The Evil Dresser

Hi.This is a story about an evil dresser. It all happenend when I was
about 3 yrs. old. I am 12 yrs. old now. It all started when an old lady
across the street died. my mom bought a dresser  from her estate sale. as
soon as we brought it home, strange things began to happen.the dresser
was an antique, with drawers and a large mirror.Once my mom heard
 a little girl laughing and singing,at night.She sat up in beb and the
giggling and singing stopped, as soon as the bed creaked. I was asleep
in my mom's bed,and my sister wasn't born yet. Then we moved we were
renting and our rent time was up. We moved to a house that we had just
built. My mom started to hear whisling,doors slaming with no wind,I was
at preschool at these times, she also heard feet running down the hall at
night,it would go from my room(that's where the dresser was)to my mom's
room. She would run to my room and I would be asleep.i also asked my mom
if there had been an earthquake because I had seen my stuffed animals
bouncing around, there hadn't been an earthquake.My sister was about 1
1/2  when "it" started to bother her. She said that the bed started going
"bouncy-bouncy." She then picked up the  matteress pulled it up, then
dropped it. "It"  then started to call my sister's name
saying"Madison,Madison."She asked mom if she called her, but mom said
no.Mom hated "it" talking to madison. We then went to the graveyard for
other reasons, the calling intensefied.Then one night I screamed bloody
murder,I ran so fast out of my room. I met my mom in the hall. I told her
there was a litle girl in my dresser mirror. That was it. My mom got rid
of the mirror, and we were never bothered again. I hope you believe my
story, I swear it's true.

The Elmhurst Haunting


About twenty-five years ago, my wife and I purchased a townhouse in Elmhurst, Illinois. We had not yet moved in but were painting and cleaning, preparing for the move. The front of the house faces what is known as the Illinois Prarie Path, which is a bike path that runs for miles here. There are no houses across the street, only trees and bushes, which made the property very desirable.
My wife had left to get us something to eat.
I was washing the front room window which is a large picture window about six feet wide by four feet tall. There is also a storm window on the outside. There is only about four inches between the inside window and the storm window, which makes cleaning between them very difficult.
I had finished cleaning the inside and the tight space between both windows and went outside to clean the outside pane last. After I finished cleaning the window, I came inside and stood looking out the window at the beautiful scenery outside. I was also inspecting the job I had done and was admiring the sparkling clean window. It was then that I noticed a piece of paper towel outside in the bushes below the window. I went outside to retrieve it. It was the first floor window and the door to the outside is right next to the window, so it only took me about fifteen seconds the go outside, retrieve the scrap of towel and return inside.
As I came back in, I turned to look outside and continue to admire my work.
My blood turned cold and an icy shiver went up my spine. For the window that I had just cleaned was totally covered in hand prints! I stood frozen for a long time, my throat was dry and I was terrified.
I finally got the nerve to investigate the hand prints and was further astonished to notice that I could actually feel the hand prints, as if done by a very clammy hand. What chilled me the most was that the prints were between the two windows in that very tight four inch space, and the ENTIRE window surface was covered with them!
After that we never had any more supernatural experiences, except for a toilet flushing by itself once, many years later.

The Deer Ghost


It was very early in the morning and my husband was driving, along with
myself and his friend , Mike.
We were returning from the stock car races and were on the Interstate.
I was curled up on my side of the car against the door and had just gone
to sleep.  My husband reached his arm out in front of me and said, hold
on!!  I immediately woke up and asked what he was talking about.  He had
this strange look on his face and about the same time, Mike said, " did
you see that?"  My husband said, "What?"
Mike said , "I didn't see anything."   I couldn't get an answer from
either of them about what they were talking about.  After we got back to
town, we went to a restaurant for breakfast.  Then they started talking
about what they both saw.  They  both saw a big deer running along side
our car and then it cut in front of our car, which is when my husband
threw his arm out in front of me to keep me from hitting the windshield
when he hit the deer.  Guess what?  No impact. No damage. My husband
just drove through the deer or deer ghost.  Strange!! When we go by that
area, we watch for it now, but have never seen it since.  By the
way, this happened in Illinois on Interstate 74.

The Crying Child


I have had several experiences with ghosts.  The most puzzling one occurred
on the first evening my husband and I spent in our brand new house in
Palmdale CA.  Our children were very young then and had been very excited by
the move.  It was their bed time and both my husband and I were exhausted so
he laid down in one room with the two oldest boys and I took my daughter and
her younger brother into my room with me.  It was summer time and the sun had
just set by the time the little ones with me began to dose off.
    I must have dosed off soon after the kids because it was completely dark
when I was awakened by a child crying really hard, the kind of crying that
makesyou think the child is in serious pain.  I could not see the child in
the doorway but I reached across the bed and I could feel my son and daughter
still lying on the bed asleep.  Thinking the crying child was one of the boys
and my husband was sleeping I called out to it,"Come here baby and tell mommy
what's wrong".  The child came into the room and was climbing up onto the bed
when the moonlight caught its shinny blond curls.  I could feel its weight on
the bed as it climbed closer to me.
    I know that I made a startled sound when I saw the child's hair, because
I only have one blond and his hair is straight.  I reached out to grab the
child and it was gone.  I thought it was one of the neighbor's children and
it was hurt and must have tried to hide under the bed.
    We had not unpacked our lamps yet and I could not seem to find a light
switch in the room.  I started reaching under the bed but there was nothing
there, so I began to scream for my husband.  He ran in the room and turned on
the light.  The only children in the room were our two still asleep in the
middle of the bed.
    We were both shaken, although my husband had not seen it, he had heard
the crying.  He went out side and searched the yards and the street.  He even
went across the street where earlier in the day we had seen blond children
playing, but they were all in bed asleep according to their very curious
mother.  Needless to say we did not sleep that night.  We never saw the child
again, but sometimes at night we heard its muffled cries outside the bedroom

The Cologne


hi. my story happened when i was about 10.  two of my
friends stopped at my house for a couple drinks while
we were out hiking in my woods and i wanted to scare
them a lil bit because most of my friends thought i
was truly possesed because i did spells and i looked
all dead and stuff.... i dont know why but i had an
idea to care my friends that were with me so i pulled
out my old ouija (spell chek) board that i had made by
hand and we used a c.d of mine.i lit sum candles. they
sat down thinkin that it was all fake and made up. so
we started out and i thought one of my friends was
moving it so i just played along. after an hour or so
we stopped and we got all ready to go back outside.
when we were about to put the game away the c.d
started moving..... i thought it was just a figment of
my imagination but i grabbed my friends and we all sat
down again and we were probably scared straight at
this point. shawn got back up and ran out the door and
he of course went home. me and jessica stayed because
we have always been amazed by this kinda stuff. we put
our fingers back on the c.d and started asking the
spirit questions. it kept saying 24 over and over and
over. i got kinda freaked out because he started
asking if he can come over. jessica didnt know what
can happen if you do that so she said yes and
immediatly after that we heard somethin break in the
bathroom so i ran back there and the smell of cologne
ran through the whole house. it was so strong that i
just ran outside and started coughing. me and jessica
got away from the house and went to her house to tell
her mom what happened. her mom checked out the house
and said it was fine and smelled fine. we went into
the bathroom and the broken cologne bottle was laying
on the floor shattered into a million pieces. my heart
started pounding when i felt something touch my neck
and jessica and her mom were in the other room.
           ever since then so many weird things have
happened to me. when ever i go into a room in my house
i smell that cologne and the room would get cold and
things would fall over on their own and all sorts of
scary stuff has happened to me. like once when i was
having a sleep over,  we were all sleeping and i was
awaken by a dog barking in the hallway. i looked
around to see if anyone else was up but they werent so
i went back to sleep and heard it again so i woke up
and my two dogs were growling and they were laying by
my side practicly squishing me. they were growling so
much and staring at the hallway that i decided to
check it out and my dogs would not let me up so i
yelled at them to go and they wouldnt move. i heard
the little bark again and my dogs got even closer to
me. i woke my friends up and they heard it too. my
dogs got up and layed down in front of my bedroom
door. we got so scared that we couldnt even scream
right. my dogs started barking and they are HUGE dogs
so my parents woke up and ran out into my bedroom
where we were sleeping. they put the dogs outside and
we all went back to sleep tehni heard the dog again
only it sounded like the dog was in my room this time.
i woke my friends up again and i could hear my dogs
barking like crazy outside my window, so i opened the
window and they jumped in and started growling again.
this time the little dog started scratching at my
closet door (the door was closed) and me and my
friends were so freaked out that we just opened the
closet door. when all my friends finally went to
sleep, i felt all sad because the land lord said that
there was a little puppy that was abandoned in this
house and he died. when my family first moved in here
there was a little tennis ball in the back of the
closet. when i opened the closet the little tennis
ball was gone. i was feeling happy/freaked out. i went
over to my dogs and hugged them both. i went into the
kitchen and i heard the barking again i got freaked
out again and my dogs ran back in the bedroom. i
wanted the dog to be quiet because my friends would
wanna go home and never come back again, so i got a
little bone and threw it out the window and said
"fetch" for some odd reason. and we never heard it
again. i wanted to move so bad after that but we
couldnt and i still live in the house. i dont have
many friends but hey, my friends are just like me.
things still happen to me but im used to them now and
when im alone in the house...... i pretend the spirits
are just another person living in the house. when
something breaks on its own, i say outloud "be
careful" or something.



I remember the day with a clearness that is erie to me and my friends.  It
stills brings shivers to us all as we think back to it.  To understand it
clearly you have to know the past.  A while back a school in Illinois by the
name of Our Lady of the Angels burned down, killing many kids of all ages.
The school was rebuilt and since then we all call the school haunted.  My
name is Kim and during a punishment, we saw what others had saw and it
spooked us out of our mind.  The third floor in our school was never used
because when it was the students always complained.  We were in seventh
grade, the year was 1996 I believe, and we were in trouble.  About seven us
walked up and down the stairs with all of our books and the third floor was
included.  All the lights were off the hallways echoed with our foot steps
and laughter.  Our teacher did walked with us and he flipped on the lights.
The hallways at our school all connected together and one or two lights lit
the whole floor.  As we made it around the hallway the lights went off, but
no one stood there at the light switch.  We ignored it laughing it off. We
flipped the lights back on and continued another lap on the third floor.  As
we walked we heard screams and a voice telling kids to to God and not to
worry.  Then we heard cursing.  Voices were every where.  Then we saw red
eyes and blury movement in a room.  We screamed naturally.  The door swung
open and the chase began.  We all ran.  No one dropped their books because no
one wanted to go back.  Our teacher ran right with us.  We made it to the
stairs and went around the corner fast.  No one saying nothing but breathing
hard.  Marcus looked back and screamed.  The red eyeballs were following us
down the stairs.  At that moment no one cared.  My boyfriend at the time
grabbed my hand and dropped his books and knocked mine out my hand.  We ran
faster.  By then teachers had heard our screams and were trying to stop us
from running.  No one listened.  We all kept on going and ran right out side.
 The red eyes stopped at the school door.  We heard high pitch screams of it
being unfair and then the glass in one of the doors broke.  We were forced to
do research on this fire after being made to return to school.  With our
teachers helped we found survivors of the kids on the third floor. They
stated that the teacher told them to pray.  To not worry.  They said when the
fire reached the third floor some of them began to run out.  She chased them
and so did other students trying to get out.  They made it outside right when
a big explosion came and the tearched burned to death right by the front
door.  We never went back to the thid floor until the next year because our
classes were their, but the light box had a lock on it and the doors were
left wide open with chains.  No one was upstairs when the lights went out.
The school closed in 1998 and it was said that others were chased by the red
eyes when they had a lockin at school.  Only, they were on the first floor
second floor and third floor.

The Blue House Ghost


About 4 years ago, my husband, myself and my 2 year old son had rented this
old beatup farm house. The house was very old and was occupied by tennants
before us who had rented it for about 10 years.
After we had moved in, strange things were going on. The first thing was the
upstairs. My sons room was up there. I would put him upstairs for the night
and he'd just fall asleep like a normal child. About 6 weeks after moving in,
my son would not sleep in the room. I would rock him to get him to sleep, but
as soon as I left the room, he'd wake up screaming and crying. (He NEVER did
this). So, We moved his room downstairs and we moved upstairs. No problems
with him going to sleep now. Which leads me to the next incident that I
remember vividly. I was sleeping (upstairs). I had presents up there for my
sons 2nd birthday. There was a book with buttons to push as you read the
story and it made sounds. The gifts were all wrapped and in the corner of the
room.  About 3 am the book started going off like someone was pushing the
buttons. I got up to see if the cat was messing around with it. NOPE! The cat
was next to the bed, s! till groggy because I woke up. My husband was asleep in
the bed. (NOTHING WAKES THAT MAN). It went thru several different "buttons"
before it stopped.
One day when I returned from work, after no one was home all day, I went into
the kitchen. Just an overview, the cabinets were very tall and reached the
ceiling. I had wine glasses up on the top shelf for safe keeping because I
knew the cat couldnot open the door and get up there to break them.(they were
from our wedding). When I walked in, 2 glasses were smashed on the counter.
The cupboard door was closed. NO ONE WAS THERE ALL DAY.
My husband has experienced several weird things as well. Pepper flew out of
the cupboard over the stove and hit him in the chest. He was taking out the
garbage one evening and some kind of strange "being" crossed in front of his
car headlights. He said it appeared to be a teenager boy with overhauls going
into the old, falling down garage out by the road.
We also had experienced seeing things like out of the corner of our eye. Like
just a flash of white, like someone scurrying thru real fast and you only
getting a glipse of them.  The TV would turn on out of the reason.
Also, channels would change for no reason. It was a bizarre experience. It
has intrigued us both to learn more about this. I personally think a being
was there. How I go about researching the house or finding out if something
happened there has stumped me. I dont know where to begin. Id like to find
out who it was or what it wanted.
I still go by the house from time to time. Someone had bought it since we
lived there. These people had put on new siding and new doors and possibly
new windows but, since then no one seems to be occupying it.

The American Museum of Astoria is Crawling with Presences


The american museum of the moving image in astoria queens is haunted without
a doubt.I first went to the museum about 12 years ago, when I was about 10
years old and me my mother and my sister all agreed the place felt weird and
creepy.I went back about a month ago and was reassured of the haunted feeling
to the building after 12 years.When you walk in to the place the feeling hits
you like a ton of bricks. Once you walk in the gift shop you feel a really
strong presence (belive me i felt it) and the rest of the building is no
better.On the second floor the feeling of the haunting reaches every
corner,especially the mock egyptian theater on the 2nd floor were you can
sense an ominous presense lurking and lingering in the theater room.In this
theater room (its kinda small for a real theater) are pantings of faces,
egyptain and others , famous movie stars but i swear when u look in the eyes
of the painted growcho and the other mark brother there's something sinister
that seems to be using these pantings to hide in it is VERY VERY creepy. The
third floor  has its own funky feeling to it also , just like with the rest
of the building you can sense a STRONG presense not as bad as the 2nd floor
but not so good either.  the fourth floor was being renovated but it to is
probably haunted.I did not sse any thing but the elavator opened on its own
will in the lobby when i was approching it.There are many stories by the
employees of footsteps following you in the office areas,talking coming from
vents when no one is in the place at night. A deep voice heard in the halls
that comes from no where and a sighting of a black lady in a white dress that
................It was built in 1920 by paromount to bring back film
production to ny area.then in 1944 up until 1977 it was used by the us
army.IT was kind of delapatated and some organazation bought it fixed it up
and started collecting old movie and film memoravillia and equipment, when
that was done the museum opened 11 years later in 1988 . So i say if your
live in nyc or come to nyc visit the moving image and feel how moving the
image is.

Terrifying Experience


Actually, I've had a few experiences.  Only one was really terrifying.This
particular incident left me thinking I was either temporarily insane or
worse, that it was true and that it happened.  I didn't really like either
The first real incident happened the night my mother passed.  It was my
boyfriend's birthday, his senior prom, and the night my mom died.  My father
insisted I go to the prom, instead of staying home.  Mom had been ill for
years, and we all knew it was just a matter of time.  But at 10 PM, when they
were serving dinner, I "knew".  She was gone, and I wasn't with her, yet I
knew she must of stopped by to say goodbye or something.  True enough, when I
got home, I found out that she had indeed passed and that it was at 10 PM.
Right as I knew it would be.
5 years later, my father died.  I was working on a cruise ship from Los
Angeles to Ensenada Mexico (puddle jumpers), and had been for at least 5
months.  My brother called shore-to-ship to give me the news.  I went down to
the bar at mid-ship to cry for my father.  No matter what kind of seas we
were on, I never saw this before or again.  I had ordered a can of beer.  It
did a 360 on the table.  Just a perfect little circle.  My husbands' can was
still, but mine moved.  "Hello, Daddy", was all I could say.
About 3 years after that, came the scary experience.  I had just gone to bed,
it wasn't overtly late.  We had a waterbed in the early 80s mind you, so it
rocked like the ocean when anyone "got in".  The door to the bedroom was
open, I could hear the TV on in the living room where my husband was.  I
closed my eyes to go to sleep.
Within a minute, I felt something on the bottom left corner of the
waterbed... sit down.  No mistaking that feeling on a waterbed.  I opened my
eyes to look and there was nothing there.  Instantly, there was a weight on
my body, squishing me down into the bed, and what felt like a hand over my
mouth to keep me from screaming and something at my throat.  My eyes were
wide open, and I couldn't see what was attacking me.  This lasted for about a
minute, then was gone.  It took forever it seemed to gain speech back to call
to my husband.  All I could get out was little more than a squeek.  I finally
found my legs to get me out of that bed.  Never happened again, but I still
remember it clearly.
I've had numerous feelings over the years, more recently within the last
year.  Many many experiences.  One of the ones that was the strongest was at
a local hardware store.  Back around the time of the waterbed incident, the
local Builder's Emporium caught fire, and about 5 people died inside the
building.  It was rebuilt, and reopened as an OLE's.  I'm not exactly Ms.
Fixer Upper, so it wouldn't be the type of store I'd frequent.  Well, I had
to go there recently.  I'd forgotten about that fire, as it happened so many
years ago.  But in the back left of the store, I immediately experienced a
choking sensation , along with the feeling that my skin was burning.  I had
to rush out of the store, and I doubt I will go back.  My son, who is also a
sensitive, felt it too.  There's plenty more... but those are the one's that
stand out.

Stranger in the Two Rivers Valley


    I was a fat, energetic 12 year old.  I realize those two adjectives are
seldom used in conjunction with one another, but I had lots of energy.  I would
roller skate everywhere and had just got elected cheerleader which I was very
excited about.  I was probably the worlds fattest cheerleader at 218 lbs.  I was
5'7.  So as you can imagine I didn't exactly have boys knocking down my door,
but I was still very outgoing.  I mention this because it's quite relevant to my
       We lived on a farm about a mile and a half out of town.  The town itself
consisted of a population of around 350 people.  My 8th grade class had ten
kids, five boys and five girls.  Our farm was situated at the bottom of a hill
and there was a gravel road that ran in front of our house.  There was a
cornfield separated by a fairly large creek and beyond the cornfield was the
town.  It was fall and the fields had just been harvested.  The creek had a few
trees on the banks, but other than that from our front yard you had a clear view
of the town and the area surrounding the town for miles.  My hometown in
Illinois is flat farm land surrounded by large hills.  We're a small valley
nestled right between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.
       I was in the front yard practicing cheers and doing various acrobatic
activities.  Our yard was surrounded by a white picket fence which I was
supposed to be white washing.  My parents were at work and so without
supervision I was goofing off.  It was still warm outside, so I was barefoot and
in shorts.  I had just done a front flip and was standing with my hands in the
air pretending I was at the Olympics.   I felt like someone was watching me, so
with arms still upraised I turned my eyes toward the town and there on the far
bank was a boy around my age watching me.  This intrigued me since boys in
general weren't in the habit of looking in my direction.  I called and waved to
him but he just stood there.  He was wearing modern clothes. I went out the gate
and headed over to where he was.
        As I was walking a tree got in the way of my sight of him for the amount
of time it takes to walk three steps and he was gone.  I continued over and when
I got to the creek and saw him sitting on the bank with his head down.  I called
to him and he continued to ignore me.  I figured he was embarassed and was
afraid to say anything for fear I might think he liked me.  I was going to slide
down the bank, but the dirt around the creek was very cold so I thought I would
go back and get my shoes on.  I turned around and started to head back, but
decided that he might leave so I turned back around and he was gone. I looked up
and down the bank and he was not in sight.  That side of the bank was almost
bare and there were no trees.  There was no where he could have gone.  I looked
at the water to see if he had jumped in, but it was calm. It never dawned on me
until years later that he might have been a ghost or spirit.  He just looked so
real.  The main reason it stuck with me all these years is I always wondered who
he was since I had never seen him before.  I used to imagine that he came over
and we talked and that he liked me.
        I dream about that creek all the time.  I often dream I live under it
and I have always wondered if my dreams might be connected to that boy.  I
almost drowned in that creek twice.  I had also thrown a ouija board into the
creek a little further down from where I saw that boy, but that was 6 years
after I sighted him.  My experience with said ouija board is another story and
was not a pleasant experience at all.  I hope you enjoyed my tale. I never saw
him again.
If you have any comments about my tale please send me mail

Stable haunt in Newport


This happened to me last year. I had heard about this place in Newport RI it
was an abandoned stable that was supposed to be haunted. well the minute i
walked in there i knew it was. i was experimenting with EVP that day i asked
certain questions with the tape on. the session lasted for about half an
hour. i played the tape back and  got a few unexplained sounds but then the
very last questio i asked was "do you want help" a couple seconds later i got
a very distinct "i want help" for an answer the voice sounded to be child
like and male. it freaked the hell out of me i refuse to go back in that
stable to this day!

Sleep Paralysis

I want to know when I was sleeping on my bed sleeping on my back I then knew
I was dreaming but I cant wake up I know I was dreaming but I struggle very
hard to get out of the dream I could think when I was sleeping but I cant get
out of it. Is there something wrong with that. That was a very scary feeling
I really wanna know what that means. Everytime I have a good sleep and I know
I was suppose to wake up at a certain time when I try to wake up but I cant I
try really hard to struglle out of my dream. I would really like to hear back
from you what it means I get that not that often but I dont want it to happen
at all to me.

A Few Stories


Hello Dave and everyone else who has shared their stories,
My name is Chris and I live in a small town called Medina, it is in Ohio,
about 35 miles southwest of Cleveland, and I wanted you to know that, since I
remember, have had a sense, and love for the supernatural.  I myself, have,
regrettably, (even though most of you think I am crazy), have not had a
recent experience myself.  I do, however, have a few stories for you, one is
my own and happened a long time ago, and one is from two of my best friends.
OK, story goes like this, my friends, ( and I will call them Will and Grace
for anonymity's sake) babysat for a woman who was quite coldhearted if you
ask them, and they would babysit the children of the household four to five
times weekly, (seeing as how the woman had nothing to do besides go out), and
they started to become fast friends with the children.  Well, to make a long
story short, if possible, Will was sitting alone playing Playstation with the
little boy when the little boy happened to tell him that his daddy had "hurt
himself and was not going to be back for awhile".  Well, Will knew that the
father had shot himself because the mom had been cheating on him, so he
changed the subject once the boy brought it up.  To get to the freaky shit,
one night Will and Grace were babysitting the children, and Grace had the
little girl up in the tub and was on her way to check on her when she heard
the little girl talking to someone, (I know this is taking a lot of room of
your site, but I feel this is important), the little girl stated " daddy, I
want a puppy, but mommy says she can't take care of it, and she knows I
cant", and then Grace said as clear as day, she heard the little girl's voice
change into a man's voice saying, "well, honey, you know daddy loves you, but
you need to talk to mommy more if you are going to get a puppy".   Well,
Grace grabbed her chest at that point and shot back down the stairs to where
Will and the boy were playing video games.
The next experience in the house involves Will and Grace at the same time.
Grace had told me that the little girl they babysat was the most mild
mannered child she ever met, (i.e., never made a fuss when asked to go to
bed, never asked for sweets, and always helped put her OLDER brother to bed),
well, one night after taking the children to see a movie (101 Dalmatians),
they went to pull in the house's garage, and next thing they know, the little
girl was going insane, clawing at the windows to get out of the car, kicking
her little brother, the doors, Will and Grace, and the windows, to get out),
and needless to say, Grace obliged and quickly pulled out of the garage, and
Grace said as soon as she was out of the garage and had the door closed, the
girl was as humble as can be, and cheerful. Hmmmmm...........
The next weird occurence is the last............ Anyway, that night that the
little girl went crazy in the car they came in and played video games and
listened to music for an hour or two, then they went to put the kids to bed.
 Now normally Will and Grace would sleep on the couch in the living room
until the mother got home from work or from the bar, BUT this particular
night, the little girl was adamant on the two spending the night in the
parents' room, ( and this is where Dan took his own life), so they agreed,
seeing as how it was a waterbed, and soon all were off to
sleep.....................................................2:30 AM rolls
around, Grace awakes from a deep sleep to hear a monstrous pounding
reverberating throughout the house, so she goes to investigate, to see if the
mother had come home, and of course, no sign of her,  so she goes back to
bed, dismissing it as one of those moments you wake of from a dream, to find
it wasn't real, but before she can return to sleeping, she hears the same
monstrous pounding, but this time, it originates at the parents bedroom door.
  So, safe to say she immediately woke up Will to assist her in finding out
what the sound was.  So they both get out of the bed, and of course it
happens again, and this sends willl into a frenzy, he went into the KIDS'
room and got in bed with the son, but Grace got him up and they explored the
sound,  and both realized that they never had had a problem sleeping in the
living room, so they eventually calmed down enough to lay down on one of the
two couches in the living room, and immediately after that the pounding
Now, I didn't talk to Will and Grace for about two years until recently Will
freed himself of some problems he was having that were  making him work alot
of overtime every week, and they said the only reason they told me this story
is because they thought I would be the only one to understand, seeing as how
I am an active member of AGS.  Now, I have a love for ghosthunting, but am
frustrated to say I haven't SEEN anything out of this world, SINCE I became a
ghosthunter fulltime, BUT, I have heard plenty of weird noises, and have had
spoons flip up out of drawers into my face with no explanation, SO Grace
figured me a more than qualified source for "confession".    I hope that you
think this story qualifies for your sight, because it is as much true as I
was excited.  I hope I receive a response from you, because I have a few
other things I would like to "discuss" with you.   I would also like to thank
all of the people on this sight who shared their experiences.

Research on a Ghost Tour


I am a travel agent and was doing some research to put togethor a ghost tour
and came accross a famous ax murder in vilisca IA approx. 75 years ago on
this web site it had bits and pieces of recordings of interviews and as I was
going to listen to an interview my computer shut off on its own.  Also Til
this very day I still haven't been able to locate that site again. this
happened approx. 3 months ago..I ended up sleeping with the lights on on that
nite.    I try not to read to much into this as computers do some strange
things but I was very spooked after that happened.


Brookdale Lodge


When I was growing up in Kansas (no it's not that long of a story) my
Grandfather would tell us grandkids about an Inn in California with a creek
that ran through the center of the restaurant. He said he had stayed there
once back in the '30s. He told us the place was haunted and told many of the
same stories we hear now, but he said that he never saw or heard anything.
In 1996 I moved to Ben Lomond California just 1 mile south of Brookdale, and
last year I moved to Brookdale into an old carriage house of the
estate that had been converted in to a rental house (very old
and drafty I'll tell you about that later in the e-mail). Anyway the main
place I ALWAYS hear things from the Lodge is, when I walk down to pick up my
mail from the Post Office (the post office is right across Hwy 9 from the
Lodge) I pass the swimming pool, I never go inside of the pool area but I
have heard splashing like someone is swimming or someone jumped in the pool
and no one is there, I have also heard voices like people are playing in
there but there no one is there, and I always feel like some one is watching
me from the pool. UNLESS people are in there then I don't feel like I'm
being watched?!?! it's really weird. I never heard of the pool area being
haunted until last week when I was surfing the net for info about the lodge
after looking at your web site.
In the bathroom of the Lodge (the one by the bar and Brook Room) I have
heard someone walk in (the sound of a man's foot steps) and turned around to
find no one there (this has happened more than once), and Saturday night
11-4-00 I was at the Lodge playing darts and I went to the bathroom  there was one
other guy in there at the time, we both had finished and were washing our
hands, we both had flushed, but my urinal flushed 2 more times while I was
washing my hands. We both looked at each other and got out of the bathroom
quick. Also in the hallway to the Brook Room by the bar I have felt cold
spots that seem to appear out of no where.
That's mostly my experiences at the Lodge, I have been there at times when
nothing has happened. On election day 11-7-00 I went to the Lodge to vote,
and the lodge was very warm and felt very nice to be there, like I was
welcome, unlike most of the time when I feel like I have to keep looking
over my shoulder because something is behind me.
Over the last few weeks I have been looking in to the ghosts of the lodge by
asking a lot of my friends who have lived in the area for a long time about
things they have experienced there. I mainly get the old stories that are on
the net and a few that are not. No one I have talked to has seen anything
but several people have heard things in the Bathroom and in the hall way,
and they have felt cold spots, and one person saw ice on the floor of the
Brook Room that would not melt and they did not know where it came from.
Some of the stories I have heard are the Lodge classics, but no one I talked
to has experienced these. The little girl walking through the Lobby to the
Brook Room, The Judge making noises, the Gardenia or Orchid Lady where you
smell flowers or perfume, Sounds in the Mermaid room, The young man who
roams the upstairs of the main lodge, and I have heard of the underground
tunnels that run under hwy 9 to the cabins on the other side and hidden
passageways and rooms.
I don't think this is supernatural but on election night long after we voted
my wife and I were driving to the store in Ben Lomond to get dinner when my
wife said she saw two people standing VERY still on the balcony of the Lodge
with their arms to their sides, one was on the balcony the other was in the
door way. I didn't tell her because she spooks easy but I had seen the same
thing a couple of years back. Have you heard of this before?
There is one other place in the Santa Cruz Mountains I think people should
look in to. It's called Sacpozies (I don't think my spelling is right, but
I'll find out and e-mail it to you) it's an Italian restaurant now but "back
in the day" it was very similar to the lodge. It was a Speak Easy and a
Brothel with the same style hidden passageways, rooms, tunnels as the Lodge,
and I have heard a few ghost stories about the place but can not remember
them right now.
My place for the most part is a nice place (for a cabin that's 150 years
old). It was an old carriage house
 and was converted into a cabin after cars took over the old horse drawn
carriages, and now the Land lord rents the place out. The weird thing about
my place is that the back bedroom that we use as a storage room/computer
room is always 10-15 degs. colder than the rest of the house and is cold
even in the summer when it's 100 degs out side. In the winter it's almost
unbearable to be in there and in the summer it's better than having central
air :) I don't think it's anything supernatural. My wife hates the room and
almost refuses to go in there because she says it gives her the creeps, but
I don't mind it at all.

Visit to the Winchester House


I was taking the tour of the house with two of my buddies Rich and Dave in
the fall of 1997. My experience took place in one of the front rooms of the
house, it was towards the end of the tour and I was getting rather board of
the tour guide and found myself not really paying attention to him or anyone
else in the room. I was snapped out of my little day dream when I felt a
hand on my left shoulder. It was like someone was comforting me, not strong
or forceful, but a nice firm grip. I plainly felt the fingers and thumb of
this hand and I could tell it was a left hand. It only lasted only a moment
until I started to look for the source of the hand. My back was to the wall
and only Rich was in arm's length of me but he was on my left and there was
no way he could have touched me with his left hand. I quickly placed the
experience in the back of my mind as the tour moved on. Once outside Rich
made the comment that the front room gave him the chills but to Dave and I
the room felt no different than the rest of the house. When I told them
about what I felt in the room they thought I was just playing on Rich's
comment of the chills and didn't believe me. I don't talk about it much
although I do believe in ghosts, heck I live 1/4 of a mile behind the
Brookdale Lodge and have heard the ghosts that are there when I go to play
darts in the Lodge's Bar but that's another story.

Ghostly Experiences


This document is meant to serve as a general, if not sporadic, listing of experiences I have had with the unexplained. Perhaps there were ghosts, demons, spirits...whatever. All I know is there was something there that could not be fully understood.
I will try to list these chronologically, but I may forget some and have to add then at different times.
The first experience I can ever remember came from the house I grew up in, and was a multitude of unexplainable happenings that I thought I was only privy to. At the house in Tecumseh (MI), 231 E. Cummins Street, it was not uncommon to hear foot steps through the heating register in the bedroom directly off from the kitchen that myself and my sisters shared for a very long time. It was like someone was stomping as they walked up and down the stairwell leading into the basement. This stairwell was on the other side of the wall from that bedroom. As the "thing" would walk past the heating duct you could hear a pounding noise, as if "he" hit his head on the duct sticking out of the wall, followed by loud and angry cussing. This happened almost every single night, if not. Being a young child, I always thought I was the only one to hear it and often ran crying to mom claiming a bad dream. Sometimes she would let me stay the rest of the night with her, if Dad wasnít around. But if he was I had to go back to my bed, with everyone else asleep around me.
Sometimes the stomping would continue into the house and lead through the kitchen and out the back door. I donít know if it was the same thing, since that one did not make and more noise than steps when in the house. It never slammed the door, just shut it. The other thing was always slamming the basement door and the door to the garage but seemed to stay in the sewing room...the room adjoining the garage to the living room. This room had a deep closet that all of us kids were afraid of. Most of the time none of us would even go into the room if not accompanied by a sibling. The weirdest thing about that is I remember my brother and I used to share that room when we were really young and my bed was right next to that closet. I cannot say if it bothered me or not.
Another oddity that occurred during those times was the constant calling of my name at night. Not every night, but often enough to prove I wasnít imagining it...after everyone went to sleep I would lay awake. Later years I would find out that one of my sisters was indeed awake, but she kept very quiet. There would always be someone calling my name. I do not remember exactly what the voice sounded like, but I do remember it being male and menacing. I sometimes thought it was my brother or his friends trying to scare me. But that proved wrong. He would always be asleep when I checked. Then I would run terrified through the house back to my bedroom where I would pull the covers up over my head and wish the thing away. I knew religion, but I was always so confused that I seldom tried that as recourse. I did, on occasion, try sleeping with the bible in my hands, but that never really did anything. I also tried praying but I didnít really know how. I felt helpless.
At times I would experience what I now know as sleep paralysis...where I would be able to see and hear everything going on around me but I could not move nor speak. My sister would think I was faking it and throw stuff at me all of the time. But it was awful. Other times I would show so much control over my mind that I could, and still can, stare at things and make everything around it disappear.  I still experience the SP also, just not as frequently as I did when I was a child.
As I grew older these things still haunted me on an almost nightly basis, while entertaining an unrelenting fear of our open closet( not the one mentioned previously, this one was actually in my bedroom). The closet had no door and all three of us girls had to share it. One sister had one side, I had the middle and my other sister had the side farthest to the right...right next to the register. I watched a movie about this little voodoo doll and had this insane fear it was in the closet waiting to attack me. I still sometimes have nightmares about that show, but I know they are now stupid. But being young, I was afraid. Nothing really happen with that closet, I just remember the fear. According to my sister, sometimes she would see clothing moving from her position on the top bunk, but I donít remember that.
The stairwell/register got to bother my sister and I so much we asked my mom and dad to rearrange the room and put our eldest sister in the spot we were and our bunk beds against the wall with the window. Not too long after that we started hearing this tapping noise, almost like a tree branch scraping and tapping on the window. Strange thing is that there was never anything there and no trees close enough to do so. We got so scared that after awhile we refused to look out that window-afraid we may actually see something hideous. Although we both knew about this, we seldom talked about it. We did keep our beds that way until dad built on my eldest sister's room, which scared me always. I hardly ever went in there, it was too close to the basement for my liking. Plus it had a window into the garage. My sister even admitted that it made her nervous. My other sisiter and I did, at one time, talk to her about it and she even heard the noise at the window. But no one ever really tried to figure it out since we were all so scared. Eventually mom bought us new beds and I moved mine back over to the other side of the room. Of course, the noises continued for both of us...the window and the stairwell/register.
It was not uncommon for any of us living in the house to hear strange noises from time to time, and even have scary events occur in the basement. The washer and dryer were hooked up down there, and we had to go to do our laundry. If I could afford it, I would always choose to do mine at the Laundromat. But there were times when I had to go down there. If I couldnít find anyone to go with me, I would force my dog Fuzzy to go down there. Too many times for my liking he would either run back up the stairs or refuse to go in the other room...the one with the dirt floor and where mom put all of the canned foods. That room was scary. One year dad was digging down there, I donít remember why, and he found some bones. He said they looked human, but he never really told us kids about them. I think he turned them into the police, but I do not recall anyone ever coming out to our pad and looking around. Also, when in the basement, numerous times the light would shut off on itís own, and you would be left down there in the dark. For the longest time I thought it was my brother doing it, but it happened when he wasnít even there. When it did, Fuzzer would go running up the stairs and scratch on the door to be let out. I would have to find my way back up to the switch and turn it back on. It got to a point where I would never go down there without a flashlight. If I went down there at all.
One day mom fell down the steps. These steps were solid cement, and wide enough even for the biggest misstep. She once admitted to the feeling of being pushed, but she now denies it as not being said. But the day it happened, she came upstairs white as a ghost and told us a little about how she felt. She was very scared, but only bruised and scraped. She wouldnít go back down there for a long time after that.
Another instance is when I asked Keith (boyfriend at that time, now my husband) to go down there for me because I was too scared to. He said that when he got about half way down, he started hearing the footsteps and then felt something walk right through him. He never said whether it was super cold or anything, but he remembers it and does not talk about it. He was very frightened that day, actually made me leave. He never went in the basement after that. During this time the entity really tried to get my attention by calling my name even during daylight hours and intensifying the violence in our home. By this time dad was in full drinking mode and abusive as hell. I , ever the rambunctious one, would talk back and get into fights with him. All the while this thing in the basement would get louder and more bold...still never entering the house further than the sewing room.  But always trying to reach out to me....yelling at me and scolding me for ignoring it...or trying to anyway.
One day a neighborhood friend came over and I was home alone. I was watching tv with my back to the sewing room. He came in and started watching tv with me. The thing either didnít notice him or didnít care, and started calling me into the sewing room. This guy thought my brother was in there and that we were messing with him. So he went into the room. I canít say anything happened, I have no idea. But he made me leave and go back to his house. He was petrified. I have no idea if it was because there was nothing there, or if there was something I donít want to know about. He never came over again, and actually started avoiding us after that. When I think about it, he hasnít spoken to any of us since then....that was in 1989.
A few weeks before Keith came into the picture, I met this girl in my math class. I was in 9th grade, and she was in pre-algebra with myself and my best friend at the time. I remember her jacket, it was silk and had a Chinese dragon on it, was what drew me to her. She was nothing to look at, but seemed nice. We got to talking and became somewhat friendly. We didnít do much after school or anything, until she needed me to help her out with a date for a friend of her boyfriendís...which happened to be Keith. Thatís another story. But, we used to hang out at her pad in her basement quite often with her. Nothing really seemed to out of the ordinary, but when you went into her room you felt it. Something was always watching...but never doing much else. As time went on we started noticing strange things, like Keith going into trances or zoning out for no reason. We just blew it off to drug use. We all experimented back then...nothing more than pot, though. One day this girl called me over to talk about a demon she thought she had. She talked about it and I listened, and she talked me into bringing my eldest over ...since she was still active in the church. During this visit Mel claimed to have seen a demon like creature and we made a hasty retreat.
As we drove home she frantically talked about what she had seen. She described an evil looking creature that somewhat resembled what you would imagine a large troll to look like. She said it had the reddest eyes...and that it started showing itself by holding something over her eyes. The way she described it was as if someone was holding their hands over her eyes so she couldnít see, but she felt nothing. Then while she was sitting in the chair placed directly in front of the half-open closet, she swore she could see the eyes looking out at her in the reflection of the mirror across the room. She wasnít sure, but too scared to ask, and had me switch places with her. As I sat there she looked into the mirror and said it was still there. Talk about spooky. One thing we did notice is as we were leaving, which my sister actually vocalized, was all that we could hear as we drove off was the sounds of laughter. Evil laughter. Neither of us said anything specifically about it at the time, but we were certain this girl had set us up and was trying to do us some kind of harm to my sister with her spirit. My other sister was at home at the time, and according to my mom she was frantically pacing the house waiting for our safe return.  She said she had to strongest feeling of impending doom.....she so happy to see us that she hugged both of us.  She didn't even know where we were going or why.

A few months, as we grew apart from that day on, the same girl friend had a visit from her boyfriend, Steve, from California. He was heavy into devil worship and did some weird things. One thing that really made me uncomfortable was when we went for a walk and he asked us to leave him at the largest, yet the spookiest grave yard in Tecumseh. What disturbed me the most was that he entered into the mausoleum that I knew had rusty locks that would not open. I donít know how he got in or out, but he did. We met up later at a friends house, the aforementioned girl and I were actually hanging out together. I think that was the day I made her up for Steve. She looked really good. Anyway, we partied pretty hard and spent a lot of time together while he was in town. The last encounter I had with Steve was when we were again partying at our friend's pad and he offered to walk me home, claiming that there were untrustworthy people out there to watch out for. Since I was drunk I said ok, not thinking anything of it. His grilfriend stayed at the party, and everything seemed cool. Until he started putting the moves on me. So, I pushed him away and he tried to kiss me goodnight on my front porch. I kept pushing him away, this time he was getting forceful with me. My Dad heard the commotion and ended up coming out and putting a stop to it. At that point he left my house, walked down the road, stopped in the middle of the road, dropped to his knees and started chanting. I have no idea what he did/said, but I was scared.
After that I never talked to that girl or Steve. He eventually left and went back to California and things went back to normal...for my life. During the time he was in Michigan, I cannot say whether the spirit in the house was bothered or aroused, or whatever, since I was heavily drinking and normally passed out when I hit the bed. I think I did that to avoid the occurrences.
When Dad finally moved out for good, my sister and I moved into the front bedroom that mom and dad had shared, and mom moved into our old one. No one slept in my eldest sister's room after she moved out. We just never wanted to.
In the front room we had some problems at times, one time specifically. It was sister and I were sitting around telling stories about the old room and what we felt when all of the sudden the wires outside our bedroom window caught on fire and we had a brown out. I canít say that had anything to do with our talking, but we both were freaked out. My bed was right next to the window, so I never picked up on that noise from the stairwell, but I was then introduced to something new. I donít know if it was an ongoing thing that was just new to me or if it was something that I brought with me into the front of the house. No matter, but I would hear something walking around in the living room and sometimes open the bathroom door. I specifically remember a time when I got up to go to the bathroom, heard someone in there and waited for like 20 minutes. I then got up and knocked on the door but no one answered and the light was off. I opened the door tentatively, hoping not to find my brother asleep on the toilet, and found no one in there. I had to go really bad, but went back to bed in fear instead. I stayed up all night after that.
During my time spent in the back bedroom, I used to have many bad dreams. I need to tell about some right now, since they are still fresh in my mind...and probably will always be.
All the dreams I am going to talk about were experienced while I was reading this book called Phantoms (not the one by Dean Koontz). I have never found it again, but I will keep looking. The first dream took place in a very beautiful wooded park, with a huge gazebo. We were having a family reunion, and for some reason brought Fuzzer along. It was getting very dark and my sister and I decided to clean up the mess. We had Fuzzy with us and we went around with garbage bags throwing everything away. There was a decent size mess, the reunion was large. It was getting darker and darker when we started hearing this demonic like howling, kind of like and animal, but was scarier. Fuzzer darted off into the woods, to either chase after that or whatever. We freaked out and started cleaning up faster while calling Fuzzer back to us. He didnít return and she thought she needed to go find him. I begged her not to leave, that we should stay together. All the while the howling is getting closer and way louder. The woods are getting blacker and blacker....time was running out. I turned to get another garbage bag and when I turned back around my sister was gone. I started hollering for her, and even went over to our Jeep to see if she was there. No deal. So I went back to the gazebo, just in case she would return to it. I started cleaning and I could still hear the howling getting closer and closer. Finally, it grew quiet and I started to relax...just a little. All of the sudden I heard the howl...louder than life. I turned around...feeling the presence behind me...and woke up. That, even to this day, was the scariest dream I have ever had.
The next dream I remember from them was that we were in the old house, but it was in like a subdivision where it sat out front with a few other houses, and the roads ran on rows behind it...with houses lining the streets. They ran to this other street, kind of making a filled-in box. For some reason we were all together, the family I mean, and we were celebrating something. The inside of the house was completely different, but I knew it was the same house. For some reason, this house was not where mom lived and dad send myself and my sister to drive all the way down the road behind the house to another house that mom was in. It was late at night, everything was black. I remember seeing all of these demonic symbols lit up in the yards we passed, but no one was around. We drove to the house, picked up mom, and drove back the original house. Once we got in there, the house was only lit by red-flamed candles. It seemed like there was no electricity. Anyway, this guy comes to the door and dad lets him in. He was wearing a reaper robe, and looked very menacing. I do not remember what his face looked like at that time, but I do recall him attacking my family somehow. He grabbed me and I kept pushing him away. He had a hold of my arms above the elbows, but I could still push at his face. As I did so, his skin began to slide over his face...almost like you would see cheese do to a pizza. What it revealed was nothing, a blank bloody canvas....then I woke up.
During my life in the old house, I had numerous dreams that I have forgotten over time. I seem to always..still..dream about vampires.  I can't figure that out.
Anyway, I am going to skip ahead quite a bit to when my mother, sisiter, and I decided to have a few drinks to celebrate our new home in Jackson, MI. My sis and I started walking around the neighborhood and talking about the old house. She told me she would never go back. She also admitted to hearing whatever call my name every night, and the thing in the basement. She said she kept quiet out of fear that it would start bugging her. Very selfish, but understandable. She also told me of an experience that she had at college, with her fish tank stuff. She always claimed to hear sweet singing when she played bands like Boston and Bad Company, so she did so often to please the spirit. But a few times she caught "her" in the fish tank stuff...pulling it out of the closet and looking through it curiously. She never did any damage, and one night Jeannette asked her to be quiet since she had exams the next day and that was the last time she saw/heard her....except for the singing.  What she described was just a figure in the someone's shadow itself.
So, lets jump ahead again, the when I lived with my now mother-in-law. There are definitely multiple spirits within that house, well, maybe there is only one...but it has a huge variety of personalities and/or moods. But I will start with the upstairs, and the spirit that seemed to hang out up there. Basically all that would happen is that the door between the rooms would slam shut with no wind or reason, or the closet door would shut while I was in it....something it did not do by itself. One day we had a helium balloon that was at about half mast. It was too funny to watch that balloon chase my dog Daisy around the room with it! Keith even saw it. Then another time he claimed there was nothing in there. I said, ok then...if you are here could you shut the door? The door slammed shut. Keith turned paler than pale, as I walked over and opened back up the door. Nothing there. This spirit always reminded me of a child.....ever prankish.....probably what most would consider a poltergeist.  Things would come up missing or be misplaced, but never did I feel threatened or scared.  Well, I take that back...there was this one time when I was sitting on my bed reading and all of the windows just started rattling really hard, like I would imagine from a mild earth quake.  I ran downstairs and asked my mother-in-law if she heard it but she said it was nothing.  I know she heard something, she just didn't want to admit it.  That was kind of scary since it had never expressed itself in such a way.  That leads me to beleive there was more than one....
Downstairs in the spare bedroom there is something odd going on. When you lay down you can hear people sounds like a couple of people talking just low enough so you canít make out the words. It goes on for the entire night, but nothing else happens. If you have ever watched that older movie "The Haunted", the voices sounded exactly like those the woman heard when she laid her head down on her pillow. Sort of a whispery-non identifiable type of talking. When my neice was little she would sometimes sleep in that room.  She would always wake up screaming as if in pain.....we could never figure it out.
The reason I say something not-so-nice may reside there is from the few experiences I had. One day I was laying on the couch and awoke to hear the sounds of Sara (my niece mentioned above, who was right around 2 years old) playing and hollering my name outside. I got up and ran to the door to find no one there, I was alone. Another time I was in the living room watching TV and heard the sound of my brother talking on the answering machine. I hadnít heard the phone ring, but stranger things have happened. So, I walked over to the machine to find no messages. I dialed *69, and no one had called. I shrugged it off as imagination. Then, a few days later I was watching tv in my mother-in-lawís room while she was on vacation and Keith was at work. I heard, over the tv, what sounded like Keith hollering to me..."Hey Hon". So I went into the dining room and even to the porch to see if he was home early. I checked the machine again, thinking maybe the ringer on the phone was turned off or something. Nothing. So, I went back to the room and heard it again....except this time it came from the basement. I tried to ignore it, but it happened again. At this point I just hollered out...I am not going to answer you....please leave me alone. For the rest of the night it did.
I have the feeling that it may have been the nice one, trying to get a message to me. Maybe it enjoyed my company so much that it didnít want me to move? That was right before we moved here, so I will never know. I do know it did not follow us here.  Every time I go back ther, which is often, I feel something watching me.....and I always feel a strong urge to go upstairs.  I don't know if it is for memory sake or not.  I can't explain it.
That is not to say we havenít had our own experiences in this house. There for a long time, eggs used to come up missing from our refrigerator. It was odd, no one would have eaten then or cooked them...and we never found them. Then the doll. When I was a child my mom used to buy us these Stacy dolls...little figurine dolls that really only their heads moved. I had one..actually I think it may have been my sister's, that had red hair, wearing a pair of jeans. I am not sure of the least I couldnít swear by it. I know it was painted on. I lost this doll, that I do remember, at the old house. One day, after spending extensive time cleaning out the bathroom cupboards, I found that doll sitting right in plain sight. There is no way I put her there, and I asked all of the kids. No one had ever seen it before, or at least not since I lost it in the old house. How it got there is a mystery. Now I keep it in a closet with the kids toys. The next thing I found with a similar story, was that pink comb that I wrote my name on with a silver marker. We found that in my Dadís truck, after Keith had cleaned it out (after we bought it). We opened the door and found it sitting right there on the seat one day...plain as day. We hadnít seen it before, and I had lost it at the old house...right as we were moving out. There is no way Dad could have taken it, since he did not live there at the time. I have since asked/told him about it and it really spooked him.
Other things that happen here arenít bad, just the scratching on the back door every once in a while, it sounds like my dog when she wants to be let in...but nothing is ever there when we look....and the smell of cookies in the bedroom. I found out from my neighbor that her brother used to live here before he died (in this house I might add) and that he always used to bake cookies...those pre-made ones, and eat them while watching TV in the back bedroom. Nothing too unpleasant, and definitely not scary. But, when I told her of the lingering scent, she seemed quite disturbed, to say the least.  I still experience the window rattling her though, something I never tied into the old house until I started writing this.  A few times when I have been in there really late...talking to my brother on the phone with the lights on, the windows start shaking as if someone is out there pounding on them.  No one is ever there, nor any tracks.  Plus, those windows are up too high..we live on a hill, for anyone to reach without major difficulty.  And they are not loose enough to shake....even if you pound on them.  That does always seems to startle me a bit.
We have yet to have anything else happen, and hope it stays calm until we move. What will a new house bring? Time will only tell. If I have my way I will have an old farm house that probably will hold a lot of strange occurrences. I just canít get enough of history.....especially when it comes to houses and such. By the way, regarding the house I grew up mother broke down and told me a true-fact about that house only a few years ago. It seems that soon after it was built a known criminal lived there. He was in and out of jail a lot and was a bad dude. It turns out that after one of his illegal excursions, he was chased back to the house by the police. Whatever he had done must have been very bad, since instead of giving up and spending some time in jail like he used to, he decided to have a shoot-out with the police from a perch on the roof top of the house. He was eventually shot down, after fatally wounding three officers, and died in the back yard. This may or may not give notion to what still exists within that house. Still, to this day, if I drive past it just for memories sake, I get the feeling the spirit is watching and daring me to re-enter. Sorry, no can do. I will not ever go back to that house, unless it is burning to the ground!
Thank you for reading this long collection of my experiences. I have decided to start documenting this type of stuff in order to prove that I am not insane...this stuff really does happen to anyone.

Bed Making Ghost

It all started about 5 years years ago when i was living in a small townhouse with just my mother.  She was working nights and i was watching T.V.  We have a picture of Mary(jesus' mother) above our T.V.  What happened was the T.V. channels started flickering and the picture fell landing straight up looking at me.  I called my mother hysterical, and she came home early from work.  The following summer, we went to california.  When i returned, i walked into my room to find a small picture of mary on my floor....with a small light shining upon it.  The picture is now framed in my room.  A few weeks later i found a mary medallion on my dresser, no one knows where it came from.  Although, these were the good things that have happened to me because things changed after i moved into my new house 4 years ago.  Having 4 older brothers my brother and i moved into the basement and immediatly noticed some strange things.  Sometimes late at night i would come home and hear faint conversations in the basement, thinking it was my brother on the phone or watching t.v, although, when i went downstairs no one was there..including my brother.  One night about eight months ago i was watching t.v, and my family was in bed, it was around 3am.  I heard some wistling..calling my dog.  My dog who was sitting next to me started to get agitated, and me worried.  But every time i put the t.v. on mute, the wistling would stop.  After the 4th time i called to my mom asking her if she was calling my dog for some odd reason, but she yelled back at me to go to bed.  When it happened the 5th time i ran up to my mothers room and buried my head in her pillow.  She turned on her bedside lamp, which started flickering and her alarm clock went off LOUD.  We both held eachother tight. A few weeks later my mother was sitting in the living room when water started dripping on her head. freaked out she had my brothers get on chairs and check the entire celing for a leak but there was none.  This happened to her again in another room.  Lastly, just yesterday, my room was messy and my mom was making a nice pile in my room for me to clean up.  She stipped my bed to wash my sheets.  When i came down to my room i noticed the huge mess i had to clean up, and my bed perfectly made, with freshly washed sheets.  The next day my mother asked me a question that put me in tears.  She asked  me "so u actually made your own bed this time, without making me do it?" But the fact is i didnt make my bed and my mom didnt either.  My mother told me that my sheets were in the washing machine and had not yet been dried.  It doesnt make sense...but i was bawling i was so confused and scared.  It was either 1 of 2 reasons.  A ghost, or some pervert broke into my house and made my bed.  Most likly it is the ghost, but why.

Is their a Ghost in the House????


About 7 years ago, strange things started happening in our house.  I think well before this we had heard noises but just passed them off as " the house settling", but now we know better.  We live in an old house but we have added on a family room and dining room and changed some of the other rooms in the old half of the house.  Most of the occurances happen in the old part of the house, however some do occur in the addition.
Up in the attic we will hear footsteps walking around and the floor boards creaking when everyone is downstairs and nobody is up their.  Sometimes I hear this in my bedroom under the attic when I am home by myself.
Years ago their was a knock on the door but nobody answered me when i said who is it and my daughter thought I was calling her and came and said what and I said did you knock on my door and she said no.   My daughter shut off her light one night and started to walk out the door and the light switch flicked back on, we both just looked at eachother and she ran out of the room.   Other occuances are things disappearing and you search for them and a day or so later they will turn up either where you left it or in another spot of the house.
My husband thinks that me and my two daughters are crazy becasue MOST of this stuff happens when he is not around.  My sister was skeptical too until one night last year we were all in the kitchen and my husband was at the refrigerator and my sister and i were leaning on the sink/cabinets.  Above my sink is two cabinet doors that have glass in them, they are very old and they have that little wheel that clicks shut to keep it closed.   All the sudden the cabinet popped open and the door swung open, she screamed and ran and got her purse and said, bye see you later, i am out of here!!
A couple years ago i was awakened from my sleep and i thought it was one of my daughters waking me up becasue something was poking me in my shoulder, i sat up and looked and it was dark and nobody was thier but I could still feel the pain where it had pushed on me.

I could go on and on with other occurances but end it here.   I think we just have a mischeivious poltergeist.  What do you think???

"Phantom Cat"


     In 1992 my mother and I moved into a new home in North Adams, MA. Immediately stange things began occuring in the house. Often we would see dark shapes that resembled a cat out of the corner of our eyes. However, when we would turn look at it, nothing was there. Within a month of moving in, my mother's set of cat drinking glasses that she had for many years smashed one by one.
    Sometimes our pet cats would stare intensely at nothing in the living room.
Often, we would feel an invisible something touching us or brushing by us. Occasionally, the phantom cat, as we named it, would manifest itself visually and we would often mistake it for our pet cats. For instance, once I saw our pet cat at the door waiting to be let out. However, when I reached the door and looked down, the cat was not there, nor anywhere in the room for that matter.
    We have never been harmed by the phantom cat and my mother is opposed to any type of investigation, for fear that it may needlessly antogonize the spirit. My mother still resides at that house today after nearly eight years.

Personal Story


    I have lived in the same old house in Colorado Springs, Colorado for
more than five years. From the moment I moved in strange things began to
occur. I need to explain that these things were in and of themselves very
typical of things that can be experienced in a haunting but the thing is
that I did not live in the house alone and the haunting would only reveal
itself to me. When I first moved in to the property on the old westside of
Colorado Springs I had a female roommate who was always sure to pay her
bills but was somewhat of a free spirit and frequently traveled, leaving the
state for one to two weeks at a time. I can say without any stretching of
the truth that th very minute my roommate left the haunting activity would
spring to life. In the begining it was small episodes that any sane man
would discount- it was the wind, this is an old house, etc. The first time
my roommate left was for two weeks to visit some friends in Seattle within
the hour of her leaving I began to hear footsteps-very heavy and clear, as
if someone was moving about in the attic. The sounds were very deliberate
and if I let them they would last up to a half hour or more- of course the
first many times I rushed to investigate, climbing the small stairway to the
attic with flashlight in hand only to find silence and an empty attic. This
was the small begining that came to be a full blown haunting.
    The spirit that enjoyed performing for me quickly graduated from attic
sounds to all-thru-the-house-sounds.  The new disturbances included at times
a constant dull thud that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere and
doors being heard slamming but never seen doing so. On two or three
occasions my television came on at odd hours of the early morning (two or
three a.m.) at an uncomfortable volume. On another occasion my stereo came
on playing a very obscure song at a volume that disturbed my neighbors. I
experienced knocking on the front and back doors when I was near them only
to find no one there. On one cold winter night I was alone in the house
taking a shower when I heard a violent rapping at my bathroom window,
thinking a friend had tried the front door and failed to reach me I
proceeded to exit the shower, grab a robe and go to the door. I opened the
door to find no friend and a complete lack of cars on my street in front of
my house. Not thinking twice about it I went to my room to dry off and warm
up, it was then I heard a loud, deliberate knocking at my bedroom window,
this window is very large and I quickly pulled the blinds to find nothing.
What does this spirit want so bad to follow me through the house knocking on
    As I have stated and will maintain all of this occured when I was the
only tenant home at the time. After three years my roommate moved out and I
lived alone in the house for the next year. This year became  an unending
campaign of ghostly pranks played on me at a frequency that a weaker man
would not have put up with. Some pranks were mild- lights turning off and
on, I would be at the very back of the house in the laundry room doing wash
and the lights would turn off I would some times call aloud to have the
lights back and they would resume. At night I would lock the house up tight
to awake the next day to doors unlocked and standing open(which was very
cold in the winter months). I would lock up the house to go to work and come
home to unlocked doors and every light in the house on and every interior
door open wide( to the bedrooms and to the basement). I would frequently
arrive home to the television on or my stereo blasting(my neighbors would
ask why I had to play music so loud all day). During this year alone these
things ocurred about every three or four days.
   The latest chapter in this story is yes I still live here and now I live
here with my fiancee. Prior to her moving in the pranks became slightly more
sinister. I was often awakened a little after three a.m. this happened
frequently so I must assume this time is significant to my lost soul
prankster. On one or two occasions I was awakened to someone calling my name
aloud, very urgently, very quietly and only once each time.  I own few
religious items but they would frequently vanish off the wall or my desk to
mysteriously reappear days or weeks later in disturbing new areas, in my bed
or in the middle of a doorway or walkway in the house. My fiancee moved in
and I had a brief prank free time. It did not take long for my ghostly
housemate to come back to me and in a surprising twist reveal itself to my
fiancee!  My ladly love had lived with me for maybe two months when she
began to experience many of the things I had all these years.  My girlfriend
seems to have had an odd effect on the old arrangement for now the spirit
has chosen to show itself as an apparation, on two occasions my fiancee has
seen the ghost of an attractive middle-aged woman in a long flowy dress
silently walking by our room or standing near our bed.  I have even seen her
but only once in the living room, I was watching television when I looked up
to see an unclear, smoky female figure standing in the doorway to the
kitchen before my eyes could focus further she was gone.  My ghostly
roommate of five years seems to have tired a little recently choosing to
haunt and prank me far less frequently than in the past perhaps she likes my
fiancee, perhaps she knows I'm not leaving anytime assured that
there are still times when I cannot find my car keys for a week and there
are still days when I come home to an unlocked brightly lit house.

Paranormal Activity


Hello,  My name is BJ and I am from Oklahoma City, OK.  I came across your
website and thought I would send a story I have.  On January 27, 2000, my
grandfather died of a heart attack in his home while he was sleeping.  After
5 or 6 months my parents, (My grandfather was my mother's dad), my parents
were visiting my grandmother at her home.  They were gathered around the
kitchen table visiting, when one of the lights on the ceiling light above
when out. At first we thought it was a coincidence that just before my
grandfather died, my parents and grandmother wanted to change the light
fixtures on that very ceiling light.  My grandfather told everyone not to
change it and that it was just fine the way it was.  When the light burned
out, my father grabbed a brand new light bulb and replaced the old one.
After a few minutes, the brand new light that was just put in, burned out.
When my dad examined the wires and found nothing unusual, he put in yet
another light bulb.  Again, a few minutes later the bulb burned out.  I guess
my grandfather didn't want anything done to the light on the ceiling, and was
determined to prove his point even beyond his death.

Paralyzed by a ghost?

I have always been fascinated by the paranormal, but had never had an
experience myself.  That was up until 2 weeks ago.  My boyfriend and I live
in an apartment in a brand new complex.  I was laying in bed one night, and
he was on the verge of being asleep.  I had my eyes closed but was not
asleep.  I was fully aware of everything going on around me.  All of a
sudden, I got this totally eerie feeling and my whole body became paralyzed!
I tried to move, but I couldn't.  I almost felt like something was holding me
still.  I began to panic, and I tried to scream for my boyfriend to help me,
but no words would come, like my lips were frozen in place.  I finally was
released, and I told my boyfriend what happened.  he laughed and said that it
was just my body falling asleep.  But I was awake!  I tried to fall asleep,
and it happened again!  This time I was still paralyzed but I finally forced
out a whimper that woke my boyfriend.  I as soon as he moved, it stopped.  It
wasn't the first time it happened, but I b
lew it off the first time.  I just cried and was terrified to go back to
sleep.  I silently prayed for whatever was there to leave me alone, and I was
able to go to sleep in peace after about an hour.  Our development is very
new, but the area we live in is very old and full of history.  It's an old
railroading town.  I wonder if maybe a ghost attacked me.  I have no idea,
but I felt like I was in an episode of the X-Files!

Our Old House


When I was 11 years old I had a experience with the other world, and one of the inhabitants. We lived in a house located on main St. in Urbana Illinois, in a quiet college town. We had moved back from Colorado that year, to be closer to our family members. On first sight the new home/(rather large Victorian home) seemed peaceful and nicely laid out, with all its odd shaped rooms and little alcoves. I had made my room on the enclosed(screened) front porch due to the summer heat. As I lay sleeping in my familiar and comfortable old feather bed, in my new surroundings. It Began!!!!  I had just begun to sleep, when I heard the high backed wicker chairs located next to my bed creaked as if someone had just sat down. I opened my eyes to look at the chair, and although nothing was visible. There was a sense about the room, that I was not alone. As time wore on over the next 2 months this occurrence became more frequent, and continued nightly. I do not want to mislead the readers of this site in any way. That is why I will try to be brief, but it is a long and detailed story. It contains some things, that had I not have seen it with own two eyes I probably wouldn't believe it eather. But I'll hit the highlights in order.
I had many things happen in the house, many unbelievable shadows. In the west bedroom there was a closet door that no matter what amount of toys and debris could be piled in front of it, in the morning it would be standing open. Even after the armada of toys that were strategically placed in front of the door nightly, it became part of my nightly ritual to try to protect myself against this unseen, but always felt presence of evil. Again I digress, the shadowy figure that was seen by mother as well as myself on many occasions was later discovered. My mother and I grew a special bond for I believe our fear was the same, but yet we never really spoke openly about what we were seeing. Especially to my father, for he is still a very level headed typical dad. (I love him) Well one night my cousin spent the night, and we sat up late playing a board game. After we both tired of the game, we shut off the lights and began yaking. 11 year old boys trying to get a grip on how the world works, and not about to understand what they were about to witness. Between the outer porch and the bedroom, there were 3 doorways. Clearly visible from my room, the same shadowy figure that I had witnessed on many occasions. This time seemed much clearer, and you could distinctly visibly see a woman floating through the doorway. She seemed very tall and you could see that she had her hair in a beehive style. Popular during the 1960's, and piled straight up. Her eye sockets you could see right through, same with her feet and legs. The garmet that she appeared to wear, looked as if it were a frock/house type coat. My cousin and I observed the woman enter the room, walk to the wicker chair nearest the bed and sat dow. The apparition then repeated the same steps back out of the room. (extremely freaked out, oh yes.) Well as time went on, a decade passed and my cousin and I were at a old aunts house, in a nearby town of BonnvilleIl. When somehow we got on the subject of ghosts somehow. When Aunt Pat told us of the ghostly things she had seen over the years inside her home. It was a one time the old railroad hotel, and in this rural; area the only place for travelers to stay. Well she told us of how she had encountered spirits in her own home. My cousin and I began snickering, at the degree, and the way she told the story of her mild brush with other side. When I said to my cousin:well its nothing like 102", Aunt pat said"102 where?" Main St. aunt Pat, why. Aunt pat began to tell us the story of a old woman that she knew years ago who lived there. I asked aunt Pat what was she like? Aunt Pat grew kind of quiet, and began tell us that the woman had hung herself in a closet in the house. I didn't have to ask which one, I felt I already knew. I then asked aunt Pat what the woman looked like. She described as the following, a very tall woman, who always carried a beehive hair-do. Mine and my cousins blood ran cold. I always kept a eye on the place as I passed down main. And it seemed as if the place was always acquiring new renters, but it is a college town. But my mother and I finally had a real talk about our time at the house. Mom revealed to me that while there she would have these horrible dreams of this tall older woman, that would choke her with icy fingers. Each time she would awake, in a cold sweat. I advised her of what aunt Pat had told me , as well as telling her the story of my events.  Later that same year, the headlines of the local news were ran " High school senior hangs himself at local residence". Guess where? Guess which closet?..................................Thanks for letting me give you the condensed vision. I know what you might think, but these were very real, and true events. I would tell it under oath, and on any bible.

Our House by the Cemetery


We moved into this house in march of 1999. Its on Winchester blvd, in Santa Clara. Right down the street from the Winchester mystery house. If you keep going down the street there is mission cemetery on your left, then past that is the "big"one on the right.  I live right across the street.  Our experiences in the house aren't huge,but still scary. In the kitchen our cabinets refuse to stay closed. You can close them all, walk away, then come back 10 minutes later and they will all be open again.
One night I was in my bedroom alone. My fiancé was out with some friends. I was on the bed folding laundry and watching TV.  Then from on top of the television one of my glass votive candle holders came flying at me! It dropped on the floor and rolled under the bed. I was a little freaked. I told my fiancé, but of course, him being a nonbeliever...did not believe me.  Another time it was about 2am. I was woken from my sleep by someone knocking on my bedroom door. Our bedroom is on the 3rd floor. So I got out of bed thinking it was my mom or my little sister, and opened the door. Nobody was there. I walked out and looked downstairs and called out "what?"  Then again "MOM?" nobody answered back. So I went back to the bedroom and woke up my fiancé and made him check the whole house! He was a little upset that he had too.  I tried to convince him but to no avail.  (these non believers).  My little sister refuses to sleep in her room. She said she is woken up every night by noises coming from her closet.(I don't know if that's true).  Anyway, its not all the time things like this happen. I think its just spirits passing through on their way to the cemetery.

Old Train Tracks


Hi my name is Jessica and i live on an old railroad
track.3 houses down from mine was a train station from
the early 1900's.In my back yard,in 1930, a young boy
around the age of 10 was hit by the train.A while back
the train was removed as well as the tracks.ever since
we moved in this house (i was 5..I'm 14 now) I've been
hearing train whistles and the chugging of the
engine....I've asked members of my family if they've
heard it as soon as it happens and they've NEVER heard
it....Lately,I've been hearing it more that most.They
think that it's possible that i could hear the train
that's about 20 miles away and the wind is carrying it
over and i have ears that can pick that up....But i
can hear the whistle and engine loud and clear as if
it were right here.I just think it's strange only i
can hear it.None of my friends do eiter when we're



    I have seen and heard many things in the little life that I lived so far.
 This particular event took place in my new bedroom of the new house my mom
had just bought.  It was Sunday night when this ordeal took place.
    I remember laying in bed, completely in a deep sleep.  I know I wasn't
that sleep that I don't know when someone is coming into my room.  I was
lying on my stomach, with my head propped up on a pillow when I heard my
bedroom door open and someone walked in.  I know it was a woman that walked
into my bedroom, because I heard heels clapping against my hard wooden floor.
 As the women came into my bedroom, a very loud noise began to play louder
and louder in my ear.  After the noise became softer, I was then able to run
out of the room.
    Every since this incident has taken place, there has been a breathing
noise in my ear.  This noise comes and goes when it pleases.  What I have
found is that when i'm mad it comes real hard.  I also found that it strikes
more after 9:00 at night.
    Some people tell me that I have a witch riding my back.  Others tell me
that the child is the product of it's parents sins and that I just so happen
to be that child.  I just hope that whatever it is, will come to a cease.  As
a young adult, I believe that when I get older, these mishappenings will
become harder to cope with.  Until then I will keep asking God' for his
forgiveness and mercy on my soul. "I am trying my best to Rebuke the Devil
(Lucifer), in the name  of Jesus."

No Problem Here


    I've submitted before, and I've always gotten an answer, which I do so appreciate.  The advice I've been given has really helped my fiancee and I handle what has been going on recently.  I'm not asking for help anymore, (though I do appreciate all that has been received thus far :))  But I am here to relate a few things that have happened as of late.
    As I've mentioned before, my fiancee and I, and my two children, daughter, 5 and son, 3 moved into this apartment in April of 2000.  We were very lucky to happen on to this place, as it fits our current budget needs, though we do seem to be outgrowing the space we have!
    This is the first spot that all of us have been able to call home, and we are very content to be here.  I should first of all explain that I live in an area of St. Paul, MN, on the Eastside (borne and bred, thank you!), but I have never lived in the Mounds Park area.  I've done some research on the Web on our area, and the history is just fascinating to say the least.  For example, our home lies just 1 block away from where ancient Indian burial mounds were once found.  Needless to say, they have been plowed under in the name of Progress.  But I don't really think that is what we are experiencing right now.
    Most nights when my children and I arrive home (my fiancee works the afternoon shift, and doesn't come home until we all are long fast asleep) we smell an aroma of spaghetti.  Now I know the other tenants, and none are usually home, or even cooking at this time.  But the smell is just wonderful.  It reminds me of going to my grandparents (dad's side) on a Sunday for a home-cooked meal when I was just a little girl.  My grandma (dad's side) was an Italian lady who could make the most wonderful spaghetti/pasta dish you could sink your teeth into.  Maybe it's just a reminder of her.  At any rate, I love it, and I truly hope to experience more of the same!  (It inspires me to cook a home-made meal, which is something when you work full time!)
    At any rate, to move on, my daughter the other night went potty.  No big thing.  She turned off the bathroom light and came into the bedroom to be tucked in and put to bed.  The prayers and kisses were done, I closed the door (partway, so the living room lamp would still shine in for her to let her know mom was still knocking around), and went to the living room to watch a little TV.  I had to go potty myself, and lo and behold, the bathroom light was on.  Now please understand, this is a very old house, and I can hear when the kids get up to go to the bathroom.  The floors are hardwood, and they creak.  I was thinking, allrighty then.  A few more nights of this, and I finally asked her if she had been going potty after I put her to bed?  She told me no, I thought it was you, mommy.  Maybe it's just my imagination, but there's other instances:
    Every morning, about 4am, my son's or my daughter's musical books will go off.  It is a touch-button type book, and yes I do have cats, but please keep in mind they both are IN BED with my fiancee and I when this happens.  It's either Hickory-Dickory-Dock (my boy's) or Silent Night (my daughter's).  The kids aren't up, and I don't get up for another hour or so.  With the cats between my fiancee and I, I don't know what to say.  But it's kind of a wake up call.  Doesn't scare me, just reassures me that perhaps the other-worldly keeps a schedule too.
    We keep a nightlight in our bathroom for the kids, in case they have to make the Midnight Run.  Both my fiancee and I have woken up and observed a shadow in the bathroom.  Waited a bit.  When no one came out, I or he would go and investigate.  Nothing.  Yes, once again it was not the cats.
    I know this is long, and I apologize for that.  There have been many, many other things that have occurred, but I shall save that for another day.  It's been reassuring to read all the stories on your site.  It helps to recognize that no, we are not crazy.

My Weird Experience


Several years ago the following incident happened to me, I wonder if you could explain it for me.
About 14 years ago I was lying in bed with my wife.  We had just retired to bed and were both totally sober/sane.  We were both lying reading when our 7 month old German Shepherd dog jumped onto our bed.  My immediately told the dog to get off the bed which he did.  When the dog finally lay down on his bed my wife said " GOOD BOY MAX THETAS A GOOD BOY".  At this time we were listening to the bedside radio and a song called living doll by Cliff Richard was playing.  About five seconds later the radio went silent and a female voice came on the radio and said the words "GOOD BOY MAX THATS A GOOD BOY"  The voice sounded like it was trying to imitate my wife's voice but in a mocking nasty way.
I turned to my wife and by the look on her face I could tell that she had heard what I had heard.(which she had).  This never happened again.
About one week later I had just gone to bed, my wife was already asleep.  As I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep I saw a figure at the bottom of the bed standing there. I'm sure I was awake but who knows.  I decided to be rational about this presence which by this time was moving closer to me.  I remember thinking you don't scare me and when it reached out towards me I thought OK I'm going to touch you because I know you are not real and will go away.  Ireached out and grabbed the hand of this figure and to my horror it felt very real.  I jumped up in a panic and the figure was gone.
The only other episode happened about one month ago very similar.  I was in bed and awake (I think I was anyway who knows?).  The figure appeared at the bottom of my bed again.  It might have been the samefigure as the first time.  It was similar.  I was not scared and was more prepared this time.  I lay in bed watching this dark figure which eventually walked round to my side of the bed closer to me.  this was a bit scary so I turned my back on the figure hoping it would go away. When I turned round again it was still there.  By this time I really wanted it to go away so I turned my back to it again (out of sight and out of mind).  To my great surprise the damned thing started to blow on my hair.  I know it sounds weird but I swear Something was blowing on my hair.  I didn't turn round again till it stopped.  When I turned round it was gone.
I am now 41 years old and employed as a police dog handler and I think I am reasonably level headed.  Has anyone else experienced similar stuff.

My Unexpalined Events

Lately when I stay home alone while my father goes to pick up my brothers,
what I like to call my ghost starts to happen.
I sit alone on the couch in my den petting our puppy Pochie and my twin
brothers bed room door will slam three time, or his boombox will start
blsting music he likes.
Our dog will often bark at me or an empty hallway.
When my twin returns home his boombox automaticaly turns on, and this boombox
does NOT have an automatic system in it.
As I am typing this I am getting this shivery chill running through my spine,
and can hear the floorboards creek when noone is upstairs with me...

My Little Girl Sees Someone


I just moved into this house not too long ago.  There were 3 previous
owners.  The first owner was an elderly couple, both dead.  After them,
there was another elderly couple, where the husband died but the wife
still alive in a nursing home.  The owner whom we bought the house from
only lived here a year before selling it.  Which makes it kinda strange.
Why would someone sell a house after living in it for not even a year?
Is it haunted???  Well we liked the house and the price.  So we bought
it.  The first week of living here, my daughter who was only 2 at the
time, waved and said "good-bye" to a corner down in the basement.
Strange but it was true.  My husband was with her at the time.  They were
on their way upstairs from watching tv in the rec room.  My husband was
scared about what had happened.  He immediately told me and had my
daughter show us where she waved to.  We didn't think much of it because
she was only 2 and probably saying bye to her imaginary friend.  It's
been 4 months since that incident.  Today at the age of 3, she talks more
and has alot more vacabulary in her head.  She started telling us she
sees someone.  It kinda scares us because she sees someone in the same
corner and area as when we first moved here.  She repeats it over and
over "Mommy, I see someone."  When we ask her where, she points to the
same spot.  Should I be concern?  I mean little kids tend to make things
up.  But about her seeing someone?  I think she might be telling the


Truely Scared

By: Anonymous

Hi  i have an experience that i wish had never happend to me for i was well
and truly SCARED.
It was about 3 years ago i was with a whole bunch of mates about 5-6 of us
and we used to go to an old football ground to play football and when we
were going home about 3-4 in the afternoon we saw a house not to far from
where we live that was old and looked abandoned so one night we decided to
go there because we al thought it would be "cool" trust me it
We got to the house about 8 oclock this was pitch black becuase the clocks
had to go back 1 hour, we found an entrance to the house (oh by the way
there were 3 people now not 6) around the back of the house behind a very
easily moveable board and we slipped into the house we had brought torches
and some of us had mobile phones (just in case) and we were searching the
house top to bottom the house from the outside looked pretty small but
inside it was rather big and it had long hallways and old pictures and stuff
in the rooms when we were about to go out of the house we heard a bang from
the upper floors of the house,we thought it was a mouse or rat or something
and continued out of the house but when we got to the exit something told me
to go back and not go outside so i suggested to go and have a look at what
the bang was the other guys agreed and said they had thought of the same
idea we got to the stairs and when we looked up we saw a faint shadow or
outline of somebody we couldnt see properly because the figure was walking
towards a door we only coaught a glimpse of it we looked at eachother and
carried on going up the stairs and when we got to the top we heard a
muttering or something that sounded very odd one of us said they didnt want
to carry on and would go wait outside (i dont blame him) he went downstairs
and we saw him running out of the premisis and we went through the door we
saw the thing person whatever it was going through we went through and
closed the door behind us,
it was a big bedroom and a dim light was on in a bathroom part and we got
very scared and prepared to use physical damage if we had to we turned off
the tourch and continued to the bathroom door we pushed it open a tad and
nothing was in there but the light wasnt on when we saw it first time we
searched the house, then i felt a pressence and swung round and gave out a
pretty loud SHIT my mate turned round used a very different word to me and
we began running out towards the door we came through though it was stuck
and we couldnt open it we kicked it ramed it and even threw stuff at it we
turned round and saw a person stood in the corner pointing at us and walking
very very slowly towards us but it had no face and your could only make out
the arm that was pointing at us it had no other features,we screamed and
shouted and then we ran at the door and we opened it we ran down the stairs
and out the entrance we came in as we got outside we met our other friend
and he said what happend we didnt answer and carried on running he followed
as we got a safe distance from the house we turned to see the bathroom light
was still barely showing and somebody was watching us

The Encounter


I don't know if u can call this a ghost story. But i had this encounter with
super natural thing when i was 18 years old. That i feel the need to tell you
about it. It was a week before my 18 th birthday and i was laying in bed.
This women appears that looked my cousin that i was very close to. That died
when she was 19 years old in a car crash. She drove this firebird and when i
was 17 i bought myself a firebird. So anyways she appears in this white see
through dress to warn me to not drive my car on my birthday. so i took her
advice and didn't take it out that night. She never appeared to me since then
and i'm 34 now. But the weridest thing about it  four months after my
birthday my younger sister took my car and totaled it. She was fine, but the
car didn't make it. So what i'm saying is that i believe in ghosts and
hauntings. I really think there are ghosts out there.... thank you for
hearing my story...

Who's That Pacing?


I have been visiting,
for quite some time now. For several years.
And I love reading the stories, but seeing
as their are so many, I really want to
tell you all about my personal story. I hope
that all of you find this very true, and
somewhat entertaining. But overall its
a very true story. Please sit back and

One night after watching WWF Raw Is War.
Which was on a Monday Night. I decided I was tired and
I went off to bed. Well I am a person
that cant get to sleep easily.
Especially on this night. Well, to the
story. On this particular night, I was about to doze
off to sleep and for some reason I felt
as if someone pacing back and fourth on
top of me. My bed is located in the corner of the
room. And Their is a door to my left. Well in my room
it has some light coming from the outside window.
(This happened back in November of '99)
It felt and I was now wide awake I couldnt
move I was feeling trapped to my bed, and
I was like someone was walking through me
pacing back and fourth for about 20 MInutes.
This only happend once. It scared the crap out of me.
Although I didnt see anything, but I sure
felt it. Another story is I was watching TV about two
weeks later, and for some reason it shut off. I was
sitting on my bed. And it went off. I got up to look
for the Remote. I found nothing. This
happened very often. But on this night,
I had to keep on getting up to turn it back on.
If anyone has anything they can do to help or assist
my parents on this, (I have since moved out, and
Havent seen or felt anything in my new
Apartment) then please let me know.

My Room is Still Her's


This is not very serious but i wanted to share it. I live in a house that
isnt that old. The people that use to live here had a daughter who was in
teens when she died. She was in a car without a seat belt and the car was in
a crash and she flew out the window and died. My room use to be hers and
somethings have happend. A few years ago when I was about 7 i was in my room
and dropped a notebook suddenly the notebook pooped and jumped up about 3
times then fell back down. Then i woke up and heard tapping on my window.
There are no trees by it and i couldnt see anyone out of it but i definitly
heard tapping. Then nothing happend until a few months ago i was in bed- i
have a bunk bed and when u step on the ladder it makes a clunk sound. Well i
was laying in bed watching T.V. and i heard a clunk and my bed shook but
nothing was climbing up it. Then today i was looking at web pages and i got
up when i came back they were gone and i thought i had did it. Then later i
got up again because i heard a growl and my cat jumping out of the bathroom
which is right next to my room. So i went to look and i came back and the
pages were gone again. I think that the ghost may  be the girl who died.

My Ring



My Own Experience


i'm a mother of three and i have a husband . we just recently moved into this
condo very nice if i must say and real nice area. sometimes at night my
husband and i would watch shadows walk down the hall or slamm the bathroom
door we know it's not the kids because they are normally sleep. i asked the
kids if they have seen anything strange  and theey told me yes like the
hangers moving around in the closet, some one touching them or me when no one
is in the room, sometimes i don't want to be at home alone or scared to sleep
in my room when the rest of the family is not at home . what do you suggest?
right now everything is a little quiet now that we prayed through the house
and applied bless oil on all the door ways thank you for taking the time to
read my story.

My Live-In Spirits


hello my name is arline and i live in north carolina and i rent an old farm house.  i've been told that the house is about 80 years old or more.  i really hope that when i get done with my story you will give me your advise about how to tell if they want me out or are just trying to let me know if they are there, and if that is the case, should i try to ask them what they want from me.  here is me story(experience).

well my daughter and i moved in not to long ago, my husband was put out of town working so at the time it was just my daughter and i.  Well at first there was nothing but, then about the 2nd night we were there while we (my daughter and i) were in bed i started to hear music.  well i blew it off as my imagination.  Then every night i would start to hear the music every night.  But the wierd thing was that my daughter would always be asleep.  It never happens when she is awake.  She is now only 20 months old so i dont know if the spirit there doesnt want to scare her or what. Well anyway as time goes on my husband comes home, keep in mind he had never spent the night there yet.  well i never said anything to anyone because if it was spirits, they just seemed to play music and chat at night.  you could never make out what it is they are syaing it just sounds like a room full of people chatting and mingling.  the music sounds like clasical music from back in the old days.  My husband was outside putting up a lawn mower cause it was raining outside.  Again my daughter was asleep, and he came running around the house cussing and laughing.  He said youre going to think im crazy but when i was running with the lawn mower i heard someone say WEEEEEEEEE.  it scared him to death.  Then we went back in the house and i began to tell him of the things that i heard at night.  (this aslo accured at night).
Well i didnt hear the WEEEEEEEE that he heard.  When we were in the house i heard a woman laugh, and of course he didnt hear that well.  i got really spooked cause i heard the woman loud and clear.  i know that was not my imagination.  so i went to the people who lived there before me (they moved next door) and all i said was "did you guys ever hear anything is that house?"  and the lady began to tell me about at night she could hear music and her husband was if the bathroom and turned to the right and saw a woman in an old dress standing there.  He asked her what she wanted and she disappeared.  we have experienced alot more but it would take me all day.  they have never touched or moved aything in my house you can feel like someone is standing right on top of you, or you can walk in the rooms and you can feel someone else in the room with you.  And of course hear voiced and music.  Please help me figure out what these spirits want or is it all in my head?

My Haunted School


as a child i oftin wonderd what when on in the former phoenix union school
building, the building was first constructed in the late 1800's. It was toren
down to make room for a new state of the art 3 floor school building in 1928.
During that time it was a modern marvel and one of up-state new yorks finest
and largest learning instatute.
Thoe it sounds like a good story for the history chanal, it gets more
intresting and scary!!!!!!!!!!!!
One citicen in the village says "the building is high school hell, and im not
It started in 1928, all the floors in the building were hard wood, a young
boy who was on the gym belcony pushed a student thrue the half built belcony
to his death.
a crule teacher was pushed out a window by a student during a fire, that
would take the life of  2 teachers traped in the school caffateria,
when you enter the former school, you get a strange unwelcom felling. during
the hot summers the walls are like ice, the building is cold and quiet and
has a stench. you can here voices and crys, even doors open and slam bracking
the glass windows in them!!!

My Haunted Houses


ok this started a long time ago when my dad moved into a trailor. i never
believed in ghosts before then but after  having lived in that house, the one
we moved into after it and the previous one i believe in ghosts. when we
moved into the trailor i wasn't scared cause my brother was painting my room
so i slept in the living room. the first night i stayed in my room, my
sisters room is right next to mine, my sister kept comeing into my room
telling me that she heard something and wanted to sleep with me. that night i
didn't sleep. after that when my dad went to bed i would always sneek into
the  living room and sleep in there. we lived in that house for about two
years and then my dad moved into his girlfriends house. i felt alot better
that i wasn't staying in that house anymore.Then after a couple of mothes me
and my friend were in the house alone and were watching t.v. the flood lights
started blinking on and off but it didn't bother us. we just thought it was
an electrical problem.  we had a computer room with a lamp that didn't work.
i don't remember if the light bulb had just burned out and we just never
replaced it or what.after the flood lights stopped blinking the lamp started
binking. it didn't scare us at first cause we just thought the light bulb
just all of the sudden started working again but when me and val got up to go
turn it off we noticed that the lamp wasn't even plugged in. my stepmom told
me that the guy that lived there before had died and when he did his family
kicked his wife out and sold it. she told me that before we moved in she
would come home from work and things would have move and the t.v. and stereo
would be on. i could never sleep in that house after me and val saw the
lights blinking. even scarier, one night me, val, and my step mom were
outside in the hot tub, a section of the yard was fenced off for our puppy
and we started seeing lights shine out if the fence onto us. we thought it
was my dad and brother playin a joke on us and when val went inside to catch
them they were watching t.v. we told them what we saw and they laughed at us
and said it was probably some kids. but it wasn't because we looked over the
fence a couple of times to see if it was them and we wouldn't see anyone. one
night when i was trying to go to sleep my closet door opened and i saw
something out of the corner of my eye. i would always here someone walking
down the hall and call my dads name cause i thought it was him and i would
wait for him to come but no one was ever there.toilets would flush on their
own and the bathroom door would always open when we were trying to sleep. we
finally moved outof that house and now a family lives there. the house i am
living in now is haunted i think because whenever i am down stairs i
sometimes here someone walking around upstairs. instead of a door i put beads
up in my room and one morning when my friends were over i woke up really
early and i heard my beads moving. i always hear everything in my room. one
night i was sleeping and i woke up in the middle of the night and i heard a
big bang from inside my closet. we have a big hall closet and the door would
always open, we never saw it open until my sister told me that she always
closing it and when she comes back later it is open. i told her that there
weren't any ghosts and right when i said that we saw the door open. and one
night i heard something scratching on the door. i don't sleep in my room that
much anymore. i mostly just sleep downstairs in our livingroom.

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