Bedroom Visitor


I had an experience with a nightly visitor that happened to me over 18 years ago that I am still trying to figure out if it was real or not.
I was ten years old at the time and I was living with my mom, my little sister (Danie), and my step-dad in a little town called Lebanon, IL. My mother used to work the afternoon shift (3pm-11pm) at a hospital in St. Louis and I always wanted to wait up for her, even though she wouldn't arrive until after midnight. On one of these particulat nights, my step-dad allowed me to wait up for her.
I tried everything I knew to help me keep my eyes open. Nothing helped. The next thing I knew, my step-dad was lifting me off the couch and carrying me to my bedroom. On the way down the hallway, I pleaded with him to let me stay up for her but he said that I had school in the morning and I needed my rest. He laid me down on the bed and covered me up. He then went over to my sister and put the cover back on her and he left the room, closing the door behind him.
I was mad at first but I quickly settled in and drifted off to sleep. I have always been a light sleeper. Any amount of noise and I would come completely out of my sleep. My eyes flew open when I thought I heard  the front door slam. See, at this time we lived in a small two bedroom apartment and any amount of noise was easily heard. The walls were so thin, if you put your ear to the wall in certain areas of the apartment, you could hear the entire conversation of the people who lived downstairs. Well, like I said, I heard the front door close and I thought it was my mom. I started to get out of my bed when I looked up at the door to my bedroom and there was someone standing in the corner!!!
It took me completely off guard. I started to wonder why was someone in my room just standing in the corner. Then I really started to look at it.  The room was completely dark and this thing was darker than the darkness, a shadow within the shadows. It was very tall. It started to just sway back and forth. The weirdest thing about it was that it had those strange reflective eyes like a cat. You know how when you shine light in a cat's eyes and they start to shine. That is exactly how they looked. I was starting to get really scared.
I laid back down in my bed and just stared at it. I watched it walk from the corner then over to my sister's bed. It had bent over and picked something up off of her bed and walked over to the foot of my bed and stood there for a little while then it walked back to the corner of the room by the door.  I was completely terrified. I was too scared to leave the room because it was standing by the door. I didn't want it to touch me!! So, I yelled out for my mom and my step-dad. It seemed like I was screaming at the top of my lungs, but no one came. Then it occurred to me that my sister didn't budge when I was yelling for our mother. It was like she was in a very deep sleep. I felt too paralyzed with fear to even reach over there a shake her.  When I started calling her name, the shadow walked over to Danie's bed and stood right beside her!! It looked as if it was kissing her cheek!!!  I then screamed for Danie to wake up. She started to stir a little and then she finally came out of her sleep.
I whispered, "Danie do you see someone standing by your bed?"
She looked puzzled. She got up on her elbows and looked around the room. "What are you talking about? I don't see anything. Stop all that screaming and go to sleep."
"You don't see anything! There is something in this room and it just kissed you on the cheek!"
"Shut up!"
She threw the covers over her head and refused to hear what I had to say. I pleaded with her to listen to me. I pleaded with her to go get mom, but she didn't want to hear it.
I then decided to talk to it. I asked it all sorts of questions, but it never answered me. Since, it wouldn't communicate. I told it to leave my room!! It just stood there swaying back and forth with those glowing eyes looking at me.  I gave up on Danie because she thought I was crazy. So, I just laid there in my bed and stared at it until I dozed off.
As soon as I woke up the next morning, you wouldn't believe what I saw!! Everything in my room had disappeared, even Danie!!!!!!!!!!!  When I say everything, it looked like we were robbed and someone kidnapped my baby sister!!!  I bolted out of my bedroom and ran down the hall to my mom's bedroom. I tried the doorknob, but it was locked. I banged on her door and screamed, " Someone broke in our house last night! They took Danielle! They took all of our furniture! Mama please!"  She finally came to the door and calmed me down. She said, "Erika, no one can get in here without knocking down the front door. Look at the front door, baby, it's bolted shut from the inside."  I was like forget that! I took her hand and lead her to my bedroom and I couldn't believe it!! Everything was back like it was and Danie was sitting up in her bed looking very frightened.
At that moment, I thought I was losing my mind. I know what I saw. Danielle proceeded to tell our mom about how I was scaring her and talking about it was a man in our room. My mother scolded me for making up stories but I insisted that it was true. The events of that night have bothered me to this day.
My mother and sister still talk about that night sometimes. They always ask me about what happened that night.  I have never changed my story. Something was in that room. I am sure of it.

An Unexplained Experience


Let me start by saying that I have never witnessed a ghost or any other
paranormal experience for that matter. I am not claiming now to have
witnessed a ghost but I have no reasonable explanation for what happened and
will let you be the judge.
On December 5, 2000, I accompanied my 28yr old son to Lockport Memorial
Hospital in Lockport, NY where he was to have surgery. I was in a basement
surgical waiting room and after about an hour I decided to go to the main
entrance of the hospital and step out side to have a cigarette.
Upon returning, I walked down the hallway leading to the elevator at which
time an elderly hospital volunteer dressed in the hospital pink smock that
the volunteers wear, entered the hall from an adjacent hall also walking
towards the elevator and was about 30 to 35 paces ahead of me. The volunteer
entered the elevator and turned and pushed a button for the floor that she
wanted and the elevator door began to close at which point I tried to hurry
to get in before the door closed but arrived at the elevator when the door
was only open by about 6". I decided to let it go and push the call button on
the wall outside of the elevator at the same moment that the door finished
closing against the door jam. When I pushed the button, the door immediately
began to reopen and I was about to apologize to the volunteer for delaying
her trip but was instead stunned to find the elevator empty. I stopped in the
doorway to examine the elevator and looked to the rear to see if there were
another door on the back wall as some elevators have. This was the only door.
The woman looked as solid and normal as any one else and I did not observe
anything strange prior to the incident. After having thought about it for a
while, I decided to check with other volunteers who worked there, giving them
a description of the woman and asked if they new where she worked in the
building. No one I spoke to knew the woman and from the description stated
that I must be mistaken about her working as a volunteer.
I have no reasonable explanation for any of this, but a woman in a volunteer
smock did enter the elevator and then disappear.

My Experience


When I was in high school we had a visiting presentator.  She read
auras.  I've never seen an aura to this day.  Anyway, she told me I
could speak to the dead if I chose because my aura was so white almost
clear.  I asked if I could choose not to.  Not really taking any of this
seriously.  I was writing my friend a note when she interupted me with
this news.  Years later I thought about what she said to me....
My oldest son had been born and we were living in Vancouver, WA.  His
dad's town.  His father and I (without my prior consent) rented a
duplex.  It was the other half of the building my son's father's brother
I didn't like Matt's (my son) room from day 1.  It was painted a peach
color and had two pretty good sized windows in it.  Even with the lights
on and the drapes open.  That room was DARK!!!!
I was always afraid of that room.
I should tell you we lived across the street from a cemetary.  I'm not
really sure that has anything to do with this, though.
I never shut my son's door as I was afraid of crib death.  I had him
sleeping in my room until he was 6 months old.  Awake every hour on the
hour.  He was now 8 almost 9 months old.
Anyway, I started noticing that I would hear voices at night in the
living room.  Like there was a party going on.  I couldn't understand
the words but just hear voices.  Several of them.  Nothing disticnt. I'm
a little hard of hearing so not understanding the words didn't shock
me.  That happens all the time.  The problem was no one but my young son
and I were there at the times.  I would also hear footsteps in my living
room.  Just going back and forth.
Well, my son's dad went to jail for 2 weeks at one point.  I had my
cousin staying with me.  She would have her boyfriend (also a friend of
mine) stay with her.  Being that they were young and single and
childless they partied alot.
I have to regress about a week.  One DAY I decided to take a nap because
my son had FINALLY fallen asleep.  I was in a stage between asleep and
awake when I heard someone distictly snoring on the floor of my
bedroom.  My son and I were, again, the only ones there.  I rolled over
and there was nothing there and the snoring stopped.  I rolled back to
my side of the bed.  It started again.  I rolled over again.  Nothing
again.  I decided I was scaring myself as I do have a very active
imagination.  I heard it again.  This time I held my breath as I lay
there thinking maybe it was just me, but no I could still hear it quite
clearly.  I rolled over again and it stopped again.  I decided to do the
About a week later.  At this point I'm sleeping with all the lights in
the house on at night.  I had finally fallen asleep.  My son was
sleeping in his crib as usual.  I don't know how long I had been asleep
but the next thing I new my cousin and her boyfriend were both in my bed
yelling, "Get up! Get up! Somebody's in the baby's room!"
I jumped out of bed ran to my son's door.  It was shut!  I opened it
grabbed my son and came back to my room.  I very angry with them for
shutting the door so I immediately started yelling at them about that.
They knew better!
I really looked at them then.  They were both white as sheets and their
eyes were just huge.  They both swore his door was closed when they got
home.  They said they had been laying in the living room watching T.V.
when they heard a rattling sound.  They looked up (my son's room was
right off the living room) and my son's door was rattling and the handle
was shaking like someone was trying to get out but couldn't open the
I moved two weeks later.
I did ask my son's aunt, who lived in the other half of the duplex,
about the footsteps and voices.  Of course, I asked before any of this
other stuff happened.  She had been there 2 years.  She said she heard
someone walking up and down her hallway all the time and she, herself,
had heard voices from my side of the duplex before we lived there.  It
had been empty for a month.  She thinks and ederly woman died of old age
there when it was just one home.  I don't know and I was NOT going to
wait to find out.
The presence in my son's room was not nice.  I always felt fear!
I've had other experiences but nothing like this.  I do thank GOD.


Ghost story?


About 2 years ago, my 2 year old daughter and myself moved into a mobile home
in Willis,TX.  My boyfriend had lived there for about a year and half and
before that an old man (landlord's father) lived in the trailer for 20 years.
 This mobile home was haunted.  Before I moved in my boyfriend saw an old man
walking down the hall a couple of times.  Well, when I moved in I knew right
away there was something in this place.  The first day, while I was still
bringing stuff to the house, moving in, a favorite ceramic cow skull I had
got broken while moving.  I was very dismayed about it , my boyfriend was
outside measuring windows and called me out there to help him.  So I went
outside and was telling him about the broken cow skull, when I came back in
it was fixed.  You could still see the crack where the horn was broken, but
it was glued together, we didn't have any super glue or anything at that
time.  Noone else was there.  Then another time I was napping on the couch,
and I distinctly heard some one say "It's me!!"  It was in like a loud
whisper, it woke me up and even my cat was startled, he jumped in my lap as
soon as I heard that voice.  Another episode was one night, I was in the
bedroom and my boyfriend heard his name called.



This is a story that me and 50 something odd women and children witnessed in
in a battered woman's shelter in California.
The shelter was an old Spanish looking hospital built at the turn of the
century. It was nice. Each one of the women had their own rooms and
bathrooms, even baby beds. We had chores and even had a library and movie
room for recreation.
Some of the women kept complaining about odd sounds at night and horrid
nightmares. Everytime they would tell the 3 staff memebers, they'd say since
the women are depressed from their battered situation that a lot of what
they're experiencing is their imagination or own fears.
There was this one woman she was African -American, but looked like she could
be a fair-skinned woman from another country. She was tall small frames, and
very pretty. She was 21 at the time. She had a little boy around 2 years old.
She was always laughing and when we were crying about our situations in our
group meetings she would just look at us as though it was no big deal. A lot
of the women though this was strange. She kept the place jumping though. She
had us laughing at ourselves instead of sulking in our miseries. She taught
some of how to dance and always had the happy-go-lucky attitude. She had come
from a pretty bad situation herself. She even had ovarian cancer at the time
and we didn't even know it at the time......and still made no big deal about
There was these 3 women in the shelter that was always trying to preach to
us. They were "sanctified" and was always trying to get everyone to go to
their church on Sundays. They would constantly ask this African- American
girl to go and she would say no, I can't go, one day, not right now. They
took it as though she was a lost soul.
She would laugh at them whenever they got upset when she would tell them that
she does not play around with religions but that she only believes in God and
what Jesus did.
One day a Mexican woman came into the staff office and said that when she had
went down to the lower part of the shelter (which used to be a morge, but was
now a place to put donated clothes for the women who were leaving the shelter
soon)...and someone literally booped her in her eye. The woman's eye was
swollen. The Mexican woman made a big deal about it. It was the talk around
the shelter. The staff of course felt it was getting out of hand since some
of the women were going to the staff throughout the day frightened out of
their wits.
That did it, the staff was so tired of hearing these stories that they called
a meeting-that there will be no more nonsense. There are not ghosts or evil
spirits in the shelter. We were even threatened that if we said anything else
about it we would have to leave in 24 hours. One of the staff wanted to prove
us wrong, so we all made a single file line from the kitchen leading to the
morge. She went down there by herself. The light was on downstairs (it stays
on). We all huddled to watched her slowy walk down the stairs, as she was
taking one step at a time. She said to us, "I am going to go down here and I
am going to come back up and you will see that there is nothing down here."
Just as she got mid way down the steps a shadow (that we all saw) came pass
quickly. She flew up the steps in horror. Of course it was funny to us but
not to her.
We had another meeting where the staff continued, it's all of our energy of
The following day the most unbelievable thing took place.
The African-American woman who'se always up later than anyone, decided to go
to sleep early, around 8:30. She put her baby down and an Ethiopian lady
asked her why she's going to sleep so early. She said that she was sleepy.
Everyone was up watching tv or a movie, eating, talking, laughing, reading
books in the library. etc.
All of a sudden there was this terrifying scream coming from the library. The
satff on duty that night went in to see what was going on. There were 3 women
in the libray casually talking amongst themselves when an evil form
materialized and began to physically come after them. The woman (staff) would
not speak of what she saw alone after the 3 women ran out of there. As a
matter or fact She left the next moring and said that she'll never speak of
what she'd saw.
Simutaneously, There were multiple sounds footsteps on the roof of the
shelter. The children of the women were being tied up in their sheets by some
invisible forces. Some of the women were being puched and thrown across the
rooms. A white man looked about 30, and shabby around 170 pounds- on a
ten-speed bike came to the front door and said he had some donations which
was odd since men aren't suppose to know about the battered woman shelter.
They said that his eyes were not that of a human. The staff assured him that
they are not a shelter and that they don't take donations. The man would not
leave but stood there.  The whole scene was so frighteneing that the police
was called. When they arrived, literally could not open the door. They tried
to bust through windows, kick down the doors, but still nothing.
One of the staff went and checked all the womens' rooms to try and gather
them in the midst of the hall in front of the office.
The African American woman was sleeping peacefully. She was the only one not
affected. The staff member thought this was strange when we later asked, but
said that she was glad that someone was not being harmed.
Doors were swinging open all over the shelter and this one huge door that is
like a vault swung open and all sorts of dark silluetes, began to come out in
mases and glide towards the rooms  and througouht the shelter.
The women and children and staff were trying to get near the staff's office
at the same time. ....while the police still not able to get in the shelter
because of some force that would not allow them in. All the police could hear
was screaming and crying from the outside.
All of a sudden The African American girl comes down the hall, all white like
a spirit. She has on her usual-type clothes, long skirt with a long sleeve
body suit, but her hair was down to her behind. (Her hair is usually a little
past her shoulder). As she walks all the spirits are now screaming and
literally leaving the shelter. They were making thumping sounds against the
walls as they tried to exit through walls and windows to get to the outside
of the shelter . She calmly walked passed us and to each room in the shelter.
Everytime she came to a room she would motion her head around the corner and
the dark spirits would scream and run towards the windows and out to the
street. She went to every room except the one that she was sleeping in. All
the evil activity stopped. One of the staff who had been at the door all
along finally was able to open to door for the police to come in. By this
time she walked back down the hall to her room.
In the moring, would you believe she did not know what we were talking about.
One of the children, a little boy was crying when he saw her and said that
she was in his room when all the monsters came out. She told the little boy
that she wasn't in his room. He insisted. The little boy's mother was present
and told her that she had stopped some evil activity. the little boy's mother
and the staff had told her what happened the night before.The staff assured
her that it was alright because one of them checked on her during this
activity and that she was sound asleep. She said that she was asleep and that
She did not hear a thing....but we all assured her that it was ok.  She
looked at us at though were were off our rocker.
One of the sanctified lady's told here that she was a small remnamt of angels
that were part angel and part human. She said that she will give her life to
Jesus Christ soon. and not to be afraid of herself. She also gave her a King
James Bible.
1 year later. I saw her and asked her wha she was doing know she said She
gave her life to Jesus and that she was instantly healed from cancer.
Later I saw pictiures of people who said that she would appear in thier rooms
whenever there was a ghost or evil presence, One was of a guy who just got
out of prison, one was of a lady with 2 children. She said that some more
people would say that she stands in their rooms at night and guards them. I
asked her Isn't this frightening to you? She said she asks them isn't that
frightening to them and they say not at all like it's no big deal. At first I
was a little leery about strangers telling me that I stand and guard their
homes, but what the women saw in the shelter that night sounds about the same
as what they're saying. I can't change what they insist that they saw.
They're not afraid of me. They say that they pray to God in the name of Jesus
so I'm not afraidat all." Then she told me to look at a scripture in Hebrew
11:1, Be not forgetful to entertain angels for some have entertained angels
Now before you not believe me. I personally know this woman and have more
friends that will prove to you this is all true. And as God is my witness,
she was in an accidental gasoline fire, she was buring a large bundle of
paper. For some odd rerason the paper wouldn't burn. She decided to drip a
tad bit of gasoline from a 1 gallon can. Some fire caught hold of the can,
the can exploded, fire was everywhere, all over her and she just stood, put
the can down, looked at her hands, ran her fingers through her hair, casually
looked around in the flames, and stepped right out the fire, and an outline
of her body was in the fire from where she was standing in the fire. She went
to the house to get a water bucket to put the fire out. then went back to do
it again.
Her step father saw this. Who is alive today. It freaked him out and he was
afraid to approach her about it, but later did.
I have heard the most incredible stories about God from this woman. She's so
quiet you hardly know she exists. at the same time she socializes all the
I think this was a story worth sharing. Could there be any more of this
remnant out there?
Feel free to email

Evil Dresser

By: mequesada3@juno

hi. my name is Kate,this story takes place in California. it  all started
when a lady across the street died,we got a large dresser with a mirror.
i was about 3-4yrs.(i am 12 now.) sister,madison is also apart of
this all started when mom started hearing nosies. the scarriest
expereience was when my mom was starting to go to sleep. i was sleeping
next to mom, with dad next me. i guess i was scard so i was in my mom's
room.(madison wasn't born yet)anyways,mom starts to hear this noise, it
sounds like a little girl singing. mom looks at me:i'm was
about 12:00pm and all the windows were sat up in
continued,but as soon as the bed crecked,the sound vanished.momlooked at
me and i'm still asleep.A few years later we moved and madison was
born.the dresser was in a storage room under the house. nothing happend.
we moved again, and IT followed us.when mom was alone it intensified.IT
slammed doors,whistled loudly,there were "pit-patter" footsteps in the
hall.(it was a 2 story house) madison would hear her name being
called.she said it would say "madison" but sounded like it was zipping
past her hated this. one night i woke up,and went screaming down
the hall to mom's room. i said i saw a little girl in the mirror of the
dresser. i was to short to see my refletion, and was to young to lie.i
was so afriad that i would not go back in my mom even went
infront of the dresser and said " stop" but IT didn't listen.we then went
to the graveyard for other reasons, and IT started calling my sister,even
though my parents and i couldn't hear it,madison constantly said "what
mom"my mom never said anything. madison also said that the bed went
"bouncy".IT would lift up the mattrass about 6inches. mom also saw a
little girl's head floating above her when she was in her bed. the girl
looked about 10yrs. old,with brown braids pinned to the top of her head.
she was wearing old fashined clothes.if anyone has any info on this
PLEASE e-mail mequesada3@juno,i hope you believe my story because it's
all true.thanx 4 listening!

Something Happened To Me

By: [

I honestly never, ever in my life ever thought I would
be writing to you. My name is Jackie Giles and I am 19
years old. I live in Saskatchewan Canada. I found out
about your website on the radio. I was listening on
halloween and they said that the coolest website to go
to on halloween was yours. I started reading the
stories in my spare time. Right now I am about half
way done the second page. I havn't been reading much
for about 2 weeks. Well anyway here goes my story and
I speak NOTHING but the TRUTH.
(sorry but it is gonna be long)
Last night I was hanging out with my friend at her
house and my boyfriend called and said my Grandma was
feeling very sick and that my Dad and Mom wanted me to
spend the night there incase anything happened. So I
called my Grandma and she told me that she was going
to bed and that I didn't need to rush over. She said
she would leave the door unlocked and that I could
come in at anytime. I got to her place about 12am and
I stayed up until 1:30am. Then I went to bed in the
room across the hall from her. It helped me that I
could hear her breathing cause then I knew she was
okay. I woke up in the morning and my arm was numb
because I had been lying on it. I woke up and stared
to shake it out. I opened my eyes and looked up. The
blind was almost shut but I could see out the last two
inches that it was getting bright out. Then I got a
weird feeling because I couln't hear my grandma at
all. I also couldn't hear her up. I was just thinking
I should roll over and look towards the door and the
clock and see what time it was and get up and check on
her. Just as I was about to roll over. (by this time I
did not see it. I was facing the window with the
blankets over my head. It jumped up just behind my
knees. My grandma does not have a cat. I knew right
away that it was Slippers. Or as my grandma likes to
say 'Good Ol' Slips'. Slippers died about 15 years
ago!!!. Well anyway, she jumped up on the bed and
walked up to my shoulder and layed down on my upper
arm. I TOTALLY felt that. I was thinking "NO WAY! This
is NOT happening to me! I remembered from some of the
stories that there is often a cold spot where the
ghost is. I wanted to reach out and see if it was
cold. At this time I was not scarred. I thought I was
cool cause she was a good cat. So I tried to reach out
to touch my shoulder and I COULD NOT MOVE!! I was
totally paralized! I couldn't open my eyes or even
wiggle my fingers. Then there was a VERY loud sort of
rushing noise in my ears. It was like a cross between
a blank t.v. station and the furnace times 100. I was
not paralized with fear because up until now I wasn't
scarred. Then when I couldn't move I felt totally
terrified. I thought maybe somthing had happend to my
grandma in the night and this was a way of saying
goodbye or somthing. Then I totally forgot about the
cat and I thought that I REALLY wanted to get up and
check my grandma. But the cat and the noise were still
there and I still couldn't move. When I couldn't move
I was thinking about you website and I totally
understood how terrified people can be when this
happens. I was trying to think if there could be a
rational explaination for why I couldn't move. I know
that I was not so scarred that I couldn't move. I just
couldn't move. Then noise went away and the cat was
suddenly gone and I could move again. I quickly
currled up in a ball and layed there for a few minuts
until I was sure that what ever it was was gone. I did
NOT want to see a shadowy figure in the room. Then I
quickly flew out of bed and into the hall. By this
time I heard a radio on so I knew my Grandma was up. I
was standing in the hall and I realized I had no pants
on. So I turned around a quickly flipped on the light.
I put my pants on and ran into the kitchen. I sure
scared my grandma because it was 8:00am and I didn't
have to work until 11. As soon as I got into the
kitchen the phone rang. My grandma could tell somthing
was bothering me so she rushed my aunt off the phone.
I told her everything and she totally believed me.
Then she started to tease me a bit and say
"kittygonnagetyou" over and over. But she told me that
she has never seen or felt Slippers but she has heard
my dog Finnigan scratching at the door and
breathing.(he has been dead for about a year.)
 At 9:30am I drove my Grandma to my aunts house. I
went in and my aunt said that it looked like I was
sick too. I told her that Slippers had come to visit
me and she thought that was SO cool. She told me about
all the stories of how her cats that died come to
visit her. She told me that she feels cats come up the
bed and purrr in her ear and there is no one there.
And she also told me that she was down stairs and she
looked at the steps and saw one of her dead cats
sitting there and another one of her dead cats run up
past it. She told me that she had a cat that would
drag stuff around the house and leave it in weird
places. After it died she started finding stuff in
weird places like mitts on the steps and shoes in the
living room. Just like the cat did when it was alive.
Then she asked my Grandma to remember about how for a
long time after their dog Sandy died they could hear
his nails tapping up and down the hall floor. Once
they BOTH heard it at the same time.
My aunt felt bad for me that my experince was so
spooky. She said she has never not been able to move.
She said that poor Ol' Slips must have felt really bad
that she scarred me. She also said that I must have
scarred the CAT!. And that it was too bad that we
couldn't have comforted each other like she does with
her cats.
I went to work and told my friends. They ALL believed
me. Two of them started telling me super weird stuff
that happend to them. One girl never told anyone in
her life what happens to her because she was scarred
no one would belive her. She decided to tell me
because it was obvious I would understand. I will have
to get them to write to you. On girl even has a book
about everthing that happend to her.
 Thanks so much for reading this. I know you will
understand. Writing to you was the first thing I
thougt of when it happend. Maybe reading your stories
hightend my sense of awareness of somthing. IT DID NOT

Haunting or Overactive Imagination


I live in London Ontario Canada, I moved into a complex near the beginning
of September with a very very tiny history all together.  The complex itself
is fairly new and as far as I have been able to find out, only has had one
death; and the house it happened in has no report of any mysterious
With my stay at unit #40, I have experienced a couple of things that seem
quite odd, and I am not alone-my mom has experienced a few things as well.
All that has happened has seemed to be directed toward the entire family,
where in contrast to your story, the spirits seemed to be focused on you.
The things that have happened have not been harmful or even seemingly of
evil intentions-if there is a spirit at all it seems to only want to be
recognized as being there.
I picked up the feeling of something being "out of place" first I think.  It
all started with the basement door.  Someone would close it tightly and go
upstairs or to another part of the house, but whenever someone would return
to the door it would be open only an inch and a half-everytime. At the top
of the stairs (on the upper floor of the house) there is sort of a wall that
is only about four feet in height, whenever standing there I would get the
odd feeling as if I was standing in someone else's place. Sometimes to the
point of feeling naucious or over whelmed with an intense throbbing in my
muscles-lots of headaches.
When informing my mom that I felt someone or something was also with us she
sort of shrugged it off, but it wasnt untill she told me that the reason for
the door opening was that people weren't closing it tightly-that the door
openings stopped completely.
After that things that weren't so easily put off started happening.  One
night I went downstairs to do the laundry.  By our washer and dryer we have
2 sinks. One (the closest to the washer) is always filthy-the one next to it
is spotless, and out of habit I took a glance into the sinks, to make sure
nothing was there-and of course nothing was.  Well before I could finish
putting the laundry on my dad came to the door. (My mom and dad are not
divorced just seperated)He stayed for no longer than 30 mins seeing as the
only other member of the family besides my mother and I, my brother (10
years old, 11 in March) was not there.  When he left I went back down to
finish the laundry, taking another glance in the sink, I saw-which quite
frankly terrified me, a tiny footprint pressed into the dirt...Seeing as no
one besides me had been in the basement in the brief 30 mins I was away I
got quiet scared.  Trying to think of all things logic.  I kept coming to
the question "why?" It was most definetly a footprint, slightly smaller than
my brothers (the footprint is still in the sink, we are keeping it untill we
can take a photograph of it) and even if a little kid did it and I just
didnt notice it before with the bad lighting and all, why the sink?  There
are no windows in the basement and the only to get to the basement is
through the house, and with 2 150 lbs Rotties not too many little kids are
happy about going through our house.  Another thing that bothered me was
that it was only one foot.  If a little kid did it how did it get into the
sink in the first place? the edge of the sink comes up to my little
brother's neck.
Another happening was one my mom experienced.  She was upstairs sleeping and
I was sleeping on the futon in the livingroom.  The next morning my mom came
downstairs and complained about not being able to sleep last night due to
the fire alarm repeatedly going off.  She said it happened twice, the first
time she stayed in bed the second she went downstairs to investigate and
noticed nothing.
The latest happening was involving my mother as well.  I was down in the
livingroom once again and she was upstairs half asleep.  She informed me the
following day that the night had been stressful to her due to hearing what
she thought was me going up and down the stairs all night.  She told me that
she was about to call out to me seeing if I was coming to bed when she heard
"me" stop outside her door (which was only opened slightly) and act as if I
was "trying to hear" what was going on in the bedroom.
I sleep in the livingroom because I cannot fall asleep in my mother's room
(I dont sleep in my room because the cats have taken it over hehe).
Whenever Im in my mom's room I hear scratching on the wall, well more like
fingernail tapping and creaking, it's so bad and so realistic I fear turning
my head towards the sound, thinking I will see someone standing there.
With all that has happened and all the pets I own (2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 rat, 1
parrot, and fish) the only one that has responded to anything was my one cat
Spooky, who is black and about 6 or so years old.  Whenever Spooky is out
and about the livingroom area, she becomes quite ajetated, her motions are
as if there is a fly or bug pestering her, the way her back jumps and hair
stands only on the certain parts of her body.  She growls and hisses then
jumps away from the area, then she seems to act fine.
Im not sure if there is more to what is happening that I am not seeing or if
Im seeing too much into everyday things...but whenever I put off our
"experiences" my mind drifts back to the footpoint in the sink.
My mom and I get the feeling that the spirit (if one) is one of a young
girl, about the age of 12 or 13.
When asking someone that has had a few ghost experiences of her own (an
older woman) she says nobody has had anything happen to them in #40, but one
time one of the previous owners took a picture of a porcelin doll on a couch
and in the photo the doll was glowing, like brighter than the flash itself,
to the point that the doll was just a blur, but the woman said that the
people were just weird themselves and not to worry about anything.
Please email me back with your opinion on if we should ignore the happenings
as house shiftings and bad batteries and such or if we should try to learn
more about our adopted phantom friend



My name is Heather and I'm 17 years old.I had my first experience back in
High School.I went up into the attic room(the equipment room).With a couple
of my friends.They told they're was a ghost up there and they were being
serious and I didn't believe them,but now I do.Because when I went up there
the lights turned off,my heart was beating fast and I was horrified,but I
didn't scream or yell.A few seconds later they flipped on and off 3
times.Then we heard footsteps up the stairs.After I had that experience I
never went back up there.And that's it.So me and my brother Joshua,he's 12.We
want to be ghost hunters and eventually make a ghost club.

My Cousin Brian


My cousin Brian and I were extremely close for as long as I could remember.
He was about 12 years older than I am. He would go camping with my family a
couple times a year, and play santa for me during xmas. I have alot of great
memories with him. In October of 92 Brian died of a drug over dose. My family
suspected that he had been using drugs because he wasn't as involed with
family like he had been..stopped going camping and spending xmas with us so
he could play santa. He was very into boxing and was pretty popular among
people in Scranton Pa. When he died I took it the worst. I was in 5th grade
and had to get counseling from officials at school because I cried all day
and I even mentioned to people that I wanted to be with him , so my family
thought I was thinking about suicide. At Brians funeral I never went up to
his coffin. I couldn't face the fact that he was laying in there dead. He
love pulling pranks and I remember throughout the whole wake wishing he would
jump up and say it was all a joke. For a while I felt guilty of his death
because I thought that if I knew about him using drugs I would be able to
talk to him and he would have ended his addiction because of me. After
suspecting his drug use for a while my family found out it was true but they
kept it from me because I looked to him as my role model and they didnt want
me to hate him. My cousin Chip, Brians older brother  got married in 97 and I
was a brides maid. In the church there was one section of the pews that was
blocked off so the photographer had easy access for taking pictures. In the
middle of the ceremony I saw Brian sit down in the section that was blocked
off for the photographer. I couldnt believe I was seeing him because well he
was dead and had been for a while now. I kept looking at my mother to see if
she noticed him but it was obvious that she didnt from the looks of concern
on her face towards me. All I did was look at Brian and look at my mom and
tears would stream down my face. My mom kept mouthing to me "whats wrong?".
Brian stayed for most of the ceremony and when it was almost over he looked
at me smiled and left. After ceremony was over and the bridal party had
exited the church, I ran out of the church hysterical crying, but I did so
that no one noticed. I'm sure people assumed I was crying because of the
joyus occasion, not because i saw a ghost. My mom  met me outside and asked
me what was wrong. I told her Brian was there and she didnt believe me. She
asked me what he was wearing thinking if I was lying, I couldnt come up with
just anything. I told her what he wore from head to toe. She didnt belive me
until she realized the suit I described to her was what he wore in his coffin
the day he was burried.  I belive totaly that he was there and he only let me
see him because he knew I wasnt over his death and he wanted me to be ok. It
was his way of showing me that he was ok and I didnt have to worry about him,
and to show me that he still thought about our family and that no matter what
he would be there for all of us on our special days. I always had a hard time
talking about him so if he was brought up on holidays or when my family was
together, I had to leave the room if I didnt want to burst into tears. I've
had alot of closure since seeing him. I am now able to talk to people about
him, and even go to his grave site with out breaking down. Now that I am in
college I chose a profession where I am able to work with  people with
addictions and that need counseling, hoping that I could save other people
from experiencing the pain I went though.

Paranormal Bound


I'd like to tell you about my life with ghost. See ever since I was 5 I have live with ghosts. Every house that me and my family moved in to there was a ghost. So I plan for my future to be a ghost hunter. And that is exactlly what I am going to be. See when i first moved into my house when i was 5 there was a ghost dressed all in black and was colored. He had looked as if he just got married or something. The second ghost or should I say ghosts unstead of  second were babies crying. I mean TONS! Then the next one was a little girl that when it was night she would come out and say,"Mommy, mommy, mommy! Where are you?" I would hear snow crunching when we were inside and I would tell my mom and so she would check outside and nothing would be there. So I would check outside and once I looked out there and start screaming. Because there would be outside the ghost of an old man covered ALL IN BLOOD!!

   Many Events


An online friend of mine sent me your site when I told her about the
experiences in the home I now live.  I find it so interesting, the work you
are doing.  I am always afraid that people will think I am CRAZY!
I am 47 years old and live in a home that was built in 1955.  So many
things happen in the house, whistling in one bedroom, a strong smell of the
perfume, White Shoulder in my guest bedroom.  And the constant, Thinking
someone is coming down the hall sound, day and night.   The whistling is
always in the early morning.
The most eerie unusual experience I had was I was playing the piano, the
hymn, Amazing Grace. It was as if, someone had opened the back door, and was
standing in my living room beside me.  Even the dog refused to go to the
hall and in the room.  Something she had never done before.
Late I told the daughter in law about the experience, she said that was the
Doctors favorite tunes.  I also asked her if he whistled a lot, she said,
every morning.
The house was lived in by he, his first, wife, his second wife and his
sister.  He died in the master bedroom, the first wife died in the middle
bedroom and the sister in law died in my now computer room. Her scent, Of
course, White Shoulders. I moved to this town, the house had been on the
market for four years, because of its "reputation".  Nothing bad has
happened, in fact it it rather comforting sometimes, but at times
The really only bad thing that happened was that one of my civil war plates
collectors plates came crashing down ,while all the others were fine.  And I
can understand him not liking General Grant!!
Anyway, thanks for letting me share my story.

Ghost or Not A Ghost? That is the question.


Hi.  I have long avoided writing to someone about this
experience.  Reason being is I'm a skeptic, and don't
want to rush to judgment.  To this very day, we have
NO idea what caused the ruckus.  So anything is
possible I guess.
The experience actually happened to my mother, not me.
 I'll try to recall it to the best of my memory from
what she told me.  This happened over a year ago.  May
of 1999.  We had moved into a brand new house (no one
else ever lived in it, and it was a newly developed
area) a month before.  One morning, I got up as the
norm, getting ready for work, and waiting for my mom
to finish.  All of the sudden, very unlike her, she
poked her head out real quick and asked if anything
fell/broke in my room.  I told her that everything
seemed fine..nothing out of the ordinary.  Then all of
the sudden she blurts out, "Then we must have a ghost
then!".  I must've gotten pale!  lol..reason being is
since moving into our home, I've gotten back into
looking up info on the supernatural.  That's how I
even came across the Shadowlands site.  In fact, the
night of the incident, I had been reading stories,
looking at photos, etc..  It felt like a real weird
Anyway, I asked her what had happened.  Apparently,
the night before, she had her back to her doorway,
reading a book in bed, trying to fall asleep (I was
already fast asleep in my room with the door closed).
When all of the sudden she heard a massive crash!  I'm
an extremely sound sleeper, so I never heard it.  She
jumped out of bed thinking her cat had knocked down a
plant or something (he was constantly getting into
things).  When she came out, she looked all over and
couldn't find anything wrong!  Since the weather was
nice, I knew she had her window open, and asked if
maybe it came from outside.  She said she had thought
of that, but the noise came distinctly from inside the
house.  She said it didn't sound like it came from the
way of the window.  We also didn't have anything
outside that would've cause the noise.  Our garage is
FULL of all sorts of stuff she brought back after her
father passed on (grandma was gone a year before him).
 I thought maybe something crashed in there...which to
be honest would surprise me.  We had stuff packed in
there well.  She said maybe so (though she was still
doubtful on it), but still..the noise was EXTREMELY
loud..and she remembers that to this day.
Since then, we've been in the garage milling around,
and never have we come across anything down or
destroyed.  We never have figured out the source of
the noise, and we never had any other experiences
happen since.  I'm still very skeptical as to what
happened.  I've heard of stories of ghosts "passing
through".  I don't know if that's what it was or not,
but it remains a mystery for us.
Thanks for listening!

My Supernatural Experience


When I was 11 years old and my sister was 4 we went out for a walk where
we live. We live in the country and have a lot of woods surrounding our
area. We also live on a dead end road. Well we were walking up the road
to the dead end when my sister started to act silly like little kids do
and I got really annoyed at her. So I told her to go home.Well she was
too afraid to walk home alone.  I told her that she was a little cry
baby(as older kids say to younger ones) and that she better get home. At
that point she started to cry and and said that she'd tell mom. At that
point we turned around and started to walk home. I looked up and saw my
mom coming toward us looking really mad. I thought that she must've
heard my sister crying but that seemed unlikly because we were to far
from the house for her to hear. My sister saw her also and said to me
that now i'm going to get in trouble with mom. So i took her hand and
started to walk toward my mom. We both had seen her and commited on it
to each other. But as we started walking toward our mother she
disappeared. It was really strange. So we walked the reast of the way to
our house and there was mom washing the dishes. I asked her if she had
gone outside and started to walk to us but she said that she was inside
the whole tome washing the dishes. I told her what we saw and she said
that it most of been one of the neighbors. But the figure looked just
like our mother. The same build, hair, way of walking. Plus the figure
had on a sweater that is quite unique that my mom use to wear a lot back
then. I also told this to my mom but she just said that I was seeing
things. That I just looked up to fast and thought that I saw her. But
that would not explain my sister seeing "her" and my sister saying "
here comes mom, you're in trouble now."
 It was a really strange experiance.My family has a lot of beliefs and
we don't believe in jokes persay but in demons that can disguise
themselves as those who are either alive or dead. That is the only
explanantion that I can come up with for this experiance. If anyone has
had a similiar experiance or has a suggestion please e-mail me.


  My Ghost Tale


My name is Stephanie. About 4 years ago me and my husband had rented our first house. Well, the first incident was when we had some friends come look at the house before we started moving in. It was night and there was no lights on yet, and we were joking about how it looked haunted at night. When we were leaving, my friends truck wouldn't start!! This was a new truck and after about 30 minutes, it started and we all left without thinking much about it. A few weeks after we had moved in and were settled, some friends were over late and night and woke me up at about 3 am. They were in our kitchen area and were throwing food around. When I went into the kitchen for a rag, the oven door was off and lying against the cabinets. They all denied removing the oven door and I think they were too drunk to do anything like that.  Other times, our 2 dogs would sit at the entrance to the hallway that led to the bedrooms (4 bedroom house) and would not enter no matter what I did or said.  Zeus, our boxer was the worst. He would whine and flatten his ears against his head, then growl like there was someone in the hallway. Needless to say when I looked, there was nothing there. Now my husband is a loud snorer, and occasionally I would have to sleep in our guestroom to get some quiet. One night I woke up in the dark and I distinctly heard the sound of fingers running up and down the miniblinds (they were the thin metal kind). When I turned on the light, nothing was there.  And I always had vivid, sometimes horrible nightmares when I slept in that room.  When our friend moved in with us, he took that room and often complained of nightmares. One day he told me that he saw a person standing in his doorway, and he was alone in the house at the time. But when he checked the house, nothing was wrong.  The room we turned into another guestroom had a couch that I would sleep on when the snoring husband forced me out of our bed. Well, up until now I had accepted the ghost because it never did any harm, just making itself known. I would actually acknowledge it and greet it. I had the impression it was a young girl and that the original guestroom was her room.  Well, one night I was in the other room on the couch. Lying on my stomach, I was almost asleep when suddenly I couldn't breath and I felt something pressing my shoulders to the couch to where I couldn't move. The whole rooms atmosphere changed and I had an overwhelming feeling of dread and evil. I am not a religious person in the least but that presence was evil. I can't explain it any other way. I felt myself struggling and I couldn't help but call out, "PLEASE LET ME GO." sounds corny I know but at the time, well, what else could I say? The pressure on my shoulders lessened and I bolted out of that room and huddled in the dark next to my husband until the sun came up. He thinks to this day that it was a nightmare but I was awake..I know I was.  Ever since that night, if I came anywhere near that room, I got a chill and started to shake.  No one else in the house felt anything like that, but they had seen a few things that I think was the young girl ghost.  She seemed benevolent and made more appearances in that house.  For some reason I always felt safer when I had my dogs with me, being that they can sense things on a different level than people can.  Thank you for letting me share my story and if you post it on your site, I thank you.

  Odd Story


Saw your site and it reminded me of an expirience I had when I was 10 ( now
34 ) . My sister brother and I  were upstairs in our old Nova Scotia farm
house with my bedroom door shut when we heard a knock. We all heard it and
when we opened it no one was there.................. we all to this day 25
years later still obsess over that incident we all feel something weird
happened to us but we don't know what. How can something so insignificant
effect us ALL  so intensively. We  bring it up every coupla years but never
analyze it but we all know something wasn't right in Denmark. How can all 3
of us remember that incident yet  not know why it draws us to it. I am not
crazy or possessed just wondering if this is odd.


By: address removed by request

I grew up on an old farm in NH, with 60 or 70 acres of property, woods etc.  A young woman was the wife of the man who built the house, in 1815 , and she died at 17, during childbirth.  Her grave was on the "little hill" where we planted bulbs and other flowering plants.  Sally was her name, and I believe that she visited often.. My uncle napped in the late afternoon one time, and was terrified to find a young woman looking down on him.  I found, after discovering that there was no Santa for real, that  someone had enjoyed my piano playing.  Whoever, left my music open to a tune I had mastered, the second movement of Mozart sonata in c major, very well known.  But the 2nd movement is not known that well, I think it is Rondo or something.
We all felt an affinity with Sally, and our kitchen was always warm, unexplicably.  But I still do not believe that all revisitors are as friendly.  I think it was her youth that was the reason for her desire to make "friends".  happy hunting.

      Camp Zama


I wrote ya yesterday, well I suppose that I should start out with my
first experience.  It was when I was around 5 years old.  I was out side
under the car port of the house we lived in and a group of friends were
talking when not one of  us but all of  us saw a lady looking at us from
the attic opening  needless to say the kids that  were with me scattered
into the four winds and  when I told my parents about it my Dad quickly
dismissed  the whole thing, but he did not hesitate to close the
opening.  I never saw anything there at that house again.  A couple of
years later, I over heard  my parents talking to some friends about the
old haunted property we used to live at in Arizona though and I knew
what he was talking about.  He related to his friends of the crying
babies he and my mom would hear only to find my sister and I sound
asleep in our beds.  He also told them of a full body apparition (sp.)
that he had conversations with in our house.  He also told them of a
strange habit I had that I did not know of at the time, apparently I
used to bang my head against the walls while I was sleeping, enough so
that I put a hole in the wall one night.  I think thankfully for all of
us we moved.
I never had any kind of experience again until I was 12,  My grandmother
was a diabetic and by her own will decided not to take of herself.
Before they pulled the plug on her my parents flew down to where she was
and the day they were going to pull the plug I was in school.  Around
10:30 am I got this really bad feeling  and began to cry uncontrollably
my teacher sent me to the counselors office.  While sitting there with
the secretary putting up with my crying I got this sudden feeling of
calm and just stopped crying.  It was about 12:30 when this happened.
The counselor asked what had just happened.  I told him about my
grandmother and told him that they had pulled the plug but she didn't
die but when I had stopped crying I was sure she had passed.  Later that
night, my parents had called the friends we were staying with and told
them what had happened to my grandmother, it matched down to the min.
the crying fit and sudden feeling of calm I had experienced.
Later that summer, we went to visit my grandfather, while I was there I
saw my grandma sitting at a chair of hers brushing her hair, this was in
her private bedroom that we had never been let into before she had
died.  When we were leaving to return home my grandfather was giving
everything my  grandmother owned to my mom I told her not to take the
brush.  She left it behind and I have never seen her again.
I am going  to stop at this point lest you think me nuts.  I will tell
you more about the other experiences  and about being here in Japan in
another letter but I want to get your read on it so far.  Sorry I do
not  tell a great embellished story but I figure the straight facts as I
remember them are best.

   Another story - I got a million


I have lived in my current apartment for going on 2 years.  Nothing ever
happened until my roommate moved in in May.  We are both very spiritual
people and that is the only reason I think something would be attracted to
us.  We constantly see what I call "shadow people".  You see them out of the
corner of your eye, but when you look straight at it, nothing is there.
Things don't happen all the time; it's actually quite sporadic.  One weekend
in particular, whatever it is became violent.
I had a beautiful blown glass bottle of cherry vinegar hanging on a stand on
top of the refrigerator.  It was directly in the center.  To the left of it
were a bottle of soy sauce and a bottle of Worchester.  This bottle of
vinegar was very special to me.  It had been a Christmas present from
someone I had lost touch with and it was basically all I had left of the
friendship.  I went out to the kitchen for a glass of water.  It was about
June so I was barefoot.  I reached into the cupboard for a glass when I
heard a wobbling sound behind me.  When I turned I saw the vinegar bottle
hit the counter, bounce off and shatter at my feet.  After the initial shock
wore off I looked up at where the bottle had been and noticed that the 2
sauce bottles were in exactly the same place they had been prior.  The way
they were situated, they should have been knocked off by the vinegar bottle
and stand.  I really began to freak at this point.  I could not move out of
the kitchen.  There was glass all around me.  I knew if I stepped anywhere,
I'd slice my feet open.  My roommate was not home from work yet, so I stood
terrified and trapped by broken glass in my kitchen until he got home.
Needless to say, we decided to eat out that evening.  I spent the night at
my neighbor's.
The next day, I had gone to the pool with my neighbor.  I locked the doors,
closed the windows and turned on the AC before we left.  When we came back I
noticed my roommate's framed picture of Tiger Stadium (one of his prized
possessions) was not on the wall in the hallway.  We walked towards the
hallway where we found the picture, face down on the carpet.  All the other
photos around it were skewed at different angles as if someone had run down
the hall and hit both walls.  We also noticed that the nails that held the
photo up had broken in half.  These nails were drywall nails.  There is no
way the weight of that photo alone could have broken them.  We picked up the
photo and the glass had been broken.  Most of it was on the floor underneath
the photo.  We noticed a couple more strange things.  On closer inspection,
the glass was broken in a circular pattern, as if someone had hit it with an
elbow or fist.  There is no way that it would break like that on impact.
The scariest thing though was that when we cleaned up the glass, there was a
boot imprint in the carpeting under where we had found the photo.  The
imprint stayed in the carpet for almost a week.  I had vacuumed over it
twice, but it remained.  Also, the apartment had still been locked up tight
but the AC had been turned off.  There is no way anyone could have come in
and done this.  My apartment complex only has two maintenance guys and they
were on vacation that weekend, so it couldn't have been them.
We were all pretty freaked about this.  I can handle living with a spirit
(I've done it before), but when it begins to destroy treasured personal
items and terrorize my cats, then we have a problem.  I have been studying
candle-burning rituals for some time, so I did a cleansing ritual and we
burned some sage.  We did this 2 nights in a row.  After the second night,
the boot imprint disappeared.  We still see things every once in a while,
but it hasn't been violent since.

  A Visit


I have had several experiences in my life that I believe to be ghosts..   I live about 350 miles away from my family.  I don't see them or talk with them as often as I would like.. I am only pointing this out so you understand that I was not aware of any problems that my aunt may have had.   I was at work in the summer of 99.  At the time I was a seamtress.  I heard someone call my name.  Susan!  I turned to look and no one was there.  I had the feeling someone needed me and something  was wrong.  I heard (Susan again), this time I thought the only people  who call me that are my mother and my Aunt.  I thought it's not my mom.  What could be wrong with my Aunt,  why does she need me.  This time I heard SUSAN,  It was so loud I turned to look to see if someone had called me.  My boss was standing behind me and I said did you call me?  She said no.  About a half to one hour later they called me to the office for a phone call.  It was my daughter she said my Aunt had died a couple of hours ago.  In my heart I believe my aunt had come to say goodbye.    Well thank you for listening to me.

Sharing My Story

    I was at my dad's house one weekend in march of 00, I on the comuter at night. the computer is in the dining/kitchen and 10 meters behind it is a door leading to the outside.  I got a weird feeling that someone was watching be from outside the door,but I just shook it off. And then an hour later all of a sudden I froze.  I didn't expect, i couldn't move at all, but i could breath ok.  I then heard two voices whispering.  I couldn't make out what they were saying but for some reason i could tell (I don't know why) that they were talking about me. this went on for about two or three minutes. Then as soon as it came, it was gone.  REALLY SCARED, i turned the computer off and I ran to my room.  But as soon as I got into the room and shut the door, a feeling a peace and calmness.  I got into bed and imeadiatly I rememberd something.  My grandmother died almost exactly a year ago (in march of 99).  I then thought she might have been one of the voices, wether she was trying to me that she was ok or if she was checking on me.  As to the other voice I don't know who it was.  It might have been my grandfather who died in '94 of a severe heart attack.  During my grandmothers final days her lung cancer spread to her brain.  She had to spend her last week in a hospital bed in her room.  She would say things that made no sense at all. She would forget the names of her grandchildren, but every time I visited her in her final days she wouldn't forget my name and knew who I was.  I got the phone call at  around 7:00 pm on a Thursday at my mothers place just as I was leaving to visit her at what I thought would be the last time I would see her alive again.



    I grew up in a house which was built in the 40's and always felt cold spots upstairs in my bedroom and the guest room. Our cats were often spooked and refused to go upstairs too. Anyway, a friend of mine advised me to talk to "it" (that weird icy feeling liek something not there but present) and that I should give it a name i wouldn't be afraid of. I started calling it George, after an old plow horse I once knew. It got easyier to deal with things suddenly comming up missing. I would claer a space on my dresser and tell "george I really needed the item back. I would turn my back to the dresser and ask George to return the item, then I would turn around, and it would be there on my dresser where I'd cleared a place for it. I know it sounds wierd, but it would happen. Also, if George got angry, like the time a friend of mine brought over an Ouigi board to try out, the whole house filled up with flies. I killed over twenty, but there were more than that. They came out of nowhere, and disappeared once I begged Gorge to make it go away. The flies came with a humming sound, not like wings beating.
    Once my mother was very ill and the family was concerned about cancer. I was feeling very frightened and alone, and was up late crying in my bed. A light came from my hallway, and I turned to see a thin man in a brown suit standing there looking at me. I said, "dad, what are you doing here? It's (here I turned and looked at my clock) 3:00 in the morning" when i tuned back, the hall was dark and empty. My dad is heavy set, and thought it fun to tease me about "Casper" for months afterward. I don't think George liked my dad making fun of him. Later, my parents tried to sell the house, and it didn't want to be sold. Any time someone was shown the house, it would start to produce a horrible acrid smell, worse than a catbox that's never been cleaned. The smell would only last while strangers were in the house, and would dissipate after they left. When My mum disrespected George, he took an aniversary clock she'd earned at work and threw it from the wall into the middle of the room. George will not leave the house. He's still there when I visit. I don't like the house I grew up in, But I've figured out how to accept George. I'm just not sure he accepts us. I still feel unwelcome upstairs.

Two Short Stories


I have 2 short stories to share.  I have had many experiences and will
probably share more in the future.
This story involves my Grandmother (my mom's mom).
Around my 20 birthday, my grandmother had to have a quadruple bypass.  Heart
disease runs rampant in my family.  In fact, my Grandmother had already
passed the age that her parents were when they died.  My Grandmother was 62.
When she first got out of the hospital, I thought she would never be right
again.  She didn't want to do anything anymore.  You have to understand, my
Granma was very active.  She rarely ever stayed at home.  After my Granpa
passed away, she even went out dancing with dates.  Anyway, a few months
later, she began to be her old self again.  My Aunt was getting married on
August 20 and my Granma became very busy again, helping with the last minute
preparations.  My Granma encouraged me to sing at the reception.  She said
she wanted to share my voice with everyone she could.  She told me to be
proud of my talent and that I should show it off every chance I get.  The
wedding went off without a hitch and my parents and I went back home.  On
August 25 my Granma passed away of a massive heart attack.  I was
devastated.  That night we drove up north to my Granma's house to stay there
for the funeral.  That night I went to bed early but couldn't sleep.  I
began to sing a song called "Another Lucky Star", it's a song about how the
one's you love become your Lucky Star after they pass.  As I sang the song,
sobbing, I saw a glimmer of light out of the corner of my left eye.  When I
looked, I saw my grandmother come into focus.  She sat down on the bed next
to me and wrapped her arms around me.  I can still remember the warmth that
radiated into me from her touch.  She leaned close my ear and told me to be
strong; that now she could always be with me, in my heart.  She told me to
help my mother get through this and to always speak of her with happiness.
She would not tolerate us being sad.  She then said goodbye, she said she
had a lot to do and a lot of people to see.  Then she faded away.  The next
morning I spoke to my father about my experience.  His faced expressed
complete amazement.  He grabbed my hand and took me outside away from my
mother and her sisters.  My father told me that my grandmother had also come
to him to say goodbye.  Later we found out that my mother had a dream about
my grandmother.  I don't think it was a dream though, I just don't think my
mother could handle thinking of it in any other way.
I have more stories about my Granma, but I will share those another time.
Story #2
When I was about 22 I was still living with my parents.  I was working 2
jobs and was in a band too (my grandmother wanted me to share my talent).  I
was enjoying one of my few days off at home alone as mom and dad were both
at work.  I was getting ready to get in the shower to finally start my day
when the phone rang.  It was my mother calling from work.  I was trying to
get off with her when a strange buzzing sound came over the phone.  The TV,
remote, and table lamp began flickering, and I saw a bright flashing out the
living room window.  I stood there just paralyzed, trying to figure out what
was going on.  At that moment I heard a deep, familiar, soothing voice say
to me (in my left ear), "Stay calm, drop everything and get out!"  I
immediately ran outside and just as I hit the aluminum screen door a power
surge came through the house and my right arm got zapped (the current came
through the siding and the door).  One of the power lines at the pole was
coming down and sending surges through our house.  After the power company
came to investigate and left I told my mother about the voice.   I didn't
think she believed me.  Later she told me that when she was at work a man's
voice told her to call me.  She couldn't figure out why, but did so anyway.
We were told later by the investigator that the surges even went through the
water pipes.  Had my mother not called me, I would have been in the shower
when the surges hit and I would have died.  We have discussed the event many
more times over the last few years and we realized that the voice belonged
to my Grandfather (my mom's dad) .  He had passed away 4 years prior.  He
saved my life.


By:  by Auburn.

My friend Eddie and I had just left the movies.  It was cold and we huddled
in our coats while we smoked a cigarette before getting into his car.  We
were discussing the movie we had just seen "Unbreakable" and how similar the
thrill was to that of "Sixth Sense."
"Yeah I know how that kid must have felt seeing dead people,"  Eddie joked
I looked at him inquiringly and he just smiled and said nevermind, but my
curiousity had been peeked.  "How would you know how the boy in the movie
felt?"  I asked.
"Because I live in a haunted house," he laughed.  "Now you think I'm crazy."
That is when I got to smile and I also informed him that I am a paranormal
investigator so I didn't think him crazy, but I could tell by the look on
his face that he was surprised that I not only believe in ghosts, but that I
also investigated them.
"Well, come investigate my house then," he asked.  "You can come over
tonight if you want."
And so my adventure began.  We got in his car and on the way over there he
tried to tell me about the activity in the house, but I asked him not to.  I
wanted to "feel" the place out myself.
When we pulled up outside of his house I didn't feel weird and nothing
seemed abnormal.  We went in the back entrance through the basement and then
he took me on a tour of the house.  Everything felt fine until we entered
the upstairs hallway.  The hair on the back of my neck and on my arms stood
up and I felt myself getting short of breath.  All I knew is that I didn't
like that hallway.
I turned to Eddie and I said, "She's here."
He got a funny look on his face and asked, "How do you know she is here?
How do you know the ghost is a she?"
"I'm sensing a woman's presence.  She doesn't like me being here."  I took a
deep breath and walked down the hallway, "Most of the activity happens here
in this hallway and in the kitchen," I whispered.  Eddie just nodded his
I continued walking the upstairs hallway and then entered the computer room.
I turned on the light, but just as quickly it blew.  I stood in the room for
a moment before hurrying out, closing the door behind me.  I walked back up
the hallway and then through the kitchen.  In the kitchen it was very cold.
At that point I was wishing that I had my equipment with me.  I asked Eddie
quietly if he had a camera.  He nodded yes and then went to get it.  As I
was standing there in the dark kitchen I felt a kind of anxiety settle over
me.  A feeling that I needed to get out of there before something terrible
happened, but I also knew that these weren't my feelings.  They were hers.
Eddie came back with the camera and took some pictures of the kitchen and
the living room.
I left that night and haven't been back since, although I would love to do a
full investigation on the house.  I just know that she is there and would
like to know the reason.  Eddie is supposed to research some of the
background on the house and get back to me.

Regular Haunts!


This is the first time writing my experiences here.
I have quite a few.  But I will start with the first
on that happened.
 When I was 12 (1992) I lived in Montana.  I was really
sick.  The doctors thought it might have been from the
soldiers bringing back some weird stuff back from
Desert Storm.  But to me I felt like I was going to
die. I remember, the night I was going through the
worst of what I had.  My parents were carrying me to
bed cause I had no energy to walk, and barely speak.
But when they got to my room, I saw a woman sitting in
the corner.  I asked me mom who she was.  She thought
I was hallucinating because I was so sick.
Later that night, I was awakened by something watching
me.  I looked over and saw a woman sitting with me on
the bed.  She was wearing all white and had long curly
hair.  She saw just looking at me and had a smile on
her face. I feel back to a peaceful sleep.  After that
I got better REAL fast.  It was almost like my
guardian angel watching over me.
My second experience didn't come to me until my family
and I moved to Washington State, in a little suburb of
Seattle called Auburn.  We lived in a brick duplex.
As soon as you walked into the house you'd be in the
kitchen and you'd see the darkness beyond that.  The
house my family now call "the dungeon" because it was
so very dark.
The first ghost I saw in that house wasn't until 6
months after we moved in.  My parents had just left
for work and my school was less than a block away.  I
was getting ready for school that morning.  I was
walking out my room and was in the threshold of the
door when "she" walked right in front of me.  She was
wearing a long black late 1800s dress and had her long
black hair down.  She had walked through the hall
wall, stopped, looked at me, turned back and kept
walking right into the bathroom.  She was so pale and
translucent!  I was petrified!  But I had to get ready
for school, so I went into the bathroom anyways, and
got ready.  I thought I had a hallucination and didn't
think about it after that.  UNTIL..... One night my
mom and I got to bed really late, a little after
midnight.  We turned off all the lights.  It was pitch
black in the house.  Not even the light from outside
shown in. (That's why we called it the Dungeon) We
were almost to the hall when I saw a flash of light
and saw a little boy about 7 or 8 years old run right
in front of us.  He was wearing knickerbockers and a
little cap.  I soon as he dissappered.  I asked my mom
if she saw it.  In a shaky voice she said no and said
she saw that kind of stuff all the time at work.  How
could she know what I saw, I didn't tell her.
Too go on with my true story, I saw a man in my
bathroom with a knife in his hand.  When I looked at
our knife holder, there was a knife missing and not in
our dishwasher.  To this day there is still a knife
missing.I saw a girl walking around my room, I had
forgotten I had set my clock and when it went off at
6:30am I got up and saw her.  She too was wearing
black and had the same black hair.  She started to
come toward me.  After that I don't remember anything.
 I just remember waking up a while later. Then, there
was a time when I had just went outside and had
forgotten something inside.  When I went back to get
it, everything in the room looked like a tornado went
through the living room. The very last thing that
happened in the house. It was about a month before we
moved.  I was in the pantry getting some macaroni on
the top shelf.  When I felt pressure on my chest and
was thrown against the wall behind me. The force was
so great, that I had bruises on my chest from what
ever pushed me and bruises on my back from hitting the
wall. But you know, every time I told my mom and dad
about it and they never believed me.  I told them
about a month after we moved and they said they
believed me the whole time.  So, whatever it was I
think it's still following me.  The house I live in
now, is pretty scary too!
Just in the past year and half I have heard chairs
moving, the table with the glass in them moving like
someone is walking and accidently hitting it as they
walk by.  I have also heard "him" walking in and out
of my room and night and seeing nothing.   My
boyfriend who WAS a non believer has heard "him"
walking by him and has heard the chairs move and seen
the dishes move.  "He" has banged on the walls in my
room and the garage.  Now, I'm just really scared and
I can say, " I see dead people."  Cause I have seen
"him" walking in my house! I feel it is a he or a him
just the way he watches me, the way he walks in the
house, and just the way I feel when he's in the room.
My mom has heard this stuff, but keeps denying it.
Maybe someday I can solve this mystery.  But for now
I'm just really scared!

Ghost And Hauntings


an experience i found  for a greater part of my life, was when my grandfather
died. He lived in a semi detached house, and after his passing, experiences
were found in the house, from that of myself and my mum to my granmother who
lived there.  My grandfather was paralysed on the left side adn had  a
caliper on his leg so he could not walk in a proper manner even with aide,
when he passed at night time my granny could hear the thumping noise of the
paralysed leg and caliper coming up the stairs, on every other step, this
happened fairly often until one night we all stayed in my grannys house, she
had wakened and was screaming and making noises and frothing at the mouth, my
mum ran in and seen the state she was in and trying to calm her down my
granny turned and said that my grandfather was standing there with a knife
,when my mum came in she was in front of him .
My mum had also seen his face in the mirror on the dresser with what she
called the devils face or mask beside him.
I always experienced coldness in the house especially aftert he death, you
could feel the atmosphere and nothing could heat the house . The feeling
could more felt upstairs near the bedrooms especially the back room where he
used to sleep. There was sometimes rappings at the front door and i
experienced this myself, 3 knocks at the door came one summers afternoon, and
i walked out to answer the door, no-one was there or in the street no wind
nothing to knock the door at all.
Strang as it may well be but sceptics will always have a side to answer with
no matter what the evidence from paranormal to possible cover-ups.
To even look at my grannys front bedroom window from the outside you can
picture almost a ghostly figure just waiting to appear as she used to stand
years ago. Everytime i come down that street it feels like you are drawn to
look up 2 or more times to see what you feel is there, but lacks nothing.

The Old Man


I can honestly say I have only seen a ghost once in my life. Unlike the
experiences of many people, this was not a wispy dark shadow caught out
of the corner of my eye. I actually looked him in the face and he was
only a couple feet away from me. It happened when my husband and I had
finally saved enough money to move out of our apartment and into our own
home. It was a small brick bungalow in a neighborhood of brick bungalows
in southeast Warren. The city touches the northern boarder of Detroit.
The neighborhoods were built more than 50 years ago to house all the new
employees the growing auto makers were hiring. We purchased the house
from an elderly polish couple who had somehow raised five children in
that tiny house. They told us that they had acquired the home after the
death of her cousin -- the original owner.
The house was very well kept and impeccably clean. Though it needed to
be updated from it's 70's decor, you could feel the love that permeated
it. My husband and I spent a lot of sweat equity fixing it up and making
it our own. Our most recent accomplishment had been turning one of the
downstairs bedrooms into a computer room/office. The door to the room
directly faced the short hall leading to a three-way junction with the
kitchen on the left, the living room on the right and the archway of the
narrow staircase  that led to the upstairs bedroom directly facing it.
My husband had just bought a new computer and was enjoying his new toy
in the room we had just finished. I had been watching him play a
computer game, but not nearly enjoying it as much as he was. Computer
games are just not spectator sports. I decided to read a book I had on
the dresser up stairs and took off to walk down the short hall and head
up the stairs.
As I launched myself onto the staircase, I turned my head into the
living room and distinctly saw and old man. It looked as though he had
just stood up from sitting on the couch, since he was slightly hunched
over. The ghost was out of focus, like I was looking at him without my
glasses on. Through I only saw him for a few seconds, I remember every
detail. He was overweight and bald with short cut hair on the sides. He
was wearing a white V-neck t-shirt and black dress slacks. By the look
on his face it was clear that he was as much surprised by my presence as
I was by his. As I passed the archway to the living room and hit the
stairs, I stopped -- jerking back as quickly as I could, but of course
he was not there.
Besides that, only one little thing kept happening that could be
attributed to ghostly activity. We had just bought a brand-new electric
stove. The knobs were on the back and, being brand new, they were a
little stiff to operate. You had to push the know in and turn in order
to turn on a burner. Right after we got the stove, I would come down in
the morning and the very back left burner would be turned on low, like
someone was keeping a pot of coffee warm. The first time it happened I
turned it off and forgot about it. The next time I yelled at my husband,
who of course denied it. The third time, I knew something weird was
going on. The night before the fourth day, I checked that stove all
over. Checked the knobs and everything to make sure it wasn't on. But as
you can guess, when I got up in the morning it was on. That did it. I
had it. I snapped the knob back to the off position and addressed the
thin air. Angrily I said, "If you don't stop turning this stove on
you're going to burn the whole house down! Now quit playing with the
knob!" Amazingly enough, it never happened again.

My Great-Grandfather


OK, here it goes.  When I was younger I was very close to my
great-grandfather.  I would constantly be over at his house helping him
clean or just talking with him.  And around the holidays I would help him
cook, set up his Christmas tree, and wrap presents.  However, when I was
eleven my great-grandfather become fairly ill.  His heart was begining to
fail.  My great grandfather stayed at the hospital for two weeks.  Since I
was only eleven my parents didn't want me going to see him at the
hospital...they wanted my memories of him to be pleasant
ones...anyways...After several weeks the doctors said that there was
nothing more that they could do so we took him to Hospice (a place where
you take someone that you know is going to die, and they help you go on
peacefully).  Within a couple days of going there he slipped into a coma
and then died.  However, before he went into the coma he said bye to
everyone that was there.  Since I was not allowed to be there...he couldn't
say goodbye to me.  As you can imagine I was devistated.  But then for some
reason several weeks after he died I decided to stay the night at my
grandmothers.  I was sleeping the the guest room (which has its own
attached bathroom) when I was awoken by someone in the bathroom.  I knew
that only my grandparents and I were there, and since they had their own
bathroom they wouldn't be using the guest one.  I was too scared to move.
I heard water running and then being turned was then that I saw my
great-grandfather leave the bathroom and walk towards the door.  He turned
towards me and mouthed out the words good bye and I love you!  Ever since
then I have had total closure over his death.

Haunted or Not


This story happened to me while I was staying at my mothers house in Humboldt Az.It was about eight o' clock at night when my mom informed me that she was going to go up to the local tavern for kareeokee night, and that if I went anywhere I needed to lock the front door. About ten minutes or so after she left I left locking the front door on my way out, but beafore I left I turned the T.V off and shut off the kitchen light. Around Twelve o' clock Returned to find the T.V and the kitchen light on. I didn't think anything of it I figured that my mom might have come home to get something and while she was there she turned them on. After getting something to eat I went to bed. So I made sure the door was locked and shut the Kitchen light and Telavision off and went into the back room where I stayed when I was visiting. As soon as I layed down I heard the T.V click on and then off it would do this about ten more times on and off until i got up to look. As soon as i opened my door it went off. i passed it off as my imagination and went back to my bed. About five minutes later it clicked on again this time with the volume full blast. so i jumped out of bed and went to the living room to find the kitchen light on as well. i looked around to make sure no one was in the house maybe joking around with me or something, and checked to make sure that the front door was still locked and it was. so i turned of the T.V. again and went back to bed. i layed there in my bed restless for a while then managed to fall asleep, only to be awaken again at the sound of someone stomping down the hallway. i thought maybe it was just my mom coming home. the stomping stopped at my room and the door handle started to move so i yelled out "is that you mom" when no none answered i got up and opened the door only to feel a cold draft that felt like it went all the way to my bones. i got a little freaked out and closed my door and layed down in my bed again trying to fall asleep. well finally i did fall asleep when around two thirty in the morning my door flew open and hit against my wall causing me to shoot out of bed i looked up to find a kind of human figure standing in my doorway staring at me. I just figured that it was my mom so i said goodnight and told her i loved her and went back to sleep. when i awoke the next day and went outside my moms car was still gone. When she came home i asked her if she had been there at all that night after she left to the bar, she told no and that she had stayed with a friend that night. Was this just my imagination playing games? I don't think so.



I just want to say how refreshing it is to see a site that covers the topic
so well.
I have been seeing ghosts since I was 15. I've had experiences with smell,
clocks, orbs, animals, people, voices, you name it, it runs the gamut.
Here's my story for your files. This was the first of what would many
experiences. By now, I have accepted my unusual gift and learned to work
with it. I recognize the signs and feelings of presences and have found I
can tune in or out as needed or desired.
My Story:
My best friend and next door neighbor's brother died tragically when I was
14. He and I were the same age and had grown up in each other's houses as
all neighborhood kids tend to do. He wasn't a friend but more of a brother.
His death was very hard on all of us. (He was accidentally killed by a
mischarge from a loaded hunting rifle indoors. To this day, I can't be
within eyesight of a gun. Even a gun on a policeman's waste makes me
Our town was very small at the time. There were less than 2500 people and
our high school had 250 kids. Two summers after the accident, I was taking
care of the family's cats while they were away at their summer cottage.
In the middle of the afternoon, I walked down the hill to their house next
door to feed the cats. As I was halfway down the path, I felt a strong
buzzing in the air. The closer I got to the house, the more the energy
seemed to vibrate until I felt as if the entire area were pulsating with
It was a beautiful summer day. The sky was brilliant blue with puffy white
clouds and the day was pleasantly warm and dry. As I reached the back yard,
I could feel myself growing scared and panicky. It was as if someone were
watching me. I even looked at the windows and screens of the house to see if
someone had broken in because I could tell something wasn't right. The
funniest thing to me, in hindsight, is I can hear myself saying "Go on. Your
a big girl. What are you afraid of? You babysit!"
By the time I opened the back door, I was a nervous wreck. Out of the corner
of my eye I kept looking to see what was wrong. Was there a burglar in the
house? Was someone inside hiding somewhere?
I opened the door, called the cats and went to the cellar steps. The cats'
dishes were kept in the basement by their litter box. I tuned on the light
switch and I went downstairs to feed them. The entire time, I could feel
someone over my shoulder. I looked around the cellar and talked a mile a
minute to the cats trying to reassure myself that everything was fine. I
remember looking at the basement bulkhead door to see if it was open but it
was just as it should have been.
All I wanted was to get out of there, go home, and fast!
I fed the cats and started to walk up the stairs towards the kitchen. About
halfway up the stairs, I looked up to the landing and there was Dave* (name
changed, I never told his family)
I thought, "Oh look. Its Dave." I walked up 2 more steps. My momentum was
going and my feet kept walking up the stairs.
"Dave is dead." 2 more steps.
"Dave is a ghost." 2 more steps and I was walking right through him. I have
never forgotten that sensation of feeling a curtain of energy pass through
my body from head to foot. At this point, I couldn't stop. My next thought
was "Oh my god! I've just seen a ghost and I've just walked through him!"
I was completely and utterly freaked out. I couldn't take my eyes off the
kitchen back door. I stared at the door knob and just kept repeating to
myself, "Please God, let it open. Please God, let it open. Please God, let
it open. Please God, let it open. Please God, let it open."
I flew out the door and ran home to my house. I never ran so fast in my
entire life. I didn't feel safe even at home and jumped on my bicycle and
rode to an ice cream shop where a friend of mine was working that day. It
took me hours to calm down.
It would be almost 10 years before I told anyone what had happened that day.
It wasn't until my brother told me he had seen our grandfather one night. I
felt for the first time I could open up about what had happened.
Many ghosts and experiences later, I'm not afraid or embarrassed to discuss
them with friends. I've helped a friend or two "see" what was in their
house. I can accept that there is a lot more to the world than our linear
and forward moving experience of it.
I have one regret. To this day, I wonder, could I have helped Dave? Is there
something he needed from me and my own cowardice and fright prevented me
from helping him? I wish I could have been strong enough to say "Dave, its
ok. You can go home now. We're ok. Its time for you to move on."
I've never forgotten that day.

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