My Ghost"Nellie Ellen"


I am going yo tell you about a ghost that I am pretty sure is haunting
me.Her name is Nellie Ellen.I have never actually seen Nellie Ellen but
I can really feel her presence.It started when I was about five years
old. I had one of my friends over and we were sleeping in a tent under
the sky lights.My friend woke up at about 2 in the morning and said she
wanted to gto home.She was sweating prefusely and was very pale.I got
scared and I asked what was the matter.She didn't want to tell me but I
finally dragged it out of her. She said that she had seen an old lady
looking at us through the top of the tent through the skylights and she
was bloody holding a broken tea cup.we ran to my mom and slept in her
bedroom that night.I never saw her though but my friend really scared
me.Over the next five years only small stuff happened;footsteps down the
hall,knocking,etc.When I was ten I had one of my very good friends
over.She woke me up around 2 (like my other friend had) and she was
crying.The room was dark so I turned on the lights.My friend had a
bloody nose and was crying really hard now.I asked what had happened and
she insisted that she got them all the time and we called her mother.Her
mother came and we were talking about how my friend was really upset.I
said that she told me that she got nosebleeds all the time.Her mother
said that it was odd that she lied because she never got nosebleeds.When
I went to  school I asked her what really happened and she said "Nellie
Ellen" and we've never been friends since.Years later odd things began
to happen again.I was up late watching tv and I heard knocking coming
from my window.Nothing was there though (that I could see anyway).The
nexy day I did some research on my house.I found out that there used to
be a woman named NellieEllen who owned a tea shop in the bottom of the
house.I asked a neighbor about her.My neighbor said that she used t o be
friends with NellieEllen until she went crazy.I was informed that Nellie
Ellen would sit on the roof in the late hours of the night with her
teacups and talk to herself.One night though NellieEllen accidentally
locked herself out of her house and was stuck on the roof in the
blistering cold.She tried to get in but she couldn't so she had to break
a window to get in.But some of the window hit her and she  was so weak
from breaking the window and the cold she was left to die on the roof
with the things she loved most;her teacups.A few weeks had gone by and
nothing had happened but one day my dogs got up and started barking at
nothing.(They are very protective).They usually can't get up the stairs
but somehow the managed to and started barking at the roofI was sure it
was NellieEllen.I asked her what she wanted and the dogs stopped
barking.They just stared at the window in the attic.She didn't say
anything so I told her to leave me alone and never come back.Then I
heard a faint voice say warm.I said"what" and i heard it again and it
said "blanket"Then I said,"if I give  you a blanket will you promise to
leave me alone.It said "yes" so I grabbed a blanket that the dogs used
to sleep on and shoved it out the window.I heard a faint"thank you" and
I haven't had any more encounters with NellieEllen but once in a while I
hear footsteps on the roof but I don't worry anymore because she is in
her favorite spot with what she needed to go to rest with in peace.


Not Much Different


My Experience with a ghost isn't much different than many other people have
sent in.
    We had just moved into my house about 1 year before I noticed wierd
things happening. On night I was home alone and was just watching TV. I
didn't really like being home by myself much because I wasn't to sure if I
was really alone. I have always kind of been into the spirits and ghost and
your website. I recalled sitting on my couch watching TV when i heard a wierd
noise upsatirs. I knew it was a ghost or something because I was alone in
the house. I listened quietly more when I heard footsteps coming down the
stairs. I couldn't make out a vision or anything, but could here somebody
walking around. I than looked over to where my stove is and saw a quick
glance of a white shadow. After that I turned my TV up really loud and went
into my parents bedroom. They have a sliding door so when i was watching TV
in there I could here someone trying to open the door but every time I looked
nobody was there.It was definetly a creepy experience.
Another time I was painting my room and I was standing in front of my bedroom
door on a step ladder. The door was open and I was stretching up to reach the
top of the wall. When something brushed past me down the hall. It scared me
so bad that I fell off the step ladder. I looked and called out, but nobody
was there. During that time I also saw it walk by and noticed that the papers
on my wall were moving like a gust of cold air had moved through my room. It
than grew very cold in my room and I began to shiver. Those are my ghost

Mainard on Elm Street


The yellow house on Elm Street in  Kansas was home to a
restless spirit that had died from illness in the bedroom upstairs. I,
as a young girl in high school chose his room as my own.  It was soon
after moving in that I heard scuffing noises as if he was walking around
wondering what i was doing there. one night i in fact awoke to find him
lying next to me. it was like millions of grey dots forming a human
shape. at the time, i thought it was my imagination and blew it off.
then he became more active. i could hear a slamming of the back door and
someone running up the stairs and then you could not hear anything else
after a big stomp at the top of the stairs. One night in particular i
heard a stomp outside my bedroom and then a scuffing of someone walking
slowly. it came to the right side of my bed and stopped, then to the
left side and stopped. Then it went to the end of my bed and stopped, at
the same time my heavy brocade curtain flew out over my bed straight as
an arrow. needless to say i was scared out of my wits. i knew i had to
do some research and find out what needed to be done to lead him to the
other side. i went to the library and read up on everything i could. i
asked around town and found out his name and that he had died in my
room. i then decided to talk to him. i said, "mainard, you need to go on
to the other side now, your work here is done." I cannot remember how
much time lasped but one night i heard another thump in the hall outside
my room, but this time an elderly lady was leading an elderly man from
the hall into my closet. I watched them without any fear at all. It was
such a peaceful thing to witness. someone came to lead mainard home.
I am now 47 and still remember this so well. My father lives in the same
house and i do not feel any presence there now.
i will add a p.s.
when i first moved there a mans wedding ring fell from the top of a door
and rolled across the floor to me. at the time i was a "romantic" and
said, "i will marry the man who fits this ring" i still have the ring,
and since it is so large no man has ever been able to wear it.

Haunting in 1984

 Several years ago, sometime in 1984 , I was living in a small town outside
of Ft Worth, TX. By the name of Crowley. At the time I was in my early
twenties and had a roommate, his name was Mike. Anyway, one night Mike and I
were sitting around watching TV and having a couple of beers. As it got late
and we were getting tired the strangest thing happened. In the bathroom in
the hallway just a few feet away we heard what sounded like the toilet
flushing. Mike looked at me kind of surprised and asked me if I heard it too,
I kind of laughed and said no. I guess curiosity got the better of me and I
went in the bathroom to look. As I switched the light on, I felt my hair
stand up, the water in the toilet was still going around. Since we lived in a
trailer house we both just blew it off as poor construction. We continued to
sit and have a few more beers when Mike looked at me and said "do you smell
that." I sniffed a little an! d said it smelled like gas, since the stove in
the kitchen directly behind us was the only gas in the house I immediately
stood and turned to look. What I saw absolutely scared the hell out of me.
All four burners on the stove were on. I finally got up the nerve to turn
them off and we had no more problems that night. But thats not the end of the
story. Several days later Mike called me at work, it was around 11:00pm, he
asked me if I could come home right now. I could hear the fear in his voice
and asked him what was wrong. He said he was lying on the couch when he heard
what sounded like kitchen cabinets being slammed closed and he was very
scared. I went home as quickly as possible and found Mike outside waiting,
afraid to go into the house. We quietly went inside and found nothing out of
the ordinary.
 I know that this sounds very strange and would be easy to make up. The few
people I have told this to just don't believe it. But I was there and it did
happen. The only problem is that for all these years I have wondered what
happened. Was it something paranormal or just ordinary things that go bump in
the night.

Haunted House

By: anonymous

Last winter in Febuary 2000 I was ask to stay with my daughter while her husband as well as mine was out on the road as they  are both truck drivers that are gone Mon thru Fri. Let me start by saying that the reason that I was ask to stay (along with another family friend) was that she and my granddaughter was experiencing some strange things. I arrived on a Sunday evening about dusk and about 9:00 PM we started to smell very strong, very sweet cologne and the house had gotten real chilly especially in the living room area and absolutely fridgid in my granddaughters bedroom., we turned up the temp. control to about 85 degrees and the furnace ran constantly but the house continued to get colder during the night and a thermometer said it was only 31 degrees by 4:00 AM. By morning things had warmed up and thinking it must have been a furnace problem we put it off by having the landlord check the furnace. That night everything was on the up and up until the following morning when the upstairs apartment which was empty for the day had awful noises coming from it. It sounded like heavy furniture being moved, things being dropped on the floor and arguing (loud) was going on.My daughter checked to see for sure that was no one at home. Later my other daughter came home who lived in the upstairs apt. and upon entering the house found a huge blood clot on her livingroom floor.That same night some other incidents started to happen that almost drove us to the point of insanity for the rest of the week. The livingroom floors would shake so hard that the sofa's would move across the floor , my granddaughters TV and video game would come on and play by themselves writing would appear on the mirrors saying things we did not understand (looked like scribblings of a young child) and 2 incidents where I could physically see that something was biting my granddaughter and I tried to get it off of her but that is hard to do when you can't see what your struggling with.By the end of the week I physically moved my family in with me until they was able to find another residence.I had forgotten to tell you that during this week 3 different priests blessed the house and one ran from the house after going through my granddaughters bedroom door. The experiences I will never forget even thought I have always been a believer. This is something serious and nothing to play with. To this day my granddaughter still has imprints in her chest and upper leg from the biting incident and terrible nightmares.

Green Lady Cemetary (Burlington, Ct)


My freinds and I have been going to the Green Lady Cemetary for quite some
time now, and nothing bizzare ever happened, until just recently,  two
carloads of us took a trip down there on October 30, 2000.  As soon as we
pulled in, the radio in my Dad's car stopped working, and my cell phone
stopped working, so we decided to ignore it, and shrug it off as a
coincedence.  There were 9 of us there, and 5 people(not including myself),
and the dog decided to take off in the woods behind the cemetary.  Now, the
cemetary is on the right side of the road(from the direction we drove in),
and we watched them disapear into the woods, but we started to get worried
when we could'nt hear them anymore.  So we shined the flashlights into the
woods, and started calling their names.  We started to hear footsteps coming
from the left side of the road(also woods), and the 4 of us that were left
behind started to get nervous.  We shut the flashlights off, and remained
really quiet, trying to figure out what was going to pop out of the woods at turned out to be the five weirdos that started off on the right side
of the street.  They somehow ended up on the left side, and they swear to us
that they never crossed the street-Talk about strange-huh?

Great Yarmouth Ghost


Hi,here is an account of something I saw on Great Yarmouth beach on August
Bank Holiday
        I was on a scooter rally,to Gorleston-on-sea,Aug Bank Hol 1989,when
my friends and I arrived there(on our scooters),we could not find any
accomodation,so went into Great Yarmouth,to try our luck there.As it was just
down the road.
     No luck there either,so we decided to sleep on the promenade shelters
about 10ft from the  actual beach itself,the prom is concrete,and we were
pretty close to the pier,about 100 yards give or take a few.That is an
important part of the story!
     My friends had gone around the town to the pubs etc,and my girlfriend
and I were in this shelter,and were settling down in deck chairs after
building a wind break with the remaining deck chairs.As the night was pretty
      I looked out over the beach and saw what looked to me like a luminous
white flag blowing in the wind,it looked like a woman in a long flowing dress
and wide brimmed hat,1900s or earlier type. I thought it was the surf from
the sea at first,but the surf was beyond this shape,as the "figure" was too
far inland to be surf,about 50 yards away from  where I was.
     I then thought it might be a warning flag of some sort,so I didnt think
any more of it,after watching it for some time,it just stayed there,so I
settled down to get some sleep and thought no more of it. All this time I
never mentioned it to my girlfriend whom I thoght was asleep.
    As I said I thought no more of it until a few months later,when I saw in
a book about unsolved murders etc.,an article about a woman who was murdered
on the beach near Great Yarmouth pier in 1900!!!!! A shiver still goes down
my spine even now,as I write this,she was strangled with her boot laces,and
her clothes were a long dress and a wide brimmed hat!!!
     The story does not end there,they caught the "killer" and hanged him.
  But,in 1910 another woman was found in the same place,murdered in the same
way! so did they get the right man in the first place????
     The identities of the first victim and her killer are established and
they were seen arguing the night before etc., even their house still
stands,and the boarding house where they stayed in Great Yarmouth,I know this
as there was a T.V. programme investigatin mysterious deaths and this was
featured! But hardly anything is known of the second victim to my knowledge.
   So,the thought in my mind is if the "ghost" I saw is the first or second
     I have seen other apparitions too,but this one had the most profound
effect on me.
          I will tell you about the others some other time if you like.
   I hope I havent bored you too much,but there you have it,

Restaurant Ghost


This is not as complex or as insteresting as other stories, but very real nonetheless. I was working as a janitor in a restraunt in the Sacramento, CA area in the mid 1980s. During this time I had bought some books on ghosts and hauntings, to include one book called "Poltergeist" which gave detailed accounts of numerous poltergeist cases. It was  this book that I had left laying about the house and that one of my older brothers noticed. He pulled me aside to warn me that I should be  careful with what I was messing around with because, in his words, "messing around with this is like knocking on the gates to Hell!" I light of the fact that he had experienced (ironically while also working as a janitor) a very disturbing encounter of his own, I took this warning seriously. So one night at work, shortly after my brother's words had gotten the best of me and I had put the books aside, I was busy cleaning the dinning room carpet. The place was closed and the only ones in the building were two other janitors and myself. Picture a Denney's-like place, with the cook's line adjacent to the dinning room, a larger kitchen in back, and an upstairs with a storage room, an office, and employee restrooms. I Had coompleted about two thirds of the carpet, utilizing a big, rotary-style idustrial butter. It was 4:00 AM and I had parked the buffer and the cleaning items with it in the middle of the "no smoking" area, away from any tables. I turned and headed for the cook's line, where one of my coworkers was busy cleaning. We exchanged words, commenting that it was time to  take a break and make something to eat. He was looking at me as I approached the sandwhich side of the cook's line. Then, about fifteen seconds after I had left the buffer, there came the loudest,  bangs that I have ever heard indoors. Three heavy "raps", BANG - BANG - BANG! It sounded exactly like a giant fist had pounded down on one of the dinning room tables. It had hit the  table so hard that I could hear the silverware rattle! The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I spun immediately around as the sounds came ffrom where I just left, the buffer and the no-smoking area. I saw noting, and spun back around to my coworker. "What was THAT?" I asked. "I don't know," was his answer. I thought that strange since he was looking in the exact direction of the noise. To this day he maintaiins that he s aw nothing. I immediately went over to see if the buffer had gone off on its own and banged into one of the tables. To my amazement, the buffer was as I left it! I expected to see one of the tables (these are your heavy, wooden tables) tipped on its side. All the tables in the section were okay. No silverware was disturbed. We immediately searched the building, armed with knives and cooking utinsiles, for the illusive visitor. Noone was to be found. We tried , but could not even come close, to duplicating what the two of us agreed was a banging on one of the tables. We could barely get the silverware to rattle. This was way beyond what any person could accomplish, and get away with without either of us seeing him. I would say that if we took one of those tables and dropped it from the roof onto the parking lot, it still would not be loud enough! Sorry, but I cannot say that I smelt something, saw shadows or heard voices. I ditched the books after that, all except for one called "Poltergeist."

Different Ghosts


I live in Hawaii and their are many different types of ghost here.  We even
have our own tour of the most haunted places on the Island where I live
(Oahu).  Every year my family camps down at the beach for Labor Day Weekend.
In 1992 my boyfriend and a close friend of my cousins joined us for the
The place we camped had a lot of ghost stories.  The beach and all around it
was said to be haunted.  It did not help when that year a person was found
murdered only a short distance from where we were camping.  My boyfriend and
our close friend had to work and were coming down to the camp site one night.
 My cousins and I were on the beach relaxing, waiting for them to return.
When they got back we made a fire and sat around talking.  All of a sudden we
got on to the subject of ghost and my boyfriend started to tell us of what
him and Robbie saw while they were coming back.  Robbie did not want to admit
to what he saw and while they were arguing my cousin who was sitting behind
us stared to freak out.  All of us thinking that something horrible had
happened turned all of our attention to her.  She said that she saw a guy
floating on the water and he had told her that she should be very afraid.
After we had calmed her down my two cousins and I had to go to the bathroom.
Upon returning from the bathroom we were all talking and did not notice our
shadows. I was in the middle of my two cousins.  Our shadows had a slight
outline because our backs were facing the light.  My one cousin stopped all
of a sudden and we looked down at our shadows.  Next to my cousin stood a
shadow of a man.  The shadow was lighter than ours and did not have an
outline.  Nobody was by the bathrooms except for us.  I tried not to panic
but both of my cousins ran and left me there for a brief second by myself and
then I started to run.  All of us grabbing on to the one in front.  We did
not stop until we met up with the guys and told them what happened.
That same ghost haunted us for about one year.  Sometimes still to this day
he will come back on the same night when we first met him.



  Before I start I want folks to know I'm not insane
or unstable and I'm not by any means a holy roller
but, have been raised to know and believe in EL
Shaddai aka God.  I once prayed intensely over a
moment in my life when my heart was hurt and in the
middle of the prayer I felt a hand slowly rub over my
shoulder and when I looked behind me no one was there.
I have talked to my angel sense it has been with me
sense my birth and when I turned around to sleep I
have heard feet shuffling in my room at first I was
uneasy then I understood and fell asleep.  Sense I was
young and have been enlightened to the love and power
of God I have had demonic attacks to my soul leaving
me very scared and laying in my bed some nights
paralyzed with fear but, lately every thing has
settled down.  The most recent thing is about a two
months ago I took a 35 min. nap before work and woke
up  half out of sleep and heard voices talking to me
whats stranger than that is I wasn't scared and I was
answering the voices and agreeing with them it's like
I heard myself talking to them but, had no idea about
what. I got up and went to work and thought about it
all day it was kinda freaken me out.  Now for the past
few weeks I always get the feeling theres some thing
going with me every where but, not evil I can feel it
look over my shoulder when I use the computer at work
or I will get the feeling some thing is walking in
around the room. All I can think of is it's my angel
I'm pretty sure (it) my angel has been my best friend
for years sense I have began giving it notice.  I have
so much to tell but, I'll save that for another time.
If any one can or wants to give some opions I welcome
it I just think I have a strong link with the other
side I know for a fact God is here and every where and
for all the good I know theres also evil amongst us.

Who Knew?


When I first meant my husband in August 15th, 1992 and he brought me to his house and I walked in the house for the very first time,  I said to him.... you have a ghost here.  (We had meant only hours before).
He looked at me in disbelief.  And ask me how I knew that?
I told him I could feel the ghost here.  And the ghost was from the civil war.   As time went on, we heard noises, and things moved around, and lids from paint cans would pop.   Just a lot of little strange things went on over the years.  I told my husband that he had nothing to fear but fear it self.  I knew the ghost would not hurt us.
But I still don't know what it wanted.  We have chosen to ignore it now.  and we don't get disturbed to often now.  I know the ghost just wanted our attention for some reason, but I wasn't quit sure how to communicate with him.
I feel bad about not knowing what to do, because our ghost seem to be in some emotional pain for some reason.
I think there was a battle on these grounds and our ghost died here.  I have not done any research on the subject as of yet.  I'm sure our library will have some help.
I have went into a lot of houses that had ghost in them and for some unknown reason I always know the second I walk into a  house.   It seems to be in the air.  The air will feel real heavy to me.  I've been right 99% of the time.
But, I just do not know how to communicate with them.  I was told once that if you ask a ghost what they want and they tell you,  better do just what they want or you will be in big trouble with them.  Is this true?
My story is done now.

Freddy Kruger lives here


     Back in 1985 my family moved to a large house on Whibey Is Wa.    I was
17 when we moved into this place and from day one it gave me the creeps.
The constant feeling of being watched was unnerving.  With in the first two
weeks of moving in, I had my first real experiance.  We had finally gotten
our furniture and was thrilled to get my bedroom unpacked.  That night, I
lay in my bed.  Very smug in my cosy room.  The house was dark and my two
younger brothers, little sister and parents were asleep.  I began to feel
very cold and nervous.  I lay there, wondering why I was feeling so odd.
Suddenly there was this horrible screamming comming from the hall way.  I
jumped out of my bed, grabbed my baseball bat and ran out of my room.  I ran
down the hallway towards my little brother's room, convinced that someone
had broken in and was attacking them.  I ran in their room to find them
sound asleep and safe.  I checked my sister's room and my parents.  All were
sleeping and fine.  I went back to bed thinking I must have imagined it.  It
happened again three more times.  Finally, I woke my Dad and told him what
was happening.  He thought I was nuts.  Nothing else happened that night.
Of course...
     Some time later that year, I began to hear "scatching" sounds. The
sounds mostly came from outside my bedroom windows.  It sounded like someone
was taking a rake and running it along the siding right under my windows.  I
had three windows in my room.  One faced the south, and two faced the west.
My bestfriend and I would stand infront of my windows, looking down, trying
to figure out who or what was causing this sound.  We could actually hear it
move from one side of the house to the other, but could see nothing.  When
this sound would happen, I would say, ":it's just Freddy Kruger."  ( From
Nightmare on Elm street...)
     Other interesting things would happen, not so scary but weird all the
same.  In the wee hours of the morning, say around two or three, you could
hear the kitchen cabnets opening and shutting.  As if someone was looking
for a glass.  When you'd near the kitchen, the sound would stop.  I've hear
this along with my bestfriend, her boyfriend and my siblings.  When I would
be standing in the front yard  with my friends, you could see the livingroom
curtins open slightly as if someone was peeking out.  This would happen even
when none of my other family members were home so I know it wasn't them
spying on me.  My friends would point it out to me. "who's watching us?"
     There was a spare bedroom in the furnished basement that would cause a
strange sensation.  You would stand in it and become disoriented.  You
couldn't figure out what wall was west, south, east or north.  YOu know how
you can stand say, in your livingroom and say," this wall is east and behind
it is the kitchen...."? In this room couldn't pin point any landmarks behind
the walls and you would become dizzy.  I had a friend ( he was in the Army
and very "mocho") stay in that room one night because he didn't believe me.
In the middle of the night he left, he said it freaked him out.  To this day
we still talk about it.
     Items would disappear and reappear somewhere odd.  Music from a music
box could be heard in the afternoons ,when I came home from school and I was
the only one home.  The kicker was....we didn't have any music box!!!  You
could hear someone walking up and down the stairs.  Only when I was home
alone.  Nice, huh? When I would talk to my parents about it, they refused to
say anything other than, "don't say anything to your brothers or sister!!"
I spoke to my youngest brother six months ago ( he's now 20) and he informed
me that he was aware of the haunting and had many a scary story of his own.
The same with my other brother and sister.  Although it had been over 11
years sense we moved out, we still think about this house and I wonder if
the current owners are having a problem with "Freddy".


Evil House


In 1992 I was living in an old old house opposite a cemetary, in Frankston Victoria, Strange occurances began to happen almost innediatley after my father, my little brother, me my boyfriend and my three month old baby moved in there.
First little things, like certain items would not be where I had left them, at first I blamed the others in the house for moving my things, but they insisted they had never touched them.
I would wake up in the middle of the night to find my baby was saturated and so was his cot, but his nappy was dry. Also a baby crying, when mine was not there. I put these little incidents away thinking if I told anyone they would think I was crazy.
One day all of us were sitting in the kitchen, having a coffee, when all of a sudden my coffee cup picked it self up and smashed into the wall. Odd. But then we all heard what sounded like a groaning coming from the ceiling. We all bolted out of the house and spoke about whatn had just happened. When we were calm enough we went back inside. All was quiet for a few weeks, but then it seemed it came back with avegence. It was the middle of summer and my room was always freezing cold, no matter what the temperature was, also my boyfriend and I would get constant headaches in there, which would go away if we entered the lounge room. The fire place in my room would light up by iit self, and my cross at the end of my bed would always be turned upside down.
The first room of the house which was the spare room, no one would enter unless it was absoloutly neccessary. It was even more colder than my room and you never ever felt alone in there.
Then at night when I put my head to the pillow, I could hear whisperings, and my name being called. there was knocks at the front door and when someone answered it no one would be there. Someone or something locked my brother in the bathroom, we couldnt get /him out for over an hour.
One night whilst we were all watching tv, I saw something like a black shadowy figure coming towards the lounge room, from the kitchen, it floated straight towards me and my dad it kept on going and dissapeared through the wall.
Another time when my friend was in labour, I left the house to be with her, I forgot to tell my dad that I was going. When I got home the next morning my dad told me that while I was out, he walked into my room to ask if he could borrow my stereo, I apparently was sitting on my bed holding a new born baby, He said I looked at him and smiled then a totally strange voice came out of my mouth and started to yell profanities at him. He got the hell out of there, but did go back in later to find that my room had been ramsacked. And my stereo was playing at full volume.
About a month after thatmy boyfriend and I was sitting in the kitchen talking, when we started to hear loud crashes coming from the lounge, they kept on coming and the sound of like loud foot steps coming towards us. I felt someone behind me and when I looked there stood a man in a top hat, with tails and a cigar, a woman in an eighteenth century dress staring daggers at me, another man in no clothes at all and two kids. Behind them there was another lady telling us to get out of there, it's evil, it's evil, she kept saying. My boyfriend and I ran to the back yard to where our car was parked. We sat in our car for about five minutes and looked at the kitchen window. our house was flashing like a christmas tree. In the kitchen window we saw the most evil face we had ever seen. That's when we got out of there. We went to my dad's friend's house and explained to my dad what had just happened, he didn't really believe us. He went back there the next day and continued living there for about another 3 months. As for my boyfriend my babyand I, never went back there again. I got my dad to pack all our belongings and send it to our new house.
I sometimes have to past that old house on Cranbourne road, in Frankston and sometimes there are occupants there, but for some strange reason they never seem to stay for long.
Thanks for listening.

Elerbe School

By: Unknown
    Hello, my name is Daniel Hanson and I live in
Shreveport, LA.  I am trying to start a haunted places site for the area,
because we actually have many places to cover and the only mention of
Shreveport I can find on any haunted site is about Elerbe school and the
reports I've seen are not entirely correct.  I would like to set the record
straight on this.
I have been to Elerbe numerous times and let me say first off that it IS on
private property and it is illegal to go out there.  But it is arguably THE
most haunted place in the area and kids are always going out there on dares
and for thrills and such.  The last time I was out there was about a year and
a half ago when the owner drove up in his truck and brandished a shotgun.
Needless to say I have not gone back!  Now, onto the story...
Elerbe was a segregated black school.  When desegregation became law, the
school was desegregated and the students were shipped to another school.
They closed Elerbe down and for some unforseen reason never demolished the
buildings.  There WAS a fire there, but that occurred after it's closing.
Now don't get me wrong, the remaining structure definitely has a haunting
presence, and I have had many of the classic haunting experiences there (cold
spots, goose bumps, overwhelming fear, strange noises...) but I have never
heard laughter nor school bells while I was there (neither have several of my
I believe that it's not so much the school itself that has caused the
haunting, but the land's history and the residual affects of all the fear
that people have released there.  The land it is on has two distinct reasons
for unrest.  At first it was land owned by the Caddo Indians and it has been
rumored that the land was sacred.  Now pay attention to the word RUMORED,
because I really don't know that for sure.  The main unrest, however, lies in
the fact that the land was part of the battle site of the Battle of
Shreveport during the Civil War.  Many deaths = much unrest.
Having said that I can tell you of a couple of local myths and actual
experiences had out at Elerbe.  One of the biggest myths is that it has been
used as a place of worship for Satanists.  I don't believe that, but I seem
to remember at least one newspaper articles i the past about police arresting
teenagers in robes apparently trying to pull a prank.  Another myth is that a
murderer took his victims there to die.  I have seen no evidence of this
whatsoever.  The myth that has caused the most vandalism is the one about
writing your name on the wall.  Apparently you will die if you do.  My name
is on the wall.  So are the names of most of my friends, and I assure
you...we are very much alive.
Now of actual experiences, I can tell you of two places on the grounds that
totally freak me out one (the stage in the gymnasium) I swore I would never
trod upon again and the other (the "alter room") I never even entered.  This
is a small room that for some unknown reason has a huge slab of concrete in
it.  According to myth this is where the Satanists sacrificed their victims.
A few of my friends have had bizarre experiences with blood out there.  Two
swore they walked down one of the halls and stepped into a large puddle of
blood and another said they felt what they thought was water dripping on them
and when they went to wipe it away discovered it was blood.  Now I was not
present at these times, but I really have no reason to doubt them.  There are
possible explanations, such as the many cows which wonder in and out of the
buildings, or prank pulling teens, but still...blood is matter




Traveling to Arizona


Back in November of 1999, my father, mother, and I were traveling to
Douglas Arizona to visit my brother who was serving time at a prison
there. I live in Phoenix so it was a 4 hour drive. We had just went
through a town called Benson and were out in the middle of no where we
had encountered a patch of fog. When we went through the patch of fog,
we had seen what looked exactly like a 97 Chevy Suburban near the side
of the road. It had it's break lights and it was so realistic. All 3 of
us seen the figure.We all turn around to see what it was doing, and it
was gone. I swear this is completely true. It was so bizarre. The day we
left Douglas, it wasn't there. If anyone had this type of experience
please email me at If you have a clue what it
means or is even a ghostly thing email me as well.

Kitchen Ghost


i have lived in this home for 15 years and nothing out of the orainary ever happened till i put a chalkborad in the kitchen for messages from my husband and children, about a day after i hung the board my favorite aunt passed away. she has alieztemers. on the board the word why began to appear. i began to question my family about the messages no one knew anything about it. one night my husband  had enough and questioned everone about the message and became angry that know one knew anthing about it he yelled at the board why what. i was fixing dinner that evening and my youngest daughter was taking a bath and she yelled for me. i left the kitchen and the board was empty when i returned to the kitchen the whole chalk board was covered with the word why there must of been a hundred whys written on that board in the time it took me to go to she my daughter and walk back to the  kitchen. suddenly i got the feeling that my aunt was with me. i told her that she had died and that it was time she rested after having a hard struggle with her sickness. i earsed the board before anyone could see it and took it down. nothing evert happened again. i feel my aunt didnt understand what had happened to her and had come to me for answers.

Animal Ghosts

By: anonymous

I've had a 'strange occurance', searched the web and found your site.
My story:
  Sam was our dear dog, a family member for 13 years.  He was 'always' by
my side, rode in the car daily to deliver/pickup kids from school, went
on vacation, and "walked the kids".
  On Nov. 26, 2000 Sam died peacefully at home in his favorite spot in
the living room.  I took his remains to be cremated at the emergency vet
location as our normal vet was closed for the weekend.  All of us grieved
heavily for Sam - especially me.  I could not bring myself to go pick up
his ashes.
  On Dec. 24, 2000 we all went to bed as usual. During the night I had
several dreams of Sam - the first since he had passed on.  I didn't
mention them when I first awoke as as I didn't want to spoil the
Christmas morning for the family.
  Imagine my surprise as the oldest daughter mentioned she dreamed of Sam
during the night (12/24/00).  She saw him in his prime and was playing
with him.  The youngest daughter also said she dreamed of him (12/24/00);
she saw him as an old dog and was petting him.  I was shocked. During the
night (12/24/00)I would awaken and go back to sleep several times, having
several dreams of Sam. I dreamed of him in his prime, walking from room
to room to check on the family as he had always done during the night and
in the mornings.   In another dream Sam came to me in the morning to wake
me up (as in the past).  He came in his prime, with his trademark smile
and walked up to bed to be face to face with me.  In the final dream I
dreamed he was in his prime and at the vets.  He was not at the normal
vet's - he was at the vet's where I had taken his body to be creamated.
He stood on his hind feet behind the counter and barked at me/to me to
come pick him up - it was time to go home!  In the dream, a woman worked
at the counter and did not seem to notice a five foot tall Golden
Retriever standing there barking and wagging his tail.  I awoke and my
first thoughts were to run to the vet's to pick up Sam - and then I
remembered he had passed on.
  I was surprised we had all dreamed of Sam that night.  The next day I
brought Sam home.  I placed the box with his ashes in one of his favorite
spots.  That night as I walked into my room I glanced down in front of me
- and saw Sam walking along in front of me as had done for years!  The
image was brief but absolutely clear.  There is no doubt he was walking
along in front of me.
  I 'hope' to have Sam as my friendly ghost in the house.  I do wonder
'if he was really here' - and then think about all of us dreaming of him
all night.  I loved him dearly and would love to have him for a long,
long time with me.

My Ghost Family


My grandmother had a stoke in her home when I was very young.  Because we only lived a short distance away, and my grandfather was so scared he called us before an ambulance.  She basically collapsed mid sentence.  When we got there my mother called the ambulance and grandpa packed her a bag.  She was basically unconsciance.  But my younger sister and I took turns holding her hand and talking to her.  She couldn't talk or open her eyes but she squeezed out hands so tight it hurt.  Unfortunately she never regained conscienceness and died a short time later at the hospital.  Many years later shortly after my grandpa passed away, I volunteered to move in the house to keep away vandals and save money for the estate insurance so it wouldn't be clasified as "vacant".  Because the family is so large and spread out over the entire country( 11 siblings over 40 grandchildren) many of my grandparents belongings were stored in the partially finished basement, where there were 2 bedrooms and a large living room type area.  I rented the basement rooms to a couple that were friends of mine.  In the living area there was 2 rocking chairs and an old music box all of which belonged to my grandmother.  On one occasion I woke up in the morning to find my roomates sleeping upstairs on the floor of my living room.  When I asked them why they came upstairs they told me they were in the main room downstairs talking when one of the rocking chairs began to rock back and forth as if someone were barely moving it.  This is a basement room there are no windows near the area and they were sitting by themselves so no one could've brushed it.  I thought they were crazy.  Although I did not like to be in the basement by myself.  Because I would sometimes feel as if someone was watching me, I say sometimes because there were times when I had to go down there I would feel nothing at all.   I tried to brush it off as imagination but I also let it get the best of me.   One evening while I was home alone one of the cats got downstairs (where they are not allowed) and I tried to catch it by following it while I was looking I heard someone walk in the backdoor through the kitchen and to the front bedroom, a path that was directly overhead of where I was.   Because the basement was not finished and that was a heavy traffic area the floor creaks very loudly in that area.  Thinking it was my roomates looking for me after arriving home I called out but no one answered.  So I left the cat and went upstairs to see who was in my bedroom (formally my grandparents room)  I didn't hear any more movements and when I reached my room from which there are no other exits No one was there.  Just old house noises I dismissed them as, more, I think now just to calm my own fright. There was also a cane that was hanging downstairs, visible from the top of the stairs that I saw swaying as if someone was tapping it with their finger.  I never went downstairs alone ever after that.  Unfortunately a short time later my younger sister was in car accident and died at the scene.  I moved back home temporarily to comfort my parents.  Less tahn one week after I moved back to the grandparents home,  I was looking for the room mates so I called down to them.  I heard my grandma's music box start to play as I was about half way downthe stairs, it wasn't playing when I started down the stairs.  So I assumed they were just curious about the old jewlery box, and were playing with it.  It was made by one of my Uncles and can only play when the bottom drawer is all the way open, it also needs to be wound with a key in the back.   When I turned the corner I realized I was alone in the basement and I was startled by the fact that the music box was completely closed.  I ran like I have never run before, I toke those stairs 3 at a time, slammed the basement door and grabbed the car keys.  I drove over to my parents at mach 5 and Told my mom the whole story.  She stared at me wide eyed becuase the path that I told her the creaking sounds toke was the exact path my grandmother was taking when she collapsed half way through the house.  I could not have known that because while they were telling the paramedics about what happened the day of my grandmothers stroke we were told to go play because we were so young we were in the way of the EMT's trying to help.  Also The music box was supposed to be left to my younger sister which was also unknown to me at the time it was an arrangement that my grandpa and mother had come to shortly before he passed on.  So even though she didn't claim it in life I know she used it at least once after her passing, even if only to get a reaction out of me.  I never really felt threatened or like I was in any danger there, on the contrary I actually felt more at home there than I have anywhere else.  It was just the unknown that made me run that day.   But in the future I plan on being a little more cooperative if they try to contact me.  I haven't had any strange happening since I moved out of that house nearly 2 years ago.  To be honest I kind of miss living in my haunted house.  So thats my story as hard as it may be to believe, it is real and I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't lived it.-

Ages as She Pleases


I need help in trying to figure something out, can a ghost who is in no way
related to you (friends family ect.)come and keep watch over you, not like
an angel, it's hard to explain what it's like. You see my first encounter
with her (in meaning the ghost) was when I was about 6 or 7. My brother and
I were riding our bikes down a hill when a car started coming, I was still
at the top, and I saw the car coming straight for my brother, I stood there
petrified, then something hit me and I yelled at him, but not with my exact
voice, it had more power in it. He stopped so quickly he nearly slid farther
out. When he came back up he asked, "Who yelled out to me? It didn't sound
like you..", I looked at him and said I didn't know, "I guess..well I don't
know.." When he started peddling home I looked at both my sides and I saw a
faint figure smiling at me. She saved my brother through me. About 2 yrs.
later I was free climbing, I was just about to the top of a rock "mountain"
when I slipped I felt pressure under my foot as soon as I slipped, it pushed
me to a ledge to where I could get to the top easier, once again I saw the
face smiling she looked about my age, the same when I was 7 when I looked at
her. This leads to another question, can a ghost age? It seems like a yes
somewhat either that she died at an old age and made herself young again and
grows at any rate she doesn't make sense I know. Since the free
climbing, I've always felt her presence. I am only 11 at this moment. But
during school, when someone bothers me and bullies me I can see her glaring
but she won't do anything, just set her eyes on the person who's bugging me.
At night I watch her play, or it seems like she's playing with an object I
can't see. But by day she follows me. With her around you could throw me in
a pit with hyenas, bears, and wolves who haven't eaten in weeks and I would
still come out alive (though I'd rather not like to see and try ^_^;). Well,
that is my story. A girl ghost who seems to age as she pleases and follows
me about. I know nothing of her, I tried looking in old town books, but
nothing. I checked the cemetery pictures of the people who had died and were
buried there, but nothing. So, I have no info. on her.

No One There


My ghost story is not very long, nor signifigant, but here it is:
Once, I was sitting in my room and I was playing my flute and then I looked at the window (for no real reason) and what I saw almost gave me a heart attack!!!  There was a shadow of a person's body.  It was silhouetted against my window shade.  I was so freaked that I nearly fell off my bed!  You see, it wasn't the body that was freaking me out, it was the fact that it was inhumanly possible to get somebody's whole body in front of my window because I'm on the second floor.  The only possible way would be if the person used a ladder, but there was not a shadow of a ladder.  The body did not appear to be moving at all and I wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I waited about 20 seconds more and then I got up and walked shakily over to my window.  I yanked the string that pulled the shade up.  I did a complete double-take!! There wasn't anybody there.  I let go of the string and went downstairs and told my grandma.  She didn't believe me.

My Updated Story


i submitted a story earlier this year about my experiences with ghosts and i
just thought u might want an update on my experiences.
september 29th 2000:- the night before my 15th birthday, i had a bunch of my
friends stay over at my house to commemorate my last birthday in highschool
before i graduate. we were having dinner at this restaurant within a walking
distance from my house. thus we walked there.
after dinner , at around 9:30pm, we headed home,i had this horrible feeling
that something bad might happen. as we reached the 4th street before going
to my neighbourhood the feeling was getting stronger. i told my friends
about it and maybe we should just take a detour, and they passed my feelings
off as not used to walking at night ( i am afraid of the dark and they know
it, however the feeling i had that night was not like any feeling i have
when i am in a dark room).
we continued on the walk home. me trying to dismiss the feeling. i sensed
that someone or something was following us.... i looked behind and saw
nothing. but infront i saw this person walking with us at a constant pace.
however, two things struct me.... no matter how slow or how fast we were
walking, the person was still like about 10 metres ahead of us, and he was
bare footed wearing grey, three flourescent orange striped track pants, the
guys were commenting on it. when we hit my neighbourhood, the person some
how vanished at the turn, not to be seen anywhere and i was very sure that
he/she didn't go into a house because all the houses at my neighbourhood has
electric gates that open with a loud buzzing or clicking sound when it open
or close, no one heard any buzzing or clicking. and for it to close so quick
was impossible because we were only about 30-50 seconds behind him/her. and
it takes the gates about 1-2 minutes to open and another 1-2 mins to close (
i measure all the time spaces after this incident to try to prove that it
wasn't a hoax). thats when  i totally lost it and told them that something
was very wrong and they agreed with me. so we ran all the way back home.
when i was crossing the 3 house from my house i out of no where had this
suffocating feeling, like i couldn't breathe. i just collapsed and the guys
had to carry me home. ( i am not an astmatic patient), i took some medicine
and went to sleep while the others partied cos i felt really weak for some
reason. next morning, i saw an ambulance and police outside the house where
i has the suffocating feeling. i walked in  and there it was my neighbour,
Albert Wong*, a 62 year old good willed man, getting zipped up to go to the
hospital. he apparently died at around 9:00 pm from a heart attack  about 2
hours after takeing his evening walk, and there was one significant thing,
he was bare footed  and he was wearing those track pants that i noticed on
that guy that walked home with us.
mrs. wong*, let me into her house. she told me everything as she is very
close to my family and me.
*names has been changed to respect the deceased family's privacy


About two years ago I was doing an internship at a local museum.  This place was very old and the building that I was working in used to be an old house for servants.  One day, I was left alone in the building to work on my own.  I was working on the computer and the printer was in a different room.  So, everytime I printed something out I would have to go down the hallway to the room where the printer was.  While working in the office, I heard the front door open several times, and then I would hear someone walk up the stairs.  However, I didn't ever see anyone.  Then when I would walk to the printer there was a door to another office that would alternate being closed and opened each time I passed.  The windows were all closed so I knew it could not be the wind.  I started to get nervous, so I figured I would wait and get all of the paper's off of the printer when I was finished.  As I continued working a woman came upstairs and asked time before leaving.  I knocked on the door again and put my hand on the door handle.  I heard the door unlocking from the inside and was grateful.  I thought the cleaning lady was there and was letting me in.  The door swung open, and no one was there.  I called out the woman's name and there was no response.  I went to all the offices and no one was there, so I left a note that I had come but no one was there and got out as fast as I could.  When telling this story to a friend of mine who used to use the building for piano recitals, she told me she had heard the door unlock and open and no one would be there.  To this day, I believe that building is haunted.

Face in the Mirror

I first recall seeing a spirit at the age of three. I am now 27 and still see them now and again.
At the time of this particular spirit, I was 23 and living on the 17th floor of a highrise in fitzroy, melbourne.
Let me explain the circumstances. When I was 22, my boyfriends (now my hubby) best friend Drew killed himself in front of a train. I had felt Drew plenty of times before, but this time I decided to do something different with my friend Gabby and her brother Matthew.
Gabby and I started to tune in to Drew's thoughts, we were getting all sorts of images of him from his childhood up to when he died, he was talking to me through thoughts. I thought this was pretty cool, as did Gabby. Matthew was watching us and decided he wanted to join in. Matthew had never met Drew, and when he started to get images and thoughts he freaked out just a little. (at first he thought we were just imagining, and didn't believe us.)
Matthew told me to sit up in front of the mirror and close my eyes. At this moment I felt as though I had left my body, and was oblivious to what was going on around me. I quickly snapped out of it when I heard matthew screaming for God. I asked what had happened and Gabby and Matthew said, that when I closed my eyes, my face began to change into Drew's, and the look on his face was evil. I said that was impossible for I only had my eyes closed for a brief second, they told me they were closed for a good 10 minutes.
Well I thought that was all over for the night, but I was wrong we all huddled into bed together, because we were scared. I then felt someone tickle my feet, then my hair was being stroked. I freaked out and lay awake frozen in fear until the sun came up.
I should not have been scared for he was my friend, I have felt him around me plenty of times after that night and my son can see him clearly. But I have never done that mirror thing ever again, and probably never will.
Thankyou for reading my story.

Been Haunted a Few Times


       I live in Charleston, West Virginia and have lived here all of my
life... Many strange things have happened in my house.  When i was a little
girl i lived in an old house ( where my current house is now standing) built
before the 1940's.  We know very little about the old house but when we tore
it down we saw that past owners had used newspapers for insulation between
the old hard wood floors and the most recent ones, the papers were dated
1941. At a young age I heard strange sounds at night... and day. I frequently
saw a young woman in a dark green gown, as if she was a bride's maid or going
to the prom.  I saw her clean and smelled a sweet perfume with her
presence... other times she was badly beaten and smelled of liquor and smoke.
 No one believed me because little girls, as i unfortunately was, had
over-reactive imagina! tions.  I saw the woman for many years and became
unafraid for she was more like a friend than a strange woman because i had
practically "grown up" with her image, if you would say it that way.  When i
was about 9 or 10 years old i was looking through my mother's old year books
and spotted the woman, Deborah as I now know her.  I immediately took the
yearbook and ran to my mother and explained that that was the woman i had
seen.  My mother told me it was rediculous...  The next day, i invited my
best friend, April, who had once seen Deborah, to look at the yearbook.  We
waited until my mother left for work and i went to her room and got the
yearbook.  I opened to where the page was supposed  to be; but the page was
ripped out.  My mother still won't admit to doing it but i am quite sure that
she was trying to hide something.  We tore the old house down and Deborah
just seem! ed to disappear though i haven't seen her i sometimes still smell
her perfume.
        I have seen a face with no hair, or other body parts for that
matter, and the brightest blue eyes i have ever seen staring at me through
the kitchen window.  The face was floating in the middle of the kitchen.  The
facial features looked like that of a man and its skin was flawless and very
pale but had a soft glow to it.  It just stared at me and i couldn't move.
Finally, it just disappeared and i haven't seen it again .
        I have had many experiences with ouiji boards but one with only two
explanations: one, i made contact with a spirit, or two, i am absolutely
silly in the head and someone with a little white jacket in their trunk needs
to come and take me away now.  There was an "unknown" headstone and grave
outside my window.  When i was around 15 curiousity got the best of me...
having slept less than 3 yards away from this unknown dead person for 15
years.  So, I took my ouiji board that i had gotten for Christmas that year
and went, alone, to the grave.  It may not seem much now... but being a
teenager, alone, outside, in the dark it was a big deal!  I asked a couple of
questions with no response.  I was getting fed up and asked my final question
" Who is buried here?"... now, keep in mind that I AM ALONE... the freakin
thing spelled out "TOM RIS..." it was still m! oving and i ran as fast as i
could inside my house without staying to read the rest.  The next day i
traded rooms with my brother.
        There are too many stories to tell but, most recently my radio
switches off everytime a certain love song comes on and the shower turns on
and off... not to mention that when i tell it to stop it does...  oh yeah,
and just a little bit ago i heard something in the kitchen and i thought it
was my cat or dog and then something... well a bunch of stuff fell out of the
cabinet and the doors are closed.   Oh well.

Paranormal Experiences??


After reading your web page, I just decided to share my "experiences."  First of all, my father always used to tell us his dreams at the breakfast table.  He always dreamed about the dead members of his family.  The few times he dreamed about living ones, they died soon after.
When we moved into our house on Turner Ave. in Madison, WI, in 1961, my uncle "Nook" in Christie, WI was diagnosed with brain cancer shortly thereafter.  Dad started dreaming about times they had had together growing up.  In 1961, there was no hope for anyone diagnosed with brain cancer and, although we really did not acknowledge it, Dad's dreaming about Nook and their childhood sort of confirmed to us that Nook (actually La Verne) was going to die.  When the call finally came that he had passed on, we headed to Christie for the funeral.  At the time of the funeral, I went up to my uncle's coffin and placed a kiss on my forefinger and touched his forehead.  I really loved my uncle and his passing was really hard for me.  At the gathering after the funeral, I felt really terrible and I was sitt was sitting on the couch in his living room, when my aunt came into the room to tell us that the food was being served.  Right next to her stood my uncle, in his bib overalls, just like alsays.  I bolted from the room and locked myself in our car and cried.  The whole family was very upset by my behaviour and thought I was being really rude; but I really saw him there, just as real as he ever was, even though I knew he was dead.  It was one of my first experiences with "unusual" happenings, but not my last.
About 6 months later, it was Christmas time, and I was very sick with a serious sinus infection.  I had been in bed for about a week and it was just Christmas Day.  I had gotten up with the rest of the family to open presents, but I was still really sick.  One of the presents I received was a transistor radio (a very expensive gift in those days).  Being still so sick, I went back to bed right after we opened presents.  Most of the morning, I lay with the radio on the chair next to my bed, listening to music.  Mom asked me later if I wanted lunch, but I was still too sick to get up and eat lunch.  I remember hearing Mom doing dishes after lunch and my radio was playing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".  I was laying on my right side, with my hand extended onto the chair next to my bed, beside the radio.  I remember feeling horrible, with severe headache and nausea, and praying I could just go to sleep forever, to be rid of the pain.  Mom came in and moved my radio up onto my desk and sat with me, holding my hand, until I fell asleep.  I felt so comforted and loved (this being a very unusual act for my mother, who did not like me very much) and I felt so much better.  I slept until Mom called me for supper.  I actually felt well enough after my nap to get up and eat something.  I thanked my mother for coming and sitting with me.  She said I was lying, as she had been too busy with house work to come in and hold my hand.  I said she had and I even said she had a pink, flowered dress on.  Mom always washed up and changed clothes before my father came homefor supper in the evening, so I did not think it odd that she had on another dress then.  She vehemently denied being in my room at all that afternoon.  She said I was quiet all afternoon and she had just ignored me and let me rest.  My radio, however, was on my desk, where "she" had put it.  To her dying day, my Mother denied being the "person" who held my hand when I felt so sick and stayed with me that afternoon.
Ever since my mother died in 1975, I have dreamed of her frequently, and we still fight and quarrel in most of these dreams.  My father died in 1982 and became part of my dreams shortly after his death.  I also frequently dream of my other relatives who are gone, even some I only met once or twice.  My brothers  (who were both younger than me) have also died and are now part of my dream world.  My dreams are also very vivid and often repetitive.
Just another quick incident, I had a beautiful collie dog, which I adopted from a mother and son, who were moving and could not take "Nick" with them.  I lived out on a farm at that time and Nick was a farm dog, so he was happy to come live where he could run.  He had been hit as a puppy, though, and was very shy about the road - that is until he made the acquaintance of Shoestring, my neighbor's dog.  Nick began going over to Shoestring's house fairly frequently, but our road was not much travelled and he seemed to be very cautious about crossing it.  One night in May of 1998, Nick was outside.  It was about 10 p.m. and I was watching the news.  I thought I heard a truck going very fast up our road and then a bang; but no one stopped and I could not see anyone when I looked out.  I had a very strange feeling, though, that something was wrong.  I went to the door and called Nick to come in.  He was an extremely obedient dog and always came when I called him; but, this time, he did not come.  I called him several more times, then thinking he was on one of his rare jaunts with Shoestring which could take them hours, I went to bed.  I could not settle down, however, and went to the door to call him again.  He was sitting in the front yard and I ordered him to come into the house.  He just laid down on the grass and did not move.  I went out the door to give him a nudge, but he was not there anymore, just a patch of white moonlight I had taken to be his bib (chest hair).  The next morning, Nick still was not home, and I was worried.  Finally it was time for me to leave for work and I could not wait any longer.  I knew he and Shoestring would be home whenever they felt like it, so I got into my car and pulled out of the driveway.  Just past the neighbor's house, I saw a large blob of red and white fur lying by the side of the road, just about 300 yds. from my driveway.  It was Nick and he was very dead.  Now, as I live and breathe, I know I saw Nick in the yard at about 11 p.m. that night before, when I went out to call him the 2nd time.  He was sitting up on the lawn and then laid down, when I scolded him and told him to get into the house.  However, when the neighbor's brother came to pick up the body, he said that Nick could not possibly have moved from the spot where he was hit, as his injuries were too severe.  He had also been out there all night, because it had frozen that night and his coat still had frost in a couple of spots.  I know he was trying to tell me he could not come home and I should not be angry with him for not obeying me.  Now, Nick is in my dreams, too.
So, these are my "paranormal" experiences.  I don't really believe in ghosts per se, but I do believe in an afterlife and that sometimes the veil between becomes very thin.  Thanks for letting me tell my stories.

Unexplained Encounter in Texas


I had always been skeptical about ghosts and other unexplained things until it happened to me.  I was sixteen at  the time that this happened. The JROTC Drum & Bugle Corp had been invited to Louisiana's  Fairmont Hotel to play at a convention honoring the Korean War Veterans back in 1992.  I was one of the twenty-some cadets that attended that week-long convention.  Our chaperones decided to take us for a tour of the city's historical beauty. We walked through Jackson Square and visited the Cathedral.  However, we were all amazed by Bourbon Street. We were not allowed to go into any of the shops for fear of getting left behind.  Well, that was letting a five year old loose in a candy store and not expecting him to sample the goods.  I disobeyed and walked into a voodoo shop out of curiosity. It was very scary.  The shop was full of things that you would definitely see in scary movies where witchcraft was involved.  The people in there were mostly dressed in black and had chains, piercing, and tattoos all over.  I was only sixteen and had seen more than what I was interested in.  I quickly got out and luckily was not scolded.  After the convention we all headed back to Texas.  It was a very long bus ride, and I could not wait to get home.  I was extremely tired from the trip, so I decided to take a nap as soon as I got home.  The strange thing is that while I was resting my eyes, I remember seeing a pair of arms floating around me.  There was no torso in between these two muscular arms.  I thought I was just dreaming, so I tried to wake up (or so I thought).  As soon as I tried to get up from the bed, these two arms pressed me to the bed.  I began to panic and I tried to scream, but no sound would come out of my  mouth.  It was like a bad dream, but I was not asleep!  Just then, my ten year old brother walked in to the bedroom to see what I had gotten him from the trip.  As soon as he came in, I felt a sense of release.  I was in shock and my brother kept asking me what was wrong.  I immediately told my mother and I confessed that I had gone into a voodoo shop while in Louisiana.  I thought that I had probably brought "something" with me.  I am now twenty-four years old and still think about that incident.  It was a very scary thing to experience. I often think that whatever it was, it did not wish to hurt me or it would have done so. However, the powerful restraint was overwhelming. I could see the arms restraining me, but there was nothing there. If anyone can make this out, please help me understand it.

The Ghost I Saw


When I was about 17 yrs old, I went with a friend to someone's apartment I
had never been to before.  We were all sitting around in the living room,
(about 10 of us).  I looked down the hallway to the front door and I saw a
foggy looking mist shaped like a person.  I could not tell if it was a man
or a woman.  The shadowy figure went from the kitchen to the stairs leading
to the second floor.  I knew I saw something very unusual, but for some
reason I did not say anything to anyone.  Later during the night, someone
noticed the old antique rocking chair was slightly rocking, though no-one
was sitting in it.  The guy living there explained that the rocking chair
was his grandmothers and was passed down to him when she died. He said that
it rocks by itself quite often and he frequently sees her.  I knew right
away that I had seen his grandmother.  I did not tell anyone there what I
saw because I did not think they would believe me.  Why would I say anything
after he told the story and not before he told it?  Anyway, I have never
seen anything strange since that time and I am 40 yrs old now, but allot of
the times I wish I could.

Scary Date


Hi, I just want to say that I think this site is great.  It's so interesting to hear about other peoples experiences.  Here's one that happened to me when I was around 18 years old.  I was out on a second date with this guy Brad*.  We had gone out for dinner and were going over to his best friends house to hang out with some of his friends.  I had never met his friends before, because I didn't go to the same high school as they did.  So I was a little anxious about meeting them.  We got to his friends house.  It was out in the country, it was one of those old farm houses, with the big wrap around porch.  As soon as I got out of the car, I began to have a eerie feeling.  We walked up the front stairs and into the house.  His friends came in to the foyer to meet me, and I couldn't focus on any of them.  I felt extremely frightened, and it had nothing to do with them, they were all very nice.  I knew that I had to take off my shoes, but I was afraid to look down, I wanted to keep looking around because I felt like something was watching me.  I finally managed to pull off my shoes without really looking at what I was doing, then we went into the living room.  Brad and I sat down on a sofa, his friends all sat down across from us. Everyone was chatting and I was starting to relax a bit, when I felt a presence beside me.  I couldn't see anything, but I could feel it.  I felt every hair on my body stand up.  I knew that whatever it was, it was female and very evil.  Then I started to feel cold sweeping through my body.  Not just on my skin, but actually through me, like I was freezing on the inside.  I moved closer to Brad, but didn't say anything to him or his friends, I didn't want them to think I was crazy.  The feeling finally stopped but I could still feel the presence.  About 15 mins later the T.V.  turned on (I remember it was this old Cheech and Chong movie on).  Then it turned off, then on, then off.  It kept on doing it.  Everyone just kept on talking, and I was looking around to see who was holding the remote.  When they realized my concern, Brads best friend said, "Oh don't worry about that, It's just the ghost".  I looked and saw that the remote was laying on the ottoman.  And I realized that what I was feeling was a ghost.  I guess they realized that I was freaked because they said that the ghost wouldn't hurt me, that it was very benevolent.  I told them that it most certainly wasn't and I told Brad to take me home.  He did take me home and on the way tried to convince me that the ghost was really nice.  Even after I explained to him about what it had been doing to me.  Needless to say, I never went back to that house again.  I also never went out with Brad again.

Ghostly Encounters?


I believe after hearing other people"s accounts that i myself have
experienced something supernatural a couple of times id be sleeping and
i would feel someting laying right up against me im unable to move i can
feel it breathing on the back of my neck i never thought of it as being
a ghost  more or less thought of it as a bad dream where you think your
awake but your really not. plus when i was younger i had an experience
where i was sleeping and i knocked my radio off the front of my bed and
then i heard something come running to my room i opened my eyes i didnt
recognize who it was so me being only 11yrs old i was so scared i
pretended i was sleeping but the strangest thing happened i couldnt keep
my eyes closed they keeped opening by ths thing i saw it was moving its
hands like it was controlling my eyelids and it made a hissing sound
like a  snake does and one of the most frightening experiences i had was
one night i woke up i was laying in bed and i looked down at the foot of
my bed and saw something kneeling at the foot of my bed and i started
having intense pains in my stomach.Im not sure if these were
supernatural experiences or just some very scay dreams where you think
your awake but your really not

Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara, Ca


I worked at the amusement park when I was 16 and 17. I worked in the stores.
There were stories circulating from my first day there that the store I
worked in and one other store were haunted by a brother and a sister that
were killed in a house fire on the land where the park now stands. I don't
know the legitimacy of this claim.
My store was haunted in the upstairs store room, supposedly by the brother,
where we kept all the stock (candy and amusement park souvenirs). I didn't
believe in ghosts at the time because it was more convenient not to, but if
when I was alone in that store room stacking inventory, I would often freak
out and feel like I wasn't alone. "Go ahead and help yourself to any of this
candy." I used to say out loud, thinking that I should make friends with the
ghost, and that he would probably like candy since he was a kid. I didn't
believe, like I said, but better to cover my bets!
One time I was up there with a friend of mine, and the two of us were going
to break for lunch. I had gone downstairs, but she didn't realize it. The
stairs were outside and led from the attic door to the back entrance to the
store. My friend, evidently, called out to me that she would meet me on the
stairs. I, of course, didn't answer because I was already downstairs in the
store. My friend came running into the store looking very pale and explained
to me that she was waiting for me to come downstairs while sitting on the
steps when she heard the attic door open and close again behind her and she
heard footsteps on the stairs behind her. She felt the stairs shaking
beneath the weight of someone walking on them. She wasn't freaked because
she thought it was me, and she turned when she felt like the person walking
down the stairs would be right behind her. There was no one there, and
that's when she ran into the store pale as a stereotypical ghost herself.
I started believeing in ghosts that day. This girl was really conservative
and scientific and had no room for the paranormal in her life. I guess
that's why she was so convincing.
Just thought I would share...

Not Natural


By:  Peter Whitlock

Thought I'd write this down as I want to get all the details correct while they're still fresh in my mind, we've all heard ghost stories from time to time but have been cynical due to the stories tend to get passed from hand to hand, the facts distorted and we're not sure on the reliability of the witnesses, or  what they seen may have been  only for a split second - a trick of the light or whatever. This story is different, I know the witness very well and the sighting couldn't be put down to any natural occurrence.
Due to the wishes of the people who own the house, unfortunately I can't disclose exact names and locations as a) the people who own the house have 3 young children, 2 boys aged about 10 an 12, and a young girl - the two boys have seen the apparition but the girl hasn't, and the parents don't want her to find out about it until she is of an age when she is able to understand, and b) it would be fairly difficult to sell the house if people found out it were haunted.
The sighting took place on the 29th November 2000 at approx. 13:30pm.
My Father In Law (David) is a painter and decorator, he was working at a private residence in Surrey, England. The owner of the house was using the cellar as a storeroom for David's paint pots etc.
David had been to the cellar earlier in the morning to retrieve some paint and had left the light on as he anticipated making more than one trip to the cellar that day.
At around 1.30pm he returned the cellar to get another pot of paint and saw a chap sitting just inside the doorway of the cellar, slightly to one side. David thought it was the telephone engineer who had been working in the house the day before, but as David had locked all of the doors in the house earlier that day, fearful of thieves gaining entry, he was rather taken aback to see him there.
David was about to say "How the hell did you get in here ?", but didn't get a chance to finish the sentence, he realised that the man was in a sitting position and working at something, but the stool wasn't there, neither was what the man was working on.
David was rooted to the spot, he admits he was frightened, but not hysterical. The fear soon merged with curiosity. David, by this time, was aware that he was looking at a ghost, his hands running backwards and forwards, almost like he was playing a piano, but not quite, as his fingers looked like they were fiddling with something, like doing up nuts and bolts.
The chap looked perfectly human, a man in his sixties, bald on top with grey hair around the edges. The only thing David can remember about his clothes are the boots, they had longer tongues than usual, and the laces were wrapped around the neck of the boots. David also said that the mans' skin looked really rubbery, almost like latex, which we put down to old, weathered skin.
David thought, "If this is a ghost he won't have any eyes", as the mans' head was bent over, engrossed in his work, David bent down to look at the mans' face. He had eyes, they were just staring ahead, the man was oblivious to David's presence in the room.
David estimates that he observed the ghost for around two minutes, he was standing within 2 feet of the apparition, and the room was lit, as I mentioned before.
Curious, David returned to the cellar about 1 minute after the original sighting and the ghost remained there for about 30 seconds, and then just vanished.
David told me the above story when he got back from work, and was worried that he was hallucinating (he had been on strong painkillers 3 days earlier as he suffers with gout). I told him the only way to satisfy his curiosity would be to tell the man he was working for about it, as they would be bound to have witnessed it before. David was originally against the idea as the family had only been in the house for a year, and had 3 children, and may think him mad if they hadn't seen anything. As I had a week off work I offered to go with him the next day with my dog, as they are more aware of supernatural activities. (but couldn't because the family were there for the duration of the work)
As David had had a sleepless night, turning the day's events over and over in his mind, he did tackle the man who owned the house about it the next morning.
David said "I had a funny experience in the cellar yesterday", the man replied "Don't tell me, you've seen the resident ghost" (he had a pet name for it, something like 'Old Obstinate')
Apparently the man was the first of the family to see it. They  had a thunderstorm which took out the main fuse box. The man went down to the cellar, armed with a torch to replace the fuse. He didn't see the ghost until he had replaced the fuse and the lights came back on. It was standing in the corner of the cellar, just staring at him. Not a malicious stare, just looking.
The man contacted the previous owners who reluctantly admitted to have seen the ghost, and locked the cellar up, never to go down there again. I know they didn't sell the house due to the haunting, but due to divorce, as David had worked at the house before, for the previous tenant (and of course, didn't go to the cellar as it was out of bounds)
The previous occupants had tried to have an exorcism performed in the cellar, but it didn't work.
The two boys have also seen the ghost, but aren't that worried about living under the same roof as it. The man took his father to the cellar to see if they could see it, the man could see the ghost but his father couldn't. David said he was going to see if he could spot if again and try to prod it with a paint roller but the man told him that once he had reached out to touch the ghost and it had vanished.
Some years ago, David had worked for a well-known expert in the field of para-normal activities, and offered to contact him so he could take a look, and maybe find out a little about the ghost, but the householder declined the offer, as he didn't want any publicity, as mentioned before.
David went down to the cellar at the same time the next day, but the ghost wasn't there, he worked in the house until the end of the week and didn't see it again.
The family aren't that worried about living in the house as the ghost is only ever seen in the cellar, and doesn't make any noises, this may be due to the fact that the cellar is the only original part of the house still standing, the main part was destroyed in a fire in the 1920s.
As the ghost is often seen working, we presume that he was possibly a builder, maybe he worked on the original house, maybe he lived there  -who knows, but one thing is certain, the clarity of the sighting, backed up by 3 other people that have seen it makes this the most convincing ghost sightings I have experienced.

My Grandfather's Experience with a Medium

My grandfather, Dennis, was born in 1888 in Lawrence County, Ohio, on the banks of the Ohio River.  He told me a "haunting" story when I was about 15 years old.  You would have to know my grandfather; I am sure this really happened to him.
When he was a young man, seances and mediums were all the rage.  Consequently, there were many charlatans; those who took advantage of peoples' belief in the afterlife.  In a town on the Ohio (I think it might have been Cincinnati, but I am not sure) there was a medium named Mrs.. Blake who had so much success contacting spirits that some thought she must be a fraud.  Therefore, the local newspaper dared Mrs.. Blake to go with some of their reporters on a raft into the Ohio River, and contact spirits from there, which she did.  My grandfather had a friend who decided to go visit Mrs.. Blake and try to contact his father, who had died without a will.  He asked my grandfather to go with him.
Mrs. Blake lived in a small house in town.   It was in the summer, and they had to wait on her porch for a while before they could see her.  When it was finally their turn, they entered a sunny room, where she sat in the middle of the floor in a rocking chair.  She had a metal horn in her lap. She commented on the heat, and that she was tired.  My grandfather's friend started to explain why he was there, but she told him just to be quiet.  In a few minutes, my grandfather said that the "horn" jumped on her lap and she answered it, like we would a telephone.  She told my grandfather it was for him!  He was very surprised.  He said that he picked up the horn, and it "jumped" and pressed against his ear.  He heard the voice of a niece of his, who had died the previous year, when she was only 10.  She said "Uncle Dent? This is Sarah.."  He recognized the nickname Dent immediately--that was what his family called him, at home.  Even the friend he was with didn't know this name.  He asked Sarah where she was, and she said "the ninthsphere" (whatever that is) and that she was very happy, but sorry that her mother was still so sad.  He asked her how he would know that it was really her, and asked her where HE was when she died.  She replied that he was on the way to the train station to pick up another relative who was coming to see her.  Which was exactly what had happened.  He had gotten back to the house with this relative, only to find that she had passed away while he was gone.  Suddenly, a rude voice interrupted their conversation, saying "you have talked long enough, now it is my turn" (or something to that effect) and Sarah's voice disappeared.  This rude "person" turned out to be an Indian that my grandfather had met as a child years before.  I can't  remember what this person said, unfortunately, or how it was that my grandfather's friend eventually came to talk to his father, but he did.  This fellow talked with his father about the family business for a bit, then asked for proof that this was indeed his father.  The voice replied that the noise under the floor of the hunting cabin where the fellow had been staying the week before had been him.  The guy said that it could have been groundhogs, so the father said that he would visit him that night in the hotel that he and my grandfather were staying in.  Sure enough, that night a round light appeared coming in the window, traveled along the wall, and went out through the crack at the top of the door.
I had known this story for a number of years before I discovered while watching a TV documentary called "The Stately Ghosts of England" that ghosts sometimes appear as round lights and travel along walls.  And years after that I saw the type of horn that my grandfather described, that mediums used for communication, in a museum.

My Ghostly Visitors


well, hello there all !  kudos to the page-master--i will be visiting the
shadowlands quite often ! anyway, my name is lisa from knoxville, tn, and i
am a firm believer in the paranormal world because i have had personal
contact with it, like all of you. my first and most important experience to
relate takes place in martin, tn when i was 9 years old--my father had just
married my stepmother and we had moved into a new house that he had built
for us, but it was on old farmland -don't know the history, since we moved
back to knoxville when i was 13.  I was asleep in my room one night, and i
awoke to feel a presence standing by my bed--i was on my side facing the
window, and i got the strong sense of a very tall, almost up to the ceiling
tall, form standing looking down at me--got the sense that if i were to turn
and look at it, it would be black--also sensed that it was not friendly at
all--i was so terrified that i literally could not move, and i lay like that
for some time until i must have fallen back asleep--and no, it was not a
nightmare--i think children are very open and sensitive to pyschic things,
and we must believe them when they say that something happened--I was not
believed.  This left such a strong impression on me that i remember it to
this day.     ---------Another experience happened to me in 1995 when me and
my then-husband had just moved into a house built in 1942 near downtown
Knoxville--it was our first night in the house, and since it was July, we
had the front door open, but the screen door was closed--we were in the
living room unpacking boxes, when i turned around and saw a big orange and
white cat sitting on the front porch staring right at me-not my husband,
just me--being an animal -lover, i went to the door hoping to be allowed
outside to pet it, but the cat disappeared.--i looked for it in the weeks,
months, and years that have followed, but have never seen it again, and have
asked around the neighborhood, but nobody else has ever seen it--i know this
doesn't sound unusual, but even my husband said there was "somethin' wierd
about that cat" !---i still live in this house by the way, and sometimes i
hope to see a ghost, even if it is only the cat, but i know that to tempt
fate would be folly--i take the cat as a good sign,showing up our first
night there.


Is it just my imagination?


       I don't know if this is true, or just my imagination being that both
times I saw a ghost I had just awakened to a dark room.
      One time when I was about 7 or 8 I woke up and looked down from the
top bunk of a bunkbed and noticed a little boy not much younger than myself
standing in front of my dresser.  To this day I can still picture him very
vivdly.  He was in blue footed pajamas and he held a yellowish colored
blanket in his right hand.  I remember him as having brown hair.  He just
stood there and looked at me.  I then closed my eyes and tried to force
myself to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning I told my brother about
it.  To my surprise, he told me that he too had a visitor.  He was visited by
a little girl, but he did not go into detail about what she did or what she
looked like.  I can't say that my brother is the most truthful person in the
world, so I don't know if he made that up.  What I do know is what I saw
      The second thing that happened to me was when I shared a room with my
twin sister in the basement.  We now had our own beds and they were not
bunked.  I woke up at about 11:00 - midnight and I looked behind my bed
towards my clock to see what time it was.  I didn't see the time, but what I
did see was a small woman glowing white.  She appeared to have little hair,
but what I saw of it was long. He clothes were torn at the bottom, and she
appeared not to notice me.  She was walking or floating towards my bookshelf.
 I put my head down and closed my eyes as tightly as they would go as if to
give her the impression I was sleeping.  But I couldn't do that because I was
shaking with fear so badly.  The only thing that I could do was get up and
make a mad dash to turn on the light.  Once I did this I never saw this
apparition again.  I hope that it w! as a dream, but my family has had a lot of
experiences with the paranormal, and this may very well be one of them.

The Cemetery


Everyone I know has heard this story and I feel compelled to share it with you. My name is Janet , I'm a Georgia native, and I grew up running around in the woods of North Georgia near Lake Burton. Burton is a town that has disappeared - it is actually under the lake, which was built in the early 1900s. It is a beautiful area, and one very dear to my heart, but one which experienced great hardship and disease in the 1800s and early 1900s.
Anyway, there is a small cemetery in the woods just off the little dirt road where my parents live. The best my family and I can figure is it was moved there prior to the flooding of the valley to make the lake. There is no apparent settlement or church or anything nearby. Sadly enough, almost everyone in the cemetery is under 20, and there are several babies, children and women who died in childbirth. The stones are made of local granite, and some are literally uncut stones that have been simply hand chiseled with a name and date of death by a grieving father or mother. There are indentations in the ground from the deteriorated pine coffins, and there is beautiful thick moss carpeting many of the graves.
When I was about 13 or 14, I was up there in the summer (the cabin was only a vacation cabin when I was a child; my parents live there now) and I was alone, bored, and riding my bike on the dirt road in the middle of a sunny, hot afternoon. Last thing I expected was to see a ghost. I rode my bike past the little graveyard, and across the street from the graveyard, I saw two children about my age or a little younger standing in the middle of some leafy huckleberry bushes looking at me rather solemnly. I didn't get a good look at them, but I distinctly saw that one was wearing a purple/lavender top and they appeared to be a boy and a girl. I was bored and hoping for someone closer to my age to talk to, and they really looked perfectly alive and real, only very quiet and serious. I waved at them and called out to them... and they disappeared. I thought they must have ducked down in the undergrowth or ran away, so I went up in the woods to look for them and I didn't see or hear anything. I called out and no one answered. I got very spooked and chilled and I ran and grabbed my bike and pedaled home as fast as I could.
That's it! I really don't know if they were ghosts or just kids messing with me but it sure scared me. That's the only ghost story I know of where the ghosts appear in broad daylight. Spooky, huh? I don't think these ghosts need investigating; I think they should be left in peace, but I saw your website and thought I'd share my one and only ghost story with you.

My Ghost Katrina


I'm a fourteen year old raised by a skeptic family.Well I clearly believe. One day I was home alone late at night. I walked past the window and seen a girl with really curly golden hair. she had the most beautiful brown eyes. She was wearing a light-blue dress and her arms were reaching out toward me. That was the first time I seen her. The second time I seen her I was outside in the dark alone walking down the street. I suddenly got chills down my spine. Then I looked at my side and there she was again.

The White Object


I am only 12 but have had some stuf happen to me that has to do with ghosts.
like once when i wasonly about 7 or so my parents were doing some stuff and
i went into the basement for no reson with he lights off. It proby was my
imaganation but i saw a semi-transparent white object by the celling. allso
when my freind Greg was over once i had these toy handcuffs that when you
pused a button the would say "you are under arrest" well they were on the
floor across the room from were we were and the said "you are under
arresst". twice this has happend to me, I have a bunk bed in my room once i
was just standing by it and it started shaking for about 4 seconds. the
second time was just this summer i was leaning on the bunk bed watching tv
and it shook again. also this summer i told my sister i could find my way
throgh the basement in the dark. so my sister waited at the bottom of the
stairs in the basement. i went out side and came in the door to the
basement. i closed the door and i started walking. when i got to the tv i
felt this cold bony hand tuch my arm. i yelled at m sister to turn on the
lights(i know it couldn't have been my sister) and there was nothing there.
when we got up stairs she said she felt the same thing(probably just to make
me more scared).then i found this web site that told about ghost phone calls
and i remember geting one once on the answering mating that fit the
disscription. it was staticy and you couldn't understand a thing he was
saying and he sounded kinda freaky. also(this is my best explenation) when
my sister gets me mad about 87% of the time she trips or gets hurt somehow
all by her self. and once i when into the bathroom and i herd some some evil
laghter. then when i went back to my room i saw this black figure out side.
and some years around hollowhen i hear things. espesially one yea i herd
some laphing and someone saying "deliver the letter" and other stuff i cant



Ok you know how when you are young ypu sleep in the same bed as your ant when she comes over and there is no other place she can sleep.  Just wanted to get that out of the way.  Ok well here it goes.  One night when my ant from texas came to vistit one night we had a very strang expierience.  In the middle of the night a spirit (that has followed me and protected me all my life) lifted the blankets srtait up into the air without touching them. I saw this with my own eyes!  He was trying to see who was in my room because my aunt looks alot like my mom and he knew that she was in her room.  My aunt got a cold draft and woke up, she saw the spirit and then he went away.  I still see him or here him every now and then but not as often as i used to.  I acually enjoy the company he provides, it gives a warming feel.

Friend Died

By: anonymous

I am only in the 10th grade but I still think that younger people have more
of a connection with the other side(ghosts). Well, I will be 17 next month
and I had to go through one of the worst experiences of my life. A friend
from K-10 grade had died and I felt terrible I didn't want to eat or
anything. I always had a dream and saw her in it one way or another, even if
you only saw her face and that was it but she was always there. Well, one
night I had a really weird dream that she was not dead but we were all at her
funeral. It was like she just came back to life to talk to me and tell me
that she was fine. When I told her that she was dead and I would never see
her again she said that she was not dead and that I would see her really
soon. When I woke up I was crying really hard and I woke up my Mom to talk to
her so I would not be alone and she told me it was all just a dream and I
would be fine. well a few weeks had past and I still could not get that dream
out of my head. Then one night I went to sleep at about 10:30 and had the
same dream but she had something in her hand, and it was a best friends ring
that I had given her in the 4th grade. I had lost mine a long time ago and
she told me that I was always going to be her friend. Then a flash back of
the last time I saw her came to me in the dream. She told me that she loved
getting her PIC taken. Then I woke up the next morning to get ready for
school and I opened my jewelry box and the ring that was in her hand that I
had lost was there in my box with the obit of her but it was the picture part
not the hole obit. I have not told my Mom anything about that night. The ring
that she had in her hand s still in my box. Well, after that my dreams had
stopped until the other night. The only thing that happened in the dream was
when she said that I was going to see her soon and that was the end of the
dream. I had to walk home from school the next day and I decided to take the
back roads. I was getting ready to walk through the alley in the back of my
yard and I couldnt. it felt like somebody pushed my away and all of a sudden
I saw my friend and then out of nowhere a car came zooming by! My friend told
me that I was going to see her soon and when I did I was really happy. I
believe that she saved my life and I will see her again one day in heaven.You
are the only people that I have told this too. The reason that I told it to
you is because I think that you will not make fun of me. I am scared that all
of my friends would say that I was not telling the truth. I beleive that you
would not do that to me and I am going to trust you good people.

In My Old House


About two years ago me and my family moved.In the house i used to live in i
had a some things happen to let me know it was haunted. We lived on the
second floor and my granpa lived on the first floor. The first experience
happened when i was about 6 or 7 years old, it was early in the morning and
everyone was sleeping ,i walked to the hall and could see straight to my
brothers room and i seen a white blurry spectere with an odd shaped pointy
head peeking out from behind the door way. I  just woke up and thought i was
seeing things maybee,but now when i remember it, i did see something. The
next thing was the foul odor(had a very vapory presence to it) in the
dowstairs hall way by my grandfathers door,the smell would come and go mainly
in the morning hours.Another thing was the feeling of being chased up the
basment stairs up into the hall(where the odor was) and up the stairs to the
second floor.My sister dreaded the basement. The most striking incedent was
when i was doing dishes in the kitchen and i could see the doorway and hall
from the corner of my eye ,my brother was facing towards me and in the
doorway i seen a woman in a long brown dress casually walk by the kitchen ,my
heart droped into my stomach.There were also  a time when my brother was
coming from his room and saw someone dart into the kitchen,thinking it was me
but No that was not me darting in the kitchen. One creepier thing was when we
were out and my brother was home alone he heard a sinister impish laugh from
behind the tv. And to finish the story off every now and then i had some
vivid freaky dreams associated with certain areas of the house.So thank you
for reading and that ends my tale of the occurences that happened in my old

Hockey Ghosts?


    I live in a small town in northern Ontario, Canada. Directly behind
our family homestead (which was built in the mid 1920's) there runs a
small winding creek. Because beavers are common in the area, the creek
is often blocked by beaver dams which results in wide flooded areas
(these are referred to as beaver ponds.)
    Beaver ponds, when frozen over in winter, make great outdoor skating
rinks. Local legend has it that at sometime shortly after the end of The
Great War (WWI) a terrible tragedy occurred somewhere along the run of
this creek. Apparently two young boys (their ages vary depending on who
is telling the story, but I am inclined to believe that they were about
11 or 12 years old) were out on a beaver pond playing hockey when the
ice gave way and they plunged into the black frigid water. Their home
was some short distance away (actually it is said that their homestead
was built close to where mine now stands, but that it was destroyed by
fire a few years before our family home was built.) Regardless, it is
assumed that their cries for help went unheard and they perished.
    As a boy I do remember finding certain remnants (rusted nails etc.)
of a house or cabin in the field near the edge of our property. I also
recall a rough and weather-beaten old cross in the local cemetery which
my parents had told me marked the grave of the boys. The exact locale of
the sad death of the boys is rather uncertain as the geography of the
marshy area tends to change dramatically over the years. Still the
entire area can best be described as lonely and desolate. Many times
small lights (exactly like the glow of a cigarette tip) have been seen
in swampy areas along the banks of the creek at times when no-one should
be there. One night, when I was a teenager, some friends and I were out
in my driveway when we noticed a cigarette tip (so we thought) in the
distance glowing bright orange and then momentarily disappearing from
sight as if someone were standing in the distance facing us and casually
smoking. The only problem was if someone was standing there they would
be up to their knees in muddy water. Also it was between three and four
o'clock in the morning (very late to go traipsing around in a marsh.) We
grabbed some weapons and went toward the glow to investigate, but it
simply disappeared.
    A year or so afterward another local man was walking home very close
to this same general area. When he reached the bend of the road that
comes closest to the banks of the creek, he swears that he could hear
splashing and rustling sounds as if something (or someone) were
following him. Out of breath he stopped at our house to call home for a
ride. He nervously tried to laugh it off as he explained the story to my
parents, but I was there and I can tell you in all honesty that I have
never seen a person who looked as scared as that man did. Other people
have claimed to have seen and heard odd things in that area (there is
even one, admittedly dubious, account of an apparition of an old man ...
supposedly the father or uncle of the drowned boys who has appeared
twice near the banks of the creek ... both times to the same witness.)
    I must conclude with one last account involving myself. At the time
I dismissed it without much thought, but as the years go by I am more
inclined to be amazed at how inexplicable this simple event actually
was. When I was very young (about eight or nine) I was down on the creek
skating on the rough scarred surface batting a couple of ragged dog
chewed pucks around. About midway through my work-out I took off my hat
and placed it somewhere in the area. By the time I was finished playing
I had forgot where I had left it. Now my mother was extremely psychotic
over lost hats and mitts and I had received a blast on the subject only
days earlier. Needless to say I searched extra hard for the hat, but to
no avail. Finally I walked wearily (and wobbly as anyone who has had to
walk over rough ground on old-fashioned ice skates will sympathize with)
up the trail  from the creek to where I had left my boots. And there
tucked neatly inside one boot was my green woolen hat. How quickly I
told myself that I had left it there all along, how quickly I dismissed
it as no big deal. Except I never ever tucked my hat in my boots, it was
not a habit of mine to do so. And like it or not I remember distinctly
taking that hat off because I was sweating like a pig from playing
hockey. It was the last time I ever skated on the creek, and although I
have since inherited the homestead from my parents I seldom venture down
the hill to the creek. And I bring my son to the community rink to

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