Apt 1510

By: i.beardy@sympatico.ca

Hello. My name is Isabelle. I've a few experiences with spirits, ouija
boards and unexplained happenings.
This one experience happened while I was living on Bank Street in
Ottawa. It was a coop builiding and it
was my first appartment. It was an eery looking building, a lot of
people who didn't have much money
lived there. I was on the 15th floor, it was apt 1510. I didn't sleep
there much once I found a girlfriend.
I remember that I would always sleep on the couch in the livingroom, I
was always too afraid to go into the
bedroom. And even while I was asleep on the couch, I would wake up
feeling as though someone was watching me,
someone was hanging over me. I felt this presence almost every night.
Especailly right beside the couch. You would
be sitting there watching t.v, or just relaxing, and you would feel as
though someoene was standing over you. I've
had company tell me about it. I thought I was paranoid, or just scared
of being alone in the appartment, but it wasn't
just me. Right before my year lease ended, I had a friend move in with
me for the last two months. Her mother was
gifted. She was able to read tarrot cards, leave her body and visit
other places, read the crystal ball. In many
ways she was psychic. She was also a strong believer in God. Nathalie,
the friend that I had move in with me, told
me what she felt a presence as well, the same things I felt. I remember
when I was living alone, I would leave for work and come
home at night, everything that was around the tub would be inside of the
tub. Shampoo bottles, soap and the stopper
for the tub would be neatly placed in the center of the tub, still
standing. I thought it might be my cats, but when it
happened on more than one occasion, I started getting freaked out. I
remember going to the bathroom and Nathalie was
in the livingroom, I was talking to her and there was a book on the side
of the tub. There was no reason for it to fall
because of the way that it was placed. It fell at my feet as though
someone had knocked it over. There was a presence in
that area, no where else.
Another experience happened while my roomate and I were at work. Manon
was very skeptic about all that was going on in
the appartment and didn't believe anything that Nathalie or I said. I
gave her the keys to my appartment and told her
that we would meet at my appartment after Nathalie and I were finished
work to have drinks. She was putting the beer in
the fridge and she said that she was worried about not getting a job
offer that was available where she was working. She
didn't even remember what I had told her about the appartment. She said
she was putting away the beer when she heard
something slide across the bathroom floor. It was an empty plastic
container. She said she seen in there when she came in,
but when she heard something slide across the floor she remembered. She
looked towards the bathroom and there it was, still
sliding by itself across the room. She was so freaked, that when
Nathalie and I got back from work, Manon was standing
outside my appartment door. She told me what happened and she believed
me. She couldn't leave because she left in such a
hurry she forgot her keys and my keys. She was too afraid to go back in
the appartment alone so she waited an hour or so for
us to get back.
Nathalie and I were in the appartment one night, I only had one bed and
the couch was too small for her so she slept in my
bed, it was only temporary. I heard something in the room, I was half
asleep and asked Nathalie if she was changing into
her pj's because that's what it sounded like. You know the sound of
someone taking off their clothes?? That kind of
brushing sound?? Well that is what I heard, but I coudln't see a thing,
and Nathalie said no, she kicked me and said that
she was right beside me and never moved. She asked me if I heard
something too. She said that she heard some sort of ticking
sound right beside her, as though someone was tapping their fingers on
the wall impatiently. We felt such a strong presence
that we left the appartment at 3:30am and slept at her friends house. We
were so freaked out we couldn't stay. We asked the
spirits to leave, but the more stern my voice was, the more angry the
presence became. It made us so uncomfortable we left.
Nathalie asked her mother to come and chase them away.  There were three
spirits in my appartment. Two were black spirits,
very evil and one was an old man who had died of a heart attack. He was
a short old man. I saw him once, he was sneaking into
the bedroom while I was watching t.v. I was afraid of him because it was
a ghost, but Nathalie's mom said that he was a frienly
ghost and quite funny. She said that he protected us from the two evil
ones. She chased him out too, but he found a way back
in. Diane is Nathalies mother's name, she told us the spirits were gone,
but we still felt a presence. She finaly told us that
the old man would not leave. She was blessing the room and putting holy
water in the shape of a cross towards him and he was
mocking her. SHe found it funny and knew that he was not a bad spirit. I
let him stay. I would say hello to him when I got in
from work and asked him not to ever let me see him. I never really seen
him, but I did see a short shadow walk in the
hallway in sneak into the bedroom. I told Nathalie and her mother said
that he was very short, and it was probably him
that I saw. It was a scary experience, and I hope to God to never have
any more. I've had many others while I was living
on the farm, outside of Kapuskasing, had experiences with the ouija with
some old friends. So many creepy things that I wish
never happened. It's crazy how spirits can just roam wherever they
please, kind of scary even in broad day light. Dont' you

My Mothers Story

By: raydon@vcn.com

The following ghost story is really my mothers story.
She passed away in January of 2000 and I have been intending
to tell it for some time.  While we never did actually live at the
Ft. Bridger Historic Site, I did basically grow up there.   We
lived just across the street and the site was my playground and
home-away-from-home.  My parents, and later my sister and I
(beginning about the age of 5) were involved for a great many
years in their Living History program.  My whole family has
always been aware of the various hauntings  at the site and
pretty much accepted them, with one exception.
One night when I was about 11 or 12, mom came
home, wet up to her hips and very frightened.  She had been
working late at the Museum and took the north parade ground
path and north bridge across the stream (basically the long way)
on her way home, intending to check the Officers Row buildings
on the way home.  As she was crossing the bridge, she heard
the splashing sounds in the stream and what sounded like a
young child crying for help.  She waded into the shallow stream
vainly in search of what she was certain was a little boy
drowning.  She was never able to get close to the sound and
without a flashlight found it impossible to locate him.  Unable to
find the child she ran back to the museum to get a flashlight and
get the curator who lived in a back apartment.  When they
returned to the stream there were no longer any sounds to be
heard.  For more than an hour they searched up and down the
stream both on and off the Site grounds before giving up.  At
locations at both ends of the stream there are fences in the water
which would have caught anything had there been anything to
catch.  Needless to say, mom was very upset.
For years after that she refused to cross the grounds
alone at night.  One night about ten years later though, she found
herself crossing the bridge alone again and once more heard the
splashing and yelling.  Again she searched the stream (this time
she did it alone and had a flashlight) but again found nothing.
In 1995 I had graduated from college and was working
my first job as an archaeologist for the Historic Association on
the excavation of the original fur trading post.  As the defacto
“resident” archaeologists, my partner and I often found ourselves
working all over the site and were doing some research on the
location and design of the post hospital, which is now long gone.
 In going through micro film copies of the post surgeons records
we found a log and death certificate of an 8 year old boy who
had drowned in that section of the stream at night in the summer
of 1873.  As far as I know mom is the only one that ever heard
his cries for help, almost exactly 100 years too late as far as I
can tell, though I’m not exactly certain of the dates on which
mom heard them.

Negative Energy Attracts Same

By: rane@gte.net

Always the skeptic, I scoffed at those who actually believed that anyone
could make contact with the deceased. Neither am I particularly
religious by nature, although I can accept that our spirits are
distinctly separate from our physical bodies. So when we die, I demised,
our spirits must move on somewhere...heaven and hell seem as good as any
other names for those locations. But never, so I thought, could those
spirits return to earth. Even with the passing of three years, I can
still vividly recall every detail that soundly changed my opinion
It was the late winter/ early spring of 1998. My wife (soon to be known
as my ex-wife) and I owned a home in a Seattle, Wa. suburb. This house
was located in a newly constructed neighborhood in which all of the
residences were young urban professional first time home-owners. We were
no exception. Seattle is, and has been for a number of years, a rapidly
developing city. Therfore, housing is difficult to come by. We were
thrilled to purchase this place before construction even began. We
bought a plot of dirt on which a home was to be erected, just as all of
our neighbors did. For clarity's sake, the houses were not built upon
any ancient native american burial grounds, pioneer graveyards or
anything of the like. The neighborhood certainly wasn't "haunted" nor
was our house. There was no prior history of the area where the houses
are now to attribute any negative or evil energy to. And, as I've
stated, the houses themselves certainly had no history, as we were the
first owners.
We had owned our home since the spring of 1994 and had experienced
nothing out of the ordinary during our occupancy. Nothing occurred to
set us apart from any other home in our neighborhood. Nothing, that is,
except a failing marriage. We had married too young and were still quite
young.We had not taken the time to really get to know one another prior
to our marriage and had discovered too late that we didn't really even
like one another. Coupled with the pressures of long work hours in an
effort to amass material belongings rapidly enough to stay ahead of our
neighbors and well....I think you all can see where this is headed. It
had become increasingly obvious to me that our marriage simply would not
endure. By the beginning of 1998 our relationship had deteriorated to
nightly arguements and useless counselling sessions. We both wanted out
but had not fully accepted the idea.
One late winter evening, in a rare moment of truce, my wife, her sister
and I were just settling into the den to watch a video we had rented.
The tension was finally beginning to settle in the air from the
disagreement we had had prior to her sister's arrival to the house that
evening. My wife was seated at one end of the sofa, her sister in a
chair next to her. I settled in on the far end of the sofa near the
patio door. I made a point to position myself as far away from my wife
as possible, leaving a full empty center section on the sofa. As I was
just about to push play on the vcr remote to begin the video, a strange
dark feeling suddenly swept over me. My attention was immediately drawn
to the patio door on my left. I sensed something...it demanded my
acknowledgement. As I stared toward the door for a mere few seconds, I
saw the heavy curtains rustle momentarily. Ofcourse, the door was
completely sealed airtight for the winter season. No breeze could even
so much as seep thru the economically sound weatherstripping around that
door. I knew that something was wrong. Moments later I knew that
something was "terribly" wrong. My estimate is that of 15 seconds
passing since I first noticed the rustling of the curtains. Then
suddenly I felt and heard a "swoosh" of extremely cold air around my
face. It began from the area of the curtains and swept across my face
from left to right. It stopped briefly in my right ear and I Heard a
male voice distinctly whispering in my ear. The voice spoke rapidly and
I could not discern any words of the message. An instant later I felt
the "presence" move quickly away from my face and settle on the sofa in
the empty space between my wife and I. I was stunned to say the least
and sat motionless for a minute or two. My rational mind was grasping,
trying to determine what was happening to me. This presence was
definitely not one of comfort, rather one of malevolence. As I sat in
silence, mind racing, my wife calmly looked in my direction and stated
"do you feel him?". As if her recognition made it all the more real, I
jumped off of the sofa and took several quick steps away. As I shared
what had just happened to me with the others in the room, my wife's
sister and I became increasingly agitated and anxious. All the while my
wife remained calm stating that she did indeed sense a male presence but
did not find it at all upsetting. Curiously, her sister did not sense
anything. The room seemed to clear as I spoke and soon was void of
anything other than the three humans occupying it.
Several days past and once again everything seemed ordinary. We returned
to our usual bouts of petty arguements which sometimes culminated into
my opting to sleep in the spare bedroom. On one occassion, I recall my
waking from a sound sleep at around 4 a.m. to find my wife on her knees
near the bed in the spare room where I was sleeping. She was simply
sitting there, hovering over me and staring directly into my face. Her
eyes seemed glossed over and she had a very menacing look. When I spoke
to her, breaking the silence along with the glossy look in her eyes, she
simply stood up and walked back into the master bedroom. I followed only
to watch her return directly to bed and peaceful slumber.
Several more days past. Things really seemed to be coming to a head. We
had cancelled our previous two marriage counselling sessions and I began
to make plans to leave the home. I had already began searching for an
apartment. One of the last nights that we shared a bed, I recall my wife
waking me in the middle of the night. She was visibly shaken. This was
quite rare as most of the strange occurrences that were happening seemed
to favor her. On this night, she stated that she had woken to find a
dark menacing figure standing near the foot of our bed. She descibed the
figure as a mid-fortyish male with black hair slicked back in 1950's
fashion. He had dark eyes and a cold chisled face. She further described
him as wearing a dark sweater and jeans and noticed that his body seemed
to end near mid-leg giving him the appearance of floating a few feet
above the flloor. The man did not speak to her but she had an overall
feeling that he was there on my behalf, that he was somehow connected to
me.Although he wasn't overly protective of me, she did get the
impression that he meant to scare her, and would harm her if he chose to
do so. His entire demeanor, according to her, was extremely threatening.
At last the final days of our relationship approached. I was at the
house one eve packing some of my things for my planned move. My soon to
be ex wife was on the phone in the kitchen with a friend. Undoubtedly
expressing her low opinion of me. As I went upstairs to retrieve some
clothing & other articles from the master bedroom, I felt quite uneasy.
I even felt that I'd prefer to have wife up there with me rather than be
alone. I simply tried to shrug off the feeling and return to the task at
hand. Telling myself that I would soon be away from the "house of
negativity", I returned to packing up my personal items. My back was
positioned to the doorway of the bedroom yet I sensed movement in the
hallway just beyond the door. I turned slightly a glipmsed something
from the corner of my vision. I was convinced that I saw someone walk
into the spare bedroom across the hall. I felt it must be my wife and
therfore called out to her. When I received no response, I went into the
hallway and called out to her again. From where I was positioned in the
hallway near the top of the stairs, I could hear my wife below me in the
kitchen still engaged in her phone conversation. I turned and walked
into the spare bedroom to investigate the shadow I had witnessed enter
that room. As I stepped into the room, I knew instantly that I had made
a very bad decision. The room was freezing cold and immediately upon my
entry I felt assaulted by an unfriendly presence. I looked around the
room and could see absolutely no one or anything out of the ordinary.
But I could definitely feel it. My attention was drawn to a crawl space
entrance in the far corner of the room. I stared at the door to the
crawl space for several seconds, then my attention moved rapidly to the
closet door. My eyes remained fixed in a straight line as they moved
from the crawl space to the closet. I felt as if I had just witnessed
something dart across the room; without actually seeing it. I slowly
walked to the closet door and opened it. Just as I had the door
partially open I felt a blast of cold air so cold that it seemed to take
my breath. Then, I realized that in fact my breath was being taken. I
felt as if something was literally sucking the air from my lungs. I
could feel pressure on my chest and mid-back at once...as if being
pushed by unseen hands from both the front and back. This feeling was
Extremely phyiscal and not imaginative. I literally could not catch my
breath. I finally gathered my wits and ran from the room slamming the
door behind me. I slept (very uneasily) for a mere three more nights in
that house before I finally moved out forever. My wife & I separated and
then divorced several months later.
I have no real explanation of what happened in the final months that we
owned that home. Other than to say that the negativity that we shared
between us seemed to attract other negative energy. I have lived in
several locations since moving away from that home and have never
experienced anything like that since. I would caution anyone reading
this to ensure that you keep your home a safe haven. I have since
learned to treat any residence that I occupy with due respect. Even
though I am no great follower of spiritual beliefs, I do occassionally
"clear" my home with affirmations and smudge sticks just be on the safe
side. And never, I hope, will I again be party to opening myself up
unwillingly as a portal of negative energy.

The Figure

By: dfmews@home.com

Well this all started when i was just starting to stay up late. I use to go to bed around the time my family did so i was never up by my self at night.
But this summer i started to go to bed late like around 2:00 in the morning. For a few weeks it was going fine nothing strange.but one night i was watching tv after my family whent to sleep i had a weird feeling like someone or something was watching me. Now where my the tv was there was a door right beside it that leads to the kitchen and right on the other side of the kitchen was a door that leads into the living room so i could see from the room where the tv was to the living room if all the doors where open. Every time I glanced into the living room it looked like a figure of a person was just poking his body back into the rooms darkenis so i could not see him. This happened every night for the hole summer. But this only happened when i was in the tv room at night alone. It seemed it was watching me and then knew when i was about to look so i would go. Every time i looked in that one direction it would happen.This was scary so i tried to stop my self from looking. But that feeling kept coming to me.
Well one night i had a dream that this same figure was right infront of me but it had no place to run. It tried but my eyes would never leave it. It was like it was scared. Eventually it let out the most hydiouse scream the most awful noise i had ever heard. I covered my eyes and ears. When I looked it was gone.Ever since then i have yet to see this figure.

Green Sleeves

By: Soshysofine@aol.com
About a year ago, my friend Tahlia's boy-friend died in a drive by shooting.
His first name was Greg~Scott.  Like a month or so after Greg died, we all
had a slumber party at Tahlia's house. We  were playing on the oija board,
and some spirit kept going, "Green~Sleeves, Green~Sleeves,Green~Sleeves,
Green~Sleeves,Green~Sleeves, Green~Sleeves," over and over again.  We were
kind of creeped out becase G,S is Greg's anitials.  Then we all started to
hear the slow song, kind of like a child's voice, but not, ya know?  It was
slow and calm, as if it were going through a tornado! We were really scared,
because Green Sleeves was a love song, and we all knew that Greg was soooo in
love with Tahlia!  But before it could finish the last phrase, "I sing to you
my darling," we all fell asleep, because it was like a lullaby.  But in the
middle of the night like around 3:00, we all woke up at around the same time,
and all together heard those soothing yet chilling words, "I sing to you my

The Basement

By: logan_j24@yahoo.com

Growing up, I lived on a small farm about 50 miles
north of Indianapolis, Indiana.  The house was
originally 2 bedrooms and one bathroom until my
parents remodeled it and added approximately 1000
square feet onto the downstairs and a second story to
it in 1981.  The original house was built around 1875
by a farmer for his wife and children.  We have found
many artifacts in the barns and in the basement from
what looks like early 1900 magazines and clothing.
Especially odd was this door in the basement that was
about 3 feet off of the ground with no steps leading
to it.  My sister and I never dared stay down there
longer than a couple of seconds before running back up
the stairs into the entry way, which was just around
the corner of the kitchen.
I don't remember much about what the house looked like
before the remodeling because I was very young at the
time.  To this day, everytime I go back there, I get
chills because of the man that I used to see as I was
growing up.
Beginning around the time that my parents were
remodeling, my older sister and I would feel strange
sensations on the back of our necks, and would see
fleeting glimpses of someone out of the corner of our
eyes.  When we would tell our parents, they would
shrug this off as a child's fantasy.
Time passed, and we still felt and saw the same
things.  We never said anything more to our parents
about it because we knew it would not do any good.
One night, however, my sister went to stay at a
friend's house.  Since the upstairs was added on, we
had both slept up there, in separate rooms, but we
still felt safer with someone close by.  Since she was
gone, I slept downstairs in our old bedroom that we
shared as small children.  As I drifted off to sleep
that night, I felt as if someone were watching me.  I
awoke with a start and found a man in a dark suit
standing in the doorway of the room.  He walked
briskly over to the bed.  He was carrying what looked
like a top hat in one hand and some sort of walking
stick or cane in the other.  He went to the window in
front of me and stood there for a moment.  He then
turned and looked directly at me.  The terror inside
of me swelled, and I screamed for my parents.  As soon
as I did that, the figure vanished.
My sister and I still felt the chilly air every once
in awhile, but it was only seemed to be on the
original side of the house.  It was not until I was
about 12 that another episode occurred.  My sister was
up in her room studying, and my parents had gone out
for the night.  I was downstairs in the kitchen, when
out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a man walking
down the hallway near the kitchen.  I quickly turned
my head, and the figure was still there.  He was a
tall, lanky man, but I could tell that it was the same
one that I had seen years earlier as a small child.
He came into the kitchen, and walked as if he had
every right to be there toward the entry to the new
part of the house.  He abpruptly turned toward the
east wall and started to sink into the floor, as if he
were descending stairs, but I could never remember a
stairway being there.
Other small instances occurred up until I moved out of
the house when I went to college, but I never did tell
my sister or parents about the second haunting.  My
father again remodeled the old kitchen about two years
ago.  During renovations, they removed the dry wall
from the support boards.  In one spot there was what
looked like a door frame.  I asked my father about
that when I saw it, and he told me that was where the
steps to the basement used to be before they added
onto the house when I was younger.  I left for my own
home sooner than I had planned that night.

Ghost Kiss

By: sethandrew@earthlink.net

     I seem to be yet another of those people whom ghosts follow. My experiences start in the house in which I grew up. When I got old enough to be left alone in this house, I often experienced extreme fear, even in the daytime.
     Let me start by saying that this was a doublewide trailor, so no previous deaths in the house. My family has owned the land the house sits on for about the past 60 years, and as far as I know, there hasnt ever been another structure on the land. However, the area has been discovered to hold many Native American artifacts. My gradeschool, only a mile from the house, has a display of early Native American items found on the grounds.
     But let me return to my story. As I said, my experience started with extreme fear in the house, even in the daytime. I would be happily watching television alone in the house and suddenly have to get up and literally run from the house to my Grandma's home next door. About the time I got to be a teenager, things progressed. I turned off my bedroom light one night and then felt the presence of "something" in the area where my dresser was. I got up, turned on the light, and closed my bedroom door. I then lay in bed for hours listening to footsteps approach my door, stop, walk away, and return. My mom heard the same thing but had convinced herself it was me.
     One night when I was about 15, I was lying in bed in the dark talking to my boyfriend on the phone. We were talking about the car he had just got, someone had complimented him on it and I said, "You've got something everyone wants." As soon as I said that, an extremely pissed off voice from the foot of my bed drawled "Whhaatt?" (As in "What could you possibly have that everyone wants?")Now, my mom and I were the only ones in the house and we both were in our bedrooms with the doors closed.
     The final experience I'm going to relate occured one night when my Mom had taken my Grandma to emergency room.(She was having chest pains, but thankfully was fine).I was alone in the house and I was sleeping in Mom's bed so she'd wake me up when she came home and tell me what happened.I had her bedroom door closed. When this door was opened, it made a very distinctive and loud sound because it rubbed against the door frame. I was awakened by the door opening but I just knew it wasn't Mom. I lay there with my eyes closed and I felt something kiss me on the lips. I thought to myself, "Oh God, I am going to have to open my eyes now and see what's there." But when I opened my eyes, I was alone.
     Thank you very much for listening to my story. This site does a great service by allowing those of us who've had these experiences to listen to each others stories.

Repeat Performance

By: Hakushi_@excite.com

My name is Vanessa and I live in Wisconsin. THere are a few things that have
happened to me since I moved here 12 years ago. First off, I lived in
Whitewater, WI for 10 years. There are no websites for the hauntings that go
on here, but the town itself has its own history. There used to be a
University for witchcraft and ESP in Whitewater called the Pratt Institute.
It is now a bank.... Anyway, there are tunnels underground and many of the
sororities and fraternities are connected by these tunnels. Of course the
tunnels are no boarded up but some of my friends have allegedly found a way
into them (through the old watertower). In the three cemeteries (that
coincidentally form an equalateral triangle), there are what townies call
'witches circles.' They're graves form a perfect circle and it's said that,
if you stand in the middle of it on a solstice, you will spin in the air
until you faint. Whitewater has a much more in depth history but,
unfortunately, the old city records are locked up from public use. The only
reason I know a lot of these things is because my boyfreinds father was a
Professor at the university and therefore had keys to the library and such.
Anyway, that's what I know about Whitewater.
Now I live in the town of Mukwonago. I live next to the cemetery on an
apartment building. My close friend used to live next door. This place has
some freaky things going on. Twice for me and once for my boyfriend, we've
woken up and not been able to move. It was as if something was holding us
down. We couldn't even speak. I tried to move my arm and my arm suddenly
flew across my body, as if someone had just let go. I told my freind about
this (not the one that lived next door) and he said that my friend who lived
next door had the EXACT same thing happen to her. We had never talked to
each other about it until then. I also heard children laughing while I was
brushing my teeth. When I went into my room (where the laughing was) it
abruptly stopped. While attempting to sleep one night, I very distincly
heard children's voices and heard one of them say 'Don't step in the water.'
I believe they were talking about my aquarium which was on the floor. I also
hear cupboard doors open and close. Lights go on and off and things randomly
disappear for days at a time. No, I'm not crazy. My boyfriend and close
friends have heard the same things. I often wake up at night to see a dark
apparition at the foot of my bed. It moves and disappears when I move.
Sometimes it points at me. My boyfriend and I also often see people walk
past my window very swiftly but when we look outside, no one is there. Lots
of other things have happened. But they're similar to the things I've
written here. Anyway, I hope this is of some interest to you. Please respond
if you have any questions or would like to investigate this matter further.
Thank you for your time.

Haunted School in Las Vegas

By: Smittenkitten2u@aol.com

5 of my friends and I were in the gym staying late after school do help with
an upcoming dance.  my friends slowly left one by one as their rides
appeared.  When I was left alone and said good-bye to my last remaining
friend I left to go back to the gym to get some change to call home on the
pay phone to find out where my ride was. I could not find my backpack
anywhere.  I left the gym to see if i brought it out front and left it there.
 i noticed a trail of items form my bag leading to the chapel in the front of
the school.  when i opened the chapel door i immediately noticed the same
rotten- egg- dead- body smell that i always smelt when visiting this place
for mass or school classes. but this time it was much stronger.  up by the
podium was one lit red candle and a picture of a girl probably form the
1960's. i was scared and wanted to leave but found myself not able to move.
the smell increased and i thought i was going to throw up so i ran from the
chapel. when outside i heard a person crying then a scream. i ran as fast as
i could and went to the side parking lot of the building and when my ride
(brother) appeared I realized my bag was still in the chapel. I grabbed my
brother and we walked in the chapel.  it didn't smell bad but it felt like it
was about 90 degrees in there. I grabbed my bag. when I got home I opened my
bag to do the homework and found nothing but the candle and picture.  Not
knowing what to do i called my same 5 friends that were present earlier we
went back that night and had the candle and picture with us. we went  into
the chapel with holly water and the items the smell was so strong and it was
so hot we felt that we were going to pass out.  we sprinkled holly water and
said prayers and left the candle and picture there and left.  the next Monday
when school started we all meet early and entered the chapel we found it to
be ice cold and smelt like burnt plastic.  We found the candle still there
and the picture but the face was now deformed and burnt on the back was 666.
We have never gone back in there and to this day it still is very hot and
smells bad when a group of students enter.

Strong Believer

By: NDNqt77@aol.com

I'm a very strong believer in spirits/ghosts, however really didn't encounter anything of the sort until recently. Now, I have 3 older brothers, Jason, David and Daniel. Jason and Dave were only a year apart therefore they were the best of friends and when David was 8, he died in a freak accident. Jason ahs always felt that Dave has watched over him and our family. I know there isn't a day that goes by that Jay doesn't think of him. Well, Jason is married now and has a 2 year old son whom I frenquently babysit. They just moved into this house that my sister in law and I feel has spirits in it, including David's. See, this is the first place they've settled at as a family, which is why I feel that Dave is watching over them. My nephew's room is at the opposite end of the hallway of his parents room, and his room is the strongest place I feel things. Brandon, my nephew is no doubtly being watched by Dave and little things go on in his room. For instance, my sister in law or I wi!
ll shut the light off and go downsatirs with the baby, and the light will be back on when we go upstairs. Sometimes when my s. in law leaves the house, she'll shut Brandon's light off and go outside to her car and you can see Brandon's window from there and the light will be back on. Also, they have an attic fan that has a door over it which is very high up so the kid can't reach it and there have been times that the fan has been turned on, but the door is still locked and neither my brother or his wife touched it. One more thing that happened was when I was babysitting not too long ago. I went into the kitchen and was cleaning it up and the sugar bowl was sitting on the counter with a spoon lying next to it and the cover next to that. Well, their dog has the tendency to jump up to the counter looking for food or something and I didn't want Brandon to get a hold of it, so I put the spoon back in the bowl, put the cover back on it and placed way far back in the corner with the Flour jars and breadbox. Then Brandon and I went downstairs to watch TV. Maybe an hour later, I went back to the kitchen to get a drink and the sugar bowl was back out just as I had seen it earlier, with the spoon next to it with the cover. My nephew was with me the whole time I was downstairs and besides, I put it too far back for him to reach anyways. I don't know...personally I think it's cool, but I wouldn't want to live there...Thanx for reading my story...

My Walk Home

By: leftoverparts@webtv.net

   when I was fifteen I  worked at a fast food chain . We had a buisy
night than normal fridays and got off around two in the morning.
I had no transportation so me, being shy , I walked home instead of
asking for a ride.
   So, I started off. I felt a wierd feeling like I was being watched
about half way home. I turned my head and looked behind me. I saw a
running beside the road  quite aways back.
I got kinda nurvous, I thought "Who would be crazy enough to jog on that
kinda road without sidewalks and at this time of night." So I looked
back to make sure what I saw was real. I saw  the jogger again. Cars
flew by as the jogger sort of glowed due to the passing lights on the
cars. I began to walk  faster, still glansing behind my shoulder. He was
almost  right across from me then I froze in my tracks!
There was a sign behind him lit up and I could see the sign  straight
through him! He then stopped, now being in front of me only being about
a hundred yards away from me across the street. I felt cold shivers down
my spine as he started across the street towards me. I couldnt move, I
couldnt scream. I knew then this wasnt a human becouse I saw cars pass
through him as he crossed. He jogged towards me and ran by a light that
displayed the mini mall name. At this point, his right side glowed as he
passed the light like when the cars passed him before.  About fifty feet
away from me now. I still couldnt believe my eyes! I knew what I saw but
I couldnt believe it ! Numbed with fear I finally screamed! Just then A
car took the turn into the mini mall entrance behind the ghost . He
shone right infront of me due to the car lights ,Seeing him closer than
I wanted to be!!!  I took off like a bat out of hell as the driver layed
on his horn. i didnt stop running untill I got home. I told friends
about it and they just made a joke out of it! Please in some way, can
you desribe why this happened to me and no one else! what did he want?


By: stunts20@yahoo.com

Hello- My name is Adina, and I would like to share a
story.  I live in historic Browns Addition in Spokane,
WA in a building called the Westminster.  It was built
in 1902 as a hotel.  Later the hotel burned, and
people made it into apartments.  I believe some of the
old hotel staff are still here, for one I have my
stuff move about like my childs toys, and the bed
shake a little, and even the dresser drawers open and
shut on occasion.  The come and go quite frequently.
Not to mention, I have many photographs of
"orbs"..even outside the building, but mostly around
my 6 mo old baby.  .

My Sisters Flat

By: Peteanddow@btinternet.com

I am now 16 years of age and all this what I am going was when I was at the age 13 or so, anyway I used to stay at my sisters 1 bedroom flat quite regularly and because it was a 1 bedroom flat I would sleep on the couch.  So one time I was woken up by a buzzing sound , I thought nothing of it thinking it could of been someone in the flat above, downstairs or even next door. This sound was was not going to stop I then looked at the time it was around 4:30 in the morning. Again I thought nothing of it.  I went to the bathroom and as I switched on the light and at that moment I saw a white light moving around the bathroom I started laughing  thinking it was my sister messing with the torch because the door was still open. I ran to her room tried to wake her up but she was fast asleep at that point I began to worry I looked round the flat but nothing or no-one was there so I turned all the lights out and went back to bed. About two or three nights later I heard the same sound again I didnt go to the bathroom to see the light spinning round the walls but instead the light came into the living room where I was I hid under the covers confused what to do. I knew my way in and out of that flat blind folded so I closed my eyes soooo tight and ran to my sisters room I woke her up and told her what had happened she told me not to worry because it won't hurt me. That night I could not sleep.  From then on whenever I stayed at her flat I would see this THING quite regular. But up until the day she moved she has now a boyfriend and a 9 month old child and for the first time I thought I would not see this THING ever again I was wrong as she moved into the new house her boyfriend set up the cot in the living room and as my neice was asleep I was sat on the floor  that's when I saw something in the corner of my eye  IT WAS SOMETHING FLOATING OVER MY NEICE so I shouted for my sister and the thing just vanished into thin air I expained everything to my sister and she said It might be my dead aunt looking out for her, so everytime I see this thing I think that it is my auntie looking out for us. It could be something else but as far as I'm concerned I'll think of it being my aunt. But I have to tell you this is a lie but I hope you have enjoyed it!!!!!!!!! Thank You for reading it.

The Old German Lady

By: JMCPTEXP@aol.com

I never shared this story before but this seems like the right place to do
it.  When I was born my parents rented a portion of a three family house.
The house was huge and previously owned by an old German woman.  Apparently,
the house belonged to the same family since the early 1700's when it was
built.  After the old German lady died there was no one left in the family to
take on ownership of the house. Someone new took the house over and rented it
out to three other families.  As soon as we moved in my parents had odd
things happeining on a daily basis.  The TV and all of the lights in the
house would constantly turn on in the middle of the night.  One night my dad
had some friends over to watch a football game and all of the power in house
kept going on and off.  His friends were so freaked out- they left.  What
bothered my mom most was that all of the rooms in the house stayed warm
except mine.  My room was always like ice and being a new born my mother was
concerned.  She would turn the heat way up and still my room stayed cold.
One night she heard a womans voice coming from my room.  As she neared she
could hear an old lady singing a lulaby.  When she opened the door the
rocking chair was swaying back and forth and my room was warm.  After this
occurance my room remained warm. This became an on going thing in the house.
The rocking chair would rock constantly no matter where in the house my mom
moved it to.  And often times she would hear a soft voice coming from my
room. The lights continued to go on frequently in the middle of the night.
As I got a little older- into the toddler years I can still remember certain
things happening.  My parents find it odd that I am able to remember things
so clearly.  I can describe my bedroom in distinct detail as well as the
other rooms in the house.  I only lived there from newborn to 2 1/2 years.
One night I woke up and felt terrified.  I remember climbing out of my crib
onto the little table and chair set that I had- steped onto the floor and
dodged for my parents room.  As soon as I climbed into bed with my mom and
dad- I heard my Aunt (who was asleep on the couch) screaming.  My mom woke up
and ran into the living room to see what all the fuss was about.  My aunt
kept crying "I saw her", "I saw her", "Over there by the lamp".  Apparently,
my aunt says that she saw the old lady standing at the foot of the couch by
the lamp.  When my mom reached over to turn the lamp on- she disapeared.  All
of my parent's old friends remember the house and everyone has a story of
something that they experienced there.  We know that the old lady died in the
house- probably in the section where we lived.  At first I think she was
angered that the house no longer belonged to anyone in her family.  She was
harmless and just wanted to make her presence know.  We only lasted there for
2 1/2 years.  Sometimes we drive by the house and contemplate stopping in to
see how the current owners are making out- but I never had the courage to go


By: Anonymous

Here are some "spooky" experiences that I remember from my childhood:
The first one didn't happen to me, it's something my mother told me about.
Her mother died in 1959.  A few years later, she remembers waking up in the
middle of the night and hearing her mother calling her name.  This always
gave me the chills, especially if I thought about it at night!
When I was maybe 6 or 7, something happened that scared the living daylights
out of me, I can still picture it in my mind.  A short time after I went to
bed, I was lying there awake, and I looked up at my bedroom door, which was
closed.  There was a window across the room from the door, the curtains were
open, and the moonlight was shining through the window making a square of
light on the door.  In the middle of this square of light, I saw the shadow
of a hand, slowly moving back and forth!  I was so scared that all I could
do was just stare at it, I was trying to scream but no sound would come out.
Finally, I managed to get my voice to work and I yelled as loud as I could,
"MOMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!"  My mother came running in, and I told her what I saw, I
don't remember if she saw the shadow too, probably not.  She didn't see
anything outside, and she shut the curtains.  Now, there were no trees right
outside my window that were close enough that they would make a shadow.  Not
to mention, that this did NOT look like a tree branch, it was was DEFINITELY
the distinct shape of a human hand!
Looking back on this as an adult, I realize that this was most likely not
anything supernatural at all, but someone actually trying to break into our
house (which, quite frankly, is more scary than a mere ghost!); when I
started screaming, the person heard me and ran away.
Shortly after the previous incident, I asked my parents if I could move into
the room across from that one (gee, I wonder why?)  My new room had a little
trap door in the closet leading to an attic of sorts.  My parents never used
it for storage, as it was too hard to go up there through the trap door, and
it most likely wasn't even high enough to walk upright in.  When I was about
10 or 11, my best friend and I were playing in my room, and we noticed that
the trap door was open about an inch or so.  We slid it closed.  Every once
in a while, I'd look up there and find that it was open again.  I'd keep
sliding it closed, and then a few days later it would be open.  My friend
and I naturally assumed that we had a "ghost" in the attic.  I really don't
remember if I ever actually HEARD anything up there or not.
Around the same time, this same friend would occasionally spend the night
with me.  Several times, we'd be lying in bed, and hear the sound of a
newspaper (or some sort of paper) being crumpled in the living room, when we
knew no one else was up.  We called this the "Newspaper Ghost."
Another time, I think I was probably about 7, I was riding my bike around in
circles in the street (this was in a housing development where there was
very little traffic).  My aunt, uncle, and cousins were visiting, and I
recall looking at the bathroom window on the side of our house, and seeing
my aunt's face looking out the window.  Later, I mentioned it to my aunt,
and she said she hadn't been looking out the bathroom window (neither had
anyone else).  Now, I realize that this could have easily been a reflection
of something in the window, but at the time it seemed pretty spooky to me.
In the summer of '69 (I was about 13), we had some relatives staying at our
house for about a week.  One evening after everyone had gone to bed, I was
still awake (as a child, it always took me a long time to get to sleep, I
was always too wound up I guess).  Anyway, all of a sudden, there was this
loud crash that came from my closet, like something metal or aluminum
falling on the un-tiled floor (the thing that came to my mind was a metal
vacuum cleaner hose).  There was no vacuum cleaner or anything other large
metal object in my closet that could have fallen and made such a noise, and
even if there was, what would have made it fall off the shelf?  I was too
scared to get up and look in my closet, or go and ask anyone else if they'd
heard it.  Now, this was a small 3-bedroom house in Levittown, Pennsylvania;
if anyone is familiar with those houses, if a loud noise occurs in any part
of the house, it would be impossible not to hear it all over the house!  The
next morning, I asked my parents, aunt & uncle, and cousins if they'd heard
a loud crash in the night, and NO ONE ELSE HAD HEARD IT!  And by the way, I
looked in my closet in the morning, and nothing was out of place.  This has
always puzzled me.
Here are a few things that have happened in the last few years, in the house
I live in now.  Nothing blatantly scary, just wierd; I thought I'd share
them just for the fun of it.
One night, I was asleep, and all of a sudden I screamed and woke myself up.
My husband came running in, and I couldn't for the life of me remember what
I'd dreamed that had scared me.  But I had a vague memory of looking beside
the bed and seeing something in the form of a human being, made up of lots
of little points of light.
There have been a few occasions where I've woken up in the middle of the
night and heard a kind of electrical humming sound that sounds like it's
coming from our bedroom closet.  My husband said he could hear it too.  I
can never figure out what's causing it.  It sounds like it could be the
refrigerator running, except that the kitchen is NOT right next to the
bedroom, and if it was the fridge, wouldn't I hear the noise every night,
since obviously the fridge runs all the time?  I haven't heard it in over a
year.  Just as well, it gives me the willies.

Floating Dance

By: tmbfrar@cox-internet.com

Hello, my name is Aaron.this is regarding a few personal expirience I have had with the supernatural.I am a 27yr old male born in 1973.my family are all from Arkansas were they live,still today.my father was a military man which ment being constantly on the move,but as always we did our vacationing at home in Arkansas with our family.It was on one of these vists that it happend.I call it ( it ) because I am not sure what it was,but back to the story.The year was between 1977 and 1978.I was 4 or 5 years old,the day was spent with my cousins and our mothers at a park playground.As evening drew near we went to my aunt Dollys trailer house in the woods were she and my uncle jim lived.night fell and it was getting close to bed time,I bathed and my mother sat me in a bed alone in a room with the light on and said she'd be right back.After about 5 minuets I found myself strangly drawn to staring at a yellow button up shirt hanging on a hanger in the closet,as I stared I could have smarn it moved.I didnt belive it had,but still I stared suddenly it floated off the hanger and started doing a sort of floating dance in the air swinging to and fro.I have never been that scared in all my life so crying my eyes out I screamed at it as load as I could at that point it started floating towards me.I jumped off the bed and backed up into a corner,  and still it advanced,it was floating about 3 feet off the ground.I screamed as it stopped inches from me and just floated.Than some kind of survival instinct kicked in because Ireached out with bolth hands and grabed it and through it on the bed and started beating it with my fists,just crying my eyes out.all this happend within at time span of about 40 seconds and was over as my mother ran into the room.Of cource no one belived me I was just a kid,but I was suprised to find out later (when I was 18 )that my grandmother who was an anointed Jehovas witness,had always said there was somthing evil living with them and that when my aunt and uncle got divorced whatever it was left with him.My aunt has also said that there were times she felt like she was being watched.every once in a while I can sort of feel a preasance around me when I'm alone,but nothing ever happens and sometimes at night I become paralized just before Iam almost asleep and I expiriance different feelings of levitation,covers being pulled off,or like something is pulling me to the foot of the bed,than sometimes I feel an energy that sort of trys to take me over but I know none of these things are happening because my eyes are open and Ican see.anyways I have to go for now so bye bye.e-mail me me back to talk if you'd like.Aaron.

Ghost at the Clock Tower

By: leonmary@hci.net

In the beginning of the fall in 1965, Mary Lynn Patton was only 12 years old and wearing a long strawberry-blonde ponytail. She was so nervous and so innocent as she walked in the dormitory known as the Clock Tower (Main Building) that was established on the campus of the North Carolina School for the Deaf in Morganton, N.C., in 1891. It held about 200 girls from the 5th grade to the 12th grade.  She did not know that it was a haunted house until later on.  On the 1st floor, about 25 girls from ages 12 to 14 were happy to see each other after two long months of the summer vacation at home. You could see them filling in the hall next to the lobby and right next to the auditorium with flying hands which is called American Sign Language. Almost each of them had an individual bedroom. There were seven bedrooms in the "A" hall and 8 bedrooms in the "C"  hall of the north wing.
Day by day the school life went on and all the young teenage girls did not know what was going on in the 4th floor where the high school girls were at. On this floor in the "A" hall none of the bedrooms had an oval window except Ann Scarboro's. She was the luckiest girl because she had one. Her bedroom was absolutely beautiful with that shape of window. One dark night, she was sitting on the chair next to the desk with the mirror on the top of it, brushing her long hair upside-down and she saw a white gown with white feet  underneath it. She then lifted her face slowly and saw more and more the white gown on the body of the ghostly girl, until she saw the face. Ann screamed her heart out. None of us were aware or even heard it.
One day in the middle of snowy February, in 1966, the 25 girls of Mary Lynn's group were moving up to the 4th floor while the high school girls moved down to the 1st floor so they could be near the auditorium. They had activities such as Dramatic Club, using the stage for the plays and Jr. National Association of the Deaf, using the platform for a meeting or a speech. Once, Mary Lynn was on the 4th floor she was anxious to know where her bedroom would be and she found that her bedroom was the one that was beautiful with the oval window! Unaware what happened to Ann, she was boasted to every girl about it. As the days went by, nothing had happened to them until the late May, a few days before the school was out, they were doing something mischievous and they were waiting for their supervisor to leave for home after their bedtime at 10:00. After she left, there were four girls from the "C" hall that came into the "A" hall and one of them switched the lights in the hall on. The order of the line was Faye Choplin, Martha Boardman, Karen Hawkins, and Frances Allen. They were standing in line to get a drink of water from the fountain. When Faye bent down and drank, she stayed there for a few minutes holding the button and the water was running but her head was turned right. She seemed like she was looking straight at the door. She then lifed her arm with her index finger pointing. By the look on her face it was almost like she had seen a ghost. Apparently, she had. The other three girls then realized that there was a snowy white, blurry figure moving as slow as a snail.
 Meanwhile, Mary Lynn saw the hall light come on, and knew that it was time to play. When her friends didn't come for her, Mary Lynn decided to go see what was happening. When she saw her friends, she noticed strange looks on their faces. When Mary Lynn noticed the direction they were looking, she turned and saw what they saw. Since one door was open, and one was closed, Mary Lynn was standing only 4 feet from the door and saw the ghost's blurry legs. She then gasped, and dashed to her "safe" bed in her bedroom with the oval window.  She pulled her covers over her head and stayed there till morning. She could hear (she was hard of hearing in her right ear) the other four girls stampede back to their bedrooms. The next morning, the girls got together and let curiousity out of the cage., "Who was that?"..."Did you see her?"..."What was that?" they all asked.
Years later, the four girls and Mary Lynn discovered that Ann Scarboro had seen the same ghost on the 4th floor.
At the 100th anniversary, in 1994, for the deaf school, the 4 girls and Mary Lynn learned that in the early 1900's a girl, who is unknown, was leaning over the banister of the stairwell on the 4th floor and a girl came running up the steps and knocked her over. She fell to the 1st floor and died.
To this day the four girls and Mary Lynn still wonder if that was the ghost of the young girl that died so long ago, while they were up of their beds breaking the rules.

Things Jumping

By: Wideboys@btinternet.com

the other day i had aweird experiance the plumbers were around when i heard a large crash i rushed into the kitchen to see the two plumbers standing at the back door looking suprised i looked in the direction of the kitchen table to see the stereo on the floor wich had been sitting on a shelf two feet  above the table ,the two plumbers swore they didnt go near it they said it just looked like it jumped of the shelf,their look of suprise was such i had no reason to disbeleive their honesty for some reason ii turned and said dont worry its just george,that day i was really stressed out ,their has been a few instances of things going missing then turning up in a diffrent location.also the last month my daughter of four has told us she doesnt like her bedroom cause its scary and she has been getting up at weird times during the night,

Not Alone

By: temberton@kgki.com

It probably all started when my parents bought a house when I was three
yrs. old. It was old, they say it was rebuilt due a fire that happened
before they bought it.  As I got older about 6, I remember my grandfather,
my mom and I sitting around the kitchen table when we heard a big crash
from up in my brother's room ( my brother who was about 1 yrs. old). We
walked up there and there was nothing there. Now I don't know if I have
ever experienced anything, (unless I had blocked it out) but my dad has
encountered many things, so did my neighbor who was my baby sitter 2 houses
down.  My family and I always fought a lot expecially in my teenage years,
actually it was quite abusing at times, some I don't like to remember.

I actually hated that house, I hated everything about it, I think on it now
and it was a nice house. Things happened there that were not right like my
dad was allmost strangled to death by what he call's an old woman floating
above him in his sleep. my mom never belived him. His name would be called
out all the time. Finally my parents put the house up for sale, a couple
with two children and one on the way purchased it,  our realtor put the
sold sign in front and on her way home she died, autopsy blames it on
carbon monoxide. (I find the spirits did it), I don't know how.
It was in June a hot month and I was cleaning and packing when I  bent down
to do something and I felt a cold, cold feeling it seemed to last 5
minutes, but probobly only 1 minute, but I didn't feel frightened, I
actually felt safe.
My parents bought a brand new house, built from scratch, no problems really
but the garage door would slam on it's own, my parents blamed it on
frequency's.  When I was home by myself I would hear doors slam, my family
would be eating dinner at the table and I would ask who was coming thru the
back door? My family would ask if I was hearing things.
A few years later I was playing on the game station when  I heard, I
thought was my dad, (you know, you can tell who is who by their keys) and I
heard his keys dangling.  Usually he will go to the kitchen to drop off his
lunch sack and change into more relaxed clothes. 15 minutes went by and I
didnt hear my dad, so I went to the kitchen and no evidence was there to
prove him home, I went to his bedroom and in the bathroom and he was not
there. I opened the basement door and he was not there either, I opened the
garge door and his car was not in there, I froze dead in my tracks I didnt
know if I should run or scream. Well I decided to run for my life and out
the front door I ran and waited til my dad got home.

A few years later, I met my husband we moved out of state and that's when I
started having dreams of death before it happened, mainly to family members
who were close to me. It scared the living daylights out of me on some of
them. To this day I still have dreams like that.  Then my husband and I
with our son moved back to Illinois and we rented out a house, I loved it,
it was small but cozy.  We got the feeling after a while that we we're not
alone, we would start smelling perfumes and colgnes out of no where, at
night it looked like someone walking in the house towards the back door,
they looked like white movements. We would sometimes see movements in the
kitchen, things were always misplaced, if I put something somewhere they
would move where I put them. My son was about 3 when we tried to put him in
his room to bed, he refused to sleep in there and said there was a man
looking at him, (his room had mirrored sliding doors for his closet).
My family and I were watching tv one night, ( I was pregnant with our
daughter) when we smelled this thick smell of perfume in the air, it was as
if someone just poured the whole bottle in front me, we both smelled it,
the smell was there for about 3 minutes and went away, it was scary because
it was by me,not my husband.
Whenever my parents gave us furniture from their house, something always
 happened, like we would see things or smell things that were't there.
I worked as dispatch for the police dept. when I would see movements inside
the workplace, people that weren't there, like white movements, except they
would walk like they were lost.

My family and I moved to where we are now and even here we see things like
movements, perfumes, colognes. The couple that owned the house always
fought and divorced. The owner rented it out to another young couple and
they split up and moved, well I know whatever is in that house likes to
start trouble because my husband and I argue a lot, but I know it's because
of the house and I won't let that get the best of us.  We will put things
in places and will not be there next time. We have a small dog who on
occasions you would think he is nuts, 2-3 times allready our dog has
growled, squeal like someone had scared him and he would run and hide
behind the couch, he sometimes sleeps with us, and when he does he will
bark at the corner of the bedroom, just sit there and stare. I know when he
really get's scared because dogs have this what's called an anal reflex and
you know when that happen's because the smell is horrible. I'm sorry this
is long, but my husband really never believed in spirits, ghosts, but since
we have been together how now realizes that there is another side. But what
I can't understand is it seems like whatever it is or who it is, it
followes expecially me, I don't understand why and yes it is bothersome
sometimes.  My big question is why is it that when I go back home to see my
parents, I still hear things like slamming doors, etc. my family thinks I'm
nuts. They say they don't hear it when I do.
I am very open to the spirtual world and I'm actually interested as to
finding out why they do what they do. I am glad I found this sight because
I can tell my story without having people look at me like I'm a freak

My Haunting

By: hardcorewinger@hotmail.com

     I want to say that I can sympathize with your situation although other
than apparitions, my experience varies greatly from yours. I do want to
share what happened to me with you but I do want to warn you ahead of time.
I used to be a reporter so I can get lengthy.
     My first experience happened when I was a child. I was seven years old
and lived a completely normal life, my parents didn't smoke dope or dabble
in the occult so I really had no knowledge of ghosts other than the
traditional Halloween experiences every child encounters. When I turned
seven, my family moved from metro Memphis, TN, to rural Independence, MS. We
moved into a house that my father renovated. Rather than trying to draw a
diagram that may get scrambled in transmit, I'll try to describe the layout
of the rooms involved. The way the home was originally laid out, you walked
in the front door into the living room. To the left was the kitchen, open
without walls to the living room. To the right was a bedroom door. Straight
ahead was a hallway leading to other bedrooms, laundry room and bathroom.
After my father was finished, the front door was added onto a new wing of
the house. The living room was enclosed into a bedroom. The bedroom now
directly let out into the hall which now led to the kitchen also and had a
new doorway to the bedroom that previously opened up to the living room. (Is
that confusing enough?)
     We moved into the house and immediately I was terrified of my sister's
bedroom (the one that had previously opened up into the old living room). I
just felt that something was there and it was watching me. I felt like it
wanted to possess me or something stronger than a mere presence. Also, I
never found out why, but her's was the only room with security bars on the
window. No other family member noticed anything strange in the house. I
ended up in the new bedroom and sometimes at night I'd hear noises. Being so
small, I don't remember exactly what they were. But frequently, I'd see an
incandescent, glowing form in the shape of a human walking across my room.
What made me know that it had to be a previous occupant of the home was that
it would walk from the bedroom I was so scared of, through my room into the
kitchen the way the house used to be laid out! Once when my grandmother came
to visit, my parents forced me to sleep in my sister's bedroom. I was so
terrified but I finally went to sleep. When I woke up, I saw what appeared
to be an ectoplasm swirling above my head. I spent most of my childhood
years terrified of sleeping. Being a middle child of an older sister and a
younger brother, I'd hide my prized possessions. Jewelry, money, whatever I
thought I didn't want them to get ahold of. Almost every time I'd hide
something, it would disappear and reappear later in a different location.
Thinking my siblings had discovered my hiding place, I'd find a new one,
each time to have them disappear and reappear once again. The really strange
part came later. We sold the house when I was 13 to another girl's family I
went to school with. After she'd moved in, I asked her one day if she
noticed anything weird in the house and she said no. But her sister refused
to go into the bedroom that scared me. The sister's explanation was that
someone was watching her! And she was a middle child also. I guess there
must have been some connection to middle children. I said something years
later about the house being haunted in front of my aunt. She said she'd
always had a feeling that something was "wrong" with the house.
     I'd appreciate your input as to what you think my experience meant. I
had a person tell me one time it was a demon that wanted me but I'm not
     While I lived there, although I was the only family member that had
strange experiences inside the house, I wasn't the only one who had strange
experiences in the area. In the fall between the hours of 10 p.m. and 12
a.m. my mother would see "balls of light" floating in the field and wooded
area across the road from my house. She would always ask me to come look,
but I had enough terror inside the house and as far as I was concerned the
woods were my only safe-haven while at home. So I never looked and never
witnessed the lights myself, but both my sister and my mom did. When I was
19, I started dating this guy who was friends with a neighbor from that
house I'd lived in. Basically they lived caddy-corner from me with their
house backing up to the woods mine faced. My new boyfriend asked me if I
ever saw anything strange in the woods. I said no. He told me that this
neighbor's kid, who was a friend of his, told him that he'd seen balls of
light in the woods. I then told my boyfriend about my mother and sister's
experiences. So apparently it wasn't just restricted to my family.
     Another experience I had when I was in my early 20's was when my
grandfather passed away. We'd always loved each other very much but didn't
have a close relationship because of my grandmother, whom I didn't get along
with. I was present when he passed away and was devastated. About three
months passed, enough time to allow me time to grieve and get on with my
life. I was asleep one night and awoke to find my grandfather sitting on the
side of my bed. He told me not to be scared, that he had a message for me.
He told me I needed to get my life straight or I was headed for trouble. I
remember he held my hand and told me that he was going to tell me what
heaven is like, but I'm not allowed to remember what he told me. I remember
him being present for awhile longer but can't remember a word he said!
     Now that I'm an adult and have some time and distance between me and
these experiences I had as a child, I'd like to try to discover what they
meant or why I was chosen to have this experience. Do you have any
suggestions? Also even now, I can drive by a place or house and tell that
it's haunted. Does that mean that I'm psychic or paranormally gifted?
Usually I just get kinda jumpy and frightened. But one night I was out
repossessing vehicles (something I did part-time for awhile) and my partner
pulled up to this house. I was so terrified of that house I told him he'd
better turn around immediately or I was getting out of the vehicle and
running. Please help me to understand what is going on with me. I'm finally
getting to a point I accept it and want to understand it rather than how
I've been so terrified in the past I didn't even want to talk about it.

Very Special Message

By: Nat0818@aol.com

In 1983, when I was 18 years old I was serverly ill.  I woke up one morning
and my face was badly swollen, my Mother took me to the emergancy room.  I
was placed in the icu the next day as I went unconcious.  It would take a
team of doctors over a week to finally diagnose me.  It was a rare disease,
there was only two case histories.  They both died from it years before,
thats why my doctors had no idea what it was.  It was from a sinus infection
that had backed up behind my brain.  From this I developed a brain abscess.
The night befor they would make the dicision if I needed brain surgery to
remove the abscess, I was laying in my hospital bed praying that the abscess
would have shrunk a little.  I felt someone standing beside my bed.  I was
sure it was a nurse as it was very late, to late for visitors.  When I turned
to talk it wasn't a nurse at all, It was my Grandfather who died one year
earlier.  At that moment I was not affraid.  He said to me " You will be fine
", when I asked if he were sure, he then replied " do you doubt me?"  I
replied "no" he then said " everything will be fine you will be alright ."
This part has puzzled me ever since he told me,  he said " take care of your
Mother "  This was my Mother's Father.  Then he simply walked backwards and
disappeared!  I thought he meant that I would do fine through the surgery.
You see he had brain surgery about 7 years before his own death.  The next
morning I had an x-ray, they came to tell me that my abscess was completely
GONE.  There was at the time no evedince that I ever even had a brain
abscess, usually thus type of abscess leaves behind scar-tissue, I HAD NONE.
I didn't know what he meant about my Mother, because at the time she was
healthy.  Recently she has been diagnosed with M.S., diabetes and in
September she had heart failure.  In November she almost died and had triple
bypass surgery.
 Through the years my family has had many encounters with the spirit world,
but this was the most wonderful one.


By: Booay109@aol.com



By: tammy@verinet.com

I have a friend, that I will call "Sue". She once told me a story that gives me nightmares to this day. Here it goes:
She was living up in the foothills of Fort Collins, Colorado. She lived there next to an old mining field with her husband and her son, who I believe was not quite 4 at the time.
Her son kept talking about a friend named "Heidi". She took this as nothing but an imaginary friend. He told her that Heidi would come in his room at night and scare him.
One night, Sue woke up to sounds in the house. She went downstairs to see her son standing in front of the fridge, door wide open, just staring into the fridge and shaking. She asked him what he was doing. Without turning around to face her, he said,"Heidi told me to come here. She woke me up and did this...". At that moment he turned around to face her, like he was in a trance. His eyes got really wide and he started moving his jaw rapidly in an up and down motion,screaming"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!" in a chattering voice.
Sue said she found out later, after talking to some friends, that the area was once mined by some Swedish families (thus the name Heidi) .

Haunted House

By: crystalblu1@earthlink.net

Hello, my name is Deborah and I have had several experiences with the
paranormal in a house that I grew up in which is located in Norwalk,
California.  This house was originally owned by my uncle. (my mother's
brother)  I do not remember how long he lived in it, but I don't think
that is was more then 5 years, but I could be wrong.  He eventually sold
it to my parent's.  I was five years old at that time and I am 48 years
old now.
I do not remember the year, or how old I was when all of this started,
but I was very young... maybe 8 years old or so.  My older sister and I
shared a bedroom together, with twin beds and our dresser in the middle
of the two  One Easter night while in bed, but not asleep yet, I looked
over at my sister who was asleep, and there was someone laying next to
her, not on her bed but on something else, I do not know what it was
because it was draped in a white cloth.  This person appeared to be
dead, as they were also in white, lying on their back with their arms
folded across their chest. At that time, something caught my eye at the
end of my bed.  There was what appeared to be two hands moving very
fast, back and forth, crossing each other in a waving motion.
I yelled for my mother who was in bed just down the hall, and told her
that someone was in my room.  She yelled back from her room and said
that it was nothing that I just ate to much candy that day (Easter) and
to go to sleep.  Then a terrible feeling came over me, a feeling as if
there was something else in the house, and it was coming to my room, and
sure enough, there it came.  As I stared at my open bedroom door
terrified, something floated in, close to the ceiling.  I could not tell
if it was male or female, but it had an upper torso and a head with
short curly like hair that covered where the ears should be and a mist
like appearance where the lower torso should be.  This "thing" what ever
it was floated by the foot side of my bed, heading for the window that
was across the room, and glared at me with an extremely stern look on
it's face.  I think that is when I covered my head with the covers.
There were several other times afterward that I would be lying in bed,
everything being fine, and then all of a sudden BAM! that horrifying
feeling would just hit me, completely overwhelming.  I knew it was there
and coming to my room.  I never looked again, I stayed under the covers
until morning.
My next experience happened one day after school.  My mother told me to
lay down on her bed and rest for a little while before going outside to
play... she then went to a neighbor's leaving me alone in the house.  I
was laying there trying to think up any excuse to tell my mother so she
would let me skip the boring nap and go out to play, when I looked
toward the partially closed bedroom door, and there in the upper corner
of the room was this (and I do not know how to explain this very well)
shining, sparkling bright "thing" a sphere I guess.  I ran outside never
telling anyone.
One night when everyone was home, I was alone in the kitchen drying
dishes.  A decorative copper plate that had been mounted securely on the
wall for years above the kitchen window, fell off of the wall, landing
in the sink where I was standing.  This plate did not fall straight
down, it was over the window and had to clear the curtain rod.  That
shook me up a little.
Another night, my father and I were in the den watching television.  All
of a sudden we heard a terrible crash in the kitchen.  My father called
out to my brother but he was in the bathroom, which was not close to the
kitchen.  We all went into the kitchen to see what had happened and the
metal ice tray and some silverware that had been on the drain board were
no longer there.  We had a double sink, and these objects had been moved
with such force that they had landed in both sinks.
One very sunny, warm day I was in the bathroom putting on makeup, (I was
seventeen then) I heard a clicking noise but did not pay much attention
to it as my mind was busy on other things.  A minute or so later, I
heard the bathroom wall heater start up.  It was very old and made a lot
of noise when warming up.  I immediately looked at the double switch on
the wall, next to the door, one controlled the light, and the other the
heater.  The switch for the heater was in the on position.  I then
realized that that was the "click" that I had heard just moments
earlier.   My mother and I were the only people home at that time and I
know it wasn't her because she was in the kitchen which is on the other
side of the house, and also, I had the bathroom door closed.  It would
have been impossible for me to turn it on subconsciously because it
could not be reached from where I was standing.  I also, while still
living there, had a terrifying experience with what sounds a lot like
the sleep paralysis you describe on your site, only I was fully awake.
I would love to talk to someone about that, but do not know who.


By: jilt613@hotmail.com

I have been coming to this website since sometime in 1997. I love reading
other people's experiences and decided it was time to submit some of mine. I
have been having experiences since I was very young. I am now 20 years old
and the first experience that I remember with something out of the ordinary
was when I was three years old. My grandfather, Pop-pop, was very sick and
in the hospital. My parents took me to see him along with my grandmother. We
visited with him for awhile (the hospital didn't really want me to be up on
that floor but they let me because my grandfather was in such bad shape) and
then my dad took me outside. My mom and grandmother were still up in the
room and they were saying goodbye to my grandfather. I was standing outside
with my dad holding his hand and looking up at the room my grandfather was
in watching my mom and grandmother give him a hug. Then this really bright
bluish light enveloped him and he started floating up into the air. He was
waving down at us and I can remember waving back at him. I can remember this
event like it happened just yesterday. Now, I had always thought that that
was the day my grandfather had died because of what I had seen. I didn't
really talk about it to anyone because I thought that they had seen the same
thing. Well, when I was a sophmore in high school I wrote about that event
for my English class. I let my mom read it and she looked at me really
weird. I asked her what was wrong and she said firmly that we had visited my
grandfather in the hospital three days before he died. I insisted that that
couldn't be because of what happened. At first she had thought that I had
made the story up for my English class but then she saw how serious I was.
My mom is very scared by the idea of ghosts and other paranormal things so
she tried to write it off as it being a dream I had had when I was young.
I've taken that into account but I know it isn't possible. I know it really
happened and I also know that I wouldn't be able to remember a dream that I
had had when I was only three years old. She finally has come to believe me.
She remembers (as well as I do) the times when it was really hard for her
that her father had died and I would always tell her it was alright..that
Pop-pop was in a better place...and I would hug her to make her feel better.
To this day I don't really know what happened that day. I think that maybe
my grandfather, or someone else, wanted me to know that he was alright and
not to be scared. I have read other stories where people see other people's
spirits or apparitions before they are really dead so maybe it was a
premonition. Since I was young I have believed in spirits and the paranormal
but I was always terrified of it when I was younger. There were many times
when I would go to places with my parents and refuse to stay there because I
insisted that the place was haunted. I have finally started to get proof of
this. Last year I was looking up this old hotel that we always went to when
I was a kid on the internet because I wanted to stay there when I visited
Florida. I had always been very scared of the lodge itself. It had hotel
rooms that looked like they did since the time of indoor plumbing. We stayed
once in one of those rooms in the lodge itself and I was up all night scared
out of mind and crying. After that we started staying out in the cottages on
the property. Well, I found the webpage for the lodge and it turns out it is
haunted! The owners said themselves that they think there is at least one
resident ghost (This hotel is called the Kennelworth Lodge and is located in
Sebring, Florida). Many people have supposedly experienced odd happenings
there. I seem to have some kind of sixth sense. Many times I have thought I
was crazy and that it was just an overactive imagination like my parents
always thought but when I come to this website and read others stories it
makes me realize that these things really do happen. Thank you for starting
this website. I will send in more of my experiences at another time. If
anyone would like to share stories etc please email me.

Dudley Town

By: coolfact75@aol.com

           I was curious about what was going on about Dudleytown and came
across your websight.  I have a story about Dudleytown that I thought you
would like to hear,  something that is real and actually happenend.  It was
the summer of 1992,  I think it was June or July cause it was warm, I was
living in a apartment with my two brothers their girl friends and my girl
friend and my cousin and two my friends,  I Live In the city of Torrington
with my wife and 3 year old son, and back then I also lived in Torrington in
the same place I live now.
         Well getting back to the story,  One Friday night me and my family
and friends had got together for a little party,  Thats all we did cause we
were teenagers,  (Laughing)  Anyway we were at our apartment and talking
about all the really stupid things we did and all the times we did ouija
boards and try to contact spirits.  One of my friends then told us about a
town that was near by that he heard his parents talking about with their
friends that was haunted and he knew where it was.  So of course us being
young and bold and fearless we wanted to go.  So the 7 of us got in our cars
and went of to seek Dudleytown.
           It was about 11:30 at night and we reached this road and followed
all the way up this mountain Until we came to this chain across the road that
had I sign Dark Forest Association,  We knew we were in the right spot but
didn't know excatly where we were.  When we saw the chain and sign we all got
out of the car and headed down the path.  About 20 ft into the woods we heard
scrapping noises and things moving in the dark forest around us.  My friend
Rob who was a Big guy and the one who heard the most about Dudleytown stopped
us all and said " If we go in here try not to fight against each other,
cause my mom told me that when people came up here they fought with each
other for no reason"  So we all agreed and proceeded down the road or path.
We kept walking until we came to a spot that was like a fork and it went left
or right.  Well we all stood there talking about what way we should go and
all of a sudden everyone started fighting,  yelling at each other and pushing
one another around  we couldn't agree on anything. We argued for about 30
mins when finally I Yelled and said"hey don't you all remember what rob told
us and that we are fighting for no reason over somethin stupid" and then we
all looked at each other and shook each others hands and hug and said sorry.
Then we decided to go to the right of the path. We stayed at the middle for a
little bit while we smoked cigs and drank and talked about what was going on
and listening to weird sounds around us.  I told them to wait here cause I
wanted to go up the left path a little ways just to take a look.  So they
said ok and I started walking down the path and my friend mike and my cousin
Jimel and my sister inlaw shawn followed me and we walked together. After
walking I would guess 100 feet we decided to turn back we didn't hear
anything or see anything.We got back to the center of the path were everyone
was and things were weird.
           My 2 friends Rob and Chris were Seating on the ground Indian style
facing each other and my brother mike was down the path to the right but we
could see him.  Me and my friend mike walked up to my frends sitting on the
ground and asked them what the hell they were doing.  When we talked to them
they said nothing and just kept staring at each other. I looked at both there
faces and there eyes.  When I looked at both their eyes there were all white
no pupil,  Like there eyes were rolled back in there heads.  I jumped back
and said what the **** is going on,  they then started talking to each other
in a language that was beyond my knowledge, it sorta sounded like Latin I
wasn't sure but I know both of them don't know nothing but english and
totally understood each other.  I then screamed at my brother mike who was
down the path to come on cause we were getting the F*** out of here.  He
yelled back that he wanted to stay and started walking down the path by
himself,  I then turned to my friend mike and said lets go I don't like this
at all and I wanted to get the girls out of there and he agreed.  I was
worried about my brother but They had a car and I wasn't sticking around to
see anymore shit cause I was scared out of my mind. We turned around and
started walking and only saw my sister in-law shawn standing there waiting
for us,  I asked her where my cousin Jimel was and she said she already
started back to the cars without us. We started walking back to the cars and
about five minutes of walking we heard someone running towards us yelling and
screaming,  it was my cousin she was running toward us and freaking out.  She
got about within I say 20yards from us and I saw this white glow in the form
of a body chasing her,  I then started runnning toward her.  When we got to
each other the glow was gone and she dropped to the ground hugged my legs and
crying uncontrolable.  I pick her up in my arms and started running toward
the cars and my friend mike and sister inlaw followed.  we got to the car and
i put my cousin in the car and jumped in . I looked at my friend mike and
said did you see that , what the F*** was that,  And he said I don't know but
I saw it too,  and my sister inlaw confermed she saw it also, and we took off
back home. On the way home there is these feilds on both sides of the road
and in the middle of the feild there was this black cloud of mist Just
floating in a big mass.  We told each other we saw it and continued home.
            When we got home and got out of our cars, My father and uncle
started walking up the driveway and my father asked what the hell is going
on,  I said what do you mean,  He asked where my brother was and I told him a
place called dudleytown.  He told me that the state police called and said my
brother was at someones house scared out of his mind and won't talk.So me my
friend mike and my uncle and father went back up there.  We didn't know where
the house was so we went to where we parked the cars and upon arriving there
was three state cop cars there .  We got out of the car and there was noone
around.  The police officers had gone in the woods.  My uncle is a very
religous man and he said I have a bad feeling about this place ,  ( ITS EVIL)
 He suggested we go find the police and I said noway and so did my friend,  I
wasn't about to go back in there.  My uncle went along to find them and my
dad stayed with us.  About 10 mins later I saw my uncle coming towards us
along with Four state police men and two search dogs. The police were in
there looking for us.  Apperently my two friends Rob and Chris came to and
found themselves at the car and relized we were nowhere to be found they
called out for us and when they coldn't find us they took my brothers car and
went to a nearby house and called the police.  They then went home when the
police arrived with my brothers car.  The police came out of the woods and
said for us to stay here and they and my father were gonna go get my brother.
One of the police officers and his dog stayed with me and my friend and
uncle.  We were there for about 40 mins and while we were waiting the police
dog was going wild and barking and whining the cop then let the dog out of
the car and the dog started to whine and tried to climb under the car and the
polcie officer was freaked out and said"the sooner we get out of here the
better,  my dog never acts like this"  just as he said that all the lights we
had went out,  we then all got into the police car and locked the doors and
he called the other police officers on the radio and said to hurry up,  they
were on their way.  Like I said 40 mins later they showed up and we all came
back to my house including the police.  We got home and they took our
statements.  They told us to never go there again and it was a bad place and
other things have happenend there. I asked them how my brother was cause he
was down my parents and they told me he had cuts and bruises on hes arms and
face.  They left and noone slept more then an hour that night.  The next day
we went to my parents to see my brother and talked to him to see what
happened.  He told us that when we left he kept walking down the path.  he
stopped after walking for 10 mins and finally relized he was by himself so he
called out for me not knowing we actually left.  When he called out for me I
answered and said come this way so he followed my voice(  I was on my way
back home probably there already) He said it was me and there was no mistake
about it.  He said when he started following my voice that was calling for
him trees and branches started falling in front of him and he kept going over
them or around at one point he couldn't go around them cause he said on both
sides there was nothing but ledges so he had to climb over them and finally
he reached this persons back yard.  the man came out. mike told him what
happened he then called the police and they called my dad.  For about three
weeks after that we all couldn't sleep or talk about it.  My friends and I
and my family went to a nearby place called the lords shrine.  we went there
and prayed and lit prayer candles for the nightmares and the bad to go away.
Eventually it did but to this day we can talk about it but will NEVER go back
there.  That place is evil and everthing I told you is true everyone will
tell you it is, even the police officers.  No matter what people say we were
there and saw the impossible and its real.  I will never forget it and will
never understand it. I hope people will relize that that place has a
spiritual force beyond our comprehension.  It is evil and a truely dark
place.  I hope you were intrigued by my story and I ashore you it is totally
true.  if you have any question or would like to talk to me about it email me
and I will be glad to talk to you.

Battleship Ghost Experiences

By: Mutinyhms@aol.com

    I just found this site and am eager to share a first-person experience.
I am a former architect for the Battleship Texas, which is permanently moored
at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park, near Houston.  The
Battleship served in both world wars.  She supported troop landings at
Okinawa and Iwo Jima and was flagship for the D-Day invasion of Normandy.
    Since its decommissioning, there have been a number of occurrences aboard
the ship that have convinced many that there is a ghost, a former sailor
perhaps, who protects those who take care of the ship.  The ghost appeared
once in the uniform of a late 19th century sailor to warn a worker to leave
deck just moments before paint fumes rendered the worker unconscious. (Had
the worker not left the deck, he would have collapsed in the area of the
fumes and perhaps died).  On another occasion, a welder was starting some
work and kept hearing a loud and deliberate tapping just below deck on the
area where he was working.  He went below  at least three times to
investigate the strange sound, which seemed to come from directly beneath his
feet every time he lit his torch.  On his final trip, he took a flashlight
(the room below was pitch-black) and shined it around and discovered a pool
and fuel that had leaked from some large containers.  It is a virtual
certainty that the welder's flames would have ignited the fuel and caused an
explosion. The tapping sound, whatever its origin, saved the worker's life.
    Now for my experience.  I was at the Battleship one morning meeting with
two other staff members when we all three observed a uniformed sailor walk by
through the ship's port holes.  We didn't think much of the incident at first
because reenactors occasionally visit the ship.  A few moments later, it
occurred to us that it was Saturday and the ship was closed.  Thinking that
the sailor (or whoever it was) had sneaked aboard, we began searching.  We
combed the ship for a great while before giving up the search.  We stayed all
day and never encountered the sailor.  It is possible that someone had
sneaked aboard and then hid when we began searching and calling for him.
Still, the incident was very strange, and I have not forgotten it.  I'll let
you decide for yourselves what I saw.

Auditorium Haunting

By: paladin78@juno.com

Well,  you don't hear about a haunted auditorium much anymore, but there
is one here in my town.  Everyone that works in it will tell you that.
I've only had encounters with one ghost.  I've heard that there were more
in the past, but they're gone now.
First of all, everyone knows who the ghost is.  It's Art, the man that
the auditorium is named after.  He put everything he had into it,
including getting the school district to remodel the auditrium and make
it into pretty much a professional looking theater.  He's friendly,  he
doesn't hurt people.  He tends to stay up in the catwalks, but has been
known to venture out.
The catwalks are the first place anyone who works there encounters him.
That's where I did.  I was up there alone, I might have been changing a
bulb, or just retrieving something, I can't remember.  Anyways, as I was
leaving, there were footsteps behind me.  It freaked me out big time and
I went down that ladder the fastest I ever did.  I later found out that
what had happened to me had happened to everyone.  One thing that
happened only to me was the hand.  I was running through the auditorium
after a friend.  We were going to get some tape to take over to the
football stadium.  Well, as I was heading up the wings to go backstage, a
sillouette of a hand dropped down in front of my face.  I stopped and
backed off and it dissappeared.  The distance from the roof to where the
hand was is about 15-20 feet.
Another place here is an elementary school.  My friend was working there
as a night janitor.  He has told me that it was rumored to be haunted.
He was giving me a ride home after work and while I waited for him to
finish up, I was sitting reading in the janitors room.  After a while, I
started hearing noises.  It was like a crowded auditorium or theater
before a show, with a lot of people talking at once.  I sat there for a
minute listening, then I got up and went to find my friend.  I had to
find out what was rumored to haunt the place.  I asked him what the ghost
was supposed to be, and he described exactly what I heard.  He told me I
was pale and looked like I was scared out of my mind.  I tell these
stories to people, some believe me, some don't.  I know they happened and
I guess that's all that really matters.

Myrtles Plantation

By: bruce1970@earthlink.net

I have always been interested in ghosts and I had heard that Myrtles Plantation was haunted so my husband and I decided to go.  We planned to stay for a couple days through Holloween 2000 and then head to see my Aunt in Alabama.  When we got there we checked in at the little country store attached to the house.  We got our keys and went to our room, the Camellia.  This room is not inside the house, it's on the grounds attached to the restaurant  The Carriage House.  When I opened the door to the room I looked around carefully and the room seemed absolutely normal.  As you walk in, the bed is on your left against the wall, the bathroom on your right and if you look right in front of you across the room is another door leading to the back grounds of the property.  I went to the back door and locked the door knob lock and put the hook through the latch.   I turned around and walked across the room to the front door, looked through the front door that I had left open and noticed my husband backing up the car to unload our luggage.   I turned around again and looked at the back door and the hook was down and swinging.  I freaked out,  ran through the front door of the room to the outside and caught my arm on a branch of a tree with moss on it.  My adrenaline was pumping so much I didn't even feel the branch rip a gash in my arm.  I never expected anything (if anything at all) to happen so fast.  It caught me COMPLETELY off guard.  I KNEW  I HAD PUT THE HOOK THROUGH THE LATCH ALL THE WAY  !!!!!!!!  I had no other experiences while I was there, neither did my husband despite constant warnings that someone might tuck us in at night or not to shut the door to the bathroom while taking a bath(which I did).  After all this, I'm not saying that it was a ghost  that did this but I know I put that latch in the hook and I know something definitely happened that I can't explain.

A Texas Story

By: Jslacker23@aol.com
I thought I'd share a few of my experiences with all of you, since I've read
so many of yours'.  I'm not asking for help, as I don't currently live with
any ghosts and have never had much of a problem with the ones I've  met.
I seem to be fairly sensitive to spirits, so I was lucky to live in a new
construction home for the first 6 years of my life.  After one year in a
rental, around the 4th of July of my eighth year, my family moved into the
house where we lived for ten years.  At the time we bought the house my
family consisted of my mother and father, my myself, and my sister, who is 6
years younger than me.  For the most part, I ignored my feelings about the
house, after all, I didn't sense anything dangerous, so why worry?  My room
always seemed incredibly safe to me, not neutral, but actually warm and good,
though there was no presence there.  The only presence I was sure of was in
the living room.  I was sure she was there because I saw her, several times.
 I only saw her at night, and not consistently, just on occasion.  She would
walk from one corner of the living room and then fade away or disappear.  She
was blonde and wearing pale blue, but I'm not sure if she was a little girl
in a gown or a grown woman in a dress.  (Believe me, I've tried to explain
why I can't tell, but it isn't possible to describe it.)  I was never truly
scared of her, just a little startled and uneasy about seeing someone I knew
wasn't there.  I'm not even sure she knew I was there.  I'm also unable to
tell where she came from, the house had never to the knowledge of the realtor
or anyone in the neighborhood had a fatality.  The worst was a small fire in
the living room, but no one was hurt, or even home.
The tv was placed on an old schiffarobe (sp?) in the corner she came out of,
and it often acted up.  The tv was the kind where the vcr and tv were all one
piece, and the vcr tape door used to open and shut really fast on its on.
Eject wasn't an ooption on the remote, and even when the whole family was in
the room and the remote was in plain sight it would do this.  One night the
tv refused to turn off, every time we tried, it would turn itself back on,
switch to the weather channel, and raise the volume.  By the time the volume
got deafening, we decided to unplug it.  It stayed on for several more
minutes, then shut off.  I honestly don't think she was responsible for any
of this, at least not on purpose.  My theory is that her presence somehow
disturbed the electrical field right there. (Interestingly enough, I could
see her looking directly at her, out of the corner of my eye, and in the
mirror, just depending on where I was looking when she appeared.)
I occasionally had to spend the night in the living for various reasons, but
I simply told her, I know yoou're here, I've never asked you to leave or
bothered you, so please don't appear tonight, thanks.   She never showed up
when I slept in there.  (I never said anything when I had a slumber party,
worried that my friends wouldn't react properly to my talking to a ghost, but
she never made an entrance at any of my parties.)
I assumed no one else saw her, since it was a topic my family had ever
discussed, but I found out, I was wrong.  My mother slept on the couch one
night when my father was sick to avoid catching what he had.  The next
morning at breakfast she had an interesting story to tell.  She woke up in
the middle of the night to the sound of someone standing over her sigh once.
It must have sounded female, because she immediately looked up expecting my
sister or I.  No one was there.  She went to check on us, and we were both
sound asleep.
As soon as she finished her story I said, "Oh, it was just the ghost."  My
sister looked at me and said  "You saw her too?"
HER?  I had never indicated the gender of the ghost, nor had my mother
mentioned which gender she had assumed it was.  My mother was, of course,
upset, but not for the reason you'd think.  Her first comment was "Why didn't
one of you tell me before I slept there?"

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