India lady speaks Finnish!


India is a wild place with a long history of spiritualism. I have a few experiences which stick out in my mind - all true stories. I was taken to a remote village with a group of young people. We were all part of a missionary team. After talking with the people through translators, singing some song we had learn in Hindi, and telling them about Jesus, many of the people came up to us and said they saw evil spirits and ask if we could pray for them.     A man brought up his wife, he was crying and through a translator he told us that his wife was possessed by an evil spirit and as a result she could no longer speak. I was 18 years old at the time and was a little intimidated. I was with a
man who was from Finland and we began to pray for the lady. After praying for a few minutes nothing was happening, but I could feel a power struggle. My friend spoke to this lady in his native Finnish language. I saw her eyes change and this evil look came on her face. This primitive lady who had never seen white people before, knew no English, began speaking to my friend in Finnish. My friend told me that he  commanded the spirit in Jesus name to tell him where the gateway was. The spirit spoke through this lady in a completely different language and harsh voice. He said that the gateway was under a plate which the lady had put on her forehead to honor a idol god. He could not believe that the lady spoke to him in Finnish, (which is one of the most difficult languages to learn.)     We put our hands on the lady's forehead and her whole body started shaking. We said in Jesus name come out and go to the place prepared for you. The lady began coughing and coughing. She then turned to her husband and began to speak with him in her native tongue, they both were crying with joy. It was the first time they spoken together in over two years. Two other people that night were prayed over in the name of Jesus by our friends and had similar results. The people thanked God that they had been delivered.     Another time while living in India a Chinese friend and I learned that our neighbor and hung himself. That night we were awoken by a series of clear screams in our room. In one instant a scream was heard in all the corners of our room and then I felt like a person was one inch from my face and screamed. This happened about 1 am and my friend and I both were woken from a deep sleep, we were so shaken up that we could not even talk to one another for several minutes. The next day some friends down the street also reported hearing a scream which ran down their street. This happened every night for about a week. The scream would be clear and the most evil thing I have heard. Finally we prayed to God for protection and told the scream in Jesus name that it could not come back into out room. It never came back to our room, but we heard it run down the street. After praying down the street and near bye streets it never was heard again. All this to say that spirits are real and can be controlled by the power of Jesus name. If you ever experience ghosts or sprits command them to leave in Jesus name and ask God to protect you.

Lake Placid, St. Moritz Hotel, July 2000


We're just back from vacation, having spent 2 days at a very old and
wonderful hotel called the St. Moritz in Lake Placid, New York.  We
stayed in a room on the third floor--a fairly pleasant room with
separate bath, but as you can well imagine, old plumbing/fixtures
throughout.   A picture of the hotel in its hey day in the late
1890's can be seen in the lobby to the hotel.
Day/night one was non-eventful.  Our second (and last night) there, I
arose to use the facilities about 2:00 am and entered the washroom
(with lights out).  All was quiet until I heard what seemed to be an
unearthly woman's moans above my head.  It took me about 30 seconds
for me to realize these moans were not coming from the room upstairs,
nor a local radio or tv ....needless to say, I raced out of there and
jumped in bed, my heart pounding.  My boyfriend, still asleep,
greeted me with a grunt.  I finally fell asleep totally curled up
against him...until he got up about 3:30 am/4:00 am to use the
lavatory too.  I stayed wearily awake waiting for him to return...and
saw that he looked a bit perturbed as he closed the door to the
lavatory a few moments later...(he never closes the door!).   While
he acknowledged my experience as valid when I recounted it to him
then, he said nothing more.   We both went back to sleep.
Next morning, I mentioned the moans again to my boyfriend.  He then
said he needed to tell me something too.  Don't ask me why but I
stopped him midsentence and asked him to wait until we gathered our
belongings to check out. While checking out, we asked the innkeeper
about the history of the hotel.  She said she knew nothing and was
always too busy to notice anything out of place. We left the
conversation at that.
In the car on the way out of town, my boyfriend recounted that while
sitting in the lavatory that night, (lights on), he noticed an
irregular (sphere-shaped but no definable edges, about 18 in
diameter) hovering, shifting mist about 18-24 inches in front of his
face, just below eye level.  At first he thought it was his breathe
 from the cold mountain air.  Very logically, he checked this by
exhaling numerous times away from the mist...and found he exhaled
nothing.  He moved his hand through the remained.  The
hair on his arms started to raise, goosebumps forming.  Feeling
somewhat wary now, Steve left the lavatory quietly.....he must walk
through the mist to exit. He quietly closed the lavatory door and
turned off the light.
While we did enjoy our stay at this hotel, the room was clean, the
innkeepers were very friendly and hospitable, etc., we are curious if
you had any other reports about unusual activity at this hotel or in
the vicinity thereof.  I should mention this hotel is next to a
funeral home.

Historical Home Ghost


hi i am writing to tell you of my experience. this happened in early fall of 1993 in a town in Indiana(Lebanon), I was young 13yrs old at the time. I remember going to this historical house which had been on to the public for an open house. This house was over 100 years old. My parents and I went into the house and were walking around. I decided to walk in the living room which was to the right as you walk in. their were id say aprox. 10 people in the house. As I was in the living room I happened to look to the right of me and saw a boy who looked about my age at the time sitting in a chair he stuck out to me  than the other people their that were in the house, he was wearing blue suspenders and an oldfashioned hat like you men wearing from the 1920's. He was sitting by himself with no expression on his face.I didnt think much of it until I went to find my parents they were in the room right as you walkin to the place. I then asked them to take a look at the living room which was very nice well preserved room. As I walked into the living room the boy was gone. I began checking the bottom floor   their was no sign of him, I made my way to the upstairs checked around and saw no one. I was thinking to myself theres no way that the boy could have left. the back door was shut solid the only way out was the front door. I told my parents about
the encounter soon after. Till this day I believe I encounter a spirit of a young boy from the early 1900's. If you have  any questions about my ghost expierence please contact my email page  my name is Jake Veatch The site is frommy friend Chris's internet address I just moved to Charlotte,NC from Indiana.


I was a16 year old girl when I first saw Jean she was 12 but she was
tall as me and she was so beautiful. She had long curly blonde hair and
so tan with blue eyes and such white teeth when she smiled.  She was
walking down the opposite side of the road from me and she as watching
me too and then she said do you live around here? I said yes we just
moved in and she said I think you are the prettiest girl we have in the
neighborhood now. I said no I think you are . We both laughed. We were
both blonde and young and pretty.
We became best of friends even though she was 4 years younger than me.
We planned to be friends for ever but when she was 24 and she had two
darling sweet little blonde haired girls she was killed in an auto
accident on the e way. I was so devastated to lose my dearest friend.
It has been 30 years now since she died and now I do automatic hand
writing and I called on her and she talked to me and she said when she
got in that wreck she was not dead and she kept screaming don't cover my
face with that sheet I am not dead but she said they did anyway and put
her body in the ambulance and she was taken to the morgue. Her vitals
were so low they could not detect she was still alive but of course she
was not alive when they got done with her. She got embalmed and prepared
for the funeral.  She said how sad she was to have missed
out on raising her daughters that she loved so much. Her mother Margaret
was so sweet but to old and sick to take them so they went with their
dad who did not take good care of them and he lost them. They were taken
away from him. She knew all this and it broke her heart her name was
Jean Bowser.    If her daughters read this
ever please understand your mom did not want to leave you. She told me
how terribly unhappy she was to have to leave.   If
any one would like to talk to anyone who is dead just use automatic hand
writing it works. I have talked to all my loved ones and friends that
are gone.

My Apartment


I have always been fascinated by the supernatural and always believed in ghosts.  I've "spoken" with my dad several times since his death 4 years ago.  About 18 months ago, my son (18 months old) and I moved into the one bedroom apartment we still live in..  After being there for a month or so, I started having the same horrible dream every night.  I dreamed that I was holding my son and a "force" kept pulling him out of my arms and taking him away from me screaming.  At first, I thought it was just the paranoid dream of a single mom, but then I started hearing the words "CLOSE THE VORTEX" as my son was being ripped away.  After about 10 days, I finally got the hint and sprinkled holy water all through my room while praying for this "vortex" to be closed.  I have not had that dream since.  Then in March of this year (2000), I started getting the feeling that we were not alone in the apartment.  Lying on my side in my bed, I can see to the end of the hallway, which has the living room on one side and the dining room on the other.  I kept seeing a shadow walking from one room to the other.  I woke up one time to find a figure hanging on the ceiling fan above my bed looking down at me.  One night, I felt a soft touch on the
 side of my face and I told it to get away from me.  I put holy water on the four corners of my bed, my son's bed and the door to my room.  The longer this went on, the more I started to feel afraid.  Not threatened, but I felt like whatever was in the apartment was trying to tell me something and was getting frustrated that I was not doing anything about it. I started leaving all the lights on when I went to bed and was getting maybe 3 hours of sleep a night.  Praying did not seem to be helping.   After finally telling my sister, I put holy water in every doorway and every entrance to my apartment.  While doing this, I asked God to please take the soul back to heaven so I wouldn't be afraid anymore. The very next night, I heard the words "thank you" and I have not felt that spirit again.  Then, about 3 weeks ago, I started feeling that spooked feeling again.  I went to bed one night and in that phase right before deep sleep, I opened my eyes and saw two figures, one at the  foot of my son's bed  and one beside my bed.  I blinked and saw that there were two Indians in my room.  Sounds weird, I know! The one at the foot of the bed just stood there with his arms crossed and his back to my son.  The other one started talking to me.  He said that they were there to protect me and my son and to not be afraid.  They would look out for both of us.  I lay down and went to sleep.  I have woken up several times during the nights since then and I always see the Indian at the foot of my son's bed, always with his back to him and his arms crossed, like he is watching over him.  I can only see him from the waist up and he is not 3 dimensional, more like colored smoke.  I know this sounds really wild, especially since I still live in the apartment, but I feel totally safe now and I know that my son is being protected.  One more interesting fact, I live in Texas and recently found out that my apartment complex stands on land that used to be part of the Chisolm Trail.

Several Family Member Experiences


My brother has esperienced a ghost once back in Mexico with our releatives.
He told me that he could not get a good nights sleep once in a room where my
grandfather died.  When my brother was asleep he noticed that his bed sheets
were being pulled down from his feet.  So he picked them back up to cover
And again the bed sheets would go down.  This persisted for a few more times,
my brother kept lifting the sheets, he just dozed off.  But when he woke up in
the morning, he said that the bed sheets were nicely folded and tucked under his
Another occurance he had was about 7 years ago.  His friend and himself were
heading home from a late night party.  As they were heading home, just a few
minutes left to reach the house, his friend, Joe, had forgotten his house
keys.  He was scared because he had lost them.  My brother then told me that Joe
received the keys in his hand.  Something or someone had handed Joe his keys, it was
not my brother.  The last short story is what happened to my great grandfather.
My great grandfather was riding his horse back home from working at his ranch.
This was in Mexico.  He saw a small boy crying and sitting on the ground.  He told
the little kid what was wrong and if he needed a ride.  The kid just pointed to a
My great grandfather just lifted the boy like nothing, like if the kid did
not way anything.  He was confused.  But he rode off and talked to the boy, which
said nothing.  Well, as they rode along the dirt road, my great grandfather turned
back to ask the kid a question, the kid was not there anymore.  So he kept on riding
down the road.  After a few minutes, my great grandfather felt someone tapping him
on his shoulder.  He turns around to notice the small kid.  The kid replies to him
in Spanish, "Mira mis dientitos!"  The translation goes like this, "Look at my baby
teeth!"  My great grandfather told his son and he told my father the story.  I was told
that the little kid smelled like sulfur and his teeth were pointy or thinly large.  My
great grandfather dropped the kid and took off like a jockey on a horse.  I hope
that you have enjoyed these small stories.  I have not experienced anything like this,
but I have had sleep paralysis in where I saw my aunt from Mexico, who is not dead,
as a transparent figure walking in my house in the states.  Then I had to force
myself to wake up because I felt that I was being held down or kept from waking up.

Has Anyone Seen This?


This experience doesn't seem like much compared to the ones I have read at
this site.  That may be because I didn't experience it first hand or maybe
because I am still a little skeptical.  My stepdad is a real night owl.  One
night he was sitting up reading one of his sci-fi books when he just
happened to look at the bedroom window.  There he saw an old man staring in
at him (they had a groud level floor) with curiosity, and no real expression
on his face.  He was powder white.  My stepdad stared in shock and blinked
and the man was gone.  Exactly as he realized the man was gone, the man was
at his bedroom door, Peering in at him. The man then turned and walked
across the hall into my 3-year-old sister's room and my stepdad could not
see from where he was.  He was too petrified to move.  My sister then came
out of her room crying and asking if she could sleep with them because she
was scared!  She didn't mention a ghost though. The next morning my sister
told me of a dream she had of an old man, glowing white with glowing red
eyes walking throught the backyard carrying paint cans in each hand.  This
is an innocent 3-year-old probably not even knowing what a ghost was telling
me of this "dream."  Over the years I thought my stepdad was kidding about
this occurance but he swears to it to this very day.  My sister doesn't
remember anything.  It seems to make sense that it was an old person.  We
lived 2 houses down from an alzheimers nursing home!
I think it was just a ghost of someone who died at the nursing home passing
through.  The patients escaped all of the time to "go home" and always
thought we were one of their past family members.  Maybe this 'ghost' was
checking to see if he recognized us!
Will you post this on your site?  I wanted to see if any one has ever seem
anything like that before.  It always seems like the ghosts in teh stories
here are always mean and distructive.

My Ghost Story


I was divorced and moved to this area where my parents and I grew up. I met a
man I really began caring alot of and we grew into a more serious
We were living together for a time and during that time, my mother died of
natural causes but, it was still a hard time without her. We all loved her
very much and she had very strong religious beliefs and passed them on to us.
She didnt think I should live with this man but, I did anyway.
After she died, my father decided to sell their home and move to his family
home a few miles away. I wanted to buy the home but, he felt I shouldnt while
living with this man. Well, my brother and sister talked him into it as I had
children to raise and they would have so much more room. I told my father, we
were planning to get married.
We moved into the house and each day or night, the lights would flicker or go
out in different rooms. It was an eerie feeling and we had them checked out.
There was nothing wrong with the electrical parts but, it continued to
happened. Well, I felt maybe my mother was trying to tell me something which
I kept to myself.
We got married at my parents house which we bought, the lights have never
flickered or gone out since. I feel my mother was here and then she rested in
peace once we were married.
My husband now and I have talked about it since and both feel that she was
giving us vibes to not live like we were and get married. We still feel her
presence in this house but, she was a wonderful person and we are never
Thank you for letting me share my story with you.



Hello....I was reading through your vast volume of ghostly tales and thought
your website would be the perfect place to finally tell my own. Btw, I don't
mind if you use my name attached to the story, but I would prefer you not use
my email address.....nothing personal, I just have this thing about pasting
my email addy on the web. On with the story..... :)
I don't remember the first time I noticed the ghost in my home, but my mother
swears she came with the house (we moved in when I was 2 1/2 years old). But
throughout my childhood I always remember her being there with an
"imaginary friend" who wasn't part of my imagination at all. My mother called
her Amelia, after she heard the ghost say this name and gesture to herself.
But I called her Lala because she was (and is) always singing. She seemed
most attached to myself and my mother, despite the fact that the other four
people in the house had seen or heard her at one point or another. She has
even followed me off to college, and moving across country.
One of her favourite forms of getting our attention was dancing and singing
in my bedroom....we could audibly hear her beautiful soprano voice (think
Mozart's Night Queen aria), her high heeled shoes clacking on the floor, and
her beads rattling (she was always dressed as an upper-class 1920s
flapper-girl, complete with a cigarette dangling out of a silver cig holder,
and seemed to be in her late teens). Her other favourite thing to do was go
about the house moving chairs, turning on lights, and cranking the volume up
on the stereo.
Lala is precocious, a bit of a wild-child, but has never meant anyone any
harm. More often than not, she's very helpful to us. See, things are always
going missing mysteriously in this house....I'll put my coffee mug down on
the desk, go out of the room to do a chore, then come back and the mug is
gone....things of that nature. Whenever this happens, we ask Lala to help us
find the missing item, and she does. It usually has the same pattern to it: a
few minutes later, I'll hear Lala call my name, turn to face her, and the mug
will be resting placidly somewhere else in the room (where I know I would not
have put it).
She also helps to take care of me when my migraine headaches become
unbearable, or when I'm sick....just as she used to do whenever I was sick or
had a nightmare when I was a child. She's been with me for 25 years so
far....and though I've told her that she shouldn't feel like she has to stay
with me if she'd rather move on, she continues to remain. I don't know who
she was, since the house was built long after the 1920s (though we do have a
lot of antique furniture and jewelry with which she might have come into the
house, and then decided she liked the inhabitants better ??) and she doesn't
fit the description of any of my ancestors. I only know that it's a true
comfort having my own personal "guardian angel" with me...

My First Haunting



My Story of Aunty Susie

Hello.. I am 22 years old and have had a profound experience. Say its a
preminiton or just having that "sense" I would like to share this story with
others so maybe someone could relate to me and give me some feedback.
  I was about 14 years old.  My mothers Aunt Susie raised her from when she
was an infant along with my grandfather.  My Aunt never got married and took
on the responsiblity of having my mother.  She was truly a mother compared to
my mothers real mother.  Anyways, Throughout maybe 4 or 5 years my
grandparents started passing away starting in 1986 with my nana. The next
death was 1988 who was my grandfather (moms dad), and the next to be  was my
Aunt Susie.  My fathers father would survive six months after her death.
  Since I was a child I always had strong preminitions and had even been seen
in my sleep talking to something outside my window on a hot summers night
which i remember vividly until this day.  My first grandmother died in 1986 i
believe i was 8 or 9 at the time.  My parents felt that I was too young to
attend her funeral so I remained at home.  A few years later I had a dream
about my nana, coming to me and looking so beautiful wearing a green dress
that I had no knowledge of what so ever.  She didnt tell me but I knew this
was the dress she had been buried in.  I told my mother what I had dreamnt of
an proceeded to tell her what my grandmother had on when she was buried.
Needless to say my mother almost dropped cause she knew I was so young I
hadnt a clue what went on at the funeral. I was right.
  When i was about 14 years old, My Aunt Susie was still alive and living in
an elderly home in Providence, Rhode Island.  She moved out of the family
house shortly after my grandfather passed away in 1988 cause she was so
extremly stricken with grief.  My mom and aunt would talk everyday and I
rember this so clearly.  It was a friday night and my mom was trying to call
my aunt.  Often she would take her hearing aid out and go to bed.  My mom was
going to New York the next day with my father and she told me to get in touch
with my aunt the next day and let her know she would be back late Saturday
night and she would call her on Sunday morning.  My parents left at 4 am and
I was still sleeping. At around 4:45 am I woke up out of a dead sleep and
shot straight up like as if someone had pinched me. The room was dark but i
felt a very strange uneasy feeling that I was scared.  My brother was
sleeping in the other room and I proceeded to get up out of bed and go
downstairs.  I for some reason immediatly went to the kitchen sink, opened
the cupboard underneath and grabbed cleaning products out and started to
clean.  I have no idea why i did this but I cleaned for a good two hours.  I
was up all day long, my brother went out and i was home alone.  I tried to
call my aunt numerous times but no answer.  I passed it off as she may have
went out shopping on the bus that day. I still however felt very uneasy all
day long.  That night my mother came home and asked me if i spoke to my aunt.
I told her i couldnt get in touch with her. She said alright and said she
would call her in the morning.   I awoke around 9 am on Sunday morning.  My
mom was in the other room and i overheard her saying I am going up to my
aunts cause she is still not answering the phone. I ran out of bed and up to
my mother and insisted that i go with her. She kind of got mad at me and
wanted me to stay behind but i insisted that I go with her.   The ride up to
her house i was getting such strange vibes that when we got there something
wasnt going to be right.  WE went into her building and went to the fifth
floor and stepped out. Her apartment was at the end of the hallway. When we
reached the end we saw there were two newspapers lying in front of her door.
One being that of Saturday night and the next being of Sunday morning. My
mother turned to me with such a cold feeling of sadness.  She turned the key
into the door and looked to the right. My aunt was lying dead on the kitchen
floor.  My mom paniked and i froze. My mother rushed and called 911 and I
stared at my aunt. She looked like she had bent over in the sink to get stuff
to clean and she had a heart attack and died. ( As i mentioned earlier this
is what i started to do.) My aunt was facing the cross on the wall which made
it even sadder.  I ran out of the apartment and I didnt know what to do. I
was very saddened and very frantic just seeing that.  The funeral came and I
wouldnt go near her. I could still smell the stench that prevailed in her
apartment. It was horrible.
  I started not being able to sleep at night thinking my aunts ghost was in
the house and she was going to hurt me. My aunt would never do such a thing
but my mind was so incredibly distraught i didnt know what to do. I was taken
to doctors which couldnt do anything about my sleeping habits for me. I was
driving my poor mother crazy screaming outloud in the middle of the night for
her.  Finally i had the dream.   I was in a half of a church if u can imagine
that in the middle of a desert. Very windy and dusty.  I walked in and
kneeled down at the altar and said a hail mary and our father and then
proceeded to turn around. When i did my aunt was standing right behind me.  I
ran to her quickly and hugged her and she looked the same but a lil muffled
looking in a way. Her skin was a kind of orange color but it was her.   She
explained to me that she was very sorry for having me to go through what i
did. She never meant for it to happen and she loved us all. I was crying in
my dream. She said it will all end now and you wont have to suffer anymore.
The way the dream ended was kind of a future preminition... I was in my papas
house who hadnt yet died and i was sitting in his chair. I looked to the left
and down the hallway and saw an extremly bright light illumintating.  I knew
he was the next to go after her.  I was in fact extremly close with him.
  Six months later in May 1991, after battling cancer my papa passed away. I
was devistated but at ease in a way. Before they were going to shut the
coffin I ran to it without anyone around. My family was already outside in
the limo.  I sat up on the bench and stared down at him and touched his
forehead.. It was warm.. like it had never lost life and the glimpse on his
face was that of a smile.  I felt at ease. He was the last to go.  I have my
parents who i cherish with my life and I also have my angels that watch over
me. I know they are there and I get warned in my own ways if danger arises.
  I must say when i awoke from the dream that night, I was crying and before
i could yell out from my mother i saw a black shadow pass outside my door as
if my aunt was there sitting next to me. I screamed for my mother and told
her what happen. I slept every night soundly after that.
IF anyone has any comments or similiar stories please email me at hope my story wasnt boring for u. thank you for
letting me share it

My Strange Experiences Up To Now

I grew up in a...shall I say particular(?) household.  Its a very old house and I have no knowledge of its history.  but all my life I always felt as if I was being watched, but I grew used to it.  well, 3 years ago, my grandma-great passed away.  I felt retched, I hadn't visited her while she was in the hospital.  I cried and thought "oh grandma, if only I could say good bye."  later that day I was down in the basement w/ my dog and my mom.  my dog started barking and growling w/his tail between his legs.  I silently thought "good-bye grandma.  I'll always remember you."  shortly after, we moved to Lebanon, OH.  unfortunately, I did not escape what had followed me my entire life.  I was over at my friends and we were joking around and said "oooh...I feel a ghostly presence."  suddenly, it got cold and the candles went out.  there was no draft, the vents were closed and the door was too.  it was winter so the windows were sealed and locked.  we were shaken, but we regained bravery.  my friend, she has a oiuja board and we asked if we could talk to the devil.  well my fiend got a strangled sensation and couldn't breathe.  I got on my knees and prayed/begged to god to let her live.  I was sobbing and she had turned a very pale blue/mauve shade. it stopped.  after that we prayed and went to other experiences I have experienced since... and I am so very thankful.  well, that is all up to now; but I am only 14.

My weird story...


My name is Jorge.I am 18 and I've had some weird things happened to me in
short years.My father died about 4 or 5 years ago.I moved with my sister a
while after he died so I could go to school there.When I moved strange things
started happening.I mostly ignored the little things (bed shaking every
night,shadows in the dark,etc).The reason I ignored it was because my sister
and her husband didn't belive me and because after a while I got used to it
and wasn't scared of it.One night I was asleep and woke up because of a noise
I guess,when I opened my eyes there was a woman I could tell was old.I was
scared and paralysed for a split second.She started to say "stay with her"
and thats when I jumped and turned on the light and she was gone.I told my
sister like always and she said she didn't belive me but she had felt weird
things too in the house before (people getting on the bed she was in,a man
asking her where her son was,etc.)I guess she was just scared of beliving it
was true.I tried to get info on the apartment but everyone told me it was
brand new and nothing could have happened there before.I didn't see anything
for awhile but the bed and chairs where I was at night usually still shaked
from time to time.On another occassion I awoke (in the same room as the last
apparition) to find an old man who seemed to be kneeled down next to me as if
to wissper something,he dissapeared before I could hear what he was trying to
say.The next day I tell my sister and husband as always,my sister's husband
proceded to ask me "was it my grandfather?" I found that weird but it happens
that his grandfather died that morning from a heart attack.I would say it
wasn't because I saw the old man before his grand father died in the
morning.I have moved now and the last thing that has happened to me was not
more than a month ago.I awoke in the middle of the night to find out I could
not move and I felt a pressence of evil beside me on the bed and I could feel
he was smiling or grinning and yet I cannot explain exactly how I knew this
since I was facing the other way,I could just feel it,he was jumping up and
down on the bed and there was a light on the closet which the door is just a
few feet off my feet.My sister has told me that I apparently attract ghost or
there is one after me.Since I don't live with her anymore,she says that the
only times she sees weird stuff and feels it is when I'm there,she also says
that it could me my dad because before she died she rubbed his feet because
it was cold in the hospital he was in,she said that one time I was there she
felt someone rubbing her feet and thought it was him.I have also felt a
pressence standing behind me at the end of the best that give out a feeling
of saveness and comfort.Weird things have happened to me alot  but I cannot
write about them all because it would take to long.I also suffer alot of
sleep paralysis on which I see apparitions and they are always evil and scare
me even though I am used to seeing things.I would appreciate any comments or
explanations to this happening to me.E-mail will be more than welcomed   Thanks and congratulations on your site and thanks
for the information which has helped me understand alot more...

Neighborly Haunting


It was in the mid-summer of 99. One sun. morn. I was on the computer when I
thought I heard a gun shot. I looked out the window but didn't see anything.
A few hours later the police and an ambulance arrived at my neighbors house
across the street. All the neighbors were gathered in front of my house so I
went outside to find out what happened and was told that the man across the
street from me was found with a bullet in his head. To this day no one knows
whether he committed suicide or was murdered. The night of the day he was
laid to rest strange things started happening in my home. I would wake up to
find my livingroom light on, one night I was standing in my kitchen when it
came on. This went on untill one night I got angry and yelled at it to stop
and it did, but then I'd wake up and my computer monitor would be on and
this still happens. Also I have a cell phone which I turn off each night to
charge,I wake in the mornings and it would also be on. Just recently I had
the charger sitting right in front of me and I turned the phone off and set
it in the cradle, it came right back on. I repeated this three or four times
in a row and each time it came back on. I finally told it to stop it and it
stayed off.

Ghost Cat

By: [

I have no practical proof of this, but...... my white 2 year old cat disappeared, and my husband said he thought he seen it up on a road close to our house, dead in the road of course... well now we see the (ghost) of our white cat everyday at dinner time.  We have an all black cat, and when he goes to our laundry room at feeding time at night, we see the white cat walking back and forth in front of the laundry room door, as if he is waiting his turn to go in and eat dinner.  We thought for the longest time that it was just (our) imagination, but we now have a roommate that says he also can see the cat, and lots of times you'll be sitting here in our house and see a white shadow out of the corner of your eye, and I have had the sensation of a cat jumping up on my bed at night also....Anyway... Just something kinda creepy I thought I would share.  I really enjoyed the site

Ghosts of germantown!


I would like to tell you of the ghost of Mary Buth. I lived in Germantown Wisconsin from age 9 to 16. I had two older brothers who used to enjoy nothing more than to see me curl up in the floor board of the car.First of let me tell you I was on none believer, Yet a scardey cat! One night my brothers and some of there friends decided to go to this old house. Known very well as Mary Buth. Located on a road called Lovers lane.I was not aware of the story at this time. That night there were many of us so we had to take several cars. I was placed in a car with 3 guys. When we turned onto the road the house was on. You could see the police tape all over the trees and the drive way was blockaded. There was  a field next to the house that went back to a thick tree line. I was already scared and thought this was stupid. So I was rushing them to do what they came to do and to go home. The mocho football player type guys wanted to into the house. I didn't so all the guys went into the but one guy stayed with me in the car. We drove up and down the road incase police would come buy. When all the sudden the guy driving the car stopped in the middle of the rode. He seemed to be in a trans of some sort. He was gazing out the window next to me on the passenger side. When I turned my head to see what he was looking at. I seen a little white glowing oval shape that was way back by the tree line. It was moving towards us. Very fast. I was screaming like a maniac. But the guy was out of it. Finally I did all I knew to do. I reached my foot over to the gas pedal. He quickly came thru and began yelling at me for almost killing him. Mean while the guys were still in the house. I didn't want to go back and get them. So we waited far down the road. The next thing we knew all the guys were running down the road. We quickly went a picked them up. They said they never made it into the house. But while they were trying to enter a woman appeared in the window. We decided to see if the figure would come back from the woods again. After sitting there for a long amount of time we decided to leave. We started the car up. And to our amazment it did appear. But this time it was right at the car
 window looking at us. I have never been so frieghtend in my whole life. I was closest to the window. I quick got into the floor board . Praying god to get us out of there fast. But as I was down in the floor and the guys screaming like girls. I dont think I have ever seen a woman so beautiful or sad before. She had tears on her cheeks and was wearing a long white gown. She glowed like a christmas tree. And to this day. I still dream about that night. I have found out a lot on that haunting. It seams that that night there was 2 ghosts. One on the outside of the house and one on the inside. I never went back to that place. In fact I convinced my parents to move south. I have now been living in Florida for the last 6 years.But it seems she is still with me in some ways!!!

He Called my name... Johanna


I was about six years old when I first encountered ,my  ghost.  I was up late
watching some t.v.shows. At the time my parents were in the military, so we
lived in military housing. Unfortunately I don't remember what base it was.
Anyway, I felt as though someone were watching me, thinking it was my mother
I turned around and called to her....nobody answered. I turned back around
and continued to watch the show. Not ten minutes later I felt the strange
eyes on me again and this time I turned around to face a figuare made of the
shadows itelf and burning red eyes. It moved slightly from the dark in the
kitchen and sort of leaned over mouthing something I couldn't hear. Then it
was gone. Needless to say that was the last time I stayed up late by myself.
Some years later at anthor post , My parents had told me I was too young to
remember , but we were haunted even then. My small black and white color
television set used to turn on and off  byself during times when I was
Some years later,  I was about  eleven and we had moved to a new
base...Howard AFB, Panama. (Which was given back to the Panamains in 98 I
think). It was 11:00 pm and I had just finished unpacking. I grabbed a book
and settled in bed. When I heard this scratching noise coming from my first I ignored it knowing that Panama has bats and some tend to
nest in the houses. The noise continued two more times, what to see them I
looked out my window to see the same black figure with burning red eyes ,
that I saw years before.  Only this time I could hear what it said, "
Johanna"  He knew my name , he called my name. Then he walked down the
sidewalk and disappeared in to the shadows.  Some years later , I was 17 I
was talking to my aunt about this and she that some people can see angels and
others can see demons. To this I firmlly believe that is what I saw.  I have
tales of true hauntings which I'll sumbit at a later date. In the meantime
...what do you think it was I saw all those years ago .

My Brother..I Hope


I've been a believer of ghosts since I was about 9 or 10 yr's. old,  when I came across my first encounter with a ghost.I was staying over night at my aunts house and myself and 3 of my cousin's were sleeping out in the livingroom on the couch, floor etc., I slept on the floor and for some reason I woke up, just tossing and turning and noticed a tall man standing in front of the dining room table, very still, hands at his side, his face darkened, he worn a dark suit and just watched over us, I laid there scared stiff and never took my eyes off him then as the light was coming in threw the big livingroom window with a blink of an eye he was gone. Some time later at that same home which was an old farm house, I looked out the window one night while my cousins and i were playing pool and there down in a field area next to there land was a saucer like object with colored lights all around, I walked away from the window and never said a word about it until years later.As an adult later on  I had something grab me and I  turned  to see nothing there, That was about it ,until I lost my only brother who died suddenly at the age of 38 yrs. old. My mom , dad, and myself had phones going dead while were talking to someone, I was waking up each night at 4:03am and one night I had just turned off the tv at 4am and turned over to fall asleep when I heard my roommate I thought sneak in and come to my bedside table to get a cigerette, I lived upstairs at the time so I waited for my roommate to get a smoke and I then opened my eyes to see nothing there and yet the floor creaked
 and walked towards the side along my bed and it stopped at my head. My brother had passed in the bathroom with water  running and my dad, still gets out of nowhere his phone answering machine a message when no one has called he gets a message with only running water, doors open without help, a photo of my brother, just his face is in the bottom of the dish sink thats filled with water and yet its on the bottom, not floating and it did not go down the drain it came to my hand and no one knows how it ended up there. There was so many other things that happened in the first months and now
a year and ahalf later hardly nothing.

My Haunted House


My name is Cari and I am a nurse from Pittsburgh PA.  I decided to do some research about ghosts and spirits after some strange things have been happening at my new house.  I have lived here less than a year and I've had many unexplained things happen here.  My email address is  Thank for listening.
     A couple of days after moving into my new house, I took my kids to school and when I came home I decided to go back to sleep instead of finishing the unpacking.  I had only been lying there for a couple of minutes when I heard someone walking up and down the attic steps.  Thinking that my Aunt had come over to help me finish unpacking, I got up to go help her.  I called her name but she didn't answer.  I went to the attic door but the door was locked from the outside.  Not knowing what it was I chalked it up to new house noises.
     A few weeks later I was lying on the couch one evening after the kids had gone to bed, watching television when I saw a shadowy figure walk across the kitchen doorway and pass through.  I got up to look but there was no one there.  A couple of days later my Aunt was watching the kids and told me that she was watching television and saw someone in the kitchen walking around, she thought it was my brother, although she had not heard him come in, and she got up to go talk to him but there was no one there.  She didn't mention this to me for about a week after it happened.  In the meantime I had been hearing other strange noises like someone walking in the attic, and up and down the hallway.  I had never told any one about any of my experiences so far because I was skeptical and sure that there was some other explanation for this.
     My Aunt then mentioned to me about  her strange experience in the kitchen.  I just got chills because I had seen the same thing and that's when I told her about everything else I had experienced.  She already believed in ghosts and spirits, but I did not, although I was starting to believe.
     Soon after moving in my four year old started having an imaginary friend that she played with in her room.  I thought this was sort of out of character for her, but I thought that I may have had to do with the move.
     Many other little things started happening but they didn't seem menacing.  At Christmas we invited over some people that have lived behind us for 16 years.  I didn't tell them what had been happening, because I didn't want them to think I was crazy, but I still wanted to find out some history about the house.  They said they think an old woman named Agnes had lived here but she died.  They are not sure if she died in the house or in the hospital though.  Then after Agnes another couple bought the house but the wife died of cancer very young, like 36 or something.  She died in the hospital but she had loved the house very much.
     After those people left I started thinking about my daughter and her imaginary friend so I asked her about it.  She said her friend was a lady like me.  I asked what they did.  She said they played in her room.  I asked her where she went when they were done playing and she said she flies down the steps.  This gave me chills because my daughter is a very serious child and doesn't usually make things like this up.  Her friend stopped coming to see her soon after this.
     Everything stopped for awhile.  Then one morning I went into the living room and turned on the switch for the overhead light but it didn't go on.  It was then that I found that someone had turned the light out by the switch on the ceiling fan.  My brother had been staying with me and I made a mental note to remind him to turn the light out by the wall switch.  Later that evening, I mentioned it to him but he said he hadn't touched it.  That's when he asked me why I was moving boxes at 2:30am.  I said that I wasn't.  He was staying in the basement game and said that he had just gone to bed when he heard someone come in the front door, drop what sounded like boxes on the floor then back out and close the door.  Whoever this thing was, it was back.
     I started hearing noises again and one night the cat went behind the nightstand, hissed at nothing, then ran out of the room.  Another time I felt something sit on the side of my bed while I was trying to sleep, but when I turned over there was nothing there.  Another time I was cleaning the kitchen floor and the kitchen was pretty chilly, but when I reached for something on the counter I put my arm through this intense heat.  It was just a small area of heat because my arm was could on either side except for the middle where the heat was.  Then again after that, there was nothing for awhile.
     Then one night I came home from work very late, at midnight, and my Aunt was on the verge of hysterics.  All of the lights were on in the house and she was crying.  When she calmed down she told me that she had just finished the dishes around 11pm and she went into the living room to sit and watch the news when she saw this bright purple glowing figure peak out from around the dining room wall.  It then stretched out it's arms and started floating into the living room toward her.  She was paralyzed with fear but managed to run outside.  When she came back in the figure was gone.  A couple of weeks after that I came home late again and I was talking to her when the light above the sink in the kitchen went out.  I turned to ask her if she saw that and the light went back on.  I went in and shook the light thinking that maybe the bulb was loose or there was a short but it didn't go out again.  After this I went next door to talk to my other neighbors about the happenings.  They said that the people who lived there before me described some of the same things I have.
     I decided to look on the web for some help, when I was home recently and I heard what sounded like heavy furniture being dragged across the floor upstairs.  The cat heard it too because he ran to the steps but wouldn't go up.
     This is my strange experiences.

The Legend of the Ghostly Lantern Light


 This is a true story about a mysterious ghostly light that appears on some
railroad tracks that I myself and other people who live here that I know have
also witnessed themselves. It all started when I was in the first grade at my
school that our class went on a field trip to this playground in another
nearby city here and at that time, we rode a train to the station to get to
this playground on our field trip. I remember when it was time for us to go
back home, our teacher rounded up all the kids in my class to get ready so we
would not miss our train back home. We were standing at the station on a
platform and I, my teacher and my class kept seeing from a distance down the
train tracks, a flickering light. This was late in the afternoon and it was a
cloudy day and the light would flicker on and off for awhile then stop only
to continue to flicker again. The teacher thought it must be the light of our
train that was soon to come but this flickering light did not move, it just
stayed in one place on the railroad tracks but it was too far away down the
tracks for us to figure out what it was. This light continued for at least I
would say for about a half an hour and I remember us all standing there
thinking our train was on it's way but the train was late and the mysterious
light that was flickering stopped way before our train arrived. I told my
brother about it and he was not a bit surprised because he himself had
witnessed this flickering light at this same train station and some of his
friends. One of his friends was skeptical about it and they decided to drive
out there to this now old train station and they parked near the train tracks
and waited for awhile and sure enough, they both saw this strange flickering
light that night and his friend became a believer but they couldn't
understand what this was. We found out later as years went by that other
people who had witnessed this light said that a long time ago, a man was out
walking with a lantern one night by the railroad tracks and it was very dark
out there in the country with all the trees and when the man was walking with
his lantern in his hand, tragically, he was accidently hit by a train and
killed. I have heard different versions to this story and the ghostly lantern
light that we saw that time is supposed to be the light of the man's lantern
he was carrying on that tragic night he was hit by a train. I am 36 now and I
don't know if this old train station is still there but perhaps the railroad
tracks where this ghostly light appears is still there. I still remember that
strange flickering light to this day. I also recall that the light was white
and it would get bigger and then smaller as it would flicker. Some say it is
the spirit of the man who was hit by the train and some say it is the ghostly
light of his lantern.

Parsonage /Church Hauntings

By: Pastor's Wife
     We have ministered in a tiny church for almost 13 years.  The church
parsonage is on the church grounds.  Unseen people chat in the halls and
sounds of moving/falling boxes are heard in the church.
     There is a white t-shirted man who walks by our den windows outside and
sometimes, but not always, makes it to the sliding glass back door.  Visitors
will say, "You have more company", but we know it's just 'the man'. (Day or
     When our teenage children were home the house was always experiencing
oddities (TV sounds, but no TV on...,muffled voices calling in the night,
enlongated lights visiting our bedside, etc.)  Now that they are out of the
house, it's rather calm.
     We don't go to the church at night-alone.

Queen Mary


My boyfriend and I were spending my Halloween Birthday on the Queen Mary
about two years ago.
We went for a walk around the ship about 12 am because we couldn't sleep.
When we were coming back he stopped to kiss me and I noticed two men in older
uniforms walking down the main passageway.  They passed us mumbling and
laughing but it wasn't audible laughter.
There are no entrance doors and when I looked up they were gone.  No sound no
door closing, just cut off.
I was intrigued because my minor in College is in Paranormal Psychology, so
curiosity set in and I went to the same spot the next night at the same time.
 They passed again and this time I shouted out to them but they continued
walking, turned down the hall, I followed and they had disappeared.

My House Haunted


I have lived in my house for about five years now when I first moved in me
and my roomate were sitting in the living room  when my 3 year old Dalmation
jumped up and began staring at the corner of the living room the hair on the
back of his neck began to stand up and he started to growl he did this for
about one minute then he slowly turned and began to look over the television
as if he was following something and he continued to growl for another 30
seconds. Afew months later during the middle of the night we could hear the
dishes in the cabinets shaking. We didnt think to much of this since we knew
there was a quarry a few miles away and we figured that they may be
blasting. Until we talked to them about their blasting times and they stated
they only blasted in the early afternoons a few years later My roomate moved
out and I got married our young daughter was sleeping in her room one night
when I was awakened by her screaming when I went into her room I saw her
light flashing on and off rapidly. I then turned the light off and the light
went off but immeadiatly came back on while the switch was off and began
flashing again since then items would disappear and reappear in strange
places. the cabinets in the kitchen would be open in the morning when I had
shut the the night before and during the day I would shut the cabinet doors
only to find all of them wide open again a few minutes later when I was the
only one in the house. We recently had a baby and he slept in our room for
the first few months. We attatched a Mobile on his bassinet one night while
my wife was asleep and I was watching TV inour room the mobile turned on by
itself. The mobile played a series of songs then turned off. This happended
three times that night. The next night I was telling my wife about this and
while I was talking about it the Mobile bega to play again on it's own while
it was turned to the off posistion. Since then we moved the baby into his
room and monitored him through a baby monitor which is a top the line highly
sensitive type. Several times while awake at night You can hear a womens
voice on the monitor however you can't make out what she is saying. Whatever it
is seems has been helpful at times one night we left the windows open and a
storm came in over night while we were asleep when I got up the next morning
all the windows were shut neither me or my wife had closed them during the
night. When the Mobile played by itself one of the times the baby had just
began to cry when the mobile started and quickly stopped when he heard the
music. The few thing that I had forgotten to mention the first time I sent this
was the Knocking sounds which just sounds like someone knocking on the door
this usually happens in the early evening around 7-10 Pm. Occasionally it is
later at night but when it happens later it is usually louder and sounds like
it might be in the attic. My daughter has come out of her rooms numerous times
asking if we had called her name and each time both my wife and I have been in
the living room and we hadnt been talking let alone calling her name. One night
I was lying in bed still awake while every one else had been asleep which is
not uncommen since I am used to working night shifts and had recently changed
to days about 6 months ago so I am somewhat of a night owl. anyways I see a
shadow in the living room which you can see the light from the living room from
my bedroom. I figured that it was my daughter who happens to sleep walk so I
went in to check on her and she was not that part of the house. So I Figured
that i was just mistaken then I see a little girl walk right past my room which
looked just like my daughter but I had just looked all over for her so I got up
and looked into her room where she was sound asleep in her bed. The eerie thing
about it was that when the girl walked past my room she looked directly at me
while she was walking but the way the light set up in my house is I could not
see her face clearly and she appeared to be fully dressed however when I
checked on my daughter she was in her nightgown. We have given the incidents in
our house a name"Gertrude" she has never harmed us and on many ocassions been
helpful. Events like these continue to happen almost on a dailey basis some
smaller than other The most recent event happened when we were getting ready to
go to Texas and since there were two cars going down there we were going to use
some radios that I had. I had set them out on the computer desk the morning
before we left but when I got home from work about 1:00pm one of them was
missing I searhced the entire house including the kids room and even the attic.
But it was nowhere to be found. and noone had been home since we had left for
work at 8:00am. So we gave up the search and went on our trip when we returned
my wife was getting her nightgown on and found the other radio in a drawer in
our dresser that I had searched twice and my wife had searched once. but it was
there sitting on top of everything as if someone had placed it there for us to
find. little stuff Like that happens frequently and continues to this day.

School Ghost


I was about 17 yrs of age and went to boarding school in Western Australia.
We Where allowed to go out to our cubby's on the weekend's! We came back
early around 1:00am in the morning, we all decided to talk for a while so we
went on trapolines. We where talking and one of my friend's said look up
there,(there were four friend's including me.) We all saw it. We saw a
vision on top of the roof of the school, we all saw it go across then we saw
the image yell like a scream and then it fell, we all frightend buy now so
we all ran to our dormatory and went to bed, but did not get much sleep. We
decided to go to one of the Brother's this was a Catholic School. The
Brother told in orphan day's the boy's were allowed to play on top of the
school, he said one of the boy's fell or got pushed off the roof and fell
and hit his head on a old tap and died.So buy now we all worked it out it
was a ghost.this is a true story.



    I have several stories to tell, two actually.  For years I thought I was
nuts.  At times, since my first experience was at the age of seven, I brushed
it off as the boogie man.  But my second experience, as an adult, was
experienced by my husband and son too.
    1) When I was seven years old, we lived in a three story row home in
Philadelphia. I occupied the middle bedroom on the
second floor. I know this sounds strange cause in the most famous
stories of we usually hear, it's always the third floor that
gets haunted.  But that wasn't the case.  My bed was in the corner to the
left  of the doorway.  Straight ahead from the door was a corner
containing the doors to my  closet, and one leading to the front bedroom (which had been locked
by a skeleton key we  did not have.  We did not own the house, we rented it.)  My dresser
was against the far wall, and the only window was in the far left corner, adjacent to the door
leading to the front room.  I'd wake up every night, in the middle of the night, to see a
shadow of human form  standing in the middle of my room.  I would scream, and my Mother's
boyfriend would   come rushing in (at first) .  After a while,
this became routine: "Nothing in the closet, nothing    under your bed,
see that?  It was just the boogie man.  Go back to sleep."  When he found us
 nother home to rent in a better neighborhood, we moved out, and the
shadow stopped.  I would often sleep in my sisters room when she was at
a friends house, or up on the third  floor with my older brother,
nothing ever happened in either of those two places.
    2) This next experience, involves a house on Fort Bragg, NC.
  We  had lived there for about a year or two when
this all started.  It began with the scent of   Baby powder, and I
was the only one experiencing it, at first.  After a while, it involved the
computer turning on by itself (and staying on).  My husband and I heard
scratches on our    dining room window, he'd go out to chase the "cat"
away.  But when we'd look out the back   door, a straight look to the
outside of the window, nothing was ever there.  (there was also a
screen over both the lower windows that could only be removed from the
inside.  Yet they   were never damaged.  When I would walk into my and
my husbands bedroom, things  would fall off my dresser.  At first
we thought it was the floor.  But when he walked in a  couple of
times on HIS side of the room, things still fell off MY dresser.  The shade
on the dining room window flew up on its own when my husband and son
were sitting in the living room, I was not at home.  There was also the
time the scent of flowers (I didn't have any in  the house), moved
through the dining room, from me to where my husband had just
entered.  Each of us smelled it for just a brief second, me first, then him.
I was sitting at the computer at this time, and he had just entered
the dining room.  There were also the scents of different types of
cologne, smelled by my husband in the living room in a single day, and
only on that day.  My husband does not wear cologne, and my son didn't start
till a few  months later.  On day, while looking into my mirror on
the dresser, I saw the image of a  woman.  She was in white with
curly brown hair (light brown) and it was as though she was standing
next to me.  She seemed to be looking at me, but when I turned to look at
her, there was no one there.  My son, who occupied the other of the
only two bedrooms of this town house, saw a shadow at his doorway on
many nights.  He told me that sometimes it would disappear, and at
others it would just go down the stairs.  He'd told me that he has seen
this shadow since he can remember, but I thought it might be
important to this incident. There was also the incident where I
was sitting alone in the living room one Halloween, I had my eyes
closed just trying to meditate and relax.  I felt the cushion next to me
move, as though someone had sat down.  I thought it might be my
son, so I turned to tell him to go  back to bed.  But no one was there.
Sometimes, in spite of everything.
    I often wonder if imagined it, or if I somehow infected my whole family
with insanity.  But I want to know.  Is it possible for an individual to be
haunted?  Even though the apartment we now live in on Fort Jackson in South
Carolina seems "clean" (I don't really think of spirits as "dirty," its just
for lack of a better word), I still live with the fear that one day I am
going to turn around and this horrible looking being is going to be standing
there.  So I want to learn as much about this as I can.  I have been
considering going to collage, taking up paranormal psychology.

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