Haunted Playground

By: m.a.lytle@worldnet.att.net

Last november i was camping with my boyfriend and our friend in an unlikely
spot in the town of buckly washington.
It was off in a restricted field out past where my friend lived, near some
houses and ranches. not long after we setteled into our tent did i begin
hearing constant, and very eery sounds of what seemed to be several
children, i guess playing, which of course was impossible. There was nothing
out there, it was cold, the middle of the night, bare and deserted.  I
quickly askedthem  if they heard  the same noises, and they agreed. I was
relieved these two macho guys seemed a little unnerved, as to prove i wasnt
imagining things. And i just thank god we were all together, if i was alone
or with anyone else i probably would have gone mad. there is no way to
describe the feeling when you witness something with no earthly
explaination, i guess you just have to discover it for yourself. The sounds
continued all night until dawn. The next morning nothing seemed unusual or
creepy, things were nice and peacefull.
A couple weeks later when i brought the subject up to the people i was with
that night, they acted irritated when i kept asking them what they thought
it could have been, when they finally told me, that my other friend, the one
who lived on the ranch, had already told us we were camping right near the
old haunted playground...well i missed that!

Haunted Daycare

By: daveva@intergate.ca

I once worked at a daycare in a very old mansion and I experienced some
incredible events that I will never forget. Once when I locked up the whole
place on a dark autumn night  I was putting the garbage in  a bin just
outside when I glanced up at the attic window. To my horror there were
flames licking the window  and the whole attic was glowing bright orange. My
first instinct was to call  911 but I had a feeling that  I should
investigate further. I went back into the building and ran up the long  wood
carved staircase to the top floor of the house and as I opened the door to
the attic I suddenly felt very afraid and unsure of my choice to enter the
house alone. Nancy Drew I was not and what the hell was I doing?  When I
found an empty dark attic I was a little relieved but somewhat unnerved that
what I had seen was not from this plane of existence. To prove to myself
that I wasn't losing my mind I went home to get my dad and my boyfriend. As
skeptical as they are they both saw the flames and my dad even drove around
the house to see if  the light was reflecting from something else, but there
wasn't any lights to be seen. My Dad informed me that about 10 years ago
there had been a fire in the attic and only the attic had burned.
           A friend of mine who worked downstairs was opening up one day
when as soon as she stepped in the door all three taps in the children's
bathroom turned on full blast. A leaking tap is explainable, but three at
once just as my friend walked in the door was very frightening. After that
my friend seemed to be the target of many spiritual encounters. I believe
some people are more open to this type of energy and therefore act as a
doorway for communication. All the daycare staff had their name called out
by this unseen prescence, but the most spine chilling  experience was when
the "lady of the house " finally showed herself. Once again my friend was
the person of choice. She was in the upstairs bathroom which is a rather
foreboding place at the best of times, washing her hands. As she was
washing, she had that chilling feeling that she was no longer alone. She
shut the tap off and as she looked up into the mirror above the sink she not
only saw her own reflection, but the distorted one of what appeared to be an
old woman standing right behind her. The woman"s features were unclear, but
her size and prescence was umistakable.
          A few other experiences involved objects flying down a hallway, a
missing knife that turned up on a door frame 10 ft off the ground and once a
child was playing outside when suddenly pointed to an upstairs window and
said, "Why is that old lady looking at me?"
           Often people have asked us how we worked there, but we never felt
threatened and the "lady of the house " seemed to care about the children.


By: CERVETJ41@aol.com

hi i am 17 and i live in a small town in texas.  i have a disturbing story to
tell.  well it was disturbing to me since i am the one it happened too.
anyway - one night my freshman year,  i was about to fall asleep when
something or somebody woke my up.  i was really tired and thought that maybe
i was just seeing things but what i saw was really strange and i don't know
why i would just think something like that up.  it was a person, but i
couldn't see it like i could see a living person.  it was more like a mist, a
tall mist and i knew it was staring at me. i don't know if it was a girl or a
boy and at the moment when i first saw it i didn't know if it was bad or
good.  THEN it appeared over me.  it was laying over me, not on me but it was
looking down into my face and i could feel that it wanted something from me.
then i realised that i couldnt' more or breathe so i started to! panic and get
really scared.  what happened next was too much.  it was like it was sucking
my air out of me.  i could actually feel my breath being taken away then all
of a sudden right before i thought  i was going to die, it dissappeared.  i
jumped from my bed to my door. i ran to my brother's room to make sure he was
ok and everything in his room was fine.  then i just sat in the bathroom for
about an hour.  then finally i was too tired to stay awake so i decided that
whatever it was was probably gone by now, so i went back to my room and
turned on the light and said out loud that what it did was not funny and that
i knew God was protecting me.  then i went back to sleep and guess what
happened next
yes you're right it came back.  this time it was standing at the foot of my
bed.  then it appeared next to my bed. then it started leaning over me and
again i couldnt move or breathe or talk or anything and then i started saying
oh god oh god oh god over and over in my head and then it dissappeared again.
 i jumped across my room again and checked on my brother again and everything
was fine.  i stayed in the restroom for another hour and i know it was really
stupid but i actually went back to my room again that night.  nothing
happened again.  it never came back.  but one other experience i had in that
room was a good one.  i know it's kindof silly but i asked if i had an angel
in my room and i asked if i did what did he/she want me to call him/her.  and
since i wasn't hearing any voice answer me i said ok i am going to drop this
mardi gras neclace on the floor and youare going to make! a picture with it
that shows what you want me to call you.  and so i dropped it and i kept
looking at it from different angles and i didn't see anything and then i saw
it.  it was a picture of an angel  i was so excited i took a picture and i
have it downloaded on my computer. i will send it to your site later.    one
more experience that i have had was in my ex boyfriend's house.  himand i
were the only people there and we were in his room just sitting around and
all of a sudden we heard someone run from his living room to his kitchen.  i
asked him who it was and he said he had ghosts in his house like it was no
big deal.  he's crazy.  ok that's all i have experienced thanks for letting
me share

Family Tree


This is a strange tale to tell, It is completely from the memory of my mother, though it happened to me.
Some background first.  The house my parents lived in and still live in is over 100 years old.  It originated as a bungalow not far from the beach in Staten Island, NY.  Once the area was a tourist attraction and a vacation spot.  My father great grandfather built this bungalow and lived there with his wife until they died, the house then got passed on to my father's grandfather who lived there with his wife for as long as they lived.  My father's father moved out when he got married and lived about 100 yards away in his own house.  My Grandfather had a gambling problem and when his father and mother past away their children sold the house and for the money.  The people across the street bought the house, the lower level of the house was a store and they kept up the store, while living across the street and raising there our children.  The upper portion of the house was converted in to a pool hall, kind of club house for the neighborhood kids, so long as they kept out of troub!
le.  My father used to play pool there with his friends, when he was about 15 or so.  He ended up marring the new owners daughter some 8 years later and as a wedding gift were given the house by her parents (my grandparents, my mother was the owners daughter).  The house was fixed up by friends while my father was in Viet Nam and my parents moved in once he was out of the army.  Things were quite in the house, that is until my sister and I were born.
There were a lot of sudden things that happened in the house, things disappearing and reappearing some time later.  The sound of what my parents referred to  as my sister and I walking in our feet pajamas.  They would hear this shuffling sound and open the door from the livingroom to the kitchen and  expect to see us sneaking around while we should have been asleep, but they would find nothing and the noise would stop.  This was about the extent of the sightings until I was 2 years old.  My other was sick with the flu and my father was at work.  My sister was watching TV in the livingroom with my mother and I snuck off to my room. The layout is the Livingroom opens to the Kitchen which opens to me and my sisters bedroom (three rooms in a row).  The windows were the old style that were big enough to be door ways and they one in my room had been open to let the fresh air in so we wouldn't be breathing in the germs all night caused by my mothers flu.  Next to the window was a chi!
ld's size table and chair set, that I gather I climbed on.  I must have wanted to see what was out the window and so crawled to look out it.
>From what my mother has determined from the babble of a hysterical two year old;  I fell out the window or almost and was picked out of the air and set back on the floor by nothing visible.
When my mother found me I was standing next to the table and chair set, screaming bloody murder and crying so hysterically their were no tears and I couldn't move.  The only words my mother could get out of me for a long while was "DO THIS" and gabbing my arm.  After hours of trying to calm me down I managed to get out the story as best as a two year could.  I was out the window and someone gabbed my arm and put me back on the floor.  There was however proof.  I three marks on my arm the size of finger pointy middle and thumb.  I was afraid to go into my room for days and would sleep only with my parents in there room.  I was two and for those of you who have children do you thing they could act that good and make-up something that incredible.  I was not the storytelling type of child and I didn't scare easy either.  I remember other things happening in the house as a child, but nothing deep as that.  My sister and I had bunk beds and I was on the top bunk, several nights my p!
arents would come in to me crying and find me on the floor having fell out of the bed, always asleep and never hurt.  Things would only happen now and again and never for any reason.  I did however start to feel as if someone was protecting me from serious harm when ever it my occur and my room became my place of comfort.  I learned when I was 10 that my great great grandparents bedroom was my room. The house was original only they three rooms I have mentioned.  There in my room my grandmother took her last breathe.  Though I believe she loved us so much she came back to protect us, especially me, why to this day I am unsure.  The haunting stopped when I was 14 years old.  My parents renovated the house and expanded upwards, removing most of the old attic with there new bedroom.  The day that my father sealed up the remainder of the old attic all the binds in the house fell at the same moments five rooms, six blinds all together.
Things have been quite, my sister has since moved out and has two children (one who is 4 and have been know to see things that we cannot, since he was a baby).  I am now 25 years old and recently moved out and became engaged, my mother say that now that she and my father are alone in the house they hear footsteps in the old livingroom and my old bedroom, when they know that no one is in the house with them.  They are not old people, but my mother has been diagnosed with beast cancer and though now she is in remission, I believe my Great Great Grandmother feels the need to be present and watch over them.
This is not the only ghost I have had encounters with, it seems there are a lot of people in my family that will not leave us even in death.  My mothers parents too have visited us, also my fathers brother, who died when my father was still a teenager, from cancer.

Odd occurences near a cemetery

By: gwdarby@mindspring.com

I live in what I believe is a haunted house.   One cemetery is right beside the house; and another one is ten minutes walking distance.    We get the so called normal pranks and tricks,  like the lights turning on and off,  doors opening,  sticking,   or closing.     But we've had several unconventional things to happen as well.   One morning when I left the house for work,  there was a perfect circle of cat food cans in the front yard,  in about a six foot diameter.   On another occasion there are sounds of something very big and heavy hitting the house.   Maybe once,  or twice.     Another time,  I could swear that I saw the back of an old car as it backed  towards me in  my woods.   There was no space for a car to be.     Anyone have similar experiences ?

Ghost in Wedding Gown

By: christyana1@hotmail.com

When I was little we stay at this big , high ceiling old house in Jakarta Indonesia. since it was so big ,we rent rooms for people. We never really knew about our house being haunted( I felt strangely scared sometimes ), until some of the people that rent the rooms told us so. some said it was a giant guy shaking his bed and asked who is his queen , it dissapeared when he said a prayer, my maid said it was on the stair when she saw this woman ,  some said someone played the guitar he had on his room while he was sleeping. But we never really feel their presence until we moved to this house. Nothing special, but my sister said the owner never said why they moved out.
I always get scared when I passed the kitchen area where the stair for the empty small room for maid was. I can not explain why. One time I have to get something from that room , since my sister didn't want to accompanied me I have to go there bymyself. It was bright day, But I was just so...so scared, I couldn't breath. One night my sister spend the night at her friend's house so I have to sleep by myself. I put a loud song until I went to sleep, light was on. Suddenly about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, my maid bursted in to my room and with pale face, Couldn't barely speak, she said there was a ghost in my sister's wedding gown. the gown look so big and full withthis ghost in it and she could see her black hair. My maid was sleeping while my sisters,and her watching TV. My sister left her wedding gown on the sofa and thought she won't woke the maid. I didn't know if I should believe her or not , i mean she probably just surprised that the gown was there when she was awake.But I asked her to grab my rosary near the door and pray. I let her be there. I fell asleep , apparently she didn't sleep at all, she woke me up again and told me there was this shadow moving around just under the door and like someone making noise with their long nail . and It sounds like this ghost was waiting for us to come out. We were really,..I mean really scared. I thought I could just turn on the tape , high volume , so my sisters woke up and save us. But the tape was just beside the door. So we just wait and wait until the sun shine. And told my sisters the whole story. She said actually our mom also seen someone passing her when she knew no body was there, but didn't really sure, and my 5 months old nephew was just crying one time without any reason. Not long after that , we moved out.

A Stormy Night

By: UnDeLA416@aol.com
Outside of the small city of Owensboro, Kentucky is a community called Utica.
 The house where this takes place is now owned my the wealthy Mike Wilson
family.  The 4th child John has told of numerous sightings in this house.
The story goes like this:
It was a stormy night in November around 1932.  The family who currently
owned it had just lost all of their money during the depression.  They were
lucky to have enough money to buy their food.  The daughter was about 14 and
was known around town as the rich popular girl.  Without money for fancy
clothes or maids she was considered a poor girl.  She was so mad and
humiliated she decided to hang herself.  As she started the precedure it
started to strom.  She realized what she was doing and begin to climb down.
As she was loosening the noose a limb swung down, broke through the window
and hit the ladder the girl was standing on.  She fell with the noose around
her neck and struggled to her death.  On stormy nights in November in this
house, the girl can be heard and seen struggling grabbing at her neck in the
basement.  As soon as it stops raining the girl disapears without a trace.

Old Lady

By: SlvrPrincess0648@aol.com

    This story wasn't experienced by me, as I wasn't even born yet, but by my
father who was a young boy at the time.  When he was about 9 years old, he
lived in a little old house, I believe in Portland, OR.  He told me of many
experiences in this house, mainly concerning little things that always seemed
not quite right.  If you placed a glass on the kitchen counter, and turned
around to the fridge, when you turned back around, the glass would be moved
to the other side of the counter, or even possibly on the table.  The dryer
would myseriously start without any clothes in it, and no one in that room to
turn it on in the first place.  Through a little research, my dad found the
house had once been owned by a little old lady, who had died before they
bought it. (not sure if she died in the house or not)  The activity mostly
centered around the room my dad's brother had, though he won't tell me
anything about it.  The ghost seemed to be a basically friendly one, without
any malicious intents, but one day it took anothe turn, I was told.  My dad's
younger sister was standing at the top of the stairs about to go down when
she still swears to this day that somebody pushed her and she came tumbling
down the stairs.  None of her siblings stood behind her, and after that the
whole family chose to move.
    On a smaller note, I live in a house now where my grandmother came to
live with us when she was dying of lou gehrigs disease.  She died downstairs,
which some people find very creepy and I have often wondered if she's stayed
behind.  My mother has these gold colored wall decorations that always move
position about every month or so, though I would guess that is the biggest
thing to ever happen.  Things disappear every now and then and show up in odd
places, and the downstairs closet is ALWAYS partially open when i get home,
even though there's been nobody home to get into it, but nothing very big.
The ony thing that I don't quite get is one day there was a huge bang from
downstairs that I checked out(after I ran out of the house in utter fear) and
didn't come from anything natural.  I distinctly don't like my
room(especially my closet) and my brother's room, though that could be just
my own imagination.
    Well, that's all I've really got to say...it's not much and not near as
interesting as some others, but it's my own little story :-)

Interesting Stories

By: DGener8e316@aol.com
  I have two interesting stories for you. Both of them happened at my grandfathers house. The first one happened to my mom. She was looking for some asprin, and it was REALLY dark, she could barely see. She was far away from the light switch, and all of the sudden...it flicked on.
  The second one happened to me. I was watching T.V, and no one was near me. They were all outside. The remote was on another couch, and I got up to get some water, when I got back the channel was changed. My mom and I think that it was my grandma, who died in the house in 1994....
  This is NOT fake! I am not lying to you. This is all 100% true. Not 50% or 99.9%...100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Church

By: GirlCuffs76@aol.com.

This happened just a few nites ago,  on 12-15-2000.  My Mother, Father,
Brother, and his Fiancee went to Eureka Springs, AR on a weekend trip.  I had
worried about them going up there, as the roads were very slick and
hazardous, since there had been a few Ice Storms pass through the area.  When
I went to sleep that nite,  I had a very very vivid dream of my family
walking thru what was an old church, with the intensions of staying the nite.
The Church had a definate haunting in it.  Anyhow,  once my family returned
from the trip,  I told my mother about my dream.  She told me that on Friday
nite,  my family had been on a Ghost Tour of Eureka Springs,  when I
described the surroundings of the *Church* in my dream,  I had been
describing to her th! e Crescent Hotel, a major focus of the Ghost Tour.  My
mother found the web page from the tour, and sent it to me.  Much to my
amazement,  the pictures of and in the Hotel were EXACTLY as the Church had
been in my dream.  Also, during the time my family was in the Hotel, taking
the tour,  I was asleep, dreaming about it...  Im still trying to figure out
how to deal with this,  it has rattled me some.... I am wondering if I should
go take a tour myself,  but there were some violent aspects of my dream,  and
I worry perhaps for my safety,  I shouldn't go.....  Any one with advice on
this is welcome to reply to me at GirlCuffs76@aol.com.


By: craigamac@home.com]

Ok, it took me awhile... but with the encouragement of my mother, I have decided to ignore my husband's extreme skepticism and tell you my story.
When I was approximately 16 (1984), my mother and step-father rented a house located roughly 15 miles outside of Battle Creek, Michigan.  It was on a somewhat remote highway in between the towns of Olivet and Battle Creek.  It was not an "older" home, per se.  If I had to venture a guess, I would say it was built no earlier than the late 60's early 70's.
First things first.  When I was 16, such a fun age for parents, I had my room decorated with all these "ballet" posters/pictures/art - each of which I treasured.  So, rather than deal with my obsessiveness re: the safe transportation of my "art", when we were preparing to move into this new house, my mother decided to let me transfer this stuff first.  The house was completely empty.  Not one box had been moved into it yet.  No cleaning materials.  No paint.  Not even curtains or blinds on the windows.  EMPTY!  (believe it or not, this fact is important).  Having explained this, I will now start with the first "event" and follow it up with everything else.
My mother and I came to the EMPTY house with all my posters.  The idea was to put them up on the walls before all the stuff was moved in.  We walked into the house carrying rolled up posters, and a box of thumbtacks.  We went up the stairs to what was to be my bedroom.  We entered and she stood in the doorway as I immediately walked over the far wall.  I turned to ask how a particular poster would look.  Our eyes met briefly and we both looked at the floor in the center of the room.  There, lying in the middle of the floor - which was previously barren of anything but carpeting - was a 5x7 black and white photograph.  It was a head shot of a smiling - pleasant looking gentleman who appeared to be about in his middle 50's.  The photo looked like it should be on the back of some hard cover novel with an excerpt "about the author".  We both walked over to the picture and mom picked it up.  We commented on how weird it was - that it definitely had NOT been there when we entered the room.  We turned the picture over and found a name in very neat handwriting.  I do not recall the first name - but the last name was "ENOCH".  This I know because to this day - we refer to our "experience" as "Mr. Enoch".  We laid the picture on the floor until we were finished with hanging my treasures.  Before we left, mom put the picture on the kitchen counter, downstairs.
The picture was still there when we began moving in.  For reasons my mother could not explain, the picture "bothered" her - or "gave her the creeps" as she put it, so she threw it away.  Several days later - the picture was back on the kitchen counter.  My mother didn't think much of it at the time.  She though that maybe my step-father had pulled it out of the trash - thinking we might have accidentally thrown out a picture of a relative or something.  However, she still didn't "like" the picture, so she threw it away again and mentioned to her husband that it was something "left" in the house and not actually ours.  The next day, the picture was back on the counter.  Slightly freaked, but still trying to be rational about an explanation, my mother threw it away again.  However, this time she put it on the very bottom of the trash bag and put the rest of the trash over it.  The picture was back on the counter the very next day.  This freaked her out and she burned it.  End of picture.
Other events were beginning to take place that no one ever really talked about.  I did not like being alone in the house.  I always had a weird feeling.  I wouldn't describe it as "scared" - but just the feeling that I was not alone.... actually more like I was being watched.  Especially upstairs.  It gave me the strangest "nervous" feeling.
My step-father (who only told my mother this under strict confidence YEARS later) - he never felt comfortable in the house.  He won't describe it any way other than that - other than to say it was not like being "watched" - but more like he was in danger.  When alone at home - he spent any time he could out of the house - tinkering in the garage - going for walks on the property - and this was in the dead of winter!
Other things happened that we just kind of "ignored" or blamed on drafts/dreams/forgetfulness/whatever.... Doors would be closed when you returned to a room that you KNOW you had left open when you exited - or open when you had closed them.  My mother would hear music from a music box at night when the only music box she owned was locked up at a rented storage unit.  Empty glasses that you left on the end table in the living room after you went to bed would be 1/2 full of water when you came into the room in the a.m.
And no one was "comfortable" alone in the house.
My mother and I are very close - so she can be a little over bearing.  There were more than a few nights when she would come in and cover me up before she went to bed.  I would hear her enter the room and feel her cover me - or some nights she would just come to the door and watch me for a while before she would leave.  I would just hear her there in the dark.  I never looked at her or spoke to her.  I just assumed it was her, of course.  So one morning - being the "cool - independent" 16 year old that I was, I told her at the breakfast table, "Mother, I am 16 years old.  You do not have to come to my room to check on me every night.  And if I am uncovered, it means I am hot - so please don't cover me back up".
When I returned from school that night, my mother was packing.  We moved within a week.  After we moved my mother informed me that she had never once "checked on me" nor had she ever "covered me up".
This was 16 years ago and we tell some people about it but very few believe us (aka, my husband).  I believe and I am comfortable with it.  "Mr. Enoch" obviously took a liking to me - however did not like my step-father very much.  Which is actually quite interesting within itself... .... details of which I would not mind discussing with you further but don't want put out for the general public to read.
Let me know your thoughts prior to putting this out for everyone to read.
Thanks for your "ear".
Your website is wonderful and very captivating.

They Follow Me

By: Eric and Jenna [Ericandjenna@home.com]

    As a child I always thought there was a ghost in our house. I blamed it on an over active imagination but in the past 6 years I have been rethinking it.
    We moved into another house I 1996 when I got married. From there it was all down hill.  I myself never believed in such a thing but one day "he" walked right down the hall.He didn't even seem to notice me. it was almost as if he lived there or had somewhere to be/something to do. He either disappeared in to the linen closet, maybe the attic opening in the ceiling or maybe into thin air? At any rate, he was just like in the movies: very much there with features you could see but still you could se through him as well. Amazingly enough, I was not freaked out like I thought I should. There was no fear attached with this encounter at all.Other that the fear my husband had about my sanity.
    The next encounter was more direct. I was laying in bed reading a book and I looked up to see him in the hallway. he was looking right at me. it was brief and he was gone again. There was probably a good month between the encounters.
    Though he was not very threatening, the thought of him in the house was scary so we started researching the house and the area and everything. nothing I saw was terribly interesting but I have no idea what to look for. We asked the church to have bible study and to bless the house in general while the were there. they just said a brief prayer but it was to an exorcism but any means nor did the go in each room or anything.
    I couldn't get over the thought of him popping up gain so for safe measures I asked my neighbor to come over and do something. she is into astrology and what not.  WELL....
about 3 nights later I was laying in bed and I woke up for some unknown reason, and our bedroom is in the basement which has a door on the top of it. I walked up the stairs and on the top step I could se his shoes. the door was shut but the gap in the bottom is probably and inch or 2 so there is good light from the upstairs hall. The feeling I had then as we stood together on the steps was terrifying. I felt totally different from the first 2 encounters. Next thing I knew I was pushed (by him) down the stairs with incredible force. And after that I woke up: IN BED!!!! Did I dream it? surely it didn't actually happen I thought to myself. I eventually fall back asleep. The next morning I was covered in bruises and I then knew that whether I actually got out of bed and still including the fact that I never got back in bed but yet I was in it. I have no doubt that it through me down my own stairs.
    Was it angry about our silly attempts to get it out? or what?
LASTLY: I moved out of that house 2 days later for obvious reasons but now the same types of weird things are happening here at our new house. This time it is more electrical and actually things that get misplaces. Thank Goodness I have not actually seen anything here. But I believe that once it happens to you once or twice you just know that feeling when one is near. We are building a new house now and my question is......... Do you think this thing has been following me my entire life or do they (please lie to me) usually stay with a house or where ever they are when you fine them. This is not a subject you can just blurt out to anyone and until the bruises and the stairs incident my own husband thought I was crazy.
    His good friend house sat for us once and he too saw it (we had never discussed this with anyone at that point) and as silly as this sounds he was up late to pee and there it was in the hallway. we never told him we had seen it too But at least I know it wasn't just me.

Virgin Mary

By: llyon@earthlink.net

ok i know im a little young for this but oh well,
in summer of 1998 my brother, my mom, uncle and aunt went to Canada for a 2 week vacation. we left on a saturday morning at like 5 for the flight there. later that day (at my grandmothers house) there was a knock which my grandma answered. it was a lady who asked if she could place a statue of the virgin mary in her house to bless it for a week. being all good and all my grandmother said sure. after a week went by, the lady came back to take the statue away. when she saw her, (the statue) the lady said,"she looks so happy there. do you mind keeping her for another week?"
and again my grandma said yes.when i got back to her house that saturday i saw her. i didnt mind too much that she was there but, i asked and my grandfather told me. when i got up to hug him when (i entered the room the statue was looking forward so to me it was staring with its face to my right. i was to its right also) i looked at her, she turned her head and just smiled at me. after i screamed i ran down the street my grandma lives on. my uncle had to carry me back to the house. i was still screaming that the statue looked at mebut my family didnt believe me. my grandfather called me so i went back to that room and as i was talking to him (he was sitting right next to it) i saw her again and her hands that were in a praying state, started to vibrate. i screamed and ran away again. once more i had to go in that room for another reason. and her whole body started to shake so instead of screaming, i ran to the kitchen where everyone was and started yelling, 'its moving its moving!' finally my grandfather took me to that room and told me: if mary was only moving for me, she must be blessing me or seeing something special in me. I know this seems far-fetched, but its whats really happened to me. even now im still too terrified to even look at a statue that resembles her. and mind you, this stuaue was made of wood.

Psychic Abilities

By: NickGuru@aol.com

    When I was a child I had some psychic abilities. My parents would
constantly make me show them off for their friends and our relatives. This
usually consisted of telling them what a playing card was before they turned
it over. I had many premonitions that came true.  However, the only part of
the whole thing that I liked was the ability to project my thoughts to my
parents. I found that if they had an idea that they thought was theirs, they
would invariably follow through on it. We got to pull over for ice cream or
drinks a lot when I was a kid. They never knew and still don't.
    Later in life, as this ability began to fade, I began to experience odd
happenings. I've always wondered if there was a correlation. I would see
shadowy figures, hear footsteps when I was the only one in the house, feel
someone set down on the bed when nobody was there and all those kinds of
    One day I was in the living room talking with my father when the
television came on full blast by itself. The controls wouldn't turn it off or
down. When I unplugged it, it stayed on in that condition for several more
minutes then went off as suddenly as it came on. They still have that TV and
haven't had any trouble with it since that time.
    The worst experience I've ever had was when I was about 28 years old. I
had just got home to my ground floor apartment from work. I was sitting on my
bed taking off my work boots. I heard a car pull up in the small parking lot
so I rolled over onto my stomach so I could see out the window. I was
watching my neighbors get out of their car when I felt something grab my arm
hard. I turned to distinctly see a very ugly demonic looking creature with
dark leathery skin. He was trying to pull me down a 3 foot wide hole in my
floor and in the earth that hadn't been there 2 minutes earlier. I was
terrified but, when I began to struggle, he and the hole disappeared. The
hand print remained on my arm for several hours. I never spent the night in
that apartment again and I moved out ASAP. I've left out many details because
it's giving me the willies to think about it.
    I haven't had another experience like that since that time and that's
been about 14 years. I still have the occasional oddity but, nothing that
really scares me.

The Footsteps

By: CrystalAbts@webtv.net

This story happened just some weeks ago and I would like to share it
with you.
    My parents wanted to go to my Uncles house(my dads brother) to spend
the night and visit.  Well anyway, I was bored so I wanted to go down to
the docks for fresh air and goof around like I usally do.  Its not even
half a mile to the docks so I walked.  It was beatiful outside.  The sun
was going down,  it was quiet and peaceful and I was enjoying myself.  I
walked on the docks and looked around and played in the snow.  Then I
went on the ice, since it was frozen, and was sliding on that.  After
that I decided to sit in the snow for a little bit and wach the sun set.
I wasnt sitting really close to the ice, but close around 3 feet away
because there was a patch of water by the shore that wasnt frozen.  So I
sat and wached looking around.  Then I heard something.  It was coming
from the water.  As I stared at the patch of water there was something
flapping around in it.  It would stop then flap stop, then flap and so
on.  I thought it was a snake so I started to leave, but before I could
I heard something else, way across the ice in the woods.  It sounded
like someone was walking on the frozen ground in the small patch of
woods.  It isnt that thick so you could see easily in the woos, but I
coudnt see where the sound was coming from and there was no one there
either.  So I started walking back to the house getting a little freaked
when I heard footsteps behind me.  I turned around, but no one was
there!  I started walking faster, but it stayed right with me.  I didnt
know what was going on!  There was no one there at all!  Finally I made
it to the house and was safe.  I never knew what was following me that
day, but it hasnt happend to me again.  Yet.  As for the water. . . . .
I never knew what was in there either.

Just Trying to Sleep

By: BudAbbott@aol.com

    My name is Alex I am now 21 years old and here is are some experiences
I've had. We'll my earliest memory would be laying in my bed at the age of 8
and looking to to foot of my bed to see 3 images of what appeared to be ghost
standing at the foot of my bed. Way to afraid to step foot on the same floor
they are occuping, I had no choice but to lay there and eventually pulling
the covers over my head. My little version of protection at the time I
suppose. As the years went on I would at times hear footsteps make there way
completely across my attic. And to top it off, in my room was the door to the
attic (that was not cool). I'd be at guitar lessons recording my teachers
lessons, to study them later at home. And on the tape while we were both
sitting in the 4x9 room you could hear a screaming of agony. And these same
sounds were recorded at my job. Both tapes are nowhwere to be found. My most
horrifing experiences was the famous night. I went to bad as usuall, my
sister was sleeping over and my mom and sister sleep on one bed with the 2
year pld baby in the middle so she wont roll off the bed. My door is closed,
I wake up at 3:30am to a fairly loud single smack noise to my mattres right
next to my face. I jump up only to have the foot of my bed callapse 5-7
inches lower than it was levataing from some force. After the dropping of the
bed my door had swung open 2 feet or so. I hurried and put my light on
thinking it was some joke. I went in my moms bed room to see if anyone was up
all 3 of them were fast asleep. So I sleep on the floor, in my moms room (yes
at the age of 20, I was curled up on the floor in mommys room). While laying
there with my eyes closed I felt so cold suddenly and threw my eyelids a
darker than black color was all I could see. I would not make a move and I
guess I just fell asleep. Thank You for reading my litttle passage
unfortunately it was all true.

Myrtles Plantation

By: PETPIG00@cs.com

My Husband and i were touring the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville,
my husband and I went on the tour of the house with three other ladies, Whom
we did'nt know and as soon as we entered the house it felt sad and eerie.  It
was a pretty windy day and a bit on the rainy side.
The tour guide wasn't allowed to tell us any Ghost stories or other "deaths"
and strange happenings in the house , only the documented deaths.
When we entered the parlour of the house , the double doors banged open, the
tour guide quickly closed them, again they banged open, she then locked them
, with a door frame latch. needless to say they didn't stay closed for long.
 The tour guide just faced the door and said " so we are gonna do this all
day!" matter of factly!! how creepy is that. Well we went on the tour and we
sat down in the sitting room and she told us about one of the documented
deaths in the house.
Nothing was happening other than that , until I entered the game room.
The very second that I passed through the doorway, I was ILL.
I felt hot all over, and it was as it something was holding my chest so i
couldn't breath. I had a tightness in my throat and i was slightly nauseated.
  All that i could do was move over away from the doorway.  I asked the tour
guide , " Is it hot in here or is it just me?"  She just gave me this look
like she knew something and then she changed the subject and started talking
about her daughter...   No one else felt strange but me!  After exiting the
house the tour guide told me  the Game room was the Childrens dining room and
that is where some members of the family were  poisened (sp?)  Later I talked
to one of my friends Tam and she had a similar experience in the same room,
and her tour guide told her that mothers with young children usually do feel
ill in that room.   At least i could wait out the tour. Tam couldn't, she
almost passed out!  How freaky , Now we want to go back together, but i don't
know if i would go in that room again!
Let me know if someone else had this experience at the Myrtles.
Thanks for reading , sorry so long.

The Room

By: glittabug2001@hotmail.com

This is a true story, so try to believe it, no matter how strange it may seem. Once when i was only 9 years old, my friend came into my room and we were playing psychics. I had gotten my mom's tarot cards out and was laying them out as I had seen my mom do it for fun. I could see that my friend Jenny was very excited. I picked up one card and said to Jenny, "You will die young." When she asked me when and how old would she be I told her that she would be exactly nine years old. I had turned nine two weeks ago, and Jenny's birthday was three weeks after mine. She shrugged and asked me how she would die. So I looked at another card and said "You will be killed by a drunk driver in a car accident while going to you birthday party." She, you see, was going to her cousins the night before her party. Jenny shrugged and then laughed. She told me that she didn't believe me. So we played something different.
A week later, on Friday 13th, Jenny l was getting in the car with her aunt and uncle. She was cheerful and laughing as she sat down in the backseat. In the middle. She was so busy laughing and joking with her relatives that she forgot to put her safety belt on. As her Uncle Dave pulled onto the highway, a yellow car came right towards them. Uncle Dave tried to brake and was succesful, but Jenny, who wasn't wearing her safety belt was thrown right through the front window of the car. Uncle Dave and Aunt Gloria survived, but Jenny didn't.
 When the news reached my mom, and she told me all I said was "I know. I knew this was going to happen before anyone else." My mom didn't believe me, but asked "Why?" I told her all about the tarot card incident. By now my mom was terrified. She forbid me to use the tarot cards and burned them in the fireplace.
A year later when I turned ten, I made a new best friend whose name was Fiona. I suddenely had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. I quickly ran to a witchcraft store and bought a pack of tarot cards with my pocket money. I invited Fiona home, and asked if she had ever had her future told. She shook her head and said that she would like to though. I lay the cards out in front of me in the Victorian Style bedroom, (my room was then getting painted, so I had moved into the guest room.) Fiona sat down on the bed. I picked up a card and told her that she would die tommorow at school. She would have a bad asthma attack and wouldn't survive. Fiona just laughed. The next day Fiona started coughing at school. She got out her asthma inhaler and breathed in deeply. But that didn't help. She coughed more and more until I ran to get the teacher. Ms. Woodville came running quickly and called the ambulance. Fiona was rushed to hospital. A week later, she was fine
We remained friends, and still played psychics. This time I picked up a card )this was back in my old room) and told Fiona that her older sister Rochelle would die tommorow. Fiona became scared, and quickly ran home to warn her older sister who was 16. The next day, Fiona had a phone call from her mom. She went out of the classroom and when she came back, she was crying. My teacher, Ms. Woodville came to her side and asked what was wrong. Fiona muttered "My sister's died." grabbed her bag, and ran outside.
At Rochelle's funeral, I met Stacy, Fiona's older cousin who was interested in witchcraft. She came to my house the next day, and I showed her my tarot cards. Stacy glanced uncertainly at me and said "This room is weird. It feels so cold." By that time I had started noticing that something was wrong too. But I pretended that I didn't hear her. I lay out my cards and picking one up said "You shall die while walking out of my room." Stacy screamed, and turned to the door, then stopping. She said that I was a horrible, sick person. That I had killed two people and wanted to kill more. I protested and told her that if she went out that door she wouldn't be normal anymore. She'd be dead. Stacy sat down in a corner and started crying. She didn't want to die, she had her whole life ahead of her. But after half an hour she dcided to go out of the room. It was too freaky in here. So as she walked out of my room, she tripped on my little brothers toy car, and fell to the floor

The Rehab Ghost

By: bnash@kc.rr.com

I have been a native of Kansas City for the last forty years, consequently,
I have a great number of stories to share with you. I have persoanally
witnessed a good deal of paranormal activities both in private homes and in
public places.
I have been blind since birth as the result of a medical accident. However,
my other senses are quite acute so not much gets by me. As a youth, I was
always curious to know how a ghost would relate to a blind person, and have
gotten a number of answers over the last twenty years. I over the next few
weeks will share a number of my adventures with you, but the following
account is the best of the bunch.
I am a massage therapist by profession, but about two years ago, I took a
second job. My position was rehab assistant at a rehab facility for the
blind here in midtown. The residents hall had at one time been the home for
medical students while they attended studies at a nearby medical facility.
The residents hall is made of terra cotta brick. It is six stories tall and
square in shape. There are four apartments on each floor. As you enter the
building, the first two apartments are directly across from each other. Next
to the apartment on the right is a door that opens onto the fire stairs.
At the end of this tower like structure, is the other two apartment with
another fire exit directly at the end of the building. Thus, my apartment
was nestled right next to this exit There was an elevator in mid hallway. It
ran from the basement to the sixth floor.
I didn't see a lot of my clients until the morning hours, unless of course
there was an emergency. My night consisted of ruining my kidneys with ten or
fifteen cups of coffee. Desecrating my lungs with fine tobacco, doing office
work, along with other odd jobs and catching a forbidden nap on the couch.
I had been working there for a couple of weeks when I began to notice odd
occurrences. The other apartments  in this building were occupied by staff
members of this company. They came and went all through the evening, but it
got pretty quiet around two in the morning.
One evening, I was sitting in the living room, transcribing some material
for a student. It was around two thirty A.M. I heard the whine and clank of
the elevator as it made its laborious way from an upper floor to the ground
floor. The door opened and shut without any one exiting the car.
 This happened several times a night. There  were times when I would go out
to have a smoke and actually hear the elevator button be punched. The car
would arrive and no one would enter or exit. Needless to say, my smoking
increased on nights that this happened.
Many times I would nap on the couch and would go in to a strange state. My
hearing would be heightened immensely. I would hear the mumble of many
voices. The words were unintelligible. I felt a sense of unease and the
building seemed to drain my energy.
Some times the computer which is modified with speech compatible software,
for the blind, would start to talk even though the room was empty. I knew
that there were spirits in the building and tried to communicate with them
to no avale until one night.
Often when on the couch in a state of paralysis, I would feel the building
literally shake as in the aftermath of an explosion. The elevator would come
to demonic life running its idiot course from floor to floor. I would hear a
door open on an upper floor and hear and feel the vibration of running foot
steps. They would run the length of the building, entering the fire stairs
at the front of the building on roughly the fourth floor. They would run
down the stairs to my floor, crashing open the door, running the length of
the building and back on to the other set of fire stairs near my apartment.
They would run back upstairs to the fourth or fifth floor, go through the
stairs, run about half way down the hall, and then just stop. You wouldn't
hear an apartment door open or close.
This went on for a few weeks and I was greatly intreagued by these
happenings. This usually occurred around three to four in the morning. It
seemed to occur on evenings when it was overcast or quite humid.
One evening, I transcribed a cook book for a client and around three in the
morning I went out for coffee and a smoke. I went out the fire door by my
apartment and down the stairs where there is a landing. I opened the door
that leads out side and seated my self on a radiator adjacent to the door.
It was quiet, the hum of the florescent light seemed loud in the stair well.
The far off sounds of a train and other industrial sounds, along with an
occasional car passing were all rather common place but some how reassuring.
Suddenly I felt the vibration of running foot steps far above me. I thought
with a sense of mingled dread and expectation, now, I finally get a chance
to meet this deranged nocturnal individual. I wasn't to be disapointed. It
came racing down the stairs and must have been thrown off by my unexpected
Instead of going through the fire door and then down the hall to the other
end of the building, it ran down the stairs and right past me. Its momentum
carried it about six feet out the door. A  freezing blast of air was in its
wake. I sat rivoted to the radiator wondering if I was going to have to do
hand to hand combat.
 Briefly, I entertained the idea of kicking the door shut, but there was a
heart felt feeling, that this could be a very bad idea. It pivoted and came
dog trotting back in to the building. As it passed me by only inches, to
spare, I felt that frigid blast of air again. At the top of the stairs, it
turned and regarded, with an almost palpable molevolence, radiating from it.
I could hear no breathing.
I said in my best Eastwood immitation, Hi, my name is Brian, I work with the
visually impaired people in the building, what's your name. There was a
pause of about three seconds, then his erie reply, floated across the
distance between us. My name is Alan.  What apartment do do you live in,
said I.
I just stay with some people in the building, was the vague reply. There was
 about the whole area, such an out pouring of negative and confused energy
that I found it quite disorienting. It almost didn't seem real. I was
getting ready to fire off another berauge of questions but it turned away
and mounted the stairs in that relentless ground covering dog trot.
Around the fourth or fifth floor it entered the main part of the building. I
waited to hear an apartment door open or close. Silence reigned supreme.
I made my way in an almost trance like state back to my apartment. I am
usually able to keep feelings for the need of my vision at bay, but I would
have given damned near any thing to know what I confronted that night. One
thing I am sure of, is that it wasn't from this world. Furthermore, it
didn't dig having its routine jacked with.

I have talked with many people in the building who have heard the elevators
running, with no passengers aboard. They have also heard the running foot
steps and slamming doors. One of my co workers was a little woman from
Honduras, she says the building is purely evil and that many people have
died there.
As yet, I haven't researched this location. I will up date this story when I
do. If there are any brave soles out there who want to investigate this
building with me, I can be contacted at my e-mail address. I love your web
site and know that it provides comfort and reassurance to a lot of people
who need their experiences clarifyed and or validated. Thanks for your time.

The Jim River Adventure

By: bnash@kc.rr.com

I sent you a story a few days ago, and as the snow falls here in Kansas
City, I am taking the opportunity to send you another one. My name is Brian
and I have been blind since birth. I have had a number of paranormal
experiences of which this is one of the best.
My mother's family are natives of South Dakota.   We bought the dairy farm
from my grandma, after my grandfather's death in the late nineteen sixties.
For many years we rented the farm out to a family who were in the dairy
business, and we share cropped the land on which was raised corn, alfalfa,
along with other types of grain an hay. The wife of the dairy farmer died a
few years ago. From then on the dairy operation was closed down and we
continued to share crop the land to other farmers.
My mom and dad would go up to the farm in the summer and spent many a happy
year there. The farm is beautiful with a lot of rolling hills that gradually
slope down to the James river which runs through the border of our property.
I know my way around certain areas of the farm, but it is easy to get lost
since it spans four hundred acres of ground. In nineteen ninety two, we
decided to spend some time with my parents on the farm. My two sisters,
their boy friends and my self, packed our bags and hit the road.
For the first couple of days we visited with the folks a lot. We ate grand
meals of fried chicken and fresh produce. We took long walks on the property
and gravel roads around the farm. In the evenings we would sit on a large
hill named by my grandfather years ago. He called it Hine's peak after one
of his favorite work horses who liked to stand up there after working in the
fields all day. A wonderfully cool breeze was always present on the
magnificent hill. I was told the view was incredible. You could see the
lights from Mitchell which was some fifteen miles away. There was also a
great view of the river.
 After a couple of days of R and R, I decided it was high time to do some
fishing in the James river. We called it the big Jim. We packed up our
fishing gear and arrived at the Jim around six in the evening. The next
couple of hours were spent catching catfish, white bass  and carp. I was
busy helping my sisters bait hooks and casting their lines into prime spots.
As darkness fell on the river, several frogs began a happy summer serinade.
A couple of big owls started talking to each other, in the trees along the
river bank. I casted my line in close to the bank , knowing the juicy night
crawler would probably attract a catfish.
Suddenly, my rod was almost torn from my hand, and I set the hook with
lightning speed.  The drag began to whine as the fish engaged in a fight for
his life.
In a few minutes I had him close to the bank. I could tell from the
splashing that he would weigh in at fifteen or twenty pounds. My sister's
boy friend raced to the lip of the riverbank and grabbed the line
enthusiastically. This proved to be a winning situation for the fish. It ran
toward deep water and snapped the line like a twig, as the use of the drag
was ineffective. Any of you fisherman out there, know the sting of defeat
when such a thing happens.
Not long afterwards, a humming cloud of mosquitoes ascended on us. We packed
up our gear and grabbed a healthy stringer of fish from the river and headed
home. After cleaning and freezing the fish, we retired to the house for some
Earlier that day,we had gone to what we call the colony. Years ago, a great
number of people immigrated from Russia to our country. Many of them settled
in south Dakota and set up colonies of hundreds of people, living together
and working for the common good of the colony. They own thousands of acres
near our farm and are wondrful farmers. The produce they grow is incredible.
They grow the best sweet corn in the world.
They have in the middle of their compound a little store where the locals
can buy whatever is in season at the time. One of the purchases of the day
was an apple pie of such monumental porportions it was mind boggling. This
pie must have weighed a good ten pounds. We sat around the table chattering
about the fun time at the river and me razzing Mike about the catfish we
lost. Mom was busy dishing up apple pie and ice cream. We were served and
all fell quiet as we began to eat.
The pie fell sadly short of my expectations. The crust was heavy and doughy.
The apples and filling were tart and who ever made the pie went light on the
sugar. It hit your stomach with the weight of a wrecking ball striking a
building for demolition. None of us were impressed and I think we were all
secretly glad when the ordeal was finished.
Not long after, we made our respective beds and fell in to them happy and
exhausted. I had a hard time falling to sleep, the pie was riding me like a
cowboy on a bucking horse. My mind was filled with thoughts of the catfish I
had lost some hours earlier. Soon I drifted in to restless sleep.
Then the dream began. I was on the river bank and replayed the experience of
catching the mighty catfish yet again. But this time when the line broke, it
wrapped around my neck in a lethal fashion and started to strangle me. I
couldn't move. My arms weighed a ton and I knew that death was near. I
fought my way back to consciousness and realized that I couldn't swallow. I
leaped to my feet my heart racing like a trip hammer. I struggled to the
kitchen, and desperately poured a glass of water. As I drank it, life came
flooding back to me..
Contemplations of going back to bed were banished from my thoughts as the
spector of the apple pie loomed ominously on my mental horizon. I grabbed a
pack of smokes from the side bar and padded quietly out side, easing the
screen door shut behind me. The night was glorious. It was still quite warm,
probably in the upper eighties which is rather unusual being so far up
My thoughts turned inexorably to the fish I had lost earlier and I knew I
must redeem my self.
I went to the house dressing quickly and grabbing my favorite pair of boots.
I then, went to the garage and got my favorite fishing pole and a bucket of
night crawlers. A couple of cold beers completed my list of essentials. I
walked quietly down the driveway and soon gingerly picked my way across a
cattle guard. The wind softly sighed in the tall grass bordering the road.
The far off call of an owl was followed by the yipping of a pack of coyotes.
I smiled in satisfaction, knowing that when the animals are so active that
the fish would be biting well.
I walked on the left side of the road, tapping the ground lightly with my
fishing rod every ten or fifteen feet, so as to find the trail leading down
to the river. After about a quarter mile, I was rewarded when I tapped a
wide smooth spot.
I turned left atnd started striding confidently down the trail. My
confidence evaporated when I heard the soft but constant sounds of grazing
cattle. It was a large herd of holstein cattle and the herd was made
complete by a large and aggresive bull. Undaunted I continued down the
trail, walking so quietly I could hardly hear my own foot steps. Soon I was
among the cattle. They continued to graze as if I weren't there. I prayed I
wouldn't run into one of them. I fought off catastrophic thoughts of having
to run from them. If I wasn't careful, I would fall in the river as the
river bank is at the end of the trail.
Soon I was passed the cattle and I slowed with caution. Soon the fruits of
my labor were rewarded, as I came to the end of the trail. The edge of the
river bank was over grown with weeds just a little taller but denser than
the grass.
I quickly baited my hook and cast my line about ten feet out from the shore.
Catfish come in to the shallow water to feed at night.
I opened a beer and was congratulating my self on the way things were going,
thus far. As I sat quiet, I felt the air temperature begin to drop. Then I
heard the rumble of not so far off thunder. My attention snapped back to my
fishing as something tried to tear the pole from my hand. It was so big it
almost pulled me from the edge, as I sat with my feet dangling over the lip
of the bank.
I fought the fish with all the skill of thirty years of experience. Soon I
had it close to the bank, I scrambled down the treacherous bank and stood at
the edge of the river. I brought the fish closer, I grabbed it through the
gills. In supreme disgust, I realized the fish was the biggest carp I had
ever caught. It was over three feet long, it weighed about twenty pounds. I
put it on a stringer and after securing it to a log, returned to my former
spot and rebaited. my hook.
A few fat cold rain drops began to fall. I soon had another bite and was
fighting another fish as it began to rain harder. This time when I went over
the bank to land the fish, I could feel the river rising, the current was
picking up.  I landed a fifteen pound catfish and added him to his companion
on the stringer.

I almost fell in the river as I tried to make my way up the bank. I was
soaked with water and my teeth began to chatter uncontrollably. But fishing
was so good I couldn't bear  to leave. I recast my line and waited in
huddled misery as the rain fell in buckets. A tremendous clap of thunder
shook the ground and the smell of ozone filled the air. There was a mighty
crash followed by a tremendous splash, about fifty feet to my left. I knew
that lightning had struck one of the big cottonwoods on the bank.
 Lightning is nothing to play games with. I have been struck  but that is
another story. I laid my fishing pole on the ground as not to attract any
unwanted electrical activity. I snatched it back as something tried to drag
it toward the river with a vengence. I landed another carp about three
minutes later. It weighed about ten pounds.
The rain started to slack off. As it subsided, a swarm of deer flies came
out and I thought this strange as it was probably four or five in the
morning. I eased carefully down the bank and grabbed the stringer of fish,
in preparation to leave. I tied the stringer of fish to my belt and pulled
it behind me as it was to heavy to carry along with all my other equipment.
The thick rich dirt of the river bottoms of the Dakota's become like gumbo
after the rain had subsided. Soon the return trail played out, I realized to
my horror I was lost. I walked on hoping for a miracle. I heard a rooster
crow in the distance and knew morning was fast approaching. I wanted to make
it home on my own steam so to speak. If the family got up and found me
absent they would
come looking for me which would be humiliating.
Soon I began to trek through thick grass, and tree limbs began to claw at
me. I slowed and reached out in front of me to find a barbed wire fence. I
followed it for about a half a mile. Now I was becoming really disoriented
and the fish I was pulling behind me seemed to weigh a ton. MY ego was
suffering from the rancor of being lost on my own farm.
I came to a hedge row made up of small but wickedly thorny trees. I ran into
one and scratched my face and forehead. I stood ,shoulders slumped forward,
a perfect study of dejection.
Then I heard a voice. It came on the breeze clear as a bell. "Brian",  was
the only word that was uttered. It came from a location approximately a
hundred feet off to my left.
My grandpa died when I was only five and my memories of him have dimmed with
time. However, I know it was him that spoke to me. I continued on in the
direction the voice had come from and soon to my amazement was standing on
the trail leading back to the road. Luckily, the cattle had gone to graze
else where. The rest of my homeward journey was blessedly uneventful. I
walked in to the farm yard around seven thirty by my braille pocket watch.
By this time I was carrying the stringer of fish triumphantly. I walked to
the back door. I wrapped smartly on it with a wet and muddy hand. My mom
soon opened the door. She regarded me in stunned silence.
Then she said that she had gotten up a few minutes before not to find me on
the couch. Knowing me all to well, she figured that I had gone to the river
to fish. I dropped the fish on the grass made soft by the rain. I was so
muddy and bedraggled I left my clothes outside and came in clad only in my
underwear. Then to my embarrassment pictures were being taken of me.
Imagine this, my family is so into photography, even I like to take pictures
of people and places. I am probably the only blind photographer if the
world. I told my story to the family, seated at the table, drinking one cup
of hot coffee after another.
I omitted the time when I heard grandpa calling my name, I didn't think they
would believe me. But when I look down through the years at this momentous
night, it is time my dear grandpa is given full credit for getting me home
that morning.
Since this event, my dear mom has passed to the other side and we don't get
up to the farm much any more. I have a picture of the fish I caught, and
will send it along if I can find it. When ever I hear distant thunder, it
always puts me in mind of a mystical night when my grandpa came back from
another land to get me home safely.
Thanks for your time and keep up the great work.

Seeing the Devil

By: RacinCarDaddy@webtv.net

in 1969 iwas asleep in our small apartment our son was 4months aso
asleep  i woke up looked out ito our inside porch and seen a devil i was
paralized with fear sweat pouring off me i prayed and every time i
opened my eyes he was there staring at me i woke my husband he turned
the light on told me i was dreaming iknew i wasnt so he slept onthat
side of the bed the next night he also seen it  we moved the next week
later we found out the owner of that building had killed himself vears
earlier  i still get spooked when i thik of it

By: neroshni@yahoo.com


Punk Ghost

When I was 19, I used to frequent a sort of
"underground" club in Amarillo, Texas, where punk
bands from all over the country would come and play.
It was a place for "the freaks", where you could watch
a band or see an art exhibit by local artists.  One
night while I was watching a band, I met a kid named
Brian.  He looked pretty normal at the time, except, I
guess, for the safety pin in his cheek!  He was really
nice and only about 15 years old.  I would see him at
all these shows and he was always so friendly and
would give me a hug.  Eventually, the club shut down
and I rarely saw Brian, but over the next few years
his look became more extreme.  One time, he had a red
and black mohawk and wore a leather jacket with studs
and a studded dog collar around his neck.  A Dead
Kennedys shirt and combat boots would complete the
look.  This look intimidates alot of people (I
personally always thought it looked COOL and only
wished I had the nerve to look that way myself!), but
Brian was always so friendly that you just couldn't be
freaked out by him.
Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter, I saw
him last in 1997 and he was all grown up (19 years
old) and had a bright green mohawk and was as sweet as
ever.  A couple of weeks later, he was run over in a
parking lot after a fight between "the punks" and "the
jocks" broke out.  He died (horribly, from all
reports) in his brother's arms.  I was at a friend's
house.  She had been with me last time I saw him and
was so glad to meet him because I always talked about
him.  Her stepfather was watching the news and we
heard Brian's name, so we ran in there to see what
they were saying.  I just couldn't accept what they
were saying, that he was dead.  We were numb the rest
of the night.
When my friend took me home that night, I was walking
up to my door and I thought to myself, " Brian,
wherever you are, I just hope that you're okay."  All
of a sudden, there was a shooting star, just as I
finished my thought!  Coincidence?  Maybe it is, but I
took it as a "sign".  That night, I was laying in bed
thinking about him and wishing I had seen more of him
recently and wishing I knew more about him.  When I
slept, I had another of my vivid dead-people dreams,
which I talk about in the story titled "Aunt Theresa",
also on this site.  I didn't talk to him, but a
biography had ben written about him and it told all of
these things about him.  In the next few weeks, I
found out that some of these things were actually
I have dreamed about him off and on since that time.
In August of 1999, the guy who murdered him went on
trial.  He was a "jock", and I guess his family had
connections or something.  They basically put Brian on
trial, rather than the guy who ran over him on
purpose!  The guy got off with a manslaughter
conviction and 10 years probation.  I had
half-expected it, but was still beside myslf with
grief and rage.  When I slept that night, I saw Brian
and he held me in his arms for a long time and I just
got the feeling that he was saying "It's alright".
When I woke up I felt more at peace with the whole
I guess it is ridiculous that I think I communicate
with this guy that I wasn't very close to, but my
dreams of him always leave me feeling happy and
peaceful.  I am SURE that there is more to it.
Anyway, as far as another experience with a closer
friend....This story was relayed to me by someone
else, so I don't know the details or how much of it is
hearsay.  There is a couple from the "freak" scene
that are married and one of their friends told me
this.  The woman was pregnant when Brian was killed
and gave birth sometime shortly after.  She and her
husband lived in, I think, an upstairs apartment, and
Brian's brother lived in the downstairs.  All I
remember being told is that the woman was feeding her
son or putting him to bed one day and she felt a hand
on her shoulder, like when a person comforts you.  But
there was nobody there!  The person who relayed this
story to me said that they thought that it was Brian,
checking on his friends and their new baby, and his
brother who lived downstairs.

My Personal Ghost Story

By: ShellyBHarper@aol.com

I feel knida silly about writing this, but why not.
As long as I can remember I've always "known" things, just like my father.
When a terrible tragedy happens I tend to have "a feeling" just before it
happens (like with the Oklahoma bombing and the shooting in the Colorado high
school).  The same wierd things have happened to both my father and I in the
house I grew up in (my mother and younger brother are a bit more skeptical).
We have often seen things coming out of the master bedroom from the corner of
our eyes.  At one time both of us saw the same thing by the back door from
different rooms.  Once I swear that I saw my mother come from her room and
disapper behind a wall only to see her come out of her room again just two
minutes later.  My father often sees things in the kitchen, like a black mass
floating about.  The only encounter that I have had in there was one night
when I was washing my hair in the kitchen sink and I felt my dog put her
cold, wet nose to my leg.  Turning around to push her away I found that I was
alone.  Quickly I grabbed the towl and left.  Another time my family and all
pets were outside hanging out together enjoying the warm weather right about
sunset.  I went inside to get something from my room and while I saw in there
something happened.  The room was mostly dark and the light from the living
room cast a shadow along the bedroom door.  While standing in the bedroom,
out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow (shaped like a bent arm, elbow
first) come out of the larger shadow along my door.  I turned my head and
looked straight at it.  Still there!!  All alone, I knew that to get out of
the house I'd have to run in the direction of where it came from.  Well, I
made it out alright.  The biggest thing that happened to me was in June of
'91.  I was sleeping in my room one Saturday morning and my brother came to
wake me up.  We were to go looking for a kitten to adopt.  I didn't like the
idea of him waking me up on a Saturday morning and after exchanging a few
words with each other he left and I tried to go back to sleep.  About two
minutes later I "felt" someone come into my room.  Thinking it was my brother
I told him to leave me alone.  The presence kept getting closer and closer to
my backside to the point that it leaned on my bed causing me to roll
backwards.  I tried to hit whatever it was with my arm but kept missing it.
I turned around only to find no one was there, or in my room for that matter.
 Everything stopped.  Whatever it was had left.  I never felt threatened by
any of this until after I moved out.  I was visiting one weekend and my
brother and I were hanging out in the living room.  I started to drift off to
sleep ( to the point that I couldn't open my eyes but was still aware of
everything around me) when I felt like something was standing over the sofa
watching me.  Whatever it was it was mean, angry and dangerous.  I felt
terribly wrong and very frightened!!!  Too scared to open my eyes ( but now
very much awake) I asked my brother if someone was standing by the sofa.
Thinking I was completly nuts he said no.  I didn't believe him!!!  Asking
again, and looking even more stupid, I got the same response.  What now?!!!
I was so scared.  I thought, ok, I'll just open my eyes and if something
happens I can always scream and my dad will rescue me (my brother was a lost
cause).  When I did open my eyes everything stopped.  It was gone.  My father
on the other hand has seen a ghost face to face in the house.  He said that
it was a "Green Lady," very ugly staring at him as he slept.  Like any other
person he closed his eyes and prayed for it to go away.  There are SO many
more things to share but this should be enough for now.  Enjoy!
For all of you out there who have experienced these things, don't you find it
facinating?  I do, except for that one time.

New Mexico Haunted House

By: lilithfairian@aol.com

 In October of '77, my grandparents decided to move from Cincinnati, OH to
Deming, NM. They were going to buy a house once they got there. They chose a
very nice-looking white adobe two story home with a balcony running along the
front of the home. Not long after they moved in, they noticed some unusual
occurrences. Doors opening and closing by themselves. Things missing, then
reappearing in some strange location later. The house had somewhat of an
unusual design in that there was a fake fireplace in the living room and a
large bedroom sized area upstairs that served as a hallway between the two
bedrooms. It also contained the door that led to the balcony with stairs that
led down to the backyard.. Frequently, a cheap, metal dining room chair left
in the guest bedroom would be relocated into the large "hallway." It hadn't
been moved by either of my grandparents. Strange noises could be heard in the
home when the person was alone. When my Grandfather decided to give the fake
fireplace a new surface, he discovered an old black and white photo of
himself and my Grandmother in front of the home. The year looked to be about
1950. They didn't see this home prior to the year they moved to New Mexico,
1977. They had never posed for it. After living in the home for about a year,
they decided to move to Arizona. When they announced this at the dinner table
to my Mom, sister and myself, the kitchen door slammed shut SO hard, the
glass window shattered. A short time later, I was left alone in the house to
do some cleaning and packing in preparation for the move. I could hear noises
upstairs and they had a definite "person/people" caused sound to them,
something solid. Knowing the balcony had stairs that led down to the yard, I
was afraid someone had snuck into the home. Being only 9 yrs. old, I was
getting frightened. I went upstairs and found nothing amiss. I returned to my
chores downstairs but the noises continued. Knowing for certain I was Not
alone, I told whatever "it" was that I would leave it alone if it would leave
me alone. Nothing more happened, but I didn't want to stay there alone
anymore so I called my Mom to come get me. When the neighbors found out my
grandparents were moving, they said that they weren't surprised. "No one ever
stays too long because of the ghost." This was 1977-78. Since then, I have
talked to two other people, one in 1984, the other in 1988, that know of this
home. My husband has also come across one man, in 1991, that had spent a week
in the home around 1985 and could describe it's unusual layout, complete with
faux fireplace. These other people brought up the house first as it was
around Halloween and we were telling each other ghost stories.

I Hear Things

By: JuneBabe0601@aol.com

When I was 3 years old I had one of those matel play phones, and I would play
with it a lot. Well for a couple nights, my mom said I would be having a
conversation with someone. And everytime I would get off the phone I would
say I love you to that person. My parents started to get worried. On the last
night I talked to that person, the last thing I said was I will, and I love
you. I got off the phone, and I told my mother that Grandpa says hi and that
he loves us all and he's watching over all of us. Everytime I think of that
day, I cry my eyes out, cause all I want to do is actually talk to him again,
cause I never met him and I love him so much.
Okay...it all started when I was about 10 or 11. We had just moved to
Evansville Indiana when I was 7. Well, one day my dad was home alone and was
watching t.v. on the couch when he felt a cold hand touch his shoulder. The
next thing that hapened was when all of our cats and dogs just stared down
the hallway. When we would put our hands in front of their faces, they would
just move their heads so they could see whatever they were seeing. One day I
was sitting in my room watching t.v. I used to have this tall cabinet in my
room. It was wide open, cause I was listening to the radio earlier in the
day. Well, as I was watching t.v. I turned to look at the doorway cause I
suddenly felt cold. I looked around and didn't see anything that would make
the room suddenly cold.
As I was coming around to put my attention back to the t.v., that cabinet
door slammed shut. Now no windows were open so there was no way it could have
been blown shut. Something or someone had shut it. When I was 12, more things
started to happen. My mom was alone one night, and she was in the kitchen I
guess working on the bills, when she heard old time music coming from the
fireplace. No one else was home, so it didn't come from either me or my dad.
Things really only happen when someone is alone in the house.
Not long after, my father and I were in the living room, watching t.v. when
the channels just started changing. Well, at first me and my dad thought the
t.v. was just screwing up. So we turned it off for a little bit, and we
turned it back on. It started again. We just ignored it and it finally
stopped. When I turned 14, which was last year (99), when either my dad was
home alone, or when I was home alone, the front door, would just burst open.
Now we know we shut and locked the door, it just bursts open, and it still
does it. Nothing really hasn't happened since then, but when I'm alone at
home I still feel like I'm being watched. I'm 15 now almost 16, and I still
have no clue who is haunting this house. But I do have an idea of who it
could be. Back in February of '78, my grandfather died of lung cancer.
Whenever I stay at my grandmothers house I hear things in the middle of the
In the t.v. room in the very back of the house, there is a fireplace in
there. Well, my grandma will have it on during the night cause me and my
cousins Nathan (18) and Zach (14), sleep back there. Well during the middle
of the night it will get really cold back there. Before my parents and I
moved into the house we're currently living in now, we moved in with my
grandma and my step grandpa.
Late at night I would wake up and see someone walking down the hallway. I
would get really scared so I had my dad go check it out. He never did find
anything. When we finally moved into our house we found out from our
neighbors, that the family that lived here before us, moved out because the
husband had died. Now I don't know if it's him or my grandfather.

Mama's Haunted house?

By: blue_chick24@yahoo.com

This story begins with my grandparents house.You see,i
believe their house was haunted.They lived there for
about 20 years,and it was 35 years old.
Now,whenever i went over to spend the night,i heared
things at night.I honestly heared someone walking
around upstairs.Their house was a twostory house,and
bedroom was located near the entry beside to slideing
doors which lead to the front door and the stairs were
directly in front of the door when you walked in.
One night,i had watched a movie,and was ready for bed,
and had headed to my room.Now,i'm used to sleeping in
the dark,so i turned the light off.But soon,i heared
something walking.Then i heared creaking of a door and
it scared me,so i jumped up and fliped the light
Later on,the next morning,while my grandpa was
there,my grandma told me i was hulusinating.But after
he left,later in the afternoon,i pressed my grandma
on,and she told me two amazing stories.
The first was that she and my mother,had been home
alone once,and no pets,and they had heared a spoon
clank into the sink.But,when they went and
looked,there was no spoon to be found.
The second story was about my grandma.When one of my
grandma's rellatives passed away,they werent able to
tell the person good bye.And so that night,my grandma
woke up,and saw a dark figure standing beside her
bed.She said she wasnt able to see it clearly but was
sure it was him,the relative.Now i said why didnt you
tell grandpa,and she said she did,she screamed,because
well,when you wake up from dead asleep(dead like
deeply) then you can be surprised easly,and he woke up
fast,but it had already gone.She thought it could have
been a burglar untill he turned the light and she said
thats when she figured it was him.Now,i want to know,
when they bought that house,it wasnt very old.They
bought in in 1979.It was about 35 years old,and they
had it for 20years.

I Grew Up In A Haunted House

By: janice.d.lewis@gte.net

Hi, I am a 30 year old mother of three. And I probably wouldn't believe in ghosts if I hadn't lived in a house with at least two ghosts or spirits for 16 years. We moved in the house when I was 4, and right away things began to happen. Nothing really major at first. Things would be moved or just disappear completely. I could say out loud "OK put it back I need it " leave the room then come back and it would be on the corner of my dresser or on my pillow. I didn't say anything to my parents about this until I heard my mom doing the same thing one day. I guess I was about 7 when I started to feel like I was being watched, almost all the time. When I was in my teen years , 14 or 15, I was afraid to take a shower because I never felt like I was alone. I could never see anything but I would get glimpse in my peripheral vision. The room my brother and I shared when we were children used to be the dining room and the wall to the back of the house ,after the add on, was always cold and I was always afraid something was in the wall like another dimension or something. Then when I was in my teens my grandmother told me she had been to a funeral in that house when she was younger and the body was on a "death table" at the same wall. I know it must seem like I am just rambling on and on , but so many things happened in that house its hard to tell everything. I would hear voices when I was the only one in the house. And when I would come home from middle school ,I was the first one home everyday, I would feel like I was interrupting something. and the doors would be wide open. At the end of our stay there things began to change from bad to worst. We turned the back porch into a bed room for me ,the other side of the before mentioned wall, my  door would close on its on and at times I couldn't open it. The feeling of being watched intensified. and I grew afraid to be in the house. Almost every night I would hear someone talking and saying my name . I could make out my name and sounded like the voice would say "Tammy, wake up you have to leave" I kept hearing it until the day my Dad said we were moving that night I didn't hear the voice but all of the electrical things in my room kept going on and off and my clock/radio couldn't keep time. It would jump back and forth between 12:15 am  and 2:30 am and every where in between. When we moved out I worried that I would follow me. There has been one time when I was scared in this house we live in now . I pass our old house everyday going to town and coming home. This one day I had to come home from work on my lunch break And when I passed the old house I got a terrible head ache, I got home done what I came home for and went back out to my car. I noticed the second I got back in the car my head started to hurt again. As I got close to the driveway of the old house, I slowed down and started praying the Lords prayer out loud right in front of the house .I mean in front of the front door my head stopped hurting and I was no longer afraid. We move from the house when I was 20. And there isn't enough money in the world to get me to go back in that house.

Sisters Story

By: nowimnothing16@hotmail.com

   This is something that happend to my sister a few years back, she told me
that one night at around 3am she woke up to go get a glass of water, our
hallway is very narrow and long, so anyways she opens the door of her
bedroom and starts walking towards the stairs, she said her eyes where shut
because she was half asleep, so about half way through the hallway she
opened her eyes and saw a figure that looked like a little boy, she closed
her eyes and froze, she thought it was my younger brother and called out
"Peter" but when she opened her eyes noone was there, she went to look into
my brothers room and he was sleeping. Ever since that incident happend, very
rarely I hear weird noises at night, they sound like someone tapping on thin
sheet metal. Thanks you for your time.

Haunted Baseball Field

By: PDL147852@aol.com

When I was in my early teens back in the eighties my friends and I would
frequent this oasis of ours. Our small town is on the outskirts of a large
city but we had this spot which was a thick woods with an open field and
several baseball fields on the other side. These fields could be accessed
from a long thin road coming in from the highway but it was easier, and
cooler, to come in out of the woods. This area had a reputation a mile long
things like people would disappear in the woods at night, rituals would take
place here or that gangsters from the city would bury there murder victims
back there in the 20s when this whole areas was nothing but woods. I don't
know if any of that happened but finding several arrowheads back there the
rumor that it was Indian land was prabrably true. The cops used to patrol the
field on horseback during the day and sit back in a squad car in the dirt
parking lot at night. I heard they don't do that anymore, wonder why?Maybe
they saw what i saw, here's the tale. It was late summer early fall and Iand
my usual friends were back there just doing what we normally do, playing
catch with the football, throwing rocks etc. The sky was starting to redden
it would be dark soon and if the cops caught you there after dark it wouldn't
be pleasant. We started to head for the woods. I was at the back of the pack
with the sun being behind us. All of a sudden the sky seemed to darken by
several shades all at once. The boys turned in unison to look at me then they
all together ran into the woods. I thought they were being funny until I
turned around. About 40 ft. behind me and 10ft. off the ground back in the
fields was this motionless siloutte of a black figure. I could distinguish no
features but it looked like a mummy with a blowing cape and outlined by the
setting sun. I opted to run to the left following the long road to the
highway. I hadn't run that far that fast before or since, even when I was
preparing to join the Marines. I had not thought about it or talked about it
ever not even with those who saw it. Then in the 90s in the most unsuspecting
of places I was reminded. When Maddonna's 'Ray of Light' album came out the
first video was of the song Frozen. Twards the end of the video she is a
computer graghic floating in the deset sky. When I saw this I almost sh*t it
scared me so bad with it's dead on familiarity. This Halloween I told the
story to some new friend and they made me drive them down that long road to
the park. I drove to the entrance but refused to go in, they were mad at me.
This wasn't the first or last thing I would see that was ghostly in my life
but it was certainly one of the wierdest.

Grandma's Visit?

By: msmith@in.net

It was about ten past three, and I had to pee. So, I fumbled in the dark, pulling on my bathrobe to make the trek. Our downstairs bedroom  was located at the opposite end of the"L" of the house, and the bathroom nearly at the other end. Pretty much bedroom, living area, make the bend into the kitchen, hall to utility room at far end with bathroom off of hallway.  My cat, Max usually hangs out in or near the kitchen.  Nothing unusual up to that point.  I was finishing up washing my hands at the basin, when I just happened to glance up into the mirror. I should tell you that the mirror is situated such that you can see around the corner into the utility room, and "no," I didn't "close" the door-it's the middle of the night!  When I looked up, I saw a white, misty figure in the utility room. "No way!" I thought, so I looked away, into the sink...I stood there for a minute or two, confused, drying my hands, before I looked back up. Well, I realized I wasn't "dreaming," when I saw it was still there. I heard myself say "Wayyy..."  This brought Max running in to see what I was doing. I will never know if his "grouchy" meowing was because of the image, or not, because he is naturally a growly kind of cat.  So, at this point, I can't very well spend the rest of the night in the bathroom. I figured Max is a twenty pound Main Coon, and that should count as some form of protection?  I picked him up, and stepped into the hall. So, I stood there for just a couple of seconds before I turned to look into the utility room. Enough time for Max to growl, bury his head into the crook of my elbow, and proceed to thrash me with his tail.  Well, it was STILL there!  About eight feet away, in front of the fuse box--I could just make out that it was a figure, around five feet tall, seemed to have a suggestion of glasses, or else really big eyes...either billowy due to a dress, or just because the body was so indistinct. No reason, but impression that it was somehow feminine. Detected no "malice," but needless to say, I was still freaked out. I don't know how I had the wits about me to say out loud, " Please go away, you're scaring me. I don't want to see you."  The figure, which had been vascillating between transparent, and somewhat opaque, then slowly seemed to dissolve--the eye glasses/eyes remained the longest. The whole episode couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes, at most.  Anyway, "Max-the-protector" and I BACKED away through the house to the bedroom, where I didn't get much sleep the rest of the night! For a couple of weeks afterwards, out of the corner of my eye I would catch the eyelasses/eyes only moving around in the utility room at the end of the hall at night. It seemed as soon as it noticed me looking, it would quickly vanish.  Of course my husband was on utility room laundry duty for a few months afterwards...he thinks I was "dreaming" anyway.  After I got over the initial "freak out,"  I realized that all of this occurred within  the month after my Grandmother passed away (she wore glasses, too.)  I have also come to believe that the utility room, especially with the fuse box, would be the ideal electrical environment for that sort of activity.  All of this happened over fifteen years ago, and since we've had no further "incidents," I prefer to think of it as a visitation, not a true haunting.  Maybe Grandma's "goodbye"?   P.S.-- Max is still my" kitchen vigil cat."  He is seventeen now, and I like to think he'll stick around after he's passed on...

Ghosts House

By: tandp1966@netzero.net

I use to live in redford Michigan on 9959 marion, my house is haunted.  The reasons are that a lot of weird stuff happend there.  Once I was babysitting a little boy and no one was home except me and my friend and her brothers.  We were all in the basement watching a movie.  Then the 3 year old boy I was babysitting said he ws going upstairs to the middle floor to get adrink of water so I said ok.  Me and my friend already new the house was haunted and she said that she had seen someone in a blue dress.  I got scared after awhile because the little boy was'nt back  for a while so I decided to go upstaires to see what he was up to, but he was'nt there instead he was on the staircase and said that he was following the girl in a BLUE dress that dissapeard upstairs. Then I got really scared and knew for sure that my house was haunted.  My best friend andmy two brothers all said they seen someone too.  At night it was hard to get to sleep because every time I tryed to sleep I would hera banging on my closet.  Once a doll hand moved and pointed to the closet and once when I was little I  heard someone say don't look toward the closet when I was sleeping.  Every time I slept toward the closet I would have the same scary dream that I was in my closet and i found a secret door that had a staircase and upstaires were dead  people, once I was in my room a said if this house is haunted then put I want to be with you on and what do you think happend, it came on the radio.  Once I was sitting on my bed reading and all of a sudden this nicknack rolled on the bed of my shelve and the head fell of.
   Many other thing's happend to but I can't say everything,  I soon realized that my whole neihberhood was haunted!  The same thing's wre happening to other people liveing there.  Cold chills,seening people, and other thing's.  So me and my best friend went to are small town cematarey and then I seen the girl everyone was talking about.  Then we Heard ascream and ran

Childs Birthday Party

By: trishwhelan@roadrunner.nf.net

I had an experience at a childs birthday party with on ghost caught on
video.  I was fooling around with the camera and scanned past a window and
kept taping, I later viewed the video and there appeared to be a man looking
in through the window. He appeared to be wearing the clothes of a fisherman
or someone who might have been at sea.  He had a big coat on with buttons
down the front and a sowwester (fishermans hat) on.  It was more like an
apparition than an actual person.  I was not sure what I was seeing so I had
three other people looking at it as well and they did see a heavy set man
staring back at us. He was only there for a few seconds then he appeared to
step out of the window. After that the tape somehow snapped the next time we
tried to show someone. We thought it was my grandfather and my cousins
greatgrandfather because he died before he got to see them.  We said he came
back to visit them on their birthday.  He was a fisherman and he died at see
while fishing.  So there you go, that's my story and I will say it happened
until the day I die. I do believe there are other things out there other
than us, whether it be ghosts or
U F O' S or aliens.  I would think there would have to be more intelligent
life beyond what we have on earth.

The Old People

By: richardsims1@netscapeonline.co.uk

One night i woke up at about 3.00 in the morning and i was staring at
the wall trying to get to sleep when i saw an old man and an old lady.
They just appeared out of knowhere. They were a tranceparent blue colour
and they were linking arms. Suddenly a cool freezing cold breeze came
over me and they dissapeared. I was so scared that i couldnt move. It
was like i had been frozen and held back as if they didnt want me to run
and get some help. It was the scariest experience of my life.

 My Ghostly Experiences Part 1

By: Rogue6173@aol.com

I have had several experiences over the last 27 years.  I believe I submitted once to your ghost page.  But you didnt put mine up.  So I thought I would give it another shot.
I will start way back to when I was 4yrs old.   I remember that I was sleeping pretty heavy and I was woken up as if my body was sliding up inside of me.  I dont know what to make of that.  I guess I always chaulked it up to an out of body experience.
On early NewYears Day morning in 84 I was sleeping over my brothers gfriend and families home.  My mother was sleeping.  But she had a few it being NewYears and was out like a light.  I was laying there in the dark awake still from all the excitement and I heard a man say my name.  I can tell you I never expected and that scared me quite badly.  I hardly dared to go turn the light on cause it was in the general direction of the voice.  Chills for an 11 yr old.
Only 3 yrs later we were living in a very old neighborhood in a house some cabdriver called the haunted house.  Everyone always thought she was mentally ill.  But she seemed quite scared.
Well one night around midnight I was sleeping and my grandmother was sleeping in the next bed.  I woke up and looked over the bed and there was what looked to me a sheet so I reached to touch it.  I dont know why.  So the minute I did it snapped back really quick.  When I looked back over the bed it was back.  It took me some courage to turn the lights on.  A few hours later my grandmother woke up cause the light was on and wanted to know why.  She knew something happaned she looked at me really wideeyed.  And understood when I said I was sleeping in the living room with the light on til my mother came home and I crawled in with her.  I searched the next morning for the cause of it but to no avail it was no sheet that I could find.  We have our sheets tucked in hospital corners.  So there was no way that was it
I have so much more I probably should wait on them though and maybe send them in later.
Thanks for listening to my stories.

 Freaky Story

By: gorakja@meritorauto.com

     It was in the early 1900's, so my mother tells me, and her mothers
uncle or great uncle died, he was a small child and he tripped and hit his
head on a iron stove.  They thought he was dead, so they went on with the
funeral arrangements.
       All we know is that he was a small child and back then they use to
have the coffin in the home to bee seen, also there was a small glass
window in the front to see the persons face.  She told me that after
everyone left the house, a man would come and tidy up, make sure is it
presentable for the next day, and this went on for four days before he was
buried  Anyway, the man who cleaned him up had to change his diaper because
it was went and he would also have to clean the glass because it had fog on
it.  They buried him anyway, and now we think he was buried alive.  We
think he might have had a concussion, back in the days they didn't have the
technology like they do now and maybe didn't know.

Creepy Feelings

By: Anonymous

My experiences range in intensity.  I suppose I should start by saying
that my Grandmother (so I've been told) used to hear and speak with
spirits all of the time.  My sister claims to be able to do this also.
I know that on occasion, my mother and brother have seen ghosts in
places that we have lived at.  I don't see them like they do, but man do
I feel their energy! This could be long, so please bear with me.
My mom, brother and I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment.  I hated to be
alone in that apartment, because it just felt creepy.  But being a latch
key kid most of my life, I was forced to be there alone quite often.  I
didn't understand it, but it felt like I was always being watched.  I
didn't feel like I was in danger, but I didn't like that feeling of
being stared at constantly either.
My mother and I had to share a room because my brother got the other
room to himself.  One morning about 1:00 or 2:00 am, my mother woke me
up with a scared tone in her voice.  She said "who are you and what do
you want" and then she let out this blood curdling scream that I'm sure
scared the hell out of our surrounding neighbors in the apartments next
door.  I know that I was awake and staring at her while she was talking,
but the minute she screamed, I threw the covers over my head (like that
was going to save me) and laid there all freaked out, with my heart
pounding out of my chest. The next morning she told me that she saw a
transparent lady standing in our doorway staring at her.
The next night my brother said that he was laying in bed when he
suddenly woke up to see a lady walk into his room (which was across the
hall from our room) and then disappeared behind his door.  He told me
that he had seen her a few more times after that.  We didn't stay there
very long after that.
After we moved, I was one of those know it all (stupid) teenagers that
no one could tell anything to.  I had all of the answers.  I managed to
marry at 17 years old to an abusive man (22 years old).  We moved in
with his mother (that sucked) who was very religious.  The house was
owned by his brother who resided elsewhere.
This house was so creepy.  You could open every window in that house and
it was still dark and creepy.  I hated going down the back hall, past
the stairs to the basement and to the back wash room.  The hairs on the
back of my neck would stand up and I would be covered with goose bumps.
I chalked it up to an overactive imagination until one night.
I was pregnant with my first child.  My then husband and I were asleep
in bed.  I got that creepy feeling again of being watched as I slept and
then I was sent into total consciousness by the feeling of someone
shaking me.  I squinted my eyes really tight because I knew it wasn't my
husband, because I moved my hand to feel if he was still next to me (he
was).  I felt like whatever was shaking me was also trying to get my
eyes open and I kept resisting. There was no way I wanted to see
whatever it was. I was soon bouncing off of the bed from the shaking. I
started praying and after a couple of seconds, it stopped shaking me and
I grabbed my ex-husband's hand and I could feel him going through what I
He finally stopped the shaking and never once did he wake up.  I finally
managed to go back to sleep, terrified the whole time.  The next morning
I jumped out of bed and flew out of that room.  When my ex came in he
told me what had happened to him and told me that when he started to
pray, it all had stopped.  I asked didn't you feel it happening to me
first?  He told me that he was in a coma like sleep that he couldn't
wake up from it.  He had no idea.  About that time, we got a phone call
that his cousin was murdered in the early hours of that morning.
My ex-mother-in-law said that maybe it was the cousin trying to make
contact with the brother that didn't live there anymore.  The cousins
were close and that used to be his room.
Weird stuff used to happen in that house all of the time.  The
ex-mom-in-law was laying on the sofa watching t.v. one night after we
had moved out.  She wasn't asleep, so it wasn't a nightmare.  While
laying there, she described a dark shadowy thing that resembled a pig
went up the wall, walked across the ceiling, stopped directly over her
and then dropped between her and the back of the sofa, almost trying to
push her off of it.  She started praying and holding on for dear life
and it went away.
I used to hate to go there for the family functions.  There were always
uncomfortable areas in that house.  Things would always disappear and
there was a lot of negative energy (for a lack of better words) in that
house.  I would walk over the threshold and it would hit me like a ton
of bricks.
I would come to make a realization that the negative energy might have
been comfortable with my ex.  When we would take Polaroid pictures in
that house, he would always have a red, wavy thing over him that seemed
to come out of the top of his head, almost like flames, but not really.
Mind you this didn't happen in all of the pictures, but any one that it
did happen in, no one else was affected, just him.
Later on in my life, after the divorce and a lot of turmoil from my ex,
I met and married a wonderful man.  A couple of months after we met, he
took me and my children to meet his family at their ranch on Christmas.
I was pretty nervous, but the family was so nice and his grandmother was
a real kick in the pants.  I could listen to her for hours.  She had so
many stories and she was just so full of life.  It was a real pleasure
just hanging out with her and playing scrabble.
When I first got there, I noticed a weird feeling down by the lower
cabin and I didn't know why.  I sloughed it off as no big deal.  Then I
experienced the wash house.  I knew that I didn't like that place, and
didn't want to go in there for anything, but again I sloughed it off.
Well, as it turns out there is a grave with a headstone out in back of
the lower cabin of a man named "Howard" and someone died in the wash
Grandma has since passed on and the last few times that we have been up
there, the energy has been incredible in certain areas.  The Grandpa,
Grandma, Howard and a baby of one of his cousin's is buried on this
property.  I believe there is quite a bit of activity (feeling wise)
there. Mind you, it's not negative, but it is really strong, almost
This place is in the middle of no where.  It is surrounded by 3 streams
that come together on the property and millions of trees.  We had to
stay in the bunk house over Thanksgiving.  (I didn't find out that
someone died in the wash house until Thanksgiving of this year).  It is
very dark in that area and I had to walk through the area that I feel
the most energy from, to get to it.  I was walking through the trees
with the flash light with my son and daughter close behind (they get
creeped out too).
As we walked past a tree, I caught what looked like a black cat out of
the corner of my eye, which ran past me on the right and I jumped back
and yelled to the kids who were on my heels "Watch out for that cat" and
the kids say "What cat?"  there was nothing there!  I freaked out and
ran to the bunkhouse!  The whole time feeling eyes staring at me from
the darkness.  The kids felt it too and let me know it.  "Can we go
now?" is all I heard.  They were intrigued, and yet scared at the same
time. They don't like to be in the main house alone and at night I have
to walk them up there and wait for them to go to bed. It's like the big
chicken taking the little chickens to someplace scary and then counting
the seconds until I can leave.
At that point, I decided that I was going into town the next morning to
buy a disposable camera with flash to see if taking pictures of the
areas I felt uncomfortable in, might yield something.  That night my new
husband and I took the camera around to those areas and I took a few
pictures of each spot.  It was only an experiment, and I wasn't prepared
to do a real study with more film. (I will be more prepared on
Christmas).  When I finally develop the film this week, I will see if
there is anything on there.  If so, I will send you a copy.
Anyway, that night, after we took the pictures and stayed up playing
cribbage with my father-in-law, we headed back to the bunk house.  Again
around the same area, the black thing ran by me again and I again
jumped.  my husband was in front of me with the flash light and I caught
that thing again out of the corner of my eye.  While we were laying in
bed, we heard heavy footstep around the bunk house, and it sounded like
someone was scratching down the sides of the cabin with a tree branch.
We laid there motionless at first, my husband saying "Are you awake, did
you hear that" at which point my eyes were open so big, I couldn't have
closed them if I had tried.  I of course said "yes" and he hopped up and
grabbed his gun (he's in law enforcement).
We didn't know if it was his dad playing a trick on us or it was a wild
animal.  He placed the gun by the door and slowly opened the door to
look.  There was no one or nothing out there and no trees were touching
the bunk house, nothing!  He came back in and laid down and said "that
was weird".  He told me that I had started to get him freaked out now.
One last thing before I end my long story.  On our wedding day, my new
mother-in-law took a picture of us after we were pronounced man and
wife. There in the picture is a white mist (no one was smoking during
the wedding) that looks similar to the ones on your web site.  The
location is supposed to be haunted by a murder victim.  I'll send a copy
of the picture to you if you're interested.
Well, that's it.  I will keep you posted if anything develops (no pun
intended) from the film of the ranch.  I will also be taking pictures of
Manzanar's cemetery at night.  We have visited there at night a few
times and it is supposedly haunted too.
I never ask anything of the spirits, I don't acknowledge them as to ask
questions or make statements.  But once in a while, I will get that
staring at the back of my head feeling and I will say "Stop it!" and I
feel the distance increase, once in a while, it goes away completely.
By the way, great web site! I feel better knowing that I can tell you
what I have experienced without being thought of as a psycho.

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