Queen Mary
By: Anonymous

    My friend Billy worked on the "Bat Man Forever" movie filmed at the
Spruce Goose. The film crew stayed at the Queen Mary.
    One night he invited a couple of people and I to stay on the boat with
him.  We decided to go on a hunt for ghosts because the ship was supposed to
be haunted. Billy and the rest of us played "hide and go seek" on the upper
deck. I hid in a corridor between a room and a smoke stack, where I found a
door that was welded shut.  I stayed there for 5 minutes or so until I hears
foot steps.  I jumped out and said "Boo," but nobody was there.
    At that point I freaked out and ran for his state room. I was running
through hall ways. I felt like I was in the movie "The Shining."  I went
around a corner and ran through a woman and a child.  I screamed "Help me!".
Other people that were staying in the hotel, came out of their rooms. I was
hysterical.  My friends heard me and ran out to get me. I told them what
happened. They were too afraid to play the game, so they stayed in the room.
I was playing alone.  But they said that before we started they saw footsteps
in the mist on the ground, and decided playing hide and go seek was not what
they wanted to do.
     I don't know what happened on that ship, but I know that I want nothing
to do with it.

Paranormal Activities

By: Beachain@aol.com

My husband, daughter and I have lived in this house for about 10 years. We
bought  it from the builders. It is in a subdivision that is old farm land.
No deep significance is known about the area.
About 3 years ago a casual comment between my husband and I brought out that
both of us had been seeing creatures (for lack of a better term) for
sometime. We then cautiously brought this up with our daughter (now 18 yrs
and out on her own). She looked at us oddly then resonded that she too had
seen somethings.
All three of us had initially seen the same things. A blurry bend in space
running along the floor like a cat or dog. In fact, we could sense that they
were cat or dogs. Later both my daughter and I saw more. I have seen the
creature materialize more fully to see the color of their fur and other
features. I had one that peeked at me from the foyer like it was playing tag
or chase.
At no time have we felt any maliciousness. Also my daughter and I have seen a
male. Tall and in his 30's. Both my daughter and I have heard voices. We also
have had our pets see these creatures and even chase them. 2 pets now dead
had been seeing them for years. And no we have not ever seen our own deceased
pets. So far the only none family memeber to see anything has been the 6 year
old boy of friends of ours. He said he spoke with the tall man with the
mustache in the living room while we were changing clothes. He was not afraid
of him just a bit amazed. Not seeing this I can not know if he was really
seeing him or if his imagination was getting to him.
Both my husband and I were at dinner in a locat restaurant and we both saw
things there as well. I felt a cool touch of hands on the back of my neck. I
thought my daughter had walked in and was coming up behind me. No one was
there. I had a sensation of someone watching us standing near a doorway to
the kitchen. Not a full image just bend in space, if that makes sense. A few
minutes late I spotted movement at the table next to us, on the floor. I then
saw the fleeting image of a ringed tail...and I knew it was a racoon
scampering around the chairs. Just then my husband made a comment about how
he was seeing these "things" now and we were not even at home.
I have often found myself walking in stores, bulidings, etc and have stopped
and walked around a thing not visible but clearly standing or walking in my
path. I have also spotted "people" only to have them disappear. I used to
think it was a trick of my eyes but now I am not so sure.
Last night I was watching television and felt an icy cold feeling start at
the base of my spine and run up to my head. I felt extremely cold and then I
saw a whitish blur in the hallway. It was about 3 1/2 feet tall. It walked
into the wall of the bathroom. I got up to look/feel the area but got
nothing. I then asked my husband where the cat was as she had spotted
something of the same height about a month ago. She was in the kitchen. She
was just sitting and seemed fine. I sat down and about a minute later she
made a run to the hallway and stopped right in the area where I had seen the
image and she began to investigate the area.
This was the first time I had ever had the cold feeling. The other times have
been neutral. I felt a bit more on edge after this encounter. Even more so
than when I felt the "hands" touch my neck.
Only recently have I seen or heard of encounters with animals. I know very
little about all of this. My husband and I are involved in law enforcement
and are aware of how people can become "tricked" by simple things that go
bump in the night...but we are fully awake, alert, and usually there others
seeing the same thing.


By: BUTTERFLY6368716@aol.com
I moved into the trailer owned by my ex father in law with my 2 small girls
and there was a empty trailer on the same land as the one I was moving into.
My ex lived in the trailer with his new girlfriend when he was killed.. About
3 months after we moved in we started hearing the sound of water running like
the toliet was filling up but when I went to check it out it was ok but I
could hear the water still running ..Then one night I was awoken to the voice
of a man calling my name and i yelled out yes. I thought a friend had droped
by and was calling my name.I went to the door but there wasn,t anyone there
so I walked all around the trailer but couldn,t see anyone... Then a few
week,s later i was woke up by the sound of water and i thought the hot water
heater had pusted so I turned the main spicket off and went outside to see
how bad the water was coming out from under the trailer but the ground was
dry as a bone. I called my ex father in law to come check it out and he
couldn,t find anything wrong.My aunt moved in with me and my girls and i let
her have the master bedroom while I took another room. She knew about what
had been going on in the trailer but she wonted that room anyway.I would wake
up and find her in my bed every morning.To this day we still have never found
out where the water was coming from or who it was calling my name..That,s not
the only time I,ve had a experance with strange thing,s but I,ll tell it at
another time.


By: jumper1309@email.msn.com

Dave about 8 years ago i worked in a bar in my neighborhood.  I told my
grandfather about the bar and he remember years ago a cop got shot there
during a hold-up- the cop just won money on the horses he said.  I mentioned
this to the owner and other people just as conversation.  About 2 weeks
later i saw a cloudy image of a man walk passed the cigrette machine, I
ignored it since I had a couple.  One night the owner and I are cleaning up
,I looked quickly at the middle of the bar and saw two guys sitting down
looking at me.  I quicky ask the owner if she saw that she said no , then
I explain to her what I saw. The first guy was very vivid even till today-
brown hair 24yrs around or older and a mustache and smiling, the other a
blur. She told her what I saw and described the first guy she said it sounds
like someone who used to go there and died at a young age.  After that I saw
no images again but a customer said a man went into the ladies room and
there was no one there he was a older man not drunk but insisting he saw the
man.  Now I am a teacher and lived with a friend about 4 yrs ago . Her
mother passed away with cancer.  Janice left on vacation for the weekend and
I was alone in her house.  One night I was watching TV and the alarm(fire)
went on throughtout the house.  The reason I dont know the three floors were
connected to the same alarm into the house wiring-so no weak battery alert.
Then it stopped I looked all over but no reason for the alarm to be set off.
The alarm only lasted 3 mins on.  I went back to watching tv when the remote
can off the tv -maybe the vibrations of the TV?  Then went to the kitchen
and left the spoon by the sink edge as I walked back to the living room the
spoon fell into the sink. I wasnt scared but surprised- if this was for real
or what. Moved out because my god father passed away and they ask if i
wanted his apt and I did.  One morning I saw a man at the edge of my bed
cloudy image get up as if he was leaving then gone. I just woke up and
thought I was seeing things but I never ever and a image like that when
waking up.  I read some of your readings about this I believe it was like a
recording of the past - he lived here for 23 yrs.  What do u think about
these occurrences.


By: fta125@hotmail.com

Well here I go I have told very few people of my experience. I spent the first 12 years of my life in a pretty old house about 120 years old. Well for as long as I can remember almost everynight I would wakeup and see a large white shape roughly of a man glide past my door and into my bathroom. The only other people in the house were my mother and sister and they are both short around 5 feet. The white shape was easily 6 feet. It wasn't freindly or hostile it just glided down the hall. the only Odd thing that happend was i would sleepwalk into the hallway and on several occasions my mother would see me in the hallway standing there staring off blankly. I only remember one occasion when I was sleepwalking and that was in the third person. I was off too the side watching my mother and me having a conversation about why I was in the hall way. My mother would take me back too my room and put me too sleep. 2 or 3 times I would get mad at her and she would forcibly have too carry me back too my room, but once back in my room I'd go right back too sleep. I mentioned the ghost too her but she just blew it off. I moved out of that house 13 years ago and have never sleptwalk since then.

Warm Spot

By: RightEye55@aol.com

I had an unusual experience New Year's Eve at my grandmother's house.  She
was very ill and I had been asked to spend the night and look after her.  My
grandfather (with whom I was very close) has been dead since Aug. 1985 and my
uncle (their son had just died Aug. 1999.  My grandmother was still greiving
pitifully and I believe it hindered her health.  Around midnight, I was up
watching TV and kept hearing glasses in the kitchen clinking together like a
'toast'.  I would get up and check the kitchen--nothing.  It would start
again and I would check.  Again, nothing.  This went on for about 8 times in
a period of about 45 min.  After midnight I checked on my sleeping gradmother
and started to bed.  Once again, the clinking noise.  I turned in the hall
facing the kitchen to go in there, when a mighty gush of warm air shwooshed
all over me.  I instantly had a 'knowing' that my uncle was present.  I tried
to logically pass it off as my standing under the heater vent when it came
on.  I live in extreme southern Alabama so the night was not cool enough to
have the heater on.  I went to the controls; the thermostat was on 'off'.

The Little Boy

By: Stacy_Condie@sento.com

Before my husband Rob and I were married, I stayed with him in his friend's house. Rob used to tell me stories about a little boy that would look at him in his bed, trying to sleep, while standing in the window well of Rob's basement window.
        One night, before I stayed there, the little boy was staring at Rob. Not moving. Just looking at him in the window well. Rob didn't know who he was, so he just hit the window with his fist, and yelled "Get out of here!" Tke little boy didn't  flinch, didn't blink, or move. It really scared Rob since he believes in spirits and afterlife.
        The next morning while I was at school, he paged me so he could tell me about it. He also told me about how he had a dream about me the same night. He dreampt that we were walking together and he was looking at me. After a minute, he wasn't looking at my face anymore. It was a mean, evil face. He said that it was black, and had really evil eyes. The figure took a swing at him, and hit him in the jaw. he woke up the next morning, and his jaw was sore.
        He used to listen to music at night when he was going to sleep. One night, when we were getting ready for bed, I asked him if the music helped him sleep better. He just told me yes, and said that there was another reason, but he just didn't want to scare me. I asked him to tell me anyway, so he just told me that he heard noises that he didn't want to listen to, and the msic drowned them out, and kind of soothed him. I just left it at that.
        That night, while we were trying to sleep, I could tell there was something wrong with Rob. He finally told me that he could feel the same presence that he felt the night he saw the evil face. We layed there awake for a while, until he finally couldn't stand it anymore, and turned the lights on. I guess the lights made it leave.
        We never had experiences like that for a while. We had a spirit of a young lady in our first appartment. She would just show up sometimes as little gold sparks that quickly flew across the room. She would also sometimes appear in the bathroom at night, which was a few feet away from our bed.
        Rob's brother and a few of his friends have seen the little boy. He doesn't really do any harm. Sometimes you'll just see him and he'll run around the room and go into a wall or something like that. We believe that maybe he was just a little boy that was killed in the area a long time ago, since Rob's friend's house was fairly new.
        About six months after we were married, I couldn't go to sleep. We had just watched a movie and were going to bed. I just put my arms around Rob and cried. When he asked what was wrong, I just cried. I couldn't get anything out. Finally, I told him that I felt something evil in the room. I could point out where it was and everything. After I pointed it out, he started to feel it too. It finally got so bad that we had to leave the house and go for a walk. I didn't want to go home, but Rob has a bad ankle, so we had to go back. When we got there, I still felt uneasy. So we prayed for it to go away and to never come in our room again.
        We haven't experienced anything like that since, but I believe that spirits are attracted to Rob.

West Virginia Apparition

By: takers@milehigh.net

I have very much enjoyed visiting your web page.  The stories related
are well written and, for the most part, I think, true.  I would like to
contribute my family's and my own personal experience of a real life
haunting.  I swear before God to its truthfulness.
Ben Creek, Mingo County, West Virginia lies only a few short miles from
the southwestern panhandle of the state of Virginia.  The area is
mountaineous and rugged and not a far distance from the Hatfield and
McCoy "stomping ground." Further, this part of Mingo County is
relatively isolated and one's closest neighbors can be several miles
"down the creek" or "up the mountain."
The year was 1971 that my family and I (myself being the youngest of six
siblings) moved to Mingo County, West Virginia from the Cleveland, Ohio
area. Believe me, to describe this change as a culture shock is
minimizing the experience. The geography was different, as well as the
people, and the lifestyle generally.  The poverty was incomprehensible
to my eight year old eyes. My parents, being from the Mingo county area
as children themselves, desired moving back to the place of their roots
and to be geographically closer to their own families.
We moved into a modest and delapidating two-story house (the second
story was actually a full, unfinished attic) on Ben Creek, about 1/2
mile up the creek from our nearest neighbor, my Uncle  Walker.  Being
short on money, my father searched for the most economical house in the
area.  In no time we found our house.  The grass and weeds had grown up
high, and with boards over the  windows, the house looked ramshackled
and abandoned.  We had to "make do", though.
After we moved in, we began to make the best out of our "new" home.
Being only eight years old and in the third grade, classmates began
commenting to me if we had seen any "ghosts" in our house.  My brother
(ten at the time) and I responded no we had not and we usually left it
off at that. I am ashamed  to admit it but, in all honesty, we thought
these people were backwood's morons.
At the same time, my three sisters in junior and senior high were also
beginning to get quizzed by their classmates along a similar line of
questioning.  It seemed everyone "on the creek" knew something about our
house except us--the unsuspecting "city slickers."
Shortly thereafter, everything changed.
It was on a warm, late-spring Sunday evening, shortly before dusk just
as the sunlight was just  beginning to slip behind one of the
mountains.  It was still light outside, only slowly growing dimmer.  My
father and mother and one of my sisters had gone into Matewan (about
twenty miles away) to grocery shop and to stop to visit relatives in
that area of the county.  I, along with my brother Tim (10), sister
Donna (14), and sister Debbie (16) were lounging around the living room
and doing what kids do:  Tim and I were playing some sort of boardgame
on the floor, while my sisters watched television and talked.  Our dog,
Mitten, was chained up to the front porch.  Suddenly, Mitten began
barking and  growling absolutely hysterically.  I had rarely heard
Mitten sound so, at the same time, distressed and threatened.
Initially, my brother Tim and I (being our family's "little men") jumped
up and ran toward the opened front door thinking that either a bear or a
human was going to come into the house!  Just then, Tim and I leaned out
of the front door with our sister Debbie right behind.  Stretching our
necks out the door to see what Mitten was barking at, stood a human
figure standing at the corner of the house.  (By the way he was
standing, we could only see his front half.  The backside was behind the
corner of the house.)
We thought at first that it was a man trying to break in on us kids
knowing my father was not home. But, this was like no man we had ever
seen!  Still thinking it was a human man trying to get in, we yelled at
him to not come in because we had a gun and would use it. (We really did
have one and Debbie went to get it.)   Just as Debbie got back to the
door, and within full sight of Tim, Debbie, Mitten, and myself  this
thing moved.  As it moved, we knew immediately this thing certainly was
not human.  It was a solid black figure, with no light reflection
whatsoever reflecting off of it.  It was like looking into a black hole.
The shape was reminiscent of an old style fisherman hat with full-body
slicker.  I will never forget how it looked.  As it moved away slowly
from the house it moved as one unit (that is to say, with no body motion
at all) and was actually floating above the ground about one foot and
had no feet.  It did not make any sound as it floated down our gravel
driveway and turned right as it reached the roadway.  We were in shock
and could not believe what we had witnessed.
My father did not believe us at all, and thought we were just making
this up until my mother witnessed the very same figure coming up  the
driveway about one week later.  As she sat in the front door one morning
after a cooling rain, she said it looked like it had come up out of the
ground and  proceeded toward the house.  She thought that it was going
to come on up the stairs and onto the porch, but it proceeded up past
the corner of the house instead.
And, lastly, if my mother and we children did not make a believer out of
my dad, he converted to one shortly thereafter.  One night as we slept,
we all awoke to all hell breaking loose in the attic.  It sounded like
somebody had broken in through a window and was smashing furniture (we
had none up there), smashing mirrors (none), and was stomping through
glass for what seemed like hours.
This activity woke us all and it sounded as though whoever was up there
was about to come down the stairs!  That's when my dad and eldest
brother Terry (18), thinking somebody had broken in and was vandelizing
the attic, armed themselves and went up the stairs.  The noises stopped
just as my dad was opening the attic door.  Nothing had been touched.
Even the proverbial cobwebs were still in the windowsills!
We still had to live in that hell house for the remaining part of the
summer, though nothing quite so extraordinary occured.
That's my story and I swear to its authenticity.  I am now a 37 year old
man, occassionally fear the dark, and unexplained noises in the night
make me break out in cold sweat. I used to be angry that how could
anything (even a ghost) psychologically scar such a young, innocent
child.  (Since then (as an adult), I have had three additional
experiences with apparitions and knockings.)  I am no longer angry, but
I admit that  I am still traumatized by the experience (what do I do, go
to a psychiatrist and tell him I saw a ghost?).
Anybody wishing to e-mail me, please do takers@milehigh.net.  I would
like to know if anybody else has had a similar encounter with the
fisherman-looking, flat-black figure.

Uncle Tom


During my life I have experienced many strange going on's. I was the first female person to be born into my family for 200 years. My grate Uncle tom died during the year I was born in and on the day but not year that my sister was born in. Every year on her birthday my grandpa, who was Toms brother sits in his study all alone. One year we went down  to stay with them, they owned a small bungalow which they stayed in and another one which they rented out most the time. We now own the second house but we live in another county. as I was saying we went down to stay with them for my sisters birthday. We stayed in the house which we now own, it is know as "Fair View" and that is where my Uncle Tom was born in and where he died. My bedroom was the room he spent most of his life in. It was my sis's birthday and that night me and my cousin were sleeping in his old bedroom. At 12 o'clock the clock in the hall woke us up, as I opened my eyes I saw this figure go across the widow and sit in the chair front of me, when I saw this I froze I couldn't open my mouth I was so scared.The next morning I told my cousin about this experience, she told me that she too saw it. It could not have been my family because my Nan was looking after me and she claimed she was watching TV.


By: RANDSTORM@aol.com


The Green Fog In My Room

By: sashaandluka@email.msn.com

When I was about 14 or 15, my younger sister changed to a different person. From a sweet little girl, to a troubled teenager. She is 2 1/2 younger than me. We had a mutual friend give her a tape with this god awful music. Major heavy metal. Almost distorted.
 I told her as soon as I first laid eyes on it (got this creepy feeling) that something was wrong with it. She played that awful music in her room for days....
 Shortly afterwards, these weird things started to happen to our family. I was the first to have the most terrifying experiance with the spirit real.
 Here goes, I saw my self sleeping in my room, but the view was from my ceiling looking down. I saw my self sleeping, like a dream with in a dream. I noticed that my bedroom closet door was about 5-6 inches opened. All of a sudden, this pea green fog came slowly out from the bottom of the closet, like a fog does on the ground.
  Once the whole bedroom floor was covered with this fog, I heard a small child calling my name and started laughing, in a very evil way. I then would find myself to be fully awake. To find this heavy invisible heavy weight on me. I would try to move, but I couldn't. I tried to scream, my mouth wouldn't move. I couldn't move any part of my body. It was hard to breath.
  I started praying like crazy in my mind, I kept repeating gods name Jehovah over and over, after awhile felt like forever, must of been five minutes or so it seemed, that the weight started subsiding and as fast as I could, I ran out of my bedroom straight to mom and dad's room. I told them I had a bad dream. I was covered in sweat.
 The next night, I hesitated for awhile, I finally fell asleep. Nothing happened that night. I felt it was just a bad nightmare, as I thought....
 I said my goodnights and went to bed. I awoke with the same dream within a dream state. The whole attack happened, with the pea green colored fog covering my floor. Hearing that chilling voice again, mocking me. A gain I started praying as the night before last. Again is subsided. I ran like a bat out hell to mom and dad.
 This time, my mother saw fright in my eyes. I babbled the whole episode of the first night and just what happened a minute ago. She looked at me, I think I spooked her. She gave me a hug and said it was a bad dream.
 The next night I was awakened by the big thud noise. I heard my father running down through the house towards our bedroom. I quickly got up and went across the hall (sister's room) my father opened her door to find my sister across her bedroom on the floor against the wall opposite of her bed. She told me many years later that one night she was awaked when she felt herself falling to the floor.
 A few nights later, the pea green smoke visitor decided to torment me some more. I relived this hilasious nightmare, running again to mom and dad. My mom was worried now.
 A few nights we were all awakened this time by the washing machine. It was picked up and dropped. The washer and dryer were next to each other between wall space for a perfect fit, any way, we were all freaked out. My mom talked to our church and I remembered being three sitting in our living room discussing the events. We prayed and asked god to protect us and to banish this thing away. Finally my sister was convinced that the tape with the crazy music had to go. We destroyed it and threw it in a dumpster many miles form home.
   Again, many years later we brought up those most frightful night and my dad had not told this to any of us in our family, on the nights when the washing machine was picked up and dropped, my father heard children playing. At 3am what would children playing in the middle of the country. The window was slightly opened. He listened again to see were the voices was coming from.
  He looked out the window, nothing. All of a sudden the voices started getting deeper and warping. He would look at my mother. She was in a deep sleep. The the loud thump would happen, the washing machine.
  My sister fell in a sever depression while living her teenaged years at home. To find out some history to the house, we asked our mother if she knew anything. The owners' daughter had committed suicide in my sister's bedroom. She shot herself in the head.
  Has anyone had such as an experiance of mine? The pea green fog, ect.... Let me know. I too have experienced other things from the spirit realm, but those are other stories to be told. They are all true.

House of Two Ghosts

By: mark.hines@gte.net

      My husband and I believe we have 2 ghosts in our house which was built in 1912. One is a rather large dog, my husband bumped into it one night on the way to bed, at the time he thought it was our dog but she was in the bedroom with me. He just, "Go to bed pup.", the dog disappeared. All three of us (my husband, my son and myself) have heard the dogs toenails clicking on the linoleum floor in our kitchen, we know it is not our dog because when we hear it she is in the same room as we are. We believe our dog can sense it's presence too as she seems to "play" with an unseen dog.
        The other ghost is a man and he always seems to do the same thing every time he is seen or heard. He walks in the front door, goes out to the kitchen, comes back into the livingroom and walks up the stairs. He goes into the bathroom and stands in front of the tub then disappears. Neither ghost has ever tried to hurt any of us so we believe it is best to leave them alone so as not to stir up any "evil" forces.

      Saw Her

By: JStringfellow@email.msn.com
    I've had a couple of accurances, starting back when I was five years old. My first evperience was in a old house my parents moved us into, back in Hilton N.Y. I feel children are somewhat more sensitive to these happenings than adults. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a presense in my bedroom. I know I was wide awake, when I saw a white hand come through my wall. Needless to say I was terrified. It never made any threatening gestures at me, but it's mere presence was enough.
    But the weirdest experience was, when I was sixteen years old. We were living in a one hundred year old home, that my father bought at an auction. It wasn't until some friends of mine who lived down the street told me, why the house was so cheap. The woman who lived there, prior to us living there was killed in a lightning storm, right outside in the side yard. Now I didn't give it much thought except for the lightning rods that were on top of the house. But one day while I was at home by myself. I was upstairs listening to music, like a normal teenager. When there was a lightning strike that must of hit one of the lightning rods. It shook the whole house and there was this weird sizzling sound. Well I jumped right out of my pants and ran to my bedroom door. When I looked down the hall I saw what appeared to be an old woman in a wheelchair, facing away from me. Her hair was white and silver and ran all the way to the floor. Of course I was quite stunned, and speechless. Before I could say anything she wheeled herself around the corner. Which by the way, is right where the stairs started. Iran down the hallway thinking she was going to kill herself on those stairs. When I reached the top of the staircase, she was gone. I raan down to the first level and looked down the rest of the stairs, but she was no where to be found. At that level there is a window that looks out to the side yard. When I looked out, there she was in the side yard. Then there was another lightning strike fairly close, and she was gone.
     Now I never saw her again, but I never felt very comfotable in that house again.

"The Suitcase and it's Guest"

By: Hmwhite99@aol.com

    I never knew my father's dad all that well. Considering he died from a
stroke when I was 4 years old. I remember the day my mother told me he had
passed away very well. Maybe because it was the first time I saw my father
cry and it was when I noticed something different was happening in my parents
    My father was caring for my grandfathers personal belongings that he keep
in a suitcase at his home. When my dad came home with the suitcase full of
old photographs and little trinkets that belonged to my Grandfather, my
parents noticed that almost everything was cold to the touch. My parents
thought this was strange since it was the middle of July and it was 80
degrees outside as well as in the house, but they never thought anything of
it. After my father showed us the photos and the watches my grandfather had
collected over the last fifty years, he decided the suitcase would be safe in
the basement storeroom behind the billiard table. That's when strange things
began to happen.  My sister and I would be watching TV in the basement and he
storeroom door would open on it's own, lights would flicker on and off and
the air was always chilly. Other times my sister and I would be doing our
homework at the kitchen table and we would hear someone walking up the stairs
or a game being played on the billiard table.  Pool balls make a very
distinct sound when they hit each other or go down into the pockets alleys.
Of course no one was there when we would investigate.  For years this would
go on and my sister and I never felt threatened by this invisible visitor, so
we got used to all the noises and cold spots untill it moved to a new room in
the house. It just happend to be in my room, but that is another story that I
will save for another time

My Sisters Home!


My sisters home in Illinois is haunted. It is a new home built just 5 years ago and there seems to be a "core" of activity in it. Pictures get thrown from the wall, a fan was thrown across a room. A tall shadow of a man appears and fades into the walls in the basement. In the kitchen directly above, people get poked in the sides, on the shoulders and in the back. The home was built on what used to be a corn field, no other homes before this one . On the nights that something happens, coyotes howl from the woods across the road at the house and her dogs act strange until "everything" settles down.
These things happen, day or night. Basement doors open and shut by themselves and lights go on and off.
In the bedroom, one of her sons was pinned against the bed under an invisible force and held for several minutes. The area< call the "core" is the bedroom on the second floor and the kitchen directly under it, and in the area beneath that in the basement.
Last week, I was poked in the side as I stood at the cupboard making coffee.....The man appeared that same night in the basement and stared at me, then drifted into the wall.
He  appears to be about 6' tall, wears old dark to brown clothes and has dark hair. His features  are not recognizable. Any Ideas?

Valentines Day

By: LaLadyDe@aol.com

My story starts when I was 13 months old on Valentine's Day. My mother was in
the car with my father and they were coming across railroad tracks, my father
was going to fast and wrecked into a telephone pole and my mother went
through the windshield decapitating her.  My sisters tell me (they are 10 to
12 years older than I) that I woke up and started screaming and I would not
stop till my father came home from the hospital hours later, he only suffered
Three and a half years later I was sitting in my bed and I felt a chill, a
transparent woman appeared before me, I was not scared, she was familiar, but
I did not know her, (I believe it was my mother), she never said anything
just looked at me with sad eyes.  Not soon after my father was shot in the
back by a corrupt police officer, (he only got 6 months suspension) and now I
had no parents at all. I was sent to an awful place in WV with my aunt and
uncle, they were cruel people. My cousins locked me in the cellar with a
coffin telling me my dad was in there and they were going to raise him from
the dead! I wanted my father back, I still had memory of him. They blew the
candle out and ran for the door and locked me in. I woke up hours later in
shock. I always felt like I was being watched and I never felt like I was
totally alone. When I was 9 I started seeing people in my room and out of the
corner of my eyes every time I tried to capture a straight on look at them
they went away. Until I was 12. I started going to church on a regular basis
and became a fanatic Christian, the whole world needed saved. I was at a
prayer meeting in my aunts house and I saw a dark shadow pass by the door, I
thought it was my cousin Rusty, I loved him very much and he just had gotten
out of the army. So I left the room went to the kitchen, and the light came
on. There was no one by the light switch! I looked at the backdoor and it was
chained from the inside, he could not have left that way, I went and stood by
the counter, and a cold icy feeling went from the top of my head down to my
feet, I passed out. I awoke to my Uncle putting olive oil on my forehead, I
looked to the right (I was laying in the floor still) and I saw all the
prayer meeting people looking at me in fear, I felt powerful! But I also felt
sick and scared. I was told I had a black unidentifiable creature sitting on
me with its talon like hands around my throat, I was scared half to death at
this point! I went into the living room and my Aunt picked up the phone and
called a pastor, she said nothing on the phone but hello my name is Joan then
she looked at me and said OK thank you and hung up. She told us all that he
already knew what was going on and he was on his way over. At the time I did
not find that out of the ordinary. When he arrived he walked up to me and
said you are feared, you "were" supposed to be a great youth leader, that I
have lost my faith and I was letting them win, he said the creature was still
there and would always be with me and there will be more to always keep me
suppressed. I was sobbing! He said it went up to the attic, and he pulled the
stairs down, started climbing and said go back to the pits of hell were you
belong, I swear his veins looked like they were about to pop from his neck
and his face was purple. I did not want to sleep up there ever again! But
like I said I had a very cruel Aunt and Uncle. I slept (when I did sleep) up
there for around 2 weeks, when I felt the presence of it, I turned my head to
face the wall, and covered my head with the sheet, I heard and felt the
flapping of "its" wings and it was huge! It blew the sheet up like a tent and
blew my long hair across my face. I ran away from WV after that and moved in
with my sister.
My sister has a five year old son, He slept with his mother and I slept on
the couch. I started going to school there and made new friends. Johnny (my 5
year old nephew) got up one morning and at the breakfast table said "Who was
your friend that was here last night." I told him I did not have a friend
come over, my sister was angry that I had company! He said it was a black man
with a bone sticking out of his head and he was watching me sleep! He said he
got scared and got back in bed with his Mom. I got in trouble for having a
friend over! My family has since seen it while I have been sleeping, I have
many nightmares, I rarely shut my eyes without one. My sister in law saw it
by her babies crib and thought we had a burglar, It touched my niece on the
forehead, and to this day she gets a perfectly round sore on her forehead
every year. I still sense it and I still see them out of the corner of my
eyes. I have had mentally disabled people go crazy and start pointing above
my head and start screaming and shouting, (One kept saying kiki kiki over and
over again) I have had dogs look up at a blank wall and begin whimpering, I
am a kind very giving, and happy person! I am in no way evil. I have no
enemies that I know of, so can anyone tell me what is going on other than I
must be crazy!

Time Warp

By: karentt@webtv.net

     Early this morning, at 1:30 am, while surfing the internet and
listening to the radio, I began to get this odd feeling (chills) that
was not the kind you would get from being cold, but  rather fright.
There was  no reason for this feeling, but it happened. Within a minute,
the radio stopped its broadcast and a very odd sound began "surfacing"
through the speakers. It sounded like water  moving inside  a huge
cavernous tank . The sound became stronger - but there was no static or
buzz that is usually heard wihen intereference  is responsible.  I never
heard this typeof sound before. I got up to check and see if the
receiver was okay, and began to hear a distant voice mixed in with these
odd sounds - I thought it was a radio broadcast, or even a phone call
transmitted over the airwaves. But it wasn't. I then heard my name
spoken in a womans voice say "Tony....Tony....Tony, I hear you." I knew
immediately that it was the voice of my grandmother who passed away in
August 1999.  There was no doubt about that being her voice.  Over the
last year I've been asking her to give me a sign that she knows I'm
thinking about her (since I don't like visiting her grave), but I never
expected this! I did not imagine her voice (that I know), yet it made me
quite upset. I even woke my fiance up and had her hear this sound on the
radio (though the voice was gone).  What's odd is that when this all
took place, I had the distinct feeling as if everything  around  me was
"off" balance, and like I was not  physically in that room for a brief
moment. The whole incident took perhaps 30 or 40 seconds before the
radio broadcast came back on, yet its been bothering me all day like you
would not believe. Have you ever heard of anything similar to what I've
experienced this morning?

The Old Wooden Bridge

By: Beshearsitstrue@aol.com

I first learned about this story when I was in third grade. From a girl named
Teresa.She was always sort of strange-but nice.I had to sit next to her in a
class.She would always tell these stories about how her house is haunted,and
there is something in her house thats trying to kill her.Everyone in the
class never believed her and always just laughed at her.I was always nice to
her,and I sort of felt sorry for her.We were only in third grade,and I would
always wounder how she knew all of the things she did about ghosts.So one day
I asked her about what was going on in her house,She started off by telling
me about one of her family members,and how she was a witch.And this lady
lived with Teresa for a while.As soon as she moved in,things started to
happen in her house.Teresa said she had a water bed.And one night,she had
walked in her room,and her bed started to move on one corner.Like someone had
sat down on the corner of her bed.Darts would fly across the room,and hit the
bullseye of the dartboard.The lamp would come on,and it would not be plugged
in.Her rocking chair would rock,and no one would be in it.Then she said that
erone thing really scared her.A butcher knife came off of the table,and stuck
in the wall right by her head.By that point,I was really scared,but I had
never had any expiriences like that.Well really i didn't believe her.But I
couldn't wounder why she would lie about things like that.The lady that lived
with Teresa and  her mom,would read black magis bibles,and all sorts of
things.The lady also had a quoija board,and she used it to talk to demons.It
had gotten out of hand one time,and she tried to throw it away.She put it in
the trash outside.The next morning,it was on her dresser.She tried again.The
same thing happend.Then she tried to burn it.It would not burn.Teresa said it
scarred the lady so bad,the lady started to read the real bible and go to
church.Whatever was in Teresa's house did not like that.One night.Teresa's
house caught on fire.Only a part of it was messed up.It was fixable.The lady
knew that whatever was in that house was very angry,so she moved because she
is the one that made it come,so she thought if she left,it would
too.Well,Teresa said it did not leave,infact it stayed there.
    She also said that she lived in a secluded area.By a old wooden
bridge.She had some horses,and her and her mother would ride down to the
bridge all of the time.It had been there for many years,and it had an old
creek bottem underneth it.She said that the people that built it lived nearby
it along time ago.It was a man and a woman.The man would go stand on the edge
of the bridge and fish off of it.One day,it had rained alot.When the rain
stopped,the man went to fish.The water was so swift,that it pulled him and
his fishing pole in the water.He was never seen again and no one found his
body.His wife was so sad,that she went to the bridge every day and would just
yell out his name.Even into the night she would get her lantern,and serch up
and down the creek bottom for him.Finally after years of serching,she went
crazy,and was put into a hospital.Later she died.Teresa said to this day,you
can still go down to the bridge at night and if it is starting to get
dark,look into the trees in the creek bottom,and you can see a tiny light
from a distance,getting closer and closer.Teresa said when she seen the light
comeing,it was time to go,because it was the old woman looking for her
husband with her light.She might think that you are him and take you with her
to the land of the dead .

Why I Believe

By: theopancheri@hotmail.com

I have been interested in supernatural phenomena for as long as I can remember.  Maybe it has something to do with my birthday falling on Halloween-who knows, anyways...I've had my share of experiences but I'll start out with my earlier experiences...My best friend Jen and I have been good friends since 1st grade and were inseparable throughout our childhood.  Her family moved into a house right across the field from my house when we were in middle school.  When she moved in the little boy that previously lived there warned her that it was haunted.  We didn't really think much of what he said until we saw for ourselves. Jen & I were home alone one afternoon and we decided to play with the ouija board in her bathroom(it was the darkest room in the house)when all of a sudden it got very chilly in there.  We left the bathroom to see what was up and found that every door in her house was wide open-all of  the cupboards, the oven, the doors(the front, back and side door), closets-every single one of them.  Jen & I went outside to get some air and figured there was no possible way for someone to sneak into her house and play that prank on us. We were only in the bathroom for a few minutes when we noticed the temperature drop and also it was an older house and it seems like we would have at least heard the doors opening but that wasn't the case.  When we used to babysit Jen's little sister we would have the baby monitor on because her bedroom was upstairs. This was when her sister was 2/3-we could hear her sister carrying on conversations with someone-the voices sounded as if they were whispering & every time we would make a mad dash to her bedroom to see who was in there and her sister would be sound asleep, but either the rocking chair would still be moving or a music box would suddenly start playing-it made our hair stand on end-you could feel energy in her house-if that makes any sense.  When wierd things happened it was as if our bodies anticipated it before anything happened-her house had a life of it's own. One more thing before I wrap this up, Jen & I decided to start leaving a tape recorder running at night down in the basement when everyone was sleeping then we would play it back the next day to see if we heard anything peculiar. The reason we chose the basement was because we heard loud noises(banging, thumping, crashing) coming from there on various occasions and also no one in her family ever went down there so we knew our data would not be biased. Some of the things we recorded included a man's voice(no men live in this house)saying "oh boy, look what we've got here"-it was drawn out with exageration, the voice became shrill as if it was pleasantly suprised but hiding the suprise with sarcasm(am I making sense?) Also-we heard a low gutteral growl on another occasion-this sounded like it was very angry.  I have many more experiences to share (I haven't even gotten to what took place at my home) so I'm sure everyone will be hearing from me again:).

The Shaking Bed

By: julie21@alltel.com

Hi my story I would like t tell involves my grandparents home which is over 100 years old. As far as I know of I know that a older woman was violintly murdered here. But our ghost has never bothered anyone but me and in 1 instance my fiance. i will start off by the first things that started happening . After my kind hearted grandfather let this man named Mike move in the house took on a new feeling. A feeling that was very uneasy. I started feeling scared in the house when I have never felt that way before. It even got mean. Oneday me and my papa was here by our selfs , he was on the porch drinking his coffe and I was in my bedroom hooking up my speakers when we heard this big boom. I came running through the house thinking that my papa had fell. he in return was comming to see if I was okay he thought that I had fell. well we met at the entrance of the houce and we both decided to go to his bedroom to see what it was that we heard when we got there we found my picture lying face up and the frame was completlely broke in all directions.And my face was cut up really bad in the picture. That really scared me so I woulden't go in there for a long time unless  papa was with me. The reason it scared me was because the picture could not have fell out without knocking everything else down. It was in the very back, my brother and sisters pictures was on either side o mine and there were nicknacks infront of them all. There are sides on either side and a railing in front to prevent anything from falling and braking.For a while nothing  else happened until my grandfather past away and me and my fiance moved in. Something inside me pulled me to move into my papas room. So we did. After the first night things started again. First the room would stay cold and then the uneasy feeling then came the worst of all.........................my bed would go to shaking and my fiance would not feel it. it would continue over and over no matter what I did. Rene would say I was going crazy because he did not feel it and I almost thought I was too. Then one day Rene was in the bed sleeping in late and the bed started shaking. He felt it he went outside and stayed all day long untill I came home from work and he told me what happened. Well I still did not understand why I felt it at night and he couldn't so one night I was called by a seer and that is when I found out why. The reason was because the ghoust was almost in me shaking me not the bed. This scared me alot. And after this it got worse and wose. One night it like to have drove me insane and I screemed at the top of my lungs to just quit. I was tired of it. well it did for a couple of minutes and started again so I talked my fiance into getting up and turning on the light.Thank god it quit for the night. It does this alot along with a few other little teasing things. If you have any advice for me I would appreacaite it. If you would like to switch a few other storys you can connteact me at   julie21@alltel.net

Missed a Step

By: FBGURL@webtv.net

Hello...  What I am about to tell you is the absolute truth. It happened
in 1998.  I was dancing in my bedroom which is located in the basement
of a house that was built in 1945, and in the middle of my routine I
felt and eary presense among me.  You know the feeling taht someone or
something that you can't see is right beside you. When I stopped I told
myself not to turn around but my reactions to it, I turned and as I
turned I was hit in the face and knocked on the floor.  I got up, ran to
the next door neighbors where my mom was, and as soon as I walked in she
knew something was wrong. She told me that I was as white as a ghost.
Nothing like that ever happened before and hasn't happened again but
every once in a while I can feel that same eary feeling, but now I just
leave the room.

My Fathers Ghost

By: diana@dicarinc.com

I believe that my Father's ghost visited me on two occasions not long after his death.  My Father died in January, 1998, in my parents' home quite suddenly.  I loved my Father very much.
Three weeks after his death, I was spending the night at my parent's home.  I woke up in the middle of the night feeling cold.  I felt someone put an extra blanket over me.  In the morning I thanked my Mom for coming in and covering me with an extra blanket.  She denied getting up in the night and coming in my room as well as putting an extra blanket on me.  When she checked my room, the spare blanket that she usually keeps in the hall closet was on my bed.  I distinctly remember feeling someone put this blanket on me.
The next experience I had was when I again spent the night at my Mom's home.  I asked her to wake me at 7:30 am.  At 7:40 am I felt someone shake me awake.  I remember saying "Okay, I'm awake."
Then my Mom came in my room and wanted to know what I had said.
I repeated that I said I was awake and thanked her for waking me.  She then told me that she didn't wake me.  She knew that I had been up late and was letting me sleep in.  She hadn't been in my room at all that morning.
Somehow I believe it has been my Father's ghost looking out for me.

I'm not a Geography Major

By: simpspa@reynellaehs.sa.edu.au

Just a quick story that someone reminded me of , hope  you enjoy it.
 Back when I was just a kid we used to go for walks down to the old
cemetery. back then i lived on Kangaroo Island,(check the atlas.), and this
had the oldest cemetery in the state.  The ground is very wet here in winter
as a creek runs through the middle and on cold wet nights we used to go
looking for old coins and to watch the corpse lights from the subsided
graves,  (basically just escaping gas, that would self ignite, like in a
swamp.)  This was all very scarey as a 12 year old.  One particular night we
decided to visit the cemeteries only vault, This was a large concrete and
lime stone edifice with a pinned and bolted lid.  When we got there the lid
was of and a dry musty smell exuded from the crypt.  we dared each other to
shine our torches in the hole, when someone finally did he wet himself....
laughing  someone had removed the coffin and place a blow up doll in its
place.  The doll was dressed up like our year seven teacher. Right down to
the twin set, pearls and  the wart on the nose.
This was all fine and well, but soon an uneasy feeling came over the group
and we started to get a little nervous and on edge.  The wind had dropped
and yet the pine trees were hissing, a soft green light started to come from
the vault and the lid began to close, by itself, it must have weighed 200kg.
Needsless to say the 100metres was covered in less that 10 seconds that
 The disturbance made the local paper. as that night there were unexplained
power outages and the two teenagers, guys i went to school with, (4 years
older) were badly injured in a car accident, the smashed coffin found in the
back of their pickup.  We all thought they'd been drinking, which they had .
But they claimed that an old woman dressed in old fashioned clothing had
stepped in front of the truck and the driver swerved to avoid her. That how
they ended up in the ditch.......

Night Terrors

By: StephNWaylon30@cs.com

ok i have what is called night terrors, not just regular night mares , i act
out my dreams , in most cases i am fighting someone that is hurting me but
its not me that i see its someone else that is being hurt. but i feel their
pain and its me inside fighting the person enflicting the pain. And later
down the road i can see the person and describe him or her down to the tee .
  And I dont know how to explain this but these dreams are real i have heard
of some of them on the news, that i have dreamed about a few weeks or days
before it happens to them...  i have had that since i was 5 years old.  I
dont sleep well at night cause of this also if i sleep during the day like a
nap or something i dont have any bad dreams. Alot of times these dreams are
worse than a scary movie.  And sometimes when someone thinks i am awake i am
still asleep when they try to wake me and i start hitting them with my fist
and cussing them and calling them by another name other than their own. (and
not a cuss word either )  My husband has waken up a few times with me on his
chest beating him in the face. And the glass that was on our water bed i
have knocked out with my fist and i would wake up the next morning with glass on
my hand and blood and glass in my hair and in the bed from me knocking it
out and never waking up .  Ok on to another thing that has happened. One night
about three months ago my husband and i were in bed about to go to sleep and
i felt like i was starting to drift and my husband fell asleep pretty fast
well, i could still hear the radio that sits on our headboard of our
waterbed,  and i never sleep on my back so i was starting to turn over
before i fell asleep and all of a sudden i couldnt move i could talk or scream, i
felt like i couldnt breath like someone was sitting on my chest , and i seen
a dark shadow at the foot of my bed it scared me and i had this terrified
feeling rush over me i wanted to run, i really thought i was asleep and
having another night terror , but i could still hear the radio and see the
bedroom and hear my husband snoring, and for some reason i got everything
back in control and was screaming which woke up my husband out of a deep
sleep, and he jumped up scared half to death, he grabed me asking me what
was wrong and i told him what happened and it freaked him out which i dont blame
him one bit i was terrified.  I have never had another thing like that
happen to me ever again. But when i looked at the clock when i clamed down from all
of this commotion we went to bed at 10:00 pm. and it was 11:47pm. so i guess
this went on for awhile i'm not sure...... there are so many things. I hope
you dont think i am crazy, i have even went to a doctor thinking i was a nut
and was diagnosied with the night terrors when i was a child my mother took
me.... And if you want to know more just let me know.

More of My Experiences

By: aphroditie25@juno.com

A little while back I sent you a stories about one of the many
experiences I have had. Now I would like to tell you as much as I can
about the others. I will start with the house we use to live in when I
was about 8 or 9.This house is in west brookfield mass.It was haunted by
a poltergeist I belive. I remember very few things about this house. I
think I blocked most of it from my memory because it wasn't a good thing.
I remember waking up in the middle of the night feeling as if someone was
standing over me looking at me sleep. I had and till recently having a
more opened mind these days passed it off as a dream. One night I
remember waking up seeing someone there and they disappeared then the
rocking chair near the end of my bed started rocking. My room was in what
the dining room would be so it was between the living room and
kitchen,the kitchen being off to the side. I also remember waking up one
night to the radio changing stations(all my brothers where sleeping with
me also).We screamed for my mom and dad to come see and my mom picked up
the cord saying it was impossible because it was unplugged. My brother
remember more then I do about that house. My dad won't even talk about
it. I remember one time we got my mom to tell us a few things that
happened to my dad like waking up hearing what seemed like a party going
on in the kitchen the light on and all he go checked when he got in there
the light be off and nothing in there. Also my mom told us that his lunch
box would fly at him like someone was throwing it. He recently told my
fiance that it was a women. Then we moved to a house in Worcester,My
brothers say that was haunted I don't remember anything happening there
expect a bunch of bad luck. We moved once more from there to another
apartment in Worcester. That place wasn't haunted. I lived there with my
parents till I was 17 on the 3d floor then I moved to the basement,then I
moved out to live with my ex-boyfriend.Then I moved into the second floor
when I got pregnant with my daughter with my now exhusband where he lives
with  my kids. I now live with my fiance in sturbridge.This house is
haunted .Nothing big happens just things disappear after you find them
maybe a few minutes later to sometimes days or weeks later in spots you
looked for them about 100 times before. I also belive my daughter has
part of my grandmother with her. She passed away about 2 years before I
had her. My grandmother loved elephants she had a huge collection of
elephants when she passed away. Well ever since my daughter has been able
to point at what toy she wanted she point to the stuffed elephants to
this day we still buy elephants for her shes five now. I belive my son
who is going to be 3 is able to see ghosts. Every since he was born he
talk to things that weren't there and stare at something we can't see he
biggest thing was when I was living with my ex-husband in the apartment
he still lives in the one I mentioned early. The place was never haunted
l;like I stated before but right after my son was born I feel as if
someone was in the bedroom they (both my kids) slept in when he wake in
the middle of the night I felt someone watching over my shoulder. The
most recent thing that happen that makes me belive this was a weekend he
was staying with me. I was sleeping and my fiance woke up to hear him
fussing a bit so he was just listen to see if he was going to have to
wake me up to go get him.Wjhen he says he heard clicks over the monitor
and Chris saying vrrmm vrmm(he LOVES his cars) and the toys rolling
across the floor as if he was playing with them. The strange thing about
that is that Chris would NEVER get out of that bed in the middle of the
night without crying for me and I know that for a fact. So we just
figured it was our ghost playing with him. She loves my son. I just let
her play as long as she doesn't hurt him or scare him. I think thats
about it sorry it was so long thanks for listening.

Someone's here to visit....

By: denise.fernandez@csfb.com

Eight years ago in May my dad had passed away from a brain tumor that had
caused brain cancer.  My mother, brother and I mourned greatly for the first
year  after his death.  On May 13, 1993, the anniversary date of my dad's
death we began to get visits from what we believe to be my dad's spirit.  I
have always been fascinated by the supernatural, watching movies and reading
things on the supernatural but in everything I have ever read they always
state that spirits come because they are unrested and are trying to make
peace with what ever is causing this restlessness.  I don't believe that
On the morning of his one year anniversary, my mom had awaken in a cold
sweat.  When I realized she had been in her bed crying I asked her if she
was ok.  That's when she told me that she had a dream and in the dream my
dad was there but he wasn't speaking.  My mother was trying to hug him but
every time she got closer, he got further away till she began running after
him and he was running away from her.  Now in order to understand the scary
part, on the opposite side of the bed where my dad use to sleep is a picture
of my parents.  When my mom woke-up from this dream (that she explains was
so real) the picture was on the end table on her side of the bed facing her.
When she opened her eyes there was the picture sitting in front of her as if
someone had placed it there.  This was the first of the happenings.
Months had passed and we had all gotten back into our everyday routines.  I
had been washing dishes in the kitchen when my mind started to wander.  I
began to think about my dad and how much I wished he were alive.  When I was
startled by the night light that was plugged into the socket near the sink.
The light has a switch that you have to click in order for the light to go
on & off.  Well the switch had click on by itself as through my dad was
trying to let me know that he was there.  I didn't touch the light but I
stood there staring at it thinking maybe the electricity was going wacky but
in the three minutes that I stayed staring at it, I watched the switch turn
itself off.  It was the most breathtaking moment of my life, I didn't know
if I was frightened or just in shock of what I had just witnessed.

More and more things began to happen but at times when we were thinking
about him.  I began to call his name when the things were happening to see
if he could respond to me, but I never saw him nor heard a sound.  One late
afternoon when I had come home from school, I was watching TV in my
livingroom (mind you my house is old and not very big) I was the only person
home at the time when, as if I where in a movie theater, a blaring sound
came from all within the house.  I quickly turned off the TV I was watching
wondering what in the heck was the noise.  As I walked through the house,
every TV that we have was on to the same channel I was watching.  It was
like someone waked through the house and put every single TV on.  This time
I was scared because I hadn't been thinking of my dad and it just happened
so suddenly.  The rest of the afternoon I stayed at my friends house waiting
for my mom to get home.
My brother also had experienced something similar.  He had been home alone
in his bedroom when all of a sudden every door in the house slammed shut as
if a huge wind came blowing through and slammed every door closed.  The
doors in my house are those old, thick, heavy wood doors that in order to
close them you have to slam them and the funny part is I remember growing up
with my dad always yelling, "stopping slamming the doors when you go into
your rooms".  My brother was a little less scared then I would have been if
I were home alone.
After a couple of years things stopped until recently about a year ago.  I
moved out of my moms house in 1998 but every time I go to visit her I can
sense my dad still there.  The main bathroom in the house is right past my
mothers room and every time I go past the room from the corner of my eye I
can see the TV light on and the figure of my dad lying in bed watching it.
The funny part is that I can never see his face and if I stop to long to
stare the apparition disappears and everything goes dark again.
Since all these things have happened I have come to believe that my dad just
wants us to know that he has never left us mentally, his soul and his
memories will always be with us.  My dad suffered and was a bed ridden
vegetable for nine months before he passed on.  The doctors had only given
him three months to live after he was critical and he lived in critical
condition for nine months longer than what they said, even his doctors &
nurses where shocked.  The night that he died I remember before leaving the
hospital my mom whispered in his ear, "you can let go now, we will be ok,
you can let go", two hours later the hospital had called to tell us he
passed away.  I remember that single moment as if it were yesterday.  This
experience has made be believe in things that other people think is non

The Ghost

By: AngelSerena113@aol.com

One night my friend Brittany stayed the night at my house.  My brother was in
Florida visting my cousins and my parents were out for the night gambling.
They left around 9:00 p.m. and said they would probally be back around 1:30
a.m.  Me and Brittany were laying in my bedroom with all the lights out and
about 10 of my candles lit talking.  All of the sudden we heard the front
door open and shut.  We looked at the clock: it was only 10:30.  So we got up
and went out into the living room and no one was there, so we went out into
the driveway and garage and no cars were there.  So we decided that maybe we
were just hearing things so we went back inside, checked the whole house to
see if anyone was there, locked all the doors, and turned out the lights.
But when we went back into my bed room all the candles had been blown out.
We started getting really freaked out so we just decided that we would go to
bed.  Around 11:00 we heard things falling and shattering from the kitchen.
We were to scared to go into the kitchen so I grabbed the house keys and we
climbed out the window.  We walked around the house and opened the side door
to the kitchen.  When we turned on the lights pots and pans were scattered
all over the floor and the faucet was going.  We cleaned up the mess, locked
all the doors and went back into my room and went to bed.  The next morning
at breakfast my mom asked me and Brittany how'd we get into her bedroom while
she was gone.  (My mom locks her doors when she leaves and is the only one
with the key)  Me and Brittany told her we didnt know what she was talking
about.  My mom then said that when she got home earlier that morning around
2:00 her bed sheets were sprawled out all over the floor, and the shower was
going.  The weird thing is is that her windows were locked and so was her
bedrom door and the door was locked when she opened it so someone or
something had gotten into her room withou using the window or door.

Sleep Problems

By: Gene_Maple-P13047@email.mot.com

This happened to me when I was very young. I was just starting to fall
asleep in my bed when I realized I couldnt move. I could blink my eyes but
not move my body. I then could see shadowy figures moving around in my room
and they seemed to sense I could see them as they stopped and seemed to be
looking at me. I was very terrified and wanted to scream but couldnt
move....at this time I sensed something behind me and could see out of the
corner of my eye a mans? hand with an enourmous ring onit. I could also see
the arm which was dressed in a pinstripe suite. I couldnt take it any more
and struggled to come out of this. I then was able to move and all the
shadowy figures and arm faded away but the other items in my room didnt.

 The Haunted Room

By: CrazyChick0428@aol.com
 you make think this is silly or
stupid but my parents and  my churches pasture have all thought i have had a
simple connection with spirits. the most recent story i have for you is: my
grandfather died around june and his favorite holiday was easter and on
easter sunday i woke up to a man standing at my door and i moved around but
never blinked and the dark figure just stood there then i moved to get up and
blinked and when i looked back at the door he was gone. I then yelled out
"dad!" to see if it was my dad but i got no answer so the next morning i
asked my dad if he got up to check on me in the middle of the night and he
said he never got up. well a couple of weeks later i kept haveing horrible
dreams about a girl but i couldn't see her face. well one night as I was
lying in my bed and doing some homework I glnced over at my dresser and saw
blood dripping in puddles off of it. when i got up to examine it, it was
gone. well a month later my best freind for 5 years was killed in a terrible
car accident that night after i got back from the funeral with my other
friend kerry, we were sitting on my bed crying and talking when all the
sudden my door opened i didn't freak out but she did! then my mom came in and
told us to be quiet and slammed the door ten min. later  the door opened
again and it was slammed shut. this time i freaked out. the next morning i
saw a yellow goo around my wallpaper.  and  after that i moved out of that
room and everytime i go back in there i get the chills....so if you have any
advice for me i could really use it.


 Neighborhood Ghost Story

By: margiator@budweiser.com

Let me start out by saying that these stories aren't meant to sound cheesey.
They are truly all real.  This may sound stupid, but it's true. My neighborhood
was built on an Indian battlefield. There's even a small monument for it so if
you skeptics don't believe me, come take a look. There have been several
encounters at my house as well as a house up the street. I've never asked anyone
else so I can't speak for the rest of my neighbors.
    Lets start out at my house. Our basement level isn't one of those scary
places because used all the time. I even have a room down there. One time I was
down there on the phone with my friend watching TV. All of a sudden my TV went
off for no reason. Then it came back on. Then it went off again. No other
appliances were doing this so I knew it wasn't a power surge.  I was so scared
that I hung up on my friend and jetted up the stairs without looking back. A few
days later I finally got the courage to go back down there. My TV was back on.
Another time, as I was coming upstairs from the basement, I turned the corner
and saw a figure going up to the 3rd floor. I only saw the back on the person
and they were on the top step. They ran up it and turned to go down the hall.
Figuring it was my Dad (since I could see my mother in the kitchen but not him)
I shrugged it off. When I got in the kitchen, there was Dad sitting at the
table. So then I thought that it was my little sister, until I saw her on the
computer. I immediately told my Mom about what I had seen and she explained to
me that I was not the first person to see it. She said that she and my older
brother had both seen it before.
     Now as far as my neighbor's house, the spirit has never been seen.  My
friend Shea (at the time about 28) was living there with her 5 year old son,
Tyler.  She was a single parent and one night her boyfriend Clark was staying
over. Everyone was asleep when a noise woke Shea up. It continued and so she
woke Clark up. He got the gun and went downstairs. There in the floor was one of
Tyler's wind up toys that had been sitting on the table all day. Somehow it had
gotten wound up and walked off the table. Shea also says that she could always
hear people walking around. If she was downstairs, she could hear them upstairs.
If she was upstairs, she could hear them downstairs. The current owners of the
house claim that a statue in the upstairs hall will start shaking for no
apparent reason. Freaky huh?

My Friends

By: TomballPimp@aol.com

i have never really believed that i would ever see a ghost in my life, but
here lately some weird things have been happening in my house.  im 18 and
just moved out to go to college. i live in college station texas.  about two
months ago i was out for my morning jog. i was thinking about the big test
that i had that day.  it was about 4 in the mornin (i have class at 7, thats
why i was running so early), when i heard the voice of an older man and it
said "Dont worry, you'll do just fine".  i stopped dead in my tracks and
looked around, noone was around.  i thought i just made it up.  but then two
weeks later i was driving down my street coming home from a dance hall at
about 1 in the morning, when i saw a small image of a girl playing in my
front yard.  but she was different, she was almost transparent except for the
glow that surrounded her.  when i pulled into the driveway, she ran off into
the arms of an older man standing at the edge of the yard.  when i got out of
the car i heard his voice again and he sayed he was sorry for having
disturbing me so late.  i tried to answer back by saying no problem, but
before i could say anyhting they vanished before my eyes.  that was weird
enough for me so i woke up my roommate to tell him, he just thought i was
crazy.  then about a week later we began to hear a little girl giggling in
the hallway between our rooms. my roommate even told me one night that he
heard the voice of a man saying "Quiet honey, you'll wake them up".  he
thought it was burgalars so he went to investigate(with his baseball bat).
when he got out into the hall, he saw a young girl with brown hair and and a
green dress on running away from him.  he chased after her and when he got
into the living room, she was hiding behind the old man.  my roommate shouted
at them to stay there.  the old man answered back "Im sorry sir, Ashley didnt
mean to wake you", and they vanished again.  he came and woke me up and told
me the story, he began to believe my story from earlier.  we have now come to
welcome them into our house whenever they want.  they dont want to hurt us or
anything like that, they just wake us up when she plays.  they like to listen
to the radio and watch tv too.  ive tried to talk to them but when i go into
the room, they seem like they are scared that im mad they woke me up, so he
apologizes and they leave.  Come to find out later, about 20 years ago, an
old man was living in my house and he was watching his granddaughter one
weekend.  she was playing in the yard one day when she was hit by a car, and
died.  the old man couldnt live with himself so he shot himself later the
same day.  now jack(thats the name we gave him) and ashley live in our house
and he always keep a close eye on her when she plays.  we have also noticed
things out of place often the morning after we here ashley in the halls. the
newpaper has been opened to the crossword puzzles and the radio has been
switched to am radio and is on the sports station.  we have left notes for
them on the crossword puzzles for him to read saying that we want to talk to
him, but we never catch him. we are trying to help them crossover but we have
no way of doing it.  but we like ashley and jack and they are welcome anytime
to play in the house and read our newspapers.

Maryland Haunting


Maryland,Brookeville. My great aunt and uncle used to live in a old house built in the time just before George Washing ton became president.At the time the house was used as a jail.People who were convicted and sentenced to death were hanged there and on many occasions were tortured and chained in the basementwhere some of them died of their injuries.As far as I know the leg and arm restraints are still hooked to the walls in the basement.I have spent most of my life visiting my great aunt and uncle in this house and I can tell you this,You can feel the unrest in this house as soon as you walk in.As far as I can remember my Great aunt and uncles,uncles and cousins who spent time growing up in this house have told me stories of things that have happened there.More than one of my uncles have been awaken with things tied around their throats choking them.I'm not talking just something wrapped around their throats but tied in a knot.On one occasion my great aunt was getting ready to come down stairs when a man appeared at the bottom of the steps with a hangmans noose waving for her to come down.She ran out of the house and to my cousins that lived up the street and would'nt go back in the house untill my great uncle got home.She explained the the man she had seen in the house was'nt just someone who came in off the streets because she could see thru him.Only once did I stay in that house over night.My great aunt knew that me and my brother were to scared to sleep so in the middle of the night she came and checked on us(or so we thought).The next morning we told her she scared us when she came into the room to check on us and thats when she told us nobody had came in to check on us and she would know because they would of had to came thru her room to get in to ours.I could tell you more things that happened there but i'll leave you with the last thing that I know of.Last year my great uncle fell off a stool in the house and hit his head.This put my great uncle in coma and after a couple of days the doctors told us he would probably only live a couple of days at most.When my great aunt heard this she sat down and within a few minutes had a heart attack and died within minutes.Some how my uncle must of known this because only hours later he to died.After the funeral a few of their grandchildren stopped by my great aunt and uncles, they went inside for a while just to feel close with their grandparents.As they were pulling out they took one last look at the house when they noticed the curtains on the top floor pull to the side as if someone was looking out at them and then the curtains fell closed.I know this may sound wild but i'm 37 and have known and lived this since as long as I can remember.

  My Ghost!

By: Superstar77811@aol.com

    To start off, I didn't believe in ghosts untill I went to college. I went
to a small school in Iowa. For personal reasons I don't want to give the
name. I have several stories I could tell, but I'm going to tell about the
time I actually saw the ghost. I was an Resident Assistant at the time of my
sighting. We had been having a lot of strange things happening on the floor.
Many of the girls were scared out of their wits. I could only comfort them by
saying that they wern't alone, a lot of things had been happening to me also.
One night I was up late finishing a project. It was about four in the morning
when I heard the sounds of footsteps and the swishing of warm-up pants going
past my door up the hallway. One of my jobs was to write-up anyone who snuck
guys in after hours. I was going to check to see if that was the case, but I
decided not to. The moment I sat back down I heard it again coming down the
hall. I decided to ignore it once again figuring I'd give whoever it was a
break. I was sure they were sneaking a guy in or out. Just seconds later I
heard it again, but this time it stopped around my door. I decided to check
it out now because I figured they were scoping out wether I was asleep or
not. I got up quietly and looked out my peephole figuring I'd see who it was
and what they were doing. Right across from my room was they bathroom, and
next to the bathroom was a big mirror hung in the hallway for the girls to
check themselves out. So, when I look out the peephole I see a person in the
mirror. I didn't recognize this girl at all, it was no one from my floor. I
continued to look when I realized this girl had no legs, all she had was this
misty fog. It was at this moment that I was looking at a ghost. I could
describe her in every detail. I know that I wasn't seeing things. If you or
anyone else would like to know more details or any of my other stories,
please feel free to e-mail me.

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