Double Jimmy's


    I grew up on a farm in Central Pa. There are so many weird happens there
that it would take an army of Super natualists in investigate them all. Some
the common ghost stories and another that required Police investigation. This
was the most memorible one that happened to me. I call it the Double Jimmy.
    My brother (jimmy) and I were suppose to be cleaning the horse pens out.
Instead we were playing tag. (normal kids) I raced through then Barn and up
into the hayloft. Jim was fast behind me so with a kick and a shove I pushed
a bale of hay over the hole that lead to the loft and rested for a sec. I
listend to Jim below and tried to keep track of his movments so i could
"escape". I heard some one crawling up the side of the roof of the barn.
Realising that there was no possible way of blocking Jim from getting in I
pushed the hay bale back and jumped to the ground. I saw Aza (one of our
horses) standing near by. She was realluy freindly so I knew I could get her
and make my good my escape. The only other horse calm enough to walk up to
was Bunny and she had a bad shoulder and couldn't run fast. I leapt up on Aza
and grabbing the halter took off past the barn I heard a faint yell behind me
"Hey!" But glancing back I saw Jimmy in the hay loft with a stick looking
angry. I thought "He is mad I took Aza." Then he threw the stick pointed end
first at me" I quickly pulled aza to the side. She saw it to and jumped side
ways as the stick embedded in the ground between her front and back legs.
(keep in mind she was in a trot and jumped side ways. This stick would have
hit her or me square if she had not jumped. It was also summer and the ground
was dry so the stick was thrown hard to impale int he ground like it did.) I
was annoyed Jim had thrown it at me and made a mental note to give him a
stern talking to about it.
    About a min later Jim was behind me (on Bunny) riding through the woods.
I started laughing at him "Pretty sneaky of me to steal Aza from you"
     "I know. I was shocked you did that to me." He smiled happily
    Not letting my good mood deter me I added "You know you could have really
hurt me with that stick you threw at Aza"
    Jimmy looked confused at me "What stick."
    I got mad thinking he was going to deny it. Not something he did and I
wasn;t about to let him start now. "The one behind the barn! You threw it at
me while in the hay loft."
    Jimmy stopped Bunny dead "I was never in the hayloft. You locked me out,
Remeber. I was trying to think on who to get up there when you rode past on
Aza. I yelled at you and grabbed Bunny"
    I turned and headed back to the barn where the stick was still stuck in
the ground recalling I had heard Jimmy behind me. The same call that made me
see the figure in the barn. The one that was just like a Double of Jimmy

Ghost Appearance



Jessie's Story


one night when i was watching tv the tv turned channels and i did not
have the remote, the channel it switched to was 1005.  there is no
channel1005 but there it was, right in front of me! i crossed myself
immedeatly, being very religious.  the "program" was a girl, she looked
about 6, saying " why, daddy? why?"  that sent a chill through me and i
turned off the tv very quickly and went to read a book.  the thing that
scared me was i had had an imagenary friend, called "jessie", when i was
6, "we" would pretend we could go to the planet 1005.  she is  still
here, but she is still here, nice now, helping me with stuff.  she grew
up too, now she's 10.

that has made me feel alot better, and no, i'm not crazy.

They are Missed!


sorry it's more like a book but its all true

my Mom and I have lived in this apartment building for almost ten years.
my Mom a year longer.
my Mom lived on the 3rd floor and I on the second
things didn't start happening until around the time I gave birth to my 4th
child my only daughter Melissa who is almost nine now
When she first came home she shared a room with my husband and I for the
first few weeks.
Then she was moved to her own room which was right next to ours.
One night soon after
I heard her dresser draws open and closing not fast or loud but like somebody
was looking for something.
I thought it was my husband
so I called out to him and asked what he was looking for
(I thought Melissa had woken up I didn't hear her)
he didn't answer so I went to get up and then I realized my husband was
asleep beside me
and I could still hear the draws so I got up to look when I got to her
doorway they stopped I went in and looked around and saw nobody there
but it was chilly
this happened several times
the only way to get to her room is by going through our room so it was not
any of my other children
       during the day when she would take her nap
(I would be the only one home)
I would go in her room when she woke up to take her out of her crib
the blankets in her crib were not the same ones I covered her in when I laid
her down
it seemed the ghost liked her fluffy pastel jungle blanket best
if it was on the clothesline the other would be there instead but most of the
time the other blanket would be folded and placed at the bottom of her crib.
       when Melissa was 3 she started to take dance lessons on Saturday
my husband and I would always stop at my moms to tell how they went
my Mom has a big French door to enter her living room there is a chair on
each side
I was on the right as you enter my moms bedroom door was to the right of me
by a foot or two my husband set to the left my Mom on his left on the end of
the sofa
all of a sudden I could smell baby lotion but neither my Mom or my husband
after a few seconds my Mom could then my husband
it was like someone walked from my moms room right between us and out the
livingroom door.
my Mom didn't have any babylotion in the house we never could use it on
because she had skin problems so bad as a baby.
         (thats when my husband started to believe)
not to long after that I started to smell a soft sachet around my apartment
I knew the smell very well my grandmother used to wear it.
I told my Mom after the first time I smelt it
that I thought I knew who out ghost was
she agreed my grandmother also used baby lotion on her hands all the time
           Then a few months later my oldest son started high school
I was sitting at my kitchen table writing a shopping list and Melissa was in
her room playing she came out of her room and asked me if I knew who bobalink
was ?
I told her no I didn't know she went back off to play after a few minutes
it dawned on me I did know I ran to her room and looked around and found
nothing but her playing it wasn't chilly (I'm sure it was to long of a time
had past)
and Grabbed Melissa and went to my Mom's not from being scared but this was
real proof it was my grandmother
my grandmother could have asked Melissa about my other two sons and got
but out the great grandchildren she only had a nickname for one and that was
my oldest son Bobby which she always called bobalink
it had been so many years I had forgot
there is no way Melissa would have known that
my other sons didn't remember my grandmother calling him that either
and Bobby came home that day to say he made the baseball team at school
my grandmother died almost a year to the date before Melissa was born
so she had never meet my grandmother not in real life form anyway
(I "M not sure if this part even counts but I'm gonna add it anyway
on the morning Melissa was born at the exact moment she was born it started
to snow the biggest flakes I had ever seen my sister was in the room with me
and she saw them my Mom at home she had my other sons had seen them as well
Melissa was born on December 16th we live in new England
so snow is normal here at that time
my grandmother died on the 6th the year before
it snowed like that every year till about the last 3 I bet it won't this year
I will be getting to that
        the family was used to our ghost it didn't cause no problems
it seemed it was around Melissa mostly
but other things had happened
at different times we could hear someone coming up the backstairs we would be
right on the porch and see no one.
The TV would come on in the middle of the night when no one was up
lights would be turned on never off just on.
my Mom had seen glowing balls above her stove one night (it wasn't on that
we had ordered pizza it was summer to hot to cook
my Mom thought it was someone out side the window with a flashlight
when she told me about it the next day
I looked around her stove and found nothing.
I asked her if her shades were down that night she said they were
I went out that night with a flashlight and tried it she was on the inside
and she couldn't see the beam.
a few times my Mom would go out shopping and come home to smell aftershave in
her kitchen (my Mom lives alone)
one night I was watching  remake of Stephen Kings The Shining
there was preview of the news during the movie about local haunted places
so I stayed up to watch it and during they said that a camera man from the
news was doing a documentary and if you had any stories to call
I told my Mom the next day she said to call him and see what he says
so I did his name was Matt I gave him a quick run down of everything
he wanted to come out and talk to us (to make sure we were on the up and up I
we pointed out how everything was and where things happened
he asked us to do the show we said we would
he told us he was gonna have a spiritualist come in as well to see if he sees
or feels anything
we did the filming of remakes on how some of the things happened
then the next weekend the spiritualist came to do his thing his name was John
he took pictures to see if he could get flash points
he was not told anything about what was happening at our home
but he said he could see that all together there was 6 ghosts in our house
he described them all to be our past on family members to a Tee
we had pictures of our family members that none of them had seen we took them
out to show them how right he was
my grandfather who I had never meet,2 of my aunts that I knew,my grandmother,
my husbands father and uncle
who were mostly around my husband
John knew exactly which room everything was happening in
but he had one thing which both my mom and I agree on
John said they were here  my because of my Mother
we both think it was because of Melissa thats right was
nothing has happened in a little over 3 years
the last thing that happened was the best thing of all
not long after we did the show
           Melissa wanted to have a camp in camp out which she saw on one
of her kids shows.
so we decided the next weekend we would do it we made tents out of sheets in
her room had the radio out and books to color and playing cards and such
and munchies the first night she fell asleep so early that we didn't do half
the stuff and she felt jipped and hurt so we left everything as it was and
did it again the following night.
she took a nap the next day to make sure she would stay up late.
when it got dark we had a night light plugged into the wall we had one side
of the tent flipped up so we could see
it was aound 11:00 that night we were playing cards and listening to a story
and we got to laughing really hard when you laugh your head bobs and my head
came up a could see a shadow where Melissa's should have been it was the
shadow of a young women was sitting beside melissa and from her shadow it
looked liked she was laughing with us.
and to me it was the shadow of my grandmothers school picture same hair style
and everything
    Now to the why we think they were here for melissa and not my mom.
My Husband and I split up not long after that last sighting i guess you would
call it.
he was a very heavy drinker,
it didn't matter what time of day
the verbal abuse was pure craziness. I could never trust him to take really
good care of Melissa because half way through he would pass out
and she is an asthmatic so she has to have medication all the time.
and after we split up the ghosts just stopped.
it's like she (Melissa) will be fine now we don't need to watch out for her
it's weird but I miss having them around

My Mothers Memories


Hello, I would like to share a story with you. It was told to me by my mother. she swears it is true, so here it is.  when my mom was around 5 or 6, she moved to a huge white house with a big wrap around porch. i don't know all the details, but she said that there was a little ghost car that would drive around the house at night. she would be in bed and hear it drive all over the house. up and down the hallway. she was playing in the floor one day and heard a revving noise. It was the car trying to push the closed french door open.  She told her mom, but she just laughed and told her she was being a silly child. When i say ghost car, i mean it was little and transparent, in the shape of a volkswagon.  The house had high ceilings with the light bulbs hanging from a line, so you pulled a string to turn them on. She would be in bed at night and watch while something pulled the light up, then let it go back down again. Also she would be in bed whith her head on the pillow and dream about a snake crawling through the space between the pillow and the back of her neck. Well, she would get up in the morning and have a rash on the back of her neck that would fade through the day.  She saw a shadow of a man walking down the hallway.  I never understood why her mom didn't believe her, they saw and heard things too. They would go to bed at night and if it was summer they would leave the main doors open and just hook the screen doors shut. well, they would get up in the morning and all the hooks would be cut from the inside. Like something just snapped them in to. Her grandpa lived there and he would hear someone walking around the kitchen table but when he went to see, noone was there. He would hear singing coming from the barn out back but noone would ever be there.  There was a little shed out back they used for a garage. one night my mom and her parents were coming home from visiting, and my grandpa couldn't get the truck into the shed. He said get out i will make it go if i have to run through the back of the building. so,my mom and grandma get out  and he backs the truck up, then floors it. He gets to the shed and bam, he gos in but a small, white, transparent balls comes out, kind of floating and bouncing across the yard. Mom said it just disappeared. like it was never there to begin with. There were other things too. i have already took up too much space so i will stop here.  Thank you very much, I hope this doesn't start hauntings on me. Bye

House on the Hill


This event took place back in '96.  I was living in a little town about an
hours drive north of Ottawa Ont Canada.  It was around 4:00pm on a Sunday.
We had finished a weekend camping trip with a group of army cadets and were
in the process of driving friends home.  There were about 5 of us in one car
as only the driver had a licence.  The first person to be dropped off lived
about 30 minutes from the cadet hall so he would be the first drop off.  His
house sat at the top of a hill. The layout of the hill was a lot like a
ramp, It sloped up from sea level (roughly) to a 60ft or so sheer drop.  It
took about 10 minutes to drive to the area where the 60ft drop was and from
the road you could just see the roof of his house.  It would take anouther
20min or so to get around the cliff to his driveway and up to the house.  On
this day his mother was going to meet us just past the cliff around the bend
and up the road about 1km at a rest stop.  We met up with her said our good
byes and left.  As we rounded the bend we looked up towards his house and
saw him waving to us from the top of the cliff.  We all saw him and we were
all sure it was him.  Of course we all started to speculate how he could
have gotten there so fast as by car it was impossable.  One of the guys said
he would call him when he got home.  I had been home for about 2 hours when
I got a call from the guy who was going to make the call. It turns out that
as my friends mother was pulling out of the rest stop they were hit by
anouther car.  She was severly injured and my friend was killed instantly.
We decided not to tell anyone about this at the funeral as we figured they
would think we were a bunch of teens looking for attention.  We all spoke to
each other about it many times, but know one every mentioned that it was his
spirt saying a final fairwell.  We all just tried to reason a logical
explination but never did come up with one.

My Ghostly Experiences

 I have a ghostly experience that I would like to submit to you. Actually, I have a lot of them but for the moment, I'll
only mention two of them.

Experience #1...
I was about 4 years old and living in a house in a very tiny town called Cliftondale, Georgia. It's not on any maps so you probably won't find it. I am a very sound sleeper and it takes a lot to wake me up at night. It always has. Well, one night I woke up in the middle of the night and there was an old man standing next to my window. I saw him as clear as day. He had gray hair and was wearing overalls. He must have noticed that I woke up because he turned his head toward me. I was petrified! I pulled the sheet over my head but chould still see him through the sheet. He began to walk toward me. I heard the unmistakable sound of feet shuffling across the carpet. He walked over to the side of my bed and lightly tapped my knee three times. I was so scared I couldn't move. Then he turned and slowly walked out of my room. I heard him walk down the hallway. Every night until we moved out of the house when I was 14, I heard those creepy footsteps in the hallway every night. The next morning I told my parents about the man who was in my room. My mom just told me that the man was my dad checking on me. However, I overheard her telling the story to my grandmother when I was 17 and she said that she had no clue who the man was. She had told me that he was my dad so that I wouldn't be scared. That freaked me out even more. I then knew that the strange man was most definitely a ghost. Also, before we moved I heard the screen door slamming all the time and drawers would open and close in the kitchen a lot too. Thos all occurred until we moved out of the house in 1993.

Experience #2...
We moved from the above house to a brand new house in Sharpsburg, Georgia, about 30 miles south of where we had previously lived. Not too long after moving in, strange things began happening to me. In this new house, different things occurred. I collected model horses and they were placed along the back of the piano, which was against the wall in my room. I would just be sitting in my room and my horses would float off of the piano and fall on the floor on the other side of the room. Also, things began to end up missing for weeks and then reappear. I loved playing card games and I kept my decks of cards on my wicker shelves. Well, one day I came in and my cards were gone. A few weeks later, the cards turned up, back in the same place where they originally were. However, the strangest incident was the VCR thing. I had a nearly new VCR but I don't watch all that much TV. Well, one night I was sitting in my room and watching something on TV when the chennels started changing on their own. I was really perplexed by that. I changed the VCR to one channel and it stayed for a moment but then began changing channels again, all on its own. I flipped out and ran to get my dad, an airplane repairman and an ex-marine who absolutely does not believe in ghosts. I showed him what was going on. He looked at the VCR kind of funny as it changed channels right in front of him. He said that maybe some sort of mocrowaves were causing it. He covered the place where the VCR picks up the signals from the remote but it didn't stop it. He said it would stop in a minute and went back to whatever he was doing. It stopped and started and kept doing that. After about a half hour I unplugged the VCR. Oddly enough, it still showed that the power was on and it was changing channels still. I completely unhooked the VCR and put it in a box and put it in my closet. The next day I went to my friend's house and gave him the VCR, since I knew he needed one. He hooked it up and never had any problems with it. Eventually those problems ceased. Now, I have a different problem.
I had a cat that I had stolen from a family that had been abusing it. His name was Tam. He was black and white and really loved me a lot. He was named for my band director who died back in 1995 of brain cancer. A year after we got him, right after I came to college, he was bitten by a snake and died. We buried him and got another cat to ease the pain of losing him. Well, after his death, I still feel his presence in the house. Tam used to sleep on my bed with me. He would jump up there and lay next to my side and purr until he fell asleep. Every now and then when I go to bed, I can feel a can jumping up on my bed, laying down next to me, and I can hear the purr. When I look down next to me, there is nothing there. I do have two living cats but neither one was on the bed and I did not feel anything jump down. I swear that Tam is still in my house.
I do have other experiences as well. If you would like to hear about them, please let me know. I enjoy sharing them. Please
tell me what you think about these weird instances. They have been on my mind for a long time.


The Gift!


The "gift" apparently runs in my family, although it seems to skip every other generation. In my grandmother, it manifested as ESP.  She knew what was going to happen to people before it happened.  In me, the gift's manifestation is an acute sensitivity to the spirit world.  I've had many experiences with ghosts.  Luckily, none have been violent or terrifying.  My first occured while driving to school one early fall morning.  I was passing the old civil war cemetary and saw a misty lady dressed in antebellum style.  It wasn't Halloween, so there's no doubt in my mind that the lady was no longer of this Earth.  The next event was on a walk with a friend.  We stopped in a vacant lot, and standing there, I got a horrifying picture in my mind of a room with a rag throw rug, a rocking chair, and dark paneled walls with blood spattereed everywhere.  I later found out that a house had stood there, but had been knocked down and covered over because no one would by it after a young mad killed his grandmother there during the depression.
     My next experience took me far from home.  I spent three summers working on Mackinac Island in Michigan.  One day I went to visit a friend.  Mackinac Island houses most of it's summer employees in bording houses.  As I walked into this one, I got the feeling of total despair and felt as though I were being choked or sufficated.  I had to get out of there.  As soon as I was outside, I felt fine again.  I later found out that a student had hung themself in that building about 10 years prior.
     After I was married, my husband was stationed in Germany at what used to be a Nazi prison camp.  I nearly commited suicide myself there due to the constant overwhelming feelings of dread and despair that emmanated from that place.  Nearer to home, we moved into a duplex when we returned to the States.  At one time, it had been a very nice single family dwelling.  I knew it was haunted when I moved in.  The spirit only manifested itself once.  I was in the kitchen, looking for my scissors.  I mumbled to myself about not being able to find the darned things and next thing I knew, they were sliding down the counter toward me.
      My grandparents former residence was haunted by thier dog.  After the dog died, my grandfather woke in the middle of the night several times.  He swore that he heard Muffin bark to be let out and was usually at the back door when the jingle of her dog tags disappeared.  One night during a visit, my husband woke to the same jingle and woke me up to ask me what it was.  I told him "It's just Muffin. Go back to sleep".  In the morning, he asked "Who's Muffin?"  You should have seen his face when I told him it was my grandparents dog that had been dead for 3 years!  Muffin no longer haunts the house.  She disappeared entirley after my grandfather died.  I believe that she was there because she was lonely.

South Carolina Stories


I live in Irmo, South Carolina. We have two haunted places, there is monkey
dog bridge where an old woman who lived on monkey dog road raised monkeys and
dogs and a monkey got killed on the bridge and comes back, the legend is you
put a quater on the bridge and it takes it. people have seen the red eyes of
the monkey dog and many quaters are missing. the other is the haunted gazebo,
its where our local witch goes and chants and worships the devil it is said
that if you look the witch in the eye she will haunt if you visit her worship
home. our friend went into convulsions for 2 hours after this. also me and my
bestfriend have had a Ouija board for over a year and different spirits all
from North Carolina and have killed by a shooting with gangs (their gang the
Villians) have came to speak to us, when asked their purpose it is said to
watch over us. they have given us many helpful info. and entertaing nights. i
hope you have enjoyed our little hauntings

Ghost Stories of My Grandparents


My house is a house of haunting. Fist, when I was just a baby girl, my
grandparents owned this house. Well when my grandfather passed away on a
cold February morning, I inherited the house. My family moved in. Since the
age of four, every February, strange things would occur. Strange things such
as the time the was pounding on our basement door and hitting and kicking
walls in the basement. Then, after about a half and hour, it would stop! We
could never explain these crazy actions. Then, one time, when the whole
house was asleep, my mother was just waking up. She heard my door open and
slam. She peeked out of her door to see me walk by, since our upstairs is
very small, and she saw nothing. All she heard was the bathroom, right next
to her bedroom in the hall, slam shut! Well, she started to get worried
because I had been in there a very long time. She went to check on me and no
one was in the bathroom. She opened my door, and I was sound asleep. The
ghost of my Grandfather would often slam our banister around on the wall to
scare my mom when she was alone. After time passed by, and I moved my room
to the basement, things stopped. The haunting ended. Unfortunately, my
grandmother died much later. Right after her death, I became the first out
of three other family members to hear her talk. You could never understand
what she was saying. It always sounded like a muffled whisper in your ear,
as if she was trying to tell you something. I personally believe that she
was saying her goodbyes. I know my friends and I should never have done
this, but we did a séance. We proceeded all the steps perfectly, Everyone
was a little bit skeptical. Well, I suddenly heard her whispers again. My
one friend felt a powerful chill that made her feel uneasy. We looked over
and her part of the circle was broken open. Coincidence? I think not! Well,
then we heard a pounding noise on the table across the room. All of us
quickly got scarred, so we ended the séance and left the circle. My younger
sister came running down the stairs because my family had gotten mad at us
for all the noise. But, how could we make so much noise if we couldn't leave
the circle? Well, then we knew we couldn't explain any of the noises, but it
was truly my grandmothers spirit. Truly, if you can not explain what you
see, hear, or feel, then there must be no other explanation. Just learn to
keep your eyes open and stay aware of the possibilities. You never know what
could happen next!

Ghost Sighting


    Since I was 12 I have seen things and felt pressences, They started
when I was living in Ohio, we had moved to the house when I was 8, the
house was only about 6-8 years old when we moved into it, the owners had
lived in it then sold it to us, so no one else had lived there that had
died or anything. I dont know about what could have been there before
the house was built, anyways, It was a warm sunny summer day, I walked
down the hall to the bathroom from my bedroom, there stood my mom
dressed in a long dress with a apron over it and a bonet, she had spiral
curls, I said mom why are you dressed that way, hot as it is? No answer,
so I said well when your done I need to use the restroom, I went into
the kitchen, there stood my mom dressed in shorts and a short sleeved
blouse, I said how did you change so fast? she looked at me like I was
crazy and said what are you talkig about? I havent changed. I told her
what I had saw, she had a strange look on her face, I went back into the
bathroom, the lady was gone but I saw her standing in the hallway, near
my bedroom door, I said who are you? what do you want? She looked at me
then smiled and disappered. I ran back to the kitchen where my mom was,
very scared,  I never saw the women again, but from time to time heard
footsteps  in the hallway, felt cold air  in the hallway,  my music box
would play wthout being opened sometimes, and I would feel like someone
was around, but never saw anything I always felt like the house was
haunted from then on and still do to this day.


Is tThis a Ghost?


On three separate occasions three different people have heard someone come
in from the garage into our laundry room and put their keys down.  We all
heard the doors open and close and the keys.  We wait for someone to come
through the laundry room door to the hall way but no one comes in.  We go to
the laundry room and into the garage and no one is there.  On two separate
occasions just one person was home and no one else.
This last Sunday, my husband and I were getting ready to go out.  He decided
to wear his black cowboy boots, so he looked for his black belt that matched
his boots.  This belt is a thick long belt with a large, oval buckle.  My
husband is a very organized person and has a rack where he hangs his belts
and ties.   He told me he could not find his belt, so I helped him look.  I
ran my fingers through all this ties and belts on the rack.  He looked on
the floor incase the belt had fallen from the rack.  He brought a chair to
look on the top shelf incase he had put it there. We could not find it
anyplace.  I told my husband "maybe our son borrowed it"  although my son
does not wear what his dad wears.   My husband put on another black belt.
We went off to visit family and returned about 7:00 p.m..  Later I went to
bed and saw my husband take off his belt and went to hang it on the rack.
He said "The belt is hanging on the rack".  I could not believe it.  My son
was watching TV in the next room so I told my husband to ask him if he had
borrowed it and put it back.  My son laughed, "why should I wear a belt like
that", It wasn't a belt he would ever wear, but I thought we would ask
anyway.  I got out of bed to see where the belt was hanging.  The buckle was
large and hanging over the rack and the belt hung lower than the ties and
other belts. (too obvious).  The belt was not on the rack when we looked
earlier.  We are absolutely sure my son would not wear a cowboy belt.

Ghost in my Room!


Some people think just because I'm young they think it's my imagination when
I see ghost. I'm 12 years old and this happened when I was about 6 or 7. I
was playing at my best friends house in his basement, I never liked his
basement is was always so big and dark. When he said lets have a race
downstairs, Tory his little sister went running down first when she tripped
and fell down the stairs, but it was like something was holding her up from
falling and hurting herself.When we got down there Tory was just sitting
there on the floor like nothing happened. This one happened in my house, I
thought I had a bad dream but I was awake, ( my eyes were open and I was
having a bad dream at the same time) the dream was I was in my room when
something popped out from under my bed and grabbed me. I screamed until my
parents came in and found me on the floor, that happened until my parents
got me a new bed. We also changed the color of my room because I said I
could see shadows from under my new bed like someone was still there.About a
mouth ago I got all my courage to talk to the person under my bed, it really
was a little girl who needed a friend to talk to. My mother thinks I'm crazy
because she sees me talking to walls, and teddy bears. The girls name is
Jennifer and she likes to play with all my stuff, she'll play hiding games
with my stuff and put them in places I wouldn't look and she really likes my
dog Snoopsie, Jennifer would chase the dog around my room and put my t.v and
radio on in the night. She is really nice and if she likes you she'll pull
on your shirt. One time I asked her why she was in my house and she didn't
know. That is my friendly ghost friend.

Ghost in Michigan


When I and my first husband lived in Michigan about 1984, we had a ghost in the house.  It was a fairly old farm house with a basement.  My husband and I would hear foot steps upstairs when we were down in the basement.  The water would also turn itself on in our bathroom.  Of course, we figured we could explain this stuff outside of using the supernatural to do it.
The strangest part though, was that I awoke at least twice and found an older thin man standing next to my bed looking down at me.  This happened over the course of a year.  Then he would simply disapear.
Another odd thing that happened in that house, was that I awoke one night and saw a tiny ball of light zoom across the room like a pinball a few times before it disappeared.
I actually got so upset at the ghost that I pleaded with it to stop it and go away.  We moved shortly after that to Washington State, so it became a moot point.  I have not had any other ghosts in any other homes I have had since that time.
I never felt like the ghost accepted us in the house.  I often wonder how the people who live there now are faring.
I know this sounds weird but it is all true.

Ghost in Manchester


I started university in manchester uk, with two friends, we found a student house,just a row of teresed houses from
around the year 1900,it started after we moved in, the staires whent fron the hall up across the house so that there was a front room then a second room with a cupbord under the stares that opend into the front room the second morning we came down and the door to the cupbord was open, nothing specile we put it down to one of the others doing it, but this went on for a week.
the second thing and most dramatic I was started to go to sleep it was quite late I had an argument with my mate nick
earlyer , as i was lying there i felt a slap across my face, i froze but i thought it was nick prating around i opend my eyes got up whent to his room but he wasent there, he was down stares watching tv with paul the other friend nether had done it.
The other thing was that the house was freezing but we always wolk up boiling for no reason. The final thing hapend just befor we decided to leave, i was working away from the area and got back around nine in the evening
to find my mates pering through the gap in the door, asking me what i was doinggoing in and out, it turns out just before i came home they heard the door slam because its stiff steps coming down the hall and then go up srares, they thought i was in a mood so i didnt speek but it wasnt me,  we slowly whent up stares to chech it out but no one was there so that was the last thing then we moved back home.

Really Old House!


Hi My name is Meaghan. I live in Mass and my house is 202 years old. We have
always been having happenings but never payed attention to them. I, was
sleeping on the floor in my den(bedroom was being painted) and I woke up out
of a sound sleep to see a dogs snout up in the air. I could only see its
snout nothing less. I ignored it and went back to sleep. My faithful
companion,(dog) Wolf died when I first moved here and he loved me ditto. So
I told my mom and dad and they believed me(IN A WAY) And another time when I
was in my room I was woken out of a sound sleep to see a figure, jet black
stand at my doorway. I ignored it. It woke me up again and I looked and it
was Closer...Again and it was closer. The final time it woke me up and it
was gone. It woke me up again and  A Different figure was there. It didn't wake
me up again. Well, atleast a year passed by and noting happened..until one
night when I was sitting on my living room floor eating a sandwich and my
dog on my right. There was a table and chair on my left. I was minding my own
business until the chair flew at Me and literally bruised my elbow by
hitting me. I yelled out a scream and my mom saw it hit me. She was so scared. The
chair and table are practically stuck to eachother. I have been scared
since. On our cellar door we have a chain to lock it. I cant reach it, my mom
doesn't lock it because she does laundry. etc., and I cant reach it. For 4
days it was getting locked by itself!!!! Another is my mom went outside to
lock her care and something behind her with BIG foot steps was chasing her!
She has a bad back and never runs, BUT she did! We played a Quija bored and
the pointer moved it self past number 7! These are all true! My mom and i
saw it and threw it away! She put it in the middle of the street. We both were
interested and scared and wanted to see if it'll do it again. I went to get
it and it was on our trash barrels!!! It moved by it self! My mom can hear
voices in the day and thinks shes loosing it i can hear some too. Shes not
loosing it though. My dog  flow who is alive will growl at night at the
living room when its pitch black for no reason. She will SHAKE with fear and
run into my room.

There is a Ghost Here!


About two years ago I went around to my (now ex) girlfriend's house for the first time, meet her family and stuff.
They have a games room set up with a pool table and bar. We were shooting some pool and so on. I was sitting on a bar stool when I felt something tug at my shorts.
I immediatelt thought it was my ex-girlfriends 18 month old daughter who was wandering around. I looked down but it wasn't her, there was no-one there. I noticed the daughter in another room.
My instant reaction was geez - there is a ghost in this house.
Up until that time I had never thought about ghosts and was probably more of a skeptic than a believer. My theory was I would believe it when I see it.
Well, I believed straight away. Although I didn't see anything I definitely felt something tug at my shorts.
I didn't mention it straight away because I was meeting the family for the first time and I didn't think I would make a good impression by announcing to them that they had a ghost in the house.
So I mentioned it later to my ex girlfriend , when we were alone. She just laughed and said oh yeah, that's our friendly ghost.
Apparantly the whole family is aware of the ghost and it has always been in their house and they accept it as a matter of fact and part of daily life.
She told me it was a friendly, playful ghost, like the ghost of a young child. It turns the TV on and off when they are watching, moves toys around, and stuff like that.
They were interested that I had felt its presence (literally, because it tugged my shorts), but not surprised.
We never really talked about it again and we broke up not long after. I went to the house a few times when we were going out but never noticed the ghost again.
For some reason I have never really thought about it much until recently when I saw an old friend and she asked me if I was still an avowed atheist.
I have always been strongly atheistic and a non-believer in God and cynical of organised religion.
However, my experience with the ghost has forced me to reassess my beliefs.

2 Little Ones


One night at 12:59am I awoke to the sound of my door opening.  I opened
my eyes expecting to see nothing but just to make sure.  I saw 2 little
kids in my room.  One was right beside me climbing up my closet door and
the other was standing by the door.  As soon as i opened my eyes the one
jumped down and they both ran out the door.  They were wearing the
pajamas that cover your feet and are long sleeves.  One was wearing baby
blue and the other yellow.  Both had the same haircut- a short bob that
framed their face so I couldn't tell what sex they were.  I quickly got
up and looked around the house but found nothing.  Other strange things
happen in my house but nothing that I've actually seen.  It seems it
would have to be an accident to see something because thats the only
time I do.

Black Shadow


One day I was getting ready for bed when I seen something black pass right
behind me. I didn't think of anything, so  I got ready for bed. I layed
there on my bed when a black shadow was coming toward me, I was really
scared but I just kept praying in my head, it got to the point where I
could not move, nor shout. I closed my eyes right when the shadow was
about to come to my face. I prayed hard and finally I had enough strenghth
to get up. Since that day I haven't slept comfortably in my home.

Trail Haunts


When I was about 13 or 14 years old,I was exploring woods and a feild which
we owned. There was a trail down through the woods which I was following and
I came to a small open feild that I liked to go to and spend time. It was a
very beautiful spot and I spent a lot of time there. I happened to have my
shotgun with me and my dog was ranging around sniffing things out as dogs
will do. He jumped a rabbit and as it ran past me, I sighted on it swinging
the gun barrel in the direction it was running. As I neared the end of the
arc of the swing,I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye and pulled the
gun barrel up quickly,thinking that some one was standing near me and would
be in my line of fire. I lowered the gunbarrel and looked in that direction.
I could see a figure standing near a brush pile within 10 or 15 feet of me.
He had a beard,a blanket or bedroll across his body and was carrying a musket
at port arms across his chest. He looked at me directly in the eyes and then
disappeared. My dog was backing away from the brushpile with his back hairs
standing straight up. I took off running as fast as I could and ran all the
way back home. I never told anybody about this until years later. I found out
from my father that there had been civil war troops in the area during the
battle for Knoxville,Tennessee and that they had skirimished with one another
for some days. One force was on one side of a hill and the other force on the
other side of a little valley on the other hill. I didnt know any of this at
the time of my sighting. The area was taken by the Interstate Highway System
and no longer exists.


This experience didn't happen to me directly, but I felt it and heard my
uncle scream downstairs when it tried to suffocate him. Mostly to my cousin
and grandmother who have witnesses to it.
     I think it started with just random bumps in the night. Then my cousin
began to feel things happening. She would get cold and feel like someone was
touching her. One night she turned around and saw a teenage boy standing
there. He looked like he was medieval france or something because he had the
old ruffled shirt and belt buckle shoes. The boy was around her age (14 or 15
give or take) and he was just kind of staring. Then she got up and went into
the kitchen where she played cards. Nobody knows why, even her, she just did
it. Then she like came out of the trance type thing and felt cold. The boy
had vanished, but she still felt cold. She then went into my grandmother's
room and slept there with my grandmother.
    The next night, she was in the living room playing video games. The boy
returned and was just sort of watching her. She tried to ignore him but he
didn't leave until she got up and went into my grandmother's room. That night
she heard the tv turn on and when she came into the living room all the video
game stuff was out, even though she had put it away.
     The next few days things like that randomly happened. The ghost would
appear and would tell it to go away. It would, but return the next few
nights. The next serioud encounter she was when she was about to fall asleep.
A girl's voice screamed into her ear. My cousin woke up and ran to Grandma's
room. Another experience with my cousin was when she was in the shower. She
felt like someone was touching her around her waist. She turned, but nothing
was there. She got the same cold feeling, but still saw no one.
    The next few nights nothing happened. My cousin was left alone. It was my
Grandmother who had the next experience. She was closing the doors in the
house (a habbit of hers) when she heard a slam. She turned to find all the
doors open. She turned to her own door (which she had opened) and it was
closed. She opened it to go in but didn't sense anything or get the cold
feeling my cousin did, but it scared her.
     The next experience was with my grandmother also. She had her mail
sitting on her bed. She had turned around one moment to change the channel on
her tv or something and when she turned to her mail, it was gone. She looked
around and saw nothing. My cousin was in the room and she saw the mail gone
too. My cousin searched the house for it, but couldn't find it. When my aunt
got home, she found the mail in a neat pile in the driveway. She brought it
upstairs and suggested that it might have blown out the window. Except that
the window was closed.
      The final experience, I witnessed. Or heard rather. My cousins and I
usually sleep on the floor in the living room (six of us all together crammed
on the living room floor). I remember suddenly waking up and feeling very
cold. I was too frightened to move because I had this fear someone might see
me, even though no one was awake except me. I heard it downstairs. The noise
woke up my cousin and she too lay there in the same fightened state as me.
      We suddenly heard my uncle (who lives downstairs with my aunt and two
cousins) shout like he was trying to breathe. Marissa (my cousin who was the
first to see the boy ghost) looked at me like 'what was that?'. Eventually we
fell asleep.
     The next morning at breakfast my uncle came upstairs looking like he had
a bad night sleep. When we asked what happened he explained that he had a
dream a black tall figure was leaning over him and tried to choke him. At
first the black figure suceeded, until uncle let out his shout (which Marissa
and I heard). When Uncle woke up from his dream he saw nothing, except his
door open. He knew he closed it.
     Ever since then the ghost (or ghosts if you count the girl and the black
figure) have toned it down a bit and went back to the 'bumps in the night'
they started with.
     I can't really explain any of it and I have had moments where I'm too
scared to move in that house. I see shadows and figures out of the corner or
my eye, but nothing ever attacked me or stalked me. That's pretty much it as
far as I know.
     I really would like someone to possibly explain it, since it's odd that
they do this. If anyone could help that would be great. Thankyou and that's
about it for my ghost experience.

Old War Veterans


 i used to work in an old nursing home . called
rose vista . it used to ocupie old war  vetrans and part of it was for the
mentally disturbed. they turned the whole place into a nursing home  now.
but when i worked there back in the 80"s . i was in house keeping . they had
shut the whole section down that they used for the mental institution to use
for storage. i used to have to go back there every once in awhile to get
items. one day i had to go back there to get a table. so i went back there to
get the table. i had to walk around looking. i was in the back hallway , when
i felt someone was there. it was really cold,i felt someone was watching me.
i felt someone standing beside me . so i stopped . it got really cold on the
left side of me. and then  i heard this mowning  in  my left ear . it got
louder and louder like a man in pain. crying!!  i was so scared i left -
running out of there.  i never brought back the table nothing, i quit my job

Ghost Bunnies


Hi my name is Justine  and I would like to tell you about a
sighting on hatchet rock road,It ws last year (1999) When it happened to me
and my friend,Kary,so we were walking down the blck when we saw a little boy
he said hav you seen my bunnie? We started backing up and we said no! and
then he started chasing us and we started running away when out of mid-air he

Trash Throwing Ghost


    Once when I was about 13 my brother and I were sitting in our breakfast room playing cards.  I got up to fix a glass of water.  We were laughing and joking, when out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought was my father coming in from the next room.  He threw something into the trash knocking the can over.  He just turned to walk away.  A little irritated I said " I guess I'll get that!"  Only then did I see the look on my brothers face,  I turned to see what  he was looking at.  In the doorway was a figure, built like my father( a rather big man), wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, yet he had no real facial features.  He was standing there looking back at us.  Then as quickly as he came in he faded out.   We both saw the same thing at the same time, I know we didn't dream it!  We are not the only ones that have seen this man, but those are stories I will save for later.

Gettysburg Ghosts


I went to school at Gettysburg College and along with hearing several campus
ghost stories, I saw something there that I can't explain.
Now, I certainly did my share of partying in college and I'm sure that some
of things that I saw as undergrad were self-induced. However, on this day I
had not been out the night before and was very clear of mind at the time.
It was during the Spring in my freshman year (1985); I was biking through
the battlefields on a Sunday afternoon. As I was going down the road
somewhere between the Wheatfield and the Round Tops, I passed a man who was
standing on a rock. He was dark-haired and bearded, wearing a Union uniform
(a NY regiment, I think. I nodded good morning, thinking it was a reenactor.
The figure nodded back and as I passed him, something odd struck me about
him. A few yards past, I looked over my shoulder to check the man out again
and there was no one on the rock or nearby. There was no real cover around -
it seemed like the figure simply disappeared.
To this day, I'm fairly certain that I saw a ghost.

    Gettysburg Ghost

This saturday night, I went to Gettysburg and took part in the Farnsworth
House cellar Ghost Stories.  The storyteller was great.  During the stories,
my hair on my left sholulder moved as if I had turned my head.  I did not
turn my head.  I was sitting still and had my eyes intent on the storyteller.
 Afterwards, we stopped in the Tavern for a bite to eat.  While there, we
spoke with one of the servers about the stories.  She said there was several
spirits in the house and, in particular, a 6 yr old spirit that likes to play
with your hair.  My mouth dropped!  That must have been what I felt.  At the
time, I didn't think much of it and wrote it off as the "air".  Now, I
believe the little rascal must have moved his fingers through my hair.  I'm
great with kids.  The server and the storyteller said that the young spirit
likes those woman with kind and nurturing spirits.  I consider myself
priviledged to have experienced the touch of a spirit.

House Of Haunts


I have entered a couple of other incidents Ihave had with the paranormal and decided that this would be a good one to submit also.
My husband and I along with our three children moved into a three bedroom bungalow.  The house was approximately 100 years old but was a little too small for our family.
After residing there for approximately six months we decided that it was time for us to buy our first house.  We had the opportunity to purchase the house that we presently resided in but upon careful consideration decided that there wasn't enough room for the size of our family.
This is when things started happening.
I had managed to get some background on the house from some neighbours before any of the occurences and don't know if anything can be attributed to this.
Before we moved into the house a single elderly lady owned it.  She resided there alone and had lived there her whole life.  Her father being the person who built the house.  She did not use electricity and did not even own a fridge.  This is not that unusual as some people still believe in living the way they were accustomed to during their rearing days.  This lady was very sickly and had a sister who would come and help to take care of her . Unfortunately this sister passed away and she was left to fend for herself.  People seemed surprised at this because the sister was reported to be in excellent health.  Anyway the lady who resided in the house was relocated to a nursing home and this is how my landlord came upon owning the property.
Now to get back to the details .
I was laying in bed one morning just after my children left for school.   I was awake but my eyes were closed and I was contemplating either getting up or going back to sleep.  I felt someone climb into the bed beside me and lay down.  I thought to myself why in the heck wasn't my husband at work?  I rolled over facing his side of the bed and opened my eyes getting ready to berate him for taking the day off.  To my shock and surprise no one was there.  I called for him and no answer.  I just dismissed it as my imagination and didn't give it any more thought.
Not long after this always in the morning there would be banging and scratching coming from my living room either from behind my wall unit or from the front door.  My bedroom was directly off of the living room so I was always waken up by the noise.  And I mean noise.  Loud banging.  The first time I heard it I thought maybe a stray cat or something had got in the house somehow.  Upon further investigation I found out there was no animal in the house.  I became so accustomed to the noises waking me up that one day I just screamed for it to shutup and quit bugging me.  Well thats not exactly what I said but you get the gist of it.  All of a sudden the noises stopped.  I didn't have any more problems for at least a couple of more months.
We had put a bid on a house and were quite excited .  I was laying in bed one night doing crossword puzzles.  My husband had just got home from afternoons and was taking a shower.  I distinctly heard a voice whisper my name right beside my ear.  I said What?  Thinking that my husband had called me but was still confused as to why it sounded so close.  I went into the bathroom and asked if he had called me .  He then told me I was losing my mind when I proceeded to tell him what had happened.  Maybe it was the wind he said.  Yeah right on a balmy summer night with no wind at all.  The funny thing was that no one else experienced anything out of the ordinary in the house .  Upon moving out I actually felt saddened because I honestly had the feeling that whatever this spirit was it didn't want me to go and only annoyed me because I was moving out.  At no time did I ever feel threatened by it but when it said my name in my ear I can honestly say that it scared the ---- out of me!
The house that we bought was an old nuns convent .  Its a beautiful older house and right now and thus far I have nothing to report to you about this house and hope that I never do.
By the way, I am totally sane!

Germantown Road, Portland, OR


What do you make of this?  There is an area in Portland, Oregon, that whenever I'm near it, I feel absolute terror!.  The first time I felt it I was grown, and a friend and I had been driving around on a Sunday afternoon, beautiful day, and were parked on a hill in outskirts of Portland, trees overhanging the car, and although the conversation was about things we had very much enjoyed, I began to be uneasy and within half-hour, felt I had to get away from there.  It was around 5-6 in the evening.  The name of the place was Germantown Road.   I came to learn that any time I was near there, I felt absolute terror, even knowing we were going the other direction, or in a different part of the city.
We went (a band) to play a job in Clatskanie, OR, and didn't go in that direction, but coming home, although I had gone to sleep in the car, a woke with that same unexplainable fear.  Knowing we hadn't gone in that direction, but the fear was so strong, I asked, Are we anywhere around Germantown Road?  The driver said "Yes, it's about a quarter-mile ahead of us".
I was driving a small truck for a blueprint company and was to deliver some blueprints to a company in that direction- there was only one main road along the river leading to and past Germantown Road,  and I was really apprehensive about driving it.  It was raining, and bad weather, but also how do you tell an employer you're afraid to go there??  So I drove in that direction, knowing it would be bad, but for some reason there was no fear.  I could not understand it.  But it was as if something watching over me knew I didn't have to go that far, so there was no necessity for the fear. (Sure was relieved to turn around and go back.)
I grew up in Northeast Portland, an had only been to St.Johns (neighborhood) a few times with mother to visit people she went to school with in Idaho, and cannot associate any fear with those visits.
I had no other reason to ever be in that part of the city.  The Columbia River flows through Portland, and we were on the east side near the airport, in an area strange to me because of sandy ground, and although I was with my brother and friends I felt safe with, that same fear was coming over me again-  but I couldn't be near Germantown Road, because that was on the West side and out by St Johns district.   Walking to where the others were talking though, I saw the lights of the St. Johns Bridge in the distance, and we were across the river from it.
The only time I've ever felt this fear was when I was near a place called Germantown Road.  The fear is so strong I can almost see what happens:  I'm in a car, someone I'm with is outside the car, and a dark something comes around the side of the car-  there is violence and maybe death, at the front side of the car fender.   The dark form is large and bulky, I think of the shape of a bear, but it could be anything.
We've lived a lot of places (retired Navy) but that's the only place I've felt that fear.
Have you heard of anyone else with that location?

Old Georgia Theatre


This has since been broken up into
smaller office spaces.  My company used to rent one of these spaces.  The
upstairs (former projection room and balcony) often was colder then the
downstairs offices and had a "hostile" energy.  Nobody liked to go upstairs
(which was used as a storage area) because you could feel somebody watching
you from the projection room.  One time I attempted to go into the projection
room with a co-worker (to see what was really going on in there) and I can't
describe the over whelming terror.  To get to the projection room you had to
cross through 2 smaller rooms - the closer we got to the projection room the
colder it got.  We looked in but didn't actually enter the room and quickly
went back downstairs.  On several occasions we heard what sounding like a kid
bouncing a ball and running back and forth but nobody was up there.  There
were a lot of times I was in my office alone (it was a family business) and
the othe!
r offices were closed and I would hear sounds from upstairs or the door would
start rattling like somebody was trying to come out (the door locked from the
inside of the office - so nobody that was upstairs could open it from that
side of the door).  There were several times I would run into the office late
at night to pick up or drop something off and could feel something watching
me.  The other wierd thing was that I had a solar calculator that regularly
sits on my desk - it often had a wierd display on it when I came in in the
morning.  On several occasions I would leave it on the center of a cleared
off desk with a certain number on it only to find it had a different display
on it in the morning.  I would only do this on those days where I knew I
would be the last out of the office and 1st in the next day because I didn't
want anybody to think I was ghost crazy.  No matter where I put it in the
office the display would always be messed up.  I am now in a new office and
ll have the calculator.  To this day I have never been able to get it to do
that (get a messed up display) either at my current house or our new office.

Part Of the Family


Hello my name is Wendy. I have not had the experience of seing any
spirits but I have had the experience of living with a spirit all of my
life.Let me explain.
My parents had brought a home in a small town in New Jersey. Come to
find out it was the oldest house in the town and that it had been a
slave shack back in the days when George Washington was alive.
Since I was a kid we would always heard  what sounded like footsteps
through the house . We always put it off as the house setteling because
it was such an old house. Let me tell you, we did not have alot of money
so we could not do alot of fixing up and this house did look like a
haunted house
Well the noises continued. Than my mother is a person who has a green
thumb, she loves having plants.  Well we started noticing that every few
days when we would go towater the plants that the plants would still be
soaking wet. It got to the point that some of the plants were dieing
because of to much watering.  She tried blaming us but we had not done
So after that we would always joke around abouavn a ghost in the house
even thoughwe never saw anything.
We were really convinced in 1986 when we finally saved money to fix up
the house.  We had hired friends of the family to come and tear the back
part of the house off.  They had told us as the started tearing it down
they thought they heard moaning or crying sounds coming from inside.
Things really started happening when we started the renovatios.My sister
,her husband and I were doing all the work instead of hiring people.
Many times we would be working in one part of the house and we would
hear footsteps and people walking on the above floor.  When we would go
up to look of course no one was there. things would be movedfrom one
room to another and who ever it is loves pencils because they would
always steal the pencils we were working with
A friend of our who is an electrician thought we were nuts, until one
day when he was working on the third floor and he needed something out
in his truck.  When he got back a;; the tools he was worikng with were
gone. He tried blaming his father but his father was outside with him.
After looking around he wend down in the cellar and there sitting on a
bench was all his tools.  He was so scared he would never go into the
house by himself again.
We finally got the house done and moved back in. We did not hear much of
footsteps but things would start disappearing then showing up in the
same places weeks  later.
Than one day I was in the house by myself when I heard some one call my
name, I didn't think much about it because it sounded like my mother soI
went down stirs to see what she wanted but no one was there.  That
experience happened many times and Inever said anything untillmy mother
said the same thing happened to her but the voice sunded like mine.
So who ever we have living in the house with us we fell it is a women. I
have moved out but who ever is in the house is stil there and we just
consider it a part of the family now.

 Prenatal Hauntings

  When I first became pregnant, I did not even know.  I was going to cosmetology school at the time, and a friend of mine knew before I did.  I was feeling real ill when I went to school that morning, and Peggy just looked at me funny and asked if I was okay.  I told her that I must have the flu, and that I didn't feel real well.  I had just come out of the bathroom, when I had found out that I had just started my period two and a half weeks too early, when Peggy stated that I was pregnant.  I told her that I couldn't be pregnant because I had just started my period.  She told me that I was pregnant with a boy child, and that he would be due on June 15th.  A month later, I found out that I was pregnant and my baby was due on June 15th, ironically this is also my birthday.  But, during my pregnancy, I did not have the chance to find out the sex of my baby.
I ended up with toxemia during this pregnancy, and had to go into the hospital for two weeks in my eighth month of pregnancy.  At the end of my two week stay, the day I was to leave the hospital I had an encounter with my future son.I was in the bed waiting for my husband to pick me up when I saw this ghost standing there.  He was about seventeen years old, wearing a football uniform with the number 86, the colors were either black and red or navy blue and red, and he was holding a football in the crook of his arm.  He smiled at me and walked towards me.  When he got over to me in the bed, he layed down ontop of me and entered my body.  I felt this tingling sensation, like when your foot falls asleep, and a struggle between us.  I tried to fight it because it scared me at first.  Then I gave in because I realized that this was my son, his soul, entering my body.  I told my husband when he arrived to pick me up.  I said to him, Anthony I just saw and meet our son.  He thought I was crazy.  On June 4, 1991, my son David A. Goodman was born, just about two weeks early because of complications.  He is eight years old now, and has a dream of becoming a professional football player.  I have not told him of this premonition or episode in my life.  Coincidence or what?  We also seem to have this telapathic link between us to date.  I can say to David that we are going to Dairy Queen for some ice cream, and think to myself about getting a banana split, and David will blurt out I think I want a banana split...what's in a banana split?  This happened two weeks ago.  He also knows when I'm coming to pick him up from where he's at before I show up.  Weird little things like that.

Thanks for listening to my story.

Liberty Hall in Frankfort Kentucky


This is perhaps one of the oldest ghost stories in Frankfort.  However,
it's not just a story to me anymore......

Liberty Hall's construction started in 1796 and was finished in 1801.  The
two & a half story mansion was built for one of Kentucky's first senators,
John Brown.  In 1799, John married Margaretta Mason from New York and they
moved into the mansion upon it's completion with their first son  Mason.
One year later their second son Orlando was born.  Then two sons both
named Alfred were born & died in 1802 & 1803.  Finally, in 1807 a girl,
Euphemia Helen,  was born unto the Brown family.
On October 1, 1814, Euphemia became very ill & died.  An aunt of
Margaretta traveled eight hundred miles from New York to comfort her
neice, which proved even more tragic.  Three days upon her arrival the
aunt, who is said to be Mrs. Margaret Varick, fell ill from her journey &
died in the mansion.  Mrs. Varick was buried in the mansion gardens after
her death and later moved to a cemetary, but Mrs. Varick (or now commonly
known as the Gray Lady) doesn't seem to have left Liberty Hall.  Many
people have reported eerie lights & cold spots as well as the apparition
of a woman in a gray dress......

Here begins my story....
 I live about a half mile from the mansion & had heard the rumors of the
haunts all my life.  One warm summer night about two years ago  three
friends and I decide to sneak in the gardens out back (being the little
hoodlums we were) & check it out.  We parked the car on a dark street to
the right of the gardens in back and proceeded to walk up to the concrete
wall that is supposed to keep out visitors after dark.  The wall is about
4 feet high so it took us a few minutes to climb over.  Once over the wall
I began having second thoughts about being there.  It was creepy & the
only light source was coming from the street light on the opposite side of
the street.  The garden was beautiful though. Flowers & vines covered the
whole perimeter of the garden but even more amazing was the maze of
trimmed, shaped bushes .  The maze started at the back porch of the
mansion& led you to a sitting area with a bench & some hanging plants.
After walking through the maze the two guys with us decided to go explore.
Needless to say, us two girls were too scared to move so we stayed safely
on the bench huddled together.  I'd say about ten minutes had passed when
we noticed we were getting cold.  We could see our breath & we both had
goosebumps which was odd since it was such a warm night. Then we noticed a
small glowing ball of mist emerging from the maze. I must not have been
able to move because I'm SURE I would have taken off as fast as I could.
As the ball came closer it took on the shape of a woman in a long dress.
We knew who it was, the gray lady. Before we could see anymore both of us
ran straight out of there.  We actually jumped that wall without any
climbing or complications.  Once outside the wall we wondered if it hadn't
been those guys playing a cruel joke but we weren't going back in there.
So we walked towards the car to notice the guys were already in it!  They
had gotten spooked as well and came looking for us.  They looked all over
the garden (even exactly where we were sitting, they didn't see any sign
of us) so they figured we had gone back to the car.  To our suprise they
had been waiting for us for about half an hour when we  had only been on
the bench for about fifteen minutes..........or so we thought.  I will
never fully understand what happened that night.  When the guys came
looking for us why didn't they see us?  how long were we really in there?
Was the gray lady trying to scare us out of her garden? I guess some
things just remain a mystery.........


 Over forty years ago as a six-year-old child, something very strange happened to me. I remember like it was yesterday.
In bed one night, I awoke needing to go to the toilet; it must have been very late at night, because the house was in total darkness and everyone was in bed. In this house our bathroom was downstairs, but I was not afraid to go down alone in the middle of the night. We had a dog, which slept, in the kitchen. I opened the bedroom door and walked onto the landing, turning around to close the bedroom door. I did not want to wake my brother, who shared the bedroom with me.                                                                                                                      As I turned towards the stairs, I froze in my tracks, in front of me stood an old lady. She was dressed in what looked like to me a wedding dress and a veil; only they were grey and not white. She stared at me saying nothing, but this didnít bother me, I wasnít scared at all. I tried to speak to her, but no words would come from my mouth. I tried again and the same thing happened. Then realising something was wrong, I tried to turn and walk away, but I could not move. Then I realised the horror of the situation that I couldnít move or speak. This terrified me. The few seconds that this lasted, seemed like an eternity. The next thing I remembered was running back to my bed.
 The next day I told my mother about what had happened, but she laughed it off, saying I must have been dreaming. Shortly afterwards my father died.
 Twenty-six years later, I visited an aunt in New England. This was the first time I had left the UK. One day during my visit, out came the family photo album and my aunt showed me a photo of my grandmother. Iíd never seen a photo of her before; she had died before I was born. I looked at the photo and straight away recognised the face, it was the old lady who I had seen all those years before. Yes it was my grandmother.

Black Shuck


 Thank you for giving me a chance to contribute
to The Shadowlands. I really find that regular things are too boring. I
lovethe unusual. As it was said, "There are stranger things in heaven and earth
than we can think of." Well, here it goes.

There has always been something other than family inhabiting my house. I
not know this until a few months ago. My mother told me that there is a
shadow that passes through our hallway from time to time. She had been
seeing it for about 20 years. One night I decided to stay in the hall and
watch out for it. It did not take very long for me to find out that my
mother was telling the truth. I saw what seemed to be a light shadow that
raced across the hall. There was a dress that my mom left hanging in the
hall, and when the shadow raced across the hall, the dress looked as if it
was moved by the wind. There was no noise, and it happened very fast.
There have also been strange things that happened in my aunt's house. My
cousins were sleeping there, and during the night, one of them woke up and
saw a white shadow floating across the wall. The one who saw this began to
panic. Everyone woke up and went to see what was wrong. They all saw the
same thing. Then, one night they saw something even worse. They saw a large
black shadow floating along the wall. They had their house exorcised, and
they never saw these things again. Later, they found out what these shadows
meant; white shadows symbolize the death of an unborn child, and black
shadows symbolize evil spirits. In that house, there were three white
shadows, and one black shadow.
Through the years, there have been numerous tales of a large black dog with
blazing red eyes, shaggy fur, and an evil agenda. Black Shuck seems very
real to many people in the Britain and other places in the world today,
especially the people that this creature has affected. There have been an
incredible number of sightings that have been documented. Seeing this
creature usually foreshadows death or misfortune. A man was working on a
tower, and he saw a large black dog on the beach below. He said that it
looked as though it was looking for something aggressively. All of a
it vanished. He told his father of this the next day, and soon after that,
his father was struck dead by lightening. There is a belief that if you see
Black Shuck, you cannot tell anyone about him within a year and a day, or
something bad will happen. In another case, a woman awoke to a noise in the
middle of the night. There was a dog trying to climb through her kitchen
window. She thought that it was just a regular (large) dog that was trying
to get in, until she saw his eyes. They were blood red. It soon left her
house without causing trouble. However, in the 1500's, there was a dog of
this nature that entered a church and killed two people. The clawmarks are
still visible on the doors of the church. Sometimes, people only hear these
creatures. They are said to drag chains and walk right behind people. This
happened to a man on his way home from work. He did not turn around to see
what the creature looked like. He just hurried home. He claimed that he
could feel the creature's breath on his back and hear the chains dragging
on the ground. Some believe that one should try to ignore this beast if it is
following you and speak not a word of it when you make it to safety. There
have even been professional ghost hunters that have said that they would
never want to encounter Black Shuck. Is he real? You decide.

Friends House


When I was a girl I was invited to stay the night with a friend. I really
never liked the house she lived in but shrugged it off. Anyway the evening
was uneventful just the girly stuff you did at that age but when we went to
bed things were a lot different! We were on a mattress in her room with hard
wood floors. She was asleep and I was kind of laying there nodding when the
bedroom door opened and I heard footsteps walk across the floor. I sat up to
see who it was but there was NOBODY there! Next thing I know the door closed
and that was that. Needless to say I prayed hard that night to get me through
it and I never again stayed the night there.

Friends Ghost


I have a friend who feels she has a ghost that is following her.  Recently
her and her roommate moved and they are still experiencing paranormal
activities. The problem is that it is not causing any problems but she would
like to know who or what it is.  If you have any suggestions on how she can
find this out please send me them.  She and her roommate went to a "specialty
store" and the lady would not give her any answers but to buy this package
containing oils and candles.  My friend would not buy it.  Also she did have
a friend pass away approximately years ago under suspicious circumstances.
She is wondering if it might be him.

The RedWood Valley In Hawaii



There were military housing and this address used to be mine..when I was 8 my
father was in the Navy and he was stationed in Pearl Harbor for 3 years. We
stayed in the Navy Baracks until we were able to move into this apartment on
Macadamia Place. The excuse given to my mother was that it still was not
ready and had to be cleaned up. At the time my family and I did not
understand why it was still not ready.  But my mother did not care too much
as long as we were able to move in soon. Well not long after we had settled
in our new place on Macadamia Pl strange things started to happen..Things on
the wall would fall off and my sisters and I would have to go to the location
and put what it was back on the wall whether it were a painting or a candle
holder. Sometimes we would hear the candle holders fall off of the wall and
it would not be there hours later it would be there where we heard it fall
hours before and not hearing a sound later. One time I stayed up late and was
in my s!
ister's room. I was reading a comic on the floor by the door of my sister's
room called Casper the friendly ghost..what a coincidence huh? At the same
time I had my dog with me she was just a puppy then well all of a sudden I
started to feel a strong draft become windy that it was very slightly shaking
the door.My puppy started shaking then I began to hear footsteps coming up
the stairs I looked underneath the door I could see the hallway and the
beginning of the stairs..the foot steps got louder and then I really started
to get nervous because my father was not at all a friendly man when it came
to us being up late at night so I woke up my sister and asked her if my dad
was home she got upset and started hollering and then kicked me out of her
room I begged and pleaded with her not to let me out because there was
someone out in the hall walking back and forth and I could not see him but
she kicked me out anyway I closed my eyes and ran down the hall to my room
and ran past th!
e thing I did not want to see and ran into the room where I shared with
another sister and jumped into the bed with her I could not sleep but did not
want to open my eyes because the foot step had followed me all the way back
to my room why I was afraid I thought only because I was afraid of the dark I
did not understand but I wanted also to believe it was more than just my fear
of the dark. My mother would keep me up at night with her until she was ready
to go to sleep.  I use to wake up in the middle of the night to a voice that
sounded like my mother...the sleep walking became constant that my mother
bought a fence that attached from the wall to the stairwell banister to keep
me from falling sister being only 4 years old at the time had
a twin and she would see a man sitting on her bed and his head was bleeding
on the side...we all thought she was just seeing things. When were children
we all thought our house was haunted just as a joke but not seriously beca!
use we did not actually understand haunted houses were real,when unusual
things happened like my dog chasing something to a corner and barking
frantically we all thought it was just a crazy dog. We did not believe in
ghosts until we had moved out. Another time I was in the kitchen bymyself in
the middle of the night to get my dog a pepto bismol because I heard my
mother say one time that our dog had diarrhea, me being just 8 yrs old wanted
my dog to get better and I knew that pepto always did the job when I suddenly
heard the voice of a man at the same time my dog hearing the voice too she
turned quickly to where it was standing and she started shaking in my arms
because it was standing right next to me saying,"Pssst ey" in a loud
whisper.This happened around 12:00 a.m. I became so scared but not scared
enough to spill everything because my dad was even more frightenig so I put
back everything neatly into the refridgerator and walked slowly back into the
living room and shut a!
ll the lights and then slowly towards the staircase and then ran to the top
and into my room and jumped my sisters bed. My bedroom would be freezing cold
even though it was around the hottest days in the summer without the air
conditioning being on and the window open... It would be so cold that if you
blew out air from your mouth there would be smoke...when my father was home
on leave he would see a woman in a ligerie going up the stairs at night.
Well when it came time for us to move we were told from the military after
informing them of the incidences that occured at the house and on our block
with the other military families ,because our homes where like townhouses
they were all child in each family around the same time all
had broken either a leg or an arm and had to wear a cast..The military
finally told us that before we were allowed to move in, a man and a woman,the
man was in the Navy and his wife was asian, used to live in that house.  When
coming hom!
e on leave, the Navy man found out that his wife had an affair while he was
on duty and became outraged..He came home beat up his wife then shot her and
placed her body in the closet under the trap door that lead to the outer part
of the house but underneath. And then shot himself in the head. Well, when
the person that was reponsible for looking for men that have gone a wall
found that the Navy man had shot himself in the head in one of the rooms, the
military was soon informed and clean out the house as soon as possible but
was unable to locate the wife. A young couple was moved into the house before
we were. But not too long after they moved in they quickly moved out
complaining of strange disturbances and a strong stench. The military then
went back to the house and located the place where the stench was coming from
and found the wife. They cleaned up the house some more and we were moved in
confused as to why the other couple had wanted to leave so quickly having
lived th!
ere we discovered why.  As for an update on the location site--being that I
work on the base and am informed by other military soldiers and reenlisted
men and women-- I have been told that the whole housing on the street of
Macadamia Pl had been torn down and a museum had been built on top of what
used to be our home whether or not strange occurrances still occur is
unknown. I am now 28 years old and I still have memories of my experiences in
that house experiences that are unforgettable and lingering. A list of
happenings so long there is not enough room on this page to write down
everything. Some of what I still can't figure out.

Pony Express House


The house used to be a Pony Express
station back when it was first built. My family bought it when I was 14. When
we first moved in, I thought that it was just a creaky old house. Before
long, variuos members of my family started noticing strange goings-on within
and even outside of the house.            I didn't think anything of it at
the time, but the day that we moved in, I was sitting at a picnic table on
the back porch when my mother came up on the porch and went inside. I was
busy admiring the vast expanse of the back yard with all of its trees and
shrubs when someone, who I assumed to be my mother, sat down on the bench
next to me. I turned to say something to her, but no one was there! It
startled me at first, because I could have sworn there was someone there, but
then I figured that I must have been mistaken. Still, I got up immediately
and went inside to find my mother, dismissing the porch all together.
    Later on, l!
ittle things would come up missing all around the house. Once it was a ring
that had been passed down from generation to generation in the family that
belonged to my aunt(stolen maybe?),my drivers license,homework(that happened
more than once to each of us kids) some blueprints to the house and some
misc. paperwork(thought misplaced), my little sisters favorite pair of
shoes(we assumed she hid them), the fireplace poker, various knicknacks, and
some of my grandfathers artifacts. Then one day I was dusting the furniture
in the dining room, and for some reason, pulled up a chair to the china
cabinet to dust the top of it, and there were all of the missing items! Every
last one of them! The cabinet itself was a good 8 feet tall, with a recess in
the top, so that explained why no one had ever noticed any of the things up
there. After that, anytime anything came up missing, it could be found atop
the china cabinet.                                                 The
windows in the !
house are 10 feet tall with lead inlay and very heavy. They have latches that
you must turn clockwise in order to open the window. Then the windows open
inward much like french doors. Often we would hear the familliar creak of the
window latch, only to look over and see the latch turning on its own, and
then the window (or windows )would open. Numerous people have witnessed the
windows and doors in the house. The doors are all heavy oak, and with the way
that the house has settled over the years, you have to lift the door up
before opening or closing otherwise they will drag across the wood floors.
Then you must tug it in whichever direction you want it to go because they
are so heavy. Many times we would witness the doors swinging silently and
gracefully open or shut. It really gave me the creeps at  first.
                                   There are two sets of stairs that you can
hear someone walking up and down at various times. I would usually use the
back s!
ervants stairs because they came up right next to my bedroom. The stairway is
maybe 4 feet wide, very steep,and the stairs are only about 6 inches
wide.There is a large window at the bottom. I have often passed and even
walked right into 'someone' on those stairs. Once, I lost my footing, missed
grabbing for the rail, and something pushed me back against the stairs. I hit
the stairs pretty hard, but if whoever hadn't pushed me back, I wouldv'e gone
through that window. I stopped using those stairs for a while, it scared me
so badly.                              I never saw anyone, but I always knew
when they were around. The room would get a little cooler,my dog would freak
out and run to me whining,sometimes you could hear a child laughing but it
sounded like it was in annother part of the house, sometimes I would catch
movement out of the corner of my eye,or maybe catch a muffled wisper.
                                           A few times when I was sleeping, I
uld wake to find my blanket gone. One time it was folded neatly on the
radiator in my room, once it was draped over the bannister on the front
staircase, and one other time, it was downstairs with my cowering dog
underneath it.                           The favored room of the house seemed
to be a porch off of the dining room that had been enclosed with windows. My
mother used it as a greenhouse for all of her many plants. Water would come
from the ceilng like there was a faucet on up there or something. It wasn't
raining, and there were no water pipes above that room. When we would get a
chair and climb up to touch the ceiling, the water would stop and the ceiling
would be bone dry. There would be water puddles all over the floor, and
certain plants would always have a droplet of water on the very tip of each
leaf. Oftentimes the plants would be rearranged. Some more in the sun, some
more in the shade. As long as they were left there, they wouldn't be messed
with again until !
one of us moved them. If we moved them, 'he' would always put them back where
he liked them. Always in the same spot. I speculate that he must know
something about horticulture, because the plants always thrived. When my dog
was outside, he would go over to that side of the house and bark at the room
until you made him come inside. He would never ever go anywhere near that
room inside or outside of the house, but he usually only barked at it when he
was outside.                    Of my sisters, there were three under the age
of six, who each had an invisible friend that they called Mr. Nobody. When
they were outside you could hear them playing and arguing with him. When
something came up missing or broken, they always blamed it on him usually the
missing item could be found atop the china cabinet of course, but there was
no way that any of them could have gotten up there. They were simply too
little. None of them remember having an invisible friend when they were
small, so it!
's hard to say whether they made it up, or  whether they could actually see
our ghost.                                                   The basement
downright terrified me. It had been separated into two halves, and the walls
are raw stone. At one time there had been mortar, but most of it has fallen
away, and there is almost always water trickling down the walls from between
the stones. The front half of the basement isn't so bad. It just resembles a
dungeon. Every time I'd go down there, I would get fierce chills, and every
hair in my body would stand on end. I hardly ever went down there by myself.
Someone had built a brick wall in the center and made it into two rooms. The
back area had no lights and no windows. There was only a coal shute on the
far left wall, so it was always pitch black. Any time you went in there with
a flashlight, candle, lantern, or whatever it would go out. Eventually there
was a small room discovered tucked around the corner of the wall on the rig!
ht side of the room. (This room is not in the blueprints of the house. There
are also several crawlspaces and a passageway from a side parlor to the
livingroom that aren't in the blueprints either.)  There is all sorts of
stuff in the room, but we've never gotten any light to stay on long enough to
tell what any of it is. That part of the basement is obviously off limits.
It's really cold, even in the summer, and against the wall there is a bricked
up enclosure that looks like something out of Edgar Allen Poes The Cask Of
Amontillado. No one has any idea of what that could be, or why it is even
there. But, there is just somrthing there that says "GO AWAY!" It has a very
foreboding presence. So, that part of the basement is left alone.
                                      The lights, t.v., and sterio would come
on and off by themselves, the t.v. and sterio would change channels and
stations, sometimes stopping on something specific like classical or country
music, !
and sometimes just rolling up and down the spectrum until either he (I always
for some reason thought that our mischievious friend was a little old man but
I don't know why. Sometimes, but not very often, there also seemed to be a
little girl there too.) got bore
d with it. Eventually, I got brave enough to tell him to knock it off, and it
worked! He'd stop.            In the winter my parents had the worst time
getting fires started in the fireplace. The flue would somehow always manage
to be closed, the house would fill up with smoke, and they would argue about
the fact that whoever had been attempting to start the fire had indeed made
absolutely positve that the flue had been open before they had attempted to
start a fire. Then it would start all over again. The flue would always
mysteriously close itself. They had it checked out, there was nothing wrong
with it. Eventually they gave up on the fireplace, and just used the radiator
system that the house has.Two years ago, they had a man come and clean the
fireplace and chimney out, and he found a massive crack in the back of the
fireplace that would have resulted in the house catching on fire had the
fireplace been used. The crack was repaired, the flue was left alone, and
there has !
never been a problem with it closing since.
  Once, there were several of us kids in my bedroom,(which I shared with my
cousin)and my cousin and one of my friends were carrying on about not
beleiving in ghosts, (which truthfully, neither did I until I moved into that
house) and he should do something to prove his existance. Each of us had our
own experiences in that house, and we all knew good and well that there was a
ghost there. They were just goofing off and didn't think anything would come
from it, when suddenly the papers that were on the desk just swished upward
and then scattered all about the room. We all bolted out of the house, and
after that, I slept downstairs on the couch for a couple of nights. My cousin
slept on the other couch for a good month.
Once, one of my friends was in the bathroom, and he screamed. We all went
running to see what was wrong, and he, pale and sweaty, was frantically insis!
ting that there was something in the bathroom mirror as he was on his way out
the door. Later on he explained that when he had looked into the mirror,
there was someone standing behind him, but when he turned around, there
wasn't anyone there. It scared him so badly that he would never come inside
my house again. None of us that lived there ever saw anything like that.
                                               We never really had any
problems with our ghost,(other than my scared friend and the presence in the
basement, but I don't believe that the one in the basement and the one(s) who
claims the rest of the house are the same entity) so we never really felt
that we needed to make him leave. The most of our problems with him were the
pranks that he loved to pull on everyone else, even the poor dog! And after
all, we figured that it was probably more his house than it was ours, and he
is rather protective of both the house and its inhabitants.
                   We thought that perhaps the activity might stop once myself
or the rest of us kids grew up and moved out, but it didn't. The place is
still just as haunted as ever.

Delaware Valley College


The entire campus is haunted by various spirits, ulman hall does have an angry spirit living on its third floor. it is said that he was a student that hung himself there. there is a spirit haunt an adminishtration building that used to be a dorm. staff members have stated that they have heard running on the third floor but when someone has gont to investigate there is nothing there. in the same building foot steps have been heard on the steps that are not carpeted. there is something down by the pond that is an extreamly negative force. i do not know who and or what it is. i say this for the pure fact that this thing, for a lack of a better term, is violent. knocking people down, growling and leaving bruses on its victems. also this same thing has also been able to have cause the smell of amonia follow it when it attacks. the founder of the college still walks around the library. his remains are kept there and he seems to b!
e conected to the library most of the time but he has been known to travel around campus. there is also something else near the rail road tracks. i have a feeling it is male but again it is a negative force. as far as i know this spirit has not harmed anyone but it sure does like to cause very uneasy feelings. the ulman ghost, recently i have been told, that he one ngiht decided to open and close a girls closet violantly then her draws on her desk then the desk dwraws stayed open and the things inside proceded to be thrown out of the draws. i have gotten the feeling that there are 15 spirrits on campus. some i can not figure out totaly. if i had stronger decifering powers i could elaborate more. if i had the time to spend on searching the campus over i would devote my time to figuring out who these people were or what negative force desires to stay on campus. if you have any free time you may want to look into it for yorself.

For Sale Again


I have had experiences with ghosts from a very young age.  It would take forever to recall every one so I will write just the ones that I find to be the most interesting.
When I was 8 years old my family and I moved to Scotland.  At first we stayed with my dad's uncle but eventually moved into our own flat.  One night I was sleeping on the couch in our living room.  This was not an unusual occurence as the house was heated by a fireplace which was located in this room, and my room was located down a long corridor and was never properly heated.
I woke up in the middle of the night.  The exact time I am unsure of , to find a young boy and a black dog floating in the air right beside the sofa I was sleeping on.  They were semi transparent and had just sockets where their eyes should have been.  For some reason though I was not in the least intimidated by my sighting.  I just rolled over and went back to sleep.
The next morning I woke up and could ragged breathing coming from somewhere in the room.  I could not distinguish where this breathing was coming from but fled the room and went and woke my parents.  They gave me some impossible explanation for it and that was the end of it.
Years later after we had moved back to Canada I was discussing this with my mother.  She said that she had also witnessed just the dog standing at the end of our long corridor seemingly grinning at her.  Unlike myself she was very intimidated by the sighting and felt that this dog was in some way detrimental toher and our safety.  She was not surprised to here me tell what I had seen years ago but had decided not to devulge her information to save me from more fear.
When we moved back to Canada we moved to a nice house in a nicer neighbourhood.  For the first few months everything was fine.  After we were situated in our new home strange things began to happen.
At first it started with the TV turning on full blast in the middle of the night.  One of us would have to get up and turn it off. My dad attributed it to a neighbour being on the same cable box.  He was always the sceptic.  One night this changed.
He had been woke up by the TV going on full blast.  He started to go down the stairs and as soon as his foot hit the bottom step the TV turned off.  On his way up the stairs the TV turned on again.  This occurence made him into a believer.
Dishes would smash by themselves in the kitchen. We had two budgies that died the same night and were found at the bottom of the cage in the morning.
Another strange thing happened when my best friend at the time, came over on a weekend to visit us .  This wasn't surprising because she was always either at my house or me at hers.  We were gone at the time and when we returned I received a call from Lori.She told me that she had came over to my house and had entered by the side door.  She climbed up the five or six stairs that brought her to another door.  This door led to the dining room and was just a hollow door.  Lori then asked me if we put a lock on that door because she hadn't been able to enter.  She said that she had knocked and pushed on the door figuring that myself or one of my family members was playing a joke and her and was holding the door closed from inside.  We had not installed alock on this door and no one had been home to keep her from entering the house.  Whoever or whatever was in the house just did not want her in.
I honestly believe that whatever was in that house was malvolent and was glad when we moved out shortly after moving in.  I later on met someone else who had resided there and they said that the house was strange.  Even today when I go by the house there is always a for sale sign on the front yard.

Aunt Theresa



I have been reading the stories on this site for more
than 3 years now, and it never gets old! I even have a
couple of my own stories posted.  Now, I have a new
one... When I was born in 1974, my Aunt Theresa was
only 14.  While in high school, she and her friends
would take me cruising with them and let me hang out.
We were always very close, and my two younger sisters
also were close wih her.  She was more like a sister
to us than an aunt. When I was 15 we were all sitting
around talking about ghosts and stuff and we all made
a promise that whoever died first would come back to
the others, if they could, and prove that ghosts
really exist.  Weird, I know... My aunt and I
eventually grew apart somewhat, but still spoke
occasionally.  On March 3, 1999, I was on the
computer, on this very site, reading ghost stories
(one of my favorite pasttimes!)when the phone rang.
My Aunt Mary was calling to tell me that something had
happened to Theresa and that she was being taken to a
hospital in Lubbock, Texas, and they weren't sure if
she was going to make it or not.  I was in shock, of
course.  My sister Jenny and I rode to Lubbock
together and on the two hour trip there, she said "Do
you remember a long time ago when Theresa promised
that if she dies before us, she will come back?"  I
did, but I tried not to think about it because I
really didn't want to assume that she was going to
die.  Anyway, we were at the hospital for hours while
they operated to find out what was wrong.  Appearantly
the lining of her intestine had been perforated and
peritonitis had set in.  She didn't make it.  She was
only 39 and had a ten year old son, so it was a real
tragedy.  And to make it worse, I was feeling guilty
about our having grown apart, and was wishing I had
seen more of her in the last several years.
By August of 1999, I had been married for two months,
and my husband and I were in the process of looking
for a house in his hometown so that we could move
there.  While we were there  I had a VERY vivid and
intense dream.  I was at a bar hanging out with some
people that were playing pool and my aunt walked up to
us.  I was feeling weird because, of course, she's
dead, but nevertheless I was very happy to see her.
She looked really good, like when she was younger and
in better health.  One of the people I was with went
over to hug her and her arms went right through
Theresa, like she was just an apparition.  I ran over
and hugged her, and when I did, she was solid, like a
pesron normally is!  I told her I missed her and that
I was so sorry that we hadn't seen much of each other
before she died.  She said something like, "I'm sorry
I had to leave like that, but you know how it is."  I
know this was a dream, but I SWEAR it was actually
happening on a subconscious level.  The entire time
that these events were taking place I kept saying to
myself, "This is not a dream!  This is really
happening!" and I was crying when I woke up.  I have
had many dreams like this where I swear I talked with
a dead friend or family member.  Sometimes, when I
wake up, I find out that the person I dreamed of
passed on about the time that the dream was taking
place.  I'm sure there are others out there that know
what I'm talking about; when you KNOW that you really
did communicate with the deceased.  It is unlike any
other dream, and this one about my Aunt Theresa was
the most intense and probably the most meaningful,
considering the promise that we made each other.  My
mom and my little sister believe that was her way of
"coming back".
Another interesting twist to the story involves my
little sister (Jenny).  She was about 6 or 7 months
pregnant when Theresa died.  Theresa couldn't wait for
the baby to be born, as it was going to be the first
baby from our generation.  After Theresa died, Jenny
decided to name her daughter Kenzie McKay, the 'McKay'
being a variation of my aunt's middle name.  Kenzie
was born that June and when she was about a month old
or so, strange things started happening.  Kenzie would
be lying down, just hanging out, and all of a sudden,
she would look at a spot on the ceiling and start
smiling and laughing and kind of talking.  She didn't
do this often, but she would be transfixed on one spot
and of course, there was never anything there.  At
first it freaked Jenny and my mom out a little, but
then they decided that she must be talking to her
Great-Aunt Theresa.  Also, she had a toy that was a
plastic green caterpillar that would light up and play
music when you touched it.  Thing is, it got to where
it would light up and play music when nobody was NEAR
it!  That really freaked everyone out, and sometimes
my mom would stick it in the closet when it would do
that.  Maybe it is all coincidence; who knows???  But
I did notice tonight, as I was reading some of the
newer stories, that there were a couple of incidences
where people talked about their babies smiling and
laughing at what appeared to be nothing!

First Experience


I'm not sure what to write.  I just had my first experience with seeing a
ghost last weekend. I was visiting my sister and her husband for the weekend
and they let me stay on there hide-a-bed.  At about 1:30 in the morning I
was awakened, I'm not sure how, I just woke up.  I look into the kitchen and
their was a man standing in the door way.  I didn't think anything of it
because I thought it was my sister's husband.  Well I kept watching him and
I saw him walking around my bed and standing next to the fish tank. I never
got a really good look at his face, I wasn't sure who or what is was.  I
must have fallen back to sleep because I remember waking up and it was
talking to me.  I remember it saying my sister's name and then I must have
went back to sleep. In my sister's house you can't take a step without
making the boards creek. I remember thinking that their was no noise at all.
  Well at 3:00 in the morning my sister's husband woke up to go hunting and
I asked him if that was him in the kitchen at 1:30 and he said it wasn't. He
told me that the man who owned the house before him committed suicide.  I
know that what I saw was a ghost.

It Plays With The Cat


just wanted to share a story about a "good ghost".when i lived in macon,
georgia, i lived iin an apartment complex that was a hundred years old at
least, and it had a graveyard nearby. i could feel the presences at all
times, but they didn't feel threatening, and i needed a place to stay, so i
moved in. soon after i moved in, i noticed something strange. sometimes my
cat would paw the air or chase something on the floor, just as if  i were
dangling a toy on a string for him. i watched him for weeks, trying to see if
he was chasing a bug or something, but there was never anything there. the
only conclusion i could come to was that  a ghost was playing with my cat!  i
talked to the lady that had lived in the place before me, and she said that
the same thing had happened with her cat!

Farm House Ghosts


    Over the years I have been watching the seasonal specials which broadcast this time of year. I truly enjoy a good ghost story. This year the family channel aired a 5 day series in which a family spent the night in Chillingham Castle. It was quite interesting. However, I know of a residence here in the states that is not far behind in its activity. This is a residence that I had spent alot of time as will be explained later. First, let me qualify myself. I am a police officer and am a few hours short of my BS Degree in psychology (I need to complete my langauges). I am a family man and consider my-self a stable and competant person.
    I will try to make a long story relatively short as to not take up to much of your time.
History:    About 9 years ago I was playing in a classic rock band with some friends. We needed a place to practice and ran into some good fortune when a friend of mine decided to relocate out of state due to a career move. This friend offered the band to use his home (until such a time that it could be sold) in exchange for watching over the place and upkeep. This was an old farmhouse located on about 25 acres in  Southern Indiana.  Of course we jumped at the opportunity to have such an out of the way place to practice. The events bagan on the day my wife and I, along with our youngest daughter (I think she was 4 at the time), decided to go to the house and clean up a bit prior to the band arriving with the equiptment. I will not bother with expressing mine or any others feelings about the place since as far as I know there was no one among us with any psychic abilities. Instead, I will list the events in a chronological sequence. This sequence took place over a period of 3 or 4 months.
Incident #1- While cleaning in the kitchen (this was our first day there) my wife told me that a telephone receiver "jumped" off of the wall, extended to the full lenght of its cord, than sprang against the wall where it came to rest on the floor.
Incident#2- While playing music a loud banging sound comes from the second floor just above the living room where the band was playing. Though we were playing very loudly all members stopped after hearing this sound. Over the next couple of weeks this exact banging sound emitted from the second floor 4 or 5 more times. Each time the bang was loud enough to be heard over the music. It (the bang) could be described as if someone heavy was jumping onto the floor from a reasonable height.Group investigation (no one wanted to go upstairs alone) revealed nothing but the few items of furniture left behind by the former residents.
Incident#3- A cat which we had been caring for sits at the bottom of the steps leading up to the second floor and maintains a dead stare for at least a solid minute (it might have been more). Looking up the stairs the rest of us see nothing. Without warning the cat bolts from the area and out a window we had left open for circulation. The door at the top of the steps was open though none of us remembered leaving it that way.
Incident#4- While walking my wife and a friend outside I hear a voice distinctly yuell "hey" at me. I turn toward the voice and respond. My wife, myself and our friend all heard it. A moment after responding I realize that the voice was comming from an area of brush surrounding a creek bed. This was late at night and though I didn't go to see, I could not imagine anyone standing in the creek which was located next to the home in the middle of the acreage. Despite the fact that I yelled a couple of times the voice never responded.
Incident#5- My wife refuses to return to the home after having what she described as the "most vivid dreams" of her life. In the dreams 2 women were standing in the doorway at the top of the stairs.She told me that both women were dressed in "old time" clothing. In the dream one of the women was holding a noose from which my youngest daughter was hanging, she added that they were laughing. From that day my wife never returned to that house and the dreams ceased.
Incident#6- While standing in the circular driveway facing the house myself and two others get the "feeling" that someone is watching. The feeling is strong enough that we all more or less stop at the door of our vehicles. We were all facing the house. When one of us ask if the others felt it we all responded "yes". What happened next is what made this so unusual. One of the others asked where it felt like someone  was watching from and we all simultaneously turned toward the barn, a direction opposite of which we were facing.
Incident#7- When arriving at practice we fing that our music sheets are strewn about the back of the living room. Keep in ming that the door was locked at all times we were not there.
Incident#8-When leaving after practice, as we shut the door behind us (it was the type of door that has a wood panel of the bottom and a glass panel on the top)  3 loud distinctive "bangs" emit from inside the house. These bangs were loud and violent. To the best we could tell they came from the first floor. After a while we mustered the courage (yes we were frightened) to go back inside. Experimentation (the slamming of different doors and cabinets) revealed that the bangs might have been the result of heavy cabinet doors located in the bathroom on the first floor.
Between the loud bangs from upstairs (they continued on and off during our duration) and the other events the band decided that we would meet elsewhere. I should note that when we returned to move our equiptment we found the cat dead at the bottom of the stairwell. We had always left food and water for the cat and only a couple of days had passed so we knew it wasen't a case of dehydration.
Incident#9- My wife receives a nasty call from the real-estate agent handling the home. The agent ask my wife to explain why human defication was all over the floors of the home. Since other than the agent we had the only remaining key the agent had called us for an explanation. We could only tell her that we had locked all doors and windows prior to leaving for the last time. I am sure that was the case since I double checked my self.
    I want to state that we were a drug free band and that outside of a couple of beers here and there no one had consumed any intoxicationg substance during these events.

  Farm house Haunting


Many years ago, I traveled up north in Michigan with my best friend to his
grandfathers old farmhouse built around 1890's or early1900's. we were
teenagers who went on a trip alone during the summer ( august). my friend
always told of family who saw and heard things in the house growing up. we
were excited because we were alone , no parents or other family around , our
first vacation from work that year. we got there late at night and settled in
for the night in the downstairs bedroom and went to sleep. around 2 or 3 in
the morning, I awoke with a funny feeling that someone was in the room with
us . my friend was awake at the same time , we both saw a man with a cane
standing in the doorway , watching us . He had on old time clothes and we
could'nt see his face too clearly but a outline of his body mostly. we were
so scared we went under the covers and could'nt look at him. I could still
feel him in the room and after a long while, we both went to sleep until the
next morning. my friend thinks it was his grandfather checking who was in his
house. he died back in the1930's. we never saw him again but heard footsteps
going up the old wooden staircase at night real slow and a sound like a
walking stick on the steps. I would like to go back now to see if he's still
wallking around the old house at night

Follow the Light


Where to start. I have alot of angels around me . Some call them sprits, some call them ghosts I call them angels. As far back as I can remember I have had them around me. I really started seeing them after my dad killed himself when I was 10. After he died we moved from Minn. to Neb. \ It took me 2 weeks to even cry.  I didn't believe he was dead. Then one night I couldn't sleep It was late and I opened my eyes three stood my dad smiling at me. I didn't move nor did I make a sound. I could hear his voice but his lips didn't move. He told me I would be ok and I would understand when I got older. Then he told me when I got married I would have 2 kids a blue eyed girl and a brown eyed boy.( And that is what I had.) This is not the only time in my life I have seen angels ( ghosts). they walk in my home.  It doesn't matter where I move, with in a few weeks they are there. There has been old men and women ,children even pets ,you cold see the paw prints in the carpet. This is not a joke and I am not lying . When they are near, the room turns cold and the hair on my husbands neck stands up. I went to a palm reader once to see what she could tell me. She told me I was a medium and they come to me to help them find there way. I know when there around. Just last sunday, it was around 5:00am I woke to the crying of a baby and the smell of baby powder so strong it was burning my nose.Mind you, we live in a one dwelling loft apt 30 ft high. There are no babies close by. I know this sounds boring but it would take hrs. to explain all the things that have happened . So if you are afraid don't be they just need a little help as we all do finding the way. Light a candle and tell them to follow the light , they will find there way. God bless

Few of My Stories


     I am one of those fortunates/unfortunates (pick one) who often
experience these types of things. Here are a few.

...Barracks Locker
     When I was a Marine sergeantback in the 70's one of my regular duties
was barracks security guard ("fire watch").  Now, the NCO quarters was made
by our pushing several wall lockers together to form a wall across the end of
the squad-bay (with one missing for a door, of course) with our racks (bunks)
on the other side.
     On this particular night several of the NCO's and I were sitting on  my
rack watching TV.  Sgt. Root came in after his night in "the 'ville" ,
showered, smoothed the Confederate flag covering his civilian side of his
locker (he was a meticulous man with a place for every thing and every thing
in it's place), then went and laid down on his rack right next to mine.
Shortly I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a man in a white towel or white
boxers (it was out of the CORNER of my eye after all) in front  Root's
locker.  As I turnto ask  what he thought he was doing,  I only got "Hey,
what..." out of my mouth, for in the middle of the sentance he turned right
and stepped up and through the open solid metal door!!  I remained staring
for what seemed like an eternity trying to decide if I really saw it, or I
needed to be relieved for a couple of hours.
     Just when I was about to go get my corporal, Root exclaimed  "Hey! Who's
been in my locker?!?" for he saw that the towel had been flipped up onto one
of the shelves.  Upon investigating, He found that several things were out of
place.  When he asked who in the h___ cld of done it in front of us, "I said
you'll never believe me", and went back out to the "Duty Desk"  after all, I
really had sen it, I just didn't want to see it again real soon... and we
never did.   Well there , anyway.
...Finger prints
     In our old house, the drive way ended at the end of the house right by
our bed room, so when we heard our car door open and shut  shut, we were
justifiably concerned.  When I went to investigate, I found no foot prints in
the light snow other than my own, but there were three finger prints in the
lightly frosted of the driver's side window as if from closing the door.
...Butter Dish
     One night after coming home from the drive-in movie, my wife and I saw
the silver and crystal butter dish we had gotten for a wedding present lying
in the middle of the kitchen floor ...with the cover still on it!!!  Checking
further, I found the cabinet that it never left shut ...swollen shut, I might
add as the cabinets were real wood and it was pretty damp that night.
     These are only a few of the things that have happened around me or that
I've seen.  I'll try to send more later.

"Possible Possession Story"


Intro about me: (just wanted to tell you guys, in case you want to skip this
part and only read the experience)

    Hello, My name is Matthew, but everyone just calls me Matt.  This is my
first time telling about one of my almost ubelievably large number of
experiences with supernatural entities.  First let me say that I love this
site because it is the only place where I can tell the odd truth and be
believed; it is a wonderful feeling to have the trust of you guys, because
some of my experiences almost seem fictional although I swear that they are
    Now, I am actually pretty down to earth and skeptical until proven wrong.
 I try to look at every possible explaination before concluding that an event
is supernatural ... but enough chitter chatter.  Here is my experience ...
saying it's a story makes it sound like it's not true.

    At about two o'clock on a cold night last December, a good friend of mine
named Rick and I were sitting in his truck, talking.  Why were we talking at
2:00, you might ask?  I had just got back after colleged ended, and we had
alot of catching up to do.  Now we had had the heat turned on for a while,
but now it was turned off, so it was not too hot, and not too cold.
    "Matt," said Rick, suddenly sounding a little nervous, "I feel like there
is something very wrong in here."  I remember him saying exactly that,
because the way he said it was really creepy; it was like that kid's voice in
"6th Sence" when he says 'I see dead people.'  I hadn't been paying attention
to the surroundings or the atmosphere (just the conversation) until now, but
when I did, I felt the same thing.
    I said something to the extent of "Yeah, I feel it also.  I should leave
so you can get home quick.  I don't like this feeling."  All of that was
true.  However, we didn't want to go feeling like this, so we decided to to
turn the radio on and sing along with a song or so to lighten the atmosphere.
 This is where things started to get really freaky.
    As the first song went progressed, the feeling of something wrong
steadily escilated.  We thought that it was both of our imaginations working
overtime, so we played and sung a second song. About in the middle of the
song, the truck began to get progressively more uncomfortable, and a little
    Now this may seem OT, but you know how in Toyota standard pickup trucks
you can cram 3 people in them if one sits in the middle where the stick shift
is?  Well, it was cool except for that small middle seat.  Rick reached to
turn up the radio, and his hand hit the middle.  His face went white as a
sheet, and he told me to touch the middle ... it was hot!!!  Now right inside
my house, I have one of those thermometers that can tell you how cold it is
outside or inside, so looking for an excuse for us to leave, I said "I wonder
how hot it is there."  Now listen to this!  I got the thermometer, and first
I measured how cold it was outside... 15°.   The temp. inside near the door
was 45, and then I took the temperature of the hot spot.  I still can't
believe it myself, but it was 78°!  I had heard of cold spots, but hot spots?
    I didn't tell Rick this, 'cause I didn't want to freak him out more than
he already was.  I said that it was probably some really wierd thing having
to do with the radiator or the engine or something.  Concidering this, Rick
turned the car off (not in the rest position, but OFF,) and took the key out.
 For a second, everything seemed to be going as expected and we waited for
the hot spot in the car to cool down.  We even rolled down the windows, to
help.  That's when I noticed that the radio was still playing.  I felt
butterflies in my stomach, and tapped Rick to make him aware.  I don't know
how we didn't notice at first ... how the heck does the radio continue to
play when the vehicle is off?!  The rest position, sure, but when it is off?
    Rick turned the truck back on for some reason or another (I don't
remember why, now) and the engine revved ... it sounded like it was growling,
somehow, to Rick and I.  I swear, it was like a scene out of the Stephen King
book "Christine."  If the brights turned on just then, I probably would have
fainted!!  The hot spot was still there, and I can't speak for Rick, but I
felt in danger, and my guess is he did too.  Rick wanted to leave really
badly now, I sure can't blame him.  He asked me to say a blessing for us and
the truck, and I did, although I didn't really expect anything.  A couple
days later, a mechanic looked at the truck ... he said nothing was wrong with
    If you are still with me, thank you; this is by far the most unbelievable
(but true, I swear!) experience I have had, and by far the scariest to me,
although there are other close contenders.  I hope to share others, if y'all
want to hear them and still think I'm credible after this (I hope you do, and
I think you will be, because everyone was very receptive and open, at the
first chat I've gone to.)  About my experience though, if you can think of
anything that might cause something like this, believe that vehicles can (or
even if you think they can't) be possesed, or have had something similar
happen to you, please feel free to e-mail me at
or  I would be delighted to hear from you!

Battlefield ghosts from the Civil War


I am 53 yre.old and have been studying the paranormal for at least 35 yrs.
but nothing had prepared me for what I would see when I started taking part
in Civil War re-enactments from Miss.Gettysburg was the most
extraordinary town and I feel is the most haunted town,including the
Battlefield in America.Mark Nesbitt published 4 vol.on stories/legends he

collected first hand mostly,and my understanding was those published were
just a small fraction of material he has.I have seen 'ghost' that had shape
and form but were not solid.On one incident,I met a person/'ghost' who was
solid as a rock and  from the same Division and Company as two of my
ancestors,cousins,  who knew their names, where they came from, the name of
the town, that is,and such information that no re-enactor could have been
playing a joke on me.He gave me his name and where he grew up and the
family name.We were at Gettysburg,PA,doing re-enactments from the Battle of
Gettysburg, fromJuly,1,2,3,1863.We were all dressed in authenic clothing,
down to our socks and shoes,etc.When the oreder came to Charge the Union
lines on Cemetary Ridge, this person shook my hand and told me to 'visit
his folks if he didn,t come down back off the hill'.Hundreds of us marched
forward and I tried to keep that 'man' in sight but in the confusion, he
just 'vanished'I've  been to his home town and to ss his family farm,not
much of what he described is left, but enough to know he was, at onetime
there.In the family cemetary behind what is left of a barn, is a headstone
that reflects his name  and date he died,July 3,1863.More information is
there but it was more difficult to take a rubbing of than name and date of
death.This is one example of some of the 'strange' events  I've gotten
involved in since I started doing re-enactments nearly 20 yrs. ago.


He Kissed Me


When I was fifteen, I had my first real boyfriend. His name was Liam and I had been dating him for about a month. I can honestly say that he was my first love-he was intelligent, caring and sweet, but very dangerously depressed. For all the time I was dating him we went to movies, talked, and did things that couples normally do, but he never kissed me. One night we were on the porch swing behind his house and he brought up the subject of suicide. He was talking about killing himself and why he would do it, but I reminded him that there were still people that loved him. Iwent home later that night. The next morning i stopped at his house to walk with him to school, but there was a crowd of people around the house and an ambulance was there. Liam had shot himself in the head; it had killed him instantly. I was shocked and deeply saddened by this loss. A few hours later, a suicide note was found in his pocket; it had a note to his parents and the end of the note said 'I love you, Caro.' about a week later, I was asleep in the living room. I woke up really late at night. It was very cold in the room, but that wasn't too weird because the air conditioning was on. Then I felt something embracing me gently. Strangely enough, I wasn't scared. Then I felt something on my cheek and a voice whispered 'Sorry, Caro.' I knew it was him and Ii think that he let go and went on to wherever it is that ghosts go. This happened three years ago. I am a very skeptical person by nature and I rely on facts, but I can't explain this. Thank you for reading.

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