visit
my family for Christmas that year. On Christmas Eve, I was restless and was
wide awake at 3:00 am or so, thinking about the bad turn my life was taking.
Very slowly, beginning with then ceiling, then extending down, the walls of
the room began to grow soft and cloudy until the whole solid structure of
the bedroom became like a mist. Then a figure, slowly began to descend from
above, until he (I got the distinct impression that this figure was male)
lay on top of me and covered me with his body, positioning himself so that
he covered me completely and placed his mouth against my ear. It was the
most secure and safe, feeling that I have ever experienced. He then
proceeded to explain to me what was happening to me, why it was happening
and what my future would be. He talked for about twenty minutes or so and
then the whole process reversed itself, first with the man lifting off of me
and drifting up and then the room solidifying again. The reverse process was
The Christmas prior to my angel experience (as I call it), my sister Sue was
living in the same apartment. (56 Elm Street is a row house with four
floors, three upper floor and a basement level, each floor having been
converted into an apartment. The top floor is where my angel experience took
place. My sister Sue had lived there, and then moved into the middle floor.)
Christmas Eve is when my family traditionally gathers to celebrate the
holiday. We put the children to bed for their Christmas morning experience,
then the adults celebrate. My sister Sue had put her son Miguel to bed.
Miguel was about three or four at this time. Sue came downstairs to the
first floor to join the family festivities. At this time in her life, Sue
had gone through an unpleasant divorce, with a vindictive custody battle.
Her finances were a mess and her dating life non-existent. She was lonely
and desperate. After some merry-making, Sue left the party and went upstairs
to her apartment to check on her son. A few minutes later she was back at
the party white-faced and shaking. We all wanted to know what was wrong; was
Miguel sick we all guessed? She told us that Miguel was awake when she went
upstairs to check. He told her, Gramma can to visit me, she said to tell
you that everything will be all right.
Sue asked him, What gramma, Gramma is downstairs, she hasn't come
Not that gramma, this one is older, he said. Gramma Aurilio is at her
house. What are you talking about?,  Sue was getting impatient.
Gramma, Miguel insisted now and was becoming exasperated. She said not to
worry, that everything will be all right. Sheís older than Gramma Aurilio.
Sue understood now, she replied,  the only gramma that is older than Gramma
Aurilio, is Nonni and she died twenty years before you were born!"
"That's who came to visit!," Miguel said now excited, "She said everything
is going to be all right!"
My sister was shaken by this incident, "I have a weird son.," she would say
when she repeated this story.
Later that year, my sister Sue had an incident that changed her life. Late
one night, she was using the Ouija board to divine her future. She had
gotten into the habit of doing this frequently. She had also taken up the
tarot and palm reading. The tarot she was only fair at but palm reading came
to her intuitively and with instant understanding. This night she was using
the Ouija board, when she began to feel cold. She put it away and went to
bed. Once in bed she felt something climb in the bed with her and pin her
down to the mattress. It put its whole weight on her and held her hands out
over her head. She struggled, but couldn't get up. Yelling and cursing did
nothing to free her. Finally she thought of reciting the Lord's Prayer. With
that, the entity jumped up and flew under the bedroom door out into the
hall, where it left in a red flash of light and demonic laughter. After that
incident, she never did the Ouija board again and stopped all forms of
divination and exploration of the paranormal.
I moved to 1623 Fitzwater Street, in Philadelphia, PA. One night while
living there, I awoke to see a woman from the waist up hovering over my bed.
She was an elderly black woman with an artificial looking wig on her head. I
stared at her for about five minutes, neither of us communicated, then she
disappeared. A few day later, I saw as I was lying in bed, the dark form of
a man in my bedroom doorway. I asked who he was and what he wanted, but the
form only shuffled back and forth in the corned of the doorway. At the end
of that week, I got the news that a friend of mine's mother had died and
that a male friend of mine had finally passed from AIDS after a long
After Philadelphia, I moved to New York City. I lived on East 13th Street,
between First and Second Avenues. During my stay there, I would get this
overwhelming feeling of being stared at while I was sleeping by a small boy
between the ages of six and eight. He would stare at me only inches from my
face. When I would open my eyes, I would see his light, small figure dash
out of the room and down the hall. Sometimes I would be reading in bed and I
would see him peek around the corner in the hall, then disappear when he saw
that I was awake. This went on until I moved.
I moved to East 9th Street. There I awoke one night to see my boyfriend
sleeping next to me and sitting up on the edge of the bed; there were two of
my boyfriend in one spot. The one sitting on the edge of the bed looked at
me with a smile and said, "Hello, bye," then jumped off the edge of the bed
and scurried out of the room.
Then we moved to Fifth Street, in Jersey City, NJ. The house had been owned
by Charlie and Maggie Olson since 1958. Charlie had died a year prior to our
acquiring the property. The family, had not made any repairs or improvements
to the one hundred and forty-two year old house since they moved in. This
included painting from the looks of things. We started into renovating as
soon as we received ownership. We had no plans to do anything major to the
house, except paint and plaster. We respected the age and design of the
property. About a week after moving in, I had a strange dream where I
watched a grey haired man in blue work clothes crawling through a tunnel of
light. After that dream I began to see Charlie in the house, or feel his
presence. At first he preferred to hang around the skylight at the top
landing. He always stayed in the hallway and stairwell. He would peek in
doors occasionally, but never come in any of the rooms, except when I was
fixing the room that had been Maggie's bedroom. There he seemed to make the
repairs difficult. He doesn't approve of our changes to his house. He once
went away for a week, to visit his wife (she moved to Bayonne) and then came
back. Now after a year, Charlie isn't as strong a presence as he was,
although he is still lingering at the turn in the stairs. A darker force
inhabits the dining room. The dining room is in the basement level of the
house and is four feet underground and six feet above. I cannot get a fix on
what this force is, except that it isn't good and it is much older than
Charlie. It does not enter the kitchen, which is on the same level as the
dining room and will creep up the stairs, following me, but only as high as
the ceiling of the dining room. Our neighborhood was built on a swamp, which
may have something to do with the dark force.
The top front bedroom, where we sleep, seems to be a safe space. I credit
St. Joseph with helping us get this house. On St. Joseph's day this past
March, I lit a candle as an offering of thanks. The light of the candle in
the darkness of the room formed the figure of a man. Directly above the
candle flame was the head the arms and torso stretched across the ceiling to
the light fixture (which is phallic shaped) his phallus was formed by the
light fixture and his legs and feet stretched beyond. The entire figure of
light was twelve feet long and three dimensional. It stayed as long as the
candle burned; which was about a week. I had been seeing three dimensional
light ever since we began to sleep in the room. I have looked for the
source, street lights or the moon. But it persists even without those
I would appreciate your comments on any of these phenomena.

Little Girl Lost



As for our story, we were stationed in Okinawa. It was 1987 and I was
pregnant. We moved into a larger house on a differnt part of the base
right before the baby was born (a few days actually!). After bringing the baby
home we noticed that our dog seemed uneasy in the baby's room but wouldn't
leave as long as the baby was in the room. She was extremely protective. Within
a few weeks we began to notice odd happenings. Things like the baby crying
but upon entering his room we'd find his mobile going. We just assumed one of
our older children had wound it up and gone out the other door. Then as he
grew we'd notice him staring and laughing at different spots on the ceiling or
walls, he'd wake up from a nap and cry for us and when we'd enter his room
he'd be laughing and playing with toys that I knew weren't in his crib
when he was sleeping but suddenly he's playing contently with them. On
different occassions we'd see shadows going around corners. Several times late at
night while I was up with the baby or waiting for my husband to come home (he
was  a shift worker) I'd feel like someone was there and my dog would growl and
the hairs on her back were up. One night as I sat rocking my son I felt like I
was being watched and quickly turned around catching a glimpse of a little
blonde haired girl about 3 years old. As soon as I turned around she
disappeared. I looked but couldn't find her. After this it became like a
game. She'd appear just long enough for me to see her then disappear and
I'd look for her. I soon grew tired of this and when she'd disappear I'd just
sit  there. This led to a game like peek-a-boo. As we played my baby would
giggle and laugh and I knew this was "who" he'd been playing with in his
room. The more we played the more she let me see her. She was always
wearing a little pink housecoat  (the quilted one with lace that was popular about
20-25 years ago) and slippers with bunny heads on the front of the foot
with floppy ears (also in pink and white). She had long blonde hair (to about
the middle of her back)and big blue eyes. She was a beautiful child and had
such a happy laugh. She seemed to stay in the baby's room or the square hallway
between the bedrooms and bathroom. She never did anything bad and seemed
very concerned about keeping the baby happy. Any time he even whimpered we'd
know that no matter how quickly we'd get to his room he'd already have his
favorite toys in his crib before we'd get there. On several occassions my
husband saw her and they also played peek-a-boo. She was always sweet and
playful. We knew she'd never harm the baby so we didn't worry when we
heard him laughing or when we saw him pointing and playing with things we
couldn't see. Our other children saw her on occassion and they too witnessed the
toys being in the crib even though they knew they'd been across the room on the
shelves. The little girl just became a part of our house in a sense. She
seemed happy and like I said she loved playing with the baby and making
him happy. We lived there until my son was about 18 months old. It was
actually sad leaving her when we were reassigned. We wondered who she was and what
the story was behind her and I called the MP station to see if there was any
reports of anything happening in our house. They couldn't find anything.
Looking in old papers I couldn't find anything. So we never solved the
mystery of the little girl but always wondered. Many years later my
husband  also died. After his death the children and I often felt him in the house.
On several occassions we even saw him. After moving out I rented the house to
a friend's family. They asked me if I had noticed anything weird happening.
I asked why and they told me that they had a grandfather clock that they
both had stppoed winding and suddenly it was wound. The entire time they lived
there the clock stayed wound.
Well that's "my" story of the litttle girl and also a tad about my
husband. I've always believed in ghosts which might be why I've seen them several
times in different places. Perhaps they sense my openess to them. I've
never encountered a mean spirit for which I'm thankful! If you ever hear from
the Daisy that wrote the story I wrote yopu about please pass on my address.
I'd be interested in knowing if she was in the same house or even near where
we lived in Okinawa. I'm once more living in Okinawa. Thanks for replying to
my letter and feel free to write me again if you have questions or comments.

Gettysburg Ghost


It was in 1988 while at Gettysburg battle field with then husband.That the
very strange had happen.I knew when i first got out of the car that strange
would start to happen and that someone was watching and following me. These
strange things would becaused by 125 year old ghosts. There were very few
people(alive) at the battle field because it was some what cold out.We had
taken along 3 cameras 1-instant 1-disk 1-35mm. We were taking pictures of
the battle field while using the instant camera none of the pics came out
all were black. then using the other to cameras to take pics of differnt
things. I was taking a pic of the hubby, when I saw a man that was in grey
standing infront of the hubby to please move. Hubby thought for sure that i
was totally crazy for talking to some who he didn't see, I tried to explain
to him that there was a grey man standing in front of him.He keeping yelling
take the picture theres noone standing there.I took picture but told him if
a grey man shows up infront of you i don't wante tried to use it. The 35mm
camera would not rewind it would say it was rewind but was not. I took that
camera into the flim shop to be looked at the guy told me it looked like the
camera had been sitting near a very high electrical field for a long time
the insides chips were damaged.
When i told this to a Dr. what had happen he told that some people have a
supernatural gift that they can feel, see and hear and sometimes even join
the Ghost world. And that I was one of those people who had the gift and
thats why all my life i could see hear feel the ghost that others said
wasn't there.

Little Boy


About 9 years ago I believe that a house that I was renting in Toronto Canada was haunted.  I was renting the main floor and upstairs of the house with one of my friends and her baby boy.  Before I moved in my friend had mentioned some strange things that had happened, but I didn't really believe her.  She had said that she would hear heavy breathing over the baby monitor, shortly before the baby would wake up screaming.  She was positive that it wasn't coming from the baby, but something or someone else.
Some of the things that happened while I was living there were questionable.  Others weren't.  For example;I would leave the door of the bathroom open when I was taking a shower (no one else was home) but the door would be closed when I got out of the shower.  The floor was carpeted so the door didn't move freely.If the light switch on the wall was in the "off" position, the light would turn, as well as the reverse.  We would be sitting downstairs watching T.V. and we would hear footsteps across the hallway upstairs.  The tap in the kitchen would be turned off, but water would start running and we couldn't turn it off.  It would stop by itself.  One time we had a cordless phone,
unplugged on the shelf, without any batteries in it and the phone started ringing.  Small things would get moved around.  Little things like that were happening, but we weren't scared or anything.  I thought is was interesting.  Of course no one else really believed us.
    What changed everything was when my boyfriend stayed over one night.  He woke up in the middle of the night and he said he saw a little boy maybe 7 or 8 years old standing at his feet.  He described him as wearing a red jacket and a baseball cap.  For whatever reason something about the boy made him close his eyes and kind of kick out.  When he opened his eyes again there was nothing there.  From that point on other friends saw and heard things too.      One of our friends was over with her 3 year old son.  They were staying over, so I was putting her son to sleep in my bed.  I read him a story and everything was fine.  About 20 minutes later he was sceaming at the top of his lungs.  When we rushed upstairs, he was completely freaking out.  He said there was a boy in the room.  We tried to question him about it and what we gathered was that the boy was older than him and he was wearing a baseball cap.  The strange thing was when I asked him where the boy was he pointed at my bedroom window.  My bedroom was on the top floor.  We brought Mathew downstairs with us since he was too upset to stay upstairs. Later on he had to go to the washroom which was also updtairs.  I brought him to the washroom and since he seemed fine I left him there to come back by himself.  A couple of minutes later he came back down; he hadn't even pulled up his pants.  A little bit later we were kind of playing with Mathew and we asked him if he knew where the little boy was.  He pointed to the living room window.  We told him to tell him to come inside, so Mathew went to the front door and told him to come in.  Then he was gone.
    After all of this had happened, we began to play with the "ghost" as we had started to call it.  We had a bunch of friends over one night and were reading Tarot cards and talking about the ghost.  One of our friends came up with the idea of putting a quarter in a circle rubbed into the carpet in my roommates room.  We then rubbed out all of the footprints leading into the room in order to be able to tell if someone had walked in the room.  The idea was to see if the quarter would still be inside of the circle when we went back to check.  Later on in the night I had to go upstairs, so I brought another one of my friends with me (for proof) to check on the quarter.  It was flipped over, outside of the circle.  No one else had been upstairs.I had wanted to hold a seance or something but my roommate was starting to get upset by this point, so we didn't do anything.That's pretty much everything that had happened because we ended up moving out not too long after that.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone else in that house ever experienced anything, or what the history was behind the house.

Ghost Doctor


I have enjoyed reading some of the many accounts of the supernatural on your
web site and would like to contribute my own, or rather, that of my mother.
I only know of one ghost story, but it is either true, or I'm calling my mum
a liar. She used to be a nurse at Nottingham City Hospital (in England)
before I was born and one night she was working a night shift, when a doctor
whom she had not seen before approached her and told her to keep an eye on
one particular patient. She did as she was instructed, even though the
patient seemed to be relatively stable. Later that night, the patient went
in to cardiac arrest and almost died. My mum was astonished at how the
doctor could have predicted such a thing and went to tell her ward sister.
The ward sister didn't seem surprised and asked my mum to describe the
doctor's appearance. She did so, then the ward sister took my mum to the
entrance of the hospital wing, where a large painting hung, at the bottom of
which was a commemorative plaque which bore a name, a date of birth and a
date of death.
My mum recognised the man in the painting as the doctor she had met earlier.
"Yes, I thought it might have been him." Said the ward sister. "I'm told
that he comes back from time to time to check on the patients".



Well I live in a small house in Taunton,MA. My hauntings are very weird, because different things happen.Let me get started on telling you, I have a book case that is located in the hall way at the top of the staircase leading up to the bed rooms.
Well six out of ten times the books fall I mean the big books that we keep on top of the book case. One time a big dictionary fell and I dodged it by an inch.
Another experience is one night a friend was sleeping over and we were in the living room. It was about 12:00PM when we were just about to doze off. All of a sudden there was the biggest boom it sounded like someone took a bowling ball threw it up in the air and let it slam on the floor. One time when I was in my room starting to fall asleep there was something that caught my eye in the corner of my room. It was a misty figure of a old women. She just stood in the corner for about 4-5 min. than disapered. The two most frighting experiences that ever happened to me were both in me room at night. First I was just laying there when a white-ish fog glided across the floor and right throught the door hopefully the first and last time I will ever see that.  The second thing is when (this experience was so frighting my hands are shaking now) I was laying there in my bed ,once again, and I had the sensation someone or something was sitting on my legs. So, I tried to lift my legs up but it just wasent working. Than a few seconds later my legs flew up and werent held down. Now the most thing that happens is the books.

Black Angel Of Iowa


 I have grown up two blocks away from this cementary. Me and my brother played around and even climed on her. One late afternoon my brother and I went to a wooden park nearby the cementary. When we lost track of time, we realized the sun was setting. As we started home we both got the feeling we were being watched. Then we could here footsteps behind us. As we went faster so did the footsteps.. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us still hearing the sound behind us. We saw the Angel and ran towards the cementary to her. The street lights lit her up we figured we would be safe there. When we entered the cementary we could hear someone in the shadows walking in the leaves on th ground. We got closer to the Black Angel I saw a blue light come from her eyes. We jumped up on the base of her, backs against her. We felt safe, and the sounds faded away. My brother than asked me if I saw the blue eyes. About ten to fifteen min. later my grandmother walked up  looking for us. The words still ring in my ears today to what she said to us."When I could not find you two at the park, I knew the Angel was taken care of you." My grandmother has lived near there for over fifty years. Any stories that I have heard about her. The teenagers, years ago that took a chainsaw and cut her fingers off. They got killed in a car accident driving down I-80 before constuction was done. The drove into a big hole and all was decapitated.

Buildings 2&10 at Sinclair Community College


I am currently attending Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio for my
Step 2 Tool and Die Machinist certificate. When I first started at Sinclair,
I was scheduled to take classes in building 10, and I had to walk through
building 2 to get to some of my other classes in building 5. When I would
walk through building 2, I would always get a serious feeling of dread, and
it was as if a thousand things were staring at me from whatever shadows were
there. I am not a guy that is easily intimidated, being 6'3", 360# and a
martial artist for most of my life, as well as being a Zen practitioner. I
would often feel like I was being watched in building 10, where my classes
were being held in the lower level classrooms, and on the grounds between
Building 2 and 10. I don't get the feeling like they are practically on top
of me anymore, since I now have a Seal of Solomon, which has certain hebrew
symbols and divine names on it to disperse negative energy, but none the
less, I looked up the history of the grounds that these buildings are built
on. I found out that the city's gallows were once there, where many prisoners
were executed. This would explain the build up of negative energy, and the
multitude of other occurences I also heard about from other students, and
teachers. What I am about to relate to you is second hand-my friend talked to
these people and related it to me when he heard about my investigative
efforts into the schools reported incidents- from a pair of former security
officers that experienced it, and now refuse to go anywhere near Blair Hall,
let alone the vicinity of building 2. They were on their usual rounds
checking to see if all the doors were secure around 11:30-11:45pm, and split
up to check Blair Hall and the upper floors of building 2. The female guard
went into Blair Hall, to check the stage door, and back stage for students in
the drama class before securing the theatre area, since they often kept late
hours rehearsing. When she went in to check, the theater was almost pitch
black, so she reached for her flashlight to turn it on. Before she could, she
heard footsteps and a rustling noise in the vicinity of the stage. She
cautiously backed out and went outside to call for her partner. Within a
couple minutes, he had joined her, and told him what she had heard. They
proceded into the theater with their lights on, slowly scaning  the stage
area to see who was the cause of the noise. Their beams came to rest on a
dark shape toward the right side of the stage, which appeared to be very
large, possibly 8 or 9 feet tall with no distinct features about it with the
exception of two slits where the eyes should have been, which glowed with a
peircing red light. They told my friend-who also works in security- that they
drew their guns at this point and told "it" to stay where it was and
identified themselves as security officers. It then began to approach them,
as they described it it was gliding rather than walking, and started to laugh
at them, almost deafeningly. They told it to stop twice more before they
opened fire, and dumped 2 8-round clips total into it, and it kept coming,
after appearing to react to the bullets hitting it. At that point, the thing
was only 10 meters from them, and they couldn't have missed. they turned and
ran, and called for backup once they got out of the theater, and continued
running out of the building. Once more backup arrived a few minutes later,
they went in and checked, and with the exception of the casings on the floor
from their sidearms, no trace was found of the bullets, or the "thing". I
hope that I never run into this entity, which was evidently solid enough to
take bullet impacts, and keep coming. I don't know what it was, but I have
heard speculation about it being a wraith or a demon, or perhaps the mass
negative energy from all the people they hung there.

Dark Shadows


I have had many experiences, but I will tell you about the first that I can
remember. When I was about 4 and my sister 6, our family lived in a very
small house located in a suburb of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were there
for a couple of years and lots of strange stuff happened. My father tells me
now that my mom and him were aware of it, but did not want to scare my
sister and I by acknowledging it. The layout of the house was simple. You
entered directly into the living room, with the kitchen being straight
ahead. Off to the left of the living room was a small dark hallway, with two
bedrooms on the left, and the bathroom and master bedroom on the right. Off
the master was another bathroom that led to the kitchen again.
My sister and I slept in the room furthest down the hall on the left, across
from the master. Almost every night we would scream to my dad that there was
a gorilla in the closet, and he would come in, bang around in the closet,
pronounce the gorilla evicted for the night, and we would happily fall
asleep. The thing is, we would actually see something big and dark moving
around in the closet. Most times it would just stand there, never exiting,
just staring (it was featureless, but you could feel it watching). Often, we
would awaken in the morning to see that darned closet door open after we had
watched our father shut it the night before. To this day I must have the
closet door shut or I will not be able to sleep for fear I might see
something in there! (And no, there was nothing wrong with the door. It
latched quite firmly.)
Invariably, and this is the part that always terrified me the most, I would
have to go to the bathroom at night. It was down the hall next to the
entrance to the living room. The living room was always pitch dark, as my
mom had very heavy curtains over the window to keep the sun from heating it
up in the summer and at night to keep the streetlight from lighting up the
whole house (it was right outside and very bright). What little light there
was filtered in from the tiny kitchen window, and on a night with little or
no moon it was DARK!
My parents left the bathroom light on at night so my sis and I could find
our way there and not be so scared. (And so we wouldn't keep waking them up
to take us!) Whenever I had to go at night, there was always a large black
shadow standing right at the edge of the light spilling across the hall from
the bathroom. It was like it couldn't cross that light barrier. It just
stood there motionless, darker than the darkness around it. My sister and I
insisted that a witch lived in the living room at night. (Although now I am
more inclined to think the presence was male, it was just witches wore all
black, and it seemed to have a pointy hat...) It never harmed me or my sis
in any way, it just stood there. We would talk about it once in awhile, and
we confirmed we had each seen the same thing. Sometimes, we would even wait
for the other to have to go to, so we could go together. I was also under
the impression somehow that the presence in the closet was not the same as
the one in the living room.
Once, my sis and I had gotten up way earlier than my parents. It was that
blue-gray twilight just before dawn. Probably around 5:30 or 6 am. We had
gone into the kitchen since the 'witch' left as soon as it started to
lighten even a little bit in the living room, from light coming in the
kitchen window. We were going to color and draw and did not want to disturb
our parents so early. As we sat at the kitchen table, which was right across
from the living room entrance, an intensely bright ball of light shot across
the living room at great speed. It took probably less that a second to go
from the hallway side to the outer wall of the living room. Remember, the
living room window was covered by heavy curtains. So no passing car
headlights could explain this. The kitchen window faced the back yard, which
was bordered by a six foot high cinder block wall, which faced an alley,
which was bordered by another six foot high wall bordering the neighbor's
yards. So no headlights could come in that way either. We simply looked at
each other and continued coloring.
My dad told me he would hear heavy booted footsteps on the roof (it was a
one story house, with little or no attic space). Upon investigation, of
course, nothing would be found.
The alley behind the house scared me as well. It was used by the city for
trash pick-up. It had these concrete pads recessed into the walls. There
were two foot high walls around the pads in the back yards of the houses so
trash cans and bags could be lifted over them and set onto the concrete pad.
I remember seeing an old man, dressed in rags, coming down the alley one day
when I was out there (not being allowed out there, of course I had to go
investigate). I became frightened and turned to run back into the yard
through the trash pick-up bin. I was about six at the time, so I was just
big enough to climb the two foot walls around the bin in the back yard. I
glanced back just as I entered the bin and he had simply disappeared. From
the time I looked away to the time I looked back was just a second or so.
Since the alley was bordered by six foot cinder block walls, and he was
nowhere near a neighbor's bin that I could tell, to this day I don't know
where he went.

Duck your head in the kitchen


During high school I had a friend who lived down the road from my
house.  Very often when school let out early, we headed immediately for
her house since both her parents worked and we could get into whatever
mischief we wanted without an authority figure to answer to.   Well,
everyone in her family, including her, were neat freaks.  This meant
that in her home there was not a crumb to be found on a table, not a
smudge mark on the mirrors, etc.
Several times when we came home from school,( and for some reason, this
only happened on half days, mind you), we found all the kitchen
cupboards and drawers wide open.   Leaving cabinet doors open was an
impossibility for such a cautiously clean family like hers.  I sometimes
wonder whether her mother noticed this when she got home from work
before the rest of the family but just closed the doors and never said
anything to the rest about it.
I also wonder if this situation had anything to do with the myriad of
Indian Burial Mounds in the woods behind our houses.  Those woods were
said to be cursed and teens who partied back in those woods at a place
called "The Tables" told stories of being chased through the woods by an
invisible being.  I haven't found a way to tie in this thought with what
actually happened at my friends house though, but it was a very strong
thought at the time.

"The Girl in the Dress".


 When I was young we (my family)use to go to my greataunts' house in
Old Mines, Mo. for family gatherings. There all my aunts,uncles, and
cousins would gather for a "Bullion Party" which is a old french custom
of boiling chicken and eating it and the clear soup(bullion). Old Mines
is an old french mining town. After dinner the adults would play pinochle
which lead to nickel dime poker. The kids would be left to ourselves.We
would usually play hide and seek until the wee hours of the morning.for
some reason this night we (the kids) where discussing ghosts and other
such stuff in my cousin Mary's room(she lived
with with my greataunt). We then went outside (around 1am) and proceeded
to play hide and seek. Well my aunts yard is fenced in all around and
the only way in is from theroad across a small bridge which spanned a
deep gully. We were hiding around her yard behind sheds,outhouse, and
other parts of the yard. I was sneaking up the south side of the house(front
porch was base)when I saw a girl on the outside of the fence. Remember
I said to get outside the yard you had to go out the front gate. On this
side of the house there was about 10 feet to the fence from the house
and about the same from the fence to the edge of the woods. My aunt lived
in the woods about a mile from her nearest neighbor (which was family
who were at the party.This girl was blonde and about 5ft 2,wearing a
pink gingham dress (pink and white checkered) and standing just at the
edge of the woods, hands folded at her waist, watching me. I could just
make her out from the light from the front porch. Now that I think of
it I don't remember her face clearly. Well I thought it was my cousin
Patty, who was the only blonde at the party, and I whispered that I would
meet her on the front porch (figuring she had to go around to the gate
to get in the yard. I then proceeded along the house and ran-up and taggedbase.
Not more than a couple seconds later, patty came around the other side
of the house. She was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans! I didn't think
much about it the rest of the night. After getting home I realized that
the girl had not said anything and was wearing a dress (this party was
in October).We had these parties about once a month until my aunt died
several years later. I asked all my cousins,brother and sisters at the
next party if they had seen anything but none had. I still remember
this vividly 30yrs later (I was 14) and tell this story at family gatherings.
Maybe she heard us playing and she wanted to play too.

My Story

By: Sarah S.

I have always been fascinated with ghosts and the unexplained.  I never
thought I'd be faced to live with them though...
Everyone knows that certain individuals can be haunted, as well as homes and
woods and other things.  My experiences began when my sister Amy's friend
moved in with us.  Her friend had a troubled past, and her life was full of
sorrow.  One evening, Amy, her friend (Kim) and myself were in the dining
room chatting and such.  Suddenly Amy and Kim stopped talking and looked at
each other nervously.  They turned to me and asked simultaneously if I had
"felt that."  Then, without even waiting for my reply, they ran terrified
from the house.  Not knowing what was going on, I followed them.  To this
very day I am still not clear what happened.  They never really told me.
A few moths later, Amy was sitting on her bedroom floor cleaning her closet.
My father had left for work about an hour earlier, Kim was out, and my mother
and I were down in the family room watching a movie we had rented.  Suddenly
we heard Amy yell and start pounding on the floor.  My mother sent me up to
find out what had happened.  I went upstairs and called for Amy.  She quickly
opened her door and asked, "Were you just up here? Were you just outside my
door?"  I told her no, I was watching a film with my mother.  She didn't
believe me at first, since I have a long history of scaring the wits out of
her.  Them my mother came up and wanted to know what happened.  When she told
my sister that we had both been down watching a film, Amy bolted from her
room and ran to the family room.  She told us that she was cleaning her
closet when she heard footsteps walk down the hall and stop outside of her
room (which is in the middle of the hall).  Then she heard a knock on the
door, and what sounded like fingernails scratching down the length of the
door.  She at first thought it our father trying to scare her.    A short
while had past when she realized that she hadn't heard steps walk away from
the door.  It was also then that she realized our father had left for work
for the night and no one else was home.
No one believed her at first.  We thought it was here imagination since she
is a naturally jumpy person.  Then one day, Amy and I were in the family room
watching television.  Our parents were at work, and so was Kim.  We were
talking and laughing when we heard a noise.  We muted the T.V. and listened.
Then we heard the chair in the computer room rolling around on the hardwood
floor.  Sure enough, when we went to investigate, the chair was across the
room.  We knew it could not have been one of us because our mother always
yells when chairs are not pushed in.
Months had passed without much happening.   The most exciting thing was that
I would always hear my mother call my name, only to find out that my mother
would be on the phone, or not even be home at all.
After that, more thing began to happen.  My father was home alone working in
the basement when  he heard the front door slam and several heavy footsteps
go rushing through the upper part of the house.  One day, my mother was at
the dining room table reading her paper when she heard the kitchen/basement
door open, and the fridge and cabinets doors open and close.  Thinking it was
Kim coming to get a snack, she went into the kitchen only to find it empty.
She went down to Kim's room only to find her asleep.
The incidents ended as quickly as they started.  Then last major incident
happen one evening when Amy and Kim invited an old friend of theirs over to
watch movies and play pool in the basement.  We were all near the dining room
watching the movie when Amy's guest said he saw someone walking into the last
bedroom of the hall, which was my room at the time.  We told him he must be
mistaken, since no one else was home.  We quickly decided to play pool in the
basement.  We went down and started laughing and joking and listening to
music very loud.  Then we heard a noise.  We turned the music off and
listened.  We heard the basement door slam shut and heavy footsteps walk down
the stairs.  It repeated itself all to quickly for it to be human.  SLAM!
Thump-thump-thump...SLAM! Thump-thump-thump... over and over.  When it
finally stopped, we ran up from the basement and out of the house.
Nothing has happened since then, because Kim moved out soon after that.  We
believe that a spirit followed Kim around and stayed at our house during the
time Kim lived here.  I am still interested in ghosts, and now attend a
school which has had several sightings of a spirit named Emily.
I''ll let you know if anything happens with her.

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