Our Ghost Bill

By: smann@achala.com

Bill was a very tall and husky black man who wore overalls and a straw hat.  This is what my ten-year-old daughter says anyway.  I have never actually saw Bill even though I would speak to him every once in a while when I thought he was trying to scare me.  One night my mother, my children, and I were sitting in the living room watching television.  There are stairs with a door that is usually closed in the summertime to keep the cool air from the window air conditioner downstairs.  The stairs lead to the upstairs bedrooms where myself and my two children each have our own rooms.  Too many visits from Bill keeps my daughter in bed with me usually every night.  Knowing his sister is in bed with me keeps my five-year-old son there too.  It's just not fair you know.  Bill doesn't visit my son for some reason.  Or, my son doesn't tell me about it if he does.  Anyway, back to watching television.  My mother and I were sure that there wasn't anyone else in the house.  We both looked over at the stairs at the same time and looked directly back at each other to reassure ourselves that we were both hearing the same thing.  The door was open just a hair and we could swear it was about to blast open at any second.  The footsteps were louder than if it were myself or my mother coming down the stairs.  They obviously belonged to someone much bigger than us.  Holding our breath we waited but the noise stopped when it reached the bottom.  The door did not open, but we did not hear a retreat.  I asked my mom if she was going to get up, or was I going to have to do it.  She said she wasn't going anywhere near that door.  I went over to the door and opened it quickly and took several running steps backward expecting to find someone standing there.  No one--my mom and I laughed at each other and she said I wonder who the heck that was.  My daughter calmly and casually said that was just Bill.  Of course we asked Danielle (my daughter) many questions regarding Bill.  She told us what he looked like and that he would just appear sometimes, usually in her bedroom, but didn't say anything.  She didn't feel threatened by him.  I would have written it off completely thinking she saw a movie or something if I had not heard someone on the steps so often.  When I decided to "face reality" and came to the conclusion that we did have a ghost, was after this next experience.
The house we live in is pretty old and we do not have a shower so we have to run baths.  One morning, before the kids were awake, I was running my bath.  I had just turned off the water and was going into the kitchen to make coffee.  I thought I heard a splashing sound come from the bathroom.  On my way to the bathroom I noticed large wet footprints in the carpet.  I reached the bathroom and the water in the tub was moving back and forth like someone just got out of it.  At first I thought it must have been one of my kids.  Why one of my kids would want to get in bath water at 5:00 in the morning was a total shock to me.  I went upstairs to my bed (where they were both sleeping) and pulled the covers back.  I was really shocked because they were both sound asleep.  There was no one else in the house so it had to be Bill.  It freaked me out having to get in that tub knowing someone or something else was just in it.
One more thing.  I have a fear of dying naked.  I am telling you I would rather be torn to pieces by wild animals than be found by firemen or cops or someone dead and naked.  I think Bill knows this.  Above the tub is a large cupboard that fell off when I was taking a bath one day.  I was laying down in the tub washing my hair.  With my eyes closed and my hearing impaired, due to being under water, I somehow knew the cupboard was falling.  I put my arms up and barely was able to keep this thing from drowning me.  It was extremely heavy and I managed to somehow push it over the side of the tub to let it land on the floor.  My mother showed up later and couldn't believe I was able to get it off of myself while I was laying down in such an awkward position.  I told her I must have developed super human strength when I was being faced with my worst fear.  We both laughed it off again and later I told Bill thanks for helping me out.
I can handle ghosts like Bill.  What I can't handle, or even tell you about, is other stories from my childhood that I must keep to myself.  I've been told if you have too much of an open mind you might let things in that you don't want to know about.  I choose to pretend the visions I've had as a child and the things I witnessed are just a figment of my over-active imagination.  Either way I don't want anything coming back to haunt me.

Mysterious Foul Odor....


Here is my story in which I am very interested in getting to the bottom
of.  It started shortly after my family and I moved into our new home.
It's a large ranch style home built in '81, so not that old, and it's in
town at the end of a cult-a-sac.  We moved in at the end of March 2000,
and first noticed the odor the end of April 2000.
The smell always stays in our living room around the fireplace, which we
do have an antique mantel, or on the stair case, from bottom to top but
never any further.
I'll try to get the highlights... when I along with some friends and
family were in our living room; we had just had a birthday party for our
kids so a lot was going on, we first smelt the odor.  We simply thought
that something like a dead animal was trapped in the fireplace, or
perhaps under the house.  We sprayed some airfreshener, and basically
forgot about it.  Then about a month later my husband and I smelled it
again, we were sniffing around trying to pin point the source, but never
could, at that point I was starting to think how strange that was...how
sometimes it was there then not.  However still I basically forgot about
it, then one day our cousin and my husband were installing a whole house
fan which is directly above the stairs leading towards the second floor.
This is when it really hit us that we have some sort of porterguiest
dwelling in our house.  The guys were working on some electrical stuff,
they were focused at the light switch at the bottom of the stairs and
things weren't going their way...I made the comment "oh it probably has
something to do with that odor we've been smelling we probably have a
ghost", right after I said that our cousin said you mean the odor I'm
smelling right now?  I swore he was pulling my leg, I thought no way
could it be their now, but it was. It totally freaked me out.  I
communicated to it, I said ok we got that your here, why don't you move
on etc. find the nearest hospital and pick up a new body, move
on.....etc.etc. later that evening we were down stairs, I was trying to
gather myself, and be calm, for I had never experienced anything like
that before so I was a bit tripped out.  The house shook a bit, and it
sounded like footsteps above where my sons room is, yet he was sleeping
in our room.  The light flickered, and then didn't work right.  At one
point that night I did feel a warm feeling like I felt that it meant no
harm, and I honestly felt love.
It took about two weeks for me to come to grips with our household
friend.  Nothing has happened like that one night since, I think that it
was just really making sure that we got that it was here.  Now we still
get the odor, it comes and goes.  I have no emotional ties any longer
and am not even afraid. Basically I've talked to it and have made it
clear that we are happy and the house is fine etc. you may move on etc.
Just when I think it's got, like maybe 3 weeks have past, boom it shows
up again, I have taken some pictures but haven't got them developed
The other night two of my neices were here, my 3yr old some, and twins,
boy & girl, and they were all in the living room playing around when it
shows up.  My neices think its cool they were totally playing around,
and it seemed to be playing as well.  It's strange my 1&1/2 yr. old son
kept pointing to it, and he would be right on the smell would just move
Have you heard of similar strange phenomenom?

House Builder

By: TingTingSista@aol.com

    Hello. I'm Kyli and I'm fourteen years old. I'm going to try my best to tell you my entire story without making it too long to read. In the winter of 1980, my mom and her husband (at the time) moved into a house on a friendly, pleasant street. The first day they moved in there, numerous things happened wrong. First off, my sister Cindy ended up finding out that she had the measles. Secondly, my brother Todd had a very high fever and had to be taken to the hospital that night. The electricity in the house would not work
and this made my whole family rather upset.
      My mom began to resent the house, for no particular reason. She'd complaint to her husband about it so much that they'd end up violently arguing. He had an emotional attachment to the house in less than a week, while my mom was the exact opposite and felt she needed to leave. Regardless of my mom's feelings, she ended up staying there for another twelve years. There are a few incidents that I'd like to focus on particularily.
Incident #1- When my mom and her husband first purchased the house, my brother was just a baby. One night, after hearing sounds coming from the attic, my mom got up from bed to check everything out. Although she did not spot anybody or anything in the attic, she did find a man (who she can describes rather specifically (Blonde hair, brown eyes, and work clothing), he was entering my brother's room. My mom was so shocked to see him that she started to scream and blocked the door to my brother's room. Her husband
heard the yelling and came downstairs to see what was the matter, and all he saw was my mom blocking my brother's door. My mom says that as soon as her husband came downstairs, the ghost disappeared. The police came but did not find any evidence of anybody being there.Incident #2- My brother (at 5 years old) began complaining that there was a man living in his wall. When my mom calmly asked him why he thought this, he replied "You know..you saw him when I was a baby...the man who lives in my
wall. He eats in there, sleeps in there, everything."My mom was very frightened, but after consulting the child physician about the matter, she was told that he probably had 'imaginery friends'. Incident #3- I was born in 1985, to my mother's third husband, Howard. My mom tells me that I was a horrible baby, who would never stop crying. When I was three years old, I became rather curious by the attic (since my parents told
me not to go in there), disobeying them, I went up there instead. An unknown forced pushed me into a car seat (that my mom had recently stored up there), it locked me in there. For an hour straight, I screamed for my mother to unlock me, but she had been outside. When she came inside, she hurridly ran upstairs and unlocked the seat.  I had never been able to use the lock on that carseat, and it would have been impossible for me to lock myself in there.
Incident #4- My cousin Heather and I go outside to look at the clouds. In these clouds, we spot two figures that barely resemble clouds, but instead..drawn images. One of a baby...the other of a small dog. We saw them so clearly that we ran inside crying, only to see that our parents were watching the news. That same day, a baby and a dog died together...we had seen the images at the exact time that the deaths were announced.
Incident #5- Heather and I always could see the ghost. He was always around.
He enjoyed watching us play with our barbie dolls. He'd stand right by us as we played, we tried to get him to leave..but he never would. Eventually we got used to him being there, and were not frightened by it. We never told our parents about him because we both felt that he wanted us to keep him a secret.
Incident #6-  One night my family came running upstairs because they heard me screaming, my sister says that my screams were so violent, as if I was being murdered. When they asked me what was wrong, I told them that someone was in trouble. I told them that a ghost on the wall told me that someone was dying. I also told them that I kept seeing images of babies on my ceiling. My family was very frightened. I slept with my parents that night. The next day, I found out that my teacher (at the time) had been in a major car accident. She was pregnant at the time, which explains the images of the babies.
Incident #7- My older cousin and I dared my cousin Heather to come into the attic with us. She would not come up there and so my older cousin pulled her into the attic with me..and once she was in there, she seemed fine. My older cousin headed downstairs, leaving me and Heather to search the attic for my missing doll. We looked everywhere until we heard a LOUD scream that sounded as if it was coming from a human. We ran downstairs. Our parents, trying to keep us calm, told us it was probably something we stepped on. We all knew it wasn't.
Incident #7- I continued to look for that doll in the weeks to come..only to find it outside, torn to shreds.
Incident #8- One night, while my sister was watching a late movie. The rest of us heard her screaming and ran down to see if she was okay. There was a bat in the house and it was attacking her. She had a towel over her head and was running from it, shaking and crying. My dad ran after it with a fishing net, and luckilly was able to get it trapped in our porch. My sister later told us that it appeared from out of nowhere.
Incident #9- A few days after the bat incident, my parents found a huge nest of wasps in our den. After trying to get away from they, they were each stung 15-20 times. My brother hid me in the bathroom, because I'm allergic to bees. Incident #10- My brother became extremely afraid of insects after the bee incident. My mom was constantly trying to calm him down about it, but everyday for a week..a nest of gnats gathered in the corner of his room and would not move.
Incident #11- When my mom told me we were moving, I became nautious and told her that 'a man told me not to leave'. I threatened that if she followed through with the move, I would hold onto the tree in our yard and refuse to let go. The day we moved, my parents had to battle with me to loosen my grip from the tree.
Incident #12- People moved in and out of that house forever. The first couple that moved in, moved out in just a week later.
Incident #13- My mom runs into the lady who sold us the house. As soon as the lady sees my mother, tears fill her eyes. She begins to cry and tells my mom how sorry she is for letting her buy that house. She too knew it was haunted and had many bad experiences with it. My mom and she had a big conversation concerning the whole thing, and the lady told my mother that, she too, had seen a man with blonde hair, brown eyes, and work clothing.
Incident #14- We find out from my mom's second husband that the man who built the house died by falling from a ladder. He was not finished the house, which is obvious..now that we think back to the unfinished stairway.Workclothes. I wonder if he had blonde hair..and brown eyes.


By: sweet_dreams_1999@yahoo.com

 When I was little, I used to be able to see spirits. I was never scared of them though.  I remember one spirit in particular, her name was Mimi.   Mimi always
showed up at nighttime, when I was supposed to be asleep. I had a habit of having very bad nightmares of people dying, especially my parents.  One night, I woke up sweating and in tears when I thought I saw someone standing in my doorway.  At first I just saw a mist, that then turned into an old lady.  I was able to see through her.  At the moment I didnít realize it, but it was Mimi who came to check up on me and she had her little dog with her.  I watched as she came near my bed.  When she was standing right next to me (petting her dog), I felt calmness come over me and I felt so safe with her there. As she sat down on the corner of my bed, she told me not to fear, that my parents were sound asleep, safe and sound in their bed. I remember how I still didnít calm down right away, I was still crying when she put her dog up on my bed with me.  At the time, I used to call the dog, Pinkie, since you could see the pink of her skin under her white fur. I remember feeling her pulling the covers up over me, and telling me that she will let pinkie stay with me to keep me company until I fell asleep.  I watched Mimi as she went into the hallwayand then fade away.  I had my arm around the dog, or where the dog was supposed to be. Then I dozed off right to sleep.  I heard from Mimi almost every single night since then, until my 10th or 11th birthday.   I had been playing games with my cousins when we decided to have a race to see who would get outside the fastest.  They let me have a head start since it was my birthday. As I headed up the stairs, I heard them right behind me.  All the grown ups were outside at the time.  I ran through the kitchen and went to hit the door handle to go outside, but I missed it.  Instead of opening the door, I went right through the glass back door.  Glass was every where; I had cuts all over the place and bleeding.   Everyone told me to hold still, I had family members running around the house, to get to the front door so they can help me.  They were all barefoot, but walked on the glass anyway.  My father had a bat in his hands, as he told me to stay very still and not move.  I just kept looking straight ahead at my mom when I heard Mimi in front of me.  I was unable to see her though but all I did was cry as I heard and felt my dad breaking the glass that surrounded my neck. After I was free from the door, my mother rushed me to the bathroom to make sure I wasnít seriously hurt and to clean me up.  The whole time, I knew that I had ďmy MimiĒ with me.   I had a piece of glass in my forehead, which my mom had to take out.  Ever since that day, I havenít been able to see spirits.  I was told that since that piece of glass was in the middle of my forehead, that my third eye was damaged.  Even though I canít see  them anymore, I wish I could but at least I can still hear them.  I havenít heard from Mimi in a long time, but I am certain that she is watching over me just like when I was little.

My Nana

By: digitalrich@hotmail.com

Now, the story I'm about to relate is unnerving to me, However, to you it may not be. In fact it may not have been real at all, But it sure seemed real to me.
  My Mom's mother ( Nanny ) lived with us for as long as I can remember, So naturally my brother and I were very close to her. She past away from bone cancer in October of 1993, it was very disconcerting because the woman she was at the end was not the woman she was in life.
  In December of 1996, I was home for the Christmas Holiday from college. I was staying in my old room. My parents were being transferred to Texas shortly, so alot of things were packed up. My room was completely bare except for my desk and my bunk beds. My bunks were set up in an L shape. Normally I would sleep on the bottom bunk but I had the materess at school. So I was sleeping on the top bunk, it was about 11, 11:30 in the am and I was somewhere between awake and sleep. When somebody leaned over me and kissed me on the side of my head and said "be my angel tonight". It woke me wide awake. I sat up looked around and said "Nanny"? I knew it was her. I swear that that woman was in the room with me. And its a dead certain feeling not even something that I can explain. I went downstairs and had breakfast. While having breakfast I chatted with my mother about what happened, we both chalked it up to a very vivid dream.
  Well, this happened the monday before New Years. That Wednesday I took my Dad's car and went to hang out with my then girlfreind. We were driving around and had gotten into an arguement. I was on an unfamiliar road and with the combo of not paying attention, I ran a stop sign. We were hit by a car going about 50 miles an hour. The car hit us so hard that it sent our car about 65-70 feet and split the radiator in half. The car had hit on my side, The police said that if the car had hit 3 inches closer I would have been killed instantly. I walked out with a minor cut on my arm and a brise on my hip, My girlfreind bruised her collar bone. And the other weird thing was that there was other traffic in the opposite lane and our car did not get hit.
  How this all ties together? Well, my mom, the night before I got into the wreck had a dream about my Nanny. So she believes that the experience I had was her protecting me. A little background, My Great Nana ( my mom's Nana) was a very strong Maternal presence. She had 8 children, raised them pretty much by herself. My mom and my Nana lived with her for a long time, so they were very close. My great Nana passed away the day before I was born. So my mom and nana believed that she died to let me come into this world. Well, anytime my mom or nana dreamt of my great nana something bad would follow within a few days. So based on all this my mom thinks that my nana protected me.
  I'm not sure what I think, I just know that she was in the room with me that day...

  My Life Long Experiences

By: Penny126934@aol.com
  Hello there, my name is Penny and I am 31 yrs. old.  I am married and have a five yr. old son.  However since about the age of three I have been doing what ( I like to call ) communicating with the dead.  The first time that I ever saw a ghost I was right around the age of 3.  I was sound asleep in my room when for no apparent reason I awoke.  I rolled over and looked at the doorway to my room and there was a young woman standing there dressed all in white in what I thought to be a nightgown.  Being three I thought that this woman looked like my mom, so I asked her what are you doing mom.  Well needless to say she just smiled at me and didn't answer.  I asked a couple of more times and when I didn't get a reply I got mad, so I rolled over to go back to sleep.  I did however look back at the door to see if ( who I thought was my mom) was still standing there.  Well she wasn't.  I got up the next morning and was mad at my mom for not talking to me the night before.  When she asked me what was going on I told her, well she then told me that she had not been to my room the night before and asked me to describe exactly what I had seen, so I did.  By the time the conversation was over she ended up pulling out a picture of a woman and asking me if that was who I had seen.
When I said why yes mommy it it she began to cry.  For you see the picture was of my greatgrandmother as a young woman.  She died when I was only 3 weeks old!!!
  Anyway that is the first experience that I remember as if it were yesterday and I thought you might find it interesting.  I have many many others.  So many that they have lasted my entire life.  I am like I said 31 years old and to this day on a daily basis I do see the dead.  There are even times that believe it or not we talk.  I do not always know these people, sometimes, many times infact they were strangers to me in life and are the same in death.  Yet they still come to me.
  The other point that makes this story interesting is the fact that my 5
year old son also sees the dead.  He sees children that have past on he calls
them his little play friends.

My Hunting

By: Jerbear2676@aol.com
I am sending this in for my husband.  He has told his story to so many people and they never believe him.  I must say I didn't believe him till His mother and sister told me the same story.  He was a young boy still living at home with his mother and sister.  His sisters room and his were right next to each other when one night he heard his sister screaming he ran to her room and saw her bed floating in the air and then it just fell and broke.  Must tell you his sister was in the bed at the time but didn't get hurt.  His mother and him tells me about a time when she was cleaning the bathroom and started to clean the tub she had to remove his toys and one was a small Nerff ball she laid it on the tub and went to spray the tub when the ball fell back in the tub not thinking about it she picked it up and put it back.  Once again she went to spray the tub the ball fell and this time started to circle the tub she yelled for my husband and when he entered the bathroom it stooped.  This time she wet the ball down and made it heavy My husband waited out side the bathroom.  She went to spray the tub down again and again the ball fell into the tub and started to circle it.  At that time my husband walked in and saw it for him self.  This was not the only encounters they had with this.  There was slamming doors with doors that were hard to shut.  My husband summer clothes came up missing.  There was flaying glasses.  My husband even saw this guy, He said he is a dark black or grayish smoky figure of a man in the early 20's wearing a long over coat and a top hat.  He saw him a few times when he was younger and then about 5 years ago after we were married.  We do have a lot of strand this happen to us and we are not sure if it cane be the
same guy or different Ghost.   .

My Ghostly Experience

By: thepikes35950@juno.com

I had just started working as a nursing assistant at our county hospital. My head nurse had given me some paperwork to fill out and return, and I had forgotten it in the break room the day before. My husband and I returned to the hospital about five in the evening so I could get the papers I needed. As we entered the hospital, we noticed a small elderly lady walking a short distance in front of us. She had  on a red shawl, and she had very white hair and rounded shoulders. We were walking around the corner to the elevator, and she was ahead of us, and she got to the elevator first. The door started to close, and I said "Excuse me, could you hold the elevator for us please?". The door closed, but just as I was about to press the up button, the doors opened. The little woman was nowhere in sight. My husband and I had BOTH seen her get on the elevator, and the elevator didn't go anywhere. Well, I went up to the nurse's break room to get my paperwork, and I stopped and asked a nurse about what I had seen. I told her I had seen a small woman who had just disappeared. She said "Did she have a shawl, and was she a really tiny woman with humpback?" I about had a heart attack. She perfectly described this ghost
I had seen! The nurse told me not to worry about her, that she was nice, and that she was often seen in dying patient's rooms, rocking in a rocking chair.

My Ghost of Gettysburg

By: KyTaurus36@aol.com
My story is true and can be verified by my room mate. In August of 1996, my room mate my son and my Niece went to New York for my room mates grandmothers 90th birthday. On the way back we had planned to stop and camp for a few days at Gettysburg Battlefield.  We were actually camping on the battlefield itself, and i thought this was so cool.To lay at night where soldiers of 131 years before had slept or worse even died. We did the sightseeing tour ealy in the day and were pretty tired by the time night came. We had a group of scouts camping  about 200 feet from us so we were not totally alone, First and 2nd nights all was calm nothing out of the ordinary.
  On our 3rd day there we went to Devil's Den an area where some of the worst fighting to place.Also there was where photographers posed a dead soldier with a rifle, so that they could take his picture and send it to his family to let them know he never gave up his post while fighting for the South.  I had an uneasy feeling that night when i went to bed but thought it was because I was tired.Around 3 am I had woke up to go to the bathroom, {of course the bathroom was at the top of the hill} Since no one was up i decided to relieve myself by the back of the van. I was just getting ready to use the bathroom when I heard drums beating. They sounded like the drum beat that the young boys would play as soldiers started thier march into battle.  Needless to say I DID NOT use the bathroom willingly :). I looked at the direction that the drum sound was coming from and it was the  Devils Den area.Now I know what you are thinking that someone was up playing drums over there. Un uh. That area as most that have been there knows that the roads are blocked off and no one can get there by car at night. And no one in their right minds would go to that area at night.I jumped up pants around my ankles and beat it to our tent my room mate was awake and asked me why i was playing drums....by the look on my face she knew it wasnt me. We packed up in less that 20 minutes and were on our way home back to Ky ..........in record time.


My Friend's Dad's Ghost

By: TUVXY57@aol.com
I enjoy all the stories on your site and thought I'd share my encounter with everyone.  Shortly before I graduated college, my friend Mike's dad became very sick.  Mike was in the military and stationed in Germany at the time (we live in eastern PA).  While he was cutting through the red tape to come home, his dad died.  He got back just in time for the funeral but I had to stay at school for finals.
When Mike went back to Germany, his sister (he was one of 9 children) would tell him stories of unusual happenings in their house since his father died.  Things like coffee cups stirring themselves, strange noises, lights going on and off and so on.  They would also hear someone walking around when no one else was home.  Mike and I dismissed the stories as active imaginations.When Mike returned from Germany and I got out of school, we went out to dinner with our girlfriends to celebrate.  It was after midnight and the girlfriends got tired, so we dropped them off and went back to Mike's for a while.  That's when we encountered the spirit of Mike's dad.  We lived around the corner from eachother and had the same model house.  We both grew up in those houses and we know what it sounds like when someone walks down the stairs.
Mike and I were at the kitchen table talking when we heard someone walking down the stairs.  You would hear a hand sliding on the rail and the steps would creak.  All the houses were the same and we had both heard that noise countless times before.  We thought his cousin or his sister were coming downstairs.  From where I was, I could lean back in my chair and see the stairs.  I leaned back, looked, but saw no one coming down the stairs, but...the sound went on as if someone was!!  The sound continued until the
"person" or whatever it was would've reached the bottom.  Mike and I looked at eachother in disbelief (definitely not fear).  Mike said almost jokingly, "That must be my dad."  I got up and went to run up the stairs to see if it was another member of his family.  When I got halfway up the stairs, I became very cold, although it was a June evening.  I went all the way to the top and there was no one.  I went right back to the table and Mike said "That was my dad."  We continued talking early into the morning about his dad and sisters and growing up in the neighborhood.  His dad was probably there listening.  It had to be a spirit because our ears were not playing tricks on us.  Whatever it was walked all the way down the stairs.  It couldn't have been a person because we would have seen whoever it was.  Besides, everyone else was asleep with their doors closed.   Shortly after this, the events stopped.  Although for a couple years, at the anniversary of his death, little things would happen, but they eventually stopped altogether.  I think Mike's dad wanted to spend some time with him since Mike was stuck overseas and he didn't see him before his death.


The Unseen Living

By: eiWMLssp@win.bright.net
I am a firm believer in things we don't always see. Unseen living things or beings. My first experience was when I was a child of about 8 years old. As a child I lived in a foster home. One evening I was asleep on the couch in our living room. There was a chair up against the couch so I couldn't fall and get hurt. At the foot of the couch was an old oil burner type stove...and to the left of that was a bedroom which was partially lite by a dim red night light. The main part of the living room was off on my right. Anyhow, during the course of the night I woke up. I remember I was totally awake because I was looking around trying to figure out where I was. As I become aware of my surrounding(I could see pretty good in the dark as the night light helped) I saw something standing between the couch and the stove. It was some type of being about the height of four feet. Due to the glow of the night light I could see it was a solid object. If I didn't know any better I swear it was a person under a blanket...only thing different was it had hair or fur growing all over it. As I watched it...it slowly vanished from my view, like it evaporated. By this time I was so terrified by what I had seen and by how close it had been to me(it was less than 2 feet from my feet) that I cover my head with blankets thinking to myself that if I hide whatever it was may not see me and would go away. Now, I never found out what this thing was nor have I ever seen it before. In my mind I think this was some sort of spirit or demon.
Recently, I had another experience.First I must explain that I lost one of my sisters in a car accident little over a year ago. She was fond of singing and playing the guitar. After she was killed, I visited the spot where she died and gathered some sage from the area.(Sage is a type of leaves we burn as a cleansing incense) Anyhow, one evening I was lying in my bed sleeping with the televion on. Prior to falling asleep I had been watching a 6 hour tape of a Gomer Pyle marathon. Somewhere before the tape ended I fell asleep.
In the dream I was having,  I was walking through an apartment I once rented. In one of the doorways there was an old folk guitar I recognized as being the one my sister always played. It began to play by itself and I began to get frightened. Somehow...from somewhere...I heard my sister pleading with me...."Baby bro', baby bro', you gotta get up quick...quick it's trying to get your body, wake up!!!" Oddly enough, I could feel myself waking up and as I was doing so, again I could hear my sister's voice telling me this over and over, "Jesus Christ is the Son of God the Father almighty". And I began to say it along with her. As I got closer to waking up I could actually feel something very cold weighing down on my body. It was like I was paralyzed. But as I repeated that sentence along with my sister again and again...I could feel that thing lift up off me. As soon as it got off I began to hear Sergeant Carter yelling at Gomer pyle.
Again I do not know what this was  nor do I want to ever experience this again. I have one other  experience that has come into the public light but that will be shared at another time. Thank you for listening and reading.


Christmas at Wal-Mart

By: dracoa@hotmail.com

I live in Virginia. Last year for the Christmas season I worked at the Walmart that we have here, that is where I had my first unpleasant encounter. I don't know what it was, but I doubt it was human. What I experienced was an intense heat and physical pain in my body as though I was being attacked.
I was a cashier at the Walmart so I was near the front of the store, but when the heat was there not even when a customer came in or left cooled me, only when I left the store and went home was I left alone. Everyday for atleast a week I went through these attacks. I was takeing pain killers and that only lessened the pain slightly.If I'm not mistaken, Stafford is a Civil War sight, I know it's a historical sight, just not sure of from when. I am fairly certain that there are spirits wandering around here.

Grandmother Connection

By: lissela@home.com

Hi :) My name is Melissa. I live in Toronto, Ontario. My experiences are more personal than related to a house.  My grandmother (Rose) lives in a house that she and my grandfather bought of my grandfathers parents about 41 years ago.  Before that my Great grandfather and his wife lived there until my Great grandfather (Israel) died of a brain tumor.  None of this occurred to me until this passes sunday (Oct. 1 2000) I was sitting in my house (which is only 10 years old and we are the first owners) in front of my boyfriend on the floor when I felt a distinct tap on my left shoulder. Usually one would assume it was him touching me but  I felt the need to ask him. He swore up and down that he didn't touch me. This isn't the first time I have felt little taps and pokes.
Even when I'm driving I feel as though there is someone is with me. Anyway, back to my grandmothers house. I will not go into her basement under any circumstances. Maybe I would go with company but only into one room. The bedroom.  My mother said that it used to be rented out to "lowlifes" when she lived there about 35 years ago.  But my grandmother says they were a nice couple who never bothered anyone.  Every time I sleep over there I sleep in the master bedroom which is on the main floor towards the back of the house.  There is a wall length mirror at the foot of the bed and a smaller mirror about the head board.  No matter at what age (I'm 20 now) I always feel that there is something at the foot of the bed or that something is going to come out of the mirror. My sister (who was about 6 or 7 at the time) once told me she had a nightmare about something scary coming out of that mirror. I asked my grandmother about my great grandparents and she told me she can't remember if my great grandfather had died in the house or not. She does remember them bringing him home from the hospital before he died. I was adopted and so was my sister and brother. None of us are blood related nor have met my great grandparent. My sister doesn't believe in spirits or ghost and my brother is still to young to talk about it. My grandmother thinks I'm crazy and so does my mom. But I think that thereis something looking out for me or connected to me personally and not the houses (maybe my grandmothers) But I guess I'll never know who or what it is.

Maytag Mansion


hello there, my name is nick . my family pusrchased the abandoned mansion of fred maytag in 1992. the 8.200 sq ft mansion was in terrible shape at the time and it needed alot of work done to it. after about a year or so of work it was time to do the interior painting. the man who painted the walls had stayed in the house at night to get the work done quicker. one morning after going for cofee, he returned to the house to do some painting. when he entered the house there was a woman in the sunroom sitting in a rocking chair looking at him. he thought she was just a family member so he went about his work. when sybil (my brothers mom) came to check on him later that day, he told her how her mother had been by earlier that morning and was relaxing in the sunroom. she told him that it was impossible because her mother had been in des moines all day and that was a 45 minute drive. they checked the sunroom and the rest of the empty mansion and found no lady and no rocking chair.. i have been alone in the house quite a few times and i can feel some sort of presence there. it feels like someone is with me at all times in the house and even when i am just on the grounds. sometimes i think i hear voices in the other rooms but try to convince myself that its all in my mind

Last Night...

By: a.mckean@cvr-uk.com

Have written before about an experience at my parent's house, but last night I experienced something else at my boyfriend Glenn's house. He and his family live on a farm some way out in the country. The house used to be one big building, but about  50 years ago it got converted into 2 houses when his Grandfather got married. When the house was first converted it had a connecting door at the top of the stairs so that if necessary you could walk straight through into the other side of the house, but at some pint it was blocked up and decorated over. Glenn has always tried to scare me by saying that occasionally you can hear the door opening and closing in the night and someone walking through it, but I put that down to him taking the mickey a little as he knows I believe in things like that, until last night. At about 2.30 in the morning I heard a door slam loudly directly opposite Glenn's room and someone running downstairs - there is no door opposite his room except the one that has been closed up. It couldn't have been his parents as they are both quite elderly and this was the footsteps of a young person. The living room door slammed shut and I heard the dog whimpering slightly, then nothing. At the same time, Glenn rolled over in bed (he was fast asleep) and started talking to someone as though he were having a normal conversation. He's not really one for talking in his sleep, and this was a proper conversation although I could only hear his side of it.
 Suddenly, he just said "night then", and that was it - nothing else. This morning, he said he did hear someone going downstairs I have occasionally felt something in both houses (his brother lives next door) and in one of the barns, usually like I'm being watched in someway, although it isn't as bad now as it was when I first started seeing him. I'm not really spooked by this as it's not a 'bad' feeling.. maybe it's members of his family wanting to check I'm good enough for him....

Just a Few Things

By: anonymous

first let me say,i love this sight.i just want to share a few things.i guess i'll start at the beginning.(sorry my grammer and spelling suck)for as long as i can remember i just new when something bad was going to happen.or even when i was little,my dad would take me and my sister to the horse races.i would look at the form and point to the name of a horse.that horse would win,finally i stoped because my dad would never bet on them.the bigest disbeliver you ever want to meet.anyway when i was about 16 i knew my exboyfriend died.to explain the situation a little bit.i was with my ex for about 3 years,from 12 to about 15years of age i was.my sister was already married to his brother.anyway i spent the night at the above sisters house.i woke up about 8 in the morning with my sister standing over me asking what was wrong and i said steve's dead he had a car accident.she tried to pass it off as a dream untill about 5 minites later when the phone rang.it was one of steve's other brothers saying he died in a car accident very early in the morning.another incident is i was driving my mother to and from the store,when i just new to take a different way home i don't know how i knew i just knew something bad would happen if i stayed on that road.i knew by now to trust my instinct so i took a different way home.an hour after we got home i turned on the news to discover a fatal accident occered two miles past where i made my decision to turn at the time me and my mom would have gone through.things like this have happened often.needless to say my husband has learned to trust my bad feelings.we've had quite a few close calls.now to the present,about two weeks ago i was standing at the sink skinning an apple for my littlest daughter,when i heard a female sigh right behind me.thinking it was one of my daughters i started to turn around to see what she wanted when i noticed both my children in front of the t.v..i called my husband at work to make sure he was ok.i'm glad to say he's fine.my 5 year old broke her coller bone 2 days ago and for three days befor that i had the worst feeling.it was the same way when my 1 year old broke her arm last year.that is a story in it self.my husband took the kids to the park,i was at home taking a nap i woke up and knew i had to get ready to go.about 15 mins. later my husband was at the door saying we had to take her to the hospital.

Joe and His Favorite Horse

By: foxsong@earthlink.net

        When I was a kid, I took horseback riding lessons at a farm that had been run for about thirty years by the same man who had founded it. The farm was his and his family's pride and joy.
        'Joe' had been quite a horseman when young, and had won many competitions on horses he had trained himself. Some of these old horses were now used in the summer camp and the riding lesson program. One very elderly horse, which was nearly past work, was kept as a pet. It had been one of Joe's best horses, and was a particular favorite of his.
        Eventually this horse's health failed and it had to be put to sleep. After this, the farm's caretaker, who lived in a house at the top of the main driveway, began to hear what he thought was a horse that had gotten out of the barn during the night. He was a very sensible man, and not given to superstition. He said that about once a week, during the night, he would hear hoofs going up and down the paved driveway, and would go outside to look, but all the horses were always in their stalls.
        A few months after the old horse had died, Joe also suddenly collapsed and died. For a few weeks, many of the people at the farm, myself included, saw -- always from a distance -- a man walking around the farm, wearing white pants and a yellow shirt. Much later I learned that these were the kind of clothes Joe had been wearing when he died.
        The caretaker said that he began hearing the horse in the driveway almost every night after Joe died, and about a month later both the sightings of the man and the sounds of the horse ceased and never recurred. We could only assume that the two old friends had found each other and gone on to where they were supposed to go.



By: Antapril41@gateway.net



I think I was Saved by a ghost...

By: RebelBabe98@aol.com
Hi!  My name is Crystal, and about a year and a half ago, I was in an accident.  I was driving and ran into the center divider on the freeway.  I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, and yet, I had bruises on my chest.  Five of them, like a large hand.  The "fingers" were pointing to the right so, the "hand" came in from the driver's side window (which shattered across my face).  I walked away from the accident with a broken wrist and a dislocated foot.  Is it possible that I have a guardian angel?
Thanks for your time,

Poltergeist Experience

By: ValorinXxXx@aol.com

Hey, I think I just recently got through what we like to call a 'Poltergeist-like' experience. It all began when I was around 12-13 tears of  age. Me and my family are all across the street at my granny's house. There was a bad storm going through and the power was out. My granny told me to go get a flashlight and some candles. I went for the candles first. After I had them I went for the flashlight that was in her room. I got it and as I started to close the door I shut it on my pinkie finger. As I began to pull away it got pulled in a 'jerk' type way back in. This made me pull away faster and harder. I kept that event to myself. Only a few days later did I get the second actual disturbance. I was at my granny's house once more, I was in her room getting a blanket for me. As I passed the mirror that was on her wall as I left I saw a person standing still out the corner of my eye. It was not me because I was in motion and this form was inanimate. Somewhat similar instances took place in her living/dining room area. She has a huge mirror on the dining portion of the room. Under it is the table where I did my home school work. Every so often I would see a blonde girl run back and forth out the corner of my eye. This was the most common of them all. And I was not the only one to see this girl. My brother,mother,and grandma also claimed they saw the girl.
One day I was at MY house and in bed. I was asleep but I can hear in my sleep. So I was asleep and I heard my dresser drawers opening and closing. This awoke me. I looked around the room to see no one. So I figured that it was my Mom putting up some clothes. So I got up and went down the hall to the dining room to see if she did indeed do so. She said no. This went on all night. Each time I would go and ask her and "No" was what I got. Then it went from my dresser to my closet door which is a sliding door design. I also asked about that. Same answer.
Then later that same night when all seemed calm I was awoke by the bed shifting its position. I looked to the end of my bed to see what looked like someone was sitting there. I saw no one but my bed had the imprints of a butt (pardon the term) at the end. I slowly got up. I was scared as h*ll.I waved my hand over the area where there should be a body to go with the prints. Suddenly the imprints jumped up and the bed bounced as if whatever it was got up fast.  Not to long after that I was sent across the street to my granny's house while they all did one of those girl parties. Most of the lights weir off. I went to the bathroom to (you know) and as I (you know) I heard the coffee mug that I remember passing up in the kitchen move across the table. When I finished my 'business' I saw that it was not at all where it was at first. This freaked me out. I slowly walked out of the kitchen to the living room
making my way to the door. I then got this feeling like I should move over somewhat as if to make way for a companion. So I did so and as I did all my hair on the left side of my body stood out. I walked to the door with something. I left in a hurry and also kept the event to myself.
My Mom then said that when I went to school that the TV in the living room would go off or would turn on or the volume would go to it's fullest. She said that my sisters door would close on occasion by itself. Of course by this time I told them of the events that took place upon me. They did not believe me at first but soon all the above stuff started to happen to them. Eventually my Mom told it off. Nothing has really happened since then. A voice here and there but not much. I say 'poltergeist-like' experience because I seemed to be the center of it's attention.

 Few Stories

By: Kat17Lover@aol.com

About two years ago my cousin told me a story that I would like to share.
This is a true story.About 9 or 10 years ago when my cousin Stephanie was about 18 years old my aunt went to Grandveiw Medical Center in Dayton Ohio for surgery. While in recovery the nurse came out to where Stephanie was sitting and told her that my aunts mom had called. She told the nurse that it was impossible and asked if she was sure that it was our grandmother who telephoned. The nurse told her that, " The woman on the phone was very clear and said she was you mother's mother." My cousin said to her " This is very strange for the simplefact that my grandmother has been dead for 8 years."    This next story actually happened to me. About a month ago my boyfriend and I had broken up and I moved in with  another man and two other couples. From the first step I took into the house I felt a sad angry evil presance. After two or three hours of being there I got an overweliming sense that something didn't want me there. I looked down for some strange unknow reason and saw a rather large bruise starting to form just below the knee. I hadn't done anything but sit on the couch so I knew that I hadn't hurt myself.
I only lived there a week but strange things happened likelights turning off and on, Strange noises at night when no body was awake, Things came up missing when know one was even there. By the time I had left I had gotten terribly ill. When I asked them if the house may be haunted, they told me that yes it was by a man who had drowned in the bathtub while he was drunk. I never found out why he didn't want me there but my guess is I reminded the ghost of a lost love.

I am Alone

By: meanyleopardshoes@hotmail.com

  My name is Shannon, I'll be 18 11 days, I live in Georgia, and I'm writing to you because I feel alone. For as long as I can remember I've delt with "ghosts." I dont know what they are or what they want with me, but they seem to follow me.  For the first five years of my life I lived in a trailor in Mississippi. I can only recall one incident from then because I was so young. I remember it was a beautiful day in spring and I was sitting on the picnic table in our back yard making mud pies when suddenly I heard what I thought to be my mother's voice calling me from the woods. I started to follow it. The closer I got, the further out into the deep woods the voice seemed to go. I almost followed it all the way into the woods thinking my mother was calling me, but suddenly I heard my mother's real voice calling me from the trailor. I turned and saw her waiting for me next the to picnic table so I ran back and told her what had happened. She, or course, said that it was my imagination.   About 12 years ago our family moved here to Hiram. Every single night for years I was terrified to sleep because I saw "shadow people." they were like three dimensional shadows that looked like people. I saw them in my room at night after my parents would put me to bed. when Id call my parents into the room they would turn on the light and the shadow people would be gone. They said it was my imagination.   Lots of other things have happened and there have been witnesses to some of the events. The house will shake at times, the doors will open and close on their own, Ive seen dolls move on their own,a glass has exploded in my hand for no reason ( i no glases will explode from temperature changes, but there was no change in temperature at all),  there was a music box thatís music would play in other rooms of the house when the music box wasnt wound, Ive heard footsteps when no one was home or awake, I've heard voices.. the list goes on. I thought that maybe there was something wrong with me so I went to a psychiatrist. She said that theres nothing wrong with me. I've leraned to verify that im really hearing something my looking at my cats and
see if they respond to the noise. if they hear it too their ears perk up.   I've tried talking to people about it before and they either dont believe me and think im making it up, or they think im crazy. I really feel alone, and it would be nice if you could give me some sort of guidance. What should I do? Should I do anything?? well.. i appologize for the long e-mail, Im sure that you get a lot of mail every day and I hate to add to the pile.
Thank you for your time.


Hospital Ghosts

By: thepikes35950@juno.com

While I was working at a hospital in town, I had the opportunity to come in contact with many ghosts. I worked on the geriatric floor, and elderly people died every single day. If the power suddenly went out and immediately came back on, a person had just died. This happened EVERY TIME. Another popular ghost at the hospital was the "Grim Reaper". The Reaper was a dark figure that would come through the window at the end of the hallway. He would shut doors, touch you on the shoulder, etc. Late at night you could feel that someone was there, and you would see a dark figure out of the corner of your eye. As soon as you looked up, he was gone. My favorite story to tell is this: I was helping a woman get her bath early one morning. I was asking how she slept, how she felt, etc. She told me that she did not get a wink of sleep because of the man's face she saw in the window. She said that she thought it was tree branches, but she got up in the middle of the night and saw that it was a man's face staring at her through the window. This woman was just in the hospital for a kidney infection, she wasn't on any drugs that would make her hallucinate. On third shift, you can hear children's giggling and hear them running up and down the halls, but there are no children on the floor. If you went past the operating room at night, it would be locked, but inside you could hear instruments clanging and things being thrown around.

Hit And Run

By: purplebee@metallica.com

I don't know if you're interested in stories from around the globe but I thought that I may as well give it a go.  I live in Northern Ireland and have done all my life.  I come from Co Tyrone which is right in the centre of NI.  This is where my story comes from.  After a night spent out, one friend was leaving another friend home to Beneburb and travelling the road from Dungannon, through Moy and out another few miles to Benburb where he lived.  It was late and the road was windy, very rural and old houses scattered around.  The roads are bendy and prone to fog patches and when wet can be treacherous.  The bloke who was driving the car suddenly swerved and screamed.  They somehow got to Benburb to my friends house and they set him down and tried to get him calm enough to get him talking.  He was shaking and sweating even though it was a winter's night and we aren't that warm overhere in the summer!  He eventulally said that he was driving on when someone ran out infront of the car and he swerved to try and avoid them but when this figure finally reached the middle of the road it simply disappeared, into thin air.  The friend travelling home with them hadn't seen a thing and neither of them drink, so it wasn't that.  There wasn't any fog on that particular bend and it We haven't heard any more about this and we haven't heard of any accident  or such taken place there.  We aren't sure if it was just his imagination, but he never really had much of an imagination.  We just still aren't sure.

   Computer Ghosts

By: celeri@videotron.ca

Just fell on your page by accident.
I read your personnal story and it did confirm something I felt all along: Emotions are triggers. In the sense that emotions are an antenna (at least for me).
Now please forgive me if the rest of this letter is slightly fragmented; the whole topic of ghosts had (and has) me thinking a lot. And while I still don't quite understand the different links between my own observations, I feel as though the links are there. (and on a completly different plane, english is not my mother tongue so you'll forgive me some mis-spellings and the bad selection of words)
First of all, let me present myself. My name is Louis. I am a computer technician. I really want to be a writer (want to? I guess I am by my own desire to communicate). Anyways I've alyways been interested in the paranormal while wanting to be cold and rationnal. So my life has been divided in two seperate parts, much like the rest of me (err not physically although :) ). Sometimes believing and sometimes not. Very much like the couple in the X-Files except this is one single individual.
Well this being said, deep down inside i'm Intensly emotionnal. This is how I write and it's some sort of catalystic event. From emotion to paper. I can't say many of my own apparitions have been happening during periods of great emotion, however I have this strong feeling that time is not nearly as linear as we think. So it doesn't really matter when we have emotions; it only matters if we do/did/will. When we are in a state of emotionnal intensity, we become (this is not documented, just felt) like beacons, not of light but of energy. We litterally impregnate our surroundings. If you could imagine throwing a rock in the middle of a pond ... knowing you are at the middle of this pond, and waves in front go to the future and waves in the back ... go to the past.  Left and right and up and down are other parameters that we don't know (they might indicate/influence the dispersion of this energy). Suffice to say emotions are never lost. We just loose touch because of our mindset and our limited capacity to observe. In more practical terms, we do send "messages" backward in time, or at least surges of energy. I have often wondered if some of the "sightings" in my life were the result of such ripples backward in time. It might be hard to prove but it's a theory that I feel for.
As far as hauntings because of someone else's bad intentions or bad luck are concerned, I have a tough time believing it (not that it does not exist). It's my impression that wherever someone goes he/she continues to send "emotionnal signals" thru time. Furthermore I think much of hollywood's scenarios have turned hauntings into "this must necessarily be evil" stories. Good for the checkbook but hmmm... Mind you one of my personnal experiences is kinda weird (the one about cats, to be read further down).
Ok, in your story you were talking of how you had a feeling of coldness when you were having your apparitions. Well for me it's slightly different. When something strange is happening, my senses of sight and hearing are all of a sudden amplified. My mind is focused. I feel kinda sick as though I'm going outside of myself. My emotions, obviously take control. But this hasn't happened for such a long time now.
One thing I can say, and you will probably agree with me is : DON'T WISH IT!!!! I know this seems really incredible, but if you ask for it, you will probably get it. Mind you, the funny thing is that people who just don't get emotionnally worked up try and try and try and never succeed (many researchers fall into this category). In my opinion it has a lot to do with that beacon I was taking to you about earlier. You need to amplify this so it can be heard. I guess some people are "lucky" and don't need to put too much effort into it.
AN EXPERIENCE: Is Windows ghost-proof?
Sometimes you wish you had a camera. While not necessarily sensationnal, this is the story of what happens when you wish something stupid. This happened four or five years ago. So happens I've been playing solitaire on my PC. I was using Window's built-in card game. All of a sudden I have this flash. The type of flash that generally arrives when you just KNOW something. It comes out of the blue and is not the result of some rationnal thinking. What if ... I should ask to win all the time in exchange for let's say ... my soul? I started laughing. There's no such thing as selling your soul! So I play my cards, putting that idea aside. All of a sudden, I feel uneasy. What if? I just don't want to be bothered. Then the tought comes to me again. What if? Now this is just getting too much for confort. So I figure, let me finish my game and then I'll just go to bed. All of a sudden, there's some garbage on my deck !?!? what the h*ll! Some cards I can move some I can't. Some decks are jammed and some are still functionnal. I think to myself, this is weird... Windows should have crashed after something like this happens. But it didn't. What do you know, I just said "Forget about it!!!" out loud ... just in case, and I went to bed a smarter man. In retrospect I do feel as though this was a "friendly" message. Someone out there cares and told me to be careful. Why, thank you. Oh by the way, I don't have a screenshot. I just wanted to turn off that computer and go away! ... And furthermore my computers rarely crash - computers actually STOP crashing when I get there; call it luck but it works when I'm at the keyboard and sometimes doesn't as soon as I leave the room.
Oh, a few of my experiences have happened in front of my computer. This might not be a factor though because I'm glued to the damn thing :)
Now this is the story I was refering to earlier.
AN EXPERIENCE: Is there cats in the house?
I'm allergic. I generally can't handle animals very well although I've recently started having a cat in the house and my body is handling it better than I tought. Anyways my story happened three years ago. Sometimes when I am consumed by my work I stay on my computer all night. That morning I had just done that and I still wasn't sleepy. I had a lot of things to do, namely writing. So I had breakfast and instead of going to bed as my mother suggested, I went back to the computer. I typed away. All of a sudden, I felt my right ankle getting really hot. Weird. I just rubbed it through my jeans and tought nothing of it (in retrospect I'm really stupid, I miss all of these weird experiences by a mile). But the burning feeling was really bad (and getting worse). So I took a break, rolled up the leg of my pants (hard because they were tight at the bottom) and ... what do you know? Three beautiful scratches about 1 1/2 inches long. They were bleeding slightly. So I investigated. Is it the socks? Why would this happen now, when I wore them many times before without incident? Can it be something under my desk that I've rubbed on? With jeans? Surely I would have noticed!!! So finally I decided to go the other way. What else could have done this kind of scratches? Well to the best of my knowledge, this was a cat's scratch. And it does make some sense; when a cat scratches me, it burns like hell. Other scratches I usually don't mind. So I just laughed it off. And again I didn't have a camera with me ... DAMN! :)  After thinking about it for a while I did remember that my father killed a cat by accident (quite gruesome so I'll omit the details) right beside our house a few years earlier. Added to this the fact that my mother and my girlfriend say they have recently seen a "ghost cat" walking around the house both inside and outside. I didn't fear anything so it is indicative to me that this was not something "really" dangerous. It did hurt a bit however :) On a last and final note, if this is indeed a cat but it isn't that cat that my father killed, I can't help but think that this could be a wave from the future ... of something yet to happen ...


By: tango@tango93.freeserve.co.uk

My family and myself moved into a top floor flat in the area where we now live. I to  wasn't the ideal place that we wanted for ourselves but  it was bright and breezy and had an easy atmosphere . So we moved in.
In the beginning  it  was  fine but after awhile of living there  odd little things would occur  at various times.  Ornaments would fall from the mantle shelf over the fire place. When items were put down they would get miss placed  of only to turn up somewhere quite different.
Although me and my wife got a bit uneasy about what was happening we always managed to come up with some explanation as to what was going on around us.
One particular morning getting up to go to work and going into the living room. I was amazed to find that the wall pictures  had been messed with and were all  crooked. It was a strange feeling because you see it but you don't believe it. After that moment things speeded up at home and got a little nasty.
I was working has a butcher  in a shop and  because of sataday working I had a day off in the week. On this particular Tuesday  I had a lie in in bed. My wife got up about  7:30am to get herself ready for work and my young daughter ready for school. I listened to  their clatter and banging  about until they went out of the door at  8:30am.
I must of dozed off to sleep because I was awoken by a weight  on the bed and has I thought  my wife climbing  back into it.
I had my back to her and looked at the clock  on the side table  it read 8:49. I said to her" your back early" .Also  I was a bit delighted because I thought she'd come back to bed to make love.
She slipped her arm through  and around my neck.( It was cold and thin and definitely female.) "Christ love your freezing" I remember saying  and with that she put a violent  choke hold on me attacking my  Adams  apple and strangling me
The pain from this and there was pain believe me put me straight onto the defensive. I grabbed the arm from around my neck and released myself  in a matter of seconds scrambling out of bed in sheer fright. I looked around back on to the bed and it was empty.
We stayed on in that flat for a few years and although I was never attacked again the haunting continued with various apparitions. Smells that we couldn't explain , scratching in the walls and I think the most unnerving, the shaking of the beds .
I expect you're wondering why we just didn't up and leave ? Well  accommodation at that time  was hard to come by.  So we had to really just live with what was going on.

Haunting of Our House

By: Kissee295@cs.com

Hi, my name is Diane, we have ( we being myself, husband & daughter) had ghosts in our house since we moved into it, 13 years ago.  The house was brand new when we bought it.  We think there are 3 different ghosts, a little boy, an older girl (which we think are related), and an adult female.  The little boy is seen the most by my husband.  We all have heard a woman voice say, "come here", at the same time.  There is sometimes a cold spot near the chair in the livingroom.  My husband is usually the main person who hears
And sees the ghosts.  We did have 2 dogs that sometimes would growl and stare down the hall.  The 2 dogs we have now like children and they haven't seem to notice the ghosts.  Sometimes when my husband is alone in the house, he will hear children laughing back in our daughter's room.  When he has gone to check on the noise, our daughter's  hamster was up (during the day).  We also have heard a loud thump type noise underneath the diningroom floor. One of our previous dogs dug a hole in the tile right where the sound comes from.
Thank you for listening.

Haunted House

By: Kreko31@cs.com

    My family and I live in Texas in a house that is about 40 years old.  It was built in 1960.  After first moving here, when cleaning up to get ready to move in, I saw a woman of about 60 running towards me smiling with a long blue gown with her arms held out to me. I couldnt see her feet, but I could see my mother and my son through her in the next room.     My son has had a book thrown at him, he has seen a little girl about 10, walking through the kitchen and through the table. The trashcan in the bathroom moves when he is taking a bath.  My mother, stepfather, son and myself keep seeing a black shadow of a large male figure.  Different smells run through one section of the house, and you can only smell them in that one line of the room.  Puddles of water form on the floor, and when they are wiped up they come back again.
    During this activity our animals act very strange.  My two year old daughter came out of the front room, (which is empty) scared to death.     I have heard a woman calling  through the house, but I can't make out what she is saying.  The doorbell rings and no one is there, I hear knocking in the walls and at the front door.  We once had a guest who was staying with my son while I was running an errand, and he heard the front door unlock, open, and heard someone's footsteps come into the kitchen and stop.  When he got
Up to see if it was me returning, no one was here and the door was bolt locked.
I was the only one with a key.     A few days after my cousin died, I saw her standing behind the toilet in the bathroom looking at me like she was wondering if I could see her.  She looked kind of anxious.  There was a lot of activity here a few days after she died.
    I sold a babybed to a friend of mine, and her boyfriend unhinged my daughters door to get the bed out.  When he went to put the door back on, we couldn't find the hinge anywhere.  He was on his hands and knees looking. We looked on the floor, in the door, everywhere.  After they left me and my friend decided to look for it some more and it was in the door.     Little things happen that I've stopped really noticing anymore, the TV
changes channels by itself, lights come on and off.  It seems to happen all at once out of the blue, or nothing will happen for months.     I don't think whatever it or they are are dangerous, except for the book being thrown at my son.

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