Colorado Springs


Ok here goes. I'm only a ten year old girl but I have a true
ghost story to tell you. Welll I live in Colorado
Springs,Colorado. Ok so my parents took me and their friends
to Cripple Creek. While we were getting a hot dog I felt a
cold hand brush past me and it felt like a frost bite and I
looked back and I saw this woman probaly about 32 years old
with really messy hair. I try to tell people that belive me
and I wanted to come to you. Thank you for your time.

College Days


I thought I would relate some experiences I had in 1985 during my college years.
My best friend from high school and I rented an old house from his grandmother. I was told before moving in about some strange happenings that sometimes took place in the house, but knowing my friend and his dead-pan sense of humor, I shrugged it off.
In a 6 month period, we had a LOT of unexplained things take place.
The first was with a window air conditioning unit. It was completely manual control. Not one with a thermostat, but one you had to turn a dial to turn on and off. We were sitting in the living room about a week after I moved in when the unit stopped. We looked at it and realized that the dial had been turned to the off posistion. We were the only ones in the room and both of us were at least 10 feet away from the air conditioner.
A few weeks later, I was in the house alone, and went to the kitchen to wash dishes. If you have ever been in an old house with wooden floors and someone else was in another part of the house, you know how you can hear and feel foot steps when someone is walking around? Well, while I was standing at the sink, I heard someone walking around in the room just beside the kitchen. When I looked in the room, no one was there.
Another incident occured when my friend and I were coming home from a movie one night, and noticed the front porch light was on, and the door was cracked open about an inch. When we got out of my car, the door suddenly shut and porch light went off. We thought someone was in the house, so we ran to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. After we unlocked the door, we searched the whole house. The only other way out of the house was the back door in the kitchen. When we got there, it was locked with a chain lock from the inside. No one could have left that way and locked it.
Besides those incidents, I can't count how many bangs and sounds of things falling to the floor we heard only to investigate and see that nothing on the floor or disturbed in anyway.
I never felt threatened, but it was kinda spooky at times.


Childhood Memories

By: Lucy

I just got done reading some of the stories on your website and boy am I goosepimply!  I know I will not sleep tonight because I will be too busy going over the memories of my own experience with the supernatural.  Here's my story and please believe me  it is all true.  My parents were poor Mexican farm workers who had 6 children altogether.  From the year 1965 to 1969 we traveled around looking for fruit to pick, traveling in a circle from Bakersfield up as far as Washington, living where we could and surviving on very little money.  My older brother and sister would go out to work with my parents in the summer and I would be left behind to babysit my little brother and 2 little sisters.  One year we traveled to Bingen, Washington for the strawberry harvest.  I was about 9 years old at the time.  Being accustomed to living in one room cabins and the like, I can remember being pleasantly surprised when my parents moved us into a very nice little house for the summer.  It was white, had a big picture window in the front, three bedrooms, and a full kitchen.  I remember it overlooked a river, a well known river but I canít remember now which river it was, and there was a creek which ran along the back of the house and past a couple of the bedrooms.  My sisters and I shared one bedroom along teh creek and hte other one was so cold no one could sleep in it so it was left empty except for a big armoire which was the only piece of furniture in the room.  I would often hear footsteps running along the creek and past the bedroom at night.  There were two beds in our bedroom.  One was shared by two of my sisters and I slept in the other with my baby sister.  One night, my other sisters had fallen asleep.  Baby sis and I lay in bed talking softly with each other as we often did before we drifted off to sleep when we both suddenly stopped talking.  I was filled with a feeling of dread and eeriness which my sister says she felt too (she hates to talk about it even to this day but we sometimes do just to verify it really happened).  We felt something come into the dark bedroom.  We could not see it as we had pulled the blankets up tight over our heads.  My mouth went dry and my throat closed up so I couldn't scream.  This young woman (and I donít know how I know it was a young woman) came in and sat on our bed.  We can both remember the bed compressing or leaning down on the bottom end on the side where my sister lay.  It sat there for a bit then got up silently and left.  Another time, I was babysitting during the day and had deposited my brother and little sisters in the bathtub and was standing in the living room looking out the window.  In the picture window there were three decorative bottles filled with colored water.  I picked up the one in the middle (it had green water in it) and shook it and watched the sediment float down to the bottom of the bottle.  As I stood there holding the bottle, I felt something come up behind me.  It made the hair on teh back of my neck prickle like it was blowing on my neck or something -- I dropped the bottle which shattered and broke.  I will try my best to describe what happened next.  At the precise moment I dropped the bottle, my little brother and sisters started singing this little song -- I ran terrified into the bathroom only to see them -- and all three of them -- sitting in the tub -- they were making sawing motions on their little necks, chanting.  They chanted "kotchie kotchie kotch kotch", then wagged their little heads from one side to another while making boo hoo noises and rubbing imaginary tears from their eyes with their balled up fists.  I screamed at them to stop it and asked them where they had heard the song and they said they had just made it up and were playing a game.  It scared the hell out of me.  All three of them distinctly remember this happening.  Incidentally, the Spanish name for knife is "cuchillo" which is very close to what they were saying.  There were other things that happened in that house too, but this message is already too long.
I recounted everything to my parents but they just laughed and said I had an overactive imagination.  I sure wish I knew where the house was located so I could look into the history of the house but every time I try to bring it up to my mother, she makes me feel ridiculous for asking and clams up tight.
The years went by and my parents finally settled down and stopped migrating but I was plagued with night terrors after living in that house.  I would be afraid to go to sleep at night for fear I would have nightmares.  They abruptly stopped when I moved out of my parents house and went off to live on my own.



Im somewhat reluctant to tell this and dont know the name of the hotel. It is the only historic first class hotel in chatanooga so will be easy to find.
I was staying in a suite on the 12th floor and was in the hotel bar. I asked the bartended to tell me the most interesting piece of history about the hotel.
He said if youll notice on the outside one room has bars over the window.
I got a cold chill.
He continued that room 311 (as I recall) is haunted. That  a mans mistress was murdered there.
I asked him if it was occupied and he said no. He again pointed out that it had bars on the window and really couldnt explain why.
I asked if I might get a key just to go in there at midnight. (why midnight was just straight out of the movies)
At 11:55 pm I went to the third floor and to the door of the room. I slipped in the plastic "key" and opened the door. I proceeded slowly and had the most intence feeling of an evil presence I have ever felt in my life. While looking straight ahead I reached behind me and flipped the light switch...nothing happened. (keep in mind this is a luxury hotel) I took two more slow steps and there was single bed straight ahead with the covers twisted in a knot. A luggage holder was laying on its side. In an anjacent room there was an evil spirit, evil beyond comprehension, waiting for me. I stopped and backed out and closed the door.
When I returned to my room I phoned the front desk and and thanked them for the key. I told them the room was trashed and that I certainly had no part in that. There was a long silence. They had sent a cleaning crew up at 10pm to insure its order for me to go in at midnight.
I was dumbfounded.
This is a true story I promise and gives me a chill yet to recount.



I was told by my kids that I could not scare them, so I decided I was going to take them to the cemetery at night and light candles and just sit there,. Well I had heard a story of how haunted this grave yard was but never believed it. well  while I was telling them about a  guy who is buried in that grave yard the candles started to do some strange things. We had two candles side by side one candle was almost being blown out and the other was not even flickering. This I pointed out to my brave kids and even though it was strange I still did not believe at this time the place was haunted.. So I kept on with the story about Tony. the farther into the story I got the more the one candle was going nuts. We finally had to relight the one while the other was still not moving. So on with the story of Tony I went, now we started hearing things in the back ground of the grave yard like some thing moving around even though we knew we were alone. I thought this was the perfect time to pull my cute little scare tactic. I was going to go behind a tree and act like some one pulled me back. ( So I thought ). When I did get up to go next to the tree some one did grab my shoulder, When I looked back there was no human being there , that I could see. That was it Mom was the one scared now. I left the yard never to return at night. Later a few friends told me they left tapes when they were kids there in the same yard I was at and they said they heard whispers on the tape the next day when they went and got it.  Several people since that night  said they have had experiences there in that yard. no one goes in there at night any more except for unbelievers and they all leave believing.

Cemetery Ghost


    I live in  NJ.  There is a cemetary there called Lakeview
Memorial.  Many stories of people being buried alive or dumped in occupied
graves have been adopted around the places.  I never believed it.  I am a
kind of "show me and I'll believe you" guy.  Not anymore.  Now, I still am in
college, and when I was in high school, I was dared to go inside the cemetary
with my girlfriend and my friend, Jeff.  The bargain was 5$ an hour.  We
figured it was easy money, so we agreed.  Late one night we went in.  We were
walking around and we rested at a grave.  Then we decided to rest elsewhere.
When we came back to the first grave we were at, a red rose was there.  It
was fresh.  That was the first time we freaked.  Then we began hearing
laughter, ! like a child.  Little footprints appeared where we were standing
moments ago.  We freaked.  In the end, we stayed for 45 minutes.  It was the
longest in my life.  We never got any money, just begged not to mention it

The Can Cellar Ghost

By: Morgan

I think my Grandmother's old house was haunted. But since she moved out
of it while I was nine, I never got any positive evidence. It was huge.
(her house) It had the whole 9-yards; 2 white pillars in the front, a
foyer, a long dining room with authentic crystal chandelier, a sun room,
4 bedrooms... everything. It also had a large, multi-room attic, a 3
room basement, a can cellar, and a wine cellar. I was fine with the
attic- even at night. But I could NOT go into that basement. A lot of
people have told me that I was just a kid and no kids like going to
basements because they're dark. Not this one. It had windows everywhere.
There was more light down there than in the sunroom. Probably because it
was so big. Anyway, I'd never heard of, let alone been into, the wine
celler because when my mom was little they cleaned it out and boarded it
up. (it was right under the stairs) One afternoon, (when I was 7 I
think) I was walking down the stairs. To my right was the can cellar,
and to my left were the other 2 rooms. I heard the washing machine going
and figured my mom was down here helping out All of a sudden I heard
glass shatter. It sounded like it had come from under me, but I "knew"
that couldn't happen. So I ran into the other room
to see if my mom was hurt, and there was no one there. The washing
machine had never been running because the lid was open. I checked the
drier, and there was nothing in there either. I was really scared at
this point. I stil had to go to the can cellar to get peaches for my
grandmother. I will NEVER forget what happened next. I HATED the can
celler with all my heart. It just didn't feel right in there. I passed
the stairs and my grandfather's old desk and chair. All of a sudden the
chair spun. Well, I RAN to that can cellar so fast my feet couldn't
carry me. The can cellar was L shaped, and it had a small 40 watt bulb
w/ chain hanging from the celing. The peaches were in the WAY back,
and needless to say, 40 watts didn't cut it.
Since the light was in the middle of the room, You had to enter in
darkness. Well Since I was running, and there was no door, but a very
high step, I  tripped and fell into the cellar. All of a sudden the air
changed. It got really cold and really dense. Which I could understand
if the room had a door, but like I mentioned, it didn't. I heard a faint
laughing, and I looked up. There was this dark cloud that was almost the
shape of an over-easy egg; kind of undefined with a REALLY dark spot in
the middle. I screamed, grabbed the first can I saw, and bolted out of
there. They have since torn the house down, and I'm glad, because
whatever was there didn't want to have company.



       It happen one night when i stayed up watching Demon.(scary movie).
and my mom told me she was gonna scare me, i didnt think anything about it
until something scary happen.  When i went down to bed i shut all the lights
out and lefted my door cracked open, i dont know why i didnt shut it. about a
minute later i heard something breathing at my door, it was heavy breathing
like a man or a heavy women. I shouted "stop mom your not funny". well my mom
sleeps in the next from beside me, so i thought it was her. I yelled again
telling her to stop, but the breathin kepted going it was scaring me half to
death, i let it go on for acouple of minutes until  i realize that when my
mom usually gets up she usies the bathroom, so i get out of bed and go into
the next room where my mom sleeps and i saw her laying in bed snooring, so
she's been laying th! ere for awhile. that scared the sh*t out of me so i ran
back into my room turned on the light, shut the door and tryed to go to
I told my mom about it the next day, she called me crazy and said it was all
in my head.

Shrine at Auriesville


About 30 years ago, my sister-in-law and I visited the Shrine at Auriesville,
New York in the Mohawk Valley.  It's a Catholic shrine dedicated to St. Isaac
Jogues and his followers who were martyred there by the Mohawk indians.
We were walking around enjoying a beautiful crisp winter day when we saw a
nun in the old fashioned nun's habit the reached the ankles playfully holding
on to a very thin tree and swinging around it.  She never showed up on the
other side.  We were both looking at it and were flabbergasted.  We shook our
heads and said, "Naaahhh".
So then we went into the huge circular church.  We were in there about 5
minutes when a nun came walking down the aisle.  She headed toward the altar.
 We were busy looking at the ceiling and the carvings when my sister-in-law
said, "O.K.  Where's the nun?!!?"  We had turned away for not even 15 seconds
and she was gone.  If you ever were in the church at Auriesville you would
know that because it's built in a circle you can't hide and to reach an exit
would take more than 15 seconds because it's so big.
Years later my husband and brother were walking around the grounds and down
in a ravine is a dying figure of Christ laid out on a slab.  They saw a woman
with long black hair praying over it.  The blinked their eyes and she was
So to make a long story short . . . Auriesville, the scene of much tragedy is
probably overrun with spirits.  The entire place is dedicated to death.  And
it's about 50 or more acres of sorrowful statues and scenes in the museum of
the saints having their fingers chewed off by indians.  I'll never go back.
I prefer my religion to be happy and good.
It's very easy to find if you would like to investigate.  It's right on the
Mohawk River between Amsterdam and Fultonville.

Very Old Cemetery

By: Anonymous

just the other day my husband and i
visited a very small ,very old cemetary(been doing family tree research).the
whole time we were there i felt as though someone was walking beside
me,gideing me,i kept focusing on a certain tombstone at the back of the was a  man i never knew and am not related  to.i mentioned it to
my husband and he said he also sensed a presence there.when we were
leaving,my husband was ahead of me and as  soon as i started to cross the
property line of the cemetary i smelled cigar you have to
understand this cemetary is in the middle of nowhere,the closest house or
building is at least a quarter mile either way.when i turned to see if i
could still smell the smoke it was gone(the smell not the tombstone).my
husband dosen't smoke and i haden't had a ciggeret in almost an hour befor we
got to the cemetary.also about three months ago i told my husband i couldn't
get his friend out of my head.he looked at me odd,wondering what the heck i
was talking about,and i said i hope his friend didn't wreck another car(he
kindof dose this often)then about a week ago my husband called his friend to
see what was going on for thanksgiving.during the conversation his friend
told him he wrecked his car.i've always wanted to either inhance this gift or
loose it completely.this inbetween stuff is maddening sometimes.any help you
can give in this area would be greatly appreciated.also i was able to tell my
mom exactly what her childhood home looked like on the inside,just from a
dream.a house that had been torn down years befor i was even born.



    One night i decided to go to bed and i layed in my bed,awake.I couldn't
sleep because i felt like something was wrong in my house.I heard a little
girl yell in my room,"Ahhhhhhh!its gone!its gone!" i sat up quickly and
looked around.I layed back down after 10 minutes.Then i heard her humming a
song and skipping around.I sat up again and she stopped.That was only the
beggining of this...
   Recently i felt like someone was laying next to me in my bed.Then i turned
around and i felt like feathers were brushing against my ear.Then i heard the
little girl say something and then giggle.I sighed,not afraid because of all
the sightings i have seen in my house over the years.Recently about 3 days
ago i started to try to commmunicate with the girl's ghost.But there was no
answer.Then i got a pen and stuck it losely in my hand and closed my eyes and
turned away.I said in my room,"If you are there,write your name on this piece
of paper." My hand jolted back and went numb,then it moved without my
control.When i got feeling back in my hand i looked at what the ghost had
wrote.I read the scribbly marks and it said "Anna" I yelled,"IF  your name is
Anna,give me a sign." The curtains in my room flew up(i had no fan on or
anything,or a window open) Then i walked to my mirror,and looked around(i
recently can only see some ghosts in the mirror) i must have frightened
"Anna" and i saw a small orb fly into my closet and disappear.She is now not
afraid of me or anything..She is kinda like a ghost '"Friend" and she only is
in my room.I now have a tape recorder and a camera in my room,handy,so next
time Anna comes,ill either tape her voice or a pic of her.

An Odd Conversation


The year was 1985, and I was 15 years old.  My father had sent me to
Northern Germany to an old farmhouse that belonged to a childhood friend of
his.  The primary objective was for me to learn to speak some German.  The
farmhouse was built in approximately the 1780's.  Built of giant timbers and
pieced together in a fascinating method that used no nails or brackets, I
was immediately fascinated by the entire structure and I took it upon myself
to begin exploring every square inch of it.  After spending several days
exploring all of the rooms from the inside as well as studying the structure
from the outside, I discovered that an entire portion of the house was
actually, "missing."  Not missing, of course, but rather, "sealed off."  I
became fascinated by this and spent hours combing all of the walls adjoining
the sealed off area attempting to determine where hallways or doors were
most likely sealed off.  Due to the odd layout of the floorplan, I wasn't
able to precisely figure out where sections had been sealed off.  In
frustration, I sat down on an old trunk located on the third floor (which
was a semi attic converted to a bedroom.)  As I sat quietly pondering why
someone would seal off a section of the house, I began to hear voices.  I
wasn't frightened.  The voices were of two men having what sounded like a
normal conversation, and they very well could have been coming from just the
next room...  They were speaking in German so I actually didn't understand
much of it.  I sat and listened to the conversation for what seemed like 2
or 3 minutes.  Oddly, I simply accepted that the voices were those of the
workmen who had been repairing sections of the roof for the past few days.
I had seem them working up there, and I subconsciously accepted the
conversation to be the workers.  Eventually, I walked back down the stairs
and met my father's friends in the Kitchen.  I casually asked when the
workmen would be finished with the roof.  The Mrs. replied that the workers
had already completed yesterday and the workers were already gone.  That
struck me as odd, although I didn't mention what I had heard.  I then
presented my theory to her about how I thought a section of the house was
sealed off.  She grew very quiet and gazed upon me for a few uncomfortable
moments.  From what I understood, she explained that a section of the house
was used to hide Jewish families during WWII and that was why it was hidden
so well.  After the war, no one ever bothered to take the walls back down.
She, herself, had never even been in that part of the house.  She also
claimed that she didn't even know where the secret entrance was.  Now the
hairs on the back of my neck were bristling.  I still didn't say anything
about the voices.  A few hours later, one of the daughter's came home from
work, and I asked her if she ever had any weird experiences around the
house.  She was all to eager to tell me that she had oftentimes heard voices
in the middle of the night, and she said that she once even saw a man
standing in the corner of the attic on the third floor.  She admitted that
she hated it up there and she tried to avoid going up there.  At that point,
I admitted my experience and she didn't appear that surprised except for the
fact that I claimed the voices were so clear.  The voices she heard were
always muffled and indistinguishable, however the conversation I hear was
loud and clear!  If only I had spoken better German, I could possibly have
know what they were talking about!  I have visited that old farmhouse at
least 5 times since 1985 and I have since married one of the daughters, but
I have never heard or seen anything odd in the house since that first visit.



I had an experience about 10 years ago which has left me baffled,
and my friends thinking im derranged.
I live in rural Northamptonshire in the UK and have a real sad hobby.
I'm into Victorian railway architecture. The area I live in is a haven
for people with such an interest as it was the hub of a once vast rail
network. This is all now dissused and abandoned but the main engineering
features still abound, and I spend many hours taking photographs.
The incedent took place, as I said about 10 years ago. I was in a very
remote rural area with only a tiny village within proximity, and I was
walking an old trackbed photographing bridges and other features, but
I was constantly being thwarted by the presence of a lady out walking her
dog, a border collie. Not to be outdone I decided to continue my photo
shoot and tried to keep them both either well into the distance, or as
far out of camera as possible, despite my efforts however she, or the dog
seemed to get into every shot. She eventually left with her dog and I then
continued uninterrupted for about another hour or so, untill the light began
to fade, and I decided to call it a day, having shot three rolls of film.
I began my long walk back to the car and started my journey home. This is
where things take a twist. As I turned a corner in my car I was suddenly forced to
stop due to a dog lying injured in the road, having apparently being hit by a
car. As I got out of my car and approached the dog I recognised it as being the
dog belonging to the lady im most of my pictures. The dog was badly injured and
any attempt to touch it would have resulted in a serious bite, so I could'nt
move it from the road to a safer place, so I decided to wait to see if someone
came along who could go into the village for help. Eventualy a young guy
came by on a cycle and said he knew the owner and would go for help. I sat on the
hood of my car and lit a cigarette, and waited. Then the dog raised its head and
looked at me and said In the most frightening thing I have ever witnessed "Help Me". I
still cannot totally accept that this thing really took place. Anyway, to cut it
short the dog had to be destroyed as it had severe head and spinal injuries. Two
days later when I collected my films from the lab, two complete rolls of film
were completely blank, just total black kness. These were the rolls of film shot
with the woman and the dog in, the third roll of film had no problem at all and
provided some really nice shots. It later transpired that the woman had died
some 18 months prior to the incedent and the dog was in fact being looked
after by her sister, who was unaware that the dog had got loose and was wandering
the area where his former owner used to walk him. Does any of this make sense to you,
 because it sure makes no sense to me.Kindest regards

Albino Lady of Rochester Cemetary


    I am 21 years old and I have been interested in the paranormal for a relatively short time.  Well, my friends and I were talking about the subject the other day and the Albino Lady came up.  So we decided to go to Rochester Cemetary and try to catch a glimpse, or get some positive proof of the existence of the Albino Lady.  She has been a legend around Topeka that I have heard about ever since I moved here in March of 1993.  So this is what we all together have heard.  The Albino Lady supposedly was raped and killed in that cemetary.  Whenever a group of guys and a girl go in, she comes out to watch after the girl.  Now, I must say that I have been there quite a few times, and at first we never saw her.  I'm guessing it was because it was usually me and my guy friends going out there.  But, recently we started going out there with girls in the group.  The results have been better when there have been fewer people.
    The first time we went with a girl, it was myself and two of my friends; one male, one female.  We were there for about twenty minutes or so before we saw, or heard what we think is our first sign of the Albino Lady.  We walked around the right perimeter of the cemetary first, because there was a full moon, and that area was clear and well lit.  When we stopped walking for a bit, both me and my male friend got a sharp chill in total unison.  So we decided to move.  We moved right into the heart of Rochester.  We stood right in the middle, being wary of the surrounding graves,   For about another ten minutes, we stood there, and nothing.  So I said "Why don't we move over there?" and we proceided to do so.  We hadn't taken our first step, when we all heard the most bone chilling scream any of us have ever heard.  And this was no I'm scared, there's a wolf after me scream.  It was nasty.  I would compare it more to a very angry animal, but I have never in my life heard any animal make that noise.  We then started walking very briskly towards the car.  If you had heard it, you would understand.  It was scary.  It kind of gained strength, like it took a second or so to get to full volume and octave level.  As we were briskly walking back, we felt as if something was following us, and the scream started up again.  We then ran back to the car.  We left there for the evening.
    The next time was very uneventful.  There were too many people.  It wasn't organized or well planned at all.  We also got busted by the cops and had to get out about ten minutes after we got there.  So we cut our losses, and went home.
    The last time we were there, which was four nights ago, everyone that went with us saw her.  I'm kicking myself for not bringing a camera, but I won't make the same mistake twice.  So we got there and did dthe exact same thing as we did the first time.  Right perimeter, wait a while, everything the same.  This time it was the same female friend from the first time and two of my male friends.  We waited, as I said, in the clearing for a bit, then just as the first time, moved up into the middle.  We waited there for a while and still saw nothing.  I then said that I wanted to go back to the back of the place because out of all the times I had been there, I never went all the way back.  So we started walking back, and got about 50 feet from the left perimeter wood line and we saw some movement of some sort, still undecided on, but we started to freak out and run away.  But I stopped and decided that I was not leaving until I had fully proven to myself that she is real.  And let me tell you, I DID.  We started walking back to the rear again, and the girl with us saw her and started going over by her.  I didn't see her at this time, but she was back in the trees to the left where we had seen the movement.  We got about 20feet away from the wood line and we could tell there was something white moveing in the woods.  It wasn't glowing or anything, it was simply reflecting the light the moon was putting on her.  I still wnted a closer look and decided to move up a little farther.  I was then about ten feet away from the trees and I saw a white figure simply standing right in front of me along the treeline.  I turned and said "I'm going to shine my flashlight on it." and turned back around to shine the light and the white figure was gone.  We started running towards the exit at that time.  We're still new at this so we don't really have the legs for it quite yet, you could say.  We are still very serious about it.  So my two guy friends got separated from me and my girlfriend.  We slowed down and started walking to look for them.  We saw a reflection of a reflector on a gate that we thought was our friends but was not.  We were standing there, hwever, trying to figure out what it was when I looked back and saw the same white figure about twenty feet behind us.  We started running again.  We ran a good 50 feet when I looked back and she was gone.  We slowed to a walk again, but I still felt weird.  As soon as we slowed down, I looked back yet again and saw the figure, still about twenty feet behind us.  We ran down the hill and on to the road, right in front of a police car.  He was cool and let us go.  Our friends met us back at our car and we drove away, all scared s**tless, but at the same time felling exhilerated.
    I finally have all the proof I need of not only general paranormal activity, but the Albino Lady herself.  Next time, I'm taking a camera and anything else I can to help document my findings.  I will swear to this story until the day I die, and my friends will to.  In fact, they'll tell you the exact same story.  I have to say it was great fun, and I can't wait to do it again.



My boss and a salesperson and I were driving the van back to my boss's house
in an older nieghborhood they both lived in in Macon when they got into a
conversation about on old house in his neighborhood that had been on the
market unsold for years.  The story was that several people had died there
under odd circumstances, and one girl who lived there had died in a car wreck nearby.  At the time, I dismissed it as a good story and forgot the whole thing.
About a month later, I had a dream that I was somehow in a girls car as if
sitting in the back seat while she drove down a nearby road.  I could
vividly see the orange on the dash.  Suddenly she veered off the road and hit a
utility pole at the bottom of a steep hill and I found myself looking at her
from the front and her distinct eyes were
gesturing as if to say, "do you see it?!"  I shot out of bed and was awake
and sweating just like the lame cliche you see in the movies.  The dream
bothered me so much that I began to do a bit of research on the house.  I
did find out that 4 people with the house had indeed died between 1 and 3 in the
morning.  Most disturbing was the story I pieced together about the girl.  I
had NEVER seen a picture of her
and in fact lived in another state when she died in 1985 at age 19.
What I found was that she was a model who had been on Christmas break from
college and visiting home when she was killed.  She had been drinking at a
party and her friends took her home and put her to bed.  Sometime between 1
and 3 in the morning, she had snuck out of the house and gotten into her
grey Mazda RX7.  She plowed into a utility pole at the bottom of a steep hill less that a quarter mile from the house, but the head injuries did not kill her.  She had a
cigarette that tumbled into her lap and smoldered a wool skirt she was
wearing while she was dazed.  From the vantage point of neighbors it was
impossible to see the wreck due to a high rising
hill which would have obscured the view.  Nobody heard it and she died of
asphyxiation while in the car.  I located an obituary which did not show a
clear phot, so then I managed to find a yearbook from her school in the
library.  I just about fell over when I saw her eyes staring back at me!!
It was the SAME girl from my dream!!
I never told anybody about this or a couple of susequent dreams I've had
Over the years.  I later learned, however, that she had showed me the exact spot
she had died.



 i work at a catholic school . i work as an aid with the pre school day we were sitting on the floor with the children in what we
call circle time.while the teacher and i and the children were sitting on
the floor the floor got very warm next to us and then a smell of something
burning got very strong so i went and got the janitor and we took the kids
out of the room. nothing was found.this happened about a year and a half
ago.i still work at the same place and just recently i was in the office
running off something on the xerox and one of the teachers in the upper
grades came running in the office and said he just got the wits scared out
of him because he was sitting at his desk and he could feel someone
standing in front of him.when he looked up a young girl was standing in
front of him.(his class was not in the room at the time ,they were out to
gym)well, when he had come in the office and told what happened the
principal said that he heard children laughing as he was coming up to the
second floor of the school.when he got by the rooms none of the children
were in the rooms.what do you think of that.after i heard that i thought
back to the warm spots on the floor and think that maybe they were children
of ghosts sitting in with us.ialso have another story to tell.i bought a
house in 1979 and already had one child that was three and pregant with my daughter used to stay in the upstairs and talk and play with
someone.i would ask her who she was talking to and she would tell me aunt
sally and her one day i got tired of her doing this and i said show
me where the are and she took me upstairs and pulled the door back and said
they were in behind the door.i just figured they were imaginary
friends.then one day she came down the steps and told me that sally said to
name the baby kelly.i was almost due and was still not sure of a name.i
never thought anything else about it and i delivered my baby and i named
her girls are now out of high school and i have been divorced from
their father since they were 5 and day kelly decided that she wanted
to go live with her father .so she did .( she was in 9th grade).she was
there for a few weeks and called me on the phone and said that the  house
was haunted and she wanted to come back home.well, she ended up coming back
and her and her sister were talking and she said why didn't you want to
stay at daddys house.she thought that she just used that as an excuse to
not stay there anymore amd kelly told her sister that the place was haunted
and she was scared and she described the ghosts to her and it turned out
that it was the same imaginary friends that told her sister when she was
three to tell me to name her kelly. so the bottom line here is that a ghost
named my child for me 19 years ago. there dad still lives in that house to
this day.i am remarried.kelly has not been in that house since 9th grade.
ive owned 3 houses in my life time and two were haunted.the one i live in
now is a new constuction because i am tired of the second house
was haunted with a young women in a white gown.i could keep going on about
my experiences but i would be glad if you could just take the time to read
these ones.thanks

A Phantom Fire


     As I was driving to work one mid afternoon a few years back, (I
     worked nights at the time.) I noticed a column of smoke in the
     distance that was rising into the sky.  I thought it might be a
     house that was on fire, or that maybe someone was clearing brush.
     As I got closer, I was able to follow the column of smoke to the
     edge of the woods.  As I passed, I noticed what seemed to be a
     bonfire that had gotten out of control and was now starting to
     catch the trees under it on fire.
     I did what any good citizen would do and called the fire department
     from my cell phone to inform them of the spreading fire.  I was
     asked for an exact location, but because the fire was at the edge
     of the woods and there were several miles between crossing roads, I
     could not do that.  I instead told the dispatcher that I would turn
     around and try to give landmarks for the firemen to use to find the
     Funny thing was, as I was heading back the other way towards the
     growing fire, there was no longer any smoke.  Since I had the
     dispatcher on the phone still, I informed him of this and offered
     to him that maybe the property owners had put out the fire.  When I
     drove back by the area that was engulfed in flames not minutes
     before, to my bemusement I could not see even the slightest trace
     that a fire was ever there!  The trees were not burnt and the
     ground was green.  There was no smoke in the air or anything.  Not
     even the smell of smoke!!
     To say the least, I was a bit embarrassed and told the dispatcher
     to disregard my call and hoped he would not call the cops to have
     me arrested for making a prank phone call.  He said understood
     (probably thought I was crazy) and would not report me to the
     I still see that phantom fire burning like it was yesterday!!  Has
     anybody else had this kind of experience?  If so, drop me an email
     at  I'd like to know that I'm not alone.

A Most Unusual Experience

I have got to share what happened just last night (well, actually it was
about two in the morning). A couple of friends and I just got to my house
after helping with the inventory of my aunts Trade Secret store at Eagle
Ridge Mall. As soon as we entered through the screen door, I was fumbling
with my keys when I heard my TV on. I unlocked the door and grabbed my
sword (an old ceremonial blade I got at an antique store) and went
through the house, looking in every room and checking locks. No one was
there, all the locks were the same as I left them. I turned off the TV,
it had been on channel 4, the one channel we use whenever we put a movie
in the VCR, which was also on. Curious, I looked in the VCR and there was
a Ninja Turtles cartoon tape that I had just gotten for my 4-year old
cousin! Now, I know I have a ghost in my house. It opens doors, once
tried to lock me out, messes with my swords and sunglasses (always hiding
them), looks through the papers in my grandmother's room whenever she's
asleep, and just making the odd noise every now and then. My friends and
I realized that the ghost, whom I've named Susie Q, had been watching a
Ninja Turtles tape! Unusual, eh? Trust me, it happened. Before I typed
this, I asked everybody if they had been in the house during the day. No
one had.

A Maine Experience


I'll be honest, even though I have had three seperate experiences over
the years, I have never really let them be a big part of my life but
have told them to friends over the years, normally during this time of
year.  I wouldn't even be writing if I didn't see this sight mentioned
on the news due to our proximity to Halloween but the events that
happened to me were very real.  I have not read readers stories here yet
so I am unfamiliar with format so edit this at will as long as you don't
tamper with the events as they occured.
    I am from Maine but have lived in Los Angeles for the last ten years
but my extended family is still there.  My Aunt and Uncle lived in a
town called Norway, Maine, in a two story house that was on top of a
very steep hill, so that from the lowered back yard, the house was
stilted and looked far more than two stories.  It also contained an
attic that, technically was a third floor as it had it's own windows,
and also a basement that in some sense was a fourth floor as my two
cousins had a play room down there and the laundry room also.
    Anyway, when I was seven I went to spend the weekend because my
cousins were the same age and a year younger so I always enjoyed
spending time with them.  We had a great time playing as usual though I
felt uneasy in the basement for some reason.  Finally on my second night
there as I lay in bed - they had a big house and I was given my own room
to sleep in- was when my unease took shape.  Understand that I had
already spent a night and was fine, and also that particular night we
were playing with a light bright which was something my family couldn't
afford at the time so I was having a good time, no reason to feel
uneasy.  But that night about midnight I awoke, if I ever managed to get
to sleep at all, and I looked at the doorway  which was purposefully
left open so I could get the benefit of the hallway light if I needed to
find my way to the restroom at night, and what did I see but a tall thin
figure standing in the doorway.  The figure was pure black and his head
literally touched the top of the doorframe but he was strangely thin for
someone so tall.  There was no sense of calm in me, I freaked.  This was
not my uncle checking in on me as he was short and to put it politely,
girth challenged.  Since I was on the second floor there was only one
way out, through that doorway and I ran for it.  I ran around or through
the figure, screaming, straight to my Aunt and Uncle's room where I
spent the night.
    The next morning I didn my best to believe it was a dream but when
my cousins and I went to the basement to play I was so uneasy I
convinced them to spend the rest of the day outside until my parents
came that afternoon.  As we played at the sandpit in the lowered
backyead I looked up towards the attic window and saw a person I did
not recognize staring down at us.  It was not a black figure, it had a
face but I don't know the person, he seemed rather old.  I looked away
and didn't want to scare my cousins as they had to live there so I
didn't say anything but looking back twice, he was still looking down.
The third time he was gone.  Needless to say I was glad when my parents
picked me up that afternoon.  I went back a few times and experienced
nothing but my relatives moved out shortly thereafter to a new house
which I never had any bad feelings about.
    When I reached high school and had relayed another experience to my
family, that Aunt, without knowing what I had experienced that weekend
went on to tell me the story of what was going on in her old house.
According to her things were constantly moving in the house and things
were constantly disappearing.  Also water constantly appeared around the
laundry room but every plumber who came out couldn't find anything wrong
with the washer or the plumbing.  The more problematic thing was that
when they would go out they would return and every light in the house
would be on, including the attic and the heat would be turned up
unbearably high.  They would search the house for intruders but no one
was there.
    The camel back straw came one night when my uncle walked from the
second floor to the first to get a drink late at night and the t.v.
suddenly turned on at full blast.  The next day my Aunt and Uncle went
to the base of the basement stairs where many of the odd happenings
seemed to occur and yelled out, "Look, we know you're here but if you're
going to be here look after us and protect us, don't bother us."
Apparently the weirdness stopped after that but they moved soon after
anyway.  My Aunt says the new people moving in called them within a week
and she told them what to say but I don't know what happened after
that.  In the new house my relatives have led a great and happy life,
and everyone is doing very well.
    I have had two other totally unrelated experiences since then which
I will write about later.  As I said, I don't dwell on these events,
though they terrified me, but they did happen.  Ė PC

A Little Girl


When I was seven months pregnant with my third child I started to stay home with my 2 year old daughter instead of working.  Almost daily my daughter around the same time each day would stop watching TV and annouce that she was going to go play with "that little girl" or either "that little girl is here to play with me".  I thought nothing of it figuring that she was lonely in our new house and had developed an imaginary friend.
One night while in bed with my husband I was awaken by my daughter calling for me "Mommy, Mommy..." Without even opening my eyes I told her to come into my room.  After saying this I must have dozed back off because again I was awaken by my daughter calling "Mommy, Mommy" Only this time she was crying like she could'nt find me.  I got up and went to my bedroom door which was right beside my side of the bed, but where I could not see out without getting out of bed.  I stood in the doorway and could still clearly hear her calling to me only the voice was coming from right in front of me and I could see down the hall into my daughter's room where she was sound asleep.  I jumped back into bed and woke up my husband who immediatley told me I was crazy and that I had dreamed the whole thing.  I tried to sleep but needless to say I could not.  The next day right on schedule my daughter announced that she was going to play with "that little girl".  I peeked in on her playing but did not see anything unusual although she did talk as if someone was in the room with her (not unusual for a 2 year old).  I decided that my husband was right and that I had dreamed the whole thing up, probabley pregnancy hormones.  That night when I fell asleep the same thing happened again.  The little voice sounded afraid so lost and scared.  This continued daily with my daughter's playmate and nightly with me hearing voices.  I asked my mother who was very concerned and told me to be careful of letting a spirit in because they could be deceitful and may only be pretending to be a child so that we would welcome it.  We also began trying to find out where the spirit may had come from but to no avail.  The voices became so frequent that whenever I would get up at night like most pregnant women do I would expect to see "her".  In my mind I had a perfect picture of how she looked right down to the clothes that she wore even though I never saw her.  This continued for months until one evening...
I was sound asleep when I was awoken by my husband shaking me.  He was terrified.  I asked him what was wrong.  He said "I heard it."  Not understanding I asked him what he had heard. "The little girl she was standing by you calling for her mommy.  I didn't see her but her voice was right beside you."  He then wanted to pull my daughter out of bed and make her sleep with us until we found a new house (we needed a bigger place with a new baby coming).  I explained to my husband that the spirit was friendly and would not harm her if it had not already.  My husband lay awake all night shaking so badly that he kept me awake.  After that I never heard from her  and my daughter never went to play with "that little girl" again.
If anyone knows why this spirit came to me or why she may have left after my husband's encounter with her or if you have similar stories please e-mail me.

" Unknown Happenings "

 I live in an ordinary 3 bedroom house
in South Australia. Since I have moved in some weird things have happened but
are beginning to happen more often since 2x other friends of mine have moved in
with me. I was sharing the place with another friend of mine who is very plain
and simple and believes in what he can see and feel. I never asked him or spoke
to him about my experiences simply out of being told I was an idiot. The first
occurance was in a dream *Sounds ordinary enough - just my imagination* I was
standing in my kitchen looking out the window when in the corner of my eye I
could see a black figure of a man wearing a hat. He was a solid black figure,
just standing there in the doorway. When I turned to look straight on at him he
vanished. I began screaming and ran towards my lounge room where there were
around 7-8 children 10 - 12 years old with sleeping bags. I am not sure what
they were doing but they didn't acknowledge me being in the room trying to call
to them for help.... This was my dream. After this dream things in my bedroom
were happing. I would wake up and the television would be on. I would get home
from work and the computer was on. The time on my alarm clock was o.k - so it
wasn't a black out or anything. I am more the person, I want to see something
and when I think I have I will try and prove it wrong to see if it was real or
not !!!! I don't want to look the fool when what I have witnessed was something
stupid like a blackout or something etc... My aunty is a religious person (I am
not !!!) and I told her the next day at work and she said straight away that was
going to come round with someone to check out the house. She ended up coming
around and 'anointing' the house with some oil in all of the bedrooms. She said
that the place would be o.k now, but if anything happened again I would the only
one who could stop it by saying Jesus Name !!! Well after this nothing happened
and I didn't have to say Jesus name. My friend moved out and I have had 2x other
people move in within the last 2 weeks. They have said that have witnessed the
following. The girl who moved in, into my old room is having similar issues with
her telvision and video player - this could be anything, electrical fault or
what ever. But this has been happening right infront of her. She said she
couldn't explain how it happened. The other guy who just moved in, he was
putting stuff into his room and would go out to get more stuff to put in there.
When he got back the stuff he had put in there had moved to another postion of
the bedroom. This freaked him out and told me straight away. Last night I
witnessed the dark figure again, for real - not in a dream. I was standing in
the kitchen looking out the windows drinking orange juice from the carton. In
the corner of my eye the dark figure walked past the doorway towards the lounge.
As soon as I saw this I ran to the lounge room - nothing !!! My other 2x room
mates were inbed with the lights off. Also my house mate's Grandma passed away
very recently - 6 months ago.. He has inheritted all of her belongings for when
he moved out of home. Lounge chair / kitchen utensiles / cups + plates + bowls /
Drawers / Cabinets etc... Could this have anything to do with it ??? I emailed
my friend today at work what happened and he was checking out your site today. I
thought I would email you and let you know what you think. Well this is what has
happended. I guess it is pretty lame to what you have heard and encountered, but
just want an opinion to what we could do to see if it is for real or just silly
things. Also the landlord said that the previous tennats of this house used to
be drug dealers and did a runner leaving the house in a horrible state. They had
ripped up all the carpets and smashed the walls in with hammers. They had stole
their antique$1000 curtains in the 3x bedrooms and lounge. They had Marajuiana
crops within the roof of the house and had the police doing raids into the house
very frequently for this and other drugs. The landlord doesn't know if anyone
was killed here or anything, but has had a pretty rough time with the previous
tenants. This is all the information I can provide to you. Hope you can help or
shed some light to these happenings.

A House in TN


My husband,myself and two young children,ages 7 and 5 moved into this
very large homey feeling old home,but after a while we did not feel too
welcome.The daughter,age 7 1/2 had nightmares of a hovering woman.The
two side porches,one had wheelchair ramp.My five year old son,running
barefoot down this ramp,fell,screaming there was something sticking in
his foot.I could find only a small hole just under the big toe that bled
very little at the time.But the foot began to swell,we took him to
doctors in Bolivar,X-rays were taken,nothing showed up in his foot.It
got worse and worse.But other bad things were happening,a closet door in
the master bedroom,a sort of walk-in closet,would not stay closed at
night,a creaking noise,as if some one was rolling something across the
bedroom floor.The light that would come,a white cold feeling would seem
to hold me in the bed although I could hear my son calling me,when I
could finally get to him,he would be sound asleep.My husband woke one
night screaming because of the heat.He worked at the Toone Arsenal;that
afternoon,one man was burned to death,another burned very badly,my
husband said the ordor and the heat was what he had felt and smelled the
night before.My daughter finally got to the point where she would not
sleep at night,only after the sun came up.Our son's foot was really
getting to the point that red streaks were running from his toe to his
ankle.When we got out of that house,took him to a specalist in
Bensenville,Illinois,where we had lived before moving to Bolivar,The
surgeon did no e-xays,numbed the foot,and cut out a splinter of wood one
& 1/2 inches long.The infection was well on the way of costing him his
 The neighbor across the street finally gave us the story of the house
when she found out we were moving.A doctor and his family,wife and
daughter,had built and lived in this house for many happy years.The wife
had died by her own hand,the doctor in an accident had an infured
foot,not properly cared for,lost the left leg to gangrene.My son's
injury was his left foot.The walk-in closet was where the daughter slept
to care for her father at night.My daughter's bedroom was the room the
daughter had as a child.the daughter was fatally burned in an accident
at her place of employment after her father's death. The house was sold
we learned after returning to Tennessee in 1972.It was torn down and a
beautiful brick home built there on the same spot.There was a fire,We
never learned if the house was rebuilt or not.

A Haunted Cottage


Up at my cottage there are many stories involving death.  Like the
cottage next to me had three deaths.  And the cottage next to that had
had a shooting on the front lawn.  And further up the road is an
abandoned cottage that has dishes and a bed and covers and has been left
like that for over 20 years.
   My friends know these stories and loved to hear them.  One day though
we were all scared out of our wits.  It was unbelievable and we are
still trying to find a logical explanation.
    It was around dusk when my father took three of our group up to the
abandoned cottage. My two other friends and myself were just trying to
find ways to amuse ourselves. About an hour later we saw my dad walking
towards my cottage.  Figuring we could scare our friends we waited until
we saw them.  Once we saw them we ran out of hiding to scare them, but
found nobody there.  As we were starting to look for them I saw a white
mist that just appeared and disappeared.  Figuring it was my imagination
I didn't mention it.
   Five minutes later two of our friends came running up from the lake.
They asked us how we had gotten up from the bush on the road to the pit
so quickly.  We asked them what they meant and they said a bush had been
moving and they had heard giggling coming from it.  We told hem that we
had been in the opposite direction.
    Then we went with them to the pit with them discussing what we had
seen.  We met up with the other friend in the pit.  As we were talking
it started to get dark.  That's when the faces started to appear.  We
each saw them all around us, hiding in the bushes.  At that time we ran
back to the cottage.  Then my friend saw the mist I had seen.  This time
outside her window.
      Remember I said there are a lot of deaths around the cottage well,
the pit is thought to be a native burial ground.  And now I never go
into the pit at dark.

A Childs Cry

              A few years back, I worked as a house keeper at a Childerns
My co-workers and I use to joke around about this one cottage that was empty because it gave us the creeps. One of my workers would not go in there unless she was aloud to leave all the doors open. She was terrified even if someone was in there with her.   I feel that I'm more aware of spirits than most people around me. I always tell my husband "there's a ghost here, or this place is haunted,etc."  Anyway, I know without a doubt that there is a child's spirit in this building.  I have heard him run,I have heard him chatter,and call my name, and he has scared the living daylites out of me by pulling the shower curtains shut on me while I was cleaning a stall!     To give a few examples: On this one occasion, my workers and I were taking a break after mopping the halls. We were sitting in a little area with chairs and coffee tables. The floors were starting to dry but they were still damp enough that if you walked on them it would leave footprints. My workers and I were talking and laughing when one of my friend's said to
listen. All 4 of us heard what sounded like tennis shoes squeaking on tile. We actually heard him running down the halls. I jumped up to see who was in the building besides us and to my suprise I found only small shoe prints on the drying floors.  No one would come see except my one friend that knew what we were encountering.   I questioned my boss about the history of this compound, not telling her of our encounters, just wanting to know more about the place since it is very old.     I did find out however about the cemetary on the grounds and the many unmarked graves of children who die with no loving family to put up a cement stone with even a name. I spent alot of time back there and most of the headstones only had first names and the dates of thier deaths.    However I did find out a little of the history from a man who spent his youth in the custody of the state annd lived there for some time.

 4 Years of Haunted


 I had a ghost live with my family and I for about 4 years. Weird huh? not all that weird if you compare to what happened in that house. I may have been young at the time but I knew a few cold spots and people that didn't live with me when I see them.
It all starts off in Chicago, IL. I was about 8 years old (possibility older) and me and my family moved into this house, it was very small for a family of 5. The house only had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen/dinning room/and living room. My older sister shared a room with me, we had bunk beds but I never liked to stay in the room. I could never sleep! Well I liked the couch better, and my mom worked nights so my dad was up with my little sister (who was only about 3 or 4 months old). One night I left the kitchen light on. and from where your laying on the couch you can see the dinning room, the bathroom, my mom and dads room and the kitchen. the kitchen was long and narrow. It was about 3 AM and I woke up to a bunch of pounding on the floor. I sit up and there's someone crawling on the floor! It couldn't have been the baby this person that was crawling on the floor was full grown! and it crawled in to what we called the desk room. I don't know when this house was built but I sure it had MANY owners.. In go up like that? My older sister (who is now 19) had seen it too. Sometimes me and my older sister will be in our room talking or something and we would hear the dragging of the dinning room chairs being moved around. We would go out with something to hit who ever is out there and not a soul was out there. I stay home alone often, we had an alarm system so I would turn that on for safety. I was sitting there and the chandler (over the dinning room table) is swing back and forth and its winter so there is NO windows open. The chandler is heavy and very old. and it was just swinging around like someone pushed it. It scared me to death! I wasn't the only one who had an experience in that house, my mom came home one day (keep in mind she works nights) it was about 6:00 am and everyone was sleeping she was in the kitchen and she was just standing there. It was so peaceful then something just walked right though her. she said she felt it just pass through her it was an odd feeling. My dad also heard the chairs being moved.

A Couple of Tales


There is a local legend about a haunted tombstone. It is said that a woman
on her death bed made her husband promise never to remarry. A few years
passed and he fell in love. They say the moment he put the ring on his new
wife his dead wife started to come through the tombstone to haunt him. An
ghostly image appears on the stone - looking like a woman lying in a coffin
and slowly it starts to look like she is sitting up as months go by. They
have done tests on the soil and the stone and have replaced the stone 4
times. There is no scientific reason for it.
I went with a friend and sure enough it looked as though there was an image
of a woman with long hair done up in a bun with her head resting on a
pillow. I went back 4 months later with another friend and the image had
changed to a woman sitting up at a 45degree angle, as though she was sitting
up to get out of the coffin.
The strangess part is what happened to my film. I had purposely left the
same roll of film in my camera to take these pictures months apart and
compare them. A friend of mine worked in a photo shop so one night when she
was there alone I took them in for her to develop. She put them on top of
the processor and went to get some chemicals to refill the machine. She was
the only person there - the machine was behind a locked gate so nobody could
get to it but her. When she came back a few minutes later my film was gone.
She searched all over the room which was empty except for the machine and th
machine itself had coverings all the way down to the floor so it couldn't
have rolled under it. She told everyone she'd lost a roll of film and if
they found it to let her know. The store moved locations 2 months later and
nobody ever found it.

The other story is about a ghost that lives in my parents house.
A man died in the basement of a heart attack shortly before my parents
bought the house. As we grew up we got a piano and a pool table, putting
both of them in the basement. A few days later we starting hearing pool
balls clinking around the table (and we always cleared the balls off the
table when we finished playing) and a few bars of music played on the piano.
There were also foot steps heard coming up from the basement into the
Several times I would be sitting on the couch in the family room and through
the window cut into the kitchen wall I could see the man walking through the
kitchen when I was the only one home. Most of the time he would disappear
before he got to the doorway of the family room but once in a while he would
walk to the doorway, look into the room and disappear.
We grew used to it - it was a friendly spirit so we didn't mind. I forgot to
tell a friend about it when I was 12 and one day I went upstairs to use the
bathroom. She heard footsteps on the back stairs and thought I had gone
downstairs to the other bathroom. I heard a scream and went downstairs to
see her putting on her shoes. She had walked into the kitchen and seen the
man coming across the floor!
It was actually funny one time. I had a boyfriend spending the night when my
parents were gone for the weekend. My bedroom was off the steps that led to
the kitchen. Sure enough we heard footsteps. The boyfriend thought somebody
had come home and somehow he wasn't reassured when I told him it was just a
ghost. He insisted on sleeping with an empty champagne bottle in his hand. I
got no sleep that night - every little noise he heard he'd grab me and say,
"did you hear that?"
The last night that I lived at home the ghost appeared in my bedroom and
stayed for a few minutes smiling at me. I think he was saying goodbye. I
also smelled his cologne (not a kind anyone in my family wears) the first
time I took my son to my parents.

2 Summertime Encounters....


This happened last summer one night about 1am. in our house in Ma. My son who
was 14 at the time had gone to bed a few hours before. My husband was at work
(he is on 12 hr. shifts at a Plastics Plant, 5PM-5AM.). I was sitting at the
computer surfing the Web and all was quiet in the house. Our dog was in the
room with me and the 2 cats were asleep in the living room. Now at this time,
I wasn't thinking about anything scary or feeling nervous about anything
either. Suddenly, I heard a strange mans' voice out in the kitchen. I
thought, "What the hell is this ? Did someone get in the house or what?" I
got up and slowly, quietly, opened the door to see what was going on. There
was noone there at all! Just at that moment, the phone rang and it was my
son. He has his own phone in his room and he dialed our number. He asked me
if I had just been knocking on his door a few seconds ago. I said "What? Come
on out here for a minute" He sounded really nervous. He said he was woken up
by the sound of light rapping on his door, he called out (not too loudly)
"Ma?" a few times and got no response. That's when he called our number.
Apparently while I was hearing this "man's voice" out in the kitchen,
something or someone was knocking on his bedroom door at the same time.
Needless to say, we sat up discussing this for awhile and to this day neither
of us can figure it out. We live in a 13 yr. old modular which is situated
just on the outskirts of an historic town here in Ma. Mabe that has something
to do with it? Your guess is as good as mine!   Thanks for listening!

Cabin in the Woods


When I was first born in  September 21, 1985 my Great Grandfather, John
Pierce built  a huge cabin deep in the woods of Colorado. Two days after he
finished building the cabin he died in the back bedroom in his sleep, it was
always so cold in there even when the rest of the house and out side was hot
or warm. My Grandma and Grandpa Pierce didn't want the cabin to sit in the
woods empty after he put so much work into the house so me, my Mom, and my
Dad moved into the cabin a few weeks after his dead. My mother told me when I
was little I would sit in my room alone and talk to someone who she couldn't
see, I myself can't remember having an "imaginary" friend or talking to
anyone. TV's would turn on and flip through the channels until the point
where my Mom and Dad got upset and unplugged them just to have them plug back
in and repeat the process. Every pet we owned died from a strange illness.
Footsteps were heard during the day and night walking through every room and
hall of the house. Objects would be thrown across the room only to shatter or
slam into the walls. We put up with it for years because it never really hurt
anyone, well, only the pets...
When I turned 12 the ghost became more active. Pinching me so hard it would
leave bruises, scratching me, and pulling my hair. One night I was kicked out
of my bed and slapped repeatedly. I kept kicking and punching, but my hits
just hit air. When whatever got off of me I ran to my parents room crying
hysterically. My Dad was so upset he went into my room and started to scream,
telling  whatever to show it's self. He got what he asked for, being pushed
out of my room and looking into the room he saw a rather tall figure, it had
no features only an outline full of black. Then the door flew shut. I was
never allowed in the room again.
A few months later we moved out and the cabin was tore down and sent back
into the earth it came from. Now living in Arizona and me 15, my Dad left me
and my Mom so we live alone. Sometimes in our apartment we hear soft
whispering, talking, footsteps, someone laying beside me in bed, my stuffed
animals being moved and the TV turning channels, and we still can't keep an
animal alive. But it wasn't as bad as before. Nothing close to it...

Our Old House and Our Son


We, my husband and I, moved into this house in 1997. I was raised in this house since 1982. My dad and stepmom lived in this house at the time of my dads' death in 1991. He did not die in the home. Our house is very old. One section of the house is at least 100 years old and was moved up from the river to its present location. The second part of the house was built in the 30's. Our house also happens to be right across the street from  a cemetary dating back to 1870. This particular cemetary is almost all children. Most of the headstones have deteriorated to the point where you can barely make them out now. Of course growing up here we used to think we saw lights in there all the time but were told it was just our imagination. When my husband and I first moved in here in march of '97 I was 5 months pregnant with our son. We have two older boys whose rooms are upstairs in the older part of the home. Our bedroom and living room are directly under their rooms. We used to hear (quite often) muffled sounds of children laughing and moving around upstairs after our kids had gone to bed. Numerous times we went upstairs to see what they were doing only to find them sound asleep. After the birth of our youngest son in July of 97 I do not remember hearing this as much. This though is where it gets interesting to me. ( I guess I should also say that both of my husbands parents are also deceased) When my son was old enough to walk but not yet talking he started physically letting us know that he saw things. He would run up to the archway and stop. He would stare at something in the darkness of the other room (once again this would be in the older part of the home). At first we thought he was just playing but after 30-45 minutes of this we decided he really saw something. We asked him what it was and he "growled" which is how he thought he was saying monster or scary. He would not go into that room. He did this a few times. ( Another important event at the time was that my husband got very ill around this time and was missing alot of work, was in and out of the hospital...) After that it did not happen for quite awhile. Then here a couple months ago my husband was in the hospital again and the first night he had to stay there I came home and my son was still up. I was sitting here at my desk (in the newer part of the home) He came in and was play sword fighting. He said (now that he is finally talking) mommy, spooky. I asked him where and he pointed up by the archway separating the dining room from the entry to the upstairs. I told him to get it with his sword thinking that he was still play fighting. He said ok and ran over toward it with his sword up over his shoulder. When he got to the archway he suddenly stopped. He was just staring up at the same spot not saying a word. I told him to get it and he shook his head no. I asked if he was nice and he shook his head no. Then he started backing up slowly not taking his eyes off the spot. Once he got back to me he just started watching something move across the room just with his eyes. I asked him where he was now and he pointed to the corner right above us. We just went on with our business like we always do. Then when we went to bed I let him sleep with me. We were laying in bed and he started watching it again. I started to say something to him and he said "shh mommy wake him up". He said this several times. When he decided that he was going to sleep he told me that he had to hide. So he pulled the covers over his head. Once I thought he was asleep and pulled down the covers and he immediatly woke up and told me no he had to hide. So I let him pull the covers back up. After about 30 minutes I was ready to go to sleep and I did not want him sleeping all covered up because it was too hot. So this time when I pulled them off I had to literally pry them from his hands. I don't know what he sees but I know he definatly sees it. Because of the timing of his visits I wonder if it is not one of my husbands parents. His mom died of cancer and his father killed himself six months later. I feel that all of our parents are around us at different times so I am not sure  who it is that he is seeing. The only other strange thing is that when I turn on the baby moniter which is located up in my 7 year olds room (that is where all the kids play ) I can always hear the very muffled voices of children talking. I think if I could just turn it up loud enough I would be able to understand them. Because it sounds like when your kids are just out of range of the monitor and they know that you are listening and they whisper...
I know this is not some great sighting but... I never tell him that what he sees is not there. I try to ask him questions about it hoping that if he is that intuative that he will be able to keep on using it. I fully believe in ghosts. I have had dreams that foretold of my fathers heart attack but not when it really counted when he died. I hope that my son can keep on using this gift.


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