Am I Crazy?


    I know that this may be a question/story that you may get very often,
but I am running out of places to turn and am very confused. I'm a 17 female
living in Long Island with my mother and stepfather. For the past 5 years
very odd, almost unreal things have been taking place in my life.
    It started when my mother and I moved into my Uncle's house. At the time
I was starting high school. We were living in the house about a year when my
friend Catherine and I were sitting home alone on a summer day. Please note
that there is only one entrance in to my second floor apartment. Anyhow, we
were watching television when we both saw the refrigerator door open slowly
(A view into the kitchen could be seen from the living room) Thing rattled
around and the door closed. My friend Catherine and I investigated, and
after seeing nothing, she left the house never to come back. She wouldn't even
speak to me after that incident.
    One evening, about three months later, my mother and I were sitting and
watching television. I was drinking, I don;t know, some juice or something
in a glass. I set the glass down on the end-table near me, also glass. A few
minutes passed by when I saw the glass slowly move from it's original place
to the end of the table and stop. I picked up the glass, put it back, and
again it moved, slowly. I asked my mother to watch, but when I placed the
glass in it's original position, it wouldn't move. I explained to my mother
that I saw the glass move, but of course she did not believe me. We
continued to watch television, I a little freaked out, my mother annoyed. A little
later I lifted the cup again, took a drink, and placed it down. This time, I
heard my mother gasp. She said that she, too, had just seen the glass move.
With her watching, I picked up the glass and put it down. Slowly, the glass
moved to the end of the table. When my mother tried, the glass did not move.
My mother crouched down in front of the table. She asked me to pick up the
glass again. I did, and the glass flew very quickly towards my mother. She
caught it and the contents spilled everywhere. After that, whatever we
placed on the table would not move.
    A few months after that I was alone in my house. I swear to God this
happened, but no one believes. I was watching television at night and
I was going to go to bed. Before I even reached for the remote, the screen
went blank. Printed on the black screen in the top left corned was the word
"Goodnight." The screen remained blank and I quickly phoned my mother, whom
was staying with her boyfriend in a neighboring town.
    Another incident in the house included two soda can that were sitting on
top of my entertainment center. I had just come home, and as I took off my
coat I heard a "Ping" noise. I looked up in the direction where the "Ping"
had come from, and it was the soda cans. Two more "Ping" noises followed and
I watched as one of the cans moved slightly, as if someone had flicked it
with their finger. The other one, in almost a responsive way, "pinged" back.
I could not tell you how long the conversation between these two cans
lasted,because after about  seconds I ran downstairs to my uncle's apartment and
called my mother.
    My best friend Gillian loved my apartment. She would often hear the same
things I did and loved the fact that my stereo (Model RCA RP-9115) would
turn on without warning, change stations, and even skip songs on both tape and CD
that the so called "Ghost" did not like. A song it seemed to have hated was
Goo-Goo Dolls "Iris." On tape, CD and radio, the stereo would either skip to
the next song, or turn off.
    Gillian also claims to have had her own experiences in the apartment. I
was asleep on the couch in the living room one evening (Gillian was spending
the night) and Gillian was using our computer, located right next to the
television. She said (Be aware I was not witness to this) that the
television turned on, changed channels, and stopped on some movie, I forget which.
Believing that I was lying on the remote, Gillian though nothing of it and
turned off the TV manually. The television turned back on. After battling on
and off with the television, Gillian noticed that the remote control was on
top of the entertainment center. She woke me up immediately to tell me what
AHD happened. I turned off the TV and it did not turn back on.
    Many people, after hearing the stories of my house, begged for the
chance to spend the night. Everyone of them (With the exception of the friend
Bridget) have experienced something they referred to as "Scary shit" (Pardon
my language) Some of these events, but not all, I have witnessed with them:
Candles blowing out suddenly, flames rising from candles, footsteps coming
from the ceiling, knocking noises from walls, cats hissing at thin air, and
many people just AHD a n eerie feeling.
    After 4 years of living with strange incidences such as these, hearing
noises, and watching my two cats chase imaginary things across the room, as
well as run from them, my mother and I moved from the apartment into a new
one with her boyfriend and his 5 year old daughter. We set up the apartment
and thought nothing more of the "Ghostly" happenings. But now, three months
after moving into the new apartment, the strange occurrences are back. Late
at night I hear something that sounds like heavy breathing coming from our
kitchen (It is located right next to my bedroom) even now, as I type, I hear
it. When I don;t hear this noise, strange things happen to both me and my
family members. My stepfather has been witness to picture frames falling at
will, my stepsister said, and I quote "The ghost did it," when being blamed
for crumbling a bunch of cookies all over the table. Things rattling,
shadows passing by unoccupied areas of the house, and as of last night, violent
My fiance `John and I were playing chess. We sat at our dining room table,
my mother with us, my stepfather doing dishes int he kitchen, and my stepsister
in bed. My mother, fiancee `and I were startled by t loud "Clang". Something
had hit my metal chair, hard. I heard it, felt it, everything. We searched
for what the noise could have been, but we had not clue. Nothing was on the
floor and no one could have thrown anything at it without being seen.
    Also, though this may not be connected, I have had dreams of a "little
man" visiting me in bed at night. He crawls onto my bed, smiles, and talks
with me for hours. I cannot remember our conversations, but I can remember
things he tells me. Usually, predictions. The scariest one, that my mother
will also vouch to be true, is one that even creeps me out. "Little man" (As
my family and I call him) said that I would be eating fruit in my kitchen
and my mother would come in to tell me that an old friend of hers was dead. The
next day I was eating a piece of watermelon, in our kitchen, when my mother
came in. She started to say "An old friend from school..." I interrupted her
and said "He's dead." Shocked at how I knew information she had learned only
a little whiles earlier, I explained everything about my dreams. Other
predictions have included my friend Will being stabbed with a fork, my
friend Gillian hurting herself with a video camera and others. Also, recently, I
have been able to "Read peoples thoughts" as my fiance `puts it. I hear
things that other people are thinking. Example, my fiance ` and I were
driving home when we saw the gas prices had gone down to 1.69. I was driving
and I know I heard him say "So why don;t we ever try the "69" position". I
answered him, "Because it's immoral." John looked at me and asked why I had
said that. I explained that I was answering his question, but he said that
he was only thinking that and did not say a thing.
    To be honest, I'm not even sure why I am writing to you. I suppose I
Only want to know if what all my bible-beating friend say is true. I, myself, am
haunted. I don;t believe in ghosts, I want to state that plainly right now.
I have been in so-called "Haunted" places and have seen nothing, nor felt any
presences when others claimed they have. I guess I'm just looking for
reassurance that there are logical explanations for everything that has
happened to me. Maybe you can offer some help, or even answers, to why these
thins happen to me. Maybe then I can fix them. Just please do not think of
me as one of those juvenile children who tell stories.

American Club


My father used to work at the American Club (a high class resort) in
Wisc.  It used to be housing for alot of immigrants back in the day.  It has
many hall ways with many old pictures of some of the old residents.  There
are many ghost stories told by the workers there.  I seemed that each hallway
has a different ghost and different story behind it.  My father, on numerous
occasions, had felt cold spots and uncomfortable feelilngs as if he were
being watched.  There is a tavern in the club that is supposed to be haunted
also. It used to be a bowling alley for the wealthy residents.  Last but not
least, there is an old stable on the grounds that is very spooky.  Workers
think it was built on "bad ground".  None of the horses would stay in the
stable, always kicking their way out.  They had to build another stable to
house the horses, but were too afraid to tear down the old stable, fearing
that whatever was occuping the stable would move into the hotel.  On the only
occasion my father went into the old barn (before he knew of any ghost story)
he claims it was very cold, with dead air and dead silence.  He said all the
birds that were cherping out side could not be heard and he felt like there
was something there that immedialy tried to push him back out of the stable.
He ran out in fear, and felt as if whatever it was followed him out to make
sure he wouldnt turn back to come inside again.
Hope that makes some sense!  It would be interesting if you could check these
stories out.  We would like to know if anything or any real happenings are
behind these strange things.


 My first experience with spirits was when I was three years old.
 I was lying between my parents in a bed in a motel room
and I began to feel nervous when I realized they were dozing off and I
was still awake. I was staring up at the ceiling when three faces
appeared. They were round. One green, one red, and one
blue. I remember they spoke to me and their expressions terrified
me as much as their words although I dot remember what they were saying.
I woke my mother and they disappeared, she comforted me and turned over
to fall asleep. Soon after they appeared again. I dont remember
anything else but I know that my parents ended up rushing me to the hospital
because I was so terrified. They brought me in screaming and the
doctors had to sedate me.
 My second experience was when I was five. My
older sister asked me if I would go get her a drink of water late at night.
When I returned from the kitchen I saw a glowing spirit that blocked me
from the hallway and standing in front of the stairway. I was terrified
of this woman who was staring at me. Later I saw a photograph of
my great-grandmother and realized the entity was her, it looked exactly
like her. When I asked my mother her opinion of why grandma would
frighten me in such a way she told me that perhaps it was to protect me
from falling down the stairs. Since then I have been visited in dreams
and no longer fear her as now she appears young and beautiful and gives
me advice. Her last visit with me was at her home and the last thing
she told me to do was "Take out the garbage". I know this had a powerful
meaning but I dot know how.
 The third major experience I had was after I had
been listening to music. I was twelve and my sister and I shared
a room. Our bed was near the doorway and faced it. I was wide
awake in the dark thinking about the day. Suddenly the moon was dark
and the crickets stopped chirping. A tall dark figure darker than
the pitch dark of the room stood in the doorway next to my sister.
I began to feel as if I was being choked I gasped for air and tried to
wake my sister but realized I was paralyzed. I couldn't move even
my little finger to pinch my sister beside me. In my mind I prayed
to God to save me. I kept saying my mind "I rebuke you Satan in the
name of the Lord." Finally after what seemed like several minutes
it disappeared, the moonlight and cricket sounds came back. I was
terrified and tears poured from my eyes as I felt completely unsafe by
the boundaries we call reality.
 The last experience I had was just a few months ago.
It was early in the morning and I was laying in bed when I
began to feel a sharp pain in my cheek. The pain kept getting worse
and I tried to brush it off thinking it would go away. After a while
it began to irritate me so much I got up and looked in the mirror.
I had a three inch scratch across my cheek. It was bleeding slightly
and fresh as if it had just happened. Confused I went back to my
bed to see if I could find anything to explain it. I felt my sheets,
my pillow, and my fingernails. There was nothing there to explain
it. The more I searched and the more I thought about it the more
I realized how impossible it could be. I was alone in the house.
When I look at the scar today it affects me deeply. I dot know how
to deal with the physical aspect of what happened and hope it never happens
again to anyone. Needless to say I have many more stories including
crawling noises, cupboards banging, toilets flushing, and an electronic
toy monkey whose ears started spinning but I am not afraid
anymore. I wish I knew why these things happen and have spent my
life trying to make sense of it all. Thanks for listening.

Angry Visitor


In the early 1990's, I was about 13,I lived in a very old house in
Greenwood, Mo.  It was said to have been built in the late 1880's by a
farmer. The layout of the house was very odd. Quite frequently you could hear strange
noises, boards would creek as if someone were walking.  Breezes would sweep
by you when no windows were open.  Minor strange things, and at the time I
paid little attention to them. One Saturday afternoon, my older sister and I
were watching TV.  My brother was outside in the back yard.  While we were
watching 'The Hunt for The Red October', The front door swung open very
violently.  Startled, my sister and got up to see what had happened.  As we
approached the door, we heard someone running up the stairs.  The stairs
were located behind us and it was an enclosed stairway, so we couldn't see
if anyone was there.  We slowly approached the bottom of the stairs, and
started our way up.  As we got to the third step, a man shouted from
upstairs,  "Where is it!"  Freaked out, we ran for the back door through the
kitchen.  We told my brother and the three of us went in together.  My
brother was carrying a baseball bat, and I picked up a kitchen knife on our
way back in.  When we reached the bottom of the stairs, my brother yelled
up, "Get out of here or we'll call the police!".  We didn't hear anything.
We stood there literally shaking.  After a brief pause we continued single
file up the stairs.  Making it halfway up the stairs slowly, broads creaking
under our feet, a man shouted again.  "I'm gonna kill you, you
son-of-a-bitch!"  Following the shouting, we heard someone stomping towards
the master bedroom door from the inside of the room.  We were so terrified
we dropped every thing and just ran out of the house and went to the
neighbors.  After the police arrived and found no one in the house, the
three of us assumed it was a ghost.  From that day on in that house every
time I heard a strange noise, or felt that strange breeze, I was taken back
to the terror that coursed through my body on that afternoon.

Cherry Tobacco


     About a yr ago, I emailed one of my first hand ghost stories to the
website.  While that one was extremely frightening, this one is not.  I
believe that my grandfather haunts my family.  Although maybe "haunt" is
too harsh a word.  He is more like a friendly visitor.  My grandfather
passed away from a heart attack in April 1984.  My mother being a devout
Christian always worried about where my grandfather ended up (i.e. heaven
or hell) when he passed away.  Well about 3-4 yrs after he died, she
started smelling a sweet, cherry tobacco smell in our house.  Now this
always puzzled her because no one has ever smoked in our house.  She always
happened to be alone when this smell came, but once, I was with her and
could not smell it.  That was extremely odd, but we still didn't know what
it was.  However, one day, my mother happened to be talking to my
grandmother about the pipe smell, and my Nana said that my grandfather used
to smoke that particular type of tobacco, but gave it up way before my
mother was born in 1950.  Well now we knew the smell was, but didn't know
why.  Mother feels it is because he was letting her know that everything is
okay.  We have all noticed that we will smell that smell at infrequent odd
times.  When my sister first started dating her husband 4 years ago,
Pop-pop said "hi" to him, but no one else smelled it.  Once when I was
playing with my sister, I smelled it but she didn't.  Earlier in the year,
I was at home (not my mother's house), and I walked into the room and there
was that smell.  I just stopped for a minute and said "hi, Pop-pop."  It is
never frightening, and always smelling that smell makes me feel comforted
and loved.

Awesome Ghost

By: Anonymous

I was 11 yrs. old at the time, My family had moved from Kansas,to Southwest
Mo. two years before this incident. It was an old house, that belonged to my
aunt. MY two teenage sisters had several experiences with ghost in the two
years that we had been there. But I hadnt seen or heard anything until that
night.- I woke up in the middle of the night,for no reason. I was sitting up
in bed, wide awake. I dont know why, but I called for my mother. She was a
heavy woman, and you could here her get up and walk in the bed room where I
was.I knew she wouldnt be too happy with me for getting her up, so I was
trying to think of something to tell her. The room was pitch dark.I could
barely see my mother ,and she was wearing a white nightgown.But, I could
hear her. Behind her, a ghost walked in.He was almost snow white. Like a
thick white cloud,very dence.I couldn't see through him at all. He was
almost glowing. The awesome thing about this ghost was, that I could see
every thing about him. even his eyelashes. The clothes he had on looked like
Kaki's. Like some kind of workers uniform. But of course they were all
white. I really can't find the words to describe him.I could see his pocket
flaps, the hair on his head short, like it had been buzzed off army style.
Little tiny threads sticking from his clothes. Needless to say I was sitting
there with my mouth gapped open,big eyes, not hearing my mother. She finally
got loud enough to get my attention. She was saying, whats wrong with you?
What do you want? I told her I wanted a glass of water. she went into the
kitchen,and he followed her.I wasn't really that scared, just in shock I
think. There was a thousand things going through my mind. After they went
into the next room, I looked through the crack in the door, where the hinges
are, to see if he was still behind her--he was. I could hear her getting the
water, and I figured when she turned around to come back,she would see him.
I was waiting for her to scream or something. But she didn't. So, here she
comes in the bedroom with the glass of water,with the ghost right behind
her. I guess I went into my gapped mouth, big eye thing again. When she
finally got my attention,she was saying--Do you want this or not? Whats
wrong with you? I pointed to him and said, there's a ghost. She said,where?
I said , behind you. She didnt really look behind her. She looked down, kind
of beside her foot, and said, oh there is not. I took the glass of water,
and she went back in her bedroom. He was behind her all the way. This ghost
had his hands in his pants pockets. He didnt do anything to scare me. It was
like he was just hanging around, bored, Nothing else better to do. I didn't
mention that he was tall and thin, and he had boots on. All white of course.
And this whole time , he never looked at me . Never even looked my
direction. Until he was going back out the door, following my mother. And
when he was in the door way, Just before he went through it, he turned
completely around and looked me right in the eye. And he said I know you can
see me. Thats when my heart leaped into my throat.It really felt like it. I
never seen him again. But I,ve seen alot of other ghost. That was 37 years
ago,and I still remember that like it was yesterday. When I got older, I
thought about it alot, and it seems like he was not looking my direction,
and acting nonchalant, so that I wouldnt be afraid. Oh I wish I could
describe those white eyeballs! I swear this is true. Ive told a few people
about it. I dont know if they believed me or not. Don't really care either!



I've been reading these storys for about a year now and finally decided to write about mine. I've told some people about this  but I could tell nobody thought anything about it and they all changed the subject quickly. I dont know what you would call this experience but I know it wasnt a dream. In early 1990 I was engaged to the love of my life, Billy. We were crazy about  each other. We had just moved to a new town and Billy made a new friend whom I HATED. I always felt bad things when this friend was around. I worked nights and Billy worked days so I knew they were hanging out at night when I wasnt around. This is where my nightmare began. I returned home one hot summer night from work and Billy wasnt home. His wallet was still on the table which was weird. after about an hour I started growng angry because I just knew he was out with his friend cruizing around and I couldnt believe he hadnt even called me yet. (He knew what time I came home from work) and his friend just got a new camaro.  Well I fell asleep finally and awoke at about 5:30 in the morning and Billy still wasnt home. I began to worry like crazy and felt I needed to turn on the t.v. for some reason. As SOON as I did I saw a terrible crash on the news that had happened the night before and all that was recognizable were the rims on the car- I recognized them immediatly. They were asking for help to identify the passenger whom had no identification. Well needless to say my love was killed when his friend did a u-turn on the freeway right in front of a big rig. He was also killed and they found alcohol in his blood stream. For the next two weeks I kept having these terrible nightmares where I was sitting in the passenger seat and watching the semi truck smack into me. I would wake up crying hard and could even smell the wreck. This dream happened EVERY NIGHT. I felt so sad and tired and confused I didnt want to go on anymore. Then after finally falling asleep I had this incredible "dream"? I was at a bbq with all of Billy and my friends from our home town. It was in a back yard and all of the colors were so bright and vivid I cant even describe them. Everyone was having the best time and someone told me that Billy was there but he was on the other side of the fence. I climbed to the top of the fence to look over and there stood Billy. He looked like he was lit up from the inside out with bright colors and he was smiling. He began to speak to me and told me that he could NOT come over the fence and join the party and that I couldnt come to his side of the fence but everything was o.k. and he would see me again. He said he was in an accident and he was dissapointed at his friend for being drunk and that he wanted to come home when his friend just turned into traffic. He also told me it didnt hurt and that he loved me very much and that I would be o.k. from now on. Suddenly I woke up and felt a peace that only God could give someone. My heart was filled with a happiness I"ve never felt before or since. I never again had that nightmare I was having. I still dont believe it was a "dream" as I remeber every detail and color I saw and it felt so real. Also, if it was a dream why did I awake with such a peace in my body (from head to toes!) Well sorry for the lenght I dont get to tell this story very often.

Under The Bed


My son Jason had a very strange experience when he was three years old.
This day I was in my bedroom sitting at the head of the bed folding some
clothes.   Jason came into the room and wanted to play.  He loved to rough
house on the bed, so we started to play.   Right in the middle of me pushing
him over on his back he said, "Mommy, what's that?"   He was pointing towards
the bedroom door and said that an animal had just come into the room.   He
followed the animal with his finger, as it moved along the foot of the bed
and then down the side and under the bed.   He said, "It went under the bed."
 He got off the bed and looked, but said that it wasn't there.
To begin with, Jason didn't make up things or have  an imaginary playmate or
that sort of thing.   I knew he'd seen something because of the circustances
of him seeing it, how he stopped in mid-playing to point at what he saw.   I
told him to come to me and I sat him on my lap and started asking him
questions about what he'd seen.
He said that it was a tall black animal with ears that stood up like a dog.
When I asked how tall it was he said, "Like Daddy," which would be 5' 11". I
asked him what sort of hair it had and he said, "Like the Mouse."   At the
time we had a black short haired dog we called Mouse.   He said that this
animal was walking on it's back feet while holding it's front feet up at
chest level with the paws hanging down.  He said that it looked at him the
whole time it was walking around the bed.   I asked about the eyes and he
said they looked like "dog eyes."
Years later in middle school, one of Jason's classes was studing Egypt.
Jason came home from school and told me, "I can finally show you what that
animal I saw looked like."     He opened a text book and showed me a picture
of the Egyptian God Anubus.
I have always thought it was such a weird thing for a small child to see
something so strange.   He is 21 years old now and still remembers the
experience very vividly.
If anyone at Shadowlands could shed some light on this, Jason and I would
most grateful.



my ghost story is uniqe well my best friend and i where camping out in his
back yard during the summer for about 1 week.we had an enstention cord and
we where playind n64. it was 12 o clock we where going to go totlit papering
at 12:30 as we where playing we heard nosies we checked but it was a cat
then 12 mins later we heard dogs and cats meowing and barking {we live next
to a river bank} then we heard the cat die!!! {for protection we had darts
and 1 pocket knife] we got our weapons ready to see waht was going on then i
came out of the tent and first then i saw the ghost i shined my flah light
at it then it left we ran in the house . we told his parents they said it
was crybaby it is an mith in mecxico .the radaio said that cry baby was in
califonia orange county where we live....

Checking Up


I have a cousin, Amber, whose father died when she was
in the third grade.  Shortly after his death, we and
two other young friends went to her grandmother's
farmhouse.  We were sitting on a gaswell on a hill
next to her farmhouse. Farther up the hill there was a
tree line. We were all just talking when suddenly
Amanda, one of our friends, and I looked up the hill
to the tree line.  "Ashley, Amanda, how are you girls
today?" asked a man dressed in orange hunting garb. We
did a classic movie double-take at each other and
tried screaming back up the hill to the man.  He was
gone. The other two girls asked why we were screaming,
at who? They didn't see the man, they didn't hear the
man. We later learned that hunting season wasn't in.
We also learned that Amber's father had been to her
grandmother's house after hunting to get some Tylenol
because he wasn't feeling good, less than a week
before he was found dead from a heart attack in his
mechanic's garage. That was nearly a decade ago and I
still can't say for sure if that was her father
checking up on us or not. How could anyone else know
it was us from such a distance? All I can say is that
I'm not the only one who saw it and heard it. Amanda
to this day still doesn't like to talk about it
because it makes her so uncomfortable.

Cold Hands

By: Auburn
    One night while lying in bed I was softly singing "The Heart Will Go On"
from Titanic, which had been the last song to play on the radio before I
turned it off.  I was also thinking of my friend Robert (name has been
changed) who had been tragically killed years before in a hit and run
    Reaching a very poignant part of the song which made my heart long to see
Robert's face again, I started to cry.  Out of the darness, very cold hands
touched my arm, stroking it in a comforting manner.  I kept my eyes closed,
and to this very day I don't understand why I didn't panic, scream, or move
in any way.  I just kept softly singing.  Those cold hands were then were
touching my hair.  I could feel fingers running through my hair and
occasionally touching my face.
    After I finished the song I felt something very cold pressing against my
forehead, which felt remarkably like lips.  Just as I was about to fall
asleep I heard a soft voice whisper, "I am here.  I am always here."  I
promptly fell asleep and dreamt of Robert throughout the night.
    To this day I believe that it was him coming to let me know that he is
still with me and knows that I still love him.

Colson Ghost Story


My dad's ex-wife's maiden name is Colson. My dad is still pretty good friends
with most of the Colson family. Recently, my older half sister had a child, so
of course, my dad's ex-wife was in to be here for the birth, etc. I had the
opportunity to talk to her and she shared some stories with me from "The
Colson Farm House". It's a house that has been owned by the Colson family
for about 100 years or maybe even more. It's just been passed down. She told me
a story of when she was a kid living near the house. She wasn't allowed in the
house but she wanted to show it to one of her friends. So one day they went in
there. They were upstairs when they heard the kitchen door slam. Then they heard
men's footsteps downstairs. Immediately she thought "Oh no, it's Grandad.
He'll kill me." There was 2 staircases in the house, one at each end. So
she and her friend decided to wait and see which stairs her grandfather would
take and they would take the opposite down. The man's footsteps stopped. They
didn't come up the stairs. So they went on downstairs and there was no one
there. The kitchen door was locked, just as they had left it. Everything was the
     The Colson family was good friends with a man named Roy. Roy was a repair
man and could fix or make anything. He was a very BIG man and was known to be
very tough. He wasn't scared of snakes, or anything. He had been in the crawl
space under the house once and a copper head fell on him and he killed it with
his bare hands right there. Anyways, the family hired him to do something to the
house this one time and it required him to go under the house and work on some
wires. He was crawling along and then all of a sudden there's a woman's voice
right in front of his face that says "ROY! BOO!" He crawled out of that thing as
fast as he possibly could and he hasn't gone back in since. Now, he won't even go
into the house without someone with him because he has heard voices and at one point
 he heard footsteps and they kept getting closer and he finally felt someone just
brush past him and the footsteps kept going, but he never saw anyone. There's only
3 or 4 people that have been in that house that hasn't seen or heard something. I've
never been in it, but I think it would be incredibly awesome to go into it.

Compiled Stories


I have many ghost stories. Much that were told to me by family members who
seem to be more sensitive than I to the paranormal. I'll start out with some
stories my parents told me.
My parents are both from the same area. They grew up in Anderson and Belton,
SC. One night, when they were dating, they decided to park next to some
woods. As they were sitting there talking, my dad saw one little speck of
light appear in the woods, kind-of like a lightning bug except it didn't
blink. Then, many more started appearing throughout the woods directly
infront of my parents and their parked car. Suddenly, the whole woods were
filled with tiny specks of light. Then the lights began to move towards the
car. Needless to say, my parents got out of there.
Another more recent story happened to my mom one night while she was in bed
at her mother's (my grandmother's) house. Before I tell the rest of the
story, let me tell a little about the house in which my grandmother lives.
The house was built during the civil war. It used to be a small log cabin
but was later covered in wood and a new part was added on to make the house
bigger. The house has had a few people to die in it over the many years. And
the particular room where my mom was sleeping was supposed to be where a
woman died of scarlet fever during the civil war time period. Ever since I
was very young I can remember feeling very strange in that room. As if I was
never alone. Okay, back to the story. As my mom was lying there, she heard a
voice tell her not to open up her eyes no matter what. So, being the
spiritual person she is, she did as the voice said. A few moments later, she
heard a scratching sound on the screen of the window right behind her head.
As if someone was sliding their fingernails down slowly. She said that it
stopped after a few minutes but she didn't open her eyes for the rest of the
night. The next morning she went outside to where the window is and looked
for any bushes or tree limbs that could have caused it but saw nothing.
Another time, my dad was lying in the same room sleeping and was awoken by a
loud car crash outside. Saying he could hear the glass breaking and metal
bending. He said he jumped up and grabbed a flashlight and ran down to the
road but saw nothing. It was very quiet outside.
Even another time in this same room, when I was about 3 years old, I was
lying on the floor on a mattress behind the bed where my parents slept. I
remember waking up and seeing a woman in a white dress walk by me. I thought
that it was my mother so I called for her. Finally, my mother answered me in
the bed. She had been sleeping the entire time.
I have many more ghost stories that really happened but I'll save those for
another time.

Confusion About My Uncle


I was about 6 or 7 when my uncle  died I never met him he lived in Europe.
Well, I guess I did meet him once when I was a baby but obviously I cant
remember. Anyhow throughout my life I've had several encounters (I guess
that's what you would call them) but nothing major. Until one night I was
about 17 and I was lying in bed I woke up and I remember someone knocking on
my door in the middle of the night which I thought was odd. (we don't knock
in our house) I said to come in the door opened and there was this man
standing by my bed, but I couldn't remember him walking towards me?? Anyhow
he was quite tall and there was another man standing beside him really short
almost a midget maybe? They were surrounded by a blue light very dull light.
I remember looking at this man not feeling afraid but knowing that he was
dead. He looked dead. Does that make sense? Not gross or anything just dead.
Anyhow for weeks after that I didn't see him but overnight when I would sleep
I could feel someone in the bed with me, I could feel there arm around me or
stroking my hair I felt safe. Anyhow one night the knock on my door came
again and the man was standing there with that other little man and he was
begging me to leave my bed so that he could sleep he complained of how tired
he was and that he hadn't slept for a long time. I didn't question it I
didn't even answer him I just got up and went to my mothers room. My mother
woke up asked me what was wrong I told her brother (my uncle) asked me to
leave my room so that he could sleep. Well, she was very upset with me. I
don't even know how I knew it was my uncle I just did. Anyhow she let it go
and it happened again the next night and this time my mother asked me what he
was wearing I told her a suit I described it to her and told her he was
wearing a tie but it was really loose he unbuttoned to the top of the collar
she said that was the only suit he had and he was baried in it. As for the
tie she said he always hated ties he would cry as a child to our mother not
to wear them as an adult he rarely did. He said he felt like he was choking.
Anyhow the following night he again came to my room except it was different
this time I was very scared I cant even begin to describe the fear that I had
felt and that same little man was with him again he asked me to leave I
refused and all of sudden I got this awful cramp in my stomach I knew the
little man had done it I ran out of my room to mother and told her what had
happened. That next day she had our priest at the house asking me questions
then he blessed the house. Problem solved. Until I moved and now I'm in a new
house and he's back again.



Just a little ghost story of my own for you. It's pretty tame by the
standards of some of the stuff on your site, but here goes anyway.
A good few years ago, during my teenage years, myself and two
friends thought it would be fun to have a ghost hunt of our own. We
picked the ruins of an old priory on the outskirts of the Norfolk (UK)
village we lived in and decided to spend the night there. We didn't
expect to find anything, we just thought it would be fun.
Anyhow, we set up some home-made ghost hunting stuff, including
putting flour over the doorways to see if anyone had been there, and
then settled down. Periodically, we would go back to each of the
rooms and take a look, to see if anything had changed. At all times,
I had my eye on my friends and it was a pretty small, quiet place
so if anyone else had been there, I think we might have heard.
During one of our trips round, late in the night, we cheked out the
old chapel of the priory, where the altar once was. Everything looked
OK, until someone noticed that in a crevass in the wall, above where
the altar once stood, a pair of moderatley sized sticks had been
wedged in the arrangement of a crucifix! They'd really been wedged in
to a gap, so they were firm, so there's no way that they ended up
that way by accident, and I'm also certain they were not there
when we entered the priory shortly before Sundown. We panicked and
left and I've never been back to that place after dark since.
Not long ago, I was back visiting my two old friends, and I thought
to ask them whether either of them was playing a trick that
night. Both remembered it as clearly as I did and both swore that
they were as shocked as I by the strange occurance.
It's a good site, whatever line on Ghosts and religion you might
take. Keep it up!

Dead Man's Cliff


Ambridge, Pennsylvania  The cliff is a favorite gathering place for high
 school kids from the Beaver County area
to drink and have a good time.  Back in 1994 a group of local kids made their
way to their local drinking spot after a friday night highschool football
game.  The night started out just like any other friday night with the kids
rolling in with their party balls, 40 oz. beers and cases of beer.  Around 12
AM in the morning it began to drizzle. Most of the kids were already pretty
liquored up, so they decided to go to their buddy's house to continue the
party and get out of the rain. On their way off the cliff Michael Pellegreni
stopped because he forgot his jean jacket.  He told his buddies to meet him
back at house because he was going to go back and grab his jacket.  The group
of friends continued on their way and just when they were about to reach the
house they heard a bloodcurdling scream. The boys ran back to find that th!
eir buddy Mike had fallen off of the cliff while trying to retrieve his
jacket.  The cliff remained off limits for about a year and a half until
local kids began to frequent it once again.  On more than one occassion the
kids have run off the cliff horrified at what they had seen. What they had
seen was Mike waking the cliff. It is rumored that the ghost of Michael
Pellegrini still walks the cliff in search of his jean jacket.  They say it
is as if he doesn't notice the kids, he just searches "Dead Man's Cliff" for
his jacket.

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