You confirm the truth...


My friends house is built over a piece of larg land back in the woods, were
it is said that alot of Civil war victims were buried, and died on. They
built the house so there is no evidence of a death of someone living there
before them. My friends name is amber, and the other one in one of these
stories is britni.
One night me and amber were laying in her bed, and joking about 12:00am
being, "the witching hour" Well, we talked untill all of a sudden a large
white light came in her room and shone on her wall, it circled the room about
once, then just dissapeared. We got scared and never talked about it the
whole time i was there. Then we went to sleep.LOL It couldn't of been car
lights, becasue her house is too far off the road unless it was someone
driving throught the woods which we would of heard and its impiossible to do
this without jitting a
Awhile back me and Amber were at her house alone on the phone with our best
friend Cam. We were the only ones in the house at the time, and had both
phone beside us becasue we were both talking to him at the same time on 2
diffrent phones. Anyway, we kept hearing someone pick up the phone and breath
lightly, cam was also home alone, he beleived us and said that if we hung up
he was calling, this inly happened a few time after, could of been
wires crossing over but u be the judge.
Midnight fright...
me amber and my BFF britni were all getting ready to go to sleep, I got up
and locked and shut the door. We got situated when all of a sudden the door
unlocked and popped open, usually her cat will push her HALFWAY open door
open and come under the bed and sleep. I looked over, sat there smiling for a
minute, waiting for the cat to come in, then i frickin freaked out casue the
cat didn't come in, I almost shit a brick casue everybody else saw it too, We
all huddled together on the top of her bed, and yelled for her mom. She came
and we all went into the living room, were she obviously didn't beleive us
like always. Then we went and slept in her floor.

Wyoming Haunt

By: Author Unknown

Wyoming, Evanston- The outpost resturant what is now Don Pedros Mexican
Resturant. I worked for Pedro in the summer of 1999 remodling the old
outpost. There was me, a High school senior named Ryan and two mexicans who i
forget their names. On July 22 1999 Ryan had a dentist appointment in Salt
Lake City. I went to work at 6:30 as usual and the mexicans came at the same
time. Work was normal until the mexicans left for lunch. I stayed to finish a
little work before I left for lunch. I was in the dishwashing room when I
heard voices coming from the basement. I could not understand them, I think
it was just mumbling sounds. But, at the time I thought it was kids playing
in the basement who got through the back door. I went over to the doorway
leadind down to the basement and turned the light on for down stairs and they
tunred off. I turned them on again and they wouldnt work. So I went and got a
flashlight out of a toolbox and went back to the stairwell and asked who was
down there and I heard a voice that made my hair stand up and my eyes water. The
flashlight wouldnt work and I turn around to go turn the light on and
something caught my eye at the bottom of the stairs. I turn around and there
was a lite candle floating in the air. There was nobody carrying this candle
for the whole basement was lite up. Then, it started up the stairs at me! I
ran out of the room and locked the door. I was in the washing room again.
There, pots and pans started flying off the wall and me. I ran out of the
resturant and got in my truck and left. I went to lunch, smoked almost a pack
of cigarrettes, and I tried to figure out what happened. After about two
hours I returned to the outpost to find my two companions there. I asked them
what they thoght of the mess in the dishwashing room and one of the mexicans
said "What mess" I walked into the dish room and all of the pots and pans
were cleaned up, the mexicans had no idea what I was talking about. Well, the
next day I quit and got a Construction job that requires outside work. This story is very
true, all of it happened to me and I hope it never happens again.



Brighton, WI: Bong Recreation Area (Former RI Bong Air Base)
A Brief History
  The township of Brighton is a sleepy farm community located in SE
Wisconsin. The parcel of land in particular was frequented by indian trails
traversing a north to south path between present day Hwy 142 and Country
trunk JB. Bong was also home to the last remaining pioneer log cabin in the
county of Kenosha.
  In 1958 59 farm families were ejected from the land in NW Kenosha County to
make way for the Bong Air Force Base. After one yer of intesne construction
the plug was pulled on the project, thus leaving seven square miles of land
horribly altered and abandonded for the next twenty years.
  During construction of the base the pioneer cemetary (at the now
non-existent intersection of 18th ave and trunk "LM") was removed from the
site, with many of the bodies being distributed to cemetaries either in
Silver Lake or Milwaukee. presently tunnel structure from the Air Base still
exists intact and just happens to run directly through the plot of land where
the cemetary had been located. Nice touch.
  In 1963 prominent Kenosha business man Anthony Biernat was abducted by
Mafia members outside the Northshore train Station downtown and was broguht
to the abandonded base in theory to frighten the jukebox dealer into dealing
with the Mob. Something went wrong, Biernat was murdered, and his corpse was
left to decompose in a lime pit in the basement of the Rutledge house.
  The mid sixties and early seventies gave rise to activity involving biker
gangs and assorted miscreants raiding the base, using old base buildings for
target practice, destroying remaining farmhouse on the property and other
assorted events.
  In the mid-seventies the park was deeded to the Wisconsin Wildlife
Commission, the entity now known as the DNR, and was eventually turned into a
large park by the early eighties.

Alleged Paranormal Activity (and I can't stress alleged enough)
  -Spectral lights witnessed in the woods NE of the Dog Trial area
  -several UFOs (and that does NOT connotate flying saucers, but merely
unexplainable lights over the park) have been seen either at the boundary of
the park or inside. A witness and myself pursued a light that hovered over
farmland off of old 296th Ave on the SW corner of the park and gave chase for
approximately five miles to the west. Unexplained white lights also have been
witnessed moving through the sky at night, first mistaken as stars or
high-flying jets, but far too eratic in nature.
  -conspicious signs of cultist activty, NE section of the park in the "No
Vehichle Zone" may be occasionly found off of existing trails traversing the
woodlands off of old Hwy 75. This is the second most dangerous section of the
park and should not be taken lightly: there are no DNR patrols and there is
not a house within miles. Remember that no person has ever been officially
injured by a paranormal force yet to date, but the threat of the human
element is one that must be recognized. I repeat, this is not to be taken
  -The most dangerous section of the park is the fully intact and sometimes
sealed underground network of sewers and tunnels remaining from the Air Force
Base. Many wild rumors surrond activity repoted below the park ranging from
cultist activty to spirits, mists, and unidentifiable noises or lights, but
little can be confirmed.
  For safety and liability reasons the locations to access ports will NOT be
divulged. Access to the system is strictly forbidden by Federal Laws.

What was that?

I have experianced many things that seem a little out of the ordinary.
I live in a haunted house after all, but the story i am writing does not
invovle my house.  I decided to save those stories for another time.
To get to my story.  I worked at a fast food resteraunt for three
years.  I often had to close, which meant I wasn't allowed to leave work
until Midnight on the weekends.  One night I left work about 12:30am,
and was driving towards my home.  I always took the same route home
which was a busy highway.  Highway 22 to be exact.  As I was approaching
an intersection I noticed a person standing in the middle of the road.
I thought it quite strange since it was very late.  As I continued to
get closer to this person, I sort of sped up, unsure of what to do.  I
figured the person would move out of the middle of the road but as I
came closer I realized the person had no intention of doing so.  I got
close enough that I could see the persons clothes.  It seemed their
clothes were old-fashioned.  The man was wearing a long brown
treanchcoat, with a brown plaid old style hat.  Sort of what I think was
worn in the forties.  As I got closer, I realized that I was going to
run over this man if I didn't stop.  I had just enough time to slam on
my brakes.  I was on a highway so after I slammed on my breaks I checked
my rearview mirror to see if I was going to be hit from behind.  It only
took a moment to see that I was on the road alone, but when I looked
back the man was gone.  There was no sign of him anywhere.  I don't know
for sure what I saw that night, but I knew if it was a person I would
have seen him running away.  There was just open fields  on both sides
of the road, he could not have ran without being seen.  I never saw him
again as I still made the same trip nearly every night, but I surely
never forgot him.



Compared to some of the stories that I read, my expierences do not seem that
scary, but I'm not sure what we have.
To start off, I alwats felt uncomfortable in my parents house growing up. I
was always scared to go up stairs alone and in the dark.My parents always
used to tease us kids about a ghost in our house named Mrs. Reynolds. She had
lived in the house years before. I always felt like there was a presence in
the I was being watched. The eyes in pictures would follow me,
When I was about 10 years old, my father would go away for days at a time for
his job, and I would always sleep with my mother. This one particular time
that my father went away, I decided to sleep in my own room. That night, my
mother was awoken to find a dark shadowy figure at the foot of her bed. She
said the she felt extreme hatred and evil coming from the form. She said "In
the name of Jesus Christ leave me," and instantly it disapeared. Now my
mother is very religous, and I know that she would not lie about something
like that.
The next thing happened years later. I was about 17, and my parents were away
on vacation, and on the first night they were gone, my best friend(she lived
up the street) came to spend the night with me. I hated being in that house
alone. We were sitting in the living room, just talking, when there was a
knock at the door. Now this seemed a little weird to us, seeing that it was
about12:30 am. My dog started freaking out, barking and growling, hair raised
on his back(he is usually very calm, loves people.)
So I went to the door to answer it, and there was noone there. With my dog
still freaking, I backed away from the door, and the knocking started again.
I went to the door again, and looked out, but again there was noone there. So
my friend called her parents, up the strtte and asked them if they could come
down and see if they could find anyone, perhaps someone was playing a joke.
Her parents called the police and came down. In the mean time, my dog had not
stopped barking, not until her parents came down. The police came and
searched all around our neighbourhood and found nothing. Go figure.
The next incident happened about  5-6 years later. I was at work, I was
running and embroidery machine, and I was sitting at my desk, which has a
mirror in front of it so that I can see my machine(my back it toward the
machine if I sit at the desk.) I saw and felt a figure walk behind me.
Thinking it was my sister who I worked with, I thought nothing of it. About 5
minutes later, the same thing happened again, only walking in the outhe
direction. Again, Thinking it was my sister returning from the bathroon, I
thought nothing of it. The third time, I felt and saw the figure walk behind
me again, and felt as if it were standing at my machine, out of view from the
mirror. Not turning around, I could feel the presence standing there. After
about 10 minutes, I turned, expecting to see my sister there, I turned to aks
her what she wanted, but there was noone there. I could still feel the
presence there, but I don't know what it was.
It was this incident that lead me to reading tarot cards. I actually
perdicted my sister getting pregnant.
And just a few months ago, in my new apartment, the water turned on for no
I was in my bed, and my boyfriend was in the bathroom, I could hear him
running the water, taking out his contacts, and I heard him turn off the
water and go into the computer room. I could hear him typing...when all of a
sudden the water turned on. I got up to see if it was my boyfriend, but he
wasn't in there, but the water was on full blast. I walked into where he was,
and asked him if he had left the water running, and he said no, he had heard
it start running butthat he thought that I had gone in to use it.
Nothing has happened since, and I don't feel anything bad, but it just freaks
me out.
I don't know what all of these things mean, I don't mind them happening, but
I just wanted you opinion.



Hi I have several differnt experiences i want to share with everyone but
right now I will share a few and if you want to know more you could ask me
later. One night me and my brothers ex were sitting in my room which by the
way is where most of the activity any way we were sitting there talking
about how we think the house is haunted and then we heard a mans voice dont
remember what it said but we both sat there scared to death then when we
finally came to we ran to my brother and told him he said maybe it was the
tape we were playing so I went back and rewinded the tape and listened but
there was nothing. some other stuff happened like voices,cring late at
night, shadows, footsteps, the felling of being watched, my friends and
family both have seen and heard things.One day I had just got out of the tub
and went to my room my friend was in there fixing her hair in front of the
mirror any way when I shut the door she said why did you close the door on
him I asked her who she was talking about and she said someone was right
behind me and I shut the door on them so I opened the door and looked out in
the hallway and there was absolutley no one upstairs with us.
One time we called the priest to bless the house and he was asked to bless
my room the best because like i said it was the most active and while he was
doing that I started feeling really wierd and very disturbed I could not
understand it. It bothered me so much I had to leave the room. The last
thing I want to tell you is when I was washing the dishes I felt a strong
presence behind me I tried to turn but couldnt I only got a glimpse of a
shadow like person I started praying and the more i rayed the stronger it
got until the plate i was holding fell and broke then I ran. My bed shakes
my radio turns on and off well that is all for now thanks for reading this

Tulsa Office Building


Oklahoma-Tulsa-Office Building   This information is
authenticated by my husband and some of his coworkers who experienced some of
the haunting incidents.  Some years ago, a construction worker was apparently
killed on the 2nd floor during the construction of the office building my
husband works in.  The midnight shift of workers have reported seeing a man
on the 2nd floor (with a hard hat and tool belt) who walks down hallways or
disapears around corners.  When someone calls out to this worker, he never
responds.  A security guard standing in the parking lot of the building saw a
worker walking around on the 2nd floor late at night when no workers were up
there (the 2nd floor is vacant and used for storage).  Finally, my husband,
(who is VERY skeptical of hauntings) reported hearing rustling noises in a
office cubicle next to the one he was in (he works midnights and was up on
the 2nd floor doing repairs - no other workers were up there).  He found a
desk drawer open in the cubicle, but no one there.  He closed the drawer and left
the cubicle.  A few minutes later, he heard more noises and found the drawer
open again.  At that point, he left the 2nd floor!  He also says there are
times he feels he's "not alone" when working on the 2nd floor.  My husband is
a very "down to earth" guy whom I obviously know and trust, and because of
this, I really believe this to be a true haunting and not just a "ghost

Missing Beloved Bible


This is a true story.  My pastor Kevin is a Seventh Day Adventist pastor in
the church in Elko, Nevada.  During the time we lived there and attended
church we talked a lot about the demonic things that people of our church
have experienced.  One really great writer who talks in detail of his
experiences is Roger Moreau.  He has written several books on his true
experiences.  One experience that strikes fear into my heart is about a
women who once was a very famous psychic but left the field and became a die
hard christian.  Her name is Maria and she lives in New York.  One night she
was in bed reading her bible alone in her room.  Her window was open and a
nice breeze was blowing into her room.  In all of five seconds Satan flew
into her room took the bible threw it on the floor and began to choke her
furiously. She looked up onto her picture of Jesus and prayed for help.
Satan looked down upon her with pure terror and was gone in an instant.  She
was terrified and could not believe what had just happened!!  She got up to
look for her beloved bible and was unable to find it.  It was no where to be
found.  This is an honest to goodness true story.


Here's my story. It's 2nd hand but it's a good one.  I am now getting ready to
graduate with a degree in Chiropractic.  In the winter of '96 I was in upstate
NY attending a small comm. college.  My organic chem teacher was Dr. Joe Peone.
An all around great guy. Anyway I had heard from some of the students about an
experience of his.  I wanted to get the whole story, so I asked him myself. This
is how it goes. When he was about 20 (he's now in his 60's) he began having
these reoccurring dreams of the Battle of Gettysburg.  He said that he probably
had 1 or 2 a month. In these dreams, he was a soldier actually fighting in the
battle.  As the dreams continued into his mid 20's and early 30's, they became
much more detailed. The battles were very bloody with distinct faces and he took
on an identity. He was a solider by the name of Clem Johnson. At the age of 40
(still having the dreams) Dr. Peone decided to take a trip to Gettysburg, PA to
visit the field where the battle had took place. Lined on the field are the
headstones of all who fought and died there.  While looking through the names,
he came upon the marker of Clem Johnson who died on August 8, 1865 (I can't
remember the exact date)  but it was the same date that Dr. Peone was born on in
1936.  His deathday was Joes birthday.
 I got goosebumps when he told me that story. He's a very believable guy. It was
almost as if he didn't want to tell me the story cause I'd think he was crazy.
To this day I believeable his story, and I hope that you believable it too.  By
the way, the last time I spoke with him he was still having the dreams.

Family of Spirits


First of All, Thank you Dave, for referring me to Rick Fisher from PA.
He in turn referred me to the Mon Valley Ghost Researches who I STRONGLY
recommend to anyone who is living in the Pennsylvania area.  They helped
me to understand not to be afraid, how to understand, and most of all,
how to live with the spirits in my home.
It all started long before my husband and I bought the home on Westmont
Avenue.  I had a dream one night in 1994 (We bought the home this year
2000), that we were in this house the exact house that we bought.   I
dreamed that my sons were older, and I had a daughter, (she wasn't
concieved until 1997 born in April of 1998), and they were playing in
the exact yard that we have now.
This house meant something to me when I bought it, little did I know
what was in the package deal, although I was very soon to find out.  It
all started with an uncomfortable feeling in the bathroom, like someone
was there, watching, stalking, waiting......
Then one day, as I was taking a well deserved hot bath after a long day
of three beautiful children ,  I got pinched.  Really hard.......   I
got afraid after that, and sought advice.   I wasn't the only one with
experiences in this house, my sisters had their back end grabbed on
numerous occasions, heard singing in the house, and felt a horrible
grief.   I got horrible smells and saw shadows out of the corner of my
My sister and I went out one day for a walk , came back to every
cupboard door wide open and freaked!!!!!!!!!!!
I should also add that before we bought this home,  I NEVER EVER
believed in ghosts.  I thought it was all malarchy.  There was only
heaven and hell in my mind, no in between, I used to CHALLENGE people to
try to make me believe.
I recently had a history done on my home.  There was one family that
lived here for over eighty years.  It was built in 1910 by the father of
the 73 year old woman who was the last to die here.  They had their
wakes in my dining room, WITH THE CORPSES IN CASKETS.  That's just the
way they did it back then, the laid the family out in the home.   There
was at least six people that died here, ALL OF THEM related.   And I
just think that they aren't ready to leave their family home.
I want to also add that the feeling I had in the bathroom....... I found
out that the last family member of the man that bought this home, died
in the bathtub, and was left there for two weeks in the blistering
summer with the windows and doors closed, no air conditioning before she
was found.........
Thank you Dave, For letting me share my story.
And thank you for getting me to the help I need to understand that I
wasn't living with hellbound creatures, just humans, with their own
personalities, like you and me.......



Some years ago I was babysitting with an ex girlfriend.  Things were pretty much as normal, and I needed to visit the little boys room.  After using the toilet - I popped my head in to the children to make sure they were asleep, which they were - and whilst in the room I went very
cold and heard a voice, which I can only describe as being of an old lady and it said "What are you doing here?" Obviously I ran - although I dreaded turning round.  After that downstairs we constantly heard the kids running around upstairs for ages - despite them seeming to be fast asleep when I looked.  I didnt bother to check againI was way to scared, when the parents returned it stopped
about 10 seconds before they arrived.  The only conclusion I've ever come to is that maybe it was a long lost relative or  guardian who looked over the children - and maybe they didnt
recognise me ?

  My Mom


one cloudy day as I was playing outside I looked into my den window and saw a
person that was looking at me.It scared me because I didn't know this
person.No one was at my house either.The person looked exatly like my mom
when she was little.It looked exatly like the pitureof my mom when she was
little.I only got a short look before she disapeared.I told my frieends I
will be right back,and I ran inside.
When I got inside she was gone.

 Cottage In Yeldam


Hello again. Here is the second story, this time it takes place at My Mum's
Friend ,Karen, (s) Mum and Dad's cottage in Yeldam.
My Mum, Dad, Karen and her old boyfriend David were visiting her parents.
My Mum had to go upstairs to the toilet, she was on the toilet when she
felt sure someone was watching her (No one else was upstairs with her.) She
was absolutely freaked. She finished what she was doing very quickly and
ran down the stairs, (That go straight down.) She said she could of
literally jumped the last few steps down. Then in the living room (It has a
glass pane and you can see into the kitchen.) Dad said he saw someone
standing near David and Karens Dad. And they were the only ones in the
kitchen. Dad says that the figure was almost like a shadow but it was
certainly a person. The strange thing is it only happened when My Mum and
Dad were there. Can anyone tell  Me why that could of happened.

   A Man Named John


    I was about 2 when it happened. I was at my grandparents house one day
and i was in the front room or the play room as we called it. The room had a
fairly big sized closet, a toy box, a bed, my grandpa's gun  cabinet, and
some other things that my grandma had like her make-up mirror and stuff.
When i came out of the play room and into the living room, my parents told
me that i told them..."I just talked to a nice man in there, he was very
nice, his name was John he said."
     Later i found out that the man who built my grandparents house was
named John and he had died years before. I never saw John again to this day.
I was always afraid to go into the playroom, i just didn't feel very
comfortable in their alone. But maybe someday ill talk to John again.

Family Frights


I have a few stories that have happened to my mother and my sister. When my mother was a little girl about 12, she stayed up  one night watching her favorite show. Her parents went to bed, so she was the only one up. As she laid down with her cat she heard this scratching sound! Her cat went to the window but a second later ran out eyes as big as apples, and his fur stuck out as far as it could go Well my mom just laid there for a little bit thinking should i look, or just get out? well my mom went under the covers and out the other end out the door! She woke up her parents and her dad checked out the window! No one
could have played a joke on her because the way the house is set up is the house and the garage is put together by a porch in  between. there's a gate that goes up stairs and to the front door! She had this dog that barks at anything it hears or sees But the dog did not bark. The gate can't be opened with out a load creaking sound. It had to be someone or something flying over the gate so quite that the dog can't even hear it move. In the morning her dad woke up to go to work and he found the screen to the window all ripped up. When he checked it out at night when my mom first woke him up the screen had not been
ripped up! Is that weird or what? For my next story begins way back about when my sister was 5 and i was 4. When my mom put us up for a nap she set my sister and I's p.'s on our dresser in the closet. and left for about ten minutes then running to the door of our room with my sister screaming bloody murder! My mom ran it finding our p.'s all around my sisters bed! To this day my sister swears her p.'s where dancing all around her in a frightful way! I do not remember this at all but my sister does! I think to myself things
have happened to my sister and my mom! But nothing has happened to me and I'm into scary stuff like that and sometimes I wish that stuff could happen to me but for some reason it won't.
thanks for listening

A figment of my imagination or not


How do I begin,  I am now 25 years old, my boyfriend and I were watching a
TV show on ghosts and it reminded me of something that happened to me when I
was younger.
No I wasn't possessed, I didn't see anything, but I did hear something.
When my sister and I were younger we shared a room.   She kept me up half
the night with her evil snoring.  One night I was going to wake her up ,like
I did every night before, to tell her she was keeping me up.   I slept next
to her so I could just push her and wake her up.  I was about to get up when
I heard a deep voice "Hello Becky" (that's my sister's name) she answered
him back, "Hi".  "Do you want to come with me?" he said.  "What" she
answered.  I was under my covers covering my ears to not hear what he was
saying and thinking it was  a figment of my imagination.   I peeked to look
to see if I could see anything, nothing, nobody was there.  He kept asking
him to go with him and she kept telling him "what" and she was also giggling
in her sleep.  I was so scared I donna know how I slept.  In the morning
when I woke up I asked her if she remembered talking to anyone in here
sleep.  She didn't know what I was talking about.  I told her se was talking
to somebody.  She was having a conversation with somebody or something.  She
freaked.  To this day I tell people this and they think I'm crazy and laugh
it off, but when my sister is there she tells them that I did ask her the
day after and she believes me.
What could this be a figment of my imagination or has this ever happened
For what my parents tell me about the house that we live in is that ....
A couple was living there and I don't know but the couple were killed there.
Somebody was hung or they hung themselves in the garage along with the
infant child.   Somebody else was in the backyard hung on the orange tree we
have out there.  I don't know if any of this is true or not, but things are
known to happen at the house.
Thank you for giving my the time to tell my story and you for reading it.

A Ghost In My House


i have a ghost in my house we have lived here for about 5 years now and when we bought it i had no idea that the man that lived here before us died on the living room floor. The first time i saw him i was prego with my first son i was about 8 months along and one night at around 3:00 i woke up for no reason and i saw a man in the corner of our room as i was watching him (at first i thought it was my husband) he seemed to be looking for something on our dresser well it scared the HECK out of me anyway as i was watching him he faded away very slowly like so slow i didnt realise until he was gone.  Another time
was in the kitchen and i was prego with my second son i got up about 3:00 in the morning went to the kitchen to get a sandwich and in the kitchen window i saw 2 men standing in front of it talking well i didnt think anything of it ate my sandwich and went back to bed well the next morning my nabour was standing wear the two men were standing and i had to look down to see her (we have a basement so it is higher on the main floor) anyway i realised that the men i saw would have to be 10 feet tall to be level with my window i was so scared to move that when my nabour saw me there in the window she came
right over thinking that something was wrong when i told her about the nite before she told me that it was impossible because she was also up at around that time to let the dog out and she didnt return to bed until an hour later well i damn near gave birth right there when she said that anyway about a year and a half later i was sitting in the living room with the kids when all of a sudden my youngest went pale white and stared at soming by the door when i looked at the door there was no one there he started following something across the room and when he stoped looking i figure that it must have disappeared he started crying even though i know that he is not here to hurt us of scare us away i still get freaked out just thing that there is a ghost living with us it has now been at least a year since the last time we've seen him i still fell he is here and every once in a while i fell a gust of wind when im doing dishes i hope that one day he finds what he is
 looking for and can finally rest in peace :).

A Ghost Story

At the time I was 16-17 years old. Let's say (my brother and friends) found a
head-stone of a young girl who had died when she was 13. She died in October
of what year I don't know, but her untimely death and what follows still
sends chills down my body.
       The head-stone was painted with florsecent orange and black paint. I
won't say the words they put on it, but apparently she was not happy with
what it said or the fact that it was no longer on it's resting place. My most
vivid memory of her wrath was when I had walked in the front door and dishes
that were in a hutch flew across the room and landed at my feet. There was 4
other people in the room that saw this.
       Another time I was there in the house by myself to clean it. My
brother's friend's bedroom was at the top of the stairs. He had a bed that
was attached to the ceiling with 4 very large thick ropes. There was nothing
between the bed and the wall nothing to keep it in place, yet the bed was
very heavy and hard to swing. But the day I was there in that room collecting
dirty clothes I heard some one calling my name from downstairs, I thought it
might have been my mom so I went to see what she wanted. No one was there yet
I heard my name being called again from the stairwell. Of course no one was
there and at first it really did'nt scare me until I went back into the
bedroom and the bed was swinging from side to side as if someone were on it
pushing it.
          There are other things that happened in that house, but these
things are better left untold for now.

A Haunted House

I never thought too much about ghosts until I moved here....the house was
built in 1915.  Its an old 3 story victorian style.  We have two spirits
here...a small girl about 6 and a gentleman about 40. Both my daughter and I
see them, and they try to speak to us, but as yet we don't understand them.
The girl delights in running barefoot through a freshly mopped floor.  There
are times you can see our cat chasing an imaginary string all through the
    Lately...these two, the child and man have been a protector for my
daughter and I.  A person visited a few months ago. I can only say that
something evil was left behind.  Something pushed me down the stairs....(16
solid oak steps)  I was abruptly stopped from the fall.  When I looked back
the gentelman was holding me.  At night, my daughter would come into my room
afraid.  You can see the child and the man standing outside our bedroom
doors...and you can sense a foul presence in the hallway.
    I don't know the history of the house or where to begin looking for it.
For now, we have two protectors here....and one very, very unsetteling


By: cheryl

About 10 years ago, I worked in a small bar in an historic district in SW Pennsylvania.  One night, 4 patrons and I were closing up.  I was sitting at the bar talking.  Suddenly, behind me I felt something odd.  Without looking around, I sensed a slender tall man with black hair wearing a plaid workshirt and jeans at the pool table about to make a shot.  The 4 patrons all froze at the same time and one of them said that, while he was afraid to turn around, he could see the image of what was there in my eyes.  We all made a pact never to mention this to anyone...for obvious reasons.
Shortly after that, I was in the bar all night cleaning for a health inspection.  All through that night, I heard "people" in the bar shooting pool, coming in and out of the locked door, and even "saw" someone sitting at the elderly gentleman with a plaid hunting cap on and a brown jacket.  I came out to tell him the bar wasn't open when I realized he wasn't there, just a reflection in the mirror was there.  Then he disappeared.  Was I dreaming this?  The bar is no longer there.  The property is now part of a lumberyard.  I have never told anyone about these encounters until now.  Is this a natural occurrence?  I was not drinking or anything on either occasion.  I have had some very strong psychic experiences in the past that could not be explained rationally and have been "visited" by my deceased relatives.  Are these dreams?  Or is
it something else?There were many places in this town that were reputed to be haunted.  I can believe it...please don't use my full name.  You and I may know all this to be true, but my family would not understand.

A Lifetime of Haunting


I guess I should start by stating that my family is weird, for lack of a better word.
I am a believer extreme in ghosts and such.  The family joke is that six generations
of clairvoyants can't be wrong...
My first experiences began in my grandparents' house.  I guess I was about three or four when I first encountered "Bill".  The circumstances surrounding his arrival and timing are quite sketchy.  This was the summer of 1977, my grandfather was inthe hospital after suffering a heart-attack.  My mother was on the phone and looked out into the hallway and saw a figure of a man standing there, looking at her like, "Get off the phone!"  My mother quickly hung up with her friend and called thehospital, fearing the worst, that it was her father standing in the hallway looking at her.  Mom called and talked to my grandma and grandpa, everything was as fine as could be expected, but, who was the guy in the hallway?Mom did not realize that she was not the only one who could "see" Bill.  My sister and I would see him walk through the hallway, walk through the kitchen, hear him walk up and down the stairs, open doors and all other sorts of nonsense.  One night, I was in the bedroom watching t.v. with my grandpa and heard my grandma call for him.
"Bill, (my grandfather as well as our vaporous house guest's name)  what did you go into the kitchen for?"
"I wasn't in the kitchen, I'm in here with Jo and Mis."  My grandpa answered."I'm telling you, I saw you in the kitchen."  my grandma insisted.All my mother could do was laugh, she knew who was really in the kitchen...We saw "Bill" on a regular basis til February of 1980.  The last sighting by someone other than "the weirdos" occurred then.  "Bill" was seen leaving, wearing an overcoat, which was not his regular wardrobe. Grandma and Grandpa joked that he went out to dinner with them and found another family to go home with.  "Bill" evidently checked himself out in the mirror before he left.  My mom and a family friend were sitting in the living room and saw "Bill" reflected in the mirror.  They watched him walk down the hall and into my Grandparents' bedroom.  The family friend yelled, "Mom, you've got company!"
It was a while before any research was done to determine the origin of our "resident spook".  I don't know if this is the truth or not, but, here goes...  According to the testimony of a few neighbors and a  gentleman who was on staff with the fire department, there had been a suicide several years prior to the sighting.  Sometime in the 1950's.  The scoop is that a middle-aged man discovered that his wife was being unfaithful.  He got ready for work as usual, kissed her good-bye, walked down to the basement and through the garage.  When the wife didn't hear him leave, she  went downstairs to the garage and check and make sure everything was okay.  She found him swinging from the rafters.  There are theories as to why he appeared when he did.  Perhaps my grandfather having a severe heart-attack "aroused" something in the spirit of the perpetually wronged husband.  It could be that he waited for the right oppertunity when the
family would be more receptive to him.  Or maybe he was waiting for "sensitives"to validate his haunting.
I would like to say this is the end of "Bill", but it's just the beginning.  He's been heard playing the piano in my Grandma's basement.  He started a lawnmower that did not have a spark-plug in it.  (don't ask, I'm not a mechanic.)  Several people have heard him open a door that has since been sealed shut.  It has a very distinct slam to it.  I've had friends scared to death to stay longer than fifteen minutes in my grandma's home when I lived there during my teens and early twenties, because they just "knew" something was there.  Watching.  Waiting.  Wanting to be seen.  And, boy, has he been seen.  As I mentioned previously, the haunting kinda slacked off around 1980.  Not to say that we didn't all experience that familiar chill from time to time, but nothing much manifested.  Until 1988...1988 Was a bad year.  My grandfather passed away.  He wasn't very old, and that added insult to injury as well.  It seemed like the events coincided with his passing.  I was now living with my grandma.  My sister Missy had come to visit.  We were in the kitchen doing dishes, listening to the radio.  Normal teenage things.  We heard the door between the garage and basement swing open and close.  We heard the distinct sound of footsteps on the concrete floor, the slow tread of someone walking up the stairs.  Sounds pretty normal, right?  Wrong!!
We had not heard the garage door open.  Grandma was gone.  No one was in the basement.  My sister and I stood in the kitchen and watched as the door-knob turned.  We didn't stand around to ask questions, we were out of there! That's where it began and lasted for ten years.  Things would move, a voice would be heard.  I mentioned the piano playing and such.  There was a lot more materializing.  As my sisters and I began to have children, we would notice my niece or my son looking into the hallway and giggling.  We would catch something moving out of the corner of our eyes.  My niece told me about the face that she would see in the mirror of my grandmother's antique wash-stand.  She said there was a man in there
trying to get out.  Try as we might, we couldn't get a better explanation than that.  I awoke one night to see "Bill"  looking into my son's crib.  This angered me for some reason.  I sat straight up in bed and said, "Look, you've messed with me all my life, leave my son alone!"  He disappeared and reappeared in the hallway.  (My sisters and I always saw something in the hallway).  As far as my family is concerned, "Bill" is still there.  In addition to the "ghosts" of two dogs and a cat that like to chase my Grandma's cat through the house.I don't think I've actually gone in somewhere and not felt that twinge, that something was there that couldn't be seen by the human eye.  I guess it's residual things I've picked up on.  Nearly ever place I've lived, with the exception of my current residence, has had something there.  My husband jokes that I'm a "spook magnent".  What makes it worse is that I work in a hospital, and I sometimes get that, "twinge" when heading to the cafeteria or whatever.
My sisters are the same way, as are our children and spouses.  In fact, two ghosts "suckered" us when my younger sister went to buy her house.  We went on a walk-through, looked at each other and said, "Nothing here, this is cool.  Clean as a whistle!"  Yeah right.  Within one week of my sister and her family moving in, cabinets opened and shut, she saw someone standing in her kitchen that didn't quite belong.  She was sitting on the couch, reading.  The couch faces the kitchen.She had the sensation that someone was watching her.  She looked up, no one there.  However, when she closed her eyes, she "saw" a short woman wearing a pink dress standing near her sink.  She had silver hair pulled back in a bun and did not seem
 very happy over being seen.  My sister put down the book and said to her "renter" that she didn't care if she was there, she was there long before she and my brother in law signed the papers.  As long as she behaved and did not scare anyone, nothing would happen.  About that time, she heard things in the basement.  She walked downstairs and sensed a little boy.  That little boy is my son's "buddy".  The boy is very mischievous.  He likes to rewind movies, change radio stations and likes to play darts.  My middle sister watched in amazement one night as one whizzed past her and hit the board.  She said, "well, if you wanted to play that bad, all you had to do was ask!"  As you can see, we take these things real seriously.
Since my youngest sister has moved in with my younger sister, the happenings have been more pronounced.  It sounds like furniture is being moved in the basement, someone walks down the hall every night to my youngest sister's room and "checks" on her.  I was there last night (10/19/00) and was in the basement with my middle sister.  We were sitting at my brother-in law's computer, shopping on line.  The computer desk is right outside the laundry room, making it unbearably hot.  I looked at my sister and said, "Jeez, it's hot in here.  Almost makes one wish for one of the spooks to show up and cool the place
 down."  My sister looked and me and shook her head, "I can't believe you said that, you idiot!"  About three minutes later, the temperature dropped in the basement, dryer still on.  I looked at my sister and the hair was standing up on her arms.  I had goose bumps.  I started to laugh, "Now, that's service.  What are you going to do for an encore?"  No sooner where those words out of my mouth than I felt something tug at the back of my hair.  I looked at my sister, eyes wide, and said, "If I'm lyin, I'm dying, but something just pulled my hair!"  She simply looked at me and said, "Maybe now you'll learn to be careful of what you ask for!"

A Mothers Love From Beyond the Grave


This is a true story. What I am about to tell you occurred during the summer
of 1980. My wife and I had bought a mobile home and had it placed in a very
nice park in Southeast Fort Worth Texas. We had one daughter age three.
Everything went fine until early one morning around three am. "Gray," "Gary,"
I was suddenly awakened by a woman's voice calling my name. I sat up and
listened to the stillness. I must have imagined it I thought. The stillness s
was broken by the Erie sounding voice again. This time I was wide awake. By
then my wife was awake too, she grabbed my right arm,"that's your mother
calling you," she said in a shaky voice. "That just can't be, you know she
died three years ago." "Gary," the voice called out again causing the hair on
the back of my neck to stand up. Maybe I should have asked who it was or what
it wanted, but I thought someone was in my trailer uninvited.  The voice was
coming from next to our daughter's room down the hall. I jumped up in my
underwear and ran from our bedroom into the hall, turning on the light as I
did. Lisa was setting up in bed pointing at a picture of my mother in the
hall. As I carried Lisa to our room I thought I could smell my mothers
perfume in the hall. I asked my daughter why she was pointing at mama's
picture and she said, "Mama here, in my rood daddy."  Later that night we
could here her calling my name scaring us badly. I had checked the place out
so I knew it was secure.
     The next morning I went out to get the paper and as I came back towards
the trailer I saw that our daughters screen was bent and lying on the ground.
I saw where someone had pried it off. I called the police and they said
something must have scared him off because a locked window would not have
stopped this pervert. He had raped other young girls. He was shot that
morning later on around daybreak just down the street. He must have been
trying to get into Lisa's room around the time my mother woke us up. She had
told me on her death bed that she would always watch out for my family.
Thanks Mom.

A Visit From My Bother


 Me and Frank were always very close to each other. He was my youngest brother, and I loved him dearly. When we grew up, he married my best friend Jane.
I lived in SouthLyon, Michigan at the time I had a visit from Frank. He and Jane plus their four boys all lived in Portland Oregon.
It was the early morning, November 10th, 1992. Around 6am. I was suddenly awaken, by a tap on the shoulder. I looked up and there stood Frank my brother! He backed up a little and I got a better look at him. "How did you get here Frank?" I asked, but he just stared at me and, said. "Tell Jane I love her." I look closely at Frank and notice he had shaven his beard off, something he had never done before.. His appearance was very clean, which seem odd, for he had a drinking problem. And would get drunk often. He wore a red pladed shirt and blue jeans. His front tooth was no longer missing. So, I thought he also had his teeth done.
But when he told me "To tell Jane he loved her." I replied back. "Why don't you? What's going on Frank?" I continued to ask. He said nothing back, but started towards the kitchen. I told him as he was walking away. "You might as well put on a pot of coffee, and I'll get dress. Just than I heard the front door shut and he was gone.
It made me a little angry, and I thought since my older brother Mike was renting the house next door. Frank might of went there. I called over at Mike's and told him Frank was in town. To my surprise. Mike said."He never seen him. But he had to go to work and couldn't talk right now." So, I tried to get into my regular choirs of house work. When suddenly as I went back into my bedroom. A cold chill went right thru my soul. Something I can't explain! But it made me go to the phone and I called Jane in Portland Oregon.
I thought I dialed a wrong number, for a woman's voice answered the phone. I said "Is this Franks house?" She replied. "Just a moment, I'll get Jane on the phone!"  When Jane got on. She said in a low voice "Joyce? I answered back. "Hey Jane. How did Frank get here in Michigan?" She was so surprise, because I never call long distance. But I almost fainted when she replied. "He couldn't have been there, Joyce. I have some terrible news. Last night or early this morning. I found Frank, he had hung himself late last night or early this morning. What do you mean you seen Frank this morning?" I told her the details and, she had told me, that last night Frank had shaven his beard off. Took some sad country music. Titled "In the real world." Went out into the barn. She thought he was just going on one of his drunks, and feeling sorry for himself. He never mentioned suicide to her. In the early dawn, she could hear the music, for it was blasting, and you could hear it all
Out there in the barn, as she tried to open the door, it would hardly budge. She yelled for Frank to open it, but when he would not. She push it open, to find she had also pushed his body as it was swinging near the door, with his eyes gazing at her,. She ran for the house, but told me. It was like running thru mud. In her mind this had to be a nightmare.
Later on she told me Frank was wearing a red pladded shirt, and blue jeans. I gave her his message. "Tell Jane I love her."
My older brother Mike. Believes me, for I had already told him, Frank had visited me this morning. Also Jane was very religious, and they- {Her close} friends were saying a prayer, for Jane to get the courage to call the family. When I called I interrupted the prayer! It was already answered. Than I had to give the horrible news to my Parents and, other brothers and sisters...
Jane was also on The good morning America. For people helping others thru times as these.
I remember we, had an Memorial service for Frank of our own here in Michigan. I was sleeping. My husband who was awake noticed a lovely Hawk standing on a branch of our pine tree. Only 5 ft from the window. My husband knowing how Frank loved Hawks and kept a lot of them on his place. Thought he should wake me up, before the Hawk flew away. I got up to see what was the big deal, and with my coffee in one hand. I watched Frank's favorite bird. He folded his wings and wouldn't move for around 30 minutes. Than as waking up. Off he flew! We never see Hawks this close to the house. I knew in my heart, this was God's way of letting me know. "Frank is as free as his friends the hawks were. That very same day in Oregon, Jane also released Franks hawks. Except they didn't want to leave, and it took a few days, than slowly they left.
I left South Lyon since than. But I have had a lot of experiences with ghost and sprits ever since I was very young, but that's another story...

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