White Light Works

By: LASSIE@xtra.co.nz

My name is Larissa and Ive got a story to share with you.
It might not be exciting to some but it was pretty freaky to me.
About 5 years ago, I was getting to understand spiritulism, and how things worked. I loved it all, meeting mediums, understanding life after death, guides, lost souls you name it, I lapped it up.....after all it just made sense.
However I could not get my head around, that if I asked for whitelight to protect me it would. Surely I would have to do more than This worried me for weeks as I was beginning to progress through meditations and lots of interesting things were starting to happen. Then one night, I dreamt I was sitting on a grassy bank and behind me, a poker game was in progress. There were three men and the fourth I can only describe as being a pure evil entity, and it was beackoning me to go to it. I was terrified but even though it was only a dream I knew what to do, so I called for white light and the thing vanished. The next morning I woke and thought "my guides had shown me that the power of whitelight works so just go with it"  Cool. Now this is where things get weird.............................Late one night.....
I was pretty tired and excused my self to bed whilst my husband stayed up to watch cricket on t.v.
I got into bed, layed down and looked at the time 11.02pm closed my eyes and fell asleep.............the next thing I know is a rushing sinking sensation, not unlike when someone is falling in a dream except my eyes are open and I cant move a muscle, the only thing I can move is my eyes,  I tried to scream out to my husband but not even my mouth could move, everything was in slow motion. At this stage I looked up at the roof and saw a black shadow, that was blacker than black, darker than pitch, move across my ceiling  as though it was blood dripping down a wall.  I could sense evil all around me and the room suddenly felt cold.........something had  decided that it was gonna try me on, only thing it didnt count on me getting angry, so in my head I shouted "LORD SEND ME WHITE LIGHT AND SEND IT NOW!!!!!!"  With that it halted and shot back from where it came, suddenly I could move and
called out to my husband who came running. It was then I looked at the time...........11.05pm. He asked what was wrong and because he doesnt like this kind of stuff I told him I had had a bad dream.........
The things that freaked me were, the time frame especially since I thought I had been asleep for hours, the shadow itself, it was truly nasty but rest assured I got rid of it after that, I hurled obsenities at it and told it never to return and it didnt. Did my guides show me through dream perhaps knowing I would encounter this entity or was this its second attempt who knows,  But I can assure everyone.......protect yourself in whitelight and love...It really does work.

What Was That?

By: Amanda.Terwey@usa.alcatel.com

This may be nothing, but it was quite unusual. My Godmother, whom I was
rather close to, died about 3 or 4 years ago. I don't know how long
after her death it was, but I was watching a talk show in my parent's
bedroom. It was one of the more reputable talk shows. It was a sunny day
out, so I didn't have the overhead light or any other lamps or lights
on. And strangely enough, the guest was John Edwards, the guy who talks
to ghosts. I was watching, and all of the sudden, the overhead light
flashed on. And it was just the one. No others came on. It didn't strike
me as unusual the first time. I mean, who hasn't had their lights
flicker and such? It's a common occurrence. Even if it isn't storming
out. Power surges are a fact of life.
Anyway, while watching the show I started thinking about my recently
deceased Godmother and wondering if she was watching over me. That's
when the light flashed on and off. I didn't think much of it, till
closer to the end of the show when it happened again. It was the exact
same thing. Just the overhead light and no others. I stared up at the
light in anticipation. But nothing else happened. I've never had any
kind of supernatural experiences before, so this could've been pure
coincidence. Or was my Godmother trying to send me a message from beyond
to let me know that she knew I was thinking about her? I don't know, but
I do believe in angels and I wouldn't be at all surprised if she were
watching over me. :)

Still OUR Home

By: axlow@juno.com

This is a true story about my house.
We live in West Virginia.Where nothing to dramatic ever happens,but one cold morning in
 1988-89 I & my mother were up  because I had school that day.
It was about 5:15 a.m. and we were setting in the living room getting everything
ready to go .My mom was standing by the woodburning stove and I was setting
on the couch not 5 feet from her when all the sudden the stove glove that we
used to open the stovedoor just lifted up off of the pile of firewood that was stacked there
 beside the stove and IN ALL HONESTY just lifted up off
the woodpile and slowly I mean soo slowly just floated up the wall and knocked off a wicker decoration
plate down into the firewood pile then the glove just fell
right back down where it came from faster than you could blink.
And I know this sounds so utterly unbelievable but I will never again doubt that
there are things walking this earth other than what you can see with your eyes...
I asked my mom if she just had saw what happened and she said yes. And
believe me you cannot get my mom to agree to anything that isn't real.I'm so
glad that she was there with me at that moment because I knew noone
would believe me and now that she agree's with me that she also saw the
glove moving the rest of my family is more willing to believe me.
But I haven't ever seen anything there since and it's still our home.
I haven't got words for what I seen those many years ago and I cannot
explain who or what it was just that My eyes have seen something that
few will ever experience..

Dark Black Figure

By: divinee49@hotmail.com
 When I was around 7 I was visited by a tall slim creature I did not see who or what it was but this creature was
 not a light white color it was a dark black figure but this had also happed to my older brother Daniel (15) He did
 not tel me how old he was but he said he was visited by a white creature like a ghost but this was in are old house
 but we moved fro mthere and I have a felling that creature figured out I was gone and  is going to come and haunt are  new house. But every time I walk to use the bathroom now my dog want go in there and the attic door is always cracked  open for some reason but no one has been in there since last winter.


By: girl7@hugkiss.com

this stroy happened 2 my mother one night. she said she woz awoken by my sobbing early in the moring when it
woz still dark. she said it woz coming from the kitchen. she went in there 2 c what woz wrong and when she
got there i woznt there. then she heard the crying coming from the lounge room. she called out 2 me and asked
if  i woz ok as she made her way 2 the lounge. when she got there i wonznt there either! then she heard the
crying back in the kitchen. she said that she called out 2 and told me 2 stop moving around so she could talk 2 me.
again she went in2 the kitchen and i woznt there. the crying stopped so my mum went 2 my room 2 c if i woz there. When she turned the lamp on she said that i woz dead 2 the world and not one tear on my face!
she told me the story the next morning and ithought that maybe i creid in my sleep! 'impossible' my mother said!!!
'it moved from the kitchen 2 the lounge room' and i NEVER sleep walk!!!! i couldnt have made it back 2 my room from the kitchen in time with out my mother c-ing me co my door is right
next 2 the kitchen! my mum said she woz positive that it woz me crying coz all mothers know what their childrens
crys sound like!

Young Medium

By: Bombliciousjak@aol.com

ok it all started a few months back when i was  in my room one night starring
into the darkness.  then i saw a strange moving red light, it seemed as if it
were dancing.  it started coming towards me but i just wiped my eyes and
turned over in my bed to go to sleep. i started drifting off ot sleep and i
was tlaking to a man.  he asked my name and was talking to me about my friend
Jackie. jackie and i ahve the same name. then i woke up realizing i had been
awake but i was talking to someone.  i didnt think to much of it, just that i
must have been daydreaming or something.  but then i feel a strange feeling,
my room gets cold and i feel someones presence around.  then i look down at
my dog and hes staring at the corner of my room, then he started growling and
then whimpering.  i look into the wall and i dont see anyhitng, but i feel
like the man i had been tlaking to was standing there watching me.  then i
feel as if i moved form there.  i looked around my room searching for where i
thought it could be.  somehow i instantly knew what to do.  i shut my eyes
and somehow i found where the spirit was standing. thne it moved again.  i
was looking everywhere and couldnt find it.  then i realized it was right in
front of me and i started getting really scared.  then i grabbed my rosary
and started praying.  i felt awhole lot better so i decided to go to sleep.
as i was falling asleep the man came to me again, i was afraid of him or
anyhitng, i was just afriad of the fact that i was talking to someone who
waasnt there.  i felt really safe around him however, he continued to ask me
about my friend and we spoke a little about the things i like to do.  while i
was talking to him i slowly drifted off to sleep. the strange thing about it
is that wasnt the only experience.  there are numberous others and they still
happen to me.  but my new neighbor had just moved in when everything started,
shes a pshycic and a medium, a medium are people who can talked to people who
have crossed over.  shes helping me alot.  and im no longer scared

The Whispering Ghost

By: l_e_holloway@yahoo.com

When I was a senior at Hope College, I had an
on-campus apartment with a girl who had gotten an NEH
grant to translate Latin over the summer.  She lived
in the apartment all summer, and I moved in in late
August.  I guess I'd been there a couple of months
when I had my only experience with our resident
"ghost."  My roommate wasn't home, and I was just
falling asleep - you know, while you're still aware
that you're falling asleep, but everything else has
faded away - when I heard a sigh just above my ear and
FELT a warm breath on my cheek.  I sat up and, fueled
by my lifelong interest in and compassion for ghosts,
I said, "What?  Do you need help?"  Nothing happened.
I went back to sleep.  In the morning, I told my
roommate about it, and she was REALLY freaked out.
She said that she had been having the same thing
happen all summer, only that it said her name instead
of sighing.  I think it happened to her a couple more
times, but I never heard the ghost again. I think it
just got a kick out of freaking her out.

The Footsteps

By: Magic2341@cs.com

this is not my expierience this is what my friend told me one night my friend
christina was spending the night at her other friend marisa 's  house
eventually marisa fell asleep christina didnt she said i was just laying there
waiting to fall asleep when
the door opened and someone walked across the room she did not see anyone
she was so scared that she could not move then she heard the foosteps agian
andthe door closed soon after she fell into an uneasy sleep.she awoke again
to the sound of adoor openingand fosteps this time she tried to wake marisa
upshe didnt wake up then the door closed the next morning she told marisa
what happened and she said that an old man had died here  that is the end of
my strange story

The Corner

By: desertsands@onetel.net.uk

When I was a baby there was a area of the living room i would always stare at fascinated. My mother said I would
laugh and chuckle and continusly smile in the corner but there was nothing there to see.  My mother said she could
 see my eyes following something around the room and the look on my face was of utter pleasure and delight.  She said  I appeared totally relaxed and still believes to this day it was my great grandmother looking down on me.  It stopped  soon after my 2nd birthday. I am now 15 years old. The funny thing was that it was as if something was entertaining  me and protecting me and it definite wasn't the average babies eyes wandering technique (I have it taped on camera.)

The Sound in the Hallway

By: jaysilver7@hotmail.com

    I remember i was making dinner, and i heard a weird sound coming from my hall way by my kitchen. So, i put down the spoon i was stiring with ON THE HANDLE OF THE POT, and went to go see what the noise was. It was nothing. So when i came back, the spoon was sitting on the counter, BESIDE the pot. I thought "what the hell?!" when i turned around, i saw a lady with blonde curls and a white gown on with a white see-through, long-sleeved dress on over top of that. She just kind of whisped away, and i never saw her again.
    A few nights before that, i had smelt roses in that same spot where she appeared. The smell was so strong, but we did not have any roses in the house at the time. And since then, every once in a while, i would hear a lady scream my name at the top of her lungs and i would come running to see what is wrong, but my parents say that they did not say or hear any thing.


New Ghost

By: cuddle173@yahoo.com

Hi. My name is Sunny. I live in Flagstaff, AZ. My
story is about my experience with a new ghost that
lives at the Monte Vista Hotel. I don't know if any
one else have seen this ghost but she is pretty new.
The people who work at Monte Vista Hotel didn't even
know about her, or so they said when I talked to them.
 Well, one night me and a friend, I'm not going to
mention her name, were walking around downtown.  Now
her brother was with us so we weren't to scared about
being attacked. Now we were in front of the Monte
Vista Hotel, when I noticed my shoe was untied. So I
bent down to tie it.  When I looked up, my friends
were about 5 or 6 feet away.  I called out to them and
they stopped after a few minutes of wondering what I
was saying.
 I then went back to tieing my shoe. When I stood back
up, there was a young girl.  She couldn't have been
more than 17. Her dress was an old dress. Like it was
from when Flagstaff was just getting started. Simple,
yet beautiful.  It had a button up front, which went
all the way up to her chin. And the bodice it self was
layered, with lace on the edges. Her hair was a
tangled mass, and covered in something like molasses.
And when she looked at me, she had a look of sadness.
I also got a feeling that I knew her some how. I could
have sworn she had blood on her face.
 Well, I'll never know if she did. Because, just as I
was really starting to get a good look at her, she
disappeared. Not like she was there one minute, and
gone the next.  It was more like a wind came and
slowly blew her away like sand.  It was seriously
 I hope you like my story.  enjoy.

Spirits of the School House

By: gowland@mc.net

I am 13 1/2 right now, and I still sense an presence in my house, but not as often as when I was younger. I know my house was an old school house in the late 1800's to early 1900's. My sister and I used to see a little girl walking through the house. None of us ever knew who she was and we didn't know if it was a ghost. My mom later found a picture of one of the first classes at the school house. When My sister looked, she gaspeed and showed me. She pointed a t a little girl at the side. That was the same girl we saw.
     Another thing I know about my house was about a crazy woman with a butcher knife ran away on a killing spree. She ran to the school yard in an attempt to kill some of the children. Before she could do any harm, she was caught and sent to an insane asylem. A little sooner tha school closed down. When I was about six years old, I could not sleep (note:this is not a dream because I didn't sleep this night) because I heard footsteps from the basement. I tried not to think about it, but soon, the doorknob turned, and the door opened wide open. I said hello, but no oe answered. I tried to ignore it, but I shouldv'e known better to shut the door. It was getting cold, and I looked and there was a white lady holding a butcher knife at the foot of my bed. I screamed, and she disappeared in thin air. I still think my house may be haunted because I still hear and see things. It all started to fade away, but after my dad died, I can sense his presence following us. My friends say that they can see my dad sometimes when they pass by my house. Today, I woke up with two cuts on my neck, wondering if it was that woman with the butcher knife. Anyways, I try to study what these spirits are doing here, but all I can do is accept their company.
     If you want to tell me what you think about these happenings, or your theries, you can email me at Molo333@go.com . Thank you.

   My Father

By: tschaefer@psci.net

I am a true believer of ghost i have had a few encounters that noone believes i wont say it was my imaginatin but i feel in my heart it was true!  I lived with my grandmother when i was small my mothetr had 4 girls and was alone could not afford to keep us all and me and my oldest sister stayed with my gramdmother.  Her mother became very ill and moved in with us we had a small house and built a bedroom on for her she stayed there untill she died . after that i got that room (lucky me) !  She had a rocking chair that she would sit in for hours to pass the time that my grandmother kept in that room, at least 20 times i would wake up and see the chair turned toward the bed rocking as if someone was watching!!  When I was 12 my father died the last time he stayed with us was in that room the night he died i woke up to a person sitting on the bed rubbing my forhead, i wasnt scared but i knew it was him!! Since then the house has been torn down but my mother has woke up several nights with the pressure of someone laying on top of her, the wierd thing is she can smell my father afterwards !!! thank you, their is more but i will tell them later

Gentle Spirit

By: nrburn@isgroup.net

The ghost at our house seems to be a gentle spirit. Never really shocking or scaring anyone. It has to be very still and quiet. The ghost is so casual about his presence. He( We think that it is a he ) can be heard walking  about the house in a slow wondering way as though he was just taking in the scenery. This happens whenever we bring in something new, a cabinet, a bed or move furniture. In my family every generation  has a member that can see ghosts. I was not the one in my generation. That was supposed to be my younger brother. As for as seeing a ghost I have never seen one, yet I feel they do exist. It is sort of like, you know they are there but it has never been a big thing. I for one do not believe that you have to add a personality to the spirit to make it more real. I try not to ponder too much on who or what the spirit is. He has never bothered us and he is accepted as part of the household. Friends that spend the night have also heard the slow and ambling foot steps.

The Haunted Shelter

By: CFuller250@aol.com
I have worked for a domestic violence shelter for approximately seven years.
While I personally have never seen anything, there are always odd sounds and
unusual occurrences. Let me start at the beginning. The house is two-story
with an attic and a basement and over 100 years old. I really don't know much
else about its history. The local domestic violence center purchased the
building, which had been uninhabited for a number of years, did some renovations, and
began operating an anonymous shelter for battered women and their children.
Over the years, there have been numerous sightings of a young couple. A woman
in a long, flowing dress can be seen periodically walking up the long
staircase. A man in dark, old-fashioned clothing has been seen in the living room and at
the top of the stairs outside the attic door. It is usual for all who into
the attic or the basement to feel uneasy and "not alone". Recently, the sightings
seem to have increased. A church group came over the holidays to sing
Christmas carols to the residents and a young boy pointed to the ceiling
and said, "Look, there's an angel." The only thing seen by others in the
room was a hazy, grayish fog that wasn't in any particular shape. A few
months later, one of the employee's daughter was in the living room alone
working on a school project and looked up to see a gray, transparent figure
looming in the doorway. She screamed and her mother raced in to see the
figure moving slowly upstairs. It was as if the ghost was just checking in
and didn't mean to frighten the young girl.
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this haunting is that the couple
together (fitting the same descriptions of the man and woman seen in other
places of the house) have been seen in one bedroom upstairs. To my
knowledge, at least three residents in the last year have been awakened
at night to see the woman sitting on the edge of the bed with the man
standing behind her. The couple has been described as comforting and
reassuring to those who have seen them in this manner. These apparitions
have seemed to know when these residents were about to face a particular
trying experience: one woman was going to court the next day for an order
of protection, one lady was facing a decision about the custody of her new
little baby, and one woman was about to embark on the dangerous
underground trying to change her identity in order to hide from the husband
who tried to kill her. All three of these women felt as though the ghosts
were trying to tell them that everything was going to be all right and, as
it turns out, the dire situations facing each of these women worked out in
their favor.
I, personally, find their presence reassuring as well. The women and
children who come through this shelter are very often depressed, sometimes
hopeless, scared, insecure, and anxious. I think that the fact that they are
comforted by these spirits is a sign that these are good spirits who seem
to approve of the work being done in their house. They have never tried to
scare anyone. Sure, lights often turn on and off by themselves and the
dishwasher is forever turning on by itself. Maybe they are just trying to
out what these gadgets are. I do not know anything about the history of
the house, but I assume these spirits were once residents of this house.
Based on their actions, they seem to be good and well-wishing. I hope
they continue to watch over the shelter and help the current residents.


The Ghost of the Green Glass Building

By: seymourbirkoff@yahoo.com

I have a few family stories to submit, but I will send those later.
After reading some of the other stories, this evening I am reminded of a
legendary haunting from when I was at Naval Training Command (NTC) Great
Lakes, IL. I am almost surprised that no one has written in about this yet,
seeing as how it was quite a popular story on base.
Throughout the base there are several buildings set aside for Rating
Training. Of these buildings several tend to stick out a little-one building
in particular is rather large and made of green glass and is used to train
Gunner's Mates. The idea of training someone with a missile weapon inside a
glass building was one of the more popular jokes on base, but it's been used
for that purpose for at least half a century I think.
The story is that late at night someone will be working on one of the
mounts, troubleshooting or working on some kind of maintenance. The
technician runs into a rather difficult spot and finds that he can't get
past whatever step he is on. Heavily engrossed in his work, he barely
notices the chief (E-7) standing behind him until the man offers a few
pieces of advice.
The technician instantly finds that whatever the chief suggested was exactly
what he needed to get through the task and turns to thank him. Only. . . he
finds that he is totally alone-and there are no exits close enough for
someone to run to in those few seconds. Upon further reflection of what he'd
seen in peripheral vision, he starts to realize that the chief had actually
been wearing an older uniform that hadn't been issued for a good 20 years or
Apparently, some time ago, there had been a training accident in that
building. Actually, I believe there have been several, but the one in
question had taken a life. Someone had been working on one of the mounts and
had fired off a dummy round into the building, killing the instructor that
it hit. The popular belief on base, and amongst those who had worked in the
building, is that the deceased instructor still wanders the building,
offering assistance to fellow technicians.

A Haunted House

By: CFuller250@aol.com

Several years ago, I helped some friends move into a house in Kingstree, SC. I
think we knew from the beginning that there was something strange about this
house even though we never heard any stories or anything. It was a large two-
story house in the middle of town, one bedroom downstairs with an adjoining
bath, a screened porch in the back which opened into the house right outside
the basement door, a kitchen, dining room, and living room completes down-
stairs. The large staircase leads to two large bedrooms with walk-in closets
and a bathroom in between the rooms. Several families had lived there
previously, but none for very long and we never have found out why. However,
the experiences of my friends may lead to an educated guess about the
Thins started happening almost immediately. Things would get knocked
over in the kitchen. Doors would open and close by themselves. You
could hear someone walking around upstairs when you KNEW everyone
was downstairs. The basement door, which my friends kept locked at all times,
would unlock and open by itself. The basement was rather small but the
stiarway leading down to it always reminded me of the Amityville Horror
basement, which is scary enough. There was always a strange, foul odor
in the downstairs bedroom closet and bathroom...it was a constant odor,
you only smelled it when you were alone and all of the sudden felt like
you weren't alone so that the hair stood up on the back of your neck. In
the bathroom dowstairs, I always felt like I was going to see something or
someone standing behind me when I looked in the mirror.
My friends, the family living there, was composed of a mother and four
daughters aged 22 to 16. There were no young children or pets in the
house. The girls would often hear someone in another room, assume it
was another family member since they heard footsteps, doors opening,
and sometimes humming or whistling, only to find themselves talking
to air...alone. Two incidents stand out in my mind when I think about
the four years my friends lived in this house. One night, the youngest
girl and a friend were home alone. They were in the living room with the
TV on talking about their night out. They heard the basement door unlock
and open. Then they heard some items in the kitchen fall into the sink.
Then the channels on the TV started changing by themselves. There
was no remote control to the TV and the channels were not changing in
numerical order...they were changing by odd numbers very quickly...3, 5,
7, etc. Well, my friends left immediately. They ran out the front door,
jumped in the car, and drove directly over to my house. They were
shaking and too scared to go back until daylight. When we returned,
all the lights and the television were off. There was no sign of the things
that had fallen in the kitchen; everything was where it should have been.
The basement door was shut and locked.
The other incident occurred about a year later. I had been out with my
friends and we had had a couple of beers. There was a house full of
people that night so I ended up sleeping in the downstairs bedroom,
where there was a bed but no one usually slept there. I guess, my mind
wasn't on the ghostly experiences that evening. Sometime during the
night, I reached over for my glass of water on the nightstand and
something grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me under the bed. I
remember fighting and pulling back determined not to go under the
bed. Finally, I fell back against the bed out of breath. I laid there for
what seemed an eternity before I stood up in the bed, jumped as far
as I could toward the door, and woke up my friends to explain what
had happened. Together, we investigated the downstairs bedroom and
found nothing...except my spilled glass of water on the floor. I swore
that I would never set foot in that house again after dark and I would
never spend the night in that house and I never did.
Shortly after that experience, one of my friends told me that they had
searched for some answers and found out that an elderly man had
died of a heart attack in that downstairs bedroom. According to the
town stories (an advantage of being in a small town), this man had
been a judge and was not very well-liked...in fact, he was described
as mean and many townfolk were glad when he was gone. I guess,
he wasn't really gone and death did not change his disposition. All
I know for sure is that I will never be going back to that house again.

One Year Anniversary Reminder

By: STOCKMAMMA3@aol.com

        One Sunday I went to my mother's house.  On top of my mother's fridge
I have kept a picture of a friend of mine, Kevin Whettle, who passed away
awhile back.  The picture sat to the far left top of the fridge.  A table sat
to the right of the fridge.
Anyway, I walked in the house and passed the fridge to the table.  I set my
coat on the table and placed my gloves in a criss-cross manner on top of my
coat ( I am not quite sure why this is of significance to the story, but I
feel obliged to tell of it).  I exited the kitchen and went in the bathroom.
I came back in the kitchen.  As I passed my coat, the object caught my
attention out of the corner of my eye.  The object was Kevin's picture.  It
was sitting neatly atop my gloves, and faced me.
I later learned the next day that  the particular Sunday this happened, was
the one year anniversary of Kevin's departure.
    Since, I have had other small things happen to me.  I don't know if by
the same entity though.  Computer turned on after turned off.  The top of a
peanut butter jar flying to the ground after I specifically remember screwing
it on and entering the  next room...

Preppy Ghost

By: claire766@home.com

My daughter and I were living in England at the time. That has to be one of the most haunted places to be. We lived in a converted stable on the grounds of Clermont Hall. The house was L shaped and the bedrooms and bathroom were in one wing and the rest of the house was in the other. I'm not sure how old the house was but I would guess about 250 years. That is not so old for England as they tend to preserve rather than tear places down. Anyway, we were watching TV in the living room and my daughter was sitting on the couch so she could see down the hallway to the bedrooms and bathrooms. I always slept on the couch because I did not like the feeling I had in my room. She looked down and said, "Mom, I see a man standing down by your room." I got chills and asked her what he looked like. She said he was wearing khaki slacks and a button down shirt and had his hair tied back. She said he was just standing there with his arms crossed and she didn't feel scared. When I got up to look she said he disappeared. She also would hear murmering from the kitchen, like people were talking but she couldn't hear what they were saying. It was two women and a man. I never felt bad there, just uncomfortable, and I was glad when we moved. I am very interested in the paranormal and wanted to see what she saw but I never did. I am still hoping to see something one day and I continue to watch and read anything I can having to do with the paranormal.

The Big Snow of "73"

By: TimandTam21@email.msn.com

In Orangeburg, SC, we had what was called "the big snow of '73".  This small South Carolina town had three feet of snow.  At the time I was nine years old.
In addition to the front door, our living room had a side door leading to an open porch.  The door was never used, and was blocked off by furniture on the inside.  In the middle of the snowstorm, we heard a loud pounding on the blocked side door.  My father opened the front door and called out to the visitor to come around to the front.  The visitor was a young man who stated his father was on the roadway dying of a heart attack.  My father and a neighbor went to assist.  The man and his father had become stranded on the road, and were making their way through the snow looking for assistance, when the father had his heart attack.  He died on the roadway in front of our house that day.
The following spring, my cousin and I had been playing in the neighborhood and returned home to find the house locked and my parents away buying groceries.  My cousin and I sat in some chairs on the side porch to wait for their return.
Suddenly, we both heard a loud pounding on the side door.  The sound was so loud we both leaped off the porch and fled screaming out of the yard.  To me, it sounded just like the pounding I had heard during the snowstorm.  I know no one was home, and I cannot explain who or what was knocking on that side door.

Some of My Stories

By: Yevette

My husband ( refered to in this story as M) and I have had some odd things happen over the years. Here are some of those happenings.
When I was in my early teens things would end up in strange places in my room. I would leave the room briefly and come back to see awards that were on my desk now lying in a row on my bed on the other side of the room. This happened with many objects. Once I saw the antique bottles on the shelf above my desk jump off the shelf one at a time and land unbroken on the floor. Each one came off and joined the line on the floor.
These kind of things happened in other rooms in the house but as my room was the most neat and tidy these things were more noticeable. This was the only time I actually saw anything move in front of me. My brother had a seance and the glass flew into the air and shattered. I was not there at the time.
This kind of thing stopped happening after a couple of years.
M shared a house with a number of other uni students. It was a huge house, about 100 years old. Ms bedroom was huge. The room was devided by bookshelves. Everytime the door opened the string of bells attached to the handle would ring.
One night M was reading in bed when the door to his room opened. The bells did not ring. A young (15-25) woman walked into the room and without looking at M she walked behind the book shelf. M threw the book he was reading over the bookshelf. The book came flying back over the shelf.
In the morning when he got up the nerve to look behind the shelf there was no one there. But all the pictures and posters on that side of the room had been turned upsidedown.
We shared a house with 2 other people in a suburb of Melbourne. This was one of the first homes built in the suburb. It had an outside toilet ( common to this area) with a wood shed next to it. I never experienced anything in this house, but the others were terrified of the outside toilet. Wood would be thrown against the wall shared by the woodshed and toilet. One huge piece was thrown so hard it imbedded itself in the wall.
As well as his regular job M worked in a pizza shop. The shop would have been built about the time of the first world war, or maybe a little after. Unlike many of the nearby shops this was a single story without a dwelling attached.
Being a pizza shop it functioned at night.
The voices of children at play could be heard most nights. Everyone heard it. Customers would sometimes admonish workers "Those kids should be in bed, its well past bed time." There was no way kids could have been in the back of the shop. The door was locked. it was early morning and no children were nearby.
Things would often get messed up in the store room. One example is- M put new toilet rolls away and locked the store room door behind him. Minutes later he unlocked the door and went in. The packets had been opened, the rolls unravelled and thrown around the room. There is no way anyone else could have got into the room.
One night he returned from a delivery to find the new cook sitting out the front of the shop as he didn't want to go back inside alone.
He had commented about the sounds of children playing but everyone else in the shop was used to it so they had forgotten to warm him about it.
When he was alone in the shop he started to walk past the pool cue rack. One pool cue jumped out of the rack and fell in front of him. Then another. Then another, the whole rack one at a time.
That was has first and last night at the shop.
I had recently returned from hospital after surgery and was inclined to think what was happening was my imagination combined with pain killers. That is until M saw it as well. M used to work nights so I went to bed alone. Almost every night something would crawl up the bed. I could see the quilt move as if something was under it. The shape would move up the bed and then settle against my body. The pressure of something there would slowly dissipate. It was about the size of my terrier, but he was asleep with our other dog in another room.
One night M was home, watching late night TV.I was in bed and it happened again. This time I gathered this thing up in the quilt and carried it out to M. We could both feel a heart beat in the quilt, but when we unfolded it there was nothing there.


By: Saturn_2001@hotmail.com

Greetings to you all reading this,

I am now 22 yrs old and live far away from my family back in texas. I love in a nice apartment that only gives me most of the time positive feelings, and I'm very comfortable here with my husband.
I used to live with my parents back in texas. My parents now have built their own house out of city limits and reccently we went to go visit and it seems like such a nice home.
Well, the old house located in front of a jr. high school and in a good neighborhood is the house where we experianced some things.
Moslty it was my mom, sister and I that ever heard, saw or felt something. My dad was always at work. OH yes and my dogs as well.
Thinking back now to when i was small like 5-9yrs old I experianced a lot of things, but my mom always comforted me by saying it was just my imagination and that I watched too many scary movies. I know that I was always afraid of the middle room in that house. It was a 4 bedroom home, and I (at first) was stuck in the middle room. I hated this room so much. I would hear something sratching at the window, I never had the nerve to look from under my covers to see what was making the noises. I remember playing with my toys, usually stuffed animals...and i would line them up according to my most favorite to least, and I would go to the kitchen, come back, and my animals were all rearranged. I was the only child at this time in this home myolder sister was off at school. Well, many times I had to go sleep with my mom and dad since i was so scared. I even got my own little mattress and would sleep on the floor, this was when i was around 9. Of course i couldn't sleep there forever, so my parents and I switched rooms. I got the big room and they got the middle room. Around this time parents also started being foster parents. I remember that at one time there were 5 kids including me in this house. I remember one of the girls telling me that she had seen a face come out of the middle room's wall (by this time my parents were sleeping in room #4 and 2 kids were in the middle room). She was very scared because she said the face looked very mean, and almost evil, so to make her feel better I put a religious pic on that wall. I remember later in the years as I went to highschool, we had 2 children in our home, the boy told me that often times he would see figures moving about in the hallway and that made him very scared he said they were like little black things but they looked like people. I didnt know what to say, but the only thing was telling him to call for me next time he saw them and if I wasnt home to pray for protection from God and nothing would hurt him.
I would still experiance events even in my new room, even up to the date I moved out. I remember a photo rising from the floor as i went to go pick it up. I remember one time I even saw a lady at the foot of my bed looking out of the window, funny that i thought it was my older sister, but next morning i knew it wasnt her, also since i had my own bathroom sometimes I would hear someone in my room but when i opened the door there was no one there, sometimes the perfume bottles my mom and i collect would gently be knocked over as if not to break them. That was when i started talking to my mom about these events, probably when i was around 16. And she told me that she had seen things...usually out of the corner of her eye.
There were so many events in this house but there are 5 events that i remember very well. I dont remember now in what order they occured but in know that the one with my dog was the last event. I remember one time that I was in the kitchen and as usual i was opening the fridge to see what i can munch on, and the fridge is positioned in a way that you can see the the dinning room and the hallway and the entrance to the living room. Well as i was opening the fridge I saw something jump from the entrance of the living room and into the hallway and go towards the rooms. I thought i was my mom, wondering what she is doing jumping around like that, and i called her. Well I got her answer but from the backyard..she was outside with my dad. I didnt tell her anything about that event. Well it so happens my mom had the same experiance, but she thought it was me jumping from the entrance of the living room to the hallway, she called my name out thinking i was doing something sneaky. I was outside inthe back yard when i heard her calling me, i thought i was in trouble, when i walked in from the back, she was stunned to see me and she told me what she had seen, and thats when i told her that it happened to me also, seems it happened a lot more to my mom. The next event i remember was when my mom and I were in my room looking for some photo albums, and my sister was in the kitchen washing the dishes. Well while we were searching we heard a huge crash that seemed to come from kitchen. I sounded like all the pots and pans and dishes...everything fell down. We arrived in the kitchen asking my sister what happened, well she looked at us really puzzled and said nothing, we told her about the crash we heard and she said she didnt hear anything. I even opened the cabinets where the pots and pans were and they were all in order nothing out of place. The next event involed the four of us (mom, sis, dad and me although my dad was too into the show on tv). We were in the living room and watching tv, by this time i was away at university and I was home for the weekend and I liked to spend my time with my family. Well my dad and sis were on the couch facing the tv, i was on the side laying on the floor watching tv, and my mom was sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table and watching tv. Well she was also blocking the path to get to the hallway/dinning room/kitchen, so if you wanted to get up you had to jump over my mom. Well for some reason I took my attention from the tv show and looked at my mom, i felt a strange feeling come over me, and my mom at that instant, sat up and got out of the pathway and looked around wide eyed. And she said that something jumped over her and as we looked a sort of gray smoke thingy ( dont know what to call it) was jumping from the entrance of the living room to the hallway. My dad didnt see it, he was too involved with the tv, but my mom was really shook up. One other event involved Finally I remember when one of my dogs (rottwieler), Yuri, was playing on the porch with the other dogs, and i had the screen door closed but i was sitting in the dinning table doing some homework and my mom in the kitchen and sis in the living room, well i was enjoying myself wathing her be silly when she stopped playing and walked to the screen door and looked inside the dinning room, sat down, and began to howl. It was like she was howling at something inside the house. We got so freaked out because she had never dont that before, and she never did that again.
Like i said there were so many things going on there. My mom once told me of some things that happened in that house when i was a baby.
I remember when i started reading about ghosts,etc...and I was home for the weekend I said outloud in my room, because we concluded it was the previous owner of the house who was there, I told her (the ghost) that she was welcomed to stay because we heard that she loved the house, but never to harm anyone or show herself. Things got quiet after that.
I wonder now if the new owners of our home are experiancing anything.

Not Bothered

By: tuggles47@hotmail.com

 I started to see ghost when I was in the 5th grade. That was like 6 years ago. Well it was the middle of the night and i got up to get a drink. Well then I heard someone calling my name. So I got scared and ran back to my room. The next day I asked if anyone called my name and they said no. Then like 2 years later I was home alone with my little brother and he wanted me to read him a story.  All of the the doors and windows were locked. As I was reading We heard a chair move across the floor, and then we heard footsteps, it sounding like a mans. My little brother was 6 at the time. Then we heard the frontdoor open and close. Well at this point we were freaked out. So we took bats and went down to see what it was and the frontdoor was locked. And there was another time when my friend spent the night and it was 4:30 in the morning. I woke up and looked into the hall way and I saw a girl, I could only see the outline of her. So I woke up my friend and I told her that there was a ghost in the hall way and it was coming towards us. She couldnt see it. But we turned on my light to look around and after we turned the light off she was gone. And there was this other time when another friend sent the night and right before she went to sleep she saw two blue and white balls of light in the hall way. Then the night after I saw a blue and white ball of light following me. And ever since I always feel like I'm being watched, and I'll feel stuff sitting on my bed. It all started when I move into the house that I live in now. But I have lived here for 7 years and i have gotten use to it. And I still see stuff but it doesnt borther me anymore. And out of all the people that live in my house it only happens to me.

Newly Rented Town House

By: hannakitty@home.com

It's been a while since it last happened, but when my sweetheart and I
first moved in to our new place we also brought my cat.  I was moving
out of an apartment where just Hanna (my cat) and I lived.  For her
entire life, she's three this spring, she goes through the routine kitty
flip-outs and catch-me games, but this new place is way too wierd.
    When she first got here she was drugged up.  Hanna doesn't like car
rides and she HAD to be drugged or I would have throttled her on the 5
hour car ride to Rochester, MN.  After the drugs wore off she started
exploring the apartment.  There are three levels; there is and upstairs,
main floor, and a basement.  On the main floor she started completely
wierding out.  She was focusing, I mean seriously focusing on an object
in the middle of the room.  The only exception was that there was
nothing there.  She was terrified.  She "followed" the object around the
room.  Followed meaning wherever it was tracking whe was avoiding and
backing up.  She was behaving as though it were a dangerous attacker.
We tried to calm her down, but if we touched her or made a move toward
her she would jump and bite.  These were not any of her normal behaviors
at ANY time.  We hed never even seen this out of her before.  I was
scared not only for her but because of what she was seeing.  We had only
spent a night in this place and now she's acting like this.  We called
the emergency vet phone number and asked if it was maybe a reaction to
the drug.  According to her, the drug should already have been cleared
from Hanna's system.  She told us to isloate her in one room until she
calms down, and keep her there for a while.  It worked, but now and
again, it will very from room to room, but never in the basement or
bathroom.  Hanna will suddenly become very scared, tail slightly puffed,
back arched, and in a retreat back stance.  Sometimes she will even try
to attack the invisible object.  This is not play though.  When it
happens she is completely focused and will not even listen to me or
Brian. I had the thought that it was maybe from the carpet cleaners,
since we were in less than a week after it was done, but it still
happens now, almost a year later.  I don't know, maybe there are other
reasons, but the one that has always lingered in the back of my head is
the possibility of some kind of haunt.

Spirits That I have Seen

By: ou81two@alltel.net

Hi, I'm really not new at this whole ghosts things. I've lived at several places with sprits. Like now I'm living with a 72 year old man who loves my children to death. All night long he messes with my son and daughter things. Like for instants, my daughter has toys that plays music or other noises if you touch them. Oh he loves things that make noise. My sons baby monitor, he likes to change the channel on it. One time we came home and he played a joke on my husband, He changed the time on his alarm clock. Luckly, when he went to bed he checked his alarms first, and they were all messed up. We like are ghost and It's kinda fun to have him here. I'm not afraid of him but, still sometimes he might catch me of gaurd and give me a fraight. Like seeing him out of the corner of my eye.
The one place that I will never go back to is my brothers house. He has 2 sprits with him. And I have a sense that one is not good.The first I'm going to tell you about is george. The reason why I know what his name is because he was the last owner of the house and died there. The other one that I believe that is not good is a younge boy who was treated terrible when he was alive. I first saw george when I was babysitting my neice and nephew. Around 9 o'clock some one kept going through the drawers and things in the kitchen. Then you could hear him go up stairs to my nieces room open the closet and then it all stopped. About 10 minutes later it would start up all over again.Later on that night he made himselve really know.I was upstairs in my nieces room sleeping in her bed, and she was on the floor. Later on that night something just woke me up, and there stood goerge. He was holding the handle of the door, and was like reaching for my niece, I did'nt know what he was doing and I finally worked up enough courage to say some thing, and he looked at me and all of a sudden he was gone.
The little boy that lives there is up in the upstairs closet. He was locked in there because he done some thing wrong. You hear him crying all the time. The reason why I know his story is because my mom's alittle pyshic and she told me that he's saying, I'm sorry I did'nt mean to do it, Please let me out, I'm hungry, it's so hot in here, I can't breath, plese let me out.
That's the one that I don't really care for . Those are only a couple sprits that I know of. And I'm sure they won't be the last ones.

Firm Believer

By: meg330@att.net

My name is Megan. I am 13 years old. My story is very strange.
    My great uncle died two years ago. My grandmother has grieved and still is. My great uncle had a massive heart attack while help David and Ben, his brothers, paint David's brand new house.
    One day my grandmother went to Davids for a get-together. She was sitting on a couch, which was the exact spot my great uncle died. She says she felt someone put thier hands on her shoulders and whisper "It is alright!" Then she said she could not breath and my aunt helped her up and made her lie down on the bed. The next incident happened to Davids wife. She was cleaning up the bathroom and knocked off an angel figurine, about that time the dryer buzzed. She thought that she would pick the angel up min a minute. She ran to the dryer and on the way to the bathroom she thought she heard something she ran to the bathroom and the angel was right back where it  was before it fell.
    I am a strong believer of ghosts, as young as I am, and will be for the rest of my life.

The Assuring Hand

By: PMa3041735@aol.com

    One year my grandma died and we were all really sad about it. Especially
me. Then that night I slept in my room and all of a sudden, it got cold. I
covered up with my comforter but it still got colder and colder. I tried to
get the blanket over me while it was folded x3 and I couldn't so I gave up
and put my blanket on the floor (frustration). I laid down without it
shivering and all of a sudden, I felt a cold, soft hand (A hand because I
felt the fingers) rub against my cheek. As if to say "It's alright." While
this happened, my brother was sleeping, my dad was at work, and my Mom was in
her room watching TV. So I screamed.

My Scary Story

By: lisawest@intrstar.net

At my 13 Brithday/Slumber party me and 3 of my friends all had a very real very true ghost encounter. It was about 3:00 in the morning and we were sitting up talking and sundenlly we all heard the front door slam shut and someone run thourgh the house and stop outside my bedroom door then we heard a little girl singing and when we got up to see who it was there was no one there and my little sister was spending the night with a friend but the weird thing is that the front door both of them were locked my mom was asleep and so was my brother. After that we whent back to my room and started talking again then at 5:00 we heard 3 solid knocks on the wall right beside my bed and it could'nt have been my mom or brother because we would have heard them run because they both are on the very ends of the house and my room is on the end and none of us have been able to find out what happened. Anthore time at my camp I had the same experince 3 Nights in a row. I woke up because it all of a sudden got Cold and I mean very cold and I looked up to see some kind of black figure standing infront of the door it just stood there for a moment and looked around then it sort of floated to the end of the room and and back and then it just glied out of the door. The funny thing is that it always no matter what it always vanhished in the middle the 3rd night I sleep with a friend who happened to be in the middle of the cabin and I got the same cold feeling at about the same time but this time I couldnt see it. My bed was right near the door too but hers wasnt.

My Paranormal True Experiences:

By: carlosmeen@prtc.net

    These experiences started in Cidra a few year ago; continued in New York and is continuing in Juncos.These have been brief. In Cidra the following experiences have occurred to me: a) Woke up in the middle of the night. b)I saw a white ball over my closet. c)This closet faced my feet stance. d)I became curious what it was',stood up, walked  over;and extended my right arm to feel it. e)Before I could to, it went throught the ceiling. h) while I would sleep or rest on my bed it would be shaken daily and violently. H) While I was watching T V I was pushed repteatedly by my left shoulder, T) I saw a white outline of a human figure sped past side of house, P)  while I was laid down on my bed, I felt waves that rolled from my head to the toes and back again under my bed sheet, U) As a result of this waving, I could not sleep. I did not want to reliquish my bed to an invader by moving to other place to sleep. Tired as i was of it, i decided to drive this ghost or what ever it was from my bed. Next time I showed this thing , I swored to my Imyself. As  I have schemed I laid down this wavering began-  this time with a new addition ,shaking- I reached for a 32 bat, stood up and began pounding my bed all over. The ghost exited throught the wall with a loud bang. This fight continued for a week or so. Finaly, this entity gave up this shaking and waving thing. In fact, it did not bother me again in Cidra. In New York, this entity reappeared. While I was bedidng down face up eyes shut on my bed I felt feet have landed on my stomanch ,which has pushed me into an indention in my matress. AS I  was bounced back I did not realized what has happened. Later ,I realized the ghost was back.... I was not bothered again in New York. In juncos, there are three entities that live in my house. The first one is giant black outline of a human being.I saw him while I was meditating in my porch at night. That is, I turned my neck toward my lit room and I saw it. I remained calm and ignored it. I returned my head again and it was gone. The second ghost resembled a dead uncled of mine. I encountered it after I have gone to padlock the gate to my carpot and headed toward the main door. It met me there, looked at me, backed up few steps, turned around and ran into my house. I was able to see its black face wirh all the detailes to it, and it was about 5 feet and 4 inches tall. His cloths were a unbuttened shirt andf blue jean. I did not see his hands or feet. I was shaken for first time. The third ghost is a towel like mist.I saw it after a collopsed power left my house in darkness, the power was restored later ;enterd my room to reset the eletric alarm radio and looked up to the middle of my room. It just floated for a few seconds. Somehow I departed my eyes for less that a fraction of a second and ....it was gone. I am continuing to experience planks if you will in this town. Like by example padlock opened, main door opened after it was locked, pulled by my feet while sleeping, misplaced items, disapperances of my objects to be found stached elsewhere and others. To top this diclosing off, as I typed these stroies a strong smell of gas invaded my nose. I traced it to my left hand. I did not kwon how it smeared on my hand. for I did not deal wiht gas. I think these experiences are not funny, are bothersome, and stupid.

My Own Ghostly Experience

By: MARIEANG1@webtv.net


I love your website.  I have always been fascinated by  the
supernatural.  Although
I have never seen a ghost,  I have had some strange experiences that
defy explanation.   It usually  has to do with a family member or
someone that I was extremely close to in life.
 For instance,
            My cousin, Tara, lost her brave battle with  cancer a few
years ago, We were close in age, and she  had  just married prior to
becoming sick.   My sister and I have two beautiful boys who were just
babies at this time.  Tara longed for children, but it was not ment to
be.  She did say however, that  once she got to the other side, that she
would be guardian  angel to our babies.   That's a promise I believe she
   A few days after the funeral, both my sister and I , unknown to
eachother at the time, experienced  paranormal events.
I was ironing in my son's room, when the
musical mobile started up by itself.  It played an entire song from
start to finish, much to the delight of my 2 year old. no one touched
it, no one was near it. As my
son grew older, he always spoke of a "lady in the corner" right where
that mobile stood.   I've had window shades fly
up, before exiting my living room.
     And things at my sister's house were even more bizzare.   footsteps
heard over the baby monitor,  wind up toys would walk across the floor,
and  talking bears would start chattering of their own accord.
Porch lights would turn themselves on at night, which living in a high
crime area wasnt a bad thing.  One night, after returning home from
work,  my sister noticed strangers  loitering near her darkened house,
suddenly, the porch lights went on, and my sister, made a mad dash for
the front door.  The car with the strangers  quickly drove off.   She
was about to thank her husband.  but he wasn't at the front  door
waiting for  her, he was up in their bedroom, sound asleep.  The lights
went off.  and  she whispered a thank you to what we believe to be our
guardian spirit, Tara.

My Grandmother’s Visit.

By: bwieland@connection.com

This takes place in Collingwood, Ontario in the summer of 1983, my mother and I were visiting my grandparents which was my mothers folks. It was in June that my grandmother had just died and I was around 20 years of age,  I called her “Nana” and one morning at around dawn I heard the bedroom door open and heard nana say to Mom “Muriel it’s time to get up” and I heard mom say “I’ll be up in a few minutes Mum” well I open my eyes and I saw her come in and then leave. So when I did get up I asked Mom why did nana call you so early? And she said “I don’t know” then we realized that nana is dead, so from that time on we just dropped the subject. But I knew that a mothers/grandmothers care will always beat the grave.  Thanks for listening.

My Mothers Ghost

By: MFBush78@aol.com

In the summer of 1994 my sister and I moved to Hawaii to live with our
father.  While we were gone our mother moved into an apartment to save money.
 Right away strange things started to happen.  Her two cats would never enter
the bedroom of the apartment, choosing instead to sleep in the living room.
They would claw and bite if you tried to carry them in there and run quickly
away.  Mom only spent one night in the room and then opted for the living
room as well.  She didn't see anything but felt as if someone was watching
her or that someone was in the room.
A few weeks later she returned home from work to find her disposable razor
disassembled on the bathroom counter.  Even the twin blades were removed and
the whole apparatus was laid out in a straight row.  The next night my
cousin, Stacy, and her husband, Mitch, went to stay over at my Mom's with
her.  (They were in from out of town, not going over to ease her fears.  She
wasn't scared yet.)  The two of them argued with Mom over sleeping
arrangements and she assured them that she never slept in the bedroom anyway.
 That night my mother woke to hear Stacy and Mitch screaming in terror.  Mom
ran into the room to find Mitch trying to pull Stacy off the bed.  She was
screaming to get her off the bed so Mom started pulling too.  Once they got
her to the floor, Stacy said that it felt like someone was sitting on top of
her and she couldn't breathe.  And while it was all going on she could see a
teenage boy in the corner laughing uncontrollably.  The three of them decided
to drive to my grandma's to spend the night.
Fast forward to Christmas break when my sister and I came home to visit.  Our
first afternoon at the apartment we heard a loud crash from the bathroom.
All people and animals in the house were accounted for in the living room, so
we went to check it out.  Everything from the cabinet under the sink was out
on the bathroom floor.  It wasn't all tipped over however, it was lined up in
a straight row.  After that Mom told my sister and I about all of the strange
things that had occurred.  My sis and I were thrilled...thought it was really
cool.  Mom said we were more than welcome to sleep in the bedroom if we
wanted to, so we did.  Early the next morning I woke up and thought I saw
someone standing in the walk in closet.  The sun was just starting to come up
and I thought for sure it was my sister playing a trick on me.  When I looked
over in bed she wasn't there.  Instead there was a guy, maybe teens or early
20's with shaggy black hair and no face...in bed with me.  He reached out for
me and I literally wet my pants running into the living room.  I woke my Mom
and sister (who had moved during the night, said she had the "creeps") and
attempted to tell them what happened.  Mom told us to get our stuff and we
left.  Later that afternoon I recited the story to Stacy and she said the guy
I described was the one she saw laughing at her.
Mom went to the leasing office a week later and asked to be moved to another
apartment.  All the leasing agent had to say was that no one had lived in
that apartment longer than 4 months.

It's MY House

By: goody3shoes@zfree.co.nz

I had a house in Auckland, New Zealannd, It was a old cottage style house, Large and
gloomy. One night after my daily dose of t.v. i went to bed. The next morning i found
myself on the sofa. I wonderd how i got there I got there. I went to my room to change
out of my pjs and my bed was on fire. it wasnt burnt but it was hell fire, the type
that flames but doent burn. I ran out screaming!
I showed my room to my mum, and there in frount of me was a tome stone with this
inscripted on it "Its MY house"

My Hauntings

By: odowdliam@eircom.net

I have had two encounters. Four years ago I was in bed and I saw a white ploom of smoke out of the corner of my eye I turned around and saw a picture flying at me.Luckily it missed me as I have good reactions.Unable to sleep I pondered as to what I would do next.Later that night Iheared a voice saying "Good boy"and what sounded like a dog panting.Incidentaly the picture was of my dog that had died two weeks earlier.The second encounterwas also when I was in bed I heard the familiar footsteps of my dog walk in. Too scared to move Ifelt him tuck himself against me but when I did get the courage to look there was nothing.But I have not had an encouter in the last two years

Mississippi River

By: Cattails40@aol.com

When I was in my early twenties a friend and I decided to rent a house
together. We found a lovely old house near the Mississippi River and I was
immediately drawn to it. After we moved in we both began to notice banging on
the walls and lights blowing out constantly. The lights we attributed to bad
wiring and the banging I truly believed was my friend and she truly believed
it was me. The layout of the house was one we had never seen before. There
was a hallway that led from the front living area to the back bedroom areas
that was at an odd, slanted angle. I always felt uncomfortable going down
this hallway and found myself going around by way of the kitchen. After some
months my friend and I decided to take in a third roommate to help with
expenses. During the next month or so after this third roommate moved in we
noticed an increase in frequency to the noises, banging, and lights going
out. We also began to notice that every month (and this is really weird)
right around the time that all three of us began our menstrual cycles, a very
large stain began to appear in the middle of our living room floor. We tried
constant shampooing but it would always reappear immediately. Then after our
cycles were finished, the stain would disappear on its own only to reappear
the next month. Our third roommate then became very withdrawn after only a
short time of being in the house. She began to go directly to her bedroom and
never came out except to go to work. Her personality also changed
drastically. She went from being very funny and outgoing to a complete
loner.She would also say inappropriate, weird things to us. We had known this
girl for some time and her behavior was quite unsettling. She finally told us
that she was not comfortable in this house and was moving out and she did so
that very day.
Shortly after she moved out the banging noises began in earnest and we
started noticing our things being rearranged. We began to laughingly (and
nervously) admit to each other that something was not right in this house.
However, neither one of us ever felt threatened by any of the weird
happenings and in fact, I personally actually felt almost protected by it. We
started to call our "ghost" George and would talk right to him whenever the
banging would begin. If we were trying to watch something on tv and George
would start banging or knocking, we would say "Please George, not right now-
we're trying to see this". And he would actually stop! At least until the
show was over. Unfortunately, no matter how much we begged him to stop
putting the stain on the floor every month that never ended. In fact, It got
bigger and darker the
longer we lived there. One kind of amusing episode happened to us one
memorable evening. I decided to let my boyfriend at the time stay over night
with me although I didn't usually do this. Just as we were dozing off a very
loud bang sounded coming from the hallway. My boyfriend sat up and asked what
the **ll was that? Immediately a knocking began at the far end of the hall
and rushed towards my room very fast knocking louder and louder the closer it
came. My boyfriend said "That has to be your roommate being funny." I just
laughed and tried to explain about our ghost and that I thought he might be
angry that I had a male friend overnight. He said that was bull and got up to
investigate. Just as he came to the hallway the knocking began again all
around him. Needless to say my brave 6 foot 4 inch (naked) boyfriend ran
straight out the front door and never came back in the house.
Anyway, after a few years my roommate and I decided we were going to move to
a cheaper apartment closer to where we worked. As soon as we started packing
the noises and especially the lights going out began to get really bad. I was
even starting to get a little frightened. One day as we were finishing up
packing we decided to go check in the basement and see if we had left
anything down there. While we were down there we decided to go in the old
fruit cellar since neither one of us had actually looked in it. We found some
old fishing equipment and an old frog gigger. We also found an old shirt box
that was sealed with tape and felt kind of heavy. So we brought it upstairs
and opened it up. Inside was a bunch of old pictures. Most of the pictures
were of a young man of about 25 or 30. In many of the pictures he was in our
house and standing on the porch of  the house. There were also some antique
glass slides with pictures of him in a military uniform. We dated the stuff
around World War II. We decided to call our landlady, an elderly woman around
80 yrs old to tell her we had found the box. When we called her and told her
what we had found she hung up on us. We called back and her daughter answered
and said that they didn't want that stuff anymore and we could have it or
throw it away. We thought it was very strange since normally our landlady was
a sweet old lady. So we decided that some of the stuff in the box might be
worth some money and we would sell some of it. Some war medals and even an
old stock certificate. That night I put the box on the kitchen table and we
went to bed. In the morning we were going to move the last of everything and
as we were preparing to go I asked my roommate what she had done with the box
of stuff. She said she hadn't touched it. We looked everywhere and couldn't
find it. Finally, around lunch we got hungry and decided to cook a frozen
pizza. We turned on the oven and immediately began to smell something
burning. When I opened the oven- there was the box. Oookaay- I swore my
roommate did it and she swore I did it. So we left the box on the table again
and left to move some things to the new place. When we got back the box was
gone again. This time we found it immediately in the kitchen pantry. So we
kind of laughed it off and put it back on the kitchen table. About ten
minutes later I walked into the kitchen and it was gone again. I decided the
heck with it and decided to just go finish the bedroom closet I had just
minutes before been working on. When I stepped up on the chair to wipe off
the upper shelves, there was the box. That did it. I said out loud "OK
George, we promise not to take your stuff" and put the box back in the fruit
cellar where we had found it. We left that day and have never been back but I
have always wondered if the next tenents ever heard from George.

Mesquite Tx Stories

By: thelightsareon@hotmail.com

Ok, this is the first time I have ever done this and I'm not much of a story teller, but I'll try so please bear with me. This is a long story (and may need to be split up into several stories, but I will title them Mesquite Stories 1,2 and so on. As I said, it is a long story as it spans the 40 year period of my life. My story takes place in Mesquite, Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas, and actually begins in 1973 when my mother married my stepdad and we moved into his house. When they got married, we, my mother, myself, 2 sisters and brother (my mother had 4 children and he had 2) moved into his 2 bedroom mobile home in the older part of Mesquite. Since his sons had the smaller bedroom, the 4 of us had to sleep on roll-away beds in the living room, but later they built on some extra bedroom to accomodate the large family. To protect them I will change their names and hope if they ever read this they wont kill me! Lol! OK, now to the story. For the first few years nothing ever really happened, or perhaps med out and sounds of kitchen drawers could be heard opening and slamming. Worried, Lou locked her door and the next morning when she came out, Cassie didnt remember anything. Another time I was sleeping in Cassies bed as she had fallen asleep on the floor. Ok, I guess a description of the house is needed for this part. Picture a long mobile home with 2 extra rooms built onto about half of one side of it, adjoining to the main house by one door off of the sons bedroom. Anyway, Cassie had moved into the sons bedroom as they had both moved out (my step brothers) and my younger brother, whom Ill call Jr. was in the front part while Lou was at the back bedroom. Anyway, I had just laid down in Cassies bed and as I said before, she was asleep in the floor next to me. My brother Jr was in his bed and Lou was in her room. We heard a noise from outside so we automatically jumped up when Cassie jumped up and looked in the direction as well. I got freaked out because I could see through the wall and was looking directlyis way around he didnt bother turning on the lights. On his way back he noticed a greenish blue light emanationg from his room. As soon as he stepped through the door, he saw Cassie hovering about 6 inches above her bed and this light was all around her. Scared, almost to the point of screaming, he ran to Lous room and tried for a long time to wake her so she could see, but she would not budge. So he crawled in bed with her and stayed there, awake, the rest of the night. Of course when he told my mother, she laughted and chalked it up to dreams or over active imagination. Fast forward a few more years with nothing but lights flickering, doors opening and slamming shut and only minor occurances. I was married, had a 2 year old daughter and had rented a mobile home on the same street as my mother. My brother and sisters spent a lot of time at my house. One day Lou and Cassie were there with me and my daughter. We were in my bedroom as the central ac had gone out and the window unit was in my room. I had been li that house. We went to stay at my mothers until my husband got home. We told him what had happened and though I dont think he believed us, he went along with it. He walked me home and stood guard while I tore the head, legs and arms from that doll and put it in a trashbag. The next morning we BOTH took it out and watched the garbage man put it in his truck. The next night it was back sitting on my bed. I freaked, but since my husband was there I put on a brave front and started tearing the doll apart again. This time I placed each piece in different boxes that we had stacked on top of one another on my daughters bedroom closet. Then I closed and locked the door thinking there was no way it could get out. Wrong. The next day it was back. Needless to say, we packed up everything and moved to California. Several years passed with nothing strange happening. When we came back to Texas, however, that changed. My husband got a job as truck driver so I had to spend a couple of months with my mother. About 2 weeks law!!! Anyway, without a word, Cassie got up from the floor and walked over to the other couch, laid down and began masturbating. In front of everybody! We were all too stunned to do anything for several seconds but finally I went over and told her to stop it, and she threw her hands up in the air and denied doing anything like that. I know I didnt imagine it, we ALL saw it. Fast forward a few more years, My husband and I are divorced and I am living with another man whom Ill call Lee. I realized too late that he was not the type to work, but once in the relationship I was too afraid to leave him. He drank a lot of was abusive. At this time we were living in a rundown motel with kitchenette. Lou was staying with us as she could not get along with my stepfather. This "room" was more like an apartment as it had a living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, in that order as you came in the door. There was 2 doors in the living room, both leading to the samed he went to prison. Anyway, I was remarried. My then husband and I rented an apartment and everything was wonderful for the first year. One night we were arguing and it was almost like he became possessed. He got violent and then tried to rape me. Being the stubborn woman I am, I was trying to fight him off. All of a sudden the phone started ringing so I managed to get away and ran to answer it. As soon as I picked it up, I started crying, then my husband did too. We suddenly realized that we didnt have the phone turned on yet. I even grabbed the cord and brought it up to show him, it was not plugged into the wall. He apologized for his behavior and swears he doesnt know what made him do that, but I know God or an angel was protecting me that night. We talked about everything and straightened everything out. As soon as we got back into bed, the rocking chair in our room began rocking. I thanked "whatever was there" and the chair stopped suddenly and everything was back to normal. Ok, fast forward a few more makes. She slept in one of those old day beds made of brass. You couldnt touch that bed without hearing those sounds. Anyway, I stormed into her room and stopped dead in my tracks. My daughter was in bed fast asleep. I searched under her bed, in her closet, everywhere, but nothing. I immediately ran into my room to check on my youngest daughter who was then about a 1 1/2 years old. She seemed fine but I could still feel my heart beating in my throat! I went in and told Lou what had happened and she blamed it on the horror movies we were watching. Nothing else ever happened there. Fast forward another year. I got a job as an apartment manager in Richardson, Tx. Lou was still living with me as we both hoped to be able to save some money since I didnt have to pay rent. Though unmarried, we were both pregnate at this time, but I later miscarried mine when I fell down a flight of stairs. Anyway, one night after the girls were asleep I went into my room to read for a little while. I know I wasnt asleep because I w I tried to see in the darkness but couldnt see anything but a shadow. All of a sudden I heard a noise that sounded like tiny feet running on wood and saw something solid on the desk I kept in my bedroom for personal use. Since the light was on the other side of the bed I yelled for Lou who came running. I never took my eyes off the dark object and when Lou turned on my light, I was staring at a Beetle Juice doll that belonged to my oldest daughter. How it got into my room and on my desk I have no idea, but there it was. As with the other doll, I threw it away, but this one did not come back! One night a friend and his wife came to spend the night. In the middle of the night he heard someone talking and went to investigate. He told me my oldest daughter was sitting up on her bed, facing the closet, telling whoever or whatever she was talking to, to "go away, all you do is get me into trouble." When I asked her about it the next morning, she didn't know w the first experience we had there was on our second night. About 1 am my oldest daughter came to my room crying. She said a snake was after her. Being afraid of snakes I let her sleep with me and had my brother check it out the next morning. He didnt find anything but my daughter still refused to sleep up there. She later told e the snake had disappeared right before her eyes. The next night, also around 1 am I was awakened by the most horrible smell. It reminded me of really strong cigar smoke and that sickly sweet smell of a funeral home. I guess it would be death masked by flowers. Anyway, I tried to sit up to see what was causing the smell, but I couldnt move, except my head. It was so cold I could see my breath but never saw what was causing these things to happen. It felt as though someone were holding me down. Panicking, I fought the invisible restraints until finally they left and so did the smell. I sat up and ran to check on the kids, but they were sound asleep. Needless to say I was up for the resust have been a Friday night, I was in my living room on my computer and Michelle was in her room on hers. Our computers are connected by a lan cable so I have to be online in order for her to be able to chat or check her mail. She loves to go into a kids chat room, which I will not say the name. Anyway, we both have Yahoo Instant Messenger. Now for those of you who have it, you know that a name is always beside the message so people will know who is saying what. Right? Well one night we were online and all of a sudden she came in here and told me that someone was calling her a "B" and telling her to "get the F!@# out!" I asked her who said that and she said she didnt know as there was no name, just the window. My first thought was that a hacker had figured out how to do that, but why would anyone want to torment a child like that? Besides, Im not ever sure if that can be done. Since then lights have been turning off and on, my bedrooim door and the bathroom door refuses to stay open and you can "feel" it in down and freaked! Thankfully she did it, not knowing what that meant She thought a cross was a cross reagrdless of its position. I put it back in place right side up and thankfully it is still there! There are times when you can smell bread rising. I guess its the yeast that gives off that aroma, but it is unmistakable! I have always heard that spirits are stationary in a house or personal item, but I dont know that I believe that. I have seen and heard too many things to think almost every place I have ever lived was haunted. My story may not be as scary as some I have read here, but when odd things happen all your life, it becomes less noticable. One other thing! I and my siblings have always kept mother informed of our "strange happenings" and she has never believed. She is retired now and has moved to East Texas to live in the country. I went to spend the weekend with her a couple of weeks ago and after I left she told me that the tv in her bedroom turned itself off twice! She thought it was my nephew (shhe ligth, sparks started flying from the fan sitting on my dresser. I jumped up to turn it off, then unplugged it. I believe that "someone or something" was protecting us that night. If I had been allowed to go back to sleep, our apartment would have burned up, possibly me included as I am a sound sleeper.  I have enjoyed this board and the many hours I have spent here, lurking and reading other peoples experiences. Thank you for listening to my story and if anything notewotry happens, I'll let you know.



By: glenn.southall@btc.com.tr

It started some years ago and, I am happy to say, been over for some
considerable time. I am confident that I am no longer being followed by
'Madge', but I would like to share my experiences with you and if you can
provide any insight or better understanding of what happened to me, I would
be most happy.
Some years ago I was sleeping over at a friends apartment. I went to bed and
lay there alone with my thoughts until (I think) I fell asleep. I was awoken
by three sharp knocks, similar to somebody knocking on a solid wooden door
and turned my head to the bedroom door which was three yards away to my
right. The door was closed, yet within in the door frame was a figure. To my
eyes, the figure was 'shimmering' and vivid with colours, without any real
human form, yet to my senses I was certain that it was a woman, that she was
extremely tall and that she was wearing jewellery. I 'perceived' her with an
absolute clarity that my eyes were unable to support.
I opened my mouth to yell, but could not. It lasted only a few seconds when
the door opened and my friend entered the room. The vision was gone.
I said to my friend, with a detached calmness, that I had just seen a ghost,
but this of course was met with indifference. I did not press the matter as
I was already beginning with self-doubt.
By the end of a mostly sleepless night I had managed to convince myself that
it was a dream, or at least a product of that period between sleep and
wakefulness. Within days, the whole episode was forgotten.
Some 6 months later I was at home with my parents and decided upon an early
night. I had a lot on my mind that night and needed some space and some
quiet for contemplation. I was lying on my single bed in my small bedroom,
lost in thought, when I heard the three knocks again. My heart leapt. From
my bed I can see ahead of me and to the right, the bedroom door, which was
open, and the landing is accessable by three ascending steps. Through the
door I can see about 3 yards of the landing until the angle of the door
frame cuts off the view. There, just at that farthest point, was the same
vision. The same shimmering colours. She was much clearer this time and
there was no doubt that my eyes were seeing a woman. She was so tall that
she had to bend her head to her left until it was almost resting on her
shoulder....like a body hanging without the noose. But she was looking at
me, her eyes (although I couldn't actually 'see' them) were fixed upon me
and there was malice in them I had no doubt. Then, in an instant, she came
along the landing, down the three steps and right up to my face. So quickly
and so aggressively she brought her face to within an inch of mine. I could
make out her eyes and nose....but to this day I cannot be sure if I saw them
or 'experienced' them. I could not separate her emotions from her visage
which seemed to be one and the same in my mind. It is difficult to describe,
but I 'saw' her face and features along with  her hatred and despite.
I opened my moth to scream, but nothing came. Eventually she disappeared. I
have never been so terrified in all my life...never has fear removed my
capacity to utter or to move a single muscle and yet this was the case. I
lay rigid for some time, at least until the room was light from daybreak. I
was absolutely sure that I had not fallen asleep, but yet over time I
managed to convince myself that this was indeed the case...this is how I
came to terms with it.
Over the next year I saw no more of her and she was reduced to an
entertaining story for friends.
Then I married and moved to set up house with my wife. The third, the last
and the unequivocal sighting was during the early days in my new home. It
was a bright, warm Sunday afternoon and I was sitting on a chair to watch a
television programme (an old episode of Bonanza, as it happens) when I
became 'aware' of another presence in the room. I turned to the door behind
me, fully expecting my wife to be there, but she was not. As I turned my
head back to the TV, to my right was a settee and, sat in the middle was the
woman again. This time she was sat on the edge of the settee, with her head
forward, cupping her chin im her hands and her knees were also together
under her chin. She was leaning forward in this position contemplating me
amusingly (or mockingly, I cannot decide).
There was much more clarity about her features and the room was bright,
which she seemed to reflect. There, in front of me was a woman, about 25
years old, very sharp features, very tall and very thin. Her bright colours,
her har and her jewellery reminded me of a 'punk rocker' although this was
not so....she was, I am sure, from a time long before that era. I was not
afraid and, emboldened by the daylight, I simply and calmly asked her what
she wanted. There was no response, no answer....she simply faded away and I
have not seen her to this day.
Compressing my research into a short paragraph, I went back to the place of
the first sighting and asked my friend some questions. It transpired that
she was 'haunted' by a spirit many years previously who would disturb
household objects. An 'expert' was brought in, who ascertained that they
were being haunted by a malevolent spirit who was called Madge. It was not
possible to get rid of her, but to hope that she leaves of her own accord.
This happened in my friends home town, some 300 miles from where I live.
My theory is that Madge came with my friend to my home town and took a
liking to me, thereby follwing me to both my parents home and onward to my
married home. I don't know who has provided the vehicle for her to leave my
house, but I hope that she has gone for good.

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