Missing Night Gown

By: Ratnest9@cs.com

H One night, I was getting ready for bed.  I
always tried to be IN bed at night before my husband left for work.  Silly
as it sounds, I could just pull the covers over my head when I started hearing
noises.  LOL!  Well I had this pink nightie.  I wore this night gown every
night.  I mean EVERY night.  I had it for years and it was comfortable.  (I
washed it of course)  anyway, one night Brian was getting ready for work and
I was getting ready for bed and I pulled my night gown out from under my
pillow and laid it on the bed.  I went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and
when I came back the night gown was gone.  The bed was still neatly made and
Brian was still down stairs getting ready.  I looked under my pillow and all
over the room for my nightie.  I went downstairs and asked Brian if he took
my night gown ... he said "no, I haven't been upstairs".   So, I went back
up stairs and checked all of my dresser drawers, looked under the bed, and ALL
over again.   There was no sight of my night gown.   So I conceded to wear
one of Brian's old t shirts to bed since it was as close as I could get to
my pink night gown.   I put his shirt on and went down stairs to kiss Brian
good night.  I went back upstairs, pulled down the covers and got into bed.  I
was sitting Indian style under the covers waiting for the news to come on when I
looked down and there, in my LAP was my night gown.    I just sat there
staring at it.  I was unable to move and in total disbelief.  Brian came
upstairs to say "good-bye" and I just looked at him.   This episode didn't
scare me though, I felt like she was almost playing with me.

Trio Of Experiences

By: cwilson85@hotmail.com

I've three experiences which ghosts one in England, one at McChord AFB, and
two at NAS North Island.
The first one was when I was about 9-11 yrs old, living in Banbury,
Oxfordshire.    It was the large bedroom to the right of the
stairs across from the bathroom.  My room.  The "feeling" came from the
closet around nightfall it was like someone was in the closet angry yet
upset and my cat would not even enter the room at the time.  Several months
later I moved to the smaller room next to it and the "feelings" were still
in the bigger room.  I never told my parents.
The second one was in base housing at McChord AFB,  my room again.  The only
thing I heard was a sawing noise and then a scream at different times but
always between 5-7pm.  And again my cat (different cat) refused to enter the
room at those times. the hamsters weren't too happy either.  This was after
my father was transferred to Washington from England. This one I told my
parents but they didn't believe me.
My third was is on NAS North Island on the 7th floor.  This one
I have a history for.  A couple were on the top floor aruging they were
drunk  the guy pushed the girl and she fall from the 7th deck and hitting
the stone table below killing her.  Anyway, 0230-0300 one can hear arguing,
a girl scream and then something go crash(sort of). But if you look out you
see nothing and the noise stops only to continue whe you go back inside.
The table still has a crack in it.  The young man was courtmartialed and
found guilty for murder.  But for some reason then scene plays over and over
again at the eve of her death

Distinct Experiences

By: zechony@hotmail.com

I am really curious about three completely separate and distinct experiences
I've had over the years where I must have seen a ghost but it appeared in
the form of people who were and are still alive.
I have been trying to research this but I can't find any stories like this.
Now I am wondering if maybe I saw something that my mind didn't want to see
and I 'made' it look like someone who was still alive so I wouldn't get
scared?  But I"m don't think so becuase never did I feel scared when I saw
it..only when I realized that it couldn't have been what I saw did I get
Here, let me try and give you a quick synopsis.. first time this happened I
was in highschool.  I was at my friend Jasmine's house and she lived
upstairs and there was only one staircase to get to her room.  but their
bathroom was downstairs.  We were just hanging out one day and I had to go
to the bathroom and I went downstairs and when I came out of the bathroom
she was standing in the kitchen and she looked right at me and I just walked
by her and headed back upstairs.  when I got upstairs she was upstairs!  and
I was just like how the hell can you be upstairs already if you were just
downstairs!  and she swore to me she had been up there the whole time.  I
mean I walked by this thing like only a few feet away and it looked JUST
like her.  a real person. I wasn't scared or anything til i realized it
couldn't have been her.
then it happened again when I was a senior in highschool and I was at my
best friend Jen's house and we were watching blue velvet with the lights off
in her tv room.  Jen has five brothers and sister and they always have
friends and boyfriends over so I just figured when I saw this that itw as
somebody else in the house.  we were watching tv when out ofthe corner of my
eye I saw somebody get up off a bench at the bottom of the stairs and walk
silently up the stairs.  It looked exactly like her sister sally.  only it
irked me because I hadn't realized she had been down there the whole time.
so I said to jen, I didn't realize sally was home?  and jen was just like
waht are you talking about, she's not.  and then i said I thought I saw
sally walk upstairs from the bench..and Jen totally freaked out adn started
crying and made me promise to shut up adn not talk about it anymore and she
was hysterical and said no one else was home and she refused to talk about
it or hear anything I was gonna say until her parents got home.
(as it turned outher parents had seen ghosts in the laundry room but jen had
never seen them)
then it happened again when I was in college and commuting to rutgers.  I
was coming home one night and it was sort of late.. maybe 11ish and when I
opened the front door I heard what sounded like the television set switch
off.  I could even feel that static crackly feeling when you turn off the
tv. and my dog was there and I walked intot he tv room and the light was on
and I saw my dad get up and run into the living room from the sofa!  and for
whatever reason I was compelled to RUN after him.. so me and tonka ran into
the living room adn followed it around back to the front foyer to the bottom
of the steps and there is just no way my dad could have ran up the stairs
without me hearing or seeing him.  so my dog is going bonkers now and I'm
thinking waht did I just do?  and so I asked my mom if dad just ran upstairs
and she woke up and said no your fathers right here sleeping.  and I just
was weirded out.  the next morning my parents asked me what happened adn I
told them the same thing.  the thing I remember that really struck me about
what I saw, was that my dad was wearing this old mustard yellow sweater from
liket he 70's that he used to wear when me and my sister were little.  It
had the leather patches on the elbows.  I just thought that was odd.


Very Strange




By: angelwings211@lycos.com
      This ghost experience happened about 5 years ago. Me and my family lived in a big old house that was at least 80 or 90 years old.
       We had just moved to this little town in California that not many people knew about.  We knew our landlady very well and she had told us that her husband (which had passed away not long before then) grew up in that house with many brothers and sisters.
      The first few weeks we had lived there nothing majorly paranormal happened..... but just a few little odd things that we didnt pay much attention to.  Like a few nights while we were all eating dinner.... the dining room ligth kept on flashing on and off.... but we didn't expect any paranormal activity... we just thought it was because of the age of the house.
     We first started getting suspicius when in the middle of the night, all the sinks and faucets in the house would  turn on full blast and we would have to get up and turn them all off.
     Another time while we were all about to go to sleep, our electricity went out.  We all thought it was just a power outage so my dad went back to turn the breaker swiches back on .  After we all got back in our beds we heard a big "FLIP" ... that was the sound of someone turning off the breaker swiches.  Me and my sister went in the back room to turn them back on.  While we were heading out of the back room i screamed and my sister looked at what i was looking at... it was a little boy standing in the corner of the back room.  We ran out of there and told our mom but you know how moms are..."it was nothing".... but we both knew it was something.
      A few other things started to happen that convinced my mom that our housse was not normal.
One night when my aunt and uncle came over.me, my sister and my aunt were sitting on the couch when we saw a little naked boy run across the kitchen!  We all thought it was my little brother but then my brother came out of his room screaming because he saaw a figure of a blck crow flying around his room.
      We always saw this little boy but we had a feeling he wasnt an evil ghost he was just a playful little boy.
      A lot of the times we would set something on the table and the next minute it would be gone, we would look everywhere but it wasnt anywhere! A few times our clocks would be set like 4 hours off the real time, and  our clocks would run even with no batteries ..and also our washer and dryer would be runnning with nothing in .nobody would want to stay the nigth or come over for dinner.
      One of my friends and I ran over to her house to get something that she needed....she lived next door...we had never told her about our ghost...but while we were comeing back to my house....she started screaming and ran into my house... i asked her what happened and she said she saw a little kid sitting on my roof.
      A few times while stting down somewhere we would feel a very cold draft run through the house.at that time we were fully convinced that we had a little ghost boy living in our house.
      before we had moved from that house we where cleaning out out garrage .me and my brother found a small set of footprints..it looked like a little boys foot prints.it looked like the footprints of a 3 or 4 year old child.... ingraved in the cement..and unnder the footprints was a name, it was "Billy".
     We had lived 4 full years in that house with a little boy named Billy.

Something In the House

By: rdiheath@yahoo.com

It happened at about 0400 yesterday morning. My wife
and 10 month old son and I were all fast asleep and he
woke up a bit fussy and wanting something to drink. My
wife woke me and handed me the bottle to go down to
the kitchen and fill it and as I layed there forcing
myself to wake up our son suddenly dropped int a deep
sleep and there was a loud "pop" sound out in the
hall. The best description of the sound was that of a
light bulb blowing. My wife started as did I and asked
me if I hear that. " I did" and layed there listening
intently as the only lights on in the house was the
light down in the living room and the light over the
sink in the kitchen. As we sat there listening and
trying to decide if we had actually heard something it
got frigidly cold in the room and then there was
another  of the "pop" sounds only this time coming
from the other side of the room as opposed to the
other side of the bedroom door. There were NO lights
on in the room. The windows were all closed as it was
chilly out that night and there are no trees anywhere
near the house or any windows in the house to blame
for the sounds. I got up and turned on the light and
it worked fine, I went out into the hall and checked
the light there, in the bathroom and in our sons room
and all worked fine. I went downstairs where I found
the LR light still on and checked all other lights and
they too were working fine. As I went through the DR I
hit a spot just before the kitchen door that was
stifling hot. Like in the winter when you enter a
department store and they have the heat cranked to
inferno level to warm you up. I quickly filled the
bottle and went right back through the hot spot that
was now normal temperature ( there are no heat vents
in that part of the dining room) I returned to the
bedroom to report that all was fine and just wrote it
off to the house settling. Our house is an old house
built in the early 1900's. We didnt think anything
else about it until last evening when we were sitting
in the living room and our son was on the floor
playing and crawling around like a wild man. It was
really windy out and starting to storm somewhat and
the lights went out for about 3 seconds and then came
back on again. Our son was sitting on the floor as I
said and he sat up and was staring up the stairs as if
he saw something and then started to smile and then
laugh. Hes into pointing at everything and he was
pointing up the stairs and kept turning back to us and
smiling and then going back to the stairs again. As we
sat and watched him he was " following" or "tracking"
something down the stairs and across the living room
into the dining room and then he smiled and looked
back at us and started crawling to the dining room. He
got to the gate blocking his retreat and pulled
himself up and was still pointing and laughing, and
then he turned around and went back to the stairs and
was looking up them again as if he saw something
again. Then he started to cry very hard as if he had
hurt himself and came over to us sitting on the floor
and was nearly hysterical. He kept burying his face
into my wifes shoulder and then looking back to the
stairs and crying. then he again followed with his
eyes something ( we saw nothing there) down the stairs
and to the front door. The wind picked up and the
lights flickered again and immediately he was happy
and wanting to get back to the floor and his playing.
I do not believe in ghosts but I have NO explanation
of what happened. our neighbors experienced nothing
out of the ordinary pertaining to electricity going
out at any time. My wife said that this was not the
first time that our son acted like he was watching
someone or something in the house.....


I Heard Many Ghosts as a Child

By: redhotmagma@hotmail.com

   I was about 6 yrs old and I got to move up into the room up stairs that
was forbidden to me before I moved up there. No one was up stairs accept me
and the house was before the civil war. The room I got was huge and the room
used to be the old servant's  quarters. Anyway write when I was about to
fall asleep I would here somone coming up the stairs and they would never
stop, I just fell asleep to them being scared because no one would answer
when I called out to ask who was there. Every night this would happen and I
would tell my mother and she would just say, "Whatever it was it won't hurt
you, because Jesus is watching out for you." That put my 6 yr old mind at
ease. Then one night I was so currious I got out of bed slowly as the foot
steps were going up the stairs and as soon as I stuck my head around the
door way the foot steps stopped and I saw nothing. I then started walking
back to the bed and they started up again. Then I ran and jumped on my bed
and went to bed scared again. So this kept going on and I finally got used
to them and then I quit hearing them. Years went buy untill I was about 11
and I had a friend, Matt, stay over and he heard the foot steps and he was
all freaked out. I told him to ignore them and they would go away. Well he
stayed over so much that he didn't hear them anymore either. Then Another
kid,Kenny,  stayed over while Matt was over and kenny woke us both up and
was holding my M16 water gun out in front of him freaking out asking what
the hell is coming up the stairs. We both told him to ignore the foot steps
and to go to sleep. So two other people heard them so I know it just wasn't
my imagination. I have always been kinda into ghosts ever since then. I used
to go to cemetaries all the time and to freaky abandoned places to see if I
could apot some ghosts.
    So I do think that kids can see more spirits because they don't have the
'reallity' blanket over there heads. I think grown ups just see things and
they just write them off as not being there or just something they just
don't care about.

Haunting Spirit

By: LS23701@aol.com

My daughter and future son in law purchased a home approximately one year ago
in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Since renovating the house and moving in, they have
had some very disturbing happenings and they do not know where to turn for
fear of being thought "crazy."  Initially, the workers in the house
complained of doors closing and hearing "footsteps" and nobody was there.
Tools seemed to be misplaced, and all of this was dismissed.
Finally, the house was ready to move into and my daughter was alone in the
house one day and she sensed that she was not alone.  This frightened her, as
she had come into the home, locked the door and started about her work.  She
was standing in the dining room and she slowly turned to find what she
describes only as a cloud or "mist" and upon seeing the vapor, she dropped
what she had in her hand and she said the vapor "swirled" and headed out of
the door and vanished, whereupon she ran for the kitchen door, unlocked it
and ran down the street crying and shaking. She was stopped by a concerned
neighbor who took her into his home and tried to calm her.  Imagine our
surprise at finding that on this particular day, the former owner of the home
had died in the dining room.  Apparently, the dining room had been converted
to a sick room which was downstairs and close to the kitchen and half bath, a
location easier for the care of this dying woman.  My daughter said that
although this vapor had no physical appearance of a woman or a man, she
sensed that it was a woman and this vapor appeared to be peering into the
china cabinet at the newly arranged silver and china.  Obviously,  we all
thought my daughter was "over stressed" or had a very vivid imagination and
we all tried to assure her that this was just her immagination playing tricks
on her.
Several times since, they have either seen, heard of smelled something in the
house that was not normal.  Once, my future son in law came upstairs,
complaining that someone had been smoking in the house, and it smelled of
cigarette smoke in the den.  He was angry, thinking my daughter had allowed
someone to smoke in the home, which she had not.  This was upon rising in the
morning and there had been no visitors to the home the previous day.  She
arose, came downstairs adn confirmed that the den did, indeed, smell strongly
of cigarette smoke. They opened the windows and aired the house.
My daughter has had several hair-raising experiences in the home, but never
seen anything again, however, she has been awakened in the morning, alone in
the house, by hearing footsteps coming from the hardwood floors towards her
bed.  There has been water spilled on the nightstand and on the floor and
there was no water in the bedroom.  She simply wiped it up and did not say
anything about it.  She said that since the initial "sighting", she has just
kept the footsteps and the water episodes to herself, thinking her fiance
would think she was "off" a bit.  Finally, last night, HE heard it.  At
approximately 3 a.m., he was awakened by definite footsteps coming up the
stairs (it appeared if someone were walking heavily up the stairs) and he sat
upright in bed, sook  my daughter awake and in a state of panic, told her
there was someone in the house, and together they listened, heard the
footsteps and he jumped out of bed, ran to the door and shouted "stop" and
popped on the light, only to be greeted by an empty hallway and no human in
sight.  They looked out the windows for cars ( still believing there was a
person in the house), went all over the house, turning on every light and
finding nothing.  Now he is a believer!  He was unable to go back to sleep,
thinking that now the "spirit" was upstairs with him.
My daughter says that more than frightened, she feels uneasy in the house,
feeling that there is something moving about that she can not see but she
knows is there.

Haunting in Utah

By: Sk8achase@cs.com
I have a true story about a place that is haunted in  Ut, on the 13th of
October, It is at a friend of mines house, we were playing one night at we
decided to record EVP in one bedroom that a person has died of old age
sleeping, we already knew the place was haunted because of deaths in the
house and the things that happen such as: the faucet in the kitchen turning
on for no reason, it really turns on, we stuck a bowl under it empty, and in
the morning it was half full of water, also down in the basement the closet
is big and long, it is a dark place, we suspect a haunting going on because
the hangars go back and forth frequently, and another thing is that the house
is from the 1800s, very old, probably mid-1800s. So we decided to record EVP
in the bedroom and the closet, and various places in the house. Not even
thinking what we were getting into we started recording in the bedroom,
asking for a name, how the ghost died, and how long has the ghost been there,
then we went to other rooms to record and we asked various questions. We
played the tape back and the first question was, "What was your name?" we
heard a response saying Mable, the same name of their grandma that died in
the house. We heard things on the tape from the closet saying "Get Away", and
"Shhh!!" We decided to stop messing with the recorder and go back upstairs to
play, we started playing when we heard something like the sound of the
hangars going back and forth, so we got really scared and tense, nobody dared
to go near the stairs, then all of a sudden my friend's Mom called from her
work and asked, "What is going on, I have a bad feeling about leaving you
guys all alone." We knew something was going on too, so we went to the
neighbors house across the street to get away, the neighbor didn't believe
us, and thought we were scared for no reason, but she took us in anyways, and
said, "I am going to call your Mom," to my friends. Then I looked outside and
all the lights in the house were off!! I know we didn't turn any lights off,
so I decided to go in the house all alone, because nobody dared to follow,
and the door was locked!!!  Then their Mom came home, and unlocked the door,
our neighbor told her about how we were scared and came over, she didn't
believe us either, this is a true story and we were not exaggerating, I am
still scared to go in that house, that was one night I will never forget.

Haunting in Nebraska

By: louda_99@yahoo.com

Hi! I've loved reading these stories. I keep getting
goose bumps though! I figure it's about time that I
tell our own story.
Although it isn't as dramatic as some of those listed
here, it was real enough for me. Right out of college,
my husband and I moved to a rental in a small Nebraska
town. This house was very cute and well-maintained. It
had two strange features, though. In the
bathroom/laundry room, there were three doors – one to
the hallway and out the back door (on the south end),
one to the basement (in the center), and one to a
closet room (on the north end). The basement was one
of those spooky basements: one big room; creaky, old
stairs; dimly lit. The closet room was a strange room
about 12 feet by 12 feet, lined with cabinets from
floor to ceiling on three sides.
Throughout the rest of this house, I felt very
comfortable and relaxed. It had a warm feeling to it.
But as I would turn down the hall and head to the
bathroom, the feeling of dread would increase. I was
never comfortable in the bathroom (the only one in the
house) and would rush through showers and getting
ready and all the other duties done in the bathroom.
And I would never go in there in without a light on.
But the experience wasn't based just on my hunches.
The bathroom door leading to the hallway would never
stay open. Eventually, my resourceful husband rigged
up a rope that we used to tie the door open. I would
blame this on the house settling or a crooked doorjam,
but the door to the basement – right next to the
hallway door – would never stay closed. It would
randomly open itself, even if you weren't in the room
or were across the room no where near the door.
Eventually, we learned if we slammed the door shut and
locked it, it would usually stay closed. But even
then, it occasionally opened after we had locked it.
My husband worked strange hours with his job in
Nebraska, so often times I would be getting ready by
myself in the morning. I'm the first to admit I have
an active imagination, but I also don't like others to
know when I overreact to something. One morning when I
was getting ready for work and my husband had already
left, I was in the bathroom curling my hair when I
distinctly heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I
stopped what I was doing and stood perfectly still to
see if I actually was hearing what I thought I was
hearing. And the footsteps continued, very slowly,
almost as if someone was trying to sneak up the stairs
without making any noise. I tried to write it off as
an over active imagination – until I saw the door knob
turn on the basement door. Thank God I had locked that
door! Well I bolted out of that room so fast! But, not
wanting to appear the fool, I called my mom instead of
leaving the house. I was so scared! Mom assured me, if
I heard what I did, to get out of the house (better
safe than sorry) and get some help. Well, we were new
in the neighborhood so I wasn't comfortable doing
this. But my fear over-rode my shyness. So I headed to
our neighbors house and met one of our new neighbors –
a big, strong fireman. (Well, if anyone's going to
give me confidence to go back into the house, he did!)
So I explained what I had heard, and he escorted me
back to the bathroom. Together, we opened the basement
door – and found nothing! There was no way anyone
could have exited the house without me seeing him/her.
And even the neighbor was spooked down there. He
walked around the room, making sure no one was hiding
down there. And after assuring that I was okay, he
beat it out of the house, with goosebumps on his arms!
That wasn't the only incident. From then on, I'd joke
with family and friends about our Casper. He didn't
mean harm, but he enjoyed scaring the bejebus out of
us. Even my husband left the light on over night. But
Casper didn't limit himself to the bathroom area. One
night, I had just finished the dishes and pulled down
the shade in the kitchen window. I walked out of the
room and sat down in the living room to watch TV.
About 2 minutes later, I heard a loud noise in the
kitchen. I got up to investigate and found the kitchen
shade still shaking from being rolled up. I would
shake it off as it snapping up, but it was 2 minutes
The same reasoning goes for the "dryer" incident. My
husband was brushing his teeth in the bathroom and I
was changing batches in the washer and dryer. I moved
the clothes from the washer to the dryer and turned it
on. Then, I began putting clothes in the washer for
the next batch. Suddenly, the dryer door opened by
itself. Okay, I can attribute that to something in the
batch "hitting" the door open. But then the door
closed itself and the dryer started up again. Now, the
once the door opens on the dryer, the dryer turns off
and won't restart unless you push the button up top.
And the door was open too long for it to have just
sprung shut. I just looked at my stunned husband and
booked it out of that room, telling Casper that I
didn't like him scaring me. I guess he listened,
because from then on, the only incidents we had were
the bathroom doors opening and closing and the front
door opening by itself. We have sensed moved from the
house and only after moving into our current home did
I realize how much I felt like an intruding visitor in
that house. I wonder about the history of that house.
Thanks for the chance to tell my story.

Haunted Townhome

By: houstonian2000@hotmail.com

Some years ago I was living in Tulsa, OK in a beautiful two-story duplex townhome. The master bedroom was down with two guest bedrooms upstairs. I was single and living alone. I am a physician with a specialty in emergency medicine and considered myself very skeptical of paranormal phenomena (and still am, though a bit more open-minded now). I had decided to convert one of the upstairs bedrooms to an office. I had a desk and other office furniture moved in and purchased an electric typewriter (home computers were still just a novelty then). I was scheduled to work the 4pm - 12am shift that evening. As I left the house, I checked to see that all the lights except the carport and kitchen lights were off (while the formal entry was through the living area, I always entered the home through kitchen from the carport). All lights were off and I went to work. When I arrived back home after my shift, I could clearly see that the light in the office-bedroom was on. I swore that it was off when I left, but vowed to be more careful the next time. Nothing else was out of the ordinary. In the townhome, the stairs separated the living area from the master bedroom, creating a hallway from the bedroom to the kitchen. On the wall facing the bedroom were all my diplomas, licenses and certificates -- about eight or nine total. Around this time I began noticing that they were just a little bit askew when I got up in the morning, though not drastically -- at first. Over the next week or two, the frames holding the certicates etc. would be grossly displaced each morning, some of them almost sideways. I was at a loss as to why this was occurring. There were no heavy vibrations, no construction work and certainly no earth tremors.
Then the light in the office-bedroom began coming on by itself. Again, I was 100% certain that the light was off when I left home (it had become an issue with me at this point), yet when I would return from work, it was always on. By now it was winter and snow was everywhere. Since I had the following day off, I stayed up late one evening working in the office-bedroom. There was a very large window (almost a picture window) in the office that overlooked the roof of the carport and my desk was next to it. About 12:30 am there was a tremendous "thud" on the wall just below the window and next to where I was sitting. It caused the window glass to shake and scared the daylights out of me. I jumped up to see if there was anyone on the carport roof  (there wasn't) or out in the street (again, noone). There was no disturbance of the snow on the carport roof, either.To create a thump that strong, someone would have to have been standing next to the window and given it a powerful kick. This occurred again several times before morning and persisted for weeks, always beginning after midnight and ceasing before dawn. I had a guest over one evening who left at 3:00 am after the second thump. The thumping never occured during the day.
One evening I was lying in bed watching television downstairs in the master bedroom. There were sliding doors that opened from the bedroom to the carport. Whenever a car turned into the cul-de-sac at night where my townhome was located, the headlights would shine through the glass doors and make an arc across the wall opposite my bed. At that point, the house blocked anymore light and the arc would disappear. I remember seeing one or two lights shine in the room -- nothing out of the ordinary. Then a third light. I didn't pay much attention at first until I noticed that the light circled my bedroom three or four times -- striking all four walls! This could not occur unless the light was IN THE ROOM ITSELF! And this was definitely before midnight.
Around this time (but not the same night) I began hearing a sound that later became discernible as a voice. It was high-pitched and no, it was not telling me vile or strange things -- it would just shout "Hey!" as though it was trying to get my attention. The intonation was high, but it could have been either male or female and I did not recognize it as a familiar voice. The tone of voice seemed to say "Can't you see me? Don't you know I'm here?" But all it actually said was "Hey!" I heard this five or six times over the next few weeks.
Shortly after that incident, I had another 4pm to 12am shift. This time, the upstairs light remained off and I was very relieved. Since I was not sleepy, I decided to stay up a while and play the piano which was downstairs. Noone lived in the other half of the duplex at that time, so I wouldn't be disturbing anyone. I had been playing about 5 or 10 minutes when the strangest thing happened. I suddenly "knew" that I was being summoned upstairs. I had never had a feeling like that before or since and let me assure you -- it was a POWERFUL and UNEQUIVOCAL message. It could not have been plainer if I had actually heard someone say "Come up here right now!"  I started up the stairs -- I never felt exactly "forced" to go, but I really felt I had to. Now, I don't know how many people remember electric typewriters, but whenever you turn on some models, the carriage return is automatically activated and you hear a very characteristic "whirr, zip,ding" sound. I was about two steps from the top of the stairs when: "whirr, zip, ding". I turned around immediately and spent the rest of the night at a friend's house. (I had purposely left the electric typewriter on several times to see if any message might be waiting for me when I returned home, but that never happened.)
I had a very good friend at the time who was known for collecting teddy bears. We unfortunately had a very serious and emotional argument in the townhome a few days after the typewriter incident (the argument had nothing to do with any of the strange events). My friend left through the kitchen door. I had followed as far as the kitchen. I was wrecked emotionally and just stood there in the kitchen silently. Suddenly, an object fell out of one of the kitchen cabinets (which had never happened before). I was standing AWAY FROM THE CABINETS and was PERFECTLY STILL AND SILENT and all cabinet doors were CLOSED! There was no slamming of doors (my friend did not slam any doors either). The object that fell out of the cabinet was a jar of honey IN THE SHAPE OF A BEAR! I felt like someone or something was telling me that I had really screwed up and needed to make amends (which I did).
Eventually, the phenomena stopped and never returned -- the diploma frames stopped moving, no noises or voices were heard and the light stayed off when turned off. I have long since moved from Tulsa and nothing of this sort has happened to me again.

Quarantine Station - Manly

By: al.caton@bigpond.com

In the 1800's if a ship came from overseas and someone on board was ill, all the passengers and crew were quarantined at a station situated on a headland near Manly.  All the ship's inhabitants would stay until the contagious period had passed, some passengers never left at all.  High walls and high cliffs surrounded the hospitals, lodges, cemetary and staff quarters.
The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service runs tours by lantern after dark and not only do you find out about the history of the place, but you may also see a ghostly inhabitant!
One of the eeriest places is the old graveyard.  Thousands of people who died from diseases such as cholera, smallpox and diptheria were buried there. Nothing much grows there now.  Authorities eventually removed all of the gravestones as the sight was upsetting to the arriving immigrants.  Only one tombstone remains, that of a young girl.  No-one knows why her tomb was spared.  She is sometimes said to join the tour near this site and is often mistaken for one of the group.
There is quite a collection of visitor's photos to see.  Many people have taken pictures of unexplained phenonema and human shapes inside the buildings.
Locks in various gates are said to be unlocked by a ghostly gatekeeper who does his rounds at midnight, and a doctor who drowned whilst crossing to the station still resides in the senior doctor's quarters.  He walks the first story verandah and looks towards the sea where he died over 100 years ago.
Visitors can stay on site at the conference facilities or sleep in the old hospital.  Visitors are often awaken by crying and phantom lantern lights in the old wards.  One old grounds keeper has been known to haunt the area around his cottage and is considered quite dangerous.  It is said that he once pushed a lady near a cliff edge and she would have been killed if she fallen over.  Other nurses' quarters are uninhabitable due to the dead that still haunt their old rooms.
All up, it is an amazing place to visit when next you visit Sydney town.  More information can be obtained by contacting the local tourism authorities.


Haunted Holiday Inn Select

By: hazens@nwi.net

Hi, I am writing this regarding an experience that a friend of mine recently had in a Hotel in San Diego, CA. She was attending a training for work at this hotel and she and another attendee who were in separate rooms on different floors had very eerie experiences that were definately paranormal and should be checked into. When the hotel staff was told about it, the comments were, "yes, we believe you. This was at a Holiday Inn Select, and if you would be interested in checking it out and would like the address and more detailed information on the incidents, please mail me back and I will gladly get the information for you. I have had experiences myself in the past and this kind of stuff both scares me and intrigues me. I guess I must be a little strange huh? But I am a true believer in paranormal activity by my own experiences. Thanks for your time.


By: roadnottaken2002@yahoo.com

Round One
When I was 14, my family moved to Seattle where my
father was to do some teaching.  We rented a beautiful
old house.  From the time we moved in I was
uncomfortable.  I would turn quickly to think I saw
someone move, just out of sight.  I was placed in the
downstairs room, which seemed to have the largest
amount of activity.  Each night my dog would awake
barking at what seemed to be nothing and my cat would
become very alert.  I eventually moved myself upstairs
into my baby brother’s room and he was sleeping with
my parents.  One day while my father was away on
business, my mother and I heard what sounded like a
large box drop.  We looked all around the house and
found nothing to have made the noise.  Because I was
scared I asked to spend the night with my mother.  I
was to sleep that night in my brother’s bed and my
brother would sleep with my mom.  My mother and I were
facing each other, me with my back to the closets.  We
said good night and turned out the light.  A moment
later my mother bolted upright.  Startled I said,
“what is it? she told me to be quiet and reached into
the nightstand for some mace.  I turned to see what
she was looking at.  Out from the closet came light,
as though someone had switched on a light.  There was
no light in the closet!  We looked through the closet
and through the house for 2 hours and found nothing.
I remember my mother saying, don’t worry, it’s just a
ghost it won’t hurt you".  She was right, it never did
but I continued to feel uncomfortable and see what I
think was a woman until we finally moved from the
Round Two
In 1990 my grandfather was in a retirement home.  He
had several strokes and could no longer talk.  His
hearing was always bad, but it had gotten to the point
that he could no longer hear.  He had recently come
down with shingles and was not doing well.  That
night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I clearly heard
my grandfather talking to me.  He told me he loved me
and then said goodbye.  The following morning I got a
call saying he had died.  I already knew.
Round Three
My husband, two kids and myself took a trip to Alaska
last summer.  We made it to the border of Canada
somewhere around eight in the evening.  We were told
that the nearest town was a place called Hope about
thirty miles up the road.  When we got to the town, we
found that there was no place to stay.  Seems it was a
national holiday.  A kind woman at a local hotel
phoned the next town up the road to see about
vacancies.  She reserved a room for us and off we
went.  We reached the Yale Hotel around Ten O’clock
and checked into our room.  I turned on the TV for the
kids and they watched ‘the Family Channel’ until we
were ready for bed.  We turned out the lights and went
to sleep.  Sometime later, the TV awakened me.  It had
turned on by itself.  What was showing appeared to be
a sitcom, What was being said was far from funny.  It
seemed, as though the voice was dubbed, what was said
did not match the mouth movements.  It was a man
smiling and talking to his wife in a kitchen, what I
heard was a man with a rough voice screaming
.  My husband had woke up with me
and asked why I had turned on the television.  When I
told him I didn’t, he asked that I turn it off.  I
accidentally switched channels and when I turned the
knob back, the ‘show’ was gone (just snow).  It’s
funny; it really didn’t dawn on me until the following
day how very strange it was.  I have never before or
since had a television turn itself on to what was the
‘family channel’ and have it spew profanities at me
Round Four
My family and I moved into our first house last
October.  My husband and I had been looking for houses
for some time.  When we found this house, we loved it
from the start.  It has a good warm feel to it.
Shortly after having moved in, my husband and I
compared notes and admitted that we were both having
strange feelings ‘creepy’ was the word we agreed on.
We were both finding the closet in our children’s room
open.  The door would stay closed sometimes and other
times you’d return to find it ajar or fully opened.
My husband shared with me that he was outside doing
some digging on the French drain.  He had set down a
piece chalk he had found.  He turned around to pick it
up and it was gone.  On another occasion my family and
I were sitting on the couch.  My husband asked me to
smell my sons hair.  It smelled intensely of perfume.
Being that neither my husband nor myself wear any
fragrance we began looking around for something that
may be carrying the scent.  To refresh his memory he
sniffed my son’s hair again and asked me to do the
same.  The smell was completely gone.  The oddness
seemed to subside for months.  Then, this year around
the same time it seems to have started again.  The
closet door is again not staying closed.  We are
having trouble finding things again.  The other night
I felt a cold breeze coming across my face as though
the windows were open  they were closed.  I got up to
find the back door unlocked, knowing that I had locked
it the night before. A few nights ago when I closed my
eyes, I heard someone say to me ‘It’s All Right’.
After looking up this site and looking at the
pictures, I decided to try my hand at photographing
the potential presence.  I went into the bedroom that
has the closet door that doesn’t close.  I said out
loud, ‘though I’m not comfortable with the idea of
having a presence in my home I think I could deal with
it better if I knew whether or not you exist and since
I have children and they would be able to see you (if
you exist) I feel I need to be aware of that fact.
So, I’m going to take pictures of the house and if you
are comfortable having me take your picture you can
get in front of the camera.  If you’re not comfortable
I can respect that.  I’m guessing you’re a good
entity, because my cat seems to like you’.  (Note: my
cat is very insistent on spending time in this room).
I must say I felt a little silly talking to the air,
but it seemed the right thing to do.  So, I took
pictures of the house.  I frankly was hoping that
nothing would be found and that I would find my
imagination had run away with itself.  When I got the
pictures back I found that the photos taken in the
bedroom and in the closet have what I understand to be
a vortex. Needless to say, I’m pretty spooked.  I’m
planning on finding out the history of the house to
see if I can figure out who our roommate is.  Also,
I’m hoping to contact some people that are
knowledgeable on the subject of ghosts.  If this
entity needs my assistance I hope to help.  If it just
wants to hang out with us, that’s fine too and if it’s
bad news I need to know.  I’m hoping that my initial
feeling of my house was correct and that what I
believe is a ghost is of the non-threatening variety.
I just keep telling myself. The ghost has been very
polite for the last year and those that should be able
to sense the presence seem not to mind it (the cats
and my two children who’s room the ghost seems to
live/spend time in).

Ghosts- haunting my house

By: the_real_billy_the_kid@hotmail.com

I guess my whole life I had never really ever being sheltered from spirits.
In my family, Every third generation, the youngest child(female), has a gift
for seeing ghosts.  And as it turns out thats me.  I am 15, and i think i
have seen more ghosts in my 15 years than anyone would see in a life
generation.  We moved into this really, big and old house.  It is on about
half an acre, and it consists of three buildings, the front house is a
surgery, (both my parents are doctors) the middle house is our living house
with our bedrooms and everything and the last house behind this is our
garage.  The lady who we bought our house from told us it was haunted, and i
guess at the age of 8 i had no idea of what i was about to encounter.  when
we first moved in, i found it terribly frightening.  Well my whole family
did.  we moved in, in one of the hottest summers of australia, but we didnt
need an airconditioner as the house was always so cold.  Many atimes we
would be asleep at night and i would hear footsteps of people walking over
the polished floors.  You see the lady who we bought our house from, her
husband who was also a doctor died in our house.  We would have showers
turning off and on by themselves, and it would be terrible frightening to go
and have a bath to find the bath already filled.  i remember one of the most
scariest things that happened was one morning we had heard all this noise
downstairs, so all four of us ( mum dad me and my sister) trooped
downstairs, there to find a full breakfast made, including toast made from
the grill, (consider the day before we had an electrician come and tell us
there was no way it could work, because it wasnt connected in) coffee made,
and fruit all set on our table, none of us ate that food, but i tell you
what, that was the day i really realised that we had a ghost in our house.
we always had one room in our house upstairs, which we called the spare
room, Dad forbid us from going in there as it was always so cold, and once
dad went in and had being locked in. he said he often saw spirits enter that
room.  Dad has a gift for seeing spirits too, not as strong as mine, but
more than once he has being chased up the stairs by something not human.
After a couple of years, of hearing noises like this they started to die
down, and it was possible he was starting to accept us.
The most amazing thing that happened to me, that possible proved to everyone
my gift, was when one night i was sleeping and i woke up, to find Dr hawkins
(the person who died in our house) lying beside me, i found it amazing and
for what reason i did not know i did not get scared he only was there for
about 30 seconds and before he left he said one word "piano".  I rang up Mrs
HAwkins and i told her about the ghost i saw, i described him to her, and
she was shocked, for i had described Dr hawkins exactly to her, when i had
never seen him before.  I told her about him telling me Piano, and she told
me he loved to play the piano.
There have being also some humerous times as well, it is not just the family
who has seen him, once when my friends slept over, my best friend awoke me
to say, "Anna i dont know what is with your house, but last night someone
was singing in the shower", and that someone is Dr HAwkins.
There have being times when the electrician has come, and on one day Dr
Hawkins was really bad and we didnt tell the electrician, so anyway he went
to work and 5 minutes later he ran out white faced, and said " i dont know
what was there but whatever it was it didnt want me there".  There have
being many many more times like this.
Now i am 15, i have moved into that room, "the spare room", and suddenly for
some reason, alot of the coldness has gone although sometimes it is so dark
in there, i am afraid to go in and on hot  airless days, it is always my
door which opens and shuts by itself, no one elses.  Another freaky thing
was i was in my room once and we have these big windows which are really
hard to open and close you have to push them, and i came in once and they
were opening and closing. So i said "open Dr hawkins" and they did and
"Close Dr hawkins" and they did, in the middle of commanding these windows
my grandmother came in to see me doing this, and i will never forget the
look of fear on her face.  One last story before i go, is the recent one, I
walk to school on this old bush track, and on my way to school i met this
man who was a fisherman, i greeted him and went on my way, this continued to
happen for many days.  I told my close friends who all know of my gift and
my parents and i described what he looked like and then one day they placed
in front of me a newspaper it was one that had a picture of the man i saw
everyday on the front, it seems he had died two years ago, and it is funny
now when i see him, after i see him, i turn around and he is gone.   Ghosts
are amazing things, they sometimes hold the answers to the future, scare us
and reasure us, but we must always respect them as they hold powers we dont
know.  i thank you for this home page as i always felt like a freak for what
i saw, now there are others like me!!  so thankyou!! but if i had to chose a
life without ghosts i wouldnt, as they have become a part of me that no one
can take away.


Ghost in my Bedroom


Hello, My name is Katy and about 1 year ago me and my family moved into a new house. The house had been unoccupied for quite a few years, and we got it at a very good deal. I've read some of your other stories and this is not half as scarey as any olther, but I hope you will listin and tell me what you think it might be.
About 1 year after we had moved into that house weird things have started happening. I would be asleep and wake up to feeling another presence in the room. One night I woke up to an intense pressure on my back as if someone was holding me to the bed. Frozen in fear I closed my eyes and hoped it would go away. Soon enough I did not feel it but heard footsteps outside my bedroom door. I soon fell asleep after that.
Another time was when me and my friend where home alone at about 11 o'clock. We where whatching TV when we heard the garage door open and shut. My parents weren't going to be home till much later we were very scared. To this day we still don't know about these stange happening and yet they still happen. If you think you may know what it is please tell me!

Ghost Hunting

By: Lilbigmac111@gateway.net

I want to tell you about what happened a couple years ago, one night I
was laying down to go to bed.  I was almost asleep then I heard something
fall in my sisters room.  So like any curious I got up to see what happened
so when I went in my sisters room I seen nothing out of place so I went back
to my room when I did I saw a shadow in the corner of my room so I looked
back to see if it was m sister it wasn't saw nothing then I looked back in my
corner.  I didn't see the shadow so I looked around to see if anything looked
like a person when you would see it's shadow nothing looked like a person so
I stared at my corner again then I saw the same shadow again it looked like
it turned around the corner so I looked back again nothing was there but this
time I still saw the shadow.  Then I saw the arms of the shadow lift up like
it was yawning then it turned aound and went in my sisters room so dumb
enough I followed it but I didn't seen nothing then I told my mom about it
and she didn't believe me so we moved across the street right after my
grandma died and I went to go to bed I saw the same thing.  And until this
day I see the shadow but it isn't that shy anymore so I don't know if it is a
ghost or if it is my gardien angle thank you for listening.

Ghost Follows Me

By: Eencinc@aol.com

hi i have lived in a haunted house for 15 years it took a long time for me
write this i read your story and it kind of shook me a bit. our ghost only
bothered my brother and me my parents were unwilling to even disguss the
subject. what seemed so familiar was the grouping of ghosts it had a similar
feel. i don't live in the house any more but i have a lot of weird little
habits because of it. i cant sleep unless others are in the house or i am
completly covered no matter how hot it is. i hate constantly questioning my
sanity because not every one saw or heard or felt these things. i was
wondering if any of the entities that you encountered followed you to your
newer houses or if you feel that the other intensities in other places you
have lived have appeared to you. the first story is the most convincing to
that this really is real i try to forget but it doesnt work so maybe if you
can help me understand i can accept what happened in a  more healthy way. i
have trouble establishing my experience to any one belief system and it is
very stressful for me.
when we first moved into the house i began hearing the sound of footsteps
paseing in the hallway at night and heavy breathing. my brother and i kept
out doors open mom and dad closed theirs. it would pace about 15 min.
dissapear for about 5 min (during which i would pray for it to go away) then
it would return and stand at the foot of my bed sometimes sitting on the
corner where i could feel its weight on the mattress without being able to
see it. i would fall asleep terrified and trying to convince myself it was
my head. during the day after about 2 weeks i began seeing small figures in
the corner of my eye when i turned my head it would dissapear i would walk
around the corner but nothing would be there they seemed to be located near
the hall closet where there was an entry to the very small crawl space under
the house. after seeing them frequently over 3 months i had a full picture
them sort of like a 2.5 to 3 foot vikings. (god that sounds silly) i ignored
it . i was ratiionalising that it was hot(summer) i am creative and our new
home was in the country with no one for me to play with my mind must be
but it was so intense i didn't get any comfort.at 12 years old i began
instinctively to place heavy objects on the lid of the cover. there was one
that was different it was tall 5.5 feet very skinny and it moved like smoke
it was a black silliuet only implied in shape. it always appeared in the
entry hall when i was doing dishes. it was very slow to jump back. sometimes
fully exposing itself in the enrtryway. anyway this keeps going on and i was
very distressed and worried they would lock me up in a crazy house if i
when my 9 year old brother approached me and asked if i had seen the "little
people" running around the house. in the years later we discovered patterns
and seasons of it and small ways to control it. we saw a lot of small things
that change form about every 6 months 2 apparitions and started having, im
not sure how to describe it, other than psycic dreams and images. we also
outside witnesses exchange students, and sleepover guests. what really gets
me is that i keep seeing a ball about 6 inches around it changes its
it was orange plastic last now it is grey fur. i spot it at work sometimes.
have you encountered anything like this? ive had one person tell me that it
is a protector spirit. another  told me that it was a soul mate. i dont know
. i work in a pet store. lastime  i saw it it rolled on the ground about
3feet back and left of me and dissapeared into the base board i saw it and
ignored it. later a cashier that was bored asked me if she could help. i had
her scrub tanks she got near to the spot where i had seen the ball go and
then she suddenly left. at the time i didnt think much of it, i figured she
had gotten called onto the front and i finished the job. 2 days later she
approached me and said im so sorry i left you the other day but i was
cleaning a tank and all the sudden all these voices started going off in my
head 'can you help me' it freaked me out so bad i just ran off! then i put
together the positional likeness of the two events. wierd haw?

Do You Believe?


    Well, for those of you who do or do not believe in ghosts, have I got one
for you!!!
This happened to me in the year 1989 in the state of Maine. I was a sitter
and I went to old peoples homes and helped them in their daily routines. The
house I was in was build back in the 1800s. The occupants were 2 young
sisters and the grandmother that I was helping. On interviewing with the
young sisters they told me that if I see or hear anything unusual to please
not be alarmed. Back in the 1800s there was a little boy that hung himself in
one of the bedrooms upstairs. They told me that many times they would hear
laughing, have nightly visits from him (standing at the end of the bed), walk
through cold spots and will hear him playing with a ball. They also told me
that sometimes dishes would crash to the floor when the little boy was angry
I guess.
     One day, the sisters decided to go shopping and I was there alone in the
house with the old lady. We had put on a Fred Estair movie downstairs in the
living room. Well, the games began after the sisters left. In the corner of
my left eye, I could see something there. I felt like I was being starred at
and I kept looking around to my left to see nothing. It caught my eye again
and it was moving. I started to get scared and I just sat there with the old
woman who was watching the TV and never saw what I did. Soon, after that, I
heard something up stairs. It sounded like a ball was bouncing off the wall,
like it was being thrown up against the wall and landed on the floor again.
The went on for about 30 min. I was really scared and then the footsteps
began. They walked up and down the hall. Some steps were of running, others
were of hard clip clops like on a hard wood floor (which they did have) and
the ball was bouncing at the same time. Well, I just could not take it
anymore so I told the old lady I was going to go to the bathroom and I would
be back. I went to the bottom of the stairs and slowly with shaking legs from
being nervous, I slowly went up the stairs. As I got halfway up the stairs I
could see down the long hall and there was a ball in the middle of the floor.
It was moving like it had been thrown down and left there cause I guess the
little boy saw me and I heard running foot steps. I went back down stairs
really scared and with my knees knocking I went back to the couch and sat
there on the couch and did not move a muscle. The old lady did not even know
what was going on cause she was so into the movie.
     When the sisters returned I told them what happened and they said to me
that they know about this and it happens all the time. They invited me
upstairs to the room where the little boy killed himself. When entering the
room, the hair on my arms stood up cause I was warm then all of a sudden I
felt a rush of cold air and I mean bitter cold air. Its like walking through
a breeze of a fan to describe it. Hot again then  a rush of cold air hitting
you like a knife. So, cold that you want to reach for a jacket. That kind of
cold, and then I would walk a few more feet then warm again. I was ready to
get out of there!!! The sisters told me that sometimes he comes to visit them
in the night. One of the sisters awoke and she told me that she saw a
silhouette of a boy standing at the end of her bed. He stood there for the
longest time and then walked away.
      Did I go back to the house? Yes, but with caution and I would take the
old lady on outings as much as I could to stay out of that house. This is a
true story and this happened to me the summer of 1989. Hope you have found
this interesting.

Great Grandmother is that you?

By: Blnksweetie182@aol.com

Sometimes late at night while I lay in my bed, I see things floating by, or
something move out of the corner of my eye.  Whenever I see this, I flick on
the light by my bed and it goes away, or I run out into the hallway and then
slowly make my way back into my room and fall asleep.  Sometimes, I hear
footsteps after everyone else in the house is asleep.  At first I was scared
and didn't want to tell anyone about it because they would think I was lying.
 Being as I live in a new house, I figured there's nothing there to haunt it.
 It got to where, one night a saw a figure leaning over me while I was laying
in bed, I quickly flipped on my light and it disappeared.  Then the next
night I saw a figure floating over me.  So, the next day I told my parents
that I had been seeing things in my room and they told me that as a child in
our old house, whenever they would take me past these! curtains in their room,
I would start laughing and staring at the curtains, for no reason.  If I
started crying they only had to sit me in front of the curtains to make me
laugh.  So they think that when I was younger I could see something there
that they didn't.  I also had an experience when I went to England when I was
in 9th grade.  I've never heard anything try to contact me, when the spirit
or whatever it is, is in human form it just looks at me, so I'm not to sure
what its doing.  If you have any ideas on what I should do about it feel free
to e-mail me.  I don't think its an evil ghost and I don't want to cast it
away because I'm thinking it might be my great grandmother, but I'm not sure.
 Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Boiler Room Voice

By: btk_99@hotmail.com

This is the second story I've contributed to this site, though the first was
my own experience, while this is one my father only related to me last week.
Like my experience, which took place over 10 years ago, this took place at a
church where my father works. It's a church in the Chicago suburb of Oak
Park that originally was built in the late 1860s, but burned down in 1916
and was rebuilt on the original foundation. It's a massive looking, somewhat
dull looking stone building, with a modern 1960s addition sticking off to
the side like a sore thumb.
The boiler room is in a area of the basement called the Catacombs, nicknamed
this due to the maze of passageways under the sanctuary which were
originally used to carry the coal heated air up thru various vents in the
floor of the sanctuary (they stopped using coal in the 20s). The boiler
room's walls are mostly dating the the mid 19th century church, and parts of
the stone are still black. The center of the room contains the huge old
boiler, and various pipes snaking across the low ceiling, and further back,
more pipes and ancient machinery, all draped in cobwebs and dust. On one
side of the boiler room are three arches leading to storage rooms, which had
originally been coal storage areas. On the other side of the room, is a
rickety wooden staircase leading down to the so-called Catacombs, and behind
that an-always pitch-black area I've only seen close up once, with piles of
old boxes, crates and who-knows what else.
My dad, who is the building superintedant, and his assistant Dan, a guy in
his early 30s, were replacing a part of the boiler's machinery early one
morning before anyone had come in yet (there are church offices above the
boiler room, in the Sixties-era addition). My dad said he was having a hard
time getting the part that had to be replaced off and was banging on a nut
with a screwdriver, when it slipped and gauged his hand, no serious injury,
but enough to draw blood and cause my dad to do something he doesn't
normally do, swear aloud.
"Sh**!" he shouted, and as Dan was asking him if he was okay, from the
darkness behind the boiler, came the clear, deep voice of a man,
"Not nice!"
Both my dad and Dan looked at each other, then without thinking, asked who
was back there, despite the fact that my dad had unlocked the metal boiler
room door just about half an hour before. They both looked all over the
boiler room after getting no reply, and of course, found no one. Dan was a
bit freaked out, despite being a big and athletic guy, and told my dad he
would go look for a band-aid for my dad, though my dad said he looked pale
and nervous. My dad, on the other hand, was not freaked out, and felt there
must be a logical reason for it, though he could not name one. Nothing more
happened, and my father and Dan went about there business until they were
done working on the boiler.
I myself have been in that room in the past, both with my dad and alone, and
on each occaision, I've felt like from the dark corners, there were unseen
eyes watching intently. It's definitely not a place I'd want to spend too
much time in, especially alone.

Becoming a Believer

By: jessica@baby.fsnet.co.uk

I have had two unexplained happenings in my life,maybe three but as I was maybe five or six at the time I will put that down to a childhood nightmare.
The first sighting of what I know to be a ghost was when I was thirty two,just myself and another person on a building site which was in the early stages of preparation, I saw a man walking at least one feet of the ground, back towards me and wrapped in a blanket, many others had seen or had been involved with this
apparation, and with it unexplained happenings.
It is the second one that really convinced me that these things can be scary,you see when I saw the first Iwas amazed, I did not believe or disbelieve, I didnt discuss the subject, I was not interested, I wnt home that night and told my husband, amazed that I had seen this ghost, so much so that I did not sleep for most of the night, I felt elated that I must be one of however many people which had been shown something like that.
However the second time was so very different that I would rather not have been associated in any way with it.  About two years after my first encounter, my family and I had been living at a house, it was a town house(I live in England) the garage is on the ground floor, and the lounge and kitchen on the first, it was a terrace meaning that the houses all joined onto one another, nothing remarkable just a very pleasant cul-de-sac with a neighbour at each side, we had been living there a year or so, on one side was a couple who had a daughter, on the other side was a woman who had a son and daughter, both daughters were 16 years old the son being 14, the mother with the son and daughter lived at the very end so their house was not attached to another, and she was a very unhappy women whose husband had left her about a year before we moved in, It had happened out of the Blue and the shock had sent her a little over the edge, prior to him leaving hea ha remorgaged part of the house so he was in quite a lot of debt, but she could cope with that what she couldent mange to accept was that he had left her, and as time went by she I think would have done anything to have him back.
Probably the uncertainty of not knowing what might happen to her, and the lack of self esteem drove her to do things that she otherwise would not have done, but during that time she meddled with the ougee board, how much I dont know for Im sure this was prior to us moving in and it was only later that another neighbour confided in me, but she wanted so much to know what the outcome of her life would be that she decided in her mind that either his or her grandmother would give reassurances or help her in some way, I dont know what she called up, but about a year after I moved in she asked me to feed her cat,and Ican only say that on entering the front door I scensed that I did not want to go in, I did but so uneasy was I that my other neighbour had to continue to feed the cat during the rest of the week, then the full story emerged from a neighbour further down theroad that they Knew that something bad had entered the house and she had got holy water to sit in the entrance to the house,Im sure that it bears no relation although the girl that was freindly withe the separated womens daughter and that had also taken part along withe the other children in the sceance was murdered a couple of years later,but there were so many happenings in the cul-de-sac that I often wonder, as you knew that something would eventually happen, you often felt that you were part of a time bomb just waiting to go off.
My story doesent end there, eventually the separated by now divorced woman was forced to sell and move, an the next occupants went about renovating the house into a beautiful home, however th entrance to the property between the smell and the fact that the electricity never worked properly haunted them, untill eventually they too had to move out, they did once ask me if the house was haunted and I replied that I did not know, what else could I have said, but ont hte day that they left they were elated and told me that when they first put the house on the market and were seeing the estate agent off they were confronted with the words shouted at them "Dont sell this house" In a menacing tone, which scared them so much that they immediately took it off the market, but a few months later decided to try again, and within the week at sold, the sale went through very quickly and when the next couple moved in they found so many chuch crossses dotted around the place.
I dont know if they ever saw anything a few months later we moved, although they stayed maybe two years and now the propery has had its third owner in a little over ten years.
I dont know what went on in that house I dont know if she did get some bad spirit, I did not like going in there, I do know that it was a very unlucky little cul-de-sac and I do know that my house and the one at the other end were the only houses out of eleven that some misfortune had not befallen on, and I must say perhaps we were lucky to move on.

Haunting or Not?

By: GohanDCat1@aol.com

but when i lived at my fathers house one night i woke up having to go to the
bathroom. I was gonna  get up out of bed when i stopped cause i heard a
scream not just any scream a weird one, 2 voices at the same time, one high
pitched one low pitch, they werent human either. I ra n back into bed, wen
check it out like 2 minutes later (crawling to the end of my bed) and when i
was just about to look over the edge of my bed and see what it was the thing
(sounded like it was small it had a small stride) ran into my parents
and slammed the door shut, and i mean it screamed loud and slammed it loud,
no one woke up, and i was wide awake. anywho the only thing that ive ever
seen that came close to me 3experiance was something on the history channel,
a new york bar had something simmilar happen to 3 workers, i started crying
when i saw that show cause i was so freaked out.

100 Percent True Story

By: david.brock2@ntlworld.com

its a story my mother told me years ago,we lived in a old railway house in darlington 10 yards from the old train station ,where the first train line was built.there were a set of six terrace houses
all had high staircases and huge kitchens with ranges in them,also outside toilets and wash houses has they were called then.my mam every night stood by the range and put her face cream on before going to bed,this night her mam and dad had gone up first,the was only her and the dog,and has she applied the cream she thought she heard a voice call her namewhich was kath short for kathleen.she turned saw nothing but noticed the dog had stood up with his ears pricked,again she applied the cream ,and the voice a little bit louder shouted kath in a deep ominous tone.this time she shouted upstairs to see what her parents had wanted,but there was no answere,by this time the dog was walking nervously around with its head lowered asif it had been told off.
my mam had finished applying her cream and was putting it away when this time she knew it was not her parents calling her because the voice was as loud as a clap of thunder bellowing her name,she ran upstairs screaming explaining the was someone calling her .so my granparents went downstairs to check the house only to find the dog covered in white frothy sweat,panting,eyes wide open and absolutely petrified ,the dog died two days later.years later when i was born,still in the same house,i had horrific dreams always the same recurring dream,
at the start of the dream i was at the bottom of the stairs happily floating to the top,it was pitch black at the top and i knew instantly i had to stop ,but i couldnt
then i noticed someone dressed in black like a monk and woke at this point,the thing is everybody has dreams ,but not the entire family has the exact dream.
we never saw any ghosts but the house definately had a sense of forboding about it,i think maybe even calling it the defination of something evil.i would like to add its the only house my family talk about with anxiety.

Paranormal Experiences

By: jennifer.schuler@wcom.com

    I don't really know where to begin. It seems that I have had some
sort of paranormal contact since I was a kid.  I want to tell you about
an experience I had when I rented a home in Belleville, Ill.  This
incident happened during the time span of 10/95 - 10/96.  I lived there
with my husband and three children ages 4,10,12.  My first experience
was smelling coffee brewing in my sleep. I woke up thinking that my
husband made a fresh pot of coffee. To my surprise there was none. I
didn't mention this to anyone. Later that evening my husband said that
when he got up for work he thought I got up to make coffee for him and
was surprised to find none. Around the same time my daughter, age 10
said that she seen a woman on the steps, but what was funny was that she
could only see the bottom half. she was wearing a skirt. and another
time she swore that she seen a woman sitting on the steps. I mentioned
this to my mother and she said that maybe she is a friendly spirit and
that she was welcoming us into her home that why we smelled the coffee.
I figured this made sense.
    As time went on it seemed that things got a bit stranger. I would
usually get up with my husband to either make him breakfast or to just
have a cup of coffee with him. When he would leave I would go back to
bed. Well that's when I would hear the strange sounds. Above my room was
my eldest daughters room. I would hear sounds of furniture scooting
around (that's what it sounded like) or as if a ball was being rolled
across the floor. I kept putting it off as my imagination and as read
many times before I questioned my sanity. There were times that I felt
as if there was a presence in the room with me. I would hear breathing
and at times it sounded as if there was a beating noise (like a
heartbeat) but I couldn't pinpoint the location, it was all around me. I
held my breath to assure it wasn't mine. Well i finally told my husband
and he didn't believe me. Of course. So one morning I told myself I was
going to be prepared. I had a flashlight by my bed and as soon as my
husband left I went to bed like always and I waited for the sounds to
come. Like clockwork they were right on time. I summed up the nerve to
creep up the stairs and enter my daughters room. I was very scared
needless to say. I entered her room only to find nothing. I figured when
they wanted me to see them they would show themselves.
    I got used to the noise, but my kids were afraid to stay there by
themselves. My eldest daughter says she was sleeping one night to awake
from the sound of a door closing. She assumed that it was me. She said
that she could hear the footsteps come up the stairs and she said that
she seen a light, like a flashlight. She got scared then because she
thought someone had broke in. The noise and the light disappeared at her
    This next instance is what convinced my husband that there was
something other than us living there. We were taking a shower. Now our
bathroom is located off the foyer of the front door. Directly above the
bathroom is the dormer or open area of the upstairs. Beside the bathroom
is the steps that go down to the basement. (There is no door, it is an
open staircase) Beside that is the stairs going up to the second floor
and the kitchen. This house was laid out somewhat odd. Well we had just
finished showering and we could hear footsteps coming from the upper
level. We automatically thought it might be Tara (our eldest) because of
the location from where they started. We followed them as they walked
down the steps. We could hear each footstep as it made its way to the
last step and into the foyer! I immediately reached over and shut the
door and said "Hold on Tara we'll be out in a minute." It couldn't have
been 2 minutes I opened the door to find no one there! To this day my
husband is now a believer in the supernatural. I found that the house
was built in 1928 and it was an aunt to the elderly lady next door.
Since it was a relative I felt odd telling her that we had some weird
experiences there. The center of activity seemed to come from the small
bedroom on the second floor. I had seen the blinds move one time from
the driveway as if they were pulled back a little then released as if
someone was looking out at me. The spirit in the home was never
aggressive. I told my children not to be afraid of her. If she wanted to
harm us she would have done so by now. I just think that she wanted to
be part of the family in some way.

Haunting or Just going Crazy

By: marbear1007@yahoo.com

My story starts a little over a year ago. My Family,
after living in the same home for 15 years, moved into
a larger house. I was 20 at the time, so I didn't feel
too nervous about the new house. Everything was normal
at first. I had never really seen anything unusual at
our old house, other than a rare feeling of something
odd, but it would leave as soon as it started. A few
months after we had lived in the new house, I began to
get a feeling of dread every time I walked up the
stairs to my bedroom. As you come up the stairs, to
the left is a loft, and then the hallway to the
bedrooms. the first few nights I got this feeling, I
would just walk faster, and avoid lookink into the
loft. As the weeks went on, things got worse. I
couldn't walk up the stairs with out an intense
feeling a sadness, one night I actually started
crying, and I never knew why. For awhile I would feel
safe once I got to my room, but that too changed. A
few nights I would feel as if right as I drifted to
sleep, someone was there. One night, as I laid there
praying to fall asleep soon, I actually heard and felt
the breath of someone scream right into my ear, but no
one was there. Another night, as I lay there, once
again praying to go to sleep, I felt something slap my
leg.I also was unable to ever go to the basement
alone. I never knew why, but the same feeling of dread
would come over me as I approached the basement. One
day as I sat on the computer, I saw the image of a
person pass behind me, reflected in the screen,
thinking it was my mom, passing by, I looked but there
was no one there. No one else was home, besides my mom
and I, and she was sound asleep upstairs. then there
was another night when I was watching tv with my
fiancee. We heard my sister (who's room was right off
the living room) yell "Who are you? Get the Hell out!"
I went into her room, and tried to wake her, but she
was fast asleep. my fiancee and I laughed it off,
seeing as how she sometimes talks in her sleep. The
next morning she told my parents about the weird dream
she had of a man standing at the foot of her bed,
staring at her, and when she said those words he just
grinned and turned and walked out. She recalls it
vividly, and keeps saying it did not really feel like
a dream, but then again, she denies that it was real.
I tried many times to walk through the house
commanding it to leave, in the name of Jesus Christ,
but the nights after I would try it, it seemed to get
worse. I finally told my friend, and she immediately
went into the basement. I did not go with her, and to
this day do not know what she said or did, but for the
most part i have not been bothered. I have since moved
out of the house, but I have began to get that same
feeling of dread in my apartment, even in broad

My Haunting Experience

By: princessjewels13@yahoo.com

I was at camp for 6th grade and our teachers told us a
story about an old guy that was in a way murdered at
the camp.  He owned the camp and he lived in an old
house.  One night some kids thought it would be funny
to scare the old man and throw rocks at his window.
Now the old man used a candle for light and one of the
rocks hit the candle and set the house a fire and the
old man died.  Now one day a long time after one of
the counslers went back into the house.  In the
basement he discovered many weird things but the
strangest was these very humongous size 18 1940's
boots.   But there was only one there.  So he took it
with him and decided to head back.  Well the next day
he came back and on his way there he saw these
humongous 18 size shoe prints in the mud so he looked
at them carefully and saw the 1940's sigh on them but,
 he had picked up the shoe and taken it to his house
15 miles from there.  Then a few years later he took
some kids back there to the house.  While they were in
the basement and just about ready to leave,  the flash
lights died on them.  Then they went to run out the
door but when they got there it was locked.  They were
trapped in there for 20 minutes and finally went back
screaming.  Well while I was at camp I not only saw
the shoe prints outside my door to the cabin but later
that night I went to go visit some of my friends and I
swear to god I saw the old man he said but not one
word.  Some kids came right after he had left and I
decided not to tell them.  Then on the last night I
woke my friend up so we could go to the bathroom.  I
opened the door and there right in front of us was the
old man.  This time he spoke.  But in a strange
language and me and my friend just stood there in awe
at to what had happened.  Then of course we headed to
the bathroom when right when we got there we realized
we were lost and very scared and when we went in and
realized it was not the bathroom there was the old man
and this time he said "Nobody ever comes in and nobody
ever comes out."  Then the door slammed shut we
screamed and after we recovered from our 5 second
panic  we opened the door and ran back to the cabin
and stayed up all night to afraid to sleep.

What The !*#! Was That Thing?

By: kblarson@uswest.net

     Recently, my mother and I were discussing books and "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" by Stephen King, became the topic of conversation.  My mother stated that she wondered as she read that story if Mr. King had experienced something which may have lead to this story?  This question reminded me of a terrifying experience I had when I was child. As I would soon find out, I was not the only one to have experienced something.  The validation came that it was not an over-active imagination.  Then again, I already knew that. :)
     Before I begin, I would like to state for the record that I don't  believe in Bigfoot and even if I did...Bigfoot was NOT what I saw.  This was different.
     We lived in Southern Maine until I was almost ten.  By the time my younger brother and I were well into grade school, both of my parents were working.  My dad full time, just like always, and my mother part-time.  They didn't want us home alone.  They tried to coordinate their schedules so that one of them would always be home with us within 10 or 15 minutes of the bus dropping us off after school.  I had a house key (of course!) and about the only thing we had to do was to let out two dogs outside for a few minutes...for obvious reasons.
     I don't remember much about the day leading up to this experience except that is was fall, fairly cool outside, and it had been a perfectly normal day.  We got off the school bus as always and proceeded to walk around to the back of the house to let ourselves inside.  The dogs anxiously greeted us and as usual, my brother refused to help me let them out.  Our Shepard was a good dog and she wouldn't run away with out a leash as long as one of us was outside with her.  Our Collie was still a puppy and had no sense about her at all.  We had one of those long runs which led from the back deck out to a large tree in the back yard. I tied "Lady" up to the run and the Shepard scooted off to do her business. I stood on the porch quietly waiting for them to finish...just like always.
     A couple of minutes passed and like my normal self, I was a little impatient waiting for the dogs.  Even then, even though I love our two , I was not much of a dog type person.  Our Shepard shot passed me and back into the house the second I called her. Our Collie would not come to me no matter how much I called to her.  She had caught wind of something and had her snoopy nose to the ground, choosing to ignore me completely.  Just as I moved to run down the stairs to get her, I heard something from the woods in front of me.  We lived on a heavily wooded acre of land.  Although we had neighbors on all sides...we were in the country and we all had woods surrounding our houses.  I remember looking up at the sound and immediately froze.  What I heard were huge (giant) footsteps and what I saw was something that looked like a HUGE man with something white over his head and green clothing.  Sounds an awful lot like Friday the 13th right?  I was 8 and a 1/2.  I had not seen Friday the 13th and Jason was unknown to me.  This man or thing had to stand at least nine feet tall and it sounded like he was simply stepping on fallen trees and snapping them in half.  I could feel the vibrations of his footsteps from the deck.  A couple of seconds felt like an eternity and I could not move.  I simply stood there watching this thing in the small clearing behind our wood shed.  He or it stormed through our woods like he meant business.  I tried to call to Lady but I could not make my voice work.  I remember praying; "Please don't let him see me...don't let him see me...Don't..."  I don't remember how, but I managed to quickly get of the porch, grab Lady and pull her into the house as quickly as possible.  Funny thing, this dog loved to bark.  She didn't make one single sound.  I locked the door behind us and waited for dad.  It was his day to come home early.
     I told my brother.  He was 7 and told me that he was going to tell on me for trying to scare him.  He was too young to realize that I was not joking around.  Not five minutes later, dad arrived.  I bombarded him with my story the second he walked through the door.  He looked concerned but he told me I must have seen a moose or I was remembering a bad dream.  It was no dream. It was not a moose.  I was really mad at him for not listening to me...this was not like him.
     As I was telling my mom this story (I am now almost 27 and remember that experience as though it just happened) she smiled and said "Dad believed you, he just didn't want you to be scared.  He saw something once too ."
     Dad used to chop our firewood.  We had a large house and two wood stoves along with our furnace.  He spent a lot of time in the woods behind our house chopping wood.  He always seemed to love it according to my mom...until one late afternoon.  She says it must have been about a year before I saw the thing in the woods. As she spoke, I did sort of remember this incident.  What I remembered was the day that my dad came walking (sort of running) out of the woods.  It again was autumn (I don't remember the weather...mom told me) and it spooked me, thus my memory.  My dad is not one to get spooked very easily. He is very level headed...he's an MSW. He is not a stupid man by any means. He shot up the deck and into the house like a bullet and bluntly stated "Something's out there!  I'm not going back out there again!"  Mom asked him what it was he saw and he stated "I don't know what the hell it was but it was big!"  Mom asked him if it was an animal.  Dad slowly calming down but still pretty agitated said that he thought at first that it might have been a moose (big foot steps) or a buck.  He even wondered if it was a bear.  When he looked to see what it was, all he knew what that it wasn't an animal.  He also knew that his gut was telling him to get out of the woods NOW!  Eventually dad got his courage up to head out to the woods for more firewood again, but it was a good two or three weeks after that incident.  To my knowledge, he never saw it again.  My grandmother did though!
     Our land had been divided up between my grandparents and my parents.  We were literally around the corner from them.  Quite frequently we would tromp through the woods to their house...especially when we were too little to walk down the road by ourselves.  We had a tree house  that could be seen by both my parents and my grandparents.  Everyone could hear us which meant that everyone could and did keep an eye on us.
     One afternoon my grandmother had been outside working in her small flower garden when she heard something. She heard foot steps and the cracking of branches.  Thinking it was me (I was always sneaking over to see her) she stood up and saw instead what she could only refer to as "a monster".  She, like dad and me, could not figure out what it was.  She said it looked in her direction and just kept going.  My grandmother ran inside, locked the doors and refused to step outside for a couple of days.  To this day she does not know what it was.  She still calls it a monster.  For the record, I would also like to say that she had no prior knowledge of this "thing".  Dad never told her about what he saw.  For one thing, he had felt silly.  Secondly, he didn't want to frighten my grandmother.  I was little, so no one believed me.  At least, not that they would admit.
     I fully realize that this is not your average ghost story.  It's more like an X-Files case but the difference is that it is all true.  One last thing to write about.  This is sort of a ghost story but it also happened at my old house in Maine.
     When mom and I got on this topic of conversation, I came out and asked her if our land or house had been haunted.  This question was honest because as a child, I would be disturbed by my bed shaking.  Psychologists like to explain this away by blaming involuntary twitching in our sleep.  I majored in psychology, I'm well aware of the theories.  I however, didn't have to be asleep for this to happen.  My bed shook regardless.
Mom recalled one night when my dad had been working late.  While he attended college, he had been a security guard at the ship yard in Portsmouth, NH.  He worked swing and mom would often wait up for him.  One night, my mom sat in our lower living room watching TV.when she saw something out of the corner of her eye through one of the windows.  She saw a floating ball of light.  She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her and got up to see if she was really seeing this.  This little "orb" floated past all four of the windows and just disappeared.
Her answer to my question?  Yes.  Our house and land were haunted.

     The Baker Hotel

By: RHop169812@aol.com

    During the 1930's through the 1950's, the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells,
Texas, about 45 miles west of Ft. Worth, was synonomous with Hollywood and
National celebreties.
    The Baker Hotel was opened in 1929 and quickly became one of the nations
leading health spas.  Over 100,000 people visited Mineral Wells each year
during its heyday due directly to the medicinal values of the local spring
fed mineral waters.
    Many well known folks signed the desk register of the Baker Hotel; Clark
Gable, Marlena Deitrich,  The Three Stooges, Ronald Reagan, Judy Garland,
Will Rogers, and Mary Martin, just to name a few.  Lawrence Welke once
remarked that the Baker was one of the finest Hotels he ever played.
    The Baker closed its door to the public in 1970 and has sat like a stone
giant, 15 stories high and two city blocks wide.  Many attempts have failed
in the last 30 years to reopen the once famous hotel and the present guests
perhaps like it better that way.
    The first reported hauntings of the Baker reportedly began in the days
before it ever closed.  Several bell men and other staff reported seeing the
ghost of a young woman many times on the seventh floor.
    Sometime in the 1930's a young woman, possibly a prostitute was reported
to have jumped to her death from the Baker.  Her room was located in the
southeast corner of the seventh floor.  Many have said her spirit seems to be
a bit flirty and will follow men down the corridor.  Another story is told of
a young woman who died in the building and no one knew her identity so the
hotel placed her body in a front window in hopes that someone would identify
her.  It is not known if the two women are one in the same.
    In 1953, a young bell boy was tragically crushed by a frieght elevator in
the basement of the hotel.  Some reported that the boys body was actually
severed in two by the elevator and that his bottom half has been seen
recently walking in the basement area.
    One phsycic reported that there are, at present count, 49 known spirits
still bound in the building.  One is that of a young boy who died of leukemia
while living in an apartment at the hotel during the 1930's.  The ghost of
the boy, the physhic reported, is watched over by an older, unidentified,
woman.  She went on to add that most of the ghosts at the Baker are there
because the Baker was a place of wonderful times in their lives.
    In the fall of 2000, a paranormal investigator group from Dallas/Ft.
Worth visited the hotel and reported finding several very interesting
phenomena in the building but at time of this story had not concluded their
investigation and were pretty tight lipped but excited about their soon to be
released report.


By: asmodeusdream@hotmail.com


I recall a time only a few years ago when I was 16(I think), I was sitting
at home watching the Television and I got a weird feeling,  This wasn't
anything out of the ordinary I ALWAYS get weird feelings.  I was on the
couch to the left of me there was a lamp that hadn't worked for years,(It
just looked kind cool). I live in a tri level house. on my right was the
second level, you can see it clearly due to the opening between the floors.
The Christmas tree was on that level. Any way as I was sitting there The
lamp turned on! At first I was scared but I figured that it was just a short
in the lamp wiring.  But two minutes later my Television shut off.  I was
starting to get kinda spooked now because I didn't have anything to detour
my attention away from being scared. But I heard a noise on the second level
and as I looked up I saw the ornaments falling off the tree one by one.  It
would slowly move horizontal from the tree that drop at falling speed.  Then
I finally broke out and started talking" Look I know that you're there and I
know that you are trying to get my attention, You got it I see you're there
but I'm not liking this one bit I'm trying to watch TV and I'll thank you to
leave me alone!", as soon as I said that the ornaments stopped the TV turned
back on and the lamp shut off.  I looked at the lamp and tried to turn it on
manually and it didn't work so I followed the chord and it wasn't even
plugged in!

Knitting Ghost

By: DCRAWFORD@ci.baton-rouge.la.us

Although I did not experience this first-hand, it was told to me by the
eyewitness, whose story became increasingly credible as she went along.
After you read this you'll understand.
I live in Baton Rouge, LA.  One evening recently, I stopped at a local
coffeehouse after work to meet a few friends.  They had not yet arrived, so
I got my coffee and claimed a table.
I enjoy knitting, so I usually carry a small project in my tote bag.  I
pulled out my project (a pair of hiking socks) and began knitting.
After a few moments, I noticed that a woman at the adjacent table was
watching me very intensely.  After a few moments, she said, "Excuse me, but
with so many needles, is that knitting, or crochet, or what?"  I explained
that I was knitting, showed her my work, and explained that socks are done
in the round, requiring the use of several needles.
The woman replied that she didn't know how to knit or crochet, and had
always assumed that knitting involved using two needles and murmuring "knit
one, purl two."  Then she said, "There's a reason I'm asking.  You're not
going to believe this, but..."
She then went on to explain that several years ago, she was living in a very
old house downtown that had been divided into apartments.  She lived
upstairs.  One winter morning, just before dawn, she was awakened by a
sensation of extreme cold.  She could also hear a soft clicking noise.
Thinking the furnace had gone out, she woke up.  As she opened her eyes, she
saw a figure standing across the room.  It was the figure of a pretty young
woman, wearing a turn-of-the-century dress, standing at the window and
gazing outside with a worried look on her face.  And the ghost  was busy
knitting what appeared to be a long sock or stocking.
The woman said she was too scared to move, and that she viewed this
apparition for at least a minute or two, possibly longer, before it faded
and disappeared.  She noticed that the ghost was using "really thin yarn and
shiny silver needles" and that at one point "a needle came out of her work
and she put it back in."
This gave the story credibility, because this woman was describing a
knitting technique that a non-knitter would not have known about.  She was
also describing archaic knitting needles.  Very few non-knitters know that
multiple needles are involved in knitting tubular items like socks--and
indeed, an empty needle comes out of the knitting, and is worked back in.
Even fewer know that turn-of-the-century needles were made of steel, which
would have appeared to be "shiny, silver needles" as viewed by the
streetlight coming in the window -- modern knitting needles are usually made
of plastic or adonized aluminum, both having a matte finish, usually in a
non-silver color.  The description of "really thin yarn" would also have
been consistent with popular knitting of the turn of the century.  Most
popular patterns were done in much thinner yarn, and worked on much finer
needles, than the typical modern knitter is willing to deal with.

1, 2, 3 And You're Dead

By: BubbleGirl@kc.rr.com


   I was in fourth grade at the time the strange phenomenon interacted with me. I am now in 7th grade at New Mark Middle School. I still see April and Johnny. They were the ghosts me (Cami), Ashley, Christy and Sarah saw. It all started in the third grade during recess. We were all obsessed with séances, ghosts, and all the other inhuman like things. We were all best friends and did and always will do every thing together. Other than Christy…
   One day at recess my best friends and I were having a séance and we asked for the spirit to show itself. It did in a way, and in a very harsh manner.  It took Christy and smashed her into a tree. We could tell it was mad even though we could not see it. Christy broke her neck and got sent to the hospital. The school blamed it on Ashley, Sarah and I, so we got sent to juvenile for three months. It seems hard to believe but I’m serious. Christy went to a private school, St. Charles. Well, after we got out of juvenile we went back to school and every thing was back to normal, until fourth grade that is.
   The next year we had all forgotten about it, well, other than the fact that we couldn’t see Christy anymore. Well, once again we were at recess and we were on the monkey bars seeing who could do the most pull ups. Ashley screamed and fell to the ground. She said she saw two people in the nature trail. They were all white and some red. The red was blood. Well, she wouldn’t of screamed by seeing those two ghosts, she would have thought that would have been really cool. But she screamed because they pointed at us and held up a 1. Well, luckily we were having a sleepover that night so we could talk about it. That night we went on the Internet to check on some of this stuff because we forgot about everything on summer vacation. So we found every thing out again.
   The next Monday we were at recess again and we saw the two people. We went down to the nature trail and we got to talk to them. They were married and died in a car wreck. They were then 30 and 31. We asked why they pointed at us and they said that’s a sign that were going to kill you. They were bad ghosts. They said when they got to three than they would kill you. So while we were standing right in front of them they held up a 2. We heard the whistle to go inside. We didn’t go inside. We asked them other questions like what there names were and where they worked and small things like that. We saw the bus come and we hurried up to the bus without our backpacks or any thing. We all said our good byes and got on our separate busses.
   Ashley and Sarah never saw the ghosts again. I do see them in those woods sometimes just looking for another kid to pick on I guess. My friends and I never talk about them nor do we do séances anymore. And if we do ever do them again I’m only contacting people that died I know or I’m leaving that persons house or making everyone else leave.

A Childs Cry?

By: Cleatus1999@gateway.net

My experiences with the the little boy who lived at one time (alive) at the
"children's home" continued for some months before I  was transferred to
another place to work.
           I say he because I feel (still to this day) that the spirit is a
child around 5 or 6 and is male. As I had previously mentioned, we could hear
him chatter and  a friend/co-worker also heard him call my name.
           We got use to hearing him run through the halls on quite a few
occasions, and hearing the jibber/jabber of  a little one in that building. I
got very interested in finding out who he was and I did find a couple of
facts that only peeked my intrest.
           The major thing is that back in the50's or early 60's my friend's
boyfriend lived in the home. I learned from them that at the time the kids
who lived there grew thier own food livestock and vegs.
            On the grounds there was a grain bin that was not in use and the
boys used it as a swimming pool. The boy-friend told me that a young boy was
drown there. His death was maybe a accident this I'll never know. What I do
feel is that a young boy is trapped there. Maybe someone can find moe info.

The Haunted Church

By: Deepness98@aol.com

    Like many of us, I have had a number of weird experiences in my life
which have convinced me that there is something real about ghosts and the
afterlife. I'd like to share one story with you.
    This happened about five years ago when I was still living in England. My
girlfriend and I used to love to visit old churches, and would often pick a
new way to travel to a familiar destination, just to see what we could fine.
And so, one winter's afternoon, we found ourselves winding up the A146 (I
believe?) through Suffolk on the way home to Norwich.
    It was a cold January day and the light was soon going to fail
completely, so we looked eagerly around for an old church to drop into,
before hightailing it home for a fire and warm bed. We were in the village of
Stoneham Magna, and noticed an old (mostly 15th Century) church by the side
of a farm. We dropped in...
    The first thing we noticed was that it was so, so cold. Okay, January in
England is cold anyway, but this church seemed far colder than the dusk
outside - I remember glancing at a thermometer on the wall because it just
felt too cold...
    Normally by this time the girlfriend and I are walking around spotting
Saxon architecture or Tudor pews with glee (it is an acquired taste). This
time we walked around in silence. And not a word was said between us until we
left. There was a great tension to the building, as if we were not alone and,
above all, we felt we were intruding.
    At the end of the pews we noticed something we had never seen before. The
last few pews on the left-hand side were walled off with wooden partitions.
Thick, old glass panels would have allowed a poor view of the service, but it
seemed that the intent was to separate some parishioners from the rest of the
church. Being the adventurous types of course we had to investigate, so
walked in silence down to the thick, velvet curtain that separated the
partition from the rest of the nave.
    The second my girlfriend touched the curtain she turned to me white as a
sheet, telling me we had to get out. Without a moment's hesitation I agreed,
and we ran out of there as fast as we could. Why? Well, she told me later
that she had heard a voice in her head, telling her to "Get out!". I didn't
hear anything, but I felt it at the same time.
    We have often wondered what it was - we even contacted the local diocese
with no luck. We both think that it was human, but was certainly intensely
angry and possessive. But why possessive of a church? We also had a long-term
reaction, similar to many other stories here, that in some way the spirit had
'attacked' us that day, as real as if we had been mugged...
    Like many folks on these boards, I am a rational guy - actually a
scientist and deal with logical data analysis every day. But any scientist
will tell you that when you get weird data that defies all logic, perhaps it
is time to start checking the logic? The truth is out there, guys...

Birthday Balloon

By:  sookeyk@aol.com

About a week ago or so, Me and my family were eating dinner when my brother's
birthday balloon started mysteriously floated all the way from his room, down
 stairs, and into the kitchen. My mom and my brother started laughing and
saying " A ghost! Hahahahah!" I wasn't laughing. I've been playing games like
STORIES. My brother went over to the helium balloon and started punching it
saying " GHOST! GHOST! Hahahaha!" My mom didn't care about the balloon so she
took a butter knife and sliced the balloon in half. later when my bro and my
mom were taking the dog for a walk, the sliced balloon was lying in the den
next to the open door where i was playing computer. At the corner of my eye,
i saw a black thing from it's waist up, twist around the corner of the the
wall, grab the balloon, and rush away in the blink of an eye. I was freaked,
so i waited out-side for my family to return. Now I know ghosts aren't black,
But it had to be something, on a count of my dad was still working as a
camera man. Soon i forgot about it. Until one day when i was on my way out of
my room, i was just about to take the first step down the stairs, when i
heard a laugh coming from my mom's room that was right next to the stairs. It
wasn't my mom, my dad, or my brother. It sounded like a squiling laugh, like
a 5-year old girl's. It wasn't the tv's, because i would have seen the
glowish light that comes from it. Because it was still dark, There was no way
it was the tv. So i ran down the stairs. That is bacically my storie. But
from that point on, I've been hearing bangs from the attic at night. I told
my friend max but he said it was probobly the radiater. But the radiater is
in the basement and the attic dosn't need heat or cool air up there.


The Man in my Room

By:  emerald30@hotmail

I was sleeping in my room one night when I was awaken for some reason.
It was about 5:30 in the morning and everybody was asleep.  I shared my
room with my older sister.  I sat up, feeling very strange and looked at
the foot of my bed.  A man was sitting at the end of it.  He was wearing
a blue shirt and red pants.  Some how I knew that they were flairs and
that he had black shoes but I couldn't see his legs.  He sat there for
about two minutes and then just faded away.  Nobody believed me though.
     Just last month though, my sister complained late one night that
she felt someone pull her hair.  Then another night she claimed her bed
was shaking.  After about 15 minutes in my room on my trundle-bed it
started to shake and then my bed started to vibrate.  Thats not all that
happened but it is getting off subject if I continue.

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