Haunting at the Cottage

By: doug.engstrom@sympatico.ca
My friends and I were up at the cottage for a party.  Around dusk, three of our group went to the abandonned cottage up the road.  I stayed behind with my other friends.  Later on we heard their voices.  We also saw a white t-shirt and went to see them.  When we got there there were no people.  The we saw them running up from the lake.  They had been at the pit.  Then they said that they had seen a bush moving while going down to the pit and then they heard giggling coming from there.  We had never been near the pit that day.  After, we sat in the pit and talked about what we had been doing and then these faces started to appear.  Everyone saw amore than one face all over.  We ran back to the cottage.  Then I saw a white mist that had poped up out of nowhere and then just disappeared.  Then my friend saw the same thing outside her window.

Haunted Toronto

By: ramsalot@interlog.com

Colborne Lodge, Toronto.  I was suprised to hear this one...hadn't heard it and I pass it everyday!
You might want to point out to folks that the lodge overlooks Grenadier pond. It is atop a small hill in woods but the pond can be seen through the trees.
Animation House, Parliament Street, Toronto  I have heard a story about someone who hanged themselves in the building which was a church before it was tuned into an animation studio that makes TV commercials.  I heard this report years ago...and now I am working there as a freelance animator.  I was told years ago by a collegue that worked there, that the third floor and the basement have been areas of apparitions and strange noises. I work on the third floor and will let you know if anything happens. So for now i cannot confirm the reports but will ask co-workers...consider me your "man on the inside", I will let you know if anything happens.
Also, I will share with you a strange incident at my hometown residence the day my mother was buried. Not so much a haunting as a personal presence incident.  The day my mother died of cancer, my son was born in Toronto. Knowing she hadn't long to live I raced  to my parents home in Sarnia as soon as the doctors said my wife was fine and it was okay to do so...they knew about my mother's situation.  I was too late by a couple of hours, it is a 3 1/2 hour drive to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada(north of Detroit) from Toronto.    The day we buried mom, a family friend volunteered to house-sit for us to prevent burglary (burglars assume everyone leaves a house to go to weddings and funerals). He was in the kitchen when he heard a thump from the family den. he noticed nothing. When we returned from the funeral my father noticed the back sliding glass door had been struck from the inside causing it to crack in a pattern as if some object had struck the glass slightly higher than a human's head.
The glass door was two panes of glass and vaccuum sealed-no air in the 'weather-barrier' space between the panes. No dead bird or thrown object from outside could be seen outside and a thorough search of the patio outside turned up no object capable of impacting the door and "bouncing' to a hidden location.  The door repairman was also baffled when he arrived and stated that he doubted that the hot sun could have done it with an uneven heating and cooling. The weather was sunny, warm with a cool light breeze off the lake.  At any rate the inner glass pane was the one that was dammaged and that had everyone wondering. No household object was out of place and no glass had fallen to the carpet.  The pattern, to me, resembled the kind of damage that might be incurred if a human of short stature approx. 5'6" height had struck with all their might at that spot overhead, causing the glass to
"spider-web".  This incident occurred shortly after May 26, 1994, probably the 28th or 29th. The 26th was the day of her death.  I do not recall the date of her burial but I could ask my father.
While it is not an actual haunting, it does fall under the peculiar category of supernatural incident, as I think it was my departed mother expressing her sorrow that she could not see the baby or learn of her
becoming a grandmother.  Other than that, I have no explanation. Currently the house is unoccupied but sold to a local buyer. My father lived in the house for six years moving to a smaller place this year and has reported no further incidents.

Haunted Truck
By: val1@mindspring.com

A couple of years ago, I bought the truck of a deceased mechanic, who was a bit eccentric. If he had his way, and had lived, noone would have gotton any of his possesions. When he passed away, he had no family, and his estate, full of old vehicles, was auctioned to the public. I never really new this fellow, but my Dad knew him quite well.
I bought the truck from a friend that bought it at the auction, so I never really visited this home site. Well, one day after I brought it home, I was working on it, and being a 1956 model truck, you can imagine the state of disrepair.
I should mention, before I go on, that the mechanic's name was Sidney. That is what summoned him, I think.
I was working, under My Dad's garage rewiring the truck from one end to the other, when I found that Sidney had wired the brake lights with lamp cord. Aggravated about that, I said"That damn Sidney!" At that time, I should mention the fact that it was very overcast, and becoming dark outside. When I said that phrase, I felt a presense behind me, and looked under my outstretched arm to see someone standing behind me. I naturally looked around to see a short, fiftiesh man, with a dirty khaki work uniform, with horn rimmed glasses on. I turned to him, and quickly turned and did a double take back to where he was standing, and he was gone. I walked around the back of the house, then to the front, and no sign of anyone.
I then went in and asked my Dad if he had seen an old man in the yard. Puzzled, he said "No.", and then proceded to ask me to describe him. When I did that, my Dad turned pale white, and said the hair was standing up on the back of his neck. He said, "Son, you just described Sidney Moore!" I then had those same hairs stand up on the back of my neck. He did not try to harm me, nor frighten me, and honestly, I have not seen him again. But, it does make you wonder!!

Haunted Shorehouse

By: goprendek@triversity.com

Around 1985 or so, myself, my girlfriend at the time and some friends went for a
vacation in Ocean City, NJ. We had rented a house about a block off of the
beach. Once we got there and settled in my girlfriend went to lie down in our
room. She came down about an hour later and said she couldn't sleep because
something kept hitting and banging the bed from underneath. We were all saying
that she were dreaming it. Something happened later that night that made me
believe her. We went to bed around 2 am. My friend and his wife took the attic
room. As we lay in bed we heared someone walking up the first floor stairs and
stop outside of our door. The person(?) then proceeded to walk up the second
floor stairs to the attic room. We heard him(it) walking around for a while and
then would drag a chair around. It would then come back sound stairs. This went
on all night. Up the stairs, up to the attic, drag things around.... etc. The
next morning I had asked my friend "What's the matter, couldn't you sleep last
night?". He looked at me and said "I slept fine. What are you talking about?" My
girlfriend and I then related the story to them and they seemed shocked. They
both said that they slept soundly and heard nothing. When I told them about a
chair being dragged around they told us that there was a chair up there. My
girlfriend and I had never gone to the attic, we didn't know for sure if there
was a chair up there or not. Little things kept happening during the rest of our
stay that week. A chandelier suddenly would start swinging, sounds, etc. I only
heard the walking man briefly once after that. Needless to say, we couldn't wait
to go home.

Haunted Property and Cars

By: stuwanna@optusnet.com.au

I am not a believer in the supernatural but something occured that has made
me open my mind. Just for fun a friend and I drove past a house that was
supposedly haunted late one night. The car was in perfect condition but when
we drove past the property the oil light lit up on the dash. We quickly
drove to the shops nearby where there were street lights to check the oil
even though we were sure that there was oil in it. And sure enough there was
oil in it. (The oil lamp went off as soon as we left the road that the
property was on). This is the truth with no exageration but the oil light
has never lit up before because my boyfriend is a mechanic and the car is
always checked.


By: jane@tutssel.freeserve.co.uk

WIMBLEDON THEATRE , at The Broadway, Wimbledon,
London SW19,  built in the early 1900's.

I worked here for several years, and there are several ghosts.  The pleasant one was an old lady actress who died on stage, she returns when there is a 'get-in' for a new show/play and is seen moving about in the seats of the Gallery making sure everything is going alright. ( I have seen her.)
One on stage is the ghost of a young male actor who used the time while not on stage during a play to go out robbing nearby. The police pursued him back to the theatre, and he jumped from the stage to a box, then fell and died. Mostly he is heard as a falling body hitting the stage very hard. ( I have heard him.)
The third one is a real horror. No one was able to find out the origins of this, or why the theatre was being plagued by it. In the 'ice cream room' where there were three large chest freezers full of lollies and ice creams, the plugs were found ripped out of the wall, and the still-frozen lollies etc., were smashed to pieces, the usherettes going up to the room to collect ices were shoved on the narrow stairs and hurt, one girl was pushed
downstairs and broke her arm, and most strange.... the two co-managers were
called back to the theatre one night by the police, as all the alarms in the
place had gone off...all at the same time, they had been triggered by
something crossing the beams of light ( there was no fault found with the wiring
etc,)  there was an awful smell in the place, with no apparant cause.
Under the seating for the Circle and Gallery seats there is what is known as
a 'void', caused by the upward rake of the seating, both voids were empty, and
the only doors to enter them had been nailed and boarded up, to prevent anyone
leaving rubbish in the voids, (Fire regulations)  the doors were BOTH open,
having been violently smashed open from INSIDE the voids. There was an awful
atmosphere in there that night and even the Police were not at all eager to
enter the voids to search. Before they went in the voids, they remarked that
no footprints were visible in the considerable dust on the floors inside.
Nothing was found, all tests on the alarm system found it to be working
perfectly. I have had to go across the Rehearsal Room, into which the gallery
void door opens, at night, while I worked there making costumes in what had
been the gallery bar.  ALWAYS, my light to illuminate the Rehearsal Room was
left on for me by the electricians on the switching room board, No one in the
place would walk across that room in the dark, and the Backstage staff were
NOT a bunch of scaredycats.  The atmosphere in that room was
Also, there is a much pleasanter ghost in Leighton
House, off Kensington High Street, near the Commonwealth Institute.
The house is a wonderful Victorian building made
for Lord Frederick Leighton, a fine sculptor and painter and a military man
of note. It is now a museum, open to the public. There is a large dining room
and beautiful reception rooms, as Lord Leighton was a very hospitable man and
loved entertaining, but preferred everyone to go home afterwards... there is
only one small bedroom, his !   There is a wonderful atmosphere of
welcome there when you enter, and Lord Leighton has been seen, recently, in
dressing gown, with the morning papaer under his arm, descencing the stairs,
by the cleaners.  They were not aware that he was a ghost, his prescence was
so solid and affable., and he greeted them pleasantly.  I was drawing one
of his sculptures one day, in his vast summer studio upstairs, and was very
aware of an encouraging, warm prescence as if someone was looking over my
shoulder, and enjoying watching me... since the drawing was going well, I did
not look round and try to get rid of them, I just glanced over my shoulder,
and there was noone there, I like to think it was Lord Leighton approving of my

Haunted Houses
By: mmelnick@telusplanet.net

About 29 yrs. ago I had moved to a new city in B.C. Canada  I & my 2 young sons
(They were 4 & 6) were staying with friends. Houses were hard to find at a rent
I could afford.  I finally found one in the paper and went to see about renting
it. A  Holding Co. was looking after the rental as the property was owned by a
Bakery Co. in another province.  I was told the reason the rent was so cheap was
the house had been vacant for about 5 yrs. it had electricity & cold running
(no hot) since the house was on  the lakeshore & it was summer I thought this
would be perfect  for a temportary accomadations while I looked for a better
one.  The night before we moved in I dreamed about an old lady in a blue flower
print dress with a kerchief on her head telling me she didn't want me living in
her house.  The next day we moved in.The house had a large  screened veranda as
you went through the door a  small bedroom was to the right & to the left was a
small unfinshed room(just bare boards on the wall)
a  doorway from that room led to the master bedroom and another door from the
master bedroom led to the kitchen.  We settled in. In the small unfinished room
there  were nails in the wall.  I used this room to put the boys toys in.  The
nails in the wall were perfect  to hang some of their toys up.  Just one little
problem everynight everything on the walls were thrown on the floor and no
matter how fast I tried to get to the room I couldn't find out how it was
happening.  I began to wake up at night with the feeling something was pressing
on my chest.  The dog & cat (who had always slept with me) would not enter that
master bedroom.  About 2 weeks after moving in I happened to meet the lady next
door.  As we talked I mentioned the dream I had had and described the lady in my
dream.  My neihbours face went white and I though she was going to faint, I had
described the old lady who had owned the house  perfectly.Then the neihbour told
me the story of the house.  The elderly lady had lived  in that house all her
married life, when she was unable to care for herself anymore her son placed her
in a nursing home where she resided for 5 yrs. During this time she refused  to
allow her house to be rented.  She didn't want anyone living in her house.  When
she died  the son inherited and two weeks after she had passed away I was living
in her house.  I am happy to say shortly after I found new accomadations and was
more than happy to move and leave that house to it's original owner.

My Haunted House

By: addisons2@msn.com

I grew up in a haunted house. I am an adult now and even though I was terrified to go to sleep at night, the house is a part of who I am. That may sound strange but I lived in that house for 19 years. We moved in when I was 1 and the first experience I had was when I was 3 years old. I had a ball of light and voices visit me when I was taking a nap and I was paralyzed with fear. This happened to me two times. Meanwhile my father was hearing footsteps upstairs and when he would get to the top of the stairs they would stop. As I got a little older I can remember the toilet flushing by itself all the time and also the water turning on in the tub, full blast, by itself. The sink faucets would turn on full blast by themselves and the whole time I lived there I could feel a "presence" of some sort at the top of the stairs. A lot of people that came to visit felt the same way. The house was about 90 years old. I can remember when I was around 12 or 13, I came upstairs and as I was walking up the stairs I could see my light go off in my bedroom. When I walked into my bedroom the light switch came back on. It was the old kind of light switch that you can hear because it takes a heavy finger to push it on and off. That completely freaked me out. I would go to bed at night praying for God to not let the evil presence get me. It was a horrible way to grow up. I was always afraid. I later found out that from older neighbors that lived in the neighborhood for years, that a young teenage boy had committed suicide right outside my house in the yard. When I was a teenager, my best friend came to spend the night with me while my dad was out of town and in the middle of the night we heard footsteps outside, we smelled burned toast in the kitchen and we even heard pots and pans banging right in front of us, but there weren't any pots and pans.We were crying, hugging each other. We heard groaning noises in the bathroom. If we try to tell anyone what we experienced, they look at us like we are crazy, so we don't even tell anyone. I have quit trying to explain my experiences with people. When my family moved out of the house almost every tree in the yard died. The people that moved into the house after us reported it being haunted and the house is vacant now.

Haunted Hospital

By: Lisa Wright [lmhs@earthlink.net]

My name is Lisa  and I have seen or heard several ghosts at my place
of work.  What is strange is that other people have seen or heard these as
well as I.
I have worked in several hospitals but this one hospital is the only one
that I have seen or heard ghosts.  It is a small community hospital, that
only treat 100 people in a week.  Most of the occurrences have been on the
north side of the hospital and on the second floor where TCU was located.
When I first started working on 2 North we had little occurrences that we
dismissed, things like the light coming on or the call light turning itself
on down the hall  in rooms that were for storage only.  That all changed
one night when we only had 6 patients on the floor( all across from the
nurses station) and one was on a ventilator.  The one that was on the vent
had been comatosed since admission and had his wrists tied to the bedframe
to prevent him from pulling out the tube.(just in case he did wake). The
nurse taking care of him needed mor information on the vent and asked that
If I saw the Respiratory Therapist let her know.  Well, we were both
sitting at the station when the light went on in the vent pt's room.  We
went in the room expecting to find the RT but the room was empty except for
the pt.  The light cord to turn on the lilght was still hanging from the
overbed light againist the wall.  There was no way this pt could have
pulled it.  Later that same week in the same room and pt, I was helping the
nurse pull the patient up in bed when I felt and saw something go behind
me.  I quickly turned my head in that direction to see who it was and no
one was there.  The nurse asked me why I look back that way and I said I
thought I saw some go behind me and she said she saw it also.
At one point of my working there we heard someone in slippers walking down
the hall near the nurses station.  We only had 4 pts that night and they
were on complete bedrest, so we went to each room to get that person back
in bed.  All of the pts were asleep. When we returned back to the nurses
station the sound of the slippers started where they had stopped ( at the
nurses station) and continued down the hall.  When our supervisor made
rounds that night she asked me to go down the hall with her because she saw
a man in black pants and a grayish/white shirt on go down the stairs.  She
went to the storage room from where he come out of and the door was locked
we went to the stairs and looked around and found no one.
Many other things had happened while we were there but nothing that hurt
anyone.  Just sightings or things moving around or turning on.  As far as
the lights coming on we tell the pt that it is due to an electrical problem.
I have also experienced things in our house that we bought 5 yrs ago.  It
is over 30 yrs old and as far as I know only 2 families lived here before
The first problem I encountered was with my second child that is now 5 1/2
yrs old.  She was about 2 yrs old when were sitting at the kitchen table
eating dinner when she got upset and started screaming.  " he's there."
she was pointing to the hall that leads to our bathroom and bedrooms.  She
would not calm down, I tried to say there is nothing there but she just got
more upset.  We ended up downstairs where she finally calmed down.  This
happened several more times  until I finally remembered what my mother had
always said.  Believe that GOd will protect you and say it.  On the last
time this happened with her screaming I took her back in the hallway and
she pointed that it was in the bathroom the whole time she is screaming and
tring to get out of my arms.  I didn't see anything but it didn't feel
right either.  I basically said ." I know you are here and thats fine but
you need to go.  The Lord will protect us."  She never had any problems
again but when my 3rd  child was born I was cleaning up downstairs and had
just cleaned the table off when I turned around with more toys and found
that the table was covered again!  I agian stated I new it was there and it
needed to leave.  No problems until my 3rd child was about 1 1/2 yrs old
and he did the exact same thing that my second child did.  He started the
screaming and pointing from the kitchen to the hall.  At this point my
husband and 16 yr old felt uneasy and believed that something was indeed in
our house.  My third child only had 3 of the episodes but my 16 yr old says
that something was in my bedroom moving the bags around.  At first he
thought it was our cat but the cat was downstairs with me.  Again I said it
must go and haven't heard or seen anything since which I hope it stays away!


By: ICEPRINCESS32869@gateway.net

When I was a little girl growing up in Connersville,IN. the home we lived in
had some strange things go on there. When my grandfather died a few months
later,in my room would come some strange noises and since my parents were
deaf I was the one they relied on. one night I was alone in my room and this
strange knocking could be heard I couldn't figure out where this was coming
from and it was frightning  to me it continued every night till I finally
told my parents they thought it could've came from the pipes in the basement
well we had a plumber come check and he could not find anything wrong and he
said it was probably from my overactive imagination well it didn't stop till
finally I was so scared that I shouted who's there, it stopped. I begged my
parents to switch bedrooms with my little brother after that no more noises
was heard in that room. I have had encounters with things I could not explain
nor could I see, like footsteps ascending the basement stairs but never
reached the top of the stairs, also our phone would ring in the middle of the
night and no one there but some strange crackling static. also my mother who
is deaf but can feel vibrations said that when she was alone in the house she
could feel what felt like someone stomping thru the house when she would
check the house no one was there but her. I'm now 31 years old and these
things come back to me like a bad dream and I think that is what has led me
to check out haunted places just to see if it was real or a product of a
child's imagination.

Haunted Football Field

By: PatsyMac25@aol.com

    Actually, the enire high school was said to be haunted.  when the school
was built, a family cemetary was located on the section af land that was used
for the football field.  when the school was built, the graves were relocated
to the cemetary in the center of town.  in my four years of high school, my
friend and i had several strange happenings occur.  the first one was our
sophmore year.  we were picked to stay after school to help get things ready
for a fall festival.  by the time we were done, it was well after all the
teachers and students had gone home.  we went out the front doors to sit on
the steps and wait for my father to pick us up.  as we sat there, we heard
the main doors behind us open and close.  figuring it was someone else
getting ready to leave, we turned and looked, but no one was there.  this
happened several more times.  we watched the doors open and close by
theselves, as if people were going in and out.  i thought it was possibly
someone playing a joke on us, and grabbed the door the next time it swung
open.  nobody was in the front lobby.  i let the door close then tried to
open it, but at night the doors automatically lock when they are shut.  the
only way to open them is from the inside.  my friend and i were standing
about 3 feet away from the doors when it happened again.  it freaked us out
and we ran to the end of the driveway to wait on my dad.
    another thing that happened was also at night.  our Junior year, the same
friend and i were on a field trip close to Christmas-time and we got back to
the school after dark.  as we sat in the car waiting for it to warm up, we
noticed people walking around under the bleachers.  we were parked facing the
back of the home side of the bleachers, so i got her to turn her bright
lights on.  when she did, the figures were gone.  she turned her lights off
again and several figures reappeared, walking back and forth.  needless to
say, we practically flew out of there.
    these are just a few things i personally saw/felt.  another friend of
mine was in the men's restroom and was locked in a stall for 20 minutes.  he
said it felt like someone was leaning on the door from the other side...it
would move a few centimeters and then stop.  he finally crawled under the
partition to the next stall and went out that door.  when he looked back, the
stall he was originally in was standing wide open.  another friend was an
aide in the library in the morning.  she would go in, and put all the new
magazines and newspapers on the rack in the corner.  several times after
doing this, she would leave and come back to find the papers she had just
placed on the racks were thrown all over the floor.
    there was a lot more that happened when i was there, and now that i have
2 neices at the same school, i have heard even more stories.  my husband and
i live in a small house less than half a mile from the high school, and
typing about it is giving me cold chills.

Haunted Family Home

By: Bailey7435@aol.com

House background: My mom now lives in her childhood home on North 11th St,
about 4 blocks away from where I currently live. After my Grandfather and
Grandmother married, they were renting a house on 13 1/2 St. My
grandmother's father and his wife later bought the home as a Christmas gift for my
grandparents. The house was then moved to it's current, large location on
two lots on North 11th St.
My grandfather, Paul, passed away at the age of 56 suddenly on May 9, 1970
when my mom was pregnant with me (I was born on January 7, 1971-even though
I was due on December 8-the doctors think I was born so late because the
Stress my mom went through losing her father). He was driving a car about 4 blocks
away from the house (my grandmother and his young son, who was 10 yrs old
were with him) and had a sudden heart attack, which killed him instantly. My
grandmother had to steer the car to the side of the road to avoid an
accident during the heart attack. I recently found out from my mother that one of her
brothers had a terrible fight with my Grandpa right before he had the heart
attack-they had not made up when he died.
 My mom and my family moved into the house when I was 14 years old, when my
grandmother moved out. The entire attic area used to be my grandmother's
artist studio. Later on one of my uncles lived up there when he was in his
twenties (the same one that fought with my grandpa). When we moved in, my
younger sister and I shared the attic space as a large bedroom and separate
dressing room area. There are very steep wooden stairs that lead to the open
attic space. There is only one window on the attic floor.
First sign of activity observed by my younger brother, Rick, approximately 8
years ago:
My brother was home alone one evening. He was sitting on the couch in the
living room (the steep wooden stairs leading up to the attic were on the
other side of the full wall where the couch was located). The TV was on and
he was chatting on the phone with his best friend, Dave. All of the sudden,
my brother heard the heavy sound of a person racing down the wood stairs. He
was terrified and the sound was so loud that his friend could hear the noise
through the phone. Dave immediately told my brother to get out of the house
(my brother had recently come home from Dave's house and Dave thought
someone had broken into the house while my brother was gone). My brother raced out
the house through the living room door and Dave's family called the police.
My brother waited outside until the police arrived. A search of the house
showed all other doors were deadbolted from the inside and the windows to
the house were secure and no one had exited the door my brother left open when
he fled. While the police were seaching the house, my mom's boyfriend, John,
returned home. John told the police (2 officers) they could continue
searching, but that he was sure no one was in the house. He thought my
brother was imagining things.
2nd know occurance with Rick: That same year, my brother was asleep in his
bedroom (one wall of his bedroom shares a different wall with the living
room). The entire house has wood floors and the doors are very noisy and
creak when they are opened. My mom's bedroom is directly across the hall
from my brother's bedroom and both of them have always slept with the bedroom
doors shut. My brother and I are extremely deep sleepers, but my brother
woke up late one night because his door was creaking open. He raised his head and
saw a shadowy/filmy figure (which he then called "Darkman") standing in his
doorway. This figure was filmy and was not the figure of my mom or her
boyfriend. My brother was terrified and had no way to get out of the room,
so he pulled the covers over his head and stayed that way until morning.  He
did not tell anyone (except Dave) because he did not think anyone would believe
 3rd known occurance, observed by me: I first of all need to let you know
that I was away at IU when the first events happened and I *did not* learn about
my brother's experience until after my own.
I returned from IU for the summer and I was working a night shift job and my
brother was attending college classes, my mom and her boyfriend worked
during the day, so I was the only person home during the day. For lunch, I was
preparing mac & cheese. I filled a pot of water to boil. I turned the burner
on to heat the water, and then the phone rang. I answered the phone in the
living room and it was my fiance, John, (now husband) calling. I sat in a
recliner chatting away with him for about 10 minutes when I remembered I
left the burner on under the water! I asked John to hold on and raced into the
kitchen-the burner was turned off and the water still had bubbles at the
top-I had never gone back into the kitchen to turn the water off and it was
NOT even close to boiling when I left the room! It had obviously boiled and
somehow the burner turned itself off! The burner on the stove was the type
where you had to twist the handle almost 360 degrees to go from HIGH to OFF,
so there is no way the burner handle "slipped" and turned itself off.
I was very shaken and told my fiance what happened when I got on the phone.
Since he knew I was on the phone in the living room, he could not figure out
how the burner turned itself off.
When my mom and brother, Rick, came home from work, I told them what
happened. Shortly after, my fiance arrived to take me out. We all started
comparing stories and realized something strange was happening in the house.
We realized that at times we all heard someone walking on the wood floors
through the house late at night and we each assumed it was someone living in
the house, when it was not. My brother was leaving to take his girlfriend
out that night. John and I were going out on a date. I think my mom was scared
to be alone, so my brother named the ghost "Oliver" (we told my mom he must be
a "good" ghost to turn off the stove burner and my brother gave him an
innocent sounding name to asssure my mom). Looking back, I would have never left my
mom, but I was in my early twenties and looking forward to a party that
4th occurance, experienced by Rick: About a year after the first incident,
Rick's best friend Dave was attending IU. He called my brother from IU and
and jokingly asked how "Oliver" (the name our family gave the ghost) was
doing and if he had showed himself lately. My brother happily said Oliver
must have left the house, since no strange events had happened lately. They
were joking around about "Oliver" over the phone. After the phone call and
later that night, my brother felt someone smack (a light tap, not harmful)
him on the back of the neck, even though when he turned around, no one was
there (Rick immediately puled the covers over his head again). My brother
and I both feel that Oliver was just letting my brother know that Oliver was
still around.
Looking back in hindsight, I think there are plenty of signs the house was
haunted, but until these incidents Rick and I personally experienced, we
did not pay attention to a few things because we never dreamed the house was
haunted. Here a few examples of what happened that stand out:
1. When my Grandma moved out and my family moved in : My younger sister (by
10 1/2 months) and I shared the attic as a bedroom-I was 14 at the time. The
first day we moved in, my sister went to plug in a bed light in an outlet.
The lightbulb exploded and sparks flew out of the outlet-my sister was given
a slight shock through the lamp. We were both freaked out (my best friend
that helped us move witnessed this event) and the outlet was inspected. It
was fine. A new bulb was placed in the lamp and we never had another problem
with the lamp/outlet.
2. The summer I was home from IU after the boiling water on the stove event:
My mother's boyfriend was a triathele (sp?) and they frequently traveled on
the weekends to events out of town. My brother usually stayed at Dave's
when my mom was out of town. I would come home from work or out with John to
find different lights on then what I left on in the house. One time I came
home and no lights at all were left on. I assumed my brother had come home,
but I later found out that from Dave's family that they never brought my
brother back by the house. Other times: The TV would turn off when different
family members were watching it-we thought it was a short in the remote, but
the remote always worked fine.
3. The Birds: my mom and her boyfriend own two birds-an African Grey and a
Parrot. Their cages are covered at night in what we call "The
Breezeway/Family Room". The cages are covered at night and the birds do not
speak if they are covered unless someone comes into the room and makes a lot
of noise or talks to them. From all areas of the house at night, we have
heard the parrot cry "Hello" or "Who's there"-things they only say when
soneone is in the room with them or talking to them.
4. The Parrot. Mom's parrot is named Jose. When I was home from IU and
everyone was at work during the day, Jose somehow escaped his cage one day
(this was after the boiling water incident). I heard a strange noise in the
kitchen and was scared until I saw Jose swinging from a house plant. Jose
had been known to escape his cage previously, so a lock had beeen put on the
cage. Jose was out of his cage, lock still in place. I had to call my mom at
work (she was the only one that had a key to his cage) to come home from
work to unlock his cage and put him back in his cage.
5. Strange calls: When I returned from IU for good, I was living in the
attic of my mom's house by myself. I had to get up first in the house to get ready
to go out of town. One Saturday morning (I was 23 years old), the set alarm
rang and I switched on the light in my bedroom to get up. As soon as my
light was on, the phone in my bedroom immediately rang, although there was
silence/static on the line when I picked up-the there was only one window
into my room and the phone rang as soon as the light switched on-not gving a
person outside enough time to call if they saw the light.
A few times during the week when my mom would leave, the phone would ring
And no one would be on the line again. I was still working nights at the time
And I completely broke down and cried at work one night because one of the times
the phone rang and was full of static was as soon as my mom and her
boyfriend pulled out of the driveway to go out of town one weekend-I was convinced
someone was watching the house and knew when I was alone. That was enough
for me...my fiance and I were convinced someone was watching the house and I
finally left the house and moved in with my sister and her husband.
6. The Dresser falling on my best friend, Lana: About 2 years after my mom
and family moved into the house (I was 16), it was my junior year in high
school. My best friend's parents were moving to St. Louis and my mom was
given guardianship of Lana so she could graduate high school here. Lana came
home trashed one night (only my mom and her boyfriend were home sleeping
that night). My mom woke up to a huge crashing noise in our attic bedroom. She
raced upstairs and found Lana pinned naked under a double sized dresser-my
mom's boyfriend had to help lift the huge dresser off Lana, it was so heavy.
Lana had apparently been trying to change clothes when the dresser toppled
over on her. Lana was not seriously hurt, but my mom put her a downstairs
bedroom and called me (me, my future fiance/husband John, and two friends,
Bill and Molly, were playing cards at Bill's house)since Lana was very drunk
and my mom was upset. We immediately went to my house and could not figure
out how the dresser fell on Lana, since the drawers all pull out and even
then, she did not have enough strength to pull a huge double dresser on top
of herself. Unfortunately, Lana was so drunk she did not even remember how
the dresser ended up on her. The dresser was full of clothes and it took
three of us to even rock it back and forth, let alone topple it. Was the
dresser falling on Lana a paranormal event?
All of us kids have been out of the house for years. My mom, my brother,
Dave, my husband and I have always been convinced the house is haunted. My
husband absolutely refuses to go into the basement of the house (strange,
since a lot of the activity happended in the bedroom where I used to
live-the attic...no signs of haunting in the basement at all). My mom has since
convinced herself that the house is NOT haunted-I think she is convincing
herself of this so she can continue to live in her childhood home in peace.
 My grandmother who originally lived in the home is still alive and she is
going to be at a party at my house next weekend. I'm going to ask her if she
experienced odd events in the home while she was living there.
I am hoping that if there is a spirit in the home, it is my grandpa, whom I
never knew, watching over all of us (ex.turning the boiling water off so I
did not burn his home down). I see his visits with my brother as playful
events and a reminder to his first grandson that he is around. However, if a
dresser was crashed onto Lana (the first non-relative living in the home
since Grandma and Grandpa lived in the house), I am concerned for other non
relatives who may eventually live in the house.
Since Mom has convinced herself that there are no ghosts or spirits, I am
interested in exploring the realm of spirits when she is out of town, since
I take care of the house while she is gone. Also, is there anyway I can tell
If this spirit is my Grandfather or someone else? Since the house was moved, I
do not know the history of the land, although I am going to check with my
mom to see if she has the abstract for the land.

Haunted Coach-house??

By: scl411@hotmail.com

My experience occurred 21 years ago, when I was 7.  My family had booked a
break in an old coach-house in Cornwall (UK).  The building, from what I can
remember, was beautiful - typical Olde English and dated from the mid to
late seventeen-hundreds.
The first thing that I remember thinking was that the house was very cold,
even though it was the middle of summer (ok, so that's not saying much in
England!).  It was so cold in the evenings that we had to light the log
I was sharing the upstairs bedroom with my sister and her boyfriend,
sleeping on the floor, as there were only two beds!   Because it was a
"strange" house, I was allowed to leave a small nightlight on, incase I woke
up.  One night I remember waking up.  My sister and her boyfriend were
asleep and it was very quiet.  I remember being scared for some reason and
couldn't get back off to sleep.  After a while, the nightlight began to dim
and the room seemed to get even colder than it was already.  On the wall, to
my right, was a small hatch that lead into the loft.  As the light faded,
the catch on the small loft door began to rattle and lifted up.  The door
itself began to open at which point I started to cry!!!  This woke my sister
up, at the same time, the loft door closed and the catch re-set itself.  The
nightlight also returned to its normal level.  My sister's boyfriend had a
look in the loft but it was completely empty.
Several nights later, my sister said that as she was sitting in bed reading,
she felt somebody sit on the end of the bed and although there was nobody
there, the quilt "bunched up" and slid off.
I'm sure there may well be perfectly reasonable explanations for these
occurrences but, from that day on, I've been sure that the supernatural is
indeed for real.

Found Me?

By: LCO LODGE [eiWMLssp@win.bright.net]

I wrote to you a few weeks back about an experience I had when I was a child. My promise at that time was to return and share with you an experience I had within recent years that became known publicly. In the year 1993 my girlfriend (at the time) and myself was renting an older two story duplex in a not so famous part of Minneapolis Mn.
One late evening as my mother, older brother and myself were playing cards. My girlfriend was sleeping in a bedroom connected to the living room.
At one point during the course of the game my mother started giggling and sayed, "She is a funny girl isn't she?" I said who, and mom replied Sheila. Not knowing what she meant...I continued playing cards. A little while later my brother told me to go and tell my girlfriend to stop peeking at him, as it was starting to irritate him.
I went into the bedroom only to discover she was sound asleep and was lightly snoring....every once in awhile she blew through her mouth, a good indication she was totally asleep.
I then re-entered the living room to tell my brother it wasn't her. She was asleep.
During the remainder of the evening, all three of us would see movement stemming from the bedroom, but upon closer inspection, there would be nothing.
Nearly three months later, My girlfriend and myself were sleeping in the same bedroom. Now I am a sound sleeper. Not even Shiela could wake me up. At one course during the evening...I woke up to something rubbing up against the bottom of my feet. (My feet always stick out of the blanket.) I knew it wasn't Sheila as I could feel the warmth of her body next to mine and could hear her exhale. I sat up in bed and through the dim light of the yard light I saw a solid form with glowing red eyes standing at the base of the bed. Immediately my body froze in complete terror. I could feel the goose bumps! My first thought was to protect my loved one so I jumped up out of bed at which point the thing "scurried" across the living room floor. It was moving fast so I quickly dove at it hoping to use my body weight to land on it and disable it. It moved way too fast and I saw it disappear...it actually disappeared in the kitchen!!!! In the gloww of the night light in the kitchen I saw it head straight for a wall and vanish.
I was still terrified of what it was. My girlfriend Sheila then startled me from behind by asking "What's the matter? I almost attacked her because I was still in shock and thought she was that thing. At this point I began crying and told her what I had just went through.
The very next day we consulted a local spiritual leader for Native Americans who confirmed our hauntings. He told us the house was open to bad spirits due to previous occupants who used drugs and had most likely dabbled in "Bad Medicine".
I myself went with him from room to room as he blessed the house with prayer and sweat grass. At certain point in the house we would encounter cold spots in which he would then ask me to leave. Afterwards he instucted us to vacumm all the corners of the rooms and to use sage.
In a final note....the thing I saw recently and the thing I saw as a child looked to be the same type of "creature", but how could it have followed me even after all these years? But even a better question is...what is this thing?


By: IM2KRZ@aol.com

Grisley Experience

By: robin@mccomb27.freeserve.co.uk

I had a Grisly experiance one day. I was in my school alone after it had shut for the day.  I was trying to play a prank and ended up getting scared out of my boot's.  There is a tale of a young boy who tried to jump the whole way down the stairs pretending he was Superman. He hit his head off the top of the stairs and killed himself. The story goes that he was doomed to spend eternity Jumping off the stairs until he got it right and landed at the bottom.  Anyway i was in the school and i went to the toilets.  The stairs where the boy died was right behind the toilets when i heard a noise from the top of the stairs. I looked around to see the ghost of the boy jumping off the stairs and getting killed.  His face was covered in blood and unrecognisable and his neck was mangled out of shape.  I was so scared that i started to run.  It was at this time that i noticed the ghost had got up and started to walk down the corridor i was running down.  It freaked me out so i just ran like hell down the corridor and got out of the school.  I didn't go to school for the next week instead feigning illness so i didn't have to go. Well i hope you enjoyed reading about my experience and i look forward to coming back to your site some more.


By: blinkchic177@yahoo.com] .

Hello, my name is Nicole. Although I am only 12 years
old, I much believe in spirits. I have been through
many deaths with my family like my parents died from
cancer, my cousin commited suicide, and my grandma
dying in her sleep. I know that all of them are
watching over me. Even though you are probably a lot
older than me I hope that we can become good friends.
I saw where you worked and it seems very interesting.
If you're willing to, tell me a little about what you
do with your work, I'd like to know. Although I have
not come into contact with any orbs, I know for
positive that I have come into contact with unseen
spirits. I have a Quija board and I need your advice,
should I throw it out? Here is my story, if you think
it is good enough to be put on your site, please do,
and if I could, I'd like to talk to you more about my
experiences with spirits, ghosts, or whatever I come
in contact with. My story is: One night, in the summer
of 1999, a year after my mother had died, when I was
11, I turned on the T.V. at 3:00 AM. I had to go to
the bathroom so I walked through our dark hallway and
came back to find out the T.V. had been turned off. My
grandparents were asleep in their room. I got scared
and the next day, while eating breakfast, the garage
door flew open and the cap on the milk flew into the
air and then dropped to the floor. I knew it was my
mother trying to tell me something. The next night I
looked into my mirror, and saw my mom's reflection
staring straight at me. She was "supposedly" standing
right behind me. I quickly turned around and she was
gone. That night I prayed for her not to haunt me
anymore, I said that I loved her, but for her not to
visit me anymore. She belongs in her world now. From
that day, I was free from her "visits".

Grandparent Guardians

By: Catcreature@aol.com

      Have you ever known that you were protected by ghosts?
I feel I am. If it wasn't for the gost of my Grandparents, I would dead now.
My Grandparents died in 1977, but they never left me. They have interferred
several times over the years to keep me alive.
The most recent was is 1998. I had over dosed and in my unconciesness
I called a close friend in Colorado and told her what I had done. She called
and got me some help. When the police and emt's arrived something picked me up
and walked me to the door to answer it. In doing this no only were the police
save from my dogs but my dogs were save from the police. It was like getting
a sobering slap in the face when I opened the door. I was fully alert and
awake once the door was opened. Then I felt .....it's hard to discribe....an
enveloping warmth leave me. That they were no longer needed.
      I no that it was them. They have saved me from myself before and made
there presence known to my husband.
      I first saw them at age 11, i'm 35 now and I look foward to there next
visit, the may just pop in to let me know they are still watching out for me
and to remind me that if I should need them they will be there.
      To me that's very comforting.

Grandmothers picture

By: penandjen@netzero.net
 My grandfather died recently and I moved into his house. My grandmother had passed away some fifteen years or so earlier. I was happy to take over their home because I had had many wonderful times there.
 While I was decorating, I found a box of pictures of my grandparents. I didn't have many of my grandmother because she was a bit overweight and hated to have her picture taken. Many times she would take a pen or marker and draw around her body in the picture to make herself look thinner. Like drawing on the sides of her legs or indenting her waist. We would always laugh about it but I didn't like her doing it because she would ruin the rare pictures that I would get of her.
 Well, I found a picture of her taken many years ago sitting on the beach with her brother and his wife. It didn't have any marks of any kind on it and I was thrilled so I stuck it on my refrigerator so that I could see her everyday.
 That night my friend was over and we were talking about spirits and wondering what happens when you die... I wondered if my grandfather was now with my grandmother. I looked up and asked out loud for my grandmother to please give me a sign that they were still out there somewhere. I asked her for a sign that couldn't be disputed.
 Two days later I went to the refrigerator and looked at the picture and nearly fainted. My eyes got so wide and my mouth dropped open. I couldn't speak. My grandmother's waist and legs had been outlined in red! Just like she had always done when she was alive!
It looks like red magic marker but when I took a red marker and drew a little line in the corner of the same picture it left an iridescent mark when you tilt the picture. The marks around my grandmother look like they're in the picture.
Many people saw the picture before the red marks so I know I'm not crazy.

Grandmother's Ghost

By: Grabbyzz@cs.com
This happened to my mom.  My moms house was built in 1902.  A few years ago
my mom went out back to put some things in storage in the grainery.  The
steps going into the grainery were really bad, crumbling, some almost
completly gone.  When she came back out she slipped on the steps and almost
fell.  She felt someone grab her arm to support her and help her get her
balance.  There wasn't anyone there.  She didn't think any more about it,
until she saw the handprint on her arm.  The handprint  was in a spot where
she could not have done it herself.  Freaky I think.

Grandma Miller and Dad

By: DKEDREAM@aol.com

in the year president Kennedy was killed my father was in the army,I was 9
yrs. old.. His mother passed away and we had to go to Pa. to take care of her
passing.she lived in a small 4 room apt. on the second floor.once we arrived
and got settled. Mom had made me a bed on the day bed in the living room.
across the room was a closet where granda miller kept her clothes..Mom had
removed a dress and hung it on the outside of the closet door to be taken to
the undertakers for her to be buried in.sometime in the early hours I was
awaken and looked in the direction of the closet.. there stood my grandmother
looking at her dress and seemed to be fussing over it.. smoothing it out
...pressing it flat with her hand..she looked at me and smiled.. and I went
back to sleep...many years later at a family gathering her name came into
conversation.. My mother was telling my aunt a story about when grandma
miller died how we s! tayed in her apt... mom said she woke up and saw grandma
miller standing over her bed smiling at her and my father...
Several years ago I brought my father into my home, he could no longer care
for himself..2 yrs ago he passed away..not at home, but in the hospital...He
loved westerns and John Wayne movies.it has been 2yrs since his death..about
a year ago my tv started to change channels by itself..it would automaticaly
find a western.. no matter how many times you put it on a different
channel..it goes back to the western.When I get fed up with it I say out
loud...OK DAD I DON"T WANT TO WATCH A WESTERN TODAY!!! It seems to work.and
will stay where I put for acouple of hrs. Then it starts again..Also my vcr
will not let me play any horror movies.It will shut down ..turn off. But if I
put a different movie in thats not horror it plays..I guess it don't like
horror movies!

Grandfather's Ghost

By: tejanita1@yahoo.com

Since I recently found your site, I've been back a few
times.  I've always been interested in the paranormal.
 Ghost stories don't scare me very much, but I don't
know what I'd do if I ever had a first hand
experience.  What I'm writing to you about was not
experienced by me, but by my grandmother, who lives in
different state than I do.  My grandfather died from
heart complications approximately 12 years ago.  When
my father was young, before he went into the military
and subsequently to Vietnam, he built a rocking chair
for my grandmother.  It was also one of my
grandfather's favorite places to sit, along with the
dog, which they had for several years, that my
grandparents had before my grandfather died.  When my
grandmother visited us a few years ago, she told me
and my mother that about six months after my
grandfather had died, she was sitting in the living
room of their home, watching television.  The only
ones in the house were my grandmother and the dog.
All of a sudden, the dog, who had been sleeping on the
couch next to my grandmother, jumped off the couch and
went to lay down in front of the rocking chair where
he would sit with my grandfather all of the time.  The
dog curled up in front of the rocking chair, and then
the rocking chair started rocking back and forth as if
someone was sitting in it.  Occasionally, the dog
would look up at the rocking chair.  No windows or
doors were open to let in any wind that might have
done this and the chair wasn't near any other source
of air that could have caused it to move.  My
grandmother said she didn't feel frightened, she felt
almost calm, as if my grandfather had come to visit
her to keep her company, since she was basically alone
after his death.


Gone For Good

By: plwangel@hotmail.com

I am curious as to how to stop an haunting at my mother-in-law's house.  The
house was been rented to an Bulgarian family and one man was shot (killed
instantly) by police in the driveway of the house on Oct. 2nd of this year.
A week went by before strange things began happening at the house.  We'd see
shadows going by in various parts of the rooms of the house and not be able
to find anyone in the house.  The house is locked up tight as well as the
windows.  Windows are never opened.  Doors would open and shut by
themselves.  We wouldn't see the doors open/shut, but we'd hear it and find
the doors either opened/shut.  A number of people have experienced this
along with us.  We never had this haunting happening until the shooting.  My
husband has a pickup truck with the driver's door unworkable.  You cannot
open it because the door handle and the latch is broken.  You have to enter
and exit the truck thru the passenger's side.  My husband stopped by the
house to drop off a friend to watch the house since it's empty.  They both
went inside the house to discuss something.  When my husband got ready to
leave he noticed the cabin light was on in the truck.  He looked closer and
saw that the driver's door was wide open.  The friend heard nothing, I say
this because prior to the door breaking, it'd make a loud squeaking noise
when you opened/shut it.  We both feel it's the man who was shot causing the
haunting.  We'd like to know how to make him go away.  I've tried saying 'go
towards the light, you do not belong here, go to the light' but nothing
worked.  We are afraid that the future tenants will be haunted by this
incident.  Even this friend who has been house sitting says it's been spooky
staying in the house with the doors opening/shutting and strange things

Cheney's Graveyard


North Carolina-Gold Hill-Cheney's Graveyard-just down hwy 52 south about 15
or so miles from interstate 85, there is a graveyard in a small backwoods
town called Gold Hill. Its very hard to find and has been one of those high
school legends that not many people hear about or really bother to follow up
on, but youll get the occasional group of kids that go to validate its
realism, and they usually get what they are looking for. Thats probably why
its not visited that often...We decided to check this place out about 1991,
my junior year in highschool, after hearing the usual gossip about the place.
we found the cemetary after about 2 hours of driving around the area in and
around the town, which was only 10 minutes from our home town, but we were
fairly turned around from all those backroads. by this time it was pretty
late and it was a starless, moonless night. we could just make out the old
rockwal poking up from the weeds in the field of brush and occasional dead
trees. now t!
he story was that a heretic woman back in the late 1800's bore a devil child
with cloven feet and a forked tongue. the local people took the infant,
drowned it in a horse trough, and put it in a small tomb type grave that was
above the ground and sealed up with a big granite slab on the top. the tomb
was there in the middle of the graveyard sticking up all by itself with no
markings, with some earth inside of it and some weeds growing out of it. thr
were deep gouges in the sides of the granite coffin that looked to be as old
as it was. after we had decided we had seen enough and were headed out of the
cemetary back to our vehicles parked way away at the road there started a
shreiking that made our hair stand on end. animal or human we could not
determine which. i said that is a fox scream...im sure of it but what i meant
to say was lets get the hell out of here. in scrambling to get out of the
graveyard and over the wall in the thick brush of the field we had lost our
sence of!
 direction and had no clue which way we had came. we were very panicked by
then and being that i and my friend were the only two men there, it was hard
for us to maintain our wits. two of the girls started to cry and get
hysterical after about 10 minutes of searching for our root in and the
terrible noise getting ever closer. one other girl had completely stopped
communicating and just sat right down on a stump and would not budge. i told
my friend jeremy to stay with the girls and i would find the jeep and get us
all out of there. i told them i was going to be right back and just dont move
and keep the lights on so i could get to them. i ran straight through the
woods in the direction that i thought we had came from and after about a
quarter of a mile or so broke through the thick brush onto the dirt road that
we drove in on. i took off towards the direction that i knew we had parked
our vehicles and all the while the awful noise seemed to be right beside of
me just in the wo!
ods. i stoppe once and heard the brush and dead sticks crackin a little ways
in and heavy breathing and lost all  coherance and began to scream get away
go away you bastard quickly realizing i must be making it even worse for my
companions stuck in the field. i sprinted the rest of the way which was at
least half a mile down to the jeep where i jumped in and started it up and
turned on all the four wheeling kc lights i had outfitted it with. i turned
the jeep towards the wood line slowly to see if i could get a glimpse of what
i was hearing but nothing...i floored the gas pedal then straight through the
woods towards the cemetary knocking down saplings and small dead trees as i
went bouncing up and down and driving like a maniac to get to my friends. i
launched out of the woodline into the field and throwing up dirt and weeds
behind me began to make my way to where i had left my group. i saw the lights
flashing and waving for me and got there just as everyone seemed to feel as!
 if the terrible thing that we could not see was about to be upon them. with
6 people in the small jeep i spun around and charged back the way i came
through the woods and out to the road. we sat in silence for a minute trying
to hear if it was safe to get out to load up jennifers small honda. after we
determined it was ok me and jeremy got out first to check and see if the
coast was clear. no more shrieking was heard and after checking under and
around the car we opened up the door to check inside and what we saw still
makes my blood run cold today. the interior of the car had been slashed and
gouged with stufing from the seats strewn all over the inside. the dash was
marked and clawed as if a wild animal was let loose inside. needless to say
we left the car and came back for it at daylight. i suggest if you ever want
to validate my story, do not leave your doors unlocked and make sure you have
plenty of daylight.

Not To Frighten

BY: GRANDMASARK@email.msn.com

i'm not really sure if i would really consider this a ghost story.  what i consider to be a ghost story is:  a story true or untrue that is ment to scare you this is not ment to scare anyone.  it is more so to educate people that we are not the only beings, physical or non-physical, on the earth.  And weather you belive in gohsts or not you should be aware of this.  so her is my experiance.
    when i was born my parents and my older brother lived ona farm.  and like most one family farmers we didn't have much money.  we lived in a trailer house that was pulled over the old foundation of the farm house that used to set on the property.  i am aware of the fact that people find it unusual to remember anything before the age of five, but as uncomman as it is i remmber things from aboutnthe age of two. i can rememer that ener sence i can remeber i have been able to sence when someone else is in the room.  i can turn sround and some one would be standing there.  but the weiredest thing is when nobody is standing there.  okay i know that everyone has felt that before.  but this would get to the point that when i felt someone stading there and i knew that theren was no possible way that any one could be.  like when i was sitting in a chair that was up against a wall and i knew that there was no possilble way that some one caould be behind me, but i could still feel the presence behind me.  or when i would wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and i knew that everyone else in the house was asleep and could fell it.  i know very few people that can honestly say that this happens to them.   well now i have learned that i have a close tie to the spiritual side of the world. i have a friend that is a medium and has informed me that of this bond between me and the spiritual would, but she has no idea the purpose of it.  i never realized thst the way i can feel persence in a house or area to be a close tie with the spiritual world.  when i was younger i thought the everyone could feel it. nothat i am older i know that everyone does not feel it, especialy as strong as i do.  i can walk into a house for the first time and tell you if there is a osht present at the time. weird yeah i know.  adn believe me there are time that i wish i couldn't do it.  but there are a lot of things that about life that people don'e like and just have to deal with anyways.  well enough about myself.  the house that i lived in was well as people haunted.  what i am about to tell you my whole family and the people that witnessed parts of it will say it to be true.  no one was ever hurt and nothing was ever destroyed mabe broken but not distroyed.  one night when i was probably about four years old i had my first encounter with the unseen well somtimes seen but not usually.  i was going though this stage where i loved cardboard boxes,.  i was in them all the time i would make play houses out of them, eat in them, sleep in them, whatever.  well on this night for some reason my mother didn't let me.  so i took all the blankets that i had had in my rerigerator box and took theminto my room and made my little "nest" on the floor to go to sleep.  it was probably about three or four in the morning when my mom and dad and my brother came running onti my room because i was screaming a the top of lungs.  when the entered my room i was lying on the floor still asleep mumbing something thrugh my tears that they were unablr to understand.  in my arms was this teddy bear the pink care bear with the rainbow that was put on the top shelf because it was falling apart and i was no longer allowed to play with it.  there would have been no way that i wuld have been able to reach or climb to get this bear wide awake let alone in my sleep.
    another incident is that we had the ld cubord door that you had to push the litle button to open.  in the middle of the night you could hear someone enter the house through the back door and then walk down the hall way past my rooom and into the kitchen and opent he cubord.  the cubord being the way that they we had a very distinct sound and you knew that it was what you were hearing thta is the only thing that makes that noise. and then the water in the kitchen would turn on and you would hear a glass being filed with water and then set on the counter.  my mom had gone too the kitchen in the middle of the night thinking it was one of us kids and no one would be there.  the one thing that only happened a few time i never wittnessed was some that just my mom would wittness was that when she was still awake and us kids were asleep and my dad was out inthe barn at night.  the hot water in the bath tub turned on.  the first time tht this happened my mom heard it and once again thought it was either me or my brother up at night.  but when she went back to the bathroom the water would be running and no one in the bathroom.  she said that she checked to see if we were asleep and we were.  i can say in complete honesty that i have never went into the bathroom at night and turned the water on in the tub.  when she told my dad what had happened he said that it was probably jut the plumbing and mom had said that it wasn't because she had gome in there and turned the water off.  if it was a plumbing prolblem the water would not have turned off by just turnig the knob.
    the one thing that is the most distubing that the my mom says that she has seen the ghost that was in our house or least one of them i belive there to more than just one.   when the had moved into the house there was just two bedrooms.  me and brother who were still very yound had shared a room until my parent built the wall in our rather large living room to make their room. and my aprents had what was going to be my room.  my mom being a light  sleeper was awoken bya noise and looked in the door of their rooma nd saw a shadow in the door way.  she said my dad names thinking that it was him, and then realezed that he was still in bed.  when she looked back to the door way the figure was gone.  she said that she really doesn't remember what the figure looked like but she knew it was a man. just for the record i would like to tell you that my mother is a strong beliver in god and lives by his word which is no stealing obeying and her main concern is no lying.  i know you have no way knowing this except by what i tell you but i do.  there was other things like things coming up missing and never ever being found and you cuold always hear people walking in the hallway, day or night didn't matter and the pase and presure og the steps would always change that is why i beliave that there was more than one gohst in that house.  we have longsence moved from that house but the wierdest thing is that i feel the presence in the house that my mom dad two addopted sisters and brother live in now.  i know it is the presence that i felt in the old house don't ask me how i know i just do and there will be unexplained noises and thing missing or being moved from time to time and the only person that realizes what it is, is my mother.



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I have been reading everyone else's stories and I thought I would post mine.
I have had a few occurences happen to me starting as a child which ended
after moving and nothing  until a few years ago.  This event occurred 4
years ago but I often wonder what it was:
I decided one evening that I would go out with a friend and shoot a little
pool and do a little drinking (I don't usually do this).  Anyway, we ended
up getting pretty wrecked and decided to call it a night.  We drove home (at
that time I lived in an apartment complex and my friend lived there as well
down the way) and since her daughter was babysitting for me she came
upstairs to my apartment and collected her daughter and went home.  I went
straight to bed and fell asleep.
I don't know exactly how long I had been asleep for but all I remember was
being awakend by a very audible, loud, forceful voice and I will never
forget the exact words.  It said GO TO THE FRONT DOOR NOW!. I don't remember
being frightened, I just remember that I felt that it was urgent.  I got up
and went to the front door and it was wide open.  I went out on the front
porch and looked down the stairs and my youngest son (who was then only
about 2 yrs old)was going down the steps.  I grabbed him as he was about
half way down and took him back to bed with me.  I remember that it was
about 2:30 or so in the morning.
I installed a flip lock on the door and have been paranoid about him doing
this again ever since. He never has. The reason that I explained that I had
been drinking that night is that I don't believe that for any intensive
purpose, I should have woke up.  I believe that I should have been too
schnockerd!!.  I did NOT dream this.  I remember it clearly as if it was
yesterday and wish I knew who/what it was.  The apartment complex that we
lived in at that time was a very bad neighborhood and was right by major
streets and a freeway.  What scares me to death is the thought of what would
have happened had I not woken up when I did?  That terrifies me more than
anything else.  Hope you enjoyed and thank you for letting me share my story
with you.


By: lilone@transport.com

My second story takes place at a small cemetary not far from where I live, the Greenwood Hills Cemetary. It's located in West Portland, Oregon and sits next to a bigger cemetery, the Riverview, which overlooks the Willametter River.
Back in 1987 I think it was, my two friends, Diana and her cousin, Christine had told me about an old, abandoned cemetery around the corner from where their aunt lived and they'd expressed interest in checking it out, just for fun, so we did.
At the time it was in shambles. The grass and weeds had grown up over headstones and with vandalism and natural wear and tear like moss, had made some of the headstones nearly impossible to read. We walked around the area and really felt bad that this cemetary had been left to look as it did. These were people who  time had forgotten. We had this crazy, naive idea that we would try to fix it up, but soon discovered we had neither the time nor the resources to do it.
The cemetery, to describe it, isn't fenced in..it's surrounded by tall shrubs at the front area; you turn onto a dirt road as you enter the cemetary to the left and there's a white house just off to the immediate left as you enter, which has been fixed up considerably over the years but seems to be for rent more often than not. I'll get to that though. To the right of the house and back  a little bit, maybe 400 feet, is the crumbled remains of a small barn or shed and beyond that to the right, is the cemetary itself. The dirt road in the cemetary is in the shape of a lazy figure "8" and the road will take you all around the front area, down a small hill, by a swamp-area and back to where the old cemetary meets the Riverview's kept up cemetary (my two friends grandparents are buried in this area). As you continue around the tiny road, big enough for one car, it's flat until you come back by the swamp. The road then goes up to the right and past the "boys in blue" section, which is where several policeman, military, and according to the sign, a few Civil War heros are buried. Beyond this area, is the old barn reminents and that white house I'd mentioned.
We've gone to this cemetary quite a bit over the years to explore, visit my friends' grandparents, and even do a graverubbing or two. It's been fixed up considerably thanks to a society that had donated their time to come and mow the grass, fix up the headstones, and remove some of the overgrowth of trees and brush that was choking this area. Prior to all this fixing up though, strange things have happened to us there and several others as well over the years.
We've learned that the white house on the corner of the lot was once owned by a family (I don't know the name) that ran the cemetary for generations I suppose (I'm gonna have to research this and get back to you). There's a door toward the backside of the house, in the basement area that you can see from the road; they used to embalm people in the basement and wheel them out to be buried in the cemetary. There's still a drain in the floor down there today. I've not seen this but when the house went up for rent a few years back, my friend went with her then boyfriend to look and saw the drain in the floor. She said she felt creepy in the basement and promptly left. Her father, when he was a teen in the 50's, I guess knew the family that lived there and only spent the night once..he refused to talk about it but said the experience scared him to death.
Now to share our strange experiences:
-my friend and I dared each other to look in the windows of that white house when it was for rent and closed up. For the next three nights, both of us had the exact same dream of being locked in that house, trying frantically to get out and something was chasing us. These dreams were identical, down the last detail.
-if you walk through the cemetary in the daytime or at dusk, you can hear voices that are barely audible but sound as it they're muttering in your ear. It sounds like 2 or three people but I've never been able to make out any of the dialogue and there are areas where on a warm, summer day, I've felt suddenly very cold.
-the spirits seem to like red cars. My friend's husband a few years ago had a little junker pickup, a five-speed that would always die. When he took the truck into the cemetary at night, he could put it in neutral and not touching the foot peddals or the gear shift, the truck would drive itself around that figure "8" drive, going down the hills, around the corners, up the hill, etc. with no help from him what so ever. He said the truck would die when it reached the hedges at the front entrance. He has several witnesses that will back this.I drive a bright red '90 Geo Prizm and have had more than one occurance where I've let my car be driven. We were leaving late one night and I had followed my friend and her husband in their car. They pulled out and continued around the road  to the main entrance. I got into my car and started it. It died at first, which it never did before and it's an automatic.  I started it up again and felt the car lurch forward right as I put it into gear and saw the steeringwheel move without my assistance. This is a flat area so the grooves in the road don't explain this away because there are no grooves. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I suddenly felt like I wasn't alone. It was getting very dark where I was on that stretch of road and I wanted out of there. I finally muttered , " Fine. If you want to drive, just keep it on the road." I took my hands off the steeringwheel and my foot off the gas peddal and the car drove itself out of there- the steeringwheel moved by itself, going all the way around when it needed to make a curve and the gas peddal moved when it needed to! I called my friend later when I got home and told her about this and she said, "I wondered why you drove so slow". She then told me about her husband's truck.  I've taken several people in there to witness my car driving itself and have many witnesses, including my own husband, who doesn't want to go back in there any time soon. He'd asked at witnessing this first-hand, "My God, are you doing that?!" I asked him how I could be if I wasn't touching anything!
-We've seen orbs flying around also...amber, white, red. I thought they were my headlights but I make sure to turn my headlights off when I enter the cemetary after dark. I also turn off my radio and encourage my passengers that go with me to "open their eyes and open their minds". They've seen them too.
-I've picked up many a ghostly passenger as well and I've got witnesses to this too. We've all talked about feeling a presence in the back seat when there was obviously no one there. We've deduced it's the spirit of an older female who means no harm, but just wants a ride and maybe some company.
-One night my friend Christine decided to drive through the cemetary with myself and skeptical friend, Ann. This was in 1991, I think, shortly after 2a.m. and were daring ourselves to drive in and see if anything would happen. (I wasn't driving and Christine's car was yellow). As we got even with the shrubs on either side of the front entrance, I noticed a sudden feeling of ...I guess you'd call it hatred, evil. I told Christine, "My God, do you feel that?!" She looked at me and said, "Yeah, it's coming from the Boys in Blue section. It doesn't want us to be here."  I looked toward that section and saw a blue, glowing light, which was strange because there are no street lights back there and aren't for miles in that direction. My friend in the backseat, Ann started to whimper, "We gotta get out of here! Please! Let's just go! It's coming!" (Remember, Ann is a skeptic.) Christine looks at me and yells, "I think she's right!" She put the car into reverse and we sped out of there but...it followed us. I remember looking out the side mirror and the blue light was over the car!  I started shaking, "It's still here!" I was yelling and Christine was whispering, " I know."  Ann is hysterical at this point and we had to tell her to shut up, we were almost home. When we got to Christine's apartment, it was still there with us. We all yelled, "Run and don't look back!" We got into her apartment and huddled together on the couch til it finally went away.
The Greenwood Hills Cemetary has been fixed up quite a bit over the years and looks like a nice, well kept cemetary but I wonder...I recently went back in the daytime but experienced nothing. I'm itching to go back at night. I'll keep ya updated.
Thanks for reading my story,


By: lilone@transport.com

Is it common to be visited by the spirit of a dead pet? We had a pure white cat with green eyes when I was younger (ages 10-13) named, Frosty. My brother and I had each got to pick out a kitten from my father's aunt's cat since we'd just moved from an apartment into a house. I chose a long-haired orange cat and my younger brother chose Frosty. To try to condense this story, my cat eventually ran away and Frosty, who was very skittish of everyone but me, stayed with us for three years. He was an outdoor tom cat and like I said, was very skittish. I was the only one whom he'd let me pick him up as he trusted only me.
We went to Disneyland that summer and right before we left, I noticed Frosty had a giant sore on his head but thought he'd just been in a scrap with another cat. I felt guilty for leaving him but we had friends who would feed him and the prospect of Disneyland pushed the thought from my head.
Needless to say, we never saw Frosty again....alive anyway. I'd say about 3 months or so went by and I was very worried about him. I wondered if he was dead or just making his tom-cat rounds and was taking a longer time about it.
One night, I was in bed, just drifting off to sleep when I felt something jump on my waterbed. I thought it was strange because we didn't have any pets at that time (my orange cat had since ran off) but I wasn't really scared, just curious. I opened my eyes and saw Frosty sitting there on the rail of my bed looking at me. He was sitting there with his feet curled up under him and he didn't have the sore on his head anymore and his fur wasn't the dingy-white color of an outdoor cat. It didn't even register at the time that I hadn't seen him in months and no one could have let him in and not told me. I remember muttering, "Hi, Frosty." He then, sat up, and walked past me, along the padded rail of the bed and darted behind my headboard where he jumped to the floor. That's when I jumped up and turned on the light to see if I could find him. I searched all over that room and never found anything, not even cat fur. I asked my parents if they'd let Frosty in that night but they looked at me so funny that I never brought it up again. Was he coming back to let me know he was okay? I still tear up at this memory.



Hi I just came across your sight and it is very
interesting,I'm down in New Zealand(bottom of the
world).I've got a couple of things I'd like to tell
you.Now I'm not nutcase and I consider myself to be a
healthy resonable thinking person.When I was about 14
one night I woke up with a very disturbing fear I had
a sense of something very bad was happening,this was
around 3am,I could almost describe it as terrifying,it
was like I could see the outline of two figures in my
room(there was no substance) and the light was very
much on!!,the next morning when I went to school it
was announced that two of our pupils had commited
suicide,it was a little later that I found out it was
250 metres from where I live,across the street there
are houses which back onto a creek and on the other
side of the creek there is a dirt road,It appears they
got high and then gased themselves in the car.I can
look straight out my window and see where this
happened.There is no doubt in my mind that some kind
of ESP or what have you took place,it is something
that has always bothered me.
Ghosty stuff part 2
About five years ago strange things started to happen
at home,doors slaming,bathroom light turning on,tv
turned on(was not plugged in!!!!!!)I thought it was
just me until my sister turned around and
said"something is in this house" all this heightened
when a friend of mine commited suicide and continued
in a strong fashion for a couple of months,I could
often here a noise like someone was walking and
canvas pants(that sound of when they rub together)but
the thing that got me the most was when I was at the
end of the hallway and my dog was at the other end in
the doorway of the living room,it started to bark at
something in the corner of the room as if someone was
there(all the lights were off)then it just stopped and
whimpered alot and jumped in bed with me,but something
had spooked it,I often wonder what did it see!!.
We live near a creek that connects to a freshwater
river that connects to the open sea,when I was about
five we always played down at the river(my brothers
etc)One day we saw something move up and to the
surface just beside the bank,it was the most amazing
creature I have ever seen and in my memories it became
burned as a mythical creature,well it took about
twenty years to find out what I saw was about a three
metre oarfish,a great memory and not something you see

Ghosts or Imagination?

By: bambi@hdtinfo.com

We moved into a house we were renting. I was 11 or 12 at the time. My sister
was on a date and I was babysitting. I got home around midnight or so and
went in to my parents bedroom to let them know I was home and going to bed.
I was lying there in bed around 12:30 a.m. or so, I heard someone coming up
the stairs, I just assumed it was my sister. I rolled over and listened for
her to head to her room. The footsteps were light and getting closer, (my
room was at the top of the stairs). The footsteps stoped at my door, I
rolled over and said "yes, what do you want?" I got no reply. I thought she
was trying to scare me, so I turned on the light, noone was there. I shut
the light back off and laid there staring up at the ceiling. I heard
someone, or something, walk across my room, my fan, which was across the
room on my dresser, came on all of a sudden, it turned onto medium than off,
than to slow than fast and back off! I sat straight up in bed and flipped
the light, thinking, boy I've got you know you little stinker. There was
NOONE there!!
About an hour later I heard footsteps again, this time I hid under my
covers. The light came on in the hall way, my sister was standing there
looking into my room. (I was never so happy to see her). She asked if I was
ok.. I must of been white as white could be. I said yes.. She asked me to
turn the light off once she got to her room and flipped on her switch. I
said ok..
Later that night I heard footsteps go by my room and walking towards my
sisters. I figured it was one of my parents probably coming up to make sure
my sister was home. About 15 minutes later I heard my sister get up and come
into my room asking what I wanted? I looked at her blankly and asked "what
do you mean, I've been here all night, in my own bed!" She got a startled
look on her face and asked if I wanted to sleep with her (let me just say
this, my sister is 5 yrs. older than me and she was scared!! this is new...)
I got up and went into her room and slept in her bed with her, listening to
all the noses. As we were lying there talking we heard footsteps coming up
the stairs. She looked at me and said "you here that?" I said "yep, how can
I not here it". A figure appeared in the door, we both jumped alittle. My
sister said "yes, we are both in here". The figure turned and walked away.
The next morning when we went downstairs, my parents had asked when everyone
had gotten home. I said around midnight, my sister said around 1 or so. My
parents looked at my sister and asked why she came in the house and left
again around 11:30 or so? My sister looked at me and looked at my parents
and said, I didn't. My mom proceeded to tell us that they heard someone come
in around 11:30, but noone came into their room, so dad got up to see which
one of us girls was home. He said he didn't see shoes or anything in the
door, so he went upstairs and saw noone. So he figured it had to be my
sister, and she came home to get something. My sister and I just looked at
each other and said "what else did you hear?" My mom looked at us,
strangely, and said, "well I thought I heard one of you girls go upstairs".
The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up on end.
>From that day on, my sister and I always heard someone walking around
upstairs and coming downstairs. Needless to say, there were a LOT of nights
we slept in the same bed, hiding under the covers. To this day we don't know
if it was our dad, who was killed in a car accident 2 yrs. earlier, or the
man who had lived there before us, who died of a heartattack. The figure, a
mans figure, never bothered our step-sister. It was like this man was
checking up on my sister and I.
To this day I hear a man's voice. I swear he had followed me. I am married
with 2 girls of my own. If I sit with the baby monitor on to hear my
youngest, I can here a man talking softly. I can't hear what exactly he is
saying, but I can hear him talking. I guess I will never lose this ghost, he
has never tried to hurt me, but he makes himself known. I have seen objects
move, heard him talking to my oldest and youngest and felt his soft hand on
my face as I sleep.

Ghosts in my Bedroom

By: Boyerjb@aol.com

When I was about 4 or 5 years old (1978/79) I lived in a trailer park.  I
remember one night I was or thought I was dreaming.  (I still don't know to
this day weather it was a dream or not.)  In my "dream" there were white
figures standing beside my bunk-bed.  They were the size of an average person
in height and size. (I always slept on the top bunk.)  I remember talking to
them but the only thing I remeber actually saying was asking them if they
would catch me if I rolled off the bed.  They replied to me with a nod.  They
may have also said yes, I'm not sure though.
I then rolled off the bed and the white figures started to pass me down to
the ground.  If I remember right there were shorter figures also.  They may
have been children or they may have been kneeling.  While they passed me to
one another I felt happy and safe but then it occured to me that I was being
held by "ghosts" so I screamed.  I hit the ground infront of my closet that
was probably about 4 or 5 feet away from my bed.  I "woke up" when I hit the
ground and started laughing.
The next morning my dad told me that he had heard me scream.  He said he
jumped out of his bed, ran down the hallway, which was probably about 10-12
feet long maybe longer and got to my room before I hit the floor.  He said
when I hit I was almost inside the closet.  I had bounced and then rolled the
last few inches into the closet laughing.
I do not remember this conversation with my dad the next morning but I have
asked him about it on numerous occasions just because I still can't beleive
what happened.
Here is another story
My Sister
This one did not happen to me and since I still don't think that my dad has
told me the whole story I can only give you what I know about it.
I was 7 years old, my sister was 2.  We were now living in a two story house
that my parents had bought after my sister was born.  My parents slept
upstairs and me and my sister were downstairs.  One night I remember my dad
running down the stairs past my room and into my sisters room.  I jumped out
of bed and went to see what was wrong.  My dad was holding my sister and she
was crying.  I asked him what happened.  He told me that my sister was
choking on a small ring that she had left in her bed.  I still think that my
dad had some sort of vision or visitor that brought this near tragedy to my
fathers attention.
The main reason that this freaked me out was because my room was right next
to hers and my parents room was upstairs on the other side of the house and I
had not heard anything.
The weirdest thing about this is that my entire family on my mothers side has
brown hair and brown eyes, including me.  My sister and one of my cousins
both have blonde hair and blue eyes, they are the only exception.  The same
thing had happened to my blonde/blue cousin when she was 2, only she had
choked on a penny not a ring.
There are too many coinecedences that have happened to my sister and my
cousin to remember.  I only remember this one because my sister almost died.
My blonde/blue cousin had a set of twins a few years back and since then I
have jokingly told my sister that she would have a set of twins someday.
This past summer I found out that my grandmother on my fathers side was a
twin and that twins on my fathers side of the family skip a generation.
There are no twins on my mothers side of the family at all except for the
ones that my blonde/blue cousin has.  I'll let you know if my sister ever has
twins.  I'm sure she will.

Ghosts Follow Me

By: jvparker1@email.msn.com

When I was little I lived way out in the country. The area I lived in had a spooky sense to it. The house next door had been built by an aunt & uncle of mine who later abondoned it; next door to it was a cemetery. About 1/4 of a mile back livedmy greatgrandparents. They had a farm; my greatgreatgrandparents are buried on this farm by a creek with flat rocks for tomb-stones. I was always theone you would find trying to scare myself, I thought mothing could scare me.One night on our way home from a school play I saw a white shadowy figure in the drive-way of the cemetery. The next day I went to the cemetery to see if I could spark my memory of detail. I walked over there and read every tomb-stone; when I came to the very last one I remembered the whole appearance of the ghost - and more. She was wearing a white dress, like from the 1800's, she had on a white crochet bonnet and I later discovered her name, but it's best not mentioned. That day I called one of my friends and she said this ghost was kind of a peice of town history, alot of people had seen it. I kept on seeing her, even now when I go out there I see her. I moved to a large town in the summer between 5th & 6th grade, but not before i had seen ghosts even closer to home. One night - afew months before I moved - I went outside, I don't know why I went outside, I just did. I walked out in past the 12ft. bush and the trailer that had served as my parents' factory afew years before. I looked over towards the abondoned house, there were no cars in the driveway, no lights on downstairs, no way to safely get to the house-much less inside. Then, I looked up towards the 2nd story window, I saw a light on (the power in the house had been cut off), I saw black figures in the window sipping something from tall glasses and laughing. I've been in the yard of that house one time since. When I was about seven, there was a tornado watch; we all went up to my greatgrandparents' house. That night me and one of my cousins spent the night there. She's only 2 months younger than me.we slept in a bed that had an old black and white picture above it. Wee, we laid. We couldn't sleep that night. We both felt some strange, creepy feeling that we had never got before in that bed. Afew years ago,my stepgranddad died in a recliner at his lakehouse. I got abunch of books that were his. when I opened the box, It was like I opened memories that came with a cold feeling that hasn't left since. Even last week when it was 90degrees outside I was shivering from chills down the back of my neck. Lately it's gotten worse. Afew weeks ago at school we were taking pictures and I posed by this tree/memorial of a boy that died there last year. In the sixth grade I beacme great friends with a substitute teacher. she died when I was in the 7th gr. I see her almost everywhere. Strangest part is I run into ghosts everywhere I go.

Ghosts Everywhere

By: Piglet9388@aol.com

I moved to Minnesota when I was 14, I'm 15. My family owned a plantation in
Louisiana, and that's where my Mom, my dad, my sister, and myself lived.
naturally plantations are going to be haunted, but not quite like ours. I
think my first experience with a ghost was when I was 5. I was taking a bath,
and my Mom had gone to get a towel from the dryer. I dunked my head, and when
I came back up, there was a very faint lady sitting on the toilet. Very
old-fashioned looking, she was smiling at me. When my Mom was walking up the
stairs she vanished. I've had Numerous experiences with them, but the one
that sticks in my mind is this. my Mom had two statues of angels in the
parlor. One of me, and one of my sister. Whenever one of us did something
bad, someone or something would turn it backwards to tell my Mom.  I was
never afraid of them. They were nice. sorta like friends. They were my family.

Ghosts at a Wilderness Camp

By: jgrit@brinet.com

I was living and working at a year-round, therapeutic wilderness camp for teenage boys in Tennessee and had several different experiences with ghosts and ghost-like phenomena.  I had never believed in ghosts before these experiences.  I was among the skeptics, until about a year ago in July of 1999.
It all started one night when my female co-counselor and I were putting the kids to bed in their tents.  After the kids were down, she turned to me and asked if I had heard the voices.  I didn't know what she was talking about, and she went on to describe the voices that she had heard, coming from the woods several yards behind our tent.  I laughed at her and attributed "the voices" to wasps flying around or the wind rustling the trees.
About a week later, when my male co-counselor and I had finished putting the kids to bed, I was sitting on the front porch of my tent (the tents were permanent structures, kind of like army field tents) playing my guitar.  My co-counselor had walked off down the trail into the darkness, toward the main campsite area and the service road.  I began to hear people talking, so I stopped playing to listen, thinking that the kids were awake and fooling around.  However, the talking was not coming from the tent area, but rather from behind me, back into the woods.  It sounded like two men carrying on a conversation in low tones, and I could almost make out what they were saying, but I couldn't quite hear it.  About 20 minutes later my co-counselor returned, and I asked him what he and our group supervisor had been talking about.  He looked at me like I was crazy and said that he had left campsite altogether and that he hadn't even seen our supervisor.  At that point, I began to wonder.
The experiences continued.  About a week later I was lying on my cot in my tent, getting ready to fall asleep, when my female co-counselor, covering the group with me, and I both heard talking again. I shot up and looked over the side of the tent (the walls were only about 3 feet high, so there was a gap of about 4 feet to the ceiling) and looked straight in the direction of the sound.  The voices continued, but this time there were footsteps coming up the path toward my tent, which passed me, and headed directly for the first kids' tent, then disappeared off into the woods.  I heard the footfall on the packed dirt and leaves but never saw a thing in the dim light of the night fire.  I was scared spitless and cowered under my covers, just like in the Scooby Doo cartoons.
The next night, as my co-counselor and I were preparing for bed, we were laughing and joking around about her stuff that was strewn all about the tent.  She commented that she would straighten it in the morning.  When we woke up the next morning, the first thing she did was thank me for straightening her things.  I told her that I hadn't touched them; I had been sound asleep all night, but her backpack was packed neatly and propped in the corner.
The following week, my female co-counselor and I got switched to another group, living in a campsite about 500 yards away, down into a ravine, from our original site.  The group that we had been in left property altogether to go on a 3 1/2 week wilderness trip.  One night, as we were having the last pow-wow bonfire with our new group, my co-counselor, who was sitting directly across from me, shot her head up and looked intently in the direction of our old campsite, which you could just barely see at the top of the hill.  She looked at me, wild-eyed, and motioned with her eyes that I should look up there.  I did; the night fire was burning, but no one had been there to light it for about a week.
Two nights later, again after the kids had gone to bed, my co-counselor and I were up writing performance profiles on the kids and evaluating about our group, when we heard a truck drive past out campsite on the service road and head up toward the dead end, about a 1/4 mile away, where there was a third group campsite.  We assumed that it was our supervisor checking on groups, as he often did this time at night.  After awhile, we heard the truck again, heading back toward our campsite.  He stopped directly in front of the main path leading into our site, about 30 yards away, got out of his truck, and walked down the dirt path toward our tent.  The footfalls stopped right next to the tent.  Our heads shot up over the side of the tent to greet him, but he was not there.  Immediately my co-counselor jumped over the back of the tent and ran down the path to check the service road.  The truck was gone.
Several months later, after I had been switched to another group on the other side of our camp property, one of the kids from my original group was moved over to my new group.  One night we began talking about different things, and the conversation led to fears.  He began to tell me that ever since he had been living in my first group, he never went to the bathroom at night.  He went on to say that the reason was because one night, when he got up to go, he saw a man dressed in confederate Civil War-like dress walking back and forth across my tent porch, like he was pacing, and then disappear off of the porch into the woods.  He saw this man on several different occasions when he would wake up in the middle of the night; sometimes the man would stand over the night fire and just gaze at it.  Other times he would pace back and forth on my porch, or walk up the path and disappear into the darkness.  Once, he said, he was joined by another man in a union uniform, and both of them stood next to the night fire and stared directly in the direction of his tent.  I had never once mentioned my own experiences to any of the kids, and I can attest to the fact that, while this teenager was in my new group, I never heard him get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
How real was all of this?  I can only testify to my own experiences for certain, and they were very real.  On several occasions, before and after my own experiences, I would have conversations with other counselors in various other campsites that would share similar experiences.  Of course, before I heard anything myself, I would laugh at them and think that they were foolish.  I know now that they were not so foolish, because my own experiences were too real for me to believe otherwise.  Later on that year, as my responsibilities changed and I was the one going around checking groups, I would often walk the trails at night with no flashlight (I had discovered that my senses were greatly heightened with continuous lack of artificial light), and when I passed certain spots along the trail, particularly near the two "haunted" campsites, I would experience cold chills and the eerie feeling that there was something else there.   I compared notes with another counselor who would do the same thing.  He happened to be deeply into spiritualism, and he would get similar feelings at the exact same places.

Ghosts Around My Family

By: BonnieWalsh@webtv.net]

Dave, I dont knowif you can help me or not. I believemyself as well as
some of my other family members have some sort of ability in being in
contact with ghosts.    I will give you sme background information o
myself and my family. First my family. In the 1950`s my grandfather was
working at a factory, he had his fingers on bot hands cot off. In
another state his mother woke up screaming, shehad seen in her dream
what had happened. This was my great grandmother. She had a nephew that
was working for neutragena soap as a  inventor. He gave all fo us in the
family soap. Well when I was 10 years old ( this was in the 1970s) My
mother called me into the bathroom, she asked me to look at the soap, to
tell her if I saw anything. I told her it looked like a skull and cross
bones. She said thats what she had seen. I then told her that grandma
had died. She told me she knew that. ( grandma had died) One year after
that I hadnt seen my grandfather and kiss him good bye since    the
weekend( I spent every weekend with him, and my grandmother,( this was
on my fathers side) since I was an infant). I said he was going  die
becouse I didnt kiss him .About 4pm my mother got a ca ll  that he was
at the hospital. She got me a babysitter. I started to cry . Mom sad
alwould be fine.I said no grandpa died. He had died. He came  me to me
that night. He touched me, then stood at the end of my bed. He told me
he didnt die becouse I didnt kiss him, that all would be fine, and that
he loved me. My mother told me that one day befor he died she dreamed
her room turned into a funeral parlor, that inside the casket was
grandpa. During both my mothers and my lives, everytime a picture fell
off the wall, or a bird hit the window, and died, someone we knew would
die.If the bird didnt die, someone was just very sick.The most recent
thing to hapen was we had a photo of a map on the wall fall on the floor
and shatter. I knew someone had died. It was my uncle who along with my
grandfather (my mothers side) owned Twin Pines Milk. He was from
roseville , the map was a roseville map. My whole life I go into
certain old places .For instance  I livein Holly Michigan ( its full of
old buildings, 2 stories or more) I went to 2 old buildings that were
turned into antique shops, I went in and started to feel sick to my
stomach. each floor I felt worse. By the time I  came to he 3rd floor
the hair n my arms were standing up, I was told I looked green, I felt a
breeze that made my hair move , but no one saw or felt it. Im notable to
go to that store any more, I even felt like someone was squeezing my
chest. I  feel like somethings following me. When I lived at another
location I was in another room watching a movie with my family , we
heard a noise, I went into the kitchen to see, a bottl of my mdication
hat I set on he sink had blown its top off, and the pills were all over
the floor. That same night my brother had lost a tooth, he set it on the
sink near my pills. It was a back molar. We sat down to watch the movie
again. We heard a noise again, this time it was my brothers tooth, it
had exploded into to 2 pieces One ended up onthe floor, while the other
was on the floor. They were both on thir sides, and each looked like the
number 3. Now for the rest of my story at my present location. I live in
the country, across from a state park, I have a small lake , and a bit
of property. Certain parts of the property I get a strange feeling like
someones watching me. I turn, at tmes I see a black blurr.I have some
antique furniture In one room , Its this room that We seem to have  some
problems. My son sees blood red eyes that chase him. He also sees small
balls of light that go all over the room. He wont go in that room at
night, or even past it with out all the lights on and someone with
him.(hes 11 and told us what he saw since he could talk). We hav a
family room that has 3 walls . One wall has  a fire place, while the
other 2 have large windows. My son, my mother and myself see a man
walking past the windows, he is tall, thin, with a long black coat,and
black hat. We cant see his face. We also see some small black thing go
fast from this room to the room I spoke of earlyer . we all have asked
if our own cat was running around. But it was this black thing. When I
walk down a hallway the photos move, or fall off the wall. When Im with
someone I can tell if they will soon die.We now for over 2 years have
had phone problems, the phone company has given up, The phones burn out,
as do the cords, The phone rings, and dosnt show up on the caller id.
weve had light bulbs explode. Weve even had the electric company come
out. They cant find a problem. Weve gone through at least 25 phones,
plus cords.Were at our witts end.  We had a garage sale this year, a
woman said she was drawn to ` this house, that she saw a horse pulling a
wagon full of stones. That a stone house was built near here, she also
saw a man in the wagon with the same decription of the man we see. That
we have a strong magnetic field,that we live on a vortex, that people
from the oter side are constantly pass through. I investigated about the
stone house. It was located where the state land is now located. We
found parts of the house, and piles of rocks. We also have a radio that
comes on by itself. All this plus more things continue to happen to us.
Im really getting upset. Anything you could to or tell me would help.

Ghosts are All Over

By: d_martin@wmur.com

Hello there. My name is Derek. I have experianced the paranormal ever since
I was a little lad. I'm now 25.  I could write all day about experiances but
i'll sum it down.  It all started where I was born, Queens NY.  Our old
house there always kept us buisy. Constant doors slamming shut, noises such
as people talking, even noises you can't explain Visual sightings were big
as well. Take for instance the spring day when my mother was going down the
basement to do the laundry. (standing at the top of the staircase you could
see a window before you then turn to go down the rest of the stairs.) Well,
she was going downstairs not paying much attention and noticed the curtains
in the window were blowing. Not thinking about it she passed the curtains
and felt a breeze thinking it must be chilly today. She got to the bottom
and the stairs and it clicked in, there are no curtains in the window. She
turned around and nothing was there. Things like that happened alot.  The
spirits, I used plural because they were distinctive attitudes in them like
one was an older gentleman and one was a playful girl and i'm sure there
were more. They seemed to follow my brother alot. My brother when he was
little always saw uneplainable things such as peoples auras, he always knew
when my parents were mad by seeing red around them and if they were relaxed
he'd see blue. He used to tell my parents what color he would see.  Another
gift he had was seeing things before they happened. Although these things he
saw he saw happening to him. He supposidly didn't know how to use these
powers so someone said he must grow into them. He never really cared to .
But for example, We were in the backyard of our house playing and he ran
into the house crying. My mom finally calmed him down and he said that a
plane was going to crash in our back yard and kill us. Ironically a plane
out West in the news that night said a plane crashed in the back yard of a
farm house killing two children playing and all on board . Another incident
was at our home now in New Hampshire. Up to a few months ago I was living in
Londonderry. I recently got married and i'm now elsewhere in New Hamshire
not far. Anyway, There are apple orchards in my back yard and my friends and
I dirtbiked back there faithfully everday. One day in 1989 my brother told
me don't go back there today. He would not let me go until I promised him
that I would not go back there. I finally prmiced him. That day there was a
man murdered back in the very spot we hung out during our dirt bike breaks.
He was shot over what was belived to be drug related. So now when he tells
me stuff I will listen. Any, back to the ghosts. In 1992 Our high school
band participated in the Rosebowl parade . The time time of my life I tell
you. When I got back my mother told me they're back. Then she proceed to
tell me about what happened. Back then My dad worked weird hours and he
would come in late and he had the habit to check up on us. We always knew
when he got home because he always wore a million keys on his belt and you
could hear them jingle. Well, like clockwork my brother heard those damn
keys which he called them. He was acting like he was asleep so dad would let
him be. Then he felt my dad sit on the bed. What the @#@#@ he thought. Then
it dawned on him that side of the bed was against the wall. At this point I
would of been out of that room with my feet never touching the ground but my
brother tured his light on and there was an indent on his bed as though
someone was sitting there then the indent popped up he heard the keys for a
second and all was quiet again. What would you do if that happened. Well, my
brother went back to bed and told the story when he got up. He is not
spooked very often. I think it's because he was used to it in the other
house. Well that night you damn well know thank's to my brothers story I
couldn't sleep. You know your mind goes crazy and you think of good things
as much as you can before yor fear takes over again such as your thinking of
a beautiful girl in you glory then your fear cuts her head off or something.
Anyway I couldn't sleep. After that happened to my brother the ghost let us
all know he was there. My mom saw him a few times , so did my dad and my
brother. Me on the other hand have heard him walking up the stairs and he
tends to open the side door going to the mud and if we lock it it upsets him
sometimes and he'll bang loudly on the door until someone goes to check it
out. After a few sightings and by the way the reason why I haven't seen the
ghosts is because that first night back home I welcomed the ghosts but asked
them to please not show themselves to me and the funny thing is that they
respected that request.One day when I was in the local library I looke
through some maps of Londonderry. Just as I thought. The cemetary about four
acres from the house was bigger than it is. According to the map the
cemetary touches my neighbors and our house. Pretty weird. Well I better go
for now and to let everone know all is well since my wife and I have moved
and my parents say the ghosts are quiet but nearing Halloween i'm sure
they'll be at my parents saying hi to all the trick or treaters and the
family. I'll be that night for a while. And from what mom says she thinks
thaey miss me and my brother. but that's o.k.   Until next time :) peace and
god bless.

Ghostly Voices

By:  mlj1mcp@aol.com

This happened to me in 1980 when I was 16 years old in the San Fernando
Valley north of Los Angeles.  My brother, our mutual friend and I were
watching a documentary on TV about psychic phenomenon.  One segment had a
ghost hunter who used a tape recorder to record graves and he would
supposedly get voices on tape.  Being typical boys and always looking for a
new adventure, that was all we needed to hear.  So we grabbed a tape
recorder and drove over to a local pioneer cemetary that was founded back in
the nineteenth century in our town.  We placed the tape recorder on several
graves and recorded for several minutes at a time while we stood a few yards
away.  But each time we played the tape back we could only here the ambient
noise around us and an occasional dog barking in the distance.  Finally, we
found one grave at the back of the cemetary that had no headstone (there was
a lot of vandalism that happened for a number of years until the city
finally closed the cemetary to the public a few years later), so we had no
idea who was buried there.  We did our normal routine of placing the tape
recorder on the grave, pressing the record button, then standing silently by
a few yards away while it recorded.  After recording for several minutes, we
played the tape back.  About halfway through the playback we heard  a faint
yet unmistakable human voice that spoke in a whisper.  It seemed to be
female and she said, "I'm dead.  Help me!"  Our friend began to freak out
and wanted to get the hell out of there, but my brother and I were intrigued
and wanted to see if we could get more.  So I placed the recorder back on
the grave, pressed the record button, and walked away.  Keep in mind that
this took place in broad daylight and the tape recorder was always only a
few yards away in plain sight!  Anyway, after several minutes we walked back
over and rewound the tape.  You could here the click of the button as I
turned the recorder on, then my footsteps crunching on the ground as I
walked away.  Just as my footsteps faded out a young woman's voice, sounding
slightly echoey as if spoken in a tight enclosed room, said quite loudly and
clearly, "It isn't finished!"  By that time we were all very freaked out and
scared, so we decided to leave.  We played the tape for our family and
friends, but no one believed us.  I have always been tempted to repeat that
experiment, but I've decided against it as I am afraid of messing around
with something that I really know nothing about.

Ghostly Priest

By: Shinji00I@aol.com

Hi my name is Sean and I live in Yardley, Pa. I work at a small Catholic
Church rectory (where the preists live) and one night my Parish's Pastor went
out to dinner leaving me with I thought was a retired preist living there. So
at around 7:00 PM I heard a door shut, the open and after that I heard
footsteps comming down the rear stairs. So I went to the stairs to great the
Retired Priest. I was shocked to see no one there, so I assumed that he was
going down to get something then went back up the stairs. At around 8:00 he
had a call, I buzzed his room, no answer, I buzzed the other priest, no
answer so finally I just took a message. At 8:30 I heard coffing and an
elderly man's voice. I started walking to the stairs again only to look up
and see an ghastly old figure standing at the top of the stairs so I ran into
the sitting room and locked the door. After awhile i got bored and went
looking through the parish directory from before I was born.  I saw a picture
of an old priest who looked excactly like the figure at the top of the
stairs. I just shook it off and waited for the pastor to come home. When he
came home I showed him the picture and he said he was the pastor before me
and he died in 1986. Then he said to me hope you didn't have any problems
being here alone.

Ghostly Experiences

By: PhonixVF@aol.com

    My name is Vincent. I am 30 years-old. I married my high school
sweetheart when I was just 21. She already had a kid from a previous
marriage, but we were like one big happy family. I was already in the
Marines, so we had to find a house to live in, in San Diego. We started
renting this home on a bumpy street near Downtown. We hadn't experienced any
paranormal activity yet. But my wife Diane said that she would see things
moved form where they were before. I thought nothing of it because I was a
sceptic. One Sunday we were getting ready for mass, but Diane couldn't find
Ruthy's(our daughter) other nice show. Well I just about torw the house apart
from end to end looking for that damn shoe. When I came back into one room
that I had already checked, in the middle of the room was Ruthy's shoe.
Another time, Diane and Ruthy were going to pick me up at the airport because
I had left to visit my family on the east coast. Anyway, when we got back
from the airport, all three TV's and the radio was turned on full blast. No
one had gone in, and no one had left the house.  I bet you can imagine how
scared we were. But I'm a Marine. I'm not scared of anything....
On another occassion, out neighbors from nextdoor came by to drop off some
tupperware they borrowed. Diane and I were standing with our backs towards
the inside of the house while our neighbors stood in the doorway. All of a
sudden, the woman screamed. We asked her what's wrong, and she said that a
frame on a shelve behind us moved off the shlef and levetated in the air for
a second then dropped to the floor. When we looked, the picture was on the
floor and all of the rest of the pictures on the shelf were faced down.
The last thing that finally made me decide to move out, was one night. Diane
and I were sleeping, and Ruthy in her crib in out room. I awoke to the sound
of the kingling of a doorknob. It was coming from the living room. I got up
and grabbed a bat from underneath my bed. I was making my way slowly to
hallway when I heard a door swing open and hit the wall. I ran to the living
room to see the front door wide open. I searched the place and outside as
fast as I could. Nobody. When I came in and went to close the door, I saw
that the knob locked as I had left it before I went to sleep, but it was just
open now.
We moved out the following week. It was an interesting few months in that
house. I don't know why it happened, but I know it will make a good dtory on
your website.

Ghostly Encounters

By: elh2@sk.sympatico.ca

I have 3 differant ghost encounters.  The 1st one I was 16 I think at
the time.  We had just had a chrismas supper and such, so when it was
over, I whent down stairs to sleep on the couch. I was just lieing there
when I seen a shadow of what I think is a man because I seen a top hat
on this figere.  So this figure then starts walking around a little bit
then it came over to where I was sleeping on the couch and stood there
and stared at me.
Then it walked away. I was scared s#$tless.
(happened x'mas 96)
My 2nd experiance happened at my moms place.  I would here a female
voice call my name.  When I asked my mom or my sister if they called my
for me, they almost always said no and looked me like I needed help.
(happened in summer 97)
My 3rd experanice was at my work.  I was working the night shift(I'm a
baker) and had just taken a smoke break.  On the way back to my work
area, I distinctively heard a young baby crying in the front of the
store.  I thought that was very unusal because it was about 5:00 am, so
I went to go check it out.  When I got to the front, there wasn't any
one there.  I eventually forgot about this until this one girl who works
evenings at that same store said she heard a young girl crying for her
mother in the washroom.  She went to check it out only to find no little
girl.  Customers told her they had also herd the little girl too.
(happen earlyer this year)

Ghost Grandmother

By: sting@fbcc.com

When I was about 6 I lived in a house that was haunted.My 3 older sisters and my older brother heard the same noises that I did.  We would hear little children playing in the attic, we also saw them.  They didn't bother us so we didn't bother them.  The most that ever happened in that house that was BIG was when I was 1 1/2.  My Grandmother was about to die but it wasn't her time.  The owner of the house's mother appeared in the room but she had died about 15 years before that.  She shook my grandmother's bead and told her it wasn't her time to go.  My grandmother discribed the woman to the tee.  The wierd thing was that my grandmother had never seen the woman before then.  My grandmother is dead now.


By: meli_mel79@hotmail.com

I have always believed in ghosts, and all my life, odd little unexplainable
things would happen.  Footsteps, lights, seeing shadows out of the corner of
my eye.  But nothing had ever happened that scared me as badly as what
happened to me about three years ago.  I was visiting a friend out of town
where she was attending college.  I stayed with her in her apartment which
she shared with her son, who happened to be out of town staying with his
grandparents (he was about 7 yrs old at the time).  Anyway, I ended up
staying in his bedroom which was right across the hall from my friends
bedroom.  Let me explain the layout of the apt.  You walk in the front door,
and to the right was the kids room, to the immediate left is my friends
room.  You walk down a short hall and you are in the living room.  Standing
in the living room, there is a door on the left to the rest room and door on
the right to the kitchen.  A very small apt.  So, on one night we both went
to bed about 11pm.  I felt from the very beginning that the apt was a little
creepy feeling, but i kept it to myself and slept with head phones on to
drown out any odd noises I might hear. So, we went to bed and i fell asleep
quickly.  Sometime later I woke to the sounds of someone walking into the
room.  Thinking it was my friend coming in to check on me (she is more like
an older sister than just a friend) I stayed facing the wall thinking she
would walk right back out seeing that I was alright.  But a few seconds
turned into minutes and what ever was behind me stayed there "watching" me
for the longest time!  Not only could I feel it standing there, I felt
feelings of the most intense hatred and evil I had ever felt in my life!  I
could sense that what ever was behind me did not want me there and I did not
dare look back to find out what it was.  Something tells me I should be glad
I didn't turn around! I could also feel this intense heat "covering" my
entire body-kind of like when you sit to close to the fire place.  Finally,
after what seemed like forever, but was probably only around five minutes it
left the room.  The next morning my friend asked me if I had found
everything okay because she heard me get up and walk to the rest room (her
restroom had one of those fans that turns on when you flip on the light) and
come back to "my" bedroom in the middle of the night. I just stared at her
knowing I hadn't gotten up, especially after my little late night visitor,
and told her what had happened.  She swore she had not gotten up during the
night either, having only woken up when she heard "me" walking around.  We
were the only one's in the apartment. It was then that she told me of other
events in the apartment, like feeling someone brush by her while sitting on
her couch studying, a little white orb floating by her bed at night and then
floating off down the hall, among other things.
I know this is long already, but I want to tell you of just one more
experience that happened in my own home that was similar,but not quite as
scary.  Two of my aunts had come to visit my mom and dad and they were all
sitting in the living room.  I wasn't feeling well so I stayed in my
bedroom, I wasn't feeling much like visitors.  The living room and my room
shared the wall, but the door was in the hallway around the corner.  Well, I
was lying on my bed again with my back to the door just listening to their
muffled voices.  All of the sudden there was a soft knock on the door of my
room.  I just wanted to be left alone, so I closed my eyes and pretended I
was asleep.  I heard the door open a bit then soft footsteps on the hardwood
floor.  Kind of like when someone tiptoes around.  Anyway, i was a little
annoyed that they would walk in after I hadn't answered but i just kept
pretending to be asleep.  I felt whoever it was lean over me as if checking
if I were asleep,then straighten back up, stand there for a second, then tip
toe back out the door and close it softly.  Later after my aunts left, I
asked my parents who the rude one was who went into my room.  My parents
insist that they nor the aunts had gone near the bedrooms the entire time
they were here.  The only time anyone had even left the living room was when
my aunt went to get more water in the kitchen, which is in the opposite
direction of my bedroom. Luckily, whoever was checking on my this time was
not all evil like the one in my friends apartment.  I have many more
experiences that occurred in my home and other places, but I will send them
in some other time.

Scary Stuff

By: sarroin@attglobal.net

    So all of you think you're safe in your nice little home? Well
you're not !!! All the ghosts are out to get you !!! Nah I'm just
kidding. But for me there has been some pretty scary stuff goin' on. I
just moved in this nice little town with all this rich houses and a
brand new town , but i don't know what has been here before !!!
    Our house is fairly big , and I go to high school. I love to party
and do the normal teenager things. Anyways , after a night out with my
friends he wanted to come over and crash , so why not ? So any ways
we're just chillin at around 2 in the morning and we get sleepy. So we
decide to just crash...After about 10 minutes of settling down , we here
footsteps up stairs. Now i have 2 cats and they can make some noise but
i mean you can tell the difference between a human walking and cats ,
and it couldn't of been my parents cuz well they wouldn't just wake up
at 2:15 in the morning and not lights went on plus this lasted for about
5 minutes. Ignoring this , thinking it was just the settling of the
house , i've gone on with my life...
    Now my mom has heard some pretty WEIRD things goin out , like
creaking in the house and so on. Again all this seems a little strange ,
but i go on. Then this is when everything starts getting weird. I've had
my 93 year old great-grandmother spend the week-end. So on a saturday my
friend wanted to stay over so i thought no problem , better than doin
nothing. So anyways, the next morning my mom told me how about my
grandmother woke up in the morning and saw people downstairs !!! She
asked if it was me and my friend , and well it wasn't us. My mom after
said she was hallucinating , but i mean my great-grandma woke up and
walked all the way downstairs and then saw the people , so i doupt it.
By the way you know when you see things in the corner of your eye , well
its happened to me. And my mom once heard a crash downstairs , but then
she went to go look she found nothing.And the feeling that you are
always being watched and someone is watching you.
    Hey all I'm saying is there some weird things goin' on , but what do
you think ? A string of continuous weird and coincidental events , or
maybe haunted house ??? You be the judge...

10 Ghosts

By: evangelionunitrt@yahoo.com

 This is my first time coming into a place like this so I may be sketchy
with my accounts.
    Most of the spirits, ghosts as you say, I've encountered as a child
on up to my teens. For the record there are 10 ghosts I've know for an
extended period.
The 1st ghost- murderer, very demonic, encountered at age 5 in the last
room of one military home I lived in, always appeared at night, a one
night stand ended the haunting.
The 2nd ghost- feminine presence, appears in mirrors always in ethereal
clothing, very happy, keeps contact to this day, also speaks in Norse
for some reason.
The 3rd ghost- peculiar, always a perching crow or raven, leaves items
in visible places for me to find, seen every occasion.
The 4th ghost- native american Sioux, elderly, shaman maybe, in forest
areas that I go to often, taught me some things.
   All the other ghosts I didn't mention due to absence of their
presence.( Possible crossing-overs or due to location of).
   These ghost have made an effect, personally, on myself.

Snipe Hunting

By: WBur570780@aol.com


GHosts in our Home

By: ldeiter@juno.com

First some background info.

We have been living in our current home for 8 years and have experienced
various forms of  phenomena. Personal items have disappeared only to
reappear at a later date in a different location. Items in our home have
been lifted and dropped, ( kind of tossed not thrown) examples are
candles from a mantel and a toy snoopy dropped on a table. Once
eyeglasses were lifted off the counter about 6 inches and dropped on the
floor, the man they belonged to put them in his jacket pocket. He spent
the night and the next day we found them in the dishwasher when we
unloaded they were pretty hot but ok. There are constantly doors opening
and closing upstairs but no one has ever seen them you just hear it
during the day if you are home. We also hear people walking around
upstairs.  The upstairs bathroom shower curtain rod is constantly being
tossed on the floor or in the tub. Several of us have seen and felt a
presence in the dining room and in the bathroom upstairs. Downstairs
seems to get more frequent near Christmas and in the bathroom the shower
curtain will move and stay moved while you are watching it in the mirror
over the sink. There don't seem to be any specific times for a lot of it.
This has been witnessed by at least 6 people. My husband came across old
photos in a dresser built in to the attic closet, he doesn't know what
made him search but one day he felt like pulling all the drawers out and
he found an old photo album, some sheet music with the name Lorraine
written on them-it also happens to be my name. The pictures are dated
from the 1920's. Several times we have been totally broke and have had
$10. bills appear once on the upstairs bathroom radiator and the second
time in the middle of the living room floor.  We were all home and had
walked over the area repeatedly getting ready for work and school that
morning I needed bus fare for work called my mom  from the kitchen walked
to the living room and found a 1935 silver certificate just laying in
front of the fireplace. I have never seen one before and actually asked
my husband if it was real. I am also the one who found the money
upstairs. We did have a ten dollar bill disappear later that week and
have never found it. We know the house foundation is over a hundred years
old and that the rest of the house was built over it. According to our
Home Insurance agent it is one of the first if not the first house built
in this area and it was started in the 1800's.

"Ghost Waking Me Up"


I'd like to submit this story to your website as well as find out if this
could have been a possible ghost encounter or just a "waking nightmare".
One night a few months back I was sleeping sound and secure. I don't
remember having a nightmarish dream that night, but then I just suddenly
woke up.. I didn't hear my alarm or anything. I just opened my eyes. And
then I swear that I saw a dark shape.. right in front of my face! It seemed
to be the same size as my own head, and I thought it was a face. Boy was I
frightened.. I actually screamed out and yanked the covers over my head.
That was actually the second time this happened to me.
The first time was similar, but the dark shape wasn't right up in my face. I
was sleeping at my grandma's house when I woke to the sound of the toilet
gurgling. I don't know why the toilet gurgled.. but when I opened my eyes
and looked forward past the end of the bed I swear I saw a tall dark shape.
I actually thought it was a standing-up bear, because I was hearing this
strange gurgling and looking at a tall dark shape.

Woman See Them

By: rachelleerickson@angelfire.com

This is a true story. A couple years ago, we moved into a new house in Hanford, CA. When my six year old son Brian was in his room, I heard banging noises, like something being thrown. I went in there, and it's obvious that his toys had been thrown across the room. I assumed he had done it, and told him not to. He claimed that they had flown across the room all by themselves. I assumed he was just making up this lame excuse to avoid punishment. This continued happening off and on for months. It was only near my son, and only when he was alone. We thought about getting him some sort of counseling.
Then one night when I was alone, I was in my bedroom. Then in the mirror, I saw someone behind me. I looked behind me, and there was no one. The person in the mirror was a blonde little about nine years. She was totally nude. She had a Victorian hairstyle with her hair in curls. I was absolutely shocked by this. I didn't know if I had imagined. However, later I would hear a little girl giggling when there was no one there. Then one time when I was in the backyard I saw another little girl about nine years.. This was different girl. She had black hair in a Victorian hairstyle. She was also completely nude. When she saw me, she ran around the corner, and when I turned the corner, she was gone. Also, I noticed that pictures taken at our house often have bright white circles or other lights on them.
The abuse my son suffered worsened. He started having bruises on his body. He claimed the girls were throwing things at him. He never actually saw the girls but could sense they were there. I was very reluctant to mention this to anyone because they would think I was crazy. Then one of my neighbors told me that she had seen a nude little girl with her brown hair in her kitchen. When her husband walked in, she vanished instantly.
I decided to try to get to the bottom of what was happening. I went to the library, and looked at microfilm of old newspapers. I discovered the following incident. In 1873, two sisters Carolyn, 12 years old, and Sarah 9 years old, and two of Sarah's friends, Rebecca and Abigail, both 9 years old, went skinnydipping in a canal.
When they were swimming, a group of boys spied on them, and stole all of their clothes. They decided that Carolyn would go get clothes for them. Carolyn left the canal, and ran through the adjacent walnut orchard. Carolyn stole clothes from a neighbor's clothes line, and then returned. When Carolyn got back, there was no sign of the other three girls. Later, they found their bodies. The three 9 year old girls had drown. There were pictures of them in the newspaper, and they were the same girls I saw. Sarah was the blonde girl, Rebecca had black hair, and Abigail had brown hair. The location of the canal was exactly where our house is today.
Since then, I've talked to other people who have seen these ghosts. They are only ever seen by females because they are shy about males seeing them nude. They have a particular vandetta against all little boys since it was boys that spied on them and stole their clothes. The ghosts are also associated with walnuts because the canal was right near a walnut orchard. The ghosts are mostly seen in our neighborhood because that's where the canal was, but they are also seen all over the city. However, throughout the rest of the city, they are only seen near walnuts. They have been seen in walnut orchard, warehouses full of walnuts, and even the walnut section of the grocery.

My Cousin Jimmy

By: SlayerRune@Hotmail.com

Anyway, here goes.  It all started one night when I was little, and I coud'nt sleep.  So, I went out to the couch in my living room to sleep.  I got very little sleep before for some odd reason something made me wake up and look over the armbar.  I saw a big white blob with black smudges where the eyes and mouth should have been, floating from my kitchen going to my bathroom.  Back then, I kenw it was a ghost, but luckly I did not know they could be so deadly, so I was'nt scared.  Anyway,  I convinced myself years later that it was a dream, untill a new twist happend I forgot about untill my mom told a "theripst".  What happend was, I thought it was the ghost of my dead cosin Jimmy.  Well, I was too young to read.  and the next day, my mom took me to a cemerty where a good number of my family was buried.  I went over to a grave and started talking.  When my mom was done, she came over and asked "kyle, Who are you talking to?"  And now, the twist:
I said "Jimmy"
And thats who's grave it was.  My dead cousin, jimmy.
And that's my story.  Hope You like it.

I don't want to see Now!

By: lightof_themoon@hotmail.com

i've allways wondered about ghosts, and ufo's & what not. i'd allways wish
that wierd things would happen to me, and then suddenly reverse my thoughts.
about a month ago, i was sleeping out on the couch, and i heard theese wierd
humming sounds. jokeinly, i wished it was a UFO.then they became louder. i
freaked out and prayed, and nothing else happend. the next morning, i was
looking in the mirror, at this red mark on my face. it looked like a pimple,
so i pinched it, and this white, round peice of stuff that wouldn't break
came out. it was gross, and i forgot about it. the next night the same thing
happend, and in the morning, nothing had happend. so feeling better i went
on with my day. at night the same wierd red mark was on my leg, with the
same white thing inside.

it didn't think much of this, sence it didn't bother me.
but then i thought of when my cosins were up a few months prior to today. i
was out in the travel trailor setting things up for me & my cosins to sleep
my mom came to the house door, and began complaining about something.
suddenly i was filled with rage, and the travel trailor door slammend shut
in my face. i thought it was because of the wind, but then relized that it's
atached to a magnite, and you have to pull the door quite hard to close it.
scared, i went inside. that night, my cosin haley went to turn on the light,
and it didn't work, so i tried. nothing happend, so i shut it off. then it
came on a few senonds later. i looked at the light, and it was off, but on.
so i switched it on, and it stayed on. then it worked proporly. i went to go
get a sheet for the bed, and i had it in my hands, and i went and set it
down in the trailer. i talked to my dad for a second, then i went to pick up
the sheet, and it was gone. i was CERTAIN i had put it there, and we haven't
been able to find it sence. nothing else happend, after that. the next week
(after they had gone) i walked into room, and my curtain was swiging.(it's
one of thoose plastic one's)i walked over to shut the window, and relized
that it was closed. so, i thought it was the air pressure change, because i
had opened the bathroom door(witch was filled with steam from my shower)
but, then why wasn't the other one swining? it's window was closed, also. i
kinda became parinoed, and would allways missplace stuff. i'd be looking for
something on my dresser, and not c it, then all of the sudden it was there.
that's happend so many x's. it's propably just me, though. i while ago, i
became interested with the devil, and things got scary. i'd hear water
running, and find the fauset on, alltough no one had turned it on. this
happend at my house, and my grandma's. and i'd hear the tv on, but when i
came out, it was off. sometimes when i was in my room(when i was 7-8 or so)
i'd hear a loud noise, and go under my blankets and hide, in the same
possition, sweating for hours. one time i thought it said, "NO!" and i got
so scared. this would allways happen when i was about to fall asleep, or i
had just cried. now i'm almost 15, and when ever something wierd happens, i
just pray. i stared to go to church lately, and now nothing wrong has
happend for a couple of weeks.
only one thing bugs me still- there's this doll on my dresser, and it looks
like it is staring at you, so i allways turn it's head around. but, once in
a while, it's turned back. why? i don't know.

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