Haunted Clock

By: el22133@alltel.net

My name is Cheryl and I live in Nebraska. It seems I've always had ghost around, used to be scared, learned to live with them, get rid of them if they turned mean, but now I'm stumped. I have an old pendulum clock my cousin was going to have fixed for me one Christmas. I had a friend who liked to refinish old things so we took it to his house to let him work on it. He said it would take about 4 weeks to get it done. After that I couldn't get hold of him. He wouldn't answer his phone or answer the messages I left on his machine. He was never home when I went over. Finally about 3 weeks later my daughter got hold of him and he'd been in the hospital for pneumonia I think it was. He said he'd have the clock done by the week-end. The week-end come and went, a few months come and went. Seven months after the fact he was finally home when I went over. I didn't hardly recognize him and even said "you're not Bart" but he was. I asked where my clock was. He had it in a closet by the door, didn't ask me in just left me standing outside while he put it in a bag and handed it to me and shut the door in my face. I haven't seen or talked to him since, but my daughter seen him about a week later, and he told her I sure acted wierd when I picked up my clock. So I take the clock to a real repair guy. He said it would take a month to get it fixed. I called him two months later, he was in the hospital with heart problems. It's been almost 2 years, but I do have the clock, and it does run. I don't have it hung yet, but I wonder what will happen next. Just wanted to tell someone about it who wouldn't laugh I guess, and see what you think. I think it's pretty wierd myself.
Thanks for listening.

Tall Dark Figure

By: jcmorgan@interlog.com

I was walking home from school . It was cloudy and ready to rain .The walls to my school had a very peculiar shape to them that you can hide behind . Then a tall dark figure appered from the wall on the right side of the school ! It was around 6 feet tall and triangular but still had a very human shape . Then it disapered I don't know if it was a ghost or shadow: but one thing is for sure , I never felt the same way about my
school again ! :-)

Ghosts of Mal st.

By: ldnred@cybertours.com

HI, my name is Dan, I'm 14 and have already had a # of paranormal activities happen to me over the years, at my house, and mainly at my cousins house on Mal st..................
My cousins house, on Mal st. held very scary times for me. The big old house used to be a funeral home and downstairs in the basement was were the body's were creamated. Y ou can tell already there are a number of spirets in the house.

My most haunted story was when I was 11 years old. I was sleeping over my cousins house because of a family get together that had happed that day. I was sound asleap on a small bed in my cousin Mike's room. (The bed was facing the door.) I then suddenly awoke to the sound of Dakota's bark downstairs. I awoke rather rapidly out of a dead sleep. The first glance I got was of the door that had been partly opened. As I noticed this, I  also noticed a whiteish-blue glowing object pass the door. My eyes jumped open in fear as I felt a cold rush over me. I jumped out of bed and rose to my feet, I still felt the cold. I ran over to Mike's bed and shoke him. He woke up, swore at me and than fell back to sleep. I noticed the cold going away now, and than felt a feeling of security. I walked over to the door and opened it. I looked both ways and noticed to my right that the creepy old stairway door had been opened. I walked out of the room and grabed onto the handle. I started to close the door as I felt a cold breeze rush up the stairs. I was then startle by a loud bark coming from the dowstairs in the kitchen. I let go of the door and turned around and looked down the steep starcase that led downstairs. I walked over to the edge of the staircase and looked down into the dark abyss. I reched over to the light swich. I flipped it on as the dark abyss flodded with light. I than joged downstairs, in hope to find Dakota. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I turned left and left again into the kitchen, where I found Dakota staring at somthing in the next room.
"Dakota" I wispered. Dakota turned around happy to see me but than stopped dead in her tracks, and looked directly over my shoulder. At that moment, the stairway light went out and I felt the cold return as I slowly turned around. In front of me I saw a large cloudy figure sfloating infront of me I took a step back and looked to my right to see that the basement door was open! The figure than came closer and floated off to the side and down the basement stairs. I was now left in the pitch black room now seeing darker shadows pass me. now, my nerves were pumping, I then dashed through the hall and up the stairs, somthing was chaseing me!!! I ran up stairs and back into mikes room. I ran in the room and bumped into mike as we both fell to the floor. Mike than explained to me that he to had seen the ghostly cloud figure pass by the door again, and he had also seen the stairway light go out by itself.
 So, what was this ghost figure that both me and Mike saw? Was it just
from being awake at such a late time? Are mind playing tricks on us?
Or was it real? I think it was.


Sleep Paralysis

By: DiorificOne@aol.com

This is something that still on occasion plagues me to this day. It all started after my terrible visit to Bonaventure cemetery in Savannah Ga. I would not like to go into that right now as it is late and quite a lengthy and scary story. Let me tell you that I come from a religious family, although I did dabble in the occult. (maybe this has something to do with it). I am not on any medication, nor do I drink or partake in drugs (save Camel Cigarettes). I have a pretty nice life now with a great husband but still on occasion something happens to me that scares me so very badly.I have read many a story on your site that reminds me of my own in many ways.
Here goes.....
I used to be really into the occult and paranormal. I would read stories and do tarot cards and the Ouija board, I read in a time life book about out of body experiences and became fascinated. I would on occasion try to get myself out of my body and feel very close but always fail. I told my dad about what I read about the out of body experience and he asked me a question that I will never forget and a question that changed how I felt about out of body experiences. He asked "lets say you do get out of your body, what if something else gets in it?" Well, that there floored me and I began to wonder myself what would happen if I got out and immediately ceased trying to do it all together. One day I went to the couch to lay down and watch some TV as I lay there I thought I would take a nap and closed my eyes, that's when it started, I got this numbing feeling, and could hear ringing in my ears, I knew I was still awake as I could see the TV flashing across my closed eyelids. Then I became paralyzed, I couldn't even move a muscle, my eyes, nothing. I sensed a great fear take over me like none I had ever known. I could feel myself trying to rise out of my body, I did not want this to happen, it was as if something were trying to pull me out of it against my own will. I knew for some reason that I had to get up yet I couldn't, I wanted to yell and scream, yet again I couldn't. The next thing I know I heard the most terrible evil voice inside my head it seemed as I don't believe it was audible say and I will quote : "I'll see you in five seconds!!!!" Well, that in itself was enough to get me going, I was able to manage to get my little toe moving and then the rest of my body started to move and I jolted up in a panic. I didn't want to see the face or body of whatever it was that matched that voice. I still recall every time this happens with pinpoint accuracy. Other times it has happened even with my husband in the bed with me, I try to move to wake him to help me yet I am paralyzed. I often stay up late after it happens and am afraid to lay back down as it will overtake me again. Something is trying to get me outside of my body. I am not crazy or suffering delusions of grandeur. I often wonder if I have opened a door to something evil, and if so will it ever leave? This experience does not happen often but still it does happen. Once after it happened I stayed up reciting the Lords prayer over and over again. I used to be into Satanism and saw a great many things and that's the only thing I can think of that links this thing or things with me. The reason I say things is that I can feel it approaching me when it starts to happen, and once heard a strange music that sounded like it was from the middle east playing and all I could think of in my head while I was getting ready to become paralyzed is this "here they come again". Please someone help me or talk to me that has had a similar experience. Maybe I can learn something from others. Maybe you can learn something from me. In any event I have turned my life over to God and do not practice in occultic activities any longer. However I do believe in the other side, if there is a good side there is also a bad side and I believe in them both. Thank you for your time.

Baby Crying

By: JESSA5@webtv.net

 In the apartment I used to live in my husband and I have experienced some things.They mostly started after my daughter was born.  We'd hear someone walking into our bedroom. Now it couldn't be coming from upstairs because you can't walk that way up there and it couldn't be coming from downstairs because you couldn't walk that way either.   Also one night very late I heard a child crying . It sounded like the way my four year old cried at the time , I went to check on him he was still asleep. Again it didn't come from upstairs because there wasn't a four year old there and the same goes for the downstairs apartment also. A friend that was staying with us at the time heard the same thing but did not tell me until I said something about it. Tenants on the first floor also heard it at one time but it was coming from outside near the creek that runs by the building . Of course they did not find anyone or thing.    The apartment  above us would smell foul odors where you shouldn't have smelled them. The one person also  experienced something laying down in bed with him.    There are still many more tales I could tell about that place and am very curious as to what was haunting that place, but I don't think I will ever know because the place will be knocked down soon.    I can only explain one of the occurences, and that is that some years ago a four year old was  killed instantly in a car accident very near the building.
 Thank you for reading my message hope you like it.

Music to Haunt By

By: RAHMANN.BELTING@worldnet.att.net

A few years ago I went and stayed the summer with my aunt in a farmhouse she had recently bought that was over 100 years old in the outskirts of Lincolnton, NC.  Right up the road was where here deceased sister-in-law lived when she died.  My aunts was taking care of the woman's two children.
On countless nights in the house my radio would turn on and off by itself, when it was unplugged.  It would also change stations.  I often heard music that seemed to be coming from the breaker box. One of the lights in one of the rooms woulds flicker on and and off as if someone was walking around above us.  One room that no one slept in and was supposedly the "death room" when  the house was built, was ice cold, even in 100 degree weather.   When you tried to sleep in this room, it felt like this strange force telling you
to get out fast.

The Un-Invited Guests


  The summer of 1964, when life seemed much simpler and less hurried, was a year of new beginnings for myself and my older sister, Dottie. I married Donnie and she married his best friend Daryl. We lived in the small town of Little Mexico, just outside of Sycamore, Ohio. Our small community housed only twenty homes then. Sycamore was only four miles from us, and we visited each other quite frequently. Dottie's little girl Beverly was just 7 months old at the time, and wasn't walking as yet. I kept Beverly overnight at times, as she was company to me when Donnie worked the second shift factory job at the Carbon.
   Dottie and Daryl had married three weeks after Donnie and I had, and they got moved to the Babbcock home prior to their wedding. We helped to paint and clean the small two bedroom country house, enjoying each other's company as we worked. Dottie sewed the curtains for the small frame windows in a flowered and lace pattern, taking weeks to do it all just so. She sewed the matching shower curtain and sink skirt, for their tiny bath,
in the old fashioned prints of the golden era. The house itself sat back a short lane, almost hidden from the highway's view by a thick over-growth of trees and shrubs. I never cared for going there after dark, as it seemed abit forlorn and lonely, and scary to me.
     Life went as usual for them for a week or two, until one night after Dottie had gone to bed. She was not asleep yet, when she thought she heard a loud noise in Beverly's nursery, a room set just off of their bedroom. She went to investigate, thinking perhaps Beverly had finally mastered getting out of her crib. Beverly was fast asleep, and not stirring.     As Dottie entered the room she noticed how very cold the air in the room was. It was like an ice-berg in there, and the rocker sitting in a corner was still moving to and fro, as though it were occupied. Being the middle of summer and with temps in the 90's that day, the cold air was very puzzling to Dottie. More so, was the movement of the rocker, as it was a still night, with no wind coming through the open window at all.
     Nothing unusual happened for several days, so Dottie passed it off as just a wierd happening. The phone rang, and Dottie is telling me she is really concerned now. The previous evening after she had gone to bed and was about asleep, when suddenly the covers were violently jerked from her body, but not a soul appeared to be in the room but her. With that strange eerie, ice cold air again surrounding her, she bolted upright in her bed, wrapping her own arms around herself in a protective jesture. There were no simple
explanations, and I began to speculate the many causes to settle her fears. None seemed to quiet or calm her concerns now at all.     She had talked to Daryl about this, but he scoffed at her fears, saying it was just the breeze from the windows. Days followed and nothing seemed to go wrong, till the night Darly was in the bathroom after work. Dottie and Beverly were already asleep when he arrived home at 1:00 A.M. The sounds of someone walking heavily, as they decended the stairway didn't bother Daryl at all, as he figured that Dottie knew he was home from work, and had come to say hello.  The footsteps came to rest just outside the bathroom door, then became silent. The hair shackled on Daryl's neck, as he knew Dottie would just come in the room. He called her name, no response, so he called louder, still no response. Now Daryl knew this was strange, as he had heard someone just walk the length of stairs, and stop outside the bathroom door.    He went to see where Dottie was, thinking she was trying to scare him,
but found her sound asleep in their room upstairs. Now he was sceptical to what he had just witnessed himself. So as time went on these things continued to plaque their household, in many ways. Things came up missing with no explanation as to where they went, or things were totally moved out of their intended places. The couch cushions would be taken off the couch, stacked in the corner when they come down stairs in the mornings. Daryl worked on model airplanes, placing straight pins in to hold the pieces, till the glue would set. Pins would disappear, never to be found anywhere in the house. Pictures on the walls would be placed in other rooms, stacked in neat rows, or laid
out in a straight line across a floor.
    Lights would go and off at will, as would the TV, while they were viewing a show or the news. Once the entire contents of their fridge was laid out on the kitchen cubboards, when they got up on a Saturday morning. Then when Dottie was sitting in the living room one evening, she noticed that the lace on her curtains was totally gone. It was no where in the house, as they searched every where for the lace, to no avail. At first Daryl thought Dottie was just over reacting to some little quirk she had, or maybe had dreamed
these things. Only when it happened to him, and he saw these things too, and heard the footsteps did he know too, that something was wrong in the house.     They at first blamed the other one on these things beiing miss-placed, and coming up totally missing all together, but the last straw was when while Beverly was napping, and they sat in their living room, the baby screamed as if in pain, and then appeared so freightened. They ran upstairs to find that she had the imprints of fingers on her arms, that appeared to look like
someone had held Beverly against her will. Her small tiny face had an angry red welt from a handprint. That is when they knew this was the time to move out of that house, and away from all the chaos, of what for certain seemed to be a ghost or unwanted entity in their home. The legend was told to them much later, that anyone not belonging to the Babbcock family, had never been allowed to live in the house in peace and harmony.  This is a true story, and I know it was totally true, as it was my sister who lived this nightmare in 1964.

Tall Dark Man

By: Anonymous

When my husband was about 11 years of age he his mother, father, and younger brother who was around 9 at the time moved into a house in North Carolina. My husbands grandmother was invited to come and see the house and after entering she walked out of the house and said she got an uneasy feeling about the house and that something was in it that she did not like.

My husbands family was religious so they did not pay too much mind to this comment the thing is nanny (my husbands grandmother) is religious too, but still felt this presence there in that house. My husband said as a child he felt uneasy when entering into his house, he didn't feel so much afraid but just got an uneasy feeling. He said anyone could feel that feeling upon entering the house. Upstairs is where the bedrooms were, his parents rooms were at the end of the hall, my husbands room was at the side of the hall
And his little brothers room was at the other end of the hall, so that his parents could see directly into his little brothers room with the street lamps illuminating his room and part of the hallway. One night that my husband recalls with pinpoint accuracy his little brother started yelling in a blood curdling voice "There's a man in my room!!!! There's a man in my room!!!!
My husbands mother opened her eyes and looked down the hall at his little brothers room from where she was laying in bed to see what the ruckus was. What she saw she only has told very few people (me not being one of them). She saw a dark silhouette of a man over  6 feet in stature standing by my husbands little brothers bed actually looking over his bed at him as if he were some kind of bug in a high school biology exam. We will call this
Little brother Jerry. Jerry continued to scream the screams as my husbands father rushed out of bed towards Jerry's room, My husbands Mom watched as theFigure walked out of Jerry's room looked in her direction and vanished. She said the figure was solid black. You could not see through it. This happened on several occasions. My husband we will call him Larry, said that no matter what time of day it was, it could be sunshine at 12 noon and he would be outside in his back yard all alone with no one in the house and he would just know he was being watched. He said that whenever he would enter a room in
The house and that means any room of the house he would as well as others catch out of the corner of their eyes something leaving the room and entering another room, as if this thing was exiting just as you were entering. His mother later recounted that at night at a certain hour she would hear things in the old dirt basement beneath the house, rapping's, tapping, and what sounded like crumpling of paper. My husband heard these noises too. I am not sure as to the history of the house, but I can tell you in all assurance my husbands family does have all of their screws. He is not one to tell tales and fortunately believes the ones I tell him. They moved out after three years of the happenings. Larry's father has never mentioned anything. His mother is silent as well. And believe it or not even Jerry does not talk about it. I suppose it would be hard for me to talk about too if some man
Was visiting me each night in my room at the tender age of 9. When we go home to visit his parents I think I will bring up the subject to his mother while we are alone and try to get the exact location for you. Maybe the house is still up with occupants of earthly and unearthly still living there. My husband confided in me also that he started having a terrible dream in the house that he still has now during his adulthood. It was a dream of being in hell following the devil himself into a tall tower that overlooked hells waste lands. He hasn't had the dream in 2 years. But guess what, although he never personally saw the tall black man that Jerry was so unfortunate to see, the man appears in his dream, and the dream always takes place with that house in it, and with the tall black figure banging at the front door of that house saying.....let me in!!!!!! LET ME IN!!!! I just found this out last night as we were discussing your very informative and wonderfully put together site.

Ghost on the Computer


    My name is Bonnie, i live in Oregon. i had an experience with ghosts
where i used to live with friends in a mobile home. At the time  i was
reading the tarot on the computer with a web cam on a web site as part
time income. I had an experience while in a video chat room. I  was
reading  for a client and was asked who the person was in the room with
me. I saw noone there and brushed it off, replying that noone was there.
My chat room was closed due to the fact that no unauthorized person was
to be in a video session with me.
Later on my friends were doing a video session on my computer and my
roommates husband said he thought i was behind him as he saw a person in
a yellow sweat suit like mine, he turned around and it was gone!
I didnt find it strange as i  often felt something brush across my hands
, face and feet  and our kittens saw who or what ever it was also as
they were trying to bat at it one night. He or she was always harmless
as far as i was concerned so i let it alone.

Greenhouse Experiences

By: jeskim1@email.msn.com

Hello My name is Jessica and I am 16 . I live in Massachusetts. I will not say where this greenhouse is that i worked in  that was haunted but I can guarantee you that it is haunted. It is said that the man who haunts the greenhouse that I worked in (one of 3 i was assigned to water  and care for this one because nobody wants to water it because they are scared). Well I had heard of experiences of friends who worked there. Some heard voice and objects flew across the room. Others felt like someone was watching them. Some even saw the ghost. My experiences started shortly after I had started working there in December of 1999. One day as i was talking to my friend and we had just put all of the leftover plant pots away. Suddenly a breeze came through the work area and none of the doors or windows were open. Then a smell of dead fish lingered around. Several minutes later all of the pots flew out at us and landed at our feet. This was something that happened day after day. A couple of weeks later I was watering the plants and I had just finished. I hear footsteps behind me and all of the plants started moving and there was banging on the walls coming froom all sides of the greenhouse. I ran out because I had this feeling I was not wanted there. As I ran out of the greenhouse the footsteps got faster and harder and i slammed the door shut and they stopped, so did the banging, and so did the wind. Over Christmas Vacation is when everything happened. Things we never expected. First off let me say that the people who saw the ghost only saw the outline of an old man with a long coat a cane and a top hat that kind of flopped over. All the ghost would do is stare at people. There were certain boundaries for him. He would not go out of the third greenhouse, and would not go into the new part of the building which was built about ten years ago. Much newer than the greenhouses which were about 50 years old. The old man who haunts it was in the hospital and his sons sold his house on him thinking he was going to die. Because of this the old man used to stay in the greenhouse for long periods of time.  Could this be why he is still there?? Back to my experiences over Christmas vacation. It was on a Wednsday. Myself, Jesse , and Tricia (all workers with me) were working 8 - 4:30. We were in the work are on our break when the door to the third greenhouse started banging. There was a master lock on it and it was lock (yet that morning nobody had locked it). It was around 11:30. The door started banging like someone was pounding on it and the plants inside started moving. No vents or doors were open. We all looked at the door wondering what was happening. The lock on the door unlocked and the door swung open. We figured maybe it was an open vent or something and maybe we thought the lock was locked. We checked no doors or vents open. And when we went to look at the lock it was floating in midair!!! This scared us half to death. The lock the latched itself onto a hook and the door hooked itself open. Trish and I ran into the office of the building so scared we were crying. Jesse, having an interest in ghosts, called her friend becky who studies paranormal things to see what we should do. She told us to lock the door and put salt in front of it. Salt is supposedly a repellent of ghosts and they will not walk past it. When we did this, we heard footsteps run up to the door and they stopped the minute the salt hit the floor. we sat in the office for an hour or so when the ghost started getting mad. He was pounding at the door and getting very upset. I was in the office when Jesse came up to me and asked me what was wrong. I asked her what she was talking about and i looked in a window and noticed my eyes were so bloodshot. I started breaking out in sweats (mixtures of hot and cold) and shaking extremely bad to the point when i fell to the floor. I started crying hysterically and started saying things I dont even remember. All I know is I was t alking about the ghost saying I know how he feels.I also had an urge to talk to the ghost. It was so scary for me. Then I went to the window of the greenhouse we shut him in and i looked in the window to find  the ghost watching me. I talked to him telling him it was ok we know he is here and we are taking care of his greenhouse for him. We swept  up the salt and from then on he has been helpful. He helps us by opening doors when needed and he doesnt bother us. Every so often he plays around with us and shows up here and there. Other than that I am used to it. I no longer work there but I go back there and I know he is there. We also have a ghost. A very silent one, who sits near the bathrooms that were built about ten years ago. They ghost's shadows appear on the walls and he lets you know he is there by touching you and walking by you making a breeze. Well that is all I hope  you enjoyed my story!

Paranormal Sensitivity

By: Nmbr8ball@aol.com

Well I think I've had a couple experiences before.  First of all I'm only 12.
 I have a sister who babysits.  I'm very close to her and I always go with
her to babysit for one of my friends.  Whenever I go into this one room
upstairs I see this doll and I always get very scared.  I never go up there
alone anymore.  In the washroom his parents put up a portrait of a small
girl.  I always fell like she's watching me.  And yet another time we were on
the pool deck and I sware I saw a white figure walking inside.  Nobody was
walking around for there to be a reflection on the glass of the door.  Then
at about 8:00 it always gets freezing cold on the couch.  Then there's my
house.  I think I may just be paranoid but I'm not sure if there's a ghost at
my house.  Many times when I'm in my bed alone I feel as though someone's in
my room.  I always sleep with my door open.  Sometimes my dog barks in the
middle of the night for no reason what soever and she's staring out the door
as if she see's something.  I often get chills when it's not cold but hey
maybe it's some muscular thing.  I sware that I saw a lady in a red dress
outside my house while my sister's boyfriend and I were talking.  Now my
whole family jokes about it.  She disapeared and nobody else say her.  And
there's the oven.  Oven, oven, oven.  Sometimes when my mom thinks she turns
it off we find it on hours later.  Then we think we turn it off and we find
it on again.  Although these "ghosts" (if these are them anyway) have never
materialized they have been noticable to me.  I think that I am a little more
sensitive to the "paranormal".  None of my family members feel as though the
"paranormal" activity is as strong as I do.  Please, if anything weird ever
happens to you trust that God will protect you because he loves each and
every one of you.  Thank you for spending your time reading this story.

The Little Boy
By: Stacy_Condie@sento.com

          Before my husband Rob and I were married, I stayed with him in his friend's house. Rob used to tell me stories about a little boy that would look at him in his bed, trying to sleep, while standing in the window well of Rob's basement window.
          One night, before I stayed there, the little boy was staring at Rob. Not moving. Just looking at him in the window well. Rob didn't know who he was, so he just hit the window with his fist, and yelled "Get out of here!" Tke little boy didn't  flinch, didn't blink, or move. It really scared Rob since he believes in spirits and afterlife.
          The next morning while I was at school, he paged me so he could tell me about it. He also told me about how he had a dream about me the same night. He dreampt that we were walking together and he was looking at me. After a minute, he wasn't looking at my face anymore. It was a mean, evil face. He said that it was black, and had really evil eyes. The figure took a swing at him, and hit him in the jaw. he woke up the next morning, and his jaw was sore.
          He used to listen to music at night when he was going to sleep. One night, when we were getting ready for bed, I asked him if the music helped him sleep better. He just told me yes, and said that there was another reason, but he just didn't want to scare me. I asked him to tell me anyway, so he just told me that he heard noises that he didn't want to listen to, and the msic drowned them out, and kind of soothed him. I just left it at that.
          That night, while we were trying to sleep, I could tell there was something wrong with Rob. He finally told me that he could feel the same presence that he felt the night he saw the evil face. We layed there awake for a while, until he finally couldn't stand it anymore, and turned the lights on. I guess the lights made it leave.
          We never had experiences like that for a while. We had a spirit of a young lady in our first appartment. She would just show up sometimes as little gold sparks that quickly flew across the room. She would also sometimes appear in the bathroom at night, which was a few feet away from our bed.
          Rob's brother and a few of his friends have seen the little boy. He doesn't really do any harm. Sometimes you'll just see him and he'll run around the room and go into a wall or something like that. We believe that maybe he was just a little boy that was killed in the area a long time ago, since Rob's friend's house was fairly new.
          About six months after we were married, I couldn't go to sleep. We had just watched a movie and were going to bed. I just put my arms around Rob and cried. When he asked what was wrong, I just cried. I couldn't get anything out. Finally, I told him that I felt something evil in the room. I could point out where it was and everything. After I pointed it out, he started to feel it too. It finally got so bad that we had to leave the house and go for a walk. I didn't want to go home, but Rob has a bad ankle, so we had to go back. When we got there, I still felt uneasy. So we prayed for it to go away and to never come in our room again.
          We haven't experienced anything like that since, but I believe that spirits are attracted to Rob.

Devil's Den at Gettysburg Battlefield

By: cinsation@pa.net

Hi, this is my second submission to Shadowlands. I don't know that
anyone will agree with what I am about to tell you, but to me, the
experience I had at Devil's Den yesterday (Sept.30,2000) was by far the
most thrilling and energizing I have ever experienced. And when I say
energizing, I mean it was like someone gave me a shot of pure
adrenaline! On to the story.
    I arrived at the Battlefield around 9am. The outside temp was around
44 degrees F. My first stop was the Pennsylvania Memorial. It is a
beautiful monument and I strolled around checking out the plaques and
statues. As I walked into the center of the memorial I was overcome with
an immense sadness. It was all I could do not to break down and cry
right on the spot. I wasn't alone as there were several boy scout troops
touring the battlefield that day. I walked away and gazed across the
field adjacent to the memorial to try to regain control of my emotions.
I drove around a bit and found myself right back at the memorial site.
But this time as I was approaching the site I looked out at the field
and noticed a shimmering quality. At first I thought it was heat waves
then realized, it was still only about 45 degrees and it couldn't
possibly be heat waves. It was amazing watching the energy in that
field. As I sat watching, I noticed a breeze in the trees. A little
whirlwind of leaves came by my truck and went as far as the oak tree
approximately 30ft from me. The odd thing was, none of the other leaves
on the ground were moving yet there was a steady breeze in the tree. I
pulled away a few minutes later and headed for Devil's Den.
    I have always heard what a hotspot for paranormal activity Devil's
Den is. Being as I love to explore the unknown I checked to make sure my
camera was ready. The battery indicator said I had a full charge. This
particular camera has never given me a moments trouble. It is an AGFA
ePhoto 780 digital camera. I arrived at Devil's Den and stepped out of
the truck to take a shot of my first viewing of the place. It took me
almost 5 minutes to get the camera to work. I took 21 photos and the
batteries were completely drained. I can normally take over 100 pics
without having to change the batteries. I began walking around the
stones and looking into the different hiding places and such just
enjoying the energy around the place. After about 45 mins I came down
and stopped under a particularly large overhanging rock. I sat down and
was enjoying the buzz of the air around me. I felt a drop of water hit
my left hand and looked up to see where it might have originated. The
stone was completely dry! I even stood up to run my hand across it to be
sure. I sat back down and a few minutes later I felt a warm wetness on
my right thigh. My jeans were dry but I could feel the pressure of
someone's head in my lap. A strong feeling of sadness, fear and anger
invaded my senses. The anger wasn't directed towards me, but seemed to
be the anger of 'why did this happen to me?' type. I stayed until the
pressure lifted and then moved across the road to the woods. I felt
prompted to go to the woods, like it was something I just had to do. I
am so glad I followed that prompting, because what happened next is what
had me so energized! At this point I just opened my mind and asked,
okay, what do you want to show/tell me? Mind you, I never heard anything
with my ears, but I could hear a voice in my mind very clearly. I also
felt his presence close by. Listening to what was going on in my mind I
asked who my guide was. I was told his name is Pvt. Marc Johansen, he
pronounced it Yo-hahn-sin. I thanked him and he led me through the woods
on a barely visible trail. The whole time he was telling me about the
way the men were feeling. He never did tell me whether he was Union or
Confederate and I didn't ask. I was just really happy to have the
communication with him. He eventually led me back to the small creek
that separates the road and the woods. As I laid down to drink from the
creek I saw a shadow in the creek, pacing around me. I had the feeling
that I was being protected from something. I thanked him and he led me a
little further down the creek. There are some really large stones in
this creekbed. A few times I felt him steady me as I jumped from one
stone to another. At one point he wanted to sit and talk, so I sat down
on a large stone and listened. By this time we were away from the other
visitors and their voices, when heard, were nothing more than a distant
muted noise. Pvt. Johansen told me the men were tired and for the most
part just wanted to go home and forget the war. He said there was a lot
of fear, excitement, anger and sadness. I couldn't see my wonderful
guide, but from his voice he sounded in his early twenties. We had been
sitting about 20 minutes when a couple with a camera came to where we
were. I could hear my guide tell me to hurry up and move downstream. I
guess he is camera shy. Anyway, the couple looked at me strangely as I
hurried past them and out of site. After we sat another 10 minutes or so
he told me that he had to go. I thanked him and wished him a safe trip
home. I crossed the creek and headed back to where my truck was parked,
about a 1/4 mile upstream. I had several people look at me like I was
crazy because I was smiling and just bouncing with energy. I didn't care
because I knew I had just had the most wonderful experience in my life.
As I drove away, my eyes were drawn to an outcropping of rocks just off
the bank of the creek. I couldn't see my Pvt. there, but I could sense
him and waved good-bye. I stopped at Triangular Field and could feel an
energy there but wasn't contacted by anyone. A few of the other
monuments and markers I stopped at caused me to feel an overwhelming
sadness. I almost cried several times before finally leaving the
battlefield. I don't know why, but I maintained an incredible energy
level all day and barely slept last night. I loved every minute I spent
with my guide. It makes me wonder if I knew him in a previous life or if
he felt compelled to talk with me because I was so open to the
       Thanks for letting me post this wonderful experience and I would
love to hear from anyone who has had a similar energizing experience.

Friendly Ghosts

By: mmelnick@telusplanet.net

About 25 yrs ago I moved into an old house in B.C. Canada
I was a single mom with 2 boys ages 9 & 10  At first nothing was unusual.  One night I dreamed of a Mans voice saying "You have always been like a daughter  to me and I will take care of you" After that things changed for the better if I was broke and needed money for a grocerys it seemed I 'd get a jacket & find money in the pocket I didn't know I had or be walking down the street & find some money.  About this time some of my friends began to say they felt uncomfortable at my house that something didn't feel right.  A girlfriend sleeping over woke in the middle of the night & started yelling she swore she saw a mans face looking down at her.  I laughed  it all off as I felt very confortable in my home.  I started to hear strange noises at night but was not afraid. The boys came to me one night & said they couldn't sleep as a man kept talking & was scaring them.  I sat at my kitchen table & said I don't mind sharing my house but stop scaring the boys or I will move.  The boys never complained about hearing a voice again.  One night another girlfriend was sleeping over we had just gone to bed when I heard footsteps & the fridge door open I called out to Dot to see if she needed anything & she answered from her room that it wasn't her she had thought I was up.  I went to check on the boys both were sleeping soundly. I stood in the kitchen & said "I don't mind sharing my house but stay out of my fridge I need that food for the kids"  I never heard the fridge open again.  Dot thought I had gone completely nuts standing there talking to nothing but I just felt that he was there & heard everything I said.
There was one small room that had a closet at one end, I had a single bed in it plus the washer & dryer.  One night I heard someone running (It sounded like a kid playing in high heeled shoes) I yelled out to stop the noise I was trying to sleep, (by this time I was so used to him that I talked to him just like talking to anyone else) In the morning we found the curtain off the closet door in the living room thinking the dog or cat had done it I tried & tried to get that curtain out of that small room but no matter how hard I tried it would catch on the end of the bed as i tried to get it between the bed & the washer so I knew it had to be him as the dog or cat would have lost it when it caught.  This relationship continued about 2 yrs.  I became engaged and shortly before I married I had another dream where he said to me I had someone to take care of me now & wouldn't need him anymore.  I never heard from him again.  Over the years I have regretted never finding out his name instead of just referring to him as him.  Many times I have wished he would come back,  I have never felt as loved and protected since. I sincerely wish I knew who he was & why he picked me to look after and many times I've wished he hadn't gone.

River Legacy Park -
By: Bishop72@hotmail.com

There is a park in Arlington, Texas called River Legacy Park which definitely lives up to its name. I will tell you of three of the most famous legacies.
Screaming Bridge:
One night after a high-school football game a carload of kids were driving fast on a country road just outside of the park. Coming to a narrow bridge over the Trinity River they met their fate when they did not see another car coming hitting it head on. Both cars erupted into flames and plummeted into the river below. All involved were killed and since then the road has been closed and can only be walked to through the park. Legend has it that if you find the bridge you will see the dates of the occurence and the names of the deceased glowing as tombstones in the water and if after that you still dare you can sit in the middle of the bridge on the night that it happened and at midnight you will witness a heavy fog coming up from the river as you see headlights approaching from either side of the bridge. The light will become so bright that it will be blinding and you will hear a loud crash and screams as there is metal grinding over the side of the bridge and a loud splash! If you then get up and run to the side of the bridge you will be able to see the waves of the ghostly cars in the water. Incidentally one of the real cars is still in the river and can be seen when the water is low enough. Though I have never dared to be there at night I have seen the car. It is in the middle of no where so if you do go be sure to bring a flash light and maybe a good walking stick.
The Hobo:
Near the park are some railroad tracks that run through an area called Mosier Valley so the park is a good getting off place for the train hoppers since the train has to slow down here. The park also provided a "safe" haven for those who needed to stay over night before treking to the nearest night shelter or highway. One night an old hobo was staying in the park and was awoken by the sounds of screams. Wondering to the edge of the woods from where he had been sleeping he saw a car parked and what appeared to be a man and a woman fighting. Walking closer he saw the man hitting the woman and the woman knocked unconscious. Opening the door he grabbed the man but in the struggle that ensued was shot. The next day the woman was found wondering through the park delirious and half-naked but the hobo layed dead next to where the car had been. Though the killer was later found it is rumored that no police reports were ever filed because he was the son of a prominent politician. However, lovers parked late at night still catch a glimpse of the old hobo. Legend has it that late at night if you are still in the park after closing you will hear a tap on your window and there will be an old man standing there in rags. He will ask you if you have any change. If you roll down the window and hand him some change he will thank you and walk quietly away back into the woods. However, if you refuse to roll down your window he will disappear and your car will not start. Let me tell you it is a long LONG walk to a pay phone especially in this park!!
Hells Gate:
River Legacy Park is huge and one can easily get lost in the woods that surround it. There are swamps and rivers and an endless labrynth of trails that seem to take any would be hiker in circles. The whole park is said to be haunted and once was considered the most spirited park in America. Maybe that is because of all the liquor I drank there! Hah! I have even been told that there is an old civil war cemetary here but I have not been able to find it. Anyway, back to the legend. After about a day of walking the trails you may stumble across an area known as Hells Gate. It is a long trail with swamps on either side and shaded over by large trees. At the end of the trail is a large mound of dirt and two fence posts that were once a gate. As it is said this was the trail walked by captured spies of the union army on their way to be hung. This gate was the last thing they saw before being led to the tree that stands beyond, where they died. Walking the trail one can still hear the sobs and whispered prayers of the men and some women who walked their last steps here. In the later 80's and early 90's this was a popular place for satanic rituals and I in fact have seen some of the "leftovers" the next day. I will no longer go to this part of the park and by all means avoid it at night.
If I were you I'd pretty much stay clear of this park. But for those of you looking for a little adventure this is definitely the place to be and even if you do not experience any of the haunts the energy that abounds can be felt anytime.

South Africa

By: cmss@iafrica.com

The haunting is on a long dusty road with no houses on either side just large, really large trees. You drive about 500m up the road and you come to an opening on your left where a old house used to be (there is just the foundation on the ground now) You stop on the side of the road in your car, and wait.  If you flicker your lights once or twice, you see far in the distance a small moving light, one of a motorbike, but you hear no sound and see no bike.  The light moves closer and closer towards you and dissapears.  Again you flicker your lights, and the light appears again, but this time it is right infront of you, as it approaches your car it seems to go right through the car then dissapears again.  At this point you are terrified and will most probably leave in a hurry.
Some brave characters even get out of there car and have a walk around.
You must go anytime after midnight, and when you stop the car  you must leave the lights off and the engine musn't be running.If you carry on up the road you will notice there is no sign of life, no place for some person playing a trick on anyone to go or come from. When you see the light you can quickly drive straight towards it, it will disapear but you can try and catch the person who is playing a prank and you and you will come to this conclusion; if they were on a bicycle or on foot with a torch or headlight, they could not get away quick enough, and if they were on a motorbike you would obviously hear the sound of the engine.  As he haunts the road there is no noise to be heard and no harm to come to anyone who dare go there.  There is just the light of a lonely heartbroken soul.
 The story came about many years ago.  Vereeniging is  place of farm houses and plots, on this paticular road a family of mother and father and two sons lived on one side, and directly across lived, mother, father, daughter and two sons. The son from the one side and the daughter from the other in time fell deeply in love, but had to keep it a big secret from there family's as both families despised each other.  They were lovers for years, he would go out riding on his motorbike and meet her out in the plots far from there parents, but one fateful day the brothers of the young girl followed her to her meeting place and caught the two lovers.  They didn't let there presence known, but came up with a wicked plan to stop this love affair.
Back up at there homes they got themselves some sort of wire like piano wire and tied it to a tree on one side of the road across to the other side, also tieing it to a tree, so that when the young boy came speeding up on his bike he would ride straight into in, slicing of his head.
But on that day he allowed his lover to ride his bike and he sat on the back, as they came speeding up the road neither of them aware of the fate, the wire sliced straight through her neck, slicing of her head, and slicing his throat but without quite killing him.
As the bike tumbled to the ground, he stood up, holding his bloodied neck, and realising what had happened to his loved one.  He picked her up, head and all and carried her across to her own house where her brothers were hiding and her parents were working without any knowledge of the mishap.
And there under one of those huge trees in the garden he lay her to rest, and died minutes later in her arms.
Every night since that day, he has haunted that road on his motorbike, he rides up and down it, maybe he is looking for revenge, maybe he is a lost soul blaming himself for that fateful day. It is not quite sure what came of the brothers or the rest of the family or even where the two lovers where buried.  I'm also not sure if the story is true or not, but one thing is for sure, it leaves something to the imagination. I have witnessed the haunting and have sat there in my car with a couple of friends and watched the light appear and move straight towards us and through our car.
I will give you more info on this if you wish just let me know.

Eureka springs, Arkansas- Cresent hotel

By: Anonymous

It all started out to be a nice family vacation.  In the month of June my family and I stayed at the cresent hotel for two nights. We heard of the idea that it was haunted but did not pay any attention to the factor. We went on the ghost tour that night and the tour guide lead us into the morgue. The morgue consisted of a hallway and a room lit with blacklights. The blacklights were used so the tourists could see shadows more distinctly. While on the tour I did  not see anything unusual or scary. I actually thought that for a moment that I just waisted my money on this so called ghost tour. After the tour was over we decided to go back to the room and rest for awhile. We thought that the whole hotel was open to all the guests, but I guess that we were wrong.  That night at about 12:00 a.m we decided to give ourself a personal tour and walk around by ourselves. We went to the basement and into the morge and suprisingly it was unlocked. I heard strange music that was drawing me towards the door. I followed it to the morgue room door and tried to open it, but it would not budge. The other members of my family tried to push the door open, but had no luck either. At that time the music quit and we heard a moaning coming from behind the door. We all got quiet and the moan got louder and louder. About 10 seconds later there was three masive bangs on the door. Everyone ran exept for me. Something was drawing me to the door. Finally after about a minute of it I snapped out of it and ran for the exit. The lady from the lobby ran down therte because of the screams and told us that we were not susposed to be down there so we all left. That was the most horrifying situation in my life, but I will be returning in October. Many people who read this may not believe my story, but the only way to find out is to check it out for yourself

Forever Haunted

By: DMA51572@aol.com

I've grown up in haunted houses pretty much all my life, but the tale I want
to share involves my first house on my own:  I moved to northeast Wisconsin
from northest Indiana about four years ago and bought a house that I lived in
alone.  From the minute I moved in I never felt like I was the only one in
the house.  One night as I was taking a load of laundry to the basement.   I
was on the landing getting ready to take the first step when I suddenly felt
like what can only be described as a finger poking me playfully on the left
hip.  I say playfully because I don't really think it meant to push me down
the stairs although I almost lost my balance!!  The next experience happened
to my mother.  I was away for the week and my parents stayed at my house for
the week.  My mother says that the air was really thick in the house and she
felt some really bad vibes the first day.  She went into my bedroom to get
something and as she was exiting she felt something hit her in the lower back
and when she turned around she saw a bottle of lotion rolling away from her
on the floor.  She said it couldn't have fallen off the table and hit her
because the table it was resting on was over ten feet away from her and the
table was lower than her waist and it would have had to shoot straight up and
across the room in order to hit her.  My mother said out loud, "don't worry,
she's coming back friday night".  My mother says that the tension in the air
just went away and the rest of their stay was uneventful.  I have other tales
from my house if you are interested.

Fixer Upper

By: mnorwood@bbvance.com

I've been reading all the stories on your site and have finally decided to
tell a few of my own experiences.
I would say it all started when my family moved when I was 4 years old (I am
30 now).  We moved into a house that my parents purchaced from one of the
founding families of our small town.  The house was very old, and had not
been well taken care of for several years.  My father is very handy with
carpentry, and decided that we could fix it up and make a wonderful home out
of it.  I must say, that my parents still live there to this day, and it is
a beautiful old house, but I'm glad I no longer live there.  I still have
nightmares about that house.
First a little on the layout of the house:  It's a large two story house.
When you walk into the front door you are in the livingroom and to the right
is a bedroom.  At the time, straight in front of you, through a doorway
would be a long hallway with a bedroom to the left and the kitchen to the
right, and at the very end of the hall on the left was the bathroom, and to
the right at 180 degree turn was a long dark stairwell that led upstairs.
At the time we moved in, the upstairs was just one huge attic room, and we
were not allowed up there at all.  My parents had the bedroom off of the
livingroom, and my older sister and I shared the other bedroom across from
the kitchen.
I can remember laying in bed at night hearing footsteps coming down the
stairs and being terrified.  Anytime I had to go down the hall to the
bathroom, I would drag someone with me because of the overwhelming feeling
of someone being on the stairs watching me.  There were times when I would
be in the shower and have the bathroom door locked only to find it open
slightly when I got out of the shower.  One night in our bedroom, I had
finally dozed off to sleep, when I was jolted awake by someone very roughly
tickling me.  My dad sometimes woke me up by tickling me, or pulling on my
toes, but when I opened my eyes, it was pitch black, and no one was in the
room but my sister, and she was sound asleep on the top bunk.  I spent a lot
of time on the rug by the bed in my parents room.
Finally, after much remodelling the upstairs was ready for us to move into.
It consisted now of 2 large bedrooms on each side of a hallway at the top of
the stairs and a small dormer room at the end of the hallway at the front of
the house. My sister got the room to the right, and my parents took the
largest room to the left.  Being the smallest, you guessed it, I got the
small dormer room.  It seemed cozy so I didn't mind the small space.  It had
a huge walk-in closet with another smaller closet inside of it for clothes
and such. It was really cool. (For a while).  I'm not exactly sure when
everything started, but I can remember waking up with a medium sized dog in
the corner growling at me. (We didn't have a dog)  This in itself was scary
enough, but then I would wake up with my closet door slightly open.  I got
to where I hated my closet, so I would put a small rocking chair in front of
the door.  You guessed it, I would wake up and the chair would be back in
it's place beside the door, and the door would be ajar.  I think there was
something evil in that room, but something good also there to protect me.  I
can remember frequently, in a dreamlike haze, being chased out of my room
straight toward the stairs and being pushed, but then not falling, but sort
of bouncing gracefully down several stairs at a time.   I know that this
would actually happen because sometimes my dad would hear me jump out of bed
and he would catch me before I got to the top of the stairs, and he could
not belive the force that I hit him with.  I was pushed down the stairs a
couple of times.  Once with my dad standing with me, and he caught me by the
ankle, and kept me from falling down the 18 steps.
I have many more stories, but this is already too long.  The next time I
write I will tell some of the ones about when I took over my parents room,
and they moved downstairs.

ESP Experience

By: jai@anjai.com

I just finished reading your section on ESP and Dreams. I have been really
interested in the paranormal most of my life. Nothing has ever really scared
me or made my hair stand on end...and, I think, being confronted with a
ghost or presence. However, it has yet to happen. But, I have had
premonitory dreams and possibly a "dream" of my dead uncle. I will attempt
to explain a couple of instances in the hopes maybe you can affirm my
conclusions [you can post my note if you wish :-)].
I am pretty close to my mother's aunt and uncle and their family. They have
six kids and the youngest is only 4 years older than I am. We are pretty
close...as close as we can be since my family is a military family and we
moved every 4 years. Anyway, about 6 years ago I had a dream the Maria, my
cousin, was pregnant. About 2 months later she called me up, out of the
blue, and said, "Guess what?" And I said, "You're pregnant." She asked how I
knew and I told her of my dream. I've had a couple other "premonitory"
dreams like that before in my life...but not as often as I would like.
Along the same family ties, it was about 3 years ago when my mother's uncle
decided to go on a one-day hunting trip in the mountains around his home. I
was getting ready to move to Germany about that time. We were actually
living in a hotel at the time I found out that my uncle never came home. By
the time I found out about it, a week had gone by and my husband and I were
flying in 2 days time. I did call and found out all I could. Speculation was
going around from a heart attack to kidnapping. The whole family was a
wreck. They had the Air Force out looking for him, but it was winter and in
the mountains, snow could cover anything. There was no sign of my uncle.
Over the next few weeks, I actually had dreams about my uncle. Nothing
spectacular. Only, he would come visit me. One minute he would be in my
house, the next, I would be sitting on his lap in his chair in his house,
like I did when I was small. Only I wasn't small. And, it was his new
house...similar to his old with additions like being more spacious and a
pool. All we did was talk. It was a very nice dream. But when I woke up, I
just knew he was gone. They didn't find his truck or him until June when the
snow melted. Seems it must have been lunch time when he had a heart attack.
The truck fell off the mountain road and was buried in a snow drift.)
My husband and I have a pretty good connection. We truly are soul mates and
I believe that has given us the benefit of being extra close. There have
been times when we were apart that we have felt each other's presence. The
last time I have any feeling was when my husband first went to Kosovo last
year. It was about a week or so after he left. I was working diligently on
the general's computer in his house, alone, when I heard, clear as day, my
husband call for me. Unconsciously, I responded. I looked up from the
computer to realize exactly where I was and where my husband was. And, it
made me smile.


By: mclaughlin2000@mindspring.com

i had an experience back when i was a kid, i'm 30 yrs old, as well as my
mom. i rememeber it like it was yesterday. like i said i was a kid, along
with my 2 sisters, one older and one younger than me. it was around dinner
time and my father was working late. my mother was washing the dishes when
we were in the living room watching tv when our mom walked into the living
room and asked who was watching her. we all looked at her like 'what are you
talking about?'and still our mom had a puzzled look on her face like she was
going crazy. later, after everyone went to bed i recall my self waking up
out of a sound sleep even though no noise had woke me up. i woke up staring
at the corner of two walls my bed was up against. i was freezing even though
my windows were closed, my blanket over me and the night was still. at the
same time i woke up i felt like someone was standing right next to my bed
watching me. i tried to turn around and see who was there but i was frozen
like someone was holding me still. i was scared and calm at the same time,
how is that people keep wondering every time i talk about it. i was scared
of whoever might be there but my instincts told me its alright, don't be
afraid. when i turned around with every bit i had, expecting one of my
sisters there, and there was nobody anywhere. my door was open slightly to
let the light from the bathroom nightlite in my room. i was definitely
afraid of the dark, after that. then i went back to bed but facing the
direction of 'whoever' and slowly went to sleep. when i awoke nothing was
different, mom was making her coffee, my sisters were laying around. then
the phone rang. our mom was talking to my grandmom with a surprised look on
her face, then hung up the phone. she told us her grandfather had passed
away yesterday. my mom hated her grandfather because he was always a grouch
and he wanted to have nothing to do with anybody, so he died a lonely man.
my mom thinks it was he who was watching her while she was doing the dishes
and she caught him through the corner of her eye. when she turned he was
gone. she also thinks he came to her that night to ask her for forgiveness
and she did. but why did he come see me? he wanted to see his great
grandchild before he went which is alright with me.

  Eddie house in Chittenden Vermont

By: sspencer@nc.rr.com

Many years ago a book was written on this house that is located near where I
used to live.  The book is called "The world beyond"  I can't find any info
on this or on the internet.  I have seen the house and been inside one time.
And that was the last time!  Not many people talk about it, but many know of
it.  The family was the original settlers in the Chittenden area, and were
involved in the occult.  Many stories branch off from this.  Some dealing
with old Indian burial grounds near there.  There is a poltergeist? or
something there.  I have seen the work first hand.  The house has changed
owners many times, the last of which I knew, the house was a lodge for
skiers.  At the time I think it is again empty and or for sale.  This place
has a long history which itself is intriguing.  If your up for a good
history lesson, check it out.  Better yet, stay there!  It gets good about
1:00 - 3:00 am.  That was the time frame when the doors swung shut on us in
the living room.  I didn't stick around for the rest of the show.


By: kristie.bishop@detroit.appnet.com

It isn't exactly a haunting for me, but for my fiancé's mother, it is.   My
fiancée and I were seeing each other for about 6 months when this happened.
I was at his mother house, where he lived at the time, and it was getting
very late.  A storm was approaching, so she told me I could stay the night
(they lived about 45 miles from me, so it would have been a very long ride
home).  We sat up talking for a while about life and other such things.
The upstairs of her house is much like a loft.  A small open room with a
closet at one end and the attic entrance in the main area of the room.
There was a little bed situated under the window next to the attic entrance.
It was about 2am when we decided to go to bed.  My fiancée took me upstairs
to "tuck" me in.  I had a really strange feeling up there and I didn't want
him to leave.  Finally, he clamed my nerves down.
I was sleeping for I would say close to an hour.  I started having the
strangest dream I have ever had.  A fairly old lady came to me in my dream.
She was wearing a nice dress and had on pearls, and her hair was fixed.  She
sat on the end of the bed and called me over to sit next to her.  I sat
there with her.  We were talking.  I don't recall what the conversation was
about, but it was brief.  I awoke after the dream was over.  I had this
overwhelming sense of comfort and warmth.  I glanced over to the stairs and
noticed a shadow of a person walking down the stairs.  Needless-to-say, I
pulled the covers over my head and slept that way the rest of the night.
When we all woke in the morning, we gathered for breakfast.  There was
something strange in the air, I could feel it.  After breakfast I sat
outside with my fiancée.  I asked him if he had come upstairs during the
night.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  He told me that he didn't even
come up from the basement all night.  Then I told him what happened, the
dream and the shadow.  I described to him the lady in my dream.  He took me
inside then and took out an old photo album.  He turned to a page in the
middle to show me a picture.  I freaked out, the lady in the picture was the
lady in my dream.  Apparently, his grandmother visited me in my dream (his
grandmother was dead for about 10 years at this time).  We decided it would
be best not to tell his mother, she gets weird about that kind of stuff.  I
assumed at that point that the shadow I saw was her.
Later that day, his mom told us that she was visited by grandma that night.
It was about the same time that I saw the shadow going downstairs.  Come to
find out, his grandma spent a lot of time upstairs reading and sewing.  When
I went upstairs to gather my things, I noticed that the sewing machine was
uncovered and her favorite book was laying opened on the desk as if someone
had been reading it.
I have a couple other incidences that I would love to share with you later.

Dream Ghost

By: mjustice@wwgap.net

I have actually had several unexplained things occur in my parents house but that's another set of stories.  This story concerns my aunt and her daughter.  Seems the daughter was approx. 19 and was dating a young man the same age or a year older.  They had dated a while and at one point actually planned to marry.  Things changed between the two and they broke up.  The young man however, didn't want to split and conspired to "win her back".  He, along with a friend concocted a plan where they would go hunting, the young man a little earlier and his friend 30 mins. later.  The young man intended to "accidentally" shot himself, but not "seriously" to play upon my cousins sympathies and maybe re-unite with her.  Well off he went and he managed to some how give himself a minor wound in the leg.  Trouble is, his friend for some reason did not follow him 30 mins. later, some emergency came up or they had miss-communicated when they were going to pull this off, in any case he didn't show as planned.  Even though the wound was minor, he could not make it to help and eventually bled to death in the woods.  He was found later on in the day already dead.
Now the part of my aunt comes into play.  That night, when she was sleeping my aunt had a dream/vision/visitation, from the young man.  He told her not to be frightened but that he had a message he wanted to tell her for her daughter.  He told her to go to the library of the house and to go to a certain book on a certain row on the shelves, that in it contained a letter he had placed there to her daughter as they were breaking up telling her good bye.  Then he vanished.  The next morning my aunt went to the library and she found the book in the exact spot she was told to look for and opened it, in it was a letter un-opened to her daughter in the young mans handwriting on the front and a letter from him inside...

Dog Named Dudley

By: gig1@creative-net.net

Hi, just one quick story on our deceased dog "Dudley".  Dudley was a Dachshund and lived to be 17 yrs. old.  He loved to play with an old basketball we kept in a closet by pushing it up and down the hallway with his head and barking at it the whole time he was nudging it.  I say kept it in a closet because he had no sense with that ball...he would literally push it until he collapsed so we let him play with it only with supervision.  After he was put to sleep, because of his extended years, for months we kept picking the basketball up out of the hall floor and returning it to the closet where it was supposed to be.  It happened so many times, later we threw the ball away because it upset us too much seeing it there.  After the ball was gone we started hearing him whine and scratch on the closet door.  This went on for days and it stopped as suddenly as it started.  Some say animals don't have a soul or have an afterlife...I can attest they do...please visit my site at www.geocities.com/hauntingly_yours and see the other entities we live with.

Do I Need Help?

By: cbrownlee@CSIDS.com

My encounters also began as a child. I have never actually seen faces or
colors, I have only seen shadows.
Some in the shape of humans and some shadows can only be best described from
the movie The Haunting.
It is a large figure with a very obscure shape that I have seen several
times looming over me and beside me on the wall. The shadows very rarely
stay long enough to really be focused on, as soon as I am aware of their
presence they disappear. The shadows that are actually shaped like humans do
stay. In the middle of the night I would wake up for no reason at all and
see the shadow either above me or beside me, as I stated before. There has
only been one time where the ghost, spirit, entity, poltergeist, actually
woke me up by shaking my legs. And as soon as I awoke, there was nothing.
Until I confirmed my sightings with my older sister, I thought my eyes were
just playing tricks on me. She has not had any encounters since her
childhood, but mine have continued. Every night we both could hear voices.
As if people were having a conversation, but no matter how hard we tried to
listen, we were unable to understand what they were saying.  My encounters
did stop for about 5 years. But have since come back.
My Father-in law as well as my Grandfather have just recently died. Just
this week, Oct. 22 - Oct. 26, very unusual things have been occurring in my
apartment. (I have lived in apartments all my life) The morning of October
25, 2000, I got up just like I do every morning and began getting ready for
work. I came out of the bathroom and our television turned itself on. At
first I thought that my husband had rolled over on to the remote control,
but I then noticed that it was still on the nightstand where I placed it the
night before. The night before that I was awakened by a rather loud knocking
sound coming from the kitchen. I did not get up to investigate. The morning
of October 26, 2000 the television did not turn itself on, but did begin to
change channels. It first went to the next channel up then after a while it
wanted to go to specific channels. Only one number would come on the screen
as if it was waiting for the next number to be put in. The first number that
came up was 3-. Then 2-3 minutes later it was 9-.  If I had not had any
previous encounters, this would be very easily dismissible. I almost have a
feeling that I could possibly be my husband's father, since most of the
events occur when he is present. I don't know what to make of the all this
because this is the first time that something or someone has tried so hard
to be noticed. I am not sure of anything anymore and I don't know if I
should be afraid. I will let you know more as I know more.
Thanks for listening.


By: rkaferle@worldnet.att.net

Hi my name is katie. I am 11 year old this story is called did i see
it or not . Whan I was 3 or 4 years old. My mom said I talked to myself she
said that who were you talking to. I said angle ,but she said what was the
angle named when my mom told me. That I do not know I said the day after. I
know his name mom. I know what is his name Bob they I said to my mom do you
belive me she said no they I said it try mom it try. They the day after I
did not see him and it was a week or two. I did not see him , but I will
belive it untill this day.

Decorating Ghost?

By: SMSDES@aol.com

  I live in a typical California tract home in Huntington Beach , Ca.
I bought my home in the early 80's and began a long process of renovation.
The house is relatively new by some standards, built in the 60's.  So the
idea of it being haunted wasnt on the top of my list ( I have lived in a pre
world war 1 home that was very haunted, I will tell you this story too).
After a long day of painting and wallpapering the kitchen, I found myself
alone as everyone had gone off to bed.  As I stood looking at the new
wallpaper I couldnt help wondering if the original owners of the house would
approve or even recognize their old home.
Moments later as I stood there the feel of a finger running teasingly along
my back made me jump and turn around. I fully expected to find my husband
standing there telling me to come to bed.  There was no one there!!! I looked
to see if something had fallen off a shelf and brushed me, but the area was
completely clear .  I didn't get a scared feeling, the feeling was one of
approval and fun.  Was my ghost giving me it's approval of the new decor?
Was it someone I had known making a visit.  I ran in to the bedroom and woke
my husband to tell him what had just happened.  I think he was more shocked
at my reaction of not being frightened ( as I have been very freak out by
"visitors" in the past).  We now refer to our "decorating angel" whenever we
are doing another project around our home.
Note: my 18 year old son has "seen" a shadowy visitor in our hallway on more
than one ocassion, it is never malevolent , only a bit of that "Whoa!"
Our other very scary home ( which we left in a big hurry) was one we rented
in the early 70's in Redondo Beach, Ca. (551 Juanita st.)
This small pre WW1 house sat on a large parcel of land.  We couldnt believe
our luck at finding a house for such reasonable rent at the beach.
My husband and I were to be married that summer and the thought of living in
a beach home for our first months of married life sounded like heaven.
We scraped together our money and signed a lease for the summer.  The house
was a bit drab.  The small rooms painted a sickly pistachio green didnt help.
We moved our furniture in and tried to make it feel warm and comfortable. But
Nothing seemed to help.
We had 2 bedrooms in this house.  We chose the brighter corner room for our
bedroom. and used the longer attached room for guests and a small space for
my studio.
Our friends would drop by and all would comment on how cold the studio always
I tried to ignore this , but other things started to happen.  The door to the
room would close by itself.  Even when the house was draft free.  The feeling
of not being alone in the room would be over powering and evil at times.
I started leaving the door to that room closed at all times.
We were known for throwing large Halloween parties and had invited all who
had partied a bit hard to stay the night.  We placed several sleeping bags in
the extra room and the place was full by 2am.  We had planned on making
brunch for our guests as a surprise .
As we woke up and walked out to the living room, we noticed that everyone was
now in the front of the house, several with freaked out looks on their faces.
Not one person had slept the entire evening in that other room, they had all
felt an evil  presence and had to leave.
It made for a very interesting halloween .
That November, my husband was attending night classes at college .  I was
alone in the house when I heard voices.  2 distinct voices as if they were in
the house.  I ran to see where they came from and even went outside and
looked all around the grounds.  Nothing!
That same week, as my husband was napping on the couch, he awoke with a start
and screamed.  Standing over him was a dark shadowy figure that hovered and
disappered.  To say this was the straw that broke the camels back is an
 We started looking for a new house that very day.  We still had 2 months on
our lease, but there was no way we would stay .  This was a truly evil
We never found out who or what it was.  We have speculated over the years
that someone may have died or committed suicide in that extra room.

Dearly Departed Grandfather

By: michelle_lincks@yahoo.com

Greetings, everyone!  I don't claim to be an honest
believer of everything supernatural or paranormal by
nature.  I.E., psychics, telekinesis, etc.  But
certain things have happened to our family that just
don't happen in "normal" families.  We look at ghosts
as something average, mundane even.  Something is
always happening, so why should it be more than it is?
 I'm about to write about a case in point here.
January 17, 2000, my beloved grandfather died.  It
seems odd this story, but it really wasn't.  This all
actually took place that weekend, Saturday the 15th.
I was at my cousin Deanna's apartment for a little get
together.  At about 10 p.m., her mom called to ask if
Dee had been to her house at all that day.  Dee told
her that she had been busy all day cleaning and
shopping, and asked why her mom wanted to know.  What
she told her still gives me the chills sometimes.
That morning my aunt had hung up a pair of freshly
washed curtains in her dining room.  Understand that
my aunt has a thing for neatness.  A place for
everything, yadda yadda.  Well, her curtains were no
different.  Exactly one inch from the floor.  No more,
no less.  (Trust me, this becomes relevant to the
That afternoon, my aunt and her boyfriend left to do
some running around.  She put her old as the hills dog
in the garage.  As they pulled out of the driveway, my
aunt said she should have left her porch light on.
Needless to say, she didn't get the chance as they
were already heading down the street.
Later on that evening, my aunt comes home.  She is
greeted by the sight of her front porch light on.
(Nope, no timer on the light.  And no motion sensor
either.)  She goes in the house, and finds the back
porch light on as well.  She also notices something
wrong with the curtains she hung up that day.  Both
were touching the ground.  Plus, the left side curtain
was turned around, facing outside.  My aunt went from
the kitchen into the living room.  There she found the
oddest thing.  All of the rugs had been rolled up.
The biggest one, not very big at all, had been placed
in front of the couch.
My aunt, the poor dear, was thoroughly spooked now.
She thought she had an odd sort of burglar in her
house.  One that like to fool with the curtains and
rugs, then turn on porch lights.  She promptly ran to
her garage, where her dog was waiting.  Luckily, she
had a phone connection out there.  From the garage,
she proceeded to call my other cousin, Carolyn, from
down the street.  As she talked to my cousin,
Carolyn's husband, John, and a neighbor came by to
check the house.  My cousin asked her mom if there was
someone else with her.  My aunt said no, and then
asked why.  Carolyn told her that it sounded as if
someone had gotten on another line, listening to them.
 As she said that, both women heard an audible click,
as if someone had hung up one of the other two
That was seconds before the men made it to the house.
They searched high and low, but found nothing amiss.
Everything was as it otherwise should be, sans the
Pretty much out of her mind with fright, my aunt
refused to sleep by herself in the house.  So, another
aunt was recruited to stay with her.  Until then,
Deanna on the phone was the next best thing.
We eventually found out who was playing the pranks.
It was our great-uncle Kenny, our grandfather's older
brother, who had died when I was just a small girl.
Through the use of an Ouija board, he admitted his
guilt.  He also told us of a big party that was to be
thrown for grandpa on that Thursday, the 20th.  We had
no idea what he meant, of course.
Now comes Monday, January 17th.  This is the point in
the story that kind of strikes me as odd, even for my
family.  This is the only time where we've displayed
something close to psychic ability.  Everyone seemed
to show up at my grandparents' house.  Uncles, aunts
and cousins that I hadn't seen in months, all of a
sudden came out of the woodwork.  You see, my grandpa
had been bedridden for a year with cancer.  (Or, at
least that's what we believe he died of.)  He seemed
to get worse at times, then he seemed to get better.
But this time it was as if everyone knew what was
going to happen next.
At about 5 that evening, my grandma asked me call
grandpa's two remaining sisters.  They got to the
house by about 5:30, long enough to see grandpa.  At
exactly 6 p.m., my sister's boyfriend, a paramedic,
yelled for my grandma.  I had to hug myself to keep
from screaming.  I knew what was coming.  Grandpa was
dead. We all knew.  We were all relieved and grieved.
Relieved that grandpa didn't have to suffer anymore.
And grieved for a big part of our lives that was lost
for good.  The memories are still there, so he hasn't
really gone anywhere.  That Thursday (January 20th) we
held the wake.  I had never seen so many people.  We
almost had to have the whole funeral parlor to
ourselves.  Was that the big party Uncle Kenny
referred to?  It's possible.
That's not quite the end of the story yet.  There was
one more visitation to my aunt.  She woke up one night
after the funeral for no apparent reason.  She looked
over by her bedroom door, and saw both my grandpa and
his brother standing by the door.  She said they both
smiled, waved to her, and told her to go to sleep.
She did as she was told.  And, so far, we haven't
heard anything from them again.  Yet.
Well, I want to thank you for letting me share my
story.  It helps to tell this story.  It's one of my
favorites.  I have many more to tell, but at a later time.

Dead Man's Cliff

By:  cjseamon@home.com

Ambridge, Pennsylvania  The cliff is a favorite gathering place for high
 school kids from the Beaver County area
to drink and have a good time.  Back in 1994 a group of local kids made their
way to their local drinking spot after a friday night highschool football
game.  The night started out just like any other friday night with the kids
rolling in with their party balls, 40 oz. beers and cases of beer.  Around 12
AM in the morning it began to drizzle. Most of the kids were already pretty
liquored up, so they decided to go to their buddy's house to continue the
party and get out of the rain. On their way off the cliff Michael Pellegreni
stopped because he forgot his jean jacket.  He told his buddies to meet him
back at house because he was going to go back and grab his jacket.  The group
of friends continued on their way and just when they were about to reach the
house they heard a bloodcurdling scream. The boys ran back to find that th!
eir buddy Mike had fallen off of the cliff while trying to retrieve his
jacket.  The cliff remained off limits for about a year and a half until
local kids began to frequent it once again.  On more than one occassion the
kids have run off the cliff horrified at what they had seen. What they had
seen was Mike waking the cliff. It is rumored that the ghost of Michael
Pellegrini still walks the cliff in search of his jean jacket.  They say it
is as if he doesn't notice the kids, he just searches "Dead Man's Cliff" for
his jacket.

Dad Still Around?


A ton of supernatural phenomenon surrounds the death of my father, who in 1989 passed away suddenly and tragically. About two months before his passing, my mother and I were attending a class concerning supernatural activity. One night for kicks, they had a tarot reader come in and do a few free readings for the class. I personally have/had little or no faith in tarot/numerology, etc... but mom volunteered to participate. In her reading, the death card came up - and the reader seemed surprised and uncomfortable while explaining it didn't necessarily mean death, but rather a "major change" that would occur in her life. While we thought it was a little weird, we dismissed it and went on with our lives. Well, that major change came two months later with the unforseen (to us anyway) passing of my father.
Within six months, strange things began happening around our house and members of our immediate family. My father was a smoker - and the smell had long since disappeared from our home. But quite often (daily?), we would get a whiff of fresh smoke as we rounded a corner or were sitting watching t.v. We heard heavy footsteps emanating from my parents' room - which is right above the family room. This occurred at all times of the day, even when I had friends over after school. The cats could (and still can) be seen staring intently at something at the top of the stairs, or on the lower stairwell. Lights and t.v. turned on and off, and cool breezes would move through rooms with no open windows or doors. We would often catch a glimpse of a human figure in a white t-shirt (my father's standard dress) on the stairwell landing, and my mother woke one night to see a gray mist hovering at the foot of her bed. Strangely, my sister experienced relatively few of the happenings. Outside the home, mom's car would begin smelling of cigarette smoke during her commute to work, and my grandmother felt my father's presence with her at a church service. In addition to all of this, we heard my father's 12-string guitar (which resides in its case in an upstairs closet) strumming as we entered the house one evening, and witnessed lights moving in the hallway at night, accompanied by an intense feeling of being watched.
Most happenings have become much less frequent, and a lot of them were one-time events. But activity continues at my mom's house. Mom finds herself being tapped on the shoulders and arms at least a few times a week, and the atmosphere feels charged upon entering the house. It seems that, eleven years later, Dad is still poking around keeping an eye on the family he was pulled away from so tragically. Ironically, it was my father who used to poke fun at my mother and I for believing in all that ghost stuff. It seems perhaps that one can retain their sense of humor in the great beyond.

Coma Soul In Bayville

By: groovychainsaw@monmouth.com

For five years, my fiance S. rented a suburban house in Bayville, N.J.  To
manage the rent, he sublet the spare rooms to fellow bachelors.  In 1995 a
tragedy occurred.  A new housemate -- an insulin diabetic with an
unfortunate drinking problem -- celebrated his moving-in with a case of
Milwaukee's finest and went into a deep coma.  He was taken away in an
ambulance, and his belongings retrieved by a relative.  All told, his
tenancy lasted no more than 24 hours.  I never met this man, but I felt pity
when I heard the news.
A year later, in early October 1996, S. asked me to move in while we hunted
for an apartment of our own.  This was the first time I'd been to the house
since before the incident with the diabetic housemate, which I'd pretty much
forgotten about.
Coming from a family of "sensitives", I've always practiced psychic
self-protection.  Not even an enjoyable experience with the "uncanny" can
change my belief that it's better to be cautious than sorry.  Spirits are
everywhere, and they are unpredictable strangers.  So whenever I moved, I
always cleanse & bless my new living space, praying for the rest of any
entities present.  This time however, I felt my skeptical fiance might not
understand my ritual.  Since our stay would be short, I persuaded myself
that there was no need to unpack all my tools & carry out the
"housecleaning".  After all, I'd been to the house on numerous occasions and
never noticed or felt anything unusual.
But it wasn't long before I noticed some oddities.  No matter how warm or
bright it was outside, it was always cold & dim inside.  The air in the
livingroom was blue, and its energy dragging & sluggish as if separated from
the rest of time.  Objects and surfaces felt unaccountably sticky and dirty
even when clean.  I kept seeing things out of the corners of my eyes--
flashes of movement across doorway openings and hallways, shadows on walls
and floors.  Most alarming was the basement staircase.  I invariably
received impressions of falling while walking down it.  At its foot, this
was replaced by the distinct sensation of being physically crowded, as if
someone was standing or following you close enough to trip you.  I found I
could hardly spend more than a few minutes down there even with S. in tow.
If forced by necessity to do any errand down there alone, I did so literally
at a run.
As S. and I often worked opposing shifts, I spent a fair amount of time in
the house without him.  I always felt uneasy on my own there.  I soon found
my range of emotional alternatives diminishing sharply.  I seemed limited to
either irritability or depression, with no-inbetweens-- odd, since I was
very happy to have joined my fiance.  I felt dizzy, confused, exhausted,
unable to focus, and always slightly nauseated.  I found myself having
inordinate difficulty speaking or understanding other people's speech.
There was no explanation for these maladies.
I suffer from mild narcolepsy, a miswiring in that part of the brain which
controls descent into/ascent out of sleep.  One symptom of this neurological
disorder is catalepsy, or sleep paralysis.  Catalepsy causes speechlessness
and loss of muscular control in moments of emotional extremity, but it
really hits you hard in the morning when you're trying to get up.  A
cataleptic suffers frequent "jump-start" difficulties upon waking-- most
often the mind is alert, but the body takes many minutes, sometimes up to a
half-hour, to respond with movement.  Catalepsy always seems to go hand in
hand with insomnia, so getting to sleep is usually just as much a problem as
getting out of it.
In this house, however, I'd feel myself dragged forcibly into a sort of
"drowned" sleep as soon as I lay my head down.  Dreams would begin almost as
soon as I closed my eyes, and the time before I opened them again seemed
filled by one long disturbing movie.  I suffered intense frustration, as if
I'd never been to sleep at all when in fact I'd been out cold for nine
hours.  I could never remember the dreams when I woke.  Only their theme
remained behind-- decay, slipping downward into a hole of death, despair,
humiliation.  S. reported that at least once every night in that house, I
sat bolt upright in bed with a shriek, clutching him or the bedcovers.  I
seemed delirious, incoherent, and would toss and turn fitfully before going
back to sleep.
In the mornings my body felt like it'd been beaten.  I was in constant pain.
I sustained a great number of small injuries in the house, especially to my
head-- constantly hitting or bumping it.  I was covered with a collection of
cuts, scrapes, and bruises.  My balance and coordination were off.  The back
of my neck felt as though it were in a vise-- at times I could barely lift
my head.  I found myself having inordinate difficulty speaking or even
understanding people's speech.  My fiance and my coworkers became worried.
We found a apartment in a nearby complex, but it wouldn't be vacant
immediately.  S. and I secured the lease & started to pack and plan.  At
this point, circumstances in the house changed considerably for the worse.
I'd already begun to hate the house, and felt happy & triumphant to be
moving.  Though depressed, I felt defiant as I knew I'd be leaving soon, for
ever.  The presence in the house did not take my defiance kindly.
It was as if some sort of focus on me increased.  I felt freezing cold at
all times, drained of energy, oppressed beyond description.  My balance
worsened to the point of feeling as though the ground were tipping me off
its surface.  I stumbled & bumped into things constantly now, even at work.
One of my housemates told me he'd had nothing but bad luck here.  Shortly
after moving in, he'd had a serious car accident which had forced him to
spend weeks in pain confined to the house.  He hoped to get out of here
I began to see a figure out of the corner of my eye.  It was built like a
brick house, big & intimidating, but with no features.  As soon as I walked
into the house now, it jumped right on me like a parasite.  I sensed -- not
heard -- constant shouting in my ear.  It was angry and desperate.  Don't
go, you can't go, it said.  Just as angrily I talked back to it in my mind:
I WILL go, I AM going.  I spent every waking hour in that house arguing
silently with this presence, and only lost when I slept, because then it did
what it pleased with my dreams.  I would not give in, and neither would it.
At the same time, my "unlucky" housemate started talking inexplicably about
how much he loved the house and never wanted to leave.  He even talked about
buying it, something he was in no position to do.  I told him point-blank
that I thought it was a big mistake.  Clearly this entity wanted someone to
stay and would do anything to force one of us.
One late November night, when I couldn't think of doing laundry in that
basement one more time, I loaded my duffel bags onto a cart & walked over to
the laundromat.  There, for no apparent reason, an elderly woman stole my
empty cart & hid it in an abandoned parking lot across the highway.  I've
known this woman for some years & can attest that she is in full control of
her mental faculties.  But that night she could not explain what had
compelled her to do this.  I went across the highway to retrieve my cart,
and suddenly found myself lying flat on my back in the parking lot with the
cart on top of me.  At that moment I heard a mocking laugh, but there was no
one in sight.  Covered with mud and contusions, I walked back into the
laundromat, collected my clothing under the staring gaze of half the
patrons, and limped home.  As soon as I closed the front door behind me, I
had what some people call a "psychic slap in the face".  The voice in my ear
said very clearly, "See?  YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE."  When he came home,
my fiance found me lying on the bed, in tears and unable to move.
A second "accident" occurred near Christmas.  S. and I were at my parents'
house two towns over.  This time, I'd brought my laundry with me to do
there.  While the others watched a movie in the livingroom, I went upstairs
to turn on the dryer.  The dryer hose won't ventilate unless it is rigged to
reach the window in the room across the hall.  I took the hose into this
room and opened the window.  What happened next is inexplicable.
Now, I lived in this house for half my life, I knew everything in it like
the back of my hand, even the placement of the furniture.  To this day I can
walk through my parents' house in pitch darkness without bumping into
anything.  In addition, I have very good night vision and have no trouble
seeing in very dim light.  At that moment, the hall light was on, and as
it's bright, I could see perfectly well.  B