Whispers at Night

By: SuthernbelleVa1@cs.com

As long as I can remember I have had many strange experiences.  I at one time
seriously considered becoming a parapsychologist.  In 1994 I was married and
living in my home with my husband (he had bought the home the year before)
One evening, I went to bed early.  Our home was originally built in the early
40's.  My husband stayed up to watch TV in the living room which was right
beside our bedroom.  I was laying in the bed thinking about the project I had
to work on the next day when I heard someone say my nick name.  I layed there
and called out my husbands name in question.  He did not answer me, so I got
up and opened the door and looked out into the living room and asked him what
did he want.  He looked at me and said "What?".  I said ,"you called me".  He
denied it.  Thinking maybe I had imagined it I went back to bed.  As I closed
my eyes again..I remember hearing someone; almost like a whisper mumbling in
my ear.,,,I was dumfounded.  I could not make out a word of it - except my
nick name.  Almost, like someone was trying to tell me something.  It had a
deep quality to it...almost like a man whispering...I jumped out of bed...and
threw open the door - half expecting to see my husband standing outside
it....but he was in the recliner.  I scared him...he said what are you
doing...I said,"where you talking to me"?  he said no....are you okay...I
mumbled back to him...yeah, I just thought I heard someone talking...maybe it
was the tv.  He said..well, I will turn it down..and he did.. I went back to
bed again...needless to say..this continued for 3 nights in a row...and I
mean continued..as soon as I would get comfortable in bed, it would start
whispering in my ear.  Of course, my husband could not hear a thing..and I
was keeping him up by whispering back to it...I was saying things like,
"What?" and my husband thought I was talking to him...he would respond each
time with "WHat? What?".  I seriously began to think I was loosing my mind.
I was getting NO sleep..and was starting to doubt my own sanity.  The third
night it happend...there was a new voice...it was softer...and it was not as
frantic or it seemed as if it were more calm and it was saying my full
name.....it was mumbling in a whisper...all I could catch were the sh's...It
was very frightening to me...it would alternate back and forth between the
male whisper and the female whisper.  I finally sat up in the bed...sleep
deprived..and said outloud...,"Look, apparently ya'll have something you
would like to tell me...but you are keeping me up...I need some sleep..I am
exhausted...it is not that I don't care as to what it is you want to tell
me....just enunciate it more clearly....if you can not do that.....talk to my
husband...he has had sleep for three nights in a row...I am sure he would
listen..if not please ...just stop...."  I layed down...afraid to close my
eyes....for fear that it would keep on...it did...but within about 3
minutes...it just faded away.....the last word I remember hearing
clearly...was my name....  THIS IS A TRUE STORY>>>  ps...about a week later a
neighbor and I were talking one night outside and I told her about this wacky
incident...she was a older lady..I will never forget this....she said..."oh,
that was probably Elizabeth...apparently the woman who lived in the house
about 5 yrs early had died in the room that we started using as our bedroom.
(We had just moved out of one of the other bedrooms into the larger room the
weekend before the incident started).  Her husband a year later shot himself
in our kitchen.  When I talked to the real estate lady the next day - she
confirmed that yes, Edward had indeed killed himself in our home.  The
kitchen had been totally remodeled before they put it on the market....one
other side note...one night my husband was in the living room watching tv -
(I was away on a business trip) he said he was just sitting there when the
overhead light cut off.(Now, he said he wouldn't have thougth that weird if
it had been a blown bulb which is what he thought it was) He got up to walk
into the dining room and he heard the switch click (again the house is very
old...so the switches made a distinctive noise when you turned them on and
off)and the light cut on.  He said he just stood there...afraid to move...so
he started backing out of the room...the light flicked off once more -
accompanied by the "Click" and he said at that point, he grabbed his car keys
and left.  He stayed at his brothers house that night.  He never even shut
the front door in his hast to leave the house.  PS..our house is also about 4
blocks from the Appomatox Manor house...This site is listed on one of the
haunted houses sites.

Weird Eerie and Cool All at the Same Time

By: jocsho@impop.bellatlantic.net

This isn't a very long story, or a very interesting story but it is true
and it happened to my cousin and I a few years ago. My cousin, a mutual
friend, and myself were site seeing a Gettysberg National Battlefield,
we had been there all day and had stayed until the park closed at 10 pm
.I guess it was about 9:00 pm and we were at a part of the battlefield
called Pickett's Charge. This site is where about ten thousand
confederate soldiers were killed during the battle of Gettysberg. Well
to get to the good part, My cousin an d I walked onto the field which is
surrounded by woods on three sides, well anyway I had wandered into the
edge of the woods, and I couldn't have been more than about 15 to 20
feet into the thicket and I got the strangest feeling that someone was
watching me. I then started walking back to the direction that my cousin
and friend were, and all of a sudden I just stopped dead in my tracks
and felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up, now I am not the
bravest person on earth, but I just had to turn around and look behind
me where there was nothing that I could see, just trees and darkness. By
this time I was feeling quite anxious and double stepped it out of those
woods and didn't look back. I don't know what was in those woods, but
whatever it was it sure wasn't worried about letting me know that it was

Was it Grandpa?

By: ErinKOC@aol.com

I am 13 and I watch every ghost program I can. My last granfather passed away
during the summer of 2000. The day of his funeral everyone was upset. I was
very upset since I never got to get to know my grandfather, who had been sick
with emphysema since I was 8. In my grandma's house there is a kitchen that
connects with the dining room and the family room.
From the kitchen there is a back hall that extends back into the farther part
of the house. My grandfather died in the back room, which was the last room
at the end of the hallway. The bathroom, my grandma's room, and the basement
branch off of this hallway.
While I was walking back to the family room from the kitchen, I saw someone,
unmistakably my grandfather, walk into the back room and shut the door. I
hesitated for a moment, then walked back to see who it really was. I pushed
the door open and there was no one to be seen. I was very tired, having been
up past midnight while staying at my cousin's house. There are extra beds in
the backroom, so I went to sleep on one of them.
 As I slept, I had a very strange dream. Someone started calling my
grandmother's name. I called out "Who's calling grandma?" I turned around to
see someone staring at me. And guess who it was? My grandfather. "I want to
talk to Mary." He kept staring at me. "You can't talk to her." I told him.
"Why not?" He was much younger and looked like he wasn't sick at all.
"Grandma thinks you're dead. She doesn't believe in ghosts." My grandfather
nodded. Then he smiled. "I'll talk to her later." He disappeared while
telling me he would never forget me or my family. I stood watching until he
was gone. In my dream someone was singing to me.
I later heard my grandmother complaining that someone was calling her while
she slept. She believed it was my grandfather.


By: SGillespie@janklow.com

My room mate and I thought we may have had a ghost at one point, but it has
since disappeared.  We live in an old tenement building in the Lower East
Side of Manhattan.  I was sitting on my bed one night when I felt a rush of
air go past my neck and I clearly heard something call my name in a kind of
harsh whisper.  I had a strange feeling that something tangible had passed
by me.  I was not so much frightened as I was taken by a feeling of
heightened awareness.  I had goosebumps that lasted for perhaps ten minutes.
When I told my room mate about it, she said that she had experienced the
same thing.  My feeling was that it was a presence that wanted to make
itself known.  It felt neither evil nor good, simply present.
My mother was staying with me several months after that, and I had left for
work, leaving her alone in the apartment one morning.  She called me in a
panic at work, asking if I were alright.  When I asked her what she was
talking about, she said she had woken to a voice audibly crying out "Mom!"
She said she thought it was my voice and that something had happened to me,
that I was crying out for help.
The voice has not returned since.  The building always feels quite safe and
non-creepy to me.

Voices and Shadows

By: phantom120@hotmail.com

After looking at your site I wanted to add my own story....

I've lived in Arizona for most of my 16 years, but I was born in Parma,
Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, and I lived there until I was six. In the house
on Russel Ave., my Mom, brother, and I all had some strange experiences. I
have to seriously doubt that my experiences were the product of an
over-active imagination because, first, the memories are quite vivid, and
second, my mother and brother have had some similar and some different
experiences in that house.
Anyway, before I was in school my Dad stayed home while my Mom was at work
and my brother, who is about 5.5 years older than I am, was at school. The
house was set up so that there was a small hall in the middle of the ground
floor which led to each of the two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room,
and, at one end, the stairs to the upstairs. The living room was on one side
of the staircase, at the front of the house, while the kitchen was on the
other side. often times, as a child of three or four, I was up early while
my father was still asleep in the master bedroom. I would watch TV in the
silent house and sit on the couch, one end of which was in the corner of the
wall on the staircase and the side wall of the house. Directly above was my
brother's room and the attic, along with a small closet-type room.
Sometimes, when I turned the TV off and got tired, I'd lay or sit on that
end of the couch. It wasn't uncommon for me to hear voices above me, as if
they were coming from the ceiling, or my brothers room. Granted, the houses
of that neighborhood were close together, you still didn't often listen to
other people's conversations as clearly as someone talking just in the
kitchen, directly across the hall. Mostly there were two voices; one a man
and one a woman, and I could discern words quite lcearly. The only thing I
actually remember them saying was the man, as if in response to a yes-or-no
question, "I don't know. No?". I heard them when people were around, mostly
when it was quiet, but usually whenever I sat and listened right there. But
I was six...it was a little freaky, but I still believed in the Tooth Fairy
(I was five when my brother effectively dismissed THAT myth for me...).
I pointed out that this spot was directly below my brother's room, which he
hated with a passion. The upstairs was closed off for half of the year,
anyway, as we couldn't afford to heat it when it was 20 below or cool it
when it was 95. He usually slept in my room since I didn't like sleeping
alone and spent most nights between my Mom and Dad (mind you I was only four
or so at the time). He's had his own experiences in the upstairs bedroom,
being old enough to really remember such things with clarity. It's ranged
from strange red balls just outside of his window to 'dings' behind him
every time he turned over in bed. He's also heard the voices, once, while we
were sleeping in the basement during a tornado warning.
None of us spoke of these things until the drive out here, to Phoenix. My
Mom and Dad had divorced two years prior and AZ is the only place that she
has family. We were in the western part of New Mexico or the eastern part of
Arizona, I'm not sure which, when my brother and I started to talk about the
old house, which we had left only a week before. I'm not sure which one of
us started on ghost stories, but I told about my voices, and he told about
the red ball, and how Frisky, one of our dogs, was scared to death of this
one spot in the master bedroom, the same spot I always avoided at night if I
got up for any reason. I think Mom nearly drove off the road and cliff when
we related our stories, especially when the subject of a small, black
triangle came up. It gluided about two feet above the ground and was a deep
ebony at the center, lightening slightly at the edges, and being fringed on
the outside. Mom dismissed it as a sign of fatigue, as she was working long
hours and taking care of my grandmother, who died of cancer about a year
before we moved. My brother had a very active imagination, and me, well, I
was six when we moved. Stuff like that doesn't seem awe-inspiring when
you're that age. This was usually seen, though, in one area of the house. It
was usually in the bathroom, my room, or the master bedroom, all of which
were cloistered and comprised not-quite-half of the ground floor. This was
not a large house. The thing, though, would either float lazily along for
several seconds and disappear, at one point just before getting to my
brother's out-stretched foot, or it was zip past so that you might wonder if
you saw it at all.
I asked my Dad about it just this summer while I was visiting him in
Florida. Strangely enough, he didn't have any strange experiences, even
though the other three of us did. I'd like to go back to that house, maybe
even ask the current owners if they've noticed anything strange, but until
then it's just a good set of stories to give my friends goosebumps. I don't
know what any of it was, as the house really wasn't all that old, but it
certainly was a lot of strange happenings for living there only five years.

Visits from the Other Side

By:  Dancing Dwarf II@cs.com

Hello.  My nameís Adrian (well, thatís my pen name, anyway).  Iíve been
spending at least an hour every night reading the tales here of other
peopleís experiences.  I feel itís time to share mine.  I wonít tell you all
of them, so many were minor experiences and really not interesting enough to
talk about.
Somewhere around 1990 I moved to an older white house  in
Ames, Iowa.  The place was divided into three seperate apartments and I had
the bottom floor.  Nothing much happened in the way of supernatural activity
for the first few weeks, and when they did start it wasnít anything too
fascinating.  There was a lot of minor poltergeist activity taking place in
the kitchen, which would usually stop as soon as my wife or myself walked in
there to see what we could see.  I had had several encounters with ghosts
before moving there and I thought these ghosts were trite and unimaginative.
"If youíre trying to scare us off, youíll have to do better than slamming
cupboard doors until I walk into the room.  Thatís a bit cliched," I told
them.  Because I was bold and talked to them like they were equals and not
some powerful thing that I should run from, I gained their respect and they
calmed down some.  We did still hear a knocking from time to time on the
walls and floors.  This was always heard just before a pipe burst in the
basement of the old house.  I came to realize the ghosts were no longer
trying to scare us off, but asking us to help keep the old house in repairs.
Finally, after a few months, things began to get more interesting.  I would
be up late at night writing and would see the forms of two old men in black
suits and ties standing over me, watching what I did.  One was a kindly old
man with a long silver-gray beard, the other was a stern faced man with dark
hair and glasses.  I usually could see no more detail of their faces than a
few shadows on their foreheads and cheeks.
There was the ghost of a teen-aged girl there, too.  At first we only knew
she was around because we could smell her perfume, but as time went on we
could feel her precense and eventually we could see her.  At first, she
seemed to be just a blob of gray moving around, but as time went on we would
see more details.  We never really saw her face, but would see the outline of
her body and sometimes her clothes and hair.  She was dressed in a white
t-shirt and blue jeans and had long, golden hair.
I have to tell you about one of the best encounters I had.  I came home from
work one day and walked into the living room to see two heavy set young men
on my couch.  They were as clear as seeing a living person.  I could see
every detail of their faces, clothes and hair.  They had dark brown curly
hair, wore glasses and grey slacks, blue sweaters and black ties.  To give
you a clearer picture of them, they looked a bit like a cross between a
younger Wayne Knight (Newman on Seinfeld) and a much younger Roger Ebert.
They were identical twins!  To make the encounter even more interesting, what
they were doing cracked me up.  They were sitting there, jabbing each other
with their fingers and laughing themselves crazy.  The only thing they lacked
was sound.  I couldnít hear them at all.  They didnít seem to know I was
watching, as they were too engrossed in their horseplay.  I only saw them for
about twenty seconds, then they vanished completely.
That house also had a ghost cat and dog in it.  I would see them occasionally
running around the living room.  They ran about a foot off the floor,
something I found very interesting.
I could tell you more, but I want to keep this relatively short.  How about
if I write again soon and tell you about the kindly old man and the teen
girl, since I did actually talk to both of them later on and learned a little
about them.  Iíd also like to tell you about some of my experiences in other
places Iíve lived.  Thanks for reading.

Unknown Shadows

By: FLAMEbaby2000@aol.com

Not too long ago I had a friend in her early 30's and she lived all by
herself with her dogs. She would tell me sometimes that she heard people on
her roof talking about her, and I just thought she was hearing things. One
time she asked if I would hide in the bushes outside her house and watch to
see if something would happen. so to humor her I hid in the bushes I didn't
think I'd see anything but I did.  I saw medium sized black masses walk on
her roof that vanished after about a minute.  So after that i was really
scared to go near her house but one day she called me and asked if I could
come over so I did and what I saw scarred me for life I was walking in the
hall an i went by the bathroom and the door was open and a black figure
appeared and his face was shaped like a scull and he put his hand out and
motioned it's finger to follow him then be backed into the bathroom and
disappeared there was no way it could have been just regular shadows because
my friend had gotten so afraid of whatever was happening that she put thick
blankets over all the windows. After that we went downstairs and shadows from
the artificial lights started spinning around the room to the point I could
feel little gusts of winds and in the middle of it all was the same thing I
saw in the bathroom then all of a sudden everything stopped and we heard
whispers saying how should we kill them over and over again so we ran to the
door but we couldn't get out and the windows wouldn't break so we started
crying  and it all went away and the ghosts never came back again not even to
this day I guess whatever they were they just wanted to scare us really bad.

Unexplained Story

By: leon.tye@mmc-online.com

Anyway, whilst im my early years, say 8 years old i shared my bedroom with
my sister, who is some four years older than myself.
during one normal evening I was awakened by my sister frantically pulling my
bed clothes. and pointing to the ceiling..
In my total amazement there on the ceiling was a light shapped hand on the
ceiling..It didnt move around trying to scare us, it simply floated on the
ceiling surface. the hand wasnt in shadow either it was pure perfect light..
I admitt i could hardly move with fear but my sister, searched the room high
and low trying to establish the source..but nothing...
To this day, my sister and i recall that night with clarity.but we cannot
explain this....we hope its a good sign. but if anyone has experienced this
spooky experience please feel free to contact me. After the Hand experience
a few strange happenings occured but these i will leave to another time..

Followed Me

By: phatyr@hotmail.com

My name is Tony, I'm 37 years old and I have Shared my stories with very few
people, not for fear of being ridiculed, but I know not everybody
understands. Some do some don't, I can usually tell who will. any way, for
as long as I can remember I've seen things, heard things and smelled things
that other people can't, Unexplainable things have happened around me for
most of my life. For starters, when I was born the house we lived in , so my
mother tells me, was very creepy, my parents and siblings would see shadows
moving throughout the house, even on the porch outside. They would be
sitting quietly in the house and hear loud stomping on the porch, but when
they looked outside there would be nothing there. They would hear footsteps
going up and down the stairs at all hours of the day. My brother, who was 2
years old, would be pushed down to the ground, and even down the stairs. my
mother observed him lurching forward as if somebody pushed him from behind.
On one occasion, my father was sitting on the toilet, which was located
under the stairway, when he heard my brother walk down the upstairs hall and
begin to come down the stairs, then he says, he heard rapid footsteps come
down the hall toward my brother he jumped up form the toilet and ran around
in time to catch my brother as he literally flew down the stairs. We moved
from this house shortly after that, it was a rented house and the owners
were only able to rent it to one family afterward, then they sold it, the
new owners live there for a very short time before they moved out and tore
the house down, a new duplex was built on the lot, I don't know whtether it
has the same phenomenon or not. I obviously have no memories of this house,
i was just a baby, but I do have many other memories. I will share other
stories at a later time but one other I would like to share here is the
story of a place I lived with my ex wife. We were just married when we moved
into a mobile home in a small town, on one of the first nights there we had
gone out and left our kids,(her son and my daughter,each from previous
relationships,) with a babysitter, When we returned my wife left to take the
sitter home and I climbed into bed to read. As I layed in my bed I heard
what sounded like my daughter running down the hall toward my room, I
distinctly heard a small girls chuckle. I smiled and turned toward the door,
fully expecting to see my daughter bolt into the room. When noone entered I
got up and wlaked down the hall ot my daughteres room, she was deep asleep
as was my stepson. On another occasion, when I was home alone, I was doing
some work on the bathroom plumbing when I heard some one enter the bathroom
and a small childs voice say "What are you doing Daddy?". I turned around
quickly but noone was there. My wife would be geeting ready to go places
when she would smell a very strong perfume, or stale cigarettes. One night
while I was working the nightshift, she called me at work to tell me the bed
was shaking and thumping, and she would feel something sit on the bed. At
night as we watched T.V on several occasions we would both se, out of the
corner of our eyes, what we thought was a little girl come down the hall and
just stand and watch us. But when we looked directly toward her she would
just vanish. My wife was pregnant during all this. After our son was born
things got even more strange. dorrs opened and closed by themselves, things
disappeared and reappearded in strange places, my weeding rings disappeared
off of my finger, it was gone for monthes, I finnaly found it under an old
piece of carpet we had under the kitchen sink. It was just as shiny and
polished as the day I got it. Then, one night as my wife and I were sleeping
in bed, she woke up to me thrashing around and when she tried to wake me
,she heard a voice come from me, but not my voice, I said "Fuck you, okay?
Fuck you". and then I was just sleeping soundly, she shook me forever before
I woke up. She told me the what happened and I couldn't sleep afterthat, I
grabbed a bible and held it all night aas she slept on the couch and I kept
watch over the kids. A few nights afterthat. I was sitting up when my wife
was out with her girlfriends, as I sat on the couch there were 3 very loud
and hard raps on the front door. My skin turned cold when I heard them and I
walked to answer the door, just as I reached for the knob I felt something
touch the back of my legs, I whirled around but nothing was there, just then
I heard the little girls voice again, this time it was very stern saying
"Don't let him in". I looked out the window and there was no one at the
door.  This was all about 4 years ago, my wife and I split up about 2 years
ago, she still lives there, still experiences noises and footsteps, But, so
do I where I am at now. I think whatever or whoever Has caused all this has
been following me since I was a kid, There is more, lots more. But I will
tell it on another day......

Under the Covers

By: SnOBoArDeRgrL17@aol.com

this happened on New Years of 98-99. and without knowing it was the 20 year
anniversy of my grandpa. there was me Chrisy my mom and my best friend Nick,
and me and nick we sitting there on bean bags and hes like "Hey LeAnne STOP
IT! dont poke..ow dont pinch! and turned around and hit me. i asked him what
was wrong and he said that someone was doing something to him and i told him
it wasnt me cause i was trying to watch the movie. my mom was in the other
room doing dishes and she screamed so i ran in and asked her what was wrong
she said something was on her shoulder and she looked and it left. then we
all kept hearing someone knocking on the doorwall and the doors and what
sounded like a gun going off but when i looked out side there would of been
feet prints cause there was snow on the ground..but nothing. then we seen a
mysterious light coming through the front door window onto the wall but there
was no cars or anything out side. by this time i was really scared.  then my
mom went downstairs to do some laundry and keep this in mind we have a
dropped cealing. and there was pounding on the floor pretty loud to. so me
and nick ran down stairs to see what she wanted and shes like ok guys stop
doing this to me its not funny im scared. and she also said that theres no
way she could of done it cause where the pounding was the laundry room is
pretty far away from it and she wouldnt have had enough time to put the
ceiling panel back up. so we were trying to not think about it. then we got
done playing twister and the floor started to vibrate, just like a giant
pager going off. and christy flew on top of me, nick and my mom and we
started shaking and crying. then that stopped and the lights went off and on
within a peroid of 45 seconds. so we went looking around the house and went
into my grandpa's old room and when ever the power goes out u have to reset
the digital clocks and your stove and so on. but the clock in my grandpa's
room read the right time and all the others were blinking i flipped out when
i saw that. so we go back in the front room and my mom went to get some
drinks and shes like guys come here so we walked in and the cat food was
thrown all over the floor and she opened the fridge and a beer flew out and
there was only one in there and she keeps it in the WAY back. so my mom was
starting to tell us that my grandpa that i never saw cause he died before i
was born, died in this house 20 years ago and he was an alcholic. we took
nick home about 2ish he called and hour later and said hes pretty sure the
ghost followed him home cause there was nothing on his dresser and it sounded
like someone trying to open a bag of chips so he flew out. and every now and
then odd stuff happens. and this happened in the summer of 2000 nick was
changing into his bathing suit in my room and he was almost done so i went in
the house to grab a cd and half way down the hall he ran me over and grabbed
me and took me out side and told me he heard someone say his name. then about
a week later i was sound asleep noone home and someone wispered my name three
times so i woke up and looked around and nothing, so i hid under the covers
till someone came home. and i have more stories ill try and share with you
some other time.

Bedroom Set

By: jwlrbnch@wctc.net

When I was about 6 years old I remember that my parents bought an antique bedroom set.I use to sleep in that room alot(I come from a family of 8 children)One night I went to bed , alone, and after being in bed awhile ( I've always been somewhat of an insomniac) I remember looking up because I noticed the room became a bit brighter and standing in front of my mothers dresser ( it is a low dresser with a big mirror on it) was a young woman with long black hair just standing there and brushing her hair. I was'nt scared at all I remember , in fact I just kept lying there and watched her. I couldn't believe my eyes. I even covered my head with the blanket and then uncovered my head but she was still there. At that point she turned and looked at me and smiled and then continued brushing her hair . I had no idea who this was. I noticed she was wearing a long blue nightgown ( which happened to be sort of almost be glowing blue ) It must have been the smile or maybe that she didn't seem to pay much attention to me , but I got out of bed and walked over to her and tried to tug on her nightgown to get her attention but my hand went right through as if nothing was there ,but she was still there.Again she looked down at me and smiled. Again , maybe because she smiled at me, I wasn't scared at all, so I got back into bed and just went to sleep.I never told anybody. About 15 years later my parents asked me to stay at their house while they were on vacation, so I did. I slept in that same room that had that same furniture , without even a thought of my past experience.Nothing happened during the night. I was however expecting my girlfriend  at the time to stop over in the morning. So when I woke up to being kissed on the cheek I wasn't a bit alarmed . However , I rolled over , expecting to see my girlfriend , and no one was there . I thought maybe she was playing a trick on me and began looking throughout the house for her , I even went outside to look but no one was around but me . I was kind of freaked out so I called her house ( not expecting her to be there ) and to my surprise she answered the phone .Now I'm sure alot of people would say I was dreaming ( in both cases ) but I am absolutely positive I wasn't . I am 37 years old now and I can remember both as if they happened last night . I never told anyone about this until I was probably about 30 at which time I told my older brother , and to my surprise he believed me . I've maybe told 5 or 6 others about it but each time I do , it just gives me the chills for some reason.


By: 96wests@acle.norfolk.sch.uk

Once, when i was on holiday in the U.S.A, we stayed at a very old hotel.
One night, (our first night) i kept hearing moaning, like someone was having
sex or somethin, but then the following night, it got louder and louder and
so i banged on the wall and told them to quite down, it stopped.  The next
day, i told the hotel manager about it and he told us that it was a
Honeymoon suit and that 10 years ago, a couple were murdered in there while
they were having sex, and since then, it's all thats been happening.  The
just then married were trying for a baby, and thats why they keep doing it,
they're still trying!

Truely Real with Two Witnesses

By: foxie_kiss@hotmail.om

    I have always convinced myself that the dark nights hold  creatures that
humans have never seen. Have you ever asked yourself what IS fear? Fear is yet
simple. We only fear things cause we have not yet experience them or Fear can be
 we do not have knowledge of it.
    It was only about a year ago when i was only 15. The streets were vacant
infront of my house and since I lived out in the country and not really had a
curfew... I decided to take a little walk. I left my house not aware what the
eerie night was going to show me.
     I suppose it was about 12: 35 when I had left my house. Very few cars drove
down at this time at night, and when they did I would sink into the shadows not
to be picked up.
    Down the road from me, a new golf corse was being constructed. They had not
clear all the forestry, but a  few vacant pacthes here and there of open fields
were exposed.
    This is when I had my first encounted with fear. It was quiet and still that
night. A car from on top of the hill was running down and I ran off to the side
to hide that contained the golf corse construction. I watched the car flash by
and finally I returned to the road's side.
    I then heard breaking sticks and body movement somehwhere not far from were
I was hiding. My first impalse was to turn to come across an animal I  would be
fimilar with. But my felt my heat sink way down with in me when i did not see
anything. I walked a little closer towrds the the centure on the left lain to
make sure I would not encouter it again. A few kilometers down the road I felt
as though I was being wacthed from not a far distnace and being followd. My
heart race just a little but I tried to keep myself under controll and not to
panic hopefully over a obevies animal.
     Then came the heart renching sound. A cry of a non-human non-animal rang
through the air as if it were waring or claming its attack. I jump towrds the
centure line of the road. The scream went through my entire body sending the
coldest chills possible down my spine. I could'nt think of any animal it could
be. More scraping in the woods was heard. I swallowd hard and walked on trying
to keep my distance from the open feild i was now paralle too. It called out
again a few seconds later. I jump and ran to the opposite side of the road.
Minutes past and i started to settle down. I had not heard anymore sounds for a
mile or two.
    I reached a lighted intersection of the street where I stopped to  calm
myself more before I continue on.  Another car was in the distance on the right
lane and there was no place to hid... Before I came into it;s veiw, i ran across
the road to the opposit side. I  slumped in the ditch and waited for it to go
by. The car passed and continued out of sight. I brushed clumpes of dried dirt
off of me and got back up. The right side of the street had more house
bordering the road. The left side was vacant and contained more fields to come.
I decided to stay on the left side to advoid coming incontact with people and
there for getting repeorted to the police as tresspassing.
    I had only just stepped into the shawdows when the scream once again
returned. I almost lost my breath when another car speedliy was coming towrds me
on the left lain and no time to run across the road. My only options were to
hide in the ditch and hope that the noise wont come to close.. or stand there
hoping I would not get picked up. I took my chances and hid the the ditch. The
car seemed more slow then the others that had passed by earlier. As it neared me
it slowed down. I held my breath hoping I was not sighted.
    I heard leaves scattering and twigs cruching under some weight. I encourage
the car to go on.. Why was it taking to so long.. Why was it almost stopping at
this point. The scream wailed right behind me only a few feet away. I screamed
out. I never thought I would. The car slightly passed me and I jump out right
behind it and race to the other side. I was about 2 miles away from my house now
and the screams still followd me on the ooposite side.
    My fear died down again as I had not heard the cries for some time again. I
was all well till I heard some groaning sounds on the right side now as I passed
an open feild between two houses. It was coming towrds me.. The  that scream
called out. It seem like it had lavitaed over my head to the other side. I
didn;t know how long I could bare it. I walked in the centure holding my breath
waiting for more  wailing.
    I felt releived when I saw one of my friends houses up the road. I then
started running with out looking around or listening for the cries. I approuched
his house not expecting to go up and accaully invite myself in since it was now
2 o'clock. But luckiely he was just camping out in his back yard with his
cousin. He heard my footsteps and suddenly appeard at the side of the road. The
shocked expression on his face had me explain what i was doing out this late...
Then when I explain to him I was being followd and he disbelived me and said I
was just paranoide.
    I realy don't know what encourged me to go on but I told him I was going to
keep walking. He decided to go along with me not only cause at that time he had
a slite crush on me but to keep me calm. Only a few yards from his house while
walking on the right side again we come apon a grape vineyard. We stood for a
few seconds  while he tried to convince me to go back at my house, but I turned
that option down. I did not want to return to my house by myself now that I was
about 4 miles away from home.
    We saw a truck's head lights gradually move down the paved road and we both
walked backwards into the grapevines. The cry yelled out again. I saw his eyes
grow big with fear..."What the hell was that?" I saw him shake a little too. I
did not reat the same way this time and i am not sure why  I was a little more
calm then him now. I told him I decided that I would walk a little more and then
return home. The fact that he was a guy made it interesting that I had to walk
him back espacailly when I was the one being followd all night.  I walked him
home and decided when I got there to return home before the sun would rise. I
was about halfway between the two points when the sound was clearer as a bell
and surrounded me. My heart hurt as it raced in my chest. I held my hands over
my ears trying to drowned the sound out. I could still hear it . I pressed
harder and took off in the middle of the roadand ran all the way home.
    I hit my drive way and ran into my lighted path way. I ran inside of the
house and vowed never to return to the  night road again.
    This is a true story and there has been two witnesses. Although I had never
found out what makes those sounds.. I would be more prepared to face it the next
time if I ever cross over it again.

Old Mans Face

By: visuals4u@earthlink.net]

back in 83 my brother and i were renting an old apartment in downtown mansfield mass. the apartment itself was kind of spooky as it had a hallway that lead to nowhere and a small, hinged door (about 1by1') that lead into darkness. i always felt that i was'nt alone-being watched, and when this feeling was really intense my hair would stand up and i would"freeze",unable to move. well, one night my bro had'nt returned home after work and i went to bed. just as i started to drift off this old man was right in my face, yelling something at me, and with my eyes shut i could see every one of the many wrinkles on his face-not like a dream, but like looking at a hi res photo. i could'nt tell what he was yelling, just a lot of loud jumble. this was the most scared i've ever been. a few weeks later my bro & i both had a few days of at the same time so we went on a fishing trip. while sitting around drinking beer he said to me-ed,i had the wierdest thing happen to me one night at the apartment, and he proceeded to tell me about the same exact thing that happenend to me-he described the old mans face exactly as i had seen it. i had never mentioned my incident at all prior to this.

Weird Story

By: necronomicon17@hotmail.com

Hi.  I have a story, it's not so much creepy, as weird.  Here goes.

Seven years ago, my brother, Paul, was killed after a fire occured in his
apartment.  He was away at college in Arizona, and my family lives in
Pennsylvania.  Since Paul was so far away when he died, we had his body
cremated, and sent home, along with most of his belongings that were not
damaged in the fire.
About two months after his death, my mom and I both smelled a strange scent.
  It smelled like something had been smoldering, and suddenly cooled off,
like the smell after you blow out a candle, only VERY strong.
My brother, Mike, who had flown to Arizona prior to the accident, recognized
the smell.  It was the way Paul's apartment smelled after the fire.  We took
out some of Paul's things that had been taken from his apartment.  They all
had that smell, but none were strong enough to have been recognized from the
boxes they were packed away in.
A year later, my other brother, Andrew, moved his room into Paul's old room
on the second floor.  He suffered from nightmares, and noises in his room.
The smell was strongest in that room, too.  When Andrew moved into his own
apartment, I moved into Paul's old room. (it was the biggest bedroom besides
my parents)  I didn't have any nightmares, but I often heard voices, and
felt very cold.
One night, the bathroom faucet turned on full power and woke me up.  When I
got up to turn it off, I felt a sudden chill run up my back, then sudden
warmth, and the smell had returned.  I felt unusually comfortable,and went
back to sleep.
Paul's old punching-bag, which hung in the basement, would also sway, as
though someone had just finished using it.  The chain it hung from made very
loud creaking noises when it would sway.
Three years ago, my dad passed away due to lung cancer.  He had passed
quietly while in a hospital bed in out home.  a year ago, my mom was trying
to finish a roll of film, so she began taking useless pictures around the
house.  When we got them developed, a strange mist was on the pictures.
Primarily in the spots where my dad spent his most time.  (around the piano,
in the back bedroom where he slept while sick, and on the couch.)  My
friend, who is into the paranormal, analyzed the photos, and said it was an
"Ectoplasm" in the pictures.
My dog also often stares at the wall, or down the hallway, wagging her tail.
  Just recently, I began asking her, "Is daddy home?" and she would get very
excited and began whining.  For awhile, we thought she was seeing a
reflection or shadow.  But now, I believe that there is something else.
Possibly two somethings.  I've gotten into the habit of talking to them when
i feel they are around.  Even if it is only my imagination, it is somewhat
comforting to think they are still with me.

Dark Shadow

By: Ssing@rci.rogers.com

Hello . I just read your story on shadowlands. And it really struck me. Well
first of all I am 28 and all my life I have had really strange experiences.
I am not sure why they happen to me. My best friend of 16 years feel a
kinship with each other ,though her experiences have not been as horrifying
as mine. We have shared quite a few of the same experiences together.
First of all getting back to what you call the grim reaper. I myself don't
feel what I saw was the grim reaper ,though our descriptions are almost
exactly alike. I believe their are different levels .Those that were once
living ,like us and the others that were never living . I am not sure how
much you know of the bible. I do not read the bible regularly or can I say I
go to church regularly ,but the way I was brought up and going to a all
girls catholic school . I do have alot of background knowledge.
Living in our old house . I had quite a few experiences. I have always been
sensitive to these things .From the first day I moved into my house I had
terrifying nightmares. It usually ended the same way with a large what
seemed to be endless whole in my living room trying to pull everything in
it. It began when I use to have felling of someone watching me. Even during
the day I had eerie feelings. My dog would go in an attack stance and growl
and make another weird type of noise that I could not explain . One morning
I had just woke up automatically for some reason (it was around six) I had
just turned to look at my alarm clock . Next to my bed side I saw him . He
was in a large dark cloak . I could not scream ! I was paralysed . I looked
up and tried to look into his face as well and their was nothing their but
deeper darkness .He seems to be very tall with a hat that I could say seemed
to be from the 18th century that just went on towering . I closed my eyes
,and felt him touching me . I pulled the covers over my head and said my
prayers fervently , I prayed for enough strength to do something . Since I
was unable to move for awhile (I wish I had enough courage as you to
confront it) I finally was able to move I grabbed the covers over my head
and ran to my moms door pounding it ,which she did.
The second time I awoke with my bed shaking radically . Once again it was
the same time and it was him .I prayed again ,and yes you guessed it ran to
my moms room .(by the way this all occurred when I was around 18) I did not
sleep in my room for awhile , to my mom's unhappiness,because she hated me
sleeping in the living room ,which I took over at night. Well at that time
the guy I was with (my ex ) told me he was working in Hamilton . Which I
believed . I was asleep ,when the phone in the kitchen rang and woke me up .
I answered but no one answered me back . So I hung up and jumped back onto
the sofa. I barley pulled the covers over me when two spirits were standing
infront of me. These were different .They were two men I could make that out
.Although they were not speaking .I could here what they were telling me .
They were laughing at me mockingly ,and told me that I was dumb to believe
thats where he was. After I felt their presence was gone . I actually jumped
out of bed and went to my ex's house and it was true he was not in Hamilton
(which is an hour away from Toronto ) but at home.Well long story their
.(which I would not get into )
My mom use to tell me that she would feel me jump into bed with her and tell
her I was scared ,even though I would be out at nights.She as well told me
she felt things starring at her. By the way she has had some experiences of
her own.
We have not lived in that house in the last two years as we have bought a
house where we are the first family to live in it. Strange things have
started to occur . My friend was with me when we were driving down this one
lane road late at night. I saw a white streak on the passenger side where
she was sitting it seemed to be following us . I blinked wondering if it was
just my eyes playing tricks on me . My friend then asked if I saw that
(referring to the white shadow) We both came down of a dread of fear that
something was with us . I dropped of the parcel that I had to and had to go
back on that road the opposite way to get home . My friend asked me if I
heard the noise at the back of our seats I said no but look back , to my
suprize their was a man sitting in the middle .He looked as real to me as my
friend sitting next to me . I screamed in horror . As I screamed starring at
him he just disappeared. My friend was asking it at this time to leave ,as
no one wanted him here. As we looked on my side going back we saw what we
never noticed before a cemetery . We told the story to my mom . She believes
it might of been a spirit that wanted to go along for the ride.
That event just happened recently ,but we have had other instances together
, like the doughnut that levitated off our plated (about five inches and
then fell back on it ) .But thats another story .
Getting back to the dark figure my mom believes it is the same she saw
before I was born .You see I come from a family that has many diverse
background . Basically South american . My dad is chinese and my mom on her
dad side is chinese and Indian and her mom (my grandma ) is hispanic
/english /german /and egyptian . My parents including my older sister are
not dark at all .unlike myself . Though I have asian features . (been told I
look Hawaiian alot!) My mom said that when she was pregnant a dark shadow
also came to her and through mind thought also told her that I would be born
dark unlike everyone else in my family . But she said he was not coming as a
friendly messenger as she felt pure eveil throughout . This scares me as it
involves me !
In our new house .like I said small things have been occurring . I sleep
with my lights on ,but even that sometimes is not comforting. I was watching
tv during the day when I heard the door opening ,I thought it was my mom . I
even shouted "HELLO" from upstairs . Unlike my mom it ignored me and started
talking to my dog (or should I say my mom' s precious baby ) My dog was
becoming irritated I could tell .I realised it was not my mom . As weird as
it seems my mom and I really pamper our dog as he is a little guy :):) a
Japanese Spaniel . I decided I had to go and face it . I practically stormed
down the stairs ,ready to confront anything , as soon as I reached it was
gone and my dog was quiet .
I can't believe out of my entire family only my mom and I experience these
occurrence,and yes maybe the dog (but he can't say anything ) I sense and
feel things around me . I wish it was not be these things happen to .

Scary Experience

By: pooh@md.net
 hi, my name is Beth... I have an scary experience.
well today me and my stepsister Jessica was walking by this old house.  And the woman was dead she had been dead for about a year now. anyway we were walking by and  the i guess it was her bedroom window  her light was on. and  my step sister said that she seen her going to the steps of her house. and when she seen that the bed room light came on. and well we were pretty scared... and she ran to me and screamed. the old woman looked like she had gotten in to a wreck.  we havenít seen her car for two whole years.. and that's all!

The Witch Tree

By: knightz@mediaone.net

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.  I first saw the Witch Tree when I was about
13 years old, about 6 years ago.  I was visiting my cousin in Cape Hatteras
and we were going on a ride around the town.  We picked up a couple of her
friends and they all said "Has Jen seen the Witch Tree?" and my cousin said
"NO!"  So they all said, well let's go by and see it so she can see it for
herself.  So while they were driving there, they were telling me the story
about the tree.  It goes like this.  There was a lady accused of being a
witch a long time ago, back around the witch trials time.  People started
accusing her and came to her house and drove her out of the house to burn
her.  They all came to a big oak tree and tied her to the tree.  As they
were about to start the fire, she started mumbling words, probably a curse,
and as she finished, a big flash of lightening came down from the sky.  It
hit the tree and as the smoke started to fade, the lady was gone and the
ropes on the tree were still in the position they were while she was
standing there, untouched by the lightening.  But on the big oak tree was
most frightening thing of all, her name Lorena was engraved into the tree.
It was so deep that no one could have even carved that name in that far.
And as for her curse, her cat was supposed to guard the tree for the rest of
eternity.  And they said if you still go there, the cat is still guarding
the tree, lurking in the branches above.  So to finish my story, my cousin
and her friends took me to this tree which was right in the middle of the
street.  Everyone was scared to move the tree when they started building
homes there, so they built around it.  And let me tell you, this tree was so
big and just flat out scary.  It was dark and looked dead.  And with my own
eyes, I saw the name of the witch written on the tree.  It was not fake at
all.  You could see that it went through the tree deep into the core of the
tree.  And all of a sudden I heard a cat hissing.  Everyone got scared and
said to get out of here.  And right as we were leaving the cat jumped onto
the hood of the car.  Glaring into the window at all of us.  So we sped off
and got out of there as fast as we could.  I will never forget that moment
at all.

The Winchester Mystery House

By: Ryan_Bontrager@cccpp.com

I was checking out http://www.theshadowlands.net and saw your write up on
the Winchester Mystery House (or the Minchester Whiskey house as my friends
and I call it) and thought I would send you the story of my experience at
the house.
I was taking the tour of the house with two of my buddies Rich and Dave in
the fall of 1997. My experience took place in one of the front rooms of the
house, it was towards the end of the tour and I was getting rather board of
the tour guide and found myself not really paying attention to him or anyone
else in the room. I was snapped out of my little day dream when I felt a
hand on my left shoulder. It was like someone was comforting me, not strong
or forceful, but a nice firm grip. I plainly felt the fingers and thumb of
this hand and I could tell it was a left hand. It only lasted only a moment
until I started to look for the source of the hand. My back was to the wall
and only Rich was in arm's length of me but he was on my left and there was
no way he could have touched me with his left hand. I quickly placed the
experience in the back of my mind as the tour moved on. Once outside Rich
made the comment that the front room gave him the chills but to Dave and I
the room felt no different than the rest of the house. When I told them
about what I felt in the room they thought I was just playing on Rich's
comment of the chills and didn't believe me. I don't talk about it much
although I do believe in ghosts, heck I live 1/4 of a mile behind the
Brookdale Lodge and have heard the ghosts that are there when I go to play
darts in the Lodge's Bar but that's another story.

The Turkey Herder

By: EAMBLAKE@aol.com

I have always believed in the supernatural. I love reading ghost stories, and
am quick to believe them. My Grandmother whom is one of the sanest women on
earth has had ghostly encounters, and I fully believe that there are many
things we cannot explain. I have spent most of my life looking for a ghost
encounter of my own.
I have had only one experience that I can say, reflecting back on it, was a
ghostly encounter. I remember the day clearly. I hadn't had any caffine and
my head felt hollow, yet full of pain. I felt almost sick my head hurt so
badly. My sister was driving us home from a day out doing something-it was
still light out- but approaching sunset. I was fully conscious-yet in agony.
Driving along RT 9 in Wellesly MA. I looked out the window and saw wild
turkeys pecking along on the sidewalk. I have seen wild turkeys before -years
ago- and knew what they looked like. I sat up and stared at them as we wizzed
by. I also saw a man in blue clothes herding them it appeared. His clothes
were pretty non-descript- they looked like clothes that could have been worn
anytime after the Civil War up until recently. I recall he had on a hat,
jacket and pants. The man and birds were solid in form.
There were at least a dozen turkeys. I mentioned them to my sister as we
drove past. She said- "No way do I believe that! Turkeys? I've got to see
them." She got to the first place she could turn around and maybe 3 minutes
later we drove by the same place. There was nothing there. It had appeared
the man was going down one of the side streets. There was no trace of him or
the turkeys anywhere. There is no way even in the 3 minutes or so that they
could have all vanished if they were alive. The turkeys were spread out for
quite a distance away from the man.
My sister brushed it off as some sort of hallucination-due to my frame of
mind. Why in the world would I hallucinate about turkeys? I am convinced that
it was because my mind was in an altered state that I was able to see them. I
know they weren't something I dreamed up. Every time I drive past that
section of RT 9 I still look and try to catch a peek again of the turkey

The Train

By: petemc@cintranet.co.uk

When I was a teenager I had a girlfriend who lived 20 miles away at Park
Gate. To get too and from there I used the train from Cosham to Swanick
station. On this particular Sunday evening I arrived at 11:00 pm on Swanick
station, it was unusual for anybody else to be there at this time, but a lady
in her late 40's or early 50's was also waiting for the last train. She was
about 5ft 4 inches tall, wearing a "camel" coat and had a very large shopping
bag, which had a tartern pattern on. I sat down to wait for the train (which
were frequently late). After a few minutes the lady asked if there was a
train as she "had to get back to Portsmouth". I told her that I was also
waiting for the same train and that it should be along soon. Several times
she asked the same question and reinforced that she "must get back to
Portsmouth". When the train eventually did arrive, she remained seated but
started to cry. I told her that this was the last train, but several times
between sobs she said "I can't go back". I asked if I could help, and
suggested that if she got on the train that perhaps we could talk about any
problems she had. But again she repeated "I can't go back". Meanwhile the
guard had got off of the train to point out that this was the last on that
night and that if we were getting on we should hurry. Reluctantly I got on
the train, and as it pulled out of the station I could see her sobbing. On
the journey home I felt guilty about leaving her, as she was obviously very
upset about something. On arriving home at Cosham I telephoned the Police at
Park Gate and briefly related the story and asked if perhaps somebody could
visit the railway station and see if she was ok. I gave a description of her
height, dress, and the bag she was carrying. I assumed that perhaps some
domestic dispute was the cause of her distress. On arriving home from work
the next evening my mother drew my attention to an article in the local
paper, "The Evening News". She knew that I caught the train from Swanick and
this article was appealing to witnesses to an accident at that station. I
immediately recognised the photograph included in the article as the lady
from the previous evening, the description of her clothing, height, bag also
matched. The article was appealing for witnesses to an accident where the
lady had been killed whilst walking along the railway lines.... ON THE
SATURDAY EVENING. I telephoned the newspaper and suggested that they had
confused the dates, and that I had spoken to the lady, they checked and to my
suprise confirmed that the accident had been on SATURDAY. I then telephoned
the police who listened to my story, and indeed confirmed that I had reported
the incident on Sunday evening, however were adamant that the incident had
occurred on SATURDAY. In a subsequent article in the local paper I learned
that the lady was called Maureen Hampton, she was a patient in a local mental
hospital (Coldeast). She had been allowed out on the Saturday and had been to
PORTSMOUTH. Returning in the evening, she had missed the station at Swanick
and got off of the train at the next stop (Bursledon), not being familiar
with the area she had decided to walk the short distance back to Swanick
along the lines, and been struck by a train. I caught the bus home rather
than the train from then on. I am absolutely definite that the person I spoke
to was the same as depicted in the newspaper photograph, and description.
However the whole incident does defy an obvious rational explanation.

The Tavern Ghosts

By: DemonessOfWar@aol.com

As a child I always had a love of the supernatural (I still do) and things
that go bump in the night. Any chance I had to scare myself or others, I
would take. My mother encouraged such things, for she had the same love. I
had frequent slumber parties---not with facials and truth or dare, but with
Ouija boards and seances. During one occasion, when I was about 11 or 12, we
decided it would be a hoot to have the party at the bar my mother worked in.
The bar had a long history, being one of the oldest bars in Philadelphia. At
the time, it was an old run down shack of a place. The bar still held the
scars of axes made in the days of prohibition, the walls still held lazy
Susan's covered in cobwebs. To walk by the building, you would never know it
was a bar. Being such an old place, it had it's death toll. According to
stories, a shoe shine boy was beat to death on the first floor, a woman died
in an upstairs bedroom (that apparently still held her death bed) and other
causalities that I can no longer recall.
Well, of course, these stories were told to my friends for that tasty fear
effect. The place was dark and gloomy (great for ambiance) and we decided it
was time to perform the seance. Well, the ceremony went on without any
events, except for scaring the crap out of each and every one of us (except
maybe Mom). So we went about our night of ghost stories and other silly girl
stuff. My friends started falling asleep one by one.
Then alone stood Amy and I. We were never much for sleep, so we sat and
talked quietly. The room in front of us held a bed room and to the right a
kitchen---neither one in use anymore. Slowly at first we heard springs the
from the bed behind the closed bedroom door...as if a cat or small animal was
walking across it.  The stressed squeaking grew louder and more violent and
Amy and I clung tight to eachother, then suddenly it stopped, followed by a
loud thud. [My sleeping companions were not disturbed by any of this...at
least that got some sleep that night.] Amy and I looked at eachother then
violently around the room. The door to the kitchen was closed, but across
it's glass windows I seen a figure hurry by. Now, do not misunderstand, I
didn't see a shadow from the other side of the glass. It was as if the figure
walked in front of the glass from our side of the room---yet no one was
there. I screamed bloody hell (Amy did not see the figure) awakening
everyone. Through my hysterical cries my mother told us that it was only our
imagination running wild because of the nights earlier events. Perhaps she
was right....but perhaps not.
The bar, some years later, was sold to another owner who turned the bar into
a lovely establishment. The upstairs that was once dull and spooky was now a
nice game room, with a pool table and dart boards. Being of age, I started
going to the bar every now and again. It was so different that I forgot my
childhood fears of the place....it was so bright.
I love playing pool, so it is the upstairs that I stay when I'm there. The
room that was once a small kitchen is now a bathroom. Taking a break from my
game I went to the bathroom to relieve myself.
Being a woman I have to sit on the toilet seat, and unfortunately watch
myself do so in the wall covered mirror in front of me. I've done this many
times in this very bar. But this night, as I sat emptying my bladder, I look
up from the floor into the mirror, to see my uninvited party guest walking
past the length of the mirror. She (no I don't know it is a woman, but ya
know, the story and all), stops for a just a moment, then continues walk
until she disappears. I didn't scream, and I wasn't afraid. I think I was sad
for a lost soul caught forever in such an unpleasant realm.
Did she recognize me? Did she come just to see me? I don't know. I do wish I
could help her, but I cannot. I have not stopped going to the
tavern....secretly, I wait for her. Taking a little longer to wash my hands
than I normally would.

The Sweet Old Lady

By: Mugzie01852@aol.com
   I do have a ghost in my house, but she's o.k.  Let me start by saying we
bought our house a year and a half ago.  Six months after Mrs. Bergamini (our
invisable friend) passed away.  When I walked into the house the first
time...when we were just looking to buy,  I knew this was the house.  It had
a wonderful feeling to it.  So we bought it.  About six months went by and we
were in love with the house and yard.(Which she worked everyday in until her
death when she was 92.)
   Then, from out of the blue, things started to disappear.  I would put a
cigarrette pack down on the table, turn around and it would be gone.  I would
then find them in a winter jacket that I hadn't worn in months. I thought
that it was strange..and the hair would stand up at the back of my neck, but
I blocked it out and thought... Somehow, either myself or one of the kids
must have unconstiously put them there.
   We had tenants move in about a month after us ......and so far nothing
was happening to them. So I thought it was just me.
    We then had a friend move into our finished attic.  We had finished the
rooms months before but our children would not sleep in their rooms.  My
seven year old is slightly Autistic and the day that we finished the room and
told him that he could sleep upstairs,  he said he didn't want to because he
was afraid of the ghost.  This was very unusual for him because he is not one
to make up stories.  I tried talking to him but he insisted that he sleep
downstairs.  So I agreed.  I can tell when there is a problem with my son and
he was really afraid..so I didn't push the subject.  I just thought he would
forget about it.  He still hasn't.
    Anyway,  our friend and his girlfriend took up one of the rooms.  At
around the same time we started refinishing the house.  Changing wallpaper,
paint...and stain.  That's when everything started to get worse.  Not only
were things happening to me...but to the tenants and our friends as well.
The furniture would shake....pictures would visably move as if there was a
strong breeze...when there wasn't one.  Our tools would disappear....and
after we searched the entire house...we would find it in the room we would
assemble in after the search.  Baby furniture would move like it was pushed
really hard.   The children awoke at night crying that "the person is right
there."   There would be tapping on the floor beneath our feet where ever we
went....T.V.'s would go on and off with no one touching them.   You could
hear people walking upstair! s in rooms when there was no one else home.   And
when you tried to run... it would follow you.  There were other numerous
things that I can't even recall right now.  So I thought that the old lady
really didn't like us.
   Come to find out,  I think she did.   I think she was looking out for us.
  When our friend moved in....his car caught on fire in front of the house.
Somehow...we woke up before it was really bad.   I still don't know how.
Then....after all the work in one room was done....she left us alone.   When
we started in another room...it started again.   At first I thought that she
didn't like us changing her house around....but the way I looked at it...if
she was going to be here...she might as well help out.  Clean
up....babysit....anything.   I suggested it to her but I haven't got a reply
yet. :-)
  Anyway....when we started the new room....at the same time I made a
doctors appointment for two of my children.  They are 2 and 3 years old.
She bothered me everyday until the day that I took them for their checkup.
At the check up....they were lead tested  and both of them had lead
poisoning.  I think the old lady was trying to warn us.   I think that she
took our tools and shook the furniture to try to get us to stop doing things
that could hurt our children.  We didn't know we were doing it.   But I think
she did.   She hasn't done anything like moving pictures or shaking furniture
since the kids went to the doctors.   But she still takes my cigarette packs.
 I guess you can't win them all!!!!!

The Strange Night Hauntings

By: ErinKOC@aol.com
The house I live in isn't very old. It is about 25 years old. Yet strange
noises and footsteps can be heard late at night.
My sister often awakes to hear somebody walking through the hallway, and
hears them go downstairs. I didn't believe it until some things began
happening in my room. I was listening to the radio at 11:30 when it
mysteriously started turning on and off. I got to sleep after pulling the
covers over my head. Later that night something was knocking and scratching
at my door. Thinking it was my cat, I opened the door. There was no cat in
sight. I closed the door and tumbled back into bed when the knocking started
again. This time it was on my walls. I have seen and heard ghosts before, but
never like this. I calmly yelled "STOP!" and it all went silent.
The next morning my sister came in to lay down until I fully awoke. I was
facing her telling her about what happened the night before. As if on cue,
the stuffed bunny sitting on my headboard fell down like someone pushed it.
It was pretty steady and leaning back against some other stuffed animals. It
had both legs wrapped around the bedpost. Someone managed to push it.

The Organ Lady and Others

By: Anonymous

I grew up in a small town south of Austin, Texas.  I lived in the same house all of my life until adulthood.  It is a late 1800's Texas Colonial home with 5 bedrooms 3 bath and sat on, at one time, 200 acres.  It is now condensed to about 6 acres and the house was remodled twice while we occupied it.  I might add that we were only the 2nd family to  live there.  Anyway, my mother, one of my sisters and myself have always been sensitive to the paranormal or spirits, if you will.  There was a lot of unexplainable activity in this house.  Anything from doors slamming, voices, faces in the windows, footsteps from the unfinished attic, banging on the walls, cold spots, constant fighting amongst the family, severe, severe depression, etc...
There was one room in the house that used to be the kitchen when the house was first built and we used it as a bedroom.  My 'sensitive sister' and I shared the room when I was about 4 years old.  At the time, there was an old organ in the room that was left there by the original family.  It was too heavy for them to move.  Well, my sister & I would have the same experience in this room while we were sleeping, but only if we were there alone.  In the middle of the night, the organ would start playing music.  It sounded a lot like funeral music and there would be a woman dressed all in white with long gray/blonde hair playing the organ.  Once she was done (it only lasted a few seconds, I think) she would get up, come over to the side of the bed you were sleeping and just stare at you and then fade away.  It was not scary at first, but then her hair changed to black and the music was more "violent" sounding and you could definately feel the presence of evil.  Soon, my mother was getting really spooked because she could hear the organ playing all the way down the hall in her room and she had it hauled outside and put in a pile to be burned.  Along with it, my sister's Ouiji Board.  She gladly set the pile on fire.  Everything burned except the Oiuiji Board.  It didn't burn and when the fire was put out, looked just as it did when it was put in there.  She then had my brother haul it off to the dump.  We were not allowed near those again!
The next thing that lies significantly in my head sounds kind of silly, but when my sister (same one) was about 12, she got a shetland pony.  It was the only horse/animal in the pasture.  At night you would hear two horses whinnying and you would see her horse froliking and kicking its head like it was playing with another horse.  Several years later one of the original daughters who grew up in the house came by because she had heard we had renovated the house and wanted to see it.  We started asking her about some of the things that had happened in the house and she truly felt that the organ lady with the gray/blonde hair was her mother and the lady with the black hair was her grandmother.  They used to fight over who got to play the organ and she said that her grandmother was an evil woman who used to lock her mother and aunts in one of the closets in the house when they would misbehave.  She would leave them there for days.  One aunt died in the closet of starvation.  That explains the noises in that closet.  Anyway, she also asked if we had seen the 'ghost horse'.  We all looked at each other.  She said that one of their horses died many years ago and was buried behind the barn (where the 'two' horses played) and after that they always heard it.
The last story I have (sorry this is so long) is when I was about 12, my sister (same one) had a mobile home on the property behind the original house.  She was mad at my mother for something and we got started talking about ghosts and things that had happened to us throughout the years and she started telling me that mom was the devil. She started spouting off things to 'prove' it and had me scared to death! All of the sudden the mobile home started rocking and shaking like an earthquake! It scared us to death! She immediately started saying she was sorry, I screamed, "In God's name, go away!" and it stopped, just as it had started. After that she was convinced she had been taken over by an evil spirit and asked my aunt, who had a friend who could exorcise her. So we all gathered in the living room of the mobile home and the lady started all this talking in tongues and there were candles lit and when she commanded the spirits out of my sisters' body, the wind (in the house) started whipping, the candles were blowing, it was freezing cold and the demons literally ( I am NOT making this up, I was there!) started flying around her head and heart refusing to leave, saying "she's ours! she's ours!" my sister was in a 'trance' of sorts and they like sucked back into her chest and she woke up. The lady to performed this said she had never seen that happen to anyone, but that the exorcism didn't work, she immediately gathered her things and left,never to have contact with my family again. Things went even farther down hill for my sister after that. Drugs, alcohol, theft.  None of us are incontact with her any longer.  She can stare right through you. The one time my husband met her (and he is a skeptic) he said he has never sensed such evil in a person before in his life. Like he "felt" something other than her. Anyway. I pray for her everyday.

The Nice Lady

By: Rscout84@aol.com

You may find this to be a boring story considering the other ones on your
site but it is still intrigueing.  So one night i fell asleep on my couch
watching T.V.  My parents were at a party so they wouldn't be home until
three a.m.  Well at about one a.m. i hear a voice that says, "Rob wake up its
time for bed"as i open my eyes, still groggy from sleep, I see a woman
standing over me and naturally think its my mom.  So I head off to bed but I
don't turn anything off.  When morning comes I thank my mom for sending me to
bed.  She tells me that I was already in bed when they got home and
everything was shut off.  I get a bit nervous and argue with her but still
same story.  So from that day on I've never fallen asleep on my couch but
there still have been other incidents with the kind ghost.  Those shall be
saved for another day

The Musical Poltergeist Of Tenth Street

By: artgodess60@hotmail.com

I am a female musician who lived several years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Being new in town, and looking for a roommate, I hooked up with another female musician. We searched for a house to rent. She had an 18 year old son, extremely gifted musically, who would also be living with us. We found a beautiful old house on the west side of the city, a 110 year old, yellow painted farmhouse that had been lovingly restored. The house featured a curving, dark wood staircase, a parlor, wooden floors, and high, narrow windows. Between the three of us, we had many instruments including two hammered dulcimers, several guitars, drums, and my roommate's ancient, upright piano.  We decided to use the parlor as our music room. My bedroom was directly above the parlor, and I slept on a Futon frame that rested just several inches above the floor.
My roommate's son, Mark, played in a heavy metal band, but was trying to expose himself to other types of music. He was taking piano lessons to learn classic ragtime. He'd sit in the music room, practicing his lesson, hammering out the bass line with the left hand, and the melody with the right. Try as he might, he kept screwing it up, and his playing was filled with stops and starts as he cursed under his breath, declaring that he'd "never get it right!" We encouraged his efforts to learn ragtime, assuring him that his practice would pay off.

One night,very close to Halloween, I was alone in the big old house. Mark was out for the evening, and his mother was working late at her factory job. Wanting to lay down and rest, and not be disturbed by visitors, I turned out all the lights, except for a candle in my bedroom. I securely locked all the doors, deadbolts as well as chain locks, and went upstairs to lay on my Futon bed. I lay there, lightly dozing, when suddenly, I was awakened by the sound of the piano coming through the floor, directly beneath my head. I heard Mark playing his ragtime tune, loud, confidently, and without any mistakes or hesitation. "He's finally got it!", I thought, and raced out of my room to congratulate him on his efforts. I bounded down the curved stairway, the piano playing all the while. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, the music stopped abruptly. I stood in complete darkness, listening to the last chords echoing in the soundbox of the old upright.
Heart pounding furiously, I began to turn on lights. No one was there. As it was close to Halloween, I thought perhaps Mark was playing a joke, but the doors were still bolted from the inside. I spent the rest of the night with the lights blazing, until Mark's mother returned home. I began to tell her of my strange experience when she stopped me. "Please don't say any more...", she interrupted. "I think I know what happened. Was it the piano?" When I replied yes, she frowned and replied "Uh no."  She explained that they had a "family poltergeist", and that it played music! "We weren't sure if it would follow us from the old house...", she stated, "...but apparently it has." She said that she didn't want to tell me, for fear that I would not want to be her roommate. "Did it sound like Mark playing, but him playing absolutely perfectly..very fast with no mistakes?", she asked.
She then explained that at their previous residence, many persons had witnessed numerous similar incidents involving music. "My boyfriend and I were practicing a Bach duet for classical guitar...", she related, "...when we heard a very lovely, high, third part harmony coming from the ceiling...as if a third guitarist were playing directly above us on the second floor."  She had also been awakened by loud drumming when her son was not home. The incidents always seemed to be connected with Mark, and sounded like him, but Mark playing "absolutely perfect."
She encouraged me not to be afraid, but just accept it if it happened again. Her family considered their ghost to harmless, and somewhat whimsical. They felt it was somehow related to the energy force of Mark, being an extremely dynamic personality; talented, creative, and filled with boundless youthful enthusiasm.
I moved from the house several months later, and did not have any other experiences in my remaining time there.

The Little Girl

By: wrpowers@wctc.net

The story I am about to share is not scary, and I really never thought of it as a traditional "ghost" story.
   When I was a young child, and I don't remember my exact age, I often slept in my Mother's room with her. I remember going to bed alone. While in bed, I happened to look up, and in the corner of the room, near the foot end of the bed, I saw a young child. Her face was perfect, and almost angelic, with kind of an iridescent hue to it. She was wearing a light blue gown. She was standing with her hands together, as if she were holding something small. I never saw anything, but she was holding her hands together. She seemed to be hovering, but not high in the room, just off the floor I was not afraid. I had always been a chicken! For some reason, however, I wasn't afraid of her. She never tried to talk to me, nor I to her. I remember looking away, and pulling the blanket over my head to see if she would go away, or even to see if she was really there at all. She was still there. I felt safe and at ease, and I fell asleep. Normally, I would have run off scared, or at least told someone about it. For some reason, I never told anyone else about it for years. I have 5 brothers, and two sisters, and I am very close to 2 of them. As we got older, my brother shared a story, and I was astonished by the similarities. In any case, I told him of my experience, and a sister also had one. All of the experiences happened in the same room, none of us were frightened, and they all involved a young child or woman wearing a blue gown.
    I will never doubt that this was a spirit of some sort. I also feel that we all had similar experiences for a reason. To this day, the same two siblings and I are still close. Oftentimes when I talk to that sister, we have been doing the same things, and my brother and I are also so much alike.
    Now, I have 5 kids of my own. I have an 8 year old son who really is a happy go lucky type of kid. But, he hates to go to bed alone, and his only reason is that he says that he can see people sitting at the end of his bed. He also has said that he sees them at the end of my bed. They never do anything, but he can't figure out who they are. I wholeheartedly believe him. Now I can look back at my childhood and remember things like, a particular chair rocking when no one was in it, or feeling that someone was watching me, or having dreams that were so real and violent that sometimes I would wonder if they were dreams or reality. There was a long break in my life when I had no experiences, but in the past couple of years I have had a few reminders of the past. One dream was that my cat had gone crazy, attacking us, and biting, and all I could do was kill it with my bare hands. So I choked it until it was dead. I woke up, or came to, as the dead cat was hitting the floor. I heard the thud and my hands were wet and clenched. When I was fully awake, I couldn't move, and I didn't want to look down to see if the cat was there. The cat wasn't.
           So, in any case, my memories of the little girl were not frightening, but I will always wonder why I was chosen to see her, and why others in my family have also experienced it, and why the others have not!

A Reflection

By: webmaster@kminor.com

This I am certain was an apparition, which for whatever reason decided to appear at this time and is not connected to me in any way.  I encountered many direct and indirect occurrences of this nature during my lifetime. I certainly never requested or even remotely wished to become associated with any of these incidences.  However, since my son looked up this website sight, inspired by his own growing experiences, I feel compelled to express this pleasant yet eerie event.
I awoke for some reason late at night from a sound sleep.  The bedroom and where I lay lie directly diagonal to the end of the couch in the adjoining living room.  This house was a wartime house built to utilize effectively small house for larger families.  At any rate I woke and found myself feeling very cold and anxious.  At first I considered that I was suffering from an illness. As I began to waken, more I noticed some movement at the end of the couch in the living room.
I felt considerably bewildered as I though I could see one of my daughters sitting in a chair in which she was swiveling back and forth by pushing of the couch with here feet.  What really added to this was it seemed as though she were fully clothed.  Moreover, being 3:00 am, I though this rather odd.  Therefore, I decided to get out of the bed and began to slip on a housecoat.  As I was doing so I could swear, I heard her singing.  This really sent me for a bit of a head-spin considering I did not even know she knew how to sing.  She would only be around seven years old.
By this time my vision was getting very clear and there was enough light for me to see the color of the clothing and hair color of the child.  The dress was blue with a white blouse underneath and she was wearing white socks and black shiny flats.  She had very blonde almost white hair.
This is time were started to really wonder who in the world this child was and what in heaven name she was doing in my living room at 3:00 am singing and swinging to and fro at the end of my couch.  This is when I started to feel the hairs on the back of my neck tingle.  I started to realize that I did not have the type of chairs on which she was swinging back and forth.  All my chairs were standard sitting types, no swivels.
With cautious steps, an alert senses I began to walk toward the little person in the living room.  I could here her singing clearer now.  She sang some sort of jingle, which I had never heard before.  As I drew nearer, I could see her face as pushed she off the couch and spun slowly around one way and back the other on her chair.  She was a very pale yet pretty girl with glittery water blue eyes.  I was close enough to her now to settle down in front of her one my knees.  As I looked at her she seemed not to even know that I were there.   I felt very cold and yet I could feel such immense warmth from this little girl in her smile and her innocence.
As I began to speak to her and ask who she was, she stopped swinging and she looked me in my eyes then vanished.  I just leaned there and looked into thin air, feeling lost and very much bewildered.  I remember staying positioned there for what seemed an eternity.
Since that time I told many people but I still wonder why she came to me that night.


By: CATTRUCK63@aol.com


The House Up the Street

By: okinawasml@hotmail.com

I live in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawa is a very haunted island there are many stories of haunted bases, parks, roads, houses, and  lakes. This island is said to be haunted from many wars from the 12 century to world war two. Well anyways to my story. I live on an Air Force base and up the street is a hanted house. The story behind the house is there is a samurai worrior who rides through the living room on a horse. The families that used to live in the house were murdered by the husband/father. Both men went crazy and murdered their family. The house now has more ghosts that haunt it. People say it is of a young boy and girl as well as a women who washes her hair in the sink. Many people on the island know the story so of course it is a place many people visit.  One night some friends and I went by the house. I wanted to ring the door bell. I walked up to the door with a friend and rang it but it did not work. We looked at eachother then there was a knock on the door from the inside. We began running down the street. We went back a couple of times but nothing else has happened. Now I go ghost hunting with other friends almost every weekend hoping to see a ghost. I haven't seen anything  but have heard many strange and unexplainable noises.

The House on Lincoln Way

By: amazon279@uswest.net

I'm not sure where to begin this story, so I guess I'll just
start where I remember.
My great-grandparents owned a small cafe and barber shop on
one of the busiest streets in Ames. I was not around during
this time, but stories have been passed through the family.
What I do remember is the feeling I had everytime my Dad
would pull the car in the driveway. I loved visiting my
"lil" grandma and my great uncle but I hated atmosphere and
the sense of dread that came over me everytime I approched.
Becasue of this I spent the majority of my time on the front
porch watching the cars go by, and waiting for the time when
we would leave. However my Mom would shoo me back inside
telling me that I needed to be more"social". The worst ora
came from the upstairs, that's where there was 3 bedrooms
and a bathroom, I REFUSED to go alone.  I would ask my Dad
to take me he would just look at me strange and tell me to
get my butt up there, Mom however, would gladly take me by
the hand and escort me up the long staircase. At the top was
the bathroom but I had to walk in front of my uncle's room,
it was a cold dark place that reminded me of a dungon, you
could feel the "evil" pulsate from that corner of the hall.
Well the years went on and eventually we had to move my
"lil" grandma to a nursing home and my great-uncle closer to
us so we could care for him. While we were cleaning the
house out we discovered that the former owners of the
property were two sisters and that one was mentally ill and
had commited suicide in the upstairs of the house. As
ironcic as it sounds my uncle suffered for several years
with the same mental condtion. A few years my uncle became
very sick and soon passed away, (now here comes the creepy
part), the day he died was the same day that the city
decided to tear down the old house, as if the house was part
of his soul a part of his very being.  I now live in Ames
and this all occured 7 years ago, the lot still sits empty
to this day. After I moved down here I asked my Mom why she
never scolded me or asked questions when I wanted to guided
everywhere in the house, her reply was simple. " I sensed it
too, so I understood".  Even now when I have to drive past
that lot I still have chills down my spine as if someone or
something is watching me.
Thanks for your time......

The Haunting Grandmother

By: Aznhtownguy713@aol.com

Ever since me and my brothers were little we encounter some sort of ghost.
The first one to be encounter by the ghost was my second oldest brother. We
were living in sacramento california at oakpark. He was about 10 or 11 years
old. My brother slept in the living room one night on the couch. He couldnt
sleep that well his eyes would always open up when his eyes open up he turns
to my granmothers portrait which is really big and surrounded by red lights (
its a chinese custom to put up a dead familys picture around with red
lights). When my brother turn to look at the picture my granmothers face
would move and she would smile at my brother. My brother was freaked out then
he put a blanket over his head. Then my brother took the blanket off his head
and look back at the picture. It wasn't a good idea to look at the picture
again. My brother then sees a ghostly figure next to my brother laughing at
him. When that! happened he closed his eyes and ran to my parents room and
started crying I didnt know what was going on untill he told me. When my
brother told my parents what happened they said he was imagining things but I
believed him he was crying and scared. We soon forgot about the encounter
untill my dad told us that my granmother died in the same your my brother was
born and that completely freaked us out. My Oldest brother encounter
something like that as well. He was sleeping on his bed one night and then
his eyes just opened wide it just opened. My brother then turn to his window
and he saw a human image standing next to his window. My brother then got up
and checked who it was and checked on everyone in the family to see if we
were all in bed and we were. My brother soon told my mom about it and then my
mom told us that it was our granmother watching us but our dad didnt want us
to believe all of that nonsense. Then it came to me. ! I was 10 years old I was
living in houston texas in anderson road. I first moved into that new house
in that street. I was watching T.v and then I started looking at my
granmothers picture and yes we still have it. Anywayz I looked at it and then
I saw her face smile at me. In my head I was like this cant be happening I am
just imagining things. But then the smile soon turns to a grin thats when I
started to freak out I didnt have no one in my house at all. I turned away to
watch my tv and decided to ignore the picture. Then I was thinking in my head
something weird is about to happen and it did my whole house lights just went
dead thats when I decided to run out of the house as soon as possible and
when I was ouside all of the lights just turned back on that was really
freaky. I decided to go to my friends house to wait for my parents to come
home and I certainly was not going to go back in there. When my parents came
home I! told them all about it they said it wasnt nothing the lights just went
dead I was like ok fine I know they didnt believe me. 5 months later my
second oldest brother moved in with me at that house. He was in his room
sleeping like always his eyes would open up when something was around. He
opened up his eyes and look around his room. My brothers first word was I
know your around here granmother and then this red dressed lady walked in his
room and to the closet. My brother didnt do anything he just decided to close
his eyes and go to sleep. The next day he told me what happened and for a few
months he decided to leave the lights on thats when I knew he wasnt joking
around becuase I take this kind of things seriously. We then heard from my
mom that snakes only come in the house when there is a ghost. When me and my
brother was in the kitchen getting something to drink we walked to the living
room and a snake apeared in the living ! room. We didnt know what to do but
then we got some of my friends to come over and catch it and we did we let it
free in the woods I didnt think it was right to kill it. When I went back to
california with my brother to visit my family my uncle told me and my brother
that my granmother cursed my family. She cursed my family because my
granmothers son ( My dad) she didnt want my dad to marry my mom but when my
dad disobeyed my granmother and decided to marry my mom she cursed all of us
to be seperated and have a hard life. I believed it becuase my family is all
sepereated all of us. I am living with my friend and I am 15. When our family
come together we end up argueing and hating each other. My dad and I are the
only two that really are together but not living with each other and our life
has been hard. I believe that my granmother did curse my family all the
things she said happened. Well that is my story I hope this is interest! ing
for you and I love your site I enjoy it alot.


By: JeLlOdK25@ttlc.net

this story takes place in a little town on cape breton island in nova
scotia canada called "hay cove". now you need to know that hay cove has
a population of about 23 people and i think there is one pavement road,
the rest are dirt. when driving through hay cove you rarely see houses,
its just woods. the woods go on and on. the town is miles away from
anything. way out in the woods (way out means driving an hour on dirt
road passing one house) theres a lake. on the shore there was a house in
which a family lived, there were a mother a father and 2 kids.
one night while the kids were asleep the father went crazy (im not sure
of the details on how he went crazy but he did). he attacked his wife
and hacked her up with an axe, then he went upstairs and hacked up the
kids. for a while no one knew what had happened because very few people
ever saw the family since they lived so far out in the woods.eventually
when the kids didnt show up to school and the parents didnt keep their
appointments people started to wonder and the families friends went to
their house to see if they were there. they found the bodies and the
father (who had completely gone insane)in the house. the father was
arrested and the house abandoned. now years later my cousins went up to
the house and broke in to see if there was anything there. they saw a
green tinted figure that greatly resembled a woman standing in a hall
way. they became frightened and ran away. some of my other relatives who
live in the next town over refuse to go near the house because of the
stories they heard. the house has since burned down.

The Girl in the Bush

By: melisco@home.com

One beautiful, starry summer night my friend Bonnie was sleeping over. To renovate our child hood memories,
we decided to swing on my old [not to mention creaky] swing set. Every thing was normal... then nothing was.
Bonnie abrubtly stopped swinging. Her eyes had that entranced look and were focused on the blossoming rose-
bush in the yard.
'' Bonnie is it...''
'' Yes. She's here again.''
  There was a young girl concealing herself in the bush. She had almost white
  hair  and a white dress on. A sheer white veil covered her lovely face. She lay her transparent hand on
   her chest. You could see her heart beating.
  Completely terrified, me and Bonnie got to the point of screaming.
I've seen that young girl even closer.I wonder why she's here. Maybe she is scared and wants to uncover
the secrets of death. Maybe she was sent here as a guardian. I don't really know but I will try to help her
in  any way I can.

The Ghost of Thirteen

By: fordfans@apk.net

When I was about 12 years old, my family and I moved into an old farmhouse standing on about twenty five acres.  I'm not sure exactly how old the house was,  but the basement was made of old, hand-cut stones. It was a big, old house with curved top entryways leading into each room and a large wooden staircase that began as a landing, went up about fifteen steps to another landing, then turned right and entered a railed hallway from which you could see the whole staircase below.  Being the oldest child,  I ended up with the smaller of the two upstairs bedrooms while my parents occupied the other.  My brother took the downstairs bedroom.  From my room and escecially from my bed, I could see out to the railed hallway and to the tall open space above the staircase.  For a little less than a year, all was normal in the house.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened.  But, after I had my thirteenth birthday....it all began.
I was lying in my bed just about to doze off when I saw a cloud of, what looked like smoke, drift up the staircase and linger at the top of the landing as if it was watching me. I sat up in bed, confused, thinking that I must be seeing things.  The smoky cloud drifted out of my view,  only to come around the corner and into my room a few seconds later.  It came directly toward my bed at which point I recall covering my head and screaming at the top of my lungs.  My mother came rushing up the steps to see what on earth was happening.  When she reached my room and pulled the covers from over my head, it had disappeared.  She dismissed it as a dream and I finally calmed down enought to drift off.
After this first episode, it only got worse.  Each night, as I was about to fall asleep, the cloud of smoke would drift up the staircase, pause at the landing,  then drift out of sight and around the corner into my room.  It got to the point where I was too afraid to be alone.  My mother began staying with me each night until I fell asleep.  This made me feel safe and the "ghost" never appeared while she was there with me.
I thought things were going to be better now. This was not to be the case.  Now I began waking in the middle of the night to find the cloud hovering at the foot of my bed and feeling the eerie sensation that it was staring at me even though I never could distinguish any facial features in the mist at all.  The only thing I knew was that it felt menacing and it scared me to death.  Night after night I woke the whole house screaming as if I was dying.  I began to be exhausted from either not sleeping at all or from the fitful sleep I was having when I did doze off.  My mother tried to dismiss the "shadow" as headlights from passing cars but I knew better.  Car lights went straight across anything and everything.  This apparition ascended the stairs, turned the corner and entered my room through the doorway.  It was as if it walked up the steps like a regular person and knew right where it wanted to go.  It is so hard to explain, but it felt as if something or someone was in the room with me, watching me.
My father worked the late shift and did not arrive home until around two or three O'clock in the morning.  My mother was so upset by these constant fits that she began allowing me to stay up with her downstairs to wait for my dad to arrive home.  I think she was hoping that I would fall asleep on the couch so that she could carry me upstairs to my bedroom.  One night, as I was waiting with her, I was sitting in a rocker in the corner of the room, watching television.  I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and turned to see what it was.  There,  in the air above the bottom landing of the staircase, hovered the cloud of smoke, all writhing within itself as if it was angry.  It looked darker and more menacing than usual.  I got the feeling that it was mad.  I began pointing and screaming at the cloud then I became frozen, unable to move.  My mother ran over to see what I was looking at but saw nothing.  I turned away for only a moment and when I looked back,  it was gone.
At this point, school was a welcome relief to me.  I did not want to be at home.  I was attending a Christian school at the time and was inundated with homework.  One day, my mother stated that she had to go to the store in town.  She suggested that I stay home and catch up with my work and that she and my brother would return shortly.  Being that it was a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon,  I agreed.  As I sat quietly in my room working on an assignment,  I began to hear music boxes play.  I didn't think too much of it because my mother and I collected music boxes.  I thought one of them must have been caught and was just finishing out its wind.  But it kept on playing louder and louder and didn't stop.  It was coming from my mothers room at the other end of the hallway.  I walked slowly toward her room to where the sound was coming from. None of her music boxes were playing, yet the room was filled with music that seemed to drift away and return even more loudly than before.  I was petrified with fear!! Leaving everything behind,  I ran down the stairs and out into the front  yard where I sat, waiting for my mother by a tree near the road.  I told her about my experience and once again she dismissed it as something out of my imagination.  But, It would not be long before she, too, experienced her own terror in the house.
One evening I had been particularly mouthy and my mother had swatted my behind and sent me to bed early. Neither of us was heppy with the incident ... especially me.  I went to bed in a huff.  What was out of the ordinary is, this time I want to bed and fell asleep with no bother from the ghost cloud and slept peacefully the entire night. My mother, on the other hand, was to experience horror beyond belief.  After my father arrived home from work, they went to bed and the whole house was quiet.  Suddenly around 3 a.m. my mother woke to find herself standing in the middle of the bedroom floor with invisible hands wrapped around her mouth and nose. She was suffocating and was helpless to scream.  She struggled but could get no releif and no attention from anyone.  She could not pry the invisible hands from her face and yet could feel them on her mouth as if they were real. But, no one was there.  She managed to struggle to the bathroom and switch the light on. She threw herself over the sink and at that moment she was released from the invisible grip.  Near the verge of passing out and struggling to get her breath, she was unable to understand what had happened.  Almost too terrified to move, she made her way to my room to find me sleeping peacefully. Not once did I awaken during that night.  My mother feels that the "ghost girl" felt an attachment to me and was angered by what had happened earlier that evening. It was like she was protecting me.
These occurrences lasted throughout our stay in the house. I was afraid to be alone and afraid to sleep. Friends stopped staying the night because of my regular night time screaming, although none of them ever actually saw the cloudy apparition.  Finally my parents built a new house on another part of our twenty five acres.  My nightmare finally ended the day we moved out.  To my relief the "ghost" did not follow me as I had heard sometimes happens.
A new family moved into the home shortly thereafter. We had told no one of the problem with the house. One day the son of the family who was living in the house began complaining that he was upset by a ball of smoke that followed him throughout the house.  It wouldn't leave him alone, he complained.  When I heard this story I almost cried!  The boy was also thirteen ears old!  Years later my mother told me that during her nights waiting up for my father, she heard voices , men's voices coming from inside the walls.  She thought someone was outside, maybe checking the meter....but in the middle of the night?  She knew something was wrong in the house but didnt want to scare me anymore than I already was.  She said she heard the voices almost nightly and sometimes during the day but could never quite make out what they were saying.
My father nor my brother, to my knowledge ever experienced anything strange in the house.  Years later, I heard a rumor that the original house, which was then over one hundred years old, had burned down and the existing house had been built over its old foundation.  It was also rumored that a girl had been killed in that fire....she was thirteen.  No records were ever found to corrobborate these rumors.  Could the cloud of smoke have been the little girls spirit still haunting her old house? Could she have been trying to watch over me? I dont know.  I just cannot imagine the spirit of a little girl causing such a menacing feeling.  The house has changed hands several times since then and I haven't heard anymore such stories.  I wonder if the "little lost girl" still climbs the staircase, doomed to roam the old house for eternity?

The Ghost of Mary

By: aholcomb.astvl@us.amadeusmail.com
Hi. My story is one of myself, my childhood home in Cleveland OH and the ghost of Mary. When I was 4 years old (now 22yrs old)I was playing one day in the spare bedroom of our home that was off of the kitchen. This room was set up for me as a playroom. One day while I was playing my father come in to check on me and I had told him that I was cold. This was the case no matter what time of year or if my mom had been using the oven and stove all day cooking, the room was always really cold. On this day of my father checking and talking to me in our conversation he had mentioned teasingly that it was cold because it was probably Mary's bedroom before she died. Mary was the name of the woman who lived in the home a few years before us with her young daughter. Mary had committed suicide and shot herself in the head on the front porch of the home. A few months later after mine and fathers talk my mom had rearranged the house and put my playroom in one of the 2 upstairs bedrooms, so my bedroom and playroom were both will swear that is what I saw...Mary. What I can't figure out is why she only appeared to me just once or had she at other times and I just didn't noticed after all I lived there from the time I was born till I was almost 8yrs old. Or maybe that night she was just missing her daughter and wanted to see a child and have her see her back...well I did and am now a beleiver in ghosts untill someone or something can proove differently.

The Ghost Named Cora

By: tj2a@webtv.net

We lived in a farm house for fifteen years, moving in when I was about
two.   I've alway bee very interested in ghosts and felt that maybe I
had some sort of spirit connection, though not a psycic or medium.  I
began to experience odd things in my house.
My mom had told me of  things like the basement light coming on when we
left the louse and doors being the oposite of what she had left
them(locked to open and vise versa).
I got interested in oija boards and sayances.
Shortly there after I bad my own stories to tell.
I would see figures in the mirror standing behind me on two occasions.
The shower came on with no one in the bathroom.  In my bedroom the inner
wall was cold at times for no reason.
One day a friend of mine and I were siting on my bed getting ready to
play a board game and we couldn't find the dice.  She  was looking off
one side and I off the other.  Suddenly, from the side I was looking,
the dice come flying onto the board.  We were the only ones in the room,
on a second story and they came over my head from the direction ofd the
I remember a lady.  She was small and woulld come and talk to me.  She'd
come from the wall that was cold.  This would happen when I was in bed.
She was small built and about 70-80 years old.  She would sit on the end
of my bed
and talk, I'd never respond and I couldn't tell you what she was saying.
I told my mom about this.  She believed me and seemed a little
frightened,  But didn't really say anything.
My sister who was home from college over heard.  This was her room
before and had told mom the same story several years before.
I had the strange privillage of finding out who was haunting our house
several years after.
My mom had droped me off at the hair dressers and ran to the bank
accross the street.  The bank teller noticed her address and began to
ask questions.  She asked my mom if we had ever experienced and
anything, mom asked why.  Apparenty she was a friend of the family
who lived there before us.  The woman who lived there was forced to move
out because of declining health and moved in with her daughter about a
mile down the road.  This woman''s name was Cora Dutt.  Cora was very
unhappy about having to leave the house and would be there when she

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