Grandfathers Haunted Home


I do believe in the supernatural. I have had several experiences with this
subject. At firstI thought I was imagining these things or that I was crazy.
I later learned that I was not the only one that was experiencing these
things. For as long as I can remember my grandfather's house has been
haunted. I and many other family members have seen, and heard stranges
things. I know for a fact that there are three ghosts living in the house
with my family. There is a woman and two men. They never have physically
harmed us or done anything bad so we have been believing that they are there
to protect us. They do things like open and shut doors repeatedly, the rooms
get cold at times, the lights flicker, we hear voices, etc. One time in
particular I was sitting in my mother's room watching T.V.. I suddenly heard
someone call out my name.  At first I thought I was just hearing things, but
it happened again, and then again. I knew that no one was home so I thought
it might be someone at the door. I got up to check the door. It was closed,
and when I looked out there was no sign of anyone. Another time, more recent,
my little sister had a lamp that was sitting on her dresser. She had draped a
little blanket over it so that her room would be dim. My mom told her that it
might start a fire, but my sister didn't listen. As she was sitting on her
bed about to go to sleep, the lamp flew off the dresser and broke in half. My
little sister has told me many times that sometimes at night when she is
sleeping she will look up and see the two men sitting there watching her.
Everyone that comes to visit has experienced some sort of wierd happenings. I
don't know why they are there, or even who they are. I have often wondered
that. I do know that they did not start haunting the house till after my
grandmother passed away.
Another experience was at my mother's boyfriends house. I was sitting on a
chair in the corner of the living room, and from that chair you could see the
bathroom mirror. My moms' boyfriend's sister was sitting with me. It was late
at night, and we were just watching a movie. Suddenly from the corner of my
eyes I saw a white light coming from the bathroom. I turned to look, and I
saw a white face in the mirror starring at me. Of course my reaction was that
I was seeing things, so I tapped the girl's lap that was sitting with me. I
asked her if she saw it, and she said yes. She looked harder and said that it
looked like her grandfather. I got scared and ran to the couch to sit by my
mom's friend. After a couple of minutes I heard a knock on the door. I told
my mom's boyfriend, and he told me to get it. I opened the door, and standing
there infront of me was a huge German Shepard. I got scared and ran to tell
my mom and her boyfriend. My mom's boyfriend's mother advised us to set food
out for it, and leave the door open so it could come in. We did as she said
and I ran back to the couch. The dog did not touch the food, instead came
into the house. He went into every room in the house except that bathroom. He
just stood at the door growling. The dog stayed there all night and in the
morning it was gone. We never saw that dog again. I don't know what the
meaning of all that was, or even what was going on. I just know from that day
on I never used the bathroom there.

Children are Sensitive


  I read your artical on children and ghosts. It reminded me of a horrifing
experience that happened to me about 3 years ago when i was 10. i was
setting in the dinning room with, I think my father and my brother. they
where playing around and wrestling on the floor, when a dark image apeared
in the corner. i looked around to make sure it wasn't the shadow of our cat,
it wasn't. I looked away and told myself " it's just my imagination" when i
looked back up it was still there, I was so terrified i just stared at it
for, what seem like hours,but was only about 5-10 minutes until it finally
fadded away....
My cat will no even set foot next to that corner anymore.
surprisingly that corner is unusually warm.
I get the chills when I walk through that room still, 3 years later. I am
only 13 so i can't exactly go out and hire ghost hunters or anything.
   Oh, and there is something I haven't told you an experience something
like this one happened 3 years earlier when i was 7. That experience was not
as horrifing because i was not old enough to understand what was happening
to me. I t started when i turned off mt walkie talkies and when up stairs,
about 5 minutes later i went back down stairs to find my walkie talkies on
making a very static noise. this happened about 3 more time until i finally
removed the batteries from them.
It seems like a scary thing happens to me about every 3 years. I only wonder
if someting will happen this year.



 Hello there. My name is Derek. I have experianced the paranormal
ever since I was a young lad. I'm 25 now. It all started where I was born. I
don't remember the exact st. but it was in Queens NY. Our old house always
kept the family buisy. Constant doors opening , slamming shut, noises you
can't explain even visual sights such as the Spring day when my mother was
going down the basement to do laundry (standing at the top of the staircase
from the top step you could see a window. The staircase was a single spiral
staicase) Well, she was going down stairs not paying much attention and
noticed the curtains on the window blowing . Not thinking of it she passed
by thinking it must be windy today. Then it clicked in Wait, there are no
curtains in the window. She turned around and nothing was there.Things like
that happened alot. They ,( the spirits stayed with my brother alot) My
brother always saw images when he was young He's three years older than I
am. Such images as once we were playing in the backyard and my brother came
running in the house screaming to my mother The plane is going to kill us.
My mom calmed him down and that was that. Only that night I'm not sure where
but out west a commuter plane crashed into the backyard of a farm killing
two children playing and everone on board the plane. I kid you not this is
true. Also when he was young he used to tell my parents and everone that
they had colors around them. He knew when someone was mad or happy. Red mad
blue happy yellow calm. I'm sure you picked up on this. He saw peoples
Auras. We now Live in New Hampshire. My brother and I have been here the
better parts of our lives. Ive been here since i was four. But it didn't end
here. All was quiet until 1991. My brother was sleeping and (back then My
dad came home late and he always checked up on us. It used to piss my
brother off because my dad had two zillons keys on his keychain on his belt
and the noise the keys made used to wake us up.) Anyway, One night as usual
he heard dad come home. The damn keys he just acted like he was sleeping
then he felt my dad sit on the foot side of the bed. He put two and two
together and wait, that part of the bed was against the wall. He looked up
and saw a flash then turned on his light and a the corner of the bed there
were imprants as if someone was sitting there. then they popped up leaving
the bed back to it's normal state. (Now by now you might be getting the
chills , I am just writng about it but the funny thing is my brother went
back to bed and told us the story the next morning.(This stuff was like
second nature to him and it didn't faze him much) The family believes the
spirits are following my brother. Don't get me wrong my brother is totaly
normal but when he's gone usually all is well. When he comes home the fun
starts again. Although he is married now and stuff still happens so we
decided to check up on the area. Just as I thought old papers say the
cemetary about eight acres from our house used to be a lot bigger. What do
you think? I just recently got married 10/16/00 and i'm moved out now and
all is well for now and I hope it stays that way. This is a true story and I
don't want others to think it's a hoax . This story does make you think
though doesn't it?
Write back and tell me what you think


      This ghost experience happened about 5 years ago. Me and my family lived in a big old house that was at least 80 or 90 years old.
       We had just moved to this little town in California that not many people knew about.  We knew our landlady very well and she had told us that her husband (which had passed away not long before then) grew up in that house with many brothers and sisters.
      The first few weeks we had lived there nothing majorly paranormal happened..... but just a few little odd things that we didnt pay much attention to.  Like a few nights while we were all eating dinner.... the dining room ligth kept on flashing on and off.... but we didn't expect any paranormal activity... we just thought it was because of the age of the house.
     We first started getting suspicius when in the middle of the night, all the sinks and faucets in the house would  turn on full blast and we would have to get up and turn them all off.
     Another time while we were all about to go to sleep, our electricity went out.  We all thought it was just a power outage so my dad went back to turn the breaker swiches back on .  After we all got back in our beds we heard a big "FLIP" ... that was the sound of someone turning off the breaker swiches.  Me and my sister went in the back room to turn them back on.  While we were heading out of the back room i screamed and my sister looked at what i was looking at... it was a little boy standing in the corner of the back room.  We ran out of there and told our mom but you know how moms are..."it was nothing".... but we both knew it was something.
      A few other things started to happen that convinced my mom that our housse was not normal.
     One night when my aunt and uncle came, my sister and my aunt were sitting on the couch when we saw a little naked boy run across the kitchen!  We all thought it was my little brother but then my brother came out of his room screaming because he saaw a figure of a blck crow flying around his room.
      We always saw this little boy but we had a feeling he wasnt an evil ghost he was just a playful little boy.
      A lot of the times we would set something on the table and the next minute it would be gone, we would look everywhere but it wasnt anywhere! A few times our clocks would be set like 4 hours off the real time, and  our clocks would run even with no batteries ..and also our washer and dryer would be runnning with nothing in .nobody would want to stay the nigth or come over for dinner.
      One of my friends and I ran over to her house to get something that she needed....she lived next door...we had never told her about our ghost...but while we were comeing back to my house....she started screaming and ran into my house... i asked her what happened and she said she saw a little kid sitting on my roof.
      A few times while stting down somewhere we would feel a very cold draft run through the that time we were fully convinced that we had a little ghost boy living in our house.
      before we had moved from that house we where cleaning out out garrage .me and my brother found a small set of looked like a little boys foot looked like the footprints of a 3 or 4 year old child.... ingraved in the cement..and unnder the footprints was a name, it was "Billy".
     We had lived 4 full years in that house with a little boy named Billy.

Mrs. Ellis

I have a story I'd like to tell. Just some details really. Apparently, my
family lived in a haunted house when I was a baby. My Dad claims that a lady
named Mrs. Ellis who had died in the house several years before we moved in
haunted it. There was also a dog, I don't know wethor it was Mrs Ellis' or
not. Mom and Dad have always told me stories about their expiriences in that
   To start, we had two dogs. Dad would put them in the garage whenever they
went to bed or when they went out. Witout fail, the dogs would be let out of
the garage by an unknown entity.
    Mrs. Ellis seemed to be very attracted to me. My grandfather had built a
crib for me that would rock. During the night Mrs. Ellis would rock me,
somtimes she did it so hard that I would roll over on my side, waking me up
and consequently waking up mom and dad. Dad would get up and put in the
wooden pin which kept the crib from rocking. This usually lasted only a few
hours before Mrs. Ellis would remove the pin and begin to rock me again.
This eventually prompted my Dad to install a steel bolt which Mrs. Ellis was
unable to remove.
   Mom claims that my room was always cold, even with the heat on. But
strangely, I was always warm. There were several occasions when a dog could
be heard snuffling through the hallway.
   Once my grandmother came to stay with us. During the night she was
awakend by the sound of a dog scratching and sniffing about just outside her
room. She called out to my Dad, "Art, one of dogs is still in the house." To
this my dad replied, "No Helen, both dogs are in the garage." Unsatisfied
with this, my grandmother got up and went to check the garage. Sure enough
both dogs were there. Grandma became a believer that night.
   My mom would lose her book sometimes. After some time she learned that if
she stood in the living room and siad loudly, "Now where in the world did my
book go? I know I left it here on the coffee table." Then leave the room for
a moment, then return, the book (or whatever she was looking for) would be
   These are the things I remember my parents telling me. The haunting did
end when my mom surmised that Mrs. Ellis was still in her house because she
had died prematurly and was worried about her daughters she'd left behind.
So before we moved, Mom sat in the middle of the room and waited. Soon the
room grew cold and mom knew Mrs. Ellis was there. She then told Mrs. Ellis
about each of her daughters, that they were doing fine and that they were
well cared for. She told her that they did not need her anymore and that if
she wanted to go to heaven, it was okay. After a moment the room grew warm

The Ghost of Henrietta, Okolona, Mississippi


I have never written about this but have told this story many times.  In Okolona, MS about 15 miles south of Tupelo on alt hwy 45 (Church St) there is an old delapidated Antebellum home.  I am sure it was quite beautiful in its day.  It is said that it is haunted by a ghost whose the name of Henrietta.  We are not sure about the last name but we believe it was Gilliam.  Mrs. Gilliam's husband was a high ranking officer in the Confederate Army and was often away.  They had no children and her closest companions were her house slaves whom she treated well.  One day a trusted servant came to her to warm her that the field slaves were planning an uprising and urged her to leave because they would kill her.  "Never will I run!" she said.  She loaded all the guns she had in the house and placed a rocking chair on the balcony overlooking the front lawn.  She waited and she rocked back and forth in her chair.  Late in the night she saw little glimmers of light in the distance.  As she watched these glimmers of light they came closer and closer.  She realized it was the field hand with torches coming to burn her house down.  Closer they came until she could see their faces.  The slaves were unprepared for what happened next.  Henrietta shot every one of the slaves who attemped to approach her house.  Many of the slaves ran away.  It is said that she rewarded her house servants handsomely for their loyalty but dealt with the remaining field hands severly.  It is also said that if you go to this house late at night and sit very quietly you can here the sound of her rocking chair on the front balcony because she is still protecting her home.  One fact about this house that is true is Nathan Bedford Forrest recupperated in this house after suffering injuries from a battle fought near Okolona and that from time to time is was used as a hospital for confederate soldiers.
About four years ago at Thanksgiving some family members and I were discussing the history of the house and decided to go through it.  Yes, we were trespassing.  The front and back doors were wide open.  I was amazed at the beauty of some of the architectural work.  As we went exploring we noticed two rooms that were extremely cold.  Cold enough to raise the hair on the backs of our necks like someone was watching us.  One small room off from kitchen and a large bedroom upstairs on the southeastern corner of the house.  A huge white owl came out of nowhere scaring us half to death.  We fled from the house.  Personally, I think Henrietta's spirit resided in the owl.  The house is listed on the register of historic homes and is currently owned by Gary Carnathan, an attorney in Tupelo.  The people who were raised in the area would love to see the house renovated and preserved because it has such a rich history.
Well, this is my story of a hauted house.  On the folklore of the house I don't know what is actually true and what is myth but I do know that entering that house can wreak havok on one's nerves.



    About ten years ago I lived in Keno, Oregon, which is about 12 miles
west of Klamath Falls.  Keno is a small town (population < 1000) that
sprung out of a logging community in the latter half of the
19th-century.  Before this land was settled by the pioneers it was
hunted and inhabited by the Klamath Indians.  From what I understand the

tribe suffered an epidemic of bubonic plague in the mid 1800's.
  In the house I lived in, which had been assembled from two of the old
logger bunk houses and renovated for dwelling, I believe I had a
sighting.  I used to be very skeptible about the existance of ghosts.
About six months after I moved in I saw dark figure with a discernable
body figure that passed across an entry way wiith animated movement.
The sighting was preceede by a cold sensattion that made all the hair on
my body stand up.  Somehow I knew just where to fix my eyes.  I
continued having these sightings, though not regulary but always around
11:00p.m. and in the same location.  I still was'nt convinced, thinking
maybe the first sighting? predisposed me to the others by some sort of
conditioning.  It was'nt untill I was visiting with a friend and we had
a simultaneous experience, ( cold, hair standing on end, sighting), that
I became more assured that I had seen something.

Plagued by Hauntings


  My experiance with ghost is small, but i know enough to understand what the heck is happening to me...
ever since i was a little kid, i have been plagued by hauntings of all kinds, i have dreamed the dreams and seen the horrors.
  i think my own tale begins when i was four or five...
i was watching tv when my moms boy friend started talking to some one i couldnt see, i thouht he was crazy but none the less i looked around to see what the hell he was talking to. confused i saw a small blonde figure siting in the nook of a door, but the only blonde person in my house at the time was my mother, who was NOT in the house.
she was out side watering the lawn.
for years i have witnesed many things, too many, some to my horror, some to my utmost confusion.
the most recent of my experiances happen to have started two or three months ago...
i moved into a new house in a little town, and being the new kid, hated it, i still do.
the occurences of the creatures suprised me at first, because most apperations do not attack me.
i wondered why it would appear when i was takeing out the trash, or looking in a mirror, the creature, being what it is, stands at least 3'4, totaly black, and crazy as hell.
my worst experiance happend when i was sleeping two weeks ago.
my dream started out as they all do, the figure standing there arms crossed accrossed its chest, and stareing fixidly at a point in the gorund, and try as i might, i cant get its attention. this dream though, took a unexpected twist, the figure began to moan, and then scream as a blade was stabed into its gut again and again until the ground was coated with a thick layer of blood.
when i woke up, i heard the sounds, the foot steps, and the strange garrgleing sounds, then the figure, standing to the side of my bed.
these occurenses have become common place for me, the sudden move of a lifeless object, like a trash can, no longer scares me. but the Creature deos, and so do the Dreams...
i have tried many things to make them go away, but none work.
and as many have said, 'its kinda like the sixth sense thing than?'

Uncle Johnny


When I was young, about kindergarden age , my uncle Johnny came to live
with us. He was in poor health due to working in an asbestos factory. He had
developed asbestotis. I used to go to Kmart to get the doctors bags (for kids)
and made him eat all the candy pills to "make him better". I had gotten  to
the point that I would not go to school as  long as he was with us.
He used to take me around my fathers yard and hold me up to smell all the
roses that my father had planted. my father was an avid gardner ;this was a
man who could drop a seed and it would bloom.
Anyway my dad and uncle would call me "skinny minny'" as I was so pittifly
On Christmas day we got a call from Johnnys wife saying that he had died on
Christmas Eve. That was the first time I had ever seen my father cry.

To get to the real part of the story,when I was 10 yrs old I developed phenumonia.
 I was in very serious condititon, I was placed in intensive care
in the pediatric area.
I was in a room off the side, the premature babies were in the outter room
and I was in a small room off to the right.
My room had paneling about half way up.The rest of the top of the wall was
was glass so that the nurses could see me.I could remember that I had a
heart monoter on me, the light would flash off and on. I remember that I
had awaken to look at the light. The next thing I noticed was that I saw
my uncle Johnny standing at the foot of my bed. I dont remember being ]
afraid at all. He looked at me and said "dont worry Minny, you'll be ok."
You have to understand that the next things that happened all at the same
time.I was young and sick but I can recall this as if it happened yesterday.
The heart monitor had a flashing light that caught my eye. At the same moment,
I heard a woman scream. When  I looked back Johnny was gone.
Outside my room I saw a nurse and a man helping a woman out of the room.
I was up on my elbows to see what was happening. The next thing I recall is
my mother comming to my room. The rules in intensive care were that the
visits could be only 10 minutes every four hrs. She had just been there not
10 minutes before. I asked what had happened to the lady?  Why was she
crying?  My mother tried to explain that her baby had died and that she was
in mourning. I never said anything to her about my visit from Johnny. To this
day I dont know why.
When I got out of the hospital, I got up with my dad(he worked 3rd shift}"
to see him off to work. I told him the story about uncle Johnny comming to
see me before he came for the baby. He kept saying that I was just dreaming.
 The more  I kept denying that it was a dream the more upset he became.
After that I never mentioned it again.I always felt that
Johnny had made a pit stop to let me know that I would be ok. He was
 on his way to a more serious mission. His angel mission.
God love you Johnny!! You were always my favorite. When I smell roses I think
of you.Whatch over my family. Please tell daddy I miss him everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shots in the Dark,


  In 1978,I was living in Santa Cruz California.I was hanging out with 3 of my friends when we decided to head off into the Santa Cruz mountains to have some beers and bong hits.We did this in different places all of the time,it is peaceful in the mountains,and no police.
  Anyway,we chose a road very close to Cabrillo college,in Aptos(One of the small towns in Santa Cruz County).We headed up the road,and took a few turns on unmarked roads.We drove for about 1/2 hour,ending on a deadend dirt road,with trees infront of us.There was a house way up the hill to the right of us,about 1/8 mile away,other than that there was no other houses.
  We had a cuople of beers,and a buddy of mine noticed something odd on one of the trees behind us,he couldn,t make it out because it was very dark up there,and 11:30 pm.We turned on the headlights and moved the car so the light was shining at the tree.What we saw scared the hell out of us,which was not an easy task with the guys I hung out with.There was an inverted cross on the tree,and an alter made out of one of the redwoods.Other smaller stumps were cut up for seating,and the leafs next to the alter were all stuck together,like they were wet,but there was no rain.We all said this was a place we should get away from,it looked like an occult worship place,we guessed anyway.These guys were all pretty tough,but all believed in God too.
  About that time we heard two gunshots,muffled but unmistakable.We all looked up to the house,because that is where the sound came from.The house had a light on,in what appeared to be a carport,big enough for two cars.It was a crystal clear night,and because there was no moon,and that was the only light on(after the headlights were turned off)we could see the place clearly.
  As we were all looking at the house,saying what the hell was that,we saw a figure come out of the door under the light.He cleared the steps,AND a 25 foot distance(that was what we all had guessed the distance to be) to the opposite side of the carport slab!We could hear him coming down the very steep hill in front of us,and could see the bushes moving,until he got away from the shining path of the light.
  We were ALL looking at the scene at the same time,and everyone screamed GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!We were in the car and lit the tires backing up,and used every inch of that 455 motor getting the Hell out of there.No one said much for a couple of minutes,it was on a dirt roadand we were sliding all over the place.Greg said later he hit 90 on the dirt road,in short order.
  When we got a long ways away from that,we pulled over and noone knew what to say.We were all in shock,and all saw exactly the same thing.We contemplated calling the cops,because the shot was definately fired in the house.But since we had all had a few beers,we decided it would not be worth sounding like lunies to the cops,and smelling like alcohol.We went to one of the guys house,and talked it out further.
  I never heard anything about the shots fired that night,and definately never went back up there to see what it looked like in the day.Actually,this is the first time I have related the story in over 20 years,it sounded too crazy.There was no way I could have made the move that figure did that night,no way anyone could,but we all saw it.It makes no more sense to me now ,than it did then.If I had seen it by myself,I might have been able to discount the distance that figure cleared,maybe an over active imagination.But we all saw it,and I listened to everyones account before stating mine.
  Very strange ,and still unexplained.Thanks for the chance to tell my story

Random Haunts


HI. I am 18 years old. I have visited your sight and found it quite
interesting. I have a few experiences I would like to share with you. Most
are not connected with each other. It is strange because the incidents are
quite random. Sometimes several things will happen within a few days of each
other.. then maybe months, even years with nothing. Anyways.. here it
goes...My parents built my house. We were the only ones to ever live there.
However,our house was built next to my grandmas... the family homestead and the land
has been in the family for about 4 generations. The earliest experience I
remember was when I was 3 or so. I had awakened in the middle of the night
frightened. I rememberlaying there debating whether or not i shout call out
to my parents. I was too afraid to get up and run across the hall. I sat
there...trying to work out the nerve when all of the sudden I heard a little
girl's voice scream "Mommy".I knew it had not been me.. and I was an only
child.For years.things happened on and off. One night, when i was about 11 or 12,
I woke up in the middle of the night, once again, frightened for no reason. I
often slept with my door mostly closed, the latch resting on the doorframe.
I heard it slide open, and light footsteps. I thought nothing of it. I had a
cat.. quite capable of openeing doors and he was heavy and you could usually
hear his steps. Then I felt an overwhelming presence beside me, as if
someone was standing over me beside my bed. Sometimes, my mom came in and checked on
me, but I knew it wasnt one of my parents because i could hear both of them
snoring. (dont laugh! lol) (i could not see.. i sleep with my covers over my
head. I always have and still do!)I layed there, terrified and perfectly
still for what seemed like forever. Suddenly, my afghan that was over me
felt as though it was yanked off. I didnt sleep much that night.
another time i was sitting outside on my swing. We had a boy cut our grass
for us. i saw him go behind my grandmas barn on the riding lawn mower. all
of a sudden, I saw a green ball fly through the air. I thought maybe I had left
it and the boy kicked it. BUt then it stopped in mid air, then began
floating towards me. It went right over my head. It seemed thin, yet not like a
balloon. It didnt glow or was just green. I ran in the house
crying and screaming to my dad, but when i came back it was gone.
I have heard things. Drawers slamming shut when i am by myself. Doors too.
My mom as heard it. One time my parents said they were laying in bed. i was
little and asleep. To get to their bathroom, u have to pass their bed.
Often, i used their bathroom when i was little. They said they heard footsteps run
past. They called out my name but I didnt anser. They checked the bathroom
and no one was there. They checked on me and i was asleep.
I have several more disturbing things that are more recent.
When i was a sophomore in high school, i was sitting in class when a student
came to the room with 3 white shirts. They gave them to me, saying my dad
had brought them. I was confused. i called my mom during the passing period,
wondering if for some odd reason she had told my dad to bring me white
shirts. she hadnt. I called dad and he said that I had called and told him
to get three white shirts from the left side of my closet and then gave him
directions to the school office and who to give them to. I had never called.
Scariest part was that being the anal person i am, i frequently rearranged
My closet. No friends had been in my room since the last time I had, and the
caller was right about the location of my shirts. My dad said the caller
sounded exactly like me. The most recent is even stranger. I was on the
phone with my friend Mary and my parents had gone out for ice cream.
I didnt want to go and opted to stay
home. I heard the car pull up, the car door slam. My parents voices, the
front door unlock, open and close, and my parents footsteps and voices up
the stairs. Usually, my mom peeks in to say hi when they come home. I waited,
but nothing. After about 10 minutes of silence, i went to go check on them . I
called and called and no one answered. I went to the door. It was still
locked. I looked out the window., No car in the driveway. i ran upstairs and
locked myself in the room, crying on the phone to mary. About 15 minutes
later, I heard the same noises.This time, it really was my parents. I told
them waht happened, and they said they had not been home until that time. My
dad admitted to having a similar experience once. I dont know what these
 incidents are or what they mean. Every so often, I
wake up frightened for no good reason. Or sometimes I just get scared and
have an overwhelming feeling like I need to leave the house, or whatever
room I am in.

Rachaels Experience


my name is rachael and im 13 years old.
one time while at a friends house i was watching tv and my friend went to
the kitchen it was sort of darkand we were the only ones there,
out of the corner of my eye i thought i saw my friends mom
 standing by the stairs so i said ''vicky
what are you doing here,i thought you left.then i looked up and saw a woman
standing there that i didnt know.i screamed and ran to the kitchen and
started yelling at my friend that there was a gost  she simply said  ''oh,i
didnt tell you my house is haunted by 4 gosts.5 minutes later i calmed down
and heared 2 pairs of foot steps running upstairs (we were still the only
ones there)appairently from2 gost kids  the 4th
i did not experience but is a girl in green that stands on the staires  my
best friendsaw it there while we were there for a slumber party.

Midnight Hauntings


    It was two months ago, in a cool autumn night. At 11:30 p.m. me and
was walking down this long gravel lane, discussing about stories of
in Kentucky, then all of a sudden it happened, it was silence all over us.
Then as we looked to the right in this open field, fog seemed to appear
the hallowed ground, as he heard something growl.  We stepped closer and
creature ran up to the fence and stood on its hind legs on the fence, it had
horns like a deer, but it growled as we stepped closer.  Then, as I tried to
communicate with it, it dropped back down and ran into the fog, to never
seen again.
    I am not sure what is truly going on around here, but at times if you
listen real closely, you can hear the screams of men fighting in a field by
my house. Its like a skirmish of some kind, like  u.s. soldiers ran into
trouble. Where I live has been known to have different kinds of hauntings.
But most of all, its part of the evil superstition of shadow demons, I call
them.  They are demonic like creatures that will lurk in the shadows and
watch you.  Sometimes you can feel their cold presence watching you, and
following you.
    For 10yrs I have studied the paranormal in different parts of kentucky,
and sometimes I think that us being not alone, is not always a good thing.
Kentucky was also known for the werewolves, so I really don't know what to
expect next, or if I'll survive the next encounter, but if I do, its
something I'll always remember. But since I'm writing you this, I'll also
tell you another encounter.
    Two years ago I was by Lafayette in this old house. Me and Brent heard
noises, I thought it was some person. So we went to the well, and we saw
floating heads, it startled us so much, so we went back inside. Then,
warning we heard people screaming like it was a struggle..then it got
I'll never forget it.
    So I hope this proves that everywhere we go, there is someone always
watching you...welcome to the spirit world..and be true wherever you go

The Rispin Mansion,Santa Cruz California.

  Hi Dave,I really enjoy your site,very well done.Anyway,....I was reading through the list of haunted places in California,and I ran across a place I know very well,The Rispin mansion.I have never heard it called that,it was about 4 blocks behind my house,when I was a child.We always called it"Poor Claire,s Retreat",as it was called when the nuns were there.It was a very foreboding place,and noone would go near it when we were young.
  As a teenager,I talked some freinds of mine into going in there.There was 4 of us,all guys.We snuck over the fence(heavy wooden one,the guy who lived near it had pitbulls,so we were really quiet.)He watched over the place.
  Anyway,we peeled back a piece of plywood that was nailed over a window on the main(ground level floor,back side of house.)We had a flash light,and it was very dark.We entered a small room,and through a doorway,entering the main room in that part of the house.Vaulted cielings,very large room.There was a fireplace,with book cases on either side of it.As my freinds walked down the hallway,I remembered something I had read somewhere,and walked up to the bookcases.They slid open,and there was a small room behind either one of them!Enough room to hide someone,or somethings!Nothing in there but splashes of ink on one of the walls,could not make anything of them.
  Anyway,we went over every inch of the place,very careful to damage nothing.In the basement there was a red brick hallway,perfectly square,and very long.At the end it looked like a solid brick wall,sort of funny that it ended there.We rested up against the back wall,and it moved!There was a secret room behind it,about 12 foot by 8 ft<I think.(it was in 1978 or 79).The wall was on a hinge,very strange.Our batteries were dead by now,so could not see a whole lot.It did not seem scary at all though,just interesting.We did hear what sounded like footsteps a bunch of times,so thinking it was the guy watching the place,we were very quiet.Never saw anyone,spooky.
  There was one room,that seemed like it must have been the main quarters for mother superior,or whoever.It had a white marble fireplace,and very ornate decorative trim,and very large windows,and a balcony overlooking the Soquel Creek,and facing what used to be a department store,and the doughnut store that my Grandparents used to run.You cannot see the business,because it is probably an 1/8 of a mile,and the trees blocked the view.
  This room sounds like the one where someone saw a lady in the black dress.I never saw anything,did not take pictures,but it felt icy cold in that room,and it was probably 75-80 degrees that day.
  We all felt things,heard things,but never saw anything.There was something in there,but what,I do not know.I went back quite a few times,it was a very cool place.Unfortunately,some idiots from San Jose saw our car parked outside the gate,and went in there,as we were leaving.They destroyed the fireplaces,and basically trashed the place.We would have trashed them if we knew what they were going to do,but we did not know it until we came back the next day.
 Someone stepped up the security of the house,and we heard the dogs inside of the house,so we split in a BIG HURRY,and did not go back.I will always remember that place,and I was very glad to hear it is being turned into a bed and Breakfast place.It was beautiful,with facades,and balconies,and looked like something right out of a horror novel.
We talked about the place for years,and then I moved to Oregon,so I have not been there for a long time.I will go there next summer,to see what it looks like now.
 Thanks for the site,hope this helps tell a bit more of the story of Poor Claire,s Retreat(Rispsin mansion).




     Haunting in Nebraska


Hi! I've loved reading these stories. I keep getting
goose bumps though! I figure it's about time that I
tell our own story.
Although it isn't as dramatic as some of those listed
here, it was real enough for me. Right out of college,
my husband and I moved to a rental in a small Nebraska
town. This house was very cute and well-maintained. It
had two strange features, though. In the
bathroom/laundry room, there were three doors – one to
the hallway and out the back door (on the south end),
one to the basement (in the center), and one to a
closet room (on the north end). The basement was one
of those spooky basements: one big room; creaky, old
stairs; dimly lit. The closet room was a strange room
about 12 feet by 12 feet, lined with cabinets from
floor to ceiling on three sides.
Throughout the rest of this house, I felt very
comfortable and relaxed. It had a warm feeling to it.
But as I would turn down the hall and head to the
bathroom, the feeling of dread would increase. I was
never comfortable in the bathroom (the only one in the
house) and would rush through showers and getting
ready and all the other duties done in the bathroom.
And I would never go in there in without a light on.
But the experience wasn't based just on my hunches.
The bathroom door leading to the hallway would never
stay open. Eventually, my resourceful husband rigged
up a rope that we used to tie the door open. I would
blame this on the house settling or a crooked doorjam,
but the door to the basement – right next to the
hallway door – would never stay closed. It would
randomly open itself, even if you weren't in the room
or were across the room no where near the door.
Eventually, we learned if we slammed the door shut and
locked it, it would usually stay closed. But even
then, it occasionally opened after we had locked it.
My husband worked strange hours with his job in
Nebraska, so often times I would be getting ready by
myself in the morning. I'm the first to admit I have
an active imagination, but I also don't like others to
know when I overreact to something. One morning when I
was getting ready for work and my husband had already
left, I was in the bathroom curling my hair when I
distinctly heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I
stopped what I was doing and stood perfectly still to
see if I actually was hearing what I thought I was
hearing. And the footsteps continued, very slowly,
almost as if someone was trying to sneak up the stairs
without making any noise. I tried to write it off as
an over active imagination – until I saw the door knob
turn on the basement door. Thank God I had locked that
door! Well I bolted out of that room so fast! But, not
wanting to appear the fool, I called my mom instead of
leaving the house. I was so scared! Mom assured me, if
I heard what I did, to get out of the house (better
safe than sorry) and get some help. Well, we were new
in the neighborhood so I wasn't comfortable doing
this. But my fear over-rode my shyness. So I headed to
our neighbors house and met one of our new neighbors –
a big, strong fireman. (Well, if anyone's going to
give me confidence to go back into the house, he did!)
So I explained what I had heard, and he escorted me
back to the bathroom. Together, we opened the basement
door – and found nothing! There was no way anyone
could have exited the house without me seeing him/her.
And even the neighbor was spooked down there. He
walked around the room, making sure no one was hiding
down there. And after assuring that I was okay, he
beat it out of the house, with goosebumps on his arms!
That wasn't the only incident. From then on, I'd joke
with family and friends about our Casper. He didn't
mean harm, but he enjoyed scaring the bejebus out of
us. Even my husband left the light on over night. But
Casper didn't limit himself to the bathroom area. One
night, I had just finished the dishes and pulled down
the shade in the kitchen window. I walked out of the
room and sat down in the living room to watch TV.
About 2 minutes later, I heard a loud noise in the
kitchen. I got up to investigate and found the kitchen
shade still shaking from being rolled up. I would
shake it off as it snapping up, but it was 2 minutes
The same reasoning goes for the "dryer" incident. My
husband was brushing his teeth in the bathroom and I
was changing batches in the washer and dryer. I moved
the clothes from the washer to the dryer and turned it
on. Then, I began putting clothes in the washer for
the next batch. Suddenly, the dryer door opened by
itself. Okay, I can attribute that to something in the
batch "hitting" the door open. But then the door
closed itself and the dryer started up again. Now, the
once the door opens on the dryer, the dryer turns off
and won't restart unless you push the button up top.
And the door was open too long for it to have just
sprung shut. I just looked at my stunned husband and
booked it out of that room, telling Casper that I
didn't like him scaring me. I guess he listened,
because from then on, the only incidents we had were
the bathroom doors opening and closing and the front
door opening by itself. We have sensed moved from the
house and only after moving into our current home did
I realize how much I felt like an intruding visitor in
that house. I wonder about the history of that house.
Thanks for the chance to tell my story.

Hospital and Nursing Home Ghosts


I work in a nursing home,prior to 2 years ago the rural hospital was attached,anyway we have many ghosts or haints as my elderly ones call them,one of our favorite is "Gertie"one our nurses who was murdered in her home but had worked with us,she visits often,still in her white iniform and cap,even people whom have just came to live there or work there ask about the lady in white who checks on them,I have worked there for 27 years and truly it is amazing the spirits we have, when they tore the hospital down I wonder where our "Dr.Martin"went he died one morning in the late 50s or early 60s during surgery,he couldn't complete the surgery and went to the lounge after the other Dr. finished and went to check on him he was dead, the last time I went to the old #1ER room before it was closed for good it was so cold and I couldn't go in for the force I felt the maintenance man that was with me thought I was crazy but I felt something that day,they are building assited living rooms on the site of the old hospital,I wonder will the Dr.Martin ghost move in there?I truly enjoy your site,happy hunting

Playing Tricks


 One night, I was getting ready for bed.  I
always tried to be IN bed at night before my husband left for work.  Silly
as it sounds, I could just pull the covers over my head when I started hearing
noises.  LOL!  Well I had this pink nightie.  I wore this night gown every
night.  I mean EVERY night.  I had it for years and it was comfortable.  (I
washed it of course)  anyway, one night Brian was getting ready for work and
I was getting ready for bed and I pulled my night gown out from under my
pillow and laid it on the bed.  I went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and
when I came back the night gown was gone.  The bed was still neatly made and
Brian was still down stairs getting ready.  I looked under my pillow and all
over the room for my nightie.  I went downstairs and asked Brian if he took
my night gown ... he said "no, I haven't been upstairs".   So, I went back
up stairs and checked all of my dresser drawers, looked under the bed, and ALL
over again.   There was no sight of my night gown.   So I conceded to wear
one of Brian's old t shirts to bed since it was as close as I could get to
mypink night gown.   I put his shirt on and went down stairs to kiss Brian
good night.  I went back upstairs, pulled down the covers and got into bed.  I
was sitting Indian style under the covers waiting for the news to come on when I
looked down and there, in my LAP was my night gown.    I just sat there
staring at it.  I was unable to move and in total disbelief.  Brian came
upstairs to say "good-bye" and I just looked at him.   This episode didn't
scare me though, I felt like she was almost playing with me.  I just wanted
to tell you that story.



  I have a story for you. 2 years ago, my parents got a
seperation and my mom had me live with her. We moved into this duplex
which used to be a barn in the early 1800's. On Oct. 30( 2 yrs ago), my
mom went out to a party. I stayed home and watched my little sister. My
little sister is 7 now. Well on that night while she was asleep, I
stayed down stairs to watch TV. At about 9 that night, I heard a soft
"Shh" sound. I looked upstairs from the first floor and standing on the
top landing was a little girl in a communion dress(all white). At first
I thought it was my sister so I told her to go back to sleep. I could
not see the girls face though. As I took a step up, the girl walked to
the side and disapeared out of site. I went upstairs and checked on my
sister. She was fast asleep in her pajamas. How do you like that story?
Write back if you have any questions, write back.

Kinda Spooky


    I'm not sure if my stories would be considered "ghost stories" or not,
but they kinda freaked my family and me out.  The first one took place at my
grandmothers house in Missouri.  She was packing the house up so she could
move.  One night when I was there with her and my, mom my grandma brought out
this box that had all of this old jewelry in it.  I love that stuff and I was
rummaging around in it looking at lockets and rings and such when I found a
watch with my great-great-great grandma's initials on it.  I thought it was
gorgeous and I put it on.  I looked down at it and noticed that it was still
ticking.  I commented to my grandmother that it was cool that this hundred
year old watch still worked.  My grandma went pale.  I saw she was upset and
I asked her what the problem was.  She told me that that thing hadn't worked
in like 50 years.  I didn't believe her until my mom told me how they tried
to get it fixed in the 1970s and no one could fix it.  They decided that the
watch must have been meant for me.  It still works.
    Another story was right after my grandpa died six years ago.  After he
passed, my grandma (same grandma, different house) had to sell the house.
The last time I was there, I was in the kitchen alone while my grandma was
getting some boxes from the living room when I heard this strange
humming/moaning sound.  It kept getting louder and louder until I said,
"Grandpa, I love you but you're scarring me."  After that the noise stopped
and my grandma came back upstairs.  I wasn't scared because I knew who it
was.  I think he just wanted to say good-bye.
    I have a few more, but I haven't been able to put them in words yet.
Thanks for listening.  You can email me if you want with comments.

Lifetime of Hauntings

My name is Nathan Black, I'm 23 years old I have had many supernatural experiences, however one stands out in my memory.  Five years ago I started working for a family here in Victoria B.C., Canada.  I was the childrens caregiver.  The first months I was seeing a ghost or what I thought was a ghost. living in the house.  I didn't want to tell my boss in case it lead to an early dismissal in my part, however after the 5 year old child woke up one morning screaming because, he said a man was in his room talking to him, I felt I had to say something, it was then that I learned the story that her father died in this house two years before.  I asked if my employer had seen any supernatural things?  The response was terriffing, the story goes that her father had cancer and was very well off financially and had decided to lower her brothers share of the inheritence.  One day in late summer the brother showed up when the rest of the family was gone and proceeded to yell and argue with the father until he had a heart attack.  The daugter had come home to only find her father dead in his chair.  since this a rash of strange things have been happening, like dark "shadows" moving across hallways and through bedrooms, a man with glasses appearing standing in the kitchen, then fading away.  Pictures with unexplained things in them, from childrens birthday parties.  And most terriffing actual voices and whispers coming from apparently no where.  at this ponit I felt it was time to confront this situation and try anything to help in any way i could, this lead me to my quest to find out what really happened.  I will forever regret that desicion.  What happen in the days to follow would lead to my break up with my girlfriend at the time, and questions about my own mental health.  In my quest for truth I found out that this was more than an arguement and more like a murder.  I was doing the dishes one day after a meal and one of the children screamed at me to look out! I spun around to see a full figured old man standing in front of me.  Thinking this was a real person who had broke in I dove at him  with so much force that I landed on the floor and broke my wrist,....... he wasn't there?I no longer work for these people but still recieve phone calls from the children who still see the ghost.

Little Child


when i was 3 years old i was upstairs in a bedroom playing in my closet. my
mom and dad had been downstairs when they heard me screaming at the top of my
lungs when they came upstairs they found me with my hands tied above my head
about 4 feet off the ground. when my mom asked how i got up there i told her
the mean little girl did it. of coarse my mom belived me because she herself
has had some very bad experiances with spirits.                   the only
explanation my mom has is a possible dead twin upset cause shs did not
survive.  what i mean by this is 2 days before they found me tied in the
closet my mom was walking down the hall past my room when she saw a little
girl in my room that looked exacty like me ,only to discover that i had been
in her room with my dad at the time she saw this little girl. she said that
she turned right back around to go down the hall to my room to discover the
little was gone.



   Hi thought I must tell of some occurrences 1 1/2 yrs ago.
 I was staying at Henderson state university in Arkadelphia Arkansas for a camp.  My friend and I skipped a practice and fond only a few people at the dorm and no one on our floor(we were on floor 4).  We hit the 1st floor button as we were leaving and were sent to the 2nd floor up to the 5th back down to the 3rd where the elevator door open and closed repeatedly by this time we were both crying and in shock.  We ran out the door and headed to the stair case and when we were at the second floor of the stairs the lights went out in the stairwell.  We sat down scared to death and they just came back on and a thin girl in a dark dress "floated" past.  When we told the counselors one said she knew and then the others said they didn't know what we were talking about but all turned about white when we spoke of the occurrences.  Another time I was walking up the stairs with the same friend and we heard someone follow us we looked down and it was the ghost we hightailed it out of there and went to the first floor we could get to.  If someone was playing a prank as some counselors said they were pretty good.  We held a "spiritual gathering" with two other friends there to find out what was up.  None of us were experienced and we just prayed for our souls before.  I was chosen to tell the story.  Here boyfriend cruelly broke up with here and told here by standing her up for someone else and telling her to go where he met his new girl.  She stayed to haunt the girl who made her die of heart brake.  I know it was not smart to do the spiritual gathering but I am fine and was not bothered this summer.

Grim Reaper


well um I guess I should start from the begining.this is going to sound
really weird but I am sure you  people have heard things stranger than this.I
think what I experienced was what I believe a spirit takeing the form of  the
grim reaper.

This happened when I would have my cat in my room as I slept. One night I was
 sleeping soundly and I woke up cause I felt someone else in the room. Iooked
beside me and my cat was gone. I looked at the corner of my room and a figure
in all black was standing pointing at me it lasted maybe a min. and
dissapeared. I had no clue what the figure was until the next day. I was
rollerbladeing in my building's parking lot when I rolled over a rock and
fell, my head also landed on a rock. when I realized what was happening I
rolled out of the way of a car seconds  before it would have run right over
my head. I don't know why the car did not stop the person had to have seen me
laying there. I took that visit the night before as warning.
I will add I am not a christian either.......I am full wiccan.  I believe
what I saw was a spirit takeing the form of the grim reaper....somehow it
knew what was going to happen the next day and decided to help me.
That's my story and you don't have to believe it if you would not like to but
I know what I expereinced and that was  very real and did happen.

My First Ghost


This is the account of the first spirit that I encountered. Back in 1980 I
was in the third grade, my family lived in a two and a half story home. This
house is located near Vista Park Drive and Capitol Expressway in San Jose CA.
My Mom back then was into collecting antique tea kettles. One day several
weeks after we moved in this house, my Mom brought home an old world war one
military tea kettle that she had bought at a garage sale. The tea kettle was
taped shut with old dirty masking tape, the tape was almost as old as the tea
kettle. My Mom asked me to take the tape off it and clean it up so she could
resale it at the flea market. The following day, Monday, I walked home from
school for lunch, my oldest sister Renee was the only one home and she was in
the upstairs bathroom across from the staircase. I went and sat down at the
top step to talk to my sister while she got ready for work. I had asked her
if someone else was home besides her, she said that we were alone. She asked
me if I needed a ride back to school, I said no, I had over 20 minutes to get
back. My sister went on her way and locked the door behind her. Moments after
she drove off, my mothers bedroom door started pounding as if someone was
hitting it as hard as they could to get out. I pressed my hands against the
door and the door was bouncing my hands back. I started screaming for my Mom
telling her it was me and to wake up. Then I remembered what my sister said.
The door stopped slamming, I heard the radio in my bedroom somehow it turned
on by itself. I went in my room and turned off the radio, as I was leaving
the room, it turned itself back on. I got very scared and ran down the
stairs, the front door was wide open and I ran straight through not touching
any thing as I sprinted by. When I jumped off the steps the door slammed shut
behind me. I ran to the neighbors house across the street and called my Mom
at work. I told her that I was not going to go home until someone was there
with me. Of course my Mom thought I was dreaming the story up. She picked up
my older brother Chip and proceeded home. During the drive my Mom mentioned
the conversation we had with my brother, they both thought I was nuts. When
they got home, some of the lights where already on. Mom got upset and told
Chip that she had just got a notice to cut off the electricity cause she
could not afford the expensive bill. When this conversation happened, all the
lights in the house shut off at once. My Mom said well I guess PG&E shut us
off, but my brother noticed that the down stairs half bath half laundry room
light was still on. Mom told Chip to go check the circuit breaker. When Chip
started leaving the room, both him and Mom noticed all the lights switches
where turned off. This opened my Mom up and she finally discussed the ghost
problem with me.
For weeks I and some friends and family could hear someone pacing back and
forth in the bath/wash room that was down stairs. At night I would hear
someone walking in the hall scratching the wall I slept next too. Many nights
I had Chip sleep with me. Items in the house where moved around and nobody
could ever find the old W.W.I tea kettle again. I think this spirit saved my
life one time, that's when I finally felt that he was friendly. I was in the
half bath/wash room, I took a bottle of bleach and a bottle of ammonia and
poured both of them into the toilet together to clean it. My lungs felt like
they where on fire, that's when I felt someone grab my shoulders and pull me
out of the room, I heard the toilet flush. I went out the garage door for
some fresh air, nobodies cars where there. I went back into the house and
searched around, no one was home but me.
One night about a week after, Chip and I slept in the den, that is where the
half bath/wash room is also. When I woke up in the morning, I started gazing
into the reflection of the TV screen that was off in front of me. I saw A big
man, he stood almost as tall as the door jam. He looked like he was wearing a
W.W.I. military fatigue the same kind I've seen in the old movies. He was
looking right at me, I trembled in fear and spun my head around to see him,
but nobody was there. I turned back to look at the TV screen, His face was
all I could see in the reflection starring right at me. I pulled my cover
over my head and started screaming as loud as I could. Every one in the house
woke up and asked what had happened. My Mom and step dad found us a new place
to live and we moved out about two weeks later.

My Late Fiancee


Donny, my fiancee, was killed December 21, 1996. His funeral was on Christmas Eve and that night when I finally went to bed, I tried to sleep. I tossed and turned and I remember being so incredibly cold. At the time I had a queen size bed and I was sleeping in the middle. I rolled onto my left side and felt another body. I believe in apparitions so I did not panic, yet I don't remember waking up. I do remember walking with him to the waterfall where he first kissed me and asked me to marry him. In this surreal dream he told me that I would be alright without him and that I would meet only one other man that I would love as much as him. He promised me he would always take care of me and never let anything happen to me. I woke up about 3 am and my dog was barking and playing. I thought he was nuts and should be sleeping, but when I looked over the foot of my bed, Donny was sitting on my floor playing with him. He picked up my dog and said how much he missed me and my puppy. During the next two years of my life I saw Donny often. Usually in my bedroom laying next to me or playing with my dog. He kept his promise about watching over me. He warned me about an accident that I would be in unless I avoided this particular spot. I took his warning, and two other cars were in an accident at that very place. Everyone was killed. It was just this year that I met my husband, Scott. The last time I saw Donny was on my wedding day, September 23, 2000. He told me he had kept his promise and it was now time for him to go. He kissed me and hugged me and vanished. I thank him every day for teaching me how to love.

Go Away!


It has taken me a long time to write you, because there are so many critics out there I feared no one would take me seriously.  I have admired your web site for over two years.  I lived in many places around Mesquite, Texas as a child.  My father was a police officer and still is, but when I was a child he worked alot of nights.
I remeber we were living in a nice little house on Sesame Drive near an elementary school I attended.  I am not sure how old it was but I remember it had old hard wood flooring.  I was about six years old at the time and my sister and I shared a bed in a room right across from our parents.  They always left the door open at night.  I woke up from a deep sleep and looked over to the doorway.  There was a very light blue glow.  I rubbed my eyes and looked again, and I knew exactly what I was looking at.  It was a woman, slightly heavy set standing in the doorway.  She was transparent, but the details of her gown were displayed in darker shades of blue.  She was smiling, one hand on her hip, and the other on the door panel.  She never spoke, she didn't have to.  Even though I didn't feel threatened by her, I had seen plenty of scarey movies at my early age and expected the worst.  I nugged my sister but she only moaned, rolled over and feel back to sleep again.  I then knew that even if no one would believe me I needed to believe it myself.  I pinced myself, held my breath, and rubbed my eyes again and again, but there she was still.  I finally was so frightened I began to cry.  " Go Away, you're scaring me." I pleeded with tears streaming down my face.  No sooner did I speak that her detail turned back into a blue haze and ascended up into the ceiling.  I don't remember a thing after that, but my mom said I came into her room cold and shaking, and asked, " Mom, why were you in my room?"  She says she replied, " I wasn't."
Now, it was only a few months ago my father and I got on the subject of the unknown, and I asked if he remembered that night.  He said no, but the funny thing was he remembered the landlord saying that he had trouble keeping people in that house, and that they would give him no explanation and they would leave.  Also, he realized an odd thing, around that same time the electricity bill was something like $650.00 !  He fought and fought with the electricity company, but ended up having to pay it anyhow.  I have heard that spirits can have an effect on such things.
The reason I am sharing this story with you is that ever since that night I have been very sensative to the paranormal activity in any given place.  How can I use that gift for good, and how can I strenghten it, and most importantly, how can I not be afraid of it.  It can be extremely overwhelming, at times I can feel nausea, or just a rush .  Mostly I pick up on awful vibes, the ones no one wants to feel.  Please tell me I am not psycho....I can't explain it any better.                 Thanks for your time,

Campfire Tale


This happened when I was 16 (1991).

Our church youth group went to a camp on Bugs Lake on the VA NC border. That
Saturday night we went up to the church/meeting hall that was located about
a mile up a gravel road in woods with nothing around. I remember that the
girls that my friend Gomez and I liked at the time had never been snipe
hunting (a game where you have them sitting in the dark saying snipe snipe
to try to catch one while you 'go scare them up'. You really sit out there
laughing at them). We took them out there and sat on the porch of the church
laughing at them sitting in the woods saying snipe. Well we heard one of
them say to the other 'Wait a minute. There's nothing called a snipe. You
guys are dead.' That stopped all laughter and we ran down the road
flashlights lighting our way. Our flashlight hit two people sitting in the
ditch real close to each other shivering. Scared us to death. It was two
more people from the youth group that were coming to scare us. I looked at
one of them and asked 'Skip what are you doing there?' He looked at me and
his face turned absolutely white and said 'A tree flew at us.' At this time
the girls had caught up and paused their attacks at us when they say the
other two. I laughed at Skip (who was a pretty big guy) and started to mock
him. 'A tree? A whole tree uprooted itself and just flew across...' At that
time (I am telling the God given truth) we heard a crack in the woods and a
good 3 foot wide 7 foot tall tree was hurled across the road. I grabbed the
girl I liked's hand and started running down the road with everyone else
following close behind. We never looked back as we ran to camp. Now to get
to camp you need to pass this small garden that only had tomatoes and a
scarecrow. On the other side of the road from that was the owner's trailer
who was gone cause she was pissed at all of us making noise. Well as we
passed the garden I stopped and saw about 4 or 5 kids, about 3 girls and 2
boys, holding hands dancing around the scarecrow. Everyone kept running but
I couldn't stop looking at these kids. I still have nightmares about this.
They kids were transparent like wearing dresses and overalls that looked
old. They danced around 2 more times before they stopped and all, in one
motion, turned and stared at me with angry faces. That is when I ran to
everyone else who was sitting in the back of one of the pickup trucks that
we had. We sat in the back of that truck all night singing stupid happy
songs like Jesus loves me. I think that I did look up the hill once to see
the kids looking down at us still holding hands.
The next morning we packed up everything and headed out. As we drove down
the road we saw in the ditch two trees, that had been uprooted, laying
there. We never went back to that place and I never want to.

Basement Door


This experience was the first and only so far.
    One night I was laying in my bed it was about three in the morning. I was
a teenager then. As I was laying in the bed trying to fall asleep I heard my
door open. Now I was very freaked out because I had two locks on my door, and
one was a dead bolt and both were locked and no one had a key. I was always
scared any way because my room was in the basement. After my door had open
all the way I looked up and all I could see was an image of a young woman
with a box in her hands. I couldn't move at all nor could I speak. This was
the really weird part, I thought in my head "Is this really happening?" and
the figure shock its head yes. I also thought "I am going crazy?" and the
figure shock its head no. Then all of a sudden the figure started to float
backwards towards the stairs and started to disappear.
    That was the only thing that happened there when I was living there but
my little sister says she hears things when it get to be late.

    Attention Grabber


It all started when I was a kid.One night when i was about 4or5. I awoke in the middel of the night and thought I saw my mother and father.But it wasn't I dont know what it was but there were 3 or 4 of them and they were playing a card game. After two minets of staring one stood up and said"Help me please I need help"and started walking twored me. I ran to my older sister's room and she got up and went to the living room and nothing was out there. Then she told meto go sleep with our perents and she went to bed.I went to go to my perents room and the door was locked so I went back to my sister's room and she was on the top bunk and something was on the bottom.when I walked over there it looke dlike me unkel that died  when I was two.I tried to scream but nothing came out and I tried to move but I couldn't.and them my sister woke up and I was just standing there with my mouth so she went and got my mother and right when she left the room I could move.I fell on the floor and was crying.When my mother got in the room she turned on the light and I had marks on my arms that looked like someone grabed my arms hard. I stoped for an while and we moved into a two story 4 bed room house.It had two rooms down stairs and two up.On the up stairs The big bedroom was my oldest sisters Lissa how at the time was about 15 .I had the one across the hall and my older sister Jessica and younger sister Tommi had one of the down stairs bedrooms.Well at the very top of the stairs there was a little room that had nails in the walls. The point of the nails were out so if you wanted to you could kill or inger someone in that room. well we had pets like any normal family. We had six cats,three dogs,four rats,and a fish. well when we moved in that is what we had! The first week we were there one of our dogs dissapered and two rats died.Well the little room at the top of the stairs we called the nail room. Then one night I was the only one up I hered noises in the "nail room"so I opend the door and there was omeone in there and I walked in and the door shut and it locked on the other sid eand I coulden't get out so I tried to scream but I couldn't I couldn't scream or talk so I sat down and in the morning my mom came up an got me out.

Taylorsville Inn

By: Unknown

An inn that sat next to the Erie Canal which is now not in service. The canal
was used for transporting barges and travel.  People such as president
Lincoln stayed there it is documented by photograph and in books at the
library in Huber Heights.
During our stay there as my home, there were many unexplained incedences,
such as alarm clock light flickering out of control along with freezer light
and microwave. I was 8 months preganant and asked it to please quit doing
that because it was scaring me and it never did it again. Then one morning
nobody but myself was home and I thought someone had broken into my house
because I heard two what sounded to be men whispering in very low voices
under neath the stairs.  I then called 911 to let them know someone was in my
house.  They said help was on the way.  I stayed on the phone with the
operator and at one point told her it was okay that the police were here in
the house because i heard the floore creaking in the dining room which led me
to believe they had came in.  She got very nervouse and told me to stay where
i was because the police had not yet arrived.
On another occasion my husband walked in to the kithcen appr. 3:00am and saw
a smokey figure of a woman looking like a maid putting something in to the
china cabinet built into the wall, saw him and was startled then vanished.
On another occasion my sister visited and was in her bed sleeping when she
was awakened by someone whispering her name.  She responed by saying what?
and kept hearing her name being repeated she then got up thinking it was me
and she came in my room and I was sound asleep.  She never came back.  I was
told by others that it was haaunted.  Hope you enjoy my expierience.

Our Loved Ones


I guess I will start from the begining. My father left when I was 3 years old, and he married a woman with three children, and more or less forgot about my self and my little brother.
When I was 16, I wanted to know who he was, and even more I wanted away from my mother, so I looked him up.
I moved in with him and found out that one of his stepchildren had recently died of lukemia, and at the same time his marriage had dissolved.
His wife, Jenny, came to our place and looked at me and said, " Karen will get you"
Now I was scared to death as you can imagine, but everyone just blew it off as my parinoia, until one night.
My father, whom I was living with at the time, was a truck driver and was on the road, when the neighbor came over to check on me to see if I was ok. We urned on the T.V. and started to watch it when the channel turned to 13, which wasn't even a channel in New Hampshire at the time. We both thought it was a fluke, but not matter what channel we tried, it kept going back to 13.
Well to say the least, we were very scared and left the apartment until my father came home, but it doesn't stop there.
The next morning, he was sleeping on the couch, because he got in so late, when I heard him yell, " I am up Karen", this is the girl that had passed away a few months before this. He was hit over the head with a small table next to the couch. He told me who it was, and from that moment on I was a wreck.
We had a priest come to the apartment and say a pray for me, but that didn't work for me.
One night I prayed for my grandmother to help me from this awful experience, and I SWEAR she came threw my body and told me she was there, and I would be fine.
I was never one to put much into the belief of the supenatural,
but I am living proof that we all have angels, and we all being protected from harm
I hope this helps someone out there because I KNOW with out a shadow of a doubt, we all have help, and we just need to open our hearts and minds, and our loved ones are there for us.

Night Light


I bought my house about seven years ago, and in the beginning I had no curtains for the windows. Sometimes at night I saw a flashlight lighting the room. I didn't care about it because I thought it was the lightning outside, the beginning of a thunderstorm.
  And when the curtains arrived I saw the lightning several times, but I was still thinking of the thunderstorm, till one night I was lieing on my back because I couldn't sleep. Suddely I saw the flashlight comming out of the lamp at the ceiling. I knew then that the other lightings never were something of a thunderstorm. It worried me a bit because I thought there was something wrong with the electricity of the house.
  From this time on I saw the light comming from several lamps, the one at the ceiling, a standing lamp, the lamp on the toilet, in the hall etc. It was like a little lightning.
  I asked an electrician about it and he said that the thing I described never could be something of technical kind. Lighting comming out of a lamp was impossible.
Then a person I knew, who had something of a paranormal gift, told me that this was the spirit of a soul that was never collected. I hope you know what I mean, it's a bit difficult for me to describe this in English.
  That knowledge was it bit frightning in the beginning, but I got used to it very soon, and it didn't bother me anymore.
Nowadays I don't see it anymore, so I suppose the lost soul is finaly collected.
That it may rest in peace.
That's all I have to tell about own experiences. But I have a lot of stories about haunted castles in the Netherlands, and I have made pictures of all these houses; so...if you are interested, let me know.

Red Eyed Dog


Hi, Dave. Just thought I'd tell a story that happened to me when I was about
ten years old. Also, I'd appreciate it if you'd e-mail me personally and
tell me what you think it could have been. The story begins, like I said,
when I was about 10 years old. I was with my best friend at the time. We
were hanging out at his grandparents' house. Before I tell the rest of the
story I'd better give a brief history on the house as told to me by my
friend. The house is built in two parts. There's an older part and a newer
part to the house. On the land surrounding the house there were two ponds.
Rumor had it that a couple of people had died during fishing accidents in
one of the two ponds a long time ago. Anyway, in the house, as best as I can
remember, I would always get a very strange feeling whenever I would go into
the old part of the house, which is where all of the bedrooms were. It
always seemed foggy back there for some reason. Okay, here's the story. We
were staying there alone one night. His parents and granparents were out
together. We were watching TV in the livingroom which was located in the
newer part of the house. I remember wanting to go play with a set of old
drums that his grandfather had in a bedroom in the old part of the house. So
we left the livingroom and went to the bedroom where the drums were. And,
ofcourse, like everytime before, I felt very strange again. It was as if
someone was watching me. I also remember having kind-of a sick feeling as we
were walking towards the room down the hall. Once we made it to the room I
sat down and started playing with the drums. The whole time my friend and I
were talking and joking around. After a while I realized that my friend was
no longer talking to me and that I was talking to myself. I turned around
and he was gone. This in itself scared me as I was already scared in the
first place for being in that part of the house. So I got up from the drums
and walked towards the bedroom door. Now this next part really happened. I
swear I cannot explain it but it sticks in my mind as if it happened
yesterday. As I was walking out of the door into the hallway I happened to
look up into the room directly across the hall. In the darkness I saw red
eyes looking at me. The body was, as best as I can describe, a black dog
with eagle talons. It was sitting on it's hind legs and looking at me like
dogs do. It's teeth were showing as if it were growling at me. I saw all of
this from the reflection of the light from the bedroom that I was leaving.
The main thing I can remember is it's shiny red eyes looking at me. Then,
something in my mind told me to run. So, ofcourse, I did. I ran all the way
back to the livingroom where my friend was sitting. On top of being scared
to death, I was also pretty upset that he left me in that room alone. It
just so happened that the next day my dad took us back to that house so he
could do some medal detecting on the property. My friend and I went back to
the bedroom where I saw the "thing", my friend thinking that it could've
been a statue or something of his grandparents'. But there was nothing
there. Just that same wierd feeling and that foggy look in the air. I have
never had another experience quite like this one again. So I'm thinking that
it may have had something to do with the house.

Spirit In Me


The event which happened to me was on the 18/10/2000, I just came back home from my girlfriends house at night about 11.15pm and as usuall started falling asleep on the lounge, I fell asleep for 20 minutes then I got myself up which I was fully awake then went into my bedroom to sleep .
I got into bed with my duna sheet and 1 blancket very nice and warm , I layed down on my back so just amagine your looking or facing directly up at the seeiling . anyway I closed my eyes and started going to sleep . I wasn't asleep but had my eyes closed ready to sleep .OK
I had my eyes shut completly , but after 5 minutes I felt like my eyes could see the seeiling without me opening my eyes . I wasn't feeling normal but I keeped my eyes shut , suddenly these small particals of black looking balls formed into a shape and shadow of a human body , I couldn't determine if it was a male or a female figure but it was a human shadow.
Once these fragment or particals made the figure of this body up it was floating right above me in the same way I was lying down on my bed , at this stage I was thinking what is this ?, anyway the next thing that happened was the human figure droped into my body , firstly starting from the feet droping or falling into my body , after this happened I instantly didn't know what was happening, but I could feel this human body in me , It was like I had someone else in my body .
After it entered me I felt 3 to 4 shocks of my body , I rised of my bed 3 to 4 times like I was electricuted , I could feel that this human wanted me to do something bad but I didn't let that happen.
I am Greek Nationality and my grandmother told me when I was small that when you feel evil things are happening or see evil bad things happen always say to yourself "I have always got you behind me satin", so when this human shadow droped into me then shocked me 3 to 4 times I repeted exactly that over and over again about 5 time during and after the shocks and everytime I said it , it felt like the shadow was weakining and about the 5th time I said it I felt it leave my body , I opened my eyes and started crying , I was crying because I got scared and I then got my necklace cross and prayed then slept ok during that night .
I also went to church a couple of days after it happened and lighted up some candle for me and me family .

Spiritual Encounter?


First of all, I want you to know how much I really enjoy your site.  I've
been reading the stories for a couple of weeks now and they have helped me
to remember some specific instances from my childhood that I had forgotten.
This really isn't a ghost story per se, but you might find it interesting.
I am 36 now, but while I was growing up in Los Angeles I can remember
several instances where I would clearly hear someone calling my name.  I
always assumed it was my mother calling me for some reason (which she would
do quite often), but on those occassions she was on the other side of the
house and would claim that she never called me.  I just assumed it was my
imagination or maybe it was someone yelling from one of the other houses in
my neighborhood.  But as time went on it happened frequently enough for me
to realize that something wasn't right.  I don't remember anything unusual
happening to me during this time with the exception of being very afraid of
the dark.  I was always scared of waking up in the night and seeing
something in my room.  Getting up to go to the bathroom was always a
frightening experience because I was always certain I would see something in
my hallway.  I don't remember ever actually seeing anything, but that fear
was always present.  I even picked up the habit of rocking my bed and
singing to myself so that I wouldn't hear noises or see something in my
room.  I could just chalk it up to a child's overactive imagination if it
wasn't for the fact that I would distinctly hear my name being called on
several occasions.  I wonder now if maybe a lot more happened to me that my
mind is blocking out.
Anyway, when I was in my early twenties (and still living in the same house
I grew up in) I woke up early one morning and was lying in bed when I
clearly heard my name called again.  It sounded like the person was in my
room!  I couldn't tell if it was a man's or woman's voice, it seemed rather
androgynous.  But I suddenly felt compelled to answer it for the first time,
so I simply responded, "Yes."  Immediately it felt as if I was falling down
a large hole.  My vision went black and it felt like I was sinking deep into
the bed, almost as if I were going into a trance.  I could not move or
hardly even breathe!  This scared the hell out of me and and I did my best
to fight it off, repeating over and over, "go away...go away...go
away.....".  After several moments I started to feel normal again and the
pressure lifted.  I had no idea what had just happened.  I quickly put it
out of my mind until just last year when I moved from Los Angeles to be with
my fiance in New Jersey.  We were driving cross country and we spent one
night in a hotel in Indianapolis.  We had just gone to bed and my fiance
fell instantly to sleep when I thought I could hear voices in the room next
to us.  It almost sounded as if a party were going on next door, yet I
couldn't make out anything that was being said.  After listening to them for
a moment I had a strange feeling come over me that something was about to
happen.  Then the same feeling that hit me several years before began again
and I felt like I was being pulled deep into the bed.  I know I fell into
some kind of trance, but I didn't fight it this time.  I was extremely
curious and wanted to see what would happen.  After what seemed like a few
moments of blackness I could see strange geometric shapes floating before
me, but they were unrecognizable and were glowing with odd colors.  One
shape would float before me for a few seconds, then change into a different
shape.  This went on for a several minutes until the next thing I knew I was
back in my bed awake.  I immediately woke my fiance and told her what
happened.  I slept the rest of the night without incident, but I often
wonder what would have happened years before if I had not gotten scared and
fought off that experience.  I have not had anything happen to me since that

Minnesota Reservation


Thank you for the wonderful site. One thing that makes the ghost stories so
believable is that they're everyday. No sensationalism.
I grew up on an Indian reservation in northern Minnesota, and in the 1960s
my family lived in a big house that was probably built between 1900 and
1920.  It was a 2-story house that was weather-beaten on the outside and had
a rusty tin roof.  In the 1960s we still had an outhouse and no phone.  The
bottom floor of the house was one big room that was our kitchen, dining
room, and living room.  The top floor was another big room that had all our
beds, 6 in all, lined up on either side of the room.  The top floor had two
large windows on either side of it, one facing west and the other facing
east.  To get from the top floor down to the bottom, you stepped through a
large square cut in the floor of the second story and started down a steep,
narrow, enclosed, L-shaped staircase.  Two small stairs made up the foot of
the L, and coming out of the stairwell brought you to the front door, which
was on the right.
Around 1967, my family moved out of that house and into one that actually
had indoor plumbing and a phone, thanks to the hard work of my aunt.  But we
could still see the old house from our new house.  A young couple with two
small children moved into our old house then, which was just a 5 minute walk
down a dirt road.
In 1967 I was 5 years old and my cousin Angela (not her real name) was
around 17 years old.  One night the young couple asked Angie if she would
baby-sit and she said yes.  So down the dirt road she went, and when she got
to the house she found that the couple had made a significant change in the
house’s arrangement.  The house had been built in a time and place where the
only heat source installed was a woodburning stove on the first floor.  This
made the house too cold for two small children.  So the husband boarded up
the stairwell to the 2nd floor and the family did all their living on the
1st floor.  Boards were now nailed up where the L-shaped stairwell had
emptied out by the front door.
When it grew late, Angie put the 2 children to bed and sat by them listening
to the radio.  (At night we could get KOMO from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.)
At around 10 o’clock, she heard a THUMP up above her on the 2nd floor and
thought maybe something had fallen over.  Since the stairwell had been
boarded over, there was no way to check.  But the night grew quiet again and
Angie went back to listening to the radio (she’s not a reader, not even
magazines), until another THUMP sounded above her head.  It seemed to be
close to the 2nd floor’s large east-facing window.  A second or two later,
another THUMP, and then THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.  The sound was moving
across the 2nd floor above her head like the footsteps of a man wearing
Still, Angie dismissed the pacing sounds above her head.  She had heard a
story once where a family thought they had a ghost in their attic and it was
only squirrels storing nuts.  She paid no attention to the steady thumps.
Could be squirrels, or . . . something more typical.  Angie was a popular
girl in high school and was always being asked for dates.  She wouldn’t have
been surprised for a moment if some boy from school had climbed in the 2nd
floor window (my family used to keep a tall ladder outside for repairing the
roof), hoping to scare her.
Angie stayed by the children, still listening to KOMO, Oklahoma City, and,
as suddenly as they had begun, the footfalls stopped.  For a moment.  When
they started again, Angie realized with alarm that they were no longer
pacing back and forth on the 2nd floor.  The thumping footsteps were coming
down the stairwell, quietly and carefully.  Suddenly Angie laughed to
herself.  If it was a boy from school, he was in for a rude awakening.  The
stairwell had been boarded over, after all, and he was going to have to go
back up the way he came down.  His plan was probably to jump out of the
stairwell and surprise her.
The footsteps stopped at the end of the L, as if a person were standing on
the other side of the nailed-up boards.  Angie waited, amused, for the boy
to retreat.  But the night grew quiet.  The house grew quiet.  Until all of
a sudden Angie heard a THUMP over her head, underneath the east-facing 2nd
floor window, as she had heard the first THUMP that night.  Another THUMP
followed, and then the footsteps started again, across the floor, east to
west, and then, to Angie’s increasing alarm, down the stairwell.  The
footsteps stopped again where the stairwell was boarded up.
Angie sat frozen in terror, next to the sleeping children, who were unaware
of the thumping noises from above them or Angie’s terror.  The footsteps
didn’t belong to any person, or even an animal, because they never turned
and went back up the stairs.  The footsteps always stopped where the
stairwell had been boarded up, and they always started again on the east
side of the house under the 2nd floor window.
Angie’s first thought was to run, and run home, which, thankfully, was so
close.  And yet so far away.  She couldn’t leave the children.  She couldn’t
carry them, either.  They were little children, but not that little.
And so Angie waited, terrified, for the young couple to return home.  She
stayed with the children, listening to the footsteps over her head start
under the eastern window, walk across the floor, down the stairwell, stop,
and then start again.
When I first heard this story, I was a teenager in the 1970s, and when I
looked back to around the time this ghost story happened, I remembered that
my cousin Angie changed for a brief period in her life.  Always a pragmatic
girl, she suddenly became fearful – afraid of the dark, afraid to be home
alone.  I remember one time in particular when I was around 10 years old, my
family and I returned home at night to find Angie looking out the screen
door, her face pale, and she cold on a hot summer night, watching us drive
up, and saying  Where have you been?, nearly hysterical.  She returned home
during the day to find the house empty and became more and more afraid as
the sun faded from the sky and night came on.
This is the reason why I believe Angie’s story is true.  She changed for
awhile.  Today she’s back to her old self – fearless and a true skeptic.
Incidentally, that old house burned to the ground not long after Angie heard
the ghostly footsteps.  The house built in its place burned down, also, as
did the house built after that.  Today nothing stands there.  It’s an empty
lot overgrown with milk weeks, poison ivy, and tall grass.

Strange Happenings


In the summer of 1999 my husband and I took a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and visited Point Iroquois in Brimley, Michigan. This old lighthouse was home to a few keepers that watched over Lake Superior. When touring the museum ( a very small one at that) inside the lighthouse, I asked the lady behind the desk if there was a ghost there. She gave me a funny look and said, 'Yes, there is a "presence" here.' And I kid you not, as soon as she said that all the smoke alarms went off and scared the heck out of us! The lady went back to check it out and then they stopped. As soon as she started walking back towards us, they went off again. We decided to leave at that point. A year later, we went back to the lighthouse...the same lady was behind the desk...I told her I was there when the alarms went off and she replied, 'You know, that hasn't happened since that time.' Looks like I roused him or her out of their slumber that year! Anyway, I didn't see Point Iroquois on your list of Michigan Haunted, maybe it's worth looking into. Thanks for letting me tell my story.

Sweet Dreams


Ever since I was a child I have always been able to sense any type of presence no matter where I happen to be.  Always without any warning.  Particularly in my bedroom I always felt a door would open and stay that way until I moved into a new residence.  Fortunately I have a husband who can sense these occurrances as well so at least I don't feel like I'm loosing it.  I fully accept an after life of some sort but it is unsettling to constantly feel someone there, feel pressure, or hear a voice or see movement.  Many times it is not negative but I won't say that is not always the case.  Even in in dreams I'll meet family members from my husband's side who have long since past away  way before we met accepting me in the family and looking out for us.  That I must admit can be very much a comfort especially since some people living are not always as accepting in some families.  I will give you a perfect example of this........ In a very clear dream I was at a beautiful lake.  On the edge of the lake there was a gazebo. It was not huge but it was big enough to have a small table with 2 chairs. The set was all white.  There was an elegantly dress elderly man waiting there to greet me. He was about 5'9", balding, blue eyes, large ears and a warm smile.  He gave me a hug and motioned me to the chair.  I noticed that I was dressed in a white laced victorian style dress.  I could not remember hearing a conversation, but when it was over I got up to leave and he then gave me a black velvet jewelry bag.  I hugged him and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. As I left I woke up.
The next day I was to go to then my future in-law's house and on the way, I told my fiance' the dream.  He said that I should relate the dream to his mom that evening.  Fortunately we all hit it off real well and as the evening progressed I related the story to his mom.  She asked me to see some family photos and I stopped cold on one.  There on a page was an elderly gentleman, balding, with large ears and that beautiful smile. It turned out to be my fiance' grandfather on his dad's side, referred to as Pop.
Pop has enjoyed visiting us and it has been 11 years that we have been happily married.  I guess he was happy to see that the second time around for his grandson was a charm.
We have had many things happened but those are other stories to tell.

Tall Ghosts


I've heard different accounts of "tall" ghosts in my life, which reminds me
of something I don't consciously remember.
I am told that when I was a small child of about three or four years of age,
I often announced to my mom "the man in the window is back!"
I grew up in a house in New Orleans of the traditional "shotgun" house
style, a long, narrow house raised up off the ground a few feet because of
occasional flooding, with shuttered windows.  The neighborhood was a typical
New Orleans turn-of-the century neighborhood, with many of these houses
packed close together, separated by very narrow alleys, set so close
together that housewives would often gossip (or borrow sugar) through open
kitchen windows. You could lean over the windowsill, stretch out your arm,
and easily touch the neighbor's house.
My mother tells me that I would often be playing on the floor indoors, in
the early evening, when I would suddenly go running into the kitchen to
announce that "the man" was in the window.  Once my mother pressed me for a
detailed description, and I'm told I described a man in "raggy clothes" and
mimicked the body posture of a person leaning forward with his hands on the
windowsill, peering into the house.  The only problem, of course, is that a
real person would have to be eight or nine feet tall to do this, or else
stand on a stepladder!
My mom says she originally theorized that I was simply seeing the man next
door through the alley windows, but after awhile she realized that the
neighbors often had their windows shuttered, so this convenient explanation
had to be dismissed.
Also, the alley was closed off by a tall, latched gate on each end.  My
mother, of course would immediately stick her head out to see if there was a
prowler, but this was unlikely because often the windows were open (she
would have heard someone lurking at such close quarters) and she always
stuck her head out fast enough that the intruder would have had to have run
awfully fast, to get away, and even if he did, the gate would always be
closed.  No fleeing prolwer closes the gate behind himself!  Besides, this
was the very early 1960s when crime was not a big concern.
Being Irish Catholic and easily spooked, these sightings upset my mother.
She says the sightings continued until we moved away from that house,
shortly after my fifth birthday.   They were pretty frequent, a few times a
month, and I was always scared by this apparition.
Do you have any sources or stories about "tall" ghosts and what they might
represent?  I'm also part Cherokee and there is a particular "tall spirit"
whose sightings presage the death of the viewer or a loved one, but my
childhood description does not match this spirit.  Incidentally, my
grandmother died right before we moved from that house.

The Family Home


My parents have both passed away.  My mother died in August of 1999 in aan
assisted living facility.  She was 62 years old.  My father died in 1990.
He had a heart attack at home.  The death certificate said he died in the
hospital, but my sister was present when they took him out.  They performed
CPR all the way out of the home and until they reached the hospital.  He was
administered "the shot" in the home.  She says she thinks he really died at
home.  He was 52.
I moved into the house in June of 1999 with the blessings of my mother.  My
niece by marriage (a girl I had never met before, age 9) was sleeping in the
den of the home.  The next morning the girl told her mother that she had met
the Man, and that she thought he might be a ghost, but that he was very nice
and was smiling.  Please note that my father collapsed in the den, and that
this took place prior to my mother's death.
Since that time my husband was sleeping in our den.  That night a floor lamp
with a foot control (not a touch lamp) would slowly turn on any then off.
It did this 3 time over a period of any hour.  This occurred in January 2000.
On mother's day 2000, I awoke and needed to go to the bathroom.  When I
opened the bathroom door to climb back into bed, I saw my mother standing in
the far corner of the room.  I jumped into the bed and covered my head so I
don't know what happened after that.
In June of this year, my husband was in a chair, in our den, bent over tying
his shoes when he felt a light touch on his left middle back.  He leaned
in the chair, and felt the same touch through the chair.  He was alone.
In July of this year, my husband was in the den again, alone and watching
 He noticed a motion to his left close to a window.  This window had a
shade, the cheap kind that you buy at a discount store.  He noticed that blind was
being pulled down a little and adjusted up.  He discounted this to the
extreme Texas heat.
Prior to all of the above, my mother, who scoffed a the idea of ghosts, had
several encounters of a "swoosh" sound and then the feeling of someone
to bed with her.  My mother and I both were very skeptical about any
supernatural activity, we even made fun of my sister who has always believed
in ghosts.
The one thing that all of my sisters and me noticed in this house, both when
we were there alone or together, was that when we were in our kitchen, we
would notice out of the corner of our eye to the right a motion or a light
in the living room adjacent to the kitchen.
I have since moved,  I could not stand the pressure and was extremely
frightened.  You see I came from a dysfunctional family, where any slight
mistake was considered a crime.  Everything was wonderful if you didn't do
anything to disappoint my parents, but if you did it was a harsh beating or
an all night lecture and a list of everything you had ever done.
The reason for this letter is that we have this house up for sale.  It would
be a wonderful opportunity for any of my sisters (2) or brother.  One of my
sisters is considering buying this property but is apprehensive if she will
be haunted.

The Green Man


This story takes place in central Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  My mother and father
moved into what is believed to be a late 1800's or early 1900's home. (Some
history had been done on the house, but unfortunately dead-ended about the
late 1940's)  My mother and father had just recently come back to Ft. Wayne
after living in North Carolina, where my dad was stationed after Viet Nam.
They had come across this two-story house, and began renting in the early
1970's.  After I came along in 1973, we stayed in the house until I was
three, but while we were there, some strange things happened.  In one
incidence, my mother was upstairs in the bathing in the bathroom at the end
of the hall.  Suddenly the doorknob started to rattle.  Thinking it was my
father, my mother said for him to come in.  The rattling stopped, then
started up again a few seconds later.  Again, she stated the the door was
unlocked and he could enter.  It stopped again.  When my mother told this to
my father, she asked him why he didn't come in, and he said "Come in where?"
She explained to him what had happened, and he said he was downstairs
watching T.V.  Another occurance happened one night when my dad was working
third shift.  He decided to sleep in the downstairs bedroom located next to
the stairwell, like he did sometimes after work.  He was not in bed too long
when he heard footsteps coming down the wooden staircase.  He knew he was the
only one home because my mother had left for work already.  He didn't hear
anyone walking around downstairs, and chalked it up to overtiredness.  A few
minutes later he heard someone coming down the stairs again.  This time my
father grabbed  baseball bat and came out of the bedroom to see what was
going on.  He couldn't find anyone, and my father was getting upset.  This
continued about a half of a dozen times.  Always coming down, but not going
back up.  Finally my father became angry and yelled out "Look, I am not
getting up again.  You know where I am, if you want me come and get me!"
After that, it stopped.  On one occassion, according to my parents, I was
asleep upstairs in my bedroom at the end of the hall opposite the bathroom.
My parents were downstairs watching T.V. when they heard me hit the floor and
run across the hall.  My parents ran upstairs to make sure I wasn't hurt.
When they got upstairs, they found me in my room, still asleep in my crib.
My mother told me that whenever we would go away for the day or night, we
never left any lights on.  But every time we came home, all the lights in the
house would be on.  We moved out of the house in 1976, and my parents'
friends and their son, who was only 11 months older than me, moved in.  So we
visited the houe alot.  Our friends moved out of the house and to Nebraska
when I was five.  But not until about five years ago, when my dad's friend
visited from Nebraska, he had told me a story about the house that I hadn't
heard before.  He said that shortly before they moved out, his son was
upstairs in his bedroom, which used to be my old room.  He said that he heard
his son talking to someone.  He started up the stairs and came to the
landing.  The stairs are positioned in such a way to where you have to go up
about seven stairs and then you come to a landing where the stairway makes a
turn to the left, and you go up the second set of seven stairs.  As he got to
the landing to make his way up the second set of stairs, he couldn't move.
He said that he felt a force pressing against his chest, holding him to the
landing.  The whole time he could hear his son continue to talk to someone,
he felt this force holding him, but could see nothing.  Finally, when his son
stopped talking, the force released him, and he ran upstairs to his son's
bedroom.  He asked his son who he was talking to, and his son said "the green
man".    He is the only one that we know of who has seen whatever or whoever
is in the house.  Sometime later, when I was about ten, my mother and I were
going to neighborhood garage sales.  It just so happened that the people who
lived in the house were having a sale.  I begged my mother to go and talk to
the lady about the house.  My mother went up and simply said that we used to
live in the house and wondered if they had any unusual experiences since they
moved in.  And when the lady looked at my mom with somewhat wide eyes and
said "Oh, you mean like the footsteps upstairs?"  We knew then that there was
definitely something, or someone, who still called the place home.
 Thank you for letting my share my story.

The Invisible Ghosts

By: receptionist@RELSYS-INC.COM

Hello.  I have told a few people of this experience but never written it
down.  When I was 5, (1957) my parents moved our family from a beautiful
home in Pasadena, California, to a new home in the then very small town of
Costa Mesa , California.  The house was one of 3 built at the same time and
was surrounded by fields.  At the corner of the block was an old farmhouse;
possibly 50 years old or so.  Please keep this in mind as I believe that
some of the ghosts originally lived/died in this home.
My first experience that I remember ( I was about 6 or 7) was shortly after
my father had the "dog catcher" take my dog to be put to sleep.  Of course I
was told he was going to a farm to live and believed it.  My grandmother had
recently passed away.  I was sleeping in my bed when for some reason, I woke
up.  There was my grandmother sitting on the end of the bed with Freckles,
my dog smiling.  She said nothing as I recall and I felt no fear, as she was
so familiar to me.  I went back to sleep.
From that time on I would hear noises inside  as well as outside the house.
At night I would hear my mothers antique bottle collection moving around and
the glasses in the bar moving.  I would hear "things" running between our
house and the one next door.  We something like an alley between their house
and ours and it might have been 12 feet wide at the most.  I would stick my
head up just far enough to peak out the window but I never saw a thing.  The
noise was so loud I could not believe no one else heard it.  I never told my
folks about it.  I was the youngest and of course not to be given and
credence.  When I was alone, I never felt quite alone.  I always felt that
someone was there, watching.
By far the most terrifying experience was when I was about 10.  I had a bird
and it was my job to once a week to clean his cage.  I did this outside,
between the two houses where I could put the newspaper in the garbage.  I
never liked going out there after dark, but my dad had a greenhouse at the
time and to discourage vandals, he put a spot light, and I mean a bright
spot light on the roof of the house so it would shine down not only in our
yard but in the neighbors yard.  It was so bright that I could see the two
clotheslines at the end of the alley quite clearly.  Anyway, here I was
cleaning the bird cage when I hear the sound of running.  I had my back to
the noise so I turned around to see what was going on and as I
looked....well, this noise was running around the neighbors clothesline.  I
was simply put, frozen in place.  I was sure I was missing something.  This
can't be.  Well, then it got worse.. the feet started running toward me and
I still could not move.  I just could not believe what I was NOT seeing.  As
it got closer, I guess self preservation kicked in because I ran to the back
door and slammed it shut.  I stood there waiting for the sound to run by but
I don't remember if it did now some 40 years later.  All I do remember is
that I was amazed and scared all at the same time.
Years later, after I was married and my father had passed away, my sister
and my niece, with whom I am very close, moved in with my mom to keep
company.  I found out recently that my niece would hear the exact same
things in the house and outside of the house.  She is the only one of my
relatives who admits (or have heard; I not sure which one) to the noises.  I
once tried to bring the subject up after mom died but my siblings just
laughed it off.  It is still a subject between my niece and myself.  We
leave it at that.
My sister sold the house in 1976 and I have often wondered if the new owners
have ever heard grandma moving moms bottles.
One footnote:  my sister used to get mad and my niece and nephew for moving
the bottles around.  She never got the connection.



When I was about 6 yrs. old I lived in a duplex on State Avenue in a town
called Coraopolis, PA. We lived in the bottom half of the home and an
elderly woman lived upstairs. Anyway, one experience I had there, and I can
still remember it so vividly, was with a gray floating figure. I was asleep
in my room, my little sister was also in my room but she was in her crib
sleeping, I was laying in bed with my dog when I woke up and looked over to
the doorway of my room, there hovering in the doorway was this gray figure,
it had holes through it and was oddly shaped, not like a human but I could
tell it was a presence. I was frozen with fear, my dog also saw it and began
growling, I laid there for such a long time afraid to move sweating, I think
I tried calling out to my parents but was to frightened. I remember telling
my family, and they just laughed, but I know what I saw because I still
remember it to this day.
Also, my best friend lived next door to me, and my grandparents lived next
door to her. Well, I know all 3 of these homes were haunted. My best friends
mom was folding laundry when she went to check on her baby in his playpen,
when she got back the laundry was thrown everywhere.
Now my grandparents had alot of experiences in there home. My grandparents
are very honest people and I know they wouldn't lie. They said that before
they bought their house another family had lived there, a minister, his wife
and their daughter. Anyway, they say the minister used to lock the little
girl in the closet to punish her. well my grandparents said they could
always her a little girl crying coming through the fireplace, it stopped
once they bricked up the fireplace. Also, this mischevious ghost used to go
into my youngest aunts room (she was still living at home) and toss all her
records around her room. One night, my gram and aunt heard a loud crash in
the kitchen, when they went out to see what had happend they found a
grouping of little owls (home interior type, not real) that were hanging on
the wall, all laying in a line on the kitchen floor with one of them turned
in the other direction. My grandpap said one day he was having his coffee in
the dining room when over top of his paper he watched as a picture lifted
off the wall, cleared the fireplace mantel it hung above and went crashing
to the floor. I had 2 experiences in this home, one was when I stayed the
night as well as several of my cousins, anyway we were all sleeping in one
of the bedrooms upstairs, on the one closet door hung a full length mirror,
it was angled toward the hallway, I woke up and happend to look at the
mirror (it was morning because it was light out) and when I looked I saw a
man in all black with a black hood covering his face with a large hatchet
(like a knight in one of those old castles would have), he was in the
hallway outside the room and I could see him in the mirror. Another thing
was I was visting one day when I was in the living room watching tv, my
family was on the porch, I heard someone coming down the stairs, I looked
over and saw noone so I got up and walked over to see who it was, there was
no one there, I ran outside and wanted to leave immediately.
I am 28 yrs old now, and my husband and I bought this house I'm in now off
of my other family member, none of my family ever lived here. I don't know
of how old our home is or how many families lived here before, but I know
the one before us. The husband and wife had passed away and thier adult
children sold it to my relatives who live up the hill. Well, we were here
only a few weeks, when our dog came running out of the bedroom carrying
something little in her mouth anand wagging her tail. When I grabbed what
was in her mouth, it was a small little toy, it was a little sheep made from
wool, and it was made in Germany. My husband and I have no idea where it
came from, the bedroom was completely empty when we moved in, and I know I
would have seen it. Maybe it was the former owner making peace with our dog.
Who knows?
Anyways, I always felt very uneasy in that home of my grandparents,
especially upstairs, the bathroom was at the end of the hall and I can
always remeber running to the steps from the bathroom and just a
overwhelming uneasy feeling when I had to walk past the bedrooms.

What Do We Really Know?


Hello.  I'll give you a condensed version of what happened to us.  We
currently live in Florida but we owned a three family house in  Pa.  We lived
there from 1992 to February of 2000.  The house was built about 100 years ago
by a family of carpenters.  The house was built for family to live in with
their families.    Sort of "the family home".   Anyway,  after moving into
this house we had the feeling we were being watched.    Our son was two at
the time.   Well,  one night I was in our dining room and I just froze.  I
was stricken with fear that if I turned around, I'd see someone.  I was home
alone except for my son who was upstairs sleeping.   I was sitting at the
table typing a letter when this feeling came over me.   I was so spooked that
I went outside and sat on the deck until my husband came home from work.  (he
worked nights)   We agreed that we both felt "something" in the house but
weren't sure if we believed in ghosts.   My son would get up in the morning
and tell me that "his sisters" were upstairs playing with him.    I could
hear him up there laughing and jabbering.  I basically thought noting of
this.   When my son, Brian, was four, we finally got him baptized.  We had
finally found a church that we liked.  I should also mention that our shower
faucet was really old and made a squeaking noise when you turned it on.  Well
while eating dinner, often we'd hear the faucet turn but the shower wasn't
wet.  It was definitely the sound of the shower faucets turning.    Anyway,
Brian was baptized on june 4, 1994 when he was four years old.  My sister was
staying with us for a few days.   As I said, this was a three family house,
it was our house and we rented out two other apartments.  We occupied the
third apartment which consisted of the third and fourth floors.   The third
floor was our kitchen, dining room , living room and computer room.  Upstairs
(the fourth floor) was three bedrooms and a bathroom.   After the baptism, we
had family over and some friends and a small brunch.  Everyone finally left
except for my sister.  That night, my sister and I went to bed.  My husband,
also Brian, said that he wanted to watch the weather and then he'd come to
bed.  I was in bed for about 20 minutes when Brian flew up the stairs and
kneeled by the side of the bed obviously very shaken.  I asked him what was
wrong and he proceeded to tell me what he saw and felt.  He was laying on the
sofa watching the tv when he "felt" as though someone was coming into the
room.  Thinking it would be me or my sister, he leaned forward and a woman
floated through the doorway between the dining room and the living room.   He
said that she was wearing a night gown, she was all white and floating
although her legs were moving as it she was walking.  Also, she was carrying
something in her arms.  He thought it may be a baby but he wasn't sure.  As
she passed the couch he was lying on, he said that he felt an incredible,
indescribable cold feeling.  He said he was cold to the bone.   He said it
was almost paralyzing it was so cold.  She drifted through the room past him
and through the dining room wall and out.   For a minute, he was unable to
move.   Then he flew upstairs to tell me.   My husband, being a very credible
person had no problem convincing me of what he saw since we suspected
something anyway.   At least now we knew.   The next few days were really
upsetting ... we didn't know if we should move, we didn't know if our son
would be harmed, etc.  I got in touch with a monsignor Essef.   We scheduled.
  He told me to try to be sure who she was so that we could encourage her to
leave the house.  In the meantime, he told me to leave her notes telling her
to go home, that God was waiting for her.  I left notes all over the house
but nothing changed.   I said out loud one day "Please, if you won't leave,
just at least stay in the guest room because you're scaring me".  I really
believe she heard me because noises stopped for a while.  Also, we could hear
her walking upstairs.    With Monsignor's visit coming up I decided I needed
to call a family member who still lived in Dunmore.  His name is Paul and at
that time he was 67 years old.  I told him who I was and that we bought the
house from his brother's wife a few years ago.   I told him that he would
think I was crazy but I needed to tell him my story.  He believed me.   I
thought for sure he'd think I was crazy.  The next week, he and his brother
came for lunch.  They were both born in the house.  In fact, Paul was born in
our dining room which at the time of his birth, was a bedroom!  He brought
family pictures of people who lived in the house over the years.  As we were
looking through the pictures Brian saw the woman who floated through the
house.  Her name was Jenny and she was Paul's aunt ... his mother's sister.
In the picture, her arm was held in a sling.  She had touched a downed power
line in a storm and lost all use of that arm.   THAT is what Brian saw her
carrying.   So at least now we had a name for Father Essef when he came to
visit.  We walked outside and they showed us the old grape arbor and told us
stories about the house.  His mother had lived in our apartment and his Aunt
Jenny had lived in the apartment below us.    While we were chatting, Paul's
brother, Jimmy got me aside and told me that he definitely had the feeling
that it was his mother in the house and not aunt Jenny.  He said that he just
"felt" her there.   Even tho Brian told him that he saw Aunt Jenny, he felt
this way.    Well, we basically knew that it was Aunt Jenny and felt
confident that we had the right name for Fr. Essef.    When Monsignor (Fr.)
Essef came into our home, the first words out of his mouth were, "I sense two
presences here".   We sat and prayed and prayed.  I also had invited my
pastor from my church to be with us.  After about 10 minutes of praying, we
definitely felt Jenny leave.   We continued to pray but nothing else
happened.  That night, AGAIN we heard foot steps upstairs and the shower
faucets squeaked.  We also often heard a small closet door slamming shut.  We
heard this that night too.    Apparently Jenny's sister (Jimmy's mother) WAS
in the house too.    Jenny left but Antoinette was still there.   NOW we knew
why my two year old son was telling us that he was playing with his sisters!
 The monsignor assured us that they were not evil and that she would not hurt
us.  Paul and Jimmy assured us that she loved children and would never hurt
our son or us.    We believe that the reason she was in the house is because
while she lived in our apartment (and Jenny in the second), Antoinette had no
contact with anyone else in the house.  She fought a lot in past times and
never could see eye to eye.  Our neighbor behind us knew them all.  I didn't
tell her what was going on but I asked questions about the family.  She said
that something happened and from that time on, they never spoke to each other
again.  (The family members, not the neighbor and the family)   Our neighbor
remained friends with the other siblings.  Even her sons didn't tell us about
this.  While Fr Essef was in our home and we were praying, he kept telling
Antoinette to "let go and forgive".  Well now we knew what that was all
about.  We don't know why her sister Jenny, from the second apartment was
there but at least she was gone now.  From what we learned, they will appear
to us to try to get help.  I don't know if that's true or not but we did get
her help getting "home".  We sold the house last February and as far as I
know, Antoinette is still there.   (wow, did I say this was going to be
short??)   So basically, that's our story.  We are now believers and we don't
often tell this story.  What we know really is much smaller than what we
don't know!   Well, thanks for listening.



This story may sound really odd, at least it does to me but I sure would like some insight if anyone has any.

   On October 3rd 1999 our beloved cat was found dead. He always slept under the neighbors truck at night and on this particular morning, the neighbor came out to go to town but our cat, Thomas, didn't move like he usually did. To make a long story short, he had died in his sleep from what the vet thinks may have been poisoning. That is upsetting that someone would poison your pet but that was not the weird part.
     Shortly after Thomas died, he would come visit us. We were not freaked out about it or anything, just glad to see him. He continued to come see us for about 4-5 months after his death then he stopped. About a month or so after he stopped coming to see us, a person started showing up in our house. We have a very small house and have lived here for 3 years without ever a thing happening, until after Thomas died. This person, was dressed in very dark clothes with a hat on like the hat Indiana Jones wears. He would just appear in our hallway and walk down the hall stopping at all the bedrooms and looking in. He never seemed to enter the bedrooms but just stop and look in then after he checked them all he would disappear. That was a bit spooky but nothing we were to freaked out about until one night. He got to the last bedroom, my youngest daughters room and this time he entered. I went running down the hall when I saw him actually enter her room and there he was standing at the end of her bed staring down at her. The hair was standing on end on the back of my neck and I had a distinct feeling that this person was bad. I remember trying to figure out how to get my daughter out of the room without causing the man to do anything. I was really at a lose of what to do. At that point I heard a meow and down the hall came Thomas. He looked like he was angry and he stalked right past me, into my daughters room and up on her bed. The dark man just disappeared then. He hasn't been back since but Thomas comes back now and again. We don't see him anymore, just feel him. He climbs in our laps or lays on us while we are in bed. My question is this, is Thomas protecting us from the grave and if so, who was that man and why was he interested in my 14 year old daughter?

Too Scared


I always hated Halloween.  It's like being in a dark ally on the west-side
of town or seeing the police behind your vehicle when your driving.  I'll
cut down to the point.  I was about 19 years old when this occurred.  I had
my scary custom on and was ready to go Trick or Treating.  That day I felt
different, I ran over a black dog, got a speeding ticket, and my girlfriend
dumped me.  That night nothing was going to plan.  A bunch of friends and I
was suppose to attend a Halloween Party at a friends cabin, but instead they
left me behind at home.  I sure didn't want to drive up to the cabin, but
that was my only choice.  But that' not the worst part.  While heading up
hill to the party my sorry, piece-of-shit Ford Explorer died!  It was dark,
chilly night and nothing was staring except a full moon up high.  I tried to
stay in my car but unlucky me, my lights went dead.  Nothing would turn on.
While sitting silently in my dead car, I had no choice but to walk up the
hill.  I estimated that if I started walking I could get to the cabin in 45
minutes.  I grabbed my flashlight and headed my way up.  I tried calling the
cabin with my cell-phone but I couldn't get any signal.  I walked step after
step, heading higher and higher up the hill.  Thirty minutes passed by and
still not a car in sight. Now the weird things started happening.  As I
continue walking up the hill, I suddenly glanced to the road and there lie a
body.  I shined my flashlight upon that area and my eyes met with dog lying
there half dead.  I can see the dog taking his last couple of breaths as he
waited for his death.  I continue walking up the hill and all of a sudden a
stroke of wind knock me off my feet. This was very scary because there was
trees all around, no way a gush of wind could have blown by. And the wind
was chilling cold. I thought to myself, should i run for the cabin or the
car? The cabin was nearby and the car was way back down the hill. This wind
chill was starting to really scare the pants off of me. I started walking up
the hill faster. I started hearing what sounded like a car coming up the
road. I thought to myself, ok good, i can hitch a ride up. I hear the coming
up but i don't see any headlight!! The sound of a car got louder and louder
but still no car show up. I shine the light down the road, nothing. I
started walking again hoping the car will stop when it passes by me. Now it
really got loud, like the car was right behind me, it's unmistakable. Its a
car engine sound. I turned around, flash the light, nothing, but as soon as
i spun around, the sound stopped. I was standing in the dead of the night
with all my hairs pointing straight up. I got urge to run, so i started
running up the hill with all the strength i had in me. This was very scary,
as i'm running up the hill, things starting flashing by me. Cold gusts of
wind, flashes of light from nowhere. Then i started to hear noises like
moaning from the woods. I was almost in tears running up. I was scared to
death, i could have gotten a heart attack. about 10 run up, i saw the cabin.
Well lit from the inside with about 9 cars parked outside. I ran straight at
the cabin screaming my lungs off. HELP! HELP! No one came out. I could see
some people through the window but  no one seems to look out at me. I was
flashing my lights at them too. Now as I was nearing the gate to the cabin,
i felt there was something following me. I can feel and hear something
running right behind me. But I didn't have the guts to turn at look. I ran
straight up to the front door nearly breaking it down. Knocking so hard they
shut off the music just to see what's going on. My friends open the door and
i fell to the ground right in the doorway. They pulled me up inside and ask
what was that all about. I was speechless. Every word i try to say won't
come out. They said what happen why are your so cold. I couldn't answer
them,  i just pointed out the door. Few of them went outside with
flashlights and looked around. At the same time i saw some people laughing,
I guess they thought I was crazy. Crazy my ass, I was scared to death.  My
eyes wide awake, my body easily calming down, and my pants wet form my own
urine.  They laughed and criticize but what I experience that day can never
ever be forgotten away.  During the next morning I fetch a ride with some
friends.  We drove down the hill and stopped by my car.  It was totally
trashed.  My tires slashed, my windows rolled down, and  frighten of all my
car was parked right beside the dead dog.  Stained of blood splattered all
over my front windshield as I stood there confused and scared.  I tried to
tell my friends that the dog wasn't suppose to be there and my car broke
down about half a mile down from the stop where it was at.  While my car was
being towed back into town I got a bite to eat and Louie's House.  A local
restaurant that serve home made delight.  As I began to slip my hot co-co,
my eyes suddenly stop at a headline.  I picked up the newspaper which lied
on the counter.  It reads "On this day, in loving memory of my son, Jeffery
and his beloved companion Bifie, a black German Sheppard."  As I read the
article it listed these two lost their life while driving to a party on
Halloween and droved off the cliff.  No evidence was found for what caused
their death.

Two Witnesses


    I have always convinced myself that the dark nights hold  creatures that
humans have never seen. Have you ever asked yourself what IS fear? Fear is yet
simple. We only fear things cause we have not yet experience them or Fear can be
 we do not have knowledge of it.
    It was only about a year ago when i was only 15. The streets were vacant
infront of my house and since I lived out in the country and not really had a
curfew... I decided to take a little walk. I left my house not aware what the
eerie night was going to show me.
     I suppose it was about 12: 35 when I had left my house. Very few cars drove
down at this time at night, and when they did I would sink into the shadows not
to be picked up.
    Down the road from me, a new golf corse was being constructed. They had not
clear all the forestry, but a  few vacant pacthes here and there of open fields
were exposed.
    This is when I had my first encounted with fear. It was quiet and still that
night. A car from on top of the hill was running down and I ran off to the side
to hide that contained the golf corse construction. I watched the car flash by
and finally I returned to the road's side.
    I then heard breaking sticks and body movement somehwhere not far from were
I was hiding. My first impalse was to turn to come across an animal I  would be
fimilar with. But my felt my heat sink way down with in me when i did not see
anything. I walked a little closer towrds the the centure on the left lain to
make sure I would not encouter it again. A few kilometers down the road I felt
as though I was being wacthed from not a far distnace and being followd. My
heart race just a little but I tried to keep myself under controll and not to
panic hopefully over a obevies animal.
     Then came the heart renching sound. A cry of a non-human non-animal rang
through the air as if it were waring or claming its attack. I jump towrds the
centure line of the road. The scream went through my entire body sending the
coldest chills possible down my spine. I could'nt think of any animal it could
be. More scraping in the woods was heard. I swallowd hard and walked on trying
to keep my distance from the open feild i was now paralle too. It called out
again a few seconds later. I jump and ran to the opposite side of the road.
Minutes past and i started to settle down. I had not heard anymore sounds for a
mile or two.
    I reached a lighted intersection of the street where I stopped to  calm
myself more before I continue on.  Another car was in the distance on the right
lane and there was no place to hid... Before I came into it;s veiw, i ran across
the road to the opposit side. I  slumped in the ditch and waited for it to go
by. The car passed and continued out of sight. I brushed clumpes of dried dirt
off of me and got back up. The right side of the street had more house
bordering the road. The left side was vacant and contained more fields to come.
I decided to stay on the left side to advoid coming incontact with people and
there for getting repeorted to the police as tresspassing.
    I had only just stepped into the shawdows when the scream once again
returned. I almost lost my breath when another car speedliy was coming towrds me
on the left lain and no time to run across the road. My only options were to
hide in the ditch and hope that the noise wont come to close.. or stand there
hoping I would not get picked up. I took my chances and hid the the ditch. The
car seemed more slow then the others that had passed by earlier. As it neared me
it slowed down. I held my breath hoping I was not sighted.
    I heard leaves scattering and twigs cruching under some weight. I encourage
the car to go on.. Why was it taking to so long.. Why was it almost stopping at
this point. The scream wailed right behind me only a few feet away. I screamed
out. I never thought I would. The car slightly passed me and I jump out right
behind it and race to the other side. I was about 2 miles away from my house now
and the screams still followd me on the ooposite side.
    My fear died down again as I had not heard the cries for some time again. I
was all well till I heard some groaning sounds on the right side now as I passed
an open feild between two houses. It was coming towrds me.. The  that scream
called out. It seem like it had lavitaed over my head to the other side. I
didn;t know how long I could bare it. I walked in the centure holding my breath
waiting for more  wailing.
    I felt releived when I saw one of my friends houses up the road. I then
started running with out looking around or listening for the cries. I approuched
his house not expecting to go up and accaully invite myself in since it was now
2 o'clock. But luckiely he was just camping out in his back yard with his
cousin. He heard my footsteps and suddenly appeard at the side of the road. The
shocked expression on his face had me explain what i was doing out this late...
Then when I explain to him I was being followd and he disbelived me and said I
was just paranoide.
    I realy don't know what encourged me to go on but I told him I was going to
keep walking. He decided to go along with me not only cause at that time he had
a slite crush on me but to keep me calm. Only a few yards from his house while
walking on the right side again we come apon a grape vineyard. We stood for a
few seconds  while he tried to convince me to go back at my house, but I turned
that option down. I did not want to return to my house by myself now that I was
about 4 miles away from home.
    We saw a truck's head lights gradually move down the paved road and we both
walked backwards into the grapevines. The cry yelled out again. I saw his eyes
grow big with fear..."What the hell was that?" I saw him shake a little too. I
did not reat the same way this time and i am not sure why  I was a little more
calm then him now. I told him I decided that I would walk a little more and then
return home. The fact that he was a guy made it interesting that I had to walk
him back espacailly when I was the one being followd all night.  I walked him
home and decided when I got there to return home before the sun would rise. I
was about halfway between the two points when the sound was clearer as a bell
and surrounded me. My heart hurt as it raced in my chest. I held my hands over
my ears trying to drowned the sound out. I could still hear it . I pressed
harder and took off in the middle of the roadand ran all the way home.
    I hit my drive way and ran into my lighted path way. I ran inside of the
house and vowed never to return to the  night road again.
    This is a true story and there has been two witnesses. Although I had never
found out what makes those sounds.. I would be more prepared to face it the next
time if I ever cross over it again.

  Two Ghost Stories


Both of my ghost stories were very positive experiences and I hope that they
all stay that way. My dad had this older lady friend who was part of a
religion that is dying off. She was a very good friend of my fathers and of
my family and of course we were all very upset when she died. When we would
go visit her she would always be sitting in her rocking chair. She loved to
sit in her chair. I had a rocking chair in my room and a few nights after
she died the rocking chair just started to rock. There wasn't anyone in the
chair that I could see but it was rocking on its own nonetheless. It just
gave me a nice peaceful feeling to know that she was looking out for me. My
second story concerns my beloved grandmother. My grandmother was a wonderful
woman whom I loved very much. During the last year of her life I helped take
care of her even though I was only eleven. I wouldn't trade any of my time
with her for all of the money in the world. The last week before she died my
parents would not allow me to see her because they were afraid that I would
be afraid of her appearance. It makes me very upset that I never got the
chance to tell her how much I loved her. A few years after her death she
came to me, my mom and my aunt in a dream. She didn't talk to my mom but she
talked to both me and my aunt. In my dream I was quite upset and yelled at
her and told her that she was supposed to be dead and asked her why she was
doing this to me? The only thing that she said to me was that she was ok. I
don't know if this qualifies as seeing a ghost but I thought I would just
share my experiences with the other side. Thanks.

Really Scary Experience

    This wasn't really an experience with a ghost, but it was
supernatural none the less. This happened only a few years ago, and I
still remember all the details.
    I was traveling with my friend and my cousin in law, to go dirt
biking. Well we had to travel through about a hundred miles (at least
that's what it seemed like) of just barren desert, other than the road.
Well after quite a while we came across a small town, when I say small,
it was basically a mom & pop restaurant, a small goods store with two
gas pumps in front, and a motel.
    Well, we stopped and refueled the car and went to go get something
to eat. While we were waiting for the food, I asked the owner if he had
a restroom, he said just go through the food storage room, and the
bathroom was out back. So after I found it and was returning back
through the storage room, I had the first of two experiences.
    I felt a little dizzy and after it had passed the whole room had
changed, the large freezer that had once been closed was now open, but
what had really caught my attention was the door, I had just passed
through. It looked like someone had just smashed it apart, it had dents
protruding in and out. but what had caught my eye was the blood stains
smeared all over it. After several seconds this had passed and
everything was like normal again.
    After I had stopped shaking I told my friend and cousin in law, they
laughed so hard they could've broken a rib, well after finishing our
lunch we got up to leave, I was happy to leave that place, I just had to
get away, but the most frightening experience happened when we got to
our car.
    The dizziness had returned, but I refused to open my eyes, because I
was just plain afraid of what I might see. Only this time when the
dizziness had gone away and I opened my eyes, I got the fright of my
    The front of the small goods store (which was roadside) was totally
collapsed, and the road itself was totally destroyed. But what really
scared me was all the dead soldiers laying about. They weren't shot, but
just ripped apart by brute force. Then I experienced the worst part of
it, at my feet was a dead soldier, he looked like something had just
smashed him, and on the name plate pinned to his vest, it read "Sgt.
Justin Brimm" which of course almost gave me a heart attack.
    I'm not sure what happened after that but when I finally came out of
whatever that was, I was laying across a table back in the restaurant,
with everyone standing over me, when I asked what had happened, they
simply said I had ran off and never came back, and they found me several
hours later passed out in the dirt in a small alley between the
restaurant and a house.
    I have no clue what any of that means though, I don't plan on
joining the military, I'm not or never will be a cop, so I'm stumped on
what any of that means.



I live pretty close to the Oglala Sioux indian reservation and I know some
pretty crazy stuff.  I've also had some srange experiences too.  Theres alot
of legends that come with living in that area,  actually on almost all of the
reservation.  They're very spiritual.  I'll just share the scary stories.  I
kow the main things they seem to see is what I like calling "little people"
they're belived to live near water and usually in the woods.  They are
considered very sacred and your not supposed to look at them and when you see
them.  My grandmother, who's very spiritual, once told me a story about when
she was younger she used to live in a small community on the reservation
called Red Shirt Table village.  She told me that one day there were two big
men building a fence for the water tank. While the men were shoveling they
say two very small men, at most only knee height.  One of the men took his
shovel and killed one of the little men.  The other little man wasn't happy,
my grandma said that the little man only had too look at the man and he just
died, then the little man picked up his partner and began to carry him away
when he glanced up at the man, and of course all  he did was stand there in
shock watching,  because he looked straight at the little man he's paralized
from the neck down.  I belive in them.  I have heard tons of stories on the
little men.  They come around when there is a sweat and the visit you when
your drinking too much.
    Down hear I've always been told not to wonder out at night esspecialy
away from some type of light.  They told me that if you walk around at night
you could have someone walking with you and talking to you, like a real
person only they're from the spirit world.  They could even follow you home.
My Uncle Mike,  who live on the rez. in pine ridge told me a story about a
back road from north ridge to east ridge  at night.  He started walking and
when he had gotten about a fourth of the way a man walked up next to him from
the side of the road.  Mike started talking to this man like he would to
anybody, and the man only answered in hmms and yes's, and looked straight
ahead.  So they walked almost all  the way to the end of the road and he
turned to say later and the man was gone, he just kinda disappeared.  He
didn't think twice and he just took off. I remember one night when I was with
one of my cousins for the night and we were just leaving from the party and
as we reached the end of the porch at the top of the stairs I looked towards
the left end of the yard past the bushes and behind the bushes there was a
perfect tall man figure standing straight up faceing toward us.  He was all
black like a shadow.  Even though it was raining I knew exactly what he was
and just ran down the stairs and following my cousin across the street I
looked over and the figure was gone.  I didn't say anything right away but
all the way to her friend's house we walked in the dark and I could feel him
behind me.  And thats when I told her what I saw and what I was feeling.  She
just gave me this crazy look and said she didn't see anything but she could
feel him.  When we reached the house light we couln't feel it anymore.

The Ghosts Meeting Place


My story is so long, but i'll try to keep it simple. As a young child i have always known when a person was going to die. These messages always came to me in my dreams. I would often wake up to tell my mother to call the famly concerned and see how the family members were. It never failed, she would be imformed that  a certain member of the family had just died.  This was never discussed further by my mother, it became an accepted occurance, and never discussed with anyone.  This sort of thing i could deal with, except as I got older I stopped telling family and friends that I had a dream of them, because they seemed to know why.
My problems began 18 years ago, when my husband and I bought our first home. My eldest daughter was one year old and i soon had anouther on the way. Many times I would see a man standing in the doorway to the lounge room, but never dare tell any one. Many visitors would often turn to look in that direction insisting that someone was there, but they never saw anyone.  I still kept things to myself.  For many years this went on, my children, i had three by this time , would often make comments about the man in the white hat standing in the doorway, but I tried to down play this because I did not want to frighten them.  My husband by this stage was aware of what I was seeing also.  In 1998 we decided this house was too small and three teenage girls in one bedroom was unbearable. So we decided to seel the house. Somehow I could not do this, so I stopped the auction and cancelled the sale.  Our last resort was to add an upper storey extension. This went without  a problem. We noticed however that the man in the white hat had gone. Somehow it was a relief but also sad. The footsteps stopped, knicknacks stayed put, we even stopped losing things. I even began falling asleep before the birds began singing.
BUT THEN.. I began seeing what I nicknamed the shadow man, I would watch him wander around the new formal sitting room. I never mentioned this to my husband or the girls, until my eldest daughter and then youngest daughter began to tell me what they were seeing and feeling. As we quizzed each other ( to make sure none of us were imagining this)we were terrified at what was going on. Then as each new person began to show themselves we would hesitate to tell each other until it became unbearable.Up until this point we kept our secret very low key and never really showed our real fear.Until three weeks ago. I was up with a dear friend of my middle daughter playing tetris, it was about three thirty in the morning. We were speaking about his dear mother who had passed away two years earlier. One of the women I had been seeing in my bedroom every night appeared near the staircase as plain as day. I could see her from the corner of my eye, but this time I decided I would turn face on to look at her, knowing she would disappear. Well, she didn't so in a panic I looked away and then looked back. She was now walking towards me. I froze and was unable to speak for a few seconds and then I finally yelled out to the young boy "did you see that lady" I was convinced he could see her because she was as plain as day. He did not answer, so I turned to look at him but he was terrified, so I asked him again. He could not say anything except "please,please don't talk about this now, wait for the birds to start singing then I can tell you everything!"Being so terrified and being unable to move we sat there not speaking until sunrise. He then told me that he had spoken to my middle child days earlier and told her that he believed our house was infested with spirits. He could not see them but he felt them. As the day went on I decided to call in an expert.
She was a lovely lady who eased our minds a little and confirmed three people who were constantly around us. She explained to us that my eldest daughter, my youngest daughter and myself had very strong psychic aura's and that the spirit world felt comfortable in our home, and we attracted them.  We were to get used to this because they will be with us where ever we go. She helped us with our shadow man. He was here because he was my eldest daughters husband from a previos life. He had followed her for just over one hundred years because he loved her dearly and she was taken away from him. They lived in Louisianna ( not sure on that spelling) He was very reluctant to leave and pleaded with my daughter to stay, although we had to make him enter the light. This was a very emotional and difficult thing to go through, but we sadly sad our goodbyes and he left. The other two were the young boy's mother and grandmother, who were making sure things were OK for their son in our home ( he spends most of his time with us)
Although we are still having problems in dealing with what has happened, and the presence of many more spirits(sometimes it's like a train station here) we are trying to understand the full going's on. Our expert friend sais she would be back to help us understand more about our gift, but she has not. So now we feel even more terrified. OK, we have a gift, we have to get used to it, but we need more imformation and explanations to help ease our fear.
My sicerest apologies for this long letter, but I don't know where else to turn. Also i must add, I have had to log on four times during this letter because for some reason I am getting disconected, not to mention I have spent two days trying to get on chat lines dealing with these experiences, but have had constant problems getting on to any.
We truly hope you will read and reply very quickly. We need help understanding all of this, and there's not too many people we can talk to.

A Black Cloud


When I was about 11 my greatgrandmother had gotten very sick and was in
the hospital.  Since she lived up in Wisconsin my parents, sister, and I
went up there to visit her.  My grandparents had a old house built in
the 1960's that my family and I would stay in when we would visit.  My
grandparents have a guest room with only 2 beds so it was me and my
mom's turn to sleep in the din.  My mom and I both fall asleep.  About
3:00 we both wake up with a wierd feeling.  We are both looking around
because we don't know what is going on when we see a dark black cloud
going down the hallway.  The thing was that we both weren't scared.  The
next morning the hospital calls to tell us that my greatgrand mother had
died in her sleep around 3:00 last night.



    I live in a pretty old house.  About 20 years ago a house burned down in
the same place my house is in now.  They used wood that was still intact to
build the house, along with fresh wood.  I think there is an explination as
to why I hear voices, and I think you know too.  Let me tell you of my recent
    I was on my computer in my room and I had just logged off the internet.
I threw off my shirt and went to bed in my jeans.  It was about 3am.  A
little later as I dozed off, I kept hearing scratches on what seemed to be on
the attic door.  I'm not sure as to whether that door was original or if it
was made from the previous house.  So anyway, I got pretty spooked.  Finally
I grabbed my pocket knife and got out of bed.  That's when I heard the
voices.  The scratching completely stopped.  The house was deadly silent.
Suddenly I heard maybe two toddlers, like maybe 4 or 5, calling "Mommy."  It
happened over and over again.  I thought I was hearing things.  Then they got
louder.  I covered my ears.  I could still hear the pleas for help.  Then I
heard crying.  It was a woman's crying, and it sounded like it came from down
the hall.  Know what I did?  I locked the door as fast as I could and stood
up all night, clutching the knife.
    That's basicly my experience, or recent one.  I sometimes see a little
girl with curly blonde hair and a pink dress in my living room.  Sometimes I
also hear "Liar" coming from the basement.  I don't know what the hell
happened to the house before that, but I don't think I even want to know.

Victorian Boy


This is Jamie and Laura.  We're emailing you to tell you our ghost story.  Laura's house is haunted.  We know because of the ghosts and noises we've encountered.

It was a Saturday when it happened the first time.  Laura grandparents were visiting, and she was sent upstairs to fetch a photo album from the computer room.  As she ran up the stairs, she suddenly stopped dead halfway and went into a trance.  The thing in front of her was a tall white figure, in a white robe.  She couldn't see the face because she was walking behind it.  She was talking to it, she can't remember what she said, it led her into the computer room where she saw the second ghost the following week.  The second ghost was the figure of a victorian boy.

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