My Experience with Angeline

When I first got married, I was really young, and we lived with my
mother for about 2 months. My mother's house is very old, and my
grandmother, Angeline, had grown up in the house. Early one morning, as
I was getting ready for work, I noticed the smell of Granny Angeline's
perfume. It smelled of flowers, and vanilla, a delightful smell. I
always loved that smell, I always felt warm and protected when I smelled
it. Three years later, I had my first child, a boy, by the name of
Jericho. Jericho looked exactly like granny Angeline, and my mother said
if Granny Angeline was alive, she would
 have spoiled Jericho rotten! I knew granny Angeline watched over
Jericho whenever he played. When Jericho was 3, my mother, (Granna Mae
to him) was looking at some family pictures, and when she came to a
picture of Granny Angeline, Jericho smiled and said "thats Granny
Ashaline!" (he could'nt yet pronounce Angeline, (the "ine" on the end is
pronounced like ice, with a "n" instead of a "c")
I asked Jericho how he knew that, and she said "she pushed me up the
hill on my John Deere!"
(Jericho has a small John Deere tractor, as he is OBSESSED with John
Deere stuff)
I knew Granny Angeline was there, and I'm sure she still is. thanks for
your time.

Our Lady Spook

My mother sister and I moved into a house with my grandmother. The house was 30 years old or so but being in Ohio that land it self had history.
One night I was asleep in my room which was down stairs.  I was woke up by what felt like someone "tucking" me in. I felt the hand move across my belly pulling the blanket up or trying to.  I shot up and turned on the light and there was nothing there.
several months later I was again asleep when I heard my bedroom door open. When the door opened it would rub on the carpet.  But the first think I noticed was the I did not hear the door open as I usually do because the door always sticks.  Then I realized that i did not hear the bell i kept on my door either which always rang.  When I shot up and turned on the light this time I instinctively looked to the far side of my room. There I saw my ferret looking in a corner of a room that there was nothing in. My ferret looked at me then back at the corner.  I turned off the light and quietly said "if you want to stay in here that is fine but please let me sleep.  I really need my rest. " From then on when ever I felt our lady spook it was when I was awake.

My Old House

Hello,  when I was a young kid we lived in South West Philadelphia.   I think
I was about 4, I was sick, I woke up one night because I felt my bed moving.
When I looked up there was 4 shadowy people around my bed, rocking it. They
had no faces and they didn't look like they had clothes on. I don't know what
the purpose of this was, but I wasn't scared, I just looked at them and went
back to sleep.  Another time I was sitting on our landing and looked up the
steps and I saw two shadows running back and forth, it looked like they were
playing tag.  I was never afraid of these things, I didn't feel they would
hurt me, but when I would go up the steps by myself I remember being feeling
like someone was watching me, but nothing ever happened to me.  They weren't
mean as far as I could tell.
I didn't realize they were ghosts until I was much older and didn't live in
the house anymore.  My mother grew up in that house.  She had some
experiences, but nothing she would ever really go into to much detail about.
 The only experience I remember that she would talk about was after her
grandmother died (she died in the house) her dog started going nuts in the
middle room.  He was looking at the middle of the room and jumping up and
down.  Maybe he saw my great grandmother.    I don't think she really
believed in it.  I know my uncle, who also grew up there, had some
experiences.  He told me once he was sleeping in (my room) the middle room,
when it got real cold and he felt like something was in there with him, but
he didn't know what.
Sometimes I still have dreams or nightmares about the house.  I haven't lived
in it for over 20 years.  Pretty weird huh?
I don't know how many ghosts or spirits or what have you were in that house,
but I'm sure there were many and they are probably still there and still
doing their thing.  They just didn't seem out to hurt or scare me.  Maybe my
greatgrandmother kept them from harming us?  Who knows??

The Red White and Blue


    My grandfather passed away last March, and I have  long since been greiving his departure. After my grandfather died my grandmother was left to live alone in her large house just outside of Irons Michigan.
     My uncle and two cousins came up from Indiana to visit us for a week, this past summer. My sister and I were staying at my grandmother's  to help take care of my cousins. One night we were having a bon fire in my grandmother's yard which lies right on a lake. I, the only one sitting next to the fire was thinking about my grandfather and all of the things we used to do together. My grandmother and sister were sitting back on the patio watching the fire from there and talking to my cousins and uncle who were in the house behind a screen door playing video games. As if he were reading my mind, my cousin made a coment about my grandfather. "Will Grandpa ever come back Grandma?" he asked. The question sent a sharp pain through my heart.
    "No Jimmy, answered my grandmother, grandpa is always with us, even though you can't see him, he's here in spirit." Of course my cousin didn't understand this being only four years old, so he continued with questions. Then quieted and continued to play his video game.
    I sat still staring at the warm fire, remembering the times I'd look at my grandfather and see him smiling at the blazing warmth. Just then I got a strange feeling, and urge to look over at the flag towering high over me and the fire. It was completely calm. There was no wind, not even enough to slightly blow a small leaf resting upon the ground. As I looked up at the flag. I remembered when my grandfather would come out every morning and raise the flag to the top of the flag pole and solute it. Smiling as he did so. He was so patriotic.  He loved this country and fought as hard as he could for it while he was in the army during WWII. I gazed at the beautiful red, white, and blue colors of our country's flag as it lay limpling hugging the flagpole. Just then, the flag rose and spread out completely straight. My heart jumped, as I knew there was no wind to have made this happen. I heard my grandma mutter "Thank you Carey." I looked back at her and she just smiled.
    Later I learned that my grandma had said a prayer to my grandfather. She had said "Carey, If you are here with us. If you are protecting over these children please give me a sign." That was when she saw as I had. The flag that he loved so much, spread out straight. From that moment on I knew that my grandfather was standing with me, protecting me, and I know he still is to this day.

Not just Ghosts


One of my older brothers, Tim, was born with a veil over his face. According
to the "old wives tales" this means he would be able to see things that
others couldn't. This was proven one April night in 1986.
 Being the youngest of seven, and only 18, I still lived at home when my
mother got ill. My oldest sister Penny and Tim had come down to our house
because they were concerned about my Mom being sick. Well, the night Penny
arrived we all sat around laughing and having a good time. We all then
decided to watch a movie (Nightmare on Elm Street). About halfway through the
movie Tim said "Isn't someone going to answer the door?" Since he likes to
pull jokes we all laughed at him and said "Sure I bet it's Freddy (Krueger)!"
 But he was very adamant that there was someone knocking at the door. We all
looked out the window and there was nobody there.
 "It's a woman with shoulder length hair wearing a black dress. She's right
there on the steps!" Tim kept insisting and finally he got up and went
outside. When he came back in he said he couldn't find her and she must have
left. We didn't think twice about it until the next day.
 My mother got worse so my dad and Penny took her to the hospital (which was
60 miles away). About 2 hours after they left Penny (who has shoulder length
hair) called us and said to come right away that our Dad had collapsed in the
 So Tim and I got ready to leave but before we could Penny called to say our
Dad was having a heart attack. So Tim and I got in our cars and raced down
there. When we got there Penny met us at the door and told our Dad was dead
and they had all ready taken him to the morgue. Being in shock we didn't
connect Tim's sighting of the woman in black at the door with what was
happening. But Tim's sightings weren't finished yet.
About a month after my Dad was buried, Tim and his wife had gone to the
cemetery to check on the headstone that was supposed to have been placed that
week. They were checking the headstone to make sure the information on it was
correct. Tim said to his wife "Look there's a man dressed like Dad sitting up
there on that bench" (my Dad had been a farmer so he always wore overalls and
straw hat if he was working outside). At first they didn't think anything of
it because the town where my Dad is buried is a farming community so there's
a lot of people dressed that way. Then the man started walking towards them
but no matter how close he got they could never see his face even though the
hat wasn't covering it. Then Tim started to think it was Dad so he walked
towards the man and said" Dad?". The man turned around and started walking
away and they couldn't catch him even though the man only walked and they
ran. He finally disappeared at the edge of the cemetery which was nothing but
a line of trees on the edge of a creek with a plant (factory) a few hundred
yards behind that.
 When Tim told us about the man in the graveyard everyone thought he was just
missing my Dad until I pointed out that there are NO benches anywhere in that



there is one place i should tell you about that got  me baffled also. this
place is known to be haunted. the history behined this house is . placed in
fruit vally washington.  built in turn of century .built by the railroud
tracks.where alot of transients lived. and still live. a couple lived in this
house built by the railroud. one day the husband was gone. working.the lady
was at home tending the house.while the lady was alone. some transient  came
in and killed her.  stabbed her to death. her husband was so devastated that
he hung himself.  the experiance that i have had going to this place is
unbelievable . well me a advencherist.  i have to go there!!!!!!!1i went
there on a snowy nite with my friend. we parked his truck in the driveway.we
knew  the windows were bourded.. so we brought   hammers, crow bar . ect . to
get in. the house has a wrap around porch. we went to the side. with the
hammer.    we tryed to pry off the bourds. tried and tried really hard . gave
 up, went walking back to the truck. it was snowing. there was footprints
inthe snowthey  were cloven foot printsgot to the truck, and the crowbar was
sitting on the gas peddel.there was cloven hoofs going to the trucjk   and
leading to the back yards .me and tom looked at each    other  ands said do
you want to go in there?  i said ok .so we went around the porch. and it was
wide open .after we had  preyed and preyd to get it open before

The Incident


When my Granddaughter was no more then 1 week old an incident happened that I
will never forget. My daughter was changing Taylor on the floor and at the
top of her head against a wall I had a round table with a heavy lead crystal
platter setting on it. we owned a large grey tabby that was very playful; and
he had jumped over my shoulder and across the round table proceeding to knock
it over and straight for Taylor's head. The platter fell DIRECTLY down
towards the baby's head....but astonishingly enough, it rolled in the oposite
direction, hitting the wall. Everyone screamed including the baby and I
grabbed her up to check for injuries. We took her to the ER and she was fine.
What we did find was a red mark on her forhead,about 1 inch long and narrow.
I believe that this was from a ring on a hand that deflected the platter.
There was NO WAY it could have missed her without help and certainly would
have done horrible damage to an infant' skull.
Fate has wanted to print this story, but I have not yet sent in their
paperwork. I will soon. I have had other encounters with the paranormal and
have been drawn to it all my life. I have the gift of psycometry and a very
stong "intuition". I feel spirits in places all the time.
Thank you for the oppurtunity to tell my story and your site is awesome!!



        i once had a very scary expeirience, that will haunt me for life.  it
was superbowl 96 and my family and I were at a party at my cousins house.  my
cousin has a graveyard in back of her house.  she had just moved in and was
telling us about stuff that had happened to her since she ahd moved in.  we
decided to go explore the graveyard that night.  in the grveyard was a
church, an old, abandoned church.  we figured the kept families in there who
died.  we got a flashlight to look in the windows.  we were looking around in
the windows, when suddenly my cousin gasped and looked up.  we all looked up,
and in the top window was a pale face looking down at us.  she was so pale
and sickly.  her hair was dangling over her eyes.    she was faded, but we
could see her. when we saw her, we bolted.  we screamed all the way back to
the house.  after a while, we were brave enough to go back to see what
happened.  when we got there, the doors that were borded up and vined, were
totally open!  we ran back, and never went back there again.  and if u don't
believe me, don't, because i know it is true.


The Picture


   I am young but have had my run of bad luck. When i was 8 two of my
dearest friends were shot minutes after i left the woods. Sandy , Clair
and i were in the woods in the summer. We had fallen asleep in the tree
house when all of a sudden
i was woke up by a noise. Sandy turned to me in here sleep and told me to
run away as fast as i could. I was shocked and did not want to leave but
then she screamed at me. I took off running into the woods. I stopped and
turned around to hear
two gun shots and screams. They had been shot in the sleep.
 Three years later, i was talking on the phone with a friend and i
noticed my dog stareing at the corner of the room where i had a picture
of my friends and i in the woods, i turned and saw a shadow in the window
of a little girl. I told my friend about what i saw,i kept watching. It
turned to me and said to run, run fast. My friend ont the phone asked who
said that. I turned off the phone and ran out of the house just as a
indow was broke in the house by a man with a gun. I ran nextdoor and
called the police.
            A week later at about 1 am i saw the picture fall off the
wall i went to pick it up and saw that in the picture they were glowing
and pointing to my desk.I walked over to see a small note that read "
Things will be okay, we are with you."  I started to cry and the writeing
disappeard. The next day my parents told me that my uncle had died. I was
close to him, he was an artist and was my favorite person in the world.
 I signed my signiture on a paper and i was just like his (i never saw
his before) I could also draw amazingly well!
(i could not draw before)
 I had dreams every night about them and they still continue. They have
helpe me through thick and thin. They are with me.  I sometimes see them
in a crowd or hear them. They are always here.

Not At Rest


I just have a couple of things that have happened in my life; I always felt that there was a presence in my mother in law's house. One night, I heard knocking on the door of the room I was sleeping in. I ignored it at first, but the knocking didn't stop, I knew for sure that it was a knock at the door. I got up and opened the door, and there was nothing there, that scared the hell out of me, I felt like I had let it in the room. I always feel like I'm being followed really closely when I walk through her house, my sister in law feels that there is something there too. Another happening was one night when I was driving back to Oceanside from Tijuana Mexico after a night of partying and a man in all black walked across the path of my car. I told my mother about it and she said that it was death. The man didn't have features or anything it was just a slim figure black from top to bottom that walked across in front of my car. He was just in the road, he walked slowly across. Another thing that happened both to me and my mother was while we were both in our beds (separate times) and I felt that I was being held down to my bed, I tried so hard to move and call out for my mother, but I could not. I knew that this was death trying to take me. It makes we almost want to cry remembering it because I could not move at all. No sound would come out of me, and the same thing happened to my mother.
One thing that happened to my grandmother is that she was forbidden to be with my grandfather by her father. On her father's death bed, he made my frandmother promise that she would not see my grandfather anymore because he cheated on her and beat her. She broke that promise to him and one night while she was asleep, she dreamt that her father was angry at her, and he was chasing her, she ran from him and woke up sweating, someone told her that if her father would have caught her, she would have died there in her sleep. My grandfather is now dead, he was killed in car accident 8 or so years ago, he has come to me to talk to me, at first I was scared, my mother told me that if I wanted him to leave me alone, I only had to ask and he would, but I didn't want that. He visits in my dreams sometimes. My oldest brother and my grandfather did not get along while my grandfather was alive and they never made up, but he has come to my brother since his death to tell him that he loved him, and all was good between them and he watches over my brothers.
When I read the stories of the people who have written in, I feel chills through my body because I know that it's real and these people's souls are not at rest.

Payne Road Again!

By: Anonymous

i sent another story in about payne road but i dont know if it got
posted or not. these stories always freaked me out so i stopped reading
for a while. anyways, this past friday was friday the 13th. so....we
decided to go to payne road instead of haunted houses. well....we got
there and were all kinda mad and annoyed because they have bulldozed the
road and i'm not sure what will happen to edward paynes house
foundation. well we were driving and just going up and down the road
because it didnt seem much fun anymore because of them bulldozing. well
my friend kept slowing down so eventually he got really far behind us
but we could still see him. well today i find out that when they got
home they noticed hand prints and things on the car.
here's what he told me....
" when we got home last night there where weird looking hand prints all
over my car,
 they were weird...they didnt have any finger prints or ne thing...they
were just shapes of hands,  i dunno...but when we were driving i told
erin that i didnt even have my foot on the gas at all and my car was
just goin.....then when we got home there were a bunch of hand prints on
the back of my car
 and it looks like there are claw marks on the sides of my car"
i believe it tho considering i've read some stories about the pushing up
the hills and thats happened to my mom when she was young, and then the
hand prints i've read about on some stories on the website too. ah well.
we're going to take a visit back on halloween so if anything weird
happens i'll let ya know.

Mirror Hauntings


There was some sort of ghost in my house not too long ago. I never managed to
get a picture of it because it usually appeared in the mirrors. Heres the
    I had been aware of the haunting for a while, about a month, since I saw
a girl who appeared to be about 14 or 15 in my mirror one day. My sister saw
it one night, and was really freaked out, she ran into my room because our
parents would have yelled at her for making up stories, and told me she saw a
Ghost in her mirror. She described what it looked like, brownish blonde hair,
 with blue eyes, and wearing an old white dress, and you couldn't tell how
tall she was because she always seemed to be a long distance away. It only
came out of the mirror once, and that was in my sister's room. My sister had
still been really scared, and had dragged me into her room to her company
until she wasn't as scared, and just as I was leaving her room, my sister
said "its back!" rather too loud, waking my parents up who first yelled at
her for screaming and then me for being awake that late. Then the ghost came
out of the mirror in my sister's room. My parents didn't seem to see it, but
me and my sister did. It went right through my dad at me, and it passed right
through me, and went into my room. That was the only time we saw it outside
of the mirrors. It hasn't appeared for about a year now, but now we have tons
of non-human ghosts. These are ghosts who are out of the mirror, but I
haven't even tried to photograph them.
    Everynight, my room is full of them. They are a lot like the ones that
Dave Juliano described, and they are definately evil. My cat goes psycho any
time they are around, and then there is an acidic smell. Their touch burns,
but its not terrible, and they leave water marks on the floor. There are also
some ghosts that appear every once and a while that are like pure fire. They
never touch anything, and nothing is every burned, but they look like tall
people made of fire.
    Only the non-human ghosts ever scare me, and there is a cold spot right
above my bed. thats all for now.

My Mothers Visit


When I was in the 5th grade, in the begining of the school year, like the
last week of sept through the 1st week of oct, my mother had passed away.
About four days later in 2 in the mornings I heard my door open, and I woke
up (my door is very loud) and no one was there and all of a sudden my mother
appeared right in front of my bed. It took my a min took wake up and smell
the coffee and relize who it was. Her mouth was moving but there was no
sound. And all of a sudden she disappeared and then my door shut. I got up
and walked down stairs to see where she went and I saw her sitting on my
couch and I just stood there and broke out in tears. I don't really remember
what she was saying because that was almost 4 years. I haven't seen her ever
since then.

 Strange Story


My story is rather strange. One night, I went to bed with a somewhat uneasy
feeling. It took me forever just to get to sleep. When I finally did,I awoke
in the middle of the night to find myself unable to move. I looked up through
the covers bunched up around my head to try to figure out what was happening
or what was pinning me to the bed. My aunt was visiting and had a little cot
outside of my room in the hallway. I tried everything I could to get up and
run to her for help. I couldnt move my legs and I was terrified. I opened my
mouth to scream for her, but no sound came out. There, floating above me, was
some sort of small figure w/ a black flowing cape. I stared out at it in
fear. I was so afraid I couldnt even make an attempt to help myself. After we
both looked at eachother for a few seconds, it lifted its above it's head
holding some sort of weapon...I think it was a knife, and I heard the words,
"She always wants to..." As the words were being said from whatever was
saying them, I thought to myself,"In Jesus name, flee." I'm a Christian so
instantly I would turn to God at a time like this. At that moment, the figure
disappeared and I was once again able to move. I was terrified and tried to
convince myself it was a dream as I fell asleep once again. But this was no
dream. My family has experienced many strange things throughtout their
lifetime and there seems to be something that lurks upstairs in our house
constantly. We just hope that it isn't anything that wishes to cause harm.

    Sleep-Over Scare


Hi, my name is Sarah and I had something strange happen to my when I wan
having a sleep-over.  My family had just added two new rooms on the back part
of my house and the day my sister and I got all our furniture moved in I
decided to invite about 5 friends over to spend the night in my new room.  It
was about midnight and we decided to play a game called Sardenes.  If you
don't know what that game is, it's sorta like the opposite if
hide-and-go-seek.  You turn out all the lights and one person hides and
everyone goes to find them.  When you find the hidden person you hide in that
spot with them untill the last person finds them.  Whoever is last bacomes it
in the next round.  We were playing it and my sister was it.  Me and one of
my friends were the last two people looking.  We decided she was not in my
room, so we began looking in her room.  My sister had not put anything in her
closet yet, so my friend and I decided that it would be easy to find her if
she was in there.  Her closet has two sliding mirrored doors and is about 10
feet wide.  My friend went in on one side and I went in on the other.  I
thought it was sorta colder in the closet than in the rest of her room but I
didn't say anything.  Still in my side, I felt someone brush up agianst me.
I could literally feel their cold skin.  I asked my friend if that was her
and she said "Yeah what are you doing over here, I thuoght you were looking
in the other side of the closet."  I said "I am in the other side of the
closet, you just come over here and touched me."  We thought the other was
joking with us.  My sister and other friends could hear us and since we left
the closet doors open and their eyes had adjusted to the light, thes could
see that neither of us were even close to one another.  My sister got scared
and turned on the light.  When my friend and I saw how far away we were from
each other, we got really scared and out of the closet fast.  Needless to
say, we quit playing the game.
    Some other things have happened in the new part of the house, but those
can wait.

Morton College, Cicero IL By Sarah S.


I've already submitted one story (story page 163, very bottom) about the
things which have gone on at my home.  In it i mentioned that i attend a
school haunted by a spirit named Emily. Let me explain about Emily.  She was
murdered before the school existed and her body was dumped in the vacant lot
which is now my school.  And I've FINALLY had an experience with her, though
not many people believe me.
It happened last week.  My first class of the day was cancelled due to the
teacher's absence.  I had an hour to kill before my next class so i went to
the computer lab.  The lab is located in Building D, the room that was built
over the spot where Emily's body was found.  About 15 minutes before my class
started I left the lab, walked through the campus security section, and to
the C Building elevator.  As I rounded the corner and neared the elevator, my
hairs on my arms and neck stood up.  It creeped me out.  I pressed the button
and waited for the elevator to come down the shaft.  It arrived, the doors
opened, and I stepped in.  As soon as I did, I got MAJOR chills.  I started
shivering and I got goosebumps.  I just stood there for a few seconds, then
wondered why the elevator wasn't moving.  I finally realized that I hadn't
pressed the button for the 3rd floor (when you don't press the button, the
elevator will not move).  I took a step so I could reach the buttons, but
before I pressed it, the elevator started to rise.  I said out loud to
myself,  "That was wierd."  As soon as I said it, something whispered in my
ear,  "Just be quiet."  I was so startled, i jumped into the elevator wall
and gave myself the biggest bruise I have ever had.  I couldn't wait for the
elevator to reach the third floor.  When it did and the doors opened, I flew
out into the hall and slammed into the wall.  I was trembling, and the people
walking past were giving me funny looks.  I couldn't walk cuz my legs were
shaking so bad.  And out of all the people I told, only two believe me.
In a few days, I am going to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery (a supernatural
hot-spot in the Chicago suburbs).  I'll keep you posted...



 My scariest experiences.  Wel my grandma had sent me to
church camp and I started having nightmares, keep in mind I am not a church
goer and really don't have any kind of religion.  I wasn't even baptised.
Well anyways when I returned home, my grandmas(a place that was already
haunted from the begining, it's old and has a bad past)  I started hearing
voices.  I didn't understand them though they were speeking in some kind of
foreighn tongue.  Every night got worse, things would be knocking at my
window, My bed would shake, droors would open and slam continuously and I
could even feel something or things grabbing my arms and legs.  I was in
seventh grade at the time.  After I moved from there it stopped which was
very shortly after camp.  See I was visiting my grands while my mom was in
hawaii(home) while I was at camp she got maried and we were moving to abq,nm
a week after camp.  I went with her hisbands step mom in a car they were
coming later.  Well when I got there my ghost cat followed and kept me
company.  I thought it was weird he had followed me so much.  The scary stuff
didn't happen after that.  I still had ghost visit me though, but they didnt
do nothing to me so I didn't mind them.
Oh yeah I also forgot a saw a man walk right by me when I was on the phonr,
he was in black and white.  He only scared me cause he came out of nowhere. I
never saw him before and I don't think I ever will again.

My Ghostly Experiences


Hello. My name is Shannon S. I am 28 years old. My ghostly encounters started when I was about 12 years old. I always wanted to stay home when my family went out to dinner or something, so I would stay home with a friend or alone. One day I was in my bedroom, I slept in the basement, when I could hear someone upstairs laughing and sounded like children playing. I was scared to death. I told my grandma about it when she got home, but noone believed me. Well this went on for somewhile and I could hear things at night when I went to bed. I could hear people laughing and talking and all. Then it got to the point where my grandmother was hearing the same things. One day she was in the kitchen and heard someone come in the front door. She told them she would be right there and when she got there no one was there. She can also go to bed at night and feel someone breathing over her. In the same house right after my nephew was born, my sister-in-law called screaming in the phone that her and my brother needed somewhere to stay the night. I told them to come to my house and when they got to my house they had a story to tell. They had been asleep, the rest of my family was on vacation, when she felt something in the bedroom. She opened her eyes and she said there was a pair of red eyes starring at her and a voice saying, "Your baby is crying, you need to take care of him."
She awoke my brother and they came and stayed with us that night. I can remember her saying that they had turned all the lights off in the house and when me and my hubby got up the next morning to go to work, all the lights in my grandmothers house were on.
My second encounter was at a ex-boyfriends house. I was sitting in the living room looking out the window. I didn't see anything and then all the sudden two little girls with bonnets and long dresses appeared in the yard. They were laughing and playing. I watched them for awhile. I could feel the fear overwhelm me. I looked again and the little girls were gone. I mentioned this to my ex-boyfriends mom and she said that two girls had died out in the yard of some kind of fever years ago.
My third encounter was at my husband's moms house. Me and my husband were only dating at this time and I was sitting in the kitchen. I seen something black pass in front of my face. I seen this several times. My hubby's family thought I was crazy. Then one day, his mom seen the same thing and she knew I wasn't crazy.
My fourth and final encounter was at my husband's grandmas house. He lived with his grandma when we were dating. I used to go there to get ready to go to work every morning. I was in the bathroom one morning. I had already washed my hair and I always flipped my heard over to blow my hair dry. I got my hair blow dried and flipped my head back up. When I flipped my head back up I could see a man through the mirror, in a wheelchair, watching me. Well this just totally scared me to death and I took off running into my hubbys bedroom. I was screaming and he wanted to know what was going on. I told him what I had seen. He said, "That is just grandpa, he won't hurt you." I told his mom about it and she said that he used to sit and watch them fix their hair all the time. I didn't know nothing about him, because he passed away in 1983. Several times, I was in the house and could feel a presence there. I could hear things and I also heard several times the sound of his grandpa's wheelchair coming up the hall. It made a squeeking noise. I asked one day if people had heard this and they said,"Yes it is just him coming up the hall in his wheelchair."

Ghost as a child


This happened to me when I was only about 7 years old (I am 23 now). I live
in Alabama (which if I may say has quite a history of haunting).  During the
summer, my Aunt Marie babysat me and my sister.  She lived in an older house.
 During this time I recall on a couple of occassions seeing a little boy.  He
was about my age with brown hair and brown eyes.  Whenever I would see him (I
was very shy) I would just grin and walk out of whatever room I was in at the
time.  One day my aunt asked me to get some canned corn from the pantry.  I
went into the pantry (it was a huge walk in one) and the little boy was
standing at the end of the walkway.  I grabbed the corn and decided to ask my
aunt about it.  I asked her (I recall this well) "Ree-Ree, who is that little
boy that I keep seeing? Is he a friend of Anthony's?"  (Anthony is my cousin)
 She turned really white and said that she didn't know.  I found out years
later (after the house was torn down) that my cousin Angela had also seen the
little boy.  She too had asked questions.  My aunt never took it seriously.
She thought that Angela was telling little white lies (she was about 13 at
the time).  But when I asked it scared her because Angela and I never played
together or talked (she was too old to play with me, or so she thought!!) and
she knew that I did not hear the story from her.  I suppose she realized then
and there that the house was haunted.  My family has a history of staying in
haunted houses.  I've often been told of the house that my mother's family
(her, 3 sisters, and 3 brothers) lived in.  The story I will never forget was
that one day she (my mother) had come home from school.  Since no one was
home she decided to call one of her friends.  Well, they were on the phone
and one of the phone lines picked up.  Mom mom told her friend to tell her
brother to hang up the phone and her friend said "It's not my brother."  My
mom said "yes it is, I heard him pick up.  Tell him to hang up." The girl
then replied, "It can't be my brother, we only have one phone in the house."
Mom said that she hang up the phone and ran outside until my Grandmother and
Grandfather got home.  There are many other stories from this house (which
still stands to this day).  If you would like to hear more.  I'm more than
willing to share.  I hope you found this story somewhat interesting.  By the
way, I love the site!!



I grew up in a house in Bellingham Massachusettes. Actually we moved there when i had just turned 14. I had always loved ghost stories and horror movies, even when I was very small, but I never really "Believed" in it.
I noticed a "strange feeling" from the first time I set eyes on the house. It is a very old house, there is even tunnels underneth it. Anyway I had the feeling of being watched and followed. I was with all members of my family as we walked through.
We moved in shortly after the walk through. At first nothing really happened until about a month after we moved. Nothingbad just little things, a light switch going off, missing things then showing up again 5 minutes after right were they were put.
Then when I was about 16 something scarey happened. I had been asleep, but i was startled awake by someone calling my name. I thought it had been part of a dream but I was wide awake at this point. Again someone said my name in just above a whisper. I looked at my clock which read 2:10 AM. I thought it was my foster brother neil. But when a third time I heard my nmae said It was not his voice nor any other member of my family.
 I turned on my light and looked into the hallway. No one was there, and no one could have gone away from my door without being seen or heard from where my room was.
After I moved My room to the 3rd floor more things happened. I would close my door tight at night and this door had a latch on the handle that kept the door closed but not locked. Every night that latch would lift and the door would open a bit, a while later it would close & latch and I would sometimes hear footsteps in the other room or go down the stairs. Neil also had similar experiences in that sam room when he slept there.

Richmond Haunting

When I was about 15 (probably in 1973), my family and I moved into a
tri-level in the far west end of Richmond, Virginia.  The subdivision is
called Tuckahoe Village.  A modern tri-level in a not-so-old subdivision is
a relatively new house and one wouldn't think there would be a ghost in such
a place, but as soon as we moved in, I started seeing what I've since called
"streaks of light".  They looked like a thick falling star streak, only
curving.  These streaks of light only appeared in the lower part of the
house, which consisted of a den, a bedroom I shared with my 13 year old
sister, a half bath and a laundry room.  I never saw anything on the upper
levels of the house.
When in the den (located on the front of the house), just out of the corner
of my eye, I would see a whitish streak of light arc into a corner, or
behind a chair, or into the hallway.  They were never directly in front of
me, just off to the side, enough to catch my attention and make me turn my
head to try and see them better.  They would be on the left side of the
room, or the right... it didn't seem to matter, and eventually, they began
to make me curious.  What were they and how was this light getting into the
room?  At first I thought it must be car lights from outside, reflecting and
catching my attention.  When I would see one, I'd jump up and run to the
window to see if a car had just driven by.  There was never a car.  I'd
adjust the shades in the room to see if light could possibly get in around
the edges, but I never could figure it out.  Eventually, I ignored them, but
I saw them every day and it didn't seem to matter if it was day or evening.
Although they were not directly in front of me, when I turned my head, I
clearly saw the tail end of it disappear behind a chair or around a corner.
I simply had no idea what they were and I couldn't explain them.
After approximately two years of daily "streak sightings" in the den, I
began to see them in my bedroom which was located on the back of the house.
This was VERY confusing to me since I could NOT figure out how light from
cars outside would be able to get into my room with only one small window on
the side.  I began to think I must be seeing things, since I didn't see them
anywhere else in the house, or in any other place for that matter.   I kept
a parakeet in my room.  One night, the bird woke me by wildly flapping
around in his cage.  The cage was covered and the room was dark.  We slept
with the window cracked and I though perhaps a bug had gotten into his cage
and was bothering him, so I got up, picked up the cage, walked through the
dark bedroom and hallway into the dark den.  I didn't check on him in my
room because I didn't want to wake my sister with the light.  As soon as I
crossed the threshold of my bedroom, the bird stopped flapping around and
was quiet.  Once in the den, I turned on the light, removed the cage cover,
and checked on the bird.  He was quiet, seemed fine, and I was annoyed
because he woke me up for nothing.  So I covered the cage, turned out the
light and headed back to my bedroom.  AS SOON as I stepped across the
threshold to my room, he began to go wild in the cage again.  I remember
standing there, in the dark, stepping back and forth, back and forth, across
the threshold of my bedroom and thinking it was crazy.  Outside my room, he
would be calm but inside, he would go wild.  I had to get some sleep so the
bird would just have to get over it.  I put him in my room and after a
minute or so, he calmed down.  I have always wondered about this incident
because although it was dark both inside and outside my room and the cage
was covered, stepping across the threshold definitely made a difference to
the bird.  What did he sense that I didn't?
When I was 18 and soon to be married to my high school sweetheart, I saw
something that would make me realize I'd lived with a ghost for three years.
  My sister and I had just gone to bed and turned out the light.  I remember
settling back on the pillow and looking up toward the ceiling.  I was not
asleep as I had just put my head down!  Suddenly, at ceiling height just
above my feet, an upper torso appeared!  It was a woman and she looked like
a 1920's flapper.  She even had the little band around her head, as was the
style.  I could see her grinning face, neck, shoulders and upper body very
clearly, but nothing below that.  Within an instant, she swooped toward my
face.  I heard laughter and sensed she found frightening me amusing.
Immediately, to the right side of my face, there appeared a bright, whitish
light.  I can remember thinking to myself, "If you think Iím going to turn
my head and look at you, youíre crazy!"  After what felt like an eternity
but was probably only about 10 seconds, the light just faded away.  I
whispered to my sister, "Wendy!  Wendy!  Did you see that!?!"  But she
didn't answer so she must have fallen asleep already.  I took a deep breath
and thought, "Well...we have a ghost.  And if that's the best you can do,
knock yourself out!"  I felt angry that the ghost deliberately tried to
scare me.  It seems odd, but I felt like it couldnít get much worse than
that, and it didn't kill me, so I turned over to face the wall and went to
sleep!  I told my mother about it in the morning and asked her if sheíd ever
seen anything, but she hadnít.  I donít think she really believed me.  After
that night, I never saw the ghost or any streaks of light again.  I moved
out shortly after this incident.
Years later, my husband and I bought a house in the same neighborhood just
up the street from the haunted house.  During a yard sale one day, I
happened to meet some people who lived there!  I casually asked them if they
had ever seen any strange lights in the den, but when they looked at me like
I had two heads, I let it drop.

I Believe My Dad is Still Here


I believe in ghosts but to my knowledge have never seen one until recently.
My father passed away suddenly in February 2000 from a lethal arythmia (it effect the lower part of the heart). According to the doctors he didnít suffer any pain and didnít know he was dying, it apparently took all of 3 minutes for him to pass away.
At first mom and I didnít pay attention to what was going on, but then it want beyond reasonable explanation. One night my mom went to bed early she was in there for about 10 or 15 minutes when she came back downstairs. She told me that dad was upstairs; according to her she had laid down when she felt the bed shake slightly, then she felt someone lay down next to her she was ready to jump out of bed when she felt a hand on her thigh. Whenever my mom was upset my dad would do that to comfort her.
I have converted one of the bedrooms into a computer room and it was a habit of his to go to bed early and every night he would open the door and poke his head in the room and tell me goodnight and he loves me. Since his death he still comes into my room to tell me he loves me.
Twice I have heard the front door open and close; it usually happens around 6:00pm when my dad would come home from work. Also on my birthday I woke up at 5:00am and had the feeling to go downstairs. When I got there I noticed the fan on; this is Michigan in the middle of winter here there is no reason for the fan to be on. I figure it was my dadsí way of saying Happy Birthday.
There is a message on the answering machine from my dad, a month after he passed. Actually he is kind of singing "I outta go". Ironically my mom had been singing just a little while before and in the song she sing "I outta go".
There are so many other things that have happened since he passed but I will end the story here.

My Dog


since my dog died in may we have been experiencing hauntings by him. my
husband has seen him or part of him walk by in the hall he says he never sees
his face but hears him panting and his claws clicking on the floor. sometimes
at nite i can smell him on the floor next to my bed its very strong and a
couple of times we have heard him moan or yelp  he was in alot of pain he
suffered from cancer. but i think he found comfort with us and maybe he didnt
want to leave our house. we also have a resident ghost that has been living
in my house since i lived here. my house is 110 years old and it used to be a
sea captains house. sometimes at nite we can hear a slide thump slide thump
like someone with a bad leg walking up and down the hallway. im wondering who
he is and soon i will visit our library to find out  he isnt mean or anything
he is very restless and walks all nite long. one more thing sometimes at nite
if i am in the cellar i hear people whispering and right behind me and there
is no one there but i feel a breeze. this is great isnt it  love my haunted

The Unexplained



Little Boy


  First of all I'd like to say that I really enjoy reading all of the
stories on this site and I enjoy this site very much. Anyway, here is my
  Ever since I was about 4 or 5, I can remember having many expierences
that I can only say were ghosts. My first sighting happened around
Christmas when I was very young. We lived in an older house that was quite
small but not to small. I was asleep one night and for some reason I woke
up and looked towards my door which looked into the kitchen and I saw a boy
about my age ride up right in front of my door on a scooter and stop and
look right at me. Of course I was not scared because he was a little kid
just like me and he looked perfectly human. So he just looked at me for a
couple of seconds and then turned towards the living room, and as he
started to ride off I said " Hey wait! That's mine.", just to see if he
would stay and talk to me, but he rode off into the living room and I
jumped out of bed to follow him and when I got into the living room he was
gone. Now there was no where else for him to go because the kitchen and
living room were side by side. I remember the Christmas tree still lit up
with lights and he was no where. I went into my mom's room and he wasn't
there. At that time I didn't think about things like ghosts in my house
that looked like little boy's only scary ghosts that would attack me in my
sleep or something like that so I didn't say anything about it. But a few
years later I realized what I saw that night was indeed a ghost. Many other
things happened in that house that my mom has told me about but thats
another story.
  The next expierence I had was in the house we lived in after that. After
we moved from that other house we moved into this cute house that was again
quite small but not to small. Any way, my room was at the end of the hall
and I could look out of my room into part of the kitchen and part of the
living room. On several occasions I would wake in the middle of the night
and for some reason I was just frozen with fear of something in my room or
something that I just can't explain. I would just lay there for hours
scared stiff trying to hide under my covers but then again I wanted so hard
to scream for my mom but nothing would come out. Most nights I would try so
hard to scream and I would get so scared wanting so badly for my mom to
come rescue me that I would wet the bed and at that time I would fianally
be able to somewhat call for my mom. I acn't explain what I felt becuse I
never saw Anything but I knew that something was there and if I got out of
bed something bad would happen. My mom said that one night in that house we
were all asleep and she and her boyfriend woke up when they heard a loud
crash. They went into the kitchen to find that the chair in the living room
was flipped over into the kitchen and the stuff on the kitchen table was in
the bathroom floor perfectly arranged like it was on the table. Like the
other house I have other stories to tell but I'll wait until another time.
I'd like to end by saying that most of my childhood I expierenced some kind
of phenomenon like I said that I can only attribute to being ghosts. Thanks
for listening.



I'm really not sure why I'm writing to you. I thimk my house may be haunted but Im not sure. I think that I've always loved ghost and ghost stories and Im probaly the most bravest of all of my friends. The reason Im not sure why Im writing to you is because if you answer and give some clues on how to really find out if your house is haunted then I may see a ghost and then I wouldn't be able to live in my house anymore. Ok so now Ill tell you why I think my house is haunted.
      It was my 12 birthday and there was about 10 little 12 year old girls running around my house. It took awhile but they all commed down and we decided to play a really scary game called Vinnty Lord. We didn't think it would work but it did. We tried it about 15 times with about 5 different girls. When we were about to give up my friend decided she would be the victum.
She layed in the middle of the floor and we all stood around her. We decided to contact alittle girl that lived in my house about a hundred years ago. When we finished Sally(name changed to proctect her) opened her eyes and they were all bloodshot. I couldn't believe it. My other friend Michelle(name changed also) started asking her questions. We were all so freaked out. My friend Michelle is a ghost freak,who's idea in the first place, got really scared after asking her a few questions. We couldn't understand what she was saying because she was whispering but we treid our hardest. We think she said that she was stangled but were not sure. When Sally woke up she was crying and said that she couldn't feel her body. It  was really scarey.
     Ever since then I know that something is in my house. When our woodstove is going and its really hot in the house you'll go into a corner and it'll be freezing. And there are footsteps in the middle of the night when were all sleeping.
            I was also at my best friends birthday party-not long after mine- and we deciced to play Vinntey Lord again. Sally decided to be the victum again and Michelle was the one in charge. It worked again and we all got freaked out again. About and hour later while we were outside cheering I had this image in my head. I really didn't think anything of it so I just kinda blew it off. But they kept coming. Looking for an answer I went to Michelle(we tried to contact her grandmother) and asked her what her what her grandmother's house looked like by the images in my head and they were all right.I had guessed what her grandmothers house looked like when she died about 5 years before and Michelle lived in a different state when she died!

Haunting in Utah


I have a true story about a place that is haunted in  Ut, on the 13th of
October, It is at a friend of mines house, we were playing one night at we
decided to record EVP in one bedroom that a person has died of old age
sleeping, we already knew the place was haunted because of deaths in the
house and the things that happen such as: the faucet in the kitchen turning
on for no reason, it really turns on, we stuck a bowl under it empty, and in
the morning it was half full of water, also down in the basement the closet
is big and long, it is a dark place, we suspect a haunting going on because
the hangars go back and forth frequently, and another thing is that the house
is from the 1800s, very old, probably mid-1800s. So we decided to record EVP
in the bedroom and the closet, and various places in the house. Not even
thinking what we were getting into we started recording in the bedroom,
asking for a name, how the ghost died, and how long has the ghost been there,
then we went to other rooms to record and we asked various questions. We
played the tape back and the first question was, "What was your name?" we
heard a response saying Mable, the same name of their grandma that died in
the house. We heard things on the tape from the closet saying "Get Away", and
"Shhh!!" We decided to stop messing with the recorder and go back upstairs to
play, we started playing when we heard something like the sound of the
hangars going back and forth, so we got really scared and tense, nobody dared
to go near the stairs, then all of a sudden my friend's Mom called from her
work and asked, "What is going on, I have a bad feeling about leaving you
guys all alone." We knew something was going on too, so we went to the
neighbors house across the street to get away, the neighbor didn't believe
us, and thought we were scared for no reason, but she took us in anyways, and
said, "I am going to call your Mom," to my friends. Then I looked outside and
all the lights in the house were off!! I know we didn't turn any lights off,
so I decided to go in the house all alone, because nobody dared to follow,
and the door was locked!!!  Then their Mom came home, and unlocked the door,
our neighbor told her about how we were scared and came over, she didn't
believe us either, this is a true story and we were not exaggerating, I am
still scared to go in that house, that was one night I will never forget.

The Olivas Adobe, Ventura, California


Built in 1847 by wealthy land owner, Raymundo Olivas, his two story adobe
hacienda was the main house for the Rancho San Miguel.  Here Don Raymundo
ruled over his ranch and here he and his wife had their 21 children.  It is
open now as a museum in Ventura, California.  From the time it was open to
the public visitors and staff have seen a woman in a black dress wandering
the halls of the building.  She is seen looking out the windows of the
'Children's Room' and seen inside the mirrors looking out.  The SIGHTINGS T
V show investigated the many sightings of the place and came away convinced
that something supernatural does walk the adobe.   Footsteps, phantom music,
voices, items being moved as well as apparitions are part of the ghost lore
linked to this landmark.   It is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays
from 10 am to 4 pm.  Admission is Free but Donations are accepted.  A small
gift shop is open on the site that sells a booklet that  tells the story of
the house and her ghost.
The mysterious lady in black is believed to be a member of the Olivas Family
who died in the house in the 19th Century, perhaps Mrs. Teodora Olivas
Herself. She appears to be in her 20s but, it seems that ghosts can return
at any age they wish. So, though Teodora died at the age of 82 (after having
21 children!) she still might be the shapely haunt that drifts thought the
house.  For More information contact Richard Senate, Site manager (yes, he
has seen the ghost himself!)

Odd Or Common

This is a very odd story to me, but some people that Iíve talked to say it
is really common. I had a twin sister that died when we were 16. I was driving and she was
riding with me and we had a wreck. I blamed myself for her death for a long time. About a
year after she died, I woke up to see her sitting on the corner of my bed. She was holding
onto her head and motioning to a picture of our youngest sister that was on my bookshelf.
Then she disappeared. I thought I was dreaming and went back to sleep. The next day,
our sister, the one she had motioned to, fell on the bleachers at school and cut her
head. She was OK, but the whole experience had me shook up. When nothing else strange
happened, I managed to put it out of my mind.. However, when I was packing my things to
go to college, I had another strange experience. I looked up from the box I was
packing to see my sister standing beside my door. She grabbed her chest and grimaced and
then disappeared, but on the floor where she had been standing lay a picture of
my grandfather. I remember that picture well because it was in the front page of my photo
album. Hereís the weird thing. I had packed that photo album at least a week before in the
bottom of a box. Itís possible that the picture had fallen out, but where it was laying,
right in front of my bedroom door, I think I would have noticed it sometime before this. When
I got the album back out, that picture was missing. Two days later, my grandfather had
a heart attack and died. I couldnít keep m self from thinking that my sister was
telling me things from beyond the grave, although I had never believed in ghosts. She repeated
these appearances several times, once appearing with a candle and speaking my
auntís name the same night that my auntís home burned down. No one was hurt, and my aunt
claims that she woke up that night after having a strange dream about my sister.
She jerked awake and realized that there was smoke in the room. That was the first time
anyone else in my family claimed to ever dream about or see Laura, my sister, besides
me. I never told anyone that Iíd seen her, because my family is very sensible and would have
thought that I was nuts.
Then, in my freshman year of college, I was going home after a party, and I
saw her again. Just as I had gotten into my car, I looked over to the passengerís
seat and there she was. She looked at me and kept shaking her head sadly, motioning with her
hands for me to give her my keys. I didnít know what she was trying to tell me, and she
disappeared so quickly that I didnít have much time to think about it. I was slightly
shaken as I pulled out of the driveway and started home. Let me clear up that I was not drunk. I
had not had anything at all to drink that night. I was going around a curve and my tire
caught the edge of the pavement. I tried to correct it, and from what Iíve been told, the
car ran off the other side of the road and into a ditch. It flipped several times and threw
me out, somehow coming to rest with itís hood on my shoulder. I almost died and
nearly lost my arm. I know now that Laura was trying to warn me not to drive.
One of my auntís said that the night I had the wreck, she thought she saw a
girl that looked just like Laura walking down the sidewalk in front of her house. She
almost went to speak to the girl, but changed her mind. When she turned from the window
and went back into the kitchen, there was a picture of me hanging on her
refrigerator. She had never had a picture of me hanging there, and no one in her family had put it
there. Since then, my ďGuardian AngelĒ sister has visited many people in my family
to herald both good and bad news. I think that she is still just like she was in life,
always watching out for those that she loved

The Old Lady

By:  Anonymous

my wife told me that when she was a little girl, she got up in middle of
the night to get a drink of water. as she passed the living room on her
way to the kitchen she glanced into the living room and saw an old woman
sitting on the sofa looking at her. she wasn't frightened at all - she
thought she was dreaming and never said anything about it to anyone.
several years later, after i met her, we were sitting around the kitchen
table at her mother's house talking. my wife told us about seeing the
old woman. my mother-in-law gasped and put her hand to mouth in
astonishment. "i saw her also," she said, "several times! i never said
anything because i didn't want to scare you with ghost stories."
nothing is known about the old woman, or why she appeared to my wife's

My Two Uncles


I already shared a couple of my experiences but as I read along other's experiences, I remember things that happened to me or family members. Back in '95, my step sister, myself, and a family friend went to the store and bought an ouija board. This was suggested to my step sister and I by the family friend. So, we did, I was kinda weary of the idea because I did believe in the power of the board because of the fact that my great uncle, who is a pastor of a church told me of his bad experience with a board before he became a pastor. He said that the board predicted that he would be a minister by the way. He said that the board predicted every question that he and his friends asked of it including what would become of their lives how many children they would have and things like that. He says that is the way that the spirit you have contacted gets you to trust it and invite it. He said that once the spirit was invited, it didn't want to leave. My uncle lives on a mountain in Hazard, KY and outside of his house once you pass the gravel and the paved road, there is nothing but woods and wilderness, he said that ultimatly, they threw that board out there there's nowhere for it to go but down cause he lives on the mountain. He said that the next morning, that board was on his front porch. That's why I had that weariness about buying a board but we scrounged up the twenty dollars to get it anyway. Well, thank God we were unable to contact any spirits good or bad, I guess we were too nervous and giggling to get the right atmosphere for it. But, I kept the board under my bed so that my mother wouldn't see it, she probably would have started crying at the sight of it. The next day when we took it out to try again (after my mom and step father left) the damn thing had evil faces on it. There were so many evil faces on it they were very clear and we could all see them. I couldn't do anything but cry almost. I took that board and every gladlock trashbag in my mother's house and just kept wrapping it in bag after bag until the box was empty. I took that out to the dumpster and threw it in. It didn't come back thank God. I've never dealt with that ever again and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone. It can only end up bad. I was blessed and spared.
Another incident happened with my youngest uncle Pierre who has 3 daughters. He's 30 and he lives with my grandmother still. One day he called my grandmother from his job and told her that he had had a bad dream that a little girl had been hit by a car and she had died. He got home from work a couple of hours later to find that it was his daughter in his dream, she had been hit by a car that jumped the curb and killed her. He was so devastated and he had seen his little girls death in a dream that night before the day she was killed.

The Face Of Evil


For the past 9 years my daughter and I have been haunted by an evil
apparition. This is a ghost encounter of the worst kind. Many things happened
over that time period in six different places I moved to rid us of that
thing. I cannot tell you all of them but to put it short, things like strange
sounds, voices, a foul smell of rotting flesh, objects being moved and seeing
the apparition in two-forms. I will give two incidents for an example.
  At the peak of it's power in 1994 I had gone to bed and slept very restless
due to all that had happened. Around three am I was awakened by the terrible
smell which engulfed my face making me sick. I got up and looked around then
I saw a dark form without a distinct shape in the hall I shut my door and got
back in bed leaving the light on. Soon I finally dozed off and just as I did
something kicked my right foot which had been hanging off the bed and knocked
it back onto the bed. I jumped up in surprise and realized I had not imagined
the pain that now shot through my right foot. Three days later I went to the
doctor my right foot had a perfect triangle shaped bruise right where I had
been hit by that thing. It was in the arch.
       My daughter also woke up that morning with strange scratches on her
legs and body. She left after that to stay at her mom's.
   The next interesting incident was of the two forks on the counter. It was
a few weeks after the bruise. I had cleaned up the kitchen and laid two forks
on the counter side by side instead of putting them up. As I turned to walk
out of the kitchen I heard a metal to metal noise behind me. I turned around
and saw that the forks were now crossed into the shape of a crucifix. I
called my daughter in to show her and fixed them back the way they were. I
told her lets see if it will do it three times like it did with many other
We walked out into the hall adjacent to the kitchen and heard the noise of
silverware moving. It sent chills down my neck. When we went back in there
the forks were crossed again only they were like the shape of a crucifix. I
checked them for magnetism and they were not. So I placed them back on the
counter top side by side this time we had to wait a few seconds longer when
we heard the now familiar noise come from the kitchen. My daughter began to
cry as we saw the same shape again made by the forks and by an unseen force.
I fixed them back again and they remained untouched all night after the three
times forming the cross. My daughter left and I sat up all night hearing
knocks raps and a voice imitating my daughter from the back of the house. I
had no where else to go and had every light on in the house but sometimes the
lights would go off once around 4 am I woke in total darkness and was very
frightened as I could feel a foul breath on my face.
    Many people have seen this thing. I saw if often as a dark form but I saw
it's face only once round three am. It was not human is all I can say. I
thought God help us. Nine years have passed since this began, shortly after
using the O-board. It has weakened a great deal but it is still here.

Hearing Ghosts as a Child


   Hello I am a 22 yr. old that still remembers the things I used to hear in
the old farm house I used to live in when I was a little kid. here is one of
the stories.
   I was about 6 yrs old and I got to move up into the room up stairs that
was forbidden to me before I moved up there. No one was up stairs accept me
and the house was before the civil war. The room I got was huge and the room
used to be the old servant's  quarters. Anyway write when I was about to
fall asleep I would here somone coming up the stairs and they would never
stop, I just fell asleep to them being scared because no one would answer
when I called out to ask who was there. Every night this would happen and I
would tell my mother and she would just say, "Whatever it was it won't hurt
you, because Jesus is watching out for you." That put my 6 yr old mind at
ease. Then one night I was so currious I got out of bed slowly as the foot
steps were going up the stairs and as soon as I stuck my head around the
door way the foot steps stopped and I saw nothing. I then started walking
back to the bed and they started up again. Then I ran and jumped on my bed
and went to bed scared again. So this kept going on and I finally got used
to them and then I quit hearing them. Years went buy untill I was about 11
and I had a friend, Matt, stay over and he heard the foot steps and he was
all freaked out. I told him to ignore them and they would go away. Well he
stayed over so much that he didn't hear them anymore either. Then Another
kid,Kenny,  stayed over while Matt was over and kenny woke us both up and
was holding my M16 water gun out in front of him freaking out asking what
the hell is coming up the stairs. We both told him to ignore the foot steps
and to go to sleep. So two other people heard them so I know it just wasn't
my imagination. I have always been kinda into ghosts ever since then. I used
to go to cemetaries all the time and to freaky abandoned places to see if I
could apot some ghosts.
    So I do think that kids can see more spirits because they don't have the
'reallity' blanket over there heads. I think grown ups just see things and
they just write them off as not being there or just something they just
don't care about. If you have any comments write back I'd like to hear what
you have to say about my story and I enjoyed this web site as well.

Sensitive Children


I have a ghost story similar to many of hte ones here at this site. I'll
start by giving a little information. My house was built in the late 1800s.
My family has no knowledge of any deaths in the house. I was raised to be
religious and always rely on God.
Ok- on with the story! I have learned that children are especially sensitive
to hte paranormal because of their innocence. When i was about 8 years old I
still shared a room with my 2 little sisters (who were 6 and 4 at the time).
Late one night I was awakened by a hand gnetly rubbing my shoulder trying to
wake me. Thinking it was one of my sisters needing a glass of water, I woke
up and asked them what they needed. To my suprise no one was there but i
could not move and still felt a distinct pressure on top of me. When i
looked around my room i noticed something extremely unusual. We had a little
stool below our mirror. Dancing on this stool were three little spirits.
They had wings so i believed them to be our three guardian angels. I wanted
to run to my mom but i couldnt movve. I have no explanation of what
happened. I only remember it.

Common Visitor


i really enjoy this name is keny
my house has always had a common visitor so to speak.
it started when we first moved in when i was 9 ..we noticed that we
could hear someone walking through the house when there was no one else
there...then the doors sarted to open and close by has
been that way for years but never any violent acts from th visitor or
then my best freind died on feb 29 of this year....about a month after
he died things started happening....i can hear him say my name as if he
were trying to contact me....i also felt him set on me when i was
watching tv...i felt like it was him so i asked him to get off of
me...when i did i heard his laugh and he got sounds weird but i
think he is trying to tell me something....because there was and still
is a question about how he really died.......

Freak Out


Hi! My name is Beth and have been telling my story to my friends for many years.  I am now 32 and at the time of my ghost experience I was 9 or 10 years old but it feels like it was yesterday because the picture of him is so vivid in my head.
We (my mom, dad, and two other sisters) lived on a farm place that we rented from our neighbors and this was in Raymond, Minnesota.  We moved there when I was probably two but I never noticed anything for quite a few years.  Of course a lot of noises you could never explain but wrote them off to three girls home alone in the country.  We raised Arabians on our farm and had about 10 - 15 horses and we also boarded some too.  So my sisters and I would go riding and in the fall we would be riding the horses through the leaves and then every so often I could hear something so would stop the horse and the footsteps would continue for a few more steps and then stop.  So then I would do it again -- ride for a little while and then stop and the same thing -- some footsteps would continue in the woods.  Since all the leaves were off the trees you could see right through the woods and nothing was there.
Then another time that sticks out was when my sister was home alone and she heard what she described as a whole dresser falling over and crashing -- she was so scared she just ran to the neighbors, which was not close, and had them come over and look with her and nothing had been moved.
Then finally I saw him.  I was going down into the barn to the tac room to get my saddle and in the barn were many stalls for the horses to stand and at the end one was a ghost -- I know because he was there but yet white cloudy looking -- an old man with a long beard and overalls on.  Needlesstosay, I totally freaked out and droped everything and ran to the house to get my mom and went back and nothing.
That was pretty much it besides more noises and then we had to move to town because my mom and dad got divorced and mom and us girls couldn't handle all the chores.  So we picked a house and moved in and I went into the basement and in the pantry was a picture of this old man that the people had left -- he looked exactly like the old man that I had seen in the barn.  Now this is two totally different houses and from the country to town and not our picture.  This, of course, really made me nervous but for some reason left the picture sit down there and did nothing with it.  As a prank -- we thought -- my girlfriend and I had told a couple of boys from my class the whole story and they didn't believe us so we took them to my house to show them the picture.  Well we, my girlfriend and I, shut them down in the basement and the one boy could see a shadow walking towards him and totally paniced and pounded on the door to let him out and that someone was coming.  We let him out and he was white as a ghost and ran home.  I think that freaked us out so bad that we never really talked about it again and nothing further happened.  I do think I made my mom take that picture to the garbage though.  It was scary but at the same time I feel lucky to have experienced it.

Philadelphia Alley


This past summer, my family and I visited Charleston, S.C.  I begged to
go on one of the ghost walks, and we went.  On the tour, we passed
Philadelphia Alley, and our tour guide said it was no man's land, where
pirates and vagabonds used to go to kill and fight duels since the law
jurisdictions fell short on all sides.  My brother wanted so much to
prove the tales of tourists tripping and falling wrong, that my father
allowed him to walk down it at midnight.  He was about half way down,
and stepped into the light of a streetlight, and felt the burning
sensation of a hand on his right shoulder.  He ran screaming back to our
car.  Later, at our hotel, we found a burned-in thumb print where he
said he felt the touch of fire.  He stupidly went back (in broad
daylight this time) and picked up a piece of the cobblestone street and
carried it with him.  For the rest of the trip, he was plagued by
voices, spilled drinks, and his camera was misteriously moved to under
the couch on which he slept.

The Farmer


my husband and my niece were driving home to pick me up so
that we could go to the movies well when they got there at the house they had
this biazzare and frightful story to tell me they came in and said sit down carrie we
want to tell you what happend to us you wont believe it i said alright so they
proceded to tell me they said we were driving down a back road past some old farms and
fields when we turned the corner and saw a figure which seemed to look like a man
dressed in overalls when we got closer he looked very pale and had a long white
beard there was no place for miles around that he could have come from when we
drove by him we turned around to see if he was still there but he wasn't no
one was we were scared speechless my niece says all she could do finally was tell
her uncle(my husband) to speed up and get home quick.

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