Graveyard Party

The apartment complex that i live in has a church behind it, with a opening
in the fence, so the residents may walk to church if they attend there. well,
on the other side of the church there is a cemetery, a small, yet somehow
personal cemetary, with a hole in the fence and a little opening to crawl
through. my best friend lives behind the cemetery, so to get to each others
houses everyday, we simply walk through the cemetary and jump the fence to
her backyard. last summer, we were throwing and party and decided to make it
exciting by going to the cemetary. I know it sounds a bit morbid and stupid,
but to a group of teenagers in a small town with little to do, it's exactly
what you need. so we were in the cemetary, walking around and talking. it was
around midnight, full moon. well,..we were just about to go home when all the
sudden we heard one of our friends, screaming. we ran to her to quiet her
down and see whats wrong. at that point she ran as fast as she could from us
and towards the fence to my best friends yard.when we caught up to her, her
breathing was extremly heavy and she was sobbing hysterically. we finally got
her over the fence and into the house. she went into shock at that point. we
had gotten her a glass of water, hoping that would help, and she was shaking
so bad that the water was splashing out of the cup. we were all rather
annoyed, figuring she was just joking. all of a sudden she startedcrying
again and talking in very broken spanish. her cousin stayed in the room and
the rest of us sat around upstairs until her cousin came to tell us what was
wrong. she was crying also and started shaking as she told us the story.
while we were in the cemetary, karla had seen a man, completly white, with
long white hair floating above her. he was smirking at her and he started to
laugh at her and make fun of her. he tried to offer her candy, and told her
that if she told anyone about him, that he would kill her friends and he
would find her one day. the reason we know she wasn't faking is because she
would have eventually told us the truth, and besides that,..karla is an
extremly bad liar. not to mention the fact that we all knew the cemetary was
haunted. not only i, but my best friend have both heard strange noises from
there, and we hear footsteps behind us when no one is there. needless to say
we never go in there at night anymore.

 Grandmas Visit


as i sit here trying to figure out how to explain my experience to you, it still seems unreal, maybe even imagined but in my heart i know it didn't just happen to me though it came about while 3 other people we're here in my house.the evening seemed to be just like any other evening my two kids and i watching tv, my daughter decided to go get her night clothes,after a few minutes my back door slammed,I thought Joanie did it but she ran to the livingroom obviously frightened,I went to check the door it was locked but I opened anyway screen door still closed so I decided that it must have been the wind(although there was very little wind) I explained to my daughter that it was okay just the wind I said.We settled back into watching tv when the door slammed again this door was opening then slamming shut while it was completely secured no logical way to explain it.but to keep from scaring my daughter or myself ,I assured her the wind was making this happen.the slamming of this door accured four times in a matter a one in a half hours,by this time I was getting spooked so I called for my uncle bobby and Lisa to come here,but as i called for them the pulled in out front .so we we're sitting in my kitchen and I was telling Lisa about how I was feeling at night like someone had been watching me sleep but when I woke up there wasn't anyone around(I never mentioned to them about the door until later)just as I finished saying about somebody watching me,the door flew open and slammed shut i couldn't see anything but I felt a cool air pass my arms and immediately my uncle bobby started to cry he said my mothers here and i don't know why I can't stop balling(if your wondering what the big deal is about my uncle crying is he lost his only son a few years ago and he never cried he's one of those men that think men shouldn't cry)so that's why this is so strange for us.anyway after I would say 8 to 10 minutes he stood up and said she's gone now.Joanie Lisa and I couldn't figure out what just went on we weren't afraid of what it was or who,but we were amazed that it happened to us. we to figured people would think we were drunk or crazy,believe we're neither something happened.



i'am a 14 year old girl who is into alloet of witchcraft and belive in ghosts
and ufo's and stuff like that even vampires well i maybe seriously misguided
but there must somthing just as intellagent as ghosts out there so heres what
happened to me when i messed with the dark side.
    first the information behind the story ok well me and my best friend kate
went round to a girl called natalie's house .
she thought she had a ghost i pretended to meditate and call the ghost but
there wasn't anything there but an orful lot of negative energy coming from
her brother and her dad,i don't want to go into that becait was very
disturbing but lets just say that they believed my fooling aroundand took it
seriously the storyafter that kate invites me to her house (kate lives in an old hospitalin a
small town) were she says she has a ghost which comes into her room at night,
she wants me to do the stuff at natalies on her ghost i try but i can't get
out of this own so i say fine get some candles let the cats out close the
windows and tidy up the coffee table
kate sits down on the floor way out of the way i'm on the sofa with my legs
crossed i close my eys and try to think of a suitable story about the ghost
that she'll fool for when bam everything goes black and there's a small girl
with long blond curly hair lying on the floor screaming a large gilatine is
coming down over her head and just as it is about to cut her neck off ,smash
a glass which on the coffee table has landed smashed at my feet . kate was at
the other sitting staring wide eyed at were the glass was .
when we both got over the shock she continues to frighten me by telling me
that the glass didn't fall but was lifted up and thrown in my direction.
people i've believe but think that there must be a logical explantion but i
don't think so.

What are They?


IT happened all in one night,i went to stay over my aunts house and my aunt and uncle were going out for dinner, so all that was left in the house was me my grand ma and my aunts dog.While my aunt was leaving she said if you get bored go in my room and look at some magazines, so i did!! the funny thing is when i went to read the books i said to myself i hope the light dont go out and it did!So i said to myself, Ok I will go to another room if the lights go out in here!!! It has to be haunted! maybe! yje lights went out in another room! so then i ran down to the basement saying to myself i will turn this light on when i did turn on the light the clock felloff the wall, i was about 25 feet away from the clock when it happened,i ran up the steps so fast told my grandmother what happened we grabbed Palms and began praying, the dog also started barking and the fur on her back went up too! this is only one thing that happened in this house,me my sister and brother, and grandmother always felt like we were being watched by some thing.the house also made me sick so that i was unable to get out of the house

Ghosts and me!


Here is my account of my little ghost!
I have always been a rather spiritual person delving deep into wicca and the 'after life'. Recently after moving into a house I started to have many life problems and life became harder and harder to deal with. One night when I was feeling especially down, I was walking down our staircase and noticed a hazy figure sitting at the bottom.
At first I was more intimidated than fascinated and ran past and into my room. I awoke later that night with a strong urge to go back out. I sat in the dark hallway for a while staring at the stairs. My closest friend also came out and sat with me (he is also into witchcraft and the like) and after about ten minutes it appeared again. This time more clearer though. It was a young boy about 15 years old. We both saw him as though we were seeing an old photo. The colour around him and him himself, was a brown, yellow. Both of us said at the same time, 'his name is Matthew'. >From this time on, we were no longer afraid...he bought a kind of peace to us and soon problems seemed to vanish.
A couple of weeks later when things were going better, I no longer felt his presence. Now I only feel or see him when I am in trouble and things are always ok.
My friend had a dream not long after Matthew left that he saw quite vividly and 'acted' this dream out as though he were awake and talking. Fortunately I witnessed this and foudn out exac;ty who Matthew is. He is my guardian angel. He is here for me when I need him and goes when I don't. He used to live just across the street from us but died very young from Scarlet Fever (or something like that.) He told us of his life and that he would never leave me.
The next night I had a dream and he appeared to me. He told me his great fascination with me was that my former life, I had been his best friend. We did everything together and when he died the only way he could be with me and watch over me again was to do this.
Ever since, nothing has done me wrong and when I get down or upset, he is there.

Genina's story: California

By: Geninarose
My house I live in today is haunted. It really started along time ago
although I do not know the exact date. One day I was standing in my room
watching t.v. (all by my self in the house), waiting for my cousin to come
over, when I saw a shadowy figure float past my room really fast into my
parents room. Needless to say I was terrified. The next day we all went to
the movies. We had seen "Stir of Echoes" and when we got home we : my mom, my
cousin and I (my dad was in the other room), were sitting in the kitchen
eating sandwiches talking about the movie. As I was talking I saw another
shadow this time outside the front yard. It was visible from the kitchen and
living room window. I did a double take then I told my mom and cousin what
had happened. A lot of times when my cousin comes over, we will experience
things. We both have heard whispers. I heard somebody call my name many
times. When you walk down the hallway, sometimes it makes creaking noises.
Well alot of times you can hear the creaking noises even when nobody is
walking. One night my cousin was over again. I had went into the kitchen to
throw some garbage away and when I bent down to put the garbage away, I felt
someone floating over me.I quickly walked out of the kitchen into the hallway
and felt it following me. The faster I walked the faster it moved. I ran in
my room and told my cousin what had happened. One day the light fixture
almost fell on my head in the kitchen. I also heard a sound coming from the
ceiling like the sound a dog makes when it runs along the floor. I have even
heard a child voice and man's voice from the outside backyard. It was
nighttime. One day the bathroom faucet turned on by itself full blast. my mom
was by herself in the house and she heard the back screen door open and the
front screen door open and close. They were both locked. My dad also being
alone in the house heard the front door open and close. It' a big metal
screen so it makes noise everytime you open and close it. One early morning
around 5:00 am, a cabinet nailed to the wall came crashing down. It had been
up since we had moved in about 4 or 5 years ago.I don't know what it is but
it is a little freaky and here I am 20 years old afraid to sleep with lights
out. A lot of times I will feel someone watching me while I sleep. Well I
hope you enjoyed my story.

Out of the Blue


    I have always been a believer in the paranormal.  I have had many unusual
and unexplainable things happen around me.  Around me is the key.  I have
never had anything happen to me and never have I feel threatened.  That
changed during November 2000.
    I bought my first home in 1999 at the age of 40.  The house was very
quiet and peaceful (unlike my last home of fourteen years which had a great
deal of energy in it), and I was so glad to have this refuge.  Out of the
Blue, after having lived in this house for a year and a half, this all
    My couch divides my living room so that I can have an entry (behind it)
where the door to the hallway and bedrooms can be found.  Each night I played
the same game with my nine month old puppy.  I would sit in front of the fire
place and throw a toy into the dining room or behind the couch.  Often it
would land in the hallway or even further into the guest room.  Always, she
would run after it and bring it back.
    One night, I threw the toy and it landed just behind the couch, possibly
six feet away from me.  The couch sits high off of the floor about ten
inches, so I could clearly see my dog's head as she would come up and then
back away from the toy.  She would get within inches, and then put her ears
back and back away.  I could not figure this, so I went around and tried to
encourage her.  She just gave up.  I got the toy and brought it around.
    I threw it back and again, she would come close to picking it up, but
then back off.  I went around and looked at her and she was looking up and
making the same facial expressions she made when I was talking to her.  It
was if she was seeing someone.  I saw and felt nothing.  So, again I picked
up the toy.  The game was over; she simply would not play if I threw it
behind the couch.
    The second night we began playing again, and it started out well.  She
would go behind the couch for a while, and then all of the sudden, she
cowered down and ran to me.  I went around and tried to call her over, but
she was obviously not pleased and would not come.
    The third night, all was going well again, but this time went very badly.
 My dog began to growl...a sound she had never made before and was backing
up.  Her face was that of a frightened dog as she was looking up at something
that I could not see.  She backed right up until her hind end touched the
front door and she panicked and began to wet all over.  She was house broken
for about four months at this time.  She ran through the house to the back
door wetting all over and begging to get out.  Something had scared her very
    I was angry after letting her out and went back in.  I don't know what
made me consider this, but I went back in and started telling whatever it was
that this was my place and my time now.  They had had their chance and they
were not to come into my house and scare my dog or me.  They had to go, and
go now! I was emphatic.  They left.  The dog came back in and all was well
for a few more days.
    Several nights later, I was playing with her again in my bedroom.  The
hall is a square with a door on each side.  My bedroom door is beside the
door to the living room and only about four feet away from where my dog was
having her problem before.  I had my back to the door and my dog was facing
me while playing.  Once again, she began to back up, growling, and wetting
everywhere.  She began to run around the bed to find a way out.  I felt so
sorry for her.  She did not deserve this.  I spun around and saw and felt
nothing.  I just yelled, "Get out of my house now."
    The dog was so freaked out, that I had to carry her to the back door and
she panicked in my arms as we went through the hallway.  For the next few
days, I could not get her back in the house.  It was not gone, although I
could not tell this.  She spent all of her time in the very back of the yard
wanting me to come out and be with her.
    A few days later, I had a reason to go out into a detached garage that
has been converted into a family room.  As soon as I opened the door, I felt
the presence for the first time.  It was unlike any other that I had felt
before.  I would not call it evil, but I would call it angry.  My skin wanted
to crawl off my bones and run out the door.  I just stood there thinking that
I was not going to be chased from my home.
    In the family room was a cage with two finches in it.  I checked them for
food and water and they were fine.  Before I left, I said one more time, "Get
out of my house off of my property, I don't even want you in the street in
front of my house.  Get out, Now!"  Then I left.  About a half hour later, I
decided to go back out.  I did not want this thing to rule me with fear, and
I was getting pretty edgy.
    I went in and the feeling was gone.  I was so grateful.  But as I turned,
I noticed that both birds were dead.  This scared me because I had never had
any type of manifestation like this and I took it as a direct threat.  I felt
so sorry for the birds, but I thought it was gone now and just wanted to show
me a thing or two before it left.
    As my computer was in this room, several days later, I went out to work
when I got to feeling that I was not alone.  A battery operated clock that I
have began to tick very loudly.  I looked up at it and noticed that I had not
reset it with daylight savings time and glanced back at my computer to verify
that it was exactly one hour ahead.  Then I noticed that the second hand was
caught between the seven and eight and could not move forward.  This was
causing the loud ticking.  I have had these battery operated clocks do this
very thing before, so I decided not to be concerned over it.
    I decided to communicate with the being and said, "If you want to
communicate, let the clock start back up again."  I waited and the clock
continued to malfunction.  So I turned back to my work wanting very much to
get it done and out of there even though I thought the clock was just acting
up on its own.  For no reason I can think of, I thought, those birds died
because I did not give them water.  I turned my head to look over and at that
moment, all the water began to run quickly out of the water bottle onto the
floor of the cage.  That was enough for me.  I went back in the main house.
    Later, I went back out to lock up, and noticed that the clock was now
working.  In fact, it was only forty-eight minutes ahead instead of one hour.
 Those twelve minutes were about how much longer I had been in the room after
it malfunctioned.  As soon as I left, it had gone back to working correctly.
Two months later, it is still forty-eight minutes more
    The following night, a friend called to catch up.  She is a longtime,
very close friend, so I decided to confide in her.  We had meet when I was
serving as a new minister of the church she had been a member of for some
time.  As soon as I told her, I felt that I had done the wrong thing.  I told
her I did not want to say any more while in the house.  Too late, the cornice
that was hooked to the wall and ceiling for a year and one half came down at
such a strange angle as to hit me.  Six big chunks were taken out of the wall
and ceiling as the screws that I used to put them up were long and still
    I asked her to pray and I would too.  A few minutes later, it was gone
and has not returned.  It was too much for me and I do not want to experience
any of it again.

Share my Story


Iím sending this to you because I want to tell you about my sleep paralysisí experiences. Iíve read in your page that this experience occurs one or two times as much in a personís life, but it has happened to me a lot of times, since the age of twelve.
I canít remember the first time I experienced this terrifying sensation, but I do remember how I felt about it when it happened.
All the times that it took place I remember that I was trying to sleep, and suddenly, without knowing how, I felt all my body paralyzed, while I (I mean my brain, mind and conscience) was totally awake, trying with all my strength to get up, but the effort was always in vain. I too remember that I could visualize things (such as colors, variations in the posters that I had, and faces of the people that I knew) and hear sounds too, such as loud noises, knocks everywhere and music without any kind of rhythm.
After a little time the sensation tended to disappear, but when that happened I found out my breathing going as fast as a sport car and I remember myself sweating and totally afraid to go back to sleep again.
I mean, that experience isnít a big deal, but is something that I donít wish to anyone, even to my enemies.
A long time has passed since I donít suffer from that, but I wanted to share my experience with you, and I would like you to know how terrible it is to feel that you want to get up but your body doesnít, while you try by all the ways to scream for help. Excuse me if my English isnít very good, Iím from Argentina.

Ghost Rider


     Back in 1995. I lived in Robinette, A small community in West
Virginia.  Robinette was a place where nothing ever happened.  And if
something did happen we weren't apart of it.  My father worked in the
coal mines, usually on the graveyard shift.  So that gave me the perfect
chance to stay out all night.  And I usually did.  Me and my buddy Wayne
would go out almost every night.  Wayne's dad usually slept through the
night because he had to go to work the next morning.  And also if he did
get caught, he wouldnt get into any trouble.  He had a very level headed
father.  Through all the times that we had our late night meetings.  There
is one time that will always remain fresh in my mind.
     One night I was awakened by a knocking at my window.  The window was
next to my bed so I reached up and pulled the curtain back to see what it
was.  When I did,  there was Wayne standing on my dog Cub's dog house.
Flipping me the bird, and with a wide smile on his face.  I quietly got out
of bed making sure not to wake my grandmother.  Threw on my shoes and jacket
and made my way out the window.  See we had a large dog, he was a Shepherd/
Chow mix.  So he had a large doghouse,  thats really what made us able to
get in and out the window.  Without it we would have a pretty mean fall.
     When I finally made it to the saftly of solid ground, I noticed Wayne
had rounded up two bicycles.  One belonging to my younger brother and the
other that he rode belonged to his then future step sister.  It was small and
pink with white wheels and stickers of the Barbie logo stuck to it.  That
was a good laugh to wake up to.  Well, we climbed on our only means of
transportation and headed up the road.
     At the times of night that we would go out the traffic was almost none.
So we could safly ride on the main highway.  As we rode we went past the
little convience store that stood right on the edge of our neighborhood.
Then, by the small collection of little, clean and nicely framed house's
that people usually referred to as the Circle.  A few more minuets later we
made our way past the apartment complex that sat across the creek from us.
We kept riding the bikes further and further.  On up the road we could see
the street light that stood in front of the lonley brown trailor.  We made
our way past that and was going in the direction of the swimming hole that
was across the road from a friend of ours house.  We finally made it to
the swimming hole and from off the tracks we could hear dogs barking and
growling. We could then see them make thier way toward us, as they ran
through a beam of light coming from our friends front porch. We came to a
sudden stop and quickly turned our bikes around and hammered it down the
road in the oppisite direction.
     As we hurried to get away from the dogs,  We were getting tired and
getting tired quick.  When the dogs finally stopped with the chase and the
barking we were back at the street light that we had passed earlier.
We brought our bikes to a stop and I placed both my tired feet flat
on the ground.  A few feet from me I saw Wayne do the same.  We stood there
right in the middle of the main highway catching our breaths.  The street
light that we stopped under wasn't one of the brightest lights I had ever
seen.  It left a large circle pattern of light on the ground about twenty
feet wide.  What ever stood outside the circle was swallowed up into the
stomach of the night.
     We stood there a good five minuets in the crispness of the early
summer morning.  trying to get our hearts to stop racing and our leg
muscels to loosen up.  I really don't remember what made it catch our
eyes,  But from the road in front of us we saw something.  It emerged
from the darkness.  IT really didn't frighten us,  Because the distance
from that we saw it, it just looked like somebody else riding a bike.
Me and Wayne kept our eyes on it as it drew closer to us.  Thats when
we decided at the same time to say "Hello." to the dark figure. I remember
saying hello a few times.  With never a response.  It didn't speak to us at
all. It got right upon us and that's when I think that it finally hit us that
something wasn't right about this picture.  Because as it went by us.  We
could see that it wasn't riding on the asphalt like we were, but on the
graveled side of the road.  And also that it did'nt make a sound. And we
knew if something rode over gravel it would have to make a noise.  We
stood there with our eyes wide open and fixed to the dark shadow.  The
shadow kept up it's pace and was almost to the other edge of the light
     When it finally made it to the other side of the light it vanished.
When we saw that happen thats when I remember just looking at Wayne and
seeing him look at me. And then we suddenly screamed at the top of our lungs.
We headed in the same direction as the thing we saw.  But it would have had
to been something pretty fast to have caught us.  Because I would have to say
that we probably broke records for bicycle speeds that night.  And on our way
home we didn't see anything,  nothing at all.  On foot or on a bicycle.

Police Story from Australia

By: anonymous

Anyway, I was working the 7pm to 7 am shift at the "old" police station in
our command. At night you are there alone save for occasional police car
crews dropping in and occasional visits by the public. I have worked theer
MANY MANY MANY times by myself at  night and NEVER felt in the least
"spooked" or hear anything untoward.
On arrival at 7 pm I relieved the day shift officer, obtained the Station
keys and carefully secured the premises other than the front door which I
sat ajacent to and which remained unlocked until about 10 pm. I locked it
at maybe 10.30 pm. It was a quite night. A few phone calls, a few police
visits and that was it. I settled down to catch up on a HEAP of paper work
and TV watching in between ( and I knew the senior officer on duty could
not bust me for this little pleasure of TV watching as there was NO WAY
into the Station  without ME letting him in ). SO I was rleaxed and as
happy as a cop probably can be.....
At around 1 am I heard a door in the building slam loudly. I knew no one
else was in the building. I rang the sister station as a precaution and
advised of what I had heard and that I would be doing a routine search of
the buidling just to ensure no intruder ( we store a lot of guns there,
sensitive info etc BUT an intruder seemed very very very improbable to me
in reality and I was not really worried by it ). Search revealed nothing
untoward as fully expected. There is an old cell section ( no loner used )
down stairs with a "false ceiling". A storm brewing outside had probably
created an air current. Back to work and TV watching when bored with work.
Wide awake, relaxed cop. No problems at all thankyou very much.
About 2 am decide I need to go for a shit. Downstairs to the toliets )(
near the old cells ). Sit in one of two cubicles in the mens. Both had
their respective door open when I walked in.
Sitting there doing "my business" - no problem. Stand up and pull up my
pants and I hear VERY LOUD and VERY "PRESENT" a sound that I can only
accurately describe as being similar to a toilet roll being unravelled
very quickly - "clatter, clatter, clatter". But real LOUD. Cop thinks :"Oh,
there IS someone else in the building, another cop must have been sleeping
in the station without me knowing it, if the bosses find him or her
they'll be in DEEP trouble!".
Soooooo I open my cubicle door and obviously see that there is no one in
the male toilet - which I knew anyway because I saw no one when I walked
in AND i heard nothing when I was sitting there ( the door into the toilet is
VERY noisy and it had not opened since I entered ). So the noice MUST have
come from the female toilets I deduct. I yell out, "Hey, whose there?". No
answer. I leave the male toilets and say similar to , "Anyone in there?".
No answer. So I look inside ( that is, I open the door and walk in). No
one in there. ALSO I note that the toilet roll in the single open cubicle is
NOT the type capable of clattering ( unlike those in the male toilets
which ARE capable of "clattering" ).
O.K., now, I'll be honest, I'm wondering exactly what is ACTUALLY going
on. The noise was loud, close, "present", real, even "electric" if you know
what I mean - it really SHOCKED me, it was so very unexpected and CLOSE -
I was wide awake and consider myself crazy in the way many cops are just a
tiny bit "crazy" BUT real sane too.
Return to the main desk up stairs. Sit down. NOW I hear more noises down
stairs.....hard to describe BUT basically like stuff being moved around,
muffled like, maybe even footsteps. Call sister station again. Advise of
"situation". Advise that I want a car crew to make its way down on a
non-urgent basis due to unexplained continuing noises. Indicate that a
full search needs to be made as only explanation that seems at all logical or
rational IS that there really IS someone else in the Station besides me.
Feel VERY strongly I'm being watched. Electric feeling somehow, hard to
describe, but electric is best word for it. Something close and "present"
and very real. I'm scared because in my HEART I damn well KNOW the
building IS secure, there is NO ONE else here and I just DO NOT understand what is
going on.
But I search anyway. Real tactically "just in case". All doors and windows
checked - all 100% secure. Creep around like a ghost myself for 15 minutes
or so. There IS indeed no one besides ME in the Station.
Car crew arrives. Expected ridicule of course forthcoming in plenty. Haw
haw haw......well to be fully expected!
Mant tests undertaken to replicate "the clatter clatter noise" - air con
turned off and on, water turned off and on - NOTHING that sounds anything
like what I heard. More ridicule.
Go down to male toilet AND in the cubicle next to mine discover an
unravelled toilet roll totally scrunched up at the end - the type of roll
that will go clatter clatter clatter if pulled HARD. Is this why it
sounded so loud, and close and "present"? Or was it like that BEFORE I even
started my shift? - who knows, no one ever will.
I then started to make OPEN inquiires about other officer's experiences in
the Station . Because I was the FIRST to be OPEN about it well guess what
- numerous officers come forward with stories ( and they ALL say, "I was
afraid to say anything casue I felt people would laugh at me..." or
similar ). Footsteps, doors slamming, doors closing slowly ( this one is VERY hard
to figure out!!) , sounds of people in the upstairs kitchen cooking,
electric feelings and a sense of being watched by someone very near by.
Lots of stories from maybe a dozen different people currently serving
there. Some of them very down to earth and tough people EVEN by the
standard of cops!
Research with some older officers reveal three "ghosts" associated with
the station. (1) Destitute man dies in old cells maybe 20 years ago (2) man
shot dead in 1930s by police haunts it ( not feasible in my view as
Station was build later than his death - but tell me if I'm wrong - his photo is
hanging in the stair way AND the really FUNNY thing is I actually look
EXACTLY like the cop who shot him, his photo also hanging next to his in
stairway....but I think that's all just coincidence)  (3) story that
BEFORE station was built a woman, possibly a prostitute, was murdered in the
house where teh Station now stands ( unconfirmed if true BUT repeated by many
difefrent sources...).
When I think about what happened, even though fairly undramatic by
comparison to many so called ghost stories, I really CANNOT believe that
what happened DID happen - except that it DID!. I can't stress how close
and real and electric it felt.
There is honestly still no rational or obvious explanation for that very
close and loud noise - and BELIEVE me we have tried darn HARD to find
one.The door slamming CAN be explained by a false ceiling over the old
cells where an air current can be generated. Doors closing slowly and
purposefully, as desribed by a fellow officer, cannot be so easily
explained by the false ceiling I'm afraid.

Mysterious Foot steps


I was spending the night with my two friends Littlejohn and Eric for the weekend.We built a club house on a hill about half-a-mile away from his house.Every time we spend the night out there some thing strange happons.Stuff like strange sounds,we see things,and we loose some thing importent every time.There train tracks near the club so we think that some thing happond there
like somebody got hit by a train.Cince there house is is the middle of nowere there wasent no one else except six people that perticipated in this.
Eric,Littlejohn,and I spent the night in the club the night before and it was getting dark,so we was getting the stuff from the night before and bringing it back to there house.On the way up the hill we saw head lights in there drive way and we just thought there moms boyfriend was pulling up.whene we got there we sat and rested for a while.we spent a good five minutes just sitting there and we herd footsteps.We just thought it was there moms boyfriend trying to scare us.Thene there mom yelled for us.So we thought we would mess up there plan.Since it was dark Littlejohn and I got flashlights and Jumped out of the club an shined the lights torward the footsteps and the sound stoped.Thene we herd more footsteps on the other side of us.So we shined the light there the footsteps stoped.Nothing thare.Littlejohn and I looked at each other and thene Eric came out of the club.We looked at him odd and we all tookoff running.Onthe way back home we all herd footsteps behind us running.Eric kept yelling [Its behind me].We got to the house and every one was in the Kitchen looking at us like we are stuped.thene there mom said that she was calling for us because she heard footsteps down the hill.We could belive her eventhow we was in the exact opposite direction we was in.

 Family Stories


Interesting site you have.  I come from an unusual family.  These are all
true stories.

My maternal grandmother died in 1993.  She lived alone in a small two bedroom
house in Houston.  My mother inherited the property, and she leased it to my
sister's boyfriend, an attorney.  A couple of weeks later, the attorney
reported hearing strange noises.  Then he said faucets would come on by
themselves at night, and that he would often wake up to find someone had put
the chain on the front door (he locked but never chained the door).  When his
blender came on in the middle of the night, I think he had enough and he
moved out.  My mother tried to sell the house, then my sister's new
boyfriend, a financial analyst, offered to rent it.  Within weeks he was
reporting the same things--except he also said he saw an old woman standing
at the foot of his bed one night.  When this guy and my sister decided to get
married, he called in a priest to "exorcise" the place.  But then he went out
to the garage and found all his tools scattered and his golf clubs stuffed
underneath his car.  He called the priest back, and had him bless the garage.
 My sister and he ultimately tore down the house, and built a new, larger one
on the lot.  They got married, and had a baby.  A few years passed, then two
weeks ago, their two-year old son said he saw "gramma" in a tree in the
backyard.  A two year old kid.  We're still all a little perplexed over this
My father's side of the family is even spookier.  His father, my grandfather,
was born in 1896 (died in 1995 at age 99).  When my grandfather was 8 or 9,
he was very close to his cousins, aged 8 and 6.  One day, the 6 year old boy,
James, died suddenly, as children often did then.  A couple of weeks later,
the 8 year old came running inside and told his mother he had seen "Jimmy
sitting on a cloud, asking him to come up and play."  The boy's mother
explained that his brother was gone, and he should not imagine things.  But
the boy insisted he had seen what he had seen.  He died that
When my father's mother, born in 1903, was 10 or 12, her father was a
railroad engineer (drove the trains).  They had a phone, but the railyard did
not.  If the railyard needed my great grandfather in the middle of the night,
they sent a runner to bang on his bedroom window.  Now, my grandmother (who
died in 1986) had an aunt living in Cincinnati (my grandmother grew up in New
Orleans).  This aunt kept writing asking for my grandmother--then a young
girl--to visit.  She didn't want to go, and kept putting her off.  One night,
my grandmother was waken up by a banging on her window.  She went and woke up
her father, and he went to the railyard.  Then she and her mother had hot
chocolate in the kitchen.  Her father came home, and said the railroad had
not sent over a runner.  Just then the phone rang, with the news that the
aunt in Cincinnati had died, at the same time my grandmother heard the
banging on the window.
One last story:  When my mother was pregnant with my sisters (identical
twins, now aged 43), old Aunt Alice was still alive (I don't remember her).
Supposedly, Aunt Alice said she would not live to see the girls born.  They
said Aunt Alice, a spinster who lived with her twin sister, could make a
coffee table "walk" 2 or 3 feet across the floor.  Aunt Alice touched my
mothers abdomen, and said "name the first child after me."  Aunt Alice did
die before my sisters were born, and my folks named the first one "Alice."
My sisters are identical in every way, except that Alice has a natural one
inch blonde streak in her dark brown hair--just like Aunt Alice had.

 Visits After Death


i`ve been reading this web site for two days strait.  ieven puy in some of my past hostory before i found out what the site was about.  i am a believer and have been raised that way since as long as i can remember.  the only thing i haven`t delt with as of yet is a sighting, but i`ll tell you about 'sightings', in dreams
 let me give you a little of my family history...  my mothers side of the family isn`t very mentaly stable,  actually the most of us are bi-polar.  basicly we lackly we don`t make a certian chemical in our brain (it happens to be salt ) so we go into a deppesion and do stupid things   well as i was saying when my mother was 5 my  grandma joan killed herself,  she was only 35 and left 5 kids behind,  the youngest being 2 almost three.  when i was 11 my mom desided she had to go shopping because she was sure she had to go on a trip soon,  she just had a feeling.  i remember asking my uncle and daddy if they needed beer, even checked the icebox before i left with my mom, they didn`t need any.
 needless to say when we got back my uncle told my mom they had to go back to the store to get more beer.  i started to argue but my daddy made me stop.after my uncle and mom left my daddy sat me and my little sister down to tell us that my grandmother( my moms adoptive mom ) had died the night before. soon there after my cousin called to talk to my uncle and me (she was my best friend at the time ).  as i was talking to my cousin i told her about a dream i had about our other grandma joan (the one who died years earlier) telling me that no matter what happens things would be ok.  then she started to tell me she had the same dream!
 time went by but i never forgot the visit. my grandma joan always came to me in my dreams when thing were going bad for me,letting me know things will be ok.
 in may of 99 mt mother took her own life at the age of 45.  she was so proud that she lived passed 35 unlike her mom.  i`ll admit i had a real hard relationship with my mom my entire life, thats what makes this the funneist of all.  a couple of months after my mom  died i had a dream about her and it wasn`t nice.  she used my son to make a point.  in my dream my mom, my husband, and my self were sitting in a room together because by son had just died (don`t worry actually alive and well ).my mom told me to go back in the room my son was, she had something to show me so i went.  when i went into the room my son was sitting up in bed so i rushed to him and hugged him very close.  he pushed himself away and told me that even though people leave they will always be with us. thats when i realized he was still dead.  right then my grandma joan showed up and started to yell at my mom, telling her that she was doing it wrong and that she didn`t have to use my kids like that, she didn`t even have to scare me like that.  she grabbed my mom by the arm and walked my mom to a very bright light telling her that if she wanted to see me again she had to learn a few things...then they were gone.
 i`ll admit i woke up in a cold sweat and i ran out of bed to make sure my son was ok but later after i talked to my aunt on my daddys side i learned that even when you cross over you still have things to learn and that my mom won`t visit me until my grandma joan deems it ok.  to this day i still haven`t had another dream about my mom but i know it will come.
  other people see things, feels things, or hear things,... i dream things.  past present future,  even things that don`t make sense at the time but now do.

Daddy'S Little Girl


     This Ghostly incident began back in 1998, when I met a woman from work
that I am now married to.  Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet her
father.  He had cancer and passed on just as his daughter and I became a
couple.  After a period of time, she and I moved in together at her
residence.  One night, I heard a loud bang come from somewhere in the house.
She heard it too, and after awhile suggested that the noise might be her
daughter turning over in her sleep and hitting the wall with her elbow,(her
daughter's room was next to our bedroom).  That made sense to me, so we went
back to sleep, because we didn't hear anything else.  I went downstairs in
the morning to get the coffee started, and noticed a picture that had been
hanging on the wall next to the front door was lying on the ground.  The nail
that had been holding the picture up had been driven into the wall at an
upward slant, so something must have picked this picture off the nail and
thrown it to the ground.  It was strange, but I still joked that it was her
father letting me know that he didn't appreciate me being there.  The picture
was nothing though, because I was about to see what my wife (and I) believe
to be the ghost of her father.  About a week after the picture incident, it
was probably 3:00 or 4:00am that I woke up from a heavy sleep.  In the
bedroom, standing next to the door appeared to be her father.  He had his
arms crossed in front of him and he was just standing there watching me
sleep.  I didn't get very excited, because when you wake in the middle of the
night you see things all the time when your eyes are tired.  Also, I had seen
a couple pictures of her father and thought I might have his image in the
back of my mind.  I closed my eyes and opened them several times, but he was
still always there.  I finally just went back to sleep.  When my wife woke up
in the morning, I began joking with her about seeing her father in the
bedroom earlier that night.  She asked me what he was doing, so I told her
what I saw.  She began staring at me in awe when I told her how he was
standing with his arms crossed.  She told me how in his life he always stood
in the corner with his arms folded and watched the family.  This is the
really strange part.  At the time of this incident, my wife and I were
correctional officers for the local county prison.  Our uniforms were a light
blue shirt with dark blue slacks.  I told her that this was going to sound
even more crazy, but it looked like he was wearing something that looked like
our work uniforms.  She told me that a factory he used to work for had work
clothes almost the same color as our uniforms, light blue shirt and dark
pants.  I had never seen a picture of her father standing with his arms
crossed or in his work clothes, so I had no way of  knowing those things
about him.  This is a true story that still gives my wife the chills three
years later.

Candles Walking


To say the old house I lived in as a young girl was spooky is an understatement.  From the time we moved in until the time I married and moved away, the upstairs bedrooms worried and frightened me.  There were two bedrooms upstairs and to get to the second one you must walk through the first which is reached from downstairs by narrow, steep stairs.  I have slept in both bedrooms and both have given me cause for chills but the bedroom at the very top of the stairs seemed the more ominous and the one in which I had more "experiences."  I have lain in bed, paralized, as something large, dark, and with oval yellow eyes sat upon my legs.  I have had girlfriends staying over who have seen a gray-haired woman standing on the stairs, and I have heard breathing as if the house itself were sighing over past histories.  One night in particular (although the "hag" on my legs was most terrifying) stands out to forever make me a believer in ghosts.  My bed was against the wall away from the stairs so I would be able to see anyone walking up.  My two brothers were in the other bedroom and I was alone.  It was late and for some reason I awoke, uneasy.  I sleep light to this day, one ear always alert.  There were no cars going by and the house was lying silent.  Suddenly, I saw something coming up the stairs.  Or rather I saw two candles coming up the stairs.  Nothing was holding them.  They were being carried at what would be waist to chest high.  They glided up the stairs slowly, went across my bedroom and entered the other bedroom.  I immediately broke out in a cold sweat.  I heard nothing when they moved and I heard nothing from the other bedroom.  I took a deep breath and quietly crawled out of bed and turned on the light.  I peeked into my brothers' room.  Nothing.  They were quietly sleeping and all was well.  I wasn't.  I stayed awake the rest of the night, worrying.  I had almost talked myself into believing the lights were car lights but I would always come back to the fact that I could see the tops of the candles aglow, not just the candle flame.  It was this experience that led me to question my mother and father about our house.  It turns out not one but two people had passed away in the upstairs bedroom, my brothers' to be exact.  It would seem, at least, on one occassion they came back for a visit.

My Dog


The first time I saw it was when my  dog Bear died. He had been sleeping
under the truck when I accidentally ran over him and I really felt bad about
it. That night I went out on my deck and decided to take some pictures and
see if I could catch anything. Well when I got my pictures back I got a real
surprise. In three of my pictures I caught a white orblike thing. It was
shaped like a circle with its top and bottom were flatted out. In the middle
were two dark eyes. In the first picture it was looking right at me and in
the next picture it was moving away from me and in the third picture it was
by the tree next to the deck. I didn't know what to make of it. Well a few
weeks later I decided to go out on my deck and take some pictures again. When
I got them back, there it was again. I don't who or what it is. There is
absolutely nothing out in my pasture that would cause this to happen. The
other night I went outside on the deck to enjoy the night air.  My hubby was
asleep upstairs and except for my two cats I was alone. When the lights are
on in the living room, the light from the living room hits the trees that are
near the house. I was thinking about that thing I had caught in my pictures
and was looking in the direction of the trees when someone or something
passed silently infront of the window, blocking out the light as they passed.
I went back in the house to see if my  hubby had gotten up but found him
sound asleep upstairs. It dawned on me that whoever or whatever it was it
couldn't have been my hubby because it blocked out all the light as it passed
by and my hubby's not THAT big around. Perhaps its was my ghost that I caught
on film letting me know it was there.... Who knows.   Happy Haunting!!

Apartment Poltergeist


In 1997, my fiancee and I moved into an old apartment complex near the campus of Southwest Texas State University (The Balcones Apartments, 401 N.  Fredericksburg, #404, San Marcos, Texas 78666).  My fiancee was going to school at Southwest, and since the apartment was very close to campus, it seemed perfect.  The apartment was sort of run-down, and it looked as if it had been built in the 1950's.  Our apartment was on the top floor.  We were very happy while we were moving in our first place of residence together.  However, as soon as we had moved all of our things in and began to unpack, my fiancee and I became very ill.  We both felt as though we were coming down with flu.  We were also very fatigued, but we thought it was due to the exertion of moving.  Well, over the next few days, we got worse.  We were both violently ill - bed-ridden and vomiting constantly.  I remember that I couldn't even hold my head up without being in pain - it was just that bad.  Neither of us had never been that ill, and we haven't been since.  Anyway, we got over being sick after about 7-8 days of it.  Shortly thereafter, strange phenomenon began to take place.  I would see shadows out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked there was nothing there.  My fiancee and I once saw the coffee cups that we had hanging on hooks in the kitchen swinging rapidly back and forth,but there was no gust of wind or anything that could've caused the movement.  It was very eerie!  One time, I got home late at night and was all alone while my fiancee was at the library.  I just wanted to read a little bit, then go to sleep.  As I was reading, I heard clanging noises coming from the kitchen.  I got up to see what it was, and as I got closer to the kitchen I heard pots and pans rattling like crazy in the cabinet.  We didn't have any pets, so it obviously was something else.  I was terrified, but I thought it might have been a rat or a mouse, so I opened the cabinets and the noise just stopped.  There were no signs of any rodent. It was so scary!  After that, for about an hour, I kept hearing the bathroom door creak. And I just felt as though I was being watched intensely.  It was so creepy!  Then there was a time when my fiancee and I were laying in bed at night talking, and we kept hearing slow, pacing footsteps on the roof!  We were on the top floor, and so we were scared to death.  Especially since the footsteps were slow and methodical.  My fiancee got sick of it, and yelled, "Shut Up!!!", and the footsteps actually stopped!!!  It was weird! Then all of a sudden, we both felt a strange feeling.  I don't know how to describe it except it was a feeling of impending doom.  We turned on the lights and my fiancee said, "Look! The branches of eucalyptus are bending down by themselves!"  I looked and lo and behold, our vase filled with eucalyptus on top of the dresser was being touched by the poltergeist!  The branches were bending down as though someone were trying to smell them! It was the most terrifying thing to witness! After that, we knew we were not alone.  The poltergeist also once took a glass and filled it with crumbled crackers, milk, ketchup, and mustard, and left it in the middle of the counter.  It was pretty gross.  I saw the glass when I got home from work and I thought it must have been my fiancee, but when I asked why he did that, he didn't have a clue what I was talking about!  The final time we experienced strange happenings was right after we got married.  We were married, and after the reception, I put our wedding cake into the refrigerator.  Then, my husband and I went on our honeymoon.  When we returned a few days later, we discovered that the refrigerator had been unplugged!  The cake was melted and ruined.  I was furious, so I called the apartment manager to ask if any maintenance had been done in our apartment.  And he said no one had been in the apartment to his knowledge.  I think it was the evil, malicious spirit telling us that it was not happy for us getting married.  We moved shortly after that, but I've never been able to forget some of the things that happened in that apartment.  I don't know the history of the apartment building or the land.  I do know there are Indian burial grounds very close to the campus.  My husband and I visited them several times.  That may or may not be why that apartment is haunted, but one thing for sure - it is haunted by a very sinister spirit.



This ordinary town house looks just like an old house,
but..... it's haunted. people have reported seeing a women in the house,
their belongings are always being replaced, and a cold hand up their neck.
the house was built in 1905 and a rich women with maids
lived there. years later, she dies of cancer. then the house was bought by my grandpa.
when I was four years old in 1994, I was playing up stairs,
there is a big mirrior then was built into the house in 1905.
I was looking in the the mirrior normally like I always did.
putting on make-up, brushing hair, etc.
when right behind me in the mirrior I saw a women that was dressed in a long blue dress , wearing a bonet , black boots that were tall , and also wearing an aporn.
it looked rather like a maid.
I swirled around to look. no one there. but she was still in the mirrior. she was moving a little. she was a white person,
not a black person. in a few minuetes, she was gone.
but my mom has herd her name being called from her aunt ethel or her mom essie.
my brother used to leave his toys laying out for like about 5
minuetes, then when he came back....
they were gone. 1961, when mom was 11 the age I am now, she saw the women who died of cancer standing on the stairs. then she ran up the stairs and disapeared.
the house on Garrison sreet in Carthage Missouri is still standing and is forever and always will be haunted. this is a real true story. I hope to see some more ghosts again someday. I love getting scared. I like to tell ghost stories to people in the dark. alot of them I make up. but some of them are true.

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