Spirits in my life

By: b.august@iopener.net

Being a single mother of two, I had a lot to do at home, the house was a two bedroom frame painted white with green trim, neatly kept yard and large basement. My two year old son and fourteen year old daughter played through the summer months, outside in the yard in nice weather, inside in the den and their bedrooms in rain or fog, we had lots of fog living near the sea. The house had been refurbished by a couple married late in life, the wife a short cute woman in her forties, the husband thirty-seven loved her to distraction, he built sidewalks and cut designs in to the concrete and painted lovely colors over the sections creating a picture of love from his heart, she had been married to a beast of a man, beatings were a daily thing, she ran away many times but he found her and almost killed her twice, while in the hospital recovering from near death after another beating. An attorney was brought to her room,  a sheriff brought him and stood by and witnessed while she was legaly divorced and all her money and property returned to her, she couldn't understand how this could happen, bandages covered most
 of her face, a skull fracture left her dazed, a judge entered and signed the divorce decree, in a small town where her family had been respected since the town was formed, they gave her husband a choice, sign these papers or go to prison for attempted murder. He signed and was driven to the edge of town and put on a bus headed to Mississippi with the driver a deputy sheriff, there to escort him all the way.Her second marriage was six years later, she had worked to get her life together, scars were on her face and arms left to remind her love does not last, she met a handsome carpenter, he began coming to her church, he began courting her, she was cold to him, after all her friends and loved ones told her he was deeply in love with her, she finally agreed to marry him, but he got none of her money ever. He agreed to that, he had a good business, he worked building homes and reconstruction of antique houses that needed the love his hands created . Two years passed they lived quietly, he had many friends and so did she, the cottage she owned needed attention, he began to do many lovely things to keep it nice for her, the yards glowed with colors, different flowers for all seasons, they lived there content, but she never trusted him fully and told him so many times. The phone rang several times, she was sleeping in, he and two workers had left in the big flat bed truck to go to the city , one more day would finish a job there and the money was good, he had an investment in mind, life was good. Two busses  traveling down highway 101, passed one another twice, one falling in behind the other then pulling out again, they did this until the passengers began to get nervous, the truck was there, nobody saw it come around the bend in the highway, the bus had pulled out again, right into the path of the on coming truck, with the happy manand his workers        headed for the final day on a big job, with the good payday. She buried him in the nicest gravesite she could find, she walked in a daze, she didn't cry, she was all business, every body thought she didn't really love him, she loved him. She lasted three months, she stopped eating, no water touched her lips, she was already dead inside, she stood looking at the lovely yard all blossoms of every color filled the whole area,the air filled with fragrance, as she stood looking at a fountain he had placed gold fish and turned on the lights built into the edge of the ledge he had put there for her to sit and watch the fish as they flashed gold against the dancing light as it touched the ripples of the water, she had loved it but never told him . She died, her friends found her body in their bed, covered with the silk bedspread they bought in San Francisco just last month. It was easy to get into the cottage, she kept the doors and windows open so he could get in when he came home. I was told this story by many people once they knew I had moved my family into the cottage, I never thought
 anything about it being anything more than romantic. Until one night I saw a dark shadow standing in the bathroom, I rushed toward the open bathroom door and pushed in, no body was there, I had seen a tall heavy set form standing inside the bathroom, but no body was any place in the house except my two children and me. That night some loud knocking woke my daughter, it was coming from her closet, thinking it was her little brother playing a game, she got up and tho sleepy and ticked off at his silly two a m games, she opened the closet door, the kitchen light was on, and light shined into her room, she could see clearly, nobody was there but something brushed past her. She looked all over the house and got me and her sleeping brother up to search, no door or window lock was open.Two weeks passed, my daughter was in the kitchen, a pink mist passed thru the room in front of her, that was the last we saw of any thing different or unusual, it all stopped and we lived there two more good and happy years, not a day passed that I didn't think of the lovers who never really exchanged feelings of love for one another, but all anyone had to do to be sure , look out at the yard and the gold fish flitting about in the fountain while the lights are shining against the rippling water.

Grandma & Grandpa's House

By: 1cartoon@home.com

When I live in my Grandparents house, after they passed away, I was totally excited!  I was on my own and living in a house on the river that was so fun to live in.   However, I experienced some phanomanons that really freeked me out!   One day I was just sitting in the livingroom, by myself, and I felt some kind of presents in the upper corner of the room.  I don't know why but I found myself talking to it saying "I know you are there, what do you want?!"      Nothing ever came of it except for my knowing I was talking to my grandmother somehow.  Days and Nights went by and I still occationally felt a presents (it is hard to explain).   One night my boyfriend was staying the night with me, and we were sleeping in what used to be my mothers room (I would never go into my granparents room which was just in the next room).  After we were asleep I heard the sound of someone cutting the window in my grandparents room.  It sounded like someone was breaking into the house!      A few minutes later, a shadow of a man was peeking into the doorway of the room I was in.  I was so scared that I couldn't breathe.  I really thought I was going to die because there was an intruder standing right in the doorway of the bedroom.  The shadow was scarry because it was so tall, and stood there
for such a long time. I WAS SCARED BEYOND BELIEFE.  (my boyfriend never woke up to confirm the situation, and I really tried to wake him, quietly).      It was just like a scarry movie where you try to wake the other person and they just lay there totally asleep.  The dark figure in the doorway was staring into the room for such a long time, and then it just went away.  It was days later that I reolized that a burgler couldn't have entered the house and it must have been an apperation because the window in the other room was undisturbed. Then another day the sterio in the livingroom started changing channels by itself!   I ran to another room and called my sister because I was so freeked out.  She tried to tell me there was probably some cause for it, and not to worry about it.  I could hear the radio change from one station to another, with the static in between, and I was not doing it!!!!!!!!... No one could convince me that there was a logical reason for the interference, or the way it was happening.Another time,  my sister spent the night with me.  We had been so afraid in the middle of the night because we , both of us,heard foot steps go from my grandparents room, to the kitchen.  Then the water from the faucet turned on, and foot steps went back to their bedroom.      After reolizing that there is no possible way wood could creek in such a uniform manor,  we remembered how my grandmother used to get up in the middle of the night to get my grandfathers medicine and brint it to him. Now, it was not just me hearing these things, but some one else.  I was told that it is just the wood settled, but since I had someone else there, and they were able to hear what I was talking about, I knew It was not just my imagination. This house was still harboring my grandparents daily routines!!!!  People have moved into this place, and they have remodled, but we have never asked them if they have heard anything out of
the ordinary.I wonder if they are still there??!!

 Granpa's Ghostly Eferdent Tablet

By: zumbars@fidalgo.net

This story happen to me in 1988. My grandfather had died, and his second wife had moved out of his home. My parents,Aunt, Uncle and my two year old Son went to his home for a final inspection before turning it over to the Realtor to sell. The house was completely empty, and spotless. I was walking around, remembering all the summers I had spent there, and suddenly I just felt like my Grandparents were there, and were trying to let me know they were. It was really earie. I said in my head, Grandma, Grampa, if you are here, and you can hear me, give me a sign. Well I walked into a bathroom I had just been in, and there on the floor, perfectly positioned in the middle of the floor, was a denture tablet that had not been there a minute before. I knew this was them, because we had always teased them about how they looked when they took out their teeth, and they knew this sign would make me laugh. I ran out to get the rest of the family to come and see, and when we got back  to the bathroom, the tablet was nowhere to be found.

Ghostly Experiences?

By: gsuszkowski@dc.com

I have been reading all of these stories and would like to share the experiences that I have encountered over the last few years.
My name is Greg and my wife and I bought a house in the boro of Forest Hills, a small town just east of Pittsburgh. We have been in the house since the spring of 1998. The house is approximately 80 years old, as are the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. They were built by the Westinghouse Corp. for their employees between 1919 and 1923. As one would expect, the house needed some cosmetic work done before we could fully move in. My wife Carla and I spent most of the month of June '98 refinishing hardwood floors, tearing done old paneling, painting, putting in bathroom fixtures and all that goes into refurbishing older homes. I know very little of the history of the former occupants, but I do know that previous owners did not have the best taste in decorating :) (Lime green and yellow trim?)
Anyway, shortly after we finished and moved in odd things began to happen. The house has ceiling fans in just about every room. During that summer we would go to work, knowing we turned all the fans off, and come home to find one or more of the
fans on! This happened on several different occasions. My wife is a stickler for turning them off because of the fear of fire and the electric bill. That kind of freaked us out at first.Passing this off as our forgetfulness, we didn't think much of it. Then, I guess the next incident happened in the Fall of '99. My wife was already in bed asleep. I usually go to bed later than she and she has the habit of falling asleep with the TV on. As I was getting into bed, I hit the remote turning off Jay Leno, when all of a sudden on or in the wall behind the bed came 3 loud and deliberate bangs on the wall. They were very LOUD! BANG-BANG-BANG just as the TV went off. It rattled  the picture hanging on that very wall, I remember this distinctly. I got up and searched the entire house, basement and even outside. Nothing. My wife slept through the entire thing. I told her the story and I think she believes it. I couldn't believe she slept through it!
The floors downstairs are very creaky as you would expect in old homes. There are particularly loud when going into the living room from the dining room. Loud enough that you can hear them throughout the house. Since the banging incident we have both heard, independently and together, what seems to sound like a person walking between the rooms. This always happens at between 3:30 and 4:00AM and just at this time. My wife woke me the first time she heard this thinking someone had gotten in, but upon investigation there wasn't anyone there. As a matter of fact I woke up to the noise 2 nights ago, at 3:30AM!
Well, I'll try to wrap this up. I know I heard my name called when I was showering one day, I answered thinking it my wife, but she said she never said anything and was downstairs in the kitchen. I have also thought that late at night while on the computer I have seen the typical shadows darting just out of the corner of my eye and the feeling that something or somebody else is in the room. I have also heard what I keep thinking is footfalls on the upstairs hallway carpeting. The sound of shoes scuffing the carpet. Maybe it's me or the old house settling or both. I just don't know.

Grandma's house

By: kpre@tir.com

My grandma lives in flint michigan, and has lived there for some time now.  when my mom was yunger she heard loud noises in the kitchen when she would holler for someone it would stop.  Years afterward i was staying the night with my cousin Joanna,
 we were sleeping in my cousin Alick's room he was in our grandma's.  I couldnt sleep and couldnt get my eyes off of the bedroom door, i saw a person about the same size as my grandma come from the kitchen and look in the room. Well my grandma
had never left her room or i would have heard her, but anyways, i said "Grandma?" and whome ever it was looked straight at me but it had no face then it disappeared.  Maybe a week after me and my mom was over for a visit, i was out side, and the only ones in the house was my mom and aunt Michelle.  My mom went to the basement to put clothes in the washer and my aunt michelle was going to fix something to eat, and she had left the frige door open.  Something walked past Michell and shut the frige door, she thought it was my mom, but it was a ghost, my mom was still in the basement at the time. Michelle said the ghost had gray hair just like the one i saw.  It is realy freaky, they still live there but since michelle seen the ghost last nothing has come up.


By: corbymead@yahoo.com

Ever since I can remember I have been sensitive to paranormal activity, which is something my grandmother says runs on our side of the family.  Anyway, in the summer of 1998 my wife was pregnant with our first child and my grandpa was dying of cancer.  It was a very stressful time for me.  I was always real close to my Grandpa, mostly because he gave me my first guitar and taught me how to play it.  This meant allot to me because I now play lead guitar for a local band and have had the time of my life because of it.  My grandpa had got cancer when my wife was about 5 months pregnant and not long after that his cancer got worse.  He was put in the VA Hospital about a week before my wife gave birth and the only thing I wanted (after finding out the baby was alright) was for my grandpa to get to see her.  Out of nowhere my Grandfather recovered enough that he could go home.  He got to hold her one time before the cancer took a strong hold on him for the last time.  The next Two months of his life were spent in agony and mostly without any mental capacity.  My Daughter was just about to turn Two years old the next time I would visit him (his grave).  My wife, daughter and I went to the grave yard and I "talked" to papaw for about 15 minutes before we decided to go.  we turned to leave and there was a big dog standing just inside the entrance to the cemetery.  We stopped and the dog just stood there, tilted it's head slightly and bolted the
other direction with it's tail between it's legs.  We started towards the car and my daughter turned around, started waving and saying goodbye.  I didn't think much of it till we got home and my daughter (who can talk pretty good for a 2 year old) was telling my best friend that there was a doggie and papaw made it go away.  Hearing that made me start crying right then and there, I'm a little misty eyed now thinking about it.  I loved my papaw very much and I'm glad that he got to see his great grand daughter again.Sorry the story was so long, I hope you enjoyed it.
P.S.  I have allot more experiences to share, this one just meant the most to me.

Haunted House...TX style

By: cherie@ctesc.net

In 1977 or thereabouts, I moved to Kerrville, TX to be near my eldest
daughter.  I worked as a map draftsman for a now defunct  map company
about 15 miles from there. Kerrville began as a small TX town founded by
an ex-Ranger..was a  rather cliqueish town, one department store,city
hall, a couple of churches. In the 50's it became the home of a
silversmith who capitalized on the "hippie" movement's wearing of silver
crosses.  His business is now national and well-known. Kerrville is now
much larger, in the Hill Country and a mecca for the retired Military.
I rented a small Victorian home, suddenly vacated by  two couples who
shared it.  My job required me to be at work at 7 a.m., so sleep was
vital.  I was raised in a family accepting ghosts as a natural
phenomena, but they still frightened me.  I am an artist and was a
musician which probably heightens my sensitivity. If there is a
spirit..my initial impression is of a "shadowy" area. There was such an
area in the kitchen in front of the sink, although there was a window
above the sink so it was well lighted. On the first night, my little dog
and I retired...I have a habit of shutting my bedroom door.  Soon there
was activity outside my door,(the LR).  Definite movement, throwing of
things around.  This continued each night until I began to sleep on my
daughter's couch for a few nights.  Her husband objected.  He's a
skeptic and I knew it wouldn't help if I explained.  Across from my bed
was a solid wall of casement windows.  Not able to afford curtains, I
hung sheets over these.  When I came home from work, they would always
be on the floor. There was a closet door in my room that would not stay
shut.  The last night I spent in the house, I dragged a heavy
bonnet-type hair dryer over to hold the door shut. The door creaked open
in front of my eyes as I sat shaking in my room...not as soon as I
closed it....but hours later in the middle of the night.  I began
sleeping in the car with my dog in the driveway,and  trying to find
another house. An older couple who lived across the street came to the
door one afternoon and told me they had noticed I was sleeping in the
car and told me the story of the house.  It was built for a lady by her
husband, they raised two sons there.The husband died.  Later, the old
lady had stomach cancer and was in a nursing home.  In the final stages,
she begged her son to let her go to her home.  He lived in another city
and travelled.  She would be in pain and go to the kitchen and drink
milk to ease it.  She died in the kitchen and lay there for days until
her son came to town to check on her. They couldn't open the door
because her body was wedged against it.  She died in the "shadowy"
area.  I guess she didn't want others in her home and sheets at her
bedroom windows.

Silhouetted, hoop skirted, door shadow

By: bpcoffey@gis.net

My ex-boyfriend lived in a very old part of town in a house that was
built in the 1800's.  At one time, the home had been a stately and
elegant one, with a long and gracefully curving stair as the focal point
upon entrance into the foyer.  Through time, and with the coming of
rough economic periods, the home grew into disrepair and was eventually
sectioned off into a two family home. One side housed a family of bikers
whose moonshine sent many a folk into orbit (we didn't have any
moonshine the night this happened) and in the other lived my boyfriend
and his roommate.
One night myself,  my boyfriend Nick, Nick's friend Dave, and my friend
Stacy, who was dating Dave at the time, were at the house.  We were
descending the grand staircase I mentioned earlier on our way out to
enjoy our Saturday night.  All was dark, except for the soft lighting
coming from the kitchen which was illuminating the front doorway.
On the front door we saw the unmistakable silhouette of a woman in a
long old fashioned hoop skirt like women wore in the 1800's.  She scared
the wits out of me and Stacy and we both refused to go any further down
the stairs until the rest of the lights were put on.  Chickens, aren't
we?  Although Nick and Dave were in a position to see the woman"s shadow
as well, for some strange reason, they were unable to see her.  Maybe
she only liked women.

The Black Figure at My Bedroom Door!

By: Ron78979@cs.com

I've always been hesitnt to talk about this story, but what I tell you is
true!  In 1992 when I was seperated from my wife for the first time I was
living at Old Farm in an apartment.  One Saturday night when my kids were off
to their grandmothers and my girlfriend who was a teacher had an event to
attend, I found myself in my apartment alone.  I rented a couple of movies,
ordered a Pizza Hut, went over to the whirl pool for awhile, and sat down to
enjoy a peaceful night alone at last.  I was really looking forward to a
night by myself!
When I was reading in bed, I noticed a black sillouetted figure standing in
my bedroom door.  The figure appeared to have a cloak drawn over its head.  I
could not recognize any features nor was there any attempt to verbally
communicate.  I was wide awake and terrified.  My heart was racing and I kept
pulling the covers over my head.  It seemed like every second was one of
terror.  The figure stood in my doorway well into the morning hours.  I knew
my eyes were as big as they could get.  When the sillouette disappeared, I
was covered with sweat.  My hair was ringing wet.  When the sillouette
disappeared, I rushed out to the front room because I really couldn't believe
it had left me.  No, the only thing I had to drink was a Diet Coke with
popcorn.  I'm not a big drinker.
After the ordeal, I quickly showered, and raced off to go hiking.  I can
honestly tell you that no communication with the figure was made.  When I
would ask who are you, there was no response.  This went on all night until
by the grace of God it went away.  This event has always effected my life.  I
know of another person who had a similiar experience like mine.
Can you tell me what was standing in my door, why there was no communication,
and why me!  Have you ever had any stories like this reported to you!  Until
now, the only person I ever told this story to was a good friend who is a
Catholic priest.  It still scares me to tell this story!  Why was there no
attempt to communicate?  And yes, when I checked my doors they were all
bolted and locked.

The Front Door

By: francis.grogan@fmglobal.com

My father loved the state of Maine. Not enough however to give up his cush
job in Boston to live on the going wage of a "downeaster". So every summer
from the mid 50's until I reached high school we would vacation on the
scenic Maine coast. Very seldom would we stay in the same place twice.
Usually it was some remote cottage located on the outskirts of some tiny
coastal town.
A two week ordeal was in store for me with no TV or friends to speak of. To
keep me sane my mother would buy me comic books and play board games with me long into the night.
We'd been at this cottage now for about ten days and I was counting the
hours until we would leave. It was a chilly August night and dear old dad
had a few to many and drifted off to bed.
Our terrier "Joe" was snoozing on the carpet in front of the fireplace and
through the big picture window the surf was like something out of a south
pacific movie. The waves were gently breaking on the rocky shore not twenty
yards from the cottage. The only sound was the revelry coming from a cruise
ship that was passing off the point, in summary the night was calm.
Suddenly Joe jumped to his feet with his hackles up and growled at the door.
I yelled at the dog to be quiet as he'd interrupted our card game. In an
instant the front door blew open and with a bang it hit the interior wall.
Needless to say nothing was there. Joe cowered and my mother's hair moved
like it had been ruffled by some invisible breeze. The playing cards
scattered about and before we could take a breath the door slammed shut and
Joe went back to his sleeping position.
We decided not to tell the old man as he wouldn't believe it anyway. A few
days later we were filling up the old Plymouth for the return trip to
Boston, and my father started gabbing with the local about his vacation.
With the windows of the car down we heard every word.
"So where did you stay?" The man asked with a maine dialect. "Down on the
point at the Jensen cottage", my old man answered.
"Folks around here know that place well," the man said flatly.....they refer
to it as the front door!"


By: lcorapi@chorus.net


Haunted In England

By: john.ligema@ntlworld.com

My name is John. I am 41 years of age and currently live in the city of
Lincoln, England.
During my life to date I have seen several ghosts and whilst I still find
them surprising and fascinating I am no longer afraid of whatever they are,
or appear to be.
I saw my first ghost at around the age of eight whilst living in my
childhood home - a large Victorian house on the edge of Manchester, England.
The ghost was one of a young boy of a similar age to mine at the time; he
was leaning over the banister rail of the stairway landing outside my
bedroom as I was making my way up to bed. The shock and surprise of seeing
him sent me flying downstairs into the front room of my house; needless to
say that none of my family appeared to believe what I told them I had seen.
Although over the years I have experienced strong sensations of ghostly
presence's, my next positive encounter was not until I was 22 whilst living
and working in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne in northern England. I had
obtained the keys to a vacant industrial building which my firm were taking
over. My job was to assess the work involved in converting the building for
its future use. I had locked myself in the building (and was therefore sure
that no other person was on the premises) and was proceeding up some steep
and narrow stairs when I felt a hand touch the top of my head and give my
hair a friendly ruffle - rather like an affectionate parent may give their
child; I immediately turned round only to find the stairway completely
empty. Surprised, but not afraid this time, I continued my inspection of the
building. We moved into the premises, and although I had my office at the
top of the stairs where I had my encounter, and worked there often late into
the night, I never saw, heard or felt anything unusual there again.
My next encounter took place right here in Lincoln, about three years ago.
Walking our dog out late one night I noticed a cyclist approaching me along
a side street.
I thought the cyclist appeared a little unusual in so far as he was riding
an old style 'sit up and beg' cycle. His hairstyle looked rather old
fashioned too, and most curiously of all he appeared to be wearing an old
style Royal Air Force uniform. I could see the street light reflecting off
the silver buttons on his uniform tunic and from the chrome handlebars of
his cycle. He got to within about 30 yards of me when for some reason I
glanced down for a second. When I looked up again he had completely
disappeared from the street, and there was no way in which he could have
left the street in the vicinity of where I last saw him. I wonder whether
his appearance was in some way connected to the fact that there used to be
an open air swimming pool adjacent to where I saw him. This pool was very
popular with aircrews during W.W.II, and I can only assume he may have been
on his way for a midnight swim...
My most recent encounter was very brief, occurring during the first time I
visited my mother's cottage in North Wales. Built around 200 years ago, the
back room opens directly out into the rear garden, with the narrow stairs
descending into the back room right beside the back door to the building.
Whilst coming down the stairs I saw an elderly woman walk in through the
back door and disappear. She was aged about 80, approximately 5 feet tall,
wearing a grey dress with long sleeves, a white apron and her straight grey
hair was tied up in a sort of bun which in turn was covered by a small
kerchief on the top of her head. She was followed immediately by a young
girl aged about 10 or 12 dressed in a long light coloured smock. Her hair
was long, blonde and straight, falling down her back. She also disappeared
straight away.
I have no idea what ghosts are, or why they appear. I do not see them as
threatening, in fact on more than one occasion a curious sensation of
contentment seems to fill the air after they have gone. I have noticed that
my mind is often not thinking about anything in particular at the times I
have come across them.

Haunted place?

By: WNYWitch@aol.com

    I grew up in Western New York and knew the local legends of ghosts(the
Rochester-Durand White Lady, for example); I never really put much faith in
them.  I never had an experience until I left new york.
    In October of 99 I was transferred to Elyria, Ohio.  After a few weeks I
was asked to work in Sandusky.  I accepted the promotion, but having just
settled into a new apartment I decided to commute rather than move again.
Halfway between Elyria and Sandusky there is a rest stop on I-90/Rt.2 just
outside Vermilion.  I would stop sometimes on the way home for a bathroom
break or rest a bit.  It's a funny design, you drive around and park in back
of the building between the building and wooded walking trails.  I usually
got off work after 11pm but it was usually pretty busy so I never gave much
though to stopping there late at night.  One night in march of this year I
had stopped for a bathroom break.  I noticed that there were only a few cars
in the lot, it was a warm spring night, I wondered why more people weren't
out.  As I returned to my car I had this urge to walk into the wooded area, a
stupid thing to do as it would be easy for a human assailant to hide on the
trails.  I walked in about ten feet and the path spilt to the left and
straight ahead, I walked a little further straight ahead and felt something
in there with me.  I turned and started to walk out when I heard a noise kind
of a lumbering sound.  Feeling foolish and thinking there was probably an
animal like a hedgehog or deer, walking through the woods, I looked back and
saw a pair of yellow eyes on the path quite aways back.  I knew it could not
be an animal as only the parking area was lighted.  The only light in the
woods came from ambient light and the moon.  I quickly closed the distance
between myself and the parking area keys in hand.  To my relief nothing
pursued me and the eyes were gone or at least I couldn't see them anymore.  I
went straight home.  The next day I felt rather silly, thinking about the
matter during the day none of it seemed like it should have scared me I
rationalized the whole thing.  That night I stopped for a bathroom break.
Feeling brave I decided once again to check out the woods and dispel my fear
once and for all.  This time I walked only halfway to the fork and I felt an
overwhelming sense of dread building.  I was not afraid in the usual sense,
rapid heart beat, sweating, etc.  I just had this feeling of not being able
to walk any deeper into the woods.  It was like the air got heavier the
farther I walked.  As I walked out of the woods the feeling went away just as
it had come.  I decided to come back on my day off and investigate, during
the day.  I had never been in the day and I didn't know where the trails lead
or what was in the woods that attracted people to them.  I returned a few
days later with my jogging shoes, ready to explore.  The trails wrapped
around to each other and only totaled a 1 mile loop.  There was a ledge/cliff
area, but it was fenced off and there was no way to get down but I could see
a stream in the distance.  I didn't feel anything strange at all.
Nonetheless I made it a point not to stop there after dark.
    A few months later I was transferred to New Castle, Pa, which leads me to
my next story...but we are still looking into it and it's a.m. now so I need
some sleep.

Haunting in Central Phoenix?

By: Anonymous

I don't usually share this with anyone since most people would consider me crazy for believing in this stuff.  My husband and father included. When I was about 2 years old back in 1973 (I have very vivid memories about my childhood and my mother confirms my memories) we rented an old house about a 100 years old.  It was there when Phoenix, AZ was not much but a lot of farm land.  There was  a smaller house next to it that used to be the old barn.  It's still there today but surrounded by huge mansions!  Anyway, things were peaceful there until our next door neighbor hung himself in the kitchen and my father found him.  I never knew about it.  But about 3 months after things began to happen.  My mother was having an argument with my father one morning before getting out of bed.  She got real mad and got up and went to the kitchen.  She saw a man sitting at the table with his head in his hands on the table so that she couldn't see his face.  She turned around and went back to bed not saying a word to my dad.  Later I began to see a hand floating in my room and would hear it "talk" to me.  I called it (this is weird) About Bugs but now I think it could have been Abbott Bugs or something like that.  As a child that young it was difficult to express myself with words yet.  I didn't have the word for ghost and would get spanked by my father for crying at night when this thing would appear and talk to me.  One time I was sitting on the potty with my mom there to supervise.  I couldn't get off the toilet - like someone was holding me down.  My mother was pulling me by the arms to try to get me off but couldn't.  Finally it let go.  Sometimes the door would slam shut and lock with me on the other side and I couldn't get out - only the lock on the door didn't work anymore.  No matter how hard my mother would pull the door would not open.  Then all of a sudden it would as if nothing had happened.  At night you could hear scratching noises under the wood floor in the master bedroom.  Dad said it was just animals.  He crawled under the house but didn't find anything. He never believes in this stuff. At night when I would go to bed (always fussed about not wanting to go because I was scared) before falling asleep I felt like something was trying to pull me through the wall!  Sometimes I felt like I was floating (like in another
dimension or something) and that hand ghost was there with me.  My mother finally had enough and made my Dad find a house to buy.  We moved and nothing quite as drastic as that ever happened to me again.  The new house had it's little incidents but
that's another story!  My parent still live in the house they bought 27 years ago!

He Came Back

By: melinda333@mail.icnet.net

My first husband committed suicide at the age of 29. Less than a year
after he died, some strange things occurred over a period of a few
days.  First, the thermostat had been turned all the way to the right in
order to cut off the air conditioning. It was 102 degrees outside! I did
not move the thermostat, and my daughter was too short. I asked her
anyway, just to be sure, but she had not moved it. Later that night, the
internal clock on my computer had been changed. The next day, upon
opening the refrigerator, I found the temperature to feel somewhat low.
It had been turned down. It takes a screwdriver to turn the temperature
down on this unit. Sometime that afternoon, while my daughter was alone
in her room playing, and I was hanging picture is my room, I heard my
daughter talking in a way that sounded conversational, and not make
believe. I yelled down the hall,"Who are you talking to, honey?"  She
said that she was not talking to anyone.  I heard her speak again, this
time in more of a hushed tone. Concerned, I walked down the hall, and
into her room. I asked her who she was talking to again. She said no
one, that she had just been playing. I did not believe her, but I could
not figure it out. The next day, when I was home for lunch, I felt some
sort of "presence."  I turned quickly to the right to see a fading image
of light, almost in a static-like form. I felt like it was the spirit of
my dead husband, and I asked him to please move on, that hanging around
was just going to make it harder for our daughter and I to move on
without him. I then left my house, skipped lunch, and returned to work!
Once back at work, upon storing my purse in a closet, I turned around
and saw the same image again!  About 20 minutes later, I was standing
shoulder to shoulder with a co-worker, while reviewing paperwork.
Suddenly, I became very dizzy, lost my balance, and nearly fell. I
gathered myself together quickly, embarrassed and what my co-worker or
anyone else might say. I said nothing to anyone to explain what had just
happened to me. However, the co-worker turned to me with her hand on her
forehead, and said,"Oh my gosh! The weirdest thing just happened! I
suddenly got really dizzy and nearly fell down! It's like I was spun
around or something!!"  I just looked at her and said,"Oh, really?
That's strange. Are you okay?" I did not want to tell her that I thought
my dead husband just passed between us! That night, while tucking my
daughter in (she was 5 at the time), she asked me if I had been watching
her sleep the night before. I told her that I had not, and she stated
that she was pretty sure that someone was watching her sleep. Concerned,
I asked her if it made her feel afraid. Her response was no, that it was
okay, that it felt safe to her. Within the next couple of days, my
daughter told me that the day I asked her who she had been talking to in
her room, that it had been her Daddy, that he had come to see her. I
asked her to tell me about it. She said that while she was playing in
her room, a wolf came in, but that she was not afraid, because she knew
that he was a friendly wolf. She said that the wolf then turned into her
Daddy, and she described every article of clothing that he was wearing.
She said that he said that he came to see her because he did not get to
tell her goodbye. She said that he knelt down, hugged her, and told her
goodbye and she told him goodbye. All of these things told me that my
dead husband's spirit was lingering among us living folks. What do you

Haunted Office Building

By: JayLee

This is not my story, but that of a friend.  To give her a name we shall
call her Rose.Rose works as a security guard in an office building during the day.  She
told me stories of how the building had housed labs for a nearby University
and, even at one point, somewhere in the 30's or 40's, a morgue.  In the
labs they disected cadavers and performed experiments on animals up until
the mid part of the 20th century.  After that the building was vacant for
several years, until it was converted into an office building about 20 years
Well on with the story...
One day when Rose was doing her routine walk of the stairwell (which was
required of her), she got sidetracked and wondered right past the first
floor and down into the basement.  She opened the door expecting to see the
first floor lobby and instead she saw black... the kind of black that
instills terror.  Suddenly she felt a gust of cold air rush past her and
heard a voice say "Leave now!"  Rose said she had never run so quicky in her
life.  Other people who work in the building express a fear of the basement,
which is the boiler room and maintenance access to plumbing and such.
Another time Rose had been standing in the hallway of the top floor of the
office building and heard whispering coming from a closet.  She opened the
door to see nothing or no one.  The closet was completely empty except for a
broom and dustpan.She also told me of how the night shift housekeeping personnel will not stay in the building alone.  They said that they would hear footsteps behind them
or see the elevators operate when no one is on them or even near them.
Many people in the office building have heard a dark barking from a first
floor storage room, but the only thing kept in that room is file cabinets
and other unused furniture.  Rose said that the room had been one of the
labs. The most dramatic off all the stories Rose told me was about the third floor
office.  The third floor is mostly  occupied by one company/department.  The
largest office is at the end of the hallway to the left of the elevators.
People who work in the office have reported the weighted doors (the kind
that have to be pushed to open and will close on their own) opening by
themselves.  Those doors are large and wooden with a glass window in the
middle.  No one is seen through the window when the doors open.  Also,
computers turn on and off without warning. Rose said that there is also a
spot in the rear corner of the office that is always cold and the feels very
damp, similar to how a cold, rainy day feels.  But what makes it so dramatic
is the fact that a ghost is actually seen.  A blond haired woman dressed in
1940's fashion walks through a wall (a walled off door), turns towards the
front of the office, stumbles, and pitches face first through the floor.
Rose said that there !
is a back staircase that runs from the first floor to the third floor, but
that the staircase is walled off on the third floor in the area where the
ghost disappears.  Rumor has it that a woman had fallen to her death down
the staircase and that is why it is no longer in use.



By: LilGreenGyco@aol.com

The summer after 4th grade, my parents and I had to move due to my father's
business.  We were from a rather large family, and the only branch that moved
out of state.  The 1st year went by without any occurrences.  The 2nd year we
were there, strange things started to happen.  First of all, if my Mom and I
were in the car together, or at home together, a strange perfume smell
surrounded us.  Kind of a fruity, flowery smell.  My Mom had told me it
smelled kinda familiar.  It took a good 5 to 10 of these "smellings" to
finally figure out where she knew this scent from.  It smelled just like the
perfume my great-grandmother wore.  She died about a year before I was born.
She had always told my Mom that she would look after her no matter what.
When I was born, my Mom named me after her grandmother.  She was convinced
that this ghost had come to our new home to make sure we would be all right.
Besides the perfume, we never had any "real" contact with her.  Doors opened
and closed on a regular basis.  I also had an extensive stuffed animal
collection.  One day, before school, I had lined up the stuffed animals
according to size.  By the time I got home in the afternoon, the toys were in
a disarray.  We stayed there for 3 years, then moved back home to our family.
 Since then, we had never heard or smelled the ghost again.



i will send a word file with the storys of my new house.  I will type now
the storys of my first house.  My name is Shaun. I am 14.   At my first
house i have had a few strange things happen.  One thing is that for the
time i lived there, till i was 12, i had only 3 good dreams.  Almost every
other night In I had nightmares.  Extremely wierd and scary and persistent
nightmares.  Once I moved out of that house I haven't had a nightmare yet.
When ever i would go down to my basement there, which was always
frightening to me,  I would see a ton of strange shadows that seemed to
"run" away when I came down.  Things would disapear and reapear somewhere
else.  I don't have any brothers or sisters, didn't thave my dog than and
only lived with my mom.  At night i would always hear strange sounds right
by my window and from the basement.  A couple times I heard what sounded
like scrathing on the attik door.  When my mom was walking down the hall
way once the second she stood under the lightbulb and stopped it blew up.
She didn't get hurt luckily.  That same type of thing happened to me when i
walk passed a picture on the wall.  When i was home alone once my cat was
on my bed with me.  She was calm and purring.  She doesn't like anyone but
me and growls at people.  Suddenly she stared almost straight up and
growled.  Her tail puffed up and she started shaking it.  I was terrified
and didn't look.  She must have been doing that for about 2 mins.  One good
thing I remember about that house was a ghost of my first dog casey.  When
my dad, me, and my friend came home with my new dog which was the same
breed, we asked my dad if we should let him in cause we saw the dog next to
my dad.  Looking up at him and wagging his tail.  My dad said he already
did.  We freaked out of course.  Later I was happy about it cause it was
the ghost of my old dog, I think.  My cat had something else happen to her
occanially.  She would be (appeared to be) walking down a hallway or in a
window and I would say "Hi Sam" like I always do.  She would continue on
her way.  Then a couple minutes later I would hear her meowing and
scrathing and she would be in a closet
the closest of the room i was in.  There's know way she could open it.  If
you want details on my naightmares please email me at Samantha711@email.com

Mysterious Ways-

By: Jbkioko1@cs.com

    I  and my husband recently moved into an apartment that I
fell very much in like with so to speak.  French Quarter apartments are about
36 years old.  The apartment has a staircase and  bedroom is located on the
top floor. The first night that we moved in we heard the sound of wings
flapping .  Like a small bird within  an inch or two of our ears as we tried
to go to sleep. We did not see anything and it was a very short encounter.
Then within a few days more, our stove came on by itself? there  are noises
around the whole apt. and so we decided to take afew pictures.  I am catholic
my husband buddist.  Well our photo of Jesus had an apparition like effect to
it, I believe that it is either an angel or Mary herself.  The pictures at
the courtyard at my church have images of a pope or bishop and a man appears
in the photo who was not there. I know that God can work in mysterious ways.
I cant explain the supernatural though. I love where I live and would not
trade it for anything the things that I experience although smetimes I do get
somewhat nervous...life itself is so mysterious.

Lady and Her Dog

By: deblou@gvtel.com

My house is haunted by the ghost of an 83 year old woman and her dog.  About 90 years ago there was a different house on this foundation and it burnt down, but the old woman didn't get out.The old woman had a terrier that she loved almost more than life.  When the fire started the dog got scared and hid in the basment, the old woman went down after it because it was the only family she had.  She hunted for it for about five minutes
and by that time the smoke had grown so thick she couldn't find her way out of the basment, was over taken by smoke, and a few minutes later burnt to death.
She is still in my basment searching for her dog because I can hear her every night around 10:30 pm, the time the fire started, clanging abound on the pipes.  I have even seen her on two occasions.  The first time was when I woke up in the middle of the night a few years ago, I heard noises in the basment so I went to go chaeck it out, and I saw her in the south west corner calling her dogs name then she looked at me and disappered.  The second time I saw her in my room because from what I have found out my room is almost exactly where hers was.  She came and stood by my bed with a contented smile on her face the just disappered again.
I can still hear her sounds in the basement and often hear a dog barking when my dog is silent right next to me.

Athens Ohio

By: Tracy_Conger@nyc.cohnwolfe.com

Moonville (Athens, Ohio) -  Moonville in located in Southeastern Ohio, not
SW.  It was actually a mining town, way back when.  Though the story you
had, may be true, I have another.  Probably another variation.  I have been
there about twenty times.  It is tough to find, as it is located in the
Zeliski (I believe I have it spelled correctly) State Park.  It is a
national park ? complete forest - and not only do you have to watch out for
the locals, but armed park rangers are also a tough deterrent.  The story
that I was always told was that the town of Moonville was infected with
Cholera (I believe that was the disease).  Most of the townspeople were
dying, and they sent a local man to flag down a passing train, to notify a
neighboring town, so they could get help.  Legend has it that he was struck
by the train and killed. His ghost still haunts the tunnel; supposedly you
can see his ghost swinging a lantern trying to flag down the train.  I have
been there many times, and although I have never seen the specter, I have
had the shit scared out of me.  It is something right out of the Blair
Witch Project.  In fact, when I saw the movie, memories of MV came rushing
back, and scared me ten times more than the film did.  Not to get into
great detail, but we had been sitting in the middle of the railway tunnel,
which is about the length of a football field.  It is huge..  The tracks
are gone, but the rocks and a few stakes still remain.  We had set up a
campfire and three of us were sitting there talking.  It was about 3 in the
morning, and due to being inside the tunnel, moonlight was scarce.  The
only light came from the campfire.  At one point, one of my friends began
telling the "legend" to another.  When he finished the tale, he remarked
that he had been there many times, but had never seen a ghost.  At that
moment the wind picked up inside the tunnel, and blew the fire completely
out.  If you have ever been camping, you may know how stubborn some fires
are to extinguish.  That is what I think about now when I recall that the
entire thing went out like a match.  We all jumped up, and ran through the
complete darkness of the tunnel, for about two miles to where the car was
parked.  And were pretty much silent all the way home.  We returned the
next day to get our gear.  And that was the last time that I ever went to
Moonville at night.
Just a side note.  There are acutally two tunnels.  I have a map to the
second, but have never been there myself.  I also have pictures of the
tunnel and surrounding area.

My Cat

By: FireRam131@aol.com

I recently came across your webpage and have read several of the stories so fa
r. This has prompted me to submit my own. I had a cat that I loved very much n
amed Charles. He was a black cat that was very large. People who visited would
 ask if he was part Maine Coon. We had had him for several years when he becam
e seriously sick. After several hundred dollars in vet bills I finally decided
 the humane thing to do was to put him to sleep and let him go with some digni
ty. Not long after that I was sitting in the kitchen after coming home from wo
rking the nite shift I worked for the local newpaper. As I was eating my break
fast out of the corner of my eye I clearly saw him walking past me to the corn
er where we had put his food bowls. Of  course when I looked he wasnt there.
The second time I saw him I was downstairs in the tv room. For some strange
reason I had the sudden urge to look behind me. By turning around you can clea
rly see the hallway and the doorway to where youd enter the utility room. Ther
es no way someone could not be seen going into that room. On the left were the
 stairs. I clearly saw my dead cat< his ghost> leap from what would of been
the second stair from the bottom considering the angle to which he jumped. He
then ran under my moms sewing machine just to the right but behind the wall...
........I never took my eyes off the doorway. I never saw my cat run from out
from under the sewing machine. If he had the only place he could of gone was
the utility room. I even closed the door looking. IF he was in there he
wouldndt of been able to get out. That the only two times I remember seeing
him. I think he was just coming back to say he was ok :)

House Haunting


I've been with my boyfriend for two years. I've been stayign at his
house for those two years on and off.  Often I would feel as though I've
been watched but just htough it was my imagination while bieng home
so last summer while sleep ingover one night. I woke up out of a sound
sleep and saw a dark figure come into the bedroom with a briefcase. I
woke up my boyfiend and he saw it too.  a couple of nights later I
wokeup again this tiem saw a women encircled in bright golden light.
that was the last time I saw anythign. occationally I would come over
and feel eerie but safe.   WellI just moved into the hosue permanantly
about a month and a half ago.  SInce I've moved in. I've had the feelign
of being watched whether it's day or ngiht.  So the most recenlt events
have been lsoign items aroudnd the house and then they appear where I
left them an dhave looked a ton of times. They appear wehn I leave and
come back home.
this past week has been the worst with feelign scared and uncomfortable.
I feel any room I go in I"M being watched and feel a presense but not
see anything.  Last sat I came home and went up the stairs to go to
sleep. out of the corner of my eye was the bedroom. the door was open
and I looked in. on  the bed I saw a little boy sitting. I did a double
take and he was gone. so I was definalte spooked considering that is the
bed I would have to climb into alone in  a copule of minutes.  so I had
a very sleepless ngiht and have been for a couple of weeks.
so in other words.  in the hosue I feel something watching me.  haven't
seen anything, but feel uneasy and spooked.  I just want to feel safe
and comfortable again in teh house.

Houston Haunting

By: Unknown

The location is by Fulshear, TX. Very close to Hunt Rd (About 15-20 min. outside of houston. Here is what happened. Me and my friend were going out to see the japanees commet around 1998 (the one that was close enough to see with a naked eye) and
decided to get out of the city light to see the commet better. We live on the west side of houston so decided to go to the west (tward fulshear). We drove looking for nothing but a safe place that is sucluded from cops harrasing us. We drove down the streets and last remember driving down hunt rd. before we ended up at a dead end. We got out a looked at the commet. There were fields on all sides but the ways which the road ran with cows grazing. As we stood there, i would guess about 10 min. we heard chatering in front of us. The noise seemed very close, probably feet, and sounded for about 20 sec. then would
stop. After the first time we heard the sound I asked  my friend if it sounded like children in a play ground and he said he was not sure. Then a min. later the sound accured again but from the rear right and was equally close. At this point we were freaked by the sound because it did sond like children in a play ground. If you can imagine standing in a play ground somewhere off in the distance and listen to dozens of children play but cannot distinguis a single conversation because they overlap and cut in on each other, that is what it sounded like. Then after 20 or so seconds the sound would stop then a minute later start from the left rear. This continued for about 3 or 4 cycles then stoped for good. At this point i was standing by the car door trying to get my friend to leave and as he began to walk toward the car i heard someone say help three times. I turned to look in the direction of the voice and there was a house with the lights on. It was about 1 am and
this really scared me because I didn't know if the voice was someone, like a convict from the prison down the way, hurting someone. We left and sine then i have looked for this place about 30 times but have never got to the dead end again. The roads have been changed or i am not remembering the way we got there. However, I do know it is of 1489 and hunt rd. (south of brookshire). I have thought about the sounds i heard and have talked to people about it and many people say that maybe there were animals, like coons, making noises. However, the field (by fields i mean low lying grass due to the cows in
eating) was visable from the moonlight to a point and if there were animals in the field it wound have had to be enough to sound like a playground full of children. And there clearly was not. Another thing is that there are forests beyond the fields but it was about 200-300 yards and could not have sounded that close as it would have been an echo sound and more faint.

India lady speaks Finnish!

By: Jesse@hotmail.com

India is a wild place with a long history of spiritualism. I have a few experiences which stick out in my mind - all true stories. I was taken to a remote village with a group of young people. We were all part of a missionary team. After talking with the people through translators, singing some song we had learn in Hindi, and telling them about Jesus, many of the people came up to us and said they saw evil spirits and ask if we could pray for them.     A man brought up his wife, he was crying and through a translator he told us that his wife was possessed by an evil spirit and as a result she could no longer speak. I was 18 years old at the time and was a little intimidated. I was with a
man who was from Finland and we began to pray for the lady. After praying for a few minutes nothing was happening, but I could feel a power struggle. My friend spoke to this lady in his native Finnish language. I saw her eyes change and this evil look came on her face. This primitive lady who had never seen white people before, knew no English, began speaking to my friend in Finnish. My friend told me that he  commanded the spirit in Jesus name to tell him where the gateway was. The spirit spoke through this lady in a completely different language and harsh voice. He said that the gateway was under a plate which the lady had put on her forehead to honor a idol god. He could not believe that the lady spoke to him in Finnish, (which is one of the most difficult languages to learn.)     We put our hands on the lady's forehead and her whole body started shaking. We said in Jesus name come out and go to the place prepared for you. The lady began coughing and coughing. She then turned to her husband and began to speak with him in her native tongue, they both were crying with joy. It was the first time they spoken together in over two years. Two other people that night were prayed over in the name of Jesus by our friends and had similar results. The people thanked God that they had been delivered.     Another time while living in India a Chinese friend and I learned that our neighbor and hung himself. That night we were awoken by a series of clear screams in our room. In one instant a scream was heard in all the corners of our room and then I felt like a person was one inch from my face and screamed. This happened about 1 am and my friend and I both were woken from a deep sleep, we were so shaken up that we could not even talk to one another for several minutes. The next day some friends down the street also reported hearing a scream which ran down their street. This happened every night for about a week. The scream would be clear and the most evil thing I have heard. Finally we prayed to God for protection and told the scream in Jesus name that it could not come back into out room. It never came back to our room, but we heard it run down the street. After praying down the street and near bye streets it never was heard again. All this to say that spirits are real and can be controlled by the power of Jesus name. If you ever experience ghosts or sprits command them to leave in Jesus name and ask God to protect you.

Lake Placid, St. Moritz Hotel, July 2000

By: trinity20011@canoemail.com

We're just back from vacation, having spent 2 days at a very old and
wonderful hotel called the St. Moritz in Lake Placid, New York.  We
stayed in a room on the third floor--a fairly pleasant room with
separate bath, but as you can well imagine, old plumbing/fixtures
throughout.   A picture of the hotel in its hey day in the late
1890's can be seen in the lobby to the hotel.
Day/night one was non-eventful.  Our second (and last night) there, I
arose to use the facilities about 2:00 am and entered the washroom
(with lights out).  All was quiet until I heard what seemed to be an
unearthly woman's moans above my head.  It took me about 30 seconds
for me to realize these moans were not coming from the room upstairs,
nor a local radio or tv ....needless to say, I raced out of there and
jumped in bed, my heart pounding.  My boyfriend, still asleep,
greeted me with a grunt.  I finally fell asleep totally curled up
against him...until he got up about 3:30 am/4:00 am to use the
lavatory too.  I stayed wearily awake waiting for him to return...and
saw that he looked a bit perturbed as he closed the door to the
lavatory a few moments later...(he never closes the door!).   While
he acknowledged my experience as valid when I recounted it to him
then, he said nothing more.   We both went back to sleep.
Next morning, I mentioned the moans again to my boyfriend.  He then
said he needed to tell me something too.  Don't ask me why but I
stopped him midsentence and asked him to wait until we gathered our
belongings to check out. While checking out, we asked the innkeeper
about the history of the hotel.  She said she knew nothing and was
always too busy to notice anything out of place. We left the
conversation at that.
In the car on the way out of town, my boyfriend recounted that while
sitting in the lavatory that night, (lights on), he noticed an
irregular (sphere-shaped but no definable edges, about 18 in
diameter) hovering, shifting mist about 18-24 inches in front of his
face, just below eye level.  At first he thought it was his breathe
 from the cold mountain air.  Very logically, he checked this by
exhaling numerous times away from the mist...and found he exhaled
nothing.  He moved his hand through the mist.....it remained.  The
hair on his arms started to raise, goosebumps forming.  Feeling
somewhat wary now, Steve left the lavatory quietly.....he must walk
through the mist to exit. He quietly closed the lavatory door and
turned off the light.
While we did enjoy our stay at this hotel, the room was clean, the
innkeepers were very friendly and hospitable, etc., we are curious if
you had any other reports about unusual activity at this hotel or in
the vicinity thereof.  I should mention this hotel is next to a
funeral home.

Historical Home Ghost


hi i am writing to tell you of my experience. this happened in early fall of 1993 in a town in Indiana(Lebanon), I was young 13yrs old at the time. I remember going to this historical house which had been on to the public for an open house. This house was over 100 years old. My parents and I went into the house and were walking around. I decided to walk in the living room which was to the right as you walk in. their were id say aprox. 10 people in the house. As I was in the living room I happened to look to the right of me and saw a boy who looked about my age at the time sitting in a chair he stuck out to me  than the other people their that were in the house, he was wearing blue suspenders and an oldfashioned hat like you men wearing from the 1920's. He was sitting by himself with no expression on his face.I didnt think much of it until I went to find my parents they were in the room right as you walkin to the place. I then asked them to take a look at the living room which was very nice well preserved room. As I walked into the living room the boy was gone. I began checking the bottom floor   their was no sign of him, I made my way to the upstairs checked around and saw no one. I was thinking to myself theres no way that the boy could have left. the back door was shut solid the only way out was the front door. I told my parents about
the encounter soon after. Till this day I believe I encounter a spirit of a young boy from the early 1900's. If you have  any questions about my ghost expierence please contact my email page JakeLV@aol.com  my name is Jake Veatch The site is from my friend Chris's internet address I just moved to Charlotte,NC from Indiana.



I was a16 year old girl when I first saw Jean she was 12 but she was
tall as me and she was so beautiful. She had long curly blonde hair and
so tan with blue eyes and such white teeth when she smiled.  She was
walking down the opposite side of the road from me and she as watching
me too and then she said do you live around here? I said yes we just
moved in and she said I think you are the prettiest girl we have in the
neighborhood now. I said no I think you are . We both laughed. We were
both blonde and young and pretty.
We became best of friends even though she was 4 years younger than me.
We planned to be friends for ever but when she was 24 and she had two
darling sweet little blonde haired girls she was killed in an auto
accident on the e way. I was so devastated to lose my dearest friend.
It has been 30 years now since she died and now I do automatic hand
writing and I called on her and she talked to me and she said when she
got in that wreck she was not dead and she kept screaming don't cover my
face with that sheet I am not dead but she said they did anyway and put
her body in the ambulance and she was taken to the morgue. Her vitals
were so low they could not detect she was still alive but of course she
was not alive when they got done with her. She got embalmed and prepared
for the funeral.               She said how sad she was to have missed
out on raising her daughters that she loved so much. Her mother Margaret
was so sweet but to old and sick to take them so they went with their
dad who did not take good care of them and he lost them. They were taken
away from him. She knew all this and it broke her heart her name was
Jean Bowser.     If her daughters read thisever please understand your
mom did not want to leave you. She told me
how terribly unhappy she was to have to leave.If any one would like to talk
to anyone who is dead just use automatic hand
writing it works. I have talked to all my loved ones and friends that
are gone.

My Apartment

By: DMomofryan@aol.com

I have always been fascinated by the supernatural and always believed in ghosts.  I've "spoken" with my dad several times since his death 4 years ago.  About 18 months ago, my son (18 months old) and I moved into the one bedroom apartment we still live in..  After being there for a month or so, I started having the same horrible dream every night.  I dreamed that I was holding my son and a "force" kept pulling him out of my arms and taking him away from me screaming.  At first, I thought it was just the paranoid dream of a single mom, but then I started hearing the words "CLOSE THE VORTEX" as my son was being ripped away.  After about 10 days, I finally got the hint and sprinkled holy water all through my room while praying for this "vortex" to be closed.  I have not had that dream since.  Then in March of this year (2000), I started getting the feeling that we were not alone in the apartment.  Lying on my side in my bed, I can see to the end of the hallway, which has the livin!
g room on one side and the dining room on the other.  I kept seeing a shadow walking from one room to the other.  I woke up one time to find a figure hanging on the ceiling fan above my bed looking down at me.  One night, I felt a soft touch on the side of my face and I told it to get away from me.  I put holy water on the four corners of my bed, my son's bed and the door to my room.  The longer this went on, the more I started to feel afraid.  Not threatened, but I felt like whatever was in the apartment was trying to tell me something and was getting frustrated that I was not doing anything about it. I started leaving all the lights on when I went to bed and was getting maybe 3 hours of sleep a night.  Praying did not seem to be helping.   After finally telling my sister, I put holy water in every doorway and every entrance to my apartment.  While doing this, I asked God to please take the soul back to heaven so I wouldn't be afraid anymore. The very next night, I heard the words "thank you" and I have not felt that spirit again.  Then, about 3 weeks ago, I started feeling that spooked feeling again.  I went to bed one night and in that phase right before deep sleep, I opened my eyes and saw two figures, one at the  foot of my son's bed  and one beside my bed.  I blinked and saw that there were two Indians in my room.  Sounds weird, I know! The one at the foot of the bed just stood there with his arms crossed and his back to my son.  The other one started talking to me.  He said that they were there to protect me and my son and to not be afraid.  They would look out for both of us.  I lay down and went to sleep.  I have woken up several times during the nights since then and I always see the Indian at the foot of my son's bed, always with his back to him and his arms crossed, like he is watching over him.  I can only see him from the waist up and he is not 3 dimensional, more like colored smoke.  I know this sounds really wild, especially since I still live in the apartment, but I feel totally safe now and I know that my son is being protected.  One more interesting fact, I live in Texas and recently found out that my apartment complex stands on land that used to be part of the Chisolm Trail.

Several Family Member Experiences

By: ScriptCreator@aol.com

My brother has esperienced a ghost once back in Mexico with our releatives.
He told me that he could not get a good nights sleep once in a room where my
grandfather died.  When my brother was asleep he noticed that his bed sheets
were being pulled down from his feet.  So he picked them back up to cover
And again the bed sheets would go down.  This persisted for a few more times,
my brother kept lifting the sheets, he just dozed off.  But when he woke up in
the morning, he said that the bed sheets were nicely folded and tucked under his
Another occurance he had was about 7 years ago.  His friend and himself were
heading home from a late night party.  As they were heading home, just a few
minutes left to reach the house, his friend, Joe, had forgotten his house
keys.  He was scared because he had lost them.  My brother then told me that Joe
received the keys in his hand.  Something or someone had handed Joe his keys, it was
not my brother.  The last short story is what happened to my great grandfather.
My great grandfather was riding his horse back home from working at his ranch.
This was in Mexico.  He saw a small boy crying and sitting on the ground.  He told
the little kid what was wrong and if he needed a ride.  The kid just pointed to a
My great grandfather just lifted the boy like nothing, like if the kid did
not way anything.  He was confused.  But he rode off and talked to the boy, which
said nothing.  Well, as they rode along the dirt road, my great grandfather turned
back to ask the kid a question, the kid was not there anymore.  So he kept on riding
down the road.  After a few minutes, my great grandfather felt someone tapping him
on his shoulder.  He turns around to notice the small kid.  The kid replies to him
in Spanish, "Mira mis dientitos!"  The translation goes like this, "Look at my baby
teeth!"  My great grandfather told his son and he told my father the story.  I was told
that the little kid smelled like sulfur and his teeth were pointy or thinly large.  My
great grandfather dropped the kid and took off like a jockey on a horse.  I hope
that you have enjoyed these small stories.  I have not experienced anything like this,
but I have had sleep paralysis in where I saw my aunt from Mexico, who is not dead,
as a transparent figure walking in my house in the states.  Then I had to force
myself to wake up because I felt that I was being held down or kept from waking up.

Has Anyone Seen This?

By: rikkiweinstein@hotmail.com

This experience doesn't seem like much compared to the ones I have read at
this site.  That may be because I didn't experience it first hand or maybe
because I am still a little skeptical.  My stepdad is a real night owl.  One
night he was sitting up reading one of his sci-fi books when he just
happened to look at the bedroom window.  There he saw an old man staring in
at him (they had a groud level floor) with curiosity, and no real expression
on his face.  He was powder white.  My stepdad stared in shock and blinked
and the man was gone.  Exactly as he realized the man was gone, the man was
at his bedroom door, Peering in at him. The man then turned and walked
across the hall into my 3-year-old sister's room and my stepdad could not
see from where he was.  He was too petrified to move.  My sister then came
out of her room crying and asking if she could sleep with them because she
was scared!  She didn't mention a ghost though. The next morning my sister
told me of a dream she had of an old man, glowing white with glowing red
eyes walking throught the backyard carrying paint cans in each hand.  This
is an innocent 3-year-old probably not even knowing what a ghost was telling
me of this "dream."  Over the years I thought my stepdad was kidding about
this occurance but he swears to it to this very day.  My sister doesn't
remember anything.  It seems to make sense that it was an old person.  We
lived 2 houses down from an alzheimers nursing home!
I think it was just a ghost of someone who died at the nursing home passing
through.  The patients escaped all of the time to "go home" and always
thought we were one of their past family members.  Maybe this 'ghost' was
checking to see if he recognized us!
Will you post this on your site?  I wanted to see if any one has ever seem
anything like that before.  It always seems like the ghosts in teh stories
here are always mean and distructive.

My Ghost Story

By: SISU2005@aol.com

I was divorced and moved to this area where my parents and I grew up. I met a
man I really began caring alot of and we grew into a more serious
We were living together for a time and during that time, my mother died of
natural causes but, it was still a hard time without her. We all loved her
very much and she had very strong religious beliefs and passed them on to us.
She didnt think I should live with this man but, I did anyway.
After she died, my father decided to sell their home and move to his family
home a few miles away. I wanted to buy the home but, he felt I shouldnt while
living with this man. Well, my brother and sister talked him into it as I had
children to raise and they would have so much more room. I told my father, we
were planning to get married.
We moved into the house and each day or night, the lights would flicker or go
out in different rooms. It was an eerie feeling and we had them checked out.
There was nothing wrong with the electrical parts but, it continued to
happened. Well, I felt maybe my mother was trying to tell me something which
I kept to myself.
We got married at my parents house which we bought, the lights have never
flickered or gone out since. I feel my mother was here and then she rested in
peace once we were married.
My husband now and I have talked about it since and both feel that she was
giving us vibes to not live like we were and get married. We still feel her
presence in this house but, she was a wonderful person and we are never
Thank you for letting me share my story with you.



By: Corax31@aol.com

Hello....I was reading through your vast volume of ghostly tales and thought
your website would be the perfect place to finally tell my own. Btw, I don't
mind if you use my name attached to the story, but I would prefer you not use
my email address.....nothing personal, I just have this thing about pasting
my email addy on the web. On with the story..... :)
I don't remember the first time I noticed the ghost in my home, but my mother
swears she came with the house (we moved in when I was 2 1/2 years old). But
throughout my childhood I always remember her being there with me.....like an
"imaginary friend" who wasn't part of my imagination at all. My mother called
her Amelia, after she heard the ghost say this name and gesture to herself.
But I called her Lala because she was (and is) always singing. She seemed
most attached to myself and my mother, despite the fact that the other four
people in the house had seen or heard her at one point or another. She has
even followed me off to college, and moving across country.
One of her favourite forms of getting our attention was dancing and singing
in my bedroom....we could audibly hear her beautiful soprano voice (think
Mozart's Night Queen aria), her high heeled shoes clacking on the floor, and
her beads rattling (she was always dressed as an upper-class 1920s
flapper-girl, complete with a cigarette dangling out of a silver cig holder,
and seemed to be in her late teens). Her other favourite thing to do was go
about the house moving chairs, turning on lights, and cranking the volume up
on the stereo.
Lala is precocious, a bit of a wild-child, but has never meant anyone any
harm. More often than not, she's very helpful to us. See, things are always
going missing mysteriously in this house....I'll put my coffee mug down on
the desk, go out of the room to do a chore, then come back and the mug is
gone....things of that nature. Whenever this happens, we ask Lala to help us
find the missing item, and she does. It usually has the same pattern to it: a
few minutes later, I'll hear Lala call my name, turn to face her, and the mug
will be resting placidly somewhere else in the room (where I know I would not
have put it).
She also helps to take care of me when my migraine headaches become
unbearable, or when I'm sick....just as she used to do whenever I was sick or
had a nightmare when I was a child. She's been with me for 25 years so
far....and though I've told her that she shouldn't feel like she has to stay
with me if she'd rather move on, she continues to remain. I don't know who
she was, since the house was built long after the 1920s (though we do have a
lot of antique furniture and jewelry with which she might have come into the
house, and then decided she liked the inhabitants better ??) and she doesn't
fit the description of any of my ancestors. I only know that it's a true
comfort having my own personal "guardian angel" with me...

My First Haunting

By: Buddywell@aol.com


My Story of Aunty Susie

By: LiLiG99@hotmail.com.

Hello.. I am 22 years old and have had a profound experience. Say its a
preminiton or just having that "sense" I would like to share this story with
others so maybe someone could relate to me and give me some feedback.
  I was about 14 years old.  My mothers Aunt Susie raised her from when she
was an infant along with my grandfather.  My Aunt never got married and took
on the responsiblity of having my mother.  She was truly a mother compared to
my mothers real mother.  Anyways, Throughout maybe 4 or 5 years my
grandparents started passing away starting in 1986 with my nana. The next
death was 1988 who was my grandfather (moms dad), and the next to be  was my
Aunt Susie.  My fathers father would survive six months after her death.
  Since I was a child I always had strong preminitions and had even been seen
in my sleep talking to something outside my window on a hot summers night
which i remember vividly until this day.  My first grandmother died in 1986 i
believe i was 8 or 9 at the time.  My parents felt that I was too young to
attend her funeral so I remained at home.  A few years later I had a dream
about my nana, coming to me and looking so beautiful wearing a green dress
that I had no knowledge of what so ever.  She didnt tell me but I knew this
was the dress she had been buried in.  I told my mother what I had dreamnt of
an proceeded to tell her what my grandmother had on when she was buried.
Needless to say my mother almost dropped cause she knew I was so young I
hadnt a clue what went on at the funeral. I was right.
  When i was about 14 years old, My Aunt Susie was still alive and living in
an elderly home in Providence, Rhode Island.  She moved out of the family
house shortly after my grandfather passed away in 1988 cause she was so
extremly stricken with grief.  My mom and aunt would talk everyday and I
rember this so clearly.  It was a friday night and my mom was trying to call
my aunt.  Often she would take her hearing aid out and go to bed.  My mom was
going to New York the next day with my father and she told me to get in touch
with my aunt the next day and let her know she would be back late Saturday
night and she would call her on Sunday morning.  My parents left at 4 am and
I was still sleeping. At around 4:45 am I woke up out of a dead sleep and
shot straight up like as if someone had pinched me. The room was dark but i
felt a very strange uneasy feeling that I was scared.  My brother was
sleeping in the other room and I proceeded to get up out of bed and go
downstairs.  I for some reason immediatly went to the kitchen sink, opened
the cupboard underneath and grabbed cleaning products out and started to
clean.  I have no idea why i did this but I cleaned for a good two hours.  I
was up all day long, my brother went out and i was home alone.  I tried to
call my aunt numerous times but no answer.  I passed it off as she may have
went out shopping on the bus that day. I still however felt very uneasy all
day long.  That night my mother came home and asked me if i spoke to my aunt.
I told her i couldnt get in touch with her. She said alright and said she
would call her in the morning.   I awoke around 9 am on Sunday morning.  My
mom was in the other room and i overheard her saying I am going up to my
aunts cause she is still not answering the phone. I ran out of bed and up to
my mother and insisted that i go with her. She kind of got mad at me and
wanted me to stay behind but i insisted that I go with her.   The ride up to
her house i was getting such strange vibes that when we got there something
wasnt going to be right.  WE went into her building and went to the fifth
floor and stepped out. Her apartment was at the end of the hallway. When we
reached the end we saw there were two newspapers lying in front of her door.
One being that of Saturday night and the next being of Sunday morning. My
mother turned to me with such a cold feeling of sadness.  She turned the key
into the door and looked to the right. My aunt was lying dead on the kitchen
floor.  My mom paniked and i froze. My mother rushed and called 911 and I
stared at my aunt. She looked like she had bent over in the sink to get stuff
to clean and she had a heart attack and died. ( As i mentioned earlier this
is what i started to do.) My aunt was facing the cross on the wall which made
it even sadder.  I ran out of the apartment and I didnt know what to do. I
was very saddened and very frantic just seeing that.  The funeral came and I
wouldnt go near her. I could still smell the stench that prevailed in her
apartment. It was horrible.
  I started not being able to sleep at night thinking my aunts ghost was in
the house and she was going to hurt me. My aunt would never do such a thing
but my mind was so incredibly distraught i didnt know what to do. I was taken
to doctors which couldnt do anything about my sleeping habits for me. I was
driving my poor mother crazy screaming outloud in the middle of the night for
her.  Finally i had the dream.   I was in a half of a church if u can imagine
that in the middle of a desert. Very windy and dusty.  I walked in and
kneeled down at the altar and said a hail mary and our father and then
proceeded to turn around. When i did my aunt was standing right behind me.  I
ran to her quickly and hugged her and she looked the same but a lil muffled
looking in a way. Her skin was a kind of orange color but it was her.   She
explained to me that she was very sorry for having me to go through what i
did. She never meant for it to happen and she loved us all. I was crying in
my dream. She said it will all end now and you wont have to suffer anymore.
The way the dream ended was kind of a future preminition... I was in my papas
house who hadnt yet died and i was sitting in his chair. I looked to the left
and down the hallway and saw an extremly bright light illumintating.  I knew
he was the next to go after her.  I was in fact extremly close with him.
  Six months later in May 1991, after battling cancer my papa passed away. I
was devistated but at ease in a way. Before they were going to shut the
coffin I ran to it without anyone around. My family was already outside in
the limo.  I sat up on the bench and stared down at him and touched his
forehead.. It was warm.. like it had never lost life and the glimpse on his
face was that of a smile.  I felt at ease. He was the last to go.  I have my
parents who i cherish with my life and I also have my angels that watch over
me. I know they are there and I get warned in my own ways if danger arises.
  I must say when i awoke from the dream that night, I was crying and before
i could yell out from my mother i saw a black shadow pass outside my door as
if my aunt was there sitting next to me. I screamed for my mother and told
her what happen. I slept every night soundly after that.
IF anyone has any comments or similiar stories please email me at
LiLiG99@hotmail.com.........I hope my story wasnt boring for u. thank you for
letting me share it

My Strange Experiences Up To Now

By: chrell@earthlink.net

I grew up in a...shall I say particular(?) household.  Its a very old house and I have no knowledge of its history.  but all my life I always felt as if I was being watched, but I grew used to it.  well, 3 years ago, my grandma-great passed away.  I felt retched, I hadn't visited her while she was in the hospital.  I cried and thought "oh grandma, if only I could say good bye."  later that day I was down in the basement w/ my dog and my mom.  my dog started barking and growling w/his tail between his legs.  I silently thought "good-bye grandma.  I'll always remember you."  shortly after, we moved to Lebanon, OH.  unfortunately, I did not escape what had followed me my entire life.  I was over at my friends and we were joking around and said "oooh...I feel a ghostly presence."  suddenly, it got cold and the candles went out.  there was no draft, the vents were closed and the door was too.  it was winter so the windows were sealed and locked.  we were shaken, but we regained bravery.  my friend, she has a oiuja board and we asked if we could talk to the devil.  well my fiend got a strangled sensation and couldn't breathe.  I got on my knees and prayed/begged to god to let her live.  I was sobbing and she had turned a very pale blue/mauve shade. it stopped.  after that we prayed and went to bed.no other experiences I have experienced since... and I am so very thankful.  well, that is all up to now; but I am only 14.

My weird story...

By: Peluches69@aol.com

My name is Jorge.I am 18 and I've had some weird things happened to me in
short years.My father died about 4 or 5 years ago.I moved with my sister a
while after he died so I could go to school there.When I moved strange things
started happening.I mostly ignored the little things (bed shaking every
night,shadows in the dark,etc).The reason I ignored it was because my sister
and her husband didn't belive me and because after a while I got used to it
and wasn't scared of it.One night I was asleep and woke up because of a noise
I guess,when I opened my eyes there was a woman I could tell was old.I was
scared and paralysed for a split second.She started to say "stay with her"
and thats when I jumped and turned on the light and she was gone.I told my
sister like always and she said she didn't belive me but she had felt weird
things too in the house before (people getting on the bed she was in,a man
asking her where her son was,etc.)I guess she was just scared of beliving it
was true.I tried to get info on the apartment but everyone told me it was
brand new and nothing could have happened there before.I didn't see anything
for awhile but the bed and chairs where I was at night usually still shaked
from time to time.On another occassion I awoke (in the same room as the last
apparition) to find an old man who seemed to be kneeled down next to me as if
to wissper something,he dissapeared before I could hear what he was trying to
say.The next day I tell my sister and husband as always,my sister's husband
proceded to ask me "was it my grandfather?" I found that weird but it happens
that his grandfather died that morning from a heart attack.I would say it
wasn't because I saw the old man before his grand father died in the
morning.I have moved now and the last thing that has happened to me was not
more than a month ago.I awoke in the middle of the night to find out I could
not move and I felt a pressence of evil beside me on the bed and I could feel
he was smiling or grinning and yet I cannot explain exactly how I knew this
since I was facing the other way,I could just feel it,he was jumping up and
down on the bed and there was a light on the closet which the door is just a
few feet off my feet.My sister has told me that I apparently attract ghost or
there is one after me.Since I don't live with her anymore,she says that the
only times she sees weird stuff and feels it is when I'm there,she also says
that it could me my dad because before she died she rubbed his feet because
it was cold in the hospital he was in,she said that one time I was there she
felt someone rubbing her feet and thought it was him.I have also felt a
pressence standing behind me at the end of the best that give out a feeling
of saveness and comfort.Weird things have happened to me alot  but I cannot
write about them all because it would take to long.I also suffer alot of
sleep paralysis on which I see apparitions and they are always evil and scare
me even though I am used to seeing things.I would appreciate any comments or
explanations to this happening to me.E-mail will be more than welcomed
peluches69@hotmail.com   Thanks and congratulations on your site and thanks
for the information which has helped me understand alot more...

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