by 1jgd7119@unixstew.tstc.edu

Yes, sir. I have had an experience with a entity. Although I have no

pictures, please let me tell you the story.

I came home one night and sat on my bed. I removed my shoes, and they

hit the floor lying on their sides. A few seconds later, I looked down

and noticed one shoe lean up against the chair leg.In astonishment, I

freaked. I had never seen anything like it.

I found out that the house I was living in used to be a little chapel a

long time ago. After that, the place was used for a painting studio.

And a few years later, several dogs were acidentally killed in a

electrical fire just meters from the house.

Everytime I walk into the house, I get a cold sensation in it. I have

also felt feelings of pain and anguish when I entered the threshhold. I

can't explain it, but I believe the house has a restless entity(s)

roaming within.

I am no longer in this home due to unfortunate circumstances, but

everytime I think about it, it sends chills up and down my spine.

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My Ghostly Kin

by pkulas@iserv.net

I haven't lived for a great many years yet and have already had too many

ghostly experiences and I beleive that this may be only so far....

When I was 2 months old we moved out of our small apartment and into a 2

story, grey house That we call"The grey House" and everyone knows what

house we mean. This was, for the most part, my childhood house and like

any child I refused to go into the basement alone. I had was the middle

child of one brother(older than me by 2 years)and 1 sister(younger than

me by 2 years). We were really active,always playing and romping and

everything else. Our dining room was a good size and We weren'trich so

we didn't have alot of china or anything in there. It was cozy and there

was plenty of room to play.Very occasionally when I played in there I

would see, out of the corner of my eye, a little girl of about , oh,

anywhere from 8-10 years old. And she would do cartwheels. I never saw

her face but she had long hair and was wearing a dress from the

1800's.Everything about her pointed torward the 1800's. I also ,just a

few times saw a little chinese boy out of the corner of my eye-from

about the same time also doing cart wheels. when I saw them I always

thought that I was seeing things. We had an attic and the door was close

to my bedroom so at night I would hear things up there. Sometimes I

would imagine i heard a little girl giggling up there. There is one

night in particular that I remember (Even though it happened more than

once) getting up in the middle of the night and telling my mom I

couldn't get to sleep because the T.V. was too loud"I can hear them

giggling on their T.V., mom", I said. But the T.V. which was right by my

moms room wasn't on and she was in her room. I lived in that house

from the time I was 2 months until I was 10 years old. These things

happened up until the time we moved out when I was 10 years old. We

moved into an apartment which was for a very short time. In the first

week that we lived there, the four of us(My mom, sister Gina and Brother

Trever ,and myself)were sitting down on the couch together(on the floor

near it. The t.V. was off and it was night time so the lights were dim.

My mom said "since we're moved out of the Grey House now I can tell you

something. I didn't want to tell you while we were still living there"

She was even hesitant to tell us still but finally she did. She said

that while we were living there,from the time that we moved in , she had

these kind of experiences. she went on. I remember her telling us that

at times when us kids were outside playing she would hear a little girl

giggling upstairs.My mom said that that happened alot and she remembers

me coming downstairs that night complaining of the T.V. She said that

she would hear the little girl playing and giggles upstairs as if having

a little tea party with a friend. More times than others,she sayed,the

girl was alone but sometimes she wouls hear what sounded like a little

boy with her. The giggling was always heard in the stair way or upstairs

and ALWAYS with a dim light. Sometimes my mom would go upstairs and our

toys that we hadn't played with would be out or our bed that had been

made would look all jumped on and wrinkled up. And we either hadn't been

playing upstairs or hadn't been home to do it. This went on until one

time we were in the front yard playing and my mom heard her up there.

She decided that she was tired of it,and she didn't want us to hear it

and be scared so she confronted it.She said "-I've had enough, you can

live in this house with us if you want to but I am the parent and you

are the child and you are to behave yourself.I don't want to hear

anymore out of you" And from that time on -she didn't. Never heard a

peep.At this time (sitting on the couch in the apartment)my brother had

a very surprised look on his face. He said That sinca he can remember,

he would be playing in the dining room or something and would,out of the

corner of his eye, see aliitle chinese boy that looked about from the

1800's.And he would do cartwheels. These are the reasons I know that

what i saw and heard was real. It was a ghost.WE have talked about it

since and come up with different sinarios. We found out that our house

used to be a barn behind our neighbors house. It was as old as back in

the 1800's. So my favorite sinario is that the little girl was hiding

the little chinese boy stow away in her barn. One time they were doing

cartwheels in the hay loft and fell through. Maybe they would have

little tea party and giggle up in the loft. It has been years since I we

moved out of that house. We live in the next city now as we have since

about 6 months after we moved out of the grey house. Whenever we go to

that city I have my mom drive by the old house that I still miss. I

often wonder what ever happened to the kids. Do they still linger in

that house. What is there unfinished business? I hope to find out

someday. I have another ghost story from another house-not quite so

friendly and will be harder to tell but I'll try to find the time.

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Ambulance Ghosts

by ims@clo.com

My name is Walter and I am a Paramedic in Ajax,Ontario,Canada. It is a

foregone conclusion that our Ajax Ambulance Station is inhabited by

beings of a supernatural nature. Late at night usually around 3am, on

occasion, a few of the Paramedics have experiences with these beings.

These experiences range from toilets flushing, pots and pans being

thrown down the hallway from the kitchen, pillows flying through the

air, many occasions of something heavy "sitting" on people to the point

where these Paramedics are unable to get up from bed, shaking beds, loud

doglike barking in the ears of sleeping Paramedics while they are pinned

down (This incidence has only occurred once, and the Paramedic refused

to work at the station for approx.1 year). This is a summary of the

events that had taken place over the last 20-25 years. One Paramedic had

even quit his job because of these incidents. I hope this letter is of

interest to you, as these events are 100% genuine. I have the same

passion for ghosts as you do, and I thoroughly enjoyed your web site.

Historical Note: The Ambulance station used to be part of the hospital

in which, as part of my investigation, many people have


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Ghost in the Attic

by JJLA@snet.net

I'd like to share an experience my mom had that she has related to me a

couple of times when I was younger. When she was a young girl in the

late 1940's in Germany, she lived in an apartment with her parents and

two older sisters. She and her sisters shared a bedroom in the attic.

She said that on some nights, she would be visited by a monk-like figure

in a robe and hood who put his hands around her neck and try to strangle

her. She could never see its face, being obscured by the hood. She

always knew the nights when these visitations would occur because she

would be awakened by a light shining in her face, and would then hear

slow footsteps coming up the attic stairs. Too paralyzed with fear to

move, (or maybe by something else), she could only lie there and wait and

watch helplessly until it made its appearance. She even tried to

trick it one night by ducking down under the covers to the foot of the

bed, but it only lifted the covers at that end instead! Her sisters never

awoke to see what was going on, and she couldn't tell her parents (my

grandparents), who were very strict, and she might get punished for

"telling stories". The experiences didn't cease until they finally moved

away. To this day, it still bothers her to talk about it, but she has

considered going to a hypnotist to see if it really happened or not, but

she is a afraid it will somehow find her again.

Anyhow, this story always gave me the willies, as it's one of the the

only "firsthand" experiences I have ever heard, unfortunately. Except

for my sister's friend, who lives in an old house in New Milford, CT, and

who sometimes hears a ghostly baby crying coming up from the basement

from a hole in her fireplace. <<shudder>> :}

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My One Experience

by KaitlynD@aol.com

I have had just one short experience of my own to tell. It was at a friend's house which was very old and has recently been condemed and torn down. I was there one night alone house sitting. I should, before I go on with my story, explain the interior of this house. The front door led to a long hallway which had a set of stairs that led to the second floor where there were two bedrooms. If you traveled down the hallway past the stairs you would come to a door that led to the rest of the house. The living room was on the other side of the hallway wall. It was in the livingroom where I sat that night watching tv. It was getting late and I heard the front door open and close and footsteps go up the stairs. I then thought my friend had come home early. I went out into the hallway and up the stairs to her bedroom where I found the light and tv on but she was no where to be found. I knew that the light and tv had not been on earlier but I shut them off and went back down stairs with no real explanation of what I had heard and why the and tv was on. The whole night I just tried to rationalize hearing the door open and close, the footsteps up the stairs, and the tv and light being on; but I did not, after that night, have any further experiences. I did tell my friend when she came home of my experience and she asked me while grinning "you mean I didn't tell you the house was haunted?" I am sure that she just dismissed what I had told her but I can't dismiss what I experienced.

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Cloverdale's Ghost

by BRADDOCK@hershey.pvt.k12.pa.us

I don't know if you can really call these ghost incidents, but it was

enough to scare us. We live in Milton Hershey which is a private school

for social orphan children. I'm a houseparent's son so while the

students went to their real homes for vacation, I stayed there because

that was home to me. There was a rumor that a boy hung himself in the

attic of the house, but we could never get it confirmed or denied.

The first thing that happened was mom and one of the students were in

the house by themselves. They were both sitting in the kitchen when

they heard somebody run down the stairs, run back up and slam a door.

The student ran outside she was that scared and when dad got back he

looked around, but nothing was there.

The second thing that happened was the students were home on vacation

and mom was checking their rooms. It was dark out and as she walked

down the hallway she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around

thinking it was dad, but nobody was there. There weren't even any rooms

to duck into it was just walls.

There was a closet door upstairs that would never stay shut. We

would shut it, walk in a room and when we came back out the door would

be open again. The students would shut it and it still always came

open. We locked it, we put stuff in front of it, but it still came

open. It would stay closed as long as we stood there, but as soon as we

left, it would pop open again.

Probably the scariest thing happened in the basement. There is a big

room down there that is split in half. The ping pong table was on one

side and the TV and stereo were on the other. You had to walk through a

door into the ping pong side, then walk through an opening into the

other side of the room so there was only one way in. While we were

playing ping pong (there was four of us) the radio came on just long

enough for us to run around to the other side. Just before we came into

view of it, it shut off. We looked at it and here it was on tape, so it

couldn't have been playing the radio like it was. Like everything else

there was no one hiding or playing tricks.

The home has since been remodeled. We haven't had any problems since


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The White Dog

by katyc@ids2.idsonline.com

At eight years old I awoke in the middle of the night hearing a dog

barking in the back yard. I looked out a window in the back yard and

saw a white dog barking. I woke my mother and told her that whitey was

out in the back yard (she was out white pit bull). She asured me that

whitey was inside and brought her into the room. I told her that there

was a white dog in our fenced in back yard. She looked out the window

and said she saw nothing. I then had her turn off the light and look

again. She didn't see the dog. She then went back to bed and the dog

began to bark again. I looked out the window and saw the white dog

again. Until some years later I realized that the back yard was really

dark and unless the dog was lit up I couldn't have seen such a bright

white color. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had such a thing


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Ghost in Mansfield

by Billybobbo@aol.com

I am going to write a story relating to the college that I attended this past semester, Mansfield University in Mansfield, PA. This story is known by everyone who ever attended Mansfield. I hope it will give you the chills as much as it did to me!


There is a building on the campus called North Hall. This was built in the late 1800's & used as a female dormitory until it was condemned for demolition in the 1970's. The building was saved & opened as a multimedia library in the Fall Semester of 1996, filled with books & over 100 computers for students to use for writing term papers or for access to the Internet. Well, back in the 1910's (I'm pretty sure it was then), it was still being used as a female dorm. North Hall has a huge stairwell in the middle of the building that spans all six floors of the building. This has inspired many events, such as all the girls gathering at the stairwell on their respective floors & caroling, or maybe even someone telling a story, possibly one of the supernatural. Well, one evening, Sarah, who lived in North Hall & was a major of the piano & voice came to the stairwell. For no particular reason, she began to sing. This attracted many of the girls to the stairwell. They listened & some began to join in. Before long, just about all the girls were singing with Sarah, whose voice still remained supreme among them all. I do not know exactly how this next part happened. Either she was sitting on the banister of the stairwell (as many did. I''ve seen pictures) or if she was just standing too close. However, she hit such an awesome key in the tune she was singing that she put her total effort into it. This caused her to lose her balance & fall to the bottom of the stairwell. Sarah was killed instantly as she hit the hard-wood floors. There were reports that she sang the whole way down, not even letting death take away her beautiful pitch that she had accumulated that fatal moment. Well, it turns out that the image of Sarah's body never left that hard-wood floor. It was as if you could see an outline of where her body landed. The bottom floor of North Hall became carpeted soon! However, this could not keep Sarah out of North Hall. Throughout the rest of the century, people have reported seeing her in the building & from outside the building. There were also reports of a piano playing even after all the pianos in the building were transferred to the new music center. I guess that reports became too much for school officials, because psychic investigators have made a journey through North Hall on more than one occasion. During my stay at Mansfield, I was in North Hall on the Internet. I was having an enjoyable time. I hadn't had internet access before. Well, suddenly this strange feeling came over me. I got the chills very bad. For some reason, I had the feeling that someone was watching me. I turned around to see who was there, but there was no one. Well, I peered over the top of the study carroll behind me, but no one was there. I looked back along the row. No one! I looked forward. Again, no one! It was late at night & I was all alone on the southern wing on the fourth floor. I became so scared. I quickly packed my belongings & got out of there as fast as I could. I always felt weird there after that. I can't be sure if it was anything behind me. However, I wasn't about to give anyone or anything the chance to present themselves to me! This was the story of Sarah, the ghost of North Hall. Ask anyone who attended Mansfield about her. They'll be sure to tell you about her. Many people have seen her too. This is a believer!! So, believe it!

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The Man in the Barrell

by kmiller@kenrich.com

My story starts in 1969. I was five years old. My brother and I shared

a bedroom. Our twin beds were arranged side-by-side with the foot of the

beds facing our door which entered into the upstairs hallway. If you

were in our room and facing the doorway, to the right of the door hung a

picture of a map of the World. If you were laying in our beds, to your

right would have been our closet door. This was a walk in closet. I am

describing the layout so you can get a sense of how this all seem to

happen. Anyway, my bed was the one nearest to the closet door.

The first time I saw the man in the barrell, it was around 3:00 am. It

was a summer night in Iowa, not too hot, not too cool. I awoke and saw

something that has periodically haunted me to this day. I am now 32

years old. To describe this figure will take some work. The figure

looked very much like a troll. He appeared to be approximately 2 to 3

feet tall. He seemed to either be wearing a barrell or standing inside

it. His feet were exposed outside the bottom of the barrell and he was

wearing shoes much like that of an elf. The toes of the shoes curled at

the ends. At the top of the barrell, straps were connected and hung over

his shoulders. He had very sharp and long finger nails, dirty hands and

arms, jagged, sharp teeth, a very long dirty beard, and wore a hat that,

now as I reflect back looked like something from a Rumplestiltskin fairy

tale. The hat had a round brim and a long pointed top. His eyes were

eerie and piercing, a gray color with pupils shaped like a cat's but as

black as the devil's.

This troll figure appear at approximately the same time on each of his

visits to haunt me and was almost always floating in front of the map of

the World. He was pointing his finger at me, floating up and down very

slowly. He was laughing but no noise was heard. I can remember quickly

covering my head with my sheets during this first encounter. Hoping that

when I uncovered by head he would be gone and I would be dreaming. When

I removed the sheets from my head, he was indeed gone. However, for

about a period of year, from night to night, this man would return and I

would go through the same routine of covering my head. Usually, when I

saw him he would be in front of that map. On other occassions, he would

be to my right, in front of our closet door. Always, he was laughing and

pointing at me, never really talking or explaining why he was tormenting

me. No noise was ever made.

During many nights, just before I was fully awake, I knew he was there.

I didn't even have to look to know. I could feel his presence. Several

times, I would wake up my brother, yelling and asking my brother if he

could see him. My brother, older than me, would tell me to go back to

sleep as I was just imaging him. To this day, my brother can describe

in as clear of detail as I can, how this man looked. The reason he can

is because in the middle of the night, while I was looking at this man I

would describe him to my brother to convince him the ghost was there.

I had told my parents about seeing this man and asked them to remove the

map of the World from the wall as I felt this might have something to do

with seeing him. They took down the map but the man kept coming back.

I asked them to move me into what was our guest room. They agreed to my

wishes but things only got worse. In that room there was also a walk in

closet. If you can picture a clothes bar that was hung with "U" shaped

wall mounts, the clothes bar rested in those mounts connected to the

wall. One night a loud crash came from my closet, I ran to my parents

room without investigating first. I woke them and they went to my

room's closet. When they opened the door, everthing was laying on the

floor. The shelves that held my games and toys and the clothes bar and

all my clothes. How this all came crashing down, nobody knows, but I

have a strong suspicion it was the man I had been seeing. For several

nights from that day forward he would return to laugh at me and haunt

me. Although I haven't had visits from him since we moved from that

house in Iowa, I can still remember the chills he gave me.

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Contacting the Dead

by asthom@ieighty.net

A long time ago, when I was just thirteen years old, I had a terrifying

experience. My mom had died at a very young age, a few months earlier. I was so

devasted about my loss, I wanted to talk to my mom again, to see if she was alright

and happy. I know I was not happy. I was hanging around with my friends, not

doing much of anything, when one of them said they wanted to contact the dead.

My eyes opened wide to the prospect of talking to my mom again and I heard

myself saying, yes, lets do it. We planned our big night for the night of

Halloween. One of the friends parents were going out for the evening, we had the house

to ourselves. Their was eight of us and we were excited as the big night

approached. Around seven, that evening, we all entered the house, laughing and

giggling, thinking this would be kinda stupid, not wanting to make fools of ourselves in front

of the guy's, we sat around the huge oval table. Then the guy's said they needed a leader

of some sort, the one to do the talking and comunicating. I was a quiet shy girl,

who kinda sat in the backround, just watching my friends. (I was still crying over my

loss) Then to my horror, the guy's pointed at me and said I had to do the

talking. I begged and pleaded with them, to no avail, I lost that one straight away.

Well, we all positioned ourselves (me at the head of the table) and the

guy's on one side, the girls on the other.(one of the guy's was eighteen years old)

We all joined hands, with a candle burning in the centre of the table, we

started to laugh out loud. (nerves) This went on a few times, untill one of the girls

shouted out that we should not mess with the spirit world as they would get angry, then

we end up with an evil spirit. Concenrate, she shouted again. Ask only for

a good spirit, she told me. I said I was going to ask for my mom, my friend said she wanted her

Grandmother and another, their Uncle. But I started asking for my mom, in

my mind, as I was asking out loud for a spirit, a friendly spirit to come upon us.

I do not know whether I fell asleep or went into a deep trance, I do know I

was not with my friends at that time. I felt scared and my body was trembling and I

could not move. It felt like something or someone was holding my body down, frozen in

time. I could not open my eyes, I could not talk and I could not move. I honestly

thought I was dead. In the next moment, I felt like someone had slapped me hard, I

fell back out of my chair and stood up, rubbing my eyes, I looked up to see my friend

flying through the air. This room was twentysix feet long and no-one was holding

her. I looked around to see where everybody was and they sat in the chairs with

utter disbelieve on their faces, scared was not a word I could possibly use, for

what I seen their faces. My friend stopped above the T.V, still in the air, she looked

asleep, not knowing what was happening to her. She fell on top of the T.V, with a

sickening thud, but still did not wake from the comatosed state she was in.

How could she of not? I was horrorfied and scared, the spot I was standing in, seemed glued

to my shoes,not letting me move. My friend then lifted back into the air,

up to the ceiling and flew across to the side of the room and fell down

into the sofa. We all managed to move and ran towards her,the heavy coffee

table lifted of the ground and got thrown on top of her body. The eighteen

year old shouted,"What is going on" and lifted the table of her. My friend

then started to thrash out, as if to ward someone away from her and

shouting "NO,NO,NO, I promise, I will never do it again, please leave me

alone. I remember myself and a few others running out of that house, not

looking back, even the girls who lived in the house ran from it. I do not

know who stayed with our friend, but I do know that our group of friends

never talked again, about that night. We also did not play with the spirits again and never

returned to the house down my street. I will wait to talk to my mom, there

is a time and place for everything and everyone.

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The Tall Stranger

by StreetmanC@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us

My family has lived in West Central Georgia since the late 1820's and

this is a story I heard when I was a child, and it must have taken

place in the early 20th century.

Two of my young single male relatives had walked to visit someone one

Saturday night. On the way back home, on a sandy, unpaved country

road, they met a tall stranger. The moon was shining brightly, and

they saw him coming quite a few yards before he reached them. From

their description, he must have been at least seven feet tall.

When they neared the stranger, both spoke but he ignored them and

continued to walk on with his eyes straight ahead. They stopped and

turned in the road to watch him until he was out of sight, then they

continued on to their home.

The next morning after breakfast, they decided that such a tall man

must have taken some exceptionally long strides, so they went back to

the place where they had encountered him. They found their own tracks

where they had turned to watch the stranger go out of sight, but they

never found a single one of the tall, quiet stranger's tracks.

That's the whole story. They never were able to explain it but both

swore to the incident.

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