My Friends Mom


Okay, something weird happend to me the other night.  I was sleeping.. And
the phone rang at 5:05am exactly.. I of course didn't even wake up by the
phone call, i saw it on the caller id when i woke up.  It was a cell number..
So i looked through my numbers to see if it was someone i knew, and sure
enough it was my friend Brian's number..So when i got home from work that
day, i talked to him.. and i said, why did you call me ay 5 am ?  And he
thought i was joking.. I said, no your cell number is on my caller id, did
someone else call here with your phone?  He said, no.. no one could have
called it was charging..I sat and thought about it for a minute..Then i
remembered a dream i had that night... I dreamt i saw his mom, and i gave her
a hug.. His mother passed away 6 months ago.  I told him about that, and he
said.. "Yes, that is weird.. she passed away exactly 6 months to the day
today" it was the same day.  That alone creeped me out, but what added to it
was when i told my mom.. After my friend left that night.. i locked up the
door.. and she asked.. did your friend lock the door when he left, i said.. i
did.. Because it was open.. Something woke her up, she said the dog and cat
were acting funny, so she went to check.. and it was open.. this happend the
day before yesterday.  And it's kind of cool, because I have known him and
his mom all my life, and i didn't get to go to her funeral, i feel like it
was her way of saying goodbye maybe.  Anyways, I thought it would be
interesting for your page..Thanks!

Ghost Cat


Hi! My name is Samantha and I am 14 years old. This story is about a cat who
used to live with my grandma. He named was Malo. We are a Spanish family. I used
to be good friends with Malo the cat. He was a beautiful cat but he always fought
with the neighborhood cats. So everytime he came home he was hurt. Years passed and
Malo was getting old so one day my aunt who lives with my grandma found Malo.
He lay on the ground and didn't move he was dead. I have no idea what my aunt
did with Malo but I think she buried him. A couple weeks later my brother and I were
playing catch inside the house even we weren't allowed to. So me and my brother were
playing in the living room when I felt something was behind me. When I look
around it was Malo but I could see right through him! He was walking toward me and then he disapper! That was the only time I saw Malo. My brother told me Malo was
saying goodbye to me and he was alright. Thanks for reading my story.

The Reflection


     One day i had just finished looking at a ghost website. when i
signed off i went in my bathroom to take a bath i noticed that the
mirror was all fogged up. I live alone and i had not taken a shower
since the night before. So without thinking i just wiped it with me
hands and i saw a lady in red standing behind me. ive seen her only once
since then and evrytime i do the room gets hot and the mirrors fogged up.



Hi, I have some ghost experiences/haunted places to share. While I read your
Haunted Places page, under Massachusetts, I noticed some stories I knew
weren't there. First, there is The Hornbine School in Rehoboth, MA. This
place dates to the 1800's, and is a single-roomed school, normal for that
time period. Well, the story goes that many people who live in the area go
out and walk their dogs or walking, etc., and hear people in the building, as
if there was a "class" in session. The last time the school was used for as a
school was early-1900's. My own personal experiences while ghosthunting was
a) I opened up on of the shutters on the outside of the school, and looked
inside  and saw  a strange  red glow from the inside. My friend, Gerald put
his hand on the shutter to close it,  and noticed a dramatic drop in
temperature near his hand. So, of course, we ran into his car and took off!
Another site is also in Rehoboth, MA. It is a "Rehoboth Historic Cemetetary,
#43 or #44". While with a bunch of friends, we patrolled a this cemetary.
After about 3-4 minutes, we saw a "light" above one of the graves. Anyone who
knows this area knows that it wasn't the glow from a streetlight, because
there are no streetlights in Rehoboth. Other places that I know are the Old
Shad Factory, The Giggling Ghost Cemetary, and "another" Ghost of Route 44,
except this one is a jogger. All of these places are in Rehoboth, MA.

All Hallows Eve


When I was six years old, I probably had my first encounter before All
Hallow's Eve. What happened was that I was moved to a different room in
my house that I wasn't used to. I constantly tried to stay away from
this room, even in the hallway. It had this dark magnetic grip to it.
The first time I slept there, I was scared beyond belief. I had no idea
ghosts really exist. This ghost was a terror, taking shapes and forms of
people I knew and other unworldly creatures. Next morning, I awoke to see my parents standing over me while I lay in bed, trembling and my nose bleeding for some odd reason.( I associated this "bleed" as a pinpoint ghost detector as I grew a bit.)
As I aged, I had one last encounter with a ghost. This one was different
in a way. It was feminine down to a fault. I could feel its touch and I could hear
it talk( more like hushed whispering). It once took form to what may
have been "her" human form. I only saw blue eyes and slightly grayish brown hair that was waist length.
But now, these days have been very quiet. No ghosts...

The Bed


When I was about 3 or 4 my parents bought me my first real bed. My Dad got
it from Ikea brand spanking new.  It was white,pretty and simple. Quickly, I
developed a huge fear of this bed because weird scarry things happened to me
in it.  Sometimes toys spoke to me and I had visions of people in my room.
Even though I was a child at the time I know it was not my imagination.
Unfortunatley, I can't remember how old I was when most of these thing
happened to me but this stuff happened between the ages of 4 and 13.
-As a small child I woke up because I felt like someone was in my room.  My
dresser had a big mirror on it and it was located opposite the bed.  I
looked into the mirror and saw smoke around my head.  I remember looking up
and throwing my arms up over my head to get rid of the smoke.  I thought
there was a fire and I started crying and rocking in my bed because I was so
-One night I believed their was wasps in my room buzzing around my head so I
hid under the blanket.  I could hear them and feel them landing on my
blanket.  I was trying to swat at them with a smaller blanket.  Eventually I
fell asleep.  When I awoke in the morning I found a wasp in that small
-One night I heard a noise in my closet.  I had a small yellow dino the
dinosaur stuffed animal in there.  I picked it up and it's eyes disappeared
as if to blink.  This stuffed animal had buttons for eyes.
-I was having a nightmare that there was a snake under the covers at the end
of the bed.  I was afraid it would bite me so my legs were pulled up to my
body.  That wasn't close enough because the dream snake bit me in my dream.
I woke up with a start because the dream bite hurt!  I pulled my foot out
from under the covers and my big toe was very red and sore.
-I was at home sick one morning when I woke up to a loating transparent
image of a street with people standing together in groups. It was like
watching TV.  The people were smaller and each was dressed in a different
era of clothing.  I remember a Victorian lady, and Indian and a small child
but there were more.  They were standing talking in group to each other.
There was no sound so I couldn't hear what they were saying.  Just like
watching TV.
-Numerous times things would disappear from my room never to be found again.
-Sometimes I'd hear a thumping sound under the bed and feel like I was being
watched.  I had a such a fear of putting my feet over the side of the bed
because I thought whatever lived under the bed would get me.  I always
jumped off the bed as far as possible so nothing could catch me and pull me
-*-*This is the kicker that coresponds with your story.  One night I was
lying on my side facing the wall.  My butt was hanging off the edge of the
bed.  All of a sudden I felt fingers rake down my back and butt.  I was
frozen with fear.  I was too scared to move but I stood up fast on the bed
and jumped as far away as I could from the bed.  I was scared to put my feet
over the side of the bed for fear whatever touched me would pull me under
the bed.  To this day I have no idea what actually happened.
Everything strange that happened to me centered around that Ikea bed. I
believe that bed was haunted.  I spent countless nights sleeping on the
floor beside my parents bed. When my parents bought me a new bed when I was
13 and they got rid of the Ikea bed, all that scarry stuff stopped that day.
  I believe it was that bed that was doing these horrible things to me.

Grooming Gloom


I felt and knew something was wrong that morning.  Especially when I was
brushing my hair and doing some general grooming and not even near the
hairdryer when it went on by itself....  At  exactly the same moment
that my friend called to tell me that Chris H. was killed in a deadly
car crash the night before.  I hope Chris is happy where she is, she was
good hearted and didn't deserve to die in such a violent fashion.

Haunted Nicely


    I grew up in very old house in rural Virginia.  The bottom floor of the
house was a hospital during the Revolutionary War.  My sister and I saw,
felt,  and heard many "unexplainable" things as we grew up.  I will tell you
of my most vivid and very true ghost memory.  I was about seven yrs. old and
had a nightmare one night.  My parents were still awake, three floors down.
Outside my bedroom door is a staircase with four steps, a landing, and then
18 steps to the main hall (this was where I saw a very vivid ghost on one or
two occasions).  At that age if I was in a hurry to get downstairs, I would
usually jump off of the last couple of steps into the hall.  On this
particular night, I jumped from the 15th step.  As soon as my feet left the
step, I felt someone scoop me up and I was floated down the rest of the way
in the arms of someone invisible.  I didn't see anything, but to this day I
am sure that at least one of the spirits in our house saved me from a VERY
bad fall, if not death. This is an absolutely true story.  I am well educated
and do not seek anything except to tell you about this.  My sister and I have
always felt that the ghosts that we grew up with were kind and looked out for
us.  We never were really scared, just kind of awed.

I Must be Sensitive


Well My first experience was several years back and I never really thought
much about it except that if I ever came face to face with one I would most
likely die.  I stayed with a friend of mine at her Mothers house one night
and she told me that the house was haunted.  I didn't believe her until I
saw her son play with the "ghost".  We looked at each other and just smiled.
That was in the living room.  Later on that night we went into the kitchen
to talk and her son came in there and he was playing with some paper plates.
He's 18 months and all he can really say is Daddy.  While we were talking I
noticed that he was handing everyone a paper plate.  Well he looked like he
was trying to hand one to thin air.  I looked at my friend and we didn't
know what to do.  Her son got mad because who ever was there would not take
the paper plate.  Well he put it down and his head started to turn like he
was watching someone walk away.  Well when he looked at me it felt like
someone walked right through me.  I had never felt anything like that
before.  My friend I looked at each other and she asked me if I felt that
too?  I was scared.  I wanted to sleep outside but I couldn't.  She told me
that for two years nothing would stay on her walls in her room.  They would
hear baby's crying when there was none there and they would smell incense
burning when they never burned any.  Doors would open and all kind of stuff
would happen.  When I went to bed that night I knew someone was watching me.
I could feel them watching over the bed.  I even dreamed about a boy in the
house.  It so happened that her dads brother died in the house and the boy I
described to them in my dream sounded like his brother.

Well I wanted to let you know about my first experience.  I have been told
that ghost don't follow you well if they don't then I must be sensitive
because it seems lately no matter where I go I can feel one.  It started a
couple of years ago when I moved in with my fiancé.  He is in the military
so he would have to go away for a week or so sometimes.  Well this one time
he was gone and I was sound asleep when something shocked my finger.  (Have
you ever touched something while you were plugging it in and it shocked
you?)  Well that's what it felt like.  I sat up in bed and it felt like
there was someone there but I couldn't see anyone.  I really got scared.  I
didn't know what was going on.  I could feel this presence and yet I
couldn't see anyone.  I was so cold and hair was standing up in places I
never even thought of.  I sat down on the couch and stretched my legs out.
Well it felt like someone sat down on them.  The coldness started moving up
my legs.  I pulled my legs to me and started crying telling it to leave me
alone.  I finally fell asleep a couple of hours later.  I had to get some
one to stay with me till my fiancé got back.  I never felt anything again in
that house.  Well we have since moved and we are married and I have a little
girl now.  My husband started working another job (besides the military) so
he was gone till late at night.  One night I was going to bed, I had just
laid down when I felt someone come in the room.  I got real cold and my hair
started standing up again.  I could feel it in my room.  I got up and went
into the living room and sat there for a minute.  My mother told me when I
was younger to say this little saying and what ever was scaring me would go
away.  Well I said it and it wouldn't go away.  Later on it did.  Well when
I got to work I started looking for someone to share this with.  If I told
my husband he'd have me locked up.  Well I found someone and they said try
talking to it and see what happens.  Well when I got home I waited till my
daughter was asleep and I sat in our rocker and waited till I could feel it.
I said a prayer and asked for comfort and the strength I needed.  When I
could feel it I told them that I didn't like the way they were making me
feel.  I told them that I had talked to someone and that they told me you
might need help.  I told them that I would help them but they couldn't make
anything move and they couldn't make any weird noises and they could not
hurt my daughter.  I told them that I didn't want to be scared anymore.  I
even asked them if they would let my husband know they were real but I don't
know if anything has happened in that area.  Well after I said what I
thought needed to be said I just sat there and I felt this calmness come
over me and I could feel them it was like they were telling me it was ok.
My chair even started rocking.  It really felt like they were telling me it
was ok.  After that they went away.  I still felt them every now and then
through the night.  I wasn't about to tell my husband that the chair started
rocking.  I know some people are skeptics but the air wasn't on and it
really takes some body motion to get the chair rocking.  I was sitting
still.  Well my husband didn't work late for a couple of nights so I thought
they had gone away till last night.  I started getting sick and my husband
took my daughter over to a friends house so I could get some rest.  It
wasn't long that I felt them come in the room.  I told them that I wasn't
feeling good and that this wasn't a good time to be there.  It felt like it
hugged me.  It then started to rub my head like it was trying to make it
feel better. and the weird thing was when it did that the coldness did make
my head feel better.  I know that to some people this may not seem like much
but it is.  It's not scary but that's the good thing.  I think what I was
scared of most was coming face to face with a ghost.  When I realized that I
could lay down the laws it helped.  I'm not scared anymore and sometimes
when I ask them to leave it does take a moment but I can at least sleep now.
There was a couple of things I did leave out.  One night after my husband
came home we went to bed and while I was sleeping I could feel it and it
felt like it was trying to take over my body or something.  It even felt
like it was tugging at my arm and head.  This is while my husband is
sleeping next to me.  Another time we went to his mothers hose to visit and
since she lives 5 hours away we stayed the night.  That night I felt someone
come into the room.  I could feel them trying to touch me or something.  I
couldn't make it out because it scared me.  This was before I got the guts
to talk to whatever is at my house.  And before I met my husband I lived in
a house that I could feel someone there.  I would even say hello to it when
I would come home.  I had to let it know that it was me coming in.  One
night while I was asleep it tried to get my attention and I finally asked it
to show itself to me.  When it did it was a little girl.  I woke up after
that and I ended up moving.  I haven't been able to get the history on the
places I have lived but the house we are in now is only ten years old and we
are the second family to live there.  And from what the neighbors have said
no one has died there.
Well that's my story.  I will keep you informed of any other happenings.  I
don't think this will be my last.  If you have any questions please ask.  I
would welcome any kind of theory's as to what I might be experiencing.

John's Exit

I once worked as a cafeteria  cashier at a local hospital and  became
quite familiar with many of the staff members who came to the lunchroom
to eat everyday.   One of the many people I met was a maintenence worker
named John.  He was a very friendly man and sometimes we had
conversations while he waited in line to pay for his food.
Well, one day one of his friends mentioned to me that John hadn't come
in to work that morning, and, what was especially unusual for someone
responsible like John, was that he didn't even call to say he was sick
or give some other such excuse.  His friend was perplexed since this was
so out of character for John.
A little while later I was in the hall outside the cafeteria on the way
outside for my break when the electric exit sign's blinking caught my
eye.  It was flickering in a strange manner and I stood and watched it
for a few minutes, thinking, "That's John saying goodbye."  I don't know
what made me think this but that is what I thought.
The next day I found out the reason why John hadn't come to work.  When
the supervisor  called his house and paged him on the  beeper and got no
answer, someone elected to go to John's house.  When there was no answer
to the repeated knocking at John's door, they decided to break the door
down.  That's when they found John lying dead in his bed.  He had died
in his sleep the night before of a heart attack.  He was only 43.  I
hope wherever you are John, that you're in a good place.

The 'Light'

In the summer of 1968 my girlfriend and I were visiting friends in Beaufort South Carolina. We were invited out one night on  a dare to see what the locals call the 'light'.I can't remember the name or highway number,but the road was very long and straight. It was dark and spooky sitting there at 10 that night. We were in the back seat. Somebody up front saw the "light' first. I looked over the seat and through the windshield and saw that it appeared to be coming straight down the road. The best way that I can describe it is that it looked like a train engine light from a long distance,except there were no trains or tracks in the area. We never saw a car the hour that we sat there.This was a very lonely place! I thought somebody could be walking down the road with a flashlight,but as we sat there the 'light' kept getting bigger and never wavered at all! It became obvious to me that it was getting closer and was coming down the middle of the road ! I looked out the window and it seemed to be coming at a slow to medium pace from about a half mile away! I'm a reasonable and logical thinking  person and certainly not a scared cat, but I found I could not sit there ! None of us could ! We started the car and left. After we got back I asked the other couple if they were playing some kind of joke on us. They assured us they had never seen this incident all way to the end before. I believe they were really scared too! Several years later I saw this very same 'light' incident on a TV program similar to Ripley's and they explained it away as swamp gas[ there was a swamp to the right of where we sat that night]. I am not at all convinced that it was swamp gas that caused this. I  have told this to a lot of people over the years,but no one can give an explanation. Can anyone help with this?

Town House in Tustin, CA


When my husband and I were first married we moved into an old townhouse in
Tustin, CA. It was located in old town Tustin.  We chose to move into the
townhouse because it was the only place we could find in our budget that
allowed us to keep our two large dogs.  I didn't feel comfortable when we did
the walk through but it was the only place we could find so there we moved.
My husband was going to night school at the time so I was often alone in the
house.  One night I was downstairs watching t.v. my dogs were at my feet.  I
heard what sounded like people running up the stairs and loud footsteps
running into the first bedroom.  It sounded like the furniture was being
knocked over and then the window breaking.  The stairs which was a metal
winding staircase was in clear view from where I was sitting.  I saw nothing.
 The dogs barked when they heard the noise but refused to go up the stairs.
This really frightened me.    My husband came home from class shortly after
this and went upstairs to investigate. There was nothing there and nothing
was disturbed.  I was sure he would find the window broken. The window was
intact but there were shards of glass on the roof below indicating the window
had been broken before.  My husband said it was my imagination running away
with me.  He didn't believe there was a ghost.
Another time I walked into our bedroom, my husband was asleep in the bed and
their was a red hazy figure standing next to him looking down on him.  I
immediately told it to leave and it was gone.
We did not have an air conditioner so on hot summer nights we would sleep
downstairs.  One night I awoke feeling a presence in the room with us.  I
turned over and saw a man standing in the middle of the room looking at us.
He had dark hair and was wearing dark slacks and a white shirt. I think he
was surprised we were sleeping downstairs.
Another time I saw a large black dog about the size of a great dane in our
bedroom.  I was shocked when I saw it and blinked my eyes several times to
clear my vision.  My husband had not seen or felt anything out of the
ordinary until he saw the dog.  He didn't believe there were ghosts until he
saw the dog too.  He still is skeptical about the ghosts but I remind him of
the dog and he won't argue that.
Another time I was running up the stairs emotionally upset and I heard
someone call my name from the base of the stairs.  No one else was home.
We moved out two years later and I was glad to leave.  The townhouse always
had a faint unpleasant odor that would never leave also.  We just learned to
live with it.  Anyway these are some experiences I had in that townhouse.  We
have had nothing like this happen in the two houses we've lived in since.

Possible Haunting?


Hi there. I really don't know where to start. I guess you could say I have
had "experiences" off and on since I was a child. But nothing like what been
happening lately.  We bought a house in April of 1996. Around May or June of
'96 my Husband was out for the evening and our Son (Who was 5 at the time)
was asleep.  I was heading downstairs to do some laundry. The light above
the stairs flickered and then went out. I thought "Oh great! That's gonna be
a pain in the neck to change" When I got to the bottom of the stairs I tried
the switch and the light came back on "Great! Maybe it was just a glitch."
I loaded up my basket and a few minutes later I headed back up the stairs.
About half way up the light went off, went on and went off again. Not too
quickly but it was as if someone was flicking the switch on and off. I
stopped and looked up in the air and yelled "It's not very nice to mess with
people when they have their arms full and are trying to walk up a flight of
stairs!" I really had no idea who I was yelling at, I was just yelling in
general. Then the light came back on and I proceeded with my laundry. This
did make me wonder, but I dismissed it as an electrical glitch and an
overactive imagination. Then things started disappearing. I would set
something down, go back for it a few minutes later and it would be gone!
Sometimes I would find it within a short amount of time but it would be in
the most obscure spot and I would have no idea why I would even look for it
there. Other times it would disappear for days or even weeks and then show
up EXACTLY where I had left it to begin with. This was and still is very
frustrating.  Then the REALLY weird stuff happened a couple of months ago. I
haven't told my Husband any of this because he doesn't believe in ghosts,
spirits and the like. ANYWAY! I started having nightmares. These nightmares
were very violent and very graphic. I would wake from them exactly one hour
and a half from the time I last looked at the clock before I fell asleep. I
would be so freaked out I would have to get up, take a walk around to clear
my head and go back to bed. One night (Probably the 3rd night) I woke from a
nightmare and I could "feel" someone in the room with me. It was like they
were standing over the bed looking at me. I felt like I couldn't get up to
do my "routine" to calm down. I had a second nightmare that night. The next
night, I woke from a nightmare and I could feel someone in the room again
but this time everything felt "heavy" (I really can't explain what I mean by
heavy) and I could smell aftershave ALL OVER ME! It wasn't the kind my
Husband uses. But I could smell it on my hands, shirt, and sheets. As if
someone was lying on me. The next morning I woke our Son (Who is 9 now) for
school. I started to get a little gruff with him because he was being very
sluggish that morning and we were running late (as usual). He came into the
Bathroom where I was getting ready for work and told me he was so tired
because the voices kept him awake again last night. I asked him "What
voices?" "The voices that whisper to me at night." he said. I asked if he
meant his radio (Even thought I turn it off before I go to bed every night).
he said "No. The man and the wman who talk to me at night." I asked if he
could understand what they were whispering and he said "Yeah. They call me
by name and they want me to go somewhere with them but I can't understand
that part." I was FREAKED!  I told him NOT TO GO WITH THEM!  I said if they
asked him again he was to say "No!" I did a little checking and the only
thing I could come up with is the previous owners Wife spent some time in an
asylum. I don't know if that would have anything to do with our "visitors"




Warning or What?


I grew up in a house that had a lot of spirit activity. Sometimes it would just be noises and other times I would see or sense something. I never feared it. I was quite confortable there. Besides they had never caused any harm. There was only one room in my parents home that I felt quite unconfortable in. It just happend to be my bedroom. Evently I took on a differnt room to sleep in. Anyhow, my senior year My Dad met a woman and they planned on buying a new house together. (My Mom had passed away when I was eleven) My Dad and his new found girlfriend came home and told us they found a house but they wanted us kids to look at it first. That night I went to sleep and had a strange dream about the home that they wanted us to look at. Keep in mind I haven't seen the house at this point yet. I dreamt the kitchen lights flickered on and off. When I awoke in the mornig I didn't think much of it. Later that day we drove out to look at the house. It was so weird the kitchen looked exzactly how I had dreamt it. They turned on the kitchen lights and they began to flicker. I passed it off as old lights. I didn't want to freak myself out anymore then I already was. They ended up buying the house. We moved in and everything was fine. I shared a room with my sorta step sister. Things happened between my Dad and his girlfriend and she moved out. I was very timid about sleeping alone in my room, because of that dream. But then I thought, nothing has happend
so there is nothing to fear. I was laying in my bed one night and although I didn't see anything, I felt something grab my shoulder. I jumped out of my bed and my dog was stareing at something I couldn't see. She was growling and barking. I picked up my little dog and ran down the stairs. I never did go back up in that room at night. A year or so went by and nothing happened. My Dad's ex girlfriend son wanted to stay the night with us and he had some friends stay too. I had a room downstairs at this time. I never kept my room clean. Papers were scatterd across the floor. I was laying in bed with the lights off and the door shut. I heard the door open and shut. I then heard footsteps. I kept my eyes closed pretending that I was sleeping. I figured it was one of the boys trying to scare me. I could tell where it was walking by the differnt sounds of notebook paper, newspapers and what not. finally it was next to my bed and I heard a slight breathing. I swung my leg out to kick what I thought was one of the boys. I didn't hit anything. I got up and turned my light on and didn't see anything. I went out to check on the boys and they were all there. This time I wasn't going to let it scare me and I told what ever it was that they it was not going to drive me away and I stayed in the room. I know it didn't leave I could still sense that something was there. Even now when I visit my Dad I can still sense something. I felt very uncofortable in that home. My other home I didn't fear anything and was quite confortable. It's so strange to feel completetly two differnt ways in each home. I've wonderd if something at my old home was warning me about the new home or if it simply didn't want us to go. Which makes me wonder if the spirit in my new home was the same spirit in my old home except angry with me for leaveing. What do you think? I tend to believe it was differnt spirits and I was being warned through my dream by a spirit that didn't want me to fear it.

Ghost Light Story & misc.


Great site as usual, was pleased to see that you added information about ghost lights. I have been searching for information  on such phenomena for several months. Here's my story: My 14 YO nephew was killed by a hit an run on the country road aprox 50 yards from the house that I am now living in. It was  a terrible tragedy to say the least. This happened 3 years ago. The hit and run driver was never found, but according to my
friends in the PA State Police, 2 people were questioned, but the evidence was too circumstantial to prosecute them. The State Police have the car, but found it 2 months after the incident over 55 miles away, it was abandoned. The site where he was killed has become a shrine so to speak, which bothers me deeply, it is adorned with photographs, memorabilia, crosses, banners etc... I feel as if his mother and her side of the family is in a way keeping him from resting. Not a holiday goes by that it is not decorated for the occasion, and the media has been at this site off and on for the past 3 years... it's very disheartening for me now that I must see it on a daily basis since I moved into this old house where he lived, where my grandparents lived also.We call this area where these past events happened: "the hollow" it's always been creepy to me for as long as I remember.My mother recently told me a story of a man that had died very close to the spot over 50 years ago, there is a huge oak tree (which has always bothered me and given me bad vibes since my childhood) that supposedly this man died of a heart attack
while sitting at the base. Also, aprox 6 years ago my now deceased father-in-law (who was retired State Police and owned his own investigation agency) investigated another tragic accident in the same spot. A woman, she was a nurse, on her way to work very early one morning was killed by a pick-up truck that totally ran over her vehicle by drifting into her lane. I have never seen these ghost lights, but from my family members that live in this small coal mining area outside of Hazleton Pennsylvania, they have told of seeing red orbs/globes that would actually follow them while driving past this area by car. My 24 year old brother had told me of the most recent incident a few months ago. He describes this red "orb" as glowing from within, it will only follow the car so far, and also speeds up to sort of "hang" near the back end of the drivers side window. He was really shaken up about this, and tried to get away from it by speeding up. My 84 yo aunt had a very similar incident. My mother had the same incident happen to her nearly 20 years ago. On all accounts, they all say that the red orb seems to only follow so far, then disappears.We have many "old" stories from this area about ghost activities, the European people that came to this coal mining area  where always telling stories of ghosts and hauntings, seems that the old Catholics are the most superstitious of all.
I'll share a few stories with you, and I'll keep them brief:
My grandfather has returned to the house I am living in now, after his death. My mom was in deep morning for months and he returned to put her mind at ease. He also died in a tragic car accident. He returned to her in broad daylight dressed as if he was going off to work in the mines stating "Annette, it was hell in the beginning, but look at me, I am ok now."He returned to shake my grandmother awake one night, my parents where not quite asleep in the adjoining bedroom, when they heard footsteps and heard my grandfathers voice say "Mary...MARY!" my grandmothers name. My grandmother was shaken awake by him so she recalls.
Also, they have heard him whistle thru the house, he always whistled certain tunes. The family dog at that time would appear to jump up on nothing at all, and get all excited wagging it's tail and barking. My grandmother, God rest her soul, always told me a story of a Ghost Horse, that would follow the women home thru the woods when they were walking home from town from working in the silk mill.The story that bothered me the most, was of these fuzzy creatures, doglike, that would bump and rub up next to them, and they only appeared to be an outline of some sort of animal. My gram told me you could actually feel them with your hands, sort of like hairy or fuzzy... electrical field? *shrug* I have never heard of such a thing before.. but I am looking.My gram and my mother have said that my grandfather and a few of the villages men went out one night with rifles and they accounted to them that when they shot at these things they exploded into white light. I am not so sure I believe these stories, but scared the bejesus out of me when I was young.

Haunted Cadilliac...


    A friend of mine and I went to Laguna Beach, CA to visit my aunt and uncle. My uncle provided us with an old black Cadillac from his car dealership for us to drive while we were there. The first odd occurrence in this automobile happened when my friend and I decided to drive to San Diego at around 9 p.m.. It takes about an hour and a half to get there from my aunts house so we had a long drive. Despite the fact that we were supposed to be out having fun and enjoying ourselves, there was an overwhelming dismal atmosphere in the car the entire drive. There seemed to be faint moans and groans coming from the back seat but those were easily disregarded due to the age of the car. By the time we got to San Diego, we both felt so awful we turned around and went back home and suffered this overbearing atmosphere of sadness and despair. A few days later, we had a more tangible experience. I was driving through a strip mall, my friend in the passenger seat, when both of us distinctly heard a male voice call my name from behind my left shoulder. Thinking it was coming from someone in the parking lot who knew me, I looked over my shoulder only to find that there was no one around and even if there was all of the windows in the car were up so it obviously came from the back seat. I immediately looked to my friend and acknowledged that we both heard my name and there was no way it could have come from anywhere else other than the back seat.

Found My Gift


  I've always felt alone in the many experiences that I've had, so your website provides is of great comfort and interest to me.  The story I will write below shares one of my earliest experiences with a spirit.  Well, here goes...
When I was a girl (about 8 years old) living in northern New Jersey in what used to be an old farmstead, my Grandmother gifted me with an old watch of hers that I loved.  The watch was tiny and covered in rhinestones - really gaudy, but I loved it anyway even though it didn't work any longer.  I wore the watch every day faithfully until one day I lost it.  I searched the house and the grounds and couldn't find it.  I was so heartbroken that I even had my father snake all the toilets and drains in the house looking for it.  I cried and cried over the watch and apologized to my grandmother for losing it.  I went to bed crying that night and was awoken by a feeling that I couldn't move my legs underneath the blankets.  I opened my eyes and looked down at the foot of my bed, and a woman was sitting there with her back to me.  Her hair was piled atop her head and she wore a high-necked shirt.  I knew that I wasn't seeing things, because my night-light was on (being afraid of the dark as I was) and it was bright enough to see her clearly.  I didn't feel scared for some reason though.  She never turned to face me, but she patted the bed ever so lightly near my feet several times.  When I asked her why she was here, she did the same - patting the bed with the palm of her right hand several times.  She was suddenly gone.  I somehow got back to sleep and awoke remembering her visit.  I got out of bed and began to inspect the spot where she was sitting.  I unfolded several layers of blankets and to my surprise, there was the watch.  I thanked her out loud right there
 and then, even though I wasn't sure if she could hear me.  I asked her to come back and visit, but I never saw her again.  After that incident, I sometimes felt as though I was being watched and would turn quickly to see who was there - I never saw anyone.  I was never able to find out who had lived in the house when it was first built, but I have a feeling it was her.  She came to help me and I am still grateful.
Thanks for providing an outlet for people like me to share their experiences.  Your website is great and I visit it often.

House Ghost


Here is some details of the past year. In my final year of university I
moved into a house with a girl and a guy that were already living there. The
girl that had my room before me was a little bit odd and didn’t speak to me
when I came round but at the time I didn’t really think anything of it.
>From the moment I moved in I was uncomfortable in my room.  I tried to
ignore it and even considered that it may be ‘bad vibes’ (whatever they are)
left behind from the girl before. In fact I even tried against my better
judgement some crystals which were supposed to get rid of the bad energy but
amazingly enough that didn’t work!
For the first time in my life (can I just say I have lived in lots of places
and am quite independent) I couldn’t sleep in my room with the light off and
eventually I developed really bad insomnia. I started hearing voices at
night arguing. This would go on for hours at a time, a man and woman. I
convinced myself this was something coming through the walls and started
having the tv as well as the light on to drown out the noise.  (I am quite
deaf and rarely hear people in the same room nevermind through walls.)
This pretty much went on all year whilst I was trying to ignore it and
really I didn’t think too much about it as I was busy at uni. During the
course of the year I met the neighbours on both sides and discovered that a
single girl lived on one side and a single guy on the other so I dunno what
the voices were.
A couple of months before I left I was having real trouble sleeping one
night and so I decided to try sleeping in the living room. As soon as I lay
down on the sofa I heard somebody say quite clearly and loudly in my ear
‘hello and my name’ I jumped up at once but there was nobody in the room. In
hindsight I should have said something but I was so shocked I just got up
and went back upstairs.
A couple of other times I was up late in the living room and I heard
somebody walk in the door behind me and felt a tug on my t-shirt. I would
turn round and there was nobody there. Eventually I told my house mate and
joked about going mad. She said that’s odd because apparently my other house
mate had joked about being mad too. The guy had got up late one night to get
a drink one time when I was away and saw me sitting in the living room. He
had told my other housemate I was back but when he realised I was still away
decided it was a dream. It occurred to me later that if he had seen someone
a bit like me sitting in the living room whilst he was half asleep he may
have thought it was me.
One evening I came back in late and fell asleep on the sofa whilst watching
tv. I woke up suddenly to find an invisible force pushing me really hard off
the sofa. Always bad tempered when I am woken up I pushed back very hard for
a while until it stopped and I fell asleep again. I think that I had a dream
about having a row with a woman in the living room but it is a bit hazy. I
was woken up by my bloke housemate coming in and asking me if I had been
moving about. I said no I was asleep and he said that he had heard someone
come in the door and jangle their keys and was coming down to see who it
was. I was reluctant to say that I thought it was someone invisible and he
later told me that I looked so awful he thought I may have had carbon
monoxide poisoning (I didn’t) and he told me to go to bed.
After this I was a bit reluctant to stay in the house as whilst ‘hello’s are
a bit weird being pushed off the sofa is more nasty. I started sleeping on
friend’s floors and only coming back in the daytime. One time I stayed a bit
late after it got dark and I found like a scratched handprint on my leg
which couldn’t have been mine. When I showed my housemate she started
believing me. I thought I saw a figure walk into the living room once and
really freaked out. I stayed out of the house until it was time to move.
On the last night I was stuck there packing my stuff up and for the final
two hours I felt constant scratching down my back. I had to finish packing
so I ignored it as it wasn’t really painful just uncomfortable. Every so
often the scratching would stop and I would feel something like someone
stoking down the side of my face. Every time that happened I would turn in
that direction and say hello and the scratching on my back would begin
The girl who used to live in my room before me apparently was totally fine
before she moved in became slowly weirder over the year, she began accusing
my housemates of having an affair (which they weren’t) and insisted they
were going in her room when she was out. This makes me wonder now whether
she was experiencing weird stuff but she entirely stopped speaking to anyone
by the time she left so it is hard to know.
When I left I said ‘goodbye and please don’t follow me’ to the living room
and my bloke housemate who was already a bit dodgy about me decided I was
definitely mad. He did say he thought that he was going to be stabbed once
in the kitchen but that it was just his imagination.
Sorry to go on so long. I did investigate the house a bit (which is over a
hundred years old) but I haven’t found anything interesting.

Lady in Mauve


One day at work my friend and myself went to get something to eat at the cafeteria that was in the far end of where we worked .  It was christmas time so there was only a few people working at the time.I was standing with my friend  and we were both looking at the vending machines.  All of a sudden my friend said to me, "What is that old lady doing here at work"  I turned around and noticed a figure about 25 feet away from us.
She was dressed in a mauve flowered dress and had her hair in a bun.  I said to my friend, "I wonder what she is doing here, sshe must be lost or something"  My friend said
to me "what old lady" and when I turned to look at the old lady she was gone.  The floor was old and made creaky noises when walked on and we never heard her leave, unless she was a very light and fast walker to leave so quick.When I got home I mentioned this to my mother and my mother informed me that my Grandmother was buried in a mauve flowered dress, and I remember that she wore her hair in a bun just like the figure did.
The most weird part of the whole eposide is that my friend who saw the old lady and told me to look around said she never saw her, just something told her to tell me to turn around and look at the back of the room we were in.

Old Orphanage


This isn't about a personal experience.  Ive never had one but it interests
me very much.  Anyways, my mom is a teacher and she works at a school that
is very old and used to be an orphanage in the early 1900's.  This building
has four floors and the fourth floor has been condemned because it is
unsafe.  There have been a lot of weird things that have happened in this
The first in recent memory was about in 1990.  A woman was working late and
she was the last person in the entire building.  It was about 10 at night
and she was leaving so she locked up the building and on her way out to her
car, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that a light in a room on the
fourth floor went on.  She thought this was weird, and she quickly got out
of there because she thought that someone else had been in the building whit
her.  The next day she told the guy thats in charge of the building about
what happened and he informed her that the electricity on the fourth floor
had been turned off 20 years ago.
The next thing that happened was on the first floor a clock on the wall in
one of the classrooms just flew out of the wall and landed in the middle of
the floor.  It didn't just fall down, it projected outwards.  This could
have been something else like electrical problems but it was kind of weird.
The next thing was one day a woman that was new to the school went up on to
the fourth floor (it is condemned, but they still have keys to it and if you
really want to you can go up there.) and she walked around the corner and in
what used to be the orphans bathroom one of the sinks was on full blast and
water was pouring out of it.  She went over and turned it off and went
downstairs and told the guy in charge of what happened and they both went
back upstairs and he saw that the sink was still wet, he tried to turn the
faucet back on but nothing came out.  He told her that this was really weird
because the water had been shut off on the fourth floor the same time the
electricity had been.  In about the early 70's.
The weirdest thing that happened i think was one night a woman was working
late and she was the last one in the building.  She was on the second floor
and she was walking past the stairs that went up to the third floor and all
of the sudden she heard distinct singing.  It was like a childrens choir
that she described.  She didn't really think anything of it and she left.
About a month after this an old woman that used to be an orphan there was
visiting and walking around the whole building with a few people.  The woman
that heard the singing was one of them.  When they got to the stairs to the
third floor the old woman stopped and said, " Oh and this is where we all
used to gather and sing."
Since then no real significant events have happened, but in the room where
they used to hold funeral services, which is now an office, people have
heard distinct weeping.
Ive been up to the fourth floor once during the day but nothing weird
happened.  My friends and I talk about going up to the fourth floor one
night and attempting to spend the night but Im pretty sure that this will
never happen, or even if they will let us.

Ghost Siting


    I live in the United Kingdom in Sussex and saw a Ghost last October , two weeks before Halloween.  I still have difficulty coming     to terms with what happened and what I saw. As up to that point I didnot believe in Ghosts. I was travelling back after an evening out with a friend  along a road which is the B2012 which runs from Ardingly
to Haywards Heath. There had been a storm and I remember that a full moon was shining. The road is twisty with many bends and passes Ardingly college before entering woodland. On the corner of the bend 4000 yards in front of us was a misty patch which grew rapidly in size . I didnot  think  much of it at first , but as we drew nearer I saw a
shape moving or gliding in front of the vechicle. The shape which was illuminated in the car headlights was of a human figure which was completely invisible. (The nearest way of describing it was like in the film predator). The
figure which was gliding stopped completely in the middle of the road. I could see it clearly and the light from the beams shone through it to the other side. The figure continued its journey to the passanger side where I was seated. To my horror and surprise a full ghost materialised in the road. It was of a man in his fifties and he was bald wearing a stripy jumper , with a large buckle. and he had workmans boots on . The figure stood there grinning at me in an evil way . It seemed to me to be aware of us and was enjoying the scare it had given to us. I thought i was seeing things so I shut my eyes and reopened them thinking the figure would go away , but to my horror it was still there . When the ghost saw it was having no effect in scaring me I swear that its expression became downcast and it no longer grinned and it looked dissappointed . The car got closer to it until we were about 500 yards , I thought we were going to hit it , but to my surprise the ghost dematerialised. As we passed the spot in the road I looked for it , but the figure was no were to be seen. I remarked to my friend whether he had seen it but he claims he didnot.

Our House and Our Daughter


This happened to my family ten years ago.  We lived in a rental house in the
small town of Portland, Tennessee.  My daughter, Mattie, was six months old
at the time that we moved into this house.  It may sound strange to some
people, but sometimes when I would look at my beautiful baby girl, I would
get the spookiest feeling, like she was looking straight into my soul.
The first time we really noticed something strange was one night when I was
awakened by a rat-a-tat sound that kept repeating over and over.  I woke my
husband up from his sleep.  He heard it too.  He grabbed the flashlight and
creeped to the door.  We always slept with our door open, so I could hear
Mattie if she woke up in the night.  Her bedroom door was directly opposite
ours down the hall.  My husband sent the flashlight beam down the hallway,
and let out a slight explicative.  I went to see what was wrong.  Mattie was
sitting up in her baby crib looking at us.  She was as white as a sheet and
her eyes looked like two black holes.  She had a stuffed koala that she slept
with in her hand and was running it up and down the bars of her crib...hence,
the rat-a-tat we heard.  My husband quietly said, "Mattie stop that and lay
down."  She fell straight backwards in her bed.  We went in there, and Mattie
was sound asleep.
When Mattie was around eighteen months, she absolutely refused to sleep in
her room.  She would scream all night.  She had no problem playing in there
during the day, but at night, she would not go near the door.  She claimed
there was a "witch" in her toy box.  She would not watch anything on
television that may have a witch in it...not even the comedy show "Bewitched"
or Disney's "Ducktales" if she thought Magica the witch would be on it.  We
never watched violent movies or anything with gore.  One night, we came home
from my in-laws' house and Mattie fell asleep in her carseat.  I thought I
could sneak her into her bed and we would all get a good night's sleep.  She
kind of woke up as I carried her into her bedroom so I sat in a chair and
rocked her (I didn't turn on the light so I wouldn't wake her further).  All
of the sudden, the worst screeching noise came from inside the closet.  Not a
voice, but the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.  It was like someone was
clawing at the inside of her closet door.  I screamed for my husband and ran
out of the room with Mattie screaming in my arms "The witch!  The witch!"  I
never put her in that room again, nor did I go in there after dark.
When Mattie was around three, she began having "conversations" with someone
in her room during the day (remember, I said she would play in there during
daylight hours).  I thought it was just your typical imaginary friend thing
going on.  Mattie was an only child at the time, and didn't have anyone
around our neighborhood to play with.  That's when the stereo started going
whacko.  I was sitting in the living room, my husband was in the kitchen.
The stereo came on by itself.  Well, it had a remote control, and I thought
my husband was playing a prank.  I told him to stop.  He came into the room
empty handed.  The remote was in a drawer on the stereo that held tapes.
Okay, we thought, it got caught on something, pressed down and the power
button depressed turning on the stereo.  The remote had no batteries in it.
The stereo kept coming on and off, on and off.  My husband unplugged it.  The
stereo came on and off, on and off...with the power cord in my husband's
hand.  Then the stations changed...tuner went up and down the dial and back
again.  Volume went up and down too.  We were slightly unnerved.  We did get
used to this, in fact it eventually became the family joke.  A girl of ten
lived next door to us and used to like to come over and help me in the house.
 She played with Mattie some, but would leave when Mattie would include her
"friend."  One day, Charity (the neighbor girl) was helping me with the
decorations for Mattie's fourth birthday.  We were in the kitchen when the
stereo suddenly came on by itself.  The volume started doing its loud/soft
thing.  It finally went to maximum volume.  I laughed and said "okay, that's
enough, turn it back down or turn it off."  The volume turned down and the
music played normally.  Charity jumped off the chair and ran out of the
house.  She did not come back for a long time.  To this day, she is still
unnerved by that memory.
Mattie had named her "friend" Tee-Nee-Aww-Nah.  She became engrossed in
playing with her friend.  Sometimes, I would hear a woman humming a
lullabye-sounding song.  While I was out washing the car one day, I saw a
woman in an old-time homespun dress, perhaps from the early 1800s, standing
at the doorway of the livingroom looking out at me...she smiled.  After that,
I was never really afraid.  We had lived here for three years, and nothing
really bad had happened.  But Mattie would still not sleep in her room.
One night at dinner, I decided to ask Mattie about Tee-Nee-Aww-Nah (her
spelling).  Mattie said she had long black hair, dark eyes, and was wearing a
pink dress.  She said her lips were black and she had "blood all over her,
right here."  She rubbed a circle on her chest.  THIS unnerved me.  I asked
why she had blood on her.  Mattie said she was killed by her father with an
ax.  That scared me, but it didn't seem to bother Mattie.
Mattie continued to play with Tee-Nee-Aww-Nah.  When Mattie turned five, her
grandmother bought her a Disney Little Mermaid comforter for her bed and
matching curtains.  Mattie was never afraid to sleep in her room again.  She
said "Ariel is protecting me and Tee-Nee-Aww-Nah."  That year she also got a
little sister and we needed a bigger house.
We moved two doors down from this house.  Mattie was sad because she said
Tee-Nee-Aww-Nah could not come with us.  I asked her why not, and she said
because she couldn't she had to stay at the old house.  We didn't hear of
Tee-Nee-Aww-Nah for along time.  Mattie grew up, and we moved to Nashville.
She is now fourteen.  Her dad and I divorced, and while he stayed in
Nashville, I moved back to my hometown of Portland.  We live just around the
corner from our old house.  Mattie came in from "exploring" one day and said
she saw Tee-Nee-Aww-Nah at our old house.  We live in a house now that is 130
years old, and directly across the street from the city cemetery (am I asking
for it or what?).  Mattie is thriving.  She sometimes still talks to people
who aren't there, and I don't mean to herself.  It is like I can only hear
one side of the conversation (like she is on the telephone).  We hear noises
and bumps and groans and occasional voices here too, but as long as Mattie
keeps her mind open, I believe we have nothing to fear.
Mattie would never tell us what scared her so badly in her room for those
three years that she wouldn't sleep in there.  Or why she thought the Little
Mermaid would protect her.  Whenever we brought it up, just in conversation,
she would clam up.  She would talk about Tee-Nee-Aww-Nah, she even talks
about seeing a couple of our friends and family that have passed away, but
she never will talk about what evil horrible thing "The Witch in the toybox"
No one has stayed in that house for longer than six months after we moved
out.  It is empty as I write this.  I sometimes want to go to it and see what
will happen...but I never do. Mattie does sometimes.  She also enjoys walking
in the cemetery.  Is Mattie psychic?  Does she have a gift?  Is she sensitive
to the nonliving beings that walk this earth?  Yes, I believe she is, and I
think she always has been, from the day she was born.  I encourage her to
keep her mind open to these ideas, not to close herself off from the idea of
ghosts.  She is your typical teenage girl, with a twist.  Did we have a
ghost?  Yes, I believe we had several...Tee-Nee-Aww-Nah, the woman I saw and
heard singing (her mother?) and the evil Witch (her father?).  I believe we
still have them.  I will always believe in ghosts.

Figure in the Bedroom


My friend's father told us this story this summer;
When he was a child, about five years old, his family lived in an
apartment building in Minneapolis. They had the whole floor to
themselves, about nine rooms. He shared a room with his younger brother.
I don't know how long the haunting went on but one night, he remembers
waking up and seeing a tall, dark figure standing over his brother's
bed. His brother was asleep and unaware of the figure. It was dressed in
an overcoat and a hat. He could see the glint of it's eyes beneath the
hat. He pulled the covers up over his head and hoped that it would go
away. When he looked over the covers again, the figure was standing at
the foot of his bed, looking down at him. He could see the eyes beneath
the brim of the hat but no other facial features. He started screaming
and pulled the covers up again. His parents ran into the but the figure
had vanished by then. He didn't think that the figure was threatening
but he didn't get the impression that it was friendly either. It wasn't
a happy experience.

"sleep paralysis"


In 1995 I was living in the house I grew up in, with my brother and family
friend.  The house is located in Long Beach, California.
Two days before I moved in the house my brother and room mate told me that
strange things had been happening in the home. The beds were shaking,
floating heads were scene, and voices were heard. I blew it off as them
having too much to drink.
The day before I moved in, I was picking up my last load of things from my
former apartment. The drive normally took 30 minutes. On this trip (at 12 am)
It took 2 1/2 hours.  When I got back to the Long Beach house my room mate
came running out of the house saying that he was missing 2 1/2 hours. I
freaked out ands told him what had happened to me.  We had both missed 2 1/2
hours at the exact same time.
In the next few weeks I started to see a man in the house. I could see him as
plain as I could see my own reflection. He was wearing brown pants and a plad
flannel shirt. He had dark hair and a tan complexion.  My room mate had seen
him a few times also.  Until one night we had some friends over and a vapor
appeared from the floor.  It was about 3-4 feet tall. Then it disappeared and
about 1 foot away from where it disappeared, it reappeared this time out of
the sealing. (still 3-4 feet long)  Needless to say the party didn't last
much longer.
Later that night my room mate, Nick, was asleep on the couch. He awoke to a
man saying "Nick get up now!!!!".  At the foot of the couch was a large
mirror. In the mirror you could see the reflection of the living room and the
window on the far wall. In the reflection of the window  Nick could see a
dark figure crawling through into the room. He turned to look at the window
itself, nothing was there. He then looked at the reflection and saw the dark
figure was crouching beside him. Nick closed his eyes in hopes that when he
reopened them the thing would be gone. Instead his was pinned to the couch.
He says that he couldn't open his eyes, nor move any part of his body.  Then
he thought to himself, "Nick, just move your arm!". At that moment he heard a
deep "death metal" voice say "Nick just move your arm," and then a laugh. He
jumped up, turned on the lights and came to get me. He told me the story, and
after a few hours we fell asleep. Me on the floor, and Nick on the couch.
Sometime later I heard someone trying to tell me something. I opened my eyes
to see if it was Nick, but he was asleep. Then the mirror caught my eye. The
dark figure that Nick was talking about was coming back. I screamed and Nick
jumped up. I ran for the lights and turned them on. The air in the room
smelled electric and foul. Almost like a cross between an electrical short
and fecal matter.
With in a month all of us had abandoned the house. I have never spoken of
this with anyone except Nick, until now.  Hopefully things like this can be
explained.  I just pray that nobody else has to go through the things that
Nick and I did.

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