My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin


I had an experience more than a year ago. I was at my lowest point of my business had just gone bankrupt, I lost my house, my boyfriend and

I hated each other, and I lost my two cats that I adored and I was going

thru a very deep depression. I moved back home and spent my days in bed

with uncontrollable sobs heading for a nervous breakdown. My thoughts had

turned to suicidal but kept them to myself because I couldn't tell my

parents or my brother about them because I loved them so much and didn't

want to hurt them and scare them. I felt I was a failure and couldn't

believe my parents had lost so much money because of me. I felt worthless,

and all I wanted to do was lay there and die. I had withdrew into a shell

which I wouldn't let anyone in. On the third day, as I lay crying, I looked

across to my brothers dresser and saw a picture of my aunt, uncle and four

year old cousin who had died in the devastating earthquake that hit Mexico

City many years ago. As I looked at the picture, I felt a strange feeling

go thru my body. It was almost as if time stood still for a second or two.

I closed my eyes and began to think of them. All of a sudden, the terrible

sobs that burst out of me just stopped and I hugged myself tight, confused

at what I was feeling. I then felt a very strong presence next to me and

began to feel my hair being stroked. It was a loving touch, as when someone

is trying to comfort you. I opened my eyes and saw that I was alone, and

that my cat was sitting at the other end of the room. It was such a

beautiful feeling, that I just lay there and did not want it to go away. I

was neither scared or confused anymore. I knew that it was my family coming

to comfort me and to make me understand that life goes on and that I needed

to start my life over again. As I felt my hair being stroked, I felt a wave

of peace flowing thru me, all the anger and pain just melting away. My

tears dried and I just lay there wrapped in a circle of love. I could feel

my body tingling, a feeling I had never felt before. It was peace. Total

peace. I don't know how long they were with me, but it felt like ten

minutes or so. Finally, it stopped and I was left feeling so much better. I

got up and from that day on, my life was so much better and I was able to

deal with what happened and not let it destroy me.

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Strange Occurrences


This story took place in Denver, Colorado in late 1979. I was stationed at

Lowry AFB for training at the Air Force Air Intelligence Training Center. I

consider myself a very objective person but this incident shook me up. I'll

relate the events as accurately as possible and you be the judge.

My roommate at the time was an older guy, 26 or so, from Kentucky. I

was 18 and had only been in the Air Force 3 or 4 months. Like many

people I was interested in paranormal activity and began reading some

books on this subject. One of these books mentioned a ritual on how to

summon a demon. My friends and I were contemplating a trip to a

reportedly haunted old hotel, The Peck House, in Empire approximately an

hour or so away, so this kind of subject was often on my mind at the


Anyway, one evening in our room on base my roommate and I were

"playing" around and tried to summon this demon by name. I don't recall

where I got the name from but wouldn't give it out anyway. At one point

we both began to feel a "coldness" that I refer to as an ion wind coming

from the corner of the room where my bed was located. Well, after some

time we attributed it to a draft or something (this was winter in Denver)

and nothing significant happened so we got ready for bed. We each had

a twin size bed in the same room.

After laying down on my bed I noticed that it was vibrating pretty

violently, almost like those old magic fingers beds in motels. This scared

me pretty bad, to the point that I jumped across the room into my

roommate's bed vowing that I would not sleep in mine. Of course, like

young guys do, he ridiculed me pretty badly and laughed. He said he'd

sleep in my bed. Well, almost as soon as his head hit the pillow his eyes

got wide as saucers and he jumped up from the bed bellowing that the

damn thing was moving. This guy was not the type of person to be

intimidated easily and I was nearly as frightened by his reaction as I was

by the incident itself.

After 17 years I don't really remember how we passed the night but I do

recall that after this incident that we both started "missing" things. I don't

believe he had anything to do with this since we were both required to

be in classes all day without much opportunity to get back to the room for

mischief. Specifically I remember one case where I was missing one of

my combat boots from a pair I often wore. Our room consisted of one

main living/bedroom area about 12' x 15' , a small bathroom, and two

closets. Not many places to lose things in such a small place. I looked

everywhere for that boot but was not able to find it. Then, one day I

came home from class and there was my boot in the middle of the floor

where I couldn't have missed it with my eyes closed.

Just a few days after all of this we both relocated to different rooms

with different roommates and I never heard any reports of strange

happenings in that room. I was just glad to be out of there. I take this type

of occurrence much more seriously than before.

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Black Demons


Two summers ago, I had awoken from sleep and I saw a huge black thing in

the corner of my room. I could only feel fear that seemed to come from

the black sphere shaped object. The next night following I was awoken

again by the same thing at the same time ( 3:14 a.m.).

The best way to discribe this entity is to tell you how it

looked. First of all it didn't have a humanoid shape to it, a black

glowing humongous ball is the best way to describe it. If or when it was

present in my room my cat would go crazy tring to escape from my room.

My cat even tried to escape out of a closed window.

Two days later I decided to tell my mother this story. She

didn't believe me, until my brother saw the same object I did. He was

sleeping in another room at the time and it woke him up. He was

paralyzed with fear.

The Demon never once entered my mothers room, but; it payed me a

nightly visit every night, I would wake up every night at the same time.

It once touched me. It felt very cold.

The way that I got rid of it was I had a dream. I don't remember

now but something told me to place a holy palm leave in this exact spot

in my room on the wall. It was very important that it be placed in this

exact spot. That night I was visited by it. My mother also heard

children laughing while she was sleeping. She believes the laughter was

from angels.

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Well, this is kind of new to me. You really feel like you can't tell

anyone about something like this, but i'm going to try anyway...

Back when I was in the 3rd grade, my neighbor and I went to see A

movie in Waldorf,MD. We stopped at his aunts house at around 7:00pm

before the showing of our movie. The house was a rather large one from

what I remember, quite old too. (gave it a gothic feel). Anyway, at one

point I excused myself to use the restroom. I had to walk down the hall

and over atype of overpass where you could see the floor below you. I

happened to look down and saw a young girl in pink pajamas and a toy

giraffe looking up at me. I was new to this house and didn't quite know

anyone, so I waved and smiled back. I then used the bathroom and went

back downstairs with my friends family. I didn't see the little girl so

I asked about her. They smiled and asked if I saw Cathy. I learned that

Cathy was the previous tenants daughter who died of Lieukeimia in the

house..... I think back on it now and then. It never really scares me,

just makes me wonder. Well, thats my story if you decide to believe it.

I have no real reason to lie to a complete stranger. Especially one that

seems to understand...

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Living with Two Ghosts


I've lived in about 40 different houses, as my father was an electrical

engineer and we moved from site to site for the different jobs he did. We

moved from California to Oregon, Oregon to Washington and back to

California. I can say we have lived in 2 haunted houses. We recently moved

into our third haunted house. There are so many things going on I think I

might have some of the University's "paranormal" come by. (As I typed that

a swift wind blew through my office). Anyway.

We recently moved into a rental house (we've lived there a short 1 1/2

months) in the older section of the town of Woodland, California. The house

is approximately 50 years old, with only one owner and his wife. They also

had a small child who was 3 who died of leukemia. I found out after doing

some research that the husband had died about 14 years ago. The women is

still living, and recently been placed in a convalescent hospital.

Our first couple of days in the house, I felt just a presence. It's

indescribable, but those of you who know the feeling, you're not alone. If

you feel something like that, there probably is a spirit of someone living

with you. I've grown so used to it, our joke between my daughter and

husband, is "what did the ghost do today". It's actually kinda cool, if you

just accept the spirit and offer it something like a glass of milk and

cookies for the little boy or perhaps a cake for letting us stay...I don't

think our ghosts are there to harm us, because I think it's the only house

they ever knew or stayed at. My family just accepts it and it's quite

interesting when something happens that takes physical input and no one is

around. Our occurences happen almost daily. Most of the time late at night.

Things seem to center on the kitchen which is a huge ranch kitchen. All of

us have had something missing from the kitchen that we KNOW we have placed

on the kitchen buffet. (Two silver rings, two five dollar bills and a set

of gloves).

We hear people walking into the house and shuting the door and standing and

talking in the kitchen. My husband has heard a child crying and laughing,

I've heard a man talking and my daughter has heard a man talking.

The unexplainable are things like the faucet coming on at a moments notice,

the timer buzzer going off on the stove, my daughter's stereo tape player

coming on and shutting off....etc. Most of this happens at night when we

are alone in the house.

If anyone can offer any explanation, please feel free. I know we're living

with a couple ghosts. It's just kinda cool. I keep waiting for them to

show themselves to that might scare me on second thought.

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My Family`s Pet Dog !


I was born in England, and my father was in the R.A.F(Royal Air Force)

and so, we would move often. When i was around 8 years old, my family

moved to Lossiemouth, a port town in Scotland. We had a dog, called

Kristie, a labrador, and when we moved to Lossiemouth, Kristie was

getting farely old. One night, about 6 months later, Kristie became ill,

and my father took Kristie to the vet, and that was the last time i saw

her. My family cried that night, and we felt terrible for a long time

after. Well, a year had passed, and my father was to be tranfered again,

this time to High Wycombe in England, we got ready and everything was

packed ready to leave. We were catching a flight down on Monday morning.

It was Saturday night, and everyone was asleep, when i woke up to hear a

dog whining. Just outside my parents room, the floor was of wood, and

that night i could hear dogs feet walking on it. Although, i was

terrifed i got up, and opened my bedroom door, which was situated right

beside my parents, and on the floor just outside their room was Kristie

scratching at my parents door. The kristie saw me, looked at me for a

couple of seconds, then ran down the hall. I never saw kristie again.

The next morning, i told my parents, and now think, Kristie was just

saying good bye for the last time.

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Ghost Attacks 5 Year-Old


My name is Anne and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I am sending from

a friend's account.

My story isn't as scary as the first one about the ghost in the blue

gown. But to a five year old, any supernatural experience is scary

enough. When I was about five, I was a very sensitive sort of kid.

I'm not sure whether the house we were living in was old but something

about it always seemed to make me uneasy. Anyway to put it simply, one

night I was in bed by myself and the next thing this black hand appeared

before me. It was just a disembodied black hand floating in mid-air. I

was too petrified to scream, so in sheer terror I burrowed under the

sheets. The thing came through the sheets. In my baby mind I believed

that it was trying to peck off my nose. Eventually I was able to scream

and my father turned on the light and the thing disappeared. My father,

being a logical sort, believed it was just my imagination, but I have

never been too sure.

Ever since then I have been afraid of the dark. I never found out

about the history of the house. I seem to be very sensitive to the

supernatural if that is what it is. For instance, I am sure there was

something in the house that I'm living in now. For six weeks I would

hear these footsteps just walking around down the hallway. One night I

convinced myself that there was nothing there and I sat in the lounge

playing computer games. Around 2 o'clock, I felt a presence and the

feeling that I was intruding. I could not shake it off. I felt as if I

was going against a brick wall. When I went to bed the feeling was

gone. Since then I have not felt the presence. I think it has gone.

I think that everybody has the ability to sense the supernatural, but

that some people are more sensitive than others to it. For instance, I

often feel as if there is something there and when I was younger, I saw

things move and had a premonition.

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